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Kissing, camping, and going commando for Youths Over Flowers 1988
by | February 15, 2016 | 91 Comments

The surprise mashup of Answer Me 1988 and Youths Over Flowers already premieres this coming Friday, which seems like a bit of a whirlwind because we just got done with the Iceland boys and their shenanigans. The back-to-back broadcasts also means there hasn’t been a whole lot of time for promo, but we finally have the first poster for Youths Over Flowers in Africa, along with the extended teaser that was shown at the end of the last episode of the Iceland trip, featuring some pretty epic bromance.

This time, Na PD and crew kidnapped newly-minted It-boys Ryu Joon-yeol, Park Bo-gum, Go Kyung-pyo, and Ahn Jae-hong, aka the Answer Me 1988 boys (minus Lee Dong-hwi, who had to film a movie) at the end of their cast vacation and whisked them away to Namibia. The 10-day off-roading adventure looks truly carefree, with the boys pitching tents wherever they end up and grilling up dinner by the side of the road.

At one point Bo-gum looks upset at the lack of underwear to change into, and Joon-yeol says, “Honestly, we’ve just decided to go without.” Kyung-pyo adds in a serious voice, “Joon-yeol hyung and I are no-panty. If you look behind you, you’ll see them hanging.” Joon-yeol: “If you’re feeling icky, just take them off too.” Cut to: All of them taking off their shorts in the pool. Um, you still need to wear pants though! No underwear means you must be wearing pants!

My favorite part is that Ryu Joon-yeol and Park Bo-gum are especially cuddlesome with one another, giving each other smoochies whenever the mood strikes. Maybe they just know that each kiss is one step closer to healing my broken heart. Orrrr maybe it always should’ve been Jung-hwan and Taek riding off into the sunset together.

Youths Over Flowers in Africa premieres this Friday, February 19.

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91 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Apluszee

    OMG Park Bogum looks soooooo tan!!! But I’m so excited to see this (with subs or NOT! I WILL WATCH THIS NO MATTER WHAT).

    • 1.1 Bongsookie🐾

      I know right, I’m seriously gonna watch this no matter what! 😛

    • 1.2 anne

      Why? Why must it be “IN AFRICA” when all the previous ones are “IN (COUNTRY)”?!!?! FYI, Africa is not a country!!!

      The Danger of a Single Story – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

      • 1.2.1 Whatsthescenario

        Ha! I thought I was the only one that had a problem with “In Africa”.

      • 1.2.2 dooleygongshil

        I was going to say as well! While it’s true that some people might not know Namibia is in Africa….still. There was a girl who thought that when my prof was talking about South Africa, he meant the general southern part of Africa. She didn’t even know it was a country. In a university level class!

        I always really liked that talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Thanks for reminding me about it. 😀 It applies to a lot of things in life.

  2. HBW

    OMG. So hyped.

  3. pastmidnite 🌃

    They just wrapped up their fan signing event today. Can’t wait for Friday! Oh and I think there will be a prescon on Thursday, broadcasted live on v-app?

    • 3.1 Rachel

      Yup seems like it. It’s on the V App schedule. Can’t wait!

    • 3.2 fan

      btw Park Bo-geum had the ring in his ring finger in their fan signing which made rumor go wild. But his agency said it was given for product promo thing and he took it off right after the event.

  4. Midnitewatcher

    These 4 boys are beyond precious. Clearly that they really love each other. Although I haveto ask, is it normal for guys in Korea to kiss each other in the cheeks? Because it is not common in my country. Really curious, please don’t get mad at me.

    • 4.1 clairie

      Yup I wonder about that too

    • 4.2 fan

      I don’t think it is big deal in Korea even though kissing could feel a little uncomfortable to the people watching. It is like giving peck to baby or younger brother/sister out of (brotherly, sisterly) affection. I am curious to see what viewers’ response would be though (I will be reading). Walking holding hands are very common between friends.

      • 4.2.1 fan

        Another example. Some Korean grandpa touched a little boy’s private parts out of affection (which is common in Korea with older folks) in California?, and got into a trouble one time.

    • 4.3 neener

      Not sure if it’s normal in Korea but I think it’s part of the fan service too Hahahaha say hello to fanfics if you’re into reading one hihihi

    • 4.4 kickingtenshi

      It’s pretty normal for people of the same sex to have PDA with their platonic friends (obvs it’s more of a no-go between guys and girls).

      Korean guys, from my observations, are totally cool with hugging/glomping and holding hands, almost irregardless of age!

      • 4.4.1 Marshmallow

        Yeah, in Korea, physical affection between same-sex friends is seen as normal (like how it was in Reply 1988). On the contrary, a boyfriend and girlfriend should be careful about PDA.

    • 4.5 lemon84

      I think it’s common in korea.. i remember watch strong heart where lee teuk and eunhyuk are fixed cast.. and henry as one of the guest.. henry told them story when he 1st came to korea.. when he saw teukie touch the other member butt.. he like ” what? Okay… they are gay…” something like that.. but then now he knows.. its a culture.. plus yes me also in my country will find that super awkward!
      But why we find it super cute when we saw bromance in korea world? Haha

      • 4.5.1 redfox

        in my country too, it would be like, it would be so so weird, especially cause for most people here, showing affection translates as “sconsidering saying something nice to another but not really”. I have noticed the younger generation getting more extroverted, but it is more that guys and girls can be just friends and be very touchy, but between guys it is more “I smack you over the head really hard that means I almost…um…lo… I mean… not hate you exactly….you…um… maybe…don´t tell anyone.”

  5. jungyeol

    Gonna ship Ryu Jun Yeol with Park Bogum. LOL. Bye Deok Sun. Junghwan and Taek is the real thing.

    • 5.1 Rebecca

      The ship has sailed.

    • 5.2 Crazyoverkdrama


    • 5.3 crazyahjummafan

      Deok Sun??? Who’s Deok Sun? It was always Jung Hwan and Taekie! Just that we didn’t know it till now!

  6. Erratic

    Err… Those two were even especially touchy-feely behind the scenes of Answer Me 1988. Solma…


  7. svarina

    Shipping it again: Junghwan and Taek!!! Thanks GF, by the way, how many episodes is this season?

  8. Shirleen

    Ahhh the pecks on the cheeks so cute haha

  9. Carnie

    “Maybe they just know that each kiss is one step closer to healing my broken heart.”

    Mine too! Can’t wait.

  10. 10 amareally

    They’re crazy….. I think this season will be crazier than the Laos season….

  11. 11 Bili Bala Pabo Bara

    Looks like a blast!

  12. 12 Zah

    So much bromance in these pics.

    Junghwan x Taek forever. <3

  13. 13 drivebyknitting

    I can’t handle how cute this looks. OMG, I just want to squish Joon Yeol and Bo Gum.

  14. 14 Satang-Sajang

    Bromance at its finest. This looks so adorable, I just hope it gets fully subbed. Thanks gilfriday.

  15. 15 Bongsookie🐾

    Whoaa I can’t wait!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  16. 16 Cherry

    You can clearly see who the hyungs are … Always taking care of the younger of the others. So cute

  17. 17 DAR

    I can not wait…ahhhhh
    It looks so much fun

  18. 18 fan

    No PD is just awesome. He is giving some lectures and was asked how he decide who to participate in his show. He said “Nice person (hope he is nice person)” “Camera observes the participant 24/7, so he has to be a nice person, that way viewers can watch them with ease.” About picking Lee Seo-jin for Grandpa over flowers, “I asked the senior actors, but they said anyone will do. When I asked their managers, LSJ name came up.”

  19. 19 Jan

    I feel like my ship HwanTaek get sail hahaha. But seriously, I just want Lee Dong Hwi to be here too, miss him and his great sense of humour <3

  20. 20 Corrine

    Omggg so much hugging and cuddling 😂

  21. 21 neener

    My heart for HwanTaek ❤️❤️❤️ I want Na PD to kidnapped me too!

  22. 22 erwinia

    Na PD stirred the wanderlust in me. If Iceland has a surge of Korean travelers, they should thank him.

    • 22.1 jane

      so true. I feel like travelling every time I watch Over Flower series.

    • 22.2 Ela

      I just came back from Iceland last weekend and did encounter quite a few Koreans (although, there were alot of Hong Kong Chinese and Taiwanese tourists too).

  23. 23 Shirleen

    For those who can understand Chinese subs! It will probably be updated pretty fast after the release 🙂

    • 23.1 Jyuu

      Thank you!!!

  24. 24 Rini

    PBG x RJY is the true ship. PBG looks so tan and cute omg.

    This is going to be adorable.

  25. 25 Mashimomo

    “My favorite part is that Ryu Joon-yeol and Park Bo-gum are especially cuddlesome with one another, giving each other smoochies whenever the mood strikes. Maybe they just know that each kiss is one step closer to healing my broken heart. Orrrr maybe it always should’ve been Jung-hwan and Taek riding off into the sunset together” — LOL GF I’ve called this since the show was airing! How are these 2 so cute?! Na PD sure knows what he’s doing, this should heal all wounds (Deok-sun who?!) I’m so excited for this season, it sounds like they are all genuinely thankful for the experience! I’m excited to see our boys again.

  26. 26 hawoojinruinedme

    Dude. That last frame was ABSOLUTELY ON THE MONEY.

    Also, Circle of Life + Answer Me 1988 Boys = The Death of Me

  27. 27 hawoojinruinedme

    Also, they look like they’re having the time of their lives. Now, im just extra sad that Lee Donghwi couldnt come.

  28. 28 kiranatidar

    they are sooo adorable and cute~^^
    can i have a package of ryu jun yeol and park bogum pretty please *.*

  29. 29 eva

    This looks so cute I can´t even. Seriously hope that it´ll be subbed soon. Subangels, can you hear me?

  30. 30 jane

    lmao it was Junghwan X Taek all along. sorry Deoksun.

  31. 31 fei

    Soooooo cute!! I just can’t.

    I wonder whose gonna be the cutie pabo of the group. I’m kinda hoping it’s Jun Yeol.

    • 31.1 Ofl

      Maybe Bo-gum ? Cause Na PD said that the boys pretty much like their characters in AM 1988 🙂

    • 31.2 guest

      it’s either bogum or Jaehong. because Junyeolie are experienced traveller. and we can see he the driver during the trip. as you know why he’s the driver. the driver seat is on the right side (pretty different with Korean car) and manual handling which probably most of them unfamiliar to drive. not to mention this is desert and unfamiliar places for them.

  32. 32 Jade0817

    Can’t wait!!!! ^^

    Ditto on needing something to heal my broken heart post Reply 1988. I’m still on the mend, will it ever completely heal? (No.) By the end I was all team #TaekHwan, forget Deuk Seon! lol

    The Joon Yeol + Bogum bromance is so cute! Maybe they’ll be as affectionate as Jung Woo + Haneul. With the morning cuddles and all please 😉

    • 32.1 annflln

      +10000 on this!!

    • 32.2 guest

      yayyy for jungwoo and hanuel bromance…. i almost surprise watching hanuel cuddle to jungwoo hahaha…if he didnt had a gf and to the point of getting married i thought they were gay

  33. 33 Ena

    Omg I cannottttt wait!!! This looks like an epic adventure of a lifetime and I’m so happy they’re sharing snippets of it with us!!!

  34. 34 Jyuu

    I am so excited for this!! Thank you Na PD for the smooches and bromance 🙂

  35. 35

    Buahaha @ “My favorite part is that Ryu Joon-yeol and Park Bo-gum are especially cuddlesome with one another, giving each other smoochies whenever the mood strikes. Maybe they just know that each kiss is one step closer to healing my broken heart. Orrrr maybe it always should’ve been Jung-hwan and Taek riding off into the sunset together.”

    Yess.. #TaekHwan1988 forever! 😂💙💚 Even eomma Mi-Ran shipped them (cmt during one of the bts clips) & the production majorly teased fans with that fake trailer released only on the official FB pg (implying ’88 as a Taekie/JungHwan love story! pfftt) sooo this would definitely be a nice follow-up / form of closure haha.. also, hello extra vidding material! ^__~

  36. 36 Kerstin

    Gosh I love the long preview! Namibia is such a beautiful country. I’d travel there again anytime. For everyone who is interested in what they were talking Eyes on Ryu subbed it.

    • 36.1 dkaoru


  37. 37 mnstpdu08

    Desert Safari!! This is too cute. I miss the Reply 1988 boys.

  38. 38 redfox

    …why are they so happy? Is this not a Na PD show? Really odd.

    Did they cage Na PD and leave him in the savanna? Or is this a “dream sequence”?

    • 38.1 redfox

      and OMG Go Kuyng Po´s tan!!! Did he fall asleep in the sun or something?

    • 38.2 gadis

      Seems like Na PD will get really ‘annoyed’ again. After all those thrifty boys in Iceland, now he got a bunch of cute guys who are always happy no matter what he did to them.

      • 38.2.1 guest

        hahahaha yess….he love to see the cast grumbled (cough laos and peru). but iceland boys are pretty much happy no matter what and that’s what made me loooooooveeeee the cast all over again. they’re like 4 similar personality going travel together. stinky, paboo, but happy no matter what.
        I think the namibia boys pretty much the same. if they’re slogan is KAMSAMHADA (means Be thankfull), they would not complain for any difficulty hahahaha

      • 38.2.2 redfox

        they are like zen monks. “grateful for everything… dont let anything bother you… be grateful for difficulties, they are a learning experience…”

  39. 39 Dramapanda

    Aww, they look like they had a riotous good time. Nice to see them all looking healthy and carefree, and their rapport from the production is still pretty much on its all-time high. I missed those guys…missed that whole street, so I’ll definitely look out for it. With subs though, as I find these programmes turn so much on the banter!

  40. 40 bokgil

    I don’t know why I have this silly smile on my face. can someone plz explain it to me

  41. 41 Nat

    My heart is healed.

  42. 42 JoAnne

    You had to mention pitching tents, when you already had me thinking about going commando.

    I blame you for my thoughts.

    • 42.1 Erratic

      Lol. At this. XD

  43. 43 reglest

    Now I’m seeing this…I got the idea
    Over flowers is a type of docu-vari… where you change the point of dockumentary into variety show. The point which PD Na strongest of. That’s why he took the newly-non variety stars to star into it, like LSJ and now the boys. The exception maybe seung gi and yoo he yeol and the gang…
    I kinda look for it though

  44. 44 erika

    really can’t wait. thanks na pd. after the fun with the iceland boys and the beautiful scenery now I can watch these lovely boys right away. yeah.

  45. 45 winda

    can’t wait for this ! i hope someone will sub it…finally we can see junghwan and taekie with a happy i really like they’re always cheerful and happy…joonyeol and bogum oppa..why are guys so cute!♡♡ junbong oppa n kyungpo oppa …i really like your smile… i can wait to see their travelling in namibia^^

  46. 46 Taeki's kissing Teacher


  47. 47 hanie

    My Taek on teasers:

    -they have great skin. jealous~
    -park bo gum is beautiful and shinning
    -I expected no-panty will makes an appearance. hopefully nobody rip their short ala YYS
    – ra miran said the real ship is JH/TK. ssamundong cheetah is absolutely right

  48. 48 Kdramafanatic

    It should have always been Taeki~ee and Jungpal, why didn’t I see it!? This road trip seems amazing. I commit myself to watching this whole thing even without subs, I just need more Reply 1988 in my life…(still not over it!).
    The teaser made me want to go on a road trip 😉

  49. 49 Lisa

    Can’t wait for this to air!!! Hahaha!! Love these boys!!!

  50. 50 mia

    NaPD is the salve to the bleeding hearts of Junghwan fans after Reply 88!

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