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Go Soo, Jin Se-yeon for MBC sageuk Flower in Prison
by | November 17, 2015 | 179 Comments

Hrm, I don’t know about this casting, but let’s see what it’s about: Jin Se-yeon (Age of Feeling) has announced her next drama as the MBC sageuk Flower in Prison, and Go Soo (Empire of Gold) is now considering.

The drama centers around a woman born in prison and follows her success story, with Jin Se-yeon set to play the lead character named Ok-nyeo, which literally means “prison woman.” No word yet on what character Go Soo would play, other than that he’s a lead. Which I could figure well enough on my own, since he’s Go Soo.

The drama will deal with the Joseon legal system, in particular the people who argued on behalf of wronged citizens. They weren’t government officials who handled lawsuits, but would help ordinary people interpret the law and handle lawsuits for them, in a time when the legal code was written solely in hanja and thus out of the reach of understanding for commoners. In essence, it was a precursor to the modern legal system, with lawyers serving as intermediaries between the people and the courts.

The drama will be directed and written by two heavy-hitters in the sageuk world, PD Lee Byung-hoon (Dong-yi, Yi San, Dae Jang Geum) and scriptwriter Choi Wan-kyu (Triangle, Gu-am Heo Jun, IRIS, Jumong, All In, and Sangdo, among many others). While the main characters will be fictionalized, the drama will incorporate a number of real historical figures and events.

I can’t say that I’m thrilled with this pairing, because while I’d be happy to see Go Soo in another drama, I don’t understand how Jin Se-yeon gets all these leading roles when she’s yet to rise to the challenge of any of them. (Basically, girlfriday said it best.) I always want to be optimistic that people can change or discover hitherto-latent acting skills (Lee Yeon-hee had Miss Korea, Lee Bo-young had My Daughter Seo-young, even Changmin had Scholar Who Walks the Night)… but how many times can someone be bad and get that benefit of the doubt? That’s mostly a rhetorical question, but if you’ve got an answer, do share!

Jin Se-yeon will begin filming in mid to late February, after the childhood portions are filmed. Flower in Prison will follow MBC’s current weekend drama My Daughter Geum Sa-wol, to premiere in March.

Via Joy News, Mk.co.kr


179 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Haneul

    There is no answer other than whoever is backing her up is damn powerful. Maybe a miracle will happen & we’ll be awed by her performance.

    • 1.1 pogo

      yeah, I wouldn’t hold my breath on it.

      I have no idea why she keeps getting considered for lead roles either, unless the big secret is that she has mafia bosses somewhere in the family and they have dirt on the networks.

      • 1.1.1 noure


      • 1.1.2 nicki

        Jin Se Yeon is horrible. In all of Kdramaland, I hate her and Go Sung-hee the most. They are both terribly wooden and they are the worst actresses.

        • stein

          Among the Kdrama audience in my country, nobody likes JSY or Go Sung Hee. Everybody thinks they are both horrible and really suck at acting…bland as hell, robotic, wooden etc. They just cannot act to save their life.

    • 1.2 xiaoSxin

      There were a few rumors about her when she started that her agency was created just for her, which theoretically could make sense since she was the only talent listed at that time. Another rumor was that she was/is Hyun Bin’s girlfriend.

    • 1.3 Lalateehee

      I think her ‘mong ji hyo ‘ face in that photo sums up most of her performances. Please oh please, if she takes this on let her do better.

  2. nutass

    NO. theres the awesome go soo, so dont spoil it pls.

  3. ran GO! GO!

    I’m curious when you said ‘how many times can someone can be bad and get that benefit of the doubt’ about JSY. I’m not a hard fan of her but so far what i’ve seen of hers, she’s not nearly as bad as so many here claim to be. can someone enlighten me? without scrutinizing and telling me how horrible she was in Dr Stranger because i get it quiet clearly from this place. and i have my own opinion about that drama so just let it at that.
    Back to this drama news, I’m intrigued. cause a sageuk centering around a female lead? the last time was JOJLIL for me. and even though it kind of crashed in the end, i’ll never forget the first eight eps which made me, one who never watched sageuk, drooling over every eps. I hope her role is a strong minded woman here, because dramaland needs more of it. Hopefully Go soo isn’t the ‘prince charming’ or anything of that sort, but judging from the tone, it ain’t just some romantic story. so yea count me in.

    • 3.1 pogo

      I’ll be blunt – even leaving aside Dr Stranger, she seems to struggle with forming natural-looking facial expressions onscreen (to the point where it looks like she’s more conscious of camera angles than of her costars) and has basically no charisma. And her speech is really off, which is going to be a major problem if this is a sageuk (I wish I didn’t understand enough Korean to know that, but I do and I can’t un-hear it).

      The idea of a sageuk with a female lead would ordinarily make me very happy too (I mean, look at Dae Jang Geum) but NOT when the person who’s supposed to be the centre of it all has consistently failed to display any semblance of the necessary acting ability.

      • 3.1.1 ran GO! GO!

        hmmm idk what to say because i’m no expert, yea. I’ve seen her in Bridal Mask, a little in Inspiring Generation, more recently in her new rom-com movie. Maybe because i’m not a korean native speaker so i didn’t find anything weird about her speech. Sometimes in the more heavy emotional scenes, it does appear she tries so hard but her chemistry with her co-star and their exchange made me overlook it. And when she does rom-com, I find her extremely cute and easy on eyes. Her smile can brighten my whole screen lol

        I do get people might think differently about her ‘acting’ and you guys might all be right. But the hate is just ridiculous. I’m not talking about you pogo, but in general here and some place i go to. Maybe i’m lucky that i hadn’t felt that she had ‘destroyed’ my pleasure to watch anything. She’s not near anywhere to my fav actress but far from my to avoid list. sometimes it’s not the acting to me, it’s how an actor makes me feel when i watch his/her scenes. Personally, I hope JSY will continue acting, her ‘hiatus’ was long enough for me. It’s funny cause even though i’m not a fan, the more i see how much hate she gets, the more i want to support her. you go girl and don’t give up!

        • chanelboy

          But to add sugar, I still, do like her way a lot rather than PSH in drama as lead..

          • Spi

            Yeah, PSH is worse in my opinion…

          • queen

            here comes the famous psh hater in db. lol psh is much more better than jsy. well at least she didnt get hate for lack in acting as much as jsy by knet. that testify sth

          • bleb

            stop talking nonsense, PSH is awesome.

          • Tulips

            @chanelboy, @spi

            Imao.. Psh is definitely miles better than jsy. We get it.. You are jsy’s fans and have it against psh for your own reasons. But let’s be honest and give credit where its due. FBND and pinocchio are proof enough that she is good. I bet you guys wouldn’t have watched many of her projects. Well, atleast psh has work ethics and also does like one project a yr, unlike jsy who jumps from one project to another,even before completing and keep getting major lead roles(like the above one) in public channels when the public sentiment is not so good regarding her acting.

          • chanelboy

            @Tullips and others : Usually, I ignore, but I surprised how much hate I got for saying my taste out loud here. Sorry, where did I said I am JSY’s fans??? Did you read my other comment just right below ur comment? Is okay if u don’t, but u can read it you want.

            And, wow i just write one sentence and it came off very too strong reactions. I thought DB is free civilized site?

            I don’t even put the word “HATE” regards PSH.
            I just said… my preference, can’t I? I write very very politely, I only said I do like her a lot better regardless her immature acting than PSH, I don’t think is wrong to put it that way, you the one should check how quick you jump into negativity on people.

            Is funny how you reacts screamingly when I only write I choose seeing JSY over PSH, but is it okay to write off a lot bad (some even accuse JSY sleeping with somebodies), that’s more way out of control should be. Double standard.

            Just bcs PSH or other actress acts better judged on your own taste, and pick up netizen as ur base argument, it doesn’t justify how you level actress-es based on that.
            Even the worst actress (maybe) has their own fans, and doesn’t make the fans charged of guilt for loving the bad actress than good actress. Please and Thanks.

      • 3.1.2 chanelboy

        She has no star power. No matter how pretty she is, she ain’t got the showbiz’s light and lime.

        In entertainment industry, face is super important. But more than that, you should have what it takes to flaunt it, from inside. The star you are, not only from outside, but from inside as well.

        Take a closer look at Gong Hyo Jin, Choi Kang Hee, even the maknae actress Jun Eunji.
        From face itself, JSY basically win they out. But, they have something, something I couldnt count on JSY.

        Well, I hope my likeness towards here could grow

        • bd5

          But actresses like GHJ had acting talent from the start.

          Otoh, actresses like Kim Tae-hee, Lee Yeon-hee, Song Hye-gyo, etc. were roundly criticized for their “stiff” acting and at least for KTH and LYH, eventually had break-out performances.

          The again, while pretty, JSY isn’t as gorgeous as the other 3 – and there are actresses who are just as pretty and better at acting.

          Personally, never seen JSY act (just basing it on what others have stated) – but have see her on variety (RM) and she seems pleasant enough.

          Have seen KTH in things when she was bad (like “The Restless”), but only 3 yrs later, KTH really impressed me w/ her acting in “Mt Princess” (can’t believe thar was 6 yrs ago) – so who knows?

    • 3.2 pogo

      oh, and while I make allowances for bad scripts potentially messing up even good actors, she’s failed to impress even in dramas that were actually really well-written (Gaksital). Which doesn’t lead to any great measure of confidence in her abilities.

    • 3.3 Elle

      She is a emotioneless actress…Not with Go Soo…she already ruined too many of my male lead with her bad acting.

      • 3.3.1 ran GO! GO!

        okay..? lol

    • 3.4 Gala

      Perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones to get “healed” with her acting? Heh. Kidding aside, as a viewer, I don’t feel her emotions as sincere when intended. I’m not coming convinced with her characterization, and her facial expressions are quite distracting. Granted, I thought she was okay in her first (I think…) drama, bridal mask. But that could be because I was a but more forgiving as a viewer, since it’s the first time seeing her on screen.

      • 3.4.1 ran GO! GO!

        The ‘healing acting’ sarcasm needs to stop. one can enjoy sth without getting judged by others. I do understand by you’re just joking. it’s just i’ve seen this ‘joke’ so many times since JSY had mentioned it. It’s not fun anymore when you start mocking HER fans or just people who would like to watch her on screen. in a sort ‘downgrading’ them for their taste. again I’m talking in general here, not to you specifically Gala.

        • Gala

          Unfortunately, it’s a ‘stigma’ stuck to her, like her own scarlet letter. She made the reference herself, so one can’t help use it against her, whether joking or not.

    • 3.5 TrinPie

      I personally don’t hate her as a person but I don’t want to see her on my TV screen. She is a very wooden actress who struggles to make you believe anything she is supposed to be feeling as a character. Which is a big failure as an actor when she isn’t able to make you care about any of her characters. Her lack of skills especially show through when paired with strong actors like Joo Won and Lee Jong-Suk.

      • 3.5.1 ran GO! GO!

        I might be one of those ‘odd’ ones. I hate to say like that because why should i downgrade myself just because i like sth that other people think suck? JSY acting doesn’t bother me AS MUCH AS some people here. I guess in the end it’s just to each their own. There’s a fine line between speaking out their opinion and just simple hating/dissing.
        Personally i loved her chemistry with Jong-suk and Joo Won, maybe more with the later. Unlike many here(if not everyone heh) I enjoyed DS to an extend. It has its flaw but JSY acting never really bothered me. I felt for the OTP romance and in the end just satisfied for their HE. so yea. maybe i’m just one of those lucky ones lol not gonna complain ^^

    • 3.6 Sur

      I would say that she that she is uncomfortable of the camera, she is always very aware of the camera and isn’t very natural with her expressions, in a rom-com one can easily forget all that, but in heavy hitting drama like Gaksital or this saeguk its hard to unsee when all the other people are doing such a good job, for me it is very rare to prefer a second lead over the main one but when I try to remember female and Gaksital all I remember is Rie same with Doctor Stranger all I remember is So-ra. There have been a few actors whom I just don’t get, I just can not get invested in their roles like Park Shin Hye, Song Ji Hyo but at the end of the day they have huge fanbase and mass appeal so when they get major roles it’s not as shocking as when a relative untalented newbie with a mile long anti-fans gets such high profile roles. But I agree that calling her slut and saying she is related to Yakuza is plain inhuman.

    • 3.7 HuGe

      Ran Go! Go!

      You are asking people’s opinions regarding her acting aince you don’t understand why they hate it so much and when they reply with their reasons, you keep on defensing it using your own reasons that you and keep stating how you feel her acting is ok. Isn’t pointless to ask? You, yourself stated that it maybe due to different taste and preference. It just that minority of people found her acting is lacking and for that, you can’t forced what you think is okay to them by replying to their comment and force your own idea.

      You also keep on saying stop the sarcasm but you, yourself also using sarcasm no? With all this constant using of ” “.

      For someone who claimed that she isn’t really a fan, your replies do makes you like an avid fan who can’t accept other people’s opinions. Yes, some of the comments can be nasty but I’m refering to these replies only..the one where you ask people’s opinions about what they dislike about her acting

      • 3.7.1 chanelboy

        just ignore it buddy..

      • 3.7.2 ran GO! GO!

        hmm I’m not gonna say what i commented was to ‘defense’ anything. why would i do that. People gave their reasons, so i responded by giving my own opinions. I know people have different opinions so i can’t ask? isn’t it what a discussion about, sharing different opinions? and when did i force anyone to agree with me? lol I clearly just stated how I feel, not once i say you guys are wrong or sth. and you say as if my answers would change their mind, ohmy i don’t have that power lol

        Again you just imposed on who i am and how i can’t accept other people opinions which is ridiculous. I never intended to refute others’ opinions! I asked because i’d like to know more and i’m curious. while i didn’t have intention to convince anyone, i can’t share my pov back? don’t assume and respect different opinions, even in minority, in a discussion please.

    • 3.8 sungsta

      I’m with you on this one, ran Go Go! If you asked me to rate her as excellent, good, meh, bad or terrrible, I’d actually put her in the good category (certainly heaps better than most of the Hong Kong actresses I’m used to seeing).

      A lot of people say that her acting is wooden and she fails at conveying emotions across to the viewer; but I’ve never had an issue with getting drawn in by her acting. I feel that her style is more subtle and understated (in contrast to someone like Hwang Jung Eum, who often puts too much energy and acting into her role that it distracts me), but she displays enough microexpressions to carry the message across to me.

      In the end, a lot of it comes down to the viewer… maybe its cos I’m like Ha Woo Jin, that’s why I understand her acting, teeheehee.

      For some really bad acting, check out the youtube video for 한국의 발연기 레전드 TOP 10. I nearly died laughing at the clip of Lee Minhyuk getting stabbed.

      • 3.8.1 ran GO! GO!

        I’m not expert or anything so more often i just go with the feeling, the dialogue and chemistry. even when the script is crap and crazy, if the character is able to make me feel for her then she’s good.
        It’s just you know for JSY case, the ‘hate’ for her is becoming more and more grave. I have no doubt she can read what people say about her too and i honestly feel bad for her. you don’t need to be a fan to understand it. I get people might hate her acting, but that to the point as i see now is just… sad. I can’t tell others what to do, but myself i say to not ever do the same. the most i’ll just ignore and not watch a drama.
        Maybe JSY will continue acting and improve, or maybe she’ll find other passion she can do. I just hope she doesn’t give up on herself but continue to work hard.

  4. jekie

    Although I must say, Lee Yeon-hee in Hwajung was a major MAJOR disappointment after her improvement in Miss Korea.

    • 4.1 fan

      Agreed. But I can’t hate her- I think she is trying. It is hit or miss for her.

      • 4.1.1 Elle

        Big MISS…LOL

    • 4.2 pogo

      Same here – I was hoping she’d pull through but it looks like sageuks are not for her. Still, I hope she at least doesn’t regress from Miss Korea, because she was pitch-perfect there, it would be some serious waste of potential if she did.

      • 4.2.1 malgjac

        maybe this is the way she is? Maybe the role in Miss Korea was similar to her personality. Sometimes some actors are limited to only one kind of role. I have the same problem with GHJ, she is known for acting well and has a lot of fan but to me she plays the same in all her dramas, the same manner and facial expressions and voice tone 🙂 Not that i am hating on her, i enjoy her acting i just think she is overrated, With LYH in might be the same case, she can only play one character all the time.

        • juniper

          I agree GHJ has a particular style, but she is so much better at working with what she’s got than many other actresses, even ones with more range. The real problem is that she hasn’t taken a challenging role in a long time. If you go back to some of her earlier performances, like in Ruler of Your Own World, her talent is so much more explosive and obvious.

          I do understand what you’re saying and hopefully it doesn’t seem like I’m jumping down your throat. The GHJ fangirl in me just couldn’t keep quiet lol.

        • Love Me If You Dare - Sera WH 💟

          To put it in a better way, maybe some actors/actresses are not destined to be versatile and can carry many kind of roles. Like GHJ, she has particular style and she suits rom-com more, but I just can’t picture her in sageuk. Similar to some others.

          But it doesn’t mean they cannot act.

        • bd5

          Don’t think it is personality so much – after all, in MK, LYH had to emote (from emotional crying scenes to more nuanced emotions) quite a bit – which is acting.

          Have seen other actress who have better reputations as actresses, but when it came to an emotional scene – started to laugh b/c it was pretty bad.

          After all, LYH did pretty well the fantasy sageuk GFB – where the best eps were the 1st couple.

          Granted, it was a short role, but a fairly meaty one and that’s where I 1st noticed her improvement.

          Think LYH just needs a good script and PD who knows how to get a good performance out of her.

    • 4.3 mimi

      LYH should try more dramas like Miss Korea before challenging herself with another sageuk. Or it’s just not her thing and she needs to stay away from it.

  5. fan

    I read this this morning and so shocked. No way JSY. Hope Knetz protest enough that she can be out. -really curious who is backing her up. I also noticed there were more than usual amount of articles about her (like her high school picture etc) all of sudden.

    • 5.1 fan

      This is depressing and we need some good news – How about Jisoo being casted as male lead in the KBS special ‘Page turner’ along with Kim So-hyun.

      • 5.1.1 pogo

        Is it a special or a full-length drama? Because the thought of Ji-soo in a PHR drama is just fantastic – I hope we get that post soon!

      • 5.1.2 Omomo

        I’m keeping an eye out for Page Turner’s casting as well! YES TO JI-SOO! And maybe Lee Yoo-bi for the female lead. She worked together with PHR before so I think it’s possible. Though I like KSH too!

  6. Tulips

    Woah.. I like the premise. So, It’s confirmed from her side?!. Dang.. She has already scored ‘Operation chromite’,alongside liam neelson, lee bum soo, lee jung jae…

    And now this drama alongside Go soo as lead.. And Even more IT’S A FEMALE CENTRIC ROLE which is a very rare chance for any young actress in Kdrama industry. How exactly powerful her backup is.. She is very young but already has so many projects under her belt. She is not considered talented or popular and even the talented/popular ones doesn’t get lead roles in movies,but the girl has already done a movie as lead. Makes anyone wonder..

    I really hope she has passion for acting and work hard in improving herself. Otherwise it’s all just waste. Don’t just go around calling your acting as ‘”healing”. Instead put some effort.

  7. anna

    same here. I lovee go soo, but i dont think i love him enough to watch another drama with jin se yun as the lead. i think she needs to take some secondary character for once, and let people watch her role as a side story.

  8. kles

    Do koreans actually think she’s good at acting? Or do they agree with most of us here at dramabeans? How does she always get these awesome male leads?

    • 8.1 pogo

      I don’t think Korean viewers have any better an opinion of her acting than we do, considering the netizen protest against her potential casting in Scholar Who Walks the Night.

      • 8.1.1 kalel

        Well, k-netizens had also protested against Han Groo’s casting in Scholar because of her “big” family scandal at the time. I can hardy consider teenagers’ “opinions” to be more than just bashing and trashing. Even if JSY is terrible (or any other female actor for that matter), I’m sure we can easily name a good top-5 of untalented beyond repair male actors who do get project after project based on their looks, can’t we? Let’s cut the ladies some slack here, ladies…

  9. crazedlu

    Lol to gf’s post. Yeah. Every time her name crops up in any casting news, it’s not good casting news.

  10. 10 kanz

    This “healing actress” is really determined to “heal” more people through her yet another very inspiring and memorable performance. Born in prison and have Go Soo as her Joseon lawyer, what could go wrong really? It will turn into megahit sageuk that centered around woman, just like Dong Yi or Dae Jang Geum.
    I don’t get why people keep complaining about her.. Her acting is just pure class and awesome!! Just look at her filmography: Dr. Stranger, Age of Feeling, Five Fingers, Gaksital.

    She definitely stands her ground against many male leads, included, but not limited to Lee Jong Suk, Park Hae Jin, Joo Ji Hoon, Ji Chang Wook, Joo Won, Park Ki Woong, etc.

    Oh, look, she’s also cast in the new movie with Lee Bum Soo, Lee Jung Jae and Liam Neeson, that’s definitely a testament of her acting skills, right?

    • 10.1 ran GO! GO!

      This kind of sick sarcasm, smh

      • 10.1.1 fab

        Oh c’mon, it’s not that bad.

        • ran GO! GO!

          It is, when you think about how those fans who told her that, as just wanted to encourage her, would feel. Your opinion is yours, just like theirs, respect it and don’t make fun of it.

    • 10.2 Sur

      If this saeguk is melo then I’m genuinely sad for Jin Se yeon, because even a better actress like Han Ye Seul struggled so much to be memorable infront of Go Soo back in Will it snow for christmas? With JSY’s acting skills she will feel like a doormat in front of him.

  11. 11 Mandy

    So she’s confirmed? With Go Soo – The. Go. Soo. considering? In a female centric sageuk? I don’t know how they didn’t learn their lesson from casting Lee Yeon-hee in Hwajung with her basically stinking up a drama full of powerful and charismatic actors. I can’t believe I might finally get Go Soo in a drama only for him to be paired up with someone who c.a.n.n.o.t act.

    What alternate universe is this and how the hell do I get out of it????

  12. 12 Hwari

    Is this will be 50 episodes too or only like 16-24 episodes. If child portion will be 8 or above, it will make less time to watch her. Imagine if her younger part act much better than her.

    Anyway, she remind me of Truedy (winner of season 2 Unpretty Rapstar) just recent. Mnet try to make her happen as second coming Yoon Mi Rae and it badly flop. Her winning single nowhere near top10 on chart. Media play and big company back up.

  13. 13 topper

    “I don’t understand how Jin Se-yeon gets all these leading roles when she’s yet to rise to the challenge of any of them.”

    Does this pique the curiosity of investigative journalism/tabloids in Korea? Very strong management agency? Guarantee of viewership due to strong star power/public likability? Very beautiful and charismatic? Award winning acting abilities? Strong potential as diamond in the rough?

    Most leads ticks at least one of this boxes.

  14. 14 Adal

    Let’s hope she gets to finish this drama without getting killed off because the biggest draw back for me with Jin Se Yeon isn’t how she acts (she’s not too bad in easy, cutesy, light girl next door roles, but can’t emote gravitas worth a damn), it’s the fact that she jumps from role to role without ever completing the current drama first, which gets her killed off by the end in multiple dramas. And I believe is an insult to her co stars, and crew. I really haven’t missed her at all as we’ve been spared of her presence since she went to China and Movieland. Let’s hope that the netizens outcry would make her drop this drama, then they can give it to a more experienced and worthy actress.

    • 14.1 Pottah

      That’s exactly what I dislike from her. The history of jumping from one set to another without properly wraping up the other one. It just gives off a really ambitious aura (in negative way since it is also good too be ambitious but through hard work)

      • 14.1.1 Adal

        Maybe the word is “greedy” and “unprofessional” instead of “ambitious”. I do believe it’s OK to be ambitious and a professional at one’s craft, but that also includes consideration for ones coworkers, who work hard alongside to make a success at the drama they are acting in. But when she hops away from her currently starring drama to act in another, it doesn’t show much respect for her colleagues, director or producer.

        • Fab♥Hilleo& Go GO

          This is mind blowing, so it sounds like she’s only in it to work in as many projects she can get her hands on and doesn’t care about the actual acting, much like the people who cast her. I remember when she was cast last minute to replace the actress/Tara singer in Four Fingers, it seemed that they didn’t have a choice at the time. Not really.

    • 14.2 anon

      Oh please… like it’s even confirmed that’s HER fault. That’s only netizens’ specultations.

  15. 15 ju

    Solution: Go Soo, just say “No”.

    • 15.1 kanz

      Go Soo YES!
      Jin Se Yeon NO!

      Just cast other female lead please, before she potentially ruining this.

  16. 16 Tarsoe

    That premise + Go Soo it’d be perfect if the lead female is Moon Chae Won *sigh*

    • 16.1 Sur

      She was great in Princess Man but she is already in a drama so, maybe Jeon Hye bin?

      • 16.1.1 earthna

        Jeon Hye Bin really needs to have a lead role.

        • juniper

          Jeon Hye-bin is absolutely amazing in sageuk. The King and I, Queen Insoo from everything I’ve heard, even Joseon Gunman…

        • bd5

          She had the lead female role in the OCN sageuk “Yaksha” – which was pretty decent (and bloody) until the end.

      • 16.1.2 salt n' pepper

        YESSS, Jeon Hye Bin!!! Girl needs a leading role.

  17. 17 Kororo

    Goo Soo Ajusshi ! 💞
    Maybe JSY will be better in a Saguk ?? ( desperately hope so) should we start a prayer circle ??
    Fighting !!!

  18. 18 Michelle

    Adding my 2 cents here.

    I actually don’t understand all the hate for this actress on here. She’s perfectly fine. I don’t get how on DB, Yoona gets a meh response and this actress gets a hate response.
    What I like about JSY is that she doesn’t look like a frail flower that will be knocked over with just a little breeze, like most actresses in the kdrama world look/act. She looks and acts the part of a strong female protagonist. I’ve seen her in pretty much everything, and yeah she isnt kim hye soo in terms of acting but she isnt a rock! I’ve seen much, much worse.

    But yeah she prob has some incredible connections.

    (No hatin folks, it’s just my opinion)

    • 18.1 noure


    • 18.2 Katasu1996

      For me, I feel like Yoona emotes, and has a really likeable charm, so I watch her and I can feel empathy. I remember watching Gakistal and not knowing who she was, or having ever seen her before, and about 10 episodes in, I was already hoping her character would be killed off, because I couldn’t stand her. She just doesn’t elicit any emotion from me. It’s like watching someone throw sticks at wall. I think I cheered when she die at the wedding. I always wanted Joo Won and Rie to be together anyway. But besides that, I don’t find myself rooting for Yoona’s death in her shows, whereas I find JSY on my screen rather unbearable after a couple of episodes. I just wanted to explain maybe why she gets so much hate, while Yoona doesn’t. At least that’s what it is for me.

      • 18.2.1 TrinPie

        Gaksital was one of my favorite kdramas but me and my sister cheered when she died at the end of the show. She just made you not care for her because she is so bad at emoting. I felt like she made her character into nothing more then a plot point rather then a character to care for.

      • 18.2.2 echene

        that’s kind of creepy, though. there’s a difference between not caring for someone and wanting them to die. i dislike a lot of characters and i am not here for a lot of bad actors, but wishing their characters would die because of bad acting is a bit… i dunno it feels shady to me. i’d get it if they were a mass murderer but her character in gaksital was pretty harmless (a bit stupid sometimes, but harmless). maybe i’m overreacting bc they’re fictional characters, but y’all can really go to extremes sometimes with this stuff..

        • ran GO! GO!

          “but y’all can really go to extremes sometimes with this stuff..”

    • 18.3 glim

      Because Yoona actually can emote and is likeable, not to mention Yoona acts every two years shes mostly doing her idol stuff, unlike Jin Se Yeon who is getting lead roles left and right in biggest projects every year and nobody has clue why.

    • 18.4 anon

      Yes, and for other “incompetent” actresses, there’s people who ive them comments like “oh well, she’s trying hard”. Okay… let Jin Se Yeon isn’t? -_-
      And people just automatically assume she’s sleeping with someone… disgusting.

      • 18.4.1 echene

        i’m not a fan of jin se yeon’s acting (i don’t really care about her tbqh), but insinuating that she’s sleeping with someone to get the role never sits well with me. same goes for any actress, really.

        • ran GO! GO!

          yep. that’s just one of many things i’ve read about this actress/woman that ticked me off and made me write sth. but apparently i just passed as a lunatic fan without reason heh

    • 18.5 Sur

      Not an idol fan here but Yoona was already a korean sweetheart when she started acting, so obviously she won’t get as much hate as a newbie actress, besides Yoona improved while this girl doesn’t. And Saeguk’s are pretty hard stuff, I’ve seen talented actresses get hate from korean netizens in Saeguk’s like Moon Chae Won in princess man because her speech wasn’t perfect! Nam Sang Mi, Lee Dong Wook etc.
      Saeguk is definitely not something you should experiment with.

    • 18.6 AA

      I watched her in Bridal Mask/Gakistal and I didn’t even know she was suppose to be a lead actress. I did not like her at all… I just didn’t care for her. I’ve seen her in other projects and didn’t care for her then. She hasn’t given a reason to care about her or her characters.

      She’s simply… meh.

  19. 19 August

    I’m excited to see you onscreen again in another kdrama project. However, going from leading lady Lee Yo-Won to JSY — tsk, tsk. Walk away Go Soo. Walk away.

    • 19.1 August

      No news is good news. I knew it was too good to last…the radio silence on casting news about Jin Se-Yeon. Announced the last part of October: Operation Chromite with Lee Jung-Jae, Lee Beom-Soo, & Liam Neeson and now 50 episodes of Flower in Prison with Go Soo.

      Why the fraught, disheartened, tired and despondent responses from many of us? This post/discussion thread ties in perfectly well with the example of actress Im Joo-Eun and how she has/has not fared with amassing coveted roles and continuously being cast as the lead actress in a project.


      • 19.1.1 Sur

        Im Joo Eun, Han Chae Ah, Jeon Hye Bin, so many talented people don’t get meatier roles and I’m only listing people who are actually good in Saeguks.

        • Kiara

          Jeon Hye Bin is fabulous in sageuks.

          • juniper

            +1. You’d know better than me at this point (you’ve seen Queen Insoo haha), but she was very memorable in The King and I as well.

  20. 20 Anir


  21. 21 Katasu1996

    Honestly, from what I’ve read, Korean viewers don’t think she’s very good, foreign viewers don’t like her, but she keeps on getting these lead roles, and she’s not a renowned beauty like Kim Tae Hee or Lee Yeon Hee…. I’m gonna be real, I think she’s sleeping with somebody or several somebodies. Honestly, whomever she’s doing has got to be a powerful sone to get someone this bad into lead roles EVERY SINGLE TIME. *sigh* I can only hope she gets married and dissipates from my screen… will be skipping on this if she’s in it.

    • 21.1 Katasu1996

      *powerful one

    • 21.2 chanelboy

      Just avoid her dramas. and I think, if put ourselves as JSY, and we see all this haters comment especially she’s sleeping with somebodies, is hurtful and mean as netizens.

      We never knows. :)*

      But, about Lee Yeon Hee, she is really new generations actress that’s truely a pretty. Like flowery and all that.
      She can take the baton from senior batch KTH & SHG. Even both still too pretty to handle.

      I first find her in Running Man ep 61. And saw her only in tee and jeans and she looks fairy. Damn.

      • 21.2.1 Love Me If You Dare - Sera WH 💟

        I might be in the minority because I never found LYH is that pretty. She is cute, but in my eyes she is just average.

        But.. I will not discuss about LYH’s beauty here.

  22. 22 Maggie

    Why not? She’s not as bad as you guys think. I’m not a fan of her, but I like her more than some overrated k-actresses. 50 episodes? Ok, I will try it.

    • 22.1 noure


    • 22.2 AA

      50 episodes? Errr… i’ve already lost interest. No offense JSY but hoping for the best for her sake!

  23. 23 daktari34

    Powerful sponsor?

    • 23.1 noure


  24. 24 junnie55

    I like JinSeyeon… but I hope she will not accept this. I don’t have a faith she will do better in this drama when the lead male is one of best actor in dramaland.

  25. 25 Paper

    I will give her this last chance to dazzle me with her acting! I hope Go Soo returns to the small screen with a light kdrama (I’ve been rewatching nonstop), or heads over to OCN for an original action packed drama. I’d die happy if tvN offers him something and he accepts it! If none of my prayers work~ I hope JSY improves.

  26. 26 Chrissy

    Well this means I don’t have to worry about her getting paired with LJK next year. Another year of dodged bullet, oppa! *sips tea*

    • 26.1 August

      Props…a good one-liner. Touché. Boom shakalaka!

  27. 27 heartoppaya

    I’m giving her a chance. I watched gaksital and liked it a bit, but not enough to continue. If Go Ara and Hyeri could do it, what makes her an exemption? Put your talent forward, JSY. Show them you can. Make the haters eat their words….

    …. Or just try….

    Don’t quit. Don’t back down without a fight. Just at least try…. I’m giving you a chance, prove your worth. Go for it!

    I really didn’t like her much, but I’m willing to give her a chance… Please… Don’t fuck this up….. Don’t….. I’ll loose whatever little faith I had…

  28. 28 Peppa

    I don’t hate JSY. If they want to make this saguek a success, they should find a better match for Go Soo, who’s one of the best actors in drama land.

  29. 29 Jany

    Why not Han Hyo Joo, i love them in Love 911

    • 29.1 bd5

      Well, it’s not HHJ hasn’t been criticized for her acting (and I like HHJ).

  30. 30 oosiee

    Oh Good Lord!
    Please Save this Drama for Go-soo ahjusshi! :'(

  31. 31 juniper

    Don’t get everyone freaking out over Jin Se-yeon instead of Lee Byun-hoon and Choi Wan-gyu working together again. Given how far they both have fallen since their last project together (from Sangdo….to Horse Doctor and Triangle. Yeah…) and the collective lack of shits they give about their work now, it’s more than likely they will ruin this drama before she even says one line. I mean, if they want to sully their legacy together that’s their choice…but it’s only going to embarrass them. They should just leave it at Sangdo, which was an absolute masterpiece and showcased both at their best.

    • 31.1 juniper

      *byung-hoon, sorry

      • 31.1.1 Kiara

        I thought he retired *sigh*.

        • juniper

          Never lol. He always has one more crap sageuk in him, it seems 🙁

  32. 32 whitewire


    But a million zillion billion trillion NOOOOOOOO to Jin Seyeon. The awful of all awfuls. That lady can do wrong all day long.

    I am the main source of “benefit of the doubt” eg. Choi Sooyoung was really outstanding in My Spring Days…

    …but Jin Seyeon is too much BELOW hellish acting. She is the worst HOW COULD SHE EVER waste her roles and not improve each and every time!! HOW CUD she land lead roles???

    This is directed by Dae Jang Geum PD
    written by Jumong screenwriter
    They must feel wronged having Jin Seyeon land something major!

    Go Soo is an excellent actor. Them eyes of his. But Jin Seyeon??? Dont kid with me

    • 32.1 kmd

      I’ve seen bad acting in period dramas from other people but nobody can do worse than the horrendous go sung-hee in night watchman and horrible jin se-yeon. I would take any actress over these 2.

  33. 33 luna

    Wow the hate on here is ridiculous. The rumors the are created is are because of people like this. I don’t think she is as bad as all you people are making her up to be. Not everyone is as critical as you all are to say oh she is sleeping with someone or she is sponsored is too much. We will never know but saying something that may or may not be true is what creates rumors and from the one saeguk she was in were she was a child actress I thought she did pretty well.

  34. 34 whitewire


  35. 35 whitewire

    I am so mad right now though. Excellent screenwriter, PD and Go Soo. But the center hero is Jin Seyeon’s character? In a sageuk? Female protagonist in a sageuk? Hmm? Really? Like a Queen Seon Deok or Dae Jang Geum? Can she ever be like Lee Yo-won or Lee Young-ae?

    • 35.1 Sur

      Lee Yo-won totally drowned in Mishil’s awesomeness, so yeah if JSY takes this role she will drown in Go Soo’s.

      • 35.1.1 Love Me If You Dare - Sera WH 💟

        Even LYW who is much better actress was drowned, what even JSY.

  36. 36 auntiemame

    I watched her in 131 episodes of the daily drama, “My Daughter, Flower”. And, her acting was perfectly suitable for the role.

    However, the acting required in that drama seems to the sum total of her acting range and ability because her acting, in subsequent dramas, were identical, regardless of the character.

    I agree that she has a long way to go before becoming an accomplished actress, with more than three facial emotions. She would probably do better sticking to lighter fare for now.

    Just for comparison, I don’t think she could have handled the heroine role in Sassy, Go Go better than the lead female actress in that drama.

  37. 37 anon

    Nothing new here, same old hate and criticism and accusations of sponsorship and sleeping with someone.
    Anyhow, I doubt this drama sounds like it would be a success anyway, no matter who is casted. It has an interesting premise, but I don’t usually have much faith in 50 episode dramas, especially saeguks.

  38. 38 Hailey

    Meh. Not too psyched for the pairing, but I do miss Go Soo. So I will definitely be tuning in!

  39. 39 Erica

    Seriously…they could find any other GOOD actresses out there? Are all the good actresses dead or something? Jin Se Yeon is just a rock. Emotionless in all her roles. I’m disappointed. She should stick with light roles/rom coms. At least in those, she is slightly bearable.

  40. 40 Gaeina Lee

    Oh God, Go Soo and LSY both are confirmed?? I read in other site they said he is on board… T_T

    If I watch, it’s merely due to my love to GS. Nothing more. I’ll be hoping and praying more for her to act better and save me from cringing from start to end.

  41. 41 nara

    the way ppl here through “emotionless” as if they invented it
    only till kindergarten the usual facial expression in kdrama are accepted
    a grownup is supposed to be so intune that even a twitch of the eye a slihjt change of voice shold be understandable
    that is why grownups cant tolerate children program
    and although korea doesnt have different schedule or channels for adult and teenagers it does NOT mean you should accept exaggerated facial expression(they look like acting what think instead of what they should feel is the right emotion)
    if in real life you dont understand subtlety then you have a social problem and if someone you acted like a usual kdrama female character you would send them to a clinic
    please stop judging bf watching
    why are ppl here so full of hate?

    • 41.1 nara

      sorry for the spelling and omitting it was done in the heat of the moment
      but reading comments here
      alot of time give me the feeling tthat ppl come here to vent just bc they arent happy with there life
      but why take it on the actresses
      almost always actresses bc here a MAN can do NO wrong

    • 41.2 noure


      • 41.2.1 C


    • 41.3 momosa

      Err.. is this post a spot the grammer, punctuation and spelling test?

      • 41.3.1 Love Me If You Dare - Sera WH 💟


  42. 42 juniper

    Went back and read the premise. In more capable hands it might actually be interesting to see some kind of sageuk version of Little Dorrit, which is a wonderful story as well as fascinating social commentary. As it is, I’ll gladly stick with Charles Dickens. Even his writing is more structurally sound than Choi Wan-gyu’s at this point.

  43. 43 Chandler

    NO. Just no.

    How many years have I been waiting for Go Soo to come back to dramaland?!

    Ok, not that many. Empire of Gold wasn’t exactly that long ago. But I’ve been waiting so long for him to get a drama with a good loveline and then they cast Jin Se-yeon opposite him?

    On top of that, I’ve had issues with many of the dramas from this writer.

    Whyyyy do you do this to me, dramaland. Go Soo! Run away.

  44. 44 Kiko

    She did a saeguk ‘the duo’ before and was not bad in her role
    However carrying a saeguk centered around her is a really risky attempt and i dont think she is capable of that .however i wish her all the best
    I get people can dislike an actress but accusing a young girl to sleep around to get lead roles is just vile

  45. 45 AA

    Kudos to her agency! Seriously… she manages to land leading roles. I don’t hate her but I don’t like her acting either.

    She or her agency are doing something right…

    • 45.1 Love Me If You Dare - Sera WH 💟

      I want her agency to take some underrated actors/actresses under their wings. So that those will get fair chances.

      • 45.1.1 AA


        Or figure out how she’s getting such great connections to land such big roles when she’s barely mediocre. Sure, room to improve… but any time now.

  46. 46 Love Me If You Dare - Sera WH 💟


    she is at least watchable in rom-com, but a big no in sageuk, unless she is not main lead.

    Solution : Go Soo, if she confirmed, please stay away from this. Please.

  47. 47 Thea

    Yeah like you will watched this drama. I dont think most of you watched weekend drama. So you can stop hating and skip this drama. Just because you watch Gaksital, Inspiring Generation and Dr Stranger you can curse her acting and the worst you spread rumours that she support by mafia. She ever play saeguk drama before. She Played Don Nyeo and her saeguk tone is good. I like young Don Nyeo than adult Don Nyeo who played by Han Ji Hye. She full of emotion and I tought thats the reason why MBC choose her to this drama.
    I respect to everyone who dislike her acting,but please respect me and others too who likes her acting dont use hars word to critics I trust most of you was educated and have ethics so, please beeing a human.

    • 47.1 echene

      fair enough. we all have our opinions.

    • 47.2 ran GO! GO!

      I didn’t know she played in sageuk before but now i have more reason to check this out. Though i admit 50eps is little too much for me ^^, lol idk if i can stay patient enough. Not to mention i’m not even sure if it’ll get subbed..

  48. 48 amyonn

    hehehe… my wish came true. I was hoping for her to appear in sageuk as I do not watch the genre. thank you drama god. 😃😃😃😃

  49. 49 Love Me If You Dare - Sera WH 💟

    OK. Just cast someone great to play the antagonist, as great as Mishil.

  50. 50 Love Me If You Dare - Sera WH 💟

    I remember those time when Kim Tae Hee was criticised a lot for her acting. I totally agreed that she was bad on her earlier days. But at least she was not bland/emotionless I guess.

    • 50.1 bd5

      KTH really shown in 2009’s “My Princess” and has done pretty well since then.

      Lee Yeon-hee shone in “Miss Korea.”

      People criticized the casting of Go Ara and Hyeri in the “Answer Me” series and both did/are doing well.

      Maybe JSY will have that break-thru in this role or maybe it won’t happen for a few more years.

      While it’s totally fine to criticize an actor’s ability (or rather inability) or not like his/her appearance (believe you me, there are some hyper fans on DB that will attack you personally if you criticize whomever they are fanning all over) – some of this talk (about her doing something to keep getting parts) is uncalled for and a bit sleazy.

      • 50.1.1 Love Me If You Dare - Sera WH 💟

        The fact that she easily get ridiculously good offers and powerful co-stars, are what made fans became crazy. And yes… because she is still bland and wooden even after being a lead role for few times.

        If only she just have one main role every year, and not with powerful stars, i think it is at least OK. She needs to learn more on how to act. For a bland actress like her, light weight roles are more suitable.

        • bd5

          Still, don’t think JSY had gotten the roles (much less CFs) that KTH and SHG were getting from the start (pretty much for their looks).

          And probably, even LYH got better roles and had bigger co-stars.

          Early films:

          A Millionaire’s First Love – Hyun Bin
          M – Kang Dong-won
          Hello, Schoolgirl – Yoo Ji-tae
          My Way – Jang Dong-gun

          Early TV:

          One Fine Day – Gong Yoo
          East of Eden – Song Seung-heon
          Paradise Ranch – Chang-min
          Phantom – So Ji-sub

          Those are heavy-hitters for male co-stars.

          • bd5

            And oh, KTH was totally bland/emotionless in the film “The Restless.”

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