Dramabeans Podcast #30
by | September 29, 2015 | 53 Comments

Sit back, grab a drink if you fancy one, and join us for podcast time!

Podcast #30

Running time: 57:58

Topics and dramas discussed:

  • Oh My Ghostess: A wrap-up of the show, which ended after our last podcast, including what we liked and didn’t like about the resolution
  • Scholar Who Walks the Night: What we found rewarding and frustrating about Scholar (6:10)
  • Yong-pal: The tension and fast-paced conflict, the transition, and the pretty pretty stars (19:07)
  • Blood: A tangent over to Blood, its actors, and its take on the vampire genre (29:00)
  • Yong-pal: Making our way back to the topic at hand… (35:26)
  • Twenty Again: The cuteness, the adorable leads, the good-natured humor (39:20)
  • She Was Pretty: Just a short talk on Pretty and how we feel about the basic characters and setup, since it’s early in its run (47:55)
  • D-Day: And an even shorter chat on newly aired D-Day and the hint of disaster to come (53:47)

Names mentioned:
Park Bo-young, Kim Seul-gi, Jo Jung-seok, Lee Jun-ki, Changmin, Im Joo-hwan, Yunho, Go Sung-hee, Jung Il-woo, Yoon Eun-hye, Lee Soo-hyuk, Kim So-eun, Lee Yubi, Joo-won, Kim Tae-hee, Jo Hyun-jae, Chae Jung-ahn, Ahn Jae-hyun, Gu Hye-sun, Yoo Yeon-seok, Park Hae-jin, Moon Chae-won, Lee Sang-yoon, Choi Ji-woo, Park Hyo-joo, Park Seo-joon, Siwon, Kim Young-kwang

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Songs Used in Podcast (In order of use)
“Bad Meeting” by Honey-G from the Twenty Again OST
“Secret Paradise” by Jang Jane from the Scholar Who Walks the Night OST
“사랑하는 그대에게” (To you my beloved) by The One from the Yong-pal OST
“Oh You Oh Yeah” by Yoo Sung-eun from the Twenty Again OST
“Koong koong koong” by Kim Min-seung from the She Was Pretty OST


53 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. hawoojinruinedme

    Yay! A podcast!!! Thank you girls!

    Finally something to take Fitzsimmons out of my mind for a moment. At least I CAN listen to this at work. I cant very well watch the MAOS S3 premiere episode here in the office, can I? (Although im dying to already, but will have to wait until I get home.) Also, sorry for posting irrelevant Fitzsimmons stuff here, but it must be done even if only for Fitz and his scruff. The guy is hawt.

    • 1.1 pigsnout

      Who is Fitzsimmons? Not a kdrama character right?

      • 1.1.1 hawoojinruinedme

        Uh, no. It’s an OTP name combined from Fitz + Simmons, characters from the show Marvel’s Agents of Shield. Totally irrelevant to this post (im so sorry about that) but tonight’s the show’s season3 premiere. Naturally, Tumblr’s going crazy, as am I, and I kinda used all the avenues i can let out all my feels on to, so here we are. Also, i was kinda hoping on finding fellow beanies being fans of the show, so I took a chance. I highly recommend the show for THE OTP Fitzsimmons alone, but the series also has its other merits.

      • 1.1.2 Snickers👽

        Mashup of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD character names Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons.

      • 1.1.3 therealpacman

        marvel’s agents of shield characters

    • 1.2 Chococat


    • 1.3 napria

      Please, please put this podcast on Stitcher. I’m on an ipad and so far Stitcher is the best place I’ve found to listen to podcasts without issues.

  2. melonhead


    • 2.1 Aigoooo

      Double YAY!!

  3. blo

    I am so happy now. I was thinking yesterday, as I was lying in bed, how I wished there would be another Dramabeans Podcast. Not making this up. I was even trying to remember how long ago the last one was so that I could guess when the next one would be.

  4. yaya

    Just today i was wondering isn’t time for a DB podcasts – woo-hoo! Thank you, ladies.

  5. Van

    YES! Thanks, ladies.

  6. Melbeanie

    Thanks for this! Was laughing with you, guys! Love your podcasts!

  7. cali

    On tonight’s episode of Vampire Idol who Walks into a Podcast, Mukadil recounts his life in the past as a gorgeous and sexily evil vampire. With the band going to debut in a few weeks and Yoobi Chingu finally back again with Gabri, Mukadil is damn happy to be out of Joseon and the derpy machinations of derpy people. Because all he needed to do to die was go out in the sun. Really. REALLY?! after going through the various plot holes with Yariru and Bbabba, he has decided he looks forward to doing more CFs for chicken, part time work at convenience stores, and pooping for the very first time.
    And knitting more tiny capes for everybody

    • 7.1 whimsicalnet

      I missed this so much… It was one of the delights of reading the Scholarly recaps…. Thank you Cali!! 😀

    • 7.2 pigsnout


    • 7.3 sky

      @cali..I wished you write one for yongpal.

    • 7.4 Dan

      Brilliant! This show is so ridiculous. Only if the writers had a tiny fraction of your wit.

    • 7.5 Gaeina Lee

      Thanks for Cali!

    • 7.6 pogo

      lol Cali you’re killing me…..you’ll kill us all and make us all undead to join Mukadil, at this rate!

    • 7.7 August

      One more for the road…Thanks cali! Your humor & wit was a joy to read in during the SWWTN recap threads. 🙂

  8. whimsicalnet

    Yay!! Saving this to listen on my bus trip later.

  9. tapioca pearl

    PPL will always remind me of the orange juice fiasco in King of Dramas. I will always imagine that that is how it goes down in real life. I’d have to say, though, that my least favorite PPL is outdoor/camping gear. You’d think that everyone in Korea goes camping. Unnecessary hiking/camping/work retreat/biking scenes are so obvious and annoying.

    I agree with the assessment of She Was Pretty, that I am working too hard to reason with the characters, especially Park Seo-joon’s character, which I’m only doing because I love him and his talent. If it were another actor playing his character, I wouldn’t care so much!

    • 9.1 ShiningMoon

      LOL! Thats what I always think of. HAHAHa. My second favorite in King of Drama. (My favorite is Siwon getting slapped)

  10. 10 lizzy4e

    Woo hoo!

  11. 11 earthna

    With OMG, I’m actually fine with how they handled it. At least they acknowledged that there were two entities in her body and that Chef did love both of them. My only complain is Soonjae being alive. That’s just taking it too far. His “death” scene was so beautiful too! This show could have gone wrong in so many ways but it was still a satisfying ending so I’m okay. Some dramas couldn’t even do that. *cough* BIG *cough*

    Twenty Again is so cute!! I wasn’t feeling it during the first episodes but it’s just so warm and relatable. You ladies didn’t talk about Soon-nam. 🙁

    I was just going “yeah! omg I know right?” during the whole She Was Pretty segment. They probably have a reason (more like an excuse) for Sungjoon’s ass-ery but it’s just so hard to like him now. I mean, how bad was it for them to make me feel a dislike for Park Seojoon in this one? Like how is that even possible!! I don’t even know what I would feel if there’s no progress next episode.

    Thanks for the podcast, ladies! Awesome as always. Stress reliever! I love how I get to laugh with you while listening.

    • 11.1 Boomboompow

      Talking bout that dude – I watched Running Man last night and I still got the creeps when I saw Im Joo Hwan AND that black shadow effect!

  12. 12 teapoteonnie

    Thank you, girls. Now I have something to look forward to after done with work :))

  13. 13 Laica

    Thank you! I was just thinking it was about time for one of these. 🙂

    I totally agree about loving the first episode of SWP sooo much and then being unpleasantly surprised at how horrible Park Seo-joon was in ep 2. (And yes, SO HOT.) I’m hoping there’s a reason for him to have changed too, but it better be a damn good one, we’d better find out soon, and I want him to eat an entire humble pie. And maybe hold his ears for good measure. I can’t see a romance I can root for between him and Hwang Jung-eum’s character unless he does some serous penance and changes his ways, not just toward her but toward everyone.

    Cuz right now I’m totally on the Siwon train. I mean, by the end of ep 2, he has a cute nickname for her, notices everything he does, and gives her food and coffee. Plus, he’s so pretty, and so hilarious. And I agree that I think he’s the hidden chaebol!

    Not watching any of the other shows you mentioned, but I’m definitely going to check out Twenty Again after hearing you guys rave about it!

  14. 14 redfox

    in case of She Was Pretty, Siwon is funny, but I am not laughing quite as hard as with his role in King of Dramas. not like I cant´t stop myself. But it does always make me snort…

    now with Park Seo Joon and his character, the meanness feels a little unnatural. And with the revelation about the fridge, maybe he is just hungry. To be honest, he could still be meaner. I am quite fed up with Hye Jin. she is overreacting. If I was her boss, I would tell her to leave her personal matters home at work and concentrate. If, that is, by some miracle, I would hire a person like that. No wonder she didn´t have a job until she was 30. she is manic. But she used to be the calm and collected type before…. it just feels like they turned the childhood personality on its head too, not just the looks.

    If only there was plot besides her freaking out. 4th episode was a little better than the first 3, in that we learn more about the eccentric chaebol… too early to tell if this is going to swim out…let´s see.

    • 14.1 mira

      I think they kind of implicated that she does good job as long as she is not around Seo Joon. Siwon mentioned it once I think, and I could tell how that would be possible.
      If you are scared/nervous around someone your work quality is bound to go down.
      Also in an ideal world personal matter can be strictly kept personal with it having no effect on the person. In real world, it will have some effect on the person nevertheless.

  15. 15 Yukie

    Oh the opening song!!!!!! Twenty again just kills me ~~~~

    Now I’m going to continue listening the rest of the podcast :p

  16. 16 merry

    Thank you JB and GF. It is great hearing your voices. amazing how those names in my head sound in korean. mine’s a bit off. just shows i need to do some basic korean language training.

  17. 17 cmak

    Yay for another podcast! I love listening to you ladies talk about dramas, so much so that I almost chime in LOL. This is an awesome listen when driving 2+ hours. Going to save it for my next visit home next week 😀

  18. 18 Gracious

    On the topic of product placement, there was a great one in Answer Me 1994 with Na Jung, Chilbongie and ‘Tauslezarus the Dinosaur’. I laughed like crazy and it took me a few minutes to realise that it was meant to be Tous Les Jours PPL.

  19. 19 Gaeina Lee

    Yongpal, ah, Yongpal.. *sigh*

    Spot on, ladies. That’s what has been niggling in my mind since ep 8. But, just as you said in 6:06, JB, I have to turn off my brain too while watching it. And like GF said, that since I’ve invested my time, let’s just watch till the end.. just 1 more week to go.. ^^

    Thanks for the podcast, ladies..

  20. 20 ann

    jb’s impersonation of gu hye sun made me laugh so much, I wanted to watch blood just to hear it myself..

    ..nope, no thanks.

    thanks for the podcast guys! you made my day 😀

  21. 21 Satu

    Thank you girls for yet another wonderful podcast. You are getting very good at the “shorter but more often podcasts” thing! I really really enjoy that! Thank you and keep it up, even when the drama batch is just so-so !

    A month ago I was running out of room on the micro SD of my smartphone. Initially I thought it was because of the many pictures I took, until I realized that my music file was by far the biggest, and maybe the 25 dramabeans podcasts on it had something to do with it… I had to remove half of them, and even if the files are still on my computer, I felt I needed to apologize to the deleted files, because I didn’t delete them because I didn’t love them, on the contrary !! They just had to leave room for their baby brothers !!

  22. 22 elric

    Yes! I also hope Sung-joon falls for Hye-jin, not knowing that she’s the real Hye-jin. And I just need a little something that proves he actually has emotions towards people or things that are not related to Hye-jin.

  23. 23 Dramalava

    Yes! Yes! Yes! What a ray of sunshine on this dreary day! 😍😍

  24. 24 pogo

    Thank you for the podcast! I’m another one who was just glad to get to the end of Scholar, because it really did drag in places. But like you guys said, it’s hardly Night Watchman (something the cast saved it from being). It’s not even as frustrating as Warm & Cozy, for that matter.

    and I admit that when Lee Yubi ends up with one-note characters, she tends to chew the scenery and would occasionally benefit from dialling it down a notch. But I’ll have to give her credit, she still tried her hardest. She’s not the first actress to end up visibly grasping at anything at all that’ll allow her greater depth in her portrayal of a one-note character (I thought she actually had it, in some scenes with Changmin in particular) – the last time I saw an actress do this, it was Kim Ji-won in Gapdong. I really can’t blame the actresses in these cases when their characters are so limited AND they visibly worked their butts off trying to sell it, even if they don’t succeed.

    and YAY for Lee Soo-hyuk! I called it right from the ep 1 recap that he and oppa were a great match for each other onscreen, but I’m still impressed by the way he took us from sniggering about his Snape/Loki hair and scorned bromance, to actually feeling sad for him as a pathetic beast by the end. With bonus choking involved at the sight of him with his hair properly done and wearing a gat. And then some more choking at the sight of him in the king’s robes (one should know better than to be drinking water while watching Lee Jun-ki and Lee Soo-hyuk in a sageuk).

  25. 25 pogo

    oh, and thanks to you guys mentioning wanting Park Hae-jin and Moon Chae-won to star in something together, now I WANT IT TOO. And the idea will just not get out of my head, but we can’t have it just yet 🙁

    (I admit, I love Lee Jin-wook but I will not cry if SBS messing around with Goodbye Mr Black means we get the drama at a later date and with Park Hae-jin/Moon Chae-won as the OTP instead).

    • 25.1 Kiara

      Mr Black is not going to happen. SBS already got a new show to take over after The Village. Problem is, they haven’t cast anyone yet lol.

      Mr Black’s director is already on board for this show and one of the writers from Song Kang Ho’s movie “The Attorney” signed on as the writer.

  26. 26 goocze

    Another great podcast!!! I saw this post when I was on the subway and had to immediately go home to listen! Definitely not disappointed!! Wish I can find this podcast on iTunes tho. LOL

  27. 27 SilentSquee

    YAY Podcast!!! I squeed out loud! 😛

  28. 28 Mindy

    It seems like whenever I think “Hmmm, I hope there is another DB Podcast soon!” my wish is granted! My DB senses are strong!

    -goes off to listen-

  29. 29 cherkell

    You guys really had to think of Hot Kings? The dust hasn’t yet settled on all the overseas broadcasts of “Empress Ki,” so I bet Ji Chang Wook’s Ta Hwan/Huizong crossed your minds once or twice (or thirty) times…… 😛

  30. 30 Kdramaloverdee

    Love you girls and love your podcasts, I am loving twenty again and totally agree with your take on YJ and WC.i wish I had someone who I could fan girl with about Lee sang yoon..he is just soooo cute.all my friends (non kdrama watchers) think I am nuts with all my raving n ranting on dramas..lol. Is there any kdrama fans from Melbourne here?? Let’s meet;)

  31. 31 Jc

    I learned the pronounciation of Korean celebs through JB/GF podcast. Yeay! The one name that i was way off is Gu Hye Sun. Wow.. I had to listen a few times to JB/GF to finally realize they were talking abt Gu Hye Sun. Korean names are difficult to say.

    • 31.1 Kiara

      All Lee Jun Ki fan girls should listen to this and pronounce his name properly.

      Most Western girls on YouTube basically pronounced his name as Lee -Jung-Key. It’s so annoying to hear lol.

      • 31.1.1 Aigoooo

        Whenever they mention his name I keep hearing Lee Seung Gi. lol

  32. 32 zamboanguena

    Okay, I’ve been in love with Lee Sang-yoon since “My Daughter Seo-young” but I’m not so familiar with all of his earlier projects so I turned to my friend Google.

    You lovely ladies mentioned that Choi Ji-woo and Park Hyo-joo had worked in Air City together. But you failed to mention that Lee Sang-yoon was also in that project and he played Choi Ji-woo’s first love. Soooo DAEBAK!!!

  33. 33 Lin_K

    She Was Pretty – I am loving Si Won in it! His character is so adorable and funny! Sung Joon’s character is way too mean. He is changing his attitude towards HJ because he is developing feelings for her. But he is only nice to the girl he had/has feelings for and not anybody else, which is not good/acceptable. I’m fed up with all the jerk male leads in kdramas. I’m preferring the nice, second lead guys these days. Maybe I’m becoming mature. Lol.

    (I would love HJ and Shin Hyuk to be together but Ha Ri and SH are a cute pair too.)

    Yong Pal – The earlier episodes were very exciting, and it slowed down around episode 8. I wish it maintained its pace. The writer should have shown more Yong Pal-at-work. When he attended medical cases, it was intense and suspenseful. Still, I’m enjoying the drama.

    I didn’t watch Scholar after the first two (I think) episodes. I am not into vampire stories but was planning on watching it for LJK (,KSE and LYB) but after reading comments and recaps, my interest has waned.

    I’m looking forward to watching Twenty Again 🙂

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