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Costumed and hairstyled for MBC’s sageuk Flower in Prison
by | April 6, 2016 | 124 Comments

Here’s our first look at upcoming “adventure sageuk” Flower in Prison, which sort of slipped my mind despite being set to air on MBC later this month. (Already? I’m sorry for forgetting about you, Go Soo!) In my defense, the production has been rather quiet until releasing these stills this week, but now it’s in full promotional mode.

I haven’t been too enthused about the casting of Jin Se-yeon (Age of Feeling), but I do like that the sageuk drama, set in the 16th century, is focused around a central female character. In this case, it’s Ok-nyeo, the woman played by Jin who will be the titular flower in prison; she was born there, and ok-nyeo literally means prison woman.

The character of Ok-nyeo is described as a genius and helps people at an early age, later becoming an advocate for the common folk for whom legal understanding was far out of reach. Historically, people like her were the precursors to the modern lawyer, representing ordinary people legally in a time when law was in the hands of the educated elite.

Asked why she chose the role, Jin Se-yeon answered, “It’s not that I chose it, but that I obviously had to do it.” She explained how she couldn’t pass up an opportunity to work with director Lee Byung-hoon, much respected in the sageuk realm (Dae Jang Geum, Sangdo, Heo Jun, Dong Yi, Yi San) and writer Choi Wan-kyu (Triangle, Gu-am Heo Jun, IRIS, Gourmet, Jumong, All In).

Go Soo’s character, meanwhile, is described primarily as mysterious. He was cast away by his father and harbors a lot of pain, growing up a roughneck before maturing and becoming another of our legal advocates, speaking on behalf of poor and powerless merchants. Go Soo also gave the PD and writer as his reasons for choosing the drama, and said that to prepare himself to go the distance for the 50-episode show, he’s making efforts to take care and not overpace himself.

In the supporting cast, we also have Kim Mi-sook (Please, Mom) playing a villain in Queen Munjeong, wife of King Jungjong and regent for her young son Myeongjong (she was a commanding character in Mandate of Heaven, always trying to kill King Injong; she was also played by Park Jung-sook in Dae Jang Geum).

Jeon Gwang-ryul (Jackpot, Remember—Son’s War) looks pretty unrecognizable in the still below, dressed in tatters and sitting in prison, although we aren’t told why. Below him are Jung Jun-ho (Sweet Savage Family) and Park Joo-mi (King’s Dream), playing an ambitious man and his greedy concubine. Yoon Joo-hee (D-Day) plays the proprietress of the top gibang in the capital, while Choi Tae-joon (Please, Mom; Girl Who Sees Smells) plays a police officer.

Flower in Prison will premiere on April 30; it airs on Saturdays and Sundays on MBC following Marriage Contract.

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124 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Lea

    JSY out to ruin another drama…….
    Maybe she will surprise us!
    *keeps expectations superbly low*

    Alas if Go Soo is in this and looking at the team behind it I think I’ll have to watch a bit of it. Sigh.

    Please don’t ruin this one JSY. Please??

    • 1.1 bri

      i’ve lost hope of her surprising us. she managed to be bad in that webdrama with JIW as well.

      • 1.1.1 Sera

        Ikr, I feel like.. what is this girl actually do in that webdrama? She is too unnatural, despite her character is not even a heavy role. I wanted to give her one more chance in that webdrama, but she still ruined it.

        Don’t her agency realized that she seriously needs acting lessons? or if she is not meant to be an actress, they should just make her do more ads & cf. at least she has the look.

      • 1.1.2 Adal

        LOL. I thought I was the only one who felt that way. I couldn’t last more than 4 episodes of that web drama because of her, and to be fair, I didn’t care for the way JIW acted in the web drama either.

        • Sera

          I don’t want to be so cruel, even idols who acting in webdrama might be better than her.

          I actually don’t care if she wants to pursue acting, but not as lead role one after another. She is not even improving, this is too shocking.

          • maya

            even Yoona is better than her. At least Yoona tries to show SOME emotion JSY is just a wall. a blank wall.

    • 1.2 whitewire

      JIN SE-YEON IS ZERO TALENT. I tried my best to unbelieve what majority believes. (Eg. My case for DOTS and Producers)

      But man, Gaksital barely thrived. Thanks to Joo Won and the magnificent direction and writing. Jin Se-yeon is I don’t want to speak ill against her, but she is REALLY NOT GOOD.

      But — GO SOO IS A DARLING. I repeat, Go Soo, nae sarang, YOU ARE ADORABLE. My darling Go Soo.

    • 1.3 Chiisan

      I’m genuinely curious here. Is Go Soo in financial trouble? Because if I was him, I’d run as fast as I can away from this Jin Seyeon-centric drama. Unless I’m deep, deep, deeeeeeeeeep in debt.

  2. KDaddict😍JCW

    I’m thankful that they cast Jin Se-Yeon: one less drama for me to worry about.

    • 2.1 fan

      LOL I remember to read that Lee PD said JSY was recruited because she had the feel of Han Hyo-ju. Also I read Lee PD gave Jin acting lessons, so there is some hope?

      btw Park Joo-mi as greedy concubine? – that I have to see. She my girl crush.

      • 2.1.1 Sera

        Is Han Hyo Joo was as bad as her before, especially before Dong Yi? I never watched her in anything before Dong Yi, so I don’t know.

        • Red

          No she definitely wasn’t as bad. She was the lead in brilliant legacy and she was amazing at that became a ratings hit

    • 2.2 Van

      Ooh, ouch. Same, though. It’s kinda sad that this actress has become such an immediate turnoff in dramaland…

      • 2.2.1 Red

        But how is she getting consistent lead roles and opposite Goo Soo!!. Actresses with 10x her talent have to spend more time in second lead roles or lead roles in cable dramas

        • Van

          🙁 idk, Red, idk… *sigh*

  3. Sam

    Ahhhh..Go Soo!!!

    I’ve always said in the past that I seldomly make my judgement for a drama that hasn’t started yet..So I’ll just wait and see what the viewers think of this..

    The drama is focused on the female character so let’s see why they decided to cast her knowing that ‘her character’ will be the ‘main driving force’ in the drama’s fate…

  4. Chandler

    Uh-oh. I must have had selective amnesia about this one.

    I swear, I don’t hate Jin Se-yeon. I just love Go Soo too much to stand him acting alongside someone who isn’t absolutely amazing. That’s reasonable, isn’t it? Lol. No, but really. I could have probably been super interested in this project. At the very least, I’ll definitely be checking it out.

  5. Bossu

    Well directors can actually do wonders, just like the case with White Christmas or the recent Marriage Contract with UEE (tho to be fair JSY is not even on the same level with UEE…). So who knows maybe if Lee Byung Hoon manage to push the right buttons, perhaps we will see a miracle lol

  6. pogo

    all I will say is I hope she’s learned to act at some point in the last two years. There are too many talented young actresses out there for people to keep hiring incompetent ones.

    • 6.1 Sera

      She is too lucky

      • 6.1.1 buzzbee

        I can’t help but think it’s not luck but that she has a sponsor. She lacks talent but, yet, she continues to be cast in dramas with actors/actresses way above her level. Seems a bit too fishy

        • Sera

          Her agency is doing all out for her, if I am not mistaken she is the only actress under her agency. So all money just for her.

          • Red

            Wow that makes it even more fishy. It seems like a risky business venture when your only talent, has no talent.

            The only reason I’m so bitter is that she was soooo wooden in gakistal, such blaringly bad acting, and that has continued in her other projects.

    • 6.2 bri

      i’d have taken an idol actress like sooyoung over JSY. at least sooyoung tries.

      • 6.2.1 Sera

        Soo Young is much better than her.

      • 6.2.2 whitewire

        IDOLS Sooyoung and UEE = Better than Jin Se-yeon

  7. Kiara

    Jeon Gwang-ryul in 2 sageuks. One week day and one weekend. How does he do it?

    This feels like another boring Horse Doctor.

    • 7.1 juniper

      By the power of his awesomeness? Lol idk. Maybe he’ll die quickly in this one.

      I agree this doesn’t look too promising. If it doesn’t turn out this will be so much more disappointing and embarrassing than Lee Byung-hoon’s failures with Kim Yi-young, though. Imagine, fifteen years ago these guys were teaming up on stuff like Sangdo and working with leads like Lee Jae-ryong and Kim Hyun-joo.

      • 7.1.1 Kiara

        Lol I’m loving him in Jackpot. It’s pure joy watching him and Choi Min Soo.
        I hope the young actors are taking notes. Less is more! Over acting is bad…I can’t stand actors who feel the need to be aggressive just because they play the villain. Making evil faces like they are in a puppet show.
        Jeon is the opposite, he is just cool, collective and in control.

        Lee Byung-hoon. I thought he retired? We must be the only one who don’t worship him.

        • juniper

          Yeah, same here about over acting. I find it super painful to watch when an actor is trying way too hard and not getting it at all. Choi Min-soo is like the opposite of that–he can say so much with just a look. I really need to start Jackpot!

          lol I don’t even know why Lee Byung-hoon is still making dramas–he’s got nothing left to prove and every new drama he does just tarnishes his legacy further. If he can prove me wrong with this one I would be ecstatic, but so far I’m not seeing any hope of that.

    • 7.2 Sera

      He was in Remember too. One busy man. Now Jackpot & this drama too.

      I just hope he still get some rest.

    • 7.3 whitewire

      Man, I loooooved Horse Doctor from Episodes 1 until 30. I had a hard time watching it because of my hard feelings against it. Why, you ask? Well — Horse Doctor (MBC) freaking massacred the ratings of my darling drama — the great, magnificent King of Dramas (SBS) back in 2012-13.

      But I watched it (Horse Doctor) objectively, and found it really good. I loved it so much. I was drenched in my pool of emotions. I loved it — contrary to opinions of some.

      (Hence, I will download Horse Doctor in HD right now)

    • 7.4 MisterX

      It’s very likely to be another Horse Doctor.

      Same director, Lee Byung-Hoon, who hasn’t really done anything eclectic since 2001 (Sangdo). He’s not going to suddenly change course at 72. And this being (in all likelihood) his final show, he’s even more likely to try everything to get good ratings.

      Writer is Choi Wan-Gyu. If you know the guy… you know what to expect. Great start, good character introduction, then fluff, fluff, fluff for seemingly forever.

      A few people who shouldn’t do sageuk (GO SOO? With that diction? Jung Joon-Ho, Jin Se-Yeon) in prominent roles.

      It’s the Studio Ghibli version of Sangdo, really. With a young heroine trying to save the world.

      • 7.4.1 juniper

        Aw, I love Studio Ghibli and definitely can’t say the same for Horse Doctor, but I think I can see what you mean. Their fantastical films are great imo, but The Wind Also Rises’ handwavy moral politics/masturbation over war machines made me see red. And sageuk isn’t even a kid’s cartoon.

        (btw, sorry to be a creeper, but I am a huge fan of your subs *bows down*. I’ve been able to watch most of my favorite shows thanks to you.)

        • MisterX

          Yeah… good times. I was younger, angrier, and healthier. 😛

          I meant Studio Ghibli as in focusing on a young heroine (Miyazaki, really). Would be quite lucky if we got storytelling quality on a Ghibli standard.

          But there’s a tiny possibility that getting back together after so long might ignite some kind of long lost chemistry between Lee and Choi.

          • juniper

            …but if such a miracle does occur, then we’ll come up against the wall of Go Soo and Jin Se-yeon. Now that’s a scary thought.

  8. Bashful82

    Oh no, I don’t think many dramas can be anywhere near the level of sleep inducing as the “Snore Doctor”.

    Still, I love Kim Mi-sook so I look forward to her scheming royal ways.

    • 8.1 Kiara

      I loved her in Queen In-soo and every sageuk she has been in.

    • 8.2 Sera


    • 8.3 juniper

      Yes she’s great! There is nothing I love more than a scheming queen dowager, and she knows how to serve it with the best of them 🙂

    • 8.4 kanz

      And I don’t think any drama could be as boring and snooze fest as “Goddess of Snore”
      I watched it all and feels I just wasted 32 hours of my precious live.

  9. mocha

    I wonder how Jin Se yeon manages to get all these roles.. connections I’m assuming?

    • 9.1 maya

      sponsor. it has to be a sponsor.
      she’s been getting lead roles on the big 3 while people like han groo are still struggling to get secondary roles.

      • 9.1.1 mocha

        I loved Han groo in Marriage Not Dating! Wish all rom coms were like that one.

      • 9.1.2 buzzbee


  10. 10 Cafe

    Yes, yes, yes! I’m super exited about this drama (except for GoSoo mustache).

    I like JSY in the costumes and I hope that this drama goes very well story and rating wise!! ♥

    • 10.1 YennLucia

      I like it too!!

  11. 11 Sera

    Why Go So oppa why why😢😢 I was hoping they will cancel this drama @ maybe JSY dropped…

    hmm..Look like another drama where supporting characters will steal the show.

    I wanted to give one more chance for Jin Seo Yeon, unfortunately even her acting in her webdrama also not improved.

    I will give this drama a shot, just to see Go Soo oppa and other supporting characters.

  12. 12 Johnnie

    I never like it Sageuks dramas, they’re always the same, long and boring. It always ends with a tragic ending.

    • 12.1 Sancheezy

      I think Saeguk is mostly Happy Ending, only some of them end up sad and rarely become a tragic ending.
      If you know wuxia drama or chinese historical/period drama, it is a grace to find a happy ending, almost all is sad.

      and they doesn’t always the same, not everyone is long per se 50 ep, they had 10, 16, 20, 24 ep, and not every thing is boring

  13. 13 TrinPie

    I must have missed the casting on this. Didn’t realize Jin Se-yeon was cast. How she manages to still get roles is beyond me as she is not a good actress.

    I almost never do the 50 episode dramas so I guess if she is taking a role it should be for a drama I don’t plan to watch.

    • 13.1 Adal

      Ha Ha! At least it keeps her away from shorter dramas that we actually do care about :-). I can’t watch 50 episode dramas, I usually lose interest midway through the drama cycle with the exception of my darling SFD. For a Sageuk 50 episode drama, it was way too short!

      • 13.1.1 Red

        +1 at that
        There are so many new dramas coming out that I’m looking forward to, at least I can cross this one out

  14. 14 kuromitsu

    Oh, look it’s an article on Jin Se-Yeon. Let me express my extreme hate for her even if I have absolutely no interest in watching her drama so I can be one of the cool guys (or gals).

    • 14.1 Nerdy

      I will watch this drama because of JSY. YAP, I said it

      • 14.1.1 themugen

        Me too!

  15. 15 Hikari

    She’s hopeless. That’s the true. She should just give up. She’s not good at this. And she never will be.

  16. 16 Mindy

    Here’s hoping the good team behind the drama can help mask Jin Se-yeon’s weaknesses. The story itself actually interests me, I’m all for more female-lead sageuks!

  17. 17 rinoak

    The story sounds good and I honestly don’t even mind Jin Se Yeon but 50 episodes? I just can’t.

  18. 18 Sogazelle

    Please let,s give her a chance….let,s not crucify her before the drama even airs.

    • 18.1 Sera

      We gave her many chances already. Gaksital, Doctor Stranger, Inspiring Generation and even webdrama recently, all with lead roles but she ruined her role.

      I won’t even mind if this is her first lead role. That is why we here being sceptical about her.

  19. 19 poluo

    People visit JSY articles only to say that they won’t watch this 😂😂😂

  20. 20 Abbie

    I haven’t heard about this before, and this article has got my interest piqued. I love sageuks, and this one sounds really interesting. Looking forward to it!

  21. 21 Ashley

    Does anyone know if DramaFever or Viki is getting this??

  22. 22 Abbie

    And what is with the hate of Jin Se-yeon? I don’t get it. I don’t remember seeing her on anything. Is she that bad of an actress? And if she is, I don’t care. I’ll watch this anyway.

    • 22.1 lea

      she’s been terrible in most of her dramas. she was in Gaksital and Doc Stranger

      • 22.1.1 Abbie

        I haven’t seen either of those, so I have nothing to go on. I’ll still watch this, because it sounds really interesting.

    • 22.2 juniper

      She’s meh. Unlike some other actresses that can’t seem to shake off a bad performance (most people can’t get past Go Sung-hee in Night Watchman, for example, even though she’s been decent in most other roles), she’s been pretty consistently bad. That being said, sageuk is not what it used to be (and neither are the director/writer)–it’s hard to get too upset about her headlining a 50 episoder when plenty of not-so-great actresses have come before her. Chances are she won’t be the main problem here, anyway.

      The premise does sound interesting though, doesn’t it? 🙂 If it were done right it could be like the Joseon version of Little Dorrit.

      • 22.2.1 nina

        Nope Go sung hee is NOT decent in other roles. She is very wooden, monotone voice, blank dead eyes and always look like she’s thinking of her next line. So many people still think she is one of the worst actresses ever. GSH is really horrible in Night Watchman. After that she continued to get a lot criticism for bad acting in Spy and then criticism for bad acting in My Beautiful Bride.

        I hate Jin Se Yeon’s acting. She is terrible, stiff and un-natural but I’m watching Flower in Prison for Go Soo. He is a great actor. So glad he’s among his comeback.

        • nina

          Typo: making* his comeback

        • juniper

          idk, I thought she was okay in My Beautiful Bride and in Miss Korea–she had decent screen presence, she could emote, and she sold her character…I mean, I’m not saying that she was Son Ye-jin or anything, just that while she might not have brought anything extra to the role, she felt adequate and believable to me. It goes without saying that I agree she was atrocious in Night Watchman lol, but then everyone was.

          • Jane

            We all have our opinions but in the general audience, most people agree GSH cannot act to save her life.

            To be honest, Go sung hee was mediocre at best in Miss Korea. She is neither believable nor adequate. I heard GSH in Night Watchman Journal was absolutely horrendous. I already watched SPY and my beautiful bride. Her acting was not okay. She is a consistently BAD actress. I’ve seen nothing but so many consistent negative comments against her acting. She is among the worst Korean actresses I’ve seen.

          • juniper

            Okay, fair enough. I’m not a fan of hers–I just thinks she’s not all that bad. I’m fine with agreeing to disagree 🙂

          • Kev

            As for me, I don’t hate her but in my country everybody hates GSH. They all think her acting is horrible. I hear it all the time. The hate against her is unreal. I saw her in one drama ‘My beautiful Bride’. Objectively, I admit she’s a bad actress.

          • Kiara

            I didn’t really watch her other dramas but I watched the heck out of “My Beautiful Bride”and loved it. I must admit that she was pretty decent there even though I tried to avoid her in the beginning of the show.

            That was her last project to date. If you haven’t seen it then go and watch it and judge for yourself.

          • sophie


            In your opinion, she was “pretty decent” but so many people said her acting is bad in that drama….and yes I already saw My Beautiful Bride. The story is suspenseful. The male lead is great but OMG, I cannot stand Go sung-hee’s stiff wooden face. Her tone almost never changes. Her eyes are expressionless and she is such a killjoy whenever she appears onscreen. Go sung hee still gets harsh severe criticism for bad acting all the time. She deserves it. The overall hate continues to accumulate. Even idol actors and actresses can do better than her. That says a lot.

          • HD

            kiara, i’m not easy on GSH. I’m one of many folks that harshly judge her because guess what? She still sucks in her latest project. She’s too stiff like a blank wall. She cannot emote and her expressions look so fake. She almost never acts realistically. Night Watchman came out a long time ago but her atrocious horrible acting is too bad to forget. She ruined Spy too. Jin Se Yeon and Go sung hee are the worst and the most wooden actresses.

          • pacman

            “my Beautiful bride” is my first time watching her act; I must admit she’s pretty bad; she failed to deliver believable acting. Such an annoying stone faced monotone actress and weakest link in the entire cast; only small amount of ppl say she decent but not me and the rest of the audience.

          • TrinPie

            I’ve only seen her in Night Watchman but I wasn’t too bothered by her acting. She definitely needs to improve but the whole show in general was cheesy so I think I overlooked her poor acting. I honestly would take her over JSY.

            An actress I hope stays away from acting is Han Ga-In. I think she is probably the worst Korean actress out there and would take both JSY and GSH over her.

          • carly


            Here is the reality. People everywhere still call Go sung-hee a horrible wooden actress. The hate continues to spread. She is on the same level as Jin Se Yeon. Han Ga-In is awful but she ain’t the worst…it’s only your opinion. These 3 women are the worst actresses. I agree with someone who said GSH in Night watchman is even worse than HGI in METS.

          • Kiara

            We all can agree to disagree. We all judge actors differently. I’m not a fan but I will give her credit if I thought she did better than expected. Next time I’ll give her another chance before writing her off.

          • Felicia

            Yup we all agree to disagree but in the end majority rules. I’m with them b/c I personally agree GSH’s acting is still Bad with a capital B. This terrible actress already got multiple chances…and nope I don’t care for bs excuses.

          • leon

            @kiara, ur one of few people to give a little defense to Gsh. Most people everywhere brutally bash her poor acting.

            I repeatedly give jin se-yeon another chance but she still bad. I repeatedly Gsh another chance but she still bad too. I’m not interested in waiting for these 2 lousy actresses to “improve”. Directors who gave them leading roles have seriously impaired judgment.

          • juniper

            Wow this thread has really exploded. I will say that being in the majority doesn’t really legitimize one opinion over the other. Sure, it makes one safer than the other, but there are plenty of examples where the mainstream has disapproved of and/or ignored things that are pretty awesome. Van Gogh died obscure and penniless for an obvious example.

            …Just to be safe, neither Kiara nor I are saying that Go Sung-hee is the Van Gogh of Korean actresses lol. At this point I’m just questioning the idea that majority opinions are somehow more valid.

          • Kiara

            Lol this thread!

            It’s ok if you are part of the majority. I’m ok with being one of the few who thought that she was decent in that drama.

            It’s ok to have different opinions people. Relax and have a cookie.

          • juniper

            @Kiara. Now I really want a cookie.

          • MisterX

            I wouldn’t treat the vocal minority that reads the news and comments on actors’ performances as the majority, though. Especially since press propaganda orchestrated by agencies and other stakeholders tends to direct perception one way or another.

            Consider that, even if an article on Naver or the official website’s board gets 2000 replies, that’s still an insignificant percentile.

            About 25 million “unique” TV sets in Korea for Nielsen consumption. Say your show gets a 10% rating on prime time, when about 60-70% of those TV sets are on. That’s, what, around 1.5-2 million (I suck at math, bear with me)?

            It’s 2000 out of 2 million. One thousandth of the audience decides to comment. Most people who comment do so to rant, because going through the effort of logging in and posting a comment just to say “She was really nice tonight” is the kind of effort that the pragmatic, time-conscious average Korean wouldn’t do that easily.

            Then maybe a rival agency, who represents a fellow actress on the same show as Go Sung-Hee (or whomever else you might want to focus on), pays a reporter to do some press propaganda and steer the attention her way. Or multiple reporters. They go check the website or replies on other articles, and spin their commentary that way, picking only negative reactions. Result, “the public says she’s bad.”

            Is she? Debatable. More important: is there a relevant discussion about this subject within the audience? No. The majority doesn’t really care about minutiae like acting performances. Only hardcore fans do.

            Then you can certainly discuss what you think of Go Sung-Hee (I think she’s raw as hell, but with lots of potential. But that’s just me), but I think bringing up “the majority” is a bit problematic in a debate of any sorts.

      • 22.2.2 Kat

        I really try not to bash k-drama actors too horribly much because I’ve generally noticed the women get trashed way more than the men. However, Night Watchmen is the first time I’ve noticed during watching a k-drama that an actress is having trouble keeping up. I was okay with GSH during the first half but the live shoot system is brutal, and I suspect she was having difficulty learning her lines and finding the wherewithal to emote in such a hurried fashion. And then you have Jung Il Woo who is a decent actor and it becomes even more obvious how blank she looked in those scenes with him. I just don’t think she was ready for a lead role so that is really my issue.

        It seems pretty common for Idols and newbies to learn on the job, I just don’t understand why they need to be in the lead roles.

        With regard to JSY, I actually was again fine for the first half of Dr. Stranger but I felt that she was wooden in the 2nd half but also felt like the writers let her down on the character as she basically seemed to be written out of the drama for way too long. Truthfully, if the drama looks good, I’ll still give it a go and hope that acting classes occurred or the lightbulb went off or whatever…you never know!

        • jjw

          There has been other cases too when actresses had trouble keeping up but just because Go sung-hee a girl and just because it was her first leading role, there is NO EXCUSE for her horrible acting.

          I watched behind the scenes. She rehearsed her lines and everything else but in the end she simply cannot act and she got zero talent. From her ridiculously wooden expressions to her voice tone that never changes and her poor dialogue speaking to the terribly blank eyes…she is one of the most crappy actresses in all of Kdramaland.

        • jane

          Having trouble learning lines, hurried production, bad weather? stress? uncomfortable costume? You can bring up a gazillion things but nobody gonna buy any lame excuse. No matter what, everyone still making fun of the horrid actress.

          • kat

            ….and yet these actresses are still consistently working in k-drama soooo, indeed, people are totally buying the “lame excuse” and hiring them. I know that international fans are not big on these two actresses, but I have no idea what viewers think of them in Korea. Given the power of the netizens, I have to imagine they must not be annoying them too much for them to still be getting gigs.

            In the end if the drama is well written, I’ll still give it a go.

            I also think that a lot of people give massive leeway to their favorite oppas and their bad acting but rip a few of the gals to shreds. Anyway, if the gal from Sensory Couple can win me over (which she did in that drama) after thinking I could never watch her again after When A Man Loves, anything is possible.

  23. 23 Iris

    It all looks fantastic… Except for Go Soo with facial hair… sigh.. I really prefer him clean shaven…

    • 23.1 bd5

      There are a good # of actors who look better w/ sageuk/manes of glory hair; appears GS is not one of them (looks better w/ a short/modern cut).

      As for JSY – have only seen her in variety where she was likeable enough, so reserving judgment until actually see her in action (maybe w/ a better script and PD, she’ll show improvement).

  24. 24 enkeys

    Looking at the strong team behind this drama, yeap, any actress (shitty or not) will not be able to give this a pass.

    Director of Dae Jang Geum? check.
    Writer of Jumong? check.
    Go Soo? check. (But he is gorgeous in the teaser pictures! Obvious, but yes, but I still feel the need to say it to the whole world.)
    You as the titular character? Like, not the main love interest but like Jang Geum level lead in Dae Jang Geum? check. check. check.

    The only Jin Se Yeon drama I’ve watched is Gaksital and while she practically ruin my concentration on that drama (and from Joo Won grrrr) I’m reserving my judgement. I hope the renowned Director will knock some sense (skills?) into her and make it (at least) bearable for all of us who has been waiting too long to see Go Soo on screen.

  25. 25 earthna

    I like their costumes! They look so pretty~ Other than that, nothing interests me much.

  26. 26 BROWNCOAT_78

    I love a good sageuk. And the behind the scenes team for this is great. But I would rather watch cement sit than watch JSY be the female lead in a 50 ep sageuk. I think that is torture deemed illegal by the Geneva convention.

  27. 27 Hwari

    Jeon Gwang Ryul in this drama too. Will he do double duty or this drama had been filming earlier. From Remeber, this drama and Jackpot like back to back work. Hope he get his rest later

  28. 28 Kiko

    I always find Jin Se Yeon watchable so i dont get why people get all mad about her acting

    • 28.1 kuromitsu

      This. She wasn’t bad in either Gaksital or Doctor Stranger so I don’t get it.

      I thought she was cute in Gaksital and the first few eps of Doctor Stranger. Yes, her character became weird in DS from the middle to the end, but that’s not really her fault.

  29. 29 YennLucia

    here there is definitely a lot of envy ! nobody wants to give it a try .. is not clear how its bias

  30. 30 Mindy

    Wow, some people here are REALLY trying hard to make others believe in their opinion. As if their lives depend on having everyone agree that certain actresses are terrible.

    • 30.1 Kev

      Yep folks here trying to get others to join and agree Jin Se Yeon and Go sung hee are terrible actresses but I don’t blame them…tbh, that is the dominant majority opinion. On social media and different sites, I noticed that MOST people say JSY and GSH really suck at acting.

    • 30.2 TrinPie

      This is called being human. We all have opinions and most of humanity want others to agree with their opinion. Now you are making it sound like people are doing more then expressing their opinion but most of the comments have simply been along the lines of them not liking JSY and have been civil. That’s not trying really hard to make others believe their opinion, that’s just simply stating an opinion.

      And some people are genuinely upset that a show they are interested in has an actress they find subpar cast. It sours the possible enjoyment of the show.

      • 30.2.1 Mindy

        “Now you are making it sound like people are doing more then expressing their opinion but most of the comments have simply been along the lines of them not liking JSY and have been civil”

        But I’m not talking about those people. Take a look at the thread of comments on comment 22. THAT kind of stuff is what I’m referring to.

    • 30.3 xnanax

      Their vehemence is so weird/funny to me.

  31. 31 jay

    All those manes of glory tho

  32. 32 wooyeonbudddies

    I dont care the criticize, they looks very envy because JSY is look bright, I care the happy pictures above on this site, the cast of this drama are looks willing and happy together and I feel for them a good team-work with a good start. This drama is look interesting I don’t say that I don’t care the acting still but my main interesting is the story hope this drama is truly great story. The plot is good, so I looking forward for it my vision in this drama is good I feel the success ratings. Goodluck! to team of this drama.

  33. 33 Luna

    You all are a bunch if haters. I can’t belive some of the cruel things you all are saying about someone you don’t even know. If you are going to give criticisms at least have it be constructive.

    I for one can’t wait for this drama. Go Soo oppa hwaiting!!

    • 33.1 gala

      most of what’s been written/posted in this thread are constructive though. the general criticisms centre on JSY’s acting – nothing about her looks or personality. it’s all about her inability to portray her role effectively.

    • 33.2 Lea

      She is extremely beautiful no doubt about that! It is simply her acting. She just cannot act.

      • 33.2.1 HD

        beauty is subjective. some folks find her pretty. Others don’t find JSY attractive. Her bad acting is the reason for my dislike.

    • 33.3 TrinPie

      Like someone else said most of the comments have been tame and been criticisms about her acting. I think she is a bad actress but I have nothing against her as a person. This isn’t hatred. If you don’t like an artists painting or an authors book is that hatred? No. I don’t hate the artist or the author, I just dislike their paintings and books. It’s the same with an actress. I don’t hate her I just don’t like her acting.

  34. 34 RainbowsHorizon

    Not a fan of JSY but I dont understand where the hate is coming from? I’ve watched Doctor Stranger and imo she was good! Though I wasnt able to watch til the very end because the story got me bored. I’ve watched Gaksital too and I liked her there! I’ve finished the drama.

    I dont care who gets casted in this sageuk because rather I put my faith in the director and writer. And you cant really blame the actors/actresses because they’re just doing what they’re directed. AND the actors/actresses arent the only one bringing the drama because there are also those who are working behind the scenes who do the final editing.

  35. 35 NamNavi

    Hwajung 2.0

  36. 36 Kay

    Go Soo – YAYAYAYAYA!! *does happy dance*

    Jin Se Yeon – oh dear lord.

    Why oh why…I’ll have to be armed with buckets of wine to get through JSY’s acting….all for Go Soo though..I’ll do anything for ya babe…even if it means sitting through JSY’s stoic acting.

    (for the record, I’ve watched EVERYTHING she’s been in, including that horrid web drama with JIW…and her role was incredibly ridiculously simple in it).

  37. 37 ffiza

    When I see the first picture, I thought “That’s a good looking guy, with a glorious mane of glory”. Only realized it was a girl after reading the article

  38. 38 wooyeonbuddies

    acting! acting! acting! acting!is bad I’m so sick about that complaint ook! JSY is emotionless sometimes but atleast she is not exaggerated, she know her character that portray, This time JSY have potential to improve in this drama because this drama look amazing. For her web drama you all can’t denied that web drama is very successful, whatever their acting because that web drama is great story, acting is not the big issue, The main important is the story was not ruin. The actors and actresses become great if the drama is amazing story. Don’t deny you are obviously envious because you all have biases actors/actresses.

  39. 39 franbergh

    everytime i see saeguk with crossdressing girl, so many times i just think they should try to go a little far n ridiculous like on chinese movie with moustache! (just like kim seul gi on splash love)
    isnt man on saeguk always growing those? maybe exception for idol casts though i love siwon with mustache n beard in legend of hyang dan 😊

  40. 40 rori0711

    i agree with Jin Seyeon…who wants to missed the opportunity with the respected writer and director.

  41. 41 pacman

    Trusting the story Flower in prison will be good; great director and screenwriter; great male lead; gonna try to ignore jin se yeon; she just cannot act.

    • 41.1 YennLucia

      no matter if you do not like , anyway you end up LOOKING AT THE DRAMA LOL!

  42. 42 ladida

    This is one bitter comment thread. Pity the actress who gets cast opposite a guy fav. I remember when Park Min Young was rumored to be cast opposite Lee Jong Suk (who is a subpar actor, despite his charms) and people were angry, smh. Anyway, I thought Jin Se Yeon was perfectly watchable in High End Crush, and I’m looking forward to this drama. And now I want to check out Daughters of Club Bilitis!

  43. 43 Gwinna

    I was intrigued by the pretty stills, and the plot sounds interesting, and then I read that Jin Se-yeon was cast as the leading lady, and now I have to watch it because she gets so much hate, I have to support her just to balance things out. She was perfectly fine in the first ten episodes of Gaksital, which is all I’ve seen her in, so I’m looking forward to this show! Good news as there haven’t been any dramas I’m interested in recently.

    • 43.1 Gwinna

      Although, why are ruling queens always portrayed as villains?

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