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Ha Jung-woo, Bae Doo-na headline new thriller Tunnel
by | November 24, 2015 | 25 Comments

The cast has been confirmed for the newest project from award-winning writer-director Kim Sung-hoon of the gritty crime thriller A Hard Day. His new film, called Tunnel, is kind of self-explanatory once you hear the plot: A man gets trapped inside a tunnel when it caves in on him, and the movie is about the tense, emotional rescue effort.

Chungmuro’s go-to leading man Ha Jung-woo (Assassination) has signed on to play the man trapped inside the tunnel. He’s an ordinary father and husband, a car salesman who picks up a birthday cake for his daughter on his way home and then gets involved in a sudden accident that leaves him trapped alone in a tunnel that closes in on him. The only thing connecting him to the outside world is his cell phone.

Bae Doo-na (Jupiter Ascending) will play his wife, who can only stand outside the tunnel where her husband is trapped and experience everything from hope to despair as she waits and waits for him to be rescued. Ha Jung-woo’s Assassination co-star Oh Dal-soo is playing the captain of the rescue team who fights to the death to save him. He ends up being the only person who can communicate with Ha Jung-woo, helping him withstand the fear and loneliness of being trapped, and acting as his lifeline and source of hope.

It’s an obvious story, but from this writer-director and cast, it should be a tense, gripping human drama that really showcases the actors. I mean, The Terror Live pretty much took place all in one room, and that was tense as hell. Besides, when you put Ha Jung-woo in danger, you’ve pretty much already made people care.

Tunnel has begun filming for a release in 2016.

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25 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Kiara

    Whoa! I love this pairing. Good on Ha Jung-woo for supporting new talented directors. Glad to see Bae Doo-na back in a Korean movie. Oh Dal-soo is one of the best supporting actor out there. Great cast!

    “..when you put Ha Jung-woo in danger, you’ve pretty much already made people care..”

    Ain’t that the truth lol.

  2. Yoona

    Bae Do Na! The last time I saw her was in the drama with Park Shi Hoo. Excited for his drama too.

  3. redfox

    I feel like I have seen a movie with such a concept… can´t put my finger on it. american movie? with some tough guy actor

    • 3.1 Sara

      Kinda reminds me of the Ryan Reynolds movie, Buried.

      • 3.1.1 Bingo

        And 127 Hours

        • Rachel

          Yeah but for 127 Hours we only saw things from the perspective of the man who was trapped.

    • 3.2 redfox

      I think I was reminded vaguely of Daylight with Sylvester Stallone, but there were several people trapped and there was an explosion and toxic waste and diamond thieves and whatnot.

  4. s_parks

    And even more good news, Nam ji hyun is added to the cast!

    • 4.1 Kiara

      That’s pretty awesome. I love her!

  5. DebDami

    Actors we will probably never see in a kdrama (again) *sigh* I can’t really blame them.

    • 5.1 alua

      I can’t blame them at all, with the much better conditions and higher quality projects that you get in film!

  6. MapleSilver

    Wow, one critically acclaimed hit and now Kim Sung-Hoon gets to work with the likes of HJW and Bae Donna. Can’t be happier for him.

  7. escape

    Reminds me of “The 33” except this one is about a tunnel. Can never go wrong with Ha Jung Woo and Bae Doo Na. Looking forward to it. 🙂

  8. jam

    Oooooo yessssss love the pairing. Looking fwd to it.

  9. Liliana

    OMG I’m so sorry to write this here since it has nothing to do with the article but…..

    Is it true that “youth over flowers” is being filmed in Iceland with Jung Sang Hoon, Jo Jung Suk!! And Jung Woo(aka Oppa-ya)!??!?

    I actually cried from the excitement so I need to know if it’s true 😱 Two of my favorite actors, my favorite characters and two of my favorite dramas together?! I guess Christmas is early this year!!!

  10. 10 pogo (Sassy Go Go's cheerleader-in-chief)

    YESSSS this pairing….another one of those actor pairings that seems so perfect that I actually wonder why no one ever tried it before, considering the length of their careers and their stature as actors.

  11. 11 eny

    reminds me of american movie “buried” but in butied there’s only one actor

  12. 12 eli_n

    Has anyone seen Assassination? It’s on my to-watch list (along with like a gazillion others) because the cast looks amazing but tbh the last few korean box office hits I’ve seen have been a huge letdown ( My Love, My Bride, Love Forecast, Ode to My Father, The Technician)

    I always meant to check out more of HJW and somehow never got around to it, loved him in Nameless Gangster. Anyone have any HJW movie recs?

    • 12.1 Kiara

      I was surprised “Ode to My Father” got a lot of awards from the award show mess called Jaejong. It made a ton of money and I thought the film was good but not great. I wouldn’t have watched it if Hwang Jung Min and Oh Dal-soo weren’t in it.

      Some of my fav Ha Jung Woo movies that I can think of: The Chaser, The Yellow Sea, The Unforgiven, Madeleine ( with Shin Min-ah) etc.

      • 12.1.1 eli_n

        Same! I watched it because of Hwang Jung Min and because of the Forest Gump history-reel comparisons but it just didn’t live up to my expectations. It was a bit overblown and focused too much on the big picture and neglected the growth of the characters imo.

        So many HJW movies!! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering what a huge star he is. I’ll check out the movies listed thanks, a rom-com with SMA sounds like a dream match!

    • 12.2 Juliang

      I definitely rec Assassination, the story was a bit predictable, but it was fun.
      For other HJW movie i rec: The terror live (Mentioned above, almost one man act, all happened in a single room), The Berlin File (a bit convoluted, but the casts are kicking ass all around, the sequel was confirmed), and Time (Kim Ki Duk movie, if you like kim ki duk kind of twisted).

      • 12.2.1 eli_n

        Ooh forgot about The Berlin File! I think both that and Assassination star JJH so I might have to space them out so that it doesn’t weird me out seeing the same actors playing different characters opposite each other (it doesn’t make sense I know lol). Thanks for the recs!

        And uhm… I’ve read and seen enough bits of Kim Ki Duk films to know I watch Kim Ki Duk films

  13. 13 azka

    Bae Doo Na!!
    She is such a delightful to watch in Sense8. Too bad her part in Jupiter Ascending is reaaaallllly short

    Ha Jung Woo looks really handsome on that picture or is he always that handsome LOL

  14. 14 canxi

    Queen of my heart Bae Doo Na 😀
    And is Ha Jung Woo aging backwards?

    This sounds a bit like The 33 that came out recently. But, it’s not the first movie of it’s kind, and as evidenced here, it sounds like a bunch of things lol. Still seems good, especially with these two.

  15. 15 kimkoko

    Bae Doo Na unni and Ha Jung-woo ajusshi in a movie together! looking forward to it.

    *HJW ajusshi looks super fine in this picture =O

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