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Youths Over Flowers in Africa: Episode 1
by | February 20, 2016 | 277 Comments

girlfriday: Woohoo, new season of Youths Over Flowers! Though how come past seasons are named after countries and this one is named after a continent? Technically this season takes place in Namibia, but it’s being called Youths Over Flowers in Africa.

javabeans: Maybe for name recognition? This season starts out with Na PD dropping in on the editing room in December 2015 while PD Shin Won-ho is working on an episode of Answer Me 1988. According to my calendar, it’s right between the airings of Episodes 10 and 11 — so enough into the broadcast that the drama was already a runaway hit, but still with a ways to go.

girlfriday: Wait, is Na PD masterminding the whole cast and crew trip to Phuket?! Just to kidnap the boys for his own show??

javabeans: HE IS. My jaw just dropped to see that he is the one organizing the “reward vacation” for the Answer Me crew, and informing Shin PD of the details.

girlfriday: LOL. This is crazy. I thought that trip was from the station to reward them for the ratings. I mean, I guess it still technically is, but it’s Na PD organizing the whole event all in an effort to camouflage his kidnapping plan!

javabeans: He’s so calculating yet blasé about it: “Won-ho, either you or [Sung] Dong-il hyung can just take the kids aside, say you’re taking them for massages or something, and then I’ll kidnap them or whatever.”

girlfriday: Shin PD gives no argument, either because he’s too bleary-eyed from editing his show, or because he knows it’s futile. Fast-forward to the end of Answer Me 1988, and the day that the cast is set to leave for their “reward trip” to Phuket. I love that the Youths camera can just hide among the paparazzi and blend in as the stars arrive.

javabeans: Yeah, the guys each show up in turn and have no idea anything is afoot. They just arrive to the happy fans and greet them, thinking this is vacation.

girlfriday: Our cast members are: Ryu Joon-yeol, 31; Ahn Jae-hong, 31; Go Kyung-pyo, 27; and maknae Park Bo-gum, 24. In Answer Me 1988 terms, that’s Jung-hwan, Jung-bong, Sun-woo, and Taek.

javabeans: While they’re waiting at the airport, the “spy” producer tests the waters by saying that they’re shooting them right now as behind-the-scenes footage to include in DVD bonus materials. He says it hesitantly, adding, “If you think it’ll be too much of a burden…” but they’re immediately onboard, and Kyung-pyo even bought a camera of his own, making it easy for them.

girlfriday: Pfft, the caption: “Kyung-pyo, shooting his own hidden camera.” They goof off all the way to their flight, and then the footage resumes on the beach at a cast party. The most hilarious part is the cutaway to Na PD, dressed in a mask and hat in an attempt to hide his identity, getting on a flight to Phuket.

javabeans: From the front he’s a little obscured, but from the back it’s just Na PD. Haha.

girlfriday: And then he spends 14 hours locked in his room getting food sneaked to him, so as not to be discovered by his kidnapees.

javabeans: That actually makes sense, because as we ALL must know by now, merely the sight of Na PD should make you suspicious.

girlfriday: It’s pretty funny how elaborate the schemes have to be now to pull off a surprise kidnapping.

javabeans: He’s stuck there not able to do much, so it’s a good thing the boys are so enthusiastically capturing their own footage, putting that Go-Pro-on-a-stick to good use. Future Na PD (the one editing and captioning the show) seems to get a lot of glee out of the fact that they’re doing his work for him.

girlfriday: Shin PD finally joins Na PD and they get some of the Answer Me parents to help out with the plan: Kim Sung-kyun, Ra Mi-ran, and Kim Sun-young are let in on the details so they be accomplices.

javabeans: I love the reactions of the parent-actors when they hear Na PD’s plan. They get such a kick out of it. Na PD: “I’m just putting together a small event…”

girlfriday: Doesn’t Na PD get so polite around girls? His hands are folded and everything.

javabeans: It’s an amusing contrast to the words he says, about kidnapping young men and sending them to another continent.

girlfriday: His crew sets up the hidden cameras at the restaurant where the big “event” is supposed to take place, and Na PD gets all nervous about it, going over all the details and asking, “Wait, when do I come in?”

javabeans: It feels like a spy operation in a movie. A low-rent spy operation in a low-rent movie. He puts in the calls, managers are alerted (and told to feign ignorance), and co-conspirator actors get moving. The excuse is that they’re taking group photos, and the guys are led away, then asked to wait briefly at a nearby cafe for the photographer.

girlfriday: Ra Mi-ran is cracking me up. At every mundane comment she manages to drop hints, not that the boys know what she’s hinting at. She reminds Kyung-pyo to always carry his passport on him, and when Jae-hong complains of the heat, she tells him, “You should go to Iceland. Kang Haneul went all the way there in a suit.” Kyung-pyo says that kind of situation would be the worst. Muahaha.

javabeans: Shin PD mentions doing the Laos season, and hilariously throughout all this Youths Over Flowers talk, the camera keeps showing how bored and uninterested in the topic Jae-hong is.

girlfriday: He actually kind of seems like his drama character. A little weird, but funny.

javabeans: “Mom” Sun-young asks if they’d go if they were asked, and they say it’d be an honor. She says they haven’t been to Africa yet, and adds, “You guys should go!” Joon-yeol says he was planning to go to Africa this year on his own, and they joke around a bit before Sun-young repeats, “You should go on Youths Over Flowers!” Jae-hong: “I have to be invited first.”

girlfriday: Sun-young goads Shin PD: “Aren’t you friends with Na PD? Tell him to take them!”

javabeans: Then Mi-ran says they’re related (Na = Ra), which is apparently a code phrase and Na PD gets texted that she’s said the line. Then she calls Na PD right there at the table.

girlfriday: Joon-yeol jokes, “They dated once.”

javabeans: They do this whole planned conversation about whether he knows the 1988 boys, then she puts him on speakerphone to tell him the boys want to go on a Youths trip… and Na PD walks right into the cafe behind them.

girlfriday: Joon-yeol just turns into a stone. This is hilarious. The other two boys finally notice him standing there and start staring too.

javabeans: They’re adorably, hilariously confused. They have no idea what’s going on, while Na PD and Mi-ran prattle on in their made-up backstory. Na PD’s all, “Okay, if you want to go, let’s go now.”

girlfriday: They just keep staring wide-eyed, so Na PD continues, asking about their schedules for the coming week. Na PD: “Yes, we booked you for that schedule.”

javabeans: Lol, he had Joon-yeol booked for a fake car commercial as an excuse to get him to get an international driver’s license. That’s planning. Aw, is Kyung-pyo going to cry? The truth slowly dawns, and Mi-ran chirps to Na PD, “I sold three of them so give me my money now.”

girlfriday: Even after all that, Joon-yeol asks, “Is it someone that just looks like Na PD?”

javabeans: Jae-hong says his heart is racing so fast it feels funny, and NOW Joon-yeol realizes what Shin PD meant yesterday when Joon-yeol mentioned liking to travel and Shin PD replied, “Congratulations.”

girlfriday: Na PD has to say it a million times that they’re leaving directly from here for them to start believing it, and they’re further shocked to know that their managers were in on it.

javabeans: Kyung-pyo can’t stop crying, and actually cries harder the longer this goes on. Mi-ran says knowingly that he’s been under a lot of stress and comforts him, and a little later, Na PD asks why and he chokes up again, saying that Youths Over Flowers is a show whose participants are beloved, and he didn’t feel worthy of it.

girlfriday: Awww. But you’re so beloved now! We return to them saying goodbye to the parents and Shin PD, and Kyung-pyo is practically bawling by then. Joon-yeol just sidles up to Ra Mi-ran and says, “Mom, gimme some money.” I luff them.

javabeans: They really do feel like mother-son. In the van, Jae-hong realizes he only has one pair of underwear, and Kyung-pyo one-ups him: “I’m already wearing second-day underwear!”

girlfriday: Ohmygah. The boys get into the van that’ll take them to the airport, and they’re shocked to hear from Na PD that he’s been planning this trip for months, even before Iceland, and that the guy shooting behind-the-scenes extras is really his spy PD.

javabeans: They’re told they’ll start out in Namibia, and their final destination is Victoria Falls. They pull out their phones to look it up, joking that they’re still not feeling right because they’re so thrilled and anxious.

girlfriday: They’re so in shock that they wonder how they’re going to tell their parents that they’re suddenly going to Africa and just laugh hysterically.

javabeans: Na PD hands out tourist books, and adorably, Kyung-pyo looks for the authors’ names first so he can thank them, since they’ll be hanging on their words.

girlfriday: How cute. I know they’re worried now, but judging from the preview montage, it’s going to be a really fun trip. Na PD gives them a really tight budget, though he frames it thematically as 88,000 won per person per day, because they’re Answer Me 1988.

javabeans: Kyung-pyo suggests each person handling money individually, which is the first time in a Youths show they’re doing allowances this way. They ask if he planned this all in advance with the three of them in mind, and Na PD says there’s a fourth person… which jumps us back to Korea to catch up with Park Bo-gum.

girlfriday: He has a live episode of Music Bank that day (which he MCs), and the boys laugh to hear that Bo-gum has no idea what he’s in for.

javabeans: They crack up to hear Bo-gum will be intercepted before he even gets to go home, and instructs the trio to call him while he’s on the drive home and tell him to head to the airport straightaway. Hee, it’s cute that the victims get to be the co-conspirators this time.

girlfriday: How quickly the shoe goes on the other foot.

javabeans: Jae-hong: “Bo-gum will cry too. A hundred percent, he’s crying.” So we cut to the van that’s been prepared for the kidnapping, which he gets into thinking all is normal, and the car that follows his on the road.

girlfriday: Na PD gives the boys the cue to call, so Kyung-pyo suddenly gets all calm and eerie as he asks Bo-gum where he is, and if there’s a car behind him. Bo-gum whirls around and confirms that someone is following his van, and Kyung-pyo just says cryptically, “You have to stop your car and get into that one.” Bo-gum: “Hyung, why are you being so scary?”

javabeans: Ha, Kyung-pyo just says plainly, “We’re doing Youths Over Flowers and you have to come.” And Bo-gum is adorable! His first words? “Omo. Omona.”

girlfriday: The PD greets Bo-gum as soon as he gets out of his car, and on the phone the other boys crack up to hear Bo-gum apologizing for his small car (because there’s so many of them). Na PD: “He’s apologizing to his kidnapper that his car is too small!”

javabeans: He apparently is ridiculously nice, and the boys confirm that you won’t believe how nice he is. Caption as Bo-gum offers the PDs water and keeps apologizing: “I’m sorry to have inconvenienced your kidnapping of me.” He offers multiple sodas and warms their car seats and one of the guys laughs, “We’re doing a really terrible thing to a really nice person.”

girlfriday: The hyungs shout over the phone for Bo-gummie to pack whatever he can get away with, mostly underwear if he can get his hands on some.

javabeans: Bo-gum’s reaction is actually very quiet, but it’s funny because he just shows his shock differently — he’s kind of dazed and innocent, asking things like, “Can I take that? No?”

girlfriday: I love the moment when his mom calls and he says he got almost home but had to turn around and go back to the airport. “They won’t let me take anything. It’s just like on TV!”

javabeans: At the airport, he checks in and somehow starts handing out staff tickets and doing little tasks like he’s their errand boy. He asks if the staff has eaten, hands out snacks, and helps out at every turn. Oh my god, did Na PD find the one boy who’s even nicer and more polite than Seung-gi?

girlfriday: Who knew he existed? Meanwhile, the other three boys begin their long journey from Phuket to Singapore to Johannesburg to Windhoek. Agh, that’s going to be the longest plane travel in Youths history, I bet.

javabeans: Based on the previews, it looks like Joon-yeol will be the Mommy Yeon-seok of his group, since he’s traveled a lot and speaks English readily. Jae-hong looks teary as he interviews that it was thanks to Joon-yeol that the trip was 10 times easier, and without him, they would have only seen a tenth of the things they did.

girlfriday: I’m still weirded out by the fact that Joon-yeol and Jae-hong are the same age (Jae-hong played his hyung in the drama), and in real life Joon-yeol seems more like the hyung.

javabeans: It’s a pretty long ways to Namibia, and finally 21 hours later, they arrive in Windhoek.

girlfriday: Right away they set out with a plan to exchange currency, buy a data plan, and rent a car. There’s this funny tangent at the currency exchange office, where they wonder how the guy behind the glass can hear them so well, and Kyung-pyo assumes he reads lips. What?

javabeans: Aw, is he really the lovable lughead he always plays? Since they’re handling their money separately, Joon-yeol offers to buy the data plan, and I’m not surprised (but I’m a little surprised) that they decree 1GB of data for 1 week “incredibly small.” Ah, Korea, land of unlimited data plans.

girlfriday: Seriously. Some of us have to pay for MB!

javabeans: Jae-hong tells Joon-yeol to buy some for Bo-gum too, and [um, major Answer Me SPOILER ALERT? Is that worth pointing out?] Joon-yeol quips, “He stole my wife and now I have to take care of him too?”

girlfriday: LOL. I’m laughing, but crying on the inside!

javabeans: Are you a little worried these boys are going to run out of money? I know these are essentials, but they’re kind of spending so quickly that it’s the total opposite of Iceland.

girlfriday: Yes, and I’m also worried about them splitting up their money from the start. You can lose track so quickly that way!

javabeans: I think Jae-hong already gave up. He exchanged money and groaned, “My head hurts.”

girlfriday: Joon-yeol takes the lead in asking a few rental car places if they can get a car here and return it at Victoria Falls, and they get turned away at every desk. He decides that it’ll be much easier to find a local rental company that’ll let them do this, and says they’ll go into the city and look around there.

javabeans: Joon-yeol is so knowledgeable and decisive that I wonder if Na PD is pouting in a surveillance van somewhere.

girlfriday: I know. He was doing so well with the hidden camera stuff, but I bet he’s sulking right about now. Joon-yeol even bargains with a taxi driver! (While Jae-hong mistakenly tries to climb into the driver’s seat, ha.) They luck out with a nice taxi driver who offers to take them to a few rental car places that he knows.

javabeans: I’m kind of amazed at how easily Joon-yeol just melts into travel, conversing pleasantly with the taxi driver, asking his name, chatting about their travel. It’s just not something we’ve seen in Na PD’s world much.

girlfriday: Yeah he seems like he’s backpacked around the world already.

javabeans: The car rental places are all closed and the mood starts to turn, until their friendly driver mentions one car that’s available. Should we be nervous that this sounds too easy?

girlfriday: Yes, also the way they keep calling this person (or company?) One Lady. Joon-yeol says he’s expecting a neighborhood noona who happens to run a car rental place or something, and they end up waiting outside a gated building wondering who this lady will be.

javabeans: I’m wondering who they’re renting this car from! It doesn’t exactly seem legit does it?

girlfriday: No, it’s like some backyard neighborhood deal. They literally walk up to a woman who’s sitting in her car, and there are questions flying back and forth about their plans and who’s driving, and Joon-yeol sweats a little but manages to get her to agree. Is it even her car? I’m so confused.

javabeans: Then they follow her to get the car, not even knowing how much it’ll cost… and then realize the car is a stick.

girlfriday: Thankfully Joon-yeol can drive a stick. They would literally be stranded without him. Scratch that, they’d probably still be at the airport without him.

javabeans: They run into a hitch when they see that while the car rental fee is 1,400 Namibia dollars (under $100), the insurance fee is 6,000. Whoa.

girlfriday: Following One Lady was a mistake. They’re quick to decide it’s not worth it and walk away, which is definitely a good thing. I just didn’t like the idea of them borrowing some random person’s car.

javabeans: I’m glad they’re the type to decide quickly what needs to be done. The car ride back to the airport is a little deflated, and it cracks me up that Jae-hong’s suggestion is “Let’s take a sel-ca to make ourselves feel better.”

girlfriday: Even funnier is the fact that it works and puts a smile on Joon-yeol’s face. They stop for lunch and Kyung-pyo decides to order lunch for Bo-gum as well, but right after he does that, Bo-gum calls and says glumly, “Hyung, I missed my flight!”

javabeans: Oh nooooo! We see that he’d been pleasantly whiling away his time at the airport in Johannesburg, shopping in gift shops, eating pasta dinner, and totally didn’t even realize he’d missed boarding! Did the staff not notice?! Surely they’d say something if he was going to miss a flight!

girlfriday: Ack, I have such visceral sympathy pangs when I see him running to his gate at the airport. I have done that too many times in my life. TOO MANY. Apparently the next flight out isn’t until early the next morning, and Bo-gum hasn’t the faintest clue what to do or where to stay. He’s so tiny! Bo-gum: “Hyung, what do I do?”

javabeans: There’s this sad whine to his voice as he takes all his hyungs’ advice to be careful as he spends the night there. I think Bo-gum still can’t believe he missed his flight. Ha, the guys pause outside to check out their appearances in the camera, and laugh to admit they’re a mess: “When Bo-gum gets here, it’ll be different.”

girlfriday: There’s a whole montage about how camera-friendly this cast is, and we see them adjusting camera angles very carefully for every shot, making sure to turn on lights inside cars and get the prettiest shot they can. It’s like a PD’s dream.

javabeans: Do you think that makes them too conscious, though? Added to the fact that they’re all still young and up-and-coming, and don’t want to look bad on TV?

girlfriday: Maybe? Though I wonder if it’s just a part of their selca-obsessed generation.

javabeans: They note that prices aren’t very cheap here, bummed at how much they’ve spent on taxi rides already. I love the “human versus machine” bit where Joon-yeol asks Kyung-pyo for a conversion, and then figures it out with mental math before Kyung-pyo even figures out how to type in for the conversion in his phone.

girlfriday: Okay, I find that impressive. My brain does not compute conversions. Kyung-pyo starts to stress about how much money they’ve already spent, and decides that they should re-pool their money and he’ll be the treasurer. Phew, I feel better about that.

javabeans: The sun sets during their taxi ride, and an exclamation of how it’s purple (bora) prompts Kyung-pyo to declare, all aegyo-like, “Bora-ya! I love you!” They ooh to see animals as they drive past, which kicks off a montage of all the animals they’ll come across in the following days: warthogs, lions, giraffes, meerkats.

girlfriday: So after spending all day chasing a rental car, they end up back at the airport by nightfall. I can’t believe it took them this long to get back here. Thankfully they find a rental car company still open, and they even allow drop-offs across country lines. Success!

javabeans: Why didn’t they ask before? They were… just here…

girlfriday: I don’t know. I’m tired for them.

javabeans: Maybe it was worth it for the life lesson they learned, whatever it was. I hope there was one! At least this time they ask all the important questions first, like whether it’s an automatic and how much it costs.

girlfriday: Though really, they’re just little boys and they get all excited the second they see the shiny car. Jae-hong decides they should name it, and they call it Mundongie, for their 1988 neighborhood Ssangmundong.

javabeans: I hope they got insurance!

girlfriday: Can’t wait to see where they go in their shiny new car!


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  1. Kayla

    Where can I watch this with eng subs!!!!? Lol

    • 1.1 anon

      eyesonryu and fyparkbogum are collaborating and subbing this together! no idea when they plan on releasing it tho

      • 1.1.1 Lurk.ing_

        Yeaayy! Thank you..
        At least there will be subbing this.
        I’ll wait patiently.. 😅

        • Wendy Darling


          Let’s wait patiently.. seems like there is no one subbing Youth Ober Flowers in Iceland though

          • wapz

            I hope someone does though(YOF Iceland) . Didn’t read the recaps properly because I didn’t want spoilers but I want to watch it badly.

      • 1.1.2 rhienz


      • 1.1.3 Satang-Sajang

        Lol, that’s so cute

      • 1.1.4 nonamekatka

        thank you!!
        (was going to ask same question)

    • 1.2 Cindy

      I don’t like this title at all. Africa has at least 52 countries in it. Categorizing Africa like we are all the same is really irritating. I’m not from Namibia (I’m Nigerian) but I feel this is disrespectful to Namibians.

      • 1.2.1 bea

        sigh, unfortunately it’s all too common in Korea for people to assume Africa is just one big country. When I worked at the world expo in Korea,I had a lot of conversations like this:

        guest: is this the Africa pavilion?
        me: no, sorry (as i’m standing under a giant sign that says USA)
        guest: but you’re black
        me: yes, but I’m American
        guest: but you’re black
        me: There are all ethnicities in America! (insert biiiig customer service pro smile)
        guest: ok so where is the Africa pavilion?
        me: actually, pavilion are divided by country…. (struggle to continue smiling)
        guest: yes, so where’s the Africa pavilion?
        me: ….

        I would usually pull out the expo map I started carrying around for this specific purpose and point to each of the different areas that housed African countries, being sure to name as many as I could. it was kind of shocking how many people treated africa as one country rather than many :/

        • bd5

          Oh, please – do you think Africans (no matter which country) are generally any better when it comes to Asia?

          Or for that matter, most (non-Asian) Americans where everyone who is Asian is usually defaulted to Chinese or Japanese.

      • 1.2.2 Michelle

        Yeah, I agree.
        Oh well :/ Maybe its because their goal is victoria falls and thats on the border of zambia and zimbabwe so since thats more than 1 country they decided to call it Africa?
        But at least they’re getting the point across in the show that they are in Namibia.

        Idk if im being too sensitive but i cringed every time the boys started singing lion king songs in the taxi. I mean, its cute but… …. At least the drivers were very good natured about it!

      • 1.2.3 hella

        I completely agree. Africa is so often referred to as one entity but it’s like calling Asia a country– it’s not true and it’s borderline offensive. Plus it just leads to so many misunderstandings/ ignorance. I had a friend ask once what the national anthem of Africa is…like he was serious lol 😱 (Not to mention a certain someone who claimed to be from all the continents in Africa… oh dear)

        It would help if they felt responsible enough to refer to specific countries instead of the continent as a whole, but I guess I’ll just ignore that in favor of all the hijinks on my screen lol

      • 1.2.4 Mashimomo

        Actually this was asked to Na PD during their live press conference for Youth Over Flowers. His answer was since they have to travel thru multiple countries in the continent, it was called that way. They started in Namibia but the last leg of their trip will be in Victoria Falls which is 3 countries from Namibia? This was from the subs I watched from the VApp broadcast.

        Needless to say, I know exactly what you’re saying and found it problematic as well. But just so you know, the question was asked and this is how they responded.

      • 1.2.5 mellina

        I understand what you mean. I’m Nigerian too. At first I was like, “wouldn’t it be better if they named it YOF in South Africa?” Basically, that’s where they roamed. But I’m willing to let it go. I still find it cool that they got to visit my continent + I can’t wait for more hijinks. ☺

      • 1.2.6 Naelle

        As someone from Congo and who watched the press conference of this show, I was really happy when a journalist asked Na PD why they did not called this serie “Youth over flowers in Namibia” rather than in Africa (Seriously why?) because the other ones were named after the countries they went to. But Na PD gave quite an understanding answer. During their trip, they went not only in Namibia but also in the surrounding countries as their final destination was Zimbabwe for the Victoria falls (which is in between Zambia and Zimbabwe). So rather than putting “YOF in Namibia”, they just put “YOF in Africa”. And I think it’s understandable.

        • hella

          Ohhhh okay. That makes sense lol

      • 1.2.7 Lilly

        Average working people learn and remember about the world through their gut.
        Just how it is. Most Americans know all the different parts of Asia and Europe through what restaurant’s food they want during the week.
        The more different nations of Africa have their food out to pick from, the faster the general populations of other continents will learn who is who I suspect.


      • 1.2.8 thelady

        I had the same reaction to the title, like the last one was Youth Over Flowers Iceland but this one is Africa? Like just tell us what country they are in! Africa is a huge diverse continent and I’m sick of people acting like it is homogeneous.

      • 1.2.9 Hui Fen

        The producer have addressed that question. There’s a reason they named it “Africa” instead of only Zambia. Their starting point is at Zambia and they will be passing by the borders Zambia and Zimbabwe too and their ultimate goal is at Victoria Falls.

      • 1.2.10 Zoe

        is it really that big of a deal?? Europeans don’t care that they’re called Europeans nor Asians asians do they (coming from a Ugandan)

        • Jade0817

          I understand the sensitivity..lol

          As a Filipino who was raised in Uganda (lived there for 10 years) – 99% of the time when people ask where I lived and I answer the country, they’ll look at me blankly. Only when I add “Africa” do the ahhhs come forth. lol.

          It’s just the unfamiliarity with the continent.

    • 1.3 deeand

      this one is YOF with engsub.

  2. Apluszee

    I can’t help but to fall in love with Ryu Junyeol (again and again). Is there no ends to his charms?

    • 2.1 Divyrus

      He is just my kind of man ! 😍

      I now understand what they mean by variety persona changing perceptions. I have just fallen in love, like in real ! 💓💓💓

    • 2.2 Satang-Sajang

      Me too!!!! He is…just…ugh!!!

      Knetzs said it better:

      There’s no exit to Ryu Joonyeol…

    • 2.3 Miranda

      I can’t get over the fact that he wore that eyemask like a bandana for an entire day in Namibia. Just a totally normal fashion accessory, nothing to see here…

    • 2.4 crystal

      His english is so cute…and he’s so polite.

  3. Z

    Ryu Jun Yeol’s honey voice when speaking English *_* How can this man be so nice, calm and confident *dies*

    Bogum is so cute! He has so much aegyo 🙂

    • 3.1 Z

      In case anyone else was wondering why Jun Yeol kept on asking for tents… I read someone’s Namibia travel log and they got a car with tent attached to the top and it’s NICE! No wonder he wanted one like that.

    • 3.2 Miranda

      His English is extremely good – phrasing, pronunciation, everything. That is incredibly impressive, because as nice as it is to see YoF guys getting by on translator services and basic vocab, it would be great if kids hear and see RJY speaking and really commit to getting as close to perfect as possible. My sister’s got perfect French and watching how easily she speaks in Africa makes me jealous enough to try harder with my rusty French.

      I can’t even imagine the wrench Bo Gum’s missed plane threw in the scheduling works. Not end of the world, since it’s only a two-hour flight, but that will mean that they leave at 10am at earliest the next day. Poor kid, if you’re not a regular traveler the distances between gates can be deceptive, and the signs are all in another language that might clue you in – and even if you are a regular traveler sometimes you get caught by flights leaving early or gate agents just hating the world.

  4. Lurk.ing_

    Finally I write a comment here on Dramabeans!

    Thank you so much for the recap.

    I watched it last night but couldn’t finish it due to my sleepiness (But I plan to watch it till the very end today heheh).

    And I couldn’t believe that Na PD is the one behind Phuket trip! He’s such a… *I am speechless. Lol… He’s so creative yet so evil(?)/deliquent to get people to support his plan.. 😂 But I love it! Lol.
    *sorry for my bad English

  5. canxi

    My first time watching this show. I enjoyed this episode.
    And lol, I knew there was something not right with that One Lady car rental. I was just like…who goes through all these hoops to rent a car? I did like the guy they were driving with towards the end who taught them the true meaning of Hakuna Matata (lol at them singing Lion King songs all day omg) and he seemed to like the guys too.

  6. mariazzang

    From the YOF presscon held Thursday, Na PD was asked the question about the show being called after the whole continent, instead of a specific country. Na PD said it’s because the boys have traveled from Namibia to Botswana to Zimbabwe, so instead of naming just one country, he decided collectively, this show is all about Africa.

    • 6.1 NaijaNoona

      Ennnnnhhhhh. Southern Africa wouldn’t be that much longer in Korean and would be at least accurate. I’m unclear on why the place names are necessary at all, actually.

      • 6.1.1 Manin

        The place names acts as a way to seperate the different trips and casts of the show. So instead of calling them season 1, 2, 3 etc they give the trip destination.

        • confused_turtle

          Especially since some trips are one after the other (same “season”)

          • Manin

            Exactly. Like the Peru and Laos trip was both the same season/run of the show. But featuring two completely different casts.

  7. neener

    Omg! It’s here! Of all days, our internet is sort of slow and I can’t download the episode. Huhuhuhu

    I miss these boys, do we know how many episodes is this for?

    • 7.1 Ann

      From which website are you downloading this ep?

      • 7.1.1 neener

        Sorry! I thought the episodes were available at the dramatorrent(.)com where I DLed the Iceland version but it wasn’t huhuhuhu

        But I read that bout RJY and PBG’s fans are subbing this so we’ll just have to wait for the subs.

  8. KDaddict😍JCW

    I’m surprised to see that the hotel the R88 cast stay at is rather modest, maybe a lesser 3 star, instead of one of the nicer ones inside the Laguna, given the ratings of the show and the buckets of $ it brought in for its production co. and for tvN.

    It’s funny to see the boy’s incredulous reaction when Na P.D. shows up in person.
    Park Bo Gum is ridiculously considerate to his kidnappers. Such a Sweetie pie. He’s also clueless, spending half an hour each shopping for a hat and eating a big meal, after which he misses the plane. No wonder they tease that he’s a lot like Taek, unable to do anything on his own. Ha ha.

    The ep. is set up. Looking fwd to next ep. I bet the ratings for this series will go thru the roof!

    • 8.1 Petra

      Ohmygish, the reaction was the best. Shock and “is this for real?” and the dawning realization of what is happening to them. Hahahaha.

      I personally hate surprises (even good ones) and so I’m impressed with their ability to roll with the punches. It helps that one of them at least, sounds like a seasoned traveller…he straightaway knew to catch some Zzzz’s (eyecover/plane) while he can. While traveling, even well-planned trips much less an impromptu (for the boys anyway) one, something always goes wrong, bahaha. But that’s the fun of it too, you experience things you don’t expect if you can be flexible which these guys seem to be managing 🙂 Sounds like it’s going to be a great time.

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    And Na PD is an evil genius.

    • 9.1 Lionkingfan

      I want to help you but…but….I can’t even help myself from falling >.<

  10. 10 PurpleLee

    How can RJY be this perfect?!!! Man, the guy is #baegoals, he’s really the type a girl can depend on!

    I fell hard for him as JungHwan and now I am falling harder for him as a person.

  11. 11 Samantha Reed

    I am not much into variety programs, but I just have to watch this whole show now because I adore these boys.

    They are all very very similar to their Reply 1988 personas from what I could see so far.

    In the Drama RJY (JH) was also kinda always the leader and the momma-bear. Always protecting even his hyung (AJH).

    AJH is also very similar to his drama self and GKP and PBG as well. OMG Park Bo Gum seems like a real life Taek. Their relationship (all 4 of them ) is adorable!

    I watched this raw, no subs and as proof of my obsession I understood enough to lmao.

    OMG. .. the part where RJY jokes about having to buy a data plan for PBS when he “stole” his wife. LMAO… those kids know how to sell themselves to the audience and make this an awesome show to watch.

    Looking forward to this trip, even in raw!

    PS. I am more and more in love with PBG. .. I just want to pinch his cheeks… he’s so so lovable!!😙

  12. 12 pogo

    OOOOF, Ryu Joon-yeol’s voice! It’s Na PD’s bad luck (or good luck?) that he’s already an experienced international traveller, since being able to communicate automatically puts him at an advantage.

    (and even if he did get his wife stolen, I’m pretty sure every other girl in Korea wants to marry him so that’s definitely a win 😉 )

    • 12.1 heartoppaya

      I personally think PBG wants to marry him, but that’s a different story. He he.
      I can’t wait for the bromance to begin though…. I’m sure PBG and RJY’s bromance is going to be a hit! ❤

      • 12.1.1 hushh

        LOL, RJY is his yin to his yang 😀

      • 12.1.2 Oli's mom

        Haha. I haven’t watched this YOF yet (found no source for subbed episode) but I remember in the BTS of R1988, Ra Mi-ran even said that Jung-hwan and Taek (or actually RJY and PBG) would get together because the two were so good together (they always hugged in some BTSs).

      • 12.1.3 bigwink

        Pwahahaha please do elaborate on your story 😉 #bromancethirst

  13. 13 stars4u

    Na PD stated in the press con that he named it YOF Africa because they get to travel to different countries on their way to Victoria Falls.

    And I fall inlove with Ryu Joon-yeol more!!! I laughed so hard when he exclaimed about having to pay for Taek’s phone service after having his wife stolen! hahahhaha

  14. 14 Shirleen

    Here’s the episode in Chinese subs!


    Sorry I haven’t managed to find English subs yet.

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    Omg, i can’t wait for the sub version

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  17. 17 Den

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    Okay, PBG has been crossed off my drama list for the next two years, but since he’s this nice irl (I knew YOF would change my mind about him) I’d reconsider my plans not to watch any show he’s in (he stole Jung-hwan’s wife!). Just kidding. Mostly. Maybe. 😉

    Hope this gets subbed soon. Also, Na PD should definitely kidnap the ahjummas of AM88 because I want to see Ra Mi-ran be her awesome self. And they should take RJY as their luggage boy, of course!

    • 17.1 rhienz

      Na PD said in YOF Africa presscon that if there will be another luggage boy, it has to be Ahn Jae Hong.
      thats because Jun-yeolie is too proud and confident to be a luggage boy, while Jae-hongie is so easy going that if he put in any situations he’ll survive it with glee
      – this according to vapp english translation

      • 17.1.1 Rockingchairs

        Hahahah isn’t Seojinnie proud and confident too??? Hahhah

  18. 18 algae

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    Watched it live while reading live recaps and spazzing with my fellow RJY’s friend online
    So much fun…^__^
    It fell like A Reply 1988 season 2, with ssangmundong F4.

    Junyeoli is a man of many charm. He just has that quality that I like in my man 😀
    His confidence is sexy, His adaptability to a new environment, His Leadership Quality, That honey voice, he speak english in a deeper tone and a very good diction, I have been replaying the YT English Speaking Cut again and again.I just decide to download it for my viewing pleasure hahaha.

    Can’t wait for the next episode….

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  20. 20 flamingotamer

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    I LOVE how the entire crew conspired together to get them! And it was so wonderful to see how humbled they were at even the prospect of even being invited by the show when they had no idea at all they were being filmed for it right then and there!

    Thank you for recapping 1988 and Youths Over Flowers!!! I love Dramabeans and love your recaps!

  21. 21 rC

    They’re all so adorable! Ryu jun yeol is so cool and Park bo gum is a real life Taek.

    • 21.1 weallwantpizza

      Even the manager said that PBG was too similar to Taek that he worried if PBG would look like a fool… LOL!

      I’m thinking that all the boys is just the real life characters of their Reply 1988. Junyeol as smart-depandable-and-swoon-worthy Junghwan, Jaehong is cute and food-related like Jungbong, Kyungpyo is sensitive, wise, and always-worry like Sunwoo. While Bogum… is purely the innocent Taek (without the Master Choi one) LOL him missing a flight completed the Taek’s list.

  22. 22 dkaoru

    is that Daeju (from 1n2d season 1) with Park Bo gum?

    • 22.1 mia

      It’s Kim Daeju all right! Love that he’s still with NaPD and crew. He was Taecyeon’s tractor teacher in TMaD and beekeeper expert. In short, just like in 1n2d he’s still NaPD’s lackey hahahah!

  23. 23 Jyuu

    It was so endearing and kind of ridiculous to see PBG offer his kidnappers drinks and food. And it was so cute to watch him call his hyungs tentatively and telling them he missed his flight. He definitely has a lot of aegyo and it’s obvious his hyungs love him.

    But if I had to travel with them, I’d pick RJY. He seems so laid-back and competent and I love hearing him speak English!

    I also love the AM1988 OSTs sprinkled through. How awesome is it that PBG still listens to it in his car?

  24. 24 Yren

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    P.s. Junyeol is really a born leader..I am so impressed! Love all the guys but my heart belongs to bogum!

  25. 25 Catrin

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    PART 1&2:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnTwJWmbhDA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmGkyi5xHKo

    • 25.1 hushh


      Hakuna Matataaaaaa ( Don’t Worry, Be Happy 😀 )

    • 25.2 Rene

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    • 25.3 mia

      So funny! Thanks for sharing!

  26. 26 Taeki's kissing Teacher

    OMG!!! you girls are so fast!!!!!!!!!

    Park Bogum…. *sigh* I’m now confinced that he’s not human. Coz I have never met a human being whose kindness level is that high….. to the point of making his kidnappers feeling guilty.
    But..hahahhaha… I died laughing when Jun Yeolie mimicked Bogum’s reaction. Hahhahah..
    And….. I cried a little watching Kyung Pyo broke down into tears. . and the way he hugged Shin PD. You just know how thankful he was to that person.

    • 26.1 fan

      I felt bad when Kyung Pyo sobbed saying he thought Flower Youth was only for the people who were loved, and he was not worthy. He said he did wrong things in the past.
      I had to look it up what he did wrong. He was viciously attacked by female netizens for his few careless comments on SNS,- comments like “Film awards are BS”, “Park Yoo-chun Mannequin acting”.

      LOL moment- In the casts party, Park Bo-geum just stands there with the (liquor) glass, and screen caption reads “Ji-Ji” (what grown up says to a baby to stop him from eating bad things).

      • 26.1.1 Hopeless kiss

        What BS means?

        • Taeki's kissing Teacher


  27. 27 little-muffin

    Thanks for the recap!!! =D
    I watched this in raw and the recap really helps for the translation. Really love these boys and Park Bo-gum really makes me smile, he’s just so sweeeeet.
    Can’t wait for more episodes!

  28. 28 Juyeon

    “He stole my wife and now I have to take care of him too?” Is that a joke? (should I laugh? lols) I’m sorry, when is this RJY? r u for reals? did we watch the same drama? did u understand the script? I’m so sorry, but I can’t remember anything like that LMAO. Delulu forever…pls pull back to reality ASAP “My only concern is U” Sorry, but never been ur “WIFE” LOLS. But, I must say in this episode ur a dependable Hyung hehehe.

    • 28.1 pogo

      It’s a joke, i.e. a thing not to be taken seriously/literally.

      • 28.1.1 Juyeon

        That’s y I said should I laugh? Cause I don’t find it funny. I believe JOKES R HALF MEANT! Behind every joke, there’s a lil bit of truth. PEACE ^^,

        • pogo

          I think you missed the point of it being a joke entirely, judging by your little rants under multiple usernames. Grow up.

        • Miranda

          What would that “truth” be here, though? It’s a joke about fictional scripted characters.

        • Tiger

          It’s really sad that you can’t laugh or see the funny side of things. Please open up your heart and let go of your anger and pain. It’s not good to be stressing yourself like this when these guys love each other! In the press conference, when asked which animal describes each member, Bogum said Junyeol reminded him of a tiger. I think he truly admires his hyung since a tiger is a special image, and it not even an animal in Africa! He could have said lion, but he said tiger. Anyway, when it was Junyeol’s turn, he said Bogum is like the oryx, a elegant animal with attractive horns and markings. Jaehong quipped that these animals are the “fast-food of the jungle” as they are easily eaten by predators. And Bogum found this funny. But Junyeol said that having looked eye to eye with an oryx once, its big bright eyes reminded him of Bogum’s. I just think he finds the oryx very handsome and endearing.

        • Petra

          While I agree that there is some truth behind every joke and thus jokes shouldn’t be made too flippantly, I don’t think that is the case here.

          Not sure if you understand Korean but when I watched it, his tongue in cheek manner showed the truth behind that joke is that some viewers mix up actors and the characters they play; he is having an inside joke with the viewers and crew who have seen ’88. Not that he is mixing up the two or what happened in the show.

        • Wondering

          Just because you believe it doesn’t make it the absolute truth. jokes are half meant = something some dude came up with and got viral before the age of the internet. It does not equal truth. Try not to be so rigid, it might bite you in the @ss someday… But as they say (since you seem to like adages), regret always comes too late.

    • 28.2 Grace

      lol. why so bitter? That’s a joke. Everyone laughs. Well, except you.

    • 28.3 aafra

      You are blurring A drama character and A real life person.
      There’s no ill intention in his jokes. He is just being funny 🙂

      You are a viewer while he play a character in the drama. I think he knows the drama better than you. He interact with the writer and director directly while you are badmounthing him behind your PC/notebook.

      Sorry to say, but you are the delusional one here

      • 28.3.1 KissMeAndImYoursForever

        Junyeol might be the one having a hard time separating a fictional character from the real person? He meant Bogeum, right?

        As someone who didn’t care for the husband-hunting game, I would have to say that was a really an odd joke. And uncalled for with due to respect to the actor Bogeum. Because he played dutifully (and beautifully well) that character Taecie just following the writer’s and director’s plan. So to mock someone’s hard work and crack a joke like that at someone else’s expense was kind of hard to laugh at.

        • aafra

          If it is your perception, ok Then. Let’s just agree to disagree.

          The fact is that his jokes is well received and he is very much loved in Korea. If you read netizen comments..all of the are loving him 😀

          You know Knetz..they are unforgivable with their stars’s scandals. Let’s just look at kyun po.
          So far Ryu Jun Yeol get NONE of that.
          He is trending at NAVER no. 1 and 2 last friday 🙂

          • KissMeAndImYoursForever

            Yes, agree to disagree on the topic of jokes. Different folks, different strokes.
            Still I think there are some jokes better left said in the bar room only to your friends than broadcasted to the whole nation. Especially if you’re an actor in image-conscious Korea. And that is one of those.
            Sadly, I haven’t read any knetz comments (I don’t even know where to read it lol) nor do I plan to. I definitely think knetz are not representative of what the whole of South Korea thinks. They’re pretty brutal and relentless (from what I heard) enough to drive ppl to suicide.
            Well, trends are just like what it says it is. It comes and goes.
            The boys are still relatively green and just gaining recognition (well deserved) I wouldn’t bank on that sole factor as indicative of success in the industry. One can also be trending for all the worst reasons. Or not be trending at all for all the worst reasons. I think what matters most is if key-players in the industry would still give them a job or would like to work with them and viewers still think they’re worth watching long after the AnswerMe bubble has burst. For sure they can’t bank on being the-husband/not-the-husband-fame forever.
            I don’t want to compare the boys, they each have their fine qualities including Kyung-Pyo (what his scandal? dating scandal? oh pls knetz is it a crime for a hot-blooded young man to date) and I wish for all of them to play their cards right and stay long enough for our daughters or granddaughters to fangirl over them next.

        • guest

          Mock the hard work…really?? Get a life and move on.

          • KissMeAndImYoursForever

            Please tell that to your idol.
            He needs that advice more than I do.
            Bogeum’s moved on to grander things. I have done too.
            Carry on!

        • aafra

          tv Report – Naver: ‘YOF’, Kidnapper Na Young Suk x Ryu Junyeol made the best collab ever

          1. [+10,837, -236] What is Ryu Junyeol not good at?

          2. [+8,098, -207] Ryu Junyeol is really awesome

          3. [+7,366, -173] Enjoyed it so much. He’s better at English than I thought!

          4. [+5,378, -133] Really good, it lived up to my expectations!!

          5. [+4,706, -123] It was so much fun!!! ^^♡♡

          6. [+2,549, -73] Ryu Junyeol is the chill type ㅋㅋHis personality is refreshing not to mention he’s well-rounded

          7. [+2,458, -70] Woah Ryu Junyeol has crazy good leadership and English skills

          8. [+2,351, -81] That was awesome! Not only is he fluent in English but he speaks in a polite manner. Judging by his common sense and how he reacts to situations, he’s similar to his smart character in Reply!!! I expected him to be clumsy but he’s such a reversal! I fell for Jungpal as a character but I fell even more for Ryu Junyeol as a person

          9. [+2,146, -75] This show makes me wanna go on a trip with Ryu Junyeol ㅠㅠㅠㅠ!!!!!

          10. [+1,805, -56] His pronunciation is really good ㅠㅠ♥

        • aafra

          1. [+1,627, -40] Wow, I was never really able to get into his charms because I never watched ‘Reply’ but seeing him not only speak fluent English but with that voice of his… he has great leadership skills too and an awesome personality, good singer to boot… this show made me become his fan ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

          2. [+1,423, -40] His English was good, his voice sounded like honey ㅋ

          3. [+161, -6] He seems like a free spirit… not afraid to walk around barefoot at the airport and all. I guess this is the power of what charm can do to a person. His charm makes him seem as handsome as Kang Dong Won ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

          4. [+134, -4] I was in awe of him the entire time watching ㅋㅋㅋ The show did well in showing what a full life this 30 year old man has lived thus far

          5. [+116, -4] He’s so cool, isn’t he? You can tell he’s well traveled. He’s not afraid to go up to locals and make friends ㅋㅋ

          6. [+113, -2] He’s such a confident person bursting with charms. Even the most handsome stars I’ve noticed can look intimidated when overseas and surrounded by locals but Ryu Jun Yeol showed none of that. He looked so comfortable and confident.

          7. [+98, -6] Thought I was going to die at how cool he looked speaking English, he’s so charming

          8. [+97, -4] I agree with the comments. He has a strong sense of self worth and self esteem. People like that are comfortable and confident no matter the situation.

          9. [+89, -5] Good at English, singing, driving, has leadership skills.. I can see why he’s popular.

          10. [+83, -2] Shows that sometimes a person just needs charms to pull people in rather than just looks

        • aafra

          You might not want to read the knetz comments, but I am copying them here for others who read this articles and interested to know :


          As for PBG, who said about dating scandals ?
          He got involved in 3 controversial scandals
          1. Bashing a senior accomplished idol actors with big number of fans for getting an award, thinking he was not deserved that award
          2. Supporting an actor who Knetz perceived as degrading woman specifically actress in his comment
          3. Suporting a controversial rapper and saying in his SNS “, “Just go quietly. I’m uncomfortable with those who have serious dyslexia,”

          And another mild one, when asking what he was doing in 1988 @Reply 1988 Live Press Conference, He said he was still in his father’s testicle

          • aafra

            Sorry, I mean GKP 🙂

        • aafra

          You might not want to read the knetz comments, but I am copying them here for others who read this articles and interested to know :


          It’s not just about RJY by the way, It talked about YoF, AJH, GKP and PBG too 🙂

          As for GKP, who said about dating scandals ?
          He got involved in 3 controversial scandals
          1. Bashing a senior accomplished idol actors with big number of fans for getting an award, thinking he was not deserved that award
          2. Supporting an actor who Knetz perceived as degrading woman specifically actress in his comment
          3. Suporting a controversial rapper and saying in his SNS “, “Just go quietly. I’m uncomfortable with those who have serious dyslexia,”

          And another mild one, when asking what he was doing in 1988 @Reply 1988 Live Press Conference, He said he was still in his father’s testicle

          But it’s all forgotten now, thanks to Reply 1988 and YoF

        • juliesean

          For heaven’s sake, it’s just a JOKE !!!!! Geez…..

    • 28.4 Donggg

      Learn to take a joke, a J.O.K.E dude lmao don’t exaggerate.

    • 28.5 amy

      i’m guessing Juyeon and fatima is the same person. what a troll! i hope you all stop feeding him/her/whateva

    • 28.6 honeylime

      Have you seen the video or you just read it here? It was clearly a joke, everyone who saw how he deliver that sentence would know it was a joke, even GKP laughed at it.

      He jokes about this a couple of times, even a R1988 related CF tackled the issue in sarcastic way.

      • 28.6.1 Wondering

        Even go kyung pyo joked and said i love you bora. This is something actors do a lot, joking as if they were the characters. I heard sungjae joking like this too. And more, they do this a lot in press conferences for dramas as well as shows like happy together. I don’t know why that person is being mean to ryu jun yeol. as if jun yeol and bogeum aren’t friends.

    • 28.7 Aninerow

      You must have had a tough life. I feel sorry for you 🙁

    • 28.8 jane

      lol i was worried that some fans would take that seriously and yup here it is. he said it with a joking tone and he was half laughing too when he said it.

    • 28.9 Gelai

      You seriously have to chill. I don’t see the joke as offending to Bogum’s. Their bromance is goals. When I read this joke on the live recap last Friday, I know this is just something to laugh crazily though their was still some bitterness that inkled on me as #TeamJungHwan. And if ever, I can’t see anything wrong if he himself got Jungpaled more than anyone else probably thought. Who eIse will support and justify the character if not the actors that played it? If you watch his naver broadcast and really understand his humor, you’ll know that he definitely just throw this joke for the fans who supported his character and rooted for Jung Hwan as the husband, not to instult and disrespect Taek or Bogum. I can see this joke as not exactly for himself but for half the audience that believed he was ought to be the husband. Will he genuinely get teary eyed at the IG relay message if he didn’t care and understood the sentiment of TeamJungHwan?

    • 28.10 Miranda

      It was pretty funny, I laughed.

    • 28.11 guest

      That guy you ask to shut up was called like omna by your bogum. Ironic of life when his fans (not all your them) are this salty and can’t move on

      • 28.11.1 crystal


    • 28.12 GB

      oh God please stop!!! I love Park Bogum to death and I am team Taek but please let’s move on from the drama! Junyeol said it as a joke and I don’t see anything wrong with what he said! Bogum is an extremely nice person don’t attract haters for him! Let’s not tarnish the comment section of this beautiful recap with that stupid fanwar between team taek and team Jungwhan again! this is YOUTH OVER FLOWER NOT REPLY 1988….. thank u and Peace!

    • 28.13 meh

      I think I know who you are. I saw you rant on twitter, and I also know how much shade you’re throwing RJY’s way. Girl, R88 is over. The fact that he can make a joke about it means it’s a part of a past that he likes to look back on. Stop making a big deal out of it.

    • 28.14 Wondering

      My jaw literally dopped. What is wrong with you? You take dramas as reality? Making your life makjang by having a fight with a person on tv? Typical internet bully. And how dare you ask a really good actor who put so many hours into the show that you watched if he understood the script. So ungrateful and unappreciative of others’ hardwork. Grow up.

  29. 29 An-naum

    Since i havent watch it full, the most part made me shock was bo gum missed the flight. Omg, he didnt have a sense of alert, isnt he? ( Usually, we will wait almost an hour in front of boarding gate). RJY is an experienced traveller? Oh wow, i’m counting money to travel once in a year!

    • 29.1 rhienz

      what shocker is that no one from the crew informed or alert him about the flight. they all just walked along with him.
      thats why Jae-hong said in the press con that reality-men (crews) are scary.

      • 29.1.1 KissMeAndImYoursForever

        Makes for a great variety moment *wink wink*
        The more mistakes, the better.
        Bogeums a natural for variety shows, it just occured to me.
        He’s adorable even when he runs into a mishap.
        Running Man sign him up for guesting..Quick !!!!!

        • crazyahjummafan

          I have nothing against Ahn Jae-hyung, but I think that Park Bogum would be ideal for Seunggi’s ‘replacement’ in New Journey to the West. Both are puppies, both are polite and super-nice and both so hodang.

          • An

            Yea, I bet he’ll be too earnest at everything (but failing at some.. Like Seung Gi with cooking “lol) but you could never get mad at him..

        • thelady

          I hope they all guest on Running Man

    • 29.2 Miranda

      Airlines aren’t fantastic about noting that they close a flight well before the departure time (and frequently leave the boarding time off altogether) and sometimes gates are a looong way from each other.

      Based on the footage I’d guess that PBG isn’t an experienced traveller, that he thought you board until departure, and then had an unexpected 15-minute walk to the gate. Planes in recent years are also known to leave slightly early, which is incredibly irritating.

      But in this case it’s possible the crew just let him miss it because it’s only a 2-hour flight and now you get to film PBG sleeping in an airport. It would delay the schedule on the other side, but maybe the production crew thought the drama was worth it?

      • 29.2.1 Sun

        I once missed my flight too because the airline changed the boarding gate and there weren’t those screens updating boarding information around the area my friend and I were waiting. When we finally realized that something was wrong we needed to go allll the way to the other side to check, and the new boarding gate was at another wing of the building. But it was lucky for us that the airline helped us to get seats on the next available flight for free and we didnt have to spend the night in airport.

        • Miranda

          Ooooh, also? When Bo Gum runs up to the desk, the sign still reads “Boarding” – he must have JUST missed it. By minutes if not seconds.

  30. 30 Taeki's kissing Teacher

    I noticed Noel’s Together (from Reply 1988’s ost) was played during Bogum’s kidnapping part when he was having phone call with Go Kyung Pyo, Jeon Yeol, and Jae Hung. At first, I thought it was used by the YOF editor as the background music. But then I noticed that the song disappeared everytime the scene changed to Kyung Pyo. And so I came to realization that the song was played in Bogum’s car. And…. i dun know why but I squealed so hard at that. I loooove this song so much and the fact that uri Bogumie also played this song in his car…….. *I have no word to describe*..

    • 30.1 pastmidnite over flowers

      I noticed that too! Maybe he’s playing the drama’s OSTs on repeat like some of us do LOL

  31. 31 Fatima

    Stole ur wife? RJY really? hehe did u watch the SNL skit? u should know by now why ur character is not the husband LMAO. Pls move on already RJY don’t talk about R88 related stuff in YOF. Ur a capable hyung so ur a likeable person only if u don’t speak and u close that big mouth of yours. LMAO

    • 31.1 Grace

      LOL. so funny, you guys are the one who can’t move on.

    • 31.2 hushh

      why so salty ??
      It’s only a joke dear… 🙂
      He is moving on already, read his latest interviews

    • 31.3 redfox

      this generation and their unreadable rants, really. Please speak in full words at least, especially if you happen to be cussing. Cussing needs to be understood to work.

    • 31.4 Hymie

      And your point???

    • 31.5 Paaa

      …… wow…why so rude? He was joking,,everyone knows that….for real …. why the constant need to defend the fact that TK is the husband….it’s over,it’s official, we all know! Why need to bring that everytime someone mentions the drama,,,i don’t think PBG would be offended by that, he’s such a sweetheart…but for real his fans are the opposite of him

      • 31.5.1 rhienz

        Not all of his fans, really. *wink*

      • 31.5.2 mellina

        Stop classifying a post to all Boguum fans.

        • Paaa

          sorry, my bad! I wanted to say “some” of his fans.

          Im a JunYeol fan but i don’t doubt that he has fans that might be too extreme as well and rude to other people.

          Sorry, I know not every fan is like that

      • 31.5.3 An

        I don’t understand how can anyone think that these two guys have some bad blood when they are kissing each other offhandedly… Like for real??

        It’s a similar situation when an actor might joke on press con or interviews that yea, he’s the jerk who stole my fiancé… It doesn’t mean there’s some hidden truth in it. If they’re talking real life/real people, then probably it was not appropriate for a TV audience.

    • 31.6 amy

      @fatima, are you 10? didn’t you know it was a joke? seriously get a life!

    • 31.7 Shush

      “Close that big mouth of yours”. Wow. Of all good and fun things to comment on this episode, you chose to diss RJY. How old are you, really.

    • 31.8 rhienz

      I know its your freedom to write anything you want, but please…
      People will start pointing fingers at Bogummy’s fans and maybe at him too if you write like this.

    • 31.9 Reply95

      Taek is the husband but ironically his supporters are the saltiest of them all. Please stop shaming Park Bo Gum, he is so angelic unlike you guys that continue to bash not only Junghwan’s character, his character’s family and now the actor himself. Keep calm and continue to enjoy watching Ssangmundong kids in Africa

      • 31.9.1 rhienz

        “Taek is the husband but ironically his supporters are the saltiest of them all.”

        And please stop saying things like this, too…

        • Reply95

          Well I apologise for the quick generalisation, that was rash of me. However it’s pretty much a fact that some fans of PBG are salty because of the recognition of RJY’s character and real life personality despite them getting their happily ever after.

    • 31.10 Donggg

      @fatima Why do you feel the need to insult RJY lmao you tried so hard troll but failed. I feel embarrassed for you LOL

      • 31.10.1 falalalala

        why do they even hate that precious guy?! he’s done nothing wrong whether as Ryu Jun Yeol himself or as Junghwan.

    • 31.11 Miranda

      Na PD kidnapped four guys off of R88 and is giving them spending money in batches of 88. Clearly he expects them to talk about Reply 1988.

      If he closes his mouth, English capabilities on this trip drop by 90% and they end up renting a lady’s car out of sheer desperation. RJY should definitely not be closing his mouth on this trip.

      • 31.11.1 pogo

        I want to marry this comment.

        (and I don’t even mind making a 20-episode-long ‘who’s-the-husband’ drama about it first 😉 )

      • 31.11.2 jb24


      • 31.11.3 algae


    • 31.12 guest

      Buahahahs are you that stone ,??? Getting mad over something like this? Poor you

    • 31.13 algae

      How would you feel IF someone said :

      “NOBODY will want to be stranded in a continent, in africa at that where people still have this preconceive notion that this continent is not as developed as other continents, with people as CLUELESS and as USELESS Park Bo Gum ??

      It Might be good and interesting for a variety Show, but it is TROUBLE and A BURDEN in real life.

      Ifo you are being offensive like this, people will also attack bo gum. Would you like that ?

      • 31.13.1 rhienz

        Really wow..

        No need to return insults with insults.

        Enough with the insults she threw in this post.

        • algae

          sorry rhienz..I am just giving example for her to understand other point of view hence “IF”

        • algae

          verry sorry rhienz, I am just trying to make her/he see from other point of view, hence IF 🙂

    • 31.14 Petra

      You don’t want him to talk about R88 stuff? But that’s how the 4 of them know each other, isn’t it?

      It’s a theme of this YOF just as much as the destination.

    • 31.15 Wondering

      Go kyung pyo also talked about r88, so why aren’t you using your big mouth to rant on him? Although, it would be better if you just close that big mouth of yours, since MAYBE you’ll be a likeable person only if you do that. Ironic how much of a hypocrite you are lol

  32. 32 KissMeAndImYoursForever

    To be fair to Bogeum i don’t think he’s that inept and helpless as his AnswerMe character as some would like to put it out there. He didn’t miss the flight because he was heedlessly unmindful of the time while shopping and eating but he made the mistake of misreading his boarding pass and the monitor at the a/p.. he basically camped near at the wrong gate. If he had been near A0 I reckon he would have made it. Give the poor puppy a break, he spent more time moving from one airport to another nonstop 36hrs+ starting from his brief trip home from Phuket without a proper rest. He must have been a little out-of-it.

    • 32.1 redfox

      true, and the gates can be confusing. even our tiny Tallinn airport is now soooo long and in Copenhagen I nearly sat down at a random spot cause I couldnt walk anymore. Maybe he also got tired of walking…

    • 32.2 rhienz


    • 32.3 pastmidnite over flowers

      and it wouldn’t be fun if he didn’t miss his flight! LOL
      He’s such variety material, I bet Na PD really loves him now 😀

      • 32.3.1 KissMeAndImYoursForever

        Na PD’s probably gleefully rubbing his hands together to have found a Lee Seungi 2.0. So he has backup if in case he needs another luggage boy other than marshmallow bear Jaehong-hyung. I bet the grandpas will love Bogeum, if Seo Jin’s too busy with his drama.

        • weallwantpizza

          He was even surprised when Bogum apologizing to his kidnappers. While the hyungs are all “He’s just that kind to the point you can’t believe it.”

          Na PD sure has found another gem of variety maknae material.

    • 32.4 mellina

      So true. I felt my heart in my throat praying for him to get his flight right after missing it.

    • 32.5 KDaddict😍JCW

      If you watch the ep, With sub, you’ll see that IT clearly stated the amts of time he spent shopping and eating, and that the PD or manager said in the background Bogum’s quite like Taek, in not being able to do anything when left to himself.

      So it is NOT that “some would like to put it out there” to make him seem “inept or helpless”.

      Relax and no need to feel so defensive when no insult is meant.

      • 32.5.1 KissMeAndImYoursForever

        Oh, honey.
        I was merely pointing out Bogeum would have made the flight regardless of the time spent eating and shopping, had he not made the mistake of misreading his info and camped quite near his gate.
        I’m not waging war against the writer’s commentaries or to anyone’s insistence on how Bogeum’s image should be painted as in this show. You can think of him as pabo Taecie, it’s alright.
        But can we just be a little bit more open-minded? Bogeum is a real person. I understand his character on the show was based partially on his real-life personality. And I do see some resemblance in their personalities. But I do not subscribe to the notion that I write readily someone off as 100% helpless like his character on the show. Mistakes and missed flights can still happen even to the well-traveled.
        I’m saying, it would be great if we all can see beyond their characters and enjoy watching Bogeum and the rest of the guys for the person that they really are and not singularly peg their every action/mishap to that one character they played in the show.

        • guest

          You clearly trying to create a war with RJY fans. Hypocrite

          • KissMeAndImYoursForever

            Sigh. The war is in your head, honey. So don’t go there.. It won’t look good for any one of you.
            I’m just here to watch the show and I’m enjoying it a lot. And I’m seeing the boys for what they are as REAL people thrown on a trip with a lot mishaps/hi-jinx possibilities and watch them behave/react to a situation without having to resort to making Answer Me character generalizations.

          • pogo

            @KissMeAndImYoursForever or however many usernames you’re going under –

            it’s ironic that you’re talking about things not looking good for any other commenter, when the only one coming off sounding angry, immature and humourless……is YOU.

            Knock it off already, you’re making the rest of us Park Bo-gum fans look bad.

        • amy

          @KissMeASS…. shut the F*** up!

  33. 33 redfox

    Taekie made the whole production crew feel bad about kidnapping such a nice person. This is like watching a Mutley cartoon where the evil mastermind fails and crashes.

    And Jae Hong is so totally clueless! What! How can Jun Yeol know so much more? What have you been doing, Jae Hong? Has he really been folding cranes to this point or playing silly games? Why don´t you know anything?

    I really can´t wait till Bogummy joins them! Cuddles! Smooches! (though ok, sorry, I am pretending to be excited about the smooches, but I cant lie well, I find it slightly icky)

    • 33.1 Miranda

      To be fair, Jun Yeol is terrifyingly competent. He’s negotiating cab fares in a third-party foreign language on a different continent, then doing exchange rates on the fly in his head. Even frequent travelers don’t often have his level of competence. Usually the skillset it a little more spread out in a travel group (and some of these guys clearly know some English), but Jun Yeol has cornered the market.

      • 33.1.1 JJK

        Yeah, totally agreed. Especially also the part where he pointed out to One Lady about the hefty car insurance.

      • 33.1.2 roake

        Is his travel skills really that impressive? I’m not being an ass, I swear. But is that really hard to do? I started traveling alone after high school and I don’t think currency conversion and such is that hard. I do speak English, but I have never had any issue communicating with body language and a calculator when negotiating prices.

        Is it really that impressive? I know so many people who backpacks and travel with no issues.

        • roake

          +++ I did miss my train in Paris because I didn’t adjust my watch for the time difference when I travelled from London. This was before smartphones that auto update time. I don’t have that problem anymore.

        • redfox

          well, no. I always split from group and wander towns without a map. there are church towers after all. and the sun can tell time. I have always managed, except when I get into pedestrian tunnels, like in London there were some with 8 exits and I had no idea where to go

        • Petra

          Like most skills, it seems easy to the ppl who have it but perhaps not to those who don’t.

          My older bro can be dropped in the middle of anywhere and be fine while I’m always impressed by the amount of little things he knows on logistics and having a more comfortable trip.

        • Miranda

          @roake, the impressive thing is that RYJ goes beyond the basics. If I were to group travellers, I’d say there’s Type A who can’t go anywhere alone, then there’s Type B who can go alone but is somewhat procedural and will follow guidebooks and eat at more recognizable restaurants or book with national/international hotels and stay nearer known areas, and then there’s Type C who actively interact with locals, eat street food, and will happily wander into the middle of nowhere with the vague idea that they heard of a really cool hut that sells its own moonshine and they’ll figure out lodgings once they’re there and probably end up sleeping on someone’s couch.

          RJY is definitely a Type C – I’ve met wilder Type Cs in my life (as in, meet someone in an airport and then go to their house in a Katrina-hit ward for a neighborhood barbecue that night), but he is definitely going beyond the comfort zone of most travelers.

          Personally I’m between a B and a C, mostly due to general safety issues that women have to deal with. I probably wouldn’t drive into Namibia to a random house where there might be a car to rent for woman-traveling-solo reasons, basically. But I also recognize that my innate sense of direction, a generally sharp sense of danger and a basic ability to “wing it” is not something I really control, it’s just the setting I was born with that I’ve been able to make the most of. Other people don’t have that skill, but do have other skills – like submitting their taxes in a leisurely manner. I do not have that skill at ALL.

  34. 34 mary

    They’re so cute omg and their reactions to be in a popular show. Awww….

  35. 35 sasaeng

    Yaaas! they are in my Continent! they should come to Malawi so I can sneak out and see them. sigh..so near yet so far away

  36. 36 mellina

    Lovely Episode.
    AJH is such a Big teddy bear. He has a funny face lol. Just like jungbong.
    Felt so bad for GKP, He shouldn’t take mean comments to heart. Netz can be brutal sometimes. I love you GKP.
    RJY I’m impressed with him thinking on his feet but he should give space for others to contribute too. He shouldnt take all the burdens alone. Yonseok did that in last edition of YOF(R’94) (he also had a sense of traveling). His English(though has little flaws in it) is pretty good. It will make things easier for them on thier trip. Like how he’s polite to strangers too.
    PBG…ahhhh..my cute gummy bear. What do I do with you huh? Being kind to your kidnappers, missing flight, eating and eating and eating(where do all the food run to), shopping for hats. He’s adorable. Even the face he made when taking a sip of champagne in phucket was so cute. Can’t wait to see more hijinks from him.

    • 36.1 aafra

      regarding RJY : Yeah He should..maybe on the later part of the show.
      Right now what can he do, Jaehoong still look shocked sometimes, scared and clueless. I think he was never been abroad before.
      And Kyung Po so busy with his handphone. Maybe contacting his family in Korea or still looking for clue where on earth does he is right now ? 😀

      As for RJY, he said that he is planning to travel to africa this year. He is the most prepared and the boys trust him 🙂

      • 36.1.1 mellina

        Lol.. GKP sharing the money equally came back to bite them. Things are expensive in my continent. Thanks to the economy. Pfft..
        I wanted them to bargain note for that car but it’s still OK.lol

        • aafra

          That lady car owner is one scary lady.
          Both GKP and AJH seem scared of her..
          I admire the way RJY facing her, no sign of fear 🙂

        • Milo

          How much is a pair of underwear at Namibia? I have this thought for the past 2 days after watching ep1 on why did they not buy undies at Changi airport, Singapore? Did they perhaps thought Africa would be cheaper?

          • Petra

            Haha. I think they’re still too much in shock. Too much on their minds.

  37. 37 Snowy

    Looool at those fans telling RJY not to call DS his “wife” wahahahaha it’s a joke, people. Try catching up with times.

    I hope the show gets subbed. I love this recap. I’ll go watch the raw now!

  38. 38 Viki

    I can’t wait to watch this! At least we got an awesome recap to read while we wait patiently for the subs 🙂

  39. 39 feignedreality

    Just like what javabeans said, I too hope that they got insurance for the car ’cause from the preview cuts it seems that cutie patootie PBG “injures” Mundongie a bit. LOL.

    RJY’s “Here we go!” towards the end of the episode was hella sexy, my goodness.

    Anyway, YoF: Africa is off to a good start, according to a blog update episode 1 had an ave. viewership rating of 13%, peaking at 15%. Yay!!!

    • 39.1 weallwantpizza

      Wait, you make me rewatch the part when Mundongie got injured! Was it really him? It didn’t show who was driving though…

      But if yes, omg, how many Taek points would Park Bogum get in real life?

      • 39.1.1 beldaran

        Lol. At the press conference, they revealed it was Bonly Gum… XD

        Jae Hong noted that he was scared (of? for?) cameramen because this one just stepped aside and kept filming when he could have gotten hit.

        • beldaran

          Ugh. Auto correct. Bonly isn’t even a word. I meant Bo Gum.

        • rhienz

          Jang-hong said in the press con that for the first time he thought variety-men are scary. in this case, the cameraman could stop the car crash just by tapping the car to alert the driver. But instead of tapping it, he continued to film the car crashed to the wall.

          • weallwantpizza

            LOLLLL seriously?? I cracked up so much! He’s so adorably Taek material!

  40. 40 pastmidnite over flowers

    I’ve been waiting to see their reactions after seeing Na PD in person, and I’m not disappointed at all! Their faces were priceless! LOL And Bogum’s whole interaction with his kidnappers hahaha I can’t stop smiling. He’s such an angel.
    GKP crying broke my heart. AJH is like a real life JB oppa, maybe a bit clumsier. RJY is really playing his part as hyung, so dependable and fast, but I think Na PD won’t like it if he keeps being like that the entire show LOL not good for variety! But I guess it IS different from what we’ve seen in the previous YOF lol (“Could I help me?” LOL) Bogum, however! He’s PERFECT! I almost feel bad for hoping for many more mishaps in the coming episodes 😀
    Looking forward to the complete quartet and more cute bromance!

    • 40.1 Miranda

      It’s loveable to see guys being doofs abroad, but I actually really love seeing RJY competent. If YoF encourages young people to travel by proving that you don’t have to be perfect to survive and enjoy yourself, RJY is showing an example of why you should always strive to be closer to perfect: that scene of him and the car lady was impressive.

    • 40.2 JJK

      I heart their reactions after seeing Na PD too! RJY and AJH were like: what the heck is going on?

  41. 41 Jen

    Thanks for the recap! I enjoyed the first episode of YOF. Can’t wait for more! But, I don’t like Ryu Jun Yeol joke that his wife got stolen. It might be a joke yes, but it is a petty one.

    Deoksun is her own person and the word “stolen” is a haver very ownership, sexist tone. Girls, don’t let guys say they own you! Why must a guy own a girl? and not the other way around? This make Deoksun looks like a cheater. Pls respect Deoksun’s choice. It’s done, she made her choice.

    From SNL Korea:

    There is an old saying that goes, “Day words are heard by birds, and night words are heard by Junghwan.”

    The real saying is, “Day words are heard by birds, and night words are heard by rats.”

    English equivalent of this “THE WALLS HAVE EARS” meaning:

    “Be careful of when or where you say, because there are always people around that may overhear you.”

    • 41.1 algae

      Junghwan is different with Jun Yeol Though.

      One is a drama character and one is a real being who are making jokes about the drama that he involved in.
      I don’t see anobody in Korea (not the actors, not netizen) or elsewhere being salty about that except taek shipper

    • 41.2 Miranda

      Why on earth would joking about a scripted drama event be “petty”?! If he were joking abut real live people then you might have a point, but they’re scripted characters. It’s probably something the three of them joke about a lot, and it was FUNNY – pretending to be bitter about a make-believe relationship.

      The pressure put on Korean celebrities to not only be good people but to mold themselves into a bland representation of what their fanbase expects is kind of terrifying. And it’s particularly ironic to see comments like this on an episode where Kyung Po breaks down in tears and the rest of his cast immediately know it’s an expression of the stress from when he got ripped apart for making statements of personal opinion on SNS. It’s not healthy for anyone involved.

      • 41.2.1 alua

        Some fans are obviously taking the shipping wars about completely fictional characters way too seriously….

        As for those boys – it totally strikes me as an in-joke that they’ve probably had going for weeks, while they were filming and since they finished too. Plus, they were probably secretly crushing on someone else (on or off the set) entirely… If they are (or become) really tight buddies, I could even see that in 10-15 years time when one of them gets married in real life, the other might play a joke and kidnap the bride-to-be for 10 minutes as a reminder of the good ol’ Reply times…

        • alua

          Oops, probably not 10-15 years time… totally didn’t know how old they all were!

        • Mashimomo

          Re: kidnapping the wife – I would totally love and pay to see that happen in real life! Also I can’t believe how some are taking RJY too seriously here – i was watching the show raw and he was totally laughing and GKP cracked up as well. I’m saying this as someone on Team Taekie and have been following PBG ever since.

          I’d also like to think that they will all stay good friends well after all the hoopla for Reply and YoF dies down, like the cast of Its OK That’s Love who supported each other’s projects well after the show wrapped up.

        • Sigh

          Lol it totally was, and i think this jungpaled thing is even more than just a cast joke since even in the cfs that junghwan filmed they’ve had him joke around as the love loser. So i don’t get what bitter taeksun fans are drinking

    • 41.3 Donggg

      @Jen LMFAO why so serious ? don’t stress yourself out so much over fictional characters and move on girl LOL

    • 41.4 abcde

      I dunno why this joke is kinda make some people feel offended -.- drama is only a drama, it doesn’t happen in real life, don’t be too much invested in drama and make it like it is a real deal, just enjoy the show

    • 41.5 Deb

      Yeah, you must be fun at parties. Echoing that some of y’all are taking these statements WAY too seriously.

      I bet you have said things while having fun and hanging out with friends that people could find offensive and write a master’s thesis analysis about. Seriously chill.

    • 41.6 Sigh

      I don’t think you understood the snl thing correctly if it meant what you said… It was pointing out that junghwan overheard a lot of things. Because junghwan was the rat = the wall who had ears and heard things. I.e. Be careful what you say because there are always people (junghwan) around that may overhear you. I don’t understand why taek fans seem to be throwing that around…

  42. 42 Etaa

    ROFTL u guys really, why u take a joke as a serious matter tho?JY just laughed after that..chill guys
    And the most important thing is, RJY really care about PBG..he even worried bout him being alone, and suggest don’t wander around at night.. Chill guys
    I’m Here as RJY-PBG supporter
    I really find cute their relationship, like hyung-dongsaeng..they even share ‘kisses’ LOL
    Even PBG called RJY as omma and seems he always with junyeol mostly in the previews

    Pls don’t take your hate beyond…because of the drama.

  43. 43 K-D Lover

    Omo! Omo!
    It’s finally here! I’m not much of a variety show watcher person but I seriously couldn’t help it with this group! I need more of this group together!! #Reply1988Forever
    They are so cute, they are just making us fall all over them again, and I thought it was so sweet how Kyung cried and bawled when he realised they were a part of this show..
    Seems that PD is one to watch for. Because wherever you go, he’ll be watching… 0.0
    And I died and cried when Joon yeol said why should he help Bogum if he stole his wife?.. Seriously awesome.
    Cute cute cute
    I’ll be keeping an eye out for this show!!

  44. 44 Luzzieh

    That “One Lady” and the man she is with are very shady. R88 3 members were saved by NA PD, that $6000 non-refundable insurance fee in the contract is shady. That part of their trip will be a lesson for them, read the contract before signing.

    PBG is really just a boy, so innocent and naive. Maybe this trip will help him learn how the real world is, just a bit, as he has 3 hyungs to rely on still.

    RJH is an experience traveler, he mentioned has been to many countries (US, China, Japan, etc) and plans to go to Africa alone after R88. He got his wish without spending a dime, and with fellow R88 members. His deep voice when he speaks in English is admirable.

    GKP is thoughtful, even bought food for PBG, and so protecrive the way he carries it. Wonder what happened to it, as PBG miss his flight. Also, what was his past, anyone can shed a light to this?

    AJH is just a happy guy.

    wonder why GKP decides to split the money instead of spending as a group. Can see RJH disagrees but just stays quiet and did not argue further.

    Out of all the location YOF have been to, even thought Africa series just on EP1, I think i like Iceland the most, that Northern Light is hard to bit.

  45. 45 Cloudy

    Just curious and totally asking an irrelevant question here, did the actress who played Bora not went on the Phuket trip? She wasn’t in the group picture…

    • 45.1 rhienz

      No, she didn’t went to Phuket.
      If i’m not mistaken, she had movie shoot schedule that time.

      • 45.1.1 Ela

        No, Ryu Hye-young (Bora) already had a pre-planned family holiday to go on.

        • rhienz

          oh, my mistake.
          thank you @Ela , @Tanty

      • 45.1.2 Tanty

        No, it’s Lee Dongwhi who had movie shoot schedule. Ryu Hyeyoung (Bora) was having family vacation in US.

  46. 46 enols

    C’mon.. the drama ended like ages ago I can’t believe people are still having an issue with the husband hunt…. let’ all just enjoy YOF Africa w/o this nonsense…..
    Anyways lol when the 3 guys get to One Lady’s house and just stood outside the gate not wanting to pass through because they were scared of the dog (they named it Gae Junpal)… couldn’t stop laughing… can’t wait for Bogum to join them. We saw him shopping but I wonder if he ever got them their underwear? probably not since the preview mentioned them going commando…..

    • 46.1 enols

      Just rewatched the episode (and the One Lady scene) again and whoops looks like they said “look at the dog” rather than Gae JungPal (my mistake it sounded very similar haha)… but regardless that part was still hilarious seeing JaeHong screaming when the dog approached him

  47. 47 saranga

    lmao the boys’ reactions when na pd appeared in front of them. ryu jun-yeol really did look like he’d seen a banshee. love him.

    it was jarring for me to see ahn jae-hong acting… not like jung bong. he was absolutely one of my favorite characters on the show, and it’s difficult for me to separate the two now. i wonder though if lee dong-hwi had been able to go, if he still would have been part of the lineup? na pd usually never takes more than four people, does he? except with lee seo-jin/choi ji-woo and lee seung-gi.

    i’m trying really hard to warm up to go kyung-pyo (whom i’ve just never liked, even after reply 1988—and it has nothing to do with his SNS controversies), but i was annoyed when he “suggested” splitting up the money.

    my issue is that it wasn’t really so much a “suggestion” as a one-man executive decision; he had already divvied up the cash and didn’t really properly/formally ask the hyungs for their opinions, just stating that they should do it that way. as the youngest of that configuration, it didn’t seem right for him to make that decision without giving the hyungs a real chance to express their thoughts.

    i mean, i thought ryu jun-yeol didn’t really dig the idea, but go kyung-pyo seemed so set on it, it wasn’t like he could protest too much without seeming argumentative. ahn jae-hong just seemed to take the middle road, saying they could just try it out for a bit and revise later if it didn’t work out.

    it’s unfortunate that that happened after he cried, because despite my disliking of him, i’d been all sympathy when he was crying, and i’d resolved to give him a second chance. which i’m still resolved to do. but the money thing definitely annoyed me.

    • 47.1 saranga

      plus, he should have handed the money envelope to either ryu jun-yeol or ahn jae-hong for them to handle. instead it appears he opened it and started counting it himself.

      • 47.1.1 Miranda

        I think you’re being a little hard on KP. He’d just been kidnapped, Na PD was telling them they’d been given $88 per person per day, which strongly implies it’s personal money. It’s very possible he just thought he was following the rules by divvying up the cash.

        • saranga

          i do see what you’re saying, but i figured into account the fact that he’s watched previous seasons, as evidenced by him explaining to jun-yeol that splitting the money was more convenient than one person holding it all, such as when they had to buy clothes, etc. so he’s seen how previous casts have handled their money. probably he saw how the iceland cast all tagged along when each person was buying clothes.

          later on when he rethinks his idea, he decides to repool the money and automatically appoints himself treasurer in the process. without even asking or suggesting the other two for the task. he said “i’ll do it.” the way he said it, it was like he had decided (again), and of course ahn and ryu can’t protest without looking petty.

          i appreciate that he was willing to admit his strategy was flawed, but the hyungs are four years older than him. as the eldest two, they should be deciding who handles the money or not. GKP should be consulting them, not trying to lead them by the horns. it just doesn’t look right.

          of course, being younger doesn’t mean he’s not allowed to take initiative, but he never even gave the hyungs a chance to decide how the money should be handled—at least, not without them risking appearing petty by offering an alternative input.

          you just don’t travel in a group like that and make such important decisions on your own. you consult and confer and make sure every member is okay with it, and create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable expressing yay or nay, and why. like the iceland cast said, even the smallest things can cause friction, and those things eventually build up.

          • Feb22

            You have a point there that, as important as keeping track of their spendings, they could have discussed the handling of their finances some more. However, I realized something after watching the V-app PresCon for YoF Africa. KP revealed that he feels he had the easiest job among them -JY being the driver, leader/travel guide, JH the cook and sub-driver, and even PG taking the wheel for 4-5 straight hours at one time and tucking them at night and sleeping in the car. It’s only my opinion, but stepping up to be the treasurer even though he said he’s “a person who lacks self-control”, is his way of taking the load from the two eldest who he feels were already doing the toughest jobs. so I wanna give him credit for quickly reassuring them that he could take of the money and not let them worry about who will do it on top of everything else. Further, since they’ve been working together closely for 6 months on AM88, plus their time together on other projects (PG & KP worked on 6 projects to date), being schoolmates (JH & KP go to the same school), I think they’re all close enough to each other that they could dispense with long discussions if they could easily agree on something. Anyway, I really love how spontaneous and trusting these guys are, and that they could show their true colors without being conscious. Let’s enjoy all of their unique qualities to the fullest^^ On this note, I’d like to convey my warmest thanks for the wonderful recaps.

          • Miranda

            “you consult and confer and make sure every member is okay with it”

            …ehhh, the Iceland guys spent a huge amount of time dithering and having team meetings. Luckily all four guys were the type that are happier when overwhelming consensus is reached, and so the meetings were funny to them rather than irritating, but not all personalities are like that. Specifically, I think RJY and KP would explode if they had to sit through extended consensus-building while car rental agencies closed and they felt their time in Africa trickling away…

            I think we’re just seeing a different dynamic. KP made decisive suggestions, but they could have been countered. With the money, RJY clearly has reservations but decides to roll with it, and then PK later realizes the mistake himself and corrects it. It’s not a bad thing to highlight an error and offer a solution at the same go.

            And as @Feb22 points out, these guys know each other pretty well by now. If someone had an issue, they’re not stuck in an overly-formal mode and unable to express it. We just need to realize that they’re well down the road of living together 24/7 and we’re kind of jumping on mid-ride.

          • Peeps

            but the hyungs are four years older than him. as the eldest two, they should be deciding who handles the money or not.

            Why? Just because they’re born earlier they have to take responsibility for everything/ have the right to order others around? Why do they get priority decision rights?

            of course ahn and ryu can’t protest without looking petty.

            What’s so petty about disagreeing? Especially amongst friends/ co-workers as close as them? Honestly, none of them put up much of a fight. Sure, JoonYeol looked a bit unsettled but ultimately he did not firmly disagree. Not everyone needs to have long conferences to decide on every matter like the Iceland casts and I think it’s bit ridiculous to have to keep having to mind what others think and keep reading their actions. If anyone disagrees, he should say and no one will curse them (which, if someone does, that someone is being ridiculous). It is terribly inefficient to have to keep asking everyone for consensus.

            Also, he took the treasurer job because he was guilty for making the rash decision to split up all their money. And he said he would do that but none of the other two protested much. So? What’s the problem now?

            I didn’t see KyungPyo as dominating/authoritative. He just leads and decides quickly, arguing for his point when questioned… like JoonYeol does. It’s not like he says “no, I’m right, you must follow me!” There’s no point in faffing or listing alllllll the reasons for his decisions to stuff that won’t really have HUGE consequences if things go wrong.

          • Peeps

            *but none of the other two protested much even though they obviously can

            It’s not like they’re walking on eggshells around each other.

    • 47.2 crazyahjummafan

      You know something, all these very negative and way too personal critical comments are really going too far. You people are spoiling the show for most of us! Of all the flower over boys series, I wanted to watch this the most cos I love these guys. But your comments are taking the enjoyment of the show away from most of us! Part of enjoying a drama or variety show is also reading the comments of excited and happy viewers, so please, if you have nothing good to say, don’t say or in this case, write about it!

      • 47.2.1 crazyahjummafan

        I just watched the Youth Over Flowers in Africa presscon. The guys are obviously very close. Park Bogum said that they never discussed about the husband issue and that he was glad that he went on the trip with Joon-yeol cos they didn’t have much scenes together in the drama and during the trip, they were all able to bond together. Both Bogum and Joon-yeo said that everyone became closer and that they had happy and good memories. They even plan to visit the other 2 falls. So I think that if they knew about all this bickering and negative comments, they would be very unhappy.

      • 47.2.2 saranga

        it’s unfortunate that my observations don’t match up with your desire to read only 100 percent positive and happy comments about the show, but i have equal right as the other (completely satisfied) viewers to express my opinions.

        GKP’s actions regarding the money made me frown, that’s just the truth of it. maybe there’s more that wasn’t aired, but from what i saw, i was annoyed.

        the comment section can’t always be what you want it to be, so i think it is you who should avoid it if you can’t handle any opposing viewpoints, not me.

      • 47.2.3 Deb

        “Part of enjoying a drama or variety show is also reading the comments of excited and happy viewers, so please, if you have nothing good to say, don’t say or in this case, write about it!”

        I’m sorry but this is absolutely silly and advocates extreme censorship on an open forum. There’s a scroll button for a reason.

        • falalalala

          I agree. you can just scroll down if you don’t like the comment, you can’t tell someone what to write.

    • 47.3 Bea

      I had the same thoughts as feb22. I just saw it as him wanting to help given that he couldn’t in other ways. I think that your slight dislike(?) for him pulls your perspective of him towards the negative more than the positive. The converse will be true for fans of course. that being said, I’m not a fan… In fact i think we kind of stand on the same boat on him… But I guess I’m of the type that witholds jugdment on such minute things. I don’t like to nitpick…

  48. 48 Mikanjjj ❤️ sassy go go ❤️splash splash love ❤️

    What’s happening to people these days ??? They can’t even take a joke… It’s sad

    • 48.1 weallwantpizza

      Some people are too serious it hurts… :'((((

  49. 49 jane

    thank you for recapping this! this show makes me fall even harder for Junyeol. didnt know he can speak english with that pronunciation. no wonder i keep seeing news about him on naver after the first ep airs, even until today there’s an article abt him on the ranking news.

    cant wait until bogummie join the three! thank you so much Na PD for making my dream came true. 😀

  50. 50 fuzzy

    I love these boys!

    Is it a coincidence that Jung Bong became a chef lol? Or that they’re a lot like their characters? Hyung is still adorable even when he’s not hyung-like.

    Bogummie is adorably kind and clueless(release the inner Taek!!). Taeking care of kidnappers, and all(sorry for the lame pun lol).

    I wanted to hug Kyung-pyo. I think I teared up just seeing the screencap. I’d be a crying mess if I was watching.

    Jun-yeol~aaa, why are you so lovely? I’m falling all over over again. I think I laughed too hard(that I teared up lol) when he said that spoilery comment. I think I’ve gotten better now.

    Such a shame we didn’t have Dong-ryong. Or Duk-sun. I miss them. Can we have them + the ahjummas or the supermen/ahjusshis next?

    • 50.1 Petra

      I kinda think the producers of YOF are playing up the similarities between the actors and the characters they portrayed on 88. It’s probably funnier and more interesting that way to the audience.
      The only thing to beat that is if an actor was completely different from his character. That would be entertaining too.

      The thing I have to remind myself when watching variety shows is that this isn’t reality either. Cameras are rolling and they’re going to want higher viewership and cut/edit and setup for that effect.

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