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Entertainer: Episode 1
by | April 21, 2016 | 106 Comments

The newest offering from SBS, Entertainer, seems poised to deliver a heartfelt story about chasing your dreams — not quite what I expected, but surprisingly enticing right off the bat. It’s an unexpectedly deep story that makes me eager to see where the show will take us, especially with Ji Sung at the helm as a heartless, soulless music producer interested only in his own career. He’s willing to trample anyone he needs to in order to get where he wants to go, which is going to cause him some serious problems once it all starts to fall apart.


A man drives over a bridge, insisting to a reporter on the phone that a dating rumor regarding a pair of idols from his agency isn’t true. He convinces the reporter that the scandal is unfounded, signs off with a happy, “I love you!!” then hangs up and growls that that was all crap. Ha.

This is our hero, SHIN SEOK-HO (Ji Sung), who works as an agent for a leading entertainment company called KTOP. He struts into the company building like he owns the place, eccentric and with an over-the-top imperious attitude, greeting an assistant with a noogie for failing to contain the dating scandal.

He runs to his office when he hears that the reporter is actually there waiting for him, incriminating photos in hand. Seok-ho claims the photos prove nothing — the idols belong to the same agency, of course they go to the same places! But when shown picture of the idols obviously canoodling, Seok-ho runs out of excuses.

He gets down to business — how much to squash the story? He and the reporter come to a quick agreement, making me think this is a regular occurrence for them, but the reporter is interested in another rumor. It seems that Seok-ho won a court case to terminate the contract of KTOP’s most successful boy band, Jackson, and is planning to take them and start his own agency.

Seok-ho’s assistant begs a producer to let one of their girl groups lip-sync their performance tonight, citing that one member, Song-yi (the idol from the dating scandal), isn’t feeling well. Seok-ho runs to the dressing room to pointedly tell Song-yi to lie down if she’s so ill, and she does, just in time for a PD to enter the room.

It doesn’t work, and they’re told their performance will be live voices or nothing. Seok-ho pitches a loud hissy fit (an event that seems par for the course with him) and goes looking for the producer.

Seok-ho and Song-yi sit in the company van, where Seok-ho tells Song-yi that he’s had to buy yet another set of photos of her and Jinu, who just happens to be the leader of Jackson. He instructs her to dump Jinu — he’s threatening the career she’s worked so hard for, but Song-yi swears they’re really in love. Seok-ho laughs nastily that love is for common people. They’re entertainers.

Later Seok-ho meets with KTOP’s CEO, who bitterly congratulates him on winning his court case to break off from the agency and take Jackson with him. Seok-ho is suspiciously humble and courteous, and says he plans to start out small.

CEO Lee seems disappointed that Seok-ho is leaving, but his voice takes on an edge as he says that Jackson’s latest song will be released under KTOP’s label. Something about this man makes me very nervous. Anyway, that means moving the release date up a couple of weeks, but Seok-ho says he can make it happen.

Seok-ho tells his assistant manager Joo-han that they’re moving the date up, which makes Joo-han uncomfortable — other artists are releasing songs that week. If Jackson’s song doesn’t top the charts, they’re in big trouble.

Seok-ho decides, “So we’ll just top the charts, then!” He tells Joo-han to be ready to leave KTOP the moment the song is released. He notices Joo-han’s hesitation at that, and Joo-han admits to being nervous. Oh no.

He’s not the only one, either… Seok-ho has dinner with a friend who expresses concern about the new agency. A little drunk but still confident, Seok-ho assures him that Jackson will sign with his company first, and not to worry about the press.

Though it’s late, CEO Lee calls Joo-han into his office, asking how long he’s been a mere assistant manager. Apparently it’s the company joke that he’s never been promoted higher. CEO Lee admits that he feels as though it’s not over between KTOP and Jackson, then suddenly changes the subject — how would Joo-han like to be a director?

At the other end of the country, in Busan, a young woman sits in a police station, nervously waiting to be called before the judge. Her name is JUNG GEU-RIN (Hyeri), and when she’s finally summoned, it takes a herculean effort just to move her feet. In the judge’s chambers is her brother, JO HA-NEUL (Kang Min-hyuk), still in his school uniform.

We learn that Geu-rin and Ha-neul’s parents have both died, and that Ha-neul is generally a good student and a well-behaved teenager. His lawyer blames his one-time lapse in judgement on grief over his parents’ deaths, asking for leniency.

Oh no, he’s here facing charges of sexual assault on a classmate, though he only admits to “helping” and not actually assaulting her himself. The victim, Ji-young, backs this claim up, though Ha-neul’s side-eye in her direction when she’s asked the question makes me think there’s a lot more going on here.

Geu-rin suddenly interrupts the proceedings, begging the judge to look at Ha-neul’s report cards and recommendations from his teachers. The judge isn’t unkind, but reminds her that school reports have nothing to do with this serious incident.

Geu-rin loses it completely, screaming that Ha-neul would never do such a thing, and demanding that his accuser take back her lies. Ha-neul doesn’t even blink at her hysterics, and when he’s placed under probation, he actually asks to be sent to juvenile detention.

He says in this dead voice that to him, it’s all the same. He doesn’t know why his help (another interesting glance towards his accuser) turned to sexual assault, but he doesn’t care how he’s charged. He’s now a sexual offender either way, and his sister will suffer for the rest of her life, so he wants to do his time if it will ease her pain.

So the judge sentences Ha-neul to two months in a juvenile supervision home, with thirty hours of sexuality education and counseling. Geu-rin again screams at Ji-young, calling her a liar, and as Ha-neul is led away she presses his favorite snack into his hand.

Seok-ho visits his boys in Jackson as they rehearse their new song, but the leader, JINU, seems oddly unhappy. Seok-ho tells him to stop seeing Song-yi and focus on their new beginning with the group, and Jinu just sighs a defeated, “Okay.”

Seok-ho meets with a friend to plan how they’re going to get Jackson’s song released and topping the charts in two weeks, which seems like an impossible task. But the guy is a computer genius, and Seok-ho offers him any amount of money to get the song to the top. It’s going to involve some computer hacking, which doesn’t sound in any way legal, but I get the feeling this isn’t these guys’ first time.

Geu-rin visits Ji-young’s parents to appeal to them — Ha-neul and their daughter have been friends for years, they know he’d never do such a terrible thing. But Ji-young’s mother says that you never know — after all, their parents died because of Ha-neul. She even barks at Geu-rin to move once Ha-neul gets out of juvie, because it would be too scary living near him.

Geu-rin is told that Ha-neul is sleeping when she goes to visit him at the juvenile home, so she drops off some clothes for him. The man who runs the home looks like a very nice person, and says that Ha-neul seems like a good boy. Ha-neul wasn’t sleeping after all, and the man passes on his things and a letter from Geu-rin.

Ha-neul goes outside with the letter, but instead of reading it, he calmly folds it into a paper airplane and sends it flying.

Jackson’s song is released and it’s a hit, bolstered by the (almost certainly illegal) computer program Seok-ho’s friend devised. But the composer is deeply unhappy, the song he wrote having been credited to Jinu. Seok-ho is aware of this, since he paid the composer extra in the hopes of keeping him quiet, but the man returns the money, upset to tears at having been taken advantage of.

Seok-ho is profoundly unmoved by the man’s situation, claiming that he pulled him out of poverty and gave him his life back by letting him write this song for Jackson. Damn, he actually has the nerve to imply that the composer is manipulating him. The man begs on his knees — his name on this song was supposed to change his life.

Seok-ho refuses, because he’s an ass like that, promising the composer even more money. But it’s not about money for the man, it’s about his career and reputation, which goes right over Seok-ho’s head. The composer realizes that appealing to his heart won’t work, because Seok-ho doesn’t have one, and quietly says that he’ll just have to sue him, then.

Seok-ho tells him to go right ahead — by the time it’s all settled the album will have been released and people will only accuse the composer of plagiarism. He tells the man to just take the money and forget this, and the man picks up the envelope — and shoves it at Seok-ho before walking out.

Geu-rin gets off work late from her part-time job, nervous to walk home alone now that Ha-neul can’t walk with her and protect her from over-zealous customers. Her entire journey home is filled with memories of her “little” brother protecting her, complaining the whole time, but taking care of his sister anyway.

He may be younger, but he’s definitely the caretaker in this relationship. It makes Geu-rin’s loneliness that much sharper now, as she’s forced to make her own ramyun and take care of herself.

The next morning Geu-rin runs into a neighborhood boy, noticing that he has a new cell phone. Oddly, he’s very invested in explaining that he only got it because his old one broke, and nervously runs off. But as Geu-rin walks away, the boy watches her go, looking pretty guilty about something.

That night Seok-ho takes someone he just calls “Director” to an entertainment room, where they toast to his new agency, Mango. Jackson’s new song has successfully topped the charts, and they’re all feeling pretty damn good. But Seok-ho answers a call from the KTOP office, and reels to hear that the composer he argued with the day before has committed suicide.

Seok-ho’s response is to freak out completely, especially when he gets a text from Jinu stating simply, “I want to die… hyung…” He tries to call Jinu, so focused on his phone that he veers into oncoming traffic and hits another car head-on.

In the morning, we’re introduced to YEO MIN-JOO (Chae Jung-ahn), a music producer at a small agency. It’s her job to market Jackson’s next album for Seok-ho, though she’s much more interesting in promoting a local indie band. Her boss forbids it — indie bands aren’t profitable enough.

She meets a friend, Man-shik, both of them wondering how the other driver involved in Seok-ho’s wreck was sent to such a small-time hospital. It’s not Seok-ho they’re her to see, but the man who was driving the other car, who’s refusing to settle.

We see in flashback that the man took an envelope of money, and the promise of more, from none other than Joo-han, Seok-ho’s former assistant. He tells the man not to settle until he gives the word. Is everyone at KTOP a total sleazebag??

Min-joo visits Seok-ho, who’s currently being held in jail until the accident is handled. She tells Seok-ho that the victim won’t settle and the hospital has said he’ll have to be there eight weeks (clearly a scam, since he seems injured but mostly fine).

She suddenly asks Seok-ho why he won’t see his father — he refuses to let him visit and his parents are worried. Seok-ho is more concerned with Jinu, and Min-joo tells him to snap out of it and get his priorities straight. Seok-ho argues that he and Jinu are closer than family.

Min-joo asks if everything is still on track with Jackson, and Seok-ho’s assurance that it is, is a little too anxious to be convincing. He asks why Joo-han hasn’t come to see him, and we cut to Joo-han reporting to CEO Lee that all members of Jackson, including Jinu, have all signed new contracts with KTOP. Well, crap.

Seok-ho seems to intuit that things aren’t going as he’d hoped — he falls asleep and dreams that he and Jinu are playing ball, like a happy father and son. But suddenly Jinu drops the ball and walks away, a hard look on his face. Seok-ho wakes to the news that Jackson has renewed their contract with KTOP and starts yelling, seeing all his plans going down the drain.

When Seok-ho is released, Joo-han picks him up, playing the fawning assistant to the hilt. Seok-ho kicks him in the shin, asking how he could let Jackson get away, and Joo-han claims that they insisted on staying with KTOP all on their own. Seok-ho wants to go talk to CEO Lee, but Joo-han breaks the news that he’s been fired.

Seok-ho can’t reach Jinu for answers, and he learns that Jackson has even moved out of the dorm he (under his new company) set up for them. He sits in the empty apartment, remembering spending time with the boys here, happily planning their new agency and careers.

The bad news just keeps on coming — Min-joo informs Seok-ho that their investor wants his money back. Between the accident and losing Jackson, they’re no longer interested in Seok-ho and Mango. Min-joo suggests they borrow some money and pay back a portion of the investment, to buy some time.

With all the rumors flying around about Seok-ho, it’s not an easy task, but he thinks he can find a way. He calls his hyung who immediately offers to help him with a loan, so Seok-ho takes the next bus down to Busan.

On the way, he writes and deletes several texts to Jinu, and instead writes a cheerful group text in the Jackson chat room. As soon as he sends it, the Jackson members all leave the chat room one by one, and Seok-ho is left holding a silent phone. He hides his disappointment with sunglasses, but a lone tear tracks down his face at the clear rejection.

Seok-ho meets with his hyung the next day who, despite claiming willingness to help him financially, is pretty uninterested in discussing what’s happened to Seok-ho. Hyung literally just walks away while Seok-ho is asking him to let him vent about his troubles, and tells him to meet him at a cafe later.

Ha-neul goes for a walk on the beach, lost in a memory of a fight he had with his father. Dad had told him that he’ll never be an entertainer, and grown furious when Ha-neul retorted, “Why, because of my dead brother?” Dad told him that what happened to his hyung was enough, and that he didn’t care what Ha-neul does, as long as it’s not music.

Ha-neul argued that his only dream was music, but Dad yelled that music killed his brother and made his mother sick — if he wants to see both his parents die, then he can go right ahead. But as long as he’s alive, he’ll never allow it. After his father stormed out, his mother had begged him to give up this dream, for her sake.

At dinner that night, Seok-ho’s hyung suddenly turns mean, asking if following him around all day for money didn’t hurt Seok-ho’s pride. He says he felt exactly the same way, “That time you ignored me.”

He’d gone to Seok-ho for help once with an album that didn’t do well, and Seok-ho had ignored him all day while hyung followed him around. Then he’d turned down his brother’s request, and Hyung asks how it feels to be in his position now.

Feeling the sting of rejection again and knowing this is a dead end, Seok-ho stands and leaves. He walks the streets in a state of shock, having been abandoned by everyone he knows. He alternately screams and cries, and whimpers in fear, unsure where to turn next.

Ha-neul decides to quit school, since he knows that he has no chance at university at this point. His advisor is strongly against it, especially since they were going to ask him to record the school song for the third year in a row. But Ha-neul says (in the most heartbreaking voice) that he won’t be singing anymore.

Seok-ho wanders near Ha-neul’s school, and perks up when he hears a song start playing through a loudspeaker nearby. It’s Ha-neul’s recording of the school song, and his voice is incredible. Ha-neul exits the building and notices Seok-ho there, transfixed at the sound of his voice.


I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect with Entertainer, and I’m pleased to find that it has a lot more heart and depth than I originally expected, between Geu-rin and Ha-neul’s tragic family problems and Seok-ho’s facing the consequences of his own actions. The teasers had me going in expecting zaniness and fun, and there’s something about the show that still leads me to think we’ll be getting plenty of that. But I was surprised by the serious topics addressed in the premiere episode — suicide, sexual assault, the illegal chart-boosting of Jackson’s song, and basically everything about Seok-ho’s awful personality and moral compass (or lack thereof). It’s not what I expected, but I think it has potential to be even better, if it can follow through on the promise of emotional exploration of all the characters. Another thing that impressed me was the cinematography — the show is shot beautifully, with interesting angles and lighting choices that really highlight the actors and emphasize the scenes quite nicely. It’s a subtle touch, but very effective in painting the background to what the characters are going through in any give moment.

At this point, I’m struggling to find anything to like about Seok-ho, and coming up empty. He’s loud, obnoxious, arrogant and manipulative, and not in the usual semi-romantic “he’ll change with the love of a good woman” kind of way we’re used to seeing in dramas. Seok-ho is just a sleazeball, breaking laws and throwing money at problems and people until he gets what he wants. He’s a user and a bully, and I actually enjoyed his world to crash down around him. Not just because you have to hit rock bottom before you can start to crawl back up, but because damn, this jerk just deserved it. I wanted to see him lose everything, and even reveled in it a little bit. It’s a credit to Ji sung’s acting prowess (though no surprise to his fans) that even while he made me feel that way about Seok-ho, there’s also a large part of me that felt for him, especially when he was just literally whimpering in fear and uncertainty.

So while I don’t like him, not one bit, I find his character oddly fascinating, like a wreck you can’t look away from. Ji sung is playing Seok-ho perfectly, with just the right balance of fake charm and cold uncaring steel to give us an anti-hero we’re going to love to hate. I almost hope he doesn’t start to reform too soon, because this sleazy scumbag is just plain fun to watch. But we’re already seeing little glimpses of humanity, such as his obvious personal care towards Jinu, and the way he seems to drop the act with Min-joo and is just himself (I’m very curious to learn more about their relationship, by the way). So I know the seeds of humanity are in there, deep down, very deep down, and watching them make their way to the surface should be a fantastic journey.

On the other hand, Geu-rin and Ha-neul are so sympathetic and interesting, and though we know less about them I’m already emotionally invested in their little lost family. All we know about them is that there was another brother who somehow died because of his musical dreams, and that it affected the whole family. Ha-neul’s insistence on following his own dream somehow contributed to their parents’ deaths, causing him to basically check out on life. I really like Kang Min-hyuk and think he’s a decent actor, so I’m particularly looking forward to watching his emotional path play out. Geu-rin seems a bit harder to get a handle on, since we still don’t know much about her other than that she obviously loves her brother very much. But I liked her spirit that we saw in the courtroom, and have a feeling that she’s going to be Ha-neul’s biggest supporter.

There’s been a lot of speculation and discussion about the love-lines in Entertainer, but honestly, the relationship that interests me the most at this early stage is the one I can see forming between Seok-ho and Ha-neul. They need each other desperately — both have lost family and friends, and are feeling adrift and alone, though for very different reasons. I can easily see Seok-ho’s misplaced affection for Jinu transferring to Ha-neul, a much more worthy recipient. And Ha-neul could use a father figure who supports his musical dreams, and teaches him that he’s not worthless because he’s had some unfortunate things happen to him. I’m very eager for these two to learn to trust and care for one another, and to find their musical dream again, together.


106 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. RaineeDays

    Is it just me, or everytime Ji Sung says Jackson, I imagine Hwang Jung Eum’s character in She Was Pretty?

    • 1.1 Seo

      LOL omg you’re right!!

    • 1.2 Gem

      HJE made him likable in Secret with their chemistry although he was a sadist and lunatic there, lets see if Hyeri can do that. This show can go places but the ensemble cast can bring it on so far its a good ride but drags at point for me.

    • 1.3 redfox

      havent watched the drama yet, but as soon as I read “Jackson”, I was like, oh, confusing drama-blending.

  2. Saya

    Yay, LollyPip!

    I feel like Kill Me, Heal Me Yo-na unlocked something in his acting, he’s so much more fun to watch since then!

  3. opus

    Am I the only one who wants two separate lovelines? One for Hyeri and Minhyuk, one for Jisung and Chae Jung Ahn?

    I mean, we have yet to see Hyeri and Jisung’ characters interacting, but the two younger leads had so much chemistry in this episode that I can’t imagine the other combination topping it to be honest (and umm, on top of that they were supposed to behave like ‘siblings’… but siblings shouldn’t sizzle as much together…).

    As for the story and pilot, I liked it more than I thought I would (especially after reading Korean watchers opinions about it, they were savage) – nothing spectacular or innovative, but I kinda needed somewhat predictable, but heartfelt story about chasing one’s dreams.
    Also, the OSTs are worth mentioning – I can’t wait till they release them (I’m looking at you, the last song that played during the preview…).

    I’m planning to watch this even if it turns into a hot mess later on. I’m glad you’ll be recapping this.

    • 3.1 opus

      After reading the recap again, I’m confused actually.
      Are Haneul and Geurim siblings or not? I thought that they weren’t, I read somewhere that they weren’t, but after seeing LollyPip emphasizing that ‘Haneul is Geurim’s little brother’ so many times I don’t know anymore…

      • 3.1.1 seoul

        i think they’re not siblings by the different surname they have

      • 3.1.2 pastmidnite

        Don’t they have different surnames? So they’re probably not blood related..

      • 3.1.3 June

        For a second there, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me because I saw Minhyuk looking at Hyeri so lovingly (in the kitchen when he cooked her ramyun). I have a younger brother with a 3-year gap, and NOT ONCE did he ever look at me like that. But sometimes he looks at our younger sister (younger than him by 5 years) along the line of oh-you’re-just-so-adorable-I-wanna-squish-you.

    • 3.2 milktea

      YES i’m already psyched about the OST, when i heard that last song, i was sold!

      also @opus, i’m pretty sure they’re not related siblings but some kind of circumstance (which they’ll probably explain later) brought them together as a ‘family’

      • 3.2.1 Lucy

        Do you know what the last song from ep 1 is? It’s the one that plays at the end and through the preview of ep 2 after the youngdo academy advertisement. I’m dying to know the title/artist!

    • 3.3 kuromitsu

      I agree. There was so much chemistry between the kids that I really thought it was a waste that they were actual siblings.

      • 3.3.1 kuromitsu

        I hope they aren’t.

        • June

          They didn’t look like siblings to me. Look at the way he looks at her when she asks him to cook ramyun!

      • 3.3.2 CR

        How does Ji Sung keep pulling dramas with siblings that have so much chemistry?

  4. alua

    I thought it was okay, but not the most riveting first episode. I was a wee bit bored at times?

    <He’s loud, obnoxious, arrogant and manipulative

    He is, but then I felt I wasn't quite convinced by it all? I don't know, I wanted more loud, more obnoxious, more arrogant, more manipulative? I don't know, I couldn't quite buy why he has no friends, no money at all? I think I would have preferred no glimpses of humanity at this point.

    Wasn't too fond of the preview either, it seemed to have stock scenes (bicycle-safe for romantic sparks ✔︎).

    Well, I'll try a few more episodes – it's watchable so far but I'm not wowed just yet.

    • 4.1 Sue

      I was bored too at some parts, since I felt I knew what was coming next. I may sit this one out for a while.

      • 4.1.1 paroles

        I just finished watching the second episode and I must say that the drama is really quite boring.

        • alua

          I’m watching the second episode but my attention keeps straying.

          The sister character is really boring. And there are so many scenes reliant on accidentally running into someone, being in the same place or overhearing something, it’s just not very convincing. Or that based on an Study Academy jingle the guy knows that Haneul is a “genius”. Just can’t buy it.

          • Kaybee

            Same. That song really wasn’t all that special. There’s this annoying tendency in musical dramas to have a genius singer played by someone who’s merely an okay one. If you’re not a musician, it might work for you, but as a singer it annoys me beyond words. I’m hoping that we’ll get better songs from him though, but not holding my breath.

            Am I the only one who thought it weird that the “siblings” live in Busan, yet didn’t really seem to have a Busan accent? I’m wondering if it’s just because I’m still not good at Korean, but in other dramas and reality shows, the Busan dialect seems to be a pretty one strong one that is easily recognized and here I didn’t really detect it at all.

          • alua

            The song was like every other commercial jingle!

            Gimme a scene were Seok-ho overhears a live performance or an impromptu singing scene (I’m thinking the Monstar duet between Se-yi and Kyu-dong) and then I might buy it, but in k-entertainment world of manufactured music a little jingle like that reveals NOTHING about musical genius.

            And I’m not even a musician or singer.

            And the song at the end: why did they insert lengthy flashbacks in the middle and stop sound? It totally throws off the pacing and the impact the performance could have had. Kang Min-hyuk’s singing in Heartstrings moved me a lot more!

          • Kaybee

            Yeah, it really takes someone on the level of Freddie Mercury to make you hear musical genius through a freaking jingle lol!

            Song at the end… of episode 1?

            I haven’t seen Heartstrings yet, how was his skill level in that?

          • kuromitsu

            This was explained in episode 2.

            Basically, Seuk Ho is being a jack** as usual.

          • Kaybee

            @kuromitsu – Just finished watching ep 2 and it did make me feel a little better about Ha Neul’s “genius”-thing. But still… That the jingle ever caught his attention is beyond me, it was so generic. And honestly, I’m a bit confused. I don’t see why a seasoned music agent who’s recently been hit by a lot of scandals (and seemingly more on the way) while just starting his own agency would have anything to do with a singer convicted of sexual assault. Of course, I’m rooting for Ha Neul, it’s not like he actually did it, but if this was the real world Seok Ho would never have made such a decision. It’s way too damaging for his already down-in-the-dumps career.

          • alua


            I think the idea is that Seok Ho has always picked up talent from the street that no one else recognised or would give a chance. That’s what he explains to the sister in one sentence. I could see this, except that one sentence of saying this doesn’t really show us enough of that sort of gutsiness. If this is his modus operandi, it needs to be much better established, because it requires total risk taking, doing things your way against everyone else, but also heart.

            <I don’t see why a seasoned music agent who’s recently been hit by a lot of scandals (and seemingly more on the way) while just starting his own agency would have anything to do with a singer convicted of sexual assault

            I guess because he's still operating in his old ways, when he could take on risks like that and succeed?

            But I am not convinced either. I don't see yet how Seok Ho is a genius producer (Jackson and the Lucy Girls seem generic so far, we don't really know at all how they were down in the dumps and how he made them from nothing to something massive – it's all sort of 'hearsay' that is supposed to sway us), nor how Haneul is a genius musician whose talent is apparent with a single jingle.

          • Kaybee

            “I guess because he’s still operating in his old ways, when he could take on risks like that and succeed?”

            Thing is, I think the fact that he’s used to working for such a big company means that there’s even less chance of him taking such a risk. The press is sure to dig around a scandalized well-known music agent’s new singer and there’s no way they wouldn’t find out and no way it wouldn’t make a scandal and ruin not just the kid’s career, but also his most likely his own. He really can’t afford to make mistakes at this point.

            And yeah, if he is the “follow my own way and heart/gut feeling” kind of guy, there’s really absolutely no indication of that anywhere in the drama so far except for the one conversation with Ha Neul and the “sister”. If they had made him out to be someone who’s used to taking those kind of risks, I wouldn’t really think too much of him choosing Ha Neul, but seeing how they haven’t, it just seems way too unbelievable.

          • paroles

            Thing is, I think the fact that he’s used to working for such a big company means that there’s even less chance of him taking such a risk. The press is sure to dig around a scandalized well-known music agent’s new singer and there’s no way they wouldn’t find out and no way it wouldn’t make a scandal and ruin not just the kid’s career, but also his most likely his own. He really can’t afford to make mistakes at this point.

            In real life, no one would really. HOWEVER, this is a drama. Imagine the band hitting it big during the auditions, then it’s revealed that the vocalist was a “sex offender” (in quotes, since he isn’t). It’s like Korean talent shows always get people auditioning only to find that they are a bully (which is arguably a much lighter offence) later. That’s why I really hate this part of the plot. To be honest, the whole set up annoys me. It’s so typical.

    • 4.2 Dee

      Two episodes in, and I’m a bit bored, too.

  5. Alessar

    When I first heard about this show I was, “Eh, whatever.” When I heard Ji-Soo had pounced on it I thought, “Oh shit the script must be dynamite.” It seems I was right. The first episode really sucked me in.

    I’m completely with you about enjoying his collapse, Lollypip. It was like rubbernecking as you drive by an accident. When he made the crack about CEO Lee having no recourse to him taking Jackson away because the law was on his side, I thought that it was so arrogant to be almost unbelievably stupid. Of course he could be set up, blacklisted, a zillion things that could screw with him without even going so far as to arranging an accident like they did.

    • 5.1 Miranda

      I don’t think they arranged the accident – the CEO’s plan had something to do with a movie and a girl, based on the chat with the soon-to-be-director.

      It feels like the accident was something they just jumped on and made the most of when the opportunity arose.

    • 5.2 Guacamolenacho

      I don’t think they arranged the accident they just used it to their advantage. Especially since SH is the one that ran into another car.

  6. kdluver

    God I have been waiting for this drama for ages!

  7. milktea

    yay thanks for recapping this!

    i enjoyed this first episode! i like the characters enough so far – Ji Sung! – so I think I’ll stick along for the ride!

    i’m a bit disappointed with the negative reviews it’s getting… all dramas are cliche but that’s why we watch them, no? and i think everyone’s acting has been alright so far, nothing horrible but nothing oscar-worthy. oh well, hopefully it gets better! 😀

    • 7.1 Rozen

      Where did you read the negative reviews? It’s still early to judge though

      • 7.1.1 Arhazivory

        Some Korean netizens called the first episode boring. I agree though, far too early to judge.

        Some comments were translated at: http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2016/04/tv-entertainer-pilot.html

        • alua

          I confess I was a wee bit bored as well, but I do think it’s too early too judge (or bail) just yet.

          I think there were a lot of characters in the first episode…

          • kuromitsu

            My problem was that there was so much Seuk Ho time and he was just utterly unlikable that I just didn’t want to bother.

          • Snickers👽


      • 7.1.2 BA

        I subscribe to natizenbuzz Twitter and all natizon have low opinion.

      • 7.1.3 Gem

        It did drag at points but I guess we will get there once the dust settles and the initial setup is ready so lets wait.

  8. michelle

    It couldn’t really hold my interest 100% but I feel like Kang Min-hyuk is one of the best things about this pilot–both his character and acting.

    • 8.1 alua

      I didn’t even recognise him! He’s forever ingrained in my mind with the wonderful wild hair he had in Heartstrings. ^_^

      • 8.1.1 Rozen

        I Didn’t know him too he looked so different and mature

        • rani

          CNBLUE boys are no longer wearing jeans, that era is already over lol. They have matured a lot and look amazing in suit.

          Is this drama good? I read opposite review regarding the story…

    • 8.2 dooleygongshil

      I couldn’t agree more. I skipped through/zoned out during some parts of the episode. But my favorite thing so far is Kang Min-hyuk. I like his character and his relationship with his sister enough to watch the next episode. Hopefully everything starts to pick up soon because I’d hate if I couldn’t get through what could be a good drama due to slow pacing.

  9. Rozen

    I didn’t enjoy the first episode i got bored at some parts but it’s still early i will see few more episodes. I usually don’t watch idol dramas but i am trying for Ji Sung if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t bother

    • 9.1 Seo


    • 9.2 RaineeDays

      This is so true. The setting of this drama is frighteningly close to THE drama that cannot be named (for me anyways), She’s So Lovable (Rain and Krystal).

      But I LOOOOOVE Ji Sung (and all his other personalities in KMHM) that i cannot pass this one up.

    • 9.3 Jen

      + 1

      If Ji Sung is not in this, I won’t watch at all. I don’t watch Idol dramas too and Hyeri doesn’t wow me at all. In fact, I seriously think she needs to polish up her acting A LOT MORE before becoming the main lead. 1988 just happens to suit her. I wasn’t wowed by her in 1988 too actually as I watch the guys and the families, not her.

      I’ll stick this out for Ji Sung Oppa. Hopefully it gets better.

  10. 10 LP

    Your review/recap has certainly peaked my interest. Sounds like the kind of character and show I really like. Now to just find where I can watch it!

  11. 11 Nerdy

    Hope I’ll eat my words but the only good thing about this drama is boys potential bromance. I love Min-hyuk and Ji sung but there is nothing here for my taste. All Hyeri did was cry (she had reasons but still), then some dude kills himself for ONE SINGLE song and this dude had GIRLFRIENG (not lonely as it seems), then Ji sung goes to prison for a few days(?) and ends up bankrupt? Oh and parents were telling there high schooler son to stop singing/give up on his dream ‘couse his brother failed in the same field?
    Too much crazy/illogical things for one episode

  12. 12 Polandball

    Interesting that both your recap and the comments give of a pretty pleasant vibe, some more meh some more yay, but the K-Netizens comments I saw showed the drama in the more of an “straight up trash” category.
    I’m somewhere in the middle, don’t really get it and didn’t really captivate me in any way.

  13. 13 BA

    I enjoyed the 1st ep. It did try to set up the story of Suk Ho’s character, his fall along with Gaurin/Haneul storyline. I would not have wanted to drag out plot and show did that nicely. I think we are still going to see Suk Ho to be manipulative (he will flirt to get Gaurim on his side as his guardian). But he has his “nice side” glimpse as shown in 1st ep. It is Ji Sung show and he will need to carry by himself until story starts to develop.

  14. 14 TrinPie

    I wont watch this until it has completed airing but I’m getting very Dream High vibes. Hopefully it can be as much fun!
    Please be good show!

    Plus, I love Ji Sung!

  15. 15 Itenoria

    Oooh. Loving this so far. Strange though but where it was boring for some people, I loved every minute of it, mostly because Seok Ho was just a sleaze bag I could practically taste my excitement at the thought of everything crashing down around him. And now I’ve switched to wanting him to get back at that slim of a former assistant turned director and that CEO. But at the same time, I think he would be better off with Hanuel and the other merry bands of singers he’s going to amass along the way, because the world is hard when you’re young and talented and have a good heart (a la Shut up flower boy band) and you sometimes need to have a shark in your corner to have your back. I don’t want Jackson to suffer but I want them to realize that redeemed Seok Ho is someone they would love to have in their corner, but they don’t. Because Haneul can write his songs, sing and be an awesome adorable boy everyone and their father want to mother.

    All in all, Entertainer episode 1 = Love!

  16. 16 panshel

    Entertainer was a lot darker than I had expected: suicide, sexual assault, betrayal (Joo Han) after “betrayal” (Jin Woo) after betrayal (Busan Hyung). I went in expecting Ahn Yo Na and Perry Park, but ended up with Ahn Yo Seob. 

    Hyeri and Kang Min Hyuk looked more like lovers than siblings… which I would prefer over a Ji Sung x Hyeri pairing.

    I got a kick out of the sajaegi expose.

    • 16.1 vongole

      LOL …about getting Ahn Yo Seob!

  17. 17 Pearl~ai88

    Just looking at Ji Sung’s expressions in the screencaps is like watching the episode. LOL, he’s great ^^

  18. 18 Abbie

    I wasn’t sure about this show before. I’ve only seen Ji Sung in Secret and, while I enjoyed his acting, I hated his character. Still, he’s great in this role. Anyway, the premise didn’t really excite my interest, but this first episode was a surprise. I’m going to follow along for now to see how things turn out for Ha-neul and Geu-rin and Seok-ho. I can honestly that I am cautiously optimistic about this one.

    • 18.1 vongole

      Please watch Kill Me Heal Me 🙂

      • 18.1.1 Abbie

        When I get internet access again, I’ll check it out. 🙂 ( I’m typing this on my phone.)

  19. 19 jinssam91

    Honestly, I was turned off by Ji Sung’s acting here. It felt so unnatural and exaggerated…I cringed every time he’d change his voice to a higher tone and I get that it’s the character and maybe the writing, but i couldn’t bear to watch his scenes and skipped over a lot of them…I’m a bit iffy about this drama so far, although I was really cheering and hoping that this would be successful because people have been so negative about Hyeri’s new project and wondering whether she just was acting as herself in 1988.

  20. 20 Cheliwel

    Not sure if it’s intentional but watching Hyeri is like watching Deok Sun again. For some reason she seems more awkward here than in R88.

  21. 21 denz

    I think hyeri pronunciation is not really good,
    I watched ep 1 then read some comment, after that watched ep 2 and I realized it,

  22. 22 Julzevias

    I’m honestly glad that this is darker than I expected it to be. While many people have complained that it wrought too much emotion in one episode, I find it to be the funnier version of Marriage Contract, especially in striking emotional beats. However, I do think it’s a little heavy, which I’ll elaborate on below.

    On the topic of Seok-ho, I feel like he is definitely not emotionless; he just displays a sense of elitism, developed under the stress of the entertainment community and through money, power, and fame. He obviously cares for people who’ve been loyal to him but is desperately lacking in empathy and understanding. Through the flashbacks it’s evident he developed Jackson’s group from scratch, and they liked each other, so he couldn’t have been so bad back then. But man he’s gotta think a little more about other’s situations.

    The way he’s portrayed reminds me a little of the Hong Sisters’ wacky characters, which is a positive. I’m fine with all the other characters, too; I find myself intrigued by Ha-nuel, his family, and his (and Geu-rin’s) brother’s death through entertainment, and the other side characters are interesting/realistic.

    The villian(CEO Lee)…hmm, have to see for this one. In episode 1 I wasn’t bothered too much by him because while he encouraged Seok-ho’s downfall, it was mainly Seok-ho’s own doing. Therefore I don’t have to expend my energy hating him. But he was portrayed in too dark a mood and had no clear motive for his actions, thereby steering him in the direction of the dreaded Dramaland villian troupe. Since this show is a double(-ish) of the real entertainment world there are undoubtedly just plain evil(or corrupt) people, and unfortunately he’s shaping out to be one of them…….

    Lastly, I also have a complaint about Geu-rin. It’s only episode 1, to be sure, and she had very little scenes in general but I did wish she had emotions other than being sad. Her character was what made the drama feel a little (and really, just a little) tooo heavy. If she had a wacky character like Seok-ho(which I fully expected, so I AM a little disappointed that I didn’t get that) they could lighten the darker moments, making this drama feel like it has the right balance of comedy and darkness. Ji-Sung did a very good job of being hilarious while despicable, and I do think Hyeri doesn’t carry that same disposition. She’s using her character to turn this into melodrama instead, and even though this show tackles serious issues, Ji-Sung’s added a veeeeery interesting air, and if she added onto that even just a little, the mood would be much brighter.

    That said, it’s only episode 1 and they can only go up from a fall, right? I think this show will have more lighter and warmer moments in the future.

    Also, thanks to Lollypip for an early recap!

  23. 23 Lindy12

    I was pleasantly surprised by Entertainer as well. I love the fact that Soek-ho is the architect of his own doom. Sure he’s stabbed in the back by people he trusted (if trust is the right word because people like Soek-ho don’t really trust, they manipulate) but their betrayal is understandable. He doesn’t listen to what people are saying to him, doesn’t give them credit for seeing through his bs so it’s easy for them to be disloyal. Even the slimy tactic of keeping him in jail via a phony insurance claim is probably a trick the manager has learned at the feet of Soek-ho himself. This makes a refreshing change from the usual poor, innocent naif brought low by unrelenting forces of evil and then have to follow the iron k-drama rule of spending the rest of his or her life exacting revenge.

    It’s great to see him brought low because he is such a jerk who thinks other people are as venal as he is. But there is a principle in screenwriting called “saving the cat”. This comes from a 1940’s movie in which a contract killer in town for a job, not a nice guy at all, is first introduced to the audience when he rescues a tiny kitten in peril, feds it milk and arranges for its care. So he’s a killer for hire but he likes kittens so we like him. Soek-ho is like this; he has a real relationship with Min-joo and he’s attached enough to Jinu to cry when he’s abandoned in the chatroom. I loved Namgoong Min’s character in Remember – Son’s War but I wished I could have also liked him if you get the difference.

  24. 24 jaesukisourgod

    I didn’t like the drama using an apparently false sexual assault as a plot device. it really bothered me.

    I felt like the drama dragged a lot, but I think it’s because everything is really predictable. I hope this gets better when the setup is done.

    • 24.1 Granola225

      I completely agree. The way they handled the sexual assault case and calling the victim a liar was very disturbing. There are so many cases of women being called liars for telling the truth. I found it very triggering and could not watch anymore.

      • 24.1.1 jaesukisourgod

        exactly! not a great service for a real problem for women all around the world. and it seems like they will build a lot of minhyuk’s character upon this false accusation and I’m just UGH!

        I came here expecting some comments about it, but I’m honestly surprised that no one mentioned it.

      • 24.1.2 Phlox

        Agreed. It just reminded me too much of how so many SO many victims and survivors are labeled lying manipulative opportunists, and I can’t support this sort of lazy, tone-deaf writing that perpetuates stigma against rape victims/survivors.

    • 24.2 Phlox

      I feel the same way about the sexual assault as a plot device.
      I do not like at all that the writer is using a false sexual assault allegation to garner sympathy/empathy for a character in her story. There are plenty of other ways to make your character easy-to-root-for.

      Fact of the matter is victim-blaming is rampant every where, and victims and survivors are often re-traumatized when they come forth about their abuse because people don’t believe them or blame them for what happened to them. It’s shameful and disgusting.

      • 24.2.1 jaesukisourgod

        yeah, haneul’s family backstory seems painful and the writers could perfectly use this to make him that easy to root character.

        I don’t think I can’t watch the whole development of this story because they will probably mess up with the girl.

  25. 25 antonia

    tahnk you so much for this recap
    i enjoyed every minute of this episode, and even more when Ji Sung was on scene
    he’s just AWESOME, capital words deserved
    and the ending song is so good, keep replaying it in my head
    i was sad to hear about the bad comments in korea, sad about the ratings, and can’t understand how people could get bored… but it’s all about tastes. i thrust ji sung and i’m sure i will love this drama till the end.. because he’s in it

    so excited about this drama that i thout about it all day and currently downloading episode 2 to have my ji sung’s fix

    hapy fan over hear 🙂

  26. 26 Solarmoonmoo

    LollyPip, I am so excited that you are doing this show!

    I kept feeling sorry for Suk-ho even though he is such a horrible person who I think wasn’t like this before. Fame must have gotten to him and maybe by finding out his relationship with Jinu and how it began will help us see what exactly happened. But I also felt sorry for him because of Ji Sung’s acting. I love you. I’ve missed you.

    I love how this episode is showing us the deep underbelly of the entertainment industry. I love how dark it is, which makes me want to see how Suk-ho will find his own redemption story. Will he be able to leave his old ways with a new company and literally start from scratch, or will his past haunt him? Give me this darkness! Give it to me! Discuss those slave contracts. There is so much that can be discussed in these 16 episodes and I want all of it.

    The entire time I was watching it, I kept thinking about Shut Up Flower Boy Band. (I just really miss that show and I will find ways to bring it up whenever I need to.) I also kept thinking about You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin. I have no idea why but I hope this show is a clever blend between both of them.

    Now, on to episode 2.

    Side note: Since Minhyuk is a member of my ultimate group, I will watch this regardless of how good or bad it is. Then again, I dropped Heirs and Marry Him If You Dare because Heirs was…I think we have discussed this so many times on this site and I just want to say that show never existed and Marry Him If You Dare was…interesting until it became boring.

  27. 27 cdorta

    Do I’m the only one that is not feeling Hyeri as a potential lady for Ji Sung. I’m okay if they show concentrate on Ji Sung and Minhyuk road to support each other overcome the many challenges that will be on their way because their are going to be plenty. As for Hyeri don’t think she is Minhyuk sister more like she was raised by his parents, because of a pic shown on 2nd episode.

    Regadless of possible love lines, i will continue watching because Ji Sung and Minhyuk.

  28. 28 Nathan

    Watched ep1&ep2 both quite boring…
    Entertainer not so entertaining, I might ditch it next week.

  29. 29 pastmidnite

    I think I’m going to wait for the setting up of Ha-neul’s band (I’m glad that Min hyuk’s char name is so easy to remember, I usually can’t remember character’s names in the first ep lol), then decide from there.
    I still see Hyeri as Deok sun here, and felt like Bora will appear any minute to pull her hair lol
    Did Min hyuk do something to his face? He looks so different..not that I mind, just curious.

  30. 30 Cee

    I was excited for Entertainer when the premise was out, but then I wasn’t sure when the teasers came out. The idea seemed brilliant on paper but I didn’t know if I would like the way it turned out. I ended up watching with no expectation, and well, I must say that my worries sort of came true.

    I see that the comments are mostly positive, but I honestly can’t say that I absolutely love it. There were a few things that bothered me, but still, the flow was enjoyable enough for me to follow. I managed to sit down for an hour without changing the channel and I think that was a pretty good start.

    First of all, I had a trouble to relate with Sukho; he feels so… fabricated to me, he doesn’t feel real. But I’m sure that’s not because of Jisung’s acting (actually, kudos to him since I think the writer tried to make an unlikeable character and he rocked it) but more because of how his character was written.

    Geurin also feels like a typical Candy character to me. She’s kind, hard-working, loves her brother, and certainly NOT a quitter. How great is that, right? But I enjoyed seeing Hyeri on screen, and I saw no traces of Dukseon in her, which I’m glad for.

    The winning character for me, is Haneul. Kang Minhyuk being an absolute eye-candy definitely helps, but I’ve always liked him as actor as much as I like him as a drummer. He’s so natural in his role and he delivered all Haneul’s suppressed pain very well. I expected him to be good, but not this good (especially since CN Blue is also promoting right now). I hope he continues to slay because he managed to make me care for him so much just with 1 episode and I want to keep rooting for him.

    Chae Jungahn’s character is also a breath of fresh air. I love her dedication and also her carefree charisma. That charisma doesn’t feel forced, and I was pretty surprised at that since I was used to seeing Jungahn in very calm-cold, way too composed roles.

    About the storyline itself; I agree that it is very dark, but the way it’s delivered somehow makes me forget that it IS dark, and I think that’s a shame. The hacking, the bullying, the backstabbing… all of them don’t feel ‘serious’ enough for me to be able to worry about them. Again, it doesn’t feel ‘real’ enough for me, and I’m sorry that I can’t really explain what I mean by real; point is that everything feels staged (it is staged, but films and dramas are made to convince us that those staged things are real).

    Also, I really can’t buy the fact that Haneul is Geurin’s younger brother because I’m way too aware of the fact that Minhyuk is like 3 years older than Hyeri LOL (but yeah he takes care of her like an oppa so I guess it doesn’t matter). Plus, they look too romantically-potential for me; I can’t really see them as siblings. I don’t know if it’s just me but that’s how I feel.

    The first ep gave me mixed feelings, but I’m willing to give it a few more tries. I really hope I would like this, though.

    • 30.1 alua

      <all of them don’t feel ‘serious’ enough for me to be able to worry about them. Again, it doesn’t feel ‘real’ enough for me, and I’m sorry that I can’t really explain what I mean by real; point is that everything feels staged (it is staged, but films and dramas are made to convince us that those staged things are real)

      Yes, that's how it is for me as well. I think it's in part how things are set up that I don't feel give enough depth to the issues (the song writer is so pissed because of plagiarism because he can't get married as soon as he wanted to so he commits suicide? Too much at the surface when you need to really convince us of the despair that drives a person to take his life.), in part because there are a lot of contrivances – people being in the same place, running into each, overhearing things. We've had multiple characters run into each other as if they all lived and worked on the same block (not in two cities of 3 and 10 million respectively some 325km apart). This is especially obvious in the second episode – I really can't buy that characters keep overlapping at other crucial moments. (SPOILER) How does a person that struggles to survive with four PT jobs even have time (or money) to go on a 3-5 hour trip to another city just to check out an entertainment agency? Plus all the run-ins during that trip….

    • 30.2 June

      About Minhyuk-Hyeri

      I’ve been mentioning that will-ya-cook-some-ramyun-for-me scene over and over and over again! That look! So not brotherly! I would know–I have a younger brother who adores our youngest sister; he never looks at her that way either.

    • 30.3 jaesukisourgod

      I don’t think they’re real siblings so I’m not ignoring a potential love line for them tbh. It will be kind of awkward but there are tons of awkward tropes that kdramas use so…

  31. 31 Sera The Ms Temper

    If I need only one reason to watch this drama, Ji Sung will be that reason. Will give a chance for this drama for few more episodes.

    I don’t hate Hye Ri, but I still cannot stand with her acting.

  32. 32 Knewbie

    Might give this a look cos I’m rather fond of Ji Sung, but doesn’t it sound a bit like a music biz version of The King of Dramas, with Seok-ho as the new (though not necessarily improved) Anthony?

    • 32.1 vongole

      Oooh! I had the same thought. I really like The King of Dramas (in spite of the crap ending)… and am up for a top-dog-turned-underdog-giving-it-a-good-fight story + Ji Sung is fun to watch. But, the reviews are mixed, right?

      Planning to read the recaps and watch some scenes for now.

  33. 33 NamNavi

    I watch it just for the sake of Ji Sung but I’m sorry Ji Sung I gotta ditch this drama. It’s too boring for my liking.

    The setup of this drama is not my cup of tea to begin with. I never finish any of dramas with the same music thingy setup. Dream High, Trot Lovers, My Lovely Girl and many more..I ditched them all.

  34. 34 Cozybooks

    *That moment the drama starts to ABBA’s Dancing Queen, and you know you’re going to like this.* 🙂 🙂 🙂

  35. 35 Lotusblossom

    I loved episode 1 and 2. I don’t understand why there are negative reviews. Though episode 1 is just a set up. Jisung is supposed to be off the wall!

  36. 36 Al

    So far the only character that I care about is Haneul. I skipped like 70% of the first episode, but the seconds ep is better, I think. I’ll keep watching for now, I hope it gets better and also I hope Hyeri will have less crying scene.

  37. 37 Kaybee

    Not impressed so far. It’s really different in tone from what I’d thought it’d be, which isn’t a bad thing, but it makes Ji Sung’s character seem a bit off to me. Seok Ho feels exaggerated and overacted and I feel like he needs to get his mental health checked, he’s just so manic.

    Hyeri’s acting really annoyed me, not only did she have basically the same facial expression the entire time, but she never managed to make me forget that she was acting, which is never a good sign.

    Kang Min Hyuk I’m still not sure about. I love this kind of character and I’m looking forward to seeing how he’ll develop, but I found Min Hyuk’s portrayal of him a bit boring. That might just be because of how he’s written in this first episode though, so I’ll wait and see. Also a bit worried about a drummer playing an amazing singer, that song really didn’t do it for me, but again, I’ll wait and see for now.

    Storywise it’s a bit lacking. Lots of klichées, like the “your brother died because of music, so I’ll never allow you to pursue that path”, the whole sexual assault thing that seems to be Ha Neul being framed and all of the music industry betrayals and intrigues. I never expected big things of this show in terms of originality, but that was when I thought it was going to be ridiculous fun and shenanigans. As a serious drama, it needs to step up it’s game a bit.

    • 37.1 colleen

      I’m in agreement about Hyeri’s acting. To me, her range consists of screechy, whiny, and blank-face open-mouth bewilderment. I can understand that she was cast for this role due the popularity of her last role (which I also found to be non-stop screeched tantrums followed by whiny pouts) I don’t see any chemistry between her and Ji Sung. The age gap doesn’t bother me, but the miscasting of Gue-rin’s role does. I’ll continue to watch this series for Ji Sung and Kang Min Hyuk.

      • 37.1.1 Kaybee


        She really is horribly miscast. The age-gap isn’t a big deal for me either, but yeah absolutely zero chemistry. There is, however, some between her and Min Hyuk, which probably isn’t what they wanted, so not sure if that’s a good thing or not. I don’t think they’re meant to be blood-related in any way (the difference in family name would at least indicate that they aren’t actual siblings), but I also don’t think they’ve planned a Noona-crush like that. I could be wrong of course.

        The only thing that’s making me want to keep watching atm is the genre. I’m a sucker for music-related movies and shows.

  38. 38 Guacamolenacho

    Slight correction. Ha Neul quit his academy (they supposedly prepare students for the college entrance exam and it is said that you stand no chance of you don’t attend at least one), not school.

    • 38.1 Kaybee

      Also, Seok Ho’s hyung doesn’t seem to be his actual brother.

  39. 39 fan

    I am just happy to see Ji Sung again. For others- have to wait to watch a few more episodes.
    ENT business seems so stressful, I wonder how people can survive working in that kind of environment 🙁

    CEO Lee actor seems to be pretty busy -From SFD, from Pied Piper, and now this. (I like his gentleman image)
    I remember he made a stir when he married (now divorced) his much much older wife (who currently plays chairman’s wife in Monster). Urgh-some useless thing you don’t forget.

    • 39.1 fan

      oops – that is Memory not Pied Piper. I am really watching too many dramas -sigh

  40. 40 Snowy

    After watching epi 1 and 2, I would said episode 2 is much better than epi 2 because Jisung aka SSH is trying to look for band members and now he starts off with duo first.. I can’t wait for him to slowly gather the other members to form a band.
    I know most of you were saying the plot was boring, cliche.. blah blah.. Hyeri can’t act.. Minhyuk stone cold expression..Jisung is the only hero of the drama.. well that’s not going to stop me from watching though I admit certain parts was boring for me.
    All in all, no harm giving this drama a chance .. first 2 episodes might turn you off/away but hopefully 3 onwards.. the pace will start to pick up and give us some real fun and interesting actions! I will still continue to watch and thanks @LollyPip for the wonderful recaps!! Despite a lot of negative comments about Entertainer , I am grateful that you are willing to watch this drama, LOL!

    • 40.1 Snowy

      Aigoo.. typo error I mean epi 2 is much better than epi 1.

  41. 41 nayour95

    I like that the show has a heart and it’s quite strong from the get-go. While episode 1 was quite a slow set-up, episode 2 picked up the pace and made it look fairly promising.

    But I seriously still don’t know how I should feel about Hyeri’s casting. I don’t know if it’s a total miscast just because the production team was greedy and wanted to harness her Answer Me popularity or it’s a cheeky casting choice purposefully set up for some grand plot-twist later (*cough* minhyuk *cough*). I mean it is very clear that she has so much more chemistry with her “brother” than with Ji Sung. The glaring age-gap doesn’t help too. Plus the fact that before casting Kang Min Hyuk, they were trying to court Park Bo Gum, like if I’m a PD I would definitely try to milk Park Bo Gum and Hyeri as a couple, and not cast them as siblings.

    Personally, I’m not exactly looking forward to any love-line from this show and I kinda wish that dramas will learn that not every show needs a love-line to be a success. The only relationship I’m looking forward to is the blossoming bromance between Seok Ho and Ha Neul.

    But all in all, I’ll continue supporting this show and I wish them all the best (:

  42. 42 Aigoooo

    I actually liked the first episode although I was taken aback at how serious it was. Ji Sung character is of course the classic redemption story here since the writer is laying it on thick to make us see him as a real asshole with just a tinge of once a nice guy kind of deal. I thought Hyeri’s acting was okay but I think some people still have Deok Sun fresh in their minds and are having a hard time accepting her in that role.

  43. 43 Inggg

    Love ji sung sunglasses!! Anybody knows what brand?? PPL works like a charm 😆

  44. 44 Maaaki

    Am I the only one who wondered at the very beggining who was on screen for a second. “Is it Yoona or Segi who are on control ?”
    But then suddenly realising this is not Kill Me Heal Me.

    Great start especially with ep 2 !

  45. 45 Javinne

    I don’t know if I will stick around here to watch this drama with you guys, and this is also the first time I comment.
    I have recently watched IHYV (I, know, years later), and it was sooooo god, I don’t think there can come anything better.
    But, I like Ji Sung, and i like dramas where the thematic goes into any kind of self improvement and growing as human beings.
    As Lollypip says, there are glimpses of humanity in Seok-ho.
    So, maybe I will come back here to comment? Maybe…. we will see.
    Thanks, Lollypop, for the recap.

  46. 46 kc.

    wat is the ost played when Hyeri eats rameon while thinking of his brother?
    im dying to hear that song.

  47. 47 kat

    I’m late in seeing this show and wasn’t planning to because of the mixed reviews. But one episode in and I actually find it interesting. It sort of reminds me of Jerry Maguire- @ssh0le agent hitting rock bottom and then finding his conscience/ heart. I can understand why it would receive mixed reviews- a lot of scenes to play out the set up so it can get confusing, and there isn’t any obvious love interest yet- so not so typical K drama. But the behind the scenes look into the industry is interesting because artists usually have “image management”to appear perfec for their fans, so it’s important to remember that they’re human too (like how ji sung breaks up the two artists). It’s not signal by a mile (which was the last drama that I saw and I don’t think anything comes close) but I think I’m on board for the time being.

  48. 48 roz_1219

    hi.please get this seri sonner in your website
    thank you

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