Dramabeans Podcast #29
by | August 2, 2015 | 149 Comments

Podcast time! Time to check in with the latest batch of shows, whether it’s squeeing over the fun or groaning over the flaws.

Podcast #29

Running time: 52:56

Topics and dramas discussed:

  • Who Are You—School 2015, Warm and Cozy, The Producers: Just a quick recap winding down those shows, which ended after our last podcast
  • Mask: The high drama, the campy entertainment, the humor (both intentional and not), the acting, and all that good stuff (3:35)
  • High Society: A quick take on the setup and character (15:42)
  • Hidden Identity: An even quicker take on the show and how we like Kim Bum in it (18:14)
  • I Remember You: How we’re enjoying the interesting, creepy, mysterious vibe; the performances and chemistry; and the intricate plot (19:54)
  • The Time I’ve Loved You: The chemistry of the leads, tempered by the lackluster plot (24:37)
  • Oh My Ghostess: Love for Ghostess! (27:55)
  • Scholar Who Walks the Night: Or, as we like to think of it, The Lee Jun-ki Show (39:03)

Names mentioned:
Kang So-ra, Yoo Yeon-seok, Joo Ji-hoon, Su Ae, Lee Tae-sung, Yeon Jung-hoon, Hoya, Yoo In-young, Uee, Sung Joon, Go Doo-shim, Kim Hae-sook, Kim Ja-ok, Kim Bum, Seo In-gook, Choi Won-young, Park Bo-gum, Jang Nara, Lee Jin-wook, Ha Ji-won, Jo Jung-seok, Park Bo-young, Kim Seul-gi, Lee Jun-ki, Lee Yubi, Changmin, Im Seul-ong

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Songs Used in Podcast (In order of use)
Every Single Day – “마음이 가네” from the Time I’ve Loved You OST
Lyn – “단 하루” from the Mask OST
Kim Ye-rim – “너, 누구니” from the I Remember You OST
Suzy – “왜 이럴까” from the Time I’ve Loved You OST
Hong Dae-gwang – “티가나요” from the I Remember You OST


149 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. petmink

    That screencap makes me so giddy.

  2. lavacakes

    My love for The Time I’ve Loved you fizzled out real fast. I dropped it by ep 8. I was really excited for it because I love the friends into lovers stories but this just wasn’t doing it for me. The writing is bland and Hana’s character makes me cringe.

    On the other hand! OMG at Oh My Ghost. I love it. A lot. Jo Jung Seok and Park Bo Young (especially) are too cute. My only little problem with this is that I want Bong Sun to be the one to experience the first milestones of their love. Hopefully the writer doesn’t disappoint!!

    • 2.1 suz

      To be fair the original material for the Time I’ve Loved You, In Time With You, was equally boring but also super long. Like beginning, middle, and end was super cute and good but you didn’t lose anything if you skipped an episode (or five) in between.

      • 2.1.1 jen

        i bet to disagree, imo the taiwanese version is good, ha ji won is too old or looks too old for the role and the guy (the ex, i dont know his name) is not attractive and his character sucks

        • jusash

          I am not any fan of HJW (far from) but in defence it’s not “old” that’s the problem – it’s dated.

          She needs to shed that over-heavy side bang (it’s not proportionate and makes her head look weird) and that overlong perky ponytail which she has been sporting since like forever. (since her Sex is Zero days)

          I never felt that hair suited her head shape or it’s just cut wrong/grown out wrong … and now that it’s back – it just looks well … dated. Esp with that side fringe.

          HJW needs a new stylist – her hair and outfit in that Secret Garden party moment where they danced – that was awful on her too.

          I enjoyed the T version of the drama, and was looking forward to this Kversion TILY – not bec I am partial towards Lee Jin Wook either (although he’s way more watcheable than HJW’s Ha Na = both in character, and in eye candy value). Time I’ve Loved You was my 2nd choice watch with potential, after Mask. But it’s just become effortful trudging through it, esp last wkend’s episode.

          • capricorn

            i like the ghost better than bong sun – the ghost is the only reason pathetic ‘need- to-grow-some-balls’ bong sun can gets the time of day from the chef

      • 2.1.2 aya

        in time with you only has 13 episodes though, so it’s not that long?

    • 2.2 nomad

      I agree with you…I love My Ghostess, but now I’m kinda mad at the ghost for always taking the time from Bong Sun. She needs to live her life too, u know.

      • 2.2.1 Juitar

        Ikr! For the latest two episodes, bong sun hardly gets the chance to interact with chef 🙁

      • 2.2.2 Chiisan

        Me too!!!! Bongsun’s like Chef for a long time, and Sunwoo is a big fan of her cooking blog. They have chemistry!!!

        • capricorn

          i feel like bong sun and the chef have no chemistry – but i sense the chemistry when the ghost is in her

      • 2.2.3 Yui


        i didnt even find it cute when chef did something lovely to soon ae. ep 9 was such a meh. and now, every single cuteness between chef and soon ae, i found it cheesy and meh. lols.. we need bongsun to fight for her love by herself. kinda tired watching the fussy-non stop talking ghostess, huft…

        • robin

          haha the only part i agree with is the non stop talking bit. I don’t mind soon ae getting all story’s attention because she is the titular character and the central mystery is also about her, and it’s lifeist (lol) to not want her to get the guy just coz she’s a ghost, to be fair the chef did first take note of soon ae in bong’s body and not her own self, and even now he doesn’t have any issue with soon ae’s personality (the person he kissed was also soon ae) so I’m willing to go where the story takes me, since it still makes sense.

          That being said, in one particular scene from ep 9 (those who’ve seen it know what I’m talking about) when soon ae wouldn’t shut up, I thought god who the heck would agree to date such an annoying chick. I’d have dumped her on the spot lol

          • OMG=Ghost NOT host

            She was driving the double standard knife about sexual gender inequality and social stigma and double standard about women wanting to be forward in a relationship right into the heart of the matter, and into poor chef’s ears…I don’t think she ever did or will do that again…There was a reason behind that rant, hope ppl understand it’s not the NORM for her to be that annoying!

          • OMG=Ghost NOT host

            Scratch that “double” double standard lol 😛

          • robin

            @OMG=Ghost not Host. haha yeah portions of her rant were definitely interesting in the way they reversed stereotypes, but stereotypes are just that, stereotypes, reversing them does not make one morally right, and to force anyone to do something when they are not willing, whatever your gender or physical prowess, is plain wrong and disturbing. I also wish she spoke in a less screechy way 😛

      • 2.2.4 BC

        that’s why it’s called “I love my ghostess” because he loves his ghostess 😉 otherwise it should be called “I love my little kitchen helper”

        • Mrs. Ji

          my thoughts exactly @BC 🙂

        • sky

          Haha..that was funny

        • kalel

          Hahaha..! People suffer from severe case of incomprehension! Poor writers…They thought they came up with a brilliant idea and now they have a huge crowd-slash-buffer against them. It doesn’t matter who the romantic couple is as long as we have this mega-fun and the fantastic acting. If the uproar ends up messing one beautiful plus funny story, we should then declare the constant nagging a serious offence.

        • capricorn


          • Imemae

            Read this soompi then did a research.. I did not find the word ghostess in the english dictionary (don’t know about Korean). So it could be play on words.. Ghost and hostess. Oh my ghostess.. Oh my ghost & hostess.. Or oh my hostess of a ghost..

        • Eternal

          I like Imemae’s comment better. It really could be Oh My Ghost+Hostess because there’s really no “ghostess” in the dictionary. 😛

          • Yui


          • BC

            오 나의 귀신님 it translates like Oh My ghost’s! I don’t know korean, but as so far I think they have a female version of most of the substantives not like english thou, it’s a french thing as well they have only two genders (masculine and feminine) and most of the nouns are etymologicaly masculine

            I know that the koreans like to play with words, but sometimes they make lots of mistakes in translations as well. I’m not from the conservative side of the language users, so I welcome all the new forms of the language 🙂

        • Chiisan

          Uhm…or that the ghost is a character of significance to both Bongsun and Sunwoo as a couple?

  3. Nessie

    I thought this was the recap for Oh my ghostess episode 9 haha. Ahh can’t wait for the recap to come out, but meanwhile I shall squee my delight with everyone in this podcast.

  4. FGB4877

    At this time, my favorite is Oh My Ghostess. Love the cast and the tone. On the other hand, I remember you has an excellent script.

    But the one I enjoyed the best was Orange Marmalade, for having a clever script (the modern part, which is what I saw) with a good message.

    I hope the KCON was a well-deserved change of environment for all of you 🙂 .

  5. Anna

    I am in love with oh my ghostess
    Such a cute and complicated drama. Wondering how it will end.

  6. Evelyn L

    In love with both I Remember You and Oh My Ghostess! Hope I am not the only one xD

    Man, The Time I’ve Loved is really… I think i am gonna drop it soon. After checking out one more ep, if it’s any good, maybe i’d keep watching it

    • 6.1 Yui

      im with youuuu!!! so you’re definitely not the only one. but, ep 9 of ghostess was kinda meh.. while IRM got moreeeeee enjoyable..

      have you tried watching Scholar who walks the night?

      • 6.1.1 Evelyn L

        YAY, I also see that there’re others enjoying both too!

        Yup, and it’s good too! But IRY is still more enjoyable and intriguing! 😛

        • Yui

          oh i just realized my mistake. IRM = IRY, lols. thank God, you understood, thank you ^^

          exactly! IRY got better in every episode. first 2 episode i was like, ah i dont want to continue, but then.. 3-4-5-6 i found my self liking it more and more.. haha..

          the chemistry is everything too! ghostess also great and i love it super much but that non-stop-talking-ghost makes me kinda.. erghhh.. hehe

  7. Van

    *gasps* YAYAYAYAY!!! Thanks, ladies! Can’t wait to listen to this! Adore both Suns in the pic, but they’re not wearing headsets, nor are they speaking into microphones! Oh well.

  8. tapioca pearl

    I haven’t watched I Remember You, but I’ve been wondering if it’s any better than The Time I’ve Loved You (sounds like it is, but what isn’t these days?) and wishing that Lee Jin-wook hadn’t dropped it. But he probably chose to work with Ha Ji-won over anything else!

    I love what you say about Joo Ji-hoon in Mask. He really is the bright spot in the show. And though I wouldn’t say that the romance in there is cringey for me (I can see why some would think that), it does seem a bit out of place and even out of character for Su Ae. It’s definitely a weird show that somehow kept me reeled in…

    • 8.1 Growingbeautifully

      @ tapioca pearl

      IRY and TTILY couldn’t be more different than day from night LOL!

      IRY has a good pace, good writing with compelling story, great acting with lots going on that is being revealed to viewers (so we are not kept in the dark as to motives…as is the case with Won in TTILY) … but still keeps us guessing, enough tension and lots to look forward to each episode. 🙂

    • 8.2 Imzadi

      […]I haven’t watched I Remember You, but I’ve been wondering if it’s any better than The Time I’ve Loved You (sounds like it is, but what isn’t these days?) and wishing that Lee Jin-wook hadn’t dropped it.[…]

      Oh no, it’s perfect as it is. How else would we be able to droole about SIG in that pink sweater?

      • 8.2.1 nahaluk

        Haha, I know right?!

      • 8.2.2 tapioca pearl

        Taking nothing away from Seo In-gook! Just wished LJW had picked a better project!

        • OMG it's Healer 😱

          Ikr, I wouldn’t change the cast of IRY. SIG is perfectly casted!! I don’t think anyone else could play Hyun’s complex character like he does. But on the bright side for LJW…Time I Loved You has better ratings than IRY. Even though IRY deserves the higher ratings more…

  9. es

    YAAAY, another podcast!! Yesss, I Remember You and Oh My Ghostess are my favourites out of all the currently airing dramas right now. <33 Although I definitely think I'd love Oh My Ghostess a lot more if they spent more time on Bong-sun.

    LOL I'm so glad I dropped The Time I've Loved You after episode 5. Even with the original, I found the last few episodes really frustrating and boring to watch, and tbh this remake isn't half as charming as the original.

    And omg, I agree with everything about Mask's cheesiness. I loved the couple until around episode 9 I think??? And then they became so disgustingly cute that I couldn't ship them anymore LOL.

    • 9.1 Yui

      lols about mask disgustingly cute thing. totally agree!!
      i watched it for knowing, where to put the antagonist ones. hell or jail. suk hoon was such a scary yet pitiful character. remind me of junhee of Falling for innocence..

  10. 10 purpleflowers

    Ouch on Seo In Guk’s behalf

    I see chemistry, but it seems a lot of people don’t. Might might be because they don’t see the actors as being on the same “level” (?)

    I thought he might score a bona fide hit before getting shipped off to the army but looks like it’ll have to wait

    • 10.1 nahaluk

      Yes, this is what I can’t understand: IRY is so good on so many levels, but can’t get nice numbers! Why?!

  11. 11 ramen

    Yayyyy, podcast! I was waiting for an Oh My Ghost recap, but this is even better 🙂 And I agree with a lot of people on I Remember You and Oh My Ghost being my current favorites!

  12. 12 Iloveberry93

    I love My Ghostess!! Can’t wait for next week.

  13. 13 Ash

    Mask was so entertaining I didn’t even care when it stopped making sense.

    I loved Oh My Ghost until the last two episodes. JJS and PBY are absolutely adorable together but I find it hard to get invested when Bong Sun consistently gets maybe a minute of screen time each episode. In the end, they are 2 different ppl with different personalities and I find it hard to believe that **SPOILER**Chef could fall out of love with Soon Ae and in love with Bong Sun (the attraction is there but he rarely interacts with her).

    • 13.1 nahaluk

      After the last episode I feel bad for Chef who put his heart out there and these two are actively lying to him. Because either Soon Ae moves on to her after life and leaves him with Bong Sun (that he doesn’t really know/love) or she stays and turns evil and that again will be a different person from before. I just don’t like where things are going….

    • 13.2 suzy

      But y’all have to remember that it’s still the honeymoon period for their couple so not a whole lot of the getting-to-really-know-you/actually-having-a-relationship part has happened yet. All that we’ve seen is a lot of cute flirting and yeah Soon-Ae was gonna win that a billion percent but I think Bong-Sun is already proving to be the stronger contender for the relationship side. Don’t count her out yet folks

  14. 14 ck1Oz

    Whoo… a podcast.

    I am basically in love with PBY now since I’ve started OMG. I am a bit worried it’s all SA and not BS. It seems morally wrong to focus so much on the ghost vs the host. Because I thought it was a romance between BS and SW. Not the 2nd female lead having all the good times with the male lead all the way too ep 10.

    Thanks for having IRY on the DB recap list, I backtracked and am actually enjoying this drama a lot.

    • 14.1 OMG=Ghost NOT host

      BS as SA IS the main lead, BS as BS is merely a host. The drama is about the ghost not about the host just FYI.

      • 14.1.1 No name

        Totally agree with you. The story is about the ghost, not the host.

        • OMG=Ghost NOT host


      • 14.1.2 Eslene

        Yeah.. Remind me of Big..

      • 14.1.3 kalel

        Good luck trying to convince the raging fans all over the blogs. Unless it’s a deep cultural antipathy against ghosts or a widely spread superstition across Asia, quite a lot of viewers have already forgotten the “fun” factor analysing everything to death.
        When our screens are filled with dark and complicated series, we’re still unable to enjoy one pure comedy! I don’t think we’ll have another drama like this one any time soon, guys. Poor me… 🙁

        • OMG=Ghost NOT host

          I KNOW!! Poor JJS and PBY trying to give us something so darling, chockfull of amazing chemistry and beautiful OTP moments, yet all ppl are doing is crying and wailing about their poor introverted underdog not having enough time with chef and ghost stealing HER man!! Meh, I won’t even bother trying to convince the blind…I’ll state my POV and let ppl believe what they want to believe 🙁

          • athoughtcloud

            Yup, everywhere you go, it is about the poor introverted girl not getting enough screentime. There are tons of dramas one can watch if one is so fond of the introverted girl getting her one-sided love trope, so why force yourself to watch this? I am so happy our central character is bold, audacious, resourceful, thoughtful and so lively. Such characters on kdramas are so rare. I am having fun watching our ghost behave like how you or I would behave in such a situation and not as a noble idiot. Yay to the ghost!

          • OMG=Ghost NOT host


            Thank you, exactly! If anything ever annoys me in kdramas is the excessive “purist” imagery they try to spray on us in every damn show. Like the heroine is either an evil bitch or some girl who goes wide eyed and shocked out of her underwear when someone so much as holds her hand…Really now, there has to be a happy medium where ppl behave as ppl and not like some fabricated plastic figures!

            Hurray for our beautiful, funny, adorable and ballsy ghostess…she rocks my socks! 😀

        • ck1Oz

          I am not moaning about BS. I am just wondering about SA.

          To be honest when SA was emotionally blackmailing SW. Like when she got huffy and petty when he told her to keep her distance in ep 9? Her whiny tone sounded exactly like a whiny girlfriend. And he was trying to drown her in white noise?

          All I could think in horror was, wow, that’s really petty and not funny. And I hate girls who pull that sort of stunt. Guys can walk away from females who are so petty minded. That wasn’t romantic or a mildang scene at all. I just cringed watching it.

  15. 15 yaya

    Woo-hoo! Podcast time! Thank you, ladies.

  16. 16 Xindi

    At first I though that the “Oh My Ghostess” recap is finally here! But a podcast on LOVE FOR GHOSTESS?!!! WOOHOO

  17. 17 ava

    Lee Junki!! It was fun listening to you two! 🙂

  18. 18 Susan

    Oh My Ghostess is pretty unwatchable – but Javabeans recaps are fantastic. The imaginary version of the show in her head is delightful. I nominate her to start directing Kdramas!

  19. 19 cmak

    This podcast was so entertaining because it was one of the firsts where I’ve watched almost all the dramas (it’s been a slow summer …). Kept me engaged while driving (:

    AGH cannot wait for the recaps for Oh My Ghostess episodes 9 and 10 because I need to read your insightful comments and discuss with other fans! I was driving my boyfriend batty while watching the drama because of all my commentary and he told me to just enjoy the show for what it is–who does that? LOL must talk about what happened because I hope others share the same sentiments I do.

    Wishing I could have been at KCON this year but I am sure ya’ll absolutely killed it!

  20. 20 Alejandra M

    Omg! I need the recap for Oh My Ghost ep. 9 and 10 asap! I need someone to discuss it with. I was a little bit disappointed with these last episodes. Bong Sun’s character has gotten the short end of the stick and the show’s getting stuck in a rut. There hasn’t been that much of a plot development (Soon Ae’s possible murder, particularly), except for that little detail pertaining Soon Ae’s feelings. The ending of episode 10 gave me hope for the next ep, so let’s see how it goes.

    And Mask, I only read the recaps and I can’t think of campier show right now, but I’ll definitely watch it just for all the Joo Ji Hoon goodness. And Vampire Prosecutor, lol, it was sooo weird seeing him as the villain! But all in all, it was an entertaining show.

  21. 21 Jyc

    Thank you for your podcast! It made me fall deeper in love with my fave shows right now

    Oh My Ghostess and I Remember You ❤️
    And yay, you used two songs from the OST of I Remember You. Show has one of the best OSTs this year! 🙂

    • 21.1 Jyc

      I really find Seo In-guk charismatic, which is why I like that he’s the one playing the role. Well maybe I just haven’t seen Lee Jin-wook be mysterious and sexy of some sort. But I’m glad it’s Seo In-guk playing the role. Haha. I also like him and Jang Nara together. I still have this strong affinity for him and Jung Eun-ji, but from watching the show, I like their chemistry–like you know it’s just the right amount that the writer needs. Nonetheless, we can all agree that it is well-written and I also loved your observation of the show laying out the clues on the mystery and how it still manages to make it interesting and creepy.

    • 21.2 haylessa

      I fell in love with every single OST of I Remember You.
      I actually heard it kinda weird at first but WOW somehow it has those feels all over and dragged me in. so yeah<3

  22. 22 OMG=Ghost NOT host

    What I find very strange about all the complaints and the mass exodus from the Oh my ghostess drama being a drama that has shafted the real BS and cheated her of her role and screen time, is that most ppl are hating SA right now and claiming she’s irritating and annoying with her outgoing personality, YET they are all hoping for BS to BECOME EXACTLY LIKE HER so that chef can finally notice poor little introvert mouse!!

    So do you ppl actually HATE SA? Or you hate that your “supposed” heroine isn’t as outgoing as SA which makes chef not like her as much? I’m really confused about the reasoning behind all the SA hate!!

    Nonetheless, OMG has proven to be one amazing drama, there are so many cool and intriguing points to discuss, yet everyone’s stuck in the rut of their poor heroine not getting enough time with chef…Well have you ever stopped to think that this story isn’t about BS but SA? Maybe if ppl can go past that little hiccup they’ll actually start noticing all the issues and stigmas being raised in the story.

    Things like social double standard when it comes to men/women sexuality, superstition and the reliance thereupon even from the educated elite, bias against gender/size/shape/social status (sw’s mom always mistaking BS’s name and even telling him that he must be desperate to go out with someone like her!), all the subtle remarks about “sexual harassment” tendency to be masked as admiration of the other sex.

    The drama also sheds a great light on the complexity of relationships, a married couple who are living a seemingly “normal” life, a clueless wife who’s living with a mass murderer, a serial dater mother, a reserved son, an unrequited love that went awry due to missed opportunities and miscommunication, father-son relations, personal information violation, etc!

    There is just too much that is going on in this drama yet I’m sad to see that all the complaining is mainly about who’s lead and who should get the guy!! I love this drama to bits but I suspect it’ll be very misunderstood and will become underrated due to this!

    • 22.1 Helenya

      as someone still over in #teamhost, I found Ep 9&10 disappointing for the lack of BS-SW time. SW is getting shafted by both ghost and host who are deceiving him. Fullstop. Big porky-pies. Pimple on your tongue big whoppers. Until he gets quality BS time their future is doomed to crash and burn due to big deal breaking lies.
      So whilst I agree that this drama is chokka filled with all sorts of fascinating social commentary, for me it still comes back to honesty and informed consent.
      So writer-nim enough already, let SA’s grudge arc switch tracks for the love of good drama…

      • 22.1.1 Helenya

        And no, I do not hate SA, actually I felt pity esp in ep9, thinking ‘oh honey, if that’s the extent of your game, no wonder you died a virgin’ then I went to bed dreaming how I would woo Sun Woo.
        I’ll just say I didn’t need an extra blanket to stay warm that night…

        • OMG=Ghost NOT host

          Yeah many suspect she was sexually abused prior to her death this is why she left BS’ body when chef suddenly “came at her” in the kitchen.

          She’s probably still traumatized from her death experience without even knowing it!! Poor girl I wonder what excuse she’ll make in epi11 when all push comes to shove and chef is finally ready to pounce with his national treasure stick lol

          He even gave her an ultimatum to never ever think of abandoning him, which she’ll probably use as an excuse to NEVER go through with “IT” after all 😛

          • Helenya

            I’m picking it will be sexytimes-interruptus ala evilly possessed bro inlaw. Although a ‘for reals’ (this time) drunken mama coming to apologise for her earlier manipulations would be funny.

          • Aigoooo

            I don’t think Soon Ae will be able to go through with it. She seems to want to stick around longer because she actually fell in love with Chef. He’s no longer just a means to an end but a real person to her. I really feel bad for the real Bong Sun.

          • OMG=Ghost NOT host

            @Aigoooo I think the writer knew exactly what she was doing when she chose PBY to play both ghost and host. Had it been KSG whom chef sees (if he had the ability to see ghosts that is) when he’s out with SA then ppl won’t be so heartbroken and of two minds about the whole thing. Things would’ve been much clearer and everyone would’ve been able to make the distinction between the two girls.

            Writer is smart to create this divide in sympathies among viewers and PBY kills it and whacks it out of the ballpark with her fantastic acting…Everyone’s practically confused af who should they root for even though both characters are portrayed by the same freaking girl with the same face lol how ironic!! Especially after that whammy of a discovery that it’s Ghost’s story not host…PPl were still sleep walking through BS’ growth and development when they realized she’s not even a factor at all!! I can understand the frustration, but I’m totally enjoying my beautiful OTP and the amazing ride I’m taking along with them 😀

      • 22.1.2 OMG=Ghost NOT host

        I am completely on board with the fact that SW is the biggest victim when it comes to both girls deceiving him for their own little selfish reasons. However, I have a feeling that since now both girls are not just either playing him or hoping to “score” him without him even knowing who’s who, but rather are both sincerely IN LOVE with him, he’ll somehow find it in his huge loving heart to either forgive them or “scold” them into oblivion as he’s so good at lol.

        The most heartbreaking bit about the story is, how will the writer resolve the ghost having to leave? She is THE core of the story, with now more complexities of her being conflicted to either stay or leave due to the sudden change of heart. How will SW deal with that? Will he simply suffice with the host as a shell of the girl/girls he fell in love with or will that relationship totally fall apart now that the essence of the person he fell in love with is no longer there?

        I hope it will end will end well for all, but I am not placing huge bets on that!

        • Helenya

          Yeah, I am also anxious for a really satisfying resolution. And, on past kdrama track records (Healer I’m looking at you) I am not holding my breath.
          I wonder if a ghost’s ‘greed’ to stay was what tipped the ghostee inside SJ past the three years mark?

          • OMG=Ghost NOT host

            That whole SJ thing is so intriguing, it deserves a drama all on it’s own! I can’t wait to see how that’s also discovered, resolved and tied up nicely!

            The sis will be so dumbstruck I wonder if her past psychological issues won’t come back to haunt her or she’ll think of suicide again 🙁

          • Aigoooo

            @OMG=Ghost NOT host

            I am curious if the evil spirit that resides in the brother-n-law has been there since the first time he was possessed (back when he was still a teenager) and if the evil spirit leaves, will he even remember anything. Bong Sun doesn’t remember anything when she gets possessed so the brother-in-law probably does not know that he is an adult now, a cop and married. That would be so traumatizing.

          • OMG=Ghost NOT host

            Yeah @Aigoooo I wonder too, if he’s completely clueless or if that ghost ever left his body since his first possession at all!

            I wish we’ll be able to find out a little about those things in the upcoming epis, writer HAS TO touch upon them if she ever hopes to resolve the whole death mystery at all!

    • 22.2 cc

      Agree with you.
      And I got irritated with the hate SA is getting now. From what I read so far, people mostly hate her because she is getting more greedy for herself, and BS gets so little time with Chef lately. Unlike them, I understand why this drama has come along that way. Thus, I’m still enjoying the show immensely.

      Tbh, I like the ‘possessed BS’ when it comes to personality (except the wanting to have sex part, because girl, can you give him a time to breath? lol). She is cheerful and bright and gives so much fun to watch. and PBY is totally awesome with her job! Love her cuteness!

      • 22.2.1 OMG=Ghost NOT host

        I KNOW with the sexual crazed girl lol but common give her some credit poor thing is pressed for time and was trying to be a good little ghost and leave before she became a MONSTER :O

        Now though, you should expect her to slooowwww burn that shit to holy hell because:

        1- She’s in LOVE with chef
        2- She’s IN LOVE WITH CHEF lol jk
        3- She hates leaving her dad finally (I wonder if she ever tried to communicate with him during the past 3 years as she was able to when she possessed BS?!! Most likely not, since that’s why now it became an even bigger deterrent for her to leave because she could finally experience the love and caring and company of her dad again (through BS’ body) and she’s heartbroken to leave him AGAIN!
        4- She has a cool relationship with everyone and is now a happy camper among the other guys in the work place (yeah it’s BS’ body that went to that MT, who works with them everyday in the restaurant, who went them to the karaoke etc…but it was SA that experienced all those moments and all those memories and is possibly now very attached to them.)
        5- There’s so much left to experience and explore, things she’s never done when alive, and are now possible because she has chef to share them with her….Her greed will be endless if she keeps thinking this way and will find it very hard to come to the decision to leave, especially with that ultimatum “you’re dead if you leave me!!”

        I hope she finds resolution…What I find strange regarding the sex pestering of Chef lol is that when PBY does it in BS’ body it’s totally adorable, but when KSG is talking about it as she steps out of her host’s body it becomes really annoying and aggressive! haha #priorities!

        • suzy

          I differ in the way I don’t think that she’s actually in love with Chef. I think that she can see he’s a pretty decent guy and that’s nice but her attraction to him is more based on the feelings he has for BS/SA. I think it’s more likely that she just loves the feeling of being loved and cherished and right now Chef projects that most intently.

    • 22.3 Jon G.

      I never “hated” Soon-ae as a ghost. I only “hate” her as a person. I mean, if I consider her to be a human being, she’s really horrible.

      I have nothing against sexually aggressive women, quite the opposite (being a sexually shy, predominantly heterosexual male, I really cannot afford any negative disposition here).

      But Soon-ae’s characteristics is not about her sexual harassment of Sun-woo. This is just a by-product of her actual “issues” (again, those are only issues as long as I see her as a person and not as a ghost).

      As for Bong-sun, I personally don’t think she should be more like Soon-ae. I mean, Bong-sun is extremely annoying with her shrinking violet routine, but that doesn’t change for the better once she decides to become as self-absorbed, irresponsible, inconsiderate and manipulative as Soon-ae is.

      However, no matter how much I dislike both female leads as a person(Soon-ae) or as an archetype(Bong-sun), I enjoy the show as a darkish comedy.

      The characters are building up conflicts that stem from their individual character flaws and wrong decisions, and I can enjoy them to suffer the consequences.

      • 22.3.1 OMG=Ghost NOT host

        Well this take is a first, you hate BOTH heroines for separate reasons and yet you’re liking the pain they’re going through as a consequence of their wrongdoing and that’s what’s making you stick around and watch? Hmm that’s a bit strange tbh!

        So you’ve explained why you hate BS with her ever bowing head, you never said why is SA so “horrible” (either as person or ghost)! What’s so horrible about her? Care to elaborate? You said it wasn’t the sexual advances, then what is it? She seems to be an ok young girl who’s not completely devoid of morality (well maybe she acts like that sometimes as you said due to her “issues” but in general she’s insightful, caring, sweet, and fun-loving) I don’t see the problem with her at all!

        • alua

          <self-absorbed, irresponsible, inconsiderate and manipulative

          That's not enough for you to explain why Jon G. find SA "horrible"?

          • OMG=Ghost NOT host

            I guess I chose to turn a blind eye to his rant..Eh!

        • Jon G.

          Well this take is a first, you hate BOTH heroines for separate reasons and yet you’re liking the pain they’re going through as a consequence of their wrongdoing and that’s what’s making you stick around and watch? Hmm that’s a bit strange tbh!

          I’m not sure whether Bong-sun can be called a heroine yet, to be honest, but let’s skip the nit-picking here …

          A comedy like “OMG” has to have some dramatic momentum. Traditionally, K-drama shies away from generating this momentum from main character flaws and decisions because that might make the characters less likable. From a western perspective, however, it’s been established for 2500 years now that it should be the protagonists flaws and decisions that create the tragedy in the plot, because that’s what creates the impact of the tragedy (see: Aristotle, “Poetics”).

          I don’t feel much about plots like “Mask”, where plot device villains create hurdles and suffering for the protagonists for no apparent reason. It doesn’t feel like suffering because it feels shallow and empty.

          On the other hand, watching the protagonist doing something stupid like Bong-sun, even though I’m annoyed by her, I feel engaged and want her to wise up. Once she suffers from the consequences of her stupidity, I want her to learn from it. It delivers real drama, character development and bonding between the viewer and the character.

        • Jon G.

          So you’ve explained why you hate BS with her ever bowing head, you never said why is SA so “horrible” (either as person or ghost)! What’s so horrible about her? Care to elaborate?

          You said it wasn’t the sexual advances, then what is it? She seems to be an ok young girl who’s not completely devoid of morality (well maybe she acts like that sometimes as you said due to her “issues” but in general she’s insightful, caring, sweet, and fun-loving) I don’t see the problem with her at all!

          When I only see her as a determinated ghost, I’m okay with her. I actually defended her behaviour in the commentary in earlier episodes. Yes, sexual assault is not exactly nice, but she has her reasons.

          Problem is that she is framed as a person and sees herself as such in many instances. And, as a person, she is to be judged by human moral standards. She is very inconsiderate of other people. She dumps responsibility for her actions on others without any second thought. She is completely self-absorbed, with the notable exception of her family. She is not naive or ignorant of her behaviour, though, as she makes excuses and blames other people when she called out of it.

          Soon-ae is an extreme case of a “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” (which is mostly a discredited trope in anything but dark comedy).

          • OMG=Ghost NOT host

            Don’t forget that her “personality” is examined from one angle only (the ghost on a mission trying to resolve her grudge so as to not become evil)…Do we know her in any other way? We are shown glimpses of her “human” past life and from all that was shown she seems to be an upright daughter, responsible, hardworking, caring loving to her father and a role model to her brother!

            We’ve never been given a chance to view her as a “lover” or someone who cares for ppl outside of her “family” as you’ve put it, well because hello this whole premise talks about how she’s a virgin and never had any romantic relationships with anyone so HOW CAN ANY OF US judge her since she’s never done any of it before…

            You could see her caring nature when she leaves EVIL cop an extra egg in his rice…That’s probably the extent of her “romantic” caring nature than we’ll ever be given RN because going forward the drama will most likely be focused on resolving the murder mystery and that dysfunctional relationship that both girls weaved into life!

            So to judge her fully whether it be as a person/ghost or cat based on the “evidence” or the crumbs we’re given about her “actual living” self is at best a half assed judgment and will be totally flawed unless you want to call the writer and ask her to give you a detailed backstory of the girl when she was alive I don’t see how you could judge her so easily and not feel bad about your judgement!

          • Jon G.

            You are missing the point here, maybe I didn’t make myself clear: I’m not talking about her as she was before she died. As you said, we know (almost) nothing about her back then, because the series doesn’t want us to know. Because, I assume, it’s irrelevant.

            But the show gives as Soon-ae as she is now, and the show insists that Soon-ae is not only a person but the heroine of the drama. And we have plenty of evidence how to judge that person.

            Now, I understand that Soon-ae may be a perfect lover and daughter and sister. But that’s not what makes you a good person (unless you are living in the stone-age or you are some weird evangelical fundamentalist or something).

            We can easily judge whether she is a good person or not considering how she treats people who are not her immediate family/lover. And that judgment is not particularly pretty.

          • OMG=Ghost NOT host

            So what you’re saying is, you are judging the “ghost’s” actions regardless if she’s being THAT way for those specific reasons and you’re giving her “actual” self who’s lived a long decent life a miss because she no longer exercises those morals as the GHOST PRESSED FOR TIME and behaving erratically to save her soul from becoming evil. OK fine…Jude away, i’m sorry but you seem to throw judgement very easily it seems!

      • 22.3.2 Aigoooo

        If it’s worth anything, I doubt that when Soon Ae was still alive, she was that brazen or annoying. I think being a ghost for 3 years gave her that personality plus her evil spirit (who’s dying to come out) could also be intensifying her greed. Soon Ae as a human (as seen on flashbacks) seem to be a happy, caring and hard working young lady. I wouldn’t be surprised if the writer/director/PBY are making her purposefully like that to show the effects of the evil spirit.

    • 22.4 cmak

      I was completely enjoying this drama up until this week’s episodes because while, yes, the ghost is equally as important as the host, it is ultimately Bong Sun who is going to be left on this earth who will potentially have a continuing relationship with Sun Woo.

      Soon Ae and Bong Sun have completely different trajectories simply due to their state of beings. If Soon Ae were able to be with Sun Woo outside of possession, then maybe the viewers wouldn’t be so upset and would support their relationship more than Bong Sun’s and Sun Woo’s. But Sun Woo is engaging in this relationship because he believes it is Bong Sun, so when Soon Ae resolves her grudge and moves on I do not want Bong Sun to be utterly lost in the world because she has NO IDEA what’s going on when she’s possessed, and lose out on so much of the development Sun Woo has with her.

  23. 23 hanie

    I’m currently watching & liking I remember you & Oh my ghostess. I hope to see Park Bo Gum in other drama/movie cause he totally nailed it in ep 12. Hopefully the writing will continue to be good. Oh my ghostees continue to give me feels! And It irked me how Mask ended up being whatever it is. I stick out to the end because of Joo Ji Hoon.

    • 23.1 Jyc

      He’s going to be in Reply 1988, although I’m not sure if he’s main lead or second lead. I hope he’s the main!

      • 23.1.1 elric

        Haven’t watch the Reply series (though I saw some of 1994) but excited for it because of Park Bo Gum and Ko Gyung Pyo!

      • 23.1.2 Aigoooo

        I wonder if he’s been asking Seo In Guk tips on how to handle being in a Reply series. lol

  24. 24 dramapenchant

    Totally in love with both I Remember You and Oh My Ghostess! The former is mysterious and engaging while the latter is utterly adorable! SO. MUCH. CUTE.

    BTW, the statement about Jo Jung Seok being the adlib king totally piqued my interest. Anyone have additional info on this? Clips, articles, etc….? Thanks! 😀

  25. 25 hyemin

    Yay thank you so much!! Looking forward to hear about your opinions on Mask because I’m having a hangover of it…

  26. 26 blo

    I swear. When you two started talking about how Jun-ki really looked in pain and told the drama to stop hurting him…I laughed out loud while at work. yay…I was so happy to see another podcast. And…ditto on Mask. Huge disappointment.

  27. 27 Dorotka

    Ha, I actually watched Mask BECAUSE of the humour. :–) :–)
    And for me the most interesting characters were dorky Minwoo and crazy Miyeon in love. Ji Sook was boring and her family often got on my nerves.

    OMG – I just recently realised that the story’s main lead probably is Soon Ae…. at least right now it seems so. Wonder where are the writers taking us… as so far Chef clearly loves Soon Ae and not Bong Sun. Loving all the actors in it btw, even the mom :–)

    I Remember You is my current favourite drama. And I personally like the chemistry Jang Nara and Seok Ingook have. It is nicely low key and fits their characters. Also like the police team and funny Lee Chunhee. And the “psycho trio” :–)

    Thanks for the podcast and hope you enjoyed KCON.

    • 27.1 OMG=Ghost NOT host

      “Wonder where are the writers taking us”

      I think the writers are wanting us to question love, is the physical love, a love of a body and a face, or is it the love of a soul within our physical shell?

      I am camp SA all along, I never once felt Chef’s attraction to BS, and it doesn’t help that her character was never developed beyond the apologetic fearful mouse.

      The drama appears to be discussing simple issues on the surface, love, unrequited love, betrayal, deceit (girls-chef, brother in law-everyone, shaman-chef mom), bad parenting (chef-mom, SJ-parents or foster parents, SA’s bro being spoiled rotten by dad).

      However, it touches on many many other issues, both social, and spiritual. Yet ppl are completely ignoring all that and the crackling chemistry between JJS/PBY and concentrating on very trivial matters. Since obviously they were all set to receive a cute drama about a chef who falls in love with the quiet shy girl, but feel they got shafted (and so did their heroine) since they realized the key player wasn’t even her to begin with! :/

      • 27.1.1 athoughtcloud

        Oh, how I agree with you! People came in with the presumption that since PBY was the main lead, her character would be the central character. But it was not that way at all. Most of the screentime since episode 2 has been on the development of the ghost arc. BS’ arc has been practically non-existent from the beginning. All the focus has been on how SA died, the problems her family goes through, what SJ has to do with it all etc. Anybody with some sense could see the ghost is the main character of the show and not the host if you looked at how much time is spent on each character and their circumstances. For people who got that, SA’s ghost falling in love with the chef seems a natural progression and not an unwanted complication coz after all she is the central character.

        I really feel pity for the people who are still harping on such trivial issues and missing out on a great show. The issues the drama is dealing with are so poignant. Like you said, it questions double standards towards sexuality. The lusty ghost has become a great device in the hands of the writer to question some of the accepted notions of society. It has a wistful tone to it too which makes the drama beautiful and sad at the same time. It makes you ponder about loss and what would you do if you get a second chance to experience life again, knowing it is not yours. It explores how a loss is sometimes like a wound that refuses to heal over time. It explores the question of how you move on from the regrets of the past. Basically it makes you realize how precious one’s life is and how you should make the most of it. Wish people started seeing these things too rather than wait for the drama in their head to begin.

        • OMG=Ghost NOT host

          IKR! All those beautiful yet sad moments shared between chef and his ghostess 🙁

          That walk in the woods where she tells him it’s too late for her to even talk about her dream…That convo on the swing where she thanks him for all those firsts…That time when she hesitantly says “but chef, time…What if I don’t have time?”!!
          When she talks to him about forgiveness, letting go of his past insecurities, how his friend called to tell him he’s sorry for what he did to him, how that whole painful chapter was closed with SA’s help…

          Yeah it’s confusing since PBY plays both girls yet we still have KSG that pops out of nowhere to pester chef at times or try to romance him while he’s unconscious…I am not finding much similarity between both girls except for PBY’s voice modulation that resembles KSG to a T most times…The rest of SA played by PBY vs SA played by KSG are truly different…I think this is why ppl are stuck in the rut of letting “real BS” go since to them PBY is BS mostly and possibly ONLY! How’s that for a mental twister eh? 🙂

          I just adore this show, everything about it is so fresh and unusual, i hate how much it’s misunderstood and it goes right over the head of your average viewer, it really saddens me to tears…I know there’ll be a group of wise men and women who WILL GET IT, who will enjoy it and who’ll cherish it…I know I am one of them!

          • OMG=Ghost NOT host

            Correction: Meant to say, they are (stuck in the rut of NOT letting “real BS” go)

            Wish DB would install an edit button, just an idea 🙂

          • cmak

            It’s not that viewers can’t let the “real Bong Sun” go or are stuck on how we expected the drama to be versus how the drama actually is. It reminds me of “Big”–despite it being Gong Yoo’s body, Lee Min Jung clearly knew that the person inside was not her original fiance and instead fell in love with the teenager because of his personality.

            Sun Woo has no idea that the person he’s falling for is a Soon Ae/Bong Sun hybrid. What is going to happen when Soon Ae leaves and Bong Sun is the only one that’s left? That is why it’s so important for that development to be there if they want to continue this relationship in this drama. If that is not the end goal, then I am okay with that, but it does not seem to be the case so I feel like this is an issue that needs to be addressed. Or for Bong Sun/Soon Ae to be honest with chef because he’s getting the worst of it all.

    • 27.2 Nessie

      Yea I stopped being serious with Mask halfway through and just enjoyed whatever they started throwing at me. Some bits were hilarious and total time filler, but they were small specks of job on screen.

  28. 28 hyemin

    Um, I’m having trouble downloading the podcast on mediafire: every time I tap download, it just refreshes the page. Someone help me please? 🙁

    • 28.1 Sammy

      Use the mirror link?

  29. 29 cheonsagateun

    Since Reply Series Pd nim love to tease us about who’s the real 1st lead and 2nd…we can still hoping that he’ll be the lead ^_^

    • 29.1 Jyc

      Got it! Whatever his role maybe, I am expecting it to be something sweet because Gummy is super cute and sweet. Haha

  30. 30 cheonsagateun

    Uh i’m supposed to reply to @Jyc

  31. 31 maddragonqueen

    I’m really sad that KCON is over :'( But I get home super late at night, exhausted and sad, and there’s a podcast waiting for me!!!! I love Dramabeans <3<3<3 =D =D =D

  32. 32 paroles

    I actually think JNR and SIG have great chemistry. The thing is that the romantic scenes are so hard to come by in the drama that I’ll squeal at anything. They kind of look good together anyway. Or maybe it’s because my expectations are so low after watching JNR’s previous drama. I think LJW would’ve matched the role too but SIG is doing a fantastic job and I really wouldn’t swap out any of the main leads.

    • 32.1 Jyc

      “I think LJW would’ve matched the role too but SIG is doing a fantastic job and I really wouldn’t swap out any of the main leads.”


  33. 33 Nikki

    Gaaaah I’ve watchede eps 9-10 already, but I’m still dying for the recaps to come out!!!

  34. 34 ajewell

    I’m so glad there’s a new batch of dramas to discuss this time because the last ones weren’t really my cup of tea. I always enjoy listening to your opinions though, especially when I’m watching a certain drama you’re discussing and agree with everything you’re saying (I Remember You/Oh My Ghostess/Scholar Who Walks the Night).

    As someone who saw (and loved) the original The Time I’ve Loved You, I have to say that Javabeans is absolutely right. I know that not all dramas hold up after time, but this one definitely does, and I’m not even sure why. It just had that strange kind of magic – it felt real, adult, and the characters were likeable, even when they were being frustrating and stupid. I mean, how can you *not* want to watch them for 20+ episodes:


    Also, yay, I was never a huge fan of Buffy/Angel either. I used to feel like such a rebel when shipping her with Spike, even though I knew it was a hopeless pairing, lol.

  35. 35 TJ

    tVN hits a homer again with their writing and casting in Oh My Ghostess. What a sweet fun little show.

    • 35.1 Aigoooo

      TvN paid Park Bo Young the biggest salary they have ever paid an actress in a TvN drama. She’s worth every penny and more.

  36. 36 Arashi_Lover

    Seo In Guk is an amazing actor. It’s unfortunate he isn’t as popular as some other actors in his gen like Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jeong Suk or Kim Soo Hyun.
    The guy deserves a lot of love because of how immensely versatile his acting is, despite his young career (he’s so different in ‘I remember you’ then from ‘King of High School’ or ‘The King’s face’). I also find him unconventionally handsome, charismatic on screen and finally, the dude can kiss. Like properly. And thoroughly. Those lips…
    Getting back to reality, I’m enjoying ‘I remember You’ a lot and find the chemistry very much there, I just don’t think it’s one of the things the writers want to highlight so it’s subtle. Sometimes it’s better that way cause if it does get romantic, it has a lot of impact. Right now i’ll make due with the suspense and mystery and on-spot acting.
    Thanks for the podcast!

    • 36.1 Imzadi

      In think he is a very versatile actor. He has great comedic timing, but he also delivers in dramatic scenes. He can do romance, comedy or action. Oh yes, and he can sing. That’s an incredible range.

  37. 37 Excitable

    It’s funny how i start off two dramas with fairly different expectations. I have super high expectations for The Time We Were Not In Love and such a low expectations for I Remember You and look how it all turns out.
    I love everything except the write for The Time We Were Not in Love, the PD directing style is always so sleek and awesome, and the leads.. Can anything go wrong really? It did, and that is the exact reason I stop. Even the chemistry is not enough to let me stay. I might finish it one day, but not now.

    I Remember You, oh how terrible your descriptions that I understand it has skipped the radars of so many people. Even I myself was reluctant on watching you. From Lee Jin Wook, to Woo Jin (Liar Game) and then to Seo In Guk. How can you romance Jang Nara boy? You are so young, and it’s not a noona romance either. I know she looks young but.. lol no. I was one of them that is quite lukewarm with the chemistry with the get go but it changed. It actually got better, and I like how tone down and real the romance was. Looks like a possible real life ‘romance’ situation.

    I won’t talk much about acting in that drama. Everyone is killing it. Even the PD is killing it. I never heard about or care about this PD but OMG such good skills. It was so sleek and pretty, and cool.. I can spazz about the camera work all day long.

  38. 38 news

    I disagree on PBY impersonation of KSG’s character. While initially it was good, it’s gotten way too aegyo compared to KSG delivery. I was really annoyed w/ BSG in ep. 9 and 10.

  39. 39 Kiara

    I’m in love with “Oh my Ghostess”. Park Bo-young is worth every penny.

    Scholar – still going watch the hell out of it for the casts because they are so worth it.

    I’m guessing that you ladies haven’t checked out my”Beautiful Bride” yet? Would love to hear your thoughts on that.

    Thanks for the podcast and all the recaps. Hope you had a blast K-Con. If having it indoor was so much better than the previous then I will most likely buy tickets next year unless they move it to New York.

  40. 40 Excitable

    I haven’t managed to catch a glimpse of Oh My Ghostess though. Even the recap.. how was it?! I mean it has PBY and JJS. And it’s on TVN.. Nothing can go wrong with TVN.

    I’m so tired of dropping dramas, which was Mask.. High Society (Wooden acting from the main lead, terrible writing, even the second leads fizzle out later on).. Hidden Identity.. The Time We Were Not In Love.. that i never dare to take another one lol. I think i develop some some of paranoia. Haha. I’m going to focus on just loving IRY for the meantime. It’s tiring to drop dramas. So i’m going to wait until it finishes.

    And am i the only one having the problem with Ha Ji Won potrayal in her current drama? I mean i love the girl when she plays strong character.. but idk. Oh Ha Na is not working for me. And i have no problem with her chemistry wise, she is such a chemistry magnet that i feel that she can even romance a potato haha. But character wise… hmm. Funny how i can accept JNR character in every single of her after chinese venture but can’t get the chemistry pull for the romance part. Excluding Jang hyuk and now SIG.

    I think HJW and JNR should exchange some tips with each other LOL. Maybe i’m the only one though.

  41. 41 Dramalava

    I just saw this and I’m getting on a plane with no wifi. I wish there was a way to download onto phones. Is there a way? Anyway, something to look forward to when I get home! Thanks ladies!

  42. 42 Cassey

    Oh my ghostess- Park Bo Young is LOVE.

    I remember you-I really wanted to see Lee Jin Wook in a good romcom, and initially had apprehensions with Seo In Guk playing a ‘Sherlock’ type of character, but I fell in love with him in this drama. He pulled it off, his Sherlock is tortured, suave, charming, with a dash of cute (in exchange for the maturity). His chemistry with Jang Nara is a slow burn for me, just grew on me as each episode went by, as this drama is wont to do—it just creeps (pun intended)up on you. The whole production really knows what they are doing.

  43. 43 DBChen

    Yes, Scholar is the Lee Jun Ki show and he’s the only reason I’m watchimg it. I do wish it was better and he got to show some of his cheeky side.

    Not complaining about the broody sexy, though

  44. 44 Melbeanie

    Thanks for another entertaining podcast! It reminds me of the days when my friend and I would meet up on weekends and discuss about the dramas that we’ve decided to watch during the weekdays.

    I’m really enjoying Oh My Ghostess and Scholar Who Walks the Night these days…Couldn’t wait to read your take on the two last episodes of Oh My Ghostess! 🙂

  45. 45 elric

    Agree on the flow of I Remember You. It knows what it wants and knows how to execute it. They stuck to their initial (big on the mystery part, low key romance) premise and know how to transition from episode to the next.

    As for the chemistry of our leads, I love it. It’s not sizzling hot but nice and sweet (and sometimes awkward haha). It fits perfectly well with the characters’s of Seo In Guk and Jang Nara and of and the tone of the show.

  46. 46 potterfreak90

    The original taiwanese version for The Time I’ve Loved was equally as frustrating in my opinion. The leads have so much chemistry but the plot stays stagnant in both versions. I had to stop watching The time i’ve loved you at some point because I couldn’t bear to go through all that frustration a second time.

    • 46.1 Caro

      I tried the original after dropping the remake and omg, it’s just as boring and infuriating.

  47. 47 Sweet Chocolate

    TEAM BONG SUN (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

  48. 48 I like strawberries

    oh you guys haven’t seen episodes 9 & 10 of OMG… no wonder I was confused by how much you love it…

  49. 49 samsooki

    Oh My Ghostess is so great. Love it.

    Love everything about it.

    A little scary and more than a little sad, but I still love it.

    Life cannot be all rainbows, balloons, sunshine and happy days, I guess.

  50. 50 whimsyful

    Oh man the comment section for this week’s OMG is not going to be fun.

    • 50.1 Growingbeautifully


      😀 At least that thread is not going to be boring! LOL!

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