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Gaia loses Kang Haneul, Song Ji-nah, and reason for watching
by | April 25, 2016 | 124 Comments


Kang Haneul (Misaeng, C’est Si Bon) and writer Song Ji-nah (Healer, Faith, Legend) are both out of adventure-romance Gaia, about an idol who crashes onto a deserted island with an ordinary girl, leading to love.

That leaves behind idols Yuri of Girl’s Generation and Chanyeol of EXO as contenders to star. The new writer is Kim Ban-di, who worked with the PD (who hasn’t changed), Choi Byung-gil, in last year’s Angry Mom.

SM C&C is still producing. D’you suppose more idols are in the casting queue? I don’t actually hate idols as actors (there are too many of them who are decent to paint them all with the same brush, though I wish there weren’t quite so many who were terrible), but I have to admit I’m having To the Beautiful You flashbacks with this drama, and that’s not pretty.

Gaia will premiere in September as a Monday-Tuesday drama on MBC.

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124 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. pogo


    (our prayers were answered, thank you drama gods)

    • 1.1 pogo

      also, idols acting really isn’t an issue – I mean, we all know Yoon Doo-joon and Jung Eunji are just as good as the better non-idol actors in their age group….

      but let’s be real, SM isn’t exactly known for fostering or promoting superior acting skills in its idols. DO and Sooyoung are the anomalies, not the rule.

      • 1.1.1 LΓ©a

        I concur. Really, Eunji probably IS the best in her age group…

    • 1.2 pogo

      also, doesn’t SM C&C have actors?! As in, actual ones? wtf are they there for, decoration and supporting roles while the idols snatch all the major tv lead roles?

      Sticking Yuri in a drama lead when you have the option of someone like Yoon So-hee, is like using six-month-old margarine to cook when the recipe really needs butter. You can say it makes no difference but the end product will still be way inferior.

      • 1.2.1 Rozen

        maybe HN and the writer didn’t want idols thrown into the drama that’s why the left for good

      • 1.2.2 kanz

        They have Jung So Min and Moon Ga Young too!!
        They could practically make a drama with all talented actors in the roster and no one would complain. Instead of sticking their idols with no acting qualities here and there.

        • dooleygongshil

          They have Song Jae Rim too!

          Plus not all of SM’s idols are terrible acting. As many people have already said, Sooyoung and D.O are pretty good. Its just that of all the idols and actors in SM why’d they have to pick Chanyeol and Yuri? Really if you had to pick someone for SM, they’d be among that last I’d pick. I’d actually take Yoona or Krystal over Yuri.

          • kanz

            That’s why I said idols with no acting qualities.
            From SM I also regard the likes of D.O, Yoona, Sooyoung, Siwon, Henry, well yeah even Krystal to be decent. Sooyoung and D.O are particularly good in acting and Siwon is the funny as heck.
            I have no problem casting idols as long as they actually have quality and learn acting seriously. Even Yoona somehow improves from project to project.

          • Sophieyan

            UHHMMMMM! Actually I would rather have Yuri over Krystal any day. Not to be rude or anything but Krystal has no emotions. Have you ever seen My Lovely Girl before because she wasn’t all that lovely at all!! No hate because I love Krystal, but just not when she acts! It’s terrible when tbh. She was so much better in High Kick 3. And Yoona is meh to me, I sorta like her at times but not always. I loved Love Rain, her role in that drama really stood out to me.

        • John

          Jung So Min ; she’s under utilized to the point where it’s criminal.

          • Eerinmide Go Go!

            It is actually annoying. I love Jung So Min so much! And I just want her in something! She has been getting duds lately… Dday and Can we get married -___-

          • Hallyuers

            Jung so min actually has lot of projects last year…but none of them garnered public interest and hype…her new film and drama somewhat underpromoted..though prhaps because she has no public recognizition….
            Ps : i am hella suprised that knetz seemed dislike her ( judge from knetz comment )

          • jules

            @Hallyuers i’m noticed that too. KNets seem not happy with Jung So Min got lead role in Sounds Mind also. But i’m not understand why is it. I see her grow in D-Day and really love her acting then. As for her role in D-day, she nominated at jtbc award last year for Outstanding performance that she the only female in the list. Once again not understand y netizen said her acting suck! She can act what…

        • paroles

          To be honest, I don’t see value in casting Jung So Min or Moon Ga Young for the role as well. The cast is still weak, and I doubt the general public will be interested.

      • 1.2.3 Nathan

        Maybe the purpose of the drama is just to sell it well. Dramas with idols are more marketable outside Korea even though the drama itself suck.

        • pogo

          I very much doubt viewers outside Korea are as ready to be taken for chumps as this argument would suggest.

          There just aren’t enough blind idol-worshipping foreign fans who’d go as far as watching full subpar miniseries with subpar acting idols, despite what fans of said idols like to claim. Viewers in the rest of Asia are not fools.

          • Anow

            Pretty much this. Idol miniseries or dramas basically don’t do well both locally and overseas. both I-netz and K-netz viewers judgement regarding them is the same

          • Delurker

            Perhaps the point is that international viewers have fewer chances to see idols in action outside music videos, so they will take whatever they can get, regardless of the cringe-watching it may involve. Exhibit A: Me, Descendants of the Sun, and Onew. :-p . I have been watching because I was curious about him specifically, but the downside is that I also roll my eyes harder when things go wrong with him. Idol worship is entirely optional. πŸ™‚

          • pogo

            I’ve yet to see any receipts supporting the idea that poorly-received flop idol dramas are such a huge draw for international viewers that they actually justify the cost of production.

            And if they really are geared solely to the international market, why even bother putting them on air in a public broadcast prime time slot in Korea?

          • Delurker


            Fair point πŸ™‚ . Hypothesis no. 2, then: idols need to build alternative careers while they are still young and pretty. Everybody knows that life is over at 28 … *eye roll*

          • pogo

            Still no dice – if they can’t hack it in music and don’t have the chops to hack it in acting, they could just take their millions and invest in setting up a business or some other stream of income.

            but then that probably wouldn’t let them in front of a camera again, so we’re back at square one.

          • Delurker

            Can’t argue with that either πŸ™‚ (although the first time I saw the SHINee dorm I thought they were being scammed by the company; who knows how many millions they are actually amassing).

            But from the idols’ point of view, I suppose leaving the spotlight to go into business is quite a radical departure; these people have been trained intensively for years and done nothing else but perform for a camera since they were teenagers. It may be less traumatic for them to go into a different branch of entertainment, than reinvent themselves completely in a new profession.

            Bottom line is I don’t blame them for making the attempt; I would just be annoyed if they persisted too long despite lack of talent… πŸ™‚

          • Fefe

            Few idols actually have “millions”, probably the 0.01% at the very top. This is an interesting read about the reality of idol life: https://kpopalypse.wordpress.com/2014/01/07/chocolate-love-marketing-101-for-deluded-k-pop-fans/

          • Nathan

            My Lovely Girl sold to China at highest price ever at that time. That drama suck, but it sell well. Same case with To The Beautiful You, Heart Strings and also You’re Beautiful.

            SNSD, EXO got tons of fans who are ready to swallow anything that their oppas/unnies sell…

          • pogo

            @Fefe – wow, kpop is even more exploitative than I thought.

            That said, a lot of the crappy idol-actor crowd are actually the ones who have made the most money from idol/endorsement activities, and easily have enough to retire on or fund alternate career paths/businesses by now.

            Like there is no economic imperative for them to have acting careers besides them literally not knowing how to do anything but pose for pictures and model things.

          • Delurker


            That’s a fantastic article, thanks! I will never look at supermarket shelves the same way again… πŸ™‚

            So, according to that article, dramas would be the shelf, the idol would be the product, and the PPL companies would be the customer… nothing to do with creating unforgettable stories for viewers, obviously… πŸ™‚ the question now is whether CF and endorsement revenues stay with the idol, or are paid up to the company according to contract. Perhaps it is not about ego with talentless idols, but about slave contracts and perennial debt… (disclaimer: I don’t really follow the idol scene, so I am really just hypothesising).

    • 1.3 Jes


      Here is to hoping at Kang Haneul and writer Song Ji-nah dropped out to team up for something else!

      Is that too much to ask?

  2. le

    maybe just maybe chanyeol are offered the lead role. oh god now this drama was destined to be a failure. yuri is decent enough. i have no problem with her but chanyeol. i have nothing good to say about him. the premise of the show sound interesting but if they are hell bent on casting a truck load of idol in this i will definitely skip. i still remember the mess of to the beautiful you.

  3. Rozen

    I knew it, i kinda guessed that he’s not going to accept, he wants more mature roles, to match up with his roles in his movie which most of them were a success
    I was excited for the plot of this drama but now with where the casting is going I don’t expect that much

    • 3.1 kanz

      Yeah the plot is actually unique and interesting because it will set in deserted island. And it might be fun like Full House, yunno, top idol and ordinary girl have to live together.
      But the casting so far… blerrggh
      Yuri and Chanyeol are the least people I expected to lead a drama. Maybe okay as supporting actors, but a big NO NO as the leads. I already imagine this as TTBY v.2 :((

  4. Kayla Hyuna

    Ugh! See, the problem with Yuri’s acting is the acting part. She can’t act. She cannot even be considered mediocre. As an idol and entertainer, she’s perfect. She also has great variety sense and performance so I would love to see more of her on variety shows. As far as drama goes, no. Not unless she’s taken acting classes that have brought her to the same standards as her member, Sooyoung, or even label-mate, Krystal. Chanyeol is actually okay based on his EXO NEXT DOOR drama, but I can’t really say he’s good when that’s the only drama I’ve seen him in. Even Onew kind of overdid it in DOTS, but even then he was and is better than Yuri and Chanyeol combined. TTBY was bad. I tried to stick it out and watch it, but I could not even finish the series.

  5. Aoi


    Song jinah was in talks for the drama since Healer days ! Hasn’t she already started work and then opted to be out ?

    • 5.1 Aloe

      Moru Moru Island!

  6. Best Idol Actor #1 Jung Yong Hwa

    Justice please, idol actor is NOT ALL BAD, look at Yonghwa who is very very very good at Marry Him if you dare, and The Three Musketeers, for someone who even doesn’t have an acting classes, for someone who stick in his studio making cnblue songs, Don’t forget Idol actors give you lee joon, Jung Eun Ji, doojoon, im si hwan?hul i’m very biased but is this a fact ma’am

    • 6.1 Best Idol Actor #1 Jung Yong Hwa

      THIS IS A FACT MA’AM i’m so typos damn

    • 6.2 Rachel

      I… don’t know how to respond to this comment.

    • 6.3 Chin


    • 6.4 pogo

      Nope [2]

      Jung Yonghwa isn’t in the same league as Yoon Doojoon or Jung Eunji, not even close.

    • 6.5 Hwari

      I say that Taecyeon on the same level as Yonghwa but they’re not same level as Junho and Chansung of 2PM.

      • 6.5.1 pogo

        nah, Taecyeon is bad to the point where I wonder why he has an acting career at all – he looks permanently in search of his next prompt. Yonghwa’s better than that, he put in a pretty decent performance in Three Musketeers even if Lee Jin-wook carried that one.

    • 6.6 crystal

      yes @best idolactor#1, you are very very biased.

    • 6.7 lolol

      JYH is good? LOL this is a joke of a century or what?

  7. mary


  8. michelle

    i don’t know if I’m more relieved or disappointed

  9. Best Idol Actor #1 Jung Yong Hwa

    GOOD LUCK KANG HA NEUL you deserve better than this!!! + Moon lovers even not aired yet

  10. 10 katy

    Yuri is a tragic actress, probably the worst I’ve ever seen. I tried watching her new drama to see if she had improved but she was so cringe. Chanyeol I haven’t seen in anything but he always comes off as awkward and try hard to me so I don’t have much hopes for him. I have no idea what these two are doing in lead roles. Yuri isn’t even popular in Korea which at least excuses Chanyeol.

    Anyway bless the heavens Kang Haneul dropped out of this. He should waste his first drama lead on this fanfic.

  11. 11 crazedlu

    HAHAHAHA. Wow. Well, there it is.

  12. 12 Annie

    I’d like to think that Song Jina noped out of this because of the casting. Kdrama slots are so precious that it makes me angry when sucky idols are cast to score cheap Hallyu points… not to mention my anger that obvious tripe like this gets proposed and accepted in the first place! Some higher up looked at this plot and actually thought, hmm, this could work – staggering!

    • 12.1 pogo

      I wonder how drunk the programming director or whoever at MBC had to be, to sign off on this.

      I mean, do these crappy idol dramas doing repeated belly flops in the ratings teach them NOTHING, do they want to throw away their money on expensive productions that will end up in low single digits?

      • 12.1.1 sky

        New years,more time slots,new opportunity for filler dramas.

      • 12.1.2 Kaylie

        Doesn’t it seem like MBC hasn’t been putting in effort for its dramas to compete against SBS and KBS in 2016? SBS and KBS took turns to churn out hits but MBC has been pretty much mediocre so far.

  13. 13 blep

    good riddance 😁😁😁… see you kanghaneul in another project

    • 13.1 Anow

      The butthurt tho and hey no reason slender him. take it with the knetz not KH and his innocent of all this

      • 13.1.1 I

        He/she meant good riddance to the drama not KHN….I think.

        • blep

          @I, you are right. my good riddance is to the drama. @Anow watch your language as we may have underage reading this.

  14. 14 Yui

    idols actor… well not ALL idol actors are bad… but mostly did worse.

    but, Doojoon Beast, DO EXO, Eunji Apink, TOP Bigbang, even Seungri could pull of comedy vibe, who else? aaahh ze:a boys, siwan and ah im so sorry but i forgot his name.
    then… siwon in she was pretty was amazing. Sooyoung SNSD. ah that Apink girl, leader.. chorong (???)
    Henri SUJU M…
    ex-idol, lee joon isnt bad at all.
    the names i mentioned above, they are good. some of them are very good ones.

    well… who else??

    but… there are lot of idols can’t act.
    and honestly, Yuri and Chanyeol arent good enough but who knows. even hyeri was good in R88 but then… in Entertainer, emm… no comment. lols

    • 14.1 nami

      “aaahh ze:a boys, siwan and ah im so sorry but i forgot his name.”

      His name is Park Hyung Sik.

      • 14.1.1 Yui

        ah thank you. no offense to his fans. but one of them also an actor right? he acts in Mr. Joe too.

        • nami

          It’s Kim Dong Jun…he also played a villain in “The Fugitive of Joseon” (Lee Dong Wook and Song Ji Hyo drama)

  15. 15 delurked

    I love how the title of this article summed up everything we need to know. :’D

  16. 16 alua

    Wise decision, Kang Haneul. I’m glad he’s not so desperate to sign on for a lead role in just anything, with anyone.

    He’s talented and should be in good projects with actors that are as good or better/more experienced than him. Fingers crossed something good comes his way soon (film or drama).

  17. 17 Jess

    I have been spraying that he will drop this drama
    I am happy that he got the lead role but looking at the production team, casting, everything seems a failure.
    So glad he dropped it
    He deserve so much better
    And one of my fav writer Song ji nag also dodge a bullet
    She must feel like giving up on the casting apart from ha neul
    I am okay with idol actors/ actresses but depending on who
    Some of them are outstanding. Some are good. Some are decent.
    But some are terrible . But keep getting lead roles. By their agency power and their greed
    Go for smaller roles and learnt first!

  18. 18 kanz

    LOL I thought Gaia is Song Jinah’s original work no?
    Since she already mentioned after Healer that she wants to create a love story in deserted island.
    Song Jinah-ssi, just give us a drama with Ji Chang Wook and Kang Ha Neul as the leads and we’ll be okay!

    • 18.1 soapbox

      I don’t know much about this specific situation, but the plot is possibly owned by the company and not the writer. That happens a lot of in hollywood, at least.

    • 18.2 Chandler

      “Song Jinah-ssi, just give us a drama with Ji Chang Wook and Kang Ha Neul as the leads and we’ll be okay!”

      Lol, well since they stole her drama about finding romance on a deserted island, maybe she could go make one about finding bromance on a deserted island? I would watch the hell out of that for 16 episodes. Especially with them as leads πŸ˜‰

      • 18.2.1 Alessar

        Well, let’s just get the cast of Misaeng and have their plane coming back from Jordan crash land on a private tropical island where Healer himself and his whole gang are vacationing. Then… uhm, yeah that’s as far as I got before my brain overloaded.

  19. 19 earthna

    I’d probably endure everything and watch this if they cast Kibum as the lead but then I remembered he’s not in SM anymore.

  20. 20 soapbox

    I actually like writer Kim Bandi more than Song Jina, but the casting isn’t my cup of tea and the plot sounds too pandering, so I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to this.

  21. 21 Anow

    Omg! There was alot of fuss about this casting and people called out Kang haneul to drop out this mess and KH pulled out.

    To many idol castings tho on this one

  22. 22 chiyako92

    My reason for quitting was Yuri. Now that Kang Ha-neul is gone, I really have not even a bit of interest in this drama.

  23. 23 Kaybee

    Both Yuri and Chanyeol and now no KHN or SJN? Zero interest. Why pick two of the most mediocre and almost unwatchable idol actors out there? There are so many good ones, I don’t get why the companies force their overworked, can’t-act idols who are already as popular as can be to act in dramas. It’s not like EXO needs the exposure and pretty much every member of their group is known, it’s not like people don’t know Chanyeol. I’ve been seriously impressed with some idols’ and singers’ acting skills, but these two should either get a lot of acting lessons first or just stop acting.

    The golden era was full of idols who are hilarious entertainers, so they usually did and do well on variety, but since this new generation of idols is pretty bland and boring in comparison (imo) when it comes to variety, maybe they thought dramas would be a better way to promote? I don’t know, whichever way I try to look at it, I just can’t fathom why they don’t get that what it mostly just brings is a lot of criticism.

    • 23.1 Delurker

      I’ve come to suspect that they are looking for alternative solo careers for their idols, to provide for the time when they have to retire from dancing, or group members just can’t stand working together 24/7 any longer and want to disband; those who the company thinks may be successful solo artists, release albums; the rest do musicals, host shows, or try acting. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t… πŸ™‚ It may also have to do with CF deals…

      • 23.1.1 pogo

        I’m tired of idols behaving as if the desire to stay in the spotlight+total lack of talent at music means they’re automatically entitled to acting careers.

        Maybe saying lines in front of a screen doesn’t require the ability to hold a note but it does require some ability to express emotion naturally. And if they lack that, they should be out on their ear.

        • Kaybee

          Agreed. I even get annoyed when I see idols I like “non-acting”. Being an idol does not equal being able to or having the right to act.

          And since most companies force the new gen idols into the Void of No Personality, it’s not like they even have any charisma shining through in their roles either. Groups like 2am, 2pm, SHINee, SuJu, FT Island… they actually have distinct personalities which is one of the big reasons why most of them are still on demand on TV. I wish the agencies would take their own cue and allow their idols to be more themselves again like back in the golden era days. It probably would do wonders for their acting too, not having to worry as much.

        • Delurker

          I don’t know if wannabe-actor idols go into it with a sense of entitlement; considering how little freedom they seem to have, it may also just be the company pulling wires to manage their investment. Perhaps it is companies who should be told that having some of their idols embarrass themselves is counterproductive…

          On the other hand, what baffles me a little about Onew is that he does have the musical talent and the personality for variety, so there should be no desperate need to find him an alternative. He wasn’t exactly terrible, but I will save my thoughts on that for a proper DoTS thread πŸ™‚ .

          • Kaybee

            I think it’s a mix of both: some idols really want to act even if they can’t and others are forced by their company. In general they probably always encourage idols to pursue acting, no matter how bad they are (considering the vast number of horrible idol-actors).

            In Onew’s case I think he himself asked to do it, more than the company suggesting it. SHINee doesn’t need the exposure and they’re such a big deal and have been going strong for so many years ever since they debuted, that SM probably listens more to what they want to do in comparison to the lack of freedom the new gen has. It generally seems to me that golden era and new gen idols are treated vastly different and not just because of the sunbae/hoobae thing. I think Onew did a decent job considering it was his first drama (I think?). At least he wasn’t bad enough to make me notice in the midst of the mess that was DoTS.

          • Delurker


            That may be it then; I have to admit that aside from SHINee, I don’t really follow K-pop beyond coming across names and the occasional song, and I don’t have the historical perspective on it, so to speak πŸ™‚ .

            Since you ask :-p . Onew wasn’t terrible, but his storyline was kind of shoehorned in, and I am not sure that he had a lot of chances to interact with the rest of the cast. He was absent for most of the group scenes in Greece (i.e., he evidently shot his part and flew back), and when he wasn’t, a lot of times he just looked awkward when he had to deliver his one line. So I am hoping for better, if they give him more time to become comfortable and learn from other actors, and a character that feels organic to the story.

            Re. his previous experience, there was a sitcom, but from the little I have seen, it didn’t require much acting on his part either. The group’s skits over the years, on the other hand, are just priceless πŸ™‚ .

          • Kaybee

            It’s weird, because I don’t really listen too much to Kpop – love Korean music but more of a rock/indie fan -, but I love the golden era idols for their variety sense. Because of how fun that gen of idols are, I keep watching stuff with the new gen as well, hoping for someone good to turn up. Which never happens LOL.

            Yeah the SHINee skits were hilarious! If you like those, you’ll probably enjoy a lot of other variety shows and parodies etc from that time (like all the girlgroup parodies haha, love those), there’s so much good stuff! That really is the major difference between the two gens: the older one tends to have more freedom and not care as much about whether they look silly or pretty, which can even be seen in regards to PS. Most new gen idols are very obviously 50-90% plastic, while the amount of PS the older gen had done on average is a lot less and usually more natural-looking.

          • Delurker


            Yes, I’ve seen a little of the madness; “Gee” seems to be the staple πŸ™‚ . Sorry to hear that things have changed; cookie-cutter-pretty is quite forgettable without evidence of intelligence or a sense of humour. If new idols can’t act to save their lives on top of that, their careers are probably going to be pretty short… Off to rewatch the breakfast song in Hello Baby πŸ™‚

      • 23.1.2 Kaybee

        Yeah, I recently thought of that as well. Once the maknae of a group hits about 26-ish, a lot of things will change for a dance group. It’s easier for ballad groups, though they’re not usually idols (2AM probably being the only exception).

        The whole disbanding thing… Maybe that’s why they’ve been pushing so many EXO members into acting lately? I’m no fan, so I don’t really know, but haven’t about 3 members left the group over a couple of years? Perhaps that gave them a good scare. It’s not really that common for kpop groups to loose that many members and that quickly.

        • pogo

          lol they’re called Exo and they lost three members…… Exodus, anyone?

          • Kaybee

            HAHAHAHAHA!! *tears of laughter*

            Just looked at their wiki page: 1Β½ years, 3 members – an average of one member leaving every 6 months during that time. Yikes!

        • Alli

          I highly doubt EXO is anywhere near disbanding (they still do extremely well even after losing members; maybe even better, in fact) but they are definitely focusing on building solo careers too and thinking about the future. It’s not like it’s unusual for SM to push their idols into acting no matter how terrible they are, lol, it’s not unique to EXO. And most of them lack skills in variety (unlike SUJU, for example) so I think SM is pushing them extra hard as actors instead. Multiple members are acting in China, too. They’re banking on their current popularity and trying to establish some kind of career before that fades in a few years. But honestly, D.O. is the only member who’s building an acting career that seems like it will actually last so I don’t know how the others will do in the longterm.

          • Kaybee

            Don’t think they’ll disband either, I was just wondering if it might not have scared SM into pressing the acting a little harder, a little sooner, than they already were. In 2015-now alone, so many of the members have been in dramas or webdramas.

            I definitely think D.O. will have a solid acting career. So far he’s really impressed me, not just as an idol-turned-actor, but as an actor in itself. None of the others should act though, at least not if based on EXO Next Door. Suho wasn’t as bad as the others, but that’s not hard when they were pretty much unwatchable lol and I don’t think dramaland would miss any of them.

          • Alli


            That’s a definite possibility. I am curious if it was their plan all along for them all to act or if D.O.’s success kind of kick-started the madness. SM was like, “yes, we finally got one!” Lol.

            Yeah, D.O. is not only skilled but also seems to be building a lot of industry connections and making pretty deep impressions on the people he works with. As much as I love the others, I just don’t see that happening in the same way (minus Suho, he also has a lot of connections–BYH crew, heh).

          • Kaybee

            “SM was like, β€œyes, we finally got one!””

            Not to mention he actually knows how to pick good dramas. He’s been really blessed with great co-actors like Jo In Sung and Seo In Guk as well. I hope he can keep that up.

          • Sur

            I don’t think they are disbanding either, but unlike SUJU none of them have the variety talent, so I think it has more to do with being in the public eye, and obviously finding a second career. Chanyeol especially is a rapper, he is not funny enough to be in a variety for long, he is not a good enough rapper to go on Show Me The Money, he is not a singer so musicals and music related varieties are out of question, and he can never go solo even though he is the main rapper of EXO. That only leaves acting.

          • Alli


            You’re right. I think music is definitely Chanyeol’s passion–he writes and composes and has a knack for playing instruments, and I could definitely see him having a solo with a more guitar-playing-and-raspy-singing vibe. But that would probably be far in the future, so acting is more lucrative right now. Especially acting in China, where he’s very popular. Chanyeol has really tried everything, more so than other members, and he works very hard so it makes me sad that nothing seems to stick, lol. I hope he can improve in his acting.

  24. 24 To Dramabeans

    But in the article no said that Kang Haneul dropped it though. What’s the truth?

    -praying that it’s truth…

    • 24.1 Hyun

      You’re right, the article does say that KHN is still considering!!
      I pray that KHN drops this drama that hasn’t even started producing but already looks like a mess lol

  25. 25 hanie

    Mildly interested before just to see how far KHN need to carry this drama but guess the title is right. lol

    I’m ok with SM producing it and using their in-house talents, if they cast their better acting-dol such as Sooyoung, Kyungsoo/DO (1st tier) or Yoona, Henry, Krystal (2nd tier)*. Yuri is bad, just like Jessica. Not sure about Chanyeol tho. Is he have any experience? But why pick him when they have DO? DO acting ability is proven. Or use their actors, easy.

    *those tier is my own opinion, based on how *I* view their acting. you can throw bricks at me but make sure y’all not drag other qualities such as personalities, singing talent etc into it~

  26. 26 Wag_a_Muffin

    It’s news like this that make me yearn for “Lord of the Dramas” part two–or Son of “Lord of the Dramas.” (My oppa was a teen aged Idol Star?)
    Imagining the conversations between those who make dramas, air dramas, or pitch dramas to moneyed backers makes me want to see more behind-the-scenes dramas.

  27. 27 Kiara

    Great to hear that writer Song Ji-nah is out too. Hoping she’ll team up with director Kwak Jung-Hwan or An Pan-Seok and do a cable drama.

    • 27.1 Chandler

      I’d love to see her do a cable drama also. I’d love to see what she could come up with.

  28. 28 Mikanjjj

    Moon ga young is from sm c&c !!! Why not cast her!! I really like her !!!

  29. 29 sammm

    the article you linked doesn’t say anything about kang haneul dropping the drama tho? it says he’s still in talks for it…

  30. 30 houstontwin

    I really enjoyed Angry Mom. Mayber Gaia will be well written.

  31. 31 chelsmels

    The plot sounds like a fanfiction plot though, or is it just me? No flame to fanfictions though, sometimes the fanfic authors write better than most drama writers.

  32. 32 xnanax

    Ehh I’ll take Angry Mom’s writer over Healer/Faith’s writer but not with this cast :/

    • 32.1 Black Swan

      The writer of Healer is the writer of Sandglass all the time korean drama


      • 32.1.1 jerboa83

        Song Ji Nah is a great writer, period. I am a big fan of hers, and I support her in this decision.

  33. 33 Merong

    The newest slew of articles state Kang Haneul is still under consideration. Also the linked article here mentions that they are still in the process of casting the female lead.

    • 33.1 javabeans

      The article edited itself later! It originally said Kang Haneul was definitely out (뢈발). It now says he’s in talks (λ…Όμ˜ 쀑). Grar.

      • 33.1.1 Come On


  34. 34 Fab

    Good! Now I can’t help but anticipate a drama from SJN and KHN.

  35. 35 Sue

    Should they rename this drama Endless Idol Love? Without Ha Neul even Brooke Shields would not get out of her Lazy Boy to watch it.

  36. 36 Adal

    Yahoo! I’m so relieved he pulled out of this project. Now I don’t have to watch it! Ha Ha.

    Honestly though? He’s better and more experienced than what the plot calls for. It would be a good forum to launch an inexperienced or semi experienced idol imho. On to bigger and better things for Kang Ha Neul!

  37. 37 mk

    To be more fair than I really ought to be, there are a lot of non-idol actors who are objectively terrible yet still have careers and a lot of the better idol-actors started off pretty stiff.

    I’m not gonna lie, when I first heard the synopsis for this I was like “KOREAN VERSION OF LOST” but that dream was cruelly taken out back and shot in the head.

  38. 38 asdfasdf

    Javabeans, KBS put out a statement saying that Song Jina only worked on the synopsis outline and that the writer has always been Kim Bandi (so it’s kinda like Park Hyeryun with Page Turner).
    KHN has not dropped out yet and is still considering, and Yuri isn’t the main lead.

    It looks like Kim Jin Suk (the reporter who’s been writing tons of articles about Moonlight, Jealousy, and now Gaia too) has been stirring the pot, and the broadcast stations keep putting out statements that they’re not true, only to be overlooked.

    • 38.1 Rieve

      Now I can expect better of this drama storyline.
      Angry Mom writing (Kim Ban Di) >> Healer writing (Song Ji Na)
      Angry Mom is tightly written with well balance of different elements (thriller, comedy, romance, touching), meanwhile Healer does have good plot background but the romance overwhelmed everything. I enjoyed Angry Mom so much.

  39. 39 Rieve

    Now the only reason I am drawn to this drama is because of the writer.
    Honestly, I like the story of Angry Mom much better than Healer, and Angry Mom is written in much better quality story wise, too. So it actually makes me expect better of the drama story. The only downside is the casting.
    If the story is good, maybe at least as good as Angry Mom, I hope they will add someone better and more experienced to the casting.

  40. 40 blo

    First time reading about this drama but seeing the cast, thank you God that SJN dropped out.

  41. 41 TrinPie

    The only reason I wanted to watch this was for Kang Haneul and Song Ji-Nah but now that both of my reasons to watch this show has left I am not interested anymore. I actually am GLAD they left because they would have given me a reason to watch the show which was starting to sound like a disaster.

  42. 42 Chandler

    Yesssss. I’m heaving a sigh of relieve right now.

    This is the 2nd best thing that could have happened to this project, at this point (the first being SM C&C and their idols becoming miraculously uninvolved).

    I remember Song Ji-nah was given complete creative control in Healer and I just could not see that happening here. I loved What’s Up precisely because, despite being primarily music focused, it gave so many talented up-and-coming actors a chance to shine. This, again, didn’t seem like it was going to happen here unless, of course, Kang Ha-neul signed on.

    I look forward to seeing them involved in more promising projects in the future.

  43. 43 soiia

    Thank god Kang Haneul dropped out! I hate seeing him in as a supporting actor in teenage dramas (he’s too old for that- not that I think he looks too old, but he’s passed that phase).

    On a completely side note, I just want to let you know the website loads ads weirdly on mobile; I don’t mind ads at all, but on my smartphone, the ads always load right on top of the posts and I can’t see the content of the post! Hope that will be fixed πŸ™‚

  44. 44 Solarmoonmoo

    Why am I so happy about this? Perhaps it means that our boy will get that leading role that is so perfect we will all be a mess? Please? I beg of you. I MISS YOU IN DRAMALAND.

  45. 45 Uyen_ah

    Ugh, don’t remind me of To the Beautiful You. Ruined my favorite manga of all time! It could have been another BOF status I believe if it had been cast and done correctly. Yeah, if these are the same people then count me out. *still bitter* *wants redo for proper Hana Kimi Korean edition*

  46. 46 Nessie93

    I sincerely hope KH drops out of this, as much as I enjoy the idol groups, Yuri and Chanyeol aren’t the best idol actors there. If they think having one solid actor and the rest as idol actors will help this drama then they are so wrong.

    Please please please let Kang Haneul stay out of this mess to be made.

  47. 47 AA

    I’d like to see her opposite Seo Kang Joon! I’ll give her a 2nd try. πŸ™‚

  48. 48 Junebug

    Damn you photo bucket error!! You stole Kang Haneul’s smiling face from this post..

  49. 49 Mia

    No surprise there. You don’t follow up Misaeng with a drama with poor casting. This would’ve been his first lead role; it shouldn’t be a disaster.

  50. 50 nAEE

    Aaaaaaand after reading all the comments & analyzing it seriously…

    I’ll just pass any drama with new idols as the main lead.

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