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Thing vs. Thing: Underdogs and overdogs
by | November 1, 2015 | 75 Comments

girlfriday: I love Sassy Go Go. Okay, maybe I love Ji-soo in Sassy Go Go, but whatever, same diff.

javabeans: I have a love-hate relationship with it, in that it’s super cute, but also makes my blood boil.

girlfriday: What? But everybody loves a good underdog story!

javabeans: Yes, and I do too, they’re just a little too trampled on. I like my underdogs only marginally challenged, so I still get the sweet taste of gratification without too much suffering.

girlfriday: But there’s not much gratification if it’s too easy! They have to be the outcasts and work their way up to victory, and feel good about the blood, sweat, and tears spilled to get them there!

javabeans: But there’s NO gratification if the evil snooty bitches of the world constantly spit on our good guys! I don’t care how realistic or human that girl is, she needs to go down. Hard. Maybe at the bottom of a failed human pyramid.

girlfriday: Okay, no argument there. That mean girl in Sassy is devil spawn.

javabeans: She could give the Who Are You—School 2015 villain a run for her money. I mean, okay, she hasn’t tried to kill anyone yet… but only yet. I prefer my underdogs like in Dream High or Monstar—that’s way more satisfying because they still experience really great moments on their way up, even though they lose to the elites periodically. Plus, all the song and dance numbers!

girlfriday: Sure, it’s definitely more realistic to have underdogs in music dramas, but it’s not more dramatically interesting that way. Although I’m still stuck on the whole cheerleaders-are-the-underdog thing.

javabeans: Isn’t it ironic that in trying to shoot for some (fictional) American ideal of excellence, they made the cheerleaders the underdogs?

girlfriday: All in an attempt to get into Harvard.

javabeans: Only in Korea. But yes, the musical dramas do get the lion’s share of team underdogs. I guess it’s easier to portray the “talented but raw” angle with music, where the unschooled still have a shot at besting the technical geniuses. Like in Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, where the perfect rich boys made technically perfect songs, but the songs everyone got excited about were Eye Candy’s, all raw energy and rock ‘n’ roll grit. C’mon, wasn’t that rock battle just as satisfying, without all the murderous side thoughts that Su-ah inspires?

girlfriday: Okay yes, but for totally different reasons, because Shut Up was no less angsty—the angst just came from within their own group as the band began to fracture and fall apart, breaking all our hearts in the process.

javabeans: I do admit that Sassy’s motivation for their underdogs is pretty strong, where the stakes feel strong and dire if they don’t go and cheer. I mean, the actual cheering mechanism is a little forced, but the pressure the kids are under feels believable. In that, they’ve got a leg up on something like Cantabile Tomorrow, where the worst that could happen is they have to stop playing in an orchestra, but they could keep playing music individually.

girlfriday: Yeah that conflict never really landed for me. ‘Cause couldn’t they have just gotten together in their free time? And the solution was so easy—they just poached the musical genius for their underdog team, who would lead them to victory.

javabeans: Stealing the genius for your team is way better than in Persevere, Gu Hae-ra, where you had to give him away to the already elite team. Bastids! That drama did also make my blood boil occasionally, but our ragtag team bounced back so quickly that I never gnashed my teeth too hard.

girlfriday: Oh, I gnashed my teeth a LOT in that drama, but I guess it was because of the noble idiocy, not the uphill battle that the underdogs faced.

javabeans: As far as the actual underdogs-versus-over(?)dogs conflict went, it was a solid example because the uppity idols were so aggravatingly superior that you relished seeing our group prevail over them. That’s more on the Sassy train than Cantabile or even Shut Up. There’s just a limit to how much you can shove a good team down before I start throwing things at my TV.

girlfriday: Not for me. I like the dramatic build when a team of misfits is so downtrodden that at one point you’re not sure if they’ll ever be able to dance/sing/cheer again!

javabeans: I just want people to be nice! Is that so much to ask?

girlfriday: But that’s not real life! Also, there’s no drama if there’s no drama!

javabeans: We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one, angstmongerer. Happiness is totally interesting!

girlfriday: But it’s not strictly the domain of music dramas—this whole dynamic is also the basic premise of sports underdog movies, only Korea sucks at sports underdog dramas. Well, except for Last Match in 1994.

javabeans: I find it hilarious that Last Match kicked off the whole sports drama trend, but was the only one left standing at the end of the day. They just couldn’t recapture that magic of Sohn Ji-chang being the basketball whiz kid who betrayed his best friend to go to the top college team, leaving second-best Jang Dong-gun to go to a second-rate school with their scrappy team. Ahhh, that drama! I love it so.

girlfriday: Somebody really needs to remake that drama. I’ll probably hate it and say it doesn’t compare to the original, but they should still do it.

javabeans: Omg now I want that. With Lee Hyun-woo and Yoo Seung-ho as the best friends, fighting over Kim Yoo-jung and Kim So-hyun.

girlfriday: I WOULD WATCH THE HELL OUT OF THAT DRAMA. I need that to be a drama right now. Right now!

javabeans: Now I’m sad I thought it up and it doesn’t exist in real life.

girlfriday: It’s all your fault.

javabeans: I’m sorry. Not sorry. WANT NOW.


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  1. Jennipoh

    I luff this post so much.

    I think the number one thing that lures me into a drama is bromance, and following that team-mance if that is even a word.

    • 1.1 abseoklutely

      *adds it to dictionary along with “wo-mance”*

      • 1.1.1 Jennipoh


      • 1.1.2 pancchi


      • 1.1.3 Indanbelle19

        You mean sis-mance right?:p

    • 1.2 Jennipoh

      Also I’d like to add that I agree with you describing Su Ah as the Devil’s spawn. She’s written to be nearly two-dimensional that it’s hard to believe that she’ll be able to redeem herself so late in the game. My limit is when you start shouting at people that you want to kill them. Su Ah, Su Ah, Su Ah, will you be capable of finding happiness that is NOT first place in school?

    • 1.3 MeLiYasha

      Agree! Doesn’t hurt that Sassy Go Go has them all; bromance, romance, and even team-mance ♥ I didn’t watch the other shows except for Cantabile Tomorrow and I loved the bromance there between Il-rak and Yoo-jin (plus Yoon-hoo)

  2. cherkell


    Sorry. I’ll just be over in the corner, whimpering as to what could have been… *sobs*

    • 2.1 PlumWine

      Wow! I think I need to go find the original.

  3. abseoklutely

    The thing I love about Sassy thought is that instead of having this group be separate the whole time, they are starting to come together and see each other as actual people with value and are bonding together as a real team. I just keep holding out hope that Su Ah will pull her head out of her ass soon and realize how alone she is in life and her “specs” will be secondary in the grand scheme of things.
    I just really am hoping for no heart break from Ji Soo, my poor heart won’t be able to handle it again ;.;

    • 3.1 Linh

      Exactly. So I wouldn’t call Sassy Go Go as an underdogs story, because of the reasons you said. Even though in the beginning, it did started off as the Real King kids being the underdogs and the Baek Ho kids being the over-dogs, but then as the story progress, it comes to the results of two groups of kids being the underdogs, and the adults and the system being the over-dogs.

      It shows how two groups of kids deals with the system and the adults that goes against their wills of freedoms in life. It also shows how the kids value and bond with one another as an equal without any circumstances that had them started as a battle lines. It shows how you will be able to survive under the schools that put so much pressures in you through all the systems, competitions, and ranks/grades that are so important within the schools. Like what Teacher Yang said to Yeon Doo, “For you to be able to survive in this environment, you must have friends that you be able to do anything with, and a teacher who will always be on your side.”

  4. velveteer

    YAS this needs to be. but can we add Yeo Jin Gu in there somewhere. It feels like they’re cheating with him…

  5. paroles

    Even though it’s a great cast, I don’t think Yoo Seungho and Lee Hyunwoo are the most height appropriate actors to be cast in a basketball drama. I’m always very amazed that guys who are supposedly basketball whizzes in their dramas are on the wrong side of 180, and they don’t even play point guards lol.

  6. pancchi

    My favourite underdog story will always be Persevere, Gu Hae-ra. Noble idiocy was maddening yes, but the ending monologue was very beautiful. What winning really means is having an appreciative audience.

    Soo-ah. I have never liked her. Hell, she never bothered me. But last few eps i was beyond the point of hating for me. She has crossed the limits which were redeemable.
    But now reading things about her actually make me sad. She may be irredeemable. But what will be her breaking point?
    After what she did to yeon-doo in ep 8, people around her, or just her friends, would they be able to trust her? Even if she is sincere, people would doubt it. The way her brain works, she would hold grudges against them. And we all know what will happen then!
    That is why she is irredeemable in my eyes, that too so late in the game, she can’t handle rejections well. How will she endure??

    Ooh, Monday is here!

    • 6.1 Linh

      She, in fact, doesn’t even consider any of them as her friends. She only see them as latters to her success, but the thing is that everything she is doing, she always get caught (foremost by Yeol, then there’s Dong Jae), which everything she do is always obvious.
      Now what she actually intentionally did to Yeon Doo at the end of episode 9, that was seriously very, very dumb of her action, she intentionally trying to kill Yeon Doo by pushing her down the stairs and harming Yeol, who was also there (with Ha Joon) saving Yeon Doo, in front of the whole school as witnesses. And in the preview of ep 10, everyone at school all goes against her, except Dong Jae, who understands what she’s going through.

    • 6.2 Linh

      You know what, I take those words back from what I said after I’ve watched episode 10 🙂

  7. ally

    What are the four shows in the cover pictures?
    One is sassy go go but I am not sure about the other…?

    • 7.1 MeLiYasha

      I think beside Sassy Go Go is Dream High. And the two on the bottom are Persevere Gu Hae-ra and Shut Up Flower BoyBand

      • 7.1.1 abseoklutely

        yep, its sassy-dream high- persevere-sufbb sorry not typing all that out, im lazy.

  8. Tae-kwang ♡

    There are office underdogs… Misaeng, Super Rookie (?) and Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek are the few that i could name. I’m sure there are political ones out there too… I’m watching D-Day right now and the crazy Dr. Lee and company seems like an underdog.
    I don’t think this is limited to high school musicals. I generally like watching the underdogs grow and gain confidence.

    • 8.1 Clara

      Oh Misaeng and Super Rookie are two of my favorites. Both talked about office environment. And both are very interesting story. And both also played by two superb acting-dol Misaeng (ZE:A Im Siwan and Super Rookie (Shinhwa Eric Mun). As much as I love Misaeng, I love to death Super Rookie since this drama totally silly and dorky makes me laugh no end lol…

  9. xcmk

    Sorry girlfriday, I have to agree with javabeans on this one, happiness is totally interesting!

    • 9.1 nomad

      I’m with JB with this one too…I’m watching What’s Up, and I want to eat the totally b***y evil person. Not healthy.

      • 9.1.1 PlumWine

        Does pepto bismal work on evil? Maybe ginger tea.

    • 9.2 Aru

      especially with that romantic chemistry!!! I love the banter between the leads and JiSoo’s crush on her is just so sweet…and his friendship with Kim Yeol is so cute….I ship all of them with each other….honestly the inner conflict I get trying to decide which pairing I want so they can all be happy is all the drama I need. Soo Ah needs to just go

  10. 10 bean

    “C’mon, wasn’t that rock battle just as satisfying, without all the murderous side thoughts that Su-ah inspires?”

    lol i read this line and since you were talking about SUFBB was thinking su-ah as in jo boa who played su-ah in shut up! and i was sooooo confused. i just kept thinking “shhe wasn’t THAT bad! a little vanilla as far as female leads go, but not that bad!”

    • 10.1 dahlia

      lol same here!

    • 10.2 Zoe

      Haha, same, cuz the reference was to SUFBB, I thought of their Su-ah and I’m like did she inspire murderous thoughts in people, I thought she was nice, if a little bland??

  11. 11 Omomo

    I don’t have much to gripe about Sassy right now because it has been so deliciously satisfying thus far with the romance (especially this! oh, the cute!), bromance and team-ance, with even some teacher-mance and parent-and-child-mance.

    The writers haven’t really done anything ~extreme~ to ruin the show’s wonderful dynamics (again, thus far). Although sometimes it’s daring to reach the borderline regarding some characters *cough*Soo Ah*cough*).

    On the contrary, I don’t think Soo Ah is two-dimensional at all. Maybe because Chae Soo Bin is doing such a great job at portraying her as a remorseless alpha b*tch on the outside yet a fragile, emotionally unstable, desperate girl within that is SO, SO close to breaking. If only she’ll choose to reach out to those lifelines extended her way…

    • 11.1 pigsnout

      Someone compared Soo Ah to a drug addict in the ep 8 recap, only that her “drug” is her mother’s praise which she never gets without being #1.

      Its a weird thing to compare, but in some way it’s accurate? Drug addicts also don’t change their behaviour that easily even when they know they did wrong.

      • 11.1.1 PlumWine

        I think that’s a pretty apt description of Soo Ah. Just as an addict only thinks of the next drug fix, she only thinks of her mother’s praise. Which actually makes the mom worse in my eyes.

        • pogo♥Sassy Go Go

          yeah I thought of it after seeing what Soo-ah looked like in ep 8 – she was physically a wreck, barely able to function, practically shaking the entire time and obviously being eaten up inside. Not hard to draw the drug addiction parallel after seeing how episode 7 played out with her mother.

  12. 12 crazylu

    Blerrrrrgh. Yes! That drama needs to be made ASAP!!!

  13. 13 Sour Grapes

    This is creepy, you are reading my mind guys. Since last week (NBA season start is to blame) I’ve been thinking how great it would be to have a Last Match remake with younger actors.

  14. 14 Peppa

    Where can I watch Last Match? I loved some of the old dramas with Jang Dong Gun.

    • 14.1 PlumWine

      I found it on YouTube under Final Match. It’s not as clear as what we are used to but it’s definitely watchable. Ep 1 was pretty good. Off to go watch ep 2!

  15. 15 pigsnout

    But I like Sassy Go Go’s underdogs more than in the music dramas like Dream High etc. Someone mentioned that at least it’s a little bit realistic because Yeon Doo isn’t from some poor family being chased by loan shark with 18752 part time jobs and a parent who ran away and left her alone. The Real King kids are just trying to survive in their school.

    And even though I hate Soo Ah and want her punished, I still feel bad for her. It’s like Oh Jung Ho in School 2013, a kid going down the wrong path because their parents teach them wrong.

    Also how can you forget Misaeng 🙁 poor Jang Geu Rae, such an underdog puppy 🙁

    • 15.1 Linh

      Yeon Doo is not poor though, she’s more of a middle class.

    • 15.2 Linh

      Sassy Go Go isn’t really about underdogs and over-dogs though, IF it is about the underdogs and over-dogs then I would say both Real King and Baek Ho kids are the underdogs and the system and adults are the over-dogs, because it’s both groups of kids that actually has to go through all the surviving in their school, and as well their dealings with their own personal lives (as in parents’ abuse, parents’ engagement, etc.) and how it affects these kids’ lives through all the things they’re into.

      So, it’s not just the Real King kids that are trying to survive in their school, even the top students, Baek Ho kids has their lives trying to survive in their school too. They all had to go through all kinds of pressures within the environment they’re coming from, and they all struggles in trying to have the happiness in each of their lives from their own personal lives and their lives in their school. All kinds of adults are trying to destroy all of the kids’ happiness and freedoms.

      Yeon Doo may not come from a rich and wealthy family like the Baek Ho kids, but she does not come from a poor family or a low-class family, in fact, she’s from a middle class. She just have struggles with her academics and grades, and has to face the pressures in her school, that’s all.

  16. 16 Jyc

    I don’t see Sassy, Go Go as a drama about underdogs, tho. It’s more like a group of kids who have been oppressed by the system and their family. They were forced to do something together for a selfish quest of one, but they do take a hell lot out of it more than the evil biatch. Underdog stories would really be Gu Hae-ra (w/ the idols as the dominants), Shut Up Flower Boy Band (w/ the elite rich guys), and Dream High (w/ the best among the idol school). But in Sassy Go Go, everyone came together, so I don’t see it as technically an underdog story haha.

    Also: both the guys are soooooo loveable, and the winsome heroine is such a plus. Yay.

    • 16.1 booboo

      “Also: both the guys are soooooo loveable”

      …which isn’t such a good thing either because the show’s giving us such a hard time choosing one over the other.

      Now I want these characters to be in 3 alternate universe so I can enjoy them separately and not be heartbroken; one with Yeol and Yeondoo, another with Yeondoo and Hajoon and the third one is the bromance world with Yeol and Hajoon.

  17. 17 insomniac

    I do not see cheerleading as fascinating ✌️ my friends do but Me not so much. Too hazardous.

    Instead of basketball, I was thinking of baseball. I heard mbc kept on canceling their drama show she was pretty for that sport show 😁 if kbs still want to try to make high school dramas then try baseball 😁 ladies won’t complain if they will cast a mix of actors (pitcher and catcher) and idols in a baseball drama show. Just ask a smart writer and pd and put a dash of romance here and there so everyone will be glad and dandy

    • 17.1 PlumWine

      ‘2 outs in the 9th inning’ was a cute baseball drama. More romance than baseball though if I remember correctly.

  18. 18 sundaexstory

    I don’t really agree that the Real King kids in Sassy Go Go are THAT trampled on…they are, but look how well they bounce back automatically and bond with Baek-ho! So proud of them.

    P.S. I love how much attention Sassy Go Go is getting on Dramabeans, yay.

  19. 19 dkaoru

    I was avoiding Sassy Go Go because I was traumatized from Who are you School 2015 and Orange Marmalade.
    But I’ve been following the recap and watched last week episodes. I guess I’m sucked in now hahahaha going back to watch the earlier episodes.
    Underdog stories are so satisfying because the more vicious the beating, the better the pay out would be. Well, if done right, that is.

  20. 20 Jules

    I don’t consider the Sassy kids to be perpetually downtrodden, because every issue is resolved so quickly (by the next episode at most) and with very few (lasting) repercussions.

    In fact, the antagonists (the principal, her lackey and Soo Ah) usually end up worse off than our protags in almost every instance.

    As for Soo Ah… I no longer believe she’s capable of being redeemed. She’s obviously in a lot of pain, deep down (very, very, very deep down), but that doesn’t prevent her from inflicting pain on others. I’m not sure she’s even aware that other people’s feelings are as valid and as intense as hers are – and that’s disturbing.

    Thanks for the interesting post! 🙂

  21. 21 es

    I don’t really feel frustrated about the Sassy Go Go kids always getting trampled on, and actually never really thought about it until now, probably because the problems are usually resolved within the episode, and the characters bounce back really quickly. I guess it’s also because there’s not much of a clear line between the underdogs and the ‘overdogs’ anymore either now that Baek Ho and Real King are merging, so it doesn’t have that same level of rivalry that Shut Up Flower Boy Band and Dream High had. And the moments of triumph are so heartwarming that I never really feel like things are too hopeless for them, heh. <3

    • 21.1 leethehey

      I agree with you. I don’t feel frustrated about the underdog-overdog dynamic in Sassy Go Go because I hardly feel that it’s even the point of the story. The cheerleading aspect of this drama is more of just a small plot device rather than an actual thematic point.

      In SGG, it’s really not so much as an inferior team v. superior team kind of thing, but more of a “System” (Team Soo Ah’s mother) v. “Brave Souls-defying-the-System” (Team Yeon Do). If I were to compare it to another drama it’ll probably be Angry Mom.

      Further, the gratification comes not from who one-ups/wins over the other but more as to how Team Yeon Do sways one person at a time to cross over to her team, not by force or explicit words, but on their own terms. It’s really much more satisfying to see the people around her change not because she nagged them to change but more because they saw their own shortcomings as they witness her positivity and selflessness.

      • 21.1.1 pogo♥Sassy Go Go

        yeah, this is pretty accurate – the system and the mentality of achievement above all, is the real overdog in Sassy Go Go, rather than any one person. Even the kids with a certain amount of privilege at the start of the drama can end up on the wrong side of it all too easily (as seen with Yeol), and are victims of it in their own way (Soo-ah)

  22. 22 rinoak

    Yes, I TOTALLY agree with you! Why can’t we just have it all?

  23. 23 shae

    I quit watching Sassy. But, the story of the South Korean cheer team is a good one. They’ve only been competing for 2 years now and it’s good to see their progress (videos on youtube) competition wise.
    I first saw them on an episode of Star King and heard the personal stories of how cheerleading has been a life line for the kids. One girl almost brought me to tears, she said her parents didn’t know what to do for her and she thought about quitting school.
    I remember thinking, somebody’s going to make a drama out of this.

  24. 24 Fab♥Hilleo

    When the overdogs and the underdogs team up and become one squad, what do you call them? I love that SASSY inspired you to do this post. The biggest issue of Soo-ah is that she’s only afraid of the consequences ≠ Mother. No one dares to stop her, so she’s basically on a downward spiral. On one hand everyone who’s grown up with strict parents can sympathies with her. But for just a very tiny bit.

  25. 25 Mandy

    I adore Sassy Go, Go in a completely different way from how much I absolutely loved Dream High. The latter is still the best high school drama to have come out from South Korea IMO, but SGG is really great with so much focus on bonds, friendships and how to win as a team.

    I think what both drama does right is depict relationships the way they are in real life between ordinary kids. There’s always the over ambitious, the carefree and the ones in between. I love that both drama show villains who really have a soul even if sometimes their actions seem irredeemable. Dream High had a lot more conflict in it, so much more adrenaline pumping from my end but SGG’s cheerful and fluffy outer shell filled with more interesting conflicts inside makes it such a huge win for me too. I hope more HS dramas are like this. No more Orange Marmalade or School 2015 please! This is what youth should be about.

  26. 26 pogo♥Sassy Go Go

    Sassy Go Go is the best school drama of the last five years (barring School 2013 and SUFBB, and even then it can duke it out with those two, this is the little drama that could)

    But like someone upthread said, it really isn’t written along the lines of a typical underdog drama at all – the more ‘elite’ group in this case still has to work together with the not-so-elite, and the story is about kids from both groups, not just the downtrodden one.

    And the cast is perfect – Dream High was marred by featuring leads who, to put it very charitably, struggled with the very mechanics of acting. That’s not the case here at all since SGG has one of the best ensemble casts of this year and no one is a weak spot.

    • 26.1 pogo♥Sassy Go Go

      oh yeah, and underdogs aren’t only a thing in high school – how is Misaeng not on the list?

      That’s pretty much the ultimate underdog drama, and has the bonus of actually being one that reflects a LOT of our lives! Way more than high schoolers who have to win entry to idol school or else be buried by loan sharks.

    • 26.2 pogo♥Sassy Go Go

      And also, I’d argue that Sassy Go Go has its kids experience moments of uplift that are just as great as in Monstar or Dream High. Soo-ah may be maddening, but she’s still conflicted enough that she’s not totally evil.

      And the drama thwarts her at pretty much every turn, she’s not even close to being that sociopath Kang So-young. (for starters, she doesn’t pick-a-victim and then drive them to death, her victims are more like collateral damage inflicted by her attempts to reach the top aka win her mother’s approval the only way she knows, and she takes it personally only when someone gets in the way of her goals)

  27. 27 Nick Knack Paddy Whack

    Overall I like the show but I’m really distrubed by the lack of punishment for the girls that falsely accused the teacher of molestation. As a writer if you are going to present such a taboo subject then see it through & show actual real consequences for making such a herendous accusation. I’m still in disbelief that it was pretty much wrapped up in a smiling cheer & nothing happened to the girls. WTF was that?

    • 27.1 Adal

      I know right? That’s a pet peeve of mine. It was just glossed over. It’s a serious accusation with serious consequences and I just wish the show would delve into it a lot more.

      Come to think of it, the show raises a lot of dark concerns (cutting oneself, parental abuse, false molestation accusations, past trauma that causes a phobia of being touched) but doesn’t really delve into any of them just glosses over them, skirting the surface. I think it’s probably because there are only 12 episodes and the writer wants to focus on the main theme driving the show. Either way, I adore this gem of a drama and feel they are doing a bang up job!

      • 27.1.1 Lixie

        Yes, but let’s be honest most kdramas just stay at the surface of any of these subjects, for all their love for past traumas NONE is ever really dealt with in a realistic manner.

        I don’t even like Sassy but I’m sort of amazed there is character who is a cutter. I’m following this just because of the bromance, the sweet OTP and the small courage to even hint at hard issues.

        I’m still at the early episodes and I already imagined they had no intention to fully dwelve into them, not any more than School or Angry Mom ever wanted to really talk about bullying or abuse.

      • 27.1.2 Linh

        @Adal Also, Near-death experience (Yeon Doo, when she was a kid), you forgot to add that too lol

  28. 28 Nikilann

    Seriously, why did you line up this awesome cast in my head ?? I never thought about it and now it’s gonne be the only one I’ll ever want !

    I hate you ;p

    • 28.1 PlumWine

      Since you are the 4 th really upset person about this I am now off to go watch the original on YouTube (under Final Match) while I wait for Sassy to be subbed. Dishes be deviled.

  29. 29 nozomi05

    “With Lee Hyun-woo and Yoo Seung-ho as the best friends, fighting over Kim Yoo-jung and Kim So-hyun”

    Can we ask the drama gods to give us this casting?

  30. 30 hwajung

    so ah is beyond redemption. I don’t know how they are going to make her any better than she is now but writer-nim I’ve got my eyes on you.

  31. 31 eunhee

    I don’t know if I need to repeat myself from saying this but, to the people behind Dramabeans, thank you guys! I love you very much. And maybe you’re my soul sister in my past life or something.

    Everything you mentioned just now is true. Bulls eye!

    I don’t know how they rate dramas in korea but, Sassy Go Go/ Cheer Up is a good drama in my opinion. Sure it has some flaws like it doesn’t even look like a cheerleading drama as it lacks the stunts as I was thinking more of a Bring it On-ish type of drama or somewhat relate able to that but for me it’s still okay.

    the real question now is how are they gonna squeeze up the remaining scenes on the last 2 episodes of the show wherein Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol’s parents announce their marriage and who will end up with Yeon Doo and will they ever be doing other stunts than those simple routines?

    Okay I’m ranting.

    • 31.1 Linh

      Not just Yeol and Yeon Doo meeting their parents, there are still the Principal trying to get rid of the Cheerleading Club when the two teams has already bond with each other and become strong, then there’s Soo Ah’s mom, and Ha Joon’s dad.

      These are four more problems lol

  32. 32 August

    Dream High & Shut Up: Flower Boy Band…hope to get around to watching these dramas someday.

    Absolutely adore, kdrama gems!
    Sassy Go Go 🎓 👫 😊🙂😉🤗😍
    Monstar 🎼 🎸 🎻 🎤 🎹 🎶 😊
    School 2013 👬 📚 💯 🙂

    Overrated! Watching once was more than enough:
    Who Are You—School 2015 🙄 🤔 ⁉️
    Persevere, Gu Hae-ra 📀 💿 💽 📻 📺 🎟

  33. 33 Spi

    OMG you guys make me want to rewatch Last Match. I watched it sooooo long ago, when I was little! It was a great drama, that’s all I can remember now.

  34. 34 charmcasy

    having exam… should be studying redemption of debentures but instead m much more interested in Soo Ah’s redemption!! ha!!

  35. 35 reibo

    If u watch today’s episode, ill totally cry for Soo-ah. At least, I cried. 😛

  36. 36 Linh

    I’m glad that in episode 10 of Sassy Go Go, the kids are so willing to forgive her and want her to go back to the school, even though they were actually all trying to atone their guilts that they never even commit, even though they all pushed her to the edge. If Soo Ah really die, I’m pretty sure many people would be despair, especially for the ones who saw her, like Yeol, Yeon Doo, and Dong Jae, but I’m so proud that Dong Jae got to overcome his phobia by saving her 🙂

    Even though, Soo Ah’s situation has been solved, in the next 2 more episodes, there will still be some more obstacles that they have to go through.

    1. They still have to go through the evil Principal trying to get rid of the Cheerleading Club when the two teams are already bonding with each other and become strong.

    2. Soo Ah still has to confront her mom or have help by her friends, same goes with Ha Joon with his dad.

    3. Yeol and Yeon Doo also still have their parents’ obstacle coming to them.

    So yeah, they have to solve these four obstacles coming to them, Soo Ah’s mom, Ha Joon’s dad, Yeol and Yeon Doo’s parents, and the Principal.

  37. 37 Grnapple31

    Well, now that Sassy has ended I’m sure your mind has changed! What a great series it was! And the conflicts and issues faced by the teens seemed so genuine and dire – and I’m so glad they dealt with some serious issues that exist in the world like overpressuring parents, child abuse, getting good grades, trying to fit in and make friends, these are all issues faced by teenagers everywhere so I’m glad they addressed it and addressed it so well. And so well acted too! And so efficiently in only 12 episodes too!!!! I love this drama. So sad it ended… what do I do now without Yeon Doo and Yeol and Ha Joon every week….

    Oh yeah, I digress. I LOVED Last Match! Y’all remember the soundtrack? That theme song that kicked in? Ahhh… Nostalgia. And a remake?? With Yoo Seung Ho? Lee Hyun Woo?? Kim Yoo Jung??? Kim So Hyun???? OMG!!! What an idea!!!

    Javabeans. YOU thought it up. You have to make it happen. We’re all counting on you. Like, really.

  38. 38 stillnotInLove

    Hey, which drama is the second last picture from, one with everyone around a picnic table. Looks very interesting, seen all other dramas mentioned here, except for last match.

  39. 39 EEJEE

    In Sassy Go go, I don’t care who she ends up with. Both Ji Soo and Won Geun are good actors. At first, I was disappointed with Ji Soo being the other guy,but after watching Won Geun I couldn’t bad mouth him. Anyway, can’t wait for the time where Ji Soo becomes the the lead actor in his own drama.

  40. 40 Purple Owl

    Could we get that drama remake?!

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