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Thing vs. Thing: Higher learning
by | September 30, 2015 | 73 Comments

girlfriday: Yunno, these days I’m really nostalgic for college because of Twenty Again.

javabeans: But you’re forgetting the part where Lee Sang-yoon wasn’t your professor in college.

girlfriday: No no, in my fantasy I go back to school and he’s my professor! For ALL of the classes!

javabeans: In this fantasy are you kicked out of school because you skipped all your classes because your ridiculously hot professor was also bullying you out of the classroom? Because, remember the part where he did that to Choi Ji-woo?

girlfriday: I would never skip his class! I would just want to listen to him talk all day long.

javabeans: I can’t imagine learning anything in a class where I was just distracted by the professor’s dimples.

girlfriday: Who said anything about learning anything?

javabeans: True, true. In that case, I would also want to listen to and not learn from Kim Soo-hyun in You From Another Star, especially since all his lessons seemed to be about dating.

girlfriday: Oh man, I totally forgot that he was a professor. That was unbelievable, really.

javabeans: But he was four hundred years old! Think of all the wisdom he had! It would take you years and years to listen to all of that wisdom, and conveniently, I would be willing to do that.

girlfriday: Don’t you think it would be distracting if you took his classes for ten years and he stayed exactly the same beautiful alien-man the entire time?

javabeans: I think I’d be stuck on “Damn he’s pretty” and not make it that far into the argument. How about this for a conundrum: Twenty Again Lee Sang-yoon, or Liar Game Lee Sang-yoon?

girlfriday: OH DON’T DO THAT TO ME. I… I…

javabeans: Okay fine, to make it easier, let’s take out hotness from the equation. Whose class would you rather sit through?

girlfriday: But why would we take the hotness out of the equation??

javabeans: Or put another way, do you want Lee Sang-yoon teaching you math, or Lee Sang-yoon teaching you theater?

girlfriday: Ha Woo-jin was technically a psychology professor! Why do I have to learn math at all?

javabeans: But think: It would take you a lot longer to learn the math. You already know how to lie.

girlfriday: Well, I’d say that Liar Game Lee Sang-yoon is the smartest smartypants who ever smarted. So I would definitely take more of his classes, because Twenty Again Lee Sang-yoon’s theater class seems like a class you take to fill your credits as a senior.

javabeans: Expanding to other dramas with professors, we also have Song Chang-eui in You’ve Fallen For Me, who was also a theater professor who directed students.

girlfriday: Oh, and they’re friends in real life!

javabeans: Thing is, I don’t recall Song Chang-eui doing any teaching in that drama.

girlfriday: But we’re not really there to learn, are we?

javabeans: Oh right. I’d take that Song Chang-eui over Dr. Frost Song Chang-eui, though.

girlfriday: You mean because he had feelings?

javabeans: Yes, I imagine it would be difficult to squee over a man who didn’t understand the mechanism of the squee.

girlfriday: I do think Lee Sang-yoon would get some competition in the criminology department from Seo In-gook in I Remember You, though he’s a little more in the Kim Soo-hyun school of Too Young and Hot to Be My Professor. I’d still take his class though.

javabeans: At least he’d be teaching an interesting subject. Wasn’t Ryu Soo-young in My Princess teaching about… I dunno, antiques and old dirt?

girlfriday: Yeah you’d have to pay me to take that class. Ooh, does Maestro Stresemann count as a college professor?

javabeans: NO! Okay fine, maybe Cantabile pervo technically counts as a professor. I might actually learn in his classes. Maybe the wrong things, though. I’d still rather learn music from Lee Sang-yoon.

girlfriday: But he doesn’t teach—


girlfriday: I hope this doesn’t mean we have to fight over Lee Sang-yoon. This could get ugly.

javabeans: Luckily, there are two them.

girlfriday: Dibs on Ha Woo-jin!

javabeans: The thing is, if you wanted to steal Ha Woo-jin from Kim So-eun, that would be pretty easy. You might even get her to apologize to you. Whereas, I’d have to take down Choi Ji-woo, and I’m not sure I’d have that in me. I might just sit quietly in the back of his class and wish for his happiness.

girlfriday: Quitter.


73 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Mandy

    If I had a Kim Soo-hyun or an Lee Sang-yoon to see everyday, maybe I’d also have the motivation to attend classes instead of teaching myself before exams 😛 Hot professors are so rare nowadays. Alien professors don’t even exist in real life.

    *sad face*

    • 1.1 KDaddict😍JCW

      How do you know that alien professors don’t exist in real life? It’s just that we don’t know they are aliens, is all. So cheer up.

      But tun, it could be that they are all in SK. Them with many vampires mixes in.

      • 1.1.1 KDaddict😍JCW

        Sorry. Stupid typo:
        But then, it could be that they are all in SK. Them w many vampires mixed in.

        • Mandy

          I’m currently packing up to move to SK lol. I must be where the hot alien professors are 😛

      • 1.1.2 mary of bethany

        JI CHANG WOOK !!! GF and JB, we forgot JCW!
        Why don’t Ji Chang Wook still teaching something/anything in some KD? That will complete this equation of DAEBAK Prof.?
        oh KDaddict😍JCW, we forgot, not just the Prof are awesome, some students charms too, remember Twilight’s Edward?
        KBS, SBS, MBS, please write JCW into teaching ANYTHING before he shaved for army…. please! sleuthing class?
        without JCW , this Hot Prof List, will remain flawed.

  2. annflln

    I do sincerely wish Professor Grumpypants will get the girl.

    • 2.1 Yui

      my wish exactly.. lol.. should i cheer and say amen? 😀

  3. kanz

    I have better idea!
    All of them in the same university! And they happen to teach some compulsory subjects so every student MUST take their classes to graduate.

    So I’d take theater classes of course from Lee Sang Yoon and Song Chang Eui, take psychology class from Ha Woo Jin, dating class from Prof. Alien-man Do Min Joon and criminology class from Lee Hyun.

    Forget about the grades and if you fail their classes it’s even better as you would have to re-take the classes.


    • 3.1 KDaddict😍JCW

      Every girl in class will fail every time.
      So only the guys pass the required classes and graduate?
      Oh, that won’t be a pretty scenario tho!

      • 3.1.1 kanz

        Hmm.. probably the girl can just fangirling in classes but have study group to focus on studies.. With Na Soon Nam and Kim Min Soo!!

    • 3.2 pancchi

      Just imagining this scenario has me going crazy. I would kill to be in that uni, attend 1st day, and die the same day with all heart skipping a beat and brain not functioning, at all. This is how much my li’l heart can take.

    • 3.3 Emi

      Required classes mean a large body count in a huge lecture hall! Nope. I want seminars, you know where there are just 8 people and Professor Oppa in a room for 4 hours.

  4. KDaddict😍JCW

    You guys are NUTS! 😛
    I wonder if you actually have this kind of convos in RL, u know, not for blogging. Thx for the laugh.

    I wish I had a BFF w whom I could have this kind of argument.

  5. M

    You girls are too funny !!! I actually fell for him during Jung Yi , goddess of fire !
    Yep – I probably the only one that watched and finished it

    • 5.1 mary of bethany

      LSY in Jung Yi goddess of Fire, portrayed crown Prince Gwanghae very skillfully, not overacting, just nice, with trace of helplessness, and weary…. finally heart wrenching let his loved one go…. since he lost his girl in Jung Yi, we can’t change history right? hopes that he got his in 20 again.

      • 5.1.1 shin rae mi

        Even in The King’s Face, Prince Gwanghae didn’t get his girl, too. LOL!

    • 5.2 shin rae mi

      I watched Jung Yi, too. I watched it because of two reasons:
      1. Lee Sang Yoon is the male lead
      2. I have this growing admiration with Prince Gwanghae..

  6. Onion

    I’d take Liar Game Lee Sang Yoon! To listen and learn. And i’d flunk on purpose to retake the course…. Heh

  7. mellina

    “…Smarted smarty pants who ever smarted” LOL OH yes, He is.

  8. An

    I’ll actually take Seo In Guk despite his may-be-psychopath-but-not-really.. yes, he’s hot but his ‘class’ is also my personal favorite..

  9. candyjkt

    LEE SANG YOON !! LEE SANG YOON !! lee sang yoon messy hair somehow remind me of Lee Seo Jin hahaha…

  10. 10 Daehoney

    *files petition for Lee Sang Yoon to teach Physics in my class though my major has barely anything to do with Physics* That Seoul University brain (and dimples!) must come to a good use.
    This talk about hot teachers in K-dramas remind me of one particular teacher in my college. He’s young (not yet 30). I attended his class for the first time when I was a freshmen. He’s absolutely smart, explains well, and though not exceptionally handsome, he’s sure an eye candy. The way he speaks can be misunderstood as cocky and arrogant, but I think it’s just how he normally speaks. Sadly, he’s currently off from teaching as he’s now taking a master in Harvard.

  11. 11 Tien

    If Lee Sang Yoon or Seo In Guk were my professors, I would be happily and willingly repeat the course. I would, from time to time, ask for a one-to-one conference, saying I haven’t fully understood the assignment or some thing like that.

    But yeah… that would happen only if I survived Seo In Guk’s smexy smile. Coz I thought my brain might have been damaged too seriously for me to orchestrate that brilliant idea.

    • 11.1 Anabella

      Same Here! XD

  12. 12 Z

    So I actually had a hot young professor in college and it was great. I think I heard that he was thirty and he was teaching grad classes so he was not much older (often younger) than his students. I was 25 at the time so I TOTALLY thought I had a chance with him. AND he had a baby-face, I was in his first class when when he first came to our university and when he walked and started talking we thought he was the TA for like the first 10 minutes.

    The Upside: He was really really pretty.
    The Downside: Boy genius professors are not as suave in real-life as they are in Dramas. He was just as nerdy and awkward as you would expect a 30 year old Biomedical Engineering PhD to be. So it was no fun imagining all the flirty fun we could have during “Office Hours.”

    Has Lee Pil Mo played a professor yet? If so, he’s my vote. Especially if I’m going back to school now in all my Ahjumma glory.

    • 12.1 kalel

      Well, it’s true, most geniuses are nerdy and mostly awkward around girls (the “Big Bang Theory” kind of nervousness), no matter the course nor the major. Science may have a few more nerd-ish, young professors than, let’s say, Psychology or Literature, as far as I can tell,- Psychology might be a tad worse, with the coldest professors eveeerrr, LOL!

      I’d prefer Lee Pil-Mo as a doctor (or as a Chief of Staff in the “Emergency Couple” way)…for my annual check-ups (whether I need them or not!) and the (usual) physical examination by MY physician, you know..! 😉

  13. 13 redfox

    I have had enough of academic knowledge with two masters degrees. Ninja Teacher, where are you, show me how to escape Death and other nuisance.

    • 13.1 redfox

      who´s my classmate in the class “How not to totally suck even in pretending you are a Ninja?”

  14. 14 Akichan

    You guys would be surprised at the amount of stats that is required in psychology. In my university there is a whole compulsory unit devoted only to research and statistics in psychology (if you want to major in it). Just glad I passed. lol

    • 14.1 Spi

      Second that!

  15. 15 Gaeina Lee

    I’ll take LSY and SIG classes all the time. I’ll sit, and like JB, listen but not learn anything from them.. and in between, I’ll slip into dreamy land, fantasizing. Now, which uni should I enroll?

    Thanks for the fun reading, ladies~!

  16. 16 hawoojinruinedme

    Ha Woo-jin all the way. My username is like this for a reason.

  17. 17 Sumee is eternally Ji Chang Wook's😍

    Well well well I will not talk about professors …
    It’s so hard when the students try to hit on you and you have to keep a straight face 😵(even though you are annoyed )

  18. 18 kanz

    Having a young professor/lecturer is not unheard of in my department.. Well, some of my lecturers are only 25-27 years old and most of them are on their 30s.
    The only difference is that none of my male lecturers actually as hot as Lee Sang Yoon or as cute as Kim Soo Hyun.

    • 18.1 dramalover

      Yes IKR! Interestingly, most of the younger professors in Singapore NUS are foreigners, such as from China. (Many of my peers don’t get their accent….) Yes, they are not as hot as LSY or KSH!

  19. 19 earthna

    This is so much fun to read! Ha Woo-jin or Cha Hyun-seok? To be or not to be?

  20. 20 Tien

    Can I have Shin Sung Rok’s Kang Do Young as another Psychology Prof?? I want to learn how to control my microexpression.

    So I can apply what I learn from him.. say having a blank expression, when I’m in Lee Sang Yoon’s class. That way Lee Sang Yoon will know I need a greater help in my study and offer a private discussion.hehehhehe

  21. 21 dramalover

    Hey dramabeans, you know what. I just finished LG and have been thinking about this same exact topic, such a coincidence that you wrote an article on this. Thank you! It is a funny read and it has all my thoughts in it!
    I will definitely opt for LSY’s class in Twenty Again. I really love theater and am considering to minor in it. I will take the module ‘Introductory to Theater Studies’ next semester. Furthermore, his class sounds genuinely interesting. Bonus point is that I have such a hot and handsome professor of course. d: I will choose his class in Twenty Again over LG – his teaching in Twenty Again seems more lively!
    Well, KSY’s class in YFAS is a core mod guys! It is CSY’s core module, that’s why she has to attend it. He is a psychology professor, interesting stuff but he seems really strict. Although i am head over heels him, I wun want to risk my CAP if i have the choice. d:

  22. 22 sera

    only in Kdramaland there will be hot prof like LSY 😛

  23. 23 Small Birdy

    Had an economics lecturer that fits into this category AND he smells so good that I was always waiting for him to walk past us to get a whiff. Ah could take his classes forever. …… the good ole college days. ……how wonderful they were!

  24. 24 wattle

    Omg preach! I have become completely, irrevocably, 100% bananas about LSY. I saw the light in Twenty Again so now I’m backtracking to Liar Game and Angel Eyes. Uni means I’m a casual and pretty selective viewer, so I’d be lucky finishing 2 dramas a year. But I’ll trudge through anything for LSY.

    He’s teetering on ahjussi territory for my age but if he was my psych professor I’d go to every lecture/tute/consult, flick my hair and drop all the pens I have for him to pick up (thanks Clueless). 😀 My uni needs one of him. Give me the age difference and dimples any time.

    • 24.1 sigalltheway

      Try his older drama “My daughter Lee Seo Young”.

      • 24.1.1 fab♥hilleo

        How about the even older “The Scales Of Providence”(But good luck finding decent subtitles), bonus: Song Chang-eui is in it too.
        For more of LEE SANG-YOON -*HEARTEYES*- I dare you to finish this 100+ ep drama called “I Love You, Don’t Cry”, but you won’t have time to fast-forward much as the other dimply sweetheart LEE JUNG-JIN will also be gracing your screens. 😉

        • wattle

          Thanks for the recs guys, I’ll look them up 🙂 Haha I came across LJJ in Hundred Year Inheritance but bailed pretty early on. The writing was crazy. I love people who have crinkly, smiley eyes like LSY and LJJ. They instantly make me happy when I hang out with them.

          • fab

            HYI is a little too much of the other side, it’s save to call it “makjang”.
            He’s been in plenty of good dramas luckily. 2 Outs In The Ninth Inning is one of my and Dramabeans’ favourite dramas.

    • 24.2 mary of bethany

      LSY, has a very sincere, low-key, no frail act… you always feel very comfortable with him, you don’t awe over some smile, or some suit he wear, or faint over some skin he show while swiming.. whatever… his works in time past, are all very real… someone you like as an Oppa beside you caring for you for a long time, then suddenly you found you loved him, he is exactly that kind of feels. My first LSY drama was Jung Yi goddess of fire….. very sad fine act.
      don’t you all find, he always look perfectly fine with actress-noonas older than him, remember “My daughter Lee Seo Young”, ….

      • 24.2.1 vietngo

        I always like your comments , so profound !

  25. 25 miliver

    Oh how i love you girls and your thing vs. thing post. Very funny, but how could we choose between cha woo jin vs cha hyun suk?

    Still hoping there will be liar game 2.. lee sang yoon is killing me with his dimples…

  26. 26 Chan

    Love your post. I have been yearning for Friday for a week. Yes, wishing Mr grumpypants his happiness. Is that happiness coming this weekend?

  27. 27 Seunghee

    I love that this is all about Lee Sangyoon. I totally fall for him when I watched Liar Game but I think I just keep falling deeper after I watch Twenty Again.

    Fun fact about me :
    I try to imagine about him every time I sleep in hope that I can meet him in my dream. Not successful enough, but I have been trying since Twenty Again started. And I’ll keep on going XD

  28. 28 makoto

    any classes would be fine as long as the professor is Lee Sang Yoon!

  29. 29 Hwari

    How about teacher? If I got Han Song Jong Ho or Han Yoon-Jae in drama Orange Marmalade, I swear I’ll be a good student and go to school everyday.

  30. 30 MikoD

    Sigh.. Lee Sang-yoon every day, any class. Gosh. He’s just… I can’t wait for Friday’s episode of Twenty Again; please come quickly.

  31. 31 gadis

    Oh my God, girls… You really made my day.. I’ll pick Seo In Guk though, even if I can’t understand any of his lecture. Let me just sit quietly in the back of class and admire all the beauty.

    • 31.1 mary of bethany

      nevermind if you can’t understand SIG class, who say we take the Hot Prof class to understand them? just continue to fail and retake his class…. better even if you can bring a four wheels chair yourselves and do the Ji-An thing, roll down to him and grin. … hahha.. i am betraying my faithfullness to the OTP in IRY.

  32. 32 Susan

    This is bad I had enough trouble by mixing Korean words in my day to day life and now I’ll be thinking of Lee sang yoon & Kim so hyun in my classes (if it’s a boring subject though) damn you drama beans (still I’ll enjoy the fantasy)..^ω^

  33. 33 ultramarineblue

    LOL Seo In Guk all the way! I would take all of his classes :D. Ha Woo Jin would probably sense my inability to understand so I’ll go with Hyun Seok b/c I love theater and literature. Hahaha but really I dont want to go back to college. If I see another syllabus I might run away.

    • 33.1 sigalltheway

      high five!

  34. 34 KDluvr

    God luv these discussions!!
    Ofcourse Cha Hyun Seok in all his dimpled glory!!I luved him in liar game but he didn’t smile much….he is making up for that in 20 again:)

  35. 35 Valerie

    I usually take pretty boring classes taught by some pretty boring professors old enough to be my dad. My ochem professor was actually in his eighties and looked like the grandpa from the old Six Flags commercials. But, through unicorns and Merlin’s beard, a couple of really hot professors managed to make their way into the club through grants and research. One of them even brought his corgi to class all the freaking time. Now that’s just overkill. I would totally do everything to get a shot at him but that would require me fighting my way through all the girls wanting the same thing.

  36. 36 nanoo

    i’m crazy for Lee SangYoon since Hawoojin appeared in this world, where in the world i can find this kind of professor?????? i would never skip my class

  37. 37 catDLN

    Dramabeans and Girlfriday, you make me smile. Thank you for the silliness and the laughter. 🙂

  38. 38 Mindy

    None of my professors are nearly as interesting or as hot as K-Drama professors… oh well.

    By the way, I’d totally choose to take Twenty Again Lee Sang Yoon’s theater class.

  39. 39 Nessie

    This post cracked me up! I join the other people going to Seo In Guk’s class as well, though my attention span on the notes would drop below than half.

    My course in uni mostly had older lecturers, but we did get a young lecturer for one class, and man did it brighten all the girls day haha. He was the gossip for quite a bit, but all in good fun.

  40. 40 merry

    I can just smile at this conversation. You made me hark back to those days. I recall my first grad school where we had a fresh PhD from the US as the lecturer teaching a policy course. Oh so goodlooking but on hindsight, he did not explain stuff well. But some not good looking ones became so attractive because of what comes out from their lectures. Lucky to have met all kinds in my academic life.

  41. 41 Kdramaloverdee

    You both are sooo funny! Where can I find a BFF to have such an important conversations ??
    I am a dentist and if some one as cut as lee sang yoon was my professor, I would surely have drilled holes in the wrong tooth lol..those dimples are just too distracting.

  42. 42 Spi

    I laughed so much. You girls are so funny!
    But, you wouldn’t think so but psychology students have to learn tons of maths. At least they are supposed to.

  43. 43 mjfan

    yup , if only all my professors were Cha Hyun Seok 😀
    I totally love LSY now although I never knew him before twenty again and I was like who the hell is that to act with our ji woo , bring Lee Seo jin on
    but after watching , sorry LSJ , LSY won me over

  44. 44 PlumWine

    Thank you! I love Thing vs Thing!

    I would go back to college and take all their classes.

    What I really want is for one to come with me tomorrow when I sub a class; maybe that will get the girls to quit chattering. I’ll just need to bring a box of tissues for the drool. (Them and me)

  45. 45 mary of bethany

    the Awesome GF & JB,
    i always you gals, very unique GF and JB’s taste of ‘Sis-mance’, ur ‘teasing or very relax therapeutic talk session (whatever you call it. or is there any word coined for this awesome sisterhood thingy?)

    never ever address anything directly to you. this is for you: Treasure each other, and walk down the road 20 years like Nora and her ballet GFF, ok…. not many of us can have this kind of sisterhood ties…..
    God so bless you, FIGHTING!!!!

  46. 46 LJH 💕

    I’m having an issue with college at the moment. I have a really cute with dinoles professor and he has such a fantastic sense of humour. I’m here to learn but I’m continually being distracted by him at the same time! Not good 😛

  47. 47 chereon

    So remember when LSY was cast in Angel Eyes and you lost interest? I will say that I’ve just watched it and while the drama itself has problems (gratuitous heartache that drags on and on) LSY makes a very fine performance (IMHO) so if you’re looking for a LSY fix check it out. I don’t think I’ve seen him looking finer than in that show. He’s got a haircut that is just begging for fingers to run through – know what I mean?

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