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The rise and fall of Cheese in the Trap
by | February 25, 2016 | 1,392 Comments

By now, you’ve probably already heard plenty about the brouhaha surrounding Cheese in the Trap, which we haven’t commented on too much here—mostly because the controversy started off at a relatively low rumble with claims that were, for the large part, difficult to substantiate or confirm.

But I’ve been keeping an eye on the developing headlines, and somewhere in the past couple days, it feels like the controversy reached a tipping point and is now gaining momentum and intensity, rather than dying down. I’d wanted to wait for more official statements and facts to come out before talking about it, and now that we’ve had multiple statements from key parties, including Park Hae-jin, it seems a good time to weigh in.

Reading the Cheese recap comments, it seems like most fans are already aware of the issues so I won’t go into comprehensive detail, but to give the general overview: Fans have always been critical of Cheese deviating from its original material, but for the most part, after the show premiered to praise and massive ratings, those comments calmed down for a while. However, about halfway through the show, the complaints began growing again, coupled with the increasing disgruntlement over the drama’s curious shortening of star Park Hae-jin’s screentime (playing Yoo Jung, but you know this already), which has coincided with the drastic increase in screentime for his co-star Seo Kang-joon (Baek In-ho).

We’d all noticed this, I’m sure, but it feels like things really blew up this week after Episodes 13 and 14 aired, and our lead actor was hardly in them.

A lot of conspiracy theories are floating around for why this might happen, but I have to admit at first I disregarded them as overreaching by upset fans. After all, I don’t see any problem with a drama deviating from source material to be its own thing, and viewers can’t expect or demand that a show re-create a webtoon perfectly. That said, the longer this controversy stretched, the more confused I got, and now I have to join the chorus of puzzled viewers wondering if there isn’t something to the rumors—I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but this whole situation is so bizarre that there aren’t many explanations otherwise.

I don’t actually find the main plot points of the drama to be too problematic on paper—for instance, In-ho struggling to reclaim his life, Jung and Seol arguing and making up—but it’s a case where the balance is all wrong. By skewing the focus so drastically, the show has altered the effect of the story in a way that now feels unnatural to its intent.

It came out that there were significant edits made to the shot footage, which was markedly different from the footage that was aired, which happened to favor a focus on Seo Kang-joon over Park Hae-jin. My jaw dropped to read reports that Park Hae-jin hadn’t been invited to the show’s own wrap party or reward vacation. (He clarifies this in the interview below.) There are rumors that Park Hae-jin finished shoots on the show a full five days in advance of Kim Go-eun or Seo Kang-joon, which is mind-boggling.

On a related note, I do also have to issue a mea culpa of sorts for Episode 13, because at the time I wrote the recap, I wasn’t aware of the full behind-the-scenes controversy, and therefore merely thought that while it was curious that Park Hae-jin was getting so little to do, I was sure—so totally confident—that the drama was just on a minor detour that there was no way he was going to be shafted in the long run. Because of course that’s how it should be! Who writes a drama and cuts out the hero at the end?

The story of Cheese in the Trap was so clearly about Seol and Jung, with In-ho playing a supporting role, and so I presumed In-ho would get his big moment and then fade away, like Copycat Min-soo and Stalker Young-gon. I had too much faith in the show to consider that anything else might happen, but after reading through the massive flood of new articles currently floating around in the internet ether, I’m concerned that I was too optimistic, and that the show might not right its course.

On February 24, webtoon writer Soonkki wrote publicly on her blog about the production not consulting her about the plot after Episode 6. She stated that the show contacted her later about the last two episodes, then disregarded her requests not to write a certain ending, lest it overlap too much with her own plans for the webtoon’s ending, which is yet to come. She wrote, “Considering that the medium is different, I’d wanted the drama to have a different feel from the original. However, it was reported that the drama was ‘faithful to the original.’ While the drama was being produced to be faithful to the original, I did not receive even one call, and I don’t know what plot will be produced.”

And that brings us to today, with new interviews with Park Hae-jin asking him for his thoughts on the matter. He is diplomatic but somewhat forthcoming, enough that we can read between the lines. I always find Korean stars to be so excessively polite and image-conscious that they hardly say anything in interviews, and therefore you know things must be really bad for them to say anything negative about their projects or the people they’ve worked with. (Mostly, it’s starting to look like PD Lee Yoon-jung must be nuts, and Park Hae-jin is a class act. PD Lee is getting a firestorm of flak right now, with Park Hae-jin being inundated with public sympathy. As this is also my sentiment, I have no problems with the current tide of public opinion.)

At the time that the drama’s reward vacation plans were announced, Park was asked about it and replied that he’d never heard anything about it. This time he clarified, “This is something I think I have to explain clearly. Because of my schedule, I told them in advance that I wouldn’t be able to go, and I think that’s why they didn’t contact me. Later I heard about the reward vacation’s time and location through the news. As I said, I didn’t know anything about it… The next day at an event, I was told, ‘I tried to tell you the plans, but the news came out first.’ If I’d heard [the talk] that I didn’t go because I was hurt over the drama, I think I would have just gone. It’s a situation that got misrepresented through misunderstanding.”

Park was asked about certain complaints about the drama character not living up to the webtoon character, and it sounds like Park himself wasn’t happy with the characterization.

Park Hae-jin: “It’s possible the drama viewers would think that. In my family, my noona and I have read the webtoon, while my brother-in-law and mother haven’t. Those who haven’t read it ask me, ‘Why is Yoo Jung doing that?’ and I explain it to them. There’s no need to take the webtoon directly as is, but in the drama there’s a connecting flow and you need to create plausibility. There’s a slight disconnected feeling, and in some parts it could be like ‘fishing’ [bait-and-switching] to viewers. From the viewer’s standpoint, you need to be able to sympathize and relate.”

He added, “If the plot interferes with plausibility or is unable to be understood, you can’t watch the drama. There are parts I’m disappointed about. There are parts where the feeling between what we shot and what aired is different.”

He said, “There are things I’m disappointed with regarding the screentime and editing. But even being the lead character, depending on the episode your emphasis could be greater or lesser. Truthfully, I don’t think the real problem is the screentime or editing. The biggest issue is that my character, Yoo Jung, has changed. He carries hidden scars that he can’t show to others. He smiles to cover that up, and shows a bright face. There are certain scenes that are necessary to show the characters’ internal and external sides. But in the drama, they were different from the original. I was disappointed in this point. I chose Cheese in the Trap because of Yoo Jung’s duality, with his sweet and chilling sides.”

“Past the first half of the series, this side of Yoo Jung wasn’t revealed much. Thus the character’s very essence was weakened, and changed. More than the shortening of my screentime because of the editing, I’m just so disappointed in the character faltering.”

“I really wanted to take on the role of Yoo Jung, but I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to show something more. And I’m also sorry to writer Soonkki of the original.”

A source from his management’s side said, “When he agreed to take the role, he only had one condition. That they not shatter the original. He only wanted for the characters’ personalities and situations to be explained adequately. Now only Episodes 15 and 16 remain. Park Hae-jin’s part is small, but he put forth his best effort. He mentioned that he’d be a ‘scene stealer.'” Also: “From Episode 10 onward, we asked the producers constantly to explain. But all they said was that they were in talks with Soonkki.”

What about the ending? Park said, “I don’t know how the ending will be. There are a lot of instances where we filmed things that didn’t air, so even I will have to watch the broadcast to know. But since it’s a drama I appeared in, I hope it will wrap up well.”

“Because filming has already wrapped, I can only wait to see how the director edited things. It’s upsetting. I worked hard as the actor in the lead, but I’m sad I couldn’t show more.”

One source with the drama said, “The original [story] has completely crumbled. Episodes 15 and 16 contain events that are incomprehensible.”

Park seems to be unhappy with PD Lee Yoon-jung’s direction, though he seemed careful not to badmouth her. Regarding the constant changes to the script, he said, “There were a lot of revisions made on set, to the extent that a script being complete became meaningless. I heard that’s her style.”

He described how PD Lee didn’t seem that concerned with sticking to the original material, and would sometimes ask why it was a problem. His interviewer asked if the new parts—the scenes the drama created that weren’t in the original—were the problem. He replied, “[The drama] didn’t capture the parts that are in the webtoon well, either. I’d like to ask the director once, why she did that. I don’t know what is still to come, but I’d still like to ask that.”

“When I watched the broadcast, Yoo Jung didn’t appear very much. I’d like to ask [the director] why. It’s not only the scenes I filmed, but there were child parts that were entirely skipped, and the emotional lines between Yoo Jung and his father, and parts where we could have explained more and still been insufficient, but got removed. There were things that didn’t get filmed, but even things we filmed were edited out. So I’d like to ask that myself, what the reason was.”

Park’s management company, WM Company, stated, “The viewers’ reactions are already known, and we’re extremely disappointed about the screentime issue. We just don’t understand why things that were already filmed were cut out. There are major scenes for Yoo Jung that were shot that weren’t included. [He/we] expressed extreme opposition to the current plot, but [they] did not accept any of it.”

He was asked if he’s satisfied about what’s aired. He replied, “To be honest, it would be a lie to say I’m 100% satisfied. The reason I confirmed Cheese in the Trap at the very start when the director, writer, or anything else hadn’t been decided was the because of the strength of the original, and my trust in the webtoon. Right now, I have nothing to trust in.”

Even so, a source with WM Company and the production staff did give an interview on the 26th stating that rumors of discord between Park Hae-jin and PD Lee were completely groundless and “pointless rumors.”

Meanwhile, through this all, PD Lee Yoon-jung has remained quite tight-lipped, only saying in one phone interview, “You’ll have to talk to the drama’s team leader, not me.” Also, “I can’t really talk about it, so I don’t plan to give an interview.”

She told one reporter, “I’ll talk about it later, in other circumstances. That means I’ll tell you if we meet on personal terms.” That is to say, off the record.

Park did express gratitude for the response to his role: “I’m thankful for receiving love beyond my expectations. I don’t know if I was able to bear the weight of the webtoon. Rather than bearing it, there were parts that were incomplete. I did my best with the situation I was given. I’ll work hard on what was lacking to show a better side in the future. I’ll return having grown more.”

“I think I’ve changed a little through doing this drama, about doing my best to protect the character. I had thought that an actor just has to do a good job on set, and get along with the other actors and staff without trouble. But it doesn’t seem that’s all there is to it.”

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1,392 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. seora

    Whatever. I’m still enjoying it and I love it even more. Sorry not sorry but Seo Kang Joon having a lot of screentime is totally LOVEEEE!!

    • 1.1 Jon G.

      So you don’t care at all that the whole line of story-telling has been collapsing as long as you see your favourite character?

      • 1.1.1 Petra

        Exactly what I wanted to ask.
        I think lovers of the art of story-telling are askance at this.

        Also, this is not the time for SKJ fans to be happy. He is getting a lot of suspicion and hate over this. Knetz are saying he has a “sponsor” and that’s why scenes which PHJ filmed were cut and refilmed with Inho in the course of three days after PHJ left.

        I’m not sure if it’s his fault so I feel bad he is getting hit with the backlash.

        • Knn


          • klava

            WORD✋ WORD
            Im personally not a fan of either but i really loved Jung ‘s unique character and the unique story but it’s has turned to crap.i more disappointed because of what this show was 1-8 and could have been but has failed to be.i feel horrible for us viewers and the author because it’s such a waste, it could have been among the best dramas to ever grace dramaland but no.

        • Sad fan of cheese

          I’m not a fan girl of PHJ or SKJ … During all these internal fights not just jung all the three main characters have lost its credibility… plot makes no sense and original is lost… I only feel sad for sonkii…its totally not professionalism to sabotage a wonderful story with internal fights like this….

          • Ofl

            + 1 ! Their internal fights ruined citt !

          • pogo

            but there wasn’t even a fight there, just a story and an actor’s role (among others) being steadily eroded and twisted until it was almost unrecognisable.

            The ruining of the drama wasn’t as the result of a fight, it was the result of the PD’s/whoever’s unilateral decisions. It’s only a fight now that Soonkki AND Park Hae-jin have decided enough is enough, and disclosed just how they were treated. They didn’t do anything to ruin the drama, it’s not their fault at all.

        • Blueribbon

          Exactly I like skj more after this show I like the character Baek in-ho however the story was supposed to be about Jung and Seol. There are so many scenes I wanted from Jung as a character that I didn’t get. I wanted to see more interactions with his father, more explanations for his behavior, possible character development ect., ect. But we haven’t truly gotten any of that. To be sincere all the problems that are currently being addressed in the show could have been solved much much earlier, they shouldn’t have been left for the last minute.

        • Dani

          Have you watched King of Dramas, drama world is harsh!!! and this sponsor have powers, it is in the high ups, they can decide where the story is going, even on running drama. They can decide the ending as they wish too. Be afraid, be very afraid of the ending

          • Petra

            Well they had better learn to be afraid, very afraid of the fans.
            Koreans don’t mess around when it comes to their kdrama opinions.

            I’m skipping the end. I’ll let you all tell me how it went. I never could stand to watch a wreck happening.

            Rant: Did they think we were stupid? It’s bloody insulting. They thought CITT would attract unintelligent people? 😒

            Huh. I’ve never been this angry about something in the entertainment world before.
            We got played. 😑

          • Dani

            We definitely got played. Funny we had this discussion few episodes back that the show did not deliver its premise for several episodes, and then it just as if we are on shipping wars, when we (now for sure) know that we were aware that the show cheated us on its story.

          • skelly

            I find it very interesting that this show started to go wrong (with InHo taking Jung’s place in key scenes, and InHo’s character becoming less violent, more soft and likeable, and InHo and his (frankly juvenile) problems taking center stage) right after the holiday break. Wasn’t that when we started hearing more about Entourage, the following show that also features Seo Kang Joon? It sounds like Cheese in the Trap is being turned into one big infomercial for Entourage.

          • Dani

            I think it was started going in different direction since episode 9 tbh. I watched ep. 1-8 diligently like a good student. downloaded the ost, typing the ost’s lyrics in english, because every details of citt seems pretty telling on the characters. Re-watched the episodes to see what I have missed. And then when I had the OST and the lyrics, re-watched it again while looking at the lyrics to make sense of the scenes more. It was pretty satisfying, and CITT really delivered.

            But, episode 9-14 they started to changed shift, it was very slowly in the beginning of ep 9-10. But, I agree that it went full force in the last two episode after the holiday. If it the rumor is true that they do this for SKJ’s role in the next TvN drama, how do they feel now that their plan is backfired. Now, even SKJ got lots of hates from Knetizen, some malicious rumors of him having sponsor etc started to go round. This is really such a mess, of a very VERY promising drama in the beginning.

          • KDaddict😍JCW

            Like Petra, I’m skipping the last 2 eps. There is no point to it, esp. in watching Seol got run over in the penultimate ep. A wreck indeed!

          • mikgoo

            So true…it must be one of the reasons why some actors chose to just focus with movies

          • mels

            I have serious Trust Issues now because of this kdrama…

            I will never watch anything including SKJ!

            PHJ acting is beyond amazing and twisted. My mouth dropped during his scenes. I was memorized with PHJ’s acting. Now his some crazy psychopath b/c of the missing back story.

            PHJ & KGE What a waste of talent on this BS!

      • 1.1.2 JISG


        • Mermaid Scribbler


          I didn’t want to believe that it was happening. I felt like surely the PD would zoom the focus back to Jung, but ouch.

          Scenes cut, even the ones where he was a kid – and they had already shot them?!? Why would they trash those? And then to give In-Ho key scenes that were Jung’s in the original webtoon. Just wow! The poor cast and original writer! And poor us, the audience. I feel like I got conned. What a waste of an amazing show. 😓😓

        • Gummaypdx

          DAME THEM!!!!! man I’m on the same boat wit you guys…so freaking piss that they would do this to the fans! !!

        • ReeTree

          After putting us through all of this, I wish they could at the very least release Jung’s (both PHJ and his childhood scenes) deleted scenes so we could just find out more about Jung’s character that way!!!!

      • 1.1.3 zare

        I’m getting tired of the two siblings’ character… I wanna know what’s going on with Yoo Jung’s.. how he’ll end up… I sure am don’t like to be fed with unnecessary scenes from supporting character

        • Sad fan of cheese

          I’m baffled how fan meeting & free hug events turned into scandals & explanatory interview within weeks…
          PHJ worked scenes were cut..
          SKJ worked his but off in doing extra scene is being criticised
          KGE worked double hard with both guys.. all are wasted…
          As a viewer I was so pissed with PHJ screen time and was wondering how he should be.. seems like he is pissed to, to the extent to give an interview with this much risk…
          The one who dug hole only for PHJ.. slipped & took everyone with him..

          “Success has many fathers but failure is an orphan”… i’m certain no will take responsibility for all this mess and it will end like this…

          • Snow

            Come on people, do you really think Seo Kang Joon is a victim too? Wise up! He’s not victim. This was part of a plan to make him lead in this drama mid way through. Hopefully, he and his team are learning a valuable lesson. The PD was working with someone to make this type of idiotic decision…to only benefit SKJ.

          • Nerdy

            Do you have any avidences? If not then how can you blame a person for that? And what was his motive? If his high-ups/team where so powerful then why start from the mid way? They could make him a first lead, it is easier then cutting out whole story from drama

          • bigfish

            To Nerdy, here is a my opinion as a Korean and K-drama fan. Yes, if crews made SKJ a first lead, it is easier then cutting out whole story. But simply they can’t. Because if they choose SKJ as a first lead, they can’t sell CITT in China. You know well enough, PHJ has many fans in China. The K-Drama are making a lot of money by exporting their products and their biggest market is the China. So If you want to making the money by this business in Korea, first thing is casting best-known actors at home and aboard. And PHJ perfectly fit the profile but not SKH. So here we are. They casting PHJ as a first lead, because of him. CITT were sold for a good price in China, Japan, Singapore even before on-air because of him. And now? They cheat in here as like SKJ is a first lead. What a surprise, haha.

      • 1.1.4 Gidget

        It’s just a directorial choice in a miniseries drama, not a crime against humanity. If we want to get all worked up over something aren’t there more important uses of time, energy and passion? Seriously. Look around at what’s going on in the world.

        It worries me that people can have so much of their personal identity tied up in their fandom of a cartoon. A cartoon. It’s just not healthy.

        • gummyseok


        • Cafe

          YES to all of this!!

          Cutting scenes and changing everything, is no ok. It affects the actors, the viewers, the staff, the author, etc. And calling that PD (or whoever) on that behavior it’s the right thing to do.

          Aside from that, what worries me more, it is that they (the fans, and here in DB too) are adults (+20 yrs), older women, ADULTS that are so embodied with the drama that they justify and are romanticizing abusive relationships, morally and ethically wrong behavior (the stalker, the job interview, etc) just because oppa had an unhappy childhood, and he is a misunderstood guy™.

          And is in this second statement that I think “Grow up, love yourself, would you -really- like to be treated that way, do you think what he does it’s ok or romantic?”

          • Gidget

            Exactly. It’s the reason I dropped the drama a few episodes in. In thought its messaging had been all kinds of wrong.

            At the point that I dropped the male lead had shown significant markers that he might be a psychopath. Yet we had a supposedly smart and strong “Candy” decide to date him just because he – the cute rich guy – suddenly became interested in her. While ignoring the fact that she couldn’t figure out why her former abuser had a sudden romantic interest. Then she began to dismiss her instincts that he was indeed duplicitous and not fully trustworthy. And then she started to ‘obey’ him when he asked her to draw back from other people she cared about. *headdesk*

            Sure, there might be reasons for his behavior, that weren’t revealed yet. But the point remains, they weren’t revealed yet. I don’t think we should accept a story that says it’s good for a woman to blindly get into a relationship with an abuser. And explain it away by saying the risks are offset because she’s “smart” and “strong enough to handle him.”

            It reminds me of this: Some experts observed that the book 50 Shades of Grey was actually a dressed-up story of pedophilia (The character’s age was adjusted. Experts said the character’s behavior suggested a real age of about 12 years old.) This story seems to me like a dressed-up romanticization of becoming involved with a man inclined toward emotional and psychological abuse.

            Ugh. Just ugh.

            I had hoped the shift in focus signaled that the drama was going to have her start making healthier decisions.

          • thelady

            It does worry me how many women think Yoo Jung’s behavior is acceptable and romantic. YJ is a manipulative abuser and his behavior should not be justified just cause he is cute.

          • Petra

            Then there are the fans who did not romanticize Jung’s dual nature. What we wanted was an unflinching look into what made him the way he is WITHOUT EXCUSING HIM OF CULPABILITY.

            Can we not allow for this? Is it so scary that we ask for BOTH understanding and accountability? If it was a simple case of us being sorry for his boo boos and ignoring the red flags, there wouldn’t be this many arguments.

            Let me say it this way, some of us do not want Seol in any relationship at the end; that’s not the important point. What we wanted was an honest examination of what makes a human being tick, even a grey one. Inho was white-washed, Inha was made into an often comical figure, Seol was marginalized and Jung was… left in the dark.

            That’s a failure. It’s a reason to be upset in light of CITT’s premise.

          • Mrmz

            I wouldn’t call Seol and Jung’s relationship abusive though. Either way for me this story is Seol’s story. As far as story telling and character development goes, two types of endings makes sense to me: 1. Seol ends up with Jung 2. Seol doesn’t end up with neither Jung nor In Ho.

            It doesn’t make sense for her to end up with In Ho when she showed not even a hint of interest in him romantically. The story of “Cheese in the Trap” is about discovering if there is a trap, and what it really is, and that trap is obviously Jung. Having her end up with someone else that has nothing to do with the title doesn’t make sense to me.

          • Gidget


            Maybe this will help explain what I said:


        • kalel

          I agree. At the beginning, all the web-toon’s fans wanted was just look-alike actors, now they want a plot out of a cartoon which probably has several episodes. They wanted a depiction of their favorite original but the writer did not not. The script should be exactly the toon they had read and not (simultaneously!). The director was shifting directions following the original material but she shouldn’t! CRAZY!!!
          Everything is going out of proportion the same way it happened with Nodame Cantabile or Orange Marmalade (and my own personal “favorite” Oh, My Ghost! which it was not a cartoon but the angry comments about the two leading ladies and all the “ships” ruined a very good show). Projections and a few psychotic episodes of several fans (domestic and international) can turn series that supposed to be entertaining into HELL.
          Snap out of it, people! It’s just a show coming from a web-toon, nothing more, nothing less! People have serious problems while others are “dissecting” the Cheese thing.

        • Elena

          Indeed, it seems a quite obvious turn of events: the writer has a loved webtoon and she consents to a drama adaptation. Then later she has to face the problem that the drama closure might give hints of the future of the webtoon. She forbids the drama producers to go that direction. Halfway shooting they have to change focus. Obviously it is not an easy task: quality might be affected, and if you want to depict a different story it makes sense that you have to change things in characters and actions, etc.

          In my opinion they handled quite well a big mess (which I do not know whose fault is), in fact I am loving it.
          I never read the webtoon so I am fine with everything. I guess this is why I am so driven towards In Ho’s story, to me the show is still very enjoyable.
          Sorry for the webtoon lovers, I know what is like to put your hopes in an adaptation and then see things go downhill. But understand that for some of us Cheese is still a very good and enjoyable show. 🙂

          • Petra

            That scenario would make sense except it doesn’t follow the timeline.

        • juniper

          Like it or not, consumption is becoming one of the most vibrant and eclectic sites of self-identification in the modern world. Add to that the idea that TV is becoming more and more recognized as an art form, and there you go. People care. How about that.

          Also, people on this thread are venting and engaging in a little hyperbole…kind of like you’re doing lol. Taking five minutes to rattle off an impassioned comment on Dramabeans (…a blog dedicated to drama fandom..) does not mean a) they are not critically engaged in the real world, or b) that they’d prioritize their fannish concerns over srs bsns (though really, would it ever come to that? I kind of doubt it).

          • Gidget

            Perhaps. But if you use the number of comments on most popular series as a baseline, the fan investment in this debacle does seem to have gone a bit off the charts.

            The example was just to put that conclusion into sharp relief. It wasn’t an absolute statement of fact about what people spend their time doing.

          • juniper

            @Gidget. Okay, no problem. I am just hypersensitive to comments that even vaguely echo “why are you so invested in fiction, get a life.” Hazard of growing up a nerd I guess lol.

          • Dramapanda

            “If we want to get all worked up over something aren’t there more important uses of time, energy and passion? Seriously. Look around at what’s going on in the world.”

            I’d hazard a guess, from the various people I’ve engaged with on the board and the information gleaned between the lines – that many here are professionals, have meaningful real-life relationships and are also doing multiple other things in their lives. I think by and large, we do what most people do – juggle a multitude of interests and tasks in life, spinning plates, and we also, when we are bothered, engage in discussions about shows we enjoy in bits of downtime we have.

            Rarely, does having an interest negate the ability to be engaged in the world in multiple ways, and certainly, from the answers and analysis the contributors have given – they bring their real world experiences and expertise into the discussion Eg. on the Cheese board there are at least 3 people with healthcare and trained psychology backgrounds.

            Your argument I find a little annoying to be honest, because it’s that kind of relativist argument that can almost be applied to anything and in the end, means nothing. Why get upset that this one student got kicked out of school unfairly? There are worse things in the world. Why be upset when there’s one homeless person on your street. There are worse things in the world. Based on no clear principle other than a constant relative comparison, one could keep shifting the goal post till it means nothing.

            I’d argue for people be passionate and engaged in everything they do – whether that’s in their work or their interests. I’d more likely want to work or spend time with people who can be bothered thinking about a show they like and can construct their thinking processes clearly, than someone who dismisses things unless they qualify for some self-arbitered level of relevance or significance.

            Sidenote – Ironic that your handle “Gidget” is actually a portmanteau of ‘girl’ and ‘midget’ – which is linked to an old story of ‘a girl with big ideas.’ Note the plurality there.

        • Petra

          That misrepresentation (in the short-changing of his development and backstory) of Jung and his character have some people saying people with Personality Disorders are NOT HUMAN. That’s Millions and Millions upon MILLIONS of people.

          Do you know what happens when people start seeing one group of people as LESS THAN HUMAN?

          Yeah, Crimes against Humanity.

          So thanks for your opinion but the reason we are upset about a Manwha is that it speaks to real life issues…you know, the important ones such as what makes a monster.

        • pigsnout

          Why is it that literally every single person who makes noises like “why do you care, there are more serious problems” and looks down on the fans, cannot actually see the issue at hand and inevitably turns out to dislike Jung?

          Are you people so unable to separate the actor from his character?

        • wenji

          Just because this is a debate about a drama, you can’t dismiss it just like that. People want their rights as consumer (drama audiences) respected. They can debate whatever they like (as long as they don’t spread unnecessary hate). Also, what humanity are you talking about? Isn’t human cheating other human a problem with our humanity too? If you don’t like people debating about drama, why are you even here?

        • wra

          completely disappointed in how the drama veered off course in the last half. They should put back the scenes of Yoon Jung the producers cut out and release a new ending. this is ridiculous with no closure in the end at all. At least air one more episode so we can know even with the retarded 2nd half that Hong Seol and Yoo Jung would end up happily ever after. the excess scenes with baek in Ho and baek in ha were useless!

      • 1.1.5 moonbeam

        Thank you for asking that question. we do watched for our bias at certain point but if the story went south then even our bias would look stupid and if we condone it then we will be ignoramus and did not know how to appreciate art. This would be just a normal romcom if it was not for Jung. A whole different character from any other Kdrama hero that what got this drama so popular and intrigue but now it all went sour. So frustrating for a drama this good to end this way… I do not think I m able to watch the last 2 eps.

      • 1.1.6 ju

        Personally, I am quite satisfied with Jung. With all of this, I wonder what is missing. But I guess I didn’t really (I mean completly and faithfully) read the webtoon.

        True enough, he didn’t appear much in the last episodes but I always thought that his apparitions were made with quality. So much that, even if In-ho rises my sympathy, I never completly fall into the second role’s syndrome.

        I guess they could have done better but I don’t think Jung was done wrongly.

      • 1.1.7 natalia

        the scene that cut out, is violating jung’s character.
        if it goes with the original one, we should see the development of jung’s, how he end up like that, and the resolution.
        now thanks to the PD, all we see,is the crazy jung.
        as it confirmed, that the cut out scenes was to determined the truly character of jung , without the more scenes that explained how childhood or how jung deals furthermore.
        we will all judge that jung is psychopath. that’s it for all.
        and i understand why PHJ show his disappointment, we all demand that PHJ can show us the real char, as we read on webtoons, but the PD cut out his scenes,that he has worked his ass HARD. so if PHJ didn’t speak up now, i guess , all of us will say that he is not good enough on showing jung’s character. and that’s not good comment related to any actor.

        i watch CIIT diligently,i rewatch it ,but the favor timeline story from eps 9,start to giving me inho, not JUNG.

        all i want is seeing jung unique character development.
        thanks to PD, now we will see jung as psychopath jerk.

        its very different from webtoons.

        and i will boycott all dramas with SKJ and PD

        because i feel that the high ups, order PD to favor SKJ than PHJ,the main lead.

        ugh.. what a waste to see this drama is falling apart.. jeez

      • 1.1.8 ManOkJang

        And if you guys notice, starting episode 11 PHJ looked a bit old and tired. I dont know if he has been sabotaged but he just looks different then. From ep 1 to 10 he looked great, then all of a sudden come ep 11 the feel of his presence changed!

        Fighting PHJ Oppa!

      • 1.1.9 Val

        Totally agree. Here is my 2 cents worth on the topic. I have been reading the recaps and avoiding watching the whole drama (just bits here and there as well as the first few episodes) precisely because I totally saw this coming what with the hype over SKJ. Honestly speaking, I am not a fan of him but he seemed to have done well in his acting for this while PHJ was, hands down without a doubt, nailed Yoo Jung from the start. There was a reason why he was name-dropped by the fans of the webtoon in the first place.

        I am a big fan of the webtoon and what made it interesting was the crazy complex character of Jung. That was how they sold the show and that was how the first few episode went. Then suddenly, probably due to the SKJ hype, the writing took a turn. This is why I really hate it when dramas are not pre-produced: the writing could change depending on people’s reaction. By the time they got back to Jung, people have lost faith in the show.

        Yes, maybe SKJ don’t deserve all this criticism and hate but this is not about him. No, it is bigger than him and his screen time: this about a veteran actor who was suppose to be leading the show, not getting the air time promised – Jung is the highlight of the show, that was what they promised from the teasers – then us getting misled as result. Along with that, they tampered with a wonderful, well-written story that an author (and tons of fans) trusted them with. Sure, the ending is “realistic”, (three years later…really? I think we are beyond such cliched writing by now) but it does not take away the fact they butchered a perfectly good story with incredibly complex characters.

      • 1.1.10 Bushra

        well said! just because you love the second lead doesn’t mean the rest of us should suffer with a weak ending. Once this drama started, I recommended it to everyone but with the ending I feel bad. I still love this drama but if it had a better ending it would have been the one of the best korean drama.
        props to park hae jin and his awesome acting <3

    • 1.2 bips99

      What does that have to do with this ?

      No actor speaks out against the team lest they be blacklisted. Its a measure of how cheated he must be feeling to publicly declare that he is unhappy and had no clue about whats going on

      • 1.2.1 Petra

        Especially in image-conscious South Korea. I wanted to mention this to people who may not be aware of this part of Korean culture.

        It’s not like here in the States or other places where celebrities are more free to just say stuff.

        For him to have said as much as he has…and he really sounds like he is holding himself back…is a big deal.

        I was actually trying to read the interview in Korean and took a break when I saw this post by Javabeans.

        Thank you very much, jb!

        • Sad fan of cheese

          Actually feel sad for all three of them it was PHJ step to lead.. SKJ shine in acting skills & KGE’s first drama… why??

          • Stuffed

            iKR! It was barely weeks ago that everyone was applauding how much of a breakthrough Cheese is for pretty much all cast members. Im just hoping no one will end up getting a depression because of this. God knows how cruel the k-entertainment industry can be

          • houstontwin

            Me too. The actors were terrific. Moreover, even if there was “sponsorship”, which is so far just a supposition, I don’t imagine actors have much say in what investors and high level management does. Really, I think that it is inappropriate to direct hate at any of the actors.

          • wenji

            IKR — i’ve been waiting for PHJ lead act opportunity, to suddenly see this.

            I’m glad he speaks up, though still maintaining politeness. I hope he finds his way back up through another drama/movie. he’s one of a great actors in SK (IMO). he’s versatile.

      • 1.2.2 pogo

        Exactly, PHJ is risking being blacklisted and dragged through the mud (it’s a very common tactic, to dig up the past ‘scandals’ of those who speak out) and all some people can think is ‘wheeee, more pretty boy!’

        • sera

          PHJ is one actor that actually quite firm and honest in giving statements. I am afraid of what risks he is going to encounter, but i believe Knetz are more on his side. I dont think the PDnim has to be blamed, he / she still following orders from upper hands.

          • Dramapanda

            I find the development of this issue quite interesting on another level.

            Yes, Korean culture, especially K-ent culture is known to be controlled and conservative. But K-culture has been knowingly and deliberately exporting itself to many countries. By doing so, it’s acknowledged the power of those markets and audiences, which in a way, is arguably shifting the power of the K-ent system. Is this a sign things will start to change?

            Say, if more stars gain more star power in China, will their agencies and K-ent domestic system have to acknowledge that what they give a hoot about, perhaps other people in the world don’t care? Will more stars find themselves agitating for change, in that they know they have the backing of international audiences?

          • Petra

            @ Dramapanda

            I’m also watching this unfold with that in mind as well.

            If Korea is serious about exporting more and more entertainment as a product, which I think is a great idea, the entertainment world there is on the brink of some changes.

            A time of flux is always controversial, I suppose.

      • 1.2.3 Deb

        I think it’s also because the public is VERY much on his side.

        • KK

          Oh yeah. He has enough public backing I think. Not that this wasn’t brave or awesome for him to speak out and clarify for people. But he’s certainly got people on his side from the comments I read, which would be great if SKJ wasn’t suffering from some of the backlash and having nasty things said about him.

          • Luna

            You know what. I’m thinking that perhaps PHJ spoke up because he wanted to clear things for SKJ, the original writer and the drama writer. Because if it’s not, arent they the ones who is going to be blamed ?? SKJ will have antis and it will effect his image in public, while the drama writer perhaps will be blacked-list by the public.

            I feel pity too for PHJ, actually .. because I’m too worried about his future.

        • pogo

          And to know that, he had to be absolutely rock-solid in the certainty that he hadn’t done anything that could potentially be used as ammunition against him in this.

          This wasn’t a decision that was taken lightly, knowing how things can get for whistleblowers – and PHJ and the writer are effectively in that role here.

          • KK

            I actually think the writer speaking out might have given him a push. IDK. He seemed to want to do justice to her character, thought he’d done his best, then found out none of his scenes even made it into the episodes where they were crucial.

            It’s terrible it had to come to this for the writer AND PHJ.

          • Dani

            I am very very SAD with this development. I mean with the last 2 episodes left, I doubt there’s much thing they can do to save the characters. So what if Jung and Seol have a happy ending or not, when some of the viewers still can not grasped the idea why would Seol want to spend her life with tha horrible psychopath, when there’s no background to his story on why. The story was being told that the main lead has dark character, and they did not give us the importance of why he is the way he is. So many viewers have no ground to feel sympathy for his character.
            The drama started as a bang, with lots of promises, and now…I am just. I do not know if I have enough strength to watch the last 2 episodes. And I have read that PHJ is always quite straight forward, but for him to speak up like this, I agree with you guys, must be very difficult for him, and I wish no one will crush his career over this.

        • nonski

          yup the public and the viewers, in general, is very much on his side because if we recall it the drama started with high ratings because of Jung and Seol’s characters.

        • reeen

          because the last few eps (up to 14 now) were designed for PHJ’s favors and discredited Yoo Jung’s character.

          I fell in love with this movie because of Jung and Seol. Up to 8th eps, the story was about misconception of Jung’s character showing how he was actually good. But now he is portrayed scarier with no reason to be bad at all. which made lots of new viewers hate him while In ho’s character was suddenly more sympathetic that creates more loves from new and young viewers.

          I believe some one in the production team got big christmas present with a message to focus the story more on In ho’s good side and vaguely create a more confusing and darker Jung. The purpose? to create a buzz for PHJ’s upcoming drama on the national TV (tvN is a private tv channel like HBO). PHJ ‘songs were featured on the cheese’ more. He also already have some appearances lined up abroad in HK and Sin.

          I feel that My feeling is being manipulated. I cant control them, but can definitely change my ratings to all drama site which what should be done if ep 14 n 15 still do not change course.

          • wenji

            I think you just did some typo. I assumed by saying PHJ, you meant SKJ – Seo Kang Joon?

      • 1.2.4 Ren

        Yeah shots have been well and truly fired on the side of Park Hae-jin. The drama is sorely missing those unaired scenes, you only have to look at the recap comments to see how divisive and frustrating Jung is as a figure in the absence of proper characterisation.

        For the little that it’s worth, PHJ’s acting has been very well received even with the few scenes he’s featured in.

        • Petra

          Yup, that’s the part that makes me really angry. The lack of proper characterization of Jung has led to a lot of divisive comments and even HATE towards people who are different. You just have to look at recent comments such as the one saying ppl with Personality Disorders are not Human, for Pete’s sake! They could at least have shown us that Jung is Human.

          No one could understand him. Heck, if I only saw the drama, I’d be bewildered too.

          I didn’t want to excuse him or have to have him end up with Seol or anything. I just wanted to get a better understanding of what made him tick. Wasn’t that the major appeal of Cheese? For a lot of people?

          • skelly

            YES. THIS. I get so tired of pretty faces and sprayed-on abs, I was thrilled with a darker, more complex character in the male lead rather than your standard lily-white hero (which is why I really like City Hall, too). I wanted to learn Jung’s history, what made him tick, what he did what he did and how he would affect Seol and vice versa. Instead they are focusing on this InHo character that didn’t even exist in the webtoon, a one-dimensional boy playing his piano and running from gangsters. This isn’t what I invested 14 hours for, show.

          • Mermaid Scribbler

            Yes, me too. I loved that Jung was so flawed, and hoped to find redemption for him. The drama felt more realistic in that way and was refreshing. And one of it’s early treasures was the paradigm shift – when you saw the scene from Seol’s perspective, but then saw it from Jung’s and it would turn the situation on it’s head. For example, when Jung supposedly didn’t call campus security, but it turns out that he did. I saw him in a new light, and it made for a better, more entertaining, experience.

            Now though, I still can’t understand Jung’s actions, and he’s had such minimal growth that I can’t root for him. Writer’s make an unspoken promise to the reader of every story. Woth CITT, the promise was of Jung’s redemption and transformation and of our eventual understanding of him, but sadly, this was conpletely dropped. It’s natural to feel let down because we were. And we don’t have an explanation for why the director did it. Why shoot scenes and cut them?

            It just makes zero sense not to finish the story you started to tell. I think that is one reason why people comment so much – me included – because it’s a disappointment and there is no logical justification for it.

          • natalia

            wow,me too! we are in the same ship..
            i feel we need more scenes to see jung’s side that still not revealed. thats annoy me the most.
            i watch this , because jung dark side..
            how he develops from dark to a little bright,because finally he open up to seol..
            if we didn’t see why jung become this dark,
            we just agreed in abusive relationship.
            no one understand him yet, it just like murdering his character.
            i need to see that jung also have warm personality and how he deals with current situation.

            if the story about inho, then like other said, change its title to ” the piano trap”

      • 1.2.5 Leethehey

        I remember this switcheroo between main lead and second lead also happened in East of Eden, which curiously enough also starred Park Hae Jin.

        Lee Da Hae was supposed to be the lead actress but ended up with the short end of the stick. Similar concerns were repeatedly brought up by LDH’s fans. That the story was veering away from what was teased when she got offered the role. That she was getting fewer and fewer screen time to a point where there was an episode where she appeared just to pet a dog. The rumors escalated to people saying that Lee Yeon Hee was Song Seung Hoon’s GF, hence she was getting the special treatment. There were also rumors of off-cam arguments and chair throwing. I admit I am LDH’s fan. I’ve always felt that East of Eden could have catapulted her to A-list status. The character on paper was so promising. She delivered her scenes with fire in her eyes given the little screen time and story line devoted for her character. In the end, she opted out of the drama, choosing to leave ahead of the drama’s conclusion. I defended her like the rabid fan that I was. But, sadly, she got the brunt of the hate and was even labeled as unprofessional.

        I really feel bad for PHJ for being screwed over like this. I am watching CITT. I loved the earlier episodes so much that I even started reading the webtoon. However, midway into the webtoon, I stopped reading because I get frustrated whenever the drama veers away with how it was supposed to happen in the webtoon. My mind always go “but, that’s not it…” I felt that the webtoon was keeping me from enjoying the drama, when in fact it was probably the faulty writing/directing/editing of the drama which slowly fell out of my expectations. My apprehensions were exactly what PHJ is frustrated about – that Jung’s character was being shown in a different light than it was in the webtoon. Jung’s intentions and where he was coming from was hardly explained.

        In any case, I will still keep watching CITT. I hope the remaining episodes will be able to pull it through.

        • JISG

          Me too! Episodes 1-8 were perfection and made me do a lot of things I never did with other dramas before like I downloaded the OST(!!), search for BTS, looked up actors’ past projects and started watching them because I love them so much!!

          Now, this show has left a very bitter taste and instead of looking forward to cherishing the last few episodes, I just want to get them over it so I can be mad over what could have been. Thanks, show, for the memory 🙄🙄🙄🙄

          • hanie

            I never thought I can be this invested to a drama/webtoon tbh
            I’m feeling bitter since ep 13 that I stop listening to CITT OST
            This never happen before and I’ve watched kdramas for 9-10 yrs..

        • kalel

          I think there are a few posts here in DB about East of Eden and all the production problems. Occasionally there are dramas with much “drama” behind the walls such as Faith (the PD committed suicide), Playful Kiss, The Great Seer etc. That’s why we shouldn’t invest on TV projects…

    • 1.3 Hiraeth

      This is the type of people who “I don’t care about the story-line, I just want to see my eye candy and get absorbed by his beautiful eyes” -_-

      • 1.3.1 Kgrl

        I don’t know how people can just do that – shut their brain off completely. Frankly, I would feel manipulated.

        It’s like a store that purposely puts something they want to sell in front of your face and you buy it, but you don’t even realize that you have been strategically manipulated to accept the product, or in this case, SKJ’s In Ho in Cheese.

        Then when you find out their strategy, you’re not even bothered by it? Well, everyone to their own. I personally don’t like when ppl try to manipulate my feelings or choices.

    • 1.4 gala

      they shouldn’t have begged PHJ to take the role if he’d only get shafted in the end. so it seems a little insensitive to say “sorry not sorry”.

      • 1.4.1 bips99

        i usually don;t like people going to press with grievances but its probably a measure of how much of his role was cut off that he is forced to speak

        • gala

          the good thing about this interview, at least the way I interpret it, is that it sounded more of an explanation rather than a complaint. I also think his agency wouldn’t give him the go-ahead signal to speak out if it would damage his reputation.

          It’s really a pity, since PHJ wasn’t adamant in taking on this role. I read that he had doubts that he was too old to play the character. I guess he “fell in love” with the role’s complexity after reading the webtoon. I wonder though if he came into disagreements with the PD during filming. it seems that PHJ had visualized the character differently, while the PD has a mind of her own.

          lastly, I do feel that actors need to speak up more, although in a very professional manner. and with this interview, I thought that PHJ was quite professional (at least from the tone that DB translated his interview.)

        • skelly

          The fact that he is speaking out like this means the reality is much, much worse; Korean stars usually whitewash everything for fear of backlash. You need to make nice and be a team player, after all.
          How horrible for him, to work so hard on a part: learn all he could about the character, promote the show everywhere, put everything into his scenes, and then have all his work thrown out, scenes re-shot with someone with less experience, less talent, who couldn’t even be bothered to read the source material beforehand.

        • weeman

          the cut scene is sold in some website. and currently is got crashed because people access to much into that web.

          so they sell it, the cut scene.
          like the jung’s childhood, or jung’s past scene.

          it just commercialize for their benefit -_- i read on soompi.

          so we curious right,what is on the cut scene.

          they sell it separately,that scenes…

          feel sorry for PHJ :'(

    • 1.5 lemondoodle

      If you were his fan you wouldn’t want him to get screen time like this. He’s getting a lot of hate and sponsorship accusations.

      • 1.5.1 Shai

        This is what’s pissing me off. I know for sure he can’t have any type of sponsor (he started from the bottom & was broke af), but he’s getting all sorts of hate for something he had zero control over.

        • lemondoodle

          Yep. This is not a good situation for anyone involved. PHJ gets screwed over by having his scenes cut, but so does Seo Kang Joon by having to replace him. He’s getting hate for something he has no control over. It’s not even like he actually say no to filming whatever the PD tells him to film. That would not only get him hate, but could jeopardize his career. He’s in a no win situation.

          • luna

            You know what, perhaps PHJ spoke up for the sake of SKJ too, as well as the original writer and the drama writer. If the condition is not cleared, then arent they the one to be blamed? But if PHJ speaks up, then he is endangering his own future. Sigh..

          • Lisa

            Exactly! I wish the public can think like this instead of just pinning on the blame on SKJ. He didn’t ask for more scenes, so he was just following orders. So, it just sucks for everybody involved right now.

        • alua

          Although it’s not clear what exactly happened, at this point (from what we’ve heard) I can only feel bad for Seo Kang Joon too – lots of screen time might seem like a good thing, but it can be a bad thing, particularly if it’s something he didn’t ask for and then has to bear the consequences of when there’s a mess like this.

          Shippers – unable to see what the bigger picture – get too nasty and start blaming/personally attacking the actors, who probably both had zero control over what was happening.

          • Petra

            Yeah, I feel bad for both of them.

        • bips99

          But thats the question ppl are asking – why would the story unnecessarily tilt in his favour unless there was pressure to promote him ?

          • Silkie

            Because the lead’s interpretation of the role is really depressive and creepy?
            He is practically a walking black hole.

          • Petra

            I’ve heard that that is also being asked in the Korean forums. People are asking: who benefits the most from the changes.

            Suffice to say this…can we call it a scandal yet…is not a good thing for SKJ. 🙁

          • Petra

            There are a lot of people who disagree with you.

            And perhaps even you wouldn’t find it so if he was on the screen more and his character was explored as it should have been.

          • Knn


            This might destroy SKJ’s career if not handled properly.

          • Petra

            I’m more worried about PHJ’s career. How much of a backlash is he going to get from this? Sure the Knetz are mostly behind him now but aren’t the powers behind this mess going to try to turn the tide?

          • JISG

            Agreed. I think asking who’s the direct benefactor is a fair start to understand why they made this decision because I am baffled as why they made such an OBVIOUS AND STRANGE PATH!! Did they really not think people would notice that the lead is essentially gone from 4 consecutive episodes?!?!?

            It’s too big a thing to not question the real motive (because it’s crazy decision making!!!!)

          • hanie

            RE: PHJ career

            I’m worried too tbh. The netizens support can change so easily but he is well received in China, so maybe he will concentrate in China.
            He has a new chinese drama coming up, starts in march

        • Thea

          Yes thats right I felt bad too bcause everyone supect him for no reason. He got hating and accuse had a sponsor. He really started from bottom, the only sponsor he have just his agency who trained and raise him. I didnt know why the Production team keep silent and let netter have own thought and speculation.

          • zamboanguena

            @Silkie, the lead character IS supposed to be creepy. So many fans of the original webtoon rejoiced when PHJ was offered the role because he could pull off the duality of Yoo Jung.

            Also, the manga’s BIH isn’t as sunny and cheery as his drama counterpart. I’ve read some complaints but I personally didn’t mind until it became apparent that the show is favoring some actors and shafting others.

        • sirrky

          Just because you start of broke af doesn’t mean you can’t get sponsors down the line. Not saying that SKJ did but to say you know for sure he can’t because he started from the bottom is incongruous. Because almost everyone who got sponsors started out from below.

          • jrayn

            Yea I agree. It’s a pretty difficult situation because most actors aren’t informed if they have sponsors or what those sponsors are doing. I’m on the fence over whether he has a sponsor or not but in most cases the actors have no control over this and may reap in the early benefits but will have to face the backlash soon after. He may not even want this but the fact of the matter is that he is the face of the sponsor rumors and he will receive the hate that comes with it even if he couldn’t dictate what happened.

          • Kgrl

            I completely concur. Sometimes fans just can not think logically.

            However, I do think this may be a situation of TVN’s corporate cultural influence rather than SKJ’s “sponsor” rumors. Look at TVN’s Reply series, which cemented the stations reputation to lead young, fresh, new talents to the spotlight. It’s almost become TVN’s trademark to churn out newbies into hit stars.

            Perhaps, this is a case of the station trying to maintain their “new star churn out status.” SKJ is that young, fresh star. PHJ was begged to star b/c they needed his talents and manhwa fan support. Seriously, if TVN wanted to promote someone, of course, they’d choose the fresh newbie – b/c then they get all the credit for bringing a new talent to stardom.

            Who would want to bring an “old” actor of the cast to stardom? I also have to mention the immensely inane ageism in S. Korea entertainment.

      • 1.5.2 hanie

        Especially they just had cover the sponsorship issue in entertainment industry and several actors speaking against it. So, just saying more screen time for SKJ is not understanding the implication of knets start accusing him of having a sponsor. This could hurt his career as much as hurting PHJ career for speaking up tbh~

        • Petra is cheesed

          Omona! What a colossal mess.

    • 1.6 falalalala

      I’m baffled. that’s all that matters to you? lol

    • 1.7 Silkie

      I agree. I have to admit, didn’t like the lead, his acting was so unexpessive and wodden that i stopped watching the drama.
      I really tried to like him, but…

      • 1.7.1 Ruru

        It’s up to you if you like or dislike the lead, but if all you took away from PHJ’s acting as Yoo Jung is that he’s not expressive and wooden just goes to show that you’ve no idea what the character and story’s about at all.

        • e


        • Knn


          Watch other dramas of PHJ and see how good of an actor he is.

        • aoiaheen

          I know! I for one was so very impressed with PHJ. It’s easier to act out a hot headed character, or a nice guy. But portraying a poker faced, cold creature and still managing to make the character sympathetic takes a great deal of talent.

          • Petra

            Exactly. He does the nuances very well. But some people don’t catch nuances.

            Which is why it’s even more puzzling that they didn’t take advantage of having such an actor on board.

        • Jeanie


      • 1.7.2 fromthesnow

        Are we even watching the same drama? SKJ’s acting has improved form his other roles but he is still mediocre at best in this drama. There is no depth in his acting.

        On the other hand, PHJ, whom I’ve only watched in Man from the Stars prior to this and thought his acting as one dimensional, has been amazing in showing the nuances of his character. The subtle changes in facial expressions and vocal inflection he uses to convey emotion has been nothing but superb. I am surprised of his ability as I didn’t know he could act this good!

        Just look at the fighting scene they had in the playground. PHJ demonstrated an array of emotion in between his punches making SKJ look like a student in a high school play.

        • JISG

          I actually thought SKJ was super cute in Cunning Lady and has improved in this drama but yeah, come on now, he has a long way to go. It’s easy to look good when you started from 0 lol

        • Petra

          Yeah, Id have to say we were impressed that SKJ could handle even that role as well as he did because we didn’t expect much from him at all.

          I was surprised when they first cast him as Baek Inho. Inho was always much bigger and burly and vocal and violent. A gangster type.

          SKJ did surprisingly well but he still has to grow. It was a pleasant surprise…until they started shoving him down our throat.

          Meanwhile, KGE and PHJ are in a different class altogether.

        • blo


          Some people don’t notice the details, yet they think they can criticize the acting.

        • Lily


        • Fran

          PHJ did an amazing job, even with most of his scenes being cut off. I like In Ho, but his character doesn’t appeal to me anymore, I find him kind of boring, but Jung only makes me wait for his scenes, his intelligence, the way he changes expressions, he may be smiling, but his eyes tell a different story. I only watched PHJ in Man from the Stars, the drama nor the characters/actors did anything for me, but PHJ did such an amazing job in CITT that I want more of him now.

      • 1.7.3 Mrmz

        LOL! Seriously? And this coming from someone who wasn’t too crazy about his character in Bad Guys, but I can never deny his acting skills. It’s specially showcased here in CitT. I’m moment he’s cold, the other murderous, then he can give such a genuine smile, and at times appear like an innocent little kid. Those facial expressions that replace a thousand words are what we call skills. His character isn’t loud, but subtle in everything he does, but his head is going through a lot, and the actor manages to portray all that perfectly.

        You can call him a lot of things but you CAN’T call his acting wodden.

    • 1.8 Snow

      I’m glad you love it because before this scandal became public knowledge, I was absolutely sick of seeing In Ho to the point I never wanted to see another drama with Seo Kang Joon. It leaves little doubt that his backers are behind this despicable act. They will learn that what goes around, comes around. They have only made SKJ hated due to their greed and selfishness in trying to make viewers watch Seo Kang Joon.

      • 1.8.1 skelly

        Same here. I find the part of InHo is really simplistic, Seo Kang Joon is doing an OK job but really it’s not a particularly nuanced or difficult character to portray. He’s really rather stunted, still a teenager with his spurts of violence, his magical thinking, his inability to take full responsibility for his own problems. Watching him play the piano for the umpteenth time, I just can’t figure out what this drama is supposed to be about, any more. I just know it’s boring.

        • Mrmz

          His inability to take full responsibility is what makes him the worst choice for Seol, because she’s responsible. Someone like him will end up leaving all the responsibility on her, and burden her more as things come in life. Having an ending where she ends with Jung, or where she breaks up with Jung are all possibilities I can accept, but having an ending where she ends up with In Ho would be the worst. I love Seol too much.

          I don’t dislike his character, I actually like him, I love his and Seol’s friendship and his relationship with her family, but anything more would be nonsense.

    • 1.9 Lilly

      Totally agree with you. Seo kang joon is doing great in this drama and I’d like to see him ending up as the lead in this version of the story.

      • 1.9.1 Petra

        I think that would be the worst thing for his career right now.

        In fact, if they have made him the male lead, they’d better hustle and scrap it and do another ending.

      • 1.9.2 Dramapanda

        Why not just cast him as lead in a story where his character is the romantic lead?
        Why ruin this much loved story?

        • Cipher

          Because he is not THAT good to bring in viewers? Because he could not sell the drama to other countries at a good price? Because they have to find a way to promote him in other ways, like using PHJ’s talent and fame?

          • minoo

            shut up! there is a limit to how much a person can be rude and childish. people like you creeping me out!

          • aram

            you bad mouth a good actor just because of a drama and your favorite actor screen time! get a life!

          • aram

            inconsiderate people like you make the world so disgusting!

          • lusha

            so rude Cipher. you need to grow up!

          • Nerdy

            Then why did they lose whole nine episodes on PHJ? Why start promoting SKJ mid way?
            Get some evidences because now he is one of the victims.
            Oh, and watch Triple, same thing happened with SJK and he was in supporting cast

          • Dramapanda

            @ Minoo, Aram and lusha

            I think it’s you guys that have been outrageously rude here, asking someone to shut up because they article an opinion you find disagreeable and making your attacks impersonal.

            I have nothing against the actor who portrayed In-Ho but it does ask for consideration why they would choose a vehicle that’s not built to do what they seem to want it to do, which is to make SJK the central focus.

            If the aim is to grow the profile and audience for SJK, why do it amid so much controversy, so much damage to the original source material, and contravening the relationship with the other actor? It doesn’t seem a clever, well-calculated move.

    • 1.10 Ksk

      Something did feel off with the show and the mood and the visuals that I enjoyed so much in the first half of the show was lacking in the second half. I think I was hoping for the best but definitely missed the sweet moments with Soel and Jung which sucked me into this show. Now I know why. I hope the show can redeem itself with the 2 shows remaking and bring it back to our 2 main characters. On a side note, it make sense that we would see previews that never materialized in the show!

    • 1.11 Jennifer Lee

      I am also enjoying it and love it. Fans of any sort of adaptation, whether it’s book to movie, webtoon to drama, Japanese version to Korean version, etc., need to accept that things may be different from the original. It’s a drama for goodness sake–not a life and death matter. I’d politely suggest these folks who are angered to go write fan fiction or something. At the end of the day, the decisions about the drama are up to the creators of it. Until you are behind that lens directing or sitting there writing a script, you don’t know what is going through the director’s mind or the script writer’s mind. Chill out and just let the drama play out as it will. Otherwise, just stop watching. It’s as easy as that.

      • 1.11.1 JISG

        By your logic, we should never criticize any show and hold none to any standards and just all enjoy the ride? Like, during the last episode, let’s have Seol picking neither boy because, surprise, she’s actually a lesbian along!!!!

        I mean, it’s crazy but totally plausible and we should just accept it and enjoy it for what it is, right?

      • 1.11.2 aoiaheen

        I might actually end up writing fan fiction. Yoo Jung is such a multifaceted complex character. I’m very impressed with Soonkki for making up such a character and making him the lead in her romance.

        It’s not life and death, surely, but it’s just very disappointing . There are dramas that you enjoy and forget and then there are dramas that stay with you for ages and that you re-watch whenever you’re feeling down.

        The latter is very rare to come by, and I thought cheese would be in that category.

        I’m pretty sure that SKJ fans, while enjoying this drama in the here and now, will forget about it soon enough. The PD took a great drama and made it mediocre.

        • vignette

          if you write a fanfic pls let me have the link. i want it.

      • 1.11.3 skelly

        To some extent, you expect an adaptation to differ from the original story. For example, the most recent film version of Pride and Prejudice re-set the story twenty years earlier, had Darcy coaching Bingley on how to propose (very cute) and placed the proposal in a pouring rainstorm. It was great, fans loved it.
        But everyone expects an adaptation to stick to the main essentials, in plot and tone, of the story it is based on. What do you think would have happened if they decided to have Elizabeth run off with Wickham in the P&P film? Would you tell outraged fans to “chill out and just let the drama play out as it will”? In truth, if you stray too far from the original it becomes not an adaptation at all, but another story about some other characters.

      • 1.11.4 Petra

        When you have a potentially controversial figure such as Jung in a story, it is far more than just another story. It turns into social commentary.

      • 1.11.5 Fuujin

        If the show were good, it wouldn’t matter that it deviated from the source material.

        The drama completely changed in the middle — the narrative, the tone, everything. What began as an unusual story, featuring essentially an antihero, a paranoid heroine, and a bunch of unreliable narrators (and remember this was advertised as a “romance thriller”) became nothing other than a typical k-drama melo-romance, with the only unique thing being that it switched leads midway through with no explanation and dropped a lot of the heroine’s main characteristics.

        These are the problems, and they would be problems for any drama–adaptation or not. And it’s made worse by the fact that it began so well, so the disappointment factor is huge.

        And finally, it’s sad to see a gifted actor be suddenly marginalized for no discernible reason. So the whole show seems like a big disaster.

        I certainly would never watch another of this PD’s dramas again.

        • Petra


        • sel

          Exactly. That was really well explained.

          I haven’t been reading the comments since episode 6, so I thought it was just me feeling unsatisfied in these last episodes. I kept questioning how is this drama so different from any other rom, or what’s the point of it. The first few episodes had a special feeling and tone that made this story different, and it really dug into the slice of life that blew up small moments but made us feel for them and made the story relatable even with its weirdness.

          With that tone gone, the story loses so much. It’s really unfortunate.

          Anyway, I still adore SKJ and PHJ, and love their respective characters even more. I am okay with PHJ having a little bit less screentime if it was simply a case of the story using him less – we see that in the webtoon without outrage. But this is clearly too much, and his character is lost for it. It’d be nice to argue their characters though, and it’s hard to do that with the drama messing them about like this.

          I don’t care for the ‘fan wars’ tbh, I doubt the actors have as much pull as people are thinking. To me it seems more like the PD simply wanted to take the story in her way, and that snowballed. Either way the problems go beyond more/less screentime of actors – it’s the treatment of characters and the story.

      • 1.11.6 lolabeans

        I don’t know how you and others can act like this a simple matter of different interpretations. They are literally changing the story they set out to tell and doing it in a completely unnatural way (to the point that even people who hadn’t read the original webtoon felt something was off even while trying to ignore it or explain it away).

        Also, there’s no need for the extremes. People can complain about things that aren’t life and death, especially when they’ve invested hours of their time in it. They’re allowed to criticize and think critically about entertainment and media. That’s part of the fun.

        • Gummaypdx


        • El16

          As the webtoon writer said in her blog post, if they are going with the closer adaptation of the webtoon they should stick to it up until the part where it’s not written and come up with their own event and ending from there onward. If the Production team decided to go with a different story they should just make up their own story from the beginning and really stress it to everybody that this is going to be different. To stick to webtoon until ep 8 and change the direction after that in a 16 ep drama is impossible. It doesn’t feel natural. Unless you have seasons like game of thrones or walking dead you have to decide from the beginning where you want to go.

          • ObscureWanderer

            Speaking of Game of Thrones, it’s the exact same story with that show as with Cheese in the Trap, funnily enough: the original story and characters distorted to such a degree (and not for the better!) that they have nothing in common with the novels they’re supposed to be based on.

    • 1.12 pigsnout

      Good for you, the next episode will probably be alllll about his activities as usual.

      Maybe this time you’ll even get a scene devoted to Baek In Ho taking a poop, since the drama likes to show us everything he does in so much detail

      • 1.12.1 skelly

        It wouldn’t be the first time. This director has already filmed a hero’s difficulties with constipation in Coffee Prince. Different director, but we also got plenty of bathroom footage of Hyun Bin in MNIKSS.

      • 1.12.2 JarOfBees

        With all the controversy I wont be surprised if TVN aren’t scrambling to re-edit the remaining episodes to give Jung back his screen time.

        Maybe we’ll only have to injure one In HO Plays The Piano scene instead of four.

    • 1.13 Tokki

      Lol exactly, let the 2nd lead win for once.

      • 1.13.1 Petra

        Holy cow! Pay attention. It’s not about if the first lead or second lead wins…
        It’s about how we all lost.

      • 1.13.2 KK

        THIS ISN’T ABOUT WHO FLIPPING GETS THE GIRL!!! The fact that I see comments like this shows me how much Seol herself has been reduced to as a character.

        This is about how an actor was disrespected and how by cutting his scenes, the entire storyline was done a disservice. Even In Ho was done a major disservice by what they reduced him to and how they expanded his role just to show aimless angsting manpain of a pianist crushing on a girl.

      • 1.13.3 hanie

        Your second lead can win in this drama but end up getting torch and drag to the ground outside dramaland.
        How you like that?
        Why dont you try to understand the real issue everyone is commenting really.

      • 1.13.4 JarOfBees

        Comments like this make me want to headdesk really, really hard.

        This isn’t about who’s kissing the girl when the curtain closes, it’s about behind the scenes shenanigans which aren’t doing anyone any favours.

        PHJ loses his big storyline and screen time.
        SKJ gains screen time but has so little story that the majority of the audience is both confused and bored. Plus he’s facing some ugly rumours regarding sponsorship.
        And all the blame is being put on the PD who may or may not be just a scape goat.

    • 1.14 Leyla

      @seora same here and I realy don’t care about shiping, who is the main lead and who gets more screen time. I just love inho character from the begining of the show when he still doesn’t have too much screen time because I can sympathize with him from the start. many shows have second leads that are far more interesting than the main leads and I think Inho is just one of tham. Even if they don’t show Inho any more and showing just seol and jung for 10 episodes more , it doesn’ t necessarily make jung character more acceptable! They should work on the story. That’s it.
      Sorry for my poor english. I’m persian 🙂

      • 1.14.1 Luna

        I love Inho A LOT when he was the second lead. Jung was the central of attention, but Inho balanced him, with his exact opposite characters. Both were quarreling and bickering while Seol was in the miidle . That was refreshing. . until they turned Inho into a melo-puppy who’s being bullied by everyone, and Seol turned into a naïve insensitive girl who didn’t even realize that a guy who was basically with her ALMOST EVERY day had been falling in love with her. Jung, on the other hand, still remained as a psycho and being left out.

        How disappointing! Whoever did this was really genius!!

        • Niloufar

          @Luna You’re right about the psycho thing and people still try hard to deny it. The truth is jung’s character is a psycho nothing more :/

          • Luna

            What I meant was, Jung is still ‘just a psycho’ because there are no explanation what so ever regarding him. He is actually not, and we will understand him more if we are presented with his background story. He is just a sensitive guy.

          • Petra

            Never mind that we don’t actually know what he is and that armchair psychology is not cute. That aside, it’s very disturbing that you can label him as “psycho nothing more.”

            You can reduce a character to one word? You can’t acknowledge even a psychopath would have different aspects to his character? You do realize pychopaths are not all serial killers, right? That they contribute more to our society than a body count?

            Well, you’re in luck. Apparently, the PD or TVN or someone pulling strings also thought so, since they never bothered to flesh out his personality or round him out. In fact, they purposely removed scenes which would have added depth to his character.

        • pogo

          I think Park Hae-jin managed, even with the limited screen time he was given, to establish that Jung wasn’t just a ‘psycho’, so to speak – he just cared about a rather more limited circle of people, and repressed his emotions.

          He’s no more a psycho than Lisbeth Salander of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and only a very limited mode of thinking would lead to that conclusion.

    • 1.15 pogo

      Lovely, you can watch him take a dump next ep and LOVEEEE!! that too.

      Since everything he does is worthy of several minute-long scenes set to angsty music, I bet that’ll be one nicely-soundtracked poo.

      • 1.15.1 KK

        Then it really will be Cheese in the Crap, as some are already calling it!

        • pogo

          lol touche!

        • Pampu


    • 1.16 Nerdy

      I am SO not happy about it.
      It is unfair for both Park Hye Jin and Seo Kang Joon. One find’s out all his hard work is for nothing and the second one is hated for no reason.
      Okey, I’m more sorry of SKJ, I mean what happened with PHJ was bad but he could have gotten on someones wrong side and besides, people are on his side. It also happened with Jang Geun Seok, half of his hard work was for nothing because of some dumb scandal, did anyone care? Nope.
      On another note, SKJ could have or couldn’t have a sponsor, we DON’T KNOW and this talk about promoting Entourage? Oh come on, it’s stupid, he isn’t even a lead there and PHJ is/was TVN’s really really loved actor (loved for: the fame and $$$ brought in by him).
      So who in his right mind would try to promote second lead of OTHER show SO hard/try to kill his own drama. Or if this sponsor is so good why didn’t he made SKJ a lead? isn’t it easier then making other show cut out whole story?
      Conclusion: It is all crazy Pd’s doing, for more information see Triple, young Sung Joong Ki got the lead girl and he was not even in a poster
      P.S so sorry of myself, I started this show hoping to see PHJ’s great acting and I got it, but only in 9 episodes -_- then he started making cameos

    • 1.17 sousou

      can i give you +10000000 LIKE

    • 1.18 Pham Thao

      Oh, you just care about your favorite character although this series is getting weird and boring.

    • 1.19 reeen

      of course you do. you know why? because in the last 4-5 eps, they make it so that you will like In Ho more and dislike Jung. Mission accomplished!

      bassically some one there believes that they can manipulate the viewers for none other than (the classic reason) money which will come from PHJ’s future drama aired on national tv (tvN is not national), and also international. PHJ have scheduled some fans appearances in HK n Sin already because his fans are growing after the incredibly positive characterization on the Cheese. Those appearance will generate money but also good for promotion. Mission accomplished!

    • 1.20 AidaZen

      I may be a little late to this party but yaaayyyyy I second this comment to the power of a trillion! Seo Kang Joon is certified yummy as In ho. More of the same please…

      • 1.20.1 Athlexa

        You really think this is about who is more “yummy”?

        Do you even realize how brainless you sound? Stop embarrassing yourself and reflecting badly on the reasonable Inho supporters.

        You’re not doing SKJ any favors either. You’re sinking his boat.

        • AidaZen

          Don’t worry your mighty brain cells what I think this is all about.

          If I think Inho is yummy, and want to see more of him, how does that affect you or the state of things?

          Reflecting badly on who, what? Goodness you really take life too darn seriously.

          I will embarass myself further and say, Inho was the only freaking reason I watched the last 14 episodes of boring Jung busy himself with plotting how best to take down that perceived enemy. Because that was ALL he was ever really about.

          • Petra

            That’s exactly the point. That’s not ALL Jung was supposed to be about.

    • 1.21 M-

      I didn’t realize the controversy until now, but I honestly that that was the best detour a drama can have. It was a fresh take on giving us a deeper insight into the 2nd lead. Since m most dramas dont even provide us with the same development of the 2nd character. He then re-entered, i thought that was a lot better.

    • 1.22 Anna

      Annoying fans like u are just selfish and narrow minded who dont care about the whole story plot development as long as you get to fangirl your favorite oppa onscreen. Well, you are missing out on the most important value of drama which is the quality. By saying that, it just means you’re not interested in the drama at all but just seeing SKJ and drooling over him whenever he appear. *shakes head*

      • 1.22.1 Athlexa


        Plus they make themselves look bad.

        InHo supporters ought to slap these ppl silly because they make Inho supporters look awful.

      • 1.22.2 AidaZen


        Wow. Just wow. Glad to see you getting applauded for calling a poster “an annoying fan, selfish and narrow-minded” just because her focus is on how the drama made a detour in favor of the second lead.

        This is the double standard element of DB I don’t really appreciate. Anyone with a dissenting view from the majority, is shut down with disrespectful responses. Why is that?

        Some found PHJ’s acting boring, some didn’t. Some like Inho’s character, some can’t stand him. Some love the whole angsty piano scenes, some don’t ever want to see a piano again because of CITT and Inho. Different strokes. I certainly don’t hate anyone for loving a character like Jung who’s portrayed as a psycho.

        Even if in the webtoon he was more fleshed out, since that didn’t happen in the drama, don’t blame others for liking the second lead more. As the mod pointed out, hate the show and don’t hate on each other. Best sense anyone has made on either side so far.

        • ObscureWanderer

          I have to agree with AidaZen here.

          I stopped watching this drama at episode 12, completely unaware of the behind the scenes shenanigans. The whole storyline wasn’t really to my liking, but I soldiered on because everyone was banging on about what a brilliant piece of TV this was (I should have learnt my lesson with Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones…)

          Anyway – I had no idea this was based on a webtoon, so I came fresh to this TV show. And I have to say that Yoo Jung comes off as a creepy stalker in this drama who for some unfathomable reason attracts our heroine. I actually wanted Seol to dump this creep (and MAYBE go out with In Ho, I would be OK with friends forever as well).

          In making Yoo Jung such a creep the drama also managed to rub me the wrong way by employing the worrying trope of a misunderstood antihero who’s really really nice inside and all the awful things he does (it’s always a he) is the fault of every other character around him (Marvel’s Loki, Star Wars’s Kylo Ren, Jessica Jones’ Kilgrave, need I go on?).

          Really sorry for the webtoon fans if in truth Yoo Jung is a more layered character in the original. I feel your pain as A Song of Ice and Fire fan who’s beloved books were tarnished into oblivion by that awful HBO show.

          But the drama!Yoo Jung is unmistakebly a creep and Seol should probably get a restraining order before it’s too late.

    • 1.23 Anna


    • 1.24 hohliu

      And you love how Seo Kang Joon is also a victim in this situation due to he being accused of stealing all PHJ’s screen time? Seo Kang Joon is caught in the middle of this politics too. Unfairly, I am sure but the more viewers sees him, the more annoyed they get.

    • 1.25 Viki

      Ridiculous. It’s like changing Harry Potter’s plot to make Draco Malfoy the main character because viewers find Seo Kang Joon cuter.

      Luckily that did not happen.

  2. Vico

    Maybe I’m the only person who is happy about they focusing on Seo Kang-joon’s character.
    I find Park Hae-jin’s acting boring

    • 2.1 Vico

      by the way not even a shipper or devoted fan of SKJ.

      • 2.1.1 bips99

        it has nothing to do with if one likes an actor or a character … this is about somebody getting shafted for no comprehensible reason. This is about an actor being treated poorly – esp a senior actor (and seniority is a big thing in Korea i believe) … This is pure unprofessionalism

        • Jon G.

          To me, the issue is not that the actor or the character got shafted. Things like this happen sometimes, and if they happen for a good reason, that’s okay with me.

          It’s that the whole show got shafted. And the only reasons I can think of is either political or utter incompetence by the writer.

        • Miranda

          Yeah – even if I enjoy the show as it is right now, it’s very disturbing to realize that PHJ took the show on with some basic understandings that not only were overruled, but that he’s not even sure what scenes are going to air.

          It sounds like he was getting screwed over from the midpoint: scenes being cut, scenes not airing, and him being stuck in the impossible position of trying to explain why Drama Jung has no backstory.

          • Nissin

            I’m also one of the ones who didn’t mind the development of Inho’s character but I also though that it was building up to a major break through between Inho and Jungs relationship. What I really didn’t like was the love triangle.

            Did I read it correctly that the comic writer DIDN’T want the drama to be faithful to the comic and that she was upset that it was??? Maybe that’s why the PD had to change the story???

          • Jon G.

            Did I read it correctly that the comic writer DIDN’T want the drama to be faithful to the comic and that she was upset that it was??? Maybe that’s why the PD had to change the story???

            She didn’t want the show to have the exact same plot and ending as the comic. That would have spoiled the ending of the webtoon for the readers, as the webtoon is still not finished.

            In that sense, yes, she didn’t want the show to be absolutely faithful.

            She never demanded to completely change the genre, the main characters, the topics, the type of story-telling and so on halfway through the series, as far as I’m aware.

          • Nissin

            From what I understand the production at the start had every intention to stick to the comic faithfully. They probably shot the scenes involving Jung that were faithful to the comic, but when the comic writer wanted the drama to have a different feel and got upset about the similarities the production had to cut out the similar Jung scenes and put in new material/scenarios to make a obvious differentiation from drama and comic?

          • aoiaheen

            Yeah, I think the change started when the ratings went up. I think whoever wanted SKJ to have more screentime wouldn’t have bothered if this were a low performing drama. But since this did much better than expected, they changed the scenes to add more SKJ.

          • CITT Fan

            I have enjoyed watching all three main actors perform. They have all done outstanding work, which is the only thing they could be judged on. They cannot control script, editing, or directing. Very disappointing if backlash is thrown at any of them.

            I too was a defender of In-Ho’s character development, but realizing now the hurt it is causing PHJ’s storyline. Not sure what to expect with the last two episodes, but I will watch to support the actors that did their best.

            I hope this issue makes writes, directors, and producers realize that Kdrama watchers are smart and deserve better content. Still a fan of both PHJ and SKJ! Couldn’t have asked more from both of them.

        • kdoramafan


        • hanie

          I’m shocked that some still believe this is about an actor/character screentime/shipping war tbh.
          It is more than that. Just read what JB wrote seriously.

          • JISG

            +1111183774948483 yes

            Same type to label the opposed “haters” (God, I loathe that word)

          • pogo is Cheesed off

            Your last sentence needs to be bolded and in 24-point font, because everyone should read it.

    • 2.2 Shai

      It’s not about whether you think an actor is boring or whatever, they shafted a character for no actual reason & completely changed the feel of the drama. The story was never meant for 100% focus on In Ho and for them to cut out so many scenes Park Hae Jin filmed isn’t right at all and should not be tolerated or praised. I’m saying this as a huge Kang Joon fan.

      • 2.2.1 Cheryl

        ABSOLUTELY agree. I also feel that even if they deviated from the story, it was not In Ho’s to begin with. I would have loved to see more about the feelings between In Ho and Yoo Jung, but we got these C & D storylines that just seemed out of place for too long.

        • kuttu

          yesss thats wat im also feeling, at first i dont hav a prblm with the screen time and IN HO but as the controversy is getting so big and evryone is backlashing SKJ im feeling really bad. i even hopped they will extend the episode or some how get back to the track. but now the drama is wrapped up so i think there is no hope and there is noway to save him. the drama wasnt a preshooted one so they must be aware of the viewers sentiment, even then they hav done this. im at a loss figuring out some sort of logic for this. i jst hope this wont leave a blackmark on SKJ’s and PHJ’s career and relationship

          i hope SKJ will also give somesort of clarification or interview on this topic. He is only at the beginning of his career this is so sad.

          and on another side they hav destroyed the wholesomeness of the drama. i now realize the diff bw what we were told and wat we are shown….still im on board till the end

          • Petra

            Yes, I want to hear what SKJ has to say!

      • 2.2.2 zamboanguena

        Seriously, it was getting much harder to get people (those who DID NOT READ the manga) to try and understand where Yoo Jung is coming from because the show omitted a lot of important scenes from the source material. The show made it appear like he was born a sociopath instead of becoming one as a result of his upbringing and environment. Some people even think he only has his father when in fact he maintains a close relationship with his traveling mom who is so opposed to the way his dad is using the Baek siblings to keep tabs on Jung. The drama even failed to explain WHY his dad feels there’s a need to keep tabs on him at all times. I was so confident that the drama would show us the In Ho incident from Jung’s perspective, but NO! I am not against giving the spotlight to other characters, much less In Ho, but not at the expense of of the main characters.

        • Petra is cheesed

          And to take scenes from the Webtoon which helped you understand Jung’s character more fully and give them to Inho, that was so strange…

          • Dani

            Yes, and they did that after PHJ actually filmed the scenes that more resemblance of the webtoon, so it gives back story to Jung’s character. I read that he filmed the scene where he tended Seol’s wound after her fight with MinSoo like in the webtoon, and that scene was given to In Ho.
            Or that he filmed the scene that he protected Seol from Sangchul and hurt his hand in the process. And that scene became In Ho punched Sang Chul.
            He filmed so many things, and then he watched the drama that he starred in, and nope. no him. It was In Ho.

        • Alessar

          Interesting, the show makes it seem like his mom is dead or something. I don’t think she’s even been mentioned, there was just maybe 1 phone call with her when they did the high school flashback.

          • NoIdeaName

            Well yeah this whole mom thing is news to me. When so much backstory like this is available, why substitute it with a piano? I honestly wonder what made the PD take a huge turn, I mean everyone was praising her just a couple of weeks ago. It just makes me wanna read the webtoon though, to get some of the material that appears to be vital yet missing in the drama.

        • JISG

          PHJ mentioned that he himself has to explain the back stories (aka the scenes that he shot but didn’t air) that were supposed to give insights to Jung’s character to his friends and parents. So we’re all on the same boat it seems lol

        • Sim

          ugh lemme say i always read him as a sociopath (webtoon or drama) but in that Sherlock way in the webtoon (“I’m a functioning sociopath, do your research!”)

          I had no idea this was a controversy but I was getting increasingly mad about the cutting of all of Jung’s good. Was also upset about the lack of PHJ (since I referred to the drama early on as the PHJ’s Face Show) but I like drama In Ho so I didn’t gripe about it too much.

          Now I’m just mad and wish the webtoon would end so I can see what really happened.

        • Mermaid Scribbler

          I tried to read the original on Naver, but I can’t get the latest seasons. Any idea where to read all of it (that is finished) in English? I would love to understand Jung

        • Cheryl

          I decided not to read the webtoon. I’m fascinated with a process that can make something well without it. I had hoped for that. I don’t watch a show to read something else. I believe shows adapted from something should stand on their own.

          I’m just disappointed that these talented actors are affected by the choices of people who obviously have no idea what audiences want.

      • 2.2.3 sel

        I don’t like this direction of the drama either, but to defend the original commentator, thinking an actor/character is boring is a legitimate reason to not mind a shift in focus.

        There isn’t an inherent problem with favoring a different character – the problem is that the end output here just isn’t as good.

        Plus, I get the temptation, but I don’t think it’s exactly right to frame the drama’s problem as a zero sum game between Jung and In Ho.

    • 2.3 Meg

      He’s boring in the drama. But if they had kept it true to the webtoon and kept scenes and let PHJ do what he wanted, you wouldn’t feel that way. Seriously. Even if you didn’t ship Seol with Jung, you would still find him interesting at least. That’s part of the great thing about the webtoon.

      • 2.3.1 juliesean

        I can’t believe this!! tvN F up BIG TIME. I’m sure it’s not just the PD’s fault, you cannot change direction knowing that everyone will be up in arms over it cos it’s such a well loved webtoon. I’m sure the higher ups are responsible too.

        Without Jung’s back story, he’s now simply psychotic. By shifting focus to InHo for whatever reason, the endgame may be Seol and InHo instead. The character of Seol has also changed cos the drama is no longer in her POV, we don’t have her inner monologue to understand what she’s thinking and also make her out to be a two-timer.

        • chaco

          “Without Jung’s back story, he’s now simply psychotic”

          +100 THIS. The webtoon goes into detail about this and with no proper explanation for his behaviour, while we may all still like him ( in a weird way) and the complexity he brings to the story, he still feels incomplete as a character.

        • Jaeyeon


        • skelly


      • 2.3.2 pogo

        That’s what really hurts, when it comes to these arbitrary cuts – we were robbed of the chance to see the performance he actually gave as Jung.

    • 2.4 lemondoodle

      I think it’s not a matter of liking PHJ’s acting or his character, but respect for the actor himself. He promoted this drama a lot, took it when he didn’t seem to really want to to begin with, was the one actor all webtoon fans put their trust in and was then treated like crap after all his efforts. People shouldn’t be treated like that. That some are just fine with it because they get to see their fav character more just seems wrong.

      • 2.4.1 bips99

        From what i read on the other sites is that PHJ is pretty well known in china. And they used him to promote and sell the show there. And now he finds out that he is missing in like 90% of the show …. thats a shitty way to treat people

        • hanie

          He is popular in China.
          Consider this, when the news about CITT sold to China a record price, they noted that Bad Guys also sold at high price and concluded that both dramas has PHJ starred in it.

          First they used his name to attract webtoon fans, and then to sold CITT to China and make him do various promotions events, but then he getting smaller and smaller presence in that drama he is promoting.
          Star treatment alright. /s

      • 2.4.2 Erika

        Exactly! What I really don’t get is that they made him shoot all these scenes, only to cut or reshoot them with another actor anyway. Like what was the fucking point??

        It’s not like a live shooting where they decided to change up the scrip because In Ho was more popular. It was prerecorded.

        So they’re telling us they were just jacking PHJ around, making him waste so much of his time filming scenes that they had planned to scrap anyway? I can’t even comprehend it. There’s not logic to it. They just threw all his hard work in the bin.

        It also upsets me that he feels that he hasn’t done justice to the character. Because it seems he genuinely wanted to do a good job with it and now it’s like we’ll never even know even if he did. Because they’d rather serve us this dramafan service/fanfiction bullcrap the PD has concocted instead of actually trying to tell the story.

        I’m really curious what Soonki means by how the ending will be similar though. Cause from the preview for Ep.15 it just seems like a whole lot of drama tropes were coming our way.

        • hanie

          What I really don’t get is that they made him shoot all these scenes, only to cut or reshoot them with another actor anyway

          This. I can comprehend this so much. Cutting his scenes is one thing but re-shooting it with another actor, doesnt it tell you that they didnt want Yoojung, not those scenes?
          I feels hurt & angry for him just for that reason alone tbh.

          • Mermaid Scribbler

            Yes! It is such a waste of time money and talent. Why would anyone do that? Who would really benefit?

        • SJ

          It’s either they filmed the scene with Park Hae Jin to avoid him being suspicious on set, since by the time he sees the final product, it’s already too late to do anything or they actually filmed the scenes with the intention to use them, but were forced to reshoot them due to favouritism or political reasons.

          • Erika

            Doesn’t even make sense at all, they were practically begging him to be the lead. It makes me think actually, that this talk about him doing so much to bring in the chinese crowd may have something to do with it. Like remember when they wanted to cast Suzy and everyone was like “wtf but she can’t act”. Suzy’s still popular though and can draw her own fanbase. Makes me feel like they had the same intentions with PHJ.

            It’s really fucked up if they made him film the scene without ever intending to use it. Just a waste of money and everyone’s time so I feel it’s the latter reasoning. Either favouritism, or pressure from someone to push them to rewrite it all.

            I’m confused about the timeline of things though. Did they do a 180 on the story cause Soonki asked them to make the ending different. or did they make all these changes but made the ending pretty much the same as hers. But even so the way they changed the story so that’s it starting to not even look like the same story is too much.

        • JISG

          Totally valid points and unfortunately, all it does is make me question who (sorry to be super crass) is SKJ f**ing lol

          It doesn’t make sense anyway you spin it and I hate to put the blame on nefarious reasons. You courted PHJ, promote the hell out of his name, made him do all this work to bam, do a switch around to the point where he’s not even included in the reward dinner/trip? Something is fishy in Denmark.

    • 2.5 sirrky

      You want to know why? Just read his interview. His main issue is the fact that the pd team omitted parts that actually explains his character’s motivations and personality. Yoo Jung is an interesting character but the drama failed to showcase that by not letting scenes that are already filmed air.

      PHJ even mentioned that the parts that they filmed (and didn’t get aired) is inadequate to explain his character not even counting things /in the script/ that was not filmed.

      • 2.5.1 KK

        And what a loss. PHJ was so, so capable of delivering a fully fleshed out Jung and we’ll never get to see it now.

        • Dani

          Is there any way, I mean any way we can see the deleted scenes. Can they just re-do the last 4 episodes. I am dying here. I want my beloved drama back.

          • bips99

            Dani, there is some news that the chinese company is negotiating with tvn to give up the deleted footage so they might edit it and show it properly bec the chinese fans seem to be most annoyed

            Not sure how true these reports are. but if that happens some excited fan would surely sub them in english

          • Dani

            OMG, if that is true, I hope hope hope they uploaded in the usual streaming sites. I also hope they don’t dubbed the voice though.

          • NoIdeaName

            I would be willing to buy a DVD full of deleted scenes at this point

          • Dani

            @NoIdeaName, I heard that PHJ’s management company with CJ released the DVD for 10 years PHJ’s in the industry (with CITT and the some scenes with PHJ –I guess it means deleted scenes? and his photobook). I do not know if it’s available since the website crashed many times over the fans that visit and buying the DVD. it cost around 46$ before the shipping cost

          • Luna

            @Dani, I heard that it’s not just Chinese, but Singapore and Japan too are negotiating to obtain the deleted scenes. I hope that they are succeed.

            Yes, I too want my beloved drama back. I’m not even interested to watch epi15-16, now .. unless if they fix the story.

          • Gwinna

            Lol, is that their master plan? Make everybody pay for the drama and then pay again for the scenes that they wanted in the first place?

          • Dani

            No, I do not think so, Gwina, because the dvd and photobook was planned long before the train wreck.

    • 2.6 fromthesnow

      As someone who has only watched PHJ once (Man from the Stars) prior to this, I disagree. His acting is anything but boring here. If you fail to see it, then I can only say your opinion come from either bias against him or a lack of understanding about emotions needed in a scene.

      Especially since you’re happy they’re focusing on SKJ’s character whose acting leaves much to be desired. Even after his improvement in this drama from his prior projects, he still appears flat in scenes, especially ones he share with PHJ.

      Regardless of acting, are you really that happy that the plot of the drama has gone to ruins just to see your favorite character? That’s selfish that I think this comment is made to specifically garner hate for SKJ.

      • 2.6.1 JISG


      • 2.6.2 Lilium


      • 2.6.3 Lin vitamin

        Before I watch cheese in the trap I think it so boring but When I start following it I very like because Park Hae Jin in yoo jung so well and I feel it so special and more different than another korean film. But now PHJ he was the director treated unfairly and fan of cheese in the trap not agree this. I know phj maybe can’t read all comment from fan of he but hope he quickly regained his position and fighting phj we always beside and support to you

    • 2.7 Niloufar

      @vico same here. I’m not a hater just don’t like his acting. I think it was too soon for him to be the male lead character of a show.

      • 2.7.1 zamboangueña

        TOO SOON? Seriously, did you even bother to look up his portfolio before saying this? Just because you’ve only seem him in a drama or two doesn’t always mean that’s all he’s done. He’s been acting for 10 years and headlined four Kdramas (as far as I know) and several Chinese productions. Cheese isn’t his first time to play main lead.

    • 2.8 AidaZen

      You are definitely not the only one @Vico. For me Jung was one of the most yawn inducing main characters ever.

      That’s not even counting his many creepy acts of revenge on every little perceived or actual slight.

      Before I even knew about the whole background conspiracies ish, I was pleasantly surprised and didn’t even notice Jung was gradually getting less scenes. I was rooting for Inho and still am. Show me where in drama- watching law, that this became a crime?

      Yes there is a bigger picture, with PHJ possibly being sidelined, plus all the deviation from the original webtoon which has angered fans…

      But does that make others, who simply focus on the little things like which character they prefer to see more of, total villains? That’s just unfair.

  3. cupkate

    Sigh. So this actually happened huh. I’m sad this is happening right now when it ends next week. Tsk tsk

    • 3.1 Nads

      I know right? I would of preferred to read about this after the drama had already ended.

      I was one of those people that really didn’t care about Inho getting a larger part, but I admit I was a bit surprised about the writers giving him some of Jung’s scenes with Seol, and omitting some scenes that shed light on his past and what kind of person he really his. With only two eps left, it really feels like they’ve done Seol, Jung, and the entire development of their relationship a disservice by not giving us a chance to really understand his character.

      Overall, I just feel bad for all of them, the webtoon writer, Park hae-jin, and even Seo kang-joon, who I think is getting a lot of the backlash unfairly.

    • 3.2 Dissenter

      As this the controversy grows, more and more kdrama fans are pointing out that tvn and PDs have shamelessly done this to other dramas, more recently Reply88. Fans scream and cry over the unfairness of it all and yet continue to support tvn by continuing to watch the dramas. Since it’s a lot of noise but little consequence, tvn and the PD continue to do whatever they want.

      I think it’s good the bts problems are being brought to light while there are episodes left to air. As informed viewers, we have the power to effect a bit of karma back on tvn and the PD. They want people to watch. They want high ratings. Then they should have respected the audience by respecting the story and the characters. There’s little point in raging over the injustice in blogs and comment sections if you’re going to support the drama by continuing to watch out of curiosity. Let tvn and the producers hear our “voice” by depriving them of the one thing they care about – their ratings. As the audience, we should no longer be silent bystanders simmering in our impotent anger.
      I, for one, will no longer watch CITT.
      WHO’S WITH ME?! (Sound the call to arms – WE will affect change!)

      • 3.2.1 Petra

        Lol. Yeah, some of us have said here and there that we are not going to watch drama anymore and will be avoiding tvn shows.

      • 3.2.2 El16


      • 3.2.3 Nads

        I get what you’re saying, but tvN really does make quality dramas. Misaeng, Signal… bascially all the ones that don’t have romance. CIIT and R88 are only a couple, and from what I understand, R88 didn’t have this kind of controversy. People always either hated or loved the husband-hunting aspect, and though I didn’t agree with their final choice, a lot of people did. That’s the point in having a choice, and the PD doesn’t necessarily have to cater to all of the show’s fans. CIIT is a different story altogether, and even amidst all the controversy, I still think it’s an exceptionally well-made drama that suffers from a lack of communication between the PD/actors/writers. Romance aside, R88 is one of my all time favourites, so while I can understand where you’re coming from, I don’t think I’m giving up on tvN.

        • Dissenter

          You’re entitled to your opinion, of course, but do you really believe that the controversy in CITT arose from something as simple as a lack of communication? When I think of “lack of communication”, I think that some sort of mistake was made. The way the PD and higher ups have treated PHJ and even KGE appear intentional, unprofessional, disrespectful, and with no attempts to communicate their reasons. And do you really believe that CITT is still an exceptionally well-made drama when the plot and characters have completely derailed off the tracks? I guess I disagree.

          There have been plenty of times I’ve disagreed with the course of a kdrama story or even its ending. My protest has nothing to do with choice or how bad CITT has become. It has to do with the fact that I can’t stand it when people in power think that they can manipulate and use others with impunity. The only (tiny) power I have as a viewer to address such despicable behavior is to no longer support CITT. That’s why I said, “I, for one, will no longer watch CITT.”

  4. SoSo

    Poor Park Hae Jin. Hope he get better project next time.

    • 4.1 Dani305

      Poor Seo Kang Joon, too. He’s gonna get a lot of flack from Park Hae Jin fans. I feel bad for everyone involved in this production. I stopped watching after ep 8. Was hoping to marathon this once it wraps up. Glad to find out of new changes so that I can avoid disappointment.

  5. Jaz

    I feel so bad for Park Haejin. He worked so hard for his character and he even the webtoon multiple times. And then he got treated this way. He doesn’t deserve this.

    Ever since that episode where Seol called Inho “oppa”, I feel like somethings not right there and I was surprise on the coming episodes with those unnecessary scenes…

    • 5.1 JISG

      Ugh that was such a strange and cringeworthy scene that so at odd with Seol character. Now we know why. It was created to purely provide gross flashbacks for InHo’s manpains.

      • 5.1.1 Jaz

        That was so out of her charater.

  6. Miranda

    ….holy crap.

    Okay. So this changes a lot of things, but I’m also confused about the two different stories that seem to be going on here.

    On one side, it sounds like PHJ signed on to play Jung as portrayed in the webtoon. But on the other, it sounds like the webtoon writer got assurances that the ending would deviate from her webtoon endgame (which, of course, hasn’t been written). So with those two completely opposing forces at work, how was this show ever going to deliver for both parties?

    As it stands, it sounds like PHJ practically got gaslit. Initially I thought he was slightly gracelessly complaining about the production, but if he filmed a ton of scenes that never aired, so much so that he truly has no idea what might make it onscreen, then that is one hell of a surprise. I’m sure most actors would be horrified that their directors were playing mix-and-match with their scenes. It completely strips that actor’s ability to manage tone. And it must be pretty severe for him to be talking about it right now, right?

    But did the attempts to appease the webtoon writer cause the break? Because if webtoon endgame is Jung, then the only other way to do it in the drama is to NOT go with Jung, and then you hit the snag of audiences revolting when they think the “first male lead” has been shortchanged. Which might explain the In Ho emphasis.

    Yikes. YIKES. I was enjoying the show as an ensemble, but this is pretty bad.

    • 6.1 Jon G.

      On one side, it sounds like PHJ signed on to play Jung as portrayed in the webtoon. But on the other, it sounds like the webtoon writer got assurances that the ending would deviate from her webtoon endgame (which, of course, hasn’t been written). So with those two completely opposing forces at work, how was this show ever going to deliver for both parties?

      I don’t think that staying true to the characters and not having the exact same plots pose much of a conflict.

      I also don’t know where “endgame” comes in here.

    • 6.2 Hanjae

      Judging by the webtoon writer’s recent post on her blog protesting against the way she *hasn’t* been consulted or even updated on the script since Episode 6, this change in direction & the cutting of Park Hae Jin’s screen time has nothing to do with the production team trying to please the writer – it took place well before the most recent conflict regarding the ending.

      Soonkki wanted them to change the ending so that the ending of the webtoon isn’t spoiled, but it seems they didn’t listen and the ending they have for the drama is too close to the webtoon ending. If the ending they have is too close to the webtoon ending, there’s no way it makes sense that the story in the drama deviated in Inho’s favour to this extent, since the webtoon never even played with the possibility of Inho as a contender for Seol’s affections.

      • 6.2.1 bips99

        ” the ending they have for the drama is too close to the webtoon ending”

        …. what i understood from the translation of her blog post is that the ending they sent her was too close to hers. She requested them to change it. But she did not hear from them. So she does not know what the ending actually is – did they change it or not

        • Hanjae

          Yep, that’s exactly it. Basically, there was a long gap between their last contact with her (Episode 6 script, which she had to badger them for) and the most recent communication (they finally contacted her again only because they had to talk about the ending, at which point the writer pointed out the problems with ending similarity but have yet to receive further confirmation).

        • Deb

          Well if the drama ending ends up being similar to the webtoon, someone on the team describing the events as “incomprehensible” is not a good sign for the webtoon. To me it points to Seol possibly ending up with Inho or maybe (and this is my imagination running) even no one because something tragic happens.

      • 6.2.2 juliesean

        The thing is the author do not know if they actually acceded to her request to make the change to the ending. So does the ending refer to the different pairing or same pairing? Or just the events in the ending to differ from the author’s?

        If the production acceded to her request, could it be that they changed the pairing to InHo & Seol instead?

      • 6.2.3 Vini

        They contact Soonkki again for eps 14 script. Do all of you remember when di they shoot these episodes? Its when they already aired several episodes right, because this drama is not completely pre produced.

        • Barbrey

          My understanding was that it was completely pre-produced.

          • Vini

            Really? I think its half pre peoduced, just more than average drama live shooting.

        • Alessar

          It’s 100% pre-produced. Filming is done. But since the eps haven’t aired they can still recut the material.

    • 6.3 cranky

      Particularly, i don’t think Soonkki meant “different ending” as 180 degree end-game with the webtoon..as it’d be really weird and deviating from the original so much. I think she meant “alternate ending”, the drama can have its own story, its own ending..but with different events leading to the ending.. She wouldn’t wanna see her beloved story got butchered (if so, why would she demand the scripts to be shown to her?)

      If I were Haejin, I’d be angry too.. He didn’t sign up to be sidelined so much..and his character is getting weaker like he said. No development, no background story, no explanation at all (beside those teeny ‘im not strange’ and the last saving grace of 10 mins in ep 12). He was picked first months before others, after he rejected several times and the producers begged him to accept. He filmed everything and worked hard to portray this difficult character. Only to watch the broadcast and find a large chunk of his scenes being scrapped. He’d be a saint if he isn’t pissed off.

      • 6.3.1 cranky

        ““alternate ending”, the drama can have its own story, its own ending..but with different events leading to the ending.. ”

        I meant to say “its own ending..similar to webtoon in the essence but with different events leading to it.”


        • blo

          I like your name. It’s how I’m feeling about this.

      • 6.3.2 hanie

        That was my understanding to based on the earlier released news.
        The ending is different but still have similar principle/essence.

    • 6.4 bips99

      according to the author, she was only consulted till episode 6 and then all communication was cut off. And hence the story seems to have gone for a toss.

      i think actors have no control over editing unless they themselves are huge stars but no one expects the lead to appear for an average of say 10 minutes in a show

      ….. imagine the irony – a show that is essentially built around the premise of communication has all this going on bts

    • 6.5 Hanjae

      I’ve been quietly disgusted at the way CITT has gone off the rails in the last two weeks, but I held my tongue hoping the final two episodes would at least deliver. Whatever hopes I had on that front have now been pretty much dashed.

      This has nothing to do with whether I like Yoo Jung or Baek Inho and has everything to do with story structure – the center of Cheese in the Trap has always been the mystery behind Yoo Jung’s duality. Is he really just creepy psychopath, or is there more to him? What layers lie behind this sweetly smiling (but cold) facade? Etc. That was what I was interested in! The fascination was in watching this mystery unfold, but when everything that would have explored Jung’s character has been systematically chopped out… what does that leave us? What the heck am I even watching?

      It’s really a shame that this happened, because I was impressed by Seo Kang Joon’s considerable improvement in the acting department and liked his portrayal of Inho (and I still do), but this fiasco has made me unable to fully enjoy his character – every time I see yet another Inho scene, I just wonder WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN, which crucial plot-related scene did they cut to make way for it, etc.

      Most of all, I feel sorry for poor Park Hae Jin – he really has been used and abused. He turned down the drama multiple times and finally accepted it, read the script 3-4 times to get a good grip on the character so that he can portray Yoo Jung properly in the drama, and in the end it didn’t even matter because everything was cut. For any actor with professionalism, dedication to his job and pride in what he does, this must have been the greatest insult.

      • 6.5.1 Hanjae

        Oops, I have no idea how this ended up as a reply to your comment, Miranda – sorry!

      • 6.5.2 Petra

        + 1000000

      • 6.5.3 Vini

        Now I don’t know how they plan to show the ending. Because if they show the ending which they planned before this whole conflict out in the open then maybe we can see something that befit these last episodes. But if they decided to change the ending again to calm everyone, well, I don’t think everyone will ever be calm. Its gonna explode again after the ending aired.

        • Petra

          Well, it’s breaking now and ending has already been filmed, hasn’t it? Are you thinking they will re-shoot?

          • Vini

            I don’t know. They have SKJ reshoot some of the scenes but its when they still shooting. But now shooting already completed, and they only have 3 days before airing. Maybe they will edit the scene though, even only editing the order of scenes can change the show entirely.

          • KK


            SKJ re-filmed to pretty much take over what had been filmed…which was PHJ’s stuff. That’s one of the accusations being tossed around.

          • Vini

            Yes, I mean maybe they want to do that again? Refilmed the ending to change it again.

        • Hanjae

          Either way it’ll explode, no matter what they do at this point. If they “fix” the ending (i.e. changes it so that it makes sense and concentrates on Jung & Seol’s story as they were originally supposed to), then it’ll probably give everyone whiplash, considering the last 3-4 episodes have been more like Inho’s Cantabile than Cheese in the Trap.

          If they just continue with the Inho focus and possibly force an Inho/Seol ending or otherwise wreck Jung’s character, then the uproar will just escalate – people will be armed with more than ample proof that the director’s unreasonable changes to the script have ruined the webtoon writer’s original story.

          At this point they’ve gone too far off the deep end to completely salvage this situation, to be honest. Given the choice, I’d rather the first option – for them to depart from the Inho focus and utilize the original Park Hae Jin scenes (the ones that were unceremoniously cut), so that at least we get some last minute and much-needed character development. It won’t save the show, but it’ll be less of an all-out catastrophe.

          • KK

            I feel exactly the same, but nothing will salvage this completely. They kinda ruined it when they went heavy on the faux love triangle route instead of focusing even on Seol more, and cutting out Jung’s childhood…that move baffles me completely when they had it filmed…

          • hanie

            That would be better choice tbh especially the ep 15 preview is giving me makjang vibe, which is totally the opposite of CITT. They still get drag for butchering much loved webtoon but it wont escalates to new high.

          • carmen

            I feel the same, there is no really a way to fix CITT problem, I personally don’t think I will ever see any drama with this PD.

      • 6.5.4 Dani

        This! ++++

      • 6.5.5 Tetrisaddict

        I so agree with this! I’m not Korean so I have no idea about the issues behind the scene. I only heard about this series from a friend. She likes the guy who played In Ho. I haven’t watched Korean series in a long time so I’m not familiar with the actors though the guy who played Jung looks familiar.

        I also don’t know about the webtoon so I don’t have preconceived ideas of the story. I’m not interested with shipping wars or who’s more famous or better looking. To be honest, I find Jung a little too old for Seol. In Ho is more her age. Looks wise I prefer the lackey/Bo Ra’s boyfriend over them since he looks like young Gong Yoo.

        The reason I watched this story is because my friend asked me to, and I felt obligated to do so since she watched the movie and series I recommended and she liked them hehe. I thought I’d feel the same as she did on this series and I did… Until about episode 8 or 9. Then things went downhill.

        I may not know the lead nor find him cute but I was drawn to Jung’s character. Is he good or bad? He’s the kind of character that you’d want to hate or be afraid of and secretly hope that deep inside he has a good heart. I was hoping to learn more about his character.

        I have no issues with In Ho having a lot of screentime. His piano playing is OK but I’m not really interested in that. It’s fine if they wanted to increase the ratings by giving him more scenes, this is show “business” after all.

        But I’m disappointed at how they shortchanged the main character. This is cheese in the trap after all and Jung is the one who sets up the trap. If the production wanted to air more In Ho scenes, they could have at least removed some of the repetitive classmate harassment/stalking/bullying scenes or the little brother’s crush side story instead of cutting important character development scenes of Jung and Seol.

        I thought I was the only one who started losing interest after episode 8. I only continued watching because even if Jung’s character became like a guest star instead of the lead, it’s still worth waiting for. His screen times with Seol remains the best moments of each episodes. And it’s not only with Seol that he works his magic. The best In Ho scenes for me is not when he’s playing the piano or half hazardly doing manual labor or when flirting with Seol. It’s when he’s feeling hurt or angry or confused or sad or sorry with the guy he onced considered his brother/best friend. I would’ve loved more scenes of them together.

        Plus the ending???!!!! What???? Is that it???? I don’t condone bashing but I understand why a lot of people were angry at the productions/staff who said to stop watching the show if you don’t like it. As a viewer, I felt betrayed. You asked for our time and attention in the first place. It’s like someone courted you and promised love and happiness but after you gave your heart, you find out you’re played. Anyway, lesson learned. I’ll read comments first next time…

        • Tetrisaddict

          *haphazardly… Sorry for the typo.

    • 6.6 Kaylie

      I have the same suspicions as you. Because of the original webtoon author’s protests, the TV production has to deviate its ending from the original one. But because it’s a pre-produced series, the only way they could do it is to splice and edit parts instead of re-filming it.

      Probably originally Jung and Seol were supposed to get together but now the PD’s desperately trying to justify In-ho and Seol to make a distinction from the original webtoon.

      • 6.6.1 Petra

        Urrrr… I don’t think that Soonkki wanted a complete 180 either.

        They could’ve left it more open ended as well.

        Also, they could have made Jung darker and still have given him more screen time. That way it would make sense why Seol ends up with Inho.

        Idk. The whole thing is weird.

        • Vini

          Actually isn’t it a bit hard for a webtoon drama adaptation to deviate from the source material? I feel that netizen will always nitpick the difference from the respond of other adaptation drama before.

          I think they actually already change it a bit to by mixing up the timeline. The sequence of thing happening in the drama is a bit different right? I didn’t get suspicious to Jung for too long compared than the webtoon.

        • KK

          Yes this argument is off because if that’s the case, webtoon endgame is still revealed.

          This doesn’t strike me as a ship thing, as Jung being underdeveloped has nothing to do with his relationship with Seol. His growth would help, but his backstory for sure had no reason to be cut.

          This is very weird.

      • 6.6.2 Vini

        Thats also how I see it. It seems that they have disagreement with Soonkki from the start. But instead of sorting those disagreement, they chose to doing what they want without letting Soonkki know. In the end they agree to Soonkki protests in the middle when they already aired some episodes.

      • 6.6.3 Fuujin

        But the refocus to In Ho started earlier, around episode 9. I thought Soonki said that the production team would not show her any scripts after ep. 6 and did not touch base with her again until ep. 14. Which would mean that the lead switch decision was made independently of constraints imposed by Soonki. I think.

      • 6.6.4 Miranda

        @Kaylie, exactly.

        I wonder if they just had different ideas of what “alternate ending” meant from the start? If the CIIT team thought that just meant making minor changes like setting or details, while the author thought it meant much more drastic differences. And of course any agreements were made prior to the drama’s announcement, and maybe both sides were taken aback by the fan insistence that the show (especially concerning the cast) be rigorously faithful to the webtoon.

        I do have some sympathy for the drama team in that way: they bought rights to the webtoon, then the fanbase got extremely active about accuracy, and the only way to make sure the drama survived the first few episodes was to make is “accurate” to the webtoon. Which spooked the writer, who then asked them to change the ending, and from the looks of it they tried to reorient around In Ho. But they didn’t tell PHJ that, instead doing a creepy thing where they just steadily cut all of his scenes and edited in unexpected ways. So now no one knows what’s going on.

        The story after all this is done is going to be really interesting.

    • 6.7 sirrky

      The webtoon isn’t even that big on the love triangle (Inho was a lot less intense about Seol) so i don’t think the worry is about who Seol ends up with, rather the details that go with it. You don’t have to make the end game otp different to make the ending different. That’s why the writer was so concerned about not getting the scripts. In any case, the drama went from an interesting study of functional sociopath and the people around him turned into some boring ol’ kdrama with tired cliched characters.

      Inho is my favourite along with Seol in the webtoon, I didn’t ship either of them with Seol but it pisses me off how the drama ruined both his and Jung’s characters. Seol is basically collateral damage now.

  7. Kate

    Park Hae Jin is so cool! It obviously isn’t his fault and he obviously knows that and made it clear in this interview but subtly.
    I’m disappointed on his behalf. I’m still enjoying the drama because I love In Ho but the direction it took just doesn’t make sense. This was supposed to be Jung’s story and Park Hae Jin played his role so well! It’s really disappointing to know they edited out some of his scenes (and it looks like those were essential scenes!). It isn’t fair. I feel so sorry for him. And what he said at the end sounds a lot like “now I know that I’ll choose more wisely”. I hope we’ll see him soon, again in a main role where he’s given screen time.
    I’m looking forward for his screen stealing scenes in the last to episodes.

    • 7.1 bips99

      I have seen him in only 2 shows before this – MLFAS and BB and i totally loved him in BB. So i was pretty excited to see hiim as a lead here.

      Must sting – to be a lead in a major production for sort of like the first time, get good feedback and then get whacked out of nowhere in the middle.

      • 7.1.1 Dani

        BB? Is it Bad Guys?

        • bips99

          sorry .. i remembered it as bad boys 🙂

      • 7.1.2 zamboanguena

        I first saw him play Lee Bo-young’s twin brother in My Daughter, Seo-young and boy did he blow me away considering he was just a secondary character. There’s something about his acting that stirs my heart.

  8. Jyuu

    I wonder what the rest of the cast thinks about this? Or the original webtoon writer? How odd because they were all singing praises for the PD in their interviews.

    • 8.1 Salva

      Seconded! I was thinking the same. How all of them was so positive about the PD, but now it seems it’s the opposite. What could have happened?

      • 8.1.1 Miranda

        Maybe it’s one of those situations where it feels like everything’s fine, right up until it’s very clear that it’s not. Usually those situations have to do with personally liking the individual in control and trusting their confidence and judgement. Then one day something happens that makes you think again about everything, and all at once you realize you’re all in trouble.

        If I’m recalling the initial interviews correctly, part of the praise was the director allowing the actors to be a little looser with their characters and ad lib. Now we know there were also frequent script changes and rarely finalized scripts – again, not necessarily the worst thing! But I’m guessing the tone shifted when the actors started watching the drama and seeing that the show that aired was not really the same thing that they filmed.

        And for PHJ in particular, it sounds like he had key stuff cut in the script phase, so he might have been aware of the shift before anyone else and stayed quiet because he was hoping the director would pull it all together. And while I’ve been enjoying the show, I’m now really apprehensive about next week if it goes 막장 on us.

        • Petra

          Makjang! Horrors. I’m too scared to watch 😓

        • Vini

          Is there a big chance that they will change the ending again because of these report? But I’ve heard that the director is pretty calm about these problem.

          • Miranda

            …maybe? Though the director can’t do much unless she shot enough footage to justify it, and there are reports that PHJ ended filming in advance of the rest of the cast.

      • 8.1.2 kafanyu

        I think it’s fairly standard for people who are involved together in the production of a drama to sing one another’s praise to the press. They want the show to do well, and like javabeans said, they don’t want to damage their images. PHJ has probably hit breaking point.

    • 8.2 bips99

      See, KGE’s character got somewhere confusing in the middle but she has always had ample screentime so i don;t see her complaining

      Maybe the actors that play bora, ET and Inha – All 3 of them could have had a much stronger role esp bora and ET who practically disappeared in the middle and their love story wrapped up in a hurry in like 2 mins.

      • 8.2.1 JISG

        I can see a cause for her to be unhappy, too, though because like, Jung, it’s not 100% about scene time. Seol has more scene time but during the last few episodes, they were to support InHo’s character development mostly. She’s on screen for him to stare at, moon over, talk to, show off to, taken care of, think about etc

        She’s basically can be a cut-out and it’d be the same thing lol

        • aoiaheen

          Exactly! Seol was only there in InHo scenes. In the first part of the drama, we see her struggling with her classmates and MinSoo but the latter half its all, worrying about InHo, teaching InHo, avoiding Inho.

          We hardly have her POV anymore.

        • KK

          As some have pointed out, she became a prop for In Ho’s crush and manpain and I’m still baffled that there were people loving this instead of actual character growth or development of the main characters (including In Ho himself!)…

      • 8.2.2 Andrea

        It must also be hard for her because it sounds like she has had to shoot the same scenes twice, but with a different actor each time.

        That has got to be a lot of work, and it must make it difficult for her to portray a consistent characterization of Seol when she doesn’t have any idea which scenes will be airing.

        Man, this entire situation makes me so upset on ALL the actors’ behalves. They’ve all been doing an amazing job acting-wise, and it sounds like all three of the main actors are getting screwed over in different ways. >_<

  9. luv

    Love them both equaly so no complaints from me lol…😛😛😛

    • 9.1 Yui

      i actually like inho’s character more than jung.

      but the fact that jung is the lead character here… it’s kinda weird that his appearance suddenly got cut for many minutes… CITT itself is about JUNG AND SEOL. since the very beginning, inho was just a friend of Jung who had bad ‘history’ with him. that’s it. i like inho as the 2nd lead. but now, with focus on him… im wondering, the reason why they cut many scenes with jung and put inho instead. only a few viewers love inho, the most are so into Jung’s character. jung’s mystery. jung’s personality. jung’s relationship with his dad. jung’s love to seol. jung’s next step. jung’s… bla bla bla.

      once again, im neither a fan of jung nor inho, but it would be wise to keep on the track. this ep 13-14 were kinda out of track with so many inho’s stories.

      yeah, i love them equaly, but the story needs to keep it correct.

      • 9.1.1 Blueribbon

        +1000000 exactly my sentiments

      • 9.1.2 aoiaheen

        Yup agree! It’s very strange why they changed track. Usually, with live shoots, the PD changes the script to go along with fan demand. But in this case, majority of the fans were very pro-jung. So the fact that they changed teh script mid-way is baffling.

        SKJ would have been served better if he hadn’t been part of this controversy.

  10. 10 emmy

    this is so upsetting,.i hope they’d wrap this drama well and wont upset d fans much more’.d storyline was very nice and interesting until they have ds unconfirmed internal conflict..pls give justice to our yoo jung sunbae..i love in ho too,but if they change d plot it wud be a lot worse than reply 1988..

  11. 11 Gelai

    I’ve yet to watch this drama but…as a still bitter #TeamJungHwan I can’t help to think that they’re kinda doing to Park Hae Jin now on what Reply 1988 did to Jun Yeol and his Jung Hwan character. I’m mad! Gawd.

    TVN, please get your act together.

    • 11.1 lemondoodle

      Honestly, no. The two situations aren’t similar at all. Park Hae Jin is being treated like trash, and his filmed scenes cut and his character ruined in favor of the second lead. Junghwan did not suffer from any of that.

      • 11.1.1 Wendy Darling

        Yes Jung Hwan got a complete narratio of his story. Even to the point where he explained that timing.does not happen it is created. That means we get an ending to see how despite being around Dok Sun more times thatn Taek he did not end up with her. Because the truth is: he lacked the determination to take her from Taek because he considers both Taek and Dok Sun important. Taek on the other hand may have seemed to step back when he did not pursue the movie date, but as soon as he had the chance he took it. Even at the expense of getting a default for not coming to his tournament.

        Reply 1988 team did nothing similar as to what Cheese in the Trap team is doing to the story and the character. Don’t insult Reply 1988

        • lemondoodle

          Seriously. Not liking JH’s end is valid, but to say RJY suffer anything at all close to what PHJ is dealing with is insulting to Park Hae Jin. Not to mention to the Reply team, who all seem really friendly and close with each other. RJY even worked with the writer again in YoF. There is obviously no bad blood there.

          RJY had a fully developed character and had an ending that might not have satisfied everyone, but it was an ending to his story when he let his love go and was happy with his family. The drama was a family drama as well, not one that had a male lead in the first place.

          And being tricked by husband clues is not the same thing as an actor being totally disrespected and replaced.

      • 11.1.2 Gelai

        Re-thinking about it, maybe yes, it’s not exactly similar when it’s not really the writing that go downhill as it does have an original source material but solely just on PD’s discretion and possible internal conflict that’s why this is happening to CITT while in Reply, as it is free and didn’t have original source material, the writer probably just tried too hard to prove the spoilers and the obvious end game she presented wrong so at the end, she just dumped everything for the finale.

        Even so, I can’t help but to compare because there were rumors too that RJY didn’t go along well with the staff, could be before or after the husband is determined. Did it really have impacted the Reply 1988 outcome? Only people behind the show can answer but we’ll probably never know. Though RJY denied it and he probably wouldn’t have joined in Phuket vacation and in YOF Africa if it was really true, you can’t help but feel that something fishy happened when his screentime drastically got lessened and his character didn’t have a closure. Previous Reply series isn’t like that. It just doesn’t make sense to me that a character so prominent in the beginning suddenly become cameo and got treated like a trash towards the end. Jung Hwan got treated like a trash too.

        But anyway back in CITT, why would they start adapting a unfinished webtoon in the first place?

        • lemondoodle

          He wasn’t ever treated like trash. He got perhaps some of the most memorable scenes in the whole drama. How is that being treated like trash? Both RJY and Bogum (and other characters) had times when they weren’t that prominent in the drama, and times when they shined more. That’s what happens when you have an ensemble cast.

          Not getting into another Reply 1988 fight, but no the situations aren’t comparable. The drama did not start with RJY being the lead and then dropped in favor of other people. He was always part of an ensemble cast, and when his story was over (or on the back burner like in episode 11+ when he studied 99% of the time) he didn’t get as much screen time. The viewers came into the drama knowing it was a family drama, not the love story of Jungpal. That’s a big difference in the situations. There is nothing fishy.

          • Gelai

            Considering that Jung Hwan have more memorable scenes with Deok Sun just makes it more weird that he didn’t become the husband. When they decrease his screentime, didn’t give him a closure and didn’t even mention him in 2016, tell me how is he not treated like a trash? Jun Yeol may have been part of an ensembled cast but let’s be frank that it always boil down into that one male lead character and OTP you’re supposed to invest your feels, R88 just played the viewers with. Who are they kidding when they only want to people to just watch for the family aspect of the drama when at the very beginning, they are already prominent with the husband hunt? The shipping wars wouldn’t have probably happened if there isn’t the future husband that screamed so much like Jung Hwan that the apparent change in mannerisms in the end didn’t make sense. That’s what half of the audience is questioning. If Taek was the husband, why show didn’t devote the screentime & memorable moments on the 1988 snow movie date and 1994 Lee Moon Sae concert, like Deok Sun’s making her moves to Jung Hwan during the Japan plane crash of Taek when it was supposedly a good chance to show confliction on Deok Sun’s part on what she may feel for Taek. Because they skipped a lot of potentially good amount of Taek-Deok Sun moments and it’s just them in China and the Baduk, we lost connection to the end game. There was a confession scene that I’m pretty sure left an inkling somehow to Deok Sun that her and Jung Hwan should have talked about or put in closure but didn’t and just left hanging. I loved and treasured this drama anyhow, just not the finale.

            But again, as I imply, this may not be exactly the same case as Jung Hwan’s character in Reply 1988 was solely on writer’s discretion scrapping his character when she didn’t know what to do with the double noble idiocy while Park Hae Jin getting treated like a trash in CITT was on PD’s discretion and editing that went wrong when they even have to make SKJ reshoot scenes. WTH. I have major trust issues now and I’m so scared to start the drama. As a hurt TeamJungHwan, I feel for what they did to Park Hae Jin.

          • lemondoodle


            No, sorry, that’s where you are wrong. His scenes were always about him liking her and not really her or her feeling, or she didn’t actually care about the scenes as much as the audience watching at home did. We swoon at home, she slept just fine. The story of their relationship. DS and JH did not have “memorable” and MUTUAL couple scenes. I figured with time people would get this… but I guess not.

            And nope RJY was never the lead or the main OTP. He just wasn’t. The PD told them they were all leads, and that was what he was trying to portray. That some people got attached to his character doesn’t mean anything other than that’s what they left. PD Shin mentioned in an article with regret that how they spent 75 minutes on the mother’s, but 5 minutes on the love story and the 5 minutes was all people talked about.

            And totally NOT doing the husband argument. There were massive hints for Taek (SMOKING) that people ignored because they didn’t want to think any other way. But it’s over and done with. His closure was in episode 18 when he said goodbye to his crush and in 19 with his parent’s wedding.

            This situation is still nothing like CITT or Park Hae Jin even slightly. People should stop bringing up Reply and JH and comparing this.

        • loveyoumomo

          We knew early on that Jung Hwan wasn’t the husband and the is he or isn’t he the husband wasn’t the main point of the series. He definitely had the more memorable scenes with Deok San. When they are squeezed between the walls when trying to escape from the tracher and we begin to see his attraction to her despite all his claims of her not being attractive. That was adorable and it was ship – worthy. He had the opportunity to gain her heart for a long period where he didn’t take the chance and let it pass and just left her to be confused (the scene where his brother is wearing the identical shirt for his date, he should have explained to her that his was still in his room). It was his characters reluctance in changing the status quo among the friends I guess and Taek did declare his interest in Deok San before he could. Friendship rules etc. But definitely though, Jung Hwan didn’t get shafted. He lost Deok San little by little. He let her go by failing to make a move and declare his feelings when she had provided him with her heart on a plate. I would have loveeed to see Jung Hwan and Deok San together but I felt that in the end, Taek really did deserve her more. He was more proactive anytime he was with her. Asking her out to do things together and just being the shy adorable guy he was. He made the important choices count. I did feel like their relationship was more of a nurturing kind with her looking after Taek whereas Jung Hwan and Deok San had more chemistry but hey when the guy doesn’t make a move even after him knowing how you feel about him…it’s time to say adios and seee you in the next life if you’re lucky 😉

      • 11.1.3 emmy

        actually i wasn’t talking about the way they treated the actors personally, but the outcome of the story, bcoz in R88 some of us expected jung hwan to be the husband it kind of made us feel sad and disappointed in the end, so if they make in ho as the one hong soel would end up to in CITT, it would maybe ruin the plot, bcoz the story is clearly about yoo jung sunbae and hong in the beginning, then suddenly the writer changed it to in ho ang hong, it would be a devastating ending maybe(only in my opinion though)

    • 11.2 Mashimomo

      Excuse me – but what they’re doing to Park Hae Jin is so much the opposite from Ryu Jun Yeol. The PD team of CITT for some reason chose to deviate away from the webtoon and what’s worse, disrespected the creator of the their source material by keeping her in the dark about her own product, leaving viewers and fans of the webtoon alienated and just disappointed and angry. Not to mention PHJ’s career may possibly even be sidelined by being associated with this drama since it left a very negative impression on a lot of people. I’m even worried about Kim Go Eun and yes, even Seo Kang joon because of the amount of backlash this drama is receiving.

      Compare that to RJY that received a lot of love from viewers, and his association with the Reply franchise would always be his big breakout role and mostly seen a a positive thing for his career. Please don’t even compare their experiences just because you didn’t get what you wanted, because it is so much different than what you make it to be.

    • 11.3 pogo

      Sorry, but the two situations are not even remotely comparable.

      Yes, viewers felt (perhaps justifiably) misled by all the clues that initially pointed to Jung-hwan being the husband in 1988, but Ryu Joon-yeol was never subjected to the kind of underhandedness and disrespect that Park Hae-jin has been. Not to mention, Answer Me 1988 was an ensemble show that set out right from the start to give equal attention to ALL its cast. It wasn’t like Cheese, promising one thing and delivering another.

  12. 12 Sisi



    *flips pianos

    It could’ve been a great drama.


    *flips pianos

    • 12.1 cranky

      It’s all the piano’s fault!! *wails*

      • 12.1.1 Petra

        Does the piano have a sponsor? Im seriously asking here.

        • Jon G.

          I cannot tell you the answer to that question.

          But what I can tell you: In the first bigger piano flashback, In-ho played on a mid-sized Bösendorfer grand piano. In the next episode in a similar flashback of the same concert, the “Bösendorfer” brand name atop the middle of the keyboard and on the side were pixelized. Make of that what you will.

          • dwee

            really? O.M.G
            in what episodes? I really want to check it

          • why....

            LOL I’m laughing hard.. comments are more entertaining than actual drama.. haha

          • pigsnout

            Lmaoooo the damn piano again

        • Vini

          I don’t think is it. Because usually eagle eyed netizen would already find it if that is true. Sponsor for drama usually shown at the end of episodes, right?

        • kafanyu

          Wait guys… it’s piano PPL!! It all makes so much sense now…

          • Petra

            Plot twist:
            the piano was the male lead all along 😑

  13. 13 lilmissteapot

    Wow, probably that’s how the director wants to be the scriptwriter. Just like the fanfiction. They edit the full story, choose which one is their favorite, then paste the scenes.

    I hope PHJ screen stealing scenes won’t get cut out.

    • 13.1 Lwx_23

      If there really is a conflict between them, then cutting those scenes has a big probability happening. The scenes that have been cut seem to be essential for his character and seem to alienate viewers from the character, which is also why some people don’t even care about his missing screen time.

      • 13.1.1 Erika

        Ugh that’s truly frustrating. People are hating a well written character that they never even got to know because of these dipshits. I sincerely hope more people will at least read the webtoon after what I assume will be a mess of an ending airs. So they can enjoy the story in it’s true form.

        Makes me glad that I read the webtoon before the drama aired, might have been turned off from it otherwise.

      • 13.1.2 Andrea

        That’s the part that makes me sad about this.

        I haven’t read the webtoon, and since I can’t read hangul, I won’t be reading the webtoon. My only exposure to ‘Cheese in the Trap’ is this drama.

        I have been anti-Jung from the very beginning, because as he is portrayed in the drama, he is a scary psychopath with few-to-no redeeming qualities.

        To hear that he is SO different in the webtoon, and to hear that Park Hae-jin was told that Jung would be portrayed so much differently than he has been portrayed (up to and including filming entire character-development scenes that were never shown in the drama) makes me angry on behalf of both Park Hae-jin and the character of Jung himself.

        So many of us will only see the drama, and will always remain completely mystified about why Jung is such an attractive character to so many people. What a disservice to a much-loved webtoon, and to all the actors involved in the drama.

        • info

          You could read the webtoon in app webtoon. But the english verse still at season 2..

          I tune into this drama because jung. He is an interesting character.
          I aware that the comment regarding this drama especially jug is psycho. But I did not aware the reason why (I realize now if I did not read the webtoon, I could feel the same)

          I realize now because I read the webtoon, even thought there is changes in scenes, i still think jung is bad but if i were him, with the expectations, upbringings, facade and many leeches… maybe i would react like him too.. strike people in their back by set up a trap

          I was suprised seeing that the scenes actually being shot and did not aired.
          Even got reshoot with different actor…
          Many scenes cut…
          I felt sorry for PHJ, sonkki

          • zamboangueña

            Actually the webtoon’s been translated until Season 3 by oddsquads. Naver is a little (a lot?) late.

        • Petra

          The thing is, even in webtoon he could be a sociopath or have sociopathic tendencies…we don’t really know for certain…but you see how things happened to him and how he responded and you get an understanding of him.
          An understanding and even sympathy for someone doesn’t make him innocent but it makes him a full human being, not “just a psycho.”

    • 13.2 Tari


      But but… fanfiction makes people happy, this?

      • 13.2.1 hanie

        This makes me break out in hives the moment piano is mention

        • Petra

          This gave me weird piano issues.

          I want to find out who is behind this and send them my therapist bill 😆

          • KK

            Same lol.

  14. 14 bips99

    Now ppl cannot say that oh! in the webtoon he was absent, or inho’s story is central too etc etc …. This is clearly beyond artistic interpretation and some horrid politics going on

    • 14.1 Dani

      Yes!! bips, now there is no excuse on why some viewers from ep 1-14 keep their disgusted look on Jung’s character. Because he is not presented to give a story on his layers. The drama started with telling story about a main lead that is nice but has dark side. And they showed his dark side, and then, it stopped. His character is hard to like to begin with, and now many people who are not the webtoon reader bashed his character as just total nuts.
      It is like the PD have this unsympathetic character, created a great prologue, and then they just don’t know what to do with him anymore. Or lost interest, and shove the other character to replace him. I go from mad, frantic, upset, to …just sad. I just want those deleted scenes. Get back to the last 4 episodes, make an alternate drama and alternate endings, so we get the full story of Jung. I know, it is wishful thinking, but really. such a waste. such a waste of a great drama it could become.

      • 14.1.1 bips99

        Dani All of us were ranting episode after episode that something was wrong and people brushed us aside as crazy shippers

        Obviously the way the show is going had nothing to do with creativity/ artistic license …. it was all messy underhanded dealings

        They had the great complex character but they reduced it to — he is ‘psychotic’

        • Dani

          Yes, and we commented, sometime some webtoon reader trying to give understanding that there’s more Jung than this. To shed some light of his character that the drama failed to deliver. And now we know what really happened and why Jung’s character never further developed.

        • hanie


  15. 15 SilentSquee

    This sounds like a mess right now. I haven’t even started watching this drama yet because I was planning to marathon it after it finished airing, but now I don’t even know if I want to watch it. Is it worth it?

    • 15.1 Petra

      The first 8 or so were great. Than you see a drop in the storytelling process. It gets progressively worse. Then we see Inho (and his piano) getting more and more time, which would be fine except it’s at the expense of other characters…including the female lead.

      By the end of episode 14, it seems like a story about a boy and his piano….

      And people start calling it Cheese in the Inho Trap 😳.

      • 15.1.1 amisyka77

        Cheese in Inho’s Piano would be more appropriate..haha

        • hanie

          I saw a Baek Inho poster* floating around on ig titled The Piano Trap. They put Baek Inho at the centre and Yoojung and Seol besides him. Baek Inho – prince of piano, Seol – trapped person and Yoojung – invisible man

          *the ones that Seol look at when she about to sign up at the english academy.

          • Yings

            Oh gosh.. Tts hilarious!

      • 15.1.2 kanz

        Cheese Is Trapped In A Mess..

      • 15.1.3 Jade0817

        “The first 8 or so were great.”

        And I was just about to start Ep 9 after marathon-ing the drama 🙁

  16. 16 little-muffin

    This is precisely why I’m so upset with Cheese nowadays. There are so much more to Jung that can be explained, but if those important scenes are cut from the show, then viewers won’t be able to understand him better! No wonder people would stand with In-ho more and actually think that Jung shouldn’t get the girl.
    I really hope the last 2 episodes will redeem and somehow appease all the fans.

    Park Hae-jin, you definitely have my vote! Crossing my fingers that you’ll get an awesome role next, with an awesome PD who can appreciate you.

    • 16.1 Meg

      THANK YOU. It started off so well and then it’s like the PD got scared about portraying Jung true to form and was like “well then lets just give more time to In Ho” but even In Ho isn’t true to character. He is way more charming and puppy like in the drama than he EVER is in the webtoon.

      • 16.1.1 why....

        Inho was never a love interest… like jb said he should have been sidelined ages ago like min soo.. young gon & others… he is 100 times more interesting in webtoon more human less saint… here they just made him piano boy…

      • 16.1.2 Nads

        Yes! This is what bothers me the most. The original character is a lot more loudmouthed, violent, and hotheaded, and I don’t think anyone would ever describe Inho as nice or caring. I mean, he’s still a decent person, but I’ve never thought of him as particularly tragic, and the webtoon emphasizes that he gives as much as he gets when it comes to pain.

        I didn’t mind the changes to his character too much, but now it seems like he’s almost too sympathetic, to the point where his relationship with Seol just doesn’t feel…right? I liked the hostile edge to their relationship in the webtoon, where even when they were on good terms, they were still never quite chummy, and frequently found themselves irritated with each other.

        The fact the he comes off as kind of puppyish in the drama isn’t the biggest deal, but now it seems like it was for the purpose of endearing his character to us so we’d be prepared when the show decided to switch the focus over to him.

        On the the other hand, Jung comes off as harsher and less sympathetic then the webtoon, because you dont the glimpses into his character that you need. Now I’m thinking its most likely for the same purpose – to prepare us for when he stops being the focus.

        Oy, this drama has become a mess. It might not have been the case in another adaptation, but when you have source material that’s very character driven, and you decide to alter the characterizations or fail to provide enough for us to identify with, then you get something that doesn’t hold the same appeal as the original. What I don’t understand is that the original is such a hit – exactly the way it is – that I don’t see the need for the changes.

    • 16.2 Mashimomo

      Exactly – I feel that they had a chance to actually offer a more interesting and layered lead guy in Jung, but show never got around to explaining or even showing his true motivations. Park Hae Jin is terrific as Jung, and I can totally see why he would be disappointed with the way the drama turned out to be since this is not what he signed up for.

      That said, not sure if they will tweak the final 2 episodes to somehow appease the fans, since they probably didn’t expect that this would receive a lot of negative press. I guess we just all have to hold hands next Monday and Tuesday and hope it turns out well.

      • 16.2.1 Petra


        I may skip the last two eps though. I tend to not stick around for train wrecks.

        And seriously, my piano aversion is getting ridiculous.

        • Dani

          I am afraid Petra, very afraid. I do not see a way out of this mess. what can they give us at this point? Jung and Seol together? without Jung’s backstory, it doesn’t seems satisfying at all. If they just left with open ending, so what? This is just…I can not even know how to construct a word for it

        • hanie

          MAYBE SPOILER.
          PHJ co’s ig post a picture of Yoojung staring at a ring on his palm. Didnt Seol in ep 15 preview asked him not to take off or lose that ring? yikes

          I’ll watch it just to see how it explode on my face tbh. I mean, the preview alone freak me out, imagine all the shenanigan that will happen. You avoiding it while I’m challenging it to show me how low they can go. lol

          • Dani

            I saw that IG too this morning, and my tumblr friends all went frenzy with all of the worst possibilities. Will they kill Seol, oh no!!! and all sorts of nothing good coming out of it theories. jaysus, this show is really not for a weak heart

        • Roswara

          Need to watch Nodame Cantabile JDorama version to make me like piano again, or at least Yiruma’s song collection saves my day…..

  17. 17 Meg

    I didn’t have time to watch the two latest episodes because I just moved out here to Korea to study abroad but I had planned on watching them later. I did what I usually do when I don’t have time, which is skim dramabeans just to give myself SOMETHING and after going through the recaps I decided not to watch the episodes at all and just really wait for next weeks episodes. Why? BECAUSE OF THIS. I had noticed that Yoo Jung kinda disappeared for a bit but I was like javabeans and thought “oh its just because they want us to totally fall in love with the second lead so they can break our hearts easier” thats what happens sometimes, they give the second lead an episode or two in the spotlight. But then it continued this week.

    Ok, this isn’t even about shipping. I just always found Yoo Jung an interesting character and IN THE BEGINNING it was awesome. It was like the webtoons when you were second guessing and analyzing everything he did because there’s usually so much more behind it. But slowly he just started getting less and less screen time. People saying that Yoo Jung is boring, it’s seriously only because of this director or whatever. In the webtoons its so much more interesting. You don’t even have to like him, but he’s still NOT dull. And now I read that they cut kid flashbacks?! Why?! Those are SO GOOD in the webtoon and provide and even deeper look into wtf Jung is thinking.

    I had no idea that there was even drama about this until I saw this posts, but it makes a lot of sense and proves to me that I’m not crazy. I noticed something was off a few episodes back.

    Here’s hoping maybe they redeem themselves next week but…I’m not keeping my hopes up. I’m so disappointed. This was the first drama I had thoroughly enjoyed in awhile.

    • 17.1 Erika

      That’s what I’m most mad about of the things they’ve cut. The kid flashbacks all vital to explaining Jung’s character.

      I hate that every drama-only watcher I see comment on how Jung is completely crazy just because a bit of ~childhood trauma~ and belittling his whole background story just because they don’t see any of it and can only make assumption. It’s not even about justifying his character’s actions, but understanding the layers behind it. Because they don’t understand it you get some people like the first comment here that don’t even care about the integrity of the story anymore because “IN HO IS BETTER!!! lmao who cares about PHJ~”

      It’s really making me apprehensive about anymore webtoon adaptions. If you’re not going to even bother being respectful to the writer of the source material don’t even touch it at all. Leave it to someone more capable. At least in Japan when a live action sucks I can still have faith that there will be an anime that does it better, or the other way around. In Korea it’s just fucking donezo if they screw it up unless you luckily get a remake 10 years down the line.

      • 17.1.1 why....

        At least PHJ made the screen I really feel bad for child actors…

      • 17.1.2 Andrea

        “I hate that every drama-only watcher I see comment on how Jung is completely crazy just because a bit of ~childhood trauma~

        I mean…that is me. I don’t read hangul, so my only exposure to Jung has been through the drama.

        And that’s the problem: Drama Jung IS completely crazy. Nothing about his character as portrayed in the drama makes him appealing or provides a counter-argument to those drama-watchers who see him as a psychopath.

        I’ve read comments that many of the scenes where Jung and Seol interact have been cut or given to In-ho and Seol. This is a huge disservice to the webtoon and to the characters, and if I had read the webtoon, I would also be royally peeved.

        But you can’t blame drama-only viewers for disliking the Jung they have been given. No wonder there has been such ire in the comments: half of us were responding to a Drama Jung, and half were responding to a Webtoon Jung, who is a more fleshed-out and sympathetic character.

  18. 18 Tomifudge

    Scared to atch last 2 episodes now. Might only read recaps.
    Sound like they will deviate from the nice ending for the couple we all expect.
    I am disappointed in advance already 🙁

    • 18.1 Tari

      Me too. I’ll take a peek at the recap first.

      • 18.1.1 Roswara

        I will watch like usual, waiting until midnight for the raw, and reading the recap in the afternoon, followed by watching the subbed video.
        If I’m going to get burnt because of this, then let me burn brightly…hahaha

  19. 19 KK

    Regardless of which character or actor you prefer, which is irrelevant, this is NOT okay. PHJ read the webtoon multiple times and tried to do justice to Jung and every scene that would have made others understand him more or would have simply fleshed the character out, was cut. He was dedicated and got very little in return, and had to find out alongside the audience. Worst, they pursued PHJ and this is what he gets for his hard work.

    Cut in favor of a character who was so unlike his webtoon self, which still makes me upset, too. And SKJ’s definitely and unfortunately going to be gaining some antis from this.

    MESS. This turned into a MESS.

    • 19.1 bips99

      .. it comes down to who benefitted the most out of these changes. The unfortunate answer is SKJ.

      There are already rumours that TVn did it to promote their new show with him, his agency. Some ppl are saying that he has a sponsor (what does that mean btw? like a godfather ???)

      So he is going to end up with getting some backlash. Though right now everybody is gunning for the PD

      • 19.1.1 pogo

        SKJ is part of Fantagio, which is a major acting agency (their biggest star is Ha Jung-woo, if that gives you an idea just how big they are).

        Given that Im Shi-wan turned down the Entourage role just as the backlash against Cheese was happening, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some concerns about this factoring into that decision too.

        • kdoramafan

          seriously because of THIS!?
          poor SKJ, what ever is happen right now with him or his back support (if there is really a conspiracy), this is not good for his future…

        • kjy88

          I was wondering if the change of emphasis was in connection to Entourage but thought I was letting my disappointment at the direction of the show turn me into a conspiracy theorist.

          I’ve enjoyed the PD’s work before (Coffee Prince, Heart to Heart) so even when I read that the drama took scenes that were Jung’s and gave them to Inho, I tried to have faith. I have enjoyed drama Inho as a character and appreciated his character development. Also, though before I thought SKJ as mediocre and forgettable as an actor, I was pleasantly surprised at his level of acting in CITT.

          After watching ep 14, when they placed Inho at scene where Sang Chul was ready to hit Seol, I lost all confidence in production. At hospital in ep 13, Jung promised to be around more and keep Seol from getting hurt, then we don’t see him with Seol again until midway into ep 14 and then ony due to primary aim of talking to Sang Chul about his job interview. By changing the scene to having Inho being the one to protect Seol, Jung comes across as never being there for Seol when Seol needs help. His promise and his words are empty which undermines the integrity of Jung’s character. The changes also not only undermines the OTP storyline but also so Seol, as a character because why does she love Jung?

          I’m focusing on ep 14 because it is the most recent example. The CITT PD is too experienced and actually, too good a storyteller, to not know that each scene change and editing choice has had a serous effect on the viewer’s ability to root for Jung and the OTP, which is why I went to conspiracy theory and network shenanigans. I think PHJ is exhibiting enormous restraint. To use PHJ to sell this drama only to shift focus to another actor does not make sense to me unless they are looking past this particular drama. Does anyone know if Entourage is being produced by the same company?

      • 19.1.2 StarlaBlaise

        Sponsor is a euphemism for sugardaddy.
        And it seems like he has a sponsor, indeed.

        • Petra

          Ah, thank you. I wondered if it meant like a clothing company or something he regularly did commercials for.

          I did consider a powerful backer like a sugar daddy (after I read someone say if it were female actresses, a sponsor would be the first thing ppl would think) but brushed it off as ridiculous. 😏

      • 19.1.3 KK

        I don’t want to put blame on SKJ, because he’s going to receive massive backlash for this. In Ho and SKJ might be who a good portion of the international audience prefers, but the majority of the Korean audience has not seemed to like him or his character, particularly in the last few episodes, and they’re using that as an excuse to hate him and spread malicious rumors.

        However…he truly is the only person who would have benefited from all of PHJ’s scenes being cut if this had never been made public…so I’m like…????

        • bips99

          Thats actually the thing – in small doses i loved him … i was getting the SLS with those cute plane flying scenes and running in the rain etc

          its only when it became obvious what was happening that i started to get irritated.

          I think if they continued in the earlier vein, he would have got far more love and support. So don’t know whose brilliant idea was this to create such a mess

          • KK

            I agree wholeheartedly.

          • Dani

            totally agree.

          • lolabeans

            “I think if they continued in the earlier vein, he would have got far more love and support. So don’t know whose brilliant idea was this to create such a mess”

            I agree with this. Before all of this I would have left this drama thinking of him as a charming and natural and layered supportive character that I had sympathy for I think many would have felt the same. Now though… well now he’s basically the face on the controversy to viewers. Whether he had anything to do with it or not, lots of people will remember his (or In-ho’s) face when they think of this drama and where it all went wrong.

        • pogo

          looking at the comments on netizenbuzz (I assume, from more international fans of the drama) and here, I don’t think most international viewers have any particular love for In-ho either.

          • KK

            If they’d, idk, made him as complex as he was in the webtoon…I still found him not my preference, but I found him more interesting. Probably because he wasn’t reduced by a crush.

            Seriously, I’m not understanding how he’s engaging in the drama and now knowing Jung material was cut for it?

            I actually feel so SO bad for PHJ AND SKJ AND KGE. Their PD or someone in power let them and the storyline down imo.

          • pogo

            yeah, what isn’t being mentioned is that Kim Go-eun was also in some of those scenes that were cut – Park Hae-jin filmed scenes with her, and those got cut too, which means she’s also being cheated out of screen time though not to the same extent.

            And judging by comments, Lee Sung-kyung was also shortchanged – the initial OTT nature of her performance as In-ha was entirely on PD’s instructions too – she wanted to tone it down and give it more nuance (which she has to some extent been allowed to do in recent eps) but the drama went with a mostly one-dimensional portrayal of her as a crazy bitch who’s just mean to poor In-ho.

          • KK

            So basically In Ho was always prioritized and made toned down…hmm…

            And this PD apparently has a reputation for doing this (favoring 2ND leads over main leads)?


            And I’m forever pressed In Ha didn’t get to be fully developed!

          • Dani

            looking at tumblr full of hate for Jung, I really thought that In Ho have major international fan base, twitter also full of In Ho too.

          • Dani

            I love her two old project, Coffee Prince has been so dear to my heart. And Heart to Heart is very heartwarming. But, Triple. OMG she made that drama really down the drain. I read some comment that in Triple she also favored the second lead.

          • phuong

            @Dani Tumblr has an aversion to complex grey male characters (eg: Kylo Ren) and is riddled with politics so I wouldn’t take their presentation of fanbase as gospel. Same with Twitter. Netizenbuzz and dramabeans are far more reliable in this aspect.

          • Dani

            Hi Phuong, thank you for the info. I am new to these social media, I just found them cute. But, yes, I do not know the reliability. Good if they’re not reliable then, since I feel so sad baby Jung got bashed pretty regularly by so many users there. Usually the non webtoon readers.

          • lolabeans

            @Dani I think you’ll have to decide on Tumblr for yourself because I’ve had the opposite experience to phuong. From what I’ve seen it’s actually a bit surprising that Tumblr didn’t take to Jung because they love flawed (all bad or grey) male characters. Justifying the behaviors of characters like Jung or flat out ignoring them has been a Tumblr hobby (one that I’ve sometimes participated in) for years.

            I guess it depends on where you lurk and who you follow.

          • phuong

            @lolabeans Ah yes, I’ve only recently discovered Jung’s defenders on Tumblr last night. I knew there were some, just haven’t encountered a lot.

            I have been a Tumblr native for 3+ years and there has been a shift in the general consensus of acceptable attitude to adopt regarding grey male characters. It has become a question of morals when you openly voice your support/liking for them, specifically when another female character is somehow involved. Again, politics. Not to mention a lot of drama watchers on Tumblr are really simplistic in their approach toward dramas (understandable since a lot are casual fans). You can fully witness all this manifestation on the tags, which I assume are what Dani based their perception of Tumblr fanbase on considering their non-familiarity with social media.

            Funny, because I could see the Jung hate a mile away.

            But yeah, your experience on the site really depends on the people you follow (and block, to an extent) much more than anything else.

          • Dani

            Hi Phuong and lolabeans, thanks for the insights. For me when I searched keyword “cheese in the trap”, I would get tons of Jung haters. From the small note as, “what a creepy male lead.” or ” I will never like that kind of male lead, I am so happy Baek In Ho is there.” to a long hateful analysis about Jung. I like to read analysis as it is nice to lurk in people’s opinion, sometime the analysis appeared so balanced, and by the middle of it, full of despised against the male lead, and the whitewashed the flower boy character. Sometimes just outright despised and a long bashed of the male lead (the eps 1-8 male lead, I must stated, not the eps 9-14 male lead, so we are clear on this).
            It is very one dimensional at times, it is so tiring I feel more for Jung and grew more eww feeling for In Ho, based on the fanbase.
            Usually Jung’s defender are the webtoon readers, so they can understand more of the character. And the Jung’s hater are the non webtoon reader and refuse to read the webtoon since they have a clear understanding what a sick, psycho bastard Jung is.
            I do not follow them, they do not follow me, but that’s what I got from tumblr.

        • kanz

          Well.. I’m actually suspicious of Seo Kang Joon too. I’m neutral to him and Baek In Ho’s character and even like his character here more than in any drama ever.

          But yeah, consider this. He only debuted few years ago, he got small roles in Good Doctor, Suspicious Housekeeper, then rise to 2nd lead in Sly and Single Again, then being one of the leads for What Happens to This Family and Hwajung despite mediocre acting at best and unbearable to watch at worst. Then being 2nd lead again in CITT. That’s 6 dramas in 3 years with him being one of leads or second lead in 4 out of 6 dramas!! He has more dramas than Park Bo Gum and Lee Hyun Woo (actors at the same age with him) combined during same period.. Fishy

      • 19.1.4 Petra

        Who is the “drama team leader” the PD says we should ask?

        What’s that about?

        • KK

          Honestly, I’d like to know too.

    • 19.2 Elsi

      I read that SKJ did not even read the webtoon at all. No wonder his portrayal of Inho is a lot softer than Inho in the webtoon is supposed to be.

      • 19.2.1 KK

        I try hard not to bash SKJ just because I really don’t like what Drama In Ho was reduced to BUT this still…irks me a little if it’s true. Reading the source material is important when you’re an actor starring in an adaptation! But…I don’t want more criticism brought down on him now when clearly no one made him read it.

        I actually think they always wanted a toned down In Ho to make Jung even more mysterious~ in comparison. It seemed to work for a while.

        • fromthesnow

          If you watched him on Roommate, you can tell that he is a very sweet guy but he isn’t the type of person who is all that… smart. A lot of viewers were turned off with him after finding out his real life personality – an airhead. So I don’t think he’s the type of person to research about his character.

          • Alessar

            Uhm, yes. Exactly. I kind of wonder if there isn’t someone pulling the strings for him and he’s not realizing they’re not actually doing him favors. Thing is, when he started on Roommate they showed he and the guys in his group (Surprise) were bunking in a 1-bedroom dorm and just having a bed was an upgrade. You know the new entertainers in Korea usually work for a pittance and are practically indentured to their companies. So I can’t blame him for being on board anything that moves him up.

          • Petra

            Hmm, okay because I was wondering if he knew from the beginning it would be drastically changed from the webtoon and that is why he did not bother reading it. That seemed so wrong to just not read it.

            Poor kid. I like to give ppl the benefit of the doubt and I’m looking at him side-eyed.

            I hope the truth gets out and the responsible parties are found instead of having a bunch of innocent ppl under a cloud of suspicion.

            This is very bad.

          • KK

            Yeah, he…seems introverted but you’re right. I think he might need to give a statement or something at this point, because whatever was planned has backfired tremendously.

        • Dani

          For a sunbae as PHJ to do his research carefully, reading the original work several times, and really afraid will disappoint the viewer, especially since the webtoon has a big fanbase, and then we have newer actor who doesn’t seems care what he is playing is a beloved character of many. I was turned off by that alone.

          • Elsi

            True that. It’s almost embarrassing…like it says something about SKJ. PHJ is doing all of this work to do justice for his character and the webtoon meanwhile SKJ is….

      • 19.2.2 chaco

        @ Elsi

        Yeah when I first started watching the drama I definitely felt like he toned his character down but I didn’t particularly mind it since I found webtoon In Ho a bit annoying and too brash sometimes and was just a bit confuzzled as to what made them want to soften the character. Then the article on him came out saying that he didn’t read the source material and it all cleared up for me.

        • Elsi

          I never liked Inho as a character. For me he was annoying in the webtoon and drama since day 1. Drama Inho was definitely less annoying at first (I still didn’t like him though) but him being shoved everywhere puts him on the same annoying level as webtoon Inho. I don’t think I can ever like any Inhos thrown at me.

          • Petra

            That’s the thing. We have been Inho-ed so bad that my mind is associating the actor’s face negatively. I never thought I would confuse an actor with his role, and yet here I am wincing even if I see SKJ on a pic for Entourage. I am very surprised by this reaction.

            And don’t get me started on pianos…

            I’m hoping it will wear off with time.

          • Elsi

            I get you. I too don’t think I want to watch anything with SKJ in it anytime soon.

          • Roswara


            I thought I’m the only one…
            But I feel like I’m “bloated” enough after seeing so much SKJ/BIH..

      • 19.2.3 So ok

        InHo’s casting was the last. After Jung , Seol, InHa, Bora and EunTek. The peculiar things was that the decision was swift, but late. They didn’t bother to have any survey as who should be In Ho. I smell rat.

  20. 20 Lauren

    Well well well, I was optimist before that the direction of story will be same with webtoon since I love the webtoon so much.
    I guess I will until the drama air its last episode. If the end game is In Ho I will just read the webtoon and find other PHJ drama to console my heart.

  21. 21 Christina

    I can’t believe this is happening, the show had such a strong start and the characters were engaging. This makes sense though as to why Park Hae-jin’s screentime is so minimal lately, as if decreasing over each episode is aired. I was looking forward to this drama so much in the first place because of him and I was excited to see his acting again.

    I love In-ho, his character is wonderful; but the problem is that this story is supposed to be about Jung and Seol, not In-ho’s early-life crisis. I think the shift of focus in the storytelling is extremely awkward to endure while watching since we don’t even get to watch the main characters together. As much as I love In-ho, the past few episodes seem to have focused too much on him when the viewers could have had some more backstory from Jung. By which some anti-Jung viewers would at least get a chance to see how he became the way he is. I may be biased because I do like Jung’s character a lot and I’m on his side when he does things that seem incomprehensible to others (again some backstory for his character would have given so much substance to the show and audience). Others might still not like him and think he’s a psycho, but I believe people are who they are and it’s so unfair how the viewers didn’t get to see more of what made him who he is—at the very least if others don’t like him, they could still try to see reasons for why he became the way he is. However I’m glad to know it wasn’t just me who thought it was odd that he was getting such little air time.

    May I just add that In-ha is a terrible character. I understand she comes from a “tragic and traumatic past”, but it still doesn’t match up to her attitude in the present setting of the story. If she were actually blood-related to Jung’s family, I’d get why she’s being so complicated and bratty and demanding—but as a character who has no actual relation whatsoever, who are you exactly to even spend someone else’s money so lavishly? Who are you to disrespect others in the name of your “foster family” when you’re not even blood-related, not even close to adopted at the very least? She has such a feisty personality, but this is really all the drama could make out of her character? An ungrateful, spoiled brat, who literally has no power whatsoever over her own life, yet thinks she can control other lives? A person who purely dreams of living off of others for the rest of her life and believes that will work out in the long-run? As short-sighted as her character is meant to be, it’s too illogical to be presented with a person who doesn’t have backup plans to maintain their lifestyle (an expensive one at that). She’s in her twenties, not her teens.

    • 21.1 pogo

      In-ha is a terrible person, maybe, but a pretty fascinating study in an actually flawed character.

      It’s pretty established that she’s perceptive and openly manipulative, and that she’s a survivor of childhood abuse – her materialism and refusal to get a job/be self-sufficient is starting to read to me like a manifestation of abandonment issues. Other than In-ho, Jung and his dad are the closest thing she’s had to a family, and in a way, their not taking care of her anymore (via forcing her to do it herself) might actually read in In-ha’s mind as another abandonment – and she’s been left by people quite a bit, from her (presumably dead) parents and grandparents, to abusive aunt, to even In-ho just five years ago.

    • 21.2 bips99

      Inha too should have been more onscreen. She could have had a very interesting story arc. But she was pretty much reduced to being simply bitchy

      • 21.2.1 Alessar

        I will say that I can tell the actress is being told to play it that way. I think she’s doing a good job with bad (for her) material. I am looking forward to seeing her in a different role.

        • Dani

          ah you already said this Alessar. I was commented the same thing below.

      • 21.2.2 Dani

        I was thinking she was being better for few episodes, but then I read that the PD wants her to be the most lunatic girl in the neighborhood all the time.

    • 21.3 whimsyful

      In-ha’s issues and behavior actually makes total sense given her backstory (which sadly didn’t completely make it into the drama). [slight webtoon spoilers] She’s had it hammered into her since childhood that she’ll never amount to anything (her abusive aunt straight up called little In-ha a leech while praising her brother, and later In-ho keeps on ridiculing her passion for fine art). So In-ha ends up shallow and materialistic and mooching off others — because she genuinely doesn’t think she’s capable of being anything more.

    • 21.4 Andrea

      Not trying to bash you, but you seem to contradict yourself in your middle and last paragraphs.

      You seem sympathetic for Jung and his tragic past and frustrated when others disregard that, but when it comes to In-ha, you hand-wave away her own traumatic past.

      • 21.4.1 Christina

        I’m trying to see where I’m self-contradicting in my middle and last paragraphs, but I can’t find what you mean.

        I understand your point on my bias for Jung, but I disregard In-ha. Well, this just goes to show that the drama could have delved into our characters’ backstories more so that we wouldn’t see them so one-sidedly. As a side character, she’s had even less screentime for us viewers to get to know her, which is worse. The balancing of revealing and going into backstories is off.

        In terms of strictly watching the drama and having no knowledge of the original webtoon series, the show only has In-ha portrayed as completely and callously self-absorbed. So that’s the way I see her and why I don’t feel much sympathy for her character because the show hasn’t shown us a single segment where she wasn’t thinking of herself. I don’t mean to wave away her traumatic past like it’s nothing, but what I’m trying to say is that her way of handling it is so toxic for herself and the people around her. Her intentions are always centered on herself, and I think that’s what separates her from Jung’s character, and everybody else.

        In-ho has tried reaching out to her so many times, but I can’t seem to see or feel that she’s trying to understand where her brother’s coming from. I feel a bit sad she doesn’t even try to know what’s happened to him the past years and how he got by.

        Again with Jung, we have seen that despite his unconventional methods of dealing with issues, we know his intentions are good at least and he doesn’t mean to hurt others except for those who have wronged him and those he cares for. I think that’s pretty normal for someone to react that way when they feel that they and the people they care for are being pushed around.

  22. 22 Misstee

    Oh my gosh. I feel bad for Park Haejin! 🙁 He shot the scenes and was probably surprised that he was replaced! This is why the drama is going nowhere. I miss seeing Jung onscreen! And the fact that he wasn’t invited to the after party… Why wouldn’t you invite the lead?!!! His character is the soul of the story! This smells fishy! I wonder if he pissed off the PD…

    But honestly, as much as I feel bad for Park Haejin, I also feel bad for Seo Kangjoon. People are hating on him instead of the PD when he’s just being told what to do. I doubt he has that much influence to actually order the PD to change the scenes. What I want to know is the reaction of the rest of the cast. I want them to speak up about this. I am hoping, fingers crossed, that the drama wraps up well. Please don’t change the male lead! I also don’t want a crappy ending like “Mirae” aka “Marry Him if You Dare”.

    • 22.1 Miranda

      Yeah, Seo Kang Joon is doing a good job, but is probably going to get dragged through the mud for this. Which is massively unfair because it’s not like he can do much about it.

      • 22.1.1 bips99

        Somebody obviously was rooting for him to push him to get so much screen time. Otherwise why would the writers mess up an already popular story?

        and it can’t be that they had a different adaptation in mind bec PHJ shot for the scenes and they were later cut.

        acc to PHJ’s agency, they did not shoot many of phj’s scenes in the script, edited out scenes that they shot and made SKJ reshoot many scenes. so don’t know if he is completely blameless

        Arghhhh …. i’m getting more and more cynical as i read all the reports coming in

        • Miranda

          How could a junior actor possibly influence an entire pre-produced drama? That just doesn’t make any sense.

          I think it’s far, far more likely that the PD took the “don’t write something like my ending” to heart and decided to create her own version, and did so by ramping up the second lead without realizing how it would be received.

          • pogo

            Nothing about this mess makes sense, and it makes even LESS sense knowing that the PD took it upon herself to change or cut scenes that had already been filmed, to the point of leaving most of one actor’s work on the cutting room floor.

            I mean, it’s not as if even the drama writer is to blame here, considering that from everything that’s been said, she actually wrote the scenes – the changes were at the PD’s discretion and said PD is refusing to explain anything.

          • Jyuu

            True, none of the actors are at fault here. It seems like much of this happened post-filming in the editing room. It’s unfortunate that SKJ is going to get some hate from this, especially in a breakout role. I also hope this drama doesn’t scare KGE away from dramas in the future.
            CITT had the potential to be a standout on each cast member’s filmography, and it’s such a disappointment that it ended up in so much controversy.

          • anin

            I think that’s where those sponsor rumours are coming from.

            If you think about it objectively, I don’t think the PD would have that much power to just change the storyline any way she wants to either. Not unless there are some higher ups giving her the green light to do so.

            Not saying of course that these SKJ sponsor rumours are true, it could just easily be someone having it in for PHJ or any other conspiracy theory at this point. The only thing that’s clear is that something fishy is going on, and SOMEONE with power is pulling the strings.

          • Petra

            That’s why people are talking about a “sponsor”. A rich and powerful backer behind all this.

            But no, we really don’t know if it’s SKJ fault. I just wish he had read the dang webtoon.

          • Petra


            Ha! You covered it.

            But did anyone else hear the rumor that the PD’s last drama she did the same thing? The second lead pushed out the main and rose as a star? That can’t be true, could it? Has anyone watched that one?

            It couldn’t possibly be true that this is a repeat move as Cheese in the Trap webtoon is so popular that it would be completely insulting to the intelligence of the audience. Right?

          • Vini

            Maybe the drama writer is not creative enough when suddenly asked to change the ending of the drama after getting to work with material that already done. Unlike the webtoon writer, they never really done research on Jung character, they only working on him from the webtoon material. So the only thing they thought is to shift the focus to Inho, its easier to flesh out his tragic character, becuase there are already many example for his character.

            I agree that Seo Kang Joon have been promoted heavily by his company before. But I don’t think TvN is a place where its possible, unlike the big3 station. We already see how many actor get their breakout role with tvN drama because of their skill, not heavy promotion.

          • Vini


            Can you tell me about this director previous work? I have been wondering about her previous work to see how she usually is because based on the cast massive praise for her, its hard to change my perspective of her. Maybe I can see things better after seeing her previous work.

          • ChubbyDimpledMuffin


            I think the drama you’re looking for is Triple (2009). DB recapped the entire drama if you’re willing to skim through it.

            I watched the drama last year and I don’t fully trust my memory to give a more complete opinion on whether the ‘second lead’s’ story eclipsed the ‘main lead’s’ story, but I personally believe that Triple tilted towards being more of an ensemble cast directed drama than your ‘traditional’ KDrama.

            It is interesting for me to that note like CITT ,Triple starting off well and then halfway through the drama the plot was not as good and interesting as the first 8 (give or take) episodes.

          • Arawn

            WHOA. The last drama directed by Lee Yoon-jung was Heart to Heart and it’s probably my all time favorite amongst all the dramas I’ve ever watched. There’s is no question about second lead surpassing the first lead in that drama. Chun Jung-myeong was the uncontested hero from the start until the end.

            When it comes to her previous dramas I do not know but no such thing happened with Heart to Heart, definitely.

          • Petra

            Ah yes, thanks, it was Triple ppl were talking a bout.

  23. 23 ramona sousanidou

    How could they do tjis to their lead star!? Someone that rejected them so many times before accepting the part!!! Its Park Hae Jin for crying out loud… His name was the only reason why this drama was even bought by china!!

  24. 24 lemondoodle

    This is such a mess. Is is true that he filmed scenes and then Seo Kang-joon re-filmed the same scenes? That’s been going around… I’m not sure what is the truth since there are so many rumors and things get exaggerated. His scenes were cut, we do know that though.

    This whole thing is just incomprehensible. Dramas make changes when something doesn’t work, but focusing on the second lead didn’t actually help the ratings at all. So what is the reason for all of this? I also don’t really think the PD is powerful enough to change things on a whim. This comes from somewhere else for reasons we’ll probably never know.

    • 24.1 pogo

      The online ratings for ep 14 were 10 percent down from those for ep 13, and the lowest since episode 3 aired – possibly a result of a good chunk of viewers finally deciding they’d had enough.

      The way things have been going, I’m not sorry at all for the PD – and after hearing that she is the one responsible for the arbitrary changes to the script and the dropping of Park Hae-jin’s scenes, I have to say she had it coming.

      (never thought I’d see the day when I agree with Korean netizens, but here it is)

      • 24.1.1 KK

        To that last statement…yes. Lol. That was me today, nodding to their criticisms. I was even happy at how snarky some got.

        • Jyuu


        • pogo

          yeah, they really tore the production a new one, and I can’t say I felt sorry about it.

      • 24.1.2 lemondoodle

        Yeah, this show had the potential to break double digits, but faltered because of the bad buzz and changes. That’s why it makes NO SENSE to cut the male lead and the ruin the main OTP that people are watching for. I’ve seen dramas try to change leads (Mirae’s Choice comes to mind) in some desperate effort to help ratings, but to change things to hurt ratings makes no sense.

        I don’t feel sorry for the PD, but I just doubt she’s solely responsible. tvn wouldn’t let her ruin there biggest Mon/Tuesday hit in ages for no reason.

        • pogo

          yeah, all through the first half I felt like this had the potential to actually become the first cable weekday drama to break double digits – but that was before they started messing around with the story and characters.

          I suspect the steep fall in the online ratings digits (though they are still very high) is what spurred people to start talking – it’s a very visible manifestation of viewer unhappiness with the turn the drama is taking. I’m wondering how in fresh hell all of this was allowed to happen – I’m cynical enough to believe that the webtoon writer could be treated badly with the greatest of ease, but to go as far as cutting Park Hae-jin out of the drama…. it has to be something major, and if the PD was acting on someone’s orders, I’d like to know whose.

      • 24.1.3 Dani

        same pogo. Healer was really unloved by the Knetizens, and more of the international viewers that really really like it. But, now is the day that I am actually glad that they have been so vocal about this

        • pogo

          Healer didn’t get super-high ratings in Korea, but it was a cult hit of sorts and got Ji Chang-wook quite popular in China so really, there wasn’t much netizen hate for it at all – in fact, most of the comments I saw were positive.

          • Dani

            Yeah it was not about the hate comment, more about the rating. I remember some of us were ranting that Healer deserved better rating than what it was getting back then

          • pogo

            well, you can’t dictate taste – it wasn’t like they were trashing the drama, just not watching it a lot.

          • Dani

            True that, Pogo.

      • 24.1.4 Luna

        Actually, this is the first time that I agree with Korean netizens *LOL*. I’m glad that they are harsh this time 😀 .

        Regarding the online rating, I won’t be surprised that it was down. I always collect my favourite series, but I haven’t download episode 13-14 yet. Even if I download them later, it will be just to complete my collection. I will only rewatch epi 1-8 and 12 (and selective parts of epi 9-10)

  25. 25 dkaoru

    I have a bad feeling about this. I think Seol is gonna get killed… Jung will end up in mental institution, In ho will brcome gangster. Inha will marry some rich guy n live happily ever after because its a messed up world.
    Am pissed as hell.

    • 25.1 Petra

      I’d actually be okay with that ending IF they had told the story right. Instead of inflicting us with those endless Inho reaction shots and piano playing scenes.

      And I actually like Inho.

      Gosh, I’m officially too scared to watch the end of what I once thought would be my favorite Kdrama ever.

      • 25.1.1 Petra

        I’m going to let my Dramafever premium status just expire. I only had it to watch CITT.

        • Fuujin

          I always agree with everything you write … Even down to letting DF premium status expire. Same here.

    • 25.2 Barbrey

      I misread your comment dkaoru as Inha becomes a gangster and Inho marries come rich guy.

      I liked Inha as a gangster a lot.

      • 25.2.1 Petra is cheesed

        Roflcopter! Inha would be a great gangster.

      • 25.2.2 Dani

        But, Korean do not acknowledge gay marriage #discussion going no where

      • 25.2.3 Luna

        LOL!! Inha will be a fashionable gangster, with her cat-eye glasses

    • 25.3 Tari

      Maybe I just start to watch makjang at least I won’t feel cheated when the sh** hit the fan.

      • 25.3.1 Ju

        Haha! Makjang is so over the top – even the acting – that it can be quite hilarious and enjoyable in that sense.

    • 25.4 Wag_a_Muffin

      I told my hub that Seol will marry In ho and Jung will be given In ha as a consolation prize.

      I’m sorry I ever started watching this. I didn’t at first, but the dramabeans buzz was so positive (at first.)

    • 25.5 carmen

      I hear you but i think Jung will leave Seol after she get injured due to Inha, and somehow they will meet after months or year later

  26. 26 oops

    Hum more interesting that fans fights !

  27. 27 pogo

    Park Hae-jin signed on to this drama before it even had a network or a PD, and this is how they repaid his trust? Not to mention what they’ve done to Soonkki, it’s just underhanded and disrespectful all around.

    I’m still astonished and disgusted that the PD took so much creative licence to screw over both the webtoon writer AND her lead actor. The very fact that both have broken their silence in such unambiguous terms, speaks volumes about how ill-used they must have felt after seeing what happened to the drama.

    And the drama writer can’t even be blamed since Jung’s scenes were already written, they just got cut and reassigned at the PD’s whim.

    • 27.1 Dani

      I really believe that it is not just the PD, though she did this in Triple, sidelining the main lead. But, she could not have a go with this if her upper disagree with her.

      It is a conspiracy!!!!

      #put my head under the pillow and scream

    • 27.2 Petra

      It’s a big disgrace for Hallyu…the level of corruption this suggests. As a Korean, I am ashamed 😞.
      It’s like the early days of Hollywood when things like this were more common I hear (or it’s covered up better now, Hmmph).

      Anyhow, if they expect to start selling more on the international market, they better clean up their act. Doesn’t matter if the govt promotes exporting entertainment if a mess like this happens. It is unprofessional. What a disgrace.

  28. 28 whatapity

    Man. Things must be REALLY bad for Park to be so straightforward and express his discontent through interviews even before the finale airs.

    It’s really upsetting how this has played out. Having watched from the first week, I was pleasantly surprise by Inho. Like the media outlets have reported, it’s a once in a lifetime role where the actor and the character match so perfectly that it’s a delight to see a character burst beyond the confines of the screen. As someone who doubted his casting and then hated him in the previews, Seo Kang Jun as Inho has been and will be the biggest, most memorable surprise of Cheese for me (personal opinion – you don’t have to agree with me!)

    However, what they’re doing here is wrong. I don’t expect them to stay completely faithful to the webtoon version – that wouldn’t be fair to the drama staff. And I can even understand it if the spotlight were to start off with the main lead and slowly move over to the second lead. There have been a lot of shows that have refused to move with the flow in that aspect and it’s really harmed the show. For example, Mirae’s Choice. The PD was so stuck on having the main lead remain the lead that s/he went against the flow of the drama to create such an unnatural ending.

    However, Cheese has always been told in Seol’s point of view and ultimately, it’s a simple story about how she matures in college through the different relationship she makes. Whether that’s Jung, Younggon, Bora… that’s why this webtoon and drama was so special. It wasn’t a story about how a chaebol came and swept the girl off her feet. It was a story of how different relationships affects a girl who never put herself first because she never felt like she amounted to much.

    And when you look at the drama from that narrative, the attention to Inho is completely unfair. Seol has been clear from the very start and she’s never faltered – Jung has been her only love interest. If they were going to put so much spotlight on Inho – they should have made their relationship less black and white.

    I guess what I mean to say is that…

    I am an open-minded viewer. I would have been okay with Inho taking the spotlight (thus going against Park’s status and the original webtoon) if it was the natural flow of the drama. However, by making Seol the same as she was in the webtoon (solely focused on Jung), they’ve made a mockery of the drama and have reduced all the meaningful relationships in this drama.

    What a pity

    • 28.1 Petra

      That last episode felt like they made Seol a supporting character to Inho’s crush (until the last scene). It felt really weird structurally.

      I was surprised when we didn’t get his reaction to the last hug. This is how conditioned we’ve become to seeing him.

      • 28.1.1 Tari

        Speaking of hug, I was surprised Seol let Inho hugged her AFTER he didn’t let her answer Jung’s call. WTF is this the same brave girl who confront SC, MS, YG, the whole department etc. I didn’t read the webtoon, is that scene exist in the webtoon?

        • Petra is cheesed

          No, in Webtoon, Inho is a gentleman and keeps away from Seol on his own volition once he realized he has a crush on her. Seol is oblivious to his crush, I believe. I think, unless I missed it.

          Anyhow, their characters were changed with that Inho confession and asking for a month and hanging around her. I much preferred Inho staying away on his own. And to confess to a woman that you know has a boyfriend…hmmm.

          It also seems out of character for Seol to just let Inho hang around her patting her all over after he confessed and she feels uncomfortable about it.

          • Tari

            So they ruined her character too. If I’m not mistaken KGE said she is a fan of the webtoon, she probably didn’t like all these changes too. Thank you for answering that hug bother me a lot.

          • NoIdeaName

            Yes!!!!!!!!!! It changed my view of both of them. Inho being selfish for wanting a month and Seol for letting him. Like what?!?!?!?! I had so much hope until then

  29. 29 Danielle

    This sounds bad on so many levels. PHJ signed up for a totally different thing and got cut off despite him trying his best. He cannot even comprehend where and what he did wrong. He got discarded by the writer, the director and pd and to a certain extent, the rest of the cast don’t even seem to support him. SKJ is enjoying the limelight and again, maybe not his fault, but he doesn’t seem to have a problem with it either.

    • 29.1 Shai

      What do you expect the rest of the cast to say??? Most aren’t as up front as he is and don’t have the freedom to really say much especially Kang Joon. Yes, he’s enjoying his rising fame (who wouldn’t?), but do you really expect a newbie to say something that the PD did wrong in his drama? This isn’t Hollywood, actors/actresses don’t really have the ability to criticize the crew behind their projects especially since their careers ride off of public opinion. Also, he’s been promoting the drama like PHJ has been doing so he doesn’t have much room to start criticizing the change in story, that’s not the best thing to start off a fanmeet with. The minute he says something deemed inappropriate then he’s done so it’s best he keep his mouth shut unless he’s forced to speak.

      • 29.1.1 Danielle

        I know it’s not his fault, I think it made that clear. Obviously it’s a tragic situation and I don’t know about others, but if I were him, I would probably feel bad and maybe not do all the high profile magazine pictorials (which he did) etc temporarily. Just out of respect for his fellow colleague to got shafted for him.

        • Shai

          He can’t turn them down because of what’s going on with his costar and the drama, that’s extremely naive to think. You’re basically saying his career & activities should be at a standstill due to PHJ’s issues? How is that right? Plus I hope you are aware that these interviews are done months in advance so it’s not like he’s actually doing interviews right now. The only things he’s had were his fanmeets, which were very similar to what PHJ had in order to promote the drama. He should not have to stop his life for something that wasn’t his fault although I’m sure he feels bad, he shouldn’t be made out to be the bad guy for not opening his mouth. He has a tendency to let things get to him.

          • Danielle

            So nothing can be done at all , like really nothing that he can do but to continue as if nothing happened to his costar? Ouch. Perhaps his agency can do something about it?

            I may be too naive but really there’s a time for everything. N we see sometimes stars take a step back when controversies emerge. But he’s a nobody so he can only keep going and follow orders. I dunno how to accept this sad reality but that’s just me and my naive opinion.

          • alua

            <Perhaps his agency can do something about it?

            You know, his agency might not care or only care about $$$. They're not particularly likely to support their actor showing moral fibre or being a I-couldn't-give-damn rebel to the system.

            Why do you think idols publicly apologise by denying their own country (that teenage Taiwanese K-pop member) or shaving their heads (J-pop idol who dared to have a boyfriend)? You'd be very lucky to find, very early in your career, an agency that's just "sure, we'll support whatever ideas you have, no matter how much they go against the iron-clad rules of the entertainment world and feel free to drop any work at any point".

            I'm all for being a rebel, but I'm not going to blame a young, pretty new actor for not refusing the film the drama when it's nearly completed or not stopping all his activities (pictorials, fanmeets, whatever).

          • Jon G.


            Oh please don’t remind me of the JYP flag incident. I try so hard to keep my hatred for Park Jin-young under control …

          • alua

            Was Park Jin-young involved in this? (I have no idea, don’t really know anything about him?).

        • Peeps

          He doesn’t have the star power or ability to decide to ‘temporarily’ stop accepting some work. He is not at that level yet. If he rejects now, he might not have any good offers like that come by in the future.

        • alua

          +1 with both Shai & Peeps.

          There isn’t very much SKJ can do (if anything at all). Never mind that he’s a 23 year old kid that doesn’t even have the life experience to deal with something like this. Even less so in the super-rigid world of K-entertainment. I can only hope that, behind the scenes, SKJ and PJH, are supporting each other, knowing that they both got shafted.

        • kjy88

          Really the only one who can say anything is PHJ. He is the only actor established enough with a broad fan base to speak up. All the other main actors in the drama are relative newbies trying to establish their acting careers and cannot risk getting in the middle of this mess.

          The person who should be speaking up and explaining is the PD. From her comment re: “talk to the drama team leader” I’m inferring that at some point she’s saying she lost control over the production. However, she owes it to her actors, the webtoon writer, to be up front and not make cryptic statements. The fact that no one is explaining why the changes were made show a lack of leadership and accountability by the PD, the production company and the network.

          • Alessar

            Ok wait, I had a thought about this. Maybe what she’s alluding to is the influence of someone above her making her do these changes. There’s a lot of talk lower in the threads about a possible sponsor for SKJ, but also someone wondered if someone has a grudge against PHJ.

      • 29.1.2 kuttu


  30. 30 Shai

    I was told I was expecting too much from the drama for being upset over the characters being changed slowly, but looks like I was right. They changed all the main leads to better fit what the production team and station wanted, pushed a love triangle that never existed, and switched main leads’ roles. They butchered a story and now they’re letting someone get hate for it (Kang Joon) even though it isn’t his fault. They tried so hard to get Park Hae Jin for the role (he was the first to sign on) and then they treat him like he’s some newbie? He put in so much effort into Jung and he deserves a major apology since it’s obvious they only used his name for this. Tbh All of the cast deserves an apology because they were all affected by this terrible mess.

  31. 31 lalaland

    good that people are speaking about it. The PD completely disregarded story telling and played favourites. No one cares that In Ho is playing the piano that much. Why 4 scenes of him playing the piano you could add Jung there? Totally trashy and I hope he never works with her again. This PD is famous for it too. Used him to sell the drama

    • 31.1 kjy88

      Is the PD really famous for it? I’m asking because I’m dependent on english news so maybe there is more info out there from k-news sources.

      I thought Lee Yoon Jung PD was known to be an actor’s PD. I haven’t seen all of her work but have seen Heart to Heart, The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince, Triple, and Taerung National Village. All four have major stars in important roles, if she had a reputation for disregarding and using her leading actors, I would not think top actors would agree to work with her.

      • 31.1.1 Naijanoona

        Thus is part of my concern with this backlash. I find it amazing that the reputation of a rare female PD, and a successful one with a good reputation up til now as far as I can tell, is being so completely trashed over one drama. I get people love the webtoon but it seems like people are rewriting everything I’ve ever read about Lee Yoon Jung as a PD to fit her into some sinister conspiracy. I’m particularly surprised and a bit disappointed to see her described as seeming nuts in this post when she hasn’t even spoken for herself yet. And as careful as PHJ might have been with his words, I feel his comments do badmouth her, particularly his saying he’s heard this is how she works.

        • JISG

          No I disagree. He is as respectful as he can be given the circumstances. She is the one in charge so it’s inevitable that if he’s unhappy with the product, he’s going to have to go there. He’s not going to be able to avoid essentially naming her to protect her supposed stellar record.

          He’s unhappy. She’s in charge. Things/people will intertwine.

        • Chamomille

          Let’s not forget how disrespectful he was treated if they had scenes of him that were cut and he was the lead that got pushed to the side. I’d say he was really careful with his words. What they did to him was just outright disrespectful. And he is in a microscope so he must be conscious of his words. Others would have been less polite.

  32. 32 Sophie

    The end game of the drama didn’t matter much to me, especially if the webtoon writer wanted the show to have a different ending than the webtoon. But the drama devieting from the Seol-Jung focus (even if they didnt end up together), the lack of Jung’s character growth, and the lack of his personality’s explanation are the real concerns. Now that with all these new pieces of info, I’m quite perplexed!

  33. 33 An

    I feel like I have made the right decision of not watching this as it aired. I don’t think I can handle this type of disappointment and unfair attitude toward the protagonist from a writing standpoint. I’m sure if it’s not polite in K-ent to say these things, the fact that he is saying these, means that it must have been that bad. I will probably have to watch the show to know more (which I will now that I know this has been happening bts).

    • 33.1 Miranda

      I enjoy the drama (or have so far), but as an ensemble show. Without bringing much webtoon baggage, it’s been good – I was completely blindsided by the virulent In Ho hate and wrote most of it off as disappointed expectations: basically, that kdramas can condition people to expect that the first male lead will get the girl in the end, that the two leads will get more screen time than the second leads, etc. And to a certain extent I still think that’s silly.

      But… Now we’re hearing that the production itself was dysfunctional and that the headlining actor was lured in with one role and then kept getting cut or edited out with no real explanation. What’s disturbing here is that PHJ appears to have been treated incredibly badly for at least half of the drama.

      And it is NOT a good sign that the source with the drama says the last two eps go off the rails.

      • 33.1.1 Peeps

        I know too. I was with you on that front and now… wow, I feel so betrayed.

      • 33.1.2 Petra is cheesed

        Yeah, but I didn’t actually care who got the girl at the end as long as Jung wasn’t left in the dark.

        If we could just understand him better.
        It’s been completely frustrating.

      • 33.1.3 pigsnout

        It’s not even an ensemble show any more when the focus is only on one person and all other characters mostly only there to show his pain

        It’s not even about lead/second lead really, it’s about a story that has changed its focus away from even the heroine and cheated everyone except one person out of screentime.

  34. 34 Lola

    Wow this is just despicable on the part of the production and terrible to Park Hae Jin and the show itself. I know In Ho lovers and people who haven’t read the webtoon may not understand but Jung’s character is so much more than what you’ve seen. Knowing what’s been cut is so disappointing. The brilliance of the first 8 episodes was in its faithfulness to the webtoon and it should have continued on that path.

    I believe the author meant that the story should follow the webtoon up until the part that has yet to be published (ie the ending that Soonki shared with the producers). The ending itself would have a twist so that it doesn’t ruin the end for readers. Not that the story as a whole should change.

    Even if you loved In Ho though aren’t you bored at all the piano? How about the mooning over Jung/Seol scenes? The gangsters? Is that interesting to anyone? Sorry I’m so bitter.

    Sigh. I wish that someone could release Cheese in the Trap: Webtoon edition with all those cut Jung scenes added in.

    • 34.1 juliesean

      Don’t forget him throwing the trash and looking despondent and depressed walking from point A to point B.

      • 34.1.1 Dani

        LOL! exactly! Thank you PD, after watching CITT now I throw my trash regularly

        • hanie

          you getting snarky again Dani, I like~

        • KK

          LMAO this poor boy being made to film such pointless scenes tho.

          • Dani

            It’s really such a waste, isn’t KK. We did not have problem with In Ho before (well maybe when people start bashing Jung’s character, and we tried to show that the angelic In Ho also flawed) and just hope that they can have more balance view of the two. And then we wait, those webtoon chapters come to our screen so Jung’s character can be told, as he is not just one layer. And then we wait, commented, discussed, and then nothing happen on Jung’s part, while In Ho getting shoved to our throat (eyes?). And then this. The real truth why Jung’s story was never been told, or won’t ever be told, and maybe the show will end up crucify him as total nut jobs, and hopeless to be saved when they also kill Seol with the car scene. And then drama ends with black out screen.

          • Petra

            At least the piano lived 😆😁.

          • KK

            @Dani EXACTLY. It’s a waste for everyone involved really.

          • KK

            @Petra not if I can get my hands on it lol. Maybe a piano will fall out of the sky and put Jung out of his misery since we have no explanation for why he is the way he is.

          • Dani

            Petra and KK we should really trash that piano. I am sick if I see another piano scene. but oh my, do you remember the concours?
            OMG, I am so enlightened watching this show, I even know what concours mean! Thank you PD!

            Now I am one of the bourgeoisie and no longer proletarian, thank you PD!

    • 34.2 Omang

      Actually, I’ve heard somewhere that they’d release the dvd version of sunbae scenes that weren’t get broadcasted -.-

    • 34.3 Vini

      Second on that webtoon edition. Based on PHJ interview it seems that they can make that edition from scenes that already shoot before the change.

      Usually for live shoot drama, they sell dvd with director cut version. Now we already have the director cut version airing. Let us have webtoon cut version for DVD. Maybe after the webtoon is completed.

      • 34.3.1 Petra

        I’m too bitter to watch it…

        I feel that in leaving Jung as a less understandable and defined character, they screwed over ALL neuro-atypical people. If they want to say he is evil and psychotic, they should have taken that route and not let the lack of understanding and dislike for his character affect all people who are different.

        Did you hear they did shoot the child Jung scenes but it never appeared? Those were pretty important.

        • Petra

          My eyes are square in anger right now and I’m remembering long repressed Korean swear words :p

          Is it possible that this is still some big misunderstanding?

          • Dani


            NOPE!!! IT IS NOT!!!

        • KK

          I’m so mad about all of this!!! Cutting his freaking childhood scenes that were filmed for manchild angsting pianist (which remains a disservice to In Ho too)…

        • Vini

          Yes I’ve heard about it, thats why I’m now convinced that the production team want to portray Jung differently.

          But from watching kdrama I also realize that we only can assume based on what they let us know. There’s still many thing that are untold to us. Whats really happening behind the scene is still unknown to us.

      • 34.3.2 DeeCee

        That’s what I was thinking – that they could have the webtoon version for DVD purposes. And what about China? You would think that after all of this backlash, they would have to reedit the drama to appease the Chinese, who certainly don’t want to air the crap that we’ve been watching! How about having a webtoon fan edit the unaired footage into this mess and give us a show that makes sense? This is one of the most outrageous things I’ve ever seen done to a premier actor!

  35. 35 nitnotz

    I’m heartbroken inside…T_T so sad to read all these controversies. Why they make drama outside the screen? I love CITT to pieces, particularly yoo jung & seol. they make me fall in love in Kdrama again. Regardless of what happen outside the drama, hopefully we will get happy ending for jungseol. otherwise, I’ll stay away from any Kdrama for the rest of my life… #exaggerating

  36. 36 Wendy Darling

    I did not know at all that there was a discord between Park Hae Jin. This is too sad, we can see that Yoo Jung who read and liked the webtoon and his character totally feeling disappointed with the drama which he is a lead of. I understand how he is saying that it is not about the screen time because he doesn’t want to focus on compalining his screen time. Because truthfully the screen time is not as much a problem as the storytelling itself.

    Yoo Jung, we are at your back. I hope he can the drama will just be over and we can see Park Hae Jin in a project where he will be enjoying. His statements made me like him more in a different level. Wow

  37. 37 NamNavi

    I don’t know this is related or not but Korean netizens been digging up Park Hae Jin past interviews and find something really disturbing about what he said in the past. I think after that his scenes in CITT started to decrease.

    • 37.1 Miranda

      What could he possibly have said to cause an entire drama plotline to change?

      • 37.1.1 NamNavi

        Got nothing to do with the drama because it was like 2 or 3 years ago. Mainly he said about women’s appearance, plastic surgeries, how women need to go on diet, gold-digger and many more comments about women. So at that time, many Korean women feel offended and started to change from supporting Jung to supporting In Ho because they said he totally ruined “Jung image”

        • Wendy Darling

          Where does this say this? Is this true?

        • Hanjae

          I don’t think that had anything to do with it – it’s just the usual way past offenses get dug up whenever a show and its star(s) get popular. It happens all the time. We’d see a lot more fiascos like CITT if massive editing sprees were the norm lol.

        • Miranda

          I don’t think there’s a connection. Sure, some women were disappointed by what is either superficiality or a truly dire sense of humor, but I don’t think it’s enough to impact his screen time. The people who liked his Jung were far, far more vocal than those who thought he was a rude git.

        • Vini

          But I always think that he have such a good image in the industry. Didn’t he always doing community work together with his antifans every year?

      • 37.1.2 lemondoodle

        This I guess?

        And, I really doubt that was the reason. This didn’t make the mainstream press and wasn’t a big issue.

        • Wendy Darling

          Oh crap. I felt some people licking wounds after reading this. But should this be a reason to cut a person and his character from a drama. They should just have not let him do the role if they were gonna be unaccepting of him as a person.

          • bips99

            nah! those statements were made like years ago

            and most importantly did not create any backlash except a few articles here and there

            Even if one says that he is a douche, this is definitely not the reason for what they have done to his role

          • KK

            No! This had nothing to do with it, imo. PHJ is pretty popular in Korea AND China, the latter in which they’re profiting from by having PHJ star in CitT and promote there.

          • lemondoodle

            It can’t be the reason. SKJ has a worse image than PHJ, who is actually well liked. That was just people digging up stuff about a popular person.

          • Peeps

            I don’t even know what to think of him after that, not because I’m iffy about what he said (I definitely do not like that he said those and side eye him for that) but because of the circumstances he said under those. I don’t know how his mental state was when he said that but… … apparently he had mental issues severe enough to get him an exemption from army?

            I just don’t know what to think. The words were bad but he said them long ago and he’s been clean as far as I know. And considering the asses (who commit (and some are even charged for) actual crime) Korea lets on its TV, those reasons are not enough at all to shaft his CHARACTER in a story so beloved.

    • 37.2 KK

      Then still someone is to blame for being so unprofessional they cut scenes he filmed out for that.

      No, there’s something else going on and it’s not that. This almost feels like a passive aggressive attempt to garner hate for past remarks when this is about how he, as a lead actor, was disrespected.

    • 37.3 bips99

      If that was the case, the first thing they would have done would have been to stop using PHJ for promotions

      And he is still promoting the show and is scheduled for more in china i think

      Thats nowhere close to the reason – bec those statements were not really picked up by the media much and made into a scandal

      • 37.3.1 hanie

        I dont know how he will promote Cheese in China tbh. This controversy has exploded and Cfans definitely know. There will be lots of questions regarding this controversy and how PHJ will answer that tho?
        ‘Yes, Jung has been reduce as a psycho and have little screen time, they change the direction of the story but please watch it anyway?’
        What is this mess…..

  38. 38 kat

    So sad!!! At first I thought that the screentime InHo has is something that all of them already know, but after hearing reports of PHJ’s scene being cut I’m starting to watch eps 13 and 14 in different light. It truly happened when I watched eps 14 where I noticed whenever Sul happens to have trouble InHo is always there. Always. All I’m hoping is that at least eps 15 and 16 there’ll be more PHJ’s screentime just like how the script and how the production team plan and not because the complains of fans that made them decided to do that as it might affect the whole storyline.

    I truly feel bad for PHJ, this is like one of the roles where it can make a big impact on his career and yet this happen. Not only that I sorry for PHJ since he gave it all in studying his character and reshooting scenes that he is not satisfied with but it got cut by the production team.

    And it seems that they’ll release DVD where they will show the footage of YooJung that isn’t in the show. If what they want is just money then I’d rather they just sell the dvd in the first place.

    Man… this totally sucks. I thought I’m only disappointed with the big 3 channel who would have thought that even TvN is doing this. First with reply 1988 (heard about it) and now Cheese. Should Cheese ending isn’t satisfying I think it’ll be a while till I want to watch another kdrama.

    • 38.1 Wendy Darling

      Please people has got to stop comparing CITT from Repley series.

      Because the Reply Series may have gotten a lot of second lead syndrome that is because of the good storytelling and personal biases to the second lead. That’s why its a syndrome. There’s no particular explanation.

      Whereas fans of Reply are having second lead syndrome, licking wounds, and getting heart broken. I speak for the audience thay everyone loved reply series to tidbits. Because story writing and directing is just excellent.

      CITT viewers is not getting the same netizen drama because of not getting the ending we want. It’s about not properly writing the character that is the MOST important. Why ever would you call it CHEESE IN THE TRAP when you cant explain the relationship now due to lack of storytelling for the actual lead guy. The hero whom should be the focus!

      • 38.1.1 Tetrisaddict

        This! Why cheese in the trap indeed when the male lead was reduced to a guest with limited character development.

  39. 39 Madz Biay

    For me it’s not about PHJ or SKJ but not being in unison to the original/webtoon would be disrespectful to the manhwa writer. I feel sorry for the actors, for now I am just enjoying the story and complicated plot.

  40. 40 chaco

    I don’t get the sudden shift of attention the drama has put on InHo’s character, though. I just find it weird that even though they put so much focus on the casting for Yoo Jung by asking Hae Jin repeatedly and then just basically kick his story to the side in the second half of the drama. InHo’s story isn’t even particularly interesting or anything. I just skip all his scenes. Is it some sort of favouritism amongst the actors or something cause if even netizens are complaining about this, its kinda obvious that it isn’t a case of ” writer shifting focus to another character cause viewers prefer him”. Or maybe they do and I just haven’t read many articles in their perspective. Either way, I just feel bad for Hae Jin. Obviously, what he signed up for and what he got is completely different.

  41. 41 chacha

    Dear gf and jb,

    Thank you for the very eloquent and comprehensif post. I feel bad for expressing my dissapointment over citt ep13 recap, not knowing that what was at the back of your recapping process. I truly appreacite this post and salute you for it.

    Reading PHJ’s interviews that you recapped well, I am happy to see just how eloquent his answers are. He is very diplomatic in not putting down any of his co-stars. He pointed out what went wrong during the production and cleared the air regarding his absence from cast vacation (which I appreciate). Although he failed not to point finger (to director Lee), I think it was given since I would be asking myself if I were him. He must have this burden of telling the story of Jung and what a dissapointment if his efforts are all went to drain. Because at the end of the day, many viewers will still feel disconnected to Jung because we are not given a proper backstory, a channel to his mind, his childhood and his brain.

    I am a little puzzled about the agencies’ comment “Now only Episodes 15 and 16 remain. Park Hae-jin’s part is small, but he put forth his best effort. He mentioned that he’d be a ‘scene stealer.'” Does it mean that they pretty sure that YooJung will not appear as much in the last 2 episodes? That there are not enough footage of YJ left at this point of the story? It explain the whole mind-blowing rumours that PHJ finished shooting a full-five days ahead of KGE and SKJ.

    I am just sad sad sad.. I love CITT up to ep 9 and it seems that the drama is heading to the core of hell (well, that’s if it is still have direction)

    • 41.1 d


  42. 42 Marchair

    I had no idea any of this was going on but I was really bothered by the minuscule amount of time the main couple and their story was getting. I thought it had turned into the In Ho show and that was definitely not the way the show began. I feel like the story has lost its way and it was so compelling for the first half. Who is driving the narrative car in Korean drama land? It is disheartening to see it combust like this.

  43. 43 Peeps

    Wait wait wait, WHAT?
    JB, I know how you feel because I was right there in Episode 13’s recaps defending the detour they were taking but… now it says the direction is towards InHo and Jung is gonna get shafted?! What the heck is this?

    What bts drama is this where the script ends up being useless? That’s what a script is NOT supposed to be!!!! The script is the main core of a drama! Especially when it is an adaptation of someone elses’ work! What do they mean by scenes were filmed but not shown? Then why film them at all?!

    I was so with them even in episode 13 but now… I don’t even know wherr to direct the rage.

    • 43.1 KK

      Apparently PHJ filmed scenes and some are saying they had SKJ re-film and film different material? Then Jung’s stuff from the webtoon of his backstory and scenes with Seol were cut out in editing. So the drama writer intended Jung scenes to be in, but someone in the editing process didn’t want it.

    • 43.2 NoIdeaName

      Same, peeps, same. Even after episodes 8-9 I was still strongly defending the drama, with the sure hope that it would soon take a turn and return to Jung and Seol. Even in ep 14 I was happy to get my PHJ fix in the latter part. But now when PHJ himself says that he’s been sidelined so much that he doesn’t even know what will air, that is just terrifying. Why would you film incredibly vital scenes with the MAIN character to just delete them later? WHY WASTE SO MUCH TALENT FOR THE SAKE OF DEVIATING FROM THE WEBTOON. Oh Cheese, I defended you so much and remained hopeful until the end. Aigoo such a disappointment. What made them think it was a good idea?

      As for he preview, a car crash, really? I loved this drama for its lack of cliches that are so common in dramas. But what kind of “turn of events” is this?!?!?! The only drama I’ve fully enjoyed in months and it is betraying my loyalty

  44. 44 Hwari

    I’m glad that Suzy decline this drama offer. She also idol same as Seo Kang Joon.

    So is this the major F up by tvN production. I guess it same everywhere either cable or public TV in Korea. They goes where money goes or what they hold interest.

    I heard how tvN elite fans praised all their dramas while loathes Big3 dramas.

    • 44.1 pogo

      I’m also glad Suzy declined this drama, but that’s because she can’t emote – she would have been a disaster as Seol, and we wouldn’t even have got the good first half of the drama we did get, before it all went to hell.

      I don’t know whether tvN is to blame, because the decisions that have led to the most controversy (the sidelining of Jung, the total disregard for the webtoon and its writer) were all taken by the PD – who is being rightfully criticised for it.

      • 44.1.1 fab

        I don’t know if tvN can’t bear any blame, the rumours about SKJ getting more exposure to promote his next drama make a lot of sense. And seeing how PHJ had shot longer scenes, but got edited in the end might mean that PD didn’t intend to reduce his screen time or at least the decision didn’t come from her/him.

      • 44.1.2 Alessar

        Suzy would have been wicked interesting as In Ha though.

        • pogo

          Nope, she’d never have nailed In-ha’s strut the way Lee Sung-kyung does. Or that sneer.

    • 44.2 skelly

      I wish she would have taken it, then I wouldn’t have invested all this time in it, only to be disappointed. It would have been one-dimensional from the start. It would have been apparent that the two pretty faces belong together, and we wouldn’t be so upset about In Ho taking over – instead, we would be cheering for the boy to rescue the poor victimized heroine and save her from the Bad Man. It would have about as much depth and nuance as Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties.

      • 44.2.1 pogo

        SKELLY! It’s good to see you again.

        and yeah, in a way you’re actually right – Kim Go-eun’s talent deserves better than to be wasted on this mess, and her continuing presence (though constantly sidelined by In-ho) is the only reason I made myself go through episode 13. If Suzy had signed on, this drama could have gone to crap and I wouldn’t have cared, because at least it wouldn’t be a talented actress getting wasted this way.

        • skelly

          Hey pogo! Here we are again, standing by the side of the tracks, watching the slo-mo train wreck. I’ll pass you my bottle of soju.

      • 44.2.2 JISG

        Sadly I agree. We’d both save ourselves time and energy if she were casted lol

      • 44.2.3 hanie

        Now that you put it that way, I wish it happened
        So I wont watch it and save from making comments and the headache~

  45. 45 alua

    What a mess….

    Soonkki should have closely consulted with the Misaeng writer, who was able to keep a very tight reign on the adaptation of his webtoon. I hope this doesn’t affect Soonkki in a way that will somehow change the webtoon that she’s still writing – I could easily see someone losing heart over an experience like this. I guess adaptations shouldn’t happen before a story has been finished – though obviously that’s not the only issue here.

    I hope this doesn’t turn into even more of a mud-fight between all the Jung-shippers and Inho-shippers (I’m probably hoping in vain…). I feel bad for Park Hae-jin but this is less for me about screen time (for whichever actor) than shafting the whole story and what made it so good – the complex network of very entangled relationships, with no ‘typical’ roles. There was never a love triangle in the webtoon (I’ve read all that is available in English)…

    I dropped the drama after episode 2 b/c some of the changes seemed slightly off – not wrong, but enough for me to want to complete the webtoon first (even if that meant waiting a couple of years for the translation/ending of the webtoon) because it sort of deserved that. I thought I was going to watch CITT at some point, but, hmmmm, now I’m no longer sure.

    • 45.1 Peeps

      But then again, in terms of intent, Misaeng’s director is waaaay superior to Cheese’s director. Misaeng’s director knew exactly what made Misaeng stand out and refused to deter from that, K-drama standards be damned, so it was easier to work with him since they were of the same opinion/ perspective.

      • 45.1.1 alua

        Yes. It’s a lesson in “don’t allow your webtoon to be adapted unless you know it’s in the hands of an amazing team – director, screenwriter, PD, actors and all”.

        Not blaming Soonkki here, but if I were a Korean webtoon writer with a story as wonderful as CITT, that’s the lesson I would take away here for the future…

      • 45.1.2 hyanggi

        Now I’m sad and wishful. I wish we get Misaeng’s team to produce CitT . Sighing over the amazing possibility that would be …

      • 45.1.3 kat

        Yes, exactly. And that director is now excelling in Signal. In Hollywood, writers know you either have to cash the check and walk away or actually be involved in the production to assure a quality product. Misaeng’s writer turned down all three Korean stations offers because they wanted a large love line in the story. The writer refused and went to cable. That is why it is hard for me to believe that tvN is behind the changes but someone surely is because if they were filmed with one actor and then shot again with the other….something is wrong. I think it is with the production company who actually hires the director…that is my guess. King of Dramas indeed.

    • 45.2 pogo

      That’s what really gets to me – Cheese in the Trap was a completely unconventional romcom with a hero who defied all kdrama archetypes because the narrative openly acknowledged he wasn’t quite normal.

      But the latter half of the drama has gone and turned it into every other trite, hackneyed, formulaic kdrama romcom ever, thanks to the entire focus of the drama shifting lock, stock and barrel to a character who was redesigned to be your typical kdrama lead.

  46. 46 genkibaka

    Poor Park Hae Jin. Hope he finds a better project soon. Fighting!

  47. 47 Kudo ran

    Thank you Javabeans for making a specific post on this situation. In the comments section of episode 14, as said, there is already links, comments and discussion.
    It is so regrettable for things to end up this way.
    Hope last two episodes won’t be too disappointing and help a bit to return to the true story and the true leads.
    Fighting to PHJ, also feeling sorry for child actors who filmed something we won’t ever see on TV :/ .

  48. 48 Jude

    Now I’m actually afraid to watch the ending.

    • 48.1 Deb

      “One source with the drama said, “The original [story] has completely crumbled. Episodes 15 and 16 contain events that are incomprehensible.”

      Yes this statement impressed on me more than anything else. If it’s accurate, oh man, some peoples’ careers will be in shambles after the show is over. Mainly the PD because she is the current target. To me it points to Seol ending up with In Ho or something tragic happening to Seol or Jung. I mean I truly hope not…we shall see…

      • 48.1.1 KK

        This just makes me so sad considering how awesome episodes 1-8 and 12 were and it’s going to end possibly that badly.

        What do I even mean possibly? It’s ending that badly. *sigh*

      • 48.1.2 Stuffed

        Ugh! If the episode preview is any indication, the ending probably wont be a favorable one. For all we know, Jung might end up letting go of Seol as he finds himself incapable of changing his ‘nature’
        I skipped CiTT this week n watched DoTS instead as i thought it might be best to marathon the remaining 4 episodes. Now im not too sure if i’ll be watching at all. I feel like im betraying PHJ if I dont 😛

  49. 49 Sam

    I read somewhere the webtoon writer complained that the direction of the drama is going exactly as the webtoon. So she was expecting the drama to be different and is not happening. However, this article is projecting the opposite. I am totally confused.

    • 49.1 Ann

      The webtoon writer complained that the ending was the exact same as her ending and she wanted them to change it since her webtoon isn’t even done yet. I don’t think by different she wanted a completely different story along the way. More like an alternate ending or different approach to the ending? I’m sure the writer didn’t mean to add an unnecessary love interest and to write out one of the main characters

  50. 50 bips99

    Till about the first 8-9 episodes, this show was on my top 5 shows ever. And now …… i fast fwd half of it

    • 50.1 Threedott

      Me too. Especially In Ho, In Ha scenes

      • 50.1.1 So do I

        Me too! It got worst to the point.. when I watched i skip to jung and seol only. .
        Then watched again from beginning, got disappointed and tortured my replay button from the minute jung appeared on my screen #so you know how many minutes i watch ciitt on ep 14

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