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Tears, guns, and revenge drive Monster’s first teaser
by | March 18, 2016 | 41 Comments

It took a little digging, but I eventually managed to find the first teaser for MBC’s revenge-melo series Monster, which has apparently taken the restrict-all-social-media-availability approach to promotion, which seems rather counterproductive if you ask me. It’s too bad, since I like the look of the show; we’ll just have to see if MBC decides it wants anybody to be able to see it or not. (Why is this a question?!)

The drama has a familiar revenge premise, where Kang Ji-hwan is the “man who’s had everything stolen from him” who decide he’ll go after those at the top who made that happen. Along the way, he meets Sung Yuri, who becomes the one good thing amidst the ugly and corrupt world he’s dealing with. She looks sweet in the teaser, but she’s described as rather mercenary, having had to take care of her autistic brother on her own, with her tenacity being a strength and also a weapon.

Among those in the wealthy elite is Park Ki-woong as a cold-blooded chaebol who was initially cast aside for being illegitimate, then struggled to prove himself to his chairman father. After making his comeback, he got rid of the enemies in his viper’s pit of a family; this ought to make for a nicely intense role for him. Then there’s (Kim) Soo-hyun playing a spy, for some reason. I’m sure it’ll make sense in the drama!

It’s a pretty good teaser for conveying the main themes — anger, betrayal, guns, possible salvation — as Kang Ji-hwan narrates, “I lost everything” and the copy tells us that he prepares a thorough revenge. Then as he’s sitting injured, Sung Yuri calls his name and approaches with outstretched hand, like she may be the thing to save him, and he narrates, “That’s when you came near.”

The setup isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, so it’s really the cast I’m watching for, particularly Park Ki-woong making his post-army comeback. Hard-edged chaebols are in abundance these days, but I’m not tired of them yet, since deliciously evil villains make for fun watching (and compelling performances). And while my love of Kang Ji-hwan has been tested with middling projects, I’d love to see him in something really gripping, and hope Monster will give him meaty material to work with.

Monster is scheduled to run as a 50-episode Monday-Tuesday drama and premieres on March 28.

Via TV Daily, My Daily, News1, iMBC


41 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. HopesDD

    I prefered when it was called Tyrant, it had more .. dramatic effect. Lol.

    Too much revenge drama which is predictable, it’s their time of the year, but the teaser looks promiscing and the script writer has a good reputation so i hope it really delivers, through all 50 ep~

  2. franbergh

    okay, just saying.. I’m surprised to see song jihyo’s husband among the cast 😀

  3. ito

    sung yuri is fu*king beautiful! XD

  4. Nadia

    Thanks! Can’t wait!!

  5. lux

    Had to double check if it was Bolin Chen! I was just continuously scrolling when I immediately scrolled up with my eyes wide open lol definitely was not expecting him

    • 5.1 Min

      i know! suddenly the drama jumped much higher up on my to watch list

  6. Kay

    Bolin Chen!? What are you doing here~? That’s him right!?

    • 6.1 kanz

      Yes that’s right! He has cameo role here though I don’t know how many eps he will in.

  7. Nathan

    Kang Ji-Hwan vs Park Shin Yang vs Jang Geun Suk..
    I wonder who will win this fight…

    • 7.1 NamNavi

      KBS hit the jackpot Wed/Thu timeslot with Song Joong Ki, will they strike again with Park Shin Yang? So nerve-racking…

  8. chasen8888

    As long as it is Kang Ji Hwan, I’m in. The others are just a bonus.

  9. genkibaka

    incarnation of money part2

    • 9.1 Gaeina Lee

      Ahh, so true. I love that drama.

      • 9.1.1 flower


  10. 10 mishmae

    So is this a comeback pairing of Sung yuri and Kang Ji Hwan? I’ve missed these two. And oh I thought for a moment if it’s Lee Kikwang while watching the teaser. And snap! It’s Park Ki Woong. Finally he’s back. And I’m not sure if I’m going to watch it. It’s too looooong for me. But anyway, hoping this will deliver an awesome plot. Cheers!

  11. 11 Peeps

    Does that mean that Park KiWoong ‘stole’ all of Kang JiHwan’s stuff?

    Fifty epi…sooooodes……….

    Welp, I’d said that about Six Flying Dragons before too…

  12. 12 Linh

    I am watching for Bolin and Kang Ji Hwan

  13. 13 oh! that! chick!

    I wish he would just do funny stuff. He is just soo good at it!

  14. 14 no name #6

    I too am confused about the spying, haha. The promotional material for this show has been a little bit…all over the place. Oh well, at least it gives me hope that there’s a bit more to it than just the straightforward revenge story line (not that revenge is bad, just that there are 50 episodes, so they have time to do what they want with the story).

    Still, so excited for PKW and the cast is solid overall, so I’ll be watching.

    But MBC, pleeeease start putting teasers and such on youtube. It makes it so hard to find things and talk about your goddamn dramas if you hide that stuff on facebook and naver! Gah.

  15. 15 Miky

    The cast looks amazing,not gonna lie when i say i wanted to see PKW blonde all the series,he looks amazing..so Kikwang will be the younger version of Kang Ji-hwan,no?Now i hope the story will really be good,i like the writers so i hope i’m not gonna be let down

  16. 16 jazzmine

    I am never tired of revenge themed dramas, but with this one i am not sure it’s 50 ep long melodrama. This sounds like dragging… I will try…

    I’ve seen many revenege dramas but Bad guy with Kim Nam Gil is still one of the best for me. Anybody else?

    • 16.1 Bebot27

      East of Eden is amust watch but it’s also a long drama 55 episodes.. But all the cast are great, I’ve first sawPark Hae Jin in that drama. Song Seung Heon and Yeon Junghoon are really great

    • 16.2 sera

      Giant is a masterpiece.

  17. 17 pogo

    wait, does Jo Bo-ah not appear in this teaser at all? I’d hoped she would have more to do :/

    • 17.1 no name #6

      She actually didn’t confirm until pretty late (like just a couple of weeks ago, officially), so they might have just not shot many of her scenes yet…

      She’s the daughter of the chairman, half-sister to PKW’s character. I don’t know what she’ll do beyond that, but I hope it’s interesting. I like her a lot.

    • 17.2 sera

      I think Jo Bo Ah might not appear in earlier episodes. So maybe her teaser will.come out a little bit later.

      I also hope her character has an impact to the drama, not only a filler

  18. 18 obsessedfan

    WOA! I friggin love Kang Ji Hwan ok. But i am not sure whether i am ready to invest 50 hrs for him you know? It’s good he is reuniting with Sung Yu-Ri and all. But what really got me to jump off my seat was Chen Bo Lin <3 Now i HAVE to check this out man!

  19. 19 Blcktron

    It’s got Kang Ji Hwan I’m in……. but it also has all my favorite types of evil…. Sadistic, Caniving Evil (Jung Bo-Suk… in practically every role ever lol), Manipulatively Evil (Lee Deok Hwa) and Physcopath Evil ( Jung Woong In)….. I’m Sold!!!

    • 19.1 sera

      all the evils here draw me in.

  20. 20 Ultramarineblue

    Hong Gil Dong reunion!!!! So happy to see both Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yuri!!! Chen Bolin is also a pleasant surprise and welcome back, Park Ki Woong <3

  21. 21 Gaeina Lee

    The casts, oh, I love the casts. I hope the story is gripping and able to make me stay put for the whole 50 eps revenge journey.

  22. 22 sera

    I am excited for Claudia Kim. I expect this drama.will get a good rating based on the writer’s reputation, even I am not really sure about the strength of the casts.

    But, we have our King of Villain here, right? 😳😳😳

    • 22.1 NamNavi

      But KBS got Park Shin Yang tho…

  23. 23 Riki

    I wish Park Ki-woong was the male lead instead of Kang Ji-hwan.

  24. 24 @liss@

    Somehow I’m more interested in Soo Hyun and Park Ki Woong! Omg and Chen Bolin!

  25. 25 whitewire

    I see Jung Bo-seok. If it’s a villain Jung Bo-seok, please count me in. Jung Bo-seok is the greatest Korean villain of all-time. Thank you, Jung Bo-seok, for portraying the despicable Jo Pil-yeon in Giant.

  26. 26 niKai

    For Sung Yuri’s sake, I hope this one is good. I love her. And reunion with Kang Ji Hwan. No sad ending please.

  27. 27 Ijaymia

    After watching Bridal mask, I’ve never doubted Park Kiwoong’s ability as a villain

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