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Thing vs. Thing: High school hell
by | June 23, 2015 | 208 Comments

javabeans: So, with two dramas recently airing that were set in high school (Who Are You—School 2015 and Angry Mom), dealt with gritty topics, and had secret identities in play, it makes you wonder…

girlfriday: Which school had the worst bullies? Which teacher perpetrated the most morally egregious abuse of power? Which school had the cutest uniforms?

javabeans: If by cutest you mean shortest, I think Who Are You wins, hands down. Which they would have to be, to keep those things from flying in the wind.

girlfriday: I was actually amazed at how much running around they did in those tiny tiny skirts. How about, which school would you rather go to?

javabeans: Um, I’m gonna vote for the one that didn’t crumble under my feet and cripple me. So Who Are You—School 2015. Both dramas had characters passing themselves off as students with other names. Who’d you rather be?

girlfriday: Kim Hee-sun. I’ve wanted to be her for most of my life.

javabeans: Okay, let me rephrase: Which secret identity would you rather perpetrate?

girlfriday: Well, not that doing some twin swapping wouldn’t be fun, but I guess I’d still rather be the adult who’s pretending to be a high-schooler, because you still have some power. And you can also go home and have a drink.

javabeans: Also, Kim Hee-sun was way better at it. Come on, she was thirtysomething who got legitimately taken for 19, whereas Kim So-hyun had the same face, and she still couldn’t convince people.

girlfriday: Yeah, that drama really underutilized the twin premise, to a wasteful degree.

javabeans: Which ineffectual-but-well-meaning teacher would you rather have as your teacher? One tried but could do nothing, whereas the other one could have done something but didn’t try.

girlfriday: Ji Hyun-woo was way wimpier than Lee Pil-mo, but he had the better heart, and even though I had less faith that he could do anything, he at least tried for the sake of his students. He had the bigger mountain of baddies to overcome too, which counts for a lot.

javabeans: And clearly, he got better as the show went on—he learned how to be savvier and tougher. Lee Pil-mo just kind of seemed to give up in defeat. I still don’t understand why he had to quit. I get that he was disappointed in himself, but as a teacher, I want the guy who’s willing to go to the mat for me. Even if he loses a lot.

girlfriday: Well, I guess since this question is probably going to dog them for the rest of their careers, we may as well ask: Is it better to be Kim So-hyun or Kim Yoo-jung?

javabeans: Well, Kim So-hyun had the badass unni defending her, but Kim Yoo-jung had a pretty badass mom.

girlfriday: I would agree that badass mom was tougher and better, but also that much more embarrassing, yunno, from a teenage daughter point of view.

javabeans: Yes, Kim So-hyun’s mom was way more respectful of her adolescent privacy. But if Kim Hee-sun had been that hands-off as a mother, Kim Yoo-jung would probably be dead.

girlfriday: That’s true, although I think that Kim So-hyun had it worse in the bullying department. Jo Soo-hyang played the meanest psychopath eighteen-year-old EVER. The drama is over and I still have chills over how creepy she was, at least at the start.

javabeans: I agree that there’s a certain terror in being targeted by someone who’s a sociopath who simply hates you. In Angry Mom, there were more logical reasons for the bullying, because bad people had bad secrets to protect. I… don’t know that this makes them less scary though, because they’re also threatening you with death.

girlfriday: True, they were grown-up gangsters and stuff.

javabeans: And while School’s bully sorta led to a death (sort of), Angry Mom had hit men and shit, who threatened your family on top of your own self.

girlfriday: I dunno, it’s a tough call. Kim Yoo-jung got sent to the mental ward and whacked off her own hair, but Kim So-hyun jumped off a bridge. I feel like psycho eighteen-year-old is scarier.

javabeans: Is it worse to lose your best friend because the bullies killed her and covered it up as suicide, as in Angry Mom? Or is it worse to lose her because you could have helped her but ignored her because you were weak, and then she died and left you with a lifetime of guilt?

girlfriday: Yikes, well the guilt is way worse in the latter case, so maybe that one is worse overall. I do think that the school board director in Angry Mom takes the cake though. He had an affair with a student, covered up her pregnancy, and killed her. Then threatened to kill her best friend for talking about it. Then threatened her mom for digging around.

javabeans: I’m not going to argue your point, but at least he got punished!

girlfriday: Oh I’m with you there. I couldn’t believe that they just left Jo Soo-hyang to continue living out her days as a teenage sociopath. WHO CARES IF SHE FEELS SORRY?!

javabeans: Sometimes sorry needs jail time to make it worth anything!

girlfriday: On to the important stuff: boyfriends!

javabeans: Is it worse to have the perfect boy do all these perfect things for you, and then for you to pick the stupid wrong one? (Ahem, School.) Or…. is it worse to end up with Baro?

girlfriday: Okay, this is a tough one. Because both girls end up with crappy boyfriends, for totally different reasons. Baro is supposed to be reformed by the time Kim Yoo-jung dates him, but… he also was the main bully who ruled the school by tossing around his money and power, and making other guys do the actual dirty work.

javabeans: Didn’t he also sort of see his bullying as courtship?

girlfriday: YES. YES HE DID. It’s still problematic, no matter how cute he is by the last episode. He did end up doing a heroic thing though, so there is that.

javabeans: Now for the truly tough question: Which boy-who-didn’t-get-picked’s heart got broken the hardest?

girlfriday: Aaaaaaaaaaaaa#%$^#^@@#%^!

javabeans: You’re gonna have to be more specific. I can’t interpret that brand of rage.

girlfriday: Well okay, let’s back up first. I would definitely rather that the cute awesome boy love ME, and not my mom. So Kim So-hyun wins on that front.

javabeans: Except if you HAVE the awesome boy declaring eternal devotion to you and you don’t take it, aren’t you the real loser?

girlfriday: You’re right. That makes her stupid. ARGH. I still don’t know why she picked Han Yi-an. I mean, I know, but I don’t know.

javabeans: He wasn’t a terrible person, but he was just so… blah. And if you’re putting him next to the shining sweet attentive devoted boy who just wants to do things to make you happy, how could you even see him?

girlfriday: It’s the true mystery of the show, not the twin identity stuff.

javabeans: So Kim Yoo-jung may have gotten a flawed boyfriend, but Kim So-hyun may be blind.

girlfriday: When you put it that way, maybe it’s better to be the forgiving, kind girl who gives the bad boy a second chance. Not the blind girl who has bad taste. Poor rejected puppy. It’s the heartbreak of the year.

javabeans: Yet of the rejected boys, Bok-dongie (Ji Soo) sometimes feels more tragic because he can keep hoping, but honestly, that train’s not going anywhere.

girlfriday: Yeah I think his is a sadder one-sided love in that it’s purely fantasy. And there is something about Go Bok-dong that’s inherently sadder — it’s the first time anyone’s ever been nice to him, the first time he’s ever been part of a family and known human warmth, and it feels like he’ll just love Kim Hee-sun forever.

javabeans: Oof. I mean, before her, he lived with no hope, no love (other than a brother in prison), constant abuse, and lived with his abuser guardian in an abandoned warehouse, kind of like Healer without the ninja skills. How can you not cry for that?

girlfriday: Whereas, Gong Tae-gwang (Yook Sung-jae) has a broken home, but is still a relatively well-adjusted kid, with money, a giant room full of arcade toys, and people who love him, including his housekeeper, chauffeur, and butler. Plus, he still has a shot at love if he follows Kim So-hyun to college, then to producer school, then the broadcast station, then into the same apartment… so he’ll get the girl in 15 years, give or take.



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  1. Yui

    hahahahaha.. at this “girlfriday: Whereas, Gong Tae-gwang (Yook Sung-jae) has a broken home, but is still a relatively well-adjusted kid, with money, a giant room full of arcade toys, and people who love him, including his housekeeper, chauffeur, and butler. Plus, he still has a shot at love if he follows Kim So-hyun to college, then to producer school, then the broadcast station, then into the same apartment… so he’ll get the girl in 15 years, give or take.”

    Really!!! seriously, i lol here becuz of your comment. i shipped taekwang and eunbi, so.. your comment really make my day! fighting go taekwang!

    • 1.1 jessjess

      I laughed at this as well. Sounds like a reference to The Producers. This is what it is to pull a Ra Joon Mo. LOLL

      But really. Taekwangie. TT *shakes head at Eunbi*

      • 1.1.1 hyemin

        It is a reference to Producers, and that’s what makes the quote so great!

      • 1.1.2 amie

        Hmm, as to which one is the better drama, for me it`s Angry Mom,just coz School 2015 didnt end right by Eun Bi choosing the wrong boy just coz he dedicated his victory to her. Ah, why must I be reminded of the heartbreak, it is still raw, and it frigging hurts! Taegwang , my heart bleeds for you.

    • 1.2 4drama

      +100 LOL!! Loved these conversation of things!! Thanks JB and GF!

    • 1.3 anglvue


      my favorite quote as well!!!

    • 1.4 hyemin

      Yeah I like that quote too!

      I feel so sad for Taegwang…argh why, Eunbi?!

      Gonna think of some fanfics now…

    • 1.5 atz

      Seriously, love is a long distance game. Someone should petition for College 2017 for Tk and EB. Then Kim So-hyun is old enough to do a serious kiss scenes or two!!

    • 1.6 panshel

      I was personally bothered with how both Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Tae Hyun followed their respective crushes into the PD profession because they essentially let another person make a life decision for them. As we saw at the beginning, Kim Soo Hyun hated his job and tried to make excuses to not go in to work, which, of course, he had no passion in being a PD in the first place. If Cha Tae Hyun hadn’t ended up loving (liking? tolerating?) his job and gotten together with Gong Hyo Jin, he would be living in a lifetime of regret.

      • 1.6.1 Peeps

        …he would be living in a lifetime of regret.

        Would he? If you’re talking about a life wasted and not about him simply losing the love of his life, then I don’t agree. He doesn’t seem to want any other job (even after staying for decades)other than being a PD though, YeJin or no YeJin.

        I mean, lots of people go into fields which are not their passion. Some simply to follow someone else, like a son following his dad’s footsteps or, as in Producers, like a love-sick puppy following his lady-love and some others just choose something they know because it was time to choose professions or college majors. Work is not like romance, in which you fall in love first and figure out how to be good in the relationship later on. Sometimes, people just do what they’re good at (or are okay at) and then at least become attached to it, even if they don’t fall for it. The one who continues to hate his work and stays is the idiot (to me, assuming they have no other dire obligations).

        For me, the issue isn’t what and why they chose a certain profession but where and why they’re staying in those professions.

        SeungChan hated his job at first, but ended up finding a “family” and staying as a PD, eyes looking no where else, noona romance or not. And I think that’s the most important.

  2. mango

    H8rs, get over urself already

    • 2.1 mango

      Also, just ’cause she chose the guy you didn’t like does not make for a stupid choice.

      • 2.1.1 MadHatter

        It’s not a stupid choice necessarily but logic just doesn’t add up, and for most viewers it feels like we missed out on something since she likes this guy but we just never found a way to… I like the actor who played Han YiAhn but the character (the actor himself too) were a bit too plain or I guess you could say, vague. We just didn’t feel him like TaeGwang, so we just can’t forgive her for her decision.

        • Heart matters

          Well, it makes perfect sense for me. No matter how great the boy is and how much he likes you.. it will not work if you don’t like him back (and you know matters of the heart can’t be decided in your brain). And that is no reason to choose him. It’s not fair towards the boy if you don’t like him and just choose to see him because he is good for you. So there would be no logic in that decision, in my opinion. And it would be stupid to choose Taekwang, although he is a good puppy.

          • Zinabean

            No, most of us get why she didn’t choose Tae Kwang. Girl wasn’t feeling it…we were, she wasn’t. Such is life. But what we don’t get is why she choose Yi Ahn because they chose not to show us that because they wanted to keep their ratings high with as much Sungjae on screen as possible.

        • lemondoodle

          On the other hand, I wouldn’t want to deal with TK enough to date him. Too many daddy/mommy/other issues. Cute kid sure, but nah. I’ll pass.

          And if people loved the guy as much as they say, why do you want him with a girl who does not care about him. It’s just really strange.

          • panshel

            why do you want him with a girl who does not care about him.

            Some TaeBi shippers have rationalized the ending by claiming, “Tae Gwang is too good for her” and “Eun Bi doesn’t deserve him anyways”… which yay? Eun Bi is free to be with someone she likes, and Tae Gwang can go find a girl who likes him back. Win-win for everyone.

    • 2.2 Mystique

      Oh please!! Go take a seat in a corner..

      Everyone is entitled to their ship!!!

    • 2.3 bloop

      I wouldn’t say we’re hating on her choice.

      For me its not that I didn’t like Yi-an. I thought Eun-bi and Yi-an were cute together, and a girl should pick the guy she likes. I’m fully behind that. When Eun-bi said she felt sorry towards Tae-gwang, it made me think of Producers where Da-jung tells Ye-jin that you can’t date someone who makes you feel sorry.

      BUT I didn’t get why she liked Yi-an in the first place. Thats my biggest issue. Not that she didn’t end up with Tae-gwang or like she chose the guy she liked (cause duh). With Yi-an I feel like there were some steps missing in their love line.

      I do like Tae-kwang better. I think many in the comments section would agree that the reason we thought she chose the wrong guy was purely because we like Tae-kwang better. Also the drama didn’t really explain why Eun-bi likes Yi-an but not Tae-kwang.

      • 2.3.1 Nameless

        I totally agree. I do not understand why she likes Yi an. I blame the writer for fleshing out Tae Kwang’s character more than Yi an. I guess we could call it even. Yi an gets the girl but Tae Kwang was a better written character imo.

        If I was in Eun Bi’s shoes and the moment some guy tells me that he wants to be the one to call me by my real name. Hell, I’m all in.

        • panshel

          …which was exactly Eun Bi’s reaction.

          The moment Yi An called her by her real name, she was all in. She cried reading his text, while she was nowhere near as emotional when Tae Gwang called her by her real name.

          • lemondoodle

            Pretty much. She was moved with YA did it. She barely knew TK when he said that. Before that he was just a screw up who caused problems in school and held her bag hostage. I don’t get why people are so shocked she wasn’t moved~ by his words. Not to mention he found out by chance, not because she confided in him. It was also very easy for him because he did not care about Eun Byul. Him calling her Eun Bi was not as meaningful as people like to think.

          • bloop

            When you put it that way it makes sense. As I said before I was okay with Eun-bi choosing Yi-an. I think maybe my tiff is more with her not choosing Tae-kwang rather than the fact that she chose Yi-an? If that makes sense? I think I have a love-hate relationship with the ending.

            I think it also has to do with how long it took for Yi-an to get his shit together. He was more frustrating and sometimes a jerk. I got why he acted that way, but I would have been more inclined to like him and understand Eun-bi’s choice if we had got to see more of how he got to the point where he decided to call her by her real name. As other people have mentioned, Tae-kwang’s character was more fleshed out. We saw more of his growth. With Yi-an, its clear he goes through a bunch of stuff and does change, but I feel like we didn’t really see as much how that happened and it was to a lesser degree than Tae-kwang.

            (*Of course when I say this, I’m not saying that Tae-kwang was a perfect character either)

  3. mia

    Just because you shipped the other ship, it doesn’t mean you can generalise that Yi an- Eun bi was not a good couple. And if you have seen life, just because a guy is nice, you don’t accept his love. Eun bi always liked Yi an. End of the story.

    • 3.1 Arawn

      You guys DO realize this is not meant to be taken dead seriously?

      Besides, I will always consider Yi-an a wrong choice. Not bc Eun-had no right to pick him (she did) or bc he was a bad person ( he wasn’t) but bc drama handled the triangle so very poorly. End of story.

    • 3.2 Daisy

      I don’t know having a guy that likes my sister for 10 years and then got over her after a couple of weeks? NAH I PASS! I’d go for the one that liked me for me and couldn’t like anyone else.

      • 3.2.1 klava


      • 3.2.2 panshel

        You’re basically telling Eun Bi to settle. “I can’t get the guy I like, so I might as well settle for the guy who likes me and hope I like him back eventually.”

        • lemondoodle

          Pretty much. YiBi end or Eun Bi alone end is the only end that made any sense. Alone end if she couldn’t deal with dating her sister’s childhood crush or it was too complicated for whatever end. But TaeBi never made sense since she never liked him. She’d just be settling for him since he liked her enough. How romantic.

        • Zinabean

          She can get the guy she liked, though. This is the scenario.

          There is a guy who likes you and you like him too but he thought you were your twin sister for all but two weeks of your friendship and there’s a guy that likes you for you.

          Personally, if I for some crazy reason had no feelings for Tae Kwang whatsoever, I would choose neither. I would have to somehow get over my feelings for Yi Ahn and be alone. I’d be way too insecure in my relationship wondering if he liked me for me or if he liked me because I was the Eunbyul that liked him back. And I definitely wouldn’t force myself to be with someone that I didn’t like.

          But because I do like Tae Kwang and I’m not Eunbi, I am just bitter. LOL.

  4. Mystique

    There’s still hope for tae gwang!!!………in 15years…… I still cannot understand why she picked yi-an and I was on shipping neutral ground(but I guess I was secretly hoping she would pick TG)

    “I would definitely rather that the cute awesome boy love ME, and not my mom”

    Most definitely!!.. Lol reminds me of when I was a teenager, i used to have d world’s biggest crush on a family friend and this dude was legit crushing on my mom. Like I’m here tryna hang around u, and u using me to hang around my mom. Lol I was so jealous of my mom then. At least now its a story we both laugh about.

    • 4.1 klava

      Hahaha, oh my goodness, it does happen in real life, I just thought it’s the stuff of novels and dramas.
      🎶 stacey’s mum has got it going on…🎶

  5. crazedlu

    Funny. That is EXACTLY the ending I’ve dreamed up for Gong Tae-gwang and Go Eun-bi. And Yi-an and Eun-byul can have their best-friends-in-love realization too. Ha.

    • 5.1 Peeps

      Pfft… if EunByul ever ends up with YiAn, she’s gonna kick his butt on a regular basis a la ShiWon towards YoonJae in Answer Me 1997. That’s just the vibe I get from them.

      And if TaeKwang ends up with EunBi, he’ll be the most lovable person ever towards her (just look at his googly eyes when he’s allowed to look at her at lengths!) but who’ll shake her up pretty often, ’cause he’s kinda hyper and she’s kinda tame.

      EunBi and YiAn would just be… your regular high-school couple. Calm and sweet.

  6. Lizzie

    I love the raging about school’s ending because that is still me whenever I think about it.lol I know there are those who will disagree vehemently but if this were in the reverse I think the response would be similar..in any case thank you for showing how totally invested and upended we as viewers sometimes become because of our dramas. 🙂

    • 6.1 eva

      I´m thinking the same thing. As much as I was rooting for Tae-gwang, it was quite clear from ep 6-7 that Eun-bi likes Yi-an, so it would´ve been ridiculous for her to have a sudden change of heart. I think I´d have been rather pissed, especially because Tae-gwang´s arc was the one I felt most satisfied with over the series. By the final, I didn´t care about Soo-young, Eun-byul, teacher or other kids (not to mention Yi-an and Eun-bi), I pretty much skipped all other parts except Tae-gwang´s. Luckily the heartbreak was epic and I happily cried a river for his sake and called it a day. Yi-an and Eun-bi can go and live happily ever after in meekland. As someone commented above, they are alike and suit each other well.

    • 6.2 panshel

      I personally don’t understand the raging and resorting to calling Eun Bi names.

      Imagine if you were Eun Bi and there were no Yi An. Just Eun Bi and Tae Gwang. Imagine if your friend likes you, but you don’t like him back. He waits in front of your house to confess, which you politely reject, and he hugs you against your will. Then he follows you to your hometown where you apologetically reject him again, and he stays the night at your house uninvited. As a friend, you have lunch with him, and after he walks you home, he kisses you on the cheek without permission.

      Now imagine if he follows you to college and works at your company. Can’t you see how burdensome this would be for Eun Bi? Especially since she wants to stay friends with Tae Gwang. Again, imagine if there were no Yi An, so your countless rejections of Tae Gwang are not because you like someone else; it is only because you don’t like him. If you accept his feelings while hoping you might like him down the road, that is a disservice to both you and him.

      Thus, I can’t understand why Eun Bi is “blind” and “stupid” for simply not liking someone. You can’t choose who you like just because that person likes you, whether or not you like someone else.

      • 6.2.1 kirin

        @ panshel

        You keep forgetting that this was how Eun Bi acted towards Yi An. She kept following him everywhere, even though he kept making it very clear that he wanted nothing to do with her. Countless times, no matter how mean he acted towards her, she kept coming back. Wouldn’t it be equally burdensome, if you had someone who looks like your dead first love (and is currently impersonating them) constantly be around you when all you want is space? And no matter how mean and aggressive you act towards them, no matter what you do, they keep coming back?

        So in both ships there is one person who keeps persisting even when the other doesn’t like them back.

        The difference is, that in the end Yi An changed his mind.

        The thing is, that it could easily have been Eun Bi changing her mind. There were countless times in the drama were it was hinted that the TaeBi ship could sail. When Eun Bi blushed around him in episode 13-14, that OST by Sung Jae where in the feat a girl sings that she reciprocates her feelings, and just the entire episode 13-14 arc could have been Eun Bi starting to realize that maybe she confused her feelings towards Yi An (maybe she acted Eun Byul for so long, she confused herself, maybe she was more driven by guilt and a sense of responsibility for his injury) and actually liked Tae Kwang instead.

        Hey, if Yi An could change his mind from Eun Byul to Eun Bi at the last minute, is it really that far-fetched if Eun Bi does the same? To me, a TaeBi shipper, I wouldn’t have found it that much of a stretch, but to YiBi shippers it probably would. The thing about the ships is that you can’t help ship what you ship, even though both of the ships have their own downsides.

        • Lin_K


  7. rezberry

    Both dramas made me scream a lot, especially for Bok dong-ie and Gong tae kwang.
    Can I have both of them in my life? If I can’t have it, please give me one of them… *pray*

    • 7.1 Arawn

      The difference is that Angry mom did it well whereas School just manipulated vuewers by stretching the triangle until it fell flat. It made perfect sense for Bok-dong to fell for Kang-ja and it also made perfect sense for him NOT to get the girl. Which is almost opposite as with what happened in School… ugh.

      • 7.1.1 EunJiYeol

        I agree!! First of all what I don’t understand is that from the beginning Yi Yan liked eunbyul then y the hell would his love just disssapear all of a sudden, I mean despite all her flaws in the beginning it was shown that he had loved her and her bad habits from the beginning, how can he forgot her so easily n go on to loving eunbi?😕

        • Nameless

          writer fail!

  8. MadHatter

    Lolz. This post just made my day. I personally think Angry Mom, was better than School. I still liked most of School (ugh that ending!!! >_<), but I have to say that Angry Mom was new. It showed the adult side of things in a bullying situation rather than just the kids involved, and it had a more logical way of story. I appreciate that the love part really didn't take over the story. Kim HeeSun was the best and very believable and I finally forgive her for Faith. I think JiSoo was pretty awesome and I look forward to seeing him more. School was pretty good initially but it started focusing more on the lovelines and the identity. If they had brought in the EunByul character in sooner, I feel the show could've been saved. I do think that Kim SoHyun did a decent job, and still has more room to grow. You SungJae was mainly the reason I stayed with the show, and he did an excellent job with his character. I look forward his projects in the future too. Hope for amazing dramas in the future!! ^-^

    • 8.1 ano

      Kim SO hyun carried that show w/ the girl who played the bully, not sungjae. lol

      • 8.1.1 anonym

        I don’t think Madhatter said that Sungjae is the one who carried the show, it’s just that Sungjae is the reason Madhatter stayed with the show. Although I started this drama because of Kim So Hyun, still, I admit that Sungjae is the reason why I always asked for Monday right after Wednesday, cos he did very well in playing Gong Tae Kwang and since Eunbi’s character was a bit tiresome to watch during the last 4/5 episodes, I was a lil bit bored to see her KSH on screen.. (not that I hate her acting, but I can’t stand watching her crying and such for Yian). I surely would have dropped this drama (from the moment I love Tae Kwang) if it’s clear that Tae Kwang will not get the girl.

        • ano

          I like sungjae too but she made it sound like Sungjae did carry the show by saying that KSH did a “decent” job (even though anyone w/an objective eye can see that she did an amazing job w/no sleep) and commenting about how amazing sungjae was.

          • MadHatter

            Sorry, I didn’t mean to make Kim SoHyun come off like that. I really respect her and think pretty good job acting, but her character made me lose interest every once in a while. When commenting on acting I was trying not to be redundant.

      • 8.1.2 Zinabean

        I disagree. IMO, Sungjae and the bully carried the show. I am a Kim So Hyun fan but they gave her nothing to work with. I’m really salty about it too. It makes me mad when they hire talented actors and then are like, “But you don’t get to grow as a person or do anything noteworhy. Just cry a lot and have dudes help you.” When Eunbyul came onto screen, Kim So Hyun’s acting chops came out though. Eunbi and Eunbyul were totally different people. I about fainted when ol’ girl went off on that bully in the classroom. KSH slays but unfortunately, her character for the majority of the drama was not very interesting.

    • 8.2 LOVE DRAMAS

      I am watching Angry mom. Ouch the drama is all about Kim Hee Sun and glorifying her or what…

  9. skypilot

    Thank you!!! I needed this comparison!! I loved Angry Mom and Who Are You more or less broke my heart because, really…Han Yi Ahn, Lee Eun Bi? Blind and stupid much?

  10. 10 Evelyn L

    HAHAH, i like the last part! Though i have not watched Angry Mom yet, from reading this post, it seems good! Gotta watch it soon!

  11. 11 Growingbeautifully

    LOL! JB,

    ” he lived with no hope, no love (other than a brother in prison), constant abuse, and lived with his abuser guardian in an abandoned warehouse, kind of like Healer without the ninja skills. How can you not cry for that?”

    That’s quite an interesting, additional comparison in thing vs thing: Bok-dongie’s (Ji Soo) upbringing and Healer Jung Hoo’s (Ji Chang Wook).

    The main difference is that Bok Dong did get used pretty much and beaten by his ‘master’ whereas Healer didn’t. But I’m glad both these ‘boys’ got to find family and realized that they mattered to some people and belonged somewhere. 🙂

    BTW, Healer fun poll is still on until 4th July!! 😀

    • 11.1 Sumee is eternally Ji Chang Wook's😍

      @gb.. Hello …

      I really wanted to comment on the comparisons but I had to drop angry mom mid way- time issues

      • 11.1.1 Growingbeautifully

        Hi Sumee

        I did watch Angry Mom but somehow never felt drawn to even start School 2015. Thus I cannot compare these two. 🙂
        I was just thinking if there are any other shows to compare. Thinking about corruption and ways to fight it, I wonder if there are enough points for comparison between Angry Mom and say… Masked Prosecutor?

        Or if we are comparing chaebol families maybe Mask with High Society???

        It’s interesting that we never did get a comparison betweeen HJM and KMHM (recapped here) or Valid Love and Temptation (not recapped here). And there are probably lots more shows of similar style or genre or with protagonists that can be better compared. 🙂

        • Sumee in love with JCW 😍 totally

          @gb ha ha ha I meant comparison between Ji soo and JCW’s characters 😉

          And about the other dramas you know how lazy I am,I have not watched any of the ones you mentioned except mask it’s my new crack

          But I really want to watch kill me heal me, may be in the near future

    • 11.2 Gidget

      LOL. Speaking of ninja skills, you sure do have ’em for finding Healer related posts!

      • 11.2.1 Growingbeautifully

        Hi @Gidget

        LOL! It’s pure ‘Healer’ luck. ☺ I do not manage to read everything but once in a while I click on a post and lo and behold, the word ‘Healer’ just leaps at me! 😎 Just too cool!!! 🙂

        • klava

          Hahaaaaaaaaaa 😂

  12. 12 manquant

    Don’t we all just envy Kim Heesun, easily pulling off 19? She’s good in Faith but outdid herself this time around. High school dramas are not my cup of tea but I did grow to like it a bit more after Angry Mom hence going on to watch School 2015 (aside from the fact I’m following Yoojung and Sohyun projects since TMETS). Both storylines went dark, grim, terrible places I never want to be in; despite the similar hopeful end, the former still had the better execution overall. And thanks to the two shows, I have two new extremely lovable puppies I wish were really mine to forever adore and protect: Bokdongie and Taekwangie *heart eyes*

  13. 13 onion

    When it comes to both the dramas it is really a battle of Bok-dongie or Gong Tae-gwang? for my viewer heart.
    But would I rather be Eun Bi or Oh Ah-ran. I think Eun Bi, because a world where the adults are as scary or scarier than high schoolers is a bit better than a world where highschoolers are the worst. At least people leave high school after four years.

  14. 14 An

    Yup.. blind it is! Thanks, that made me feel better. That drama left a bad after taste with the love triangle.

    Bok Dong definitely is more heartbreaking (lonely boy can be eternally hopeful but it’s also not gonna happen) but Tae Kwang’s heartbreak is pointless (I mean, how could she not pick him?) and that makes it not ok on a different level.

  15. 15 katasu1996

    I honestly have something to say to all the Yi Ahn-Eun Bi defenders. No one is saying she didn’t like Yi Ahn, or that you dont have a right to your ship. However, THE LOGIC DOES NOT ADD UP. She never clearly stated she liked one or the other until that one episode where she hugged Yi Ahn, and that was that. There was definite portion of time where she was just lingering back and forth between the two. Honestly, if you put them side by side, Gong Tae Kwang is the one most people would choose. Also, lets forget Eun Bi’s feelings for a moment. It doesn’t make any sense that after ten years, TEN YEARS, of loving Eun Byul, Yi Ahn makes the sudden switch to Eun Bi, when he doesn’t even really know who she is. If she didn’t have Eun Byul’s face, tbh, he wouldn’t have fallen for her. She was ready to give back, and he knew that, but the writer just turned the switch off. There was no switch to loving Eun Bi. Caring for her, I could see, but all of a sudden Eun Bi’s the one you want? Come on. Even you have to see that that is some fucked up logic.

    In my mind, Gong Tae Kwang gets together with her in college. I’m sure the majority of the viewers agree with my ending.

    • 15.1 Sumee is eternally Ji Chang Wook's😍

      Amen to that @katasu1996 ….and be more cute then

    • 15.2 NahlaJW

      I’m with you in this to hohoh

    • 15.3 JCW♡Sophee

      I’m with you.. I can definitely accept yi-an x eub-bi IF say they didn’t show how devoted yi-an is to Eun-byul for half the series. It felt like he got lobotomized and suddenly he likes eun-bi and ditched his 10yrs of love for eun-byul. Because no matter how cute the interactions are between yi-an and eun-bi at the outset you can’t deny that he thought it was eun-byul and in his heart he is being loving/caring for eun-byul.

      • 15.3.1 sheza

        I know right. Makes you fell like he will ditch Eun Bi too after 10 years.

    • 15.4 hannasj

      LOL your comment crack me up. just because majority will pick guy like taekwang doesn’t mean it justify you saying that yi an-eunbi loveline has the logic didn’t add up factor. I’m always curious if I’m watching the same drama as most of you because the way I see it is totally different. I was on team neither when School started because both guys are awesome. But then as the story progress I manage to pick up yiny signs here and there that eunbi does like yi an and likewise. the problem with most viewers is they see yi an love to eunbyul as eternal love forever and ever mostly they wanna think so just so that it will make it more logical for taekwang to end up with eunbi while yi an can get the consolation prize of living up to the love of his life eunbyul. but what the viewer fail to see is yi an is only having a huge one-sided CRUSH to eunbyul and given that how their relationship is not the same as they were when they were kids, it’s safe to say that yi an had experience a much sweeter relationship with his ‘eunbyul’ as eunbi. so it’s not that far fetched for him to fall for her charm with their new refined relationship that he never get with eunbyul. and eunbi lingering over those 2 guys. sigh~ it’s tiring how far imagination can take you when it’s not even reality. all I’m seeing is eunbi never once reciprocate taekwang feeling, huge concern as a friend yes, but love? nope!

      • 15.4.1 hannasj

        sometimes it feels like you guys are making taekwang seems more pathetic by saying how pathetic he is that he didn’t get eunbi. Well he got eunbi friendship that’s for sure. and who say that just because you’re earnest in chasing your love that you will eventually end up with the girl? Huge example is producer on how our earnest puppy SeungChan didn’t his noona no matter how good and how hard he chase her. the heart is blind and only mind have logic. Sadly love didn’t come from your mind. So who cares if the girl choose to end up with douchebag instead of the cute puppy? it’s their choice and anything happen in the future is their own risk to take. hmm sometimes I hope that people would just stop ridiculing School characters and like Producer viewer, just take it as a part of growing up.

        • sheza

          It is not the matter of earnestness. It is the matter of consistent characterization. I can accept
          Producer’s portrayal of Seung Chan but not Yi An as the lead. The hero that became a zero.

          • Zinabean


            Yi Ahn did not get a fair shake. They showed TG too much for us to get why YA suddenly did a 180 and started liking EunBi.

      • 15.4.2 Lin_K

        1. YA-EBi loveline was not given enough time.

        2. We saw YA coming to a decision way too late.

        3. EBi chose to like a guy who liked her sister, and there was also the strong possibility that her sister liked the guy back.

        4. You said that EBi never reciprocated TK’s feelings. She didn’t; she NEVER wavered from her feelings for YA. The writers put all the touching, emotional, funny moments with TK and EBi and at the same time, asked us to believe that EBi is still in love with a guy who is indecisive about his feelings, didn’t tell her at the right time he accepts her for who she is, didn’t know many of the things (if he did know any) going on in her life, and failed (often) to be there for her when she needed help.

        It’s a flaw in writing but there it is. YA-Ebi just doesn’t make sense.

        • Lin_K

          The drama also has a lot of other flaws even if we disregard the ships.

          • Zinabean


    • 15.5 alua

      Love isn’t logical though.

      People make all kinds of choices when it comes to love, the problem in this drama isn’t the lack of logic behind Eun-bi’s choice but that we weren’t given enough insight into her and Yi-an in terms of their feelings for each other. Her not choosing Tae-kwang, on the other hand, made complete sense to me: she never really showed interest in him.

    • 15.6 lemondoodle

      It was always completely clear she liked Yi An. It’s just weird to me that people try to deny it. Case in point, TK calls her Eun Bi. the audience swoons.. She doesn’t care? YA calls her Eun bi, she cries tears of happiness. TK does everything for her. She calls YA her first friend who made her want to live again.

      • 15.6.1 lemondoodle

        Also go watch the deleted scenes. She was not lingering between the two, what was lingering it the production company playing with TaeBi shippers and giving them hope were there was none.

        How many times does a girl have to reject a guy before fans gets that she doesn’t like him? Serious question.

        • Zinabean

          Why should I go watch deleted scenes when they should have shown me this in the 16 hours I devoted to this? I’m not being sarcastic to you. I’m really just annoyed at the production team. They wanted ratings too much to give Yi Ahn the respect and character he deserved which in turn made for YiBi falling flat for the majority of viewers.

          Usually when your fave doesn’t get picked, you just move on because you know the main guy is kind of, sort of, okay too. We didn’t get to see that here, disappointing.

    • 15.7 panshel

      It doesn’t make any sense that after ten years, TEN YEARS, of loving Eun Byul, Yi Ahn makes the sudden switch to Eun Bi, when he doesn’t even really know who she is.

      1) Because Eun Byul “died.”
      2) Because Eun Byul never liked him.
      3) Because he realized he liked someone else.

      If married adults can divorce after ten years of courtship, dating, marriage, and children, then surely a high school kid can stop liking his ten-year crush without having gone on a single date. Expecting Yi An to unrequitedly love Eun Byul for the rest of his life is like Teacher Jung expecting Eun Byul to be BFFs with Soo In after ten years of never talking or seeing each other.

      How does Yi An not know who Eun Bi is? The girl hanging out with him post-amnesia was Eun Bi, wasn’t it? She couldn’t pretend to be Eun Byul if she tried, as evidenced by the whole school noticing how different (i.e., nice) Eun Byul had become. Yi An’s “I like the new Go Eun Byul better” was him realizing he likes Eun Bi. In that argument, Tae Gwang doesn’t know who Eun Bi is neither because she never hung out with him. It was always Tae Gwang looking for her, and Eun Bi not giving him the time of day. Saying Yi An can’t like Eun Bi because he liked Eun Byul is like saying Song Joo and Shi Jin can’t be friends with Eun Bi because they’re friends with Eun Byul. Feelings change; couples break up everyday.

      • 15.7.1 Satansoo's #1 Fan

        Even though it was TaeGwang actively pursuing EunBi, they still had may genuine moments together. All the TaeGwang lovers aren’t necessarily upset that EunBi went with YiAhn. Her heart was with him, and she chose him, there’s nothing wrong with that. The only problem TaeGwang lovers are having is the logic fact. Everyone is just up in arms about the fact that the change was too fast and unnatural. In most dramas these kinds of things happen over a couple of episodes, but this happened in 20ish minutes… We just feel like we’ve been cheated of our dedication to the show and its characters.

        • alua

          There were moments that could be interpreted as “genuine moments together” with both boys.

          I get the struggle with everything happening too fast (and agree with that), but at the same time a Taekwang–Eun bi ending would have been just as unsatisfying. Sure, you could say that Taekwang definitely liked Eun-bi in that case, but her liking him would have been a just as uncompelling, fast turn-around as with the Yi-an endgame.

  16. 16 mono

    I don’t know what’s the problem with YA??? He was very nice guy… Yes, he was angry for a while, but he had reason. I, just watched YiBi and skipped TaeBi scenes (because I didn’t see TK to be hurt). As if we could have watched two different dramas…
    Sorry, but for me TK was a bit annoying who doesn’t know “no” word, but I don’t blame or hate the character (I wanted him to find the happiness, he was very good guy), clearly it was the writers’mistake with this dragging. If only less Taebi scene and more YiBi’s relationship progress…
    A lot of people forget about YA-EBi, how sweet they were in the beginning… Although YA believed that she was EByul, but it was EunBi’s personality who reciprocated his playfulness (for example their water fight), his love.

    • 16.1 Zinabean

      That’s exactly why. We didn’t get a chance to see Yi Ahn like her…we only saw Tae Kwang. We didn’t get a chance to see much of Yi Ahn doing anything. He was not fleshed out well. The writers really messed this up.

      • 16.1.1 Elaienar

        I think you’re right that they kind of fell down on Yi An’s storyline. Not that it was a bad storyline! But it feels like he was in a seperate story that only intersected with Eun Bi’s occasionally. And maybe because he was already friends with Eun Byul while Tae Gwang wasn’t, his interactions with Eun Bi-as-Eun Byul were a lot less active.

  17. 17 Mini

    This is my favorite Thing vs. Thing so far xD
    Angry Mom was awesome~
    Who Are You was….I’ll always be grateful to it for making me more aware of BTOB

  18. 18 zhei

    If I was Eun Bi, I’ll definitely choose Yi Ahn.

    • 18.1 sheza

      I would too but Yi An choosing Eun Bi was … too uncharacteristic.

    • 18.2 lemondoodle

      I would too because frankly TK’s love is too heavy. Who needs that sort of responsibility to be a guy’s everything at the age of 18.

    • 18.3 kirin

      If I was Eun Bi, I would not choose Yi An. He lashes out at people when angered and his violent episodes quite frankly scare me. His own hurt doesn’t excuse how he hurt others. But if he had apologized or acted like he felt guilt, I would have found it easier to like him more and root for him. Because I can forgive a character who did wrong and tried to make up for it, but not one who goes on like he did no wrong in the first place.

      If I had someone like Tae Kwang, who was always there for me, who always made me smile, who when he did wrong – admitted it and and acted like he felt guilt about it – then I would treasure them. Because I like their character, because it’s so rare to find someone who cares that much. I would probably end up choosing Tae Kwang, because I find his sweetness, cheerfulness, and thoughtfulness far more appealing in general. Because I would find it extremely hard not to care for someone who treats me like Tae Kwang does. (That scene where he opened up the crab meat for her or ordered her black bean noodles when she went without lunch – omg.)

      But I’m not Eun Bi. All I can hope is that Tae Kwang would find someone to return his feelings.

      • 18.3.1 utopious


        That’s exactly why most of us are disappointed. Taekwang is a sweetheart and can flutter any girl’s heart. Everyone needs a Taekwang in their lives. It’s a mystery how Eunbi can feel NOTHING for him after all his efforts, but is head over heels for Yian. I mean why? Taekwang did all the right things while Yian did… well.. nothing.

      • 18.3.2 Ancsy

        Just said: TK was violent too in the beginning. But a lot of people likes to forget… He fighted, yet EBi hurted too because of him. YA just yelled at her, not beat her??? So this is exaggeration. So who is violent or not? Just give up…
        If I were EunBi I would choose YA. When she forgot her memories, he was sunshine in her life. He greeted her warmly, hugged, run to hospital and cared really about her. Counter to TK who was troublemaker… Plus I agree his love is very heavy, stifling. EBi said in the 15 YA’s bus confession scene, that YA gave a lot of love to her… This is reason why she chose him. She smiled more with YA, than TK. In the end with TK was just pain, because he didn’t accept the reality, her feelings. She didn’t smile a lot with TK…
        And YA felt guilty (enough you watched that when EByul and he talked about EBi comeback) and yes he didn’t ask for forgiveness. He said why in the last episode (in the headphone scene about forgiveness)… He knows that the sorry is unimportant, it will not make the hurt be less, he can’t delete those bad memories.

  19. 19 Sumee is eternally Ji Chang Wook's😍

    girlfriday: It’s the true mystery of the show, not the twin identity stuff.

    I swear on my drama gods I literally abusivley flipped table at the last episode .. I mean how can you not pick tae gwang ,that gurl really had some damage in her brain when she jumped from the bridge .. Hur hur hur

    • 19.1 JH

      OMG, I can’t agree more! It’s pretty lazy if the writers pulled ‘he is just her type’ as the reasoning for YiBi ship.

      In dramas, viewers are more invested with the process of how the leads fell in love however Yi Ahn is pretty much a second lead by how much screentime he got and how ‘insignificant’ Ebi is since he was confused with which one of the twin he liked better until the ep 14 but the ending was totally trolling viewers.

      Yi Ahn didn’t earn the happy ending since his character sucks, he’s like barely with her and didn’t know the shit she’s going through as much as the real second lead.

      But in the end I kinda accept the couple since I come into the conclusion that TG is too good for her.

      • 19.1.1 Sumee is eternally Ji Chang Wook's😍

        @JH that’s what I mean they put too much time on us for believing that the end result is going to be tae gwang ,yi an as literally absent from ep 12 ,and the way they portrayed the relationship it made me believe that my ship will sail

        I don’t even usually have any problems if the romance part is missing,but in school 2015 they tried to set up a triangle since ep 3.. So I invested too much time and was such a face palm 😩

  20. 20 Sajen

    I think what bothered me the most about School and the way it turned out the most was two things.

    First if it was ultimately just going to boil down to a love triangle, they should have kicked Kim So-hyun, Yook Sung-jae, Jo Soo-hyang, and Lee Pil-mo, out of the cast and replaced them with less talented actors so they wouldn’t be so wasted.

    Secondly the love triangle reminds me of the Japanese drama Tokyo Love Story in which Oda Yuji had a choice between a real live girl or a piece of cardboard, in the end he picked the cardboard. Here Eun-bi also had a choice between a real live boy or a piece of cardboard and like Oda Yuji 24 years earlier, she picked the cardboard.

    Do Asians have some kind of weird cardboard fetish? That would explain the birth rate problems.

    Angry Mom though was so freaking awesome and they were willing to go so dark. School though just quit everything except the love triangle and as a result none of the resolutions made any sense. Literally none of them.

    If I had to pick I’d much rather live in School’s world because Angry Mom was dark and dangerous to the end whereas in School’s world bullies apologize out of the blue for no reason.

    • 20.1 Zinabean


      • 20.1.1 School 2015 fan ^_^

        Stilllllll waiting for that supposed backlash.

    • 20.2 Roxy

      Did you just compare Yi An to a cardboard?? OMG IM DEAD. LOL. Watch out for the YiBi shippers. Praying for you already.

      • 20.2.1 panshel

        Being called “cardboard” is relatively tame compared to netizens calling him “cancerous.”

        • Zinabean


    • 20.3 JH

      Backlash in 3…2…1

      • 20.3.1 School 2015 fan ^_^

        Yi-an fans aren’t that petty.

        • lemondoodle

          lol we’ve heard worse. Cardboard? Keep trying to offend us.

          • Zinabean

            I don’t think she was trying to offend you, dear. It’s not about you, it’s about Yi Ahn. Y’all need to stop being so offended, it’s kind of grating.

    • 20.4 Lord Cobol

      “That would explain the birth rate problems.” 🙂 🙂 !!!

    • 20.5 Sajen

      The thing is I understand why Eun-bi picked Yi-an, despite his nonexistant personality, she liked him more than Tae-gwang that I get. What I don’t get is why I mean really from begining to end Yi-an’s entire life from was Eun-byul from his personality to his opinions to his desire to swim everything was because of Eun-byul. That never changed the drama tried to tell us it did but failed to even try to show us that change. So why did Yi-an accept Eun-bi’s heart, because he was settling for the sister that was completely ready to accept him.

      • 20.5.1 Zoe

        Exactly this. Which is why they had to vocally stress so much that Eun-byul was never into Yi-an (even though her first scene was her secretly listening to commentary on Yi-an’s tournament on the radio, and at least hinted at the possibility). She basically had to give her blessing in multiple scenes, because that was the only way the show OTP would work out. Eun-bi would obviously never go for the guy unni liked, otherwise. But imo, what it then hugely problematized was Yi-an’s interest in Eun-bi, because we just don’t know what would have happened if Eun-byul had reciprocated even a fraction of what he felt, or, in fact, if she does get confused in the future. It always felt more like he gave up on the idea of Eun-byul and settled for a “version” of her that liked him. The transference issues are practically impossible to ignore. Sure, Eun-bi was nice to him, but so were a bunch of other girls. His falling for her had a lot more to do with Eun-byul than Eun-bi. Besides, dating a guy who was in love with your sister for more than half his life, and has a whole host of memories associated solely with her is hard. If Eun-byul and Yi-an act like they’ve always done, even being just friends, I don’t see how Eun-bi WON’T be insecure about them, especially when she’s been a first hand witness to his devotion for her sister. In fact, even if they don’t act like they’ve always done, she’d still find it hard not to read into small gestures and glances. Of course, this is fictional, so it’s all sorted, but otherwise, this situation is so incredibly messy.

        ugh, I shipped Yi-an/Eun-byul so much, their dynamic was golden; the tough, defensive, rude girl with Mr. Nice Guy, I really liked the reversal in that. Much like Shi-won/Yoon-jae, as someone mentioned. So I just cannot even with the implication of leaving her for a “nicer” version. Besides, their scenes were so subtle and you really got the feeling of two people who know and understand each other, like in the library scene. I loved how quiet it was, and the idea that they’ve done this before, her standing and reading, and him sitting and waiting for her (but not without finishing his own activities and asking her constantly if she was done.) I never felt that longing on Yi-an’s part for Eun-bi which was so palpable with Eun-byul (and which didn’t require a third agent. In that most of his “longing” for Eun-bi was triggered by Tae-kwang being with her. And he spent half the drama going crazy that “Eun-byul” was becoming friends with Tae-kwang, because she couldn’t remember their time together.) I’m one of those people who pretty much OTP-shipped Eun-byul/Yi-an (as opposed to shipping them because I wanted Tae-kwang/Eun-bi to work out), so I’m highly disappointed too. We could’ve had it all~

        • lemondoodle

          YA/Eun Byul is just a ship were the timing was not right. Had Eun Byul not pushed him away that night before her (fake) death, Eun Bi would not have had a chance. But she didn’t open up to him until it was too late. Even as someone who likes YiBi I do wish more had been made of what YA said in episode 2 about taking step forward towards Eun Byul if she’s trying to take a step back. That moment was one of the best in the drama and it was not really a YA/Eun Bi moment even if it was Eun Bi. I almost feel YA gave up too easily in the end.

          And rewatching the drama, I do feel that Eun Byul liked YA more than she actually let on. He just didn’t seem to notice that or it was too late for him because he had already moved on. The scene in the library when he left said a lot. I really think deep down she had wish he would have stayed.

          I do think why YA likes Eun Bi needed more work than why Eun Bi likes YA (I think that part is pretty obvious).

          • Zoe

            I agree with the timing part absolutely! But I also think that they’re in for a world of heartbreak in the future if Eun-byul ever actually gets confused, because I’m still not getting the ‘I have really moved on’ vibe from Yi An. Also because I was not a fan of how the show laid so much stress on ‘oh look at Eun-byul being rude and selfish and careless with his feelings’ because from the flashbacks and conversations with others (like Yi An’s dad), we know that Eun-byul has also always been there for Yi An, and that it wasn’t just Yi An putting in his all for a girl who never cared about him at all. So that they felt the need to highlight that these two had grown completely apart- even though pretty much all of Yi An’s actions towards Eun-Bi-Acting-As-Eun-Byul negated that, was :xxxxx to me. I just liked them SO MUCH. I don’t know what it was about them, but they really worked for me, so I just wish we’d gotten more- either of them together, or of them actually moving on and it being hard (rather than super easy as it seemed it was on the show, in that Yi An “decided” to give up his love, and BAM all feelings were over.)

            I too LOVED that line about taking a step forward when she took a step back, because you could really tell how much he knew about her in that moment. Knew that she would be defensive and closed-off and fight when there was no reason to, and not let anyone in, not ask for help even when she’s been drowning in everything that happened, etc., and that’s gorgeous, because being in love with her is hard. I can see why it’s so much easier for him to be with Eun Bi, considering she doesn’t share most of those issues, but it’s that former dynamic which intrigued me so much. The library scene just cemented that x 10000. There seemed to be so many mixed feelings and crossed signals and palpable longing in there.

            I think Eun Byul definitely liked Yi An at least a little bit too, maybe in an unrealized, half-realized sort-of way, and it would have been so messy if he’d known that. I just did not like everything being so neatly tied up with Eun Byul giving her blessings and then being shipped off abroad. I’m still waiting to see how it goes when they’re all three of them together, and Yi An and Eun Byul keep having “remember when” moments (because that is bound to happen, even if they don’t mean it to) and how awkward that is going to be lmao.

            I genuinely wasn’t convinced of Yi An’s feelings for Eun Bi being deeper than that she looked like the girl he was in love with and she actually reciprocated his feelings and was there for him, etc. That could be the basis for a relationship, sure, and a far easier one than his fraught one with Eun Byul, but I LOVED that Eun Byul was so hard, and difficult to deal with and that he took that step forward anyway. I mean, I hardcore shipped Tae Kwang/Eun Bi too, so I was was disappointed there as well, but Eun Bi is an 18-year-old girl, and even if she only liked…

          • Zoe

            …Yi An because he was good-looking or just a nice guy or something, I’d still be totally fine with that, but it’s because Yi An’s pent-up, unrequited love was so much the focus of his characterization, that his resolution seemed super off to me.

    • 20.6 Taekwang

      HAHA. Really? they had a drama about a cardboard? haha

  21. 21 Jinnie

    Wish this is the end for school. Taekwang-ah~ My poor heart.. TT-TT


  22. 22 nuwoy

    Thanks alot JB and GF for the post. You just made my day!

    • 22.1 Wag_a_Muffin

      And thank you for the last 2 photos. (Perfect ending for a comparison post.)

  23. 23 mekuhibiu

    Can I like, favorite, and do all kinds of good stuff with this post? I really need those buttons!

    Love the comparison, especially the discussion on the guys, I LOL-ed a lot! Honestly, I don’t understand why Ah-ran ends up liking Sang-tae when she was bullied and harassed by Bok-dong on his order. He warms up toward her ever so slightly toward the end, but still… however, when it all boils down to “Kim Yoo-jung may have gotten a flawed boyfriend, but Kim So-hyun may be blind” well I guess I can’t complain, haha.

    Because seriously my heart still bleeds for Tae-kwang. I kind of get it why Eun-bi chose Yi-an, but then there was Tae-kwang… arghh I don’t know anymore. On a flip side, she’s (and they’re) only 18, and if he’ll eventually get the girl 10~15 years down the road, I’ll gladly wait for that sequel 😉

  24. 24 Drama Defender

    Honestly, I was a fan of Yi-an, so all this Yi-an hate is really starting to piss me off. It’s one thing to hate a ship, but another to insult its fans by extension – and by claiming Eun-bi was essentially stupid for not preferring Tae-gwang, you’re pretty much saying all the Eun-bi/Yi-an supporters were stupid for preferring him too. And clearly, though we’re a small minority, we exist, as evidenced by this very thread.

    It’s fine to have a ship, but at least be tactful about it. And frankly, I think part of my anger stems from the hypocrisy of it all: I can’t count the number of times Javabeans and Girlfriday have explicitly asked fans to keep the shipping war/comments respectful and under control (at least in other dramas) yet the moment a ship THEY feel passionately about falls, they pretty much start LEADING the hate-war. True, it’s their blog/website, and they’re entitled to their opinons, but I truly wish they’d express themselves in a way that didn’t alienate a portion of their devoted fanbase, or go against the very principles they’ve argued for in the past.

    End rant.

    • 24.1 Lin_K

      I don’t think calling a character (or ship) stupid is the same as calling the character’s (or ship’s) fans stupid. If that was the case, no one would have been able to comment freely on dramas without insulting other viewers.

      • 24.1.1 Drama Defender

        Clearly fans are feeling insulted, otherwise we wouldn’t be commenting here, or saying enough’s enough. And maybe that was never the intention, but unfortunately, it’s not coming across that way.

        And frankly, it’s nothing new. That’s why in the past, they’ve actually had to leave comments/reminders at the end of recaps to be respectful and keep it under control. Sure, it doesn’t always work . . . but it’s worse when the moderators you respect and look up to are contributing to the character-slamming, whether they realize that’s what they’re doing or not.

        And when we’re constantly hearing “Eun-bi’s stupid and and blind for preferring Yi-an” when WE share Eun-bi’s viewpoint . . . then, honestly, how ELSE are we supposed to take it?

        • kimchiflavoredplot

          “then, honestly, how ELSE are we supposed to take it?”

          Take it in stride. 🙂

          Sure, rolling with the punches takes some getting used to, but don’t let the criticisms get the best of you.

          At the end of the day, Javabeans and Girlfriday have their opinions. You have yours. You won’t always see eye to eye—and that’s when you charge it to experience…

          Try to find consolation with the fact that opposing views are all part beauty (and madness) of K-drama watching. Embracing these differences will hurt at first, but these differences will make you a stronger fan.

          – Random thoughts from a survivor of the bloody Reply 1994 shipping war.

    • 24.2 Zinabean

      I don’t understand how anyone who watched the drama can be offended by the dislike for Yi Ahn being picked. The writers ruined that character.

      He was one-dimensional and whiny for a large portion of the show. His interactions with Eunbi were, for the most part, under the assumption that she was Eunbyul. Him suddenly liking her was a totally strange 180 that made me feel like he was just into her because she was a Eunbyul that liked him back.

      I wanted to like Yi Ahn so badly because he seemed like such a nice guy but he wasn’t fleshed out and was just kind of pointless.

      I am a professional at Second Lead Snydrome but this is the first drama ever where I have actually been unhappy that the main couple was together. I kept chanting, “Satan must have wrote this drama…” as I watched the last four episodes. Every time, I’ve been cool with the second lead not getting the girl because the first lead proved himself worthy. Not this time.

      • 24.2.1 Drama Defender

        Your comment is the perfect example of what I’m railing against. It’s not our JOB or DUTY to justify why we like something. This isn’t a trial. Common courtesy and internet etiquette (and in the past, this forum’s guidelines), dictates that you respect our opinion, even if you don’t agree with it. As someone who is supposedly used to shipping second-leads, you of all people should be aware of this, and should be more understanding when fans feel unfairly attacked for liking the underdog.

        I have no problem with people debating, or expressing an opinion – as long as it’s respectful. But that’s not what my comment was about. I wasn’t asking for people’s opinions about the characters, I was addressing the lack of respect regarding the shipping “wars” for this particular drama, and calling the moderators out for contributing rather than helping to rein it in. We should be able to like a character without feeling persecuted or guilty, but that’s clearly not happening if you consider the amount of people commenting here alone. And instead of addressing the real issue, YOU’RE basically saying, “you’re wrong” or “I refuse to respect your opinion because I can’t reconcile it with my own.”

        The point is: WE like Yi-an. We’re not asking you to like him too. And part of respecting our viewpoint is accepting that and moving on. Not replying and trying to argue something that shouldn’t be argued.

        Respect is respect. It’s not rocket science.

        If you want reasons, go back and read the comments in the past recap sections. Our opinions are there if you care to read up on them.

        • fishfingers_fb

          “liking the underdog”

          He’s not the underdog, though.

          • Drama Defender

            He wasn’t supposed to be, but the insane amount of TK shippers made him that way.

        • Zinabean

          (If I say anything that offends you or have spelling errors, apologies. I’ve re-read this too many times and I’m done.)

          Honestly, you’re right about the respect thing. I was sharing my opinion that I don’t understand why people are offended that others don’t like Yi Ahn but I added entirely too much YA hate for it to truly get my point across.

          However, my main point was that it doesn’t make sense to be offended. I’m encouraging you right now to take a deep breath and realize that you won anyway so screw the haters, Yi Ahn and Eunbi for life, girl. You saw all the potential that there was for Yi Ahn and you ran with it. I can usually do this too but I couldn’t this time. Good on you.

          Think of DB and GF’s statements like this: Smart people make dumb decisions. It’s like when your math genius daughter chooses to drop out of school to become a rock star. You still love her but you don’t quite understand. And you may spout some words in anger but at the end of the day, you’re family. So don’t take it to heart. Its just television.

          If all else fails, in the word of the urban Black community: “Look fam, its not that deep.”

    • 24.3 LOVE DRAMAS

      Ditto. They are many fans who prefer YIBI and followed them from the start. But mostly we didnt say bad things about Taekwang much.

      • 24.3.1 Drama Defender

        Exactly. It’s one thing to feel passionate about a ship, to debate and argue respectfully, but when you start insulting a character for their choice, and by extension, the fans of that ship, then you’ve crossed a line.

        If she had ended up with Tae-gwang, I would’ve been disappointed, but I would’ve let it go. Heck, I just dealt with this same issue in Persevere, Gu Hae-ra (or whatever her name was), but rather than spread my dissatisfaction or annoyance, I’d leave one comment, stating my opinion, and then move on. It’s not like I went around, arguing with fans of the “successful” ship. That’s how these wars explode and create these situations in the first place!

        • jewel

          glad there is someone to defend yibi ship. sometimes people just dont realize how they are hurting others. ive been following schools thread and some of the comments are just.. idk, sometimes i get depressed reading them. i havent been in a ‘sinking ship’ so idk if this is the right reaction being in one. im just happy that it is all over so that i too can move on from this mess..

          • Drama Defender

            I know exactly how you feel. Dramas are supposed to be fun and about bringing fans together, and even though I loved School 2015, the amount of negativity really has tainted the whole experience. More than anything, I just wish the negativity would die out already. We’ve already heard about everyone’s dissatisfaction with the pairing in the recaps, podcast, and now this (not to mention on viki and dramafever). It’s like, never ending. I can’t help but feel they’ve never been part of a sinking ship before, and as a seasoned traveller, I find the whole reaction in poor taste and hypocritical. Hopefully they hear our pleas and take it to heart next time their shipping souls are broken, but I guess all we can do is wait and see.

          • lemondoodle

            The TaeBi shipper reaction is unreasonable and hurtful, but I doubt they care. They don’t see anything from any perspective but their own. To them, they are right and YiBi has no justification, and there is no reason in the world to pick Yi An at all.

            Even the actors are getting hate from it (poor NJH).

    • 24.4 Julius Caesar

      I agree wholeheartedly. Especially, about the guidelines. So much for not instigating ship wars or hatred haha!

      But you know what? Clickbait. JB and GF need to attract the brokenhearted TK shippers once more to get those clicks. GF already said hoooowwwww in disagreement she was with the final pairing in the recap, but apparently it wasn’t enough or it was a slow news day cuz they had to write another article that compares two extremely different shows (in fact I thought they’d go for the 2013/2015 analysis??) for nothing.


      • 24.4.1 Drama Defender

        I honestly don’t think it has anything to do with clickbaiting.

        I think they’re legitimately heartbroken about their ship sinking, and are trying to reach out and connect with the fans that feel the same. Unfortuantely, there’s a lot of them and they’re loud. I just hope they’ve still got enough integrity to realize that what they’re doing goes against everything they’ve previously encouraged on this site, and that after they’ve calmed down, they apologize or reflect or something. Otherwise, next time a drama’s comment section is sparking a shipping war, it’s going to be chaos, and them telling us to keep it respectful/calm down, is going to be met with silence and crickets – and *then* more arguing and hate, because that’s what they’re teaching here.

      • 24.4.2 Zinabean

        How was it click bait when it didn’t even mention Tae Kwang or Yi Ahn in the title, bruv?

    • 24.5 lemondoodle

      I’ll cool with YA hate since it’s just bitterness, but I’m not here for the Eun Bi hate. Though the hate doesn’t bug me as much as the denial. Like, the TaeBi shippers keep telling themselves TK actually had a good chance and they are so shocked!!! by the end. They are rewriting the drama to be offended. TK never had a chance. Eun Bi constantly rejected him over and over again and he never gave up. The chance people were hoping for was the writer redoing the end to please the shippers. So, they are offended all their screaming and yelling and hating on YA/Eun Bi and YiBi didn’t work. Not sure why DB is leading the charge here either. I guess since it’s not really a war when the other side is so small?

    • 24.6 panshel

      javabeans and girlfriday generally suffer from Second Lead Syndrome, whereas I’m more of a first lead girl. I didn’t feel so lonely in Reply 1994, since all of Korea was Team Oppa, but in School 2015, we, Team Yi An, are significantly outnumbered. However, like Reply 1994, I love both boys and will never understand people bashing either of them, but it’s futile in trying to convince the two sides because everyone interprets dramas differently. TaeBi shippers argue “Eun Bi only feels guilt towards Yi An! It’s not love!” and “Yi An can’t like Eun Bi! He likes Eun Byul!”, while YiBi shippers argue “Eun Bi N-E-V-E-R liked Tae Gwang!” It’s a never-ending cycle.

      Regardless, I’m not offended by javabeans and girlfriday’s biased comments because I understand shipping is emotional and irrational. Them hating Yi An is not going to make me hate Yi An. Them hating School 2015 is not going to make me hate School 2015. On the contrary, I’ve long-accepted that I am one of the only people in this world who loves Yi An, School 2015, and Nam Joo Hyuk.

      I’ve loved Nam Joo Hyuk since 200%, and I honestly believe he embodied Han Yi An perfectly and can’t imagine anyone else in the role (certainly not Kang Min Hyuk), but for his sake, I wish a real actor was casted because Nam Joo Hyuk got bashed to infinity. It would’ve saved him a lot of heartache had he not accepted this drama. For our sake, if a real actor played Yi An, I strongly believe more people would be on our ship. I so desperately wanted Nam Joo Hyuk to cry at Eun Byul’s memorial and emote at Eun Bi’s leaving, but he was fantastic at the cute and fluffy.

      • 24.6.1 LOVE DRAMAS

        Yeah, I love School 2015. Han Yian, YIBI, Nam Joo Hyuk…I have a feeling he is gonna make it big… He is just starting. He was awesome as Yian.

      • 24.6.2 Zinabean

        I agree. I’m a TaeBi shipper but I’ve come to realize that Eunbi really doesn’t deserve Tae Kwang anyway. So I’ve come to terms with that, sort of.

        But, even still, I find YiBi so problematic because of how crappy the writing for Yi Ahn was and how random and forced it all seemed. Did anyone else feel like the show focused on the mysteries and friendship with both dudes and then towards the end started pulling romance out of its butt? I mean, yeah, I was shipping TaeBi but that was because he was just so nice… I started getting romantic vibes from him towards the end of the middle but it felt platonic with Yi Ahn up until the end.

        Now, bad writing can be overshadowed by good acting but the character of Yi Ahn got a raw deal with no character development and a 1D personality paired with the stiffness of NJH’s rookie acting. Plus most people are super salty that Yi Ahn got the girl and will just have silly and residual dislike for Nam Joo Hyuk (I am one of these people, Every time his phone/camping or whatever CF comes onto television, I get a little bit pouty.)

        I feel like Joo Hyuk may deal with that for the rest of his career, though. Netizens HATE idol/model actors who can’t actually act that well but get good parts. I’m extremely superficial, in that I love me a pretty face. But if the writing is crap, someone who can act is better. I’m saying this as a fan of Yunho and Siwon (God, don’t cast them in anything else. Please Lord. Leave it to D.O., SM. Leave it to D.O.).

        Hopefully, Nam Joo Hyuk gets to tailor his craft and then takes on a really good role that will erase what School 2015 has done to his fledgling acting career. Poor fella.

  25. 25 brightsept

    hahahahaha this is the best conversation ive read!!!

    totally loving this one:

    “girlfriday: It’s the true mystery of the show, not the twin identity stuff.
    javabeans: So Kim Yoo-jung may have gotten a flawed boyfriend, but Kim So-hyun may be blind.”

    lol. Couldnt agree more & couldnt stop myself for laughing!

    • 25.1 kanz

      Agree! Couldn’t stop laughing… JB and GF totally made my day!

  26. 26 August

    Thanks Javabeans & GirlFriday for Thing (AM) vs. Thing (WAYS:2015). An apt comparison and both are fresh on our minds.

    Which teacher perpetrated the most morally egregious abuse of power?
    Do Jung-Woo in Angry Mom.

    Which school had the cutest uniforms?
    Hmmm probably the females in Angry Mom and the males in WAY: School 2015.

    Secret identity: twin swapping vs. the adult who’s pretending to be a high-schooler
    Kim Hee-Sun for the win. Her drama project had the better storyline and screenwriter(s).

    Which ineffectual-but-well-meaning teacher would you rather have as your teacher?
    Park Noh-Ah. Whether it was during his phases of idealism or reality smacking him upside his head, he was 100% committed to being a teacher/professional and determined as an educator to work on behalf of all the students for a better and more accountable educational system/institution.

    Is it better to be Kim So-Hyun or Kim Yoo-Jung? It’s a toss-up. Ask me again during the year end reviews. 🙂

    “I couldn’t believe that they just left Jo Soo-hyang to continue living out her days as a teenage sociopath.”
    Can you believe that’s the point the writers didn’t skimp out on? Some psychos/sociopaths will never feel remorse nor serve jail time.

    Flawed Boyfriends…
    Han Yi-Ahn (Nam Joo Hyuk) was a much better boyfriend than Hong Sang-Tae (Baro). Even so, overall Gong Tae-gwang (Yook Sung-jae) in terms of acting and character development was the way more appealing and better written character.

    Which boy-who-didn’t-get-picked’s heart got broken the hardest?
    Bok-Dongie (Ji Soo) had a crush on Jo Gang-Ja / Jo Bang-Wool that simply could never (and should never) be! Gong Tae-gwang on the other hand, contributed more to Lee Eun-Bi’s growth than both Eun Byul and Yi-Ahn. He was always there to encourage her to stand up for herself against So-Young; he helped guide her towards finding & figuring out solutions to her problems; respected her space; he never hesitated in accepting and cheering her on; and at first glance he could distinguish her from Eun-Byul.

    “I still don’t know why she picked Han Yi-an.”
    Direct your ire towards the writers. I guess as the big sister and more often than not the principal caregiver at the orphanage, Lee Eun-Bi wanted to give up the caregiver role, its demands, and the burden/strain of difficulties associated with it. With Yi-Ahn, she could be the damsel in distress, bask in the sun, and experience what it’s like to have someone whose forethought is to always put you first. Yi-Ahn was willing to sacrifice and drop ‘everything’ to take care of her. Eun-Bi could just coast. She didn’t have to buck up and stand on her own two feet.

  27. 27 redfox

    Angry Mom was great, not shipping anyone, but was wishing everyone good luck. to the baddies, it was ironical

    but the skirt matter… I honestly don´t get it, why there is a regulation for them being that short.

  28. 28 kanz

    My own comparison:
    Which one is better, Kim So Hyun or Kim Yoo Jung?
    Kim So Hyun had meatier roles, but Kim Yoo Jung ended up in better drama.

    I think School 2015 underutilized its potential and cast. While in Angry Mom, almost everyone showcased good acting and the writing is better.
    But then again, I didn’t watch School 2015 till the end, dropped the drama from ep 2 and only read recaps so my impression towards this drama maybe wrong.

  29. 29 Gumiho Bean

    Ah seriously that School ending. I admit that I found YA and EBi cute at the start, when she didn’t know she was not Ebyul. Then she remembered, and that is when I became against shipping them (regardless of how I liked TK). First of all, EBi should already know that YA is courting the person who he thinks is EByul, so that affection shown to her was not meant for her (really she inherited everyhing that was EByul’s beside TK). That thing where YA mentioned he likes the “new Ebyul”, it came off to me as YA liking that ‘EByul’ reciprocating his feelings now unlike before. Pissed me of as hell whenYA also used that as a reason he liked EBi. I mean, come on man, you said that when you still think she was EByul, haven’t you thought that you said that because that “Ebyul” now wants to date you?

    Then the writers didn’t even showed us YA-Ebi developing their loveline without that misconception. They didn’t show us solid proof that EBi liked one over the other either (because they effing deleted those scenes). Its no wonder I just started watching it for EByul, TK, and KSY, they show how they really are With their actions.

  30. 30 maddragonqueen

    I love this Thing v. Thing!! Also, Angry Mom is my favorite drama of the year so far. And at this point, the competition for the rest of the year is not looking like there will be anything to replace it. That may be an unfair competition, given how much I like film noir and how there’s not like, ever any other film noir in dramaland… that I’ve seen anyway, aside from Angry Mom. So, it’ll be hard for any other non-film noir-esque drama to supplant it. In my heart.

    That was more of a rant than I intended 😉

    • 30.1 Zinabean

      Have you seen Heartless City? If not, go go go go!

  31. 31 tien

    A mention of Healer and I was completely lost.

    Jamkan… what was this article about?

    • 31.1 Growingbeautifully

      This article had an on-the-side comment likening/comparing Bok Dong in Angry Mom with Jung Hoo in Healer.

  32. 32 xcmk

    oh man the boys who didn’t get picked apidofjgaj(#&$#*$)&)% 🙁

  33. 33 chhavi

    I so agree with the “heartbreak of the year”…
    It killed me….*sniffles*

  34. 34 Aigoooo

    I liked watching Angry Mom more just because it stuck to it’s concept where in School 2015 totally went off-road and devolved into some bs love triangle. I liked the villain in School though.

  35. 35 Nikilann

    That was so fun. You’re awesome !

    Thank you !

  36. 36 Zinabean

    I’ve been preparing myself for the inevitable heartbreak I would feel about Tae Kwang not getting the girl. And I comforted myself at about the eighth episode by realizing that high school relationships rarely last so if Tae Kwang and her ended up together, they’d break up, and get back together when they were older and if her and Yi Ahn got together, they’d break up, and she’d get with Tae Kwang when she was older. LOL.

    I wish they’d have fleshed out Yi Ahn and made him a better and more real character so that I could enjoy the pairing. I’m just annoyed at the lack of effort the writers put forth. Plus, homeboy is mediocre at acting. Model-actors are becoming popular, KWB and LJS to name a few, but let’s train them in acting first eh? All he can do is smile or bug his eyes out in a weird imitation of LJS. If his character had been…more, I could have overlooked the acting (I do it all the time) but he wasn’t, so I couldn’t.

    I preferred School, overall. Angry Mom seemed to lose sight of itself and it became distracting to watch. However, the realistic last episode was better than School’s. Aside from the craziness of the OTP, School’s last episode was crazy. There were like two timehops, someone going overseas, unnecessary school transfers, unnecessary quitting…it was a mess. I WAS CONFUSED.

    anyway, here’s to a fifteen year future in which tae kwang swoops in after yi ahn realizes he only likes eunbi because she’s the eunbyul that likes him and taekwang says to eunbi; “lets play kai bai bo to choose who’ll carry my scooter. i’ll choose scissors.” and then we all cry because all is right in dramaland until the next twins, fusion-saeguk, vampire, dramedy comes along.

  37. 37 LOVE DRAMAS

    I loved DRAMAbeans recaps. Lately you guys are just going overboard about whiny second leads.

    The peck on the cheek (and please, its not even a kiss on the lips- dont understand why its such a big deal) by TK should not have happened and if there’s anyone to be blamed it should be TK himself for refusing to listen. EBI already told him VERY clearly in Ep 13 in Tongyeang that she cannot return his feelings but she thanked him for being a friend and she even wanted to shake on it. TK refused and instead changed the subject. EBI tried asking him how long he was going to behave in such a way but he brushed it off. Looking back now the writer had already given us plenty of hints who was endgame because in the same episode we see YA making peace with EBYUL and his feelings for EBI more or less sealed when his thoughts flashback ed to the hospital scene where he had a glimpse of EBI’S feelings. Remember he was also excited when he thought he was meeting up with EBI on the bridge at night but it turned out to be EBYUL instead. We could see that he had had enough of EBYUL’S inconsiderate actions and he was mad enough to walk away from her this time, and not hang around trying to please her. And the icing on the cake as to how he feels about EBI was SY voicing out those thoughts- that he got into an accident because it was about EBI and not EBYUL. My guess was it was at that moment that he realised that his choice and only one choice was EBi. And I love how we see the anguish and worry on his face as to how SY was going to reveal the truth about his feelings for EBI to EBYUL. NJH definitely did a wonderful job in acting as YA because his actions are more subtle and we rely more on his facial expressions to understand his thought process whereas for TK is the direct approach-which is simpler to do and anyone with some acting exposure would be able to handle. So yeah. For me NJH to an awesome job.

    • 37.1 LOVE DRAMAS

      got the comment from other place. I liked it and put it here.

    • 37.2 Adinda

      “…whereas for TK is the direct approach-which is simpler to do and anyone with some acting exposure would be able to handle. So yeah. For me NJH to an awesome job.”

      Errrrr…..ya ya ya awesome job NJH hahaha

  38. 38 mary

  39. 39 alua

    <When you put it that way, maybe it’s better to be the forgiving, kind girl who gives the bad boy a second chance. Not the blind girl who has bad taste. Poor rejected puppy. It’s the heartbreak of the year.

    I really liked Tae-kwang a lot. Yi-an was too boring to me (and underdeveloped as a character), but that said, I don't see anything wrong with Eun-bi having a relationship with him. He's reasonably nice, if uninteresting. Bad taste? Well, people like different people for different reasons. Nothing wrong with that. Plus, I see no point in a relationship if only one person is interested: and Eun-bi clearly wasn't interested in Tae-kwang. He deserves someone who likes him as much as he liked Eun-bi.

    With Baro, I see red flags. He's a bully. Presumably reformed but if he really doesn't get that his bullying wasn't courtship but plain wrong then there's a lot of issues…. Bad boys being given a second chance by kind girls is exactly how you end up in abusive relationships – I'm not saying that's what would happen in the drama, but in real life, I wouldn't take the chance. In real life, the bad boy can clean up his act on his own and start with a clean slate with someone else.

    • 39.1 Lin_K

      “He deserves someone who likes him as much as he liked Eun-bi.”

      I think I wanna see a sequel with Tae Kwang and a girl who likes him as much as he liked Eun Bi 🙂

      • 39.1.1 mary

        I think there’s a mile-long line of people who want to be That Girl for Tae Kwang. 😀

        • Lin_K

          I’m sure it’s a very long line. Lol. I didn’t say I want to be That Girl though 🙂 I just want to see a sequel with Tae Kwang and another girl who reciprocates his feelings 🙂

          • Lin_K

            Thinking about it, I totally wanna see Sung Jae and Kim Soo Hyun together again. They look good together and have good chemistry. Maybe like GF and JB said, there can be sequel where they meet after college and fall in love mutually. Or these two can appear in an entirely different drama or movie as the only leads.

    • 39.2 JH

      Agree that TG deserves someone who likes him as much as he likes her.

      However the writers emphasized heavily on the love triangle and made viewers think winning Ebi’s heart is something ‘important’ since she’s the main girl. No wonder the viewers (well, most of them) are furious when she ended up with YA since they are led to believe the other guy deserves her more.

      • 39.2.1 alua

        Oh yes, I shall not defend the writers.

        The writing was weak, and the writers were trolling, in part because of ratings.

        The “deserves her more” argument I find problematic however: just because you like someone and do nice things for them, doesn’t mean they have to love you back. It could get creepy real fast, if we operate by that (stalkers too love someone and would do anything for them).

        In this case, it would have been nice if they got together, but if they had, given the way it was written, it wouldn’t have been compelling either – not from Eun-bi’s side, given her lack of interest in TG throughout much of the drama.

    • 39.3 lemondoodle

      Eun Bi is reasonably nice if uninteresting too, so I think YiBi kind of fits. And a girl could do a lot worse than a nice, tall, handsome star athlete. In what world is that a bad choice?

      And YES! the fact that TK/EB was never mutual at all is such a turn off. I don’t get how people can ship it when every other word out of her mouth is “no” or “sorry, I can’t be that person”. Romance of the year right there. Tk does deserve someone who loves him as much as he loves her.

  40. 40 Raeve

    LOLL Your dialogue here just made my day. It’s so hilarious.
    Angry Mom >>>>> School 2015 mess. Enough said.

  41. 41 junnie55

    I dont watch School 2015 probably will not in future either. Well school drama is not my cup tea even tho it staring my fav child/teenage actress, Kim so Hyun.( I’m even didn’t watch school 2013 given that I’m huge fans of Lee Jong Suk).
    But I’m watching Angry Mom and it one of my favourite k-drama this year. I’m surprised how much I like this drama and I’m so impress with Kim Hee Sun performance ( and being fans of breakout star Jisoo- talented newbie).
    So it hard for me to compare both drama since I only watch Angry Mom and i did read a couple recap of school 2015 episode . But I think Angry Mom is more solid in term of storyline.

  42. 42 sheza

    My take is when you are bullied and suffer from low self esteem, you tend to pick the wrong boyfriend. Either that or they have stupid writers.

    • 42.1 JH

      Hmm, one of them is someone who protects and supports you to be yourself and stand up for yourself. The other one is barely knows you as yourself and has a probability liking you because you have your sister face but more submissive attitude.

      I never get bullied to death like Ebi but I’ll prefer a guy like TG who accepts me as I am instead of a better substitute of someone else. The writers are beyond stupid, they are crazy.

  43. 43 jen26

    Okay. I admit Im still bitter about school 2015 ending. I dont think I could rewatch the last 2episodes EVER! But seriously this review made melaugh so hard..hahaha. thank you GF and JB!!

  44. 44 Jackeline

    LOL you girls made my day. xD

    “Or…. is it worse to end up with Baro?”
    Oh if you don’t want Baro, I’ll take him any day. 😉 Now Hong Sang Tae, on the other hand…

  45. 45 natalie



    I hope KSH and YSJ can act together again wherein they are both 100% main lead/ OTP hahahahahahahhaha

    I think KSH is getting a lot of SM actors as her main lead counterpart … good thing her next pair will be D. O. who is good in acting! I hope PURE LOVE will have a solid story and development and will not be a disappointment like SCHOOL 2015

    • 45.1 Zinabean

      Do you have a link for news about this drama? Kyungsoo is slaying the game as an idol-actor and I would love to see him in something where he’s not a cameo or a fictional character.

  46. 46 katshirou

    I SO LOVE THIS POST XD especially the ending (≧∇≦) I mean, I already bridged School 2015 and The Producers in my mind fanfic, but to have other people have the same idea totally makes me giggle XD

  47. 47 2

    I agree that everyone’s entitled to their own ship but there is no denying that who was the more fleshed out charming one out of the two, so Tae-kwang for the win in 15 years!!

    But this is one thing that gets me really pissed about dramas, they make the second lead the biggest charmer or the bad boy marshmallows, create all the fan wars and then in the BAM, all he gets is heartbreak. Drama writers are seriously retarded, never got why they make the second leads the better characters when they should be making the leads more interesting as they the ones who have to hold the show upon their backs. The finest example is School 2015, where we got a way more interesting second lead that hold ground against a boring-bland male lead *sigh*

    For Bokdongieee, it’s a different story so come here puppy <3

  48. 48 JH

    At first I’m not really interested in Angry Mom. I just couldn’t ‘get’ an ahjumma masquerading as a high school girl and I think if there is a loveline it would feel ‘icky’ but I’m glad I read the recap on this site and I really love the drama except the part that Baro got off so easily. He might not be as psycho as the bully in School but I wish he gets punished more before having a happy ending with AR.

    I love how BD crushing on the BW and how BW always treats him like a kid he is. And I also ship BW with the teacher since they complement so well even if they don’t get together in the end. The drama is soo good I don’t care who end up with who because they have more important story to tell and they tell it well. I’ll feel disappointed if they reduce it to love story between an ahjumma and a highschool boy for the sake of the rating.

    Overall I prefer angry mom than school since the mystery is so twisted and executed well. The mystery in School is kinda blah and it left so many questions unanswered.

  49. 49 Taebi87


    This comment made my day! 🙂 <3

  50. 50 whilethemusiclasts

    “…if he follows Kim So-hyun to college, then to producer school, then the broadcast station, then into the same apartment… so he’ll get the girl in 15 years, give or take.”

    This reference made my day.

    And yes, I’m still heartbroken over both puppies. If they’re not wanted, can I haz Bok-dongie and Taekwang for myself please?

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