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’80s fashions and perms galore for Answer Me 1988’s first poster
by | September 23, 2015 | 49 Comments

javabeans: Hey, check out the poster for Answer Me, 1988. I was expecting more terrible ’80s fashion, actually (not that they look good…).

girlfriday: Wait, where’s Park Bo-gum?? Is he not in this drama anymore?!

javabeans: No way, that can’t be it! He’s gotta be there somewhere… still looking… Ha, well Go Kyung-pyo looks all of twelve years old… OH I SEE HIM. Look for the bowl cut.

girlfriday: OH, there he is! It looks nothing like him.

javabeans: It kind of looks like him. He has that skinny, angled face.

girlfriday: Under a giant helmet of hair. I was just looking for the cute boy, and got lost.

javabeans: Well, expecting cute was your first mistake. Answer Me is all about turning cute into frumpy, old into new, dated into fashionable. It’s the hipster dream.

girlfriday: I do like how awkward everybody looks, and I can’t stop staring at Kim Sung-kyun, who was Samcheonpo in Answer Me 1994 and now playing one of the dads.

javabeans: Whoa, lookit all that gray! So for 1994 he was playing 15 years younger, and now he’s playing 15 years older? I wonder if he’ll have fun talking down to Sung Dong-il, considering how Samcheonpo had to look up to him.

girlfriday: I hope they play bickering neighbor ajusshis who compete for everything. My favorite thing about the poster is the three moms in the center, all with the same hair.

javabeans: My mother had that hair. I’m pretty sure I had that hair. If they really wanted to be true to the ’80s, at least one of the young girls oughtta have wild pama hair. Preferably short and bush-like.

girlfriday: Or feathered, with a wall of bangs. Let’s be honest, the ’80s were not a pretty time. But hopefully the series will amount to more than hair jokes and a trip down bad fashion lane. They say that this installment will be family-centric, not that that’s very different from previous seasons.

javabeans: That makes the cast a lot bigger, which kind of feels like we’ll be getting a triple dose all at once. I just hope the episodes aren’t three times as long.

girlfriday: Just shoot me now. That won’t happen, right?

javabeans: Do you want the truth, or do you want me to make you feel better?


javabeans: On the upside, I’m sure they’ll be very funny, heartfelt, nostalgia-tinged, tear-inducing three-hour episodes.

girlfriday: γ… γ… 

javabeans: You’ll love them! It’ll make you laugh and cry! Just… you know, over and over and over again with nary an editor in sight.


javabeans: Just think of it as recapping a sixty-episode drama. In ten weeks.

girlfriday: I thought you were trying to make me feel better.

javabeans: I go where the truth takes me.

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49 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ara

    Is park bo gum the man in black sweeter?

    • 1.1 Evelyn L

      ah, nope. he is beside the black sweater man and is in grey sweater.

      he still looks cute!

      • 1.1.1 ara

        thanks, I can’t recognize anyone besides the mom and the dad from reply series,

      • 1.1.2 loveseoinguk

        Is Park Bo Gum not the lead? Why is he in the corner?

        • Barack

          Chilbong #2???

          • ara

            Noooo…. I don’t have a heart for Chilbong #2,

  2. noernov

    Park bo gum is in the second row with white sweater n bowl cut hair πŸ˜‰

    • 2.1 Appelsin

      Everyone looking for Park Bo Gum πŸ˜€

      • 2.1.1 Nessie

        I know right! I just LOL’d when I finally found him after JB mentioned the bowl cut haha They all look adorbs!

        • Waiting

          They all look like bowl cuts! LOL

          Park Bo Gum…light gray hoodie on the end of the second row…next to the guy in the black sweater.

  3. Mindy

    Oh my goodness, I love it.

    Sooo excited for this! Something about Korea in the 80s fascinates me.

  4. kanz

    JB: “Just think of it as recapping a sixty-episode drama. In ten weeks.”

    Laugh out loud!!
    Watching 60-ep drama is a feat and now recapping?? Bless your souls, JB and GF..
    Of course, I’ll sneakily pray it’s only 60mins, no extra time, no meandering 90mins/ep and no husband mystery this time. πŸ™‚

    • 4.1 Reyna

      Wait…is it really 60 episodes long?!?!
      You’re kidding right???

      • 4.1.1 Mindy

        Haha they’re just joking about how the episodes for Answer Me 1994 were so long that if they get even longer for 1988 then the running time would be equivalent to a 60-episode drama.

        • nomad

          oh phew! I thought they were being serious. I loveeeee reply series, even with all their shortcomings, but 60 episodes? I can barely hanging on to 24. Can I confess? I totally ship Dong Il ahboji and Il Hwa omma. Especially the one for reply 1994, they’re so lovey dovey to each other, that I can’t remember of any other older married couple in kdrama who act that way.

  5. pastmidnite πŸŒƒ

    Ha! I was too looking for Park Bo gum, before reading this article. Failed to spot him. Have to go get my laptop LOL

  6. Lux

    I’ve never been so lost in my entire life. I even lost track on how many times I asked myself ‘where the hell is..’ lol

  7. Yahoo

    Nice to see how was Korea in their 80s.

  8. genkibaka

    three hour episode … LOL!

  9. kit

    I kind of wish they’ll even go to the early 80s for the next one (I know, I know, this one hasn’t even started yet) so I can get a feel for what Korea must have been like when my parents were dating. At least, a picture of the songs they used to listen to, the kinds of restaurants they ate at (… when they weren’t at the Hyatt Hotel and mum trembled so much she couldn’t even have her tiny bit of fish, hee.)

    But anyway, yes, excited. At least it’ll mean I have something to look forward to after Twenty Again. Thank goodness for tvN, seriously. Finally watching clips of Plus 9 boys and loving it. And Bubblegum soon, too!!! (Also, saw Ep 3 of She Was Pretty and it alleviates some of my fears of Ep 2 hooray.)

  10. 10 Rachel

    I loved both the 97 and 94 versions, but somehow ’94 moved me even more, even though yes the episodes got really draggy at times. I’m looking forward to this one so much.

  11. 11 chunsa

    Can’t wait! But Reply 1994 will always have a special place in my heart… LOVE Trash Oppa!!!

    • 11.1 nomad

      Love him too…and Chilbongie will forever hurt my heart.

  12. 12 M

    The only fault I see is that the actresses look too skinny. Back then people weren’t as thin as nowadays. And since the fashionable clothes were so baggy, they could get away with it.

  13. 13 juniper

    Does anyone see Lee Il-hwa in there? I’m guessing she’s one of the women at the back but I can’t seem to recognize her under the haircuts…

    • 13.1 Haydn

      She’s the one in the middle of the trio of women. πŸ™‚
      Her haircut is the worst. LOL reminds me of my grandma’s. ^^

      • 13.1.1 juniper

        Oh now that you told me, I think I can see her! lol yeah it is really bad. It looks like she got the short end of the stick compared to Sung Dong-il.

    • 13.2 Pinkdream

      IsnΒ΄t she the one in the middle of the three women at the back?

      • 13.2.1 juniper

        Yup. Thanks guys!

  14. 14 Pinkdream

    The first people I looked for were Kyung-pyo and Bogum, because I was wondering who is going to be the lead.

    So it is between Kyung-pyo and the other guy in black next to Hyeri? Can somebody tell me who is the guy in black?

    • 14.1 panshel

      Ryu Jun Yeol.

  15. 15 sky

    I think it’s still hard to tell who’s gonna be the lead :S…considering they’ve played the husband games for so long on reply 94 lol.

  16. 16 mary

    Loving everything about that poster and all the comments trying to spot the actors. XD

    I feel like I’ll just spend the first two eps of this laughing at everything until I settle down and get used to the style.

  17. 17 Kororo

    Super excited for this !!! The poster is brilliant, there’s a few actors I couldn’t spot right away. For some reasons Lee Dong-Hwi remind me of Jo Jung-Seok in architecture 101 ^^.

  18. 18 kV

    So excited for this! I also immediately looked for Park Bogum and had to zoom in just to spot him.

  19. 19 Galia

    OH MY GOD. This is great. That hair, whatttt XD Props to the actors for just going for it, I guess. I do plan to give this drama a try, even though I had mixed feelings about ’94. I mean, Go Kyung-pyo and Park Bo-gum? I have to watch it now. (Unless they do the husband thing again. I mean, they probably won’t, but… *prays to drama gods*)

  20. 20 Moonlight

    I don’t know anything about the 80’s in Korea, but not knowing how the country was in previous decades didn’t stop me from watching both of the previous installments of Reply.

    It they keep episodes with a time of 1h and 5 minutes as it’s being said on mydramalist, the drama has everything to be almost perfect (because there’s no perfect drama, of course. Ok, just Misaeng, haha!). Reply 1994, in my opinion, made a huge mistake with those 1h40min long episodes. Though all, the story is good even though the draggy aspect annoyed me a lot. The number of episodes and the running time of 1997 was simply perfect and made the story more enjoyable.

    If we are going to watch the husband game again, can Go Kyung Pyo win? I really like him and it will be great to see him as a lead. And also Park Bo Gum! He will probably still look gorgeous even with this hair, he is really good looking.

    But I guess this time they will do something entirely new, like make us confused about more than one couple. Until the end we will not know who will end up with who because of hidden feelings, unrequited love, etc. A little like the beginning of 1994, in which we didn’t know with who Yoon Jin will end up, if it is Samcheonpo or Haitai.

    • 20.1 sky

      I love Go Kyung Pyo too! He makes comedy so much comfortable and comes off so much at ease around himself…

  21. 21 elvira

    I couldn’t find Park Bo Gum right away in the picture at first. Wrong keywords after all (keywords: cute)
    But I can see Go Kyung Pyo right away (keywords: smile).

    Can’t wait to watch what 80’s is like.

  22. 22 panshel

    My obsessed Lee Min / Lee Yoon Hoo self found Park Bo Gum instantly.

  23. 23 loveycat

    I also looking for Park Bo Gum immadietly after the poster show up. And is Park Bo Gum’s hair looked simmiliar with Min’s hair for IRY’s 4 last episode? Or it is just me?

  24. 24 Onion

    This was me as I read the post:

    Park Bo Gum? Where? Where? Wheee…. 😱😱😱 There???!!!

    Go Kyung Pyo? Wher… Oh. 😱

    Kim Sung Kyun? *checks the kids line up* don’t see him. *checks the ajusshi line up* 😱

  25. 25 Onion

    …anyone else feels like the boys line up is like “Joowon’s friends” line up? PBG and GKP were 2nd leads for Naeil’s Cantabile and the other two guys actually hangs out with Joowon in real life… (Sorry, I guess it’s obvious I’m a Joowon fan)

  26. 26 ian

    Everyone’s looking for Park Bogum πŸ˜€

  27. 27 maddragonqueen


  28. 28 bd5

    Can’t wait!

    Seems like SK had bad fashion/style/hair during the ’80s as well.

    But really, why does “Ajumma hair” still exist? (Yes, I know, going shorter is easier to take care of and perming/adding curls gives the appearance of more volume, etc.).

  29. 29 Hmm

    Can’t wait for the saguek version of this show… Answer Me, 1797

  30. 30 Tena Chen

    I can’t wait to see what they do with this series!! Will be totally nostalgic for me, I was in high school during this time. Korean version of lots of hair spray, teased bangs and military jackets and hammer pants.

  31. 31 Sunny

    Totally going to check this out for Park Bo Gum. I was super impressed with his acting in “Hello, Monster.” He was fantastic, absolutely fantastic as Min-ah.

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