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Go Soo headlines period murder mystery The Tooth and the Nail
by | October 7, 2015 | 17 Comments

Interesting. The Tooth and the Nail is the movie that was once courting Han Seok-kyu to headline, but stalled somewhere along the way in development. It’s back now with a brand new cast, led by Go Soo (Tailors), who plays a man in search of a killer after the death of his fiancée.

The new film by director Jung Shik of Epitaph is based on the 1955 novel The Tooth and the Nail by American crime novelist Bill Ballinger. The complex novel is two stories interwoven and told simultaneously — one of a magician avenging his fiancée’s death, and the other about a man on trial for murder where the only evidence remaining on an incinerated corpse is a tooth and a nail. The two tales eventually converge, and how they meet is part of the central mystery.

The Korean adaptation will be set in the independence era post-World War II, and Go Soo will star as the magician who gets embroiled in this tangled murder mystery. Is it just me, or do we have a big influx of magicians coming to the big screen lately? Im Hwa-young (Yong-pal) has been cast to play the fiancée whose death spurs him into action, and he’ll discover along the way that she’s been hiding some dangerous secrets.

Kim Joo-hyuk (Beauty Inside) is a man shrouded in mystery — he’s a man of ambiguous identity and mysterious past — and that’s all we’re told about his character. Park Sung-woong (Hidden Identity) plays a prosecutor chasing after the truth, and Moon Sung-geun (Memories of the Sword) plays a lawyer who’s trying to keep the truth hidden. I think the period setting and magician angle will add something interesting, and apparently Go Soo is learning Japanese, piano, and tap dance for the role. Tap… dance? Oh I gotta see this.

The Tooth and the Nail starts shooting this month for a release next year.

Kim Joo-hyuk, Im Hwa-young, Park Sung-woong

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17 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Arhazivory

    Gutaeng hyung! I need to watch Kim Joo Hyuk in something.

    • 1.1 mishlee

      he’s so funny and has a charming personality in 2d1n

  2. Iris

    With Kim Joo-Hyuk, no less! Yes – PLEASE!

  3. pastmidnite 🌃

    Can’t wait to see him tap dancing 😀

    …so I guess he’s not coming back to dramaland soon, huh?

  4. maskedamyoozr

    I was excited about Han Seok-kyu in this so I was about to be disappointed, but then you mentioned Park Sung-woong. Plus Go Soo tap dancing? I guess I’m still on board!

  5. Shunigmoon

    Ooohhh it’s been ages since I’ve seen Go Soo in something. And seeing him tap dancing would be great jijiji. I just hope he come back to drama land soon, miss him.

  6. Mandy

    I gotta see Go Soo in general, and in anything. Tailors was such a disappointment so I’m glad he’s back to a somewhat modern world. Excited!

    • 6.1 kanz

      Royal Tailors is disappointing?
      My opinion certainly differs than yours. It’s a great movie, me think.

  7. Tha


    I’ve never known of him until Empire of God which I absolutely love. Can I get something like that again with him and Le Yowon again.

    • 7.1 sera

      U should watch his other projects as well. I first discovered him in Green Rose. 🙂

      E0G may not everyone’s cup of tea, but both him and Lee Yo Won are absolutely great actors. Wish for their reunion in the future

      • 7.1.1 fab♥hilleo

        I thought EoG was great. Come back to TV land Go Soo!

        • August

          Ditto! Tossing in the caveat ‘in another great project.’

  8. Nemo

    Kim Joo Hyuk = Gutaeng hyung! He’s so awkward but very funny in 1N2D. Can’t wait for this

  9. Gaeina Lee

    Go Soo, oh how I miss you in my small screen..
    Fine, you may do another non-romantic drama such EoG again if that guarantee to lure you back to drama land. Or 50 eps sageuk is fine too. Just, do a drama where I can see you weekly..

  10. 10 TrinPie

    Why is it always the women who have to be killed to give the men a reason for revenge? Such a tired trope.

    • 10.1 August

      Good question. Just recently an example of the gender trope being flipped – the woman sought revenge and vengeance (**cough, cough Yong Pal**). Low and behold, this resulted in a fair amount of debate and contention. Some people had a hard time reconciling the woman as a heroine and deserving of a OTP relationship with the male lead because her character deviated far from adhering to the standard kdrama cliché of a “miss goody two shoes” but more along the lines of being (call it what you want) morally ambiguous/gray – neither totally good or completely evil. A crocodile/alligator (depending on the subs) true to form in the midst of and always dealing with if not outright fighting others/dissidents/villains out for blood.

  11. 11 yayaya

    Gosoo… Can he go back to dramaland? I love him in Will It Snow so much. The drama might be depressing for some but it was his gaze and stare that made it bearable. Never see him in comedy though. A romantic comedy won’t hurt! Please be cast in a drama after finishing this. Pretty please, pretty ahjussi?

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