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Kim Haneul to romance a student in Teacher
by | May 19, 2015 | 52 Comments

I know that Kim Haneul (You’re My Pet, A Gentleman’s Dignity) doing a noona romance isn’t all that new for her, but this new movie sounds like it’ll be pushing the envelope. She’s currently considering an offer to star in the new film Teacher, about a dangerous love affair between a high school student and his teacher.

Strangely enough, this isn’t even Kim Haneul’s first student-teacher romance: Kim Woo-bin had a one-sided crush on her in A Gentleman’s Dignity, and she starred opposite Kim Jae-won in the 2002 drama Romance about a high-schooler and his teacher. I have a feeling that the film version of this setup is going to be way more inappropriate. Uh, prepare to be disturbed?

The movie will be helmed by writer-director Kim Tae-yong, who debuted last year with the critically-praised indie youth film Giant (or Set Me Free), starring Choi Woo-shik. His sophomore outing will be produced by star director Ryu Seung-wan of Veteran and Berlin.

All we know so far about the plot is that Kim Haneul has been offered the lead role as a teacher who transfers to a new high school after suffering a trauma, and there she meets a male student and they share a dangerous love. Yeah, I’d say it’s dangerous all right. I can’t say I’m all that interested in the real-life scandalous version of the student-teacher setup (though I adore the innocent ones with one-sided puppy love), so I hope it’ll at least be a sensitive portrayal of teen angst.

Teacher is still casting and plans to shoot later this year.

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52 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Carolyn

    A movie where the heroine is a rapist? Yikes! Huge pass for me and shame on the makers of this movie.

  2. crazedlu

    Ewwwwww. #teacherstatus

  3. don'tknow

    I hate Noona’s love in Kdrama for one reason, it’s usually an illegal relationship like a very grown up woman with some teenager student! I hear your voice, king of high school etc.
    Yet they find an Ahjussi with a full grown up woman more disturbed!

    • 3.1 Saa

      I’m not familiar with Korean laws, but I Hear Your Voice was pretty chaste in terms of romance between the male and female leads because:
      1) The leads technically didn’t have a romantic relationship until the guy became of age. Any romantic feelings prior were largely (qnd almost exclusively) one-sided.
      2) The most physical interactions they had prior to the male lead becoming of age were platonic (at least on the female’s part) hugs, wrist grabs (usually to get someone out of trouble), and headlocks.
      3) Except for the kiss, which came as a surprise for the female and was initiated suddenly by the male prior to departing.

      My memory may be hazy though. It has been a while since I last saw the show, but I think IHYV was pretty chaste for a noona romance.

      • 3.1.1 Saa

        I also wanted to add that the male lead’s maturity was at least on par (if not higher) than the female lead’s. There was no significant power imbalance between the two despite the age gap… Actually, if anything the guy probably had an advantage what with being able to read minds lol.

  4. hydesamagirl

    So with you, in real life it’s abuse of power and a misuse of a mentoring relationship. In dramaland we can keep things innocent and then skip a few years to put them together for happily ever after, heh.

  5. riya

    Make it 3. She also did Mt Tutor Friend, where she falss in love with her student she takes tuitions for.

    • 5.1 riya


    • 5.2 Kay

      I guess that doesn’t count as illegal – she’s a college student and the guy she tutors is repeating his senior year of college.

      • 5.2.1 Nana

        I think kwon sang woo was a repeat high schooler in My Tutor Friend

    • 5.3 Misskania

      Kwon Sang Woo was a 3 times repeater in that movie and that makes him older than her or the same age. Oh my… Now I want to watch that silly movie again.. especially the scene where she dance and win a rice cooker

  6. kjojo

    before you all judge, maybe you should wait until more of the plot is revealed. for all you know, this movie WONT glorify rape and instead show how bad/horrible it is. usually k-movies are more prone to NOT having a happy ending, so maybe by dangerous, they cover their relationship turning into a statutory rape case. and if it IS glorifying rape or making these vast age gap relationships seem romantic, THEN you can boycott the movie and judge it but watch your words until you know the details of the plot

    • 6.1 maki


    • 6.2 crazedlu


    • 6.3 Nippon

      Makes me think of the movie Notes on a Scandal.

      • 6.3.1 cheekbones

        That movie is good. Excellent acting by two great actresses.

  7. Adal

    Ewwwww. It only works if he’s a college student, not a high school one. I’m sure there must be more to the plot than that. But at first glance, it does sound creepy.

  8. Jodasg

    Why does this reminds me of a case in US whereby the female teacher had a relationship with a teenager like 12 or 13 and was sentenced to jail? She had 2 kids with him & they eventually got married after she was released. But it does not sounds fairytale to me cos that boy is really too young. I mean what does a 12,13 year old kiddo knows when the teacher is like 30+ year old?

    • 8.1 KDaddict😍JCW

      It made me think of the same case immediately. Yeeesh.

    • 8.2 MikoD

      Same here. Definitely recalled the recent interview they had… very disturbing case. Not sure if I’ll be tuning in for this.

  9. Miho

    I wonder who would be perfect to play the student. Um Lee Jong-suk oppa? Yoo Ah-in? Seo In-guk?
    I think I know. Jin-gu!!! But I am not sure since it’s actually said to be dangerous and he is just a kid.
    Anyway, this isn’t my kind. And I hardly watch Korean movies. I only watch the ones that star my favorite actors. So, I don’t care much for this one.

  10. 10 Ainos

    This made me think of that movie that Jennifer Lopez did, The boy next door. They might go down that route like in the movie. The affair may all be in his head.

  11. 11 Mandy

    #disturbing #disgusting

  12. 12 Gidget

    ‘Dangerous’? That’s an odd way for a show to characterize this topic. Better adjectives might be ‘disgusting’ or ‘depraved’.

  13. 13 LinSiew

    Reminds me of the Japanese series ‘majo no jouken’ staring nanako matsushima.

    • 13.1 namedx

      Just what I was thinking.

  14. 14 wido

    can I have bokdong aka jisoo for the student role hahaha , he a pro with this stuff :)))

    • 14.1 junnie55

      Yes please

  15. 15 bluelysia

    years ago, I read a fanfic about love between teacher and high school student and the woman in the fanfic uses Kim haneul as the model lol
    what a coincidence

  16. 16 Kaybee

    There is no wrong in noona love if the guy is of legal age. It is hypocrite when an older man can date a younger woman then why can’t the opposite?
    Saying this, I hope it is one of the exceptions showing the nuances of an illicit love affair.
    Though I have no issue with older women with younger men but Teacher-student relationship be it male teacher or female student or female teacher with male student is a bit too taboo and illicit for me but it depends… Teachers are like parents, they shouldn’t misuse their position but let’s see how dangerous this love affair will turn out to be and I hope it is based on emotions than lust which will give it a more humane angle.
    BTW, Romance 2002 is one my favourite dramas even though it was based on a female teacher with a male student because the drama did justice to the story an relationship.

    • 16.1 aleev07

      Legal age? I don’t know in Korea, but the age limitation for the term “legal” here may vary in different countries. Mostly, a boy can date an older woman just after their high school (although it’s still considered taboo). At least, they can get married. Otherwise, maybe they need to separate for a while. I once watched an anime The Garden of Words (Kotonoha no Niwa) by Makoto Shinkai with the same theme of teacher-student relationship as well and I liked it. The main characters were in love and they ended up being separated, but the writer let us interpret they might be together someday after the boy had fully grown up and could support himself as well as his love.

      I’m not against noona romance in K-dramaland as long as it is sweet (say, Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy). It should explore more on emotion than lust. If it is the latter, it’s definitely not for me. If “dangerous” here means “disgusting”, I don’t want Kim Haneul to be in that ‘dangerous’ zone. But… we know that Korean movie is a bit different from the drama…

      • 16.1.1 fab♥hilleo

        Best example is Valid Love, I didn’t watch it but I think they waited until she was of legal age to marry.

  17. 17 emily

    is this going to go the way of innocent thing? because that movie was disturbing as anything (and slightly crazy with a terrible depiction of women), but at least it didn’t romanticise the teacher student relationship. a thriller like that works for that kind of relationship

  18. 18 Richie Kim

    Sounds like The Reader starring Kate Winslet as the older woman who did something terrible as part of the Holocaust…

  19. 19 themugen

    why do people keep mentioning rape?

    • 19.1 4D

      Because sex with a minor in the US is considered rape whether consensual or not.

  20. 20 makoto

    Teacher with trauma… sounds like Nara’s Rain.

  21. 21 Lomo

    I might watch this because ” set me free” was terribly good. But why is everybody jumping on crazy conclusions, we don’t have the entire plot yet, calm down.

  22. 22 Waiting


  23. 23 hawoojin&healerruinedme

    Yeah, well, as long as she will not play her screechy, irritating, and dense teacher character in Gentleman’s Dignity this time around, then I guess we’ll be fine. Might even make for an interesting watch.

  24. 24 Biscuit

    But when it’s Yoo Ah In in A Secret Love Affair, everyone (or at least a good majority) is all swooning?

    Idk. No one likes crimes, murders, or terrorism. Yet in dramas, fans like to root for the baddie (especially if they’re “hot”), watch faux-incest on screen, etc. if you like horror, you can sit through gritty scenes of limbs being dismembered.

    I understand the fact that a teacher-student can be bad, with some seeing it as “abuse of power”. But than how many times have we sat through dramas with dominating males who can’t take a “no”?
    I’m not condoning anything or say It’s okay, I guess it’s more of a rant?

    In the end, I guess I’m just used to watching films that explore complicated relationships. before jumping in and saying “this is bad!”, I think what I love about films is how complicated things are expressed. How not everything is black and white, and that sometimes you look at circumstances that led to something, etc.

    Films have always been used as a way expressing topics that may be taboo in society. To watch a film not because you agree with a topic, but for the art of how certain feelings are expressed, resolved, and how it ends.

    • 24.1 fab♥hilleo

      YAI’s character in Secret Love Affair was in his twenties. A highschooler is often a minor in SK.
      But I agree that film is art and the makers will always push the boundaries as much as possible.

  25. 25 The Real CZ

    As probably the only guy who posts here, this video is relevant.

  26. 26 NewFan

    If I immediately said “hell no” to every disturbing, disgusting plot, I would have missed out on some really great movies.

  27. 27 Eeeeeeew...?

    I can’t stop going back and forth on the article to find anything about the plot that says ‘rape’. Are my eyes playing a trick with me already?

    It’s funny how people immediately throw rotten eggs even before knowing much about the drama. Have these people watched anything of a similar story and think it’s disgusting?

    I’ve watched both Romance and Majo no Jouken and both are done well. So well that they remain in my mind when lots more well known and recent dramas have faded from my memory.

    Political correctness shouldn’t be an excuse to shallowness. I hope people will know what something is before saying Eeeewww.

    And oh, please don’t tell me these are the same people who love their Kpop female idols wearing the most revealing clothes posing and dancing suggestively to an audience that are mostly underage.

    • 27.1 Luce

      Bless you !!!

    • 27.2 Gidget

      Sorry, but that’s just a load of rubbish.

      Productions that push healthy boundaries will always stay in your mind. And a writer who wraps depravity in candy coating shouldn’t be admired. They should be chastised and censored by the sensible people of this world.

  28. 28 Krys11

    I am fine with it as long as the male student in the movie will at least be 18+ and already legal. To me big age gap doesn’t matter as long as both parties are legal adult but it’s a different story if the guy is 15-16 because that is illegal (since he is still a minor) even if you say they do love each other.

    I hope they don’t glorify underage student / adult teacher relationship in the movie because no matter what, an adult having a sexual relationship with a minor is a crime.

  29. 29 logan5

    I would totally give my son a massive high-five if she was his noona-crush … and yes … that’s a double standard because if my daughter was involved with a school teacher, I’d kill him with my barehands.

  30. 30 whitewire

    Hahaha I remember her drama ROMANCE with Kim Jae-won. Isn’t she a Teacher there too? And Kim Jae-won’s a student?? I watched that back then… Or maybe I’m just dreaming in dramaland.

  31. 31 Dani

    So far nothing beats Majo no Jouken in terms of teacher student relationship. And it was pretty steamy with library s** and the leading lady was in fact 26 years old as her role suggested and the leading man (boy) was in real life at that time really around 16-17 years old. Leave it to the Japanese drama/movie for the controversy. And that drama was from 1999!!!

  32. 32 KmjJh

    i have to admit but i love teacher-student romance kdramas eg. Scarlet Innocence, Thorn/Innocent thing

    those 2 both leaded by 2 charasmatic-ly hot hunkles <3 hehe

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