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Monster’s rags-to-riches transformation and rebellious chaebol
by | March 2, 2016 | 26 Comments

Here we have a handful of new stills for Monster, MBC’s upcoming revenge melodrama starring Kang Ji-hwan in what seems to be his favorite type of transformation, from disheveled beggar to sleek urbane city man. Why are those always his two options? I do admit that he sure can make a makeover satisfying, probably because he goes after the scraggly “before” version with so much gusto (see: Runway Cop, Big Man).

In the drama, Kang Ji-hwan plays a character who loses both parents in childhood, then has everything stolen away by his uncle (Jung Bo-seok, playing another baddie). His own life is imperiled, but he survives the close call and then is “reborn” later with a new name. The descriptions are a little cagey about the reasons for all this, but we do know he’ll be going up against the rich and powerful, trying to take them down.

Sung Yuri, meanwhile, is pictured here as a young woman aspiring to score a job with a large corporation. She plays a woman burdened with caring for her autistic younger brother following their father’s death, which makes her money-oriented and shamelessly materialistic. She works days in a lawyer’s office, and studies at night with hopes of scoring a job at Dodo Group, the company owned by our drama’s resident chaebols. (It’s perhaps an unfortunate name when translated to English, but dodo doesn’t have the same dummy association in Korean; it can mean proud, and Do is also the surname of the chaebol family.)

And last but not least (definitely not least), we have Park Ki-woong making his post-army comeback as an illegitimate son of the chaebol family; he was abandoned and cast out, but works to reclaim his place in the family and earn his father’s acceptance. He’s described as having a monstrous side (the title sounds like it’s in reference to him), and in these stills is seen in a rebellious mood, sporting blond hair and a haughty air. Ah, it’s good to have you back, Park Ki-woong.

Monster will air as a Monday-Tuesday drama, premiering on March 28 after Dazzling Temptation ends.

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26 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Katie

    Omg he looks so hot!

  2. Kiara

    “Jung Bo-seok, playing another baddie”

    He is going to steal the show like he did in Giant. Jo Pil-Yeon is by far the best villain in dramaland imo.

    • 2.1 juniper

      Agreed! The only villain that has come close for me is Kim Hye-ri’s Empress Ki in Shin Don. Well, I also loved Go Hyun-jung as Misil.

      But yeah, Jung Bo-seok is such an amazing actor. No one can beat him at being evil lol. I actually watched Giant before Shin Don, so I was afraid I’d associate his Gongmin with Jo Pil-yeon, but it was like he was a completely different person.

      • 2.1.1 fab

        He is! He looks so sweet with that broad smile of his, but it’s scary how he can be so convincing as a villain. The first role I remember of him is the really endearing dad to HJE in CYHMH, now every character he played since then couldn’t be any more different but he’s somehow still likeable.

        • juniper

          Yeah, he’s like a chameleon! He does a very good job at becoming his characters imo, so he doesn’t carry baggage from past roles like a lot of actors do. And even when his character is a complete dirtbag, he manages to humanize them, even Jo Pil-yeon, who was practically evil incarnate lol.

          • Kiara

            He is the Daniel Day Lewis of dramas. I am very grateful to writers and directors who recognizes this talented actor. I’m not surprised that Jung Ha Yeon used him 4 times (maybe more?).

        • Mindy

          That was HIM?! Oh wow, chameleon is right. He totally owned that role in CYHMH (although I haven’t finished that drama).

      • 2.1.2 flower

        Agree with you for Go hyun jung and Jung bo suk acting skills. Top notch !!!!!

  3. nyemba

    haven’t heard anything about him after his scandal. good that he’s back in dramaland …. though its yet another chaebol guy-poor girl plot again

  4. TrinPie

    I love LOVE PKW! I will watch this just for him.

  5. TJ

    Finally Mr. Hottie Burn The Set Down returns! And accompanied by young up and coming hottie. Although I think Park Ki woong will likely be more diabolical than hot. He can do that too, he has “the look” for it.

    I agree with our author. It’s almost like Kang Ji huan has created his own genre. Ugly smelly guy gets rich overnight and gets the girl. The only thing that brings you back at this point is watching KJH seduce another poor girl. He does it so damned well.

  6. juniper

    The length and premise draw comparisons with Giant, but the cartoonish exaggeration in these stills has me wondering if they’re going to do a drama/comedy blend a la History of the Salaryman and Incarnation of Money? If so then Yoo In-sik is an even bigger loss. I hope they can pull this off. I don’t have my hopes set too high–if the veterans get a lot of material and the revenge story is entertaining, I’ll be okay with it.

    • 6.1 Kiara

      I am very nervous. Please be good.

  7. genkibaka

    Reminds me of Park Shin Yang’s beggar look.

  8. ina

    I am still laffing at the Dodo Group…

  9. alpha

    Oh hoo!! Park Ki Woong. Welcome back oppa 🙂

  10. 10 fab

    More love for PARK KI-WOONG! Feeling very lucky with the cast ánd the writer. Spring, come soon!

  11. 11 TM

    Seems like a typical nice story. So funny that “dodo” actually can have many meaning depending on the language. In french it means… beddy-byes^^

    • 11.1 anabear

      in Philippines, it means breast.

  12. 12 canxi

    YES! Park Ki Woong is back. And how very like him to fully commit to a role by dying his hair, lol. I missed this guy so much. I want to see him EVERYWHERE.

  13. 13 Miky

    Park Ki-woong looks amazing!!!Really hope the story will be solid because the cast it’s great

  14. 14 Peppa

    Ooh la la! Looking forward to this drama.

  15. 15 Mindy

    Took me a while to realize who Park Ki-woong was with that hair, haha. I’ve only seen him in Gaksital.

  16. 16 umunie

    Thank you for this article JB. I love Kang JI Hwan and I miss him so much . Good to know he’s now back to kdramaland. Monster has a superb cast, writer and director so its a”must” see drama. Hope the Korean viewers would love it as well

  17. 17 Nifemi

    It’s actually quite funny because, in Nigeria dodo means fried plantain, so it’s like saying fried plantain group.

  18. 18 Sol

    He’s so lucky to get this writer. I’m envy 🙁

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