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The loser gets a second shot at love in Superdaddy Yeol
by | March 5, 2015 | 28 Comments

The teasers for this show are really funny, but tvN also has a habit of reeling me in with awesome teasers that don’t always match the show. I think in Superdaddy Yeol’s case, the tone should hold up, as we watch Lee Dong-gun (Mi-rae’s Choice) go from a slacker bachelor to responsible superdaddy material in order to win back the love of his life. Because yunno, who needs flowers to prove your love when a contract marriage says it all?

Lee Dong-gun stars as a washed-up baseball player who believes that his entire life went downhill the moment that his ex-girlfriend Lee Yuri (Jang Bori Is Here) left him. He ended up swearing off women for good, and apparently also stopped washing or dressing himself in anything other than tracksuits. But one day his ex of ten years offers him a contract marriage, so he jumps at the chance to win her back.

Lee Yuri is a doctor and a single mom with a precocious 9-year-old daughter (played by Lee Re). When Mom finds out that she’s sick and doesn’t have a lot of time left, she hurries to find a suitable father for her child, and thus begins the daddy makeover project to turn Lee Dong-gun into less of a loser. The daughter kind of hates the idea, and will do what she can to make Lee Dong-gun give up.

Seo Joon-young (Tears of Heaven) plays a doctor with a crush on Lee Yuri, who dreams of nothing else but becoming her husband and a father to her daughter. Seo Ye-ji (Records of a Night Watchman) is also a doctor, and she has a thing for Lee Dong-gun and wants him to stop playing house and date her instead.

I just love everything about loser Lee Dong-gun, fart jokes and all, and I’m pretty sure that’s enough reason to get me to tune in. And hey, coming from the PD of Marriage Not Dating, I’ll bet my money on some memorable toilet humor to come. Superdaddy Yeol airs on Fridays and Saturdays following Heart to Heart, and premieres March 13 on tvN.

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28 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Xxvxx

    So cute so cute so cute! Loving how lee Yuri looks! Stunning girl! Putting all my trust in the marriage not dating PD. Don’t fail me son

  2. tweetpandora

    Am really looking forward to this. SO MANY NEW SHOWS though! Where to find the time!

  3. Ella

    I am totally digging this pairing and show even though it hasn’t aired yet. LDG is looking awesome and LY is so pretty! I’m so glad we’re going to watch her in something light and fun and be a devoted mom unlike her Jang Bori role. Can’t wait!

  4. NiteBan

    Sharing this here:


    Courteousy of awesome Mary! 🙂

  5. Ivy

    I’m looking so much forward to this!!! Love the pairing and premise 😀

  6. Cocoboo

    Hahaha, another great teaser. The posters are so pretty and fresh. Love the sky background~ ^^ And I noticed that while the other posters have a clear, bright sky, Lee Dong-gun’s poster is dark and gloomy. xD

  7. escape

    Awww. They look soo darn cute together. Can’t wait. 😀

  8. jam

    ahaha the teaser is so cute and funny. i’m all ready to see LDG let it all go :)))

  9. Aigoooo

    Haha! TN makes the best teasers!

    • 9.1 Aigoooo


  10. 10 Stuart

    Except, of course, he’s going to lose AGAIN, when she dies. So, still a loser, only this time it will hurt a helluva lot more.

    • 10.1 cosmic dance

      Hey maybe he will WIN if for some makjangistic reason he’s the bio dad of the kid. I mean, they were apart for 10 years and the kid is 9 hmmmm fishy fishy

      (there must be a melodramatic reason for the break up of course)

    • 10.2 museofmanymasks

      *spit-take* HA and ouch. I feel bad for laughing. Good point.

  11. 11 Orion

    So the dying bit is announced as a certain part of the premise now. Good. I can take death, as long as it makes sense in the story or is then part of the premise and journey. Not the whole point though, I’m not personally interested in disease stories, especially in a medium which tends to use them badly and for tear-jerking.

    But what I see so far, I can handle, although I’d still hate seeing a woman lie while the guy falls for her again, so I do hope the female lead will not keep that to herself too long. Invading someone’s life just to dump a child he never asked for off to him while he falls in love with your dying charms is not really an award winner for good moral behavior.

    • 11.1 Stuart

      I’m still irked at the constant focus on the comedy in the promotional material. I’ve watched and enjoyed Dramas built around someone dying, like My Spring Days, whose climax was really, really well done I thought. I could watch a Drama with this storyline easily, but I still get riled by the dishonesty of the promos.

      • 11.1.1 Orion

        Death is the most dire of subjects, but that does not mean there are still no joys left in life. I imagine that for many, dying is an even bigger reason to be happy, smile and laugh in the time left.

        You can achieve an uplifting story even with someone dying. Look at something like ‘Sunny’ (film). The whole reason the ladies meet up is because someone is dying, but the film is warm and it has laughs and it leaves you with positive and hopeful feelings. And its promos are cheerful and bright.

        I don’t think death should only be used in crime shows or melodramas and I don’t think its inevitable sadness needs to always be the focus. I would be mad if they kept hiding this fact about the premise and just allowed folks to think they’re watching a happily ever after romance, but it seems they are now revealing it, so I have no issues here.

        • Stuart

          Sorry, I’m clearly not making my point very well. I’ve repeatedly stated I have absolutely no issue AT ALL with this specific story being built around her dying, nor any more general problem with death as a theme. I’ve never said it should be restricted to crime shows or melodramas. But since I haven’t got that across, I’ll stop here.

          • Orion

            Oh no no, I got that your issue is with the promos and how they are happy-sunshine-and-rainbows, that is why I spoke of ‘Sunny’. My point is, the presentation does not need to be series or sad, just like the tone of a work does not need to be sad simply for involving death. It was I who didn’t get my point across, it seems. XD

            I do think keeping the death bit on the hush hush for a bit was a dishonest decision on their end, but maybe they were still considering whether to go with it. Since it’s out now, I personally don’t mind the cheerful tone of the promos. If this could be even remotely similar to ‘Sunny’ in how it makes you feel, then its happy promos make sense.

          • Orion

            *serious or sad

  12. 12 aX

    I’ve always been a fan of Lee Dong Gun for some reason (even though I never was much of a fan of his Kdrama choices) and I’m excited to see this one! I have no clue who the other stars are but I don’t mind them either.

    Hope it’s worthwhile!

  13. 13 joleneey

    I always wanted to give lee yuri shows a chance after seeing her win the daesang last year. She acted quite good in the jang bori but the show was too makjang for me to carry on. Looking forward to this one! And lee dong gun, was a fan of him since earlier days of the my bride is 18 and stained glass!

  14. 14 jov.ie

    I’m so excited for this! tvN’s teasers are always so quirky and creative. Mirae’s Choice didn’t do it for me so he needs to redeem himself in this one.

    Lee Re is adorable!!

    • 14.1 TJ

      Mirae’s Choice didn’t do it for anyone once they started screwing around with the script to satisfy the delusional idol fangirls. Sometimes when you have a popular actor that’s slaying in the ratings like Kim Nam gil in Great Queen Seonduk it might pay off to tinker around with the script. But not when your ratings are on the skids and the only thing you’ve got to capitalize on is an idol with as much on screen charisma as sliced cheese.

  15. 15 Peeps

    Eh… suddenly not sure of mom’s choice to haul her daughter off on her long-lost, recently-found first love when she has someone “who dreams of nothing else but becoming her husband and a father to her daughter” right beside her.

    That just hints to me that Super-Daddy Yeol is supposed to be someone more than just a “step-dad”.

  16. 16 whitewire

    OKAY HOW DO I say this?!!?! I’m super marvelously greaaaaaaatly excited to see Lee Dong-gun do these kinds of stuff. IDK why I followed ALL (and I mean ALL) of his projects. He’s not exactly my favorite, (Kim Myung-min is my favorite actor and I still haven’t watched most films he’s in) but I just realized that JUST now…

    And LDG in THIS kind of role is soooo new to me. Lee Dong-gun here looks absolutely foooooolish! And it’s really attractive!

    AND he’s looking MORE STUNNING as time goes by. He has some kinda magic. Just last week I was rewatching SWEET 18 (my rebound drama for Hyde Jekyll Me lol). And he looks more gorgeous now!!!

  17. 17 TJ

    This might be a recipe for success. First Dramabeans might not like TvN but it’s my first choice for dramas because they are more adult and realistic. Not filled with nearly as many cliche’d tropes and Korean propaganda about mommy and daddy and traditional family values. Next not an hack idol actor in sight. If I were LDG after Mirae’s Choice I’d refuse to ever appear on screen with one again.

  18. 18 Mel

    LOVE Marriage Not Dating, love LYR & LDG… Can’t wait!

  19. 19 salt n' pepper

    This looks like it’ll be fun! I hope this won’t disappoint because I like both leads and Marriage Not Dating was great. 🙂

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