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Jung Yoo-jin joins fantasy drama W as Han Hyo-joo’s rival
by | April 21, 2016 | 52 Comments

I’m dying of curiosity to hear more about the plot of W, the new drama from writer Song Jae-jung of Nine and Queen Inhyun’s Man. It’s been confirmed for a summer broadcast on MBC, and now that Han Hyo-joo (Haeohwa) and Lee Jong-seok (Pinocchio) have signed on to headline, they’re starting to cast the secondary characters with model-turned-actress Jung Yoo-jin (Moorim School). The series is a suspenseful romance that mixes reality and fantasy, and takes place in parallel dimensions. Well that sounds about right for the writer who specializes in time travel (the good kind that actually makes your heart race), so I’m getting pretty excited for this show.

Early casting stories just described W in vague terms as a drama about a thirtysomething man and woman, but now we’ve got a few more details uncovered. Han Hyo-joo plays a surgeon whose father is a famous comic book creator. One day Dad goes missing and she rushes to his workshop to look for him, and instead finds a strange man bathed in blood (presumably our hero, Lee Jong-seok). She gets kidnapped by the bloody man, which is where their story begins.

The drama takes place in 2016 Seoul, but in different dimensions that exist in parallel with one another. Cool. Wait, as long as there are no doppelgangers, because that gets really confusing! It’s described as a suspense romance melodrama about “a man and a woman who are living in the same time, but different worlds.”

Jung Yoo-jin is joining the cast as Han Hyo-joo’s rival, and not much else is revealed about her character. She’s still pretty new, having just debuted in last year’s Heard It Through the Grapevine, followed by cable youth drama Because It’s the First Time and Moorim School. I had a favorable impression of her as the tough girl in Moorim School (or what little I saw of it, sorry Lee Hyun-woo), so I hope she’ll make a good rival for our heroine.

W will be directed by the PD of She Was Pretty, and follows Lucky Romance in July.

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52 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Dee

    Now that we are dealing with parallel dimensions… I had a thought… Maybe the mystic title ‘W’ is actually ‘Double U(niverse)’?

    So intrigued about this upcoming drama. Great writer, great cast, and also dying to hear more about this plot! I want it to be July already.

    • 1.1 Chandler

      Huh, that actually sounds like it makes total sense.

      • 1.1.1 themugen

        and that’s probably why it isn’t called W for that reason. Sense and Dramaland son’t go well together all the time.

    • 1.2 mary

      *jaw drop*

    • 1.3 Bluelysia

      Ooo~ Double Universe is making sense!

  2. makoto

    wah… song jae jung writernim! i’m in!

  3. ahjussi

    the cast really have good height, they (LJS, HHJ, JYJ) are tall~~

    • 3.1 soapbox

      Yeah, this girl is tall~ It’s nice to see tall women get some roles. I read that there’s more male model-turned-actors instead of female model-turned-actresses because it’s undesirable for the woman to be taller than the man in kdramas so it drops their chances. Made me feel bad for them.

  4. Rozen

    She was decent in Moorim school, the story is very interesting and new
    I guess MBC will have a good ratings starting with Lucky Romance after the flop of 2 dramas this year (One more Happy Ending and Sweet savage family)

    • 4.1 Rozen

      I hope GBMB will have a rise in ratings the remaining 10 episodes too

  5. roro

    I don’t really like this Miranda Kerr, but it’s okay.

  6. ito

    I fell in love with her voice.

  7. Cozybooks

    So, um… this is turning out to be pretty much my dream show. And it’s going to air around my birthday. I’m only dying inside, no biggie. 🙂

  8. soapbox

    This starts filming in early May so they might has well skip this media hoopla and just release the names of supporting actors all at once please.

    With this type of plot, I really wish it could have been pre-produced so it could be meticulous. Their goal is to have half (so 8 episodes) filmed before the premiere date though. Half isn’t so bad, half is what tvn usually does while MBC/SBS/KBS usually does 4 episodes.

    • 8.1 Chandler

      It’s true that of all the dramas I’d want to be pre-produced, this one takes precedence. The drama has a writer that could actually really make use of the pre-production schedule. As you said, though, this writer has proven that she works well on tvn so if they’re producing half of the episodes before the premiere date, I think we’ll be in for a pretty well-crafted production.

      And this means it will come quicker 🙂

    • 8.2 Peach

      Signal was able to have a coherent plot without being preproduced. That can be attributed to the writer though.

      • 8.2.1 Kaylie

        I was under the impression that it was pre-produced… Lee Je-hoon started shooting since October last year.

        • Peach

          I think they shot it half way through

  9. may

    This plot is really unique & interesting , I love LJS & HHJ, it’s the most anticipating drama for me. How can I live with this excitement….

  10. 10 Sweet&Sour

    I hope more details will be revealed soon about the plot, but I am interested in this show! I hope it will live up to its potential, and be unique, thrilling and romantic.

  11. 11 Peach

    Wish we knew more, but I’m always a hoe for time travel/parallel universes. 🙂

    • 11.1 paroles

      Me too, but I’m more for the science than the fantasy. And knowing Korean dramas, this will probably be all fantasy.

      • 11.1.1 Peach

        Me too. I hope the parallel universe isn’t sageuk-y

        • Peach

          Ooh, nvm. Just saw that it said it’s be the same time.

          • paroles

            It’s possible for an alternate universe to be set in a different era, and it’s also possible for doppelgangers to appear. I’m more concerned about how they are going to explain it. A sudden tear in the space-time fabric created a pathway for people to travel between the universes doesn’t cut it. Nor does a special item + incantation (like QIHM) combination. In fact, I’m almost certain they’ll not be able to explain it well (since it’s not meant to be a sci-fi drama, just fantasy really), which doesn’t sit well with me. I love the theory of parallel universes, and if the concept isn’t used properly it pisses me off. It’s just a personal thing though.

  12. 12 Itenoria

    Whoop whoop! Another drama to look forward to :).

  13. 13 Bluemoon

    I love Nine. I hope this one is just as good. Sounds very intriguing.

  14. 14 asdfasdf

    It’s about a doctor who meets the comic book character her father has created and is about to kill for the final volume. Lee Jong Suk is gonna be the comic book character and Han Hyo Joo the doctor.

    • 14.1 Chandler

      Wait. Really? This better be what it’s about now. I LOVE that idea.

      I didn’t think it was possible for my interest level to go up, but it has and now I can’t wait.

      • 14.1.1 soapbox

        I’m starting to think they purposely leave that out of articles so it’d be a surprise. I also brought it up in the previous post and I kinda feel bad now, feels like a spoiler.

    • 14.2 mk


  15. 15 ywcnois

    “living in the same time, but different worlds” Ha, that’s like the exact opposite of Queen Inhyun’s Man.

    • 15.1 Sur

      I thought the same thing!!!!! And I adore this writer. If only the detailing is as well done as in Nine and chemistry is as good as in QIM then I’m done.

  16. 16 TrinPie

    This sounds awesome. It has like everything I love in one show. I loved both Queen Inhyun’s Man and Nine so I’m hoping this will follow in the trend. I also love Lee Jong-Suk (I’m rewatching I Can Hear Your Voice where he is an adorable puppy) and I also like Han Hyo-Joo. I love the idea of parallel universes which will be something new for kdramas. This show has become my most anticipated show now.

    • 16.1 PBY

      I completely forgot that this had LJS in it! Now it’s become one of the more anticipated dramas for me (next to Lucky Romance and Jealousy Incarnate)! I even watched Doctor Stranger for him – there is no other love for me in dramaland.

    • 16.2 kuromitsu

      And it has the PD of She Was Pretty. All that prettiness with that kind of script, I think it’s gonna be good.

  17. 17 Kaylie

    Argh all the comments singing praises of the scriptwriter makes me anticipate W even more! I love Lee Jong Suk and I know with a strong script he’s able to deliver a brilliant performance. I’m so excited yet also a little scared that all this hype will turn into disappointment. MBC hasn’t achieved any drama with good ratings yet this year so I hope W will be different!

    • 17.1 gala

      even with a wonky script (i’m looking at you oh-so-loveable Dr. Stranger…), dude showed he could really deliver. on the contrary, I actually think this drama is lacking in hype. the buildup is more on the fans’ side (both of LJS & HHJ). I think Suzy’s drama has more hype at the moment. I really hope for this drama’s success, since I’m a fan of both leads.

      • 17.1.1 Kaylir

        Sigh as much as I love the onscreen bromance between LJS and KWB and dread to see fan wars between the two of them, I can’t help but to wish that W will do better too. I think W’s plot is a lot more intriguing, while Uncontrollably Fond’s (ack of all its English titles I can only recall this) sounds so cliched. Between Han Hyo Joo and Suzy, it goes without saying that I like Han Hyo-Joo a lot more. I liked her since Dong Yi days, and after watching Beauty Inside I realized she has really matured as an actress and I love it. Keeping my fingers crossed that W doesn’t disappoint and will do well in ratings!

      • 17.1.2 Kaylir

        One thing I was wondering is whether the Korean public are still critical of HHJ for her brother’s scandal in the army. If the public sentiments are still negative then it might negatively affect the show’s ratings too.

        • ahjussi

          Song Hye Kyo has tax scandal but now after DOTS, she getting praise again .

        • fan

          HHJ was in 1n2d and people went gaga over her, and PD was forever grateful for her joining in the show, so I assume she got over the hatred. Of course I could be wrong.

      • 17.1.3 soapbox

        I think it’s because W is so tight-lipped about everything (literally the only thing they released before was ‘love story between a man and a woman in their 30s’ lol). I think the only reason why we’re even getting an article about Jung Yoojin right now is because she’s from YG and they mediaplay for their people.

        Han Hyojoo even said in interviews that she’s being very careful with what she mentions about W because she doesn’t know what she’s allowed to reveal lol.

        • gala

          and I prefer it this way (although certain plot specifics had been released/speculated).

          I like that the two have already met and acquainted, and possibly discussed how they’re going to tackle their characters.

  18. 18 -yuju

    I’m not a massive fan of either of the leads, but they’re always likeable and charming and I think they match really well? Good casting.

    The plot sounds intriguing! I couldn’t get into Nine (I think I’m allergic to Lee Jin Wook and it was goddamn slow in the beginning) but Queen In Hyun’s Man was wonderful and I really enjoy her writing.

  19. 19 VS

    I’m excited for this drama! Is it summer yet?

  20. 20 Kaybee

    Although I like to pretend that Moorim School didn’t happen and still feel like I’m waiting for Lee Hyun Woo in a lead role, Jung Yoo Jin was fairly decent and enjyable in it. (It wasn’t *that* bad of a drama, I did like it some extent, it was just a bit too messy and Hongbin really should stick to the other kind of stage.)

    I’m still not sure what I think about the outline of the plot for this drama yet, but Lee Jong Suk is more than enough to make me await more news with excitement. I’m so glad that he’s doing a lot of projects this year, but I hope he’ll remember to take of his health despite the busy schedule. It always worries me somewhat when actors have a lot of projects in a row, it must be exhausting…

    • 20.1 gala

      that might not be the case, as LJS seems/sounds “hungry” to be busy based on his interviews. he missed working and acting, after having almost a year off.

      • 20.1.1 Kaybee

        I read that too, but no matter how much you want it, it’s still pretty fatiguing work, considering the conditions they tend to work under. Next to no sleep, sometimes not even proper meals and/or dieting as well as extremely long work hours aren’t healthy and will take their toll no matter how energized and motivated you are. I know it’s his own choice and he said that he wanted to do three dramas this year, I just wish that dramaland took better care of it’s cast and crew’s health (:

        • Ahjussi

          He wanted 3 projects not 3 dramas. I think the next project is Movie.

  21. 21 Adal

    I like her. I thought she was the one decent actress in Moorim school and when I googled her, she’s actually older than I thought. I mistook her for a teenager! I hope her drama horizon expands to bigger and better things after this drama.

  22. 22 bd5

    Based on that pic – pretty enough to be HHJ’s rival.

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