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MBC adapts contract marriage webtoon Cat and Dog
by | November 9, 2015 | 192 Comments

This new drama sounds a little bit crazy but also kinda cute. MBC is planning a new romance drama based on the webtoon Cat and Dog by artist-writer Park Hee-jung, about a 19-year-old girl and a celebrity who enter into an arranged marriage because of their families. It’s basically Sweet 18 and My Little Bride, right? The drama version will be called Mermaid’s Prince, and set in Busan (the city of Busan actually became an investor in the drama to make this happen).

The webtoon is about a 19-year-old high school student who’s raised in a very traditional household, as if she’s still stuck in the Joseon era. Her grandfather has already arranged her marriage since childhood, and she’s given pictures of her future husband to look forward to as she grows up. (That’s messed up, Grandpa.)

The hero is a minor celebrity who’s famous for publicly dating a star, and he gets dragged into the arranged marriage by Grandpa against his will. She’s described as a naive girl with dog-like devotion, while he’s a cat-like character who hides his emotions from the world. The drama will be about them navigating this bizarre relationship, and of course finding love along the way.

The setup for contract marriage dramas always require a massive suspension of disbelief to get going, but they have some classic rom-com elements that are always fun — cohabitation hijinks and faux romance leading to real romance. Hopefully it’ll cast a pair with some chemistry to make us want to suspend our disbelief. Directing is PD Noh Do-chul of Soulmate and Hello Franceska, and writing is Go Yoon-hee of Greatest Marriage.

Mermaid’s Prince is being planned for a Wednesday-Thursday timeslot sometime in 2016.

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192 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. coffeenlucia

    Is this webtoon translated in English somewhere on the internet?

    • 1.1 Lizzie

      I found it on Spottoon.

    • 1.2 emma


      • 1.2.1 coffeenlucia

        Thanks for the link! Unfortunately it seems like after Ch. 11, one has to pay 99cents for each chapter(?)

        • Babs

          just saw that… it would have been fine if it were only 30 episodes… but this webtoon has 81 translated episodes… So that would be equal so 71 dollars. I personally can’t make myself spend that much on a webtoon. Sadly that means I wont be able to read it. But the art looks beautiful, and the story seems cute, specially in webtoon form.

          • Lizzie

            wow. I didn’t realize that it was that long of a webtoon.. Yeah I am not spending money on it..but the first 11 eps were interesting..

          • Kimbap

            Guys just found the bundle like Yoonji said. They cut the price down quite a bit… gonna get it xxxx woohoo!

        • Dani

          When I checked spottoon, I took it to say that each week a chapter will become free. So, if you sign up, chapter 12 should be free on the 16th. But I could be mistaken.

          • Babs

            That is correct, but who has the patience to read one episode per week when there is 81 released episodes? And who knows knows how many episodes the original webtoon has….

          • coffeenlucia


            I’ve found it on Naver! 😀 All the of the chapters released so far are free. http://comics.nate.com/webtoon/list.php?btno=53672&page=8&spage=1&category=1&order=cnt_view

            The only minor downside is, well, no English translation.

          • Jenn


            Thanks for posting the link! I can’t wait for one comic a week especially when they’re so short. Guess I’m gonna be imagining what I think the characters are saying in the typical kdrama fashion

          • bahar

            Can someone tell me if they will break up in the end or be together?? I don’t understand korean and saw only the chapter 81 and i don’t know what will happen in the end. I want to know it..please I only want to know ift they are together or not! Thanks 🙂

          • Rakshita Gupta

            You can read it on mangakoi.com for free – it gets updated every week or so and there are 27 episodes on it so far http://www.mangakoi.com/manga/cat_and_dog_park_hee_jung

        • Mini

          Each week, they will release a chapter (previously 99cents) for free. As time goes on, the beginning chapters will probably cost money but a reader can still follow the series for free as long as they keep up with the free releases.

          • Yoonji

            You guys should check again because I read it through Spottoon too and it wasn’t that expensive. They sell episodes in bundles so you can read the entire series for like half that cost. It’s totally worth getting to the end! 😀

          • Kimbap

            What really???? Hold on I’ll check again. Yes! I can read it if they made it a lot cheaper!

          • SpinThePickle

            @Yoonji – do you purchase in a bundle on Spottoon? I’m not finding it.

          • Yoonji

            @SpinThePickle It took me a while to figure it out too. If you just go here: https://www.spottoon.com/workHome?book_no=15
            and click on any of the locked episodes it’ll bring you to a payment page. If you click the ‘.99 cents’ button a window will pop up with all the different bundles!

            They’ve added more options toooooooo.

          • Babs

            I’ve tried to find the bundle thing to no avail… I’m just not having any luck on this site.

            I would do Naver, but I’m not Korean or Korean-American, and I am still trying to learn the language….

            Ill keep trying… Maybe someday I’ll figure out the bundle thing, and ll be able to read the episodes in English; or maybe Ill be able to learn Koren in the next two years and Ill be able to battle it our with Naver.

            WHO KNOWS?!

          • Yoonji

            @Babs Does the payment window not pop up when you click to pay? Make sure your pop-up blocker is off. I just purchased eps for another series and it worked fine….

          • Babs

            @yoonji founf it… It does make it a lot cheaper…. I bought some of them, and expect to get the rest in buying spurts… Like what I’ve read till now.

          • Connor

            Anyone bought there chapters and want to send priv to read? I’m interested about this web very very much!

    • 1.3 JT

      Not sure if y’all have found a website already. But you can check out huffpost for free cat and dog eps. Here’s a link to the latest ep they have uploaded
      Just google huffpost cat and dog ep __ to find the ep you want!

  2. Miky

    That sounds ucte,nothing new about the plot,done it before yet why does Korea alays has a stuck thing about the girl always being naive or more blunt most of the time stupid and well letting everyone use her etc like we’ve seen in so many many dramas till now…

    • 2.1 Gwinna

      I’m always sort of simultaneously amused and disappointed seeing these advance descriptions of dramas, because 99% of the time it’s the exact same story of an emotionally closed off male lead with cute-because-she’s-naive female lead, and they have to keep trying to find ways to make it sound new and different. I feel like they must be taxing their creativity, but apparently they feel that coming up with a different dynamic would tax it more.

  3. obessiveCompulsive

    Hmm… “Love Contracts” are my favorite, but it’ll all depend on who they choose as the leads right?

    • 3.1 pogo♥SassyGoGo

      yeah, this kind of drama depends almost entirely on not being too stupid, and casting the right leads.

      We don’t need Jeon Do-yeon levels of great for this to be watchable, but at least some competence+chemistry is a must.

      • 3.1.1 Yui

        “We don’t need Jeon Do-yeon levels of great for this to be watchable, but at least some competence+chemistry is a must.”

        hahaha.. totally agree. just some good actors with potentials who play the characters like they get possessed lols.
        amen for that ^^

    • 3.2 TucciSJ

      I think phisically it would be perfect Ahn Jae Hyun as the male lead. I know he quite sucks in acting, but maybe he can do well in a classic romantic comedy. I think the author subtly hinted at him too in the first few chapters, I saw AJH photo has the screensaver of the male lead’s mobile phone!

    • 3.3 Love Me If You Dare - Sera WH 💟

      Even the story is cliche, but with the right casts, it can be at least entertaining. I hope they will cast a girl who can pull off naive character naturally, but cute with less annoying at the same time.

  4. Valleydale

    I’m a sucker for the contract marriage trope (see Valleydale cringe with embarrassment), so I’m so there. But, like you said, GirlFriday, the chemistry between the leads will be essential. 2015 hasn’t had anywhere near enough Korean RomComs among its offerings IMO. I sure hope 2016 will be better.

  5. Hyades

    This is interesting story. I like this type of romance comedy. I really miss these kinds of Kdrama. It’s been a while since I watch strong, sweet romance comedy drama. I hope they get the fine leaders and please MBC do not get idols.

    • 5.1 AA

      Can we scratch the young part and have them be mature actors? I vote Jang Hyuk & Jang Nara?! hahaha

      • 5.1.1 pogo♥SassyGoGo

        well, it does say the female lead is supposed to be 19…..Jang Nara looks young but not THAT young. Unless they age them up, in which case I am all for older actors. As long as the chemistry is there, we’re good.

        • AA

          That’s why I said if we can scratch the young part and make the actors mature. 😉

      • 5.1.2 Love Me If You Dare - Sera WH 💟

        If there are JH and JNR, i am in regardless of the story. I like JH in meatier roles, but he in rom-com will always be my fav one!

  6. pastmidnite 🌃

    And there I thought there will be an actual cat and dog…

    *blame it on Yoo Seung ho

    • 6.1 Hyades

      Hahaha. Nice comment 🙂

    • 6.2 kanz

      what’s with MBC and the cat? Seems their drama dept. is obsessed with cats…

  7. kanz

    Isn’t the drama a bit like reverse Princess Hours/Goong and Full House mash-up?
    Well nothing’s new but of course it depends on the story+cast.

    • 7.1 Growingbeautifully

      Goong definitely came to my mind when I read the description and yes, Full House had the co-habitation… I hope there will be more cohab hijinks and a girl that is not a pushover, maid-cum-doormat and a guy who’s not full of himself. 🙂

      • 7.1.1 erika


        LMAO. Oh god.

      • 7.1.2 Snickers👽

        ‘naive girl with dog-like devotion’

        Sounds like a doormat.

        • Growingbeautifully


      • 7.1.3 kanz

        Well if it was aired 10 years ago I won’t be as annoyed as now.. But the plot is outdated and kdramas definitely need to learn writing and presenting new theme, new plots.

  8. Kay

    I know the marriage contract theme has been done a million times but the premise of this immediately made me think of Goong (Princess Hours). Both in high school except the guy is a Prince lol ….

    • 8.1 AA

      lol with the hint of Full House!

    • 8.2 pogo♥SassyGoGo

      lol this is totally like Goong, down to the grandpa-made-the-marriage-contract thing. But they’ll have to cast leads with seriously great chemistry to rival that.

  9. Ai Sky

    Jung So Min will be great for female lead… she’s really good at dancing korean dance. cute too and she looks young for her age.
    The story interesting…

    • 9.1 dooleygongshil

      I would definitely watch if Jung So Min was cast. I love her!

  10. 10 Meena

    I would have been interested…. Except that it’s being written by the writer of The Greatest Marriage. That drama wasted some really fun acting with really batty plotting and dialogue.

    • 10.1 kpp

      that was my exact thought. sounded interesting to i got to those last 5 words… bai.

      i only read one recap and i’m still traumatized by that dinner eating seduction scene between NMW and the lead girl.

    • 10.2 bbstl

      Greatest Marriage, definitely in my Top 5 Worst Kdramas ever. Ugh, what a mess.

    • 10.3 Pipit

      I love contract marriage but if this one is written by the writer of the Greatest Marriage we might end up with the kind of marriage that is totally beyond our expectation of fluffy romantic comedy and all the usuall stuff that we expect from this kind of drama.

      The male lead (the husband) might impregnate other woman just because he feels like it. He might then demand the female lead (the wife) to have his child at the same time with that other woman. *Shuddering at the memory of that bastard from the Greatest Marriage*

  11. 11 Ailee

    This never gets old and I never get tired of this. 😀
    For females: Jung So Min, Yoo In Na, Yoon Eun Hye, Kang So Ra, Kim So Eun, Lee Yu Bi.
    Males: Eric, Jung Kyung Ho, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Joon Gi, Seo In Guk, Kim Bum, Jin Yi Han, Kim Soo Hyun.

    • 11.1 whitewire

      From those mentioned, male, I choose Kim Bum.
      For the female, Kim So-eun.

      • 11.1.1 whitewire

        WAIT — they have been paired before right? It’s truly unintentional I swear! I just chose a MALE and a FEMALE out of those mentioned. I promise!!!

        • Love Me If You Dare - Sera WH 💟

          Ohh dear thanks for choosing these two!

          There are still many shipper of Kim Bum and Kim So Eun from BOF days. More than the leads, many are still waiting for their reunion. 😀

          I will love it with these two! The reunion of pairing that I had been waiting for so long…

  12. 12 fab

    Ow contract marriages, it’s been a while. For some reason the characters are always the same as this discription; grumpy guy vs naive girl set up by the elders.
    If only they cast EUN JI, and make her a spunky, happy go lucky gal. 😄

    That drawing is so beautiful, and very much GOONG.

    • 12.1 She

      whispering yes please Eunji wif Jisoo probably

      • 12.1.1 ran

        *screaming so dramagod can hear* EUNJI AND JISOO PLEASE

        omg i sound pathetic lol

      • 12.1.2 sundaechoc20


      • 12.1.3 pogo♥Sassy Go Go

        maybe not in this drama, but we need an Eunji/Ji-soo pairing in another drama, stat.

        I am totally on the Yeol/Yeon-doo ship for Sassy Go Go and Eunji/LWG belong together there because their chemistry is off the charts, but her chemistry with Ji-soo is also fantastic and needs to be explored in another drama. And right now he’s buzzy/well-loved enough that he actually might have the star power to be a viewer draw.

  13. 13 TrinPie

    Park Bo-Young should be the girl. She is so adorable and can play the naive girl perfectly. But maybe she is too old.

    • 13.1 gah

      omg park bo young!! love her!

      was thinking for male lead…maybe Lee soohyuk? That guy deserves to be a lead in a drama for once (and get the girl)

    • 13.2 Love Me If You Dare - Sera WH 💟

      No she never too old. she looks young.

  14. 14 Hi Hello

    oiiiiiiiii! There is a stalker there also! I wish one of the exo members will be casted in this show whahahahahahaha not the other idol group who is getting obnoxious and being stalkery 🙂

    • 14.1 baka

      not stalkery copy cats 🙂 they should really read cheese in the trap haha

  15. 15 Dakchigo

    Ugh shoujo shenanigans!

  16. 16 galue

    my wish: Seolhyun and Lee Seung Gi

    • 16.1 Ai Sky

      Seolhyun will be great too… love her

  17. 17 beauty

    this is nice!

    • 17.1 princess

      this is nice? you like goong so much? okay! give her biases a job!!! I’m out 🙂

      • 17.1.1 SUNGJOY

        awww why you change your name okay fine!

        • princess

          okay I change it back Okay! Okay! Okay! Is that okay with you now!?

          me- Of course its okay!!! 🙂

  18. 18 AA

    This sounds like a multiple mixture of other dramas in one! lol Can I take my vote?

    Kim Soo Hyun & IU because THE PRODUCERS did not serve them right. Would love for them to give their chemistry another try… with a more concrete storyline but I doubt Kim Soo Hyun would ever agree to it.

    If not IU, my next would be err… Sandara Park, Park Jiyeon, or Seolhyun. If want to branch out of the Kpop idol, I would want Park Bo Young and Kang Min Ah.

    Other actors, I would love to see Yeo Jin Gu. If they wait a few years, it would be amazing to have him reunite with Kim Yoo Jung! (sigh) wishful thinking!

    But I have a feeling this would be packed with Kpop idols. (sigh) No offense, but meh.

    • 18.1 AA

      One of my favorite Kpop idols who is acting is Choi Seung Hyun aka Big Bang TOP! Like Kim Soo Hyun, I don’t think he would agree to this but given a proper leading actress, I think it can work!!

    • 18.2 whitewire

      Kim Soo-hyun in my opinion was heavily highlighted in Producers. The show did not give justice to Cha Tae-hyun. But Kim Soo-hyun and Gong Hyo-jin were well-compensated. That show sucked. But I agree with you, mifriend, as a couple Producers wrecked the bright potential of Kim Soo-hyun and IU. You are well right that KSH probably won’t say yes. His handler/manager/agent prolly earned star-complex now — and won’t say yes to just anything after You From Another Star. [Or maybe it’s him.] Loved him in Giant tho.

    • 18.3 pogo♥SassyGoGo

      The only good ones you named among the kpop idols are IU (who was great in Producers) and Jiyeon. The other two are, well, average at best – the Orange Marmalade girl especially is rather insipid onscreen, really not lead role material at all.

    • 18.4 kryptin

      have you read the webtoon, for me the heroine looks kinda like IU! I think it will be perfect if IU will do this drama! She has a good chemistry with any guy paired up with her!! (“so shippable”). But I hope it would be Kim Soo Hyun, or any guy with a bag boy image…(TOP maybe lol).

      • 18.4.1 kira

        IU is in a bit of a controversy right now with her new album, so if the drama is planned for the near future she won’t do it. And TOP doesn’t have the time for a full on drama, but I can see KSH doing it if the name of the lead actress is a big one too. I feel like he doesn’t sign on if he doesn’t have a big star as a costar and I can’t blame him. More famous, more money.

  19. 19 Lyna

    This sound like Goong

  20. 20 Rini

    NO matter how many contract marriage dramas are done, I still squeal when I hear about a new one.
    So Goong meets Sweet 18? Yep count me in

    Kim So Eun or Jung So Min?

    Just no idols please…please.

    • 20.1 AA

      That’s the hope but I don’t mind Choi Seung Hyun (BIG BANG ‘s TOP) but I can’t see him say yes to this drama. It’d be great though!

      My vote would be Kim So Eun out of the two. Not a big fan of Jung So Min but considering most dramas are heavily dependent on Kpop idols, we have to expect Kpop idols in dramas. That’s why I take pride and appreciate those who are not heavily Kpop idolized–but I must admit, some can act. Just wished I can say all of them could. (sigh) What has Kdrama world turned into?!

  21. 21 Brittany

    They need to stop with these contract relationship dramas. They’re outdated. If they’re going to continue adapting them at least introduce different character types. The warm heroine and the cold hero? We’ve seen it a million times before.

    • 21.1 AA

      Yes, but if done right I am all for it.

  22. 22 ParkSeJoo

    Please Cast Jung Yong Hwa & Jung Soo Min for the lead. Yonghwa is the best idol actor for me. My eye candy i miss you so much.

  23. 23 pancchi

    The plot needs to be very good! Please cast good actors- Seo in guk & Jung so min are my choice

    • 23.1 Kayla

      oh shit, i ship this so hard now. damn you.

  24. 24 Tanya

    Oh there was Hong Kong drama called “When a dog loves a cat” which I think sounds a little similar. Not the contract marriage part( that’s just a Korean thing I think), but the girl-with-doglike-personality falling for a man-with-catlike-personality part.

    • 24.1 whitewire

      Omg I watched that drama, “When a Dog Loves a Cat” Ok NOW its OST is stuck in my head once again!

      I enjoyed it! Myolie Wu is sooooooo adorable. Their German Shepherd is downright handsome right. 😀 I loved that drama.

      The guy loves cats and hates dogs — because of a past trauma. The girl, meanwhile, is a professional breeder/trainer of dogs particularly German Shepherd, and her dad hates cats. Lol. And they’re neighbors. How annoying is that!

  25. 25 DebDami

    This could be a crack drama under a good writer and actors with really good chemistry! I don’t mind cliches as long as there’s some magic behind them.

  26. 26 Mandy

    This is a drama that the Hong Sisters could make into an instant sensation – if they get their abilities back, that is. It all depends on who gets cast and their chemistry. I doubt a big star would agree to do this, but new faces will be great IMO. SGG really managed to get a fabulous fresh-faced ensemble, hope this one does too!

    • 26.1 pogo♥SassyGoGo

      yeah, I thought Big was a one-off but Warm & Cozy was a shockingly bad waste of two great leads – it’s like they drunk-scribbled something on a napkin and turned that in to MBC as a plot, and got it accepted because they’re the Hong sisters.

      It’s still not as wtf as Big, but the confidence they restored with Master’s Sun has been severely shaken. They used to do one thing right, i.e. cast good leads and let their chemistry do the heavy lifting to paper over plot holes, but they didn’t even let that happen properly here.

      • 26.1.1 AA

        Omg, don’t get me started on BIG. (shivers) Such a waste of Gong Yoo! No wonder he had steered away from Kdrama world since then..

  27. 27 destinystars

    The plot sounds somewhat to similar to the Taiwanese drama Inborn Pair.

    • 27.1 AA

      I haven’t seen INBORN PAIR but how am I not surprised? I do like me some Annie Chen (specifically with George Hu). lol

  28. 28 Celine

    Ohhh cute!!! I look forward to hearing who will be the leads!

  29. 29 Kayla

    female lead: seriously, JUNG SO MIN WILL BE SO CUTE FOR THIS. or kim ji won

    male lead: lee jong suk (he fits this role so well lol)
    chang ji wook

    jung il woo

  30. 30 jakau

    Is there anywhere online that I could read it in korean?

  31. 31 Juliesean

    My wish: Park Bo Young & Lee Min Ho

    • 31.1 AA

      I forgot about Lee Min Ho but like Kim Soo Hyun and Choi Seung Hyun, I cannot see him say ‘yes’ to this.

  32. 32 mary

    Mermaid Prince? Isn’t that Song Jae Rim?

    • 32.1 AA

      Oh yes! I approve if it stars Song Jae Rim but the leading actress has to be worth while. Would love to see him opposite the likes of Park Bo Young!

  33. 33 ultramarineblue

    I agree with the comments above; kinda sounds like Goong. I hope the female lead isnt too naive. I think Jo Boa would be a good fit though!! She’s so energetic and charming!!

    • 33.1 AA

      Jo Boa, she would be a good one! She would need a good and manly actor.

    • 33.2 pogo♥SassyGoGo

      oh yeah, Jo Bo-ah would be lovely. She’s really good at being charming without crossing the border into annoying/over the top, Surplus Princess proved that.

      • 33.2.1 AA

        She is just as charming in ALL ABOUT MY MOM. Very spoiled at first but her character is now one that I look forward in seeing but I wish her character was a bit more mature. She’s getting there! lol

  34. 34 Hwari

    I want Junior as the main lead and Yeon Jun Seuk as the second male lead. If only the three Kim’s girls are 18 now. The female can be any supporting actress or rookie. They deserved this.

  35. 35 Boomboompow

    Seo in guk and Kim ji won please!

  36. 36 Gyu

    Male Lead : Lee Won Geun / Kim Soo Hyun / Lee Hyun Woo
    Female Lade : Kim Ji Won / Jung So Min / Kim So Hyun

    • 36.1 dooleygongshil

      OMG Lee Won Geun. Didn’t really think of him until you mentioned, but I’ve been loving him in Sassy Go Go! Would love to see him in more projects 🙂

      As for female leads, I love all the ladies you have mentioned. I would love, however, to see more of Kim Ji Won. I feel like so many people only associate her with her Heirs character, so I’d love to see her in this kind of role.

    • 36.2 pogo♥Sassy Go Go

      Kim So-hyun is probably too young for this (but she’ll be 17 -i.e. Korean 18 – next year, which is not too far from 19).

      I really do want to see Lee Won-geun and Kim Ji-won in more stuff, though. He’s so perfect for romcoms and she’s versatile enough to pull this off. Lee Hyun-woo is probably tied up with Murim School, but I want to see him in a good drama too.

  37. 37 minnah

    Goong 2.0. But could work with good chemistry between the leads.

  38. 38 mido

    female lead: park bo yong/Seolhyun/IU
    Male lead: Ji chang wook/Park seo joon/park hye jin

  39. 39 earthna

    Okay, I immediately thought of Yoon Kyun-sang for this. Oh my gosh, make this happen. He’s so awesome as adorkable Moo Hyul but he needs a stage of his own and this seems like a role he can play nicely.

  40. 40 val

    i don’t even care if this plot has been done repeatedly before. i have an unhealthy obsession for convenient/contract marriage trope so i’m all in baby!

  41. 41 sky

    Can we have kim soo hyun and nam ji hyun? Loved them together in ‘will it snow for christmas’.Nam ji hyun can pull off that dog like devotion kind of role too.

  42. 42 Alice

    Totally agree about the girls. Also, I’m so happy someone mentioned Junior! But as much as I love him and as great an opportunity this is, I think it would impact his career a bit too much, too early. I’m afraid of him becoming like Taecyeon (already their similarities are uncanny) in that they become mega popular as idol actors and stray a bit (at least schedule-wise) from their group. Junior is a born dancer, I hope he dances for at least another year before he becomes a big actor. It might sound selfish, but that’s only because I know he has the acting chops and will make it big anyways.

  43. 43 Anne

    I’m excited and totally on board for this!

    Can Park Yoo Hwan play the lead guy, pretty please? He’s always the cute and nice guy so it’ll be interesting to see him in something different. I just hope the production is going for someone younger and fresh-faced. 😉

  44. 44 allie2428

    Jung Eunji and Seo Inguk/Jisoo please. 😍 I want to see Eunji in a different role from her previous ones. AND since it will be set in Busan, I immediately thought of her and Inguk. Jisoo’s also a good choice. I mean, I want to see him as a male lead!!!! And his chemistry with Eunji in Sassy Go Go (despite being the 2nd lead only) was amazing! They could totally pull off the ‘cat and dog’ characters. 😣 Kdrama gods, please make EunjixJisoo happen. lol.
    Kim So Eun/Jo Boa/Lee Yubi and Song Jae Rim would be good too.

    • 44.1 ran

      *high five* yes to Eunji and Jisoo. like man i loved LWG and his KY like no others but Jisoo and his HJ does things to me you know. and his scenes with YD, two scenes in particular are dramatic and to the point i can imagine them in a melodrama or sth. They can do angst so well, with such palpable chemistry too. I mean Eunji and LWG is cute but Eunji and Jisoo made me shiver and my heart ached. They really need a drama tgether ah..
      and Eunji is from Busan too. PD nim please don’t look too far, she’s the right one! lol

  45. 45 Mindy

    I actually have been REALLY in the mood for a more classic, slightly cliche Kdrama romcom (and don’t have time to watch an entire older drama right now)… Wow. Never thought I would say that in my life, haha. So I’m looking forward to this, despite the fact that it sounds like the plot to a billion Kdramas from the 00s.

    Goong was actually my very first Kdrama… But I never finished it.

  46. 46 redfox

    the male character looks like Lee Min-Ki though… or perhaps Park Hyung-Shik?
    the female doesnt look human. So, some pretty alien girl?

  47. 47 An

    I don’t mind old fashioned rom-coms but the dog-like devotion is just.. I hate doormat leads.

    I feel that it will be an idol cast to get exposure which is unfortunate since a drama like this rides on the leads’ acting and chemistry….

  48. 48 min

    I like Yoo Seung Ho but too bad he cannot be in every drama.
    And I doubt this storyline will attract the A list actors/actresses so I think a high chance will be they will cast rising stars.

    Female: Lee Yubi/kim sohyun(too young?), nam ji hyun
    Male: Park Hyungsik/Park Bo Gum

  49. 49 iamme

    can’t we have a drama with a kind+frenzy male and cold+divaish female lead.. and ohh, she’s cold because she’s born with it, and not because of family scars, first love scars, and some others scars..

    • 49.1 mary

      There’s Take Care of the Agasshi.

      (Don’t watch it.)

      • 49.1.1 pogo♥Sassy Go Go

        I second that.

        DON’T WATCH IT!

    • 49.2 pogo♥Sassy Go Go

      Isn’t that basically Producer? Both female leads are on the cold and diva-like side (especially IU) while the male leads are marshmallows….

  50. 50 Leila

    My lead picks:

    Cold looking Male Lead – Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Yeon Sook or Kang Haneul

    Female Lead w/ warm personality – Park Bo Young, Kim Ji Won or Shim Eun Kyung

    I don’t mind if they mix and match. I would love to see any of them paired up.

    • 50.1 lalala


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