Oh Snap! Rain joins growing list of actors wearing same questionable shirt

Now we can add Rain to the list of actors photographed wearing the very same Louis Vuitton shirt we’ve seen Lee Byung-heon in, as well as Song Joong-ki, the last being slightly more significant since both are featured in upcoming May spreads. Although, in all fairness, Rain is the only one who went all-in and wore the matching shorts.

Having recently finished comeback drama Come Back, Ajusshi (because She’s So Lovable doesn’t count), the star has yet to announce his next project, though it’s still pretty soon for that. I guess I just already miss him being on my screen, though—despite Ajusshi’s low ratings, Rain was incredibly charming in it, and there should be no dearth of offers for him to act in future projects. Perhaps a sageuk? I promise, that’s not just the sageuk-lover and Rain-lover in me talking. (It totally is. Make it happen, dramaland!)

Via Sports Chosun


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