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Jin Se-yeon courted to romance Lee Jun-ki in Scholar Who Walks the Night
by | April 1, 2015 | 342 Comments

WHY. Why. Why why why why whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


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  1. rockmelon

    Well if Changmin is already in this drama then I guess it can’t get that much worse?

    • 1.1 derp


    • 1.2 Jenny

      Is it wrong that I’m laughing so hard right now!

      • 1.2.1 sogazelle

        I’m also dying here laughing!!!

        @rockmelon…the best 1st post ever!

        I mean seriously…is this a joke????

        are people at SBS smoking something?

        You ditch Han Gro for Jin Se Yeon?



        • Adobo

          Not SBS. But MBC

          • Capricorn

            Actually Jin Se Yeon is a better actress than Han Groo. She was amazing in Gaksital.

          • pogo

            @Capricorn – lmao, nice try at keeping in the spirit of April Fool’s.

          • TurkishRose loves♥Junghoo's Wife❤

            Capricorn I also agree with you. I thought she did just fine in the amazing GAKSITAL. I don’t know people keep talking about how horrible she was.

            But I also think han garoo is actually a good actress but NOT the best k actress out there

          • Liza

            @Capricorn – Hmm..I would say that she was actually dull in Gaksital. The drama was super awesome because of Joo Won and Park Ki Woong. But JSY is a better actress than Han Groo?? LOL. I never knew I would hear this

      • 1.2.2 NahlaJW

        No you’re not! I did the same thing here 😂😂

    • 1.3 rezberry

      Please save Lee junki 😱😱

      • 1.3.1 Soley

        God, I can’t even watch this for the love of Jun-Ki. Poor guy! :///

      • 1.3.2 Canadian

        I will join any petition you guys create. I must save my acting bias Lee Jun Ki!!!

      • 1.3.3 Nikilann

        … Pliz. Tell me it’s still 1rst April !

        It’s not like I hate her, but a good actress please ? To go along with Lee Jun Ki ? Seriously, why is he always stuck with mild ones ? (except in Hero and Arang)

    • 1.4 tweetpandora

      Am I the only one that noticed that the website is adding ‘loves song jae rim’ at the end of every user name commenting? It really cracked me up. Nice one GF and JB! But I think you will upset Mary!

      • 1.4.1 Closeacademy

        It’s not coming up for me. Are you using her add-on?

      • 1.4.2 mary


        *sitting in evil chair*
        *stroking cat*

        • Elle

          @mary – HaHaHaaaaaaaaaaa!

        • Shaynanigans

          Mary, you are AWESOME!

        • missDVM


        • tweetpandora

          Lol Mary you sly thing!! And here I was valiantly fighting your corner. Hilarious

          • mary

            I was very touched though. *beams hugs to pandora*

      • 1.4.3 mary

        Ehm, don’t be scared though. I didn’t break your browser or anything. It should be gone after April 1… :’)

      • 1.4.4 JoAnne

        No I think that IS Mary, and I’m adding a comment just so I can see it with my name 🙂

      • 1.4.5 Jamie

        I hope this isn’t gone by now … testing, testing.

        • mary

          if your pc’s clock is set to april 1, it will show up 😀

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    • 1.7 gadis

      Wow.. I still can’t comprehend this news. I mean, I think I will still give this drama a try for Lee Junki.. But…..
      Well, I’m not so sure now, since I also never really like saeguk story

    • 1.8 zas

      I’ve been trying to rack my brain for answers…but nahhhh!!! It’s easier if I just start laughing like everyone else…but it’s Junki…this could be epic!! And we have anti-epic heroine….I need drugs!

  2. drivebyknitting


    • 2.1 eny

      this is really funny news, when many people in this drama previously hoping the female lead isn’t jin se yeon it turn out to be her. I don’t think she’s bad eventhough not amazing, i only saw her in gaksital i thought she’s fine but the charracter doesn’t really need many difficult emotion, she just look pale compare the other charracter in gaksital, the other charracter has many twist n emotion

      • 2.1.1 Gladiola

        You’d better watch Inspiring Generation and Doctor Stranger. You’ll see how bad she acts and how ugly she looks.
        I don’t understand why she is so lucky to act with famous actors.

        • JoAnne

          I don’t think she’s ugly and that’s sort of beside the point anyway – but she is rather wooden when it comes to being anything other than the initially spunky girl.

          • Tia Marie

            Lol I agree she’s not ugly. But her acting in Doctor Stranger was horrible. I don’t know how many times I thought she would die on that show but to only realize that she had more lives than a cat.

        • bd5


          Don’t know how she is as an actress but she’s pretty cute when she smiles (when she appeared on RM).

      • 2.1.2 Emmy

        Eeps, I actually had a bad feelng that her name might be in, but now it has come true! Argh, so wish it was someone else. I can’t get that she gets to romance Lee Jun Ki at this stage in her career. I’d expect them to cast a more veteran actress for the role.

    • 2.2 Quiet Thought

      I doubt that you will die, but she probably will by the end of this drama.

      • 2.2.1 eva

        Haa! Thought the same!

      • 2.2.2 shinayame

        Hahahahahahaha. I was just thinking that!

      • 2.2.3 kV

        She’ll die then she becomes a vampire.

  3. mary

    Uhm, April Fool’s?

    • 3.1 mary

      GF, I love you, please tell me iz joke T________T

    • 3.2 alua

      That’s what I’m thinking…….

    • 3.3 Beng

      is this really April’s Fool?


    • 3.4 Blueribbon

      Yeah it most likely is just look at her face in the picture. Also I tried to look for information elsewhere and couldn’t find anything. I hope it’s a joke 😀

      • 3.4.1 Kender

        Sorry to burst your bubble.

        My favorite part of that article is how it talks of her “receiving love” as an actress. Snerk.

        • mary

          OMG it’s real. O_____O

          Nice one, GF.

          We’ve just been AprilFoolceptioned.

        • pogo

          That linked article is also dated April 1……

          there is still hope!

          • redfox

            pogo….I need a hu…no I need… poison. No, wait. Make it…. a pot I can put over my head while I go: “AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR!”

            what if it is not april fools omg I swear this grilling.

            It is arpil fools right? omg please

    • 3.5 paper

      Ahahahahahahahaha NO!

  4. kakashi

    Coooooooool! I’ve really missed “The Broom”! She’s gotten so much better over the years.

    • 4.1 kakashi

      This will happen: The news will spread from this side, Reps will see it, like the idea, and BAM, she is cast. The good thing: seeing how she always dies early, she will only be in 2/3 of the drama. Knowing this, Joongi will go: “alright, I like to be really sad and conflicted in dramas and I cry prettily too, so the ratings will soar as soon as she’s dead. Must sign!”

      • 4.1.1 osmanthus_tea


    • 4.2 mary

      I wanna see her in a romcom.

      I wish this is a romcom.

  5. kanz

    Buahahahahaha… ROFLMAO.. Your post is so funny and witty GF..

    Everyone let’s do prayer circle and choose 1 of two options:
    1. Jn Se Yeon is out from this drama
    2. Lee Jun Ki is out from this drama

  6. Miky

    is even Lee Junki confirmed?

  7. L_ilin

    HAHAHAHAHA…OMG Girlfriday..you’re so cute kkkk

  8. Lotus_Blossom

    Er, it’s April fool joke, right?

    • 8.1 Lotus_Blossom

      I mean, rightttttttttttttttttttttttt???

      • 8.1.1 Blueribbon

        I hope so

  9. Roxy

    Better be an April Fool’s gahhhh… what happened to Han Groo then if not?

    • 9.1 kanz

      she already rejected the drama (some source said MBC rejected her).

      • 9.1.1 risa

        Is she definitely out of the running? Sources? Thanks.

    • 9.2 Deb

      I just read about it on koalasplayground so probably not. I don’t know who she is but I’m laughing at this entire post.

      • 9.2.1 Rovi

        She’s the girl who died in “Gaksital” in the last ep by gunfire intended for Joo Won.

        And then she died again in “Inspiring Generation” in the last ep again, this time by poison intended for Kim Hyeon-joong THAT FUCKTARD DOUCHE.

        Within the same fucking timeline (1930’s, Korea under Imperial Japanese rule), of all possible timelines to do.

  10. 10 Xxvxx

    It has to be an Aprils fools joke.

    Please please please please

  11. 11 Ai Sky

    Is it April fool? If not, I’ll watch it, haha… too much drama I passed this year, so I want fresh… may be this will be the one…

  12. 12 kamen

    If this is true…
    From Han Groo to the wooden one?
    What are they thinking?
    And who is her sponsor?

  13. 13 h3rancho

    11 years gap
    I do not mind Jin Se yeon
    As long as there is chemistry bettwen the leads

  14. 14 Chrissy

    Then i hope LJK runs from this. Just no and ewwww! Please be an April’s Fool.

  15. 15 Altari

    Maybe LJK can drop out and Yunho can be the lead? Then we can pretend this drama doesn’t exist.

    • 15.1 bluenz

      ROTFL!! That is SO true and funny!

    • 15.2 cheekbones

      Oh, GOD. *giggle fit*

    • 15.3 sur

      And Go Seung Hee can have the second lead role with Changmin. Win Win people!

      • 15.3.1 Kima

        If so Lee Elliyah should also star in it

    • 15.4 anastassia

      haha. best comment ever. Yunho changmin pair.

  16. 16 coby

    Hahaha! I bet her character will dieeeeee….

  17. 17 Den

    Hahahahahaha! They really went there. Would’ve been better if it was Baek Jin-hee.

  18. 18 miiko

    this is why i hate april’s fool, they are often too realistic..

  19. 19 pastmidnite

    If her character dies then maybe she’ll be a vampire too?

  20. 20 ramona

    Poor girl, everyone hates heR! I only watched five fingers with her and she was quite good in that! Hmmm maybe it’s an april’s fool joke!

  21. 21 lilac

    they said no to Han Groo in order to get this woman? Someone is not thinking.

    • 21.1 Waiting


    • 21.2 skelly

      Or just not thinking with their brain…

      • 21.2.1 juniper

        lol even then I’d have to agree they’re not thinking. Imo HG is ten times cuter. Maybe it’s because her face has these things called expressions…

  22. 22 jomo

    I have to say, you totally got me.
    I am preparing to be relieved when follow up news is posted.

    • 22.1 KDaddict😍JCW


      • 22.1.1 avenus


  23. 23 lilac

    What? They rescinded invitation to Han Groo, in order to invite this woman?????

    • 23.1 KDaddict😍JCW

      Perhaps she works for free. Or her sponsor pays the production a fee for casting her.

  24. 24 s_parks

    Oh, no, lee jun ki, please say no if you know what’s good… I hope she isn’t confirmed, or he isn’t. Mess.

  25. 25 Quiet Thought

    Well, it was either her or Ko Sung-Hee in her Girl Scout Indian princess outfit from ‘Night Watchman’.

    • 25.1 fiona

      ugh, don’t remind me of that girl…Go Sung Hee is one of the worst actresses. Nobody likes her. everywhere i go, always hear people complain she’s a horrible actress.
      Jin Se Yeon is no better than her. They both stink up their dramas -_-

    • 25.2 cheyenne

      OMG, i’m still traumatized by Go Sung Hee’s horrendous acting from that sageuk drama Night Watch Man; i fear jin se yeon will be just as bad like that and stink up this sageuk drama too >_<

  26. 26 junnie55

    But same here Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  27. 27 talkingmachine

    I can’t breath after read this news

  28. 28 pigsnout

    Lol gf that was a good one, I almost fell for it until I noticed you had no source!

    (I really hope MBC is not actually trying to give her this role, that would truly be horrible. If Han Groo was a rose like her name in Marriage Not Dating, this one is like a smelly turd. Her acting really stinks)

    • 28.1 paroles

      Sorry to say that even though no sources are quoted, there is actually a source. I saw the article…

      • 28.1.1 Kiara

        GF and JB don’t post articles without a source.

        • paroles

          Well, err, exactly what I’m saying?

  29. 29 Sarah

    Its April Fool’s joke, right?

  30. 30 Adobo

    April Fool’s? I hope so. I read somewhere that the Korean netizens don’t want Han Groo so MBC had no choice but to choose a bigger star…………then this happened. REALLY!?

    I hope Han Groo choose another project somewhere, either on another network or another rom-com in TvN again. That girl is badass and can ACT.

  31. 31 Fun-Lugha

    lols, will be back to comment tomorrow-i refuse to take this news seriously….I didn’t see nothing!! (puts shades on)

  32. 32 gia


    ps, who else think her character will die at the end? :L

  33. 33 alinz


  34. 34 Nana

    LMAO I think this beats the “More Heirs. The end.” post.

  35. 35 sato

    it’s a joke right ?

  36. 36 Beng

    OMG!!! i asked the same question when i read the headline. Why her? please not her. HOwever good the leading man is or the story, i never finished watching any drama series she starred in. I prefer just reading them in Dramabeans post.

    Beanies, let’s think of other alternative. Producers reads this Blogs for sure =)

    • 36.1 Gidget

      Jang Na-Ra

      • 36.1.1 paroles

        I love the idea, not to mention that JNR looks like she walked out of a manga. But it’s probably not going to happen.

        • Gidget

          That’s why I thought of her. She looks a lot like the manga character.

          I’d just like to see him paired with someone tiny, feminine and frail-but-strong. To provide a contrast that’d dial up the masculinity and danger of his character. But not just a chick who can smile, do a look of wide-eyed-surprise and cry… someone who also has acting chops.

          He seems like an actor who’s performance is strongly influenced by the performance his co-lead delivers. The flatter they are, the less nuanced he becomes.

          But yes, JNR is a pipe dream.

  37. 37 cloud9

    LMAO at all the links to her past dramas.

  38. 38 tieuyeunu

    Shortest post ever. Yet it still took me a minute to figure out what all the links mean.

    I am one of the few that still has a good impression of her since I haven’t watched most of her drama’s.

    I thought Suzy was up for this role? Must be her fans wishing.

  39. 39 White

    The shortesssssssssst post ever in DB huahahahahah
    Be strong for LJK fans or whoever who want to watch this drama. Maybe She will prove you wrong.. or or it’s just a joke/media play or whatever from MBC.
    Is She really that bad in acting ? LOL I never watch her in anything 😀 😀

  40. 40 browncoat_78

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This better be an April Fool’s joke is all I’m saying! Sick bastards!

  41. 41 Beng

    sh just doesn’t have any chemistry with her leading men. And i don’t see she will have one with LJK.

  42. 42 Juliesean

    Geez….. Has Jun Ki accepted? I hope he rejects it. It’s another Blood.

  43. 43 Alinka

    Wait *scrolling back up. Pfffiuh, thankfully it is sageuk so I only need to forget it altogether. Never been able to stomach one, no matter how hard I try *shuddering remembering the episodes of MTETS I had to go through back then.
    BUT Lee Junki *wails *back to remembering his days as badass dad in Two Weeks *all is well again

    GF, your post just makes my day!

  44. 44 Chandler

    If the netizen response to this possible casting is more positive than to Han Groo’s, I will flip my shit. Like, seriously. This girl has supposedly been good enough in their eyes to lead 4 freakin’ dramas (now 5?), but Han Groo, someone who actually worked her way up over that past few years, is supposedly not ready for a lead role on the Big 3? What complete and utter bullshit.

    • 44.1 gammiron

      Not really. From the comments on the article about this one, most k-netizens are against her casting as well. Some of them even say it’s better to cast Han Groo instead of her. (Apparently the k-netz think Han Groo is just not suitable with the character’s image, not because they don’t like her acting or anything)

  45. 45 Harangmaria

    I said it before and I will say it again: she has good connections!! If changmin and her are going to be in this drama maybe they should do a get 2 bad actors and get the 3rd one free aka Younho! The luck of some, seriously! ㅠㅠ

    • 45.1 paula


      You’re pathetic and childish; why the Hell are you dragging in someone who has nothing to do with this drama or this article? smh

      • 45.1.1 harangmaria

        Dear @paula,

        I’m not the only one who mentioned Yunho in these comments. They are bad actors, only received these offers and roles because of their companies and sponsors. As far as I know I can say whatever I want.

        • sydney

          Say whatever you want, but you are just wasting your freakin’ time. No matter how much hate you throw at a celebrity, he is still popular, successful idol, has huge fanbase, and making so much money. My korean friends are not Cassies but they literally said “Yunho’s acting improved, he’s okay, not bad at all”

          • harangmaria

            Aigoo, calm down girls! It’s so obvious that you are Cassies, sorry for pointing out the true about your oppas. I’ve been following their work since they debuted, they are talented guys, but acting is not for them and it’s something SM cannot do about it other than paying for them to get casted in dramas. I watched Yunho’s latest drama with my friends, who are huge Changmin and Yunho fans, and they cringed. Wishing them all the best. They don’t even know you exist so don’t get so offended because of them.And for your information I’m not hating anyone I’m just expressing my point of you.

          • lee-sukyung


            since you jump to conclusions so fast, i want to make this clear before stating my opinion. I’m a non-biased person because first of all, I don’t care for DBSK’s idol activities and I’ve never been a fan of them since their debut.

            I’m well aware of their acting controversy. Some DBSK die hard fans cringed at Yunho’s acting, but I hope you realize this. There are SOME fans who think he is okay/decent in his last drama. Some people in my country found Yunho watchable and passably improved in Night Watchman. I was quite skeptical at first, but surprisingly, I’m warming up to Yunho. In other words, some other Koreans like me (who never fan-girl over him) actually think he did an okay job as an actor in his last project.

            Just know that some of us Koreans are cheering him on. As for Changmin, I will wait to see this new drama.

      • 45.1.2 juniper

        Oh come on. The minute Yunho decided to do dramas and act, it was okay for us to say he’s bad at it and make it into a joke, whenever and wherever it may strike our fancy.

        • caroline

          @juniper and harangmaria

          Some women are so childish and have nothing better to do in life. The way you guys bring Yunho him up and say jokes about him ANYTIME is childish.

          I know that Yunho is getting support from a good amount of people in his native country. After Night Watchman came out, some Korean netizens (even people who are not his fans) recognized his acting improvement and think he is a decent actor.

          • juniper

            I wasted a minute of my life on this and you have too so let’s call it even? You get annoyed when we make fun of him…we get annoyed when he takes opportunities from real actors…look, I’m just saying he’s fair game. It’s nothing to get so upset about.

          • elijah

            Mind if I interrupt?

            Juniper, you bashed him more than once so it seems to me, you waste your time more than the other girl. You get annoyed with his acting and changmin’s too, but there’s nothing you can do to stop them. It’s so funny how you people assume those who say something a little nice about Yunho and changmin are “ALL Cassies”….Don’t act as if “all” the non-fans agree with your opinion. You can dislike them for all I care, but I’m not against their acting anymore, compared to back then. I’m quite neutral to them both now.

          • juniper

            @elijah. What is a Cassie? This is an honest question. Also, I didn’t say all non-fans disliked his *acting* (because nowhere did I say anything about Yunho on a personal level).

            …And yes, I realize I can’t stop him. Which is why I take to the interwebs and kvetch about how much he can’t act on a Kdrama site. Just like you can use this space to confront a perceived conspiracy against Yunho and Changmin (which, again, honest question: who is Changmin? Another idol-turned-actor?), call honest criticism and/or harmless jokes “bashing,” and claim to be neutral all in the same comment. Because the Internet is magical like that.

          • 4D

            @ Juniper, Cassies are the fan name for fans of Yunho’s music group (both when it was 5 members and it’s current 2 members I think). Changmin is the other member in Yunho’s group.

            There was a big deal because the other three members left the group (and are now their own group) so there’s a lot of strong feelings on all sides. But you may know two of the other members for their acting: Yoochun (whose new show just started today) and Jaejoong who just entered military service.

            And why I know all that when I have never listened to their music is beyond me lol.

          • juniper

            @4D. Thanks for enlightening me! (and double thanks for sticking up for me below). And yup, Changmin is the only name I didn’t know.

      • 45.1.3 sheils1010

        Thanks paula, sydney, lee-sukyung, caroline and elijah for stepping in and pointing out how some ppl here are such bullies and haters….because it’s the internet and everything is anonymous, they feel that they can just write as much mean and despicable things as they want without consequences…the fact that they’re spending so much time talking bad about ppl they supposedly don’t even like and hurling personal insults at them must make them feel better about themselves or something…it’s sad really.

        • 4D

          Seriously? This is a site about dramas. It’s normal and expected for people to voice their opinion on people’s acting abilities. It’s not bullying. Also in regards to people above, who cares how big the fanbase is? Her opinion isn’t to sway the masses or have an impact on his career.

          I’m surprised at how many people are actually using this as a way to actually make personal comments about the poster just because it’s someone you like. And yes, that’s what it is because basically this entire page is people who don’t like the acting of Jin Se-Yeon, but a similar comment about Yunho and now everyone is upset and saying it’s mean and bullying?

          • sheils1010

            @4D: Don’t use the “this is a drama site, so it’s okay” logic again cuz saying very mean things about someone just for the sake of “expressing your thoughts” isn’t justifiable. If this article was about Yunho, then it would at least make more sense to say they’re disappointed, but to go out of their way to bash him when he has nothing to do with this drama is NOT “normal and expected”.

            Yes, part of why idols get casted is because they have a huge fanbase and their star power makes it easy to sell dramas overseas for big money…this is credit to them and not something that ppl can just disregard like they didn’t work hard to earn that popularity and support.

            If this page was JUST about JSY like it should be, then ppl wouldn’t have to defend other ppl that are unrelated….just shows that some commentators here ARE just bullies and haters…regular drama lovers wouldn’t bother with such childish acts.

            @juniper: Mmm..I think you might have selective reading if you think defenders here are talking about ppl that “criticize the teeniest, tiniest bit” as trolls…you know who we’re talking about and I know you’re smart enough to know that.

            Jokes are suppose to be funny and not hurtful…so I wouldn’t call it a “harmless joke”…you can make light of the very mean things ppl have said about certain actors cuz you either agree with them or don’t like them either, but once someone says the same things about someone you actually like or perhaps even about you yourself, I’m sure you’d be singing a different tune.

          • 4D

            @sheils1010 I don’t see anyone saying very mean things about him, just his acting. And people bring in other actors all the time in threads so yeah it’s pretty normal. You keep using this word “bullying” but I think you need to look up what that word means. Who is being bullied? Yunho? I doubt he reads these pages. Everyone is allowed to be a critic. Someone can dislike someone’s acting and someone can like it. I don’t see it as hating and I don’t think you need to take it like you have to protect him (you can defend away and of course share your thoughts on his acting). And I don’t care who the whom is. I don’t even care about Yunho. I’ve only seen him in Watchman, and I’m one of the few people that actually stuck with that whole show while it was airing. I can’t say anybody impressed me in that because it was all a big (hilarious) mess.

            I also do not get this idea of well they “worked hard” and therefore you can’t say anything bad about them. Honestly, 95% of the actors work hard. It doesn’t mean they’re good actors or should get roles. People are judged on their work, not their effort. I’ve never worked in an industry where someone was promoted because they work hard but did poorly. Fortunately the beauty of a site like this is that you can debate whether or not someone is good or whether they should be cast.

            I’m just incredibly thrown off by how people are taking someone’s opinion on acting so personally. It’s not personal. These are not attacks on you, and these are not attacks on Yunho’s character. It’s an opinion. And everyone gets one. Woo.

        • juniper

          I just cannot compute how criticizing a professional actor’s acting constitutes being mean, yet writing off anyone who criticizes him the teeniest, tiniest bit as stinky trolls who are going to burn in hell is a nice, normal response…

          I literally do not understand how this entire thread happened. Like, someone cracks a harmless joke about Yunho, which apparently makes them into a jealous, hateful monster, part of a vicious conspiracy of anti-fans, who have wasted their lives in their attempt to destroy him…by saying he can’t act on a forum in which we discuss actors, and, well, their acting. It’s quite clear who’s bullying and othering people here, but I can’t work out the logics that led us to this point.

          • Fun-Lugha

            I think ‘the hand towel’ might have been a safer choice here…poor guy nobody ever sticks up for him 😉

          • Erin


            “It’s quite clear who’s bullying…” You know, I’m starting to get pissed off with ignorant DB commenters like you. Some people get annoyed when you constantly bash the same actor and you call them bullies. LMBO. You state your opinion but guess what? when you repeat the same damn negative comment so many times, you make yourself look like a hater. Even a non-fan like me is getting aggravated.

            Your choice of words “jealous hateful monster”…..”vicious conspiracy” shows your hostility and how judgmental you are.

            Me and my buddies over at forum soompi are Kdrama addicts. We don’t give a crap for Kpop, but from our objective point of view, we like Yunho’s character Moo Seok and we actually like his acting in Records of a Night Watchman. We are international non-fans who cheer on Yunho.

            Despite your dislike for someone’s acting, you should realize that in reality, some Korean non-fans are showing support for Yunho in his home country. Lee SuKyung made that very clear.

          • anastassia


            Ditto well said. Youho can’t really act tough he is really trying. It just not his thing and it is sad that many idols manage to get second lead roles just by their names. Not only him but many others.

            When people criticise idols or artists they are considered as mean and childish but when the supporters criticise the commenters and called them the commenters with them that is not mean and childish?

          • Erin


            From what I see here on DB, some commenters really are childish and have nothing better to do but complain all the time. Supporters above get pissed off and defend but they were not harsh. It’s the commentors who started it and said a bunch of mean things that are not necessary. International Kdrama viewers like you don’t like Yunho’s acting, but at least some Korean people in his native country said he passably improved and support his acting career. That’s what matters the most.

          • juniper

            @Erin. The funny thing about this whole thing is that in the entirety of my Dramabeans existence, I have only posted three negative comments about Yunho, and they can all be found on this thread–the first, in which I reserved the right to mock him, the second, in which I insinuated that he was not a real actor, and the third, in which I said he had no skillz. But here’s the thing: Yunho has decided to be an actor. That means he has opened himself to any kind of critique or snark his audience wishes to level at his performance as such. Now, if instead of making fun of his acting, I had said ~Yunho iz stoopid or something–that would be grounds to throw the word bullying around. Seriously, guys, it’s not a crime to have critical discernment.

            And, no, actually, my choice of words aren’t freudian slips revealing what an evil person I am. They reflect the comments I am reacting to, with healthy doses of sarcasm and irony, though god knows why I thought having a sense of humor would translate.

          • sheils1010

            @Juniper: see my response above

          • juniper

            @sheils1010. I have seen it. I just don’t agree with you. If someone said the same things about me that we have said about Yunho–namely, that he’s not a good actor–I would just be confused. Because I’m not an actor, nor have I in anyway subjected myself to the court of public opinion. As someone who was seriously bullied as a kid, I’m becoming less and less amused with this whole kerfuffle, but in the interest of moving on, I’ll leave it at that.

        • harangmaria

          All I did was to say that Yunho is a bad actor, he might have improved and I’m sure he is workng hard and is sincere about his choice, but I can’t feel his role when he is on the screen. So many of us made negative comments about the actress and you don’t call it ‘bullying’, but the moment I mentioned this guy you called me immature and childish.

          • sheils1010

            @harangmaria: No, it’s immature and childish for ANYONE to be saying mean things about ANYONE online where you’re anonymous and behind your computer screens. It’s obviously not only when you’re saying it about one person. I think the main reason it’s even worse when mentioning Yunho tho is because he doesn’t even have anything to do with this drama or this article…so dragging him into this just to make a jab at him is uncalled for…that’s like me going to random articles in dramabeans that you haven’t even commented at and make a statement like “oh, that harangmaria girl…glad she isn’t here or it would make this thread really suck”….it just wouldn’t make sense and I wouldn’t waste my time to say mean things like that just cuz I felt like putting you down or thot it would be funny.

          • juniper

            @sheils1010…Except harangmaria is not an actor (a professional who publicly performs for an audience), and this thread is not a drama (an entertainment program produced for public consumption). She is a private individual who posted a simple joke on a public forum, and is part of Yunho’s audience–therefore, she is entitled to make her own judgment about his work. Just as you are entitled to disagree with her assessment of it. It bears pointing out, however, that while Harangmaria and I limited ourselves to mocking Yunho as an actor and never insulted him on a personal level, most people in this thread went there immediately and without hesitation in regards to us. Just sayin’.

  46. 46 ck1Oz

    Who in the world think she is even up to his acting standard.

    Can’t the netizens find out who’s her powerful backer?????

  47. 47 glowry

    Gahhhhh.. This is Lee Junki vampire drama we talk about.. I seriously wonder who is her sponsor.. I really think she got one though.. Lol

  48. 48 Jenny

    Noooo! and will she suddenly die in the middle of the series.
    What’s with this, please cast someone who can actually act!
    And for this Han Groo was dropped!

  49. 49 simon

    OK… so this was a funny post, but then I read all the comments and man, that’s just mean. So I, too, hated that scene in Gaksital when KT was bawling his heart out while confessing his sob-story and MD (i.e. this actress) was all: “This seems like a good moment to imitate a brickwall… yes, a log would be too lively, hur.” But she wasn’t that terrible overall and what’s more: even if she was the worst actress on the planet, everyone hating on her just isn’t nice. I mean, she seems like a nice girl irl and anyway, she’s a human with feelings… guys, really. :<

    • 49.1 Giegie


    • 49.2 pitch

      Yeah, the hate she gets makes me so uncomfortable. She isn´t impressive as an actress, but I don´t really think it is the reason she is so intensly disliked.

      • 49.2.1 lc

        Totally agree. It’s fine to state that she’s a bad actress. No need to throw in all the trash talk about her having a sponsor.

        It’d so degrading and speaks a lot about the characters of such commenters.

        • pigsnout

          She gets away with things that will end the career of any other actress while having no talent or popularity in Korea, people are naturally going to wonder who is letting her do that.

        • Mandy

          @lc WORD. I hate how some people have to throw in personal insults because her casting insults them. She’s a bad actress, fine. She’s unprofessional – I don’t agree – but even that’s fine.

          But when you get low and claim someone has a sponsor, then it reveals the low character of the commenter and those who agree with it. Disgusting.

          • TT

            it’s obvious that she has one LOL
            She came from a small agency and out of no where getting all the lead roles. Do you think it’s that easy to for actress to land lead roles in dramaland w/o an impressive these days?
            If so, there would be so many talented young actress are playing supporting roles

          • TT

            impressive resume*

          • Mandy

            “it’s obvious that she has one”

            …and you personally know her so you’re sure. Or maybe you have solid proofs to support your argument. Provide them here, if you will. Maybe then you’ll sound a lot more convincing.

      • 49.2.2 pogo

        There are plenty of actors who lack talent but they at least show up to work all the way through to the last episode of a drama filming, instead of leaving the crew hanging on live shoots to go and sign another drama, like this one likes to do.

        Chalk it down to us not liking to see such an abject lack of professionalism rewarded with one lead role after another.

        • ramona

          Oh wow! Is that true? When did she do that???

          • gegege

            She jumped from Gaksital to Five Fingers. Part of the reason why they killed off her character in Gaksital

          • pigsnout

            She signed Gaksital and went off to work on it while she was doing My Daughter the Flower. Then she took the lead role in Five Fingers and went off to work on that while Gaksital was having live shoots. Then last year she signed Dr Stranger and went off to shhot overseas while Inspiring Generation was in the middle of live shoot. Since dramas get written week to week during live shoot they had to rewrite so that she would have less scenes, and this when she was a lead.

        • Unholy

          As posted here: http://www.dramabeans.com/2014/12/stocking-stuffers-for-the-drama-addict-year-in-review-part-2/

          Here’s another really busy actress hopping between dramas:

          Shin So Yul

          Sweet Secret: 2014-Nov-11 to present (lead)
          Dodohara: 2014-Oct-27 to 2014-Nov-24 (lead)
          Yoona’s Street: 2014-May-19 to 2014-Nov-11

          Talk about overlapping. No problem though.

          Oh wait I found another one.

          Kim Ga Eun

          Abiding Love Dandelion: 2014-Aug-25 to present (lead, 100 episodes daily drama)
          Joseon Gunman: 2014-Jun-25 to 2014-Sep-04
          Vampire Flower: 2014-Jul-02 (lead, 6 episode mobile drama)

          Even our favorite Shin Sung Rok is guilty of charge for hopping between dramas:

          King’s Face: 2014-Nov-19 to present
          Liar Game: 2014-Oct-20 to 2014-Nov-25

          But hey, it’s SSR, who gives a damn?

          Jang Shin Young

          Empire of Gold: 2013-Jul-01 to 2013-Sep-17 (lead)
          Thorn Flower: 2013-Feb-04 to 2013-Aug-01 (lead, daily drama)

          I’m on a roll.

          Never for a second do I question someone else’s professionalism when it’s a common practice in Korea and elsewhere in the world.

          • Miranda

            Did any of those other actresses require the dramas to write around their absences?

            I wasn’t aware of JSY causing productions to alter their schedules to accommodate her conflicts, but in the US they’re contractually prohibited from booking new gigs without the current production’s permission. But if rumors are going around that JSY in particular is causing problems with her overlapping bookings, I wonder why A) the production allows it, and B) why no one else gets called on it.

          • Unholy

            Firstly, the incidence with Dr. Stranger and Inspiring Generation was an unfortunate event that JSY had no control of. Both production teams met and agreed to have JSY in set amounts of date. SBS failed to meet theirs causing JSY to stay longer overseas, which naturally irked KBS.

            A) they definitely allow it as already displayed above.
            B) it’s not so much that JSY is being called out single-handedly but it’s all a matter of perception. People still remembered how she got casted for Five Fingers while doing Gaksital, it suddenly becomes so easy to point her out any other time that she overlaps.

            Lastly, live-shoot dramas rewrite scripts all the time anyway. Whether they re-write to accommodate for her absence seems to be besides the point, when rewriting the script is the goal of a live-shoot anyway–to pander to audience’s demands. If she gets killed off prematurely because the audience cannot stand her anymore, then I think the live-shoot system has successfully fulfilled its goal.

          • simon

            I’d known about her conflicting schedules of FF and Gaksital. That might be why she looked less “spirited” in the end, but no way was that the reason they killed her character. MD was clearly written as the sacrificial virgin and most of the time she was not much more than a plot device. You know, DID, princess peach…

            I think criticism is potentially justified. I haven’t really seen her in anything else, except the first ep of Dr Stranger (she seemed ok? o_O).
            What is happening here though isn’t criticism and it isn’t even simple bashing as was the case when that Changmin was cast. People are actually saying she is giving out sexual favors to get these roles, right? (This is what “sponsor” means, if I got my Alice in Cheongdamdong right.) So any girl who gets hand-me-down roles and is allowed to act with “oppa” must have a sugar daddy somewhere?

          • Unholy

            Yes, “sponsorship” for “young girls” in the K-ent context, usually means favours of the sexual kind. And yes, people are implying that she does it. Why? Because “young girls” can only ever land roles through sexual favours, because god forbid, that’s the ONLY way she can. It’s a GIRL, how else do you think girls progress in life?

          • Mommai

            When I think of “sponsorship” I personally don’t jump to sexual favors, I jump to money and favoritism. Maybe she’s got rich and/or powerful connections. Maybe she’s someone’s niece, or spoiled dongsaeng or whatever. Could be a variety of things, which is why I don’t get too upset with people wondering about a backer of some kind. Hopefully, she knocks it out of the park. If not, and she keeps getting more really big roles, people will keep wondering.

          • simon

            Yeah, right? Probably the only way my female professors got their jobs was because of affirmative action. I guess the Korean prez only got where she is because… I’m not even going to finish that thought. *shakes head* This would be funny, if it wasn’t so sad.
            I think I should take a walk now and cool my head off. This is giving me the creeps. Especially since it seems to be the gals who are the most misogynist. bah.

          • simon

            [email protected]

          • timeless

            I agree with Mommai. I would associate sponsorship with having connections and money.

            But now that you guys brought up sexual favours, I’m considerably revolted. I genuinely hope that these people aren’t referring to that. It’s a most off-putting comment to make.

          • TT

            are they the leads?

          • Unholy

            Yes they are playing lead roles. Hence the (lead) label.

          • 4D

            Just adding to the “sponsor” discussion…sponsors are not that unusual and while some may have sexual favors attached to it, it doesn’t necessarily mean that. There is one actress who most people are familiar with who is pretty well known for having a sponsor (or a least having one in the past). However, he supposedly does not require anything sexual or romantic from her. However, he is considered super controlling. Sponsor just means someone is willing to foot the bill for you to become famous – the reasons for doing so are varied.

          • anastassia

            Wow I never thought she has done that multiple times. I don’t think we can defend her after several times it happens. Rather than herself I think she got a very powerful connection that arranged her actings offers and whatnot which brought the same issues over and over again. I think that is the method her production company used to create a demand commercial value out of her.

            I think mentioning sponsor doesn’t mean it a sexual way since we know in K-ent it is really hard to manage to get a lead roles all the time. Looks like Han Groo and Im So Eun especially Im So Eun extremely talented but always cast aside. Plus remember the actress in Boys over Flower who suicide and wrote on the letter how she has to climb up high even as a side character in favour many managements issues. The story of female in Korean is known even mentioned in the reality and documentary shows.

          • simon

            Well, if the netizens at least mean _that_ kind of sponsor (a Daddy Longlegs and not a “sugar daddy”), the comments are less terrible. That doesn’t make them nice, but… yeah. I’ll just believe that, because the alternative is just too zee-Hulk-style-anger inducing. o_ô
            I’m not a fan of hyping or bashing, anyway, so I guess I simply should stay clear of 90% of the internet. bah.

            As for connections: actors need them, everybody needs them, you will need them, if you want a job. Nobody gives a brown-rainbow-pie for talent and abilities. *le shrugz*

          • pogo

            Nice try but none of those actors is main lead in all the overlapping dramas, and they are certainly not being rewarded with lead roles on prime time network television. And this is despite the fact that they can act.

            Shin So-yool? Was not the female lead in Yoo-na’s Street (that would be Kim Ok-bin). Be Arrogant was a web drama that shot in just 10 episodes of half an hour each. And her daily drama started only after those were done.

            Kim Ga-eun? Had a bit part in Joseon Gunman, Vampire Flower was cast and finished filming before she even started working on JG, and again, the daily drama in which she plays the lead did not overlap with any other projects where she was a main lead.

            Shin Sung-rok? Not the main lead of either Liar Game or the King’s Face, and tVN dramas are shot in advance.

          • Unholy

            So that’s your refute?

            JSY’s only OVERLAPPING drama was between Gaksital and Five Fingers. I posted above all dramas in which LEAD actors (may it be PROTAGONIST or ANTAGONIST) have actually overlapped. You’re completely sidestepping the point, which is, despite having overlapping dramas, they were able to shoot everything else in advance or simultaneously. In JSY’s case, that is exactly what happened with Dr. Stranger and Inspiring Generation (in which in YOUR definition, she’s not even a LEAD), there was a month’s worth of gap between the two, and yet, here you are claiming that she overlapped dramas in a regular basis, because what, she dared shoot a drama ahead of time? That would’ve made your argument for both Shin So Yul and Kim Ga Eun counterintuitive then.

            It doesn’t matter whether what your definition of “prime-time” is, the point is, they are leads. You have an obsession with this notion that “leads” are forbidden to overlap dramas, despite everyone under the sun doing it. Because what? They are “leads”? of “primetime” dramas only? Your specifications are utterly inane and it’s borderline excuse.

            And what, Jang Shin Young doesn’t count either, because?

  50. 50 museofmanymasks

    haha if this is true, my condolences to the people who were looking forward to this.

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