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Spill the Beans: Confess your drama addiction stories
by | August 31, 2015 | 139 Comments

I can’t believe it was so long ago, but girlfriday and I were recently reminiscing on the hilarious stories we’d collected the first time we put out a call for Drama Addiction Stories (you can read some of the top entries here), and decided we should really ask for more of them. Because we here at K-Drama Addiction Central are the epitome of the diehard fan, full of loud and violent love for our favorite shows, replete with all the stalkerish tendencies that go with it. And that means: gut-busting, eyebrow-raising, solidarity-inducing stories about the dramas we love and the lengths we go to for them.

In honor of that spirit, we’re launching a series we’re calling Spill the Beans, where we’ll collect stories from you guys and then feature them on the site. Your undying affection for dramaland is what keeps us going, and it deserves to have its moment in the spotlight! We intend to change the prompt every once in a while, and move on from addiction stories — we’d also like to hear about how dramas have played a role in your lives in other ways, maybe in your family relationships or school/work lives or other areas.

But for this first time, it’s all about the crack factor. We know you’ll have tons of great stories for us — and to think, that first post was a full five years ago (omg time), before the likes of Secret Garden, and King 2 Hearts, and Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and Answer Me, and City Hunter! Gaksitaaaal! You From Another Star and Healer and Kill Me Heal Me! I know you guys won’t disappoint.

To submit, please email us your stories, and we’ll post them on a rolling basis, like what we do with Name That Drama.

To refresh your memories, here are some of our favorites from the last round. Enjoy, and send us your emails!

Drama addict: Alert
Addiction-inducing drama: Success Story of a Bright Girl

It was 2003. I just got my first job, went to the office by public transports, and just moved in a halfly shrewded place that I rent just because it’s the cheapest one I found, with two people I hardly knew. I was desperate at that time, so that’s the only choice I had. The house was very gloomy, with half the lighting’s gone, and a kitchen that’s barely touchable. But it was half-furnished, with some furnitures, and a tv. And as for rats? They’re everywhere. they were hiding when I first moved in, but decided to show themselves right after (they so love the kitchen!). You have no idea how scary rats can be. I DESPISE RATS. I could cry for hours just seeing rats. I almost thought of going to therapist because of rats. I was traumatized by sights of rats to the extent that when I slept I had to stuff my ears with headphones and loud musics so I could never hear rats screeching their way outside. And I slept with a broom right on my side, just in case.

So why didn’t I move out? Well here’s the story.

A week after I moved in, Success Story of a Bright Girl was just showing on a local tv and I happened to watch the first episode, then the next, then without knowing, I was totally sucked into the drama (I hadn’t learned downloading or watching online yet). I had to come back from the office early on days Bright Girl were on, since I used public transport, and a delay would cost me another hour of waiting for the bus, and would make me miss my Jang Hyuk *cough* Bright Girl. I remembered giving excuses after excuses to my boss on why I need to go back early (the show was at late evening). Oh, I wasn’t feeling well. At first it was headaches. Then gastrics. Then food poisoning. And after I’ve used up all the not feeling well excuses, I simply had emergency family matters LOL (we all’ve been there, don’t we?!).

The living room of where I’d watch the tv then was situated in between the kitchen and my bedroom. So it’s like a common thing to see a rat or two crossing in front of the tv. I couldn’t moved out yet, because even if I found a better place, the new rental, and the cost for living (transports, food etc) wouldn’t allow me to BUY A TV, for at least another few months. And that ratty place, regardless how bad it was, I can watch Jang Hyuk, and it all that matters that time. So preparing myself to watch Bright Girl every time it aired was like going into a battlefield. I equipped myself with a broom in hand and would drag the tallest chair I could find, and seated myself in front of the tv — with my two feet off the ground. The whole I hour would solely be dedicated to the show, but I would stomped the broom once in a while, to scare off the rats.

I moved out a week after Bright Girl ended. At least now I can say I’ve went to rat’s hole and back to watch Kdrama. That’s why Jang Hyuk hold a special place in my heart. I’ve suffered for him. I went to battle for him. I sacrificed my life for his drama. I’ve cried hours just so I could watch him. Even when he’s speaking in a dubbed Chinese, which I don’t even understand. Yep, am crazy, I know.

Drama addict: labchick
Addiction-inducing drama: My Name Is Kim Sam-soon

A couple years ago, I was with my sister during the last two weeks of her pregnancy. This one night, we came across MNKSS and it was love at first sight. We quickly got addicted. We watched 10 episodes the first night before going to sleep at 5 am.

When we woke up, we started where we left off… and my sister went into labor. We rushed to the hospital, carrying my laptop, forgetting to bring her night bag (which by the way took us 2 weeks to pack). I drove like crazy to the hospital through Boston traffic while she was either screaming in pain or at Jin Hun for being a douche. We finally get to the hospital… and when the nurses came to get my sister.. she starts shrieking… that we have to watch the show. So my sister, the laptop, and I are rushed into the delivery room. The doctor and the nurses thought we were nuts. but we kept watching.

After 6 hours of labor, 5 hours of shrieking, and 10 mins of awwing, we finally got to welcome my beautiful little niece to this world. Her middle name is SAMSOON!!! and we’re not even remotely korean!!!

Drama addict: ladyteruki, a secretary at the Prime Minister’s office

I went to work as usual. I got there as fast as I could, opened my boss’ time table and started to call as many people as possible to set up meetings. At first, I had a few victims in mind, because I knew my boss would see them regularly anyway, but when it appeared many of them weren’t available, I called people randomly and made up meetings.

I even gave him good reasons to go to the one that really made no sense because I was desperate for one hour and a half. Now my boss, I have to say, is adorable, and sadly for him, he trusts me. Well, never trust a girl who has a DVD full of dramas under her keyboard, my friend.

He went away, and it took me maybe 15 more minutes to book the rest of the afternoon. Sent him an email about the new meetings so that he wouldn’t have to come back to his office. I even told security at the entrance of the building so that they would stop him, in case he didn’t read it.

And then, of course, came drama time. Closed the door, turned off the light, and all day, watched the episodes I had brought. If that day, everything went wrong in the country because my boss spent the day in made up meetings, blame it on me.

I’ll be honest with you, this might happen again this summer.

Drama addict: Monika
Addiction-inducing drama: Cinderella’s Sister (leading to skipped classes and cover-up lies to her sister, whom she met afterward)

I had to run to the station, which is around 1 hour away from home, I had to take a train, then change to tube, but not just one line, two tube lines. So yes it takes me 45 minute to get to the station where I was supposed to meet her.

The one thing is that there are only 2 exits from the tube station, and they are connected. My sister used to wait at one of the 2 exits, and once I walk out of the tube station she’ll see me right away. That’s why I came up with a plan. 30 minutes before the time I was supposed to meet her, I went on the train. When I arrived, I called her and said my classes finished but my teacher wanted to see me, thus i’d have to stay late. So I told her to wait at the shop across the tube station, which she said she would.

But then I thought what if she forgot and waited for me at the station. So I had to take the long way, by bus. So on the bus, I was trying to be patient, but it was 5pm and the traffic was so heavy. In the end, I only took the bus to the next tube station, then I went to the underground instead. On the way I thought of how to tell her if I happened to see her right at the stations, then I thought I should say I was walking with a friend and forgot that she was waiting.

Luckily she waited for me in the shop, so well in the end, I used up all of my brain cells to think of excuses for my watching the drama and skip school :”>

Drama addict: pabo ceo reom
Addiction-inducing drama: Coffee Prince

My ex-boyfriend took me on a vacation to Hawaii for 5 days. He’s an avid surfer so he had set up a date on the beach one day. I faked a stomach flu because I just couldn’t wait to finish two episodes of Coffee Prince in our hotel room. When he came back, he said I had puffy eyes (apparently I cried at some point in the drama). He thought I was upset about not being able to go to the beach and took me to a bar to lighten the mood. Basically I got piss drunked (bad bad bad idea..) and told him in my drunken stupor that I was crying because of some guy named Choi Han-kyul. My boyfriend (who’s Korean) started getting mad asking me who the hell is this Han-kyul guy and if I was cheating on him. I then apparently blacked out from the alcohol.

The next day I was lying in our hotel bed with the fattest hangover ever. When I fully woke up, I found out via a message at the receptionist desk that my boyfriend had flown back home and left me in Hawaii by myself. My first reaction was “that fcuking jerk!” because I couldn’t remember what had happened the night before.

Annnnnnnyhow, long story short, I flew back, made a huge scene, kicked him in the ass, FELT LIKE AN ASS MYSELF when I found out the entire story, and we were both speechless about how the hell this all went down. We eventually broke up because of a multitude of reasons, which I can assure you were much more significant and normal than the situation I talked about. However, to this day, my close girlfriends like to taunt that I singlehandedly destroyed my love life because of my addiction to kdrama.

They ask me all the time why aren’t there rehab centers for kdrama addicts? I just ask myself: where the hell are all the cute, rich, and loving male kdrama addicts out there? Holler!

Drama addict: bleu
Addiction-inducing drama: My Name Is Kim Sam-soon, Spring Days, Stained Glass

I once stayed up a whole week in my apartment watching MNIKSS, Spring days, and Stained Glass Window. For a week, the curtain of my apartment was drawn, newspapers left uncollected in front of my door, mails unopened. I survived the whole week only by eating ramen and kimchi, drinking gazillion cups of coffee. I turned myself into a cave woman.

A week later I went out to collect my mountain of newspapers, a really cute guy from next door apartment jumped to his feet when he saw me.

Cute neighbor: Jesus Christ, You are alive!!
Me: *smile sheepishly* “what do you mean? Of course I am alive!”
Cute neighbor: Well, I heard rumor the girl who lived in that apartment killed herself like a week ago over some Asian drama actor or something. You aren’t a ghost are you coz now, you kind of looked like one.
Me: *pout and slam the door*
(Now, not so cute) Neighbor: *laugh loudly* I was joking, I was joking. Come out for a moment I have something for you.
Me: Go away!

A moment later he was speaking in front of my door: “I heard Korean drama blaring on your TV all day and night for a week and thought you may like this one.” (He slips a gift certificate from a local Asian Drama DVD store)

One “a suddenly really” cute guy and a gift certificate from my favorite store?… I kneeled and thanked God for my addiction…

Believe it or not, a year after we got married.


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  1. fishfingers_fb

    That last story is just plain ADORABLE.

    • 1.1 cena

      Thanks for this new entry…..by the way…I was wondering…where is Faraday? I haven’t seen her posts from a looooong time.

      • 1.1.1 Growingbeautifully

        You’re looking for Fanderay too? Yes, so am I. I wrote on her last post in the beginning of August, but either she never checked her email or is busy… Fanderay!!! I miss your art!!!!

    • 1.2 Kauaitone

      +1 I wish I could upvote. SUPER ADORABLE! If only drama addiction can lead to gift certificates and love…

    • 1.3 mary

      Where is my cute neighbor who gives me Asian drama vouchers after I’ve survived a week of dramathons? WHERE???


      • 1.3.1 annflln

        How about SJR come and deliver that certificate?

        • mary

          If he comes to my place, Korea ain’t getting him back.

      • 1.3.2 hydesamagirl

        Fat chance for me, I live in the suburbs. No singles here… sniff!

    • 1.4 annflln

      +1000 for ADORABLE. I wish that story applied to KJH-PSH in Flower Boy Neighbor.

    • 1.5 Xing

      The last story was soooooooooo cuteeee. It could be a cute short Korean drama by itself <3

      • 1.5.1 Kay

        If only my life worked that way!!! I’d marry that guy in a heart beat


    • 1.6 Arhazivory

      That was sooooo cuuute. I wonder if I could try that and get a husband too. 😀

  2. Mawiie

    Omg! If I had to spill the beans, just the King 2 Hearts part of my life would be a multi-chapter entry, completed with a few drawings to properly explain some of my very first-world-fangirl-problems. I should get to it.

    • 2.1 crazyahjummafan

      Yeah, it was King 2 Hearts for me! Don’t know how many times I watched the drama…lost count. And it also opened me to a whole new world at Dramabeans and a new group of kdrama junkies who just happen to love Lee Seunggi as well, as good friends!!!

    • 2.2 LoveSeoinGuk

      I swear its King 2 Hearts for me as well. Then there is Reply 1997! These two just kill me every time I watch them…now like the 23rd time! I go crazy.

    • 2.3 Mary A

      so many time I wonder , is it a good choice to watch King 2 Heart or not and still I’m not sure. maybe I should.

      • 2.3.1 LoveSeoiGuk

        I strongly recommend! Its just so worth it. More than political..its a romance drama. Just the right amount of romance I would say and you’ll love the ending. Just wait until two episodes and you’ll be hooked.

      • 2.3.2 Elisa

        Definitely! A great watch. It features one of the best hyungs ever, a great love story and an awesome bromance.

      • 2.3.3 Mary A

        Ok, as I don’t anything in hand now. I’ll start it 🙂

  3. bean

    gahh i remember reading some of these ages ago. bleu’s is still the ultimate meet-cute haha

  4. Maki

    2009. Lee Minho as Gu Junpyo. It ruined my life.

    • 4.1 Van

      Aww, lol. But he’s opened ~a whole new world~ for you, no?

    • 4.2 yaya

      For me Lee Min-ho as Choi Young 😍

      • 4.2.1 DBChen

        Yes. Yes. Faith was my first k-drama, in Jan 2014. And now I stay up til 1am nearly every night. 6 hours of sleep is plenty!

        • Reba Wechoki

          Ha ha in my early days two hours sleep was plenty was plenty. Thankfully sanity returned after the first twenty Kdramas or so. Fellow Kenyans who do not understand my fascination with Kdramas say my claim to restored sanity is questionable at best. But the heart wants what the heart wants.

          • Fun-Lugha

            Tanzanian-Kenyan here, I hear you sister!
            Took me a couple of years to tone it down but thank God I did-the addiction was pretty much destroying my life 😉

          • nomad

            Yes, I can feel you! Mine started with City Hunter and watching it from Netflix. Lemme see, then went to all the “classics”..BOF, Park Shin Hye’s dramas…I toned down after 2 years too. Three hours of sleep for me, I didn’t even close down my laptop until I realized it was 4 o’clock in the morning and my husband would wake up and wonder how I’d be able to take care of the kids without sleep. Thank God now I always realize, the drama will always be there when I have time, so go live! (it’s either this…or nothing quite grabs me the way dramas did before)

          • daktari34

            Nice to meet a fellow Kenyan kdrama watcher!

          • NahlaJW

            Mambo ^_^ I’m Omani but my parents were born in Tanzania and I can speak Swahili. it’s great to meet people here in DB from Tanzania <3 Kdrama brought us all here hehe

        • DramaDazy

          Me too DBChen – Faith was my first in Feb 2014 – you are just 1 month ahead of me in trying to see everything. I use the last scene from Faith as my computer wallpaper. LOL. Choi Young led to Gyo Jun-pyo led to Kim Tan led to Jeon Jin-ho… and then to many many many many others. Cheers.

          • yaya

            @ DramaDazy

            Yup, few months after you I walked the same path. By the way, the last scene of Faith was the wallpaper for my cell ph. Then it was updated with pictures of Jin-ho.

    • 4.3 Elisa

      That was my gateway drug, too. The first k-drama that I watched continually and cursed having to sleep because of. Luckily, I *didn’t* have to work those 2 days, or I would have been in real trouble. ‘Protect the Boss’ started it all, but it was ‘BOF’ that sealed the deal.

    • 4.4 mishlee

      same here 2009..though i have been watching k-dramas since 2004 save the last dance starring eugene was my first korean drama) i did not really get addicted till Gu Jun Pyo came.. omg!! in the scale of hotness LMH as GJP was smokin’.. i dropped my kids off to school and watched about 5 episodes till i had to pick them up at 3. then start watching again 8pm after putting them kids to bed till the wee hours..

    • 4.5 jade

      same for me. I was bored and flipping through my Netflix and this came up and I thought “This sounds like something that will put me to bed”. Let’s just say this – I was still watching that “like crack” drama when the sun came up.

  5. Helenya

    I can’t wait to read these, and then show them to my husband and friends and go “See!! I told you I wasn’t that bad!!”

    • 5.1 koko

      LOL! yes, these stories definitely put things in a different perspective. It gives us permission to marathon more dramas and neglect more housework…. right?

      • 5.1.1 Helenya

        Totes yes! 😇

    • 5.2 Kocoli

      I’m so onboard, maybe we’ll be kind of the normal ones 😉

      • 5.2.1 nomad


  6. Sumee in love with JCW 😍 totally

    I seriously don’t even want to get started in my kdrama addiction

  7. Sophia

    Yes! Awww….

  8. mekko

    These are so fun to read! I don’t have any story nearly that crazy about dramas, but they definitely were one of the things that led me to become an Asian Studies major, and in becoming obsessed with North Korea as well.

    But seriously, I’m impressed at the addiction levels. Even though if we were talking Variety shows, I might be that bad.

  9. Van

    Aw, cute concept and name, gals! Will be looking forward to this segment on the website now.

    I’ve only read the first story, but will finish reading the rest later but omg, no matter who the cutie or how good the drama is, I don’t think I’d stick around in a rat infested house just to finish a drama! I, too, despise rats (and anything creepy crawly), so nope! Kudos to Alert for sticking through it though. LOL @ scaring the rats with the broom every now and then and it’s even funnier that it was Chinese dubbed! Desperate and devoted, indeed.

    • 9.1 Van

      Omg, last story by bleu is too good to be true! Let me find a cute guy that’ll give me a gift card to buy more Asian dramas! I’ll never let go!

  10. 10 Jennipoh

    It’s been five years?! holy. now I’m feeling the years…haha. so glad you’re starting this column up again!

  11. 11 Growingbeautifully

    So good!!! I was rolling around LOL reading these stories. I don’t know if am comforted or horrified, but they sure are cute! I thought I was bad, however … LOLOL!

    • 11.1 Crazyredhairmireu

      Aw, these were fun to read! Idk if my story is really an addiction story (though I am pretty addicted) but recently my dad and I bonded over K-dramas. It happened a couple weeks ago so here I was playing a game on my phone when suddenly in the other room I hear this familiar ost playing in the nedpxt room. Now I have an incredibly wide scope of dramas I have seen so usually when I hear an ost I can identify the drama. So I head over to the next room and lo and behold my dad is there exercising while watching Gu Family Book, which was weird because he and my mother usually prefer Taiwanese crime procedurals. As I didn’t want to disrupt him I left quietly. The next day I asked him about it.
      Me: Were you watching a K-Drama yesterday?
      Dad: Yeah, did you know it?
      Me: Yup, I’ve seen it.
      Dad: Oh! Then could you tell me how it ends?
      Me: You want me to spoil it for you? But that’s no fun, watch it yourself.
      Dad: Yeah but…it’s starting to lag and I don’t want to watch anymore but I want to know how it ends!
      Me: Okay, welll *proceeds to spoil it*
      Dad: What?! That’s how it ends? That’s such a cop out wtf.
      Me: Yeah I know, the ending was bleh. It sucks because the beginning was soooo good.
      Dad: Oh I know, I didn’t know what wqs happening exactly but it seemed intriguing so I watched it.
      Me: Why didn’t you know what was happening?
      Dad: Oh, I was watching it without subs.
      Me:…….lol oh dad.
      Dad: But didn’t you get angry? The worst things happened to the nicest characters! And the bad guys survived for so long!
      Me: IKR! The daddy gumiho was the sweetest and his life was soooo sad.
      Dad: Right? I don’t even get why all the gumihos in the drama wanted to be human. The humans weren’t even that great. Why be a petty human when you’re the freaking mountain god?
      Me: My sentiments exactly. Well, since you’re watching K-Dramas now…why not watch City Hunter? It’s right up your ally!
      Dad: You’ve been pushing that series for years.
      Me: It’s so good! And I know where to watch it subbed!
      Dad:……I’ll think about it.

      • 11.1.1 Growingbeautifully


        👍 👏 😀

      • 11.1.2 PlumWine

        To crazyredhairmireu’s dad- you should definitely watch City Hunter!

        Did you get your name from White Christmas? He might like that too. I love that drama!

        • Crazyredhairmireu

          Yes! WC is one of the best I’ve ever seen. I stalk the cast in almost all of their productions now lol. I was so happy when KWB made it big because he’s always been phenomenal and I’m glad people finally know (though I’m sad it was because of Heirs which was such a train wreck and actually made me like him a little less even though my love for him grew exponentially after School 2013).

  12. 12 yaya

    Thank you for sharing these stories – they made me feel normal. Actually that is the reason why I’m obsessed with this site – when I’m here, I’m o.k.

    • 12.1 Growingbeautifully

      Yeah @yaya we’re OK!

      (To the tune of We Will Rock You by Queen)
      Buddy you’re a drama viewer
      Watching a crack show, gonna find your fix
      You gotta watch it raw
      Boss saw you break the law
      Gotta get back the laptop by tooth and claw

      We are, we are normal! (2x)

      Buddy forget about the job now, you can
      re-watch with the full subs, going to read recaps
      You got a smile on your face
      It’s not a disgrace
      Jobless, watching dramas all over the place

      We are, we are normal! (2x)

      • 12.1.1 PlumWine


      • 12.1.2 Kocoli

        Hell ya 😛

      • 12.1.3 yaya

        @ Growingbeautifully

        Now that’s talent!

      • 12.1.4 Fab-ulous Heelreo

        You’re so good, GB! <3

  13. 13 Dee

    Omg! I don’t have an interesting story to share so I can’t wait to read these!! Personally I’m looking forward to the Healer related ones because that was absolutely my crack drama. I have a two hour long commute to and from work so I spent it wisely on Healer 😛

    Thank you dramabeans for starting this new section it sounds so fun!

  14. 14 May

    the last story itself would make a cute k-drama ! somehow reminds me of Flower Boys Next Door too

  15. 15 Mandy

    I wish I had interesting/funny stories, but I don’t lol. Instead, I’m excited to see others’ stories!

    In particular, I wanna hear about Heirs – even if I hated it – and YFAS – because I absolutely adored every single moment of it. If I’d ever write my dramaaddict story, it most likely would consist of these two dramas lol. And Secret Garden.

  16. 16 Savannah

    Omg, the last one is utterly adorable 😍

  17. 17 pancchi

    The last entry is simply cute!! Am looking forward to Healer and YFAS stories. It was last year i got addicted to kdramas and this site after my college graduation. I didn’t clear any govt exam i appeared for and i am really happy. Morning of exam day i would get up early and finish 1 ep and after reaching the exam venue read the recap here. Just to understand the epi better. Priorities!!

    And my kdrama obsession is still growing, i feel, compared to these entries!
    I feel like a freshman here, lol.

  18. 18 nonono

    The success story of a bright girl is my first kdrama!!

  19. 19 whitewire

    My first kdrama is All About Eve. Caught it by accident on a subbed channel on TV year 2000. I got hooked and my craze was maintained thanks to Hotelier, Guardian Angel, Winter Sonata, Dae Jang Geum, Lovers in Paris, Marrying a Millionaire, Princess Lulu, Jumong, Last Scandal, Beethoven Virus… It is a yearly supply of addiction. It all started with a blasted chemistry of Jang and Chae, which still tugs my heart everytime. Ahh honestly I lost count already. Peak of my drama addiction will still be the bracket of 2003-2008.

  20. 20 jam

    These are sooo funny and relatable! The last one is a kdrama in itself 😉

  21. 21 starb

    Aaaww yeeah!! This kind of article is what Dramabeans is all about, it is what made me love this site at the first place. No offense, all the recap and usual article is great and all but I always love reading deep insight about korean culture and stories about kdrama addiction that used to be featured.

    Miss the good old days but yay for this new article!!

  22. 22 heartoppaya

    I remember the rat one. It was posted in the comments section of master’s sun. I guess…

  23. 23 cheekbones

    I wonder about the “Samsoon” little girl. How old is she now ? 🙂

  24. 24 Yui

    my first drama was Autumn’s in my heart, i mean, drama that i finished watching, but i remember watching Cha in pyo’s drama but i forget about the title.

    but i love ALL ABOUT EVE the most! princess hours and hotelier too..

  25. 25 earthna

    Wow. I thought I was so addicted but I guess I’m actually very tame. The craziest hing I probably did was giggle the whole time at work whenever I see the bottle of shoe cream tan color because I keep on thinking about Kim Tan. I salute you, fellow drama addicts!

  26. 26 Chris

    My mother thinks I’ll marry an asian guy because of my kdramas.

    There isn’t many asian guys where I live though. And everytime she seems one, or a family members sees one, they all look me and say “your chance! Fast! Run! ”

    and I die of embarrassment because my mother really think I’m single because there is no asian close home hahaha

    I tried to show them WHY kdramas are addicting… but failed, they all laughed and said why I like them *cries*

    And most people I know have prejudice against animes, jdramas /movies, kdramas.

    If I say I watch Kdramas they ask WHY and How, and how I’m crazy huhuhu, but I don’t understand, most watch dramas or movies from USA, Mexico, Europe, why I can’t watch things from Asia? Why it is “weird”

  27. 27 Chris

    btw, I remember a cute reader that shared her story about how she would watch her kdramas in the minddle of the night in her bathroom because of her kids and husband LOL

  28. 28 NahlaJW

    Awww the last story was the cutest 😍😍
    All those stories were hilarious hahaha. For me, it was My lovely Kim samsoon that got me hooked to Kdrama, . Boys over flowers was my ultimate addiction. At that time, I was at 11th grade back at 2008. When it reaches 5pm every Monday and Tuesday I would turn on KBS world to watch the episodes with my cousin. Sometimes, I study for a quiz or do my assignments while watching the drama 😂. One day, I discovered that a classmate was addicted as me with kdrama and that’s how we become friends until now. I still remember watching my girlfriend is a gumiho until 3am in the morning with my cousin and when we heard any sounds from outside our room we would close the laptop and pretend to be sleeping hahaha .

  29. 29 kalel

    So, between loosing oneself a bf and getting oneself a groom the rest of us are more or less somewhere in the middle, statistically speaking. However, the most remarkable (and common) thing of them all is the”addiction” factor which can only be compared to telenovelas phenomenon. But still, the language barrier along with the fact that international audiences are rather new to this TV program ( let’s not forget telenovelas rule both Americas and a big part of the rest of the world) create a curious paradox.
    What’s the secret ingredient that makes people, in particular non-Asians, to be swept off their feet by a TV product? Sleepless nights, endless hours of watching ( I’m sure local viewers are more reasonable than that), cutting off all phones ( yep, I’ve done that, too), babbling excuses to people around us, etc… Why are we so obsessed after all? That puzzles me for years. More answers lead to more questions, though!

    • 29.1 Reba Wechoki

      https://zaajushka.wordpress.com/ this is a blog written by a kenyan who loves Kdramas. read some of it and you may understand why non-asians are getting just as hooked on these dramas 🙂

    • 29.2 nomad

      For me, telenovelas never took me in…even when they played A LOT in my country of origin. KDramas swept me in because it emphasized a lot on feelings and longings, a lot of them are shown through very simple and subdued gestures. For example, who’d thought I’d view someone giving a piece of protein, i.e: meat or egg to someone’s plate means that person is attracted to the other?

      Personally I’m so sick of the loud and cheapening values of love equal sex that’s rampant in American dramas (I mention American dramas cause I happen to live here…dunno about other countries). So no matter how repetitive kdramas can be, and they do after watching them for several years…I would still rather rewatch an old favorite over turning on my TV to regular American program.

      • 29.2.1 RyeBlossom

        I, too, am sick and tired of american dramas- it’s all about kissing (even if it’s an animated movie about animals), dating (being single is sometimes “embarrassing”), and “doing it” (at all costs, and a one night stand seems to be “normal”). Not to mention the horrifying violence.

        There is something comforting in a good ending, and while I think more highly of Japanese dramas as far as story goes- I *never* know what will happen! Sometimes it’s good, but sometimes I just want to relax, knowing it will be OK.

  30. 30 kanz

    Some of the stories are hilarious, especially the rat & Jang Hyuk one!! Gosh, what we haven’t done for kdramas?
    The last one is really adorable.. Where I could find the cute guy who give me asian drama vouchers and marry me??
    Unfortunately the majority of my guy friends either indifferent with kdramas or sneer at us being addicted..

  31. 31 mopinks

    Lol I bless God that I’m Sooooooooooooooooooooo normal I’m a Nigerian and it seems like I’m the only Nigerian that’s stuck with these drama plus no matter how old or boring a drama is dramabeans is where I go to to read and read both the stories and comments…… It started with coffee prince and everyone still asks me till date if I’m normal Cz I read drama. I try to tell them about how beautiful to read from here and even force some still dy refuse to get addicted but here, is HOME….. I luv y’all

    • 31.1 Ek Ladhki Thi

      Hello there fellow Nigerian. My first ever Korean drama was A Man Called god.but what really kick started my addiction was The Moon Embracing The Sun. I kept staring and Kim Soo-hyun and wondering “why is this boy so pretty?” Then I watched Boys Over Flowers and life just went steadily downhill from there. You’re not alone. While we were dramathoning TMETS, I was the only one who survived the entire night all my sisters fell asleep at some point.

    • 31.2 Reba Wechoki

      You definitely are not the only Nigerian there are some good blogs by Nigerians about Kdramas check out https://idreamedadrama.wordpress.com/ by a Nigerian kdrama fan. There are Kenyans,Tanzanians,Ghanaians who follow k dramas religiously 🙂

  32. 32 yoeda

    Yess for SSBG drama. Jang Hyuk is my first K-actor crush until now. lol. Even Winter Sonata and Autumn are more popular here. maybe SSBG is little bit silly but it’s inspiring. And it’s the first cocky annoying but warmhearted chaebol that I’ve seen.
    The second favo goes to All About Eve. For me it’s also inspiring. Who doesn’t love clumsy, hardworking and good heart heroine? And Jang Dong Gun? His character is really cool. I like when Hyung Chul eyes always on Sun Mi whatever happen.

    • 32.1 Liza

      Wonbin is my first K-actor crush but it’s Jang Dong Gun whom I’ve fallen in love with. So crazy about Yun Hyung Chul in AAE 😉 I watched that drama so many times that I practically could memorize every lines lol

  33. 33 prettysup

    Haha I love the first story – Jang Hyukies of the world unite !

  34. 34 chanelboy

    For spill the beans, it could be non korean-drama?

  35. 35 sheesh

    Not sure if this happens to anyone else…. since I got addicted to k-dramas, I love hearing real people speak Korean and feel proud when I understand some of the words. Though, i’m half expecting to see subtitles float across them. 😀

    Thanks dramabeans for all the recaps. Happy to know there’s a lot of fellow k-dramas addicts out there.

    • 35.1 Pearl~ai88

      Me too! I’m in university and there are a lot of Asian exchange students on my campus. I always listen in on their conversations to see if it’s Korean, LOL. It’s usually Chinese, but I always feel unreasonably happy when I recognize some Korean words!

  36. 36 sirey

    Mine remains Hana Yori dango jversion forever

  37. 37 Meow

    My crackfactor-induced crazy addiction was Ojakgyo Brothers and it’s all Joo won’s fault.
    I discovered OB on your recommendation actually (ratings list) and then once I started I COULD NOT STOP OMG. It was in the beginning of my final year in highschool. I hadn’t gone to school on Thursday because I had a cold and I watched the first ep and I didn’t sleep the whole night and then I did the same thing again the next day and that went on till Sunday night (Monday morning) 5 AM when I finally finished ep 58. I had only slept a grand total of 4 hours in 4 days and man I was wiped. I’m an insomniac and I sleep for like 2-3 hours every night but this was a new record for me. xD Thanks to the lack of sleep the cold I had went into full force with a fever. After that I didn’t go to school on Monday and Tuesday either 8D Never regretted it tho. My cats watched the whole thing with me. I guess Joo-won has that effect on people and cats. xD I even completed L7CS just because of him.

  38. 38 doubt_no_more

    Awwww…. bleu’s love story is so cute. Her addiction with kdramas similar to me, once I started watching I’ll turn into a cave woman, tho I cant handle too much ramen. Instead I have pizza and chicken delivered to my college. And too bad its a college with girls only, so here goes cute guy as my neighbour;p

    The only problem I have with this addiction is, I have to constantly watch something. Or else Im gonna feel so empty it drives me crazy. And Im maybe has become slightly dramatic! Haha. Good thing with this obsession is Im catching up with the language pretty fast. A little bit proud of myself. LOL.

  39. 39 Nyam Nyam Kum

    I was surprised by bleu’s story, It’s just like another k-drama but in real life.

  40. 40 luz

    There is normal people and there is crazy: My bar exame is just in two weeks but Um addicted toa sageuk. What I’m going to do lol

    • 40.1 bluemanda

      I am so glad I discovered K-Dramas after lawschool and the bar. I would never have passed with this much distraction.

    • 40.2 jonilee

      same with me. way back 2006, i also got addicted with My Girl. during that time, we are still reviewing for the CPA board exam but every night we would alot 1hr of our time just to watch it. and in the review school, i actually stalked someone because he really looked like Lee Dong Wook.
      Unfortunately, i got a Condtional rating when i took the exam and will have to take another 2 subjects for me to be a licensed CPA. but don’t worry guys i already got my license the next year

  41. 41 Janny

    The first kdrama for me was 1% of Anything with Kang Dong Won as the lead actor (just realised that was some 12 years back OMG…). Caught a glimpse of it on tv and I knew I have to learn the language. Kpop wasn’t even big back then and I had zero knowledge about Korea. But somehow I just felt so connected to the show that I found myself in Seoul a year after. Google translate hadn’t made a name for itself back then so imagine the pain I went through going around the city.

    Back from the trip, it was time to learn Hangul while humming along DBSK’s I Believe. That was my very first kpop cd and I was (and still am) so crazily in love with it. This halted for a year or two to make way for college prep. And once in college, needless to say, I signed up for all Korean related courses that I can afford to squeeze into my already crazy ChemE schedule. Thank God I never missed an A in all those courses. I hate writing and yet I enjoyed writing my research paper about comfort women. I hate memorizing and there I was having fun memorizing Korean vocabularies by writing them again and again in a notebook that I still keep until today. That was when I learned that if you are really passionate about something, you will not hesitate to go all out for it and so it’s really important to find something you love doing.

    For me, it all started off from a drama, and it has opened up a whole new world to me. A world that goes beyond just kdrama, kpop and kimchi. A world that is more than just plastic surgeries, sexy girl groups, chi-mek and chaebols.

  42. 42 cuoreelettrico


  43. 43 Kei

    The last entry is really adorable! I’m excited to read more entries from fellow k-addicts! I can be a Wikipedia if you ask me the title of Korean dramas for the last 3 years. My colleagues already think that I’m crazy, and I’m so happy to know others like me – or even crazier! 😛

  44. 44 Bravelight

    LOLLLLL loved reading all of the above!

    I so want to laugh at myself, my k-addiction is 10 years old and still going on strong… 2005.. it all started with LOVERS IN PARIS and PARK SHIN YANG became the main man in my life LOL my real life hubs took 2nd hahah I never knew there was such a thing as KOREAN DRAMAS I thank god the day our TV showed a Korean one after their regular Cantonese Hong Kong one and I was TOTALLY HOOKED ! Then came major searching in shops for DVDs, going online, joining websites like Jisupaddicts, Soompi, a regular at a special Park Shin Yang official website, formed PSY fan groups, met with fellow PSY fans in other countries, won a signed DVD of PSY’s album haha, supporting subbing groups like the wonderful WithS2, downloading sub websites like Aja-aja, Javabeans that opened up Dramabeans with Girfriday *winks*, sleepless nights, super marathon nights of drama watching…tons of tissues, cried buckets, swollen eyes, laughed till my belly ached, late for appointments, thorough annoyed husband lol, gosh I’ve watched TONS of k-dramas and still the same till today…. what a life I LOVE IT ! of coz K-dramas led to love for Kpop, K-variety, anything Korean, Korean food, visit to Korea, hearing Koreans speaking Korean all around was surreal haha…my husband, children, family and friends all know me as a k-drama queen haha, my kids’ frens think I’m cool for going for Kpop concerts lol… mostly good came out of my k-addiction, made friends from like minded k-fans, lost friends…*sighs* but mostly a lot of happiness came out of it, my perfect di-stressing antidote haha and so many many wonderful memories……… *high five* to everyone at Dramabeans! Saranghe and AJA-AJA hwaitin’ to the many many years ahead loving K-dom!

  45. 45 Sherrie

    And here I thought THE K-DRAMA addiction all started with WINTER SONATA.

  46. 46 TrinPie

    What fun stories! The funny thing is I think my mom is more addicted to k-dramas then me. She used to make fun of my addiction until she stopped and watched Girl Who Sees Smells with me and my brother and then she was lost. But it has made us closer. I don’t live with my Mom but we’ve started a tradition of me going to her house, we will order food out and sit and watch 8+ hours of kdramas. We just finished Nine and Oh My Ghostess which were both excellent. I jokingly tell my sister I’ve created a monster.

  47. 47 DramaDazy

    It’s such a relief for me to read these stories. Thank you to every person who posts here.

  48. 48 MtKta

    You’re so crazy, people! You’re all a bunch of crazy people :)) I’m not excluded!

    I laughed so hard reading all of these, including comments! This is the verdict: Start seeing a psychiatrist :))

    Maybe I’ll write an e-mail too, I’ve skipped an exam because of kdrama addict, needed to pass it in autumn…

    I thought I would cure myself if I’d quit watching kdramas, but then I discovered DramaBeans, so then look at me addicted again, worse than before!

    You owe me a lot Dramabeans, at least one exam and one summer full of worries!

    Don’t worry, I won’t forget you!

  49. 49 Yo-chan

    Omg, this totally made my day! Amidst busy exams and meetings, all the entries really made me laugh. It’s amazing the effect Kdramas has on people! 😀 I seriously loved the last story. hahaha

  50. 50 Alert

    Oh my God, was it 5 years already??? And I don’t know whether to laugh or to cringe in embarrassment on that rat story LOL. It happened in 2003, and I remembered writing about it on DB 5 years ago – my first kdrama confession ever. Life’s been well since then, I’ve moved on, rented few different places (with no rats- yeay!) and currently living in a place I can call my own. 😉

    Circa 2007- 2010 was the peak of my kdrama addiction. I was on study leave so I had extra time on my hand. Heck, I even thanked kdramas n dramabeans in the acknowledgement section of my master’s thesis LOL. Don’t think I could survive without them!

    I’m still a regular DB reader (daily!), albeit a silent one. Still watching Kdrama, but I dont think I’m addicted to it like I used too.

    …But again, it’s 2 am in my part of the world, and I’m about to watch Twenty Again (for THE Dimple!). And I’m having a phd proposal defense tomorrow. Wonderful, isn’t it? :p

    • 50.1 Nessie

      Hi Alert!

      Oh wow it was so long ago and you’re still on this site, it makes me feel like a newbie here, but it’s so good to see users from awhile ago still coming on here. I’m glad Dramabeans kept up with the times and is still up and running well while not changing it’s core essence. Many good sites usually change for the worse after awhile.

      It’s great to know you’re doing well. I love how the dramas we watch at the time will always be a reminder of our experiences during then. Makes me think back to my first drama of Our Beautiful in highschool and I was totally a kid but oogling over Jang Geuk Suk!

      I still haven’t developed the amazing ability to watch dramas regardless of time haha, I hope your phd proposal defense went well!

    • 50.2 Arhazivory

      Good to know you’re doing well! Your story was really something…I commend your bravery. 😀 *thumbs up*

      All the best with your proposal.

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