Dramabeans Podcast #28
by | June 16, 2015 | 63 Comments

We know, it’s been forever! We let life overtake us and when it was time to sit down and record a podcast the list had gotten scary-long. We do our best to get ourselves up to speed with the dramas that have aired between the last podcast and this one (why are there so many?!) and swear again, as we always do, that we won’t let so much time elapse for the next one, mostly because it’s hard being brief, yo. Obviously, since we are so bad at it!

Podcast #28

Running time: 1:23:25

Topics and dramas discussed:

  • Kill Me, Heal Me: And how Ji Sung carried the show (3:09), with a brief detour about the Baeksangs and Daesang awards and Na PD (8:55)
  • Heart to Heart: With some commentary on being typecast and pigeonholed by your looks as an actor (10:20)
  • Persevere, Gu Hae-ra: A few comparisons to Monstar, and how the twin plot worked (and didn’t) (16:18)
  • Hyde, Jekyll, Me: How the show handled its split-personality loveline plot, with a few inevitable comparisons to Kill Me, Heal Me (21:36)
  • Ho-gu’s Love: Expectations versus reality (27:52)
  • Blood: What we found intriguing about it, and why we quit watching (31:44)
  • Angry Mom: A disproportionate amount of discussion about Ji Soo (37:18)
  • Girl Who Sees Smells: Yoochun in comedy, and Shin Se-kyung in comedy (46:02)
  • Let’s Eat 2: And what we appreciated about its heroine’s depiction (56:23)
  • Who Are You—School 2015: The love triangle and how we think it’ll go (note that we recorded this before the finale aired), and how a good villainess can be admirable (59:50)
  • Warm and Cozy: But a terrible villainness just makes you angry (1:04:46)
  • The Producers: What we like about it now, though it’s not as much as we liked it in earlier days (1:11:28)
  • Mask: Just a few short bits, as the show is still new. (1:15:45)

Names mentioned:
Ji Sung, Lee Min-ho, Kang Ji-hwan, Hwang Jung-eum, Lee Sung-min, Choi Kang-hee, Chun Jung-myung, Song Joong-ki, Joo-won, Song Chang-eui, Yoo Seung-ho, Lee Jun-ki, Kim Rae-won, Kim Woo-bin, Kwak Shi-yang, Jinyoung, Shim Hyung-tak, Hyun Bin, UEE, Choi Woo-shik, Im Seul-ong, Jung Il-woo, Gu Hye-sun, Moon Chae-won, Han Han-joo, Ji Soo, Kim Hee-sun, Kim Tae-hee, Kim Yoo-jung, Jung Il-woo, Ji Hyun-woo, Yoochun, Shin Se-kyung, Kim Tae-hee, Song Hye-gyo, Park Ha-sun, Namgoong Min, Seo Hyun-jin, Yook Sung-jae, Nam Joo-hyuk, Chun Woo-hee, Yoo Yeon-seok, Kang So-ra, Su Ae, Yeon Jung-hoon, Joo Ji-hoon

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Songs Used in Podcast (In order of use)

“Could We?” from the Producers OST
“환청” by Jang Jane from the Kill Me, Heal Me OST
“힘내” from the Persevere, Gu Hae-ra OST
“Because of You” by Baek Ji-young from the Hyde, Jekyll, Me OST
“설레임” from the Ho-gu’s Love OST
“Teleport Me” by Aberdeen Orange from the Angry Mom OST
“저기요” by Jelly Cookie from the Girl Who Sees Smells OST
“Smells like Fun” from the Girl Who Sees Smells OST
“바람에 날려” by Baechigi from the Who Are You—School 2015 OST
“두근두근” by Ben from the Producers OST
“Butterfly” by Ha Neul Hae & Gong Bo-kyung from the Warm and Cozy


63 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Yushi

    YAY! new podcast, I’ve been waiting for this one ’cause I watched a lot of the dramas on the list! 🙂 Thank you!

  2. riya

    Who is the actor in the main picture?

    • 2.1 risa

      I’m pretty sure that’s Kwak Shi-yang.

    • 2.2 mary

      Looks like that guy from Gu Hae Ra…

      • 2.2.1 tazzo

        Oh really? I thought it was Yoo Yoon Seok, and then I kept thinking why was Yoo Yoon Seok looking a bit funny in this pic :/

  3. MeLiYasha

    “Angry Mom: A disproportionate amount of discussion about Ji Soo”
    This is what I’m looking forward to hearing the most kkk~

    Well actually I want to hear about KMHM and School 2015 too (GongTae!) but Bokdong-ah!! Noona already miss you ㅠㅠ

  4. xcmk

    I think i appreciated Hogu a lot more because I didn’t watch the promos and pretty much just read the recaps until they made the switch with seulong. for me, the cute stood out a lot more then the angst and i loved how all the characters were so quirky and fully acted out so I’m surprised you guys didn’t like it! Maybe they showed Uee’s backstory in falling for Hogu too late that girlfriday missed out but I could really see how she fell for him. i think they showed really well how Uee was a prickly character that was hard to understand but Hogu saw through it as she was simply more comfortable with herself and swimming than with people by using the mermaid metaphor. I don’t know! I still think of Hogu’s Love as an adorable story!

  5. risa

    Woot! Another podcast!

    I enjoy your podcasts so much that I now have a ritual of doing especially tedious chores while listening to them– they manage to entertain and distract me, and before I know it, I’ve cleaned out the fridge, scrubbed the floors, etc. Just one of many ways that dramabeans makes life better!

    Thank you, thank you!

  6. mccooks

    Can anyone tell me: Who was the last actor mentioned, who “makes good choices” (referring to roles and dramas chosen)? I can’t always catch the names. Thanks!

    • 6.1 Snickers👽

      Joo Won, I believe.

    • 6.2 Ry

      It was Joo Won

  7. maddragonqueen

    I… love you guys and your drunk podcasts. So. Much.

    • 7.1 1608

      Same! They’re the best. Do you remember one of their first drunk podcasts, I think it was the City Hunter one, where JB said that her hiccups weren’t related to drunkeness? The test of time has proved this wrong. So adorable. Cracks me up

  8. y2k

    Kim Bum in Hidden Identity seems interesting….

  9. Katzlove

    yayy podcast time 🙂 It’s my favourite segment.

    • 9.1 Van

      Ditto! Second are my recaps of my favorite shows, of course!

      • 9.1.1 Van

        Lol, idk how “my recaps” got in there. I just meant ‘recaps.’

  10. 10 Aigoooo

    Stuff I appreciated from the dramas listed:

    1. The FEELS, OTP chemistry and OST in Heart to Heart
    2. Jisung’s performance in Kill Me, Heal Me
    3. Kim Hee Sun’s performance and the Bokdong character in Angry Mom.
    4. The OTP chemistry and the comedy in Girl Who Sees Smell.
    5. So Young character in School 2015 – my admiration for her great acting transcended my hatred for her character and I hated her character soooooo much! lol
    6. Yoo Yeon Seok’s likability as an actor that kept me hanging on to Warm and Cozy.
    7. My unexpected love for Cindy and IU in Producers. It was a pleasant surprise. Kim Soo Hyun may have carried most of the load for this drama but Cindy kept me interested after the concept change.

    The rest I have not seen or have really nothing good to mention. lol

  11. 11 Spi

    OMG I envy you girls. So you’re so gonna be able to watch A LOT of dramas together!!!

  12. 12 crazedlu

    THANK YOU. l feel soooo much better about “School” after hearing you guys talk it out. YESSSSS. Acting flaw, BY FAR. If Yook Sung-jae had been cast as Yi-an and not Tae-gwang… OH YEAH, DOWN FOR AN EUN-BI/YI-AN COUPLING. But meh! Nam Joo-hyuk! Sad day. I still really enjoyed the series, but it could’ve been soooo much better.

    Missed your podcasts! Thanks for this!!

  13. 13 Kim

    Thanks for the podcast! I miss it so much.

    I’m really enjoying Mask so much and I agree it’s the best drama airing right now. It has a sparkly addictive feeling to it and the chemistry is so intense!

    This is one of those dramas in which I want the main girl to get the lead guy but I also want the other one to fall in love with her even one-sidedly because there’s so much tension with them together.

    Whenever I watch this drama, I never feel that the time is running out and I just want it to keep going on. I can’t wait to see Soo Ae’s character become tougher in the future like HJE’s character in Secret. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode.

    • 13.1 eny

      i like mask n my love eun dong, but my love eun dong is still the best, it’s the most romantic drama i ever watch, the story is classic n beatifull

  14. 14 coby

    yay! PODCAST!

  15. 15 J

    It’s been a long time since I listened to one of your podcasts, it is so good to hear you girls! thank you..:)

  16. 16 Cassey

    Yay! So much fun listening to your podcasts!

  17. 17 blo

    I find these podcasts more entertaining than watching the kdramas themselves. I seriously laughed out loud while at work. Please do not wait too long to do another one.

    You two and I must have a lot of the same interests when it comes to dramas.
    I put The Producers on hold because I’m afraid to be disappointed with its slow change into the ordinary romcom format. I seriously LOVED the first two episodes. I was also hoping that the show would inspire other writers to experiment more often. I guess we’re a long way off, at least for the major broadcasting stations.

    mmm…Forgot what else I wanted to say.

    • 17.1 blo

      Oh yes, about actors who don’t like to be ugly.

      Actually, I didn’t like Punch (which I still loved) as much as I could have because of Kim Ah-joong…who cried and acted way too prettily. Surrounded by great actors like Kim Rae-won, Cho Jae-hyun and Seo Ji-hye, she stuck out to me.

  18. 18 alua

    Absolutely agree about the Producers. I like it, but I wish they had been brave and stuck to the original concept because then it would have been an awesome trailblazer. Like a drama, that you can re-watch and that ten years down the line is a cult-classic. But nah, pretty standard rom-com now – even if I like the characters (and the consistency with which they are written).

    Also agree about School 2015.

    • 18.1 alua

      And Hogu’s Love: I actually didn’t care for the promos (not fond of bitchy “sassy girl” type of characters) but even without that disappointment you had, Hogu’s Love still was let-down for me. It started well, and then it handled so much terribly. Adoption. A homosexual character that wasn’t homosexual after all. etc. Unfortunately, UE also doesn’t seem to work for me as an actress. I’ve tried to like her and watched several of her projects, but she just doesn’t do it for me. Not because her acting is terrible (it’s decent) but ultimately I’ve just filed her under “does projects that don’t particularly interest me/plays characters that I can’t really relate to much”.

      LOL about the hiccups! 😀

  19. 19 coby

    LOLed at “Produ-hic-cer”

  20. 20 Growingbeautifully

    Thanks JB and GF!

    This was more entertaining than the dramas themselves and totally worth listening to for the hiccups if for nothing else!!! LOL! I’m glad you did not pause or edit them out! 🙂

  21. 21 Taebi87

    Yay new podcast! Sooooo satisfying to hear what you guys have to say about School 2015. If NJH’s acting had been even slightly better, it wouldn’t have been as bad… but YSJ outclassed him by so much that it just wasn’t BELIEVABLE that she would like Han Yi An and be completely BLIND to what Gong Tae Kwang has done for her all along. I soo wanted them to end up together. 🙁 And because of this glaring discrepancy, the awesome character of Gong Tae Kwang got a terrible and pathetic ending. Sigh.
    But in any case, I’m happy that because of this drama I discovered Yook Sungjae, cuz I didn’t know who he was before. I imagine great things for him in the future. 🙂

    • 21.1 alua

      <the awesome character of Gong Tae Kwang got a terrible and pathetic ending

      I'm actually okay with his ending – he deserved someone who actually is interested in him and loves him. Eun-bi just never really cared for him (saying "I want to do for you what you did for me" in the final episode does not convince me otherwise).

      • 21.1.1 Taebi87

        Yea I guess you’re right. It would make sense for them to end up together only if Eunbi had reciprocated his feelings. What makes me sad is that I love KSH and she did an amazing job, but because of her attachment to an unlikeable character like Han Yi An, I felt a disconnect with her too, during the later episodes.
        I guess I’m a little heartbroken that Tae Kwang had such a bright character and in the end we see him telling her he’s gonna keep loving her but she doesn’t need to feel sorry anymore. I just wanted to see him happy. And I guess they tried to show that he was happy eventually, but I just wasn’t able to buy it. 🙁

  22. 22 kimster

    I guess I am in the minority but I really enjoy Warm & Cozy!

    • 22.1 sirey

      No I love it also. It is like the title state : warm and cozy

    • 22.2 okiejune

      Me too – I can’t take my eyes off the OTP

  23. 23 Van

    Yippie! Thanks, ladies! Saving this to listen to later today. Can’t wait!

  24. 24 Benice

    Could anyone elaborate what was conversed about Heart to Heart? Would appreciate it much…

  25. 25 Dramafed1782

    You’ve gotta tell me how many bottles of wine was consumed off and on air? JB was like totally out by the end of it all….Great to listen to the podcast again 🙂

  26. 26 korfan

    Podcast! Much appreciated!

    In complete agreement about Ji Soo in Angry Mom. Total breakout star.

  27. 27 Tatiana Fetiere

    I agree with you COMPLETELY on The Producers!! I for one found the first couple of episodes with the original mockumentary format hilarious! Some moments had me laughing out loud and I was really enjoying it. Then I saw some of the feedback of people saying that it was “boring” but even with that I wished they had sticked with the original idea instead of turning it into a typical rom com. I still enjoy it, but I loved the way it was in the beginning. Sure it wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea but hey, dare to be different.

  28. 28 lc

    Hearing the OST of Kill Me Heal Me – aah it brought back the feels of the drama!

  29. 29 Dorotka

    Hihi, Javabeans again cought the Lee-Min-Ho-hiccup :–)))

    Congratulation to your move!
    Reminds me a bit of my good old college years, sharing the room with a friend in a student appartment block…
    You must have sooo much fun now :–)
    Hopefully the cats adapt soon…

    Anyway, thanks for the podcast, love it, as usual.

    Pity the Producers lost the initial format… I loved it… now it is indeed just another k-drama (though still good).

    I liked Hogu, that they dared to go there with the rape… though it mostly won me with Hogu’s love for the baby, I guess :–) … my pregnancy hormones kicking, soon the twins are here… and one of the reasons I couldn’t follow Grapevine… oh, BTW, no comments on that drama? And I’m just curious if you are watching any weekend drama (probably not, with the move, I guess…)… I’m following Bluebird… though now we entered this fake-siblings-angst, uhuh….

    Anyway, thanks again and already looking forward to the next podcast! :–)

  30. 30 Carole McDonnell

    Loved what you said about warm and cozy being pleasant. I swear the desire to be pleasant has ruined several dramas this season. My Unfortunate Boyfriend was killed by plesantness. So was the finale for Smelly Girl. And even Ex-Girlfriend seemed to aim for the plesant at the risk of plot. It’s like..quite all this pleasantness.

    Great podcast.

    • 30.1 Growingbeautifully

      Quite unpleasant, all this pleasantness, isn’t it!! 😀

  31. 31 klava

    No mention of Falling for innocence😞

    • 31.1 Carinne

      IKR! It was a great show. I hope the future podcast will think of skipping Orange Marmalade and review Falling For Innocence.

  32. 32 jackee

    Yay a podcast!! Have you guys thought about doing this regularly and maybe put it on iTunes? 😀

  33. 33 Raqeena Waziullah

    Did you guys finish Hogu’s Love? And would you have preferred Yook Sungjae to portray Han Yi An?

    Thank you so much for another podcast!!! I missed you guys! Your insights brighten my day, and though I may not agree with every single one of them, I did agree with many of your opinions and I was intrigued by your justifications. 🙂 Thanks once again!!!

  34. 34 OMG

    Yaye a new podcast is up!!! Off to listen…..though m kinda sad that u guys didn’t talk about Heard it Thru the Grapevine. I dunno if it’s because u guys didn’t watch the show but I would have liked to hear ur thoughts on it.

  35. 35 pigsnout

    Yeah, Heard It Through the Grapevine is much more interesting and unusual than any of the dramas this year. It’s even better than Producer, I would like to hear jb/gf thoughts on that dtama (Grapevine, I mean)

    • 35.1 fan


  36. 36 Brian

    LOL Angry Mom —
    Yes it had unique relationships and a breakout star and angsty teens, and great acting too. But I really liked it because when it was funny, it was hilarious. When Gong Joo visits the school and works over the principal asking for a bribe, and then visiting with Bang Wool’s friends was just laugh out loud funny. I especially laughed as she took the lollipop out of one girl’s mouth and shoved it into another’s. Angry Mom took school bullying and corruption to task, but incongruously, it took silly to a higher notch too.

  37. 37 fan

    I enjoyed podcast very much. Thank you! When I think about it, it is only June now and I already had a quite a few dramas I enjoyed unlike many other years. So far, it is easier to count the ones that I did not like, than the one I liked- that is something! keep coming dramas!

  38. 38 No Name #6

    Aw, love the Fashion King tangent. Didn’t expect that to be in there. That movie is completely odd and all over the place, but also totally endearing somehow. And yes, the commitment is what sells it.

  39. 39 dkaoru

    podcast 🙂 finally!
    are you guys going to cover Orange Marmalade in the next podcast? I’m still confused on the jump from high school vampire to joseon vampire. I dunno i just can’t wrap my mind around it 🙂 curious to what you think about this particular series.

  40. 40 Carinne

    Heyyyyy, Cali gurls in da haus! Holla~

  41. 41 yaya

    Please, please, please don’t get sick of each other.

  42. 42 Rachael Jean

    First time listener! haha! Loved it! Love you! In a world where there is a sad amount of friends who share my Kdrama love, I felt like I was able to pour myself some soju and enjoy the conversation with friends!!

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