Choi Jin-hyuk discharged from army early due to knee injury

Oh no, it’s usually happy news to hear of actors coming back from army duty, but this is unfortunate. Choi Jin-hyuk (Pride and Prejudice, Fated To Love You) has been discharged from the army on disability after only seven months of active duty. It was announced on October 21 that the army officially discharged him on October 16 because he injured his knee badly while serving, underwent surgery, and was unable to recover to active duty status.

The actor reported for mandatory military service on March 31 of this year, and reportedly injured his knee severely while on duty. He underwent surgery for the damaged knee cartilage, and hoped to recover fully and continue active service (the usual term is 21 months). But it was determined that he would need long-term treatment and rehabilitation, and was discharged early.

His reps say that he’s extremely distraught over being discharged early when he really wanted to complete his service term, which I honestly believe — he gains nothing from coming back to civilian life early, given how stringent the cultural view is on celebrities being given any sort of special treatment in the army.

Unfortunately that means he likely won’t be back to acting any sooner than if he had stayed in the army — it would only create backlash where there needn’t be, so it seems unwise. Besides, he has a knee to rehabilitate. Hopefully the time off will lead to a full healthy recovery, and we’ll see him back on our screens soon.

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