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Cheese in the Trap reboot film secures Park Hae-jin to reprise lead role
by | May 23, 2016 | 153 Comments

Wow, so this is really happening, is it? They’re actually doing a Cheese in the Trap reboot movie, and Park Hae-jin is returning to play the leading man once again?

I’m a little apprehensive, a little surprised, and also a little intrigued at how a movie can retell the story and (1) do the webtoon justice, which seems to be the number 1 complaint among the fanbase, and (2) do better than the drama, which was poised to become a runaway hit… until things went awry in the later episodes and left us with a bitter taste in our mouths.

It’s that second option that I’m most interested to see, because this is a clear case where it feels important that the movie be better than the drama. It’s not just an actor playing a character again; in the case of Cheese in the Trap, this movie takes on Added Implications.

There is by now a generally accepted narrative about the drama’s production that paints the director, PD Lee Yoon-jung, as the bad guy for inexplicably sidelining her leading man, placing undue attention on a secondary character, and ruining what should have been a sweet, poignant coming-of-age romance with a strange fixation on someone outside that love story. I say generally accepted because whether or not that is accurate to the true behind-the-scenes story (that nobody knows, other than the drama’s director and perhaps her immediate circle), it’s the narrative that prevails. Webtoon creator Soonkki was upset enough with the drama’s choices that she spoke out about her disappointment as well.

So for that sidelined leading man to come back for a second attempt, and with the webtoon creator also onboard — well, it means that this movie has Things To Prove. I didn’t think Park Hae-jin would put himself through the same project another time after the way Cheese ended, but he did seem to really care about narrative integrity being thwarted, and perhaps feels the urge to be a part of this revision. Maybe it’ll even be a part of his healing process, who knows.

According to reports, Kim Go-eun and Seo Kang-joon, who played Seol and In-ho in the drama are unlikely to be in the film, and I have to say it’ll be an odd feeling to watch Yoo Jung sunbae falling in love with a whole new Seol, in a story that we’ve already seen parts of before. I just don’t know if I want to watch that… but I also feel like there’s no way I can’t! AH THE DILEMMA.

Making the new film will be production company Mountain Movement Story, headed by producers Lee Dong-ho (Inside Men) and Hwang Ji-sun, with Chinese co-producers and co-investors also attached.

The new Cheese in the Trap movie aims to release next summer.

Via Star News, Joy News


153 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. michelle

    dear chungmuro gods, for the love of all things please let this be good

    (i’m actually quite curious about who the actress is going to be)

    • 1.1 skelly

      Me too! I hope they can get someone with her vibe – an odd duality of innocence and calculation, vulnerability and strength. I think it is a fine line to keep this character always in the “right,” and we always kept rooting for Kim Go-Eun, even when a few of her character’s choices were questionable.
      As for the second male lead, I’m glad he isn’t coming back. To me, he just represents all that went wrong about the drama. I am sure it is not his fault, he’s a fine person and has some talent etc. etc. (olive branch to the fangirls here) but the fact that the director called him “oppa” (so incredibly unprofessional it’s mind-boggling) and allowed him to extemporize his own lines and let the camera linger so fondly on his broken hands and tragic face – it just left a totally sour taste in my mouth.

  2. Bili Bala Pabo Bara

    I wonder who used what to seduce him back to the same character again… or maybe he’s just indignant over getting sidelined in the drama and is seeking closure. If the movie do better than the drama, it’s gonna be the best revenge to the PD.

    • 2.1 Beesuzie

      It could also be money. As much as he is probably interested in justice for Jung character, I’m sure those Chinese investors throw good money at him. Which is not bad. He has to pay bills!

    • 2.2 commentooor

      BUT what about my InhoxSeol ship??

      I think since Kim Go Eun & Seo Kang Joon are not going to be in the movie why not let them reprise their roles in a season 2 of CITT drama where their story continues?

      • 2.2.1 bu

        not a good idea. seol and ihno are not in that kind of relationship to begin with if you read the webtoon. inho respect seol feelings towards jung. he never crosses the line but inho in the drama was really awful. how can people stan him in the drama? i dont even know why they found someone like him likable. i absolutely love webtoon inho but drama inho was totally boring because they tone down his character a lot.

      • 2.2.2 cheeseinthecrap

        the whole fanbase will be on riot lol. Seol and Inho were never meant to be more than friends in the webtoon…there’s no friggin way webtoon Seol and Inho will behave the way they did on the drama.

        Maybe KGE and SKJ can play in another story…not as Inho and Seol.

      • 2.2.3 mika

        NO. >.>

        Imma go sharpen my pitchfork just in case I need to use it

      • 2.2.4 skelly

        The fact that so many people shipped them over the putative OTP demonstrates everything that was wrong with this version of the story.

      • 2.2.5 Ck1Oz

        There is NO ship. How can you ship a couple that is not meant or written to be one? That’s what caused the stupidity in the first place. I was not a fan of either actors but by the end was so disgusted how it went I can’t even stand the 2nd male lead. You read right… not even a 2nd male lead he wasn’t even meant to be.

    • 2.3 gala

      He probably developed a bond for the character. As I commented in another forum, he’s spent time building Inho’s traits and personality in his head. He was unable to fully portray that. Now that he’s given a second opportunity to do so, why not grab it? Added bonus is the creator of the source material will be involved. (and of course, i’m sure talent fee is a big factor. nothing wrong with that!)

      And since it’s free to throw names of potential Seol… How about Oh Yeon Seo? (I’m aware she’s turned down the role for the tv adaptation, but a movie one is quite different!)

      • 2.3.1 trish

        Agree…OYS would slay this role and I would like 2 see her and PHJ together. I know she like the web-toon and is a fan of anime. Can’t wait 2 see her new Hockey movie being released this month.

  3. annflln

    I think he still have those lingering feeling for CITT lol.
    Well…good luck!!!

    • 3.1 azzo

      Don’t we all?! I think CITT left us all with lingering feelings!

      • 3.1.1 genkibaka

        Yup. I want proper closure.

        • Aya

          1+ alpha to that..
          I need closure.

    • 3.2 CC101

      His character is such an interesting character to play. I can see why he would want to play such character again especially now he was the original writer on board and mostly given way more money and freedom for it.

  4. fuzzy

    I thought the drama wasn’t really bad bad. It was just disappointing since it had so much potential. But when I got past the what-coulda-beens, it was okay. They need to do justice on Jung’s arc though.

    The casting is the problem. Like JB said it’ll feel like Jung falling for Seol#2. I think it would’ve been better to get a whole new cast if they can’t get them all back together. Otherwise it’ll just be weird. But hey, no one’s forcing me to watch anyway lol. I think one version of Cheese is enough for one lifetime. And Kim Go Eun will always be my Seol.

    More importantly, are they casting a piano?

    • 4.1 patinalee

      Oh, didn’t you know?

      They’ll be holding open auditions for the piano. 😛

      • 4.1.1 Piano

        Hello. I, Movie Piano, aim to be a more versatile character compared to TV Piano. I will play sad tunes, brood, and speak in Pianish (my official language) in the movie. Occasionally, I will pace back and forth creakily on my wooden but toned piano legs. To all my fans out there who are clamoring for a shower scene, I will try my best to accommodate.

        • Eerinmide Go Go!

          Oh Movie Piano! How your TV Piano counterpart gave me nightmares for weeks after CITT ended.
          Please Please Please, do better.

          And do not steal too much of my Oppa’s screentime? We cool?

        • Alessar

          Hey you can’t fool me! You’re actually TV’s The Dome in disguise!

        • Chiisan

          Your wooden but toned piano legs are absolutely what we’re looking for. You got the job.

        • hanie

          Dear Movie Piano,

          Your counterpart, TV Piano really traumatized me and I’m still recovering from it. So dont blame me if I will side eye you even when you speak fluent Pianish & has toned wooden legs~

          But dont worry, I will try to find a speck of warmth from my cold heart to not hating you so much. Cheers!

      • 4.1.2 Kimkim

        I hope Taecyeon auditions for the role, he’ll be perfect for the role…But I wouldn’t mind L or Hong Jong Hyun either

        • Ray

          This whole comment replies about piano will surely take a place in bean of wisdom. I’m sure of it.

          • Rachel

            Agreed. I’m looking forward to this thread appearing on our weekly dose of Beans of Wisdom!

          • Shei

            If it was going to be in beans of wisdom don’t you think they would’ve featured it once before for one of the other 13 threads where the exact same joke has been made before? Y’all ain’t original or witty. Just mean.

        • skelly

          If they film his head just so, with one ear showing, it will remind one of the shape of a grand piano. Now, to all the literature aficianados out there – is reverse anthropomorphism a thing?

      • 4.1.3 coby

        Lol at the piano joke!

    • 4.2 PBY

      I think it would be weird with or without the original actors to me, but I would still prefer a wholly new cast over this hybrid.
      Hmm, I guess I’ll wait for the DB team give their opinions on it after it airs and then decide whether to give this a try.

    • 4.3 K

      And will anyone care a year later?

    • 4.4 chiriko

      please put kim go eun back please!! If it’s still park hae jin they should put kim go en back please please!!!

  5. lee_june

    Hopefully we won’t have to wait long for the subs.

  6. bips99

    Worst idea ever ….

    .. having a different cast/ love interest … comparisons will be relentless ..

    And the character was so complex that 16 episodes were short to explain jung .. A 2 hr movie, he’ll simply come of as a psychopath

  7. Zia

    No offense, but can CITT just…die?

    I’m so tired…I just don’t care about it anymore.

    “There is by now a generally accepted narrative about the drama’s production that paints the director, PD Lee Yoon-jung, as the bad guy for inexplicably sidelining her leading man, placing undue attention on a secondary character, and ruining what should have been a sweet, poignant coming-of-age romance with a strange fixation on someone outside that love story.”

    Yeah…given that PHJ was the only one that really had the ability to speak about whatever went on bts, it’s not really surprising he’s the only one that came out of it smelling like a rose?

    Given the general “passionate” feelings alot ppl still have regarding this drama, I’m preparing for the comments section to turn ugly quick.

    • 7.1 nix

      “No offense, but can CITT just…die?”

      They should’ve at least put a wide gap between two versions. The issues are sickening.

      KGE actually also spoke about it, saying she’s upset about Cheese getting buried in issues or something like that(if memory serves right anyway lol). And now Knetz hate her.

      I’m still rooting for the whole cast. There were a lot of good actors with potential(ie. Oh Younggun!!)

      • 7.1.1 Chiisan

        I think Knetz hate her on her comment that Cheese got burried in controversies BECAUSE of a certain actor, which implied Park Haejin for voicing his frustration. I love her acting, but that’s certainly a stab in the back because Park Haejin had only been saying good things about her.

    • 7.2 Zia

      Haha, wasn’t wrong about the comments turning ugly. What is it about this drama that seems to turn everyone into a middle schooler?

    • 7.3 jessi

      To be fair, there’s not really a version of this story wherein PHJ would look like a bad guy. He filmed a lot of scenes that were cut, and he had no power to determine whether his scenes would be included or whether Seo Kang Joon’s part would be expanded. While there may be people other than PD Lee who decided to cut his scenes and expand SKJ, those people do not include PHJ.

      This drama started out so good, from casting (even though PHJ’s a little old) to writing to directing. I wish it would have told the story it was based on, but I’m okay with it ending here. They can try another version in drama form in a few years, when people have some distance from the controversy surrounding this one.

  8. azzo


    Please be good! please be good! please be good!

    I really can’t see another actor playing Yoo Jung, Yoo Jung is Park Hae Jin’s so I’m super excited for this! I’m still not over CITT heartbreak but I just cannot not watch this! It’s MY PARK HAE JIN!!!

    Hands clasped, starting prayer from today till the movie is released!

    • 8.1 YY

      I know right, love him so much, nobody can be Yoo Jung but Park Hae Jin…remember his hugs? So much love, Seol just melted into him…

      • 8.1.1 azzo

        Yeah and I remember talking about them too, it was something like: no one hugs like Park Hae Jin! LOL!

  9. wapz

    Though most people might criticize the PD , i still think the PD couldn’t do sucja big thing on her own. It is very easy for a production company or channel to put the entire blame on an employee who wouldn’t be able to backfire. I don’t know the entire story but I feel bad for her.

    • 9.1 Peach

      Yeah, I feel bad for her. I hope her career can survive because I do actually think she’s really good. But so many people are calling her a b*tch for something we don’t even know the full story behind.

      • 9.1.1 skelly

        I didn’t think she was mean or evil, my impression was that she was quite unprofessional. I have also been a manager in a male-dominated profession, and I would never, ever, refer to a male subordinate as “boyfriend.” Sorry, that doesn’t even work as a joke, and it becomes more uncomfortable given his preferential treatment.

    • 9.2 waddle

      Ikr I agree. The behind-the-scenes of the kdrama industry/production of CITT sounds like it could have been a kdrama itself with the wealthy TV company taking advantage of a helpless PD. I remember they were all complimenting her at first in the interviews. Smh.

      • 9.2.1 kelly

        The rumors were more like everyone disliking a certain male actor and the consensus was across the board. Rather than a big company taking advantage of a helpless PD. Err… seems like most of the cast kept in touch with the single omission of a certain someone. Rabid fans will be rabid fans. Even if the truth was told from another end, it will be twisted to something else by someone else. ALL humans only wanna believe what we wanna believe. Even is truth is presented in our faces, would we really accept it?

    • 9.3 soapbox

      I also think the PD was a scapegoat. There’s no way she could have changed everything herself when big money is involved/invested. When a drama changes directions, it’s usually because the network is putting pressure on the working team to do it.

    • 9.4 fuzzy

      I think so too. There are so many possibilities and only they know what really happened. It could’ve been the script(writer) or the producer or production company. IMO that’s more probable. I don’t think a PD can be so powerful.

      But I think they’re blaming the PD because she directed Triple and the drama ended similarly. SPOILER: Not so happy open ending. There, the female lead ended up with a supporting char(young Joongki!!). I was okay with the ending but many were disappointed. Two female leads were pining for male lead and he ended up alone even without a puppy.

      • 9.4.1 RohanChild

        Maybe that’s what she likes to do? Let second leads have their moment to shine? We always talk about how sick we are of the main jerk always getting the girl over the second lead, who is arguably better for her in our eyes. I remember watching the drama with the thought that maybe InHo was going to be with her and that he was secretly the lead. It actually kind of excited me because I thought it was something fresh that normally hasn’t been done before.

        • pogo

          ‘something fresh that normally hasn’t been done before’ = the first half of the drama.

          Piano in the Trap basically turned it into a collection of every kdrama second-lead-related cliche, ever. Like they say, no bueno!

          • kelly

            I prefer the piano tbh. I for one am glad his scenes got reduced. He was SOOOOO old for the role in the beginning, seems standoffish in real life, pulls wayyyy too much publicity/charity stunts (puke! puke! puke!)and redoing again in 2017 (when he is 35!), smells of “I only care about money and my ego” Long live the rest of the cast. I hope they move on to bigger and brighter and better things before the movie comes out. And put to rest forever their role in their stinker drama that should be renamed “Cast in the Trap” with only Park Haejin being blown up and looking at everyone else thats stuck in the cage he’s holding.

          • pogo

            Nice attempt at baiting, but I’m not giving you the satisfaction. And neither should any other fan of Park Hae-jin.

  10. 10 pogo is Cheesed off

    I really don’t know how a movie is going to do justice to Seol and Jung. Not to mention the challenge of a whole new Seol (Kim Go-eun was perfect, even when the story went to pieces).

    Can’t fault Park Hae-jin for wanting to make things right as much as they can be after that extreme clusterfuck, as much as they can be in just two hours, but it’s probably best to be optimistic and keep expectations low.

    • 10.1 Denise

      Yea I agree. But I can’t deny there’s times I do wonder if he did contribute to the mess that evolved in the end. I think this is a very bad idea overall. The release is so far away and by then this movie based on a drama that needed “justice” will be such old news. Will people even pay to watch it? By then there might be new stars, new headlines, more worthy productions. Sigh…

      • 10.1.1 pogo

        If there was anything at all that could have established that PHJ contributed to the mess, we’d have heard about it by now – smear campaigns are rife against stars in k-ent for doing a lot less than breaking rank the way PHJ did (see: KBS’ latest attempt to paint Gong Hyo-jin as a diva because they didn’t get her drama).

        The fact that nothing of the sort has emerged is quite telling, and points more to PHJ and Soonkki being in the right than otherwise.

        • Nissin

          TVN is not KBS. TVN probably didn’t want to air dirty laundry so publicly even if they had something on Park Hae Jin.

          • pogo

            If tvN did have dirt on PHJ, they had absolutely no reason to hold back, especially when their own viewers were calling them names en masse and the online ratings for Cheese had plunged by 15 percent.

            If they had anything at all to counter him with, it’s stretching the limits of disbelief to think they wouldn’t use it, especially when their image was mud thanks to this.

          • Elle

            Remember how quick TVN was to blame the CitT OST fiasco on him and his agency? If they had any dirt they would have dished it already.

          • canxi

            tVN is owned by a bigger company–CJ E&M. And even if the companies didn’t leak something, I’m sure someone would have because they’d come out looking considerably better if the big star was actually the problem. When Cheese in the Trap was doing well, people dug out an old variety appearance where he was a little too blunt/sarcastic and some love turned to bitter feelings for him real quick, so the guy isn’t untouchable like people would think when they try to shame him for speaking out.

            Overall, I think it’s something bigger than the PD, possibly. The fact that she didn’t want to say anything when asked about the sudden change in direction speaks (to me) like some higher power swayed things that way. However, if you were an actor on the show it would look like all those changes were coming from the person you’re working closest with, wouldn’t it?

          • Nissin


            That is what I was pointing at, why would TVN want to add fuel to the fire or trash talk one of the main actors in a drama they made while it was still broadcasting/promoting.

            Even if they had something on the actor making the situation worse with whatever they had would be like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Look at the hate Kim Go Eun is getting with her seemly innocuous comments.

            I agree that someone higher up in TVN prevented the production from speaking out.

          • gala

            @pogo – what you’ve stated is the one reason I’m siding with PHJ. TVN wouldn’t let their name tarnished if they really do have something that can absolve them. PHJ doesn’t belong in a powerhouse agency, so they have no reason to fear retaliation. PHJ didn’t speak out until people kept asking. He did his scenes according to what was given to him. It’s only when they were aired and the questions/criticisms started pouring out.

            And it’s quite possible that certain PDs (and screenwriters) have amassed enough power to have free rein, especially depending on the contract they signed. So it wouldn’t be unbelievable if CitT’s PD did things on her own.

  11. 11 Vini

    Dilemma indeed.

  12. 12 mieosa


  13. 13 missjb

    Well I don’t get why anyone else said it’s a trainwreck drama? Several aspect might end up not deliver really well… It’s far from a masterpiece drama as well. Well even then it’s delivering well for me… I hope they are delivering something new, They might end up choosing plot which is from Jung’s Perspective… Jung is always end up have one the best line in a drama.

  14. 14 Sancheezy

    Cheese in The Trap : After Story

    ps: the piano will be there, I mean Inho can’t be re-write and piano is part of him

  15. 15 Lin

    Who asked for this. As a devote webtoon fan who was disappointed by the potential the drama had…and then burned it the second half (I’m trying to get over lack of Jung development) LET CITT DIE!!!!

    Why would he do this again? Why is a movie even needed. For all the complaints and let down, the drama was excellent in many ways (my Kim Go Eun is Seol!) the team really did care because there some scene for scene, dialogue for dialogue straight from the webtoon (I’m floored when I reread and see that the drama even got pointel as background things right). Then again there was a lot of every character the didn’t develop (Seol, grandma, being loved, scars of never being enough, the significance/backstory if her grabbing Jung’s hand all the time. Inho living in that dormitory. TA Heo and Jung Yu’s love story, Bira and her mom and ads foment, Joon and his infiority issues, and never being good enough. Inha and her.) in second thought a movie could be different enough to work and pull something different from the drama. I just wish that they recast everyone. As much as PHJ is Jung. Kim Go Eun is Seol and it’s just going to be weird seeing someone else in that role (just recast her and find new peeps for everyone else. Stupid kneitzens and their influence will never all my dream to come true).

    I’m conflicted…I hope it some how falls through and never comes out of production hell so PHJ drops out. Snooki better finish the webtoon before the movie because I am not her for another “you can’t use the ending k might use do change your script” mess of the drama’s ending. FINISH THE FULL STORY SO THEY KNOW HOW TO END IT, BEFORE SELLING IT TO!!!

    • 15.1 cheeseinthecrap

      maybe you haven’t read the previous reports… It was said that the movie will be produced AFTER the webtoon ends. Soonkki said it’ll end in Season 4 (current season). Thus, it’ll only start filming next year.

      • 15.1.1 Lin

        I don’t trust her to be honest. Season 3 was supposed to be the last and even though it’s one with the most chapters, it wasn’t THE END. Season 4 is supposed to have only 50 chapters (per Sonkki). We are already halfway through the season and I feel we have gotten no closer to answers nor end. She has yet to resolve the big stuff….WHAT HAPPENED TO INHO’s HAND AND WHAT WENT DOWN IN HIGH SCHOOL? WHAT CAUSED THE FALLOUT AND WHY DOES JUNG HATE THEM BUT INHO SOMEWHERE LONGS FOR THAT “FAMILY”. Sonkki still has too much to cover. If she really ends it at s4…we may be headed towards a drama like disaster…

  16. 16 hawwah

    i do think the webtoon writer being part of the production team is what lured him in. As far as i know, Soonkki was overseeing the script for the drama till episode 4 when they cut her off. Park Hae Jin might be thinking the same way im thinking that maybe if the original creator had been overseeing the script for the whole series things might have turned out better for his character and the overall drama. And now that Soonkki is the scriptwriter for the movie, he can let out a sigh of relief.
    I do still have qualms about how they will manage to pull off what a 16 hour drama couldn’t do in a 2 hour drama.
    It’s interesting how here in the comments people are talking about how weird the film will be without the same cast as before but the k-netizens are absolutely elated that Park Hae Jin gets a second chance WITHOUT the other actors
    Anyway, I will looking forward to this.

    • 16.1 hawwah

      *oops I meant 2 hour film not drama

  17. 17 Sera The Ms Temper

    If this really happen, please be good. I want to see CITT adaptation from different side.

  18. 18 commentooor


    • 18.1 Eerinmide Go Go!

      That ship shall now forevermore be named ‘Titanic’…

      It sunk on the day it started, bruh.

    • 18.2 mika



    • 18.3 tarsoe

      Just watch Entourage… I heard Entourage is the sequel of Piano in the Trap #MyWoundsAreStillFresh

  19. 19 Bushra

    I’m a bit surprised that this is happening.. and more surprised that I find myself neither excited. nor dreading it. I guess I had a clean break from CITT. I know I’m gonna end up watching it, but just out of curiosity to see how they hope to pull this off with class(hopefully). But I’m going to keep my expectations super super low…

    Btw when I was watching the finale I kept feeling like saying Seol”s lines from episode 9 on that yellow street to THE SHOW: “Show..exactly what are you? I think we could use some time. I want to get closer to you.. but I just can’t seem to approach you…” In that same pained voice. Lolzzz

  20. 20 katz

    I can’t seem to be able to re-watch CITT knowing it turned out for the worse. By next year I’ll be good to go 🙂 If Itazura na kiss can have multiple remakes, why not.

    I was so disappointed seeing Seol being accepting of her new work colleagues, and letting herself be used again. Not to mention ousting Jung as the ultimate psycho, Kang Chul as a human being?? You’ve got to be kidding me.

  21. 21 blo

    After the mess, the only original actor I care for is him. I can easily picture him with a different Seol because I wish CITT the drama never existed. Of course, I’m wary about how this movie will turn out but since it’s already been decided, I send all my cheers for it to do well. I hope they take their time to give us a polished product. Please don’t reduce it into a simple romance movie.

    • 21.1 rainydaze

      I agree – I hope they do a good job and make it worth the wait! I’m excited to see PHJ finally able to give us the full Jung. I thought he gave a really interesting portrayal in the drama and the whole time I was frustrated when we were away from his character because I just didn’t care about it. He was the interesting part.

      I really liked KGE as Seul, but it might be for the best if she doesn’t do the movie (?) because I feel like it’d be too weird for it to be the same couple in a completely different Cheese.

      Good on PHJ though!

  22. 22 Rozen

    The drama was really good Everything was fine untill the last 2 episodes it was a disappointment, there was no need for a ridiculous car accident and crazy In Ha plus the ending was really bad and has no meaning. Other than that the drama was very interesting and all the actors/actresses played their role well,

    It’s not fair that everyone sympathized with only PHJ, it’s not the other actors fault they played their role wel, I don’t understand the hate of the other cassts

    I really can’t imagine another soul playing the role,

    Maybe the movie should pick up where the drama ended

  23. 23 YY

    I’m very happy PHJ’s going to reprise Yoo Jung in the movie. I just wish KGE were Seol…love her to bits, loved their chemistry together, loved the drama before it went downhill, loved the ost.

  24. 24 Callie

    This drama already feels like an ex I never got closure with, and now it’s just trying to come back into my life, saying it’s changed?

    No thanks.

  25. 25 ln

    i can see the ending: jung and seol dancing slowly in a room dimly lit by the fire, seol wearing red gown smiling peacefully in jung’s arm with soft music playing in the background. Jung smirk and say ‘Sul….’ seol look up and then jung says ‘kiss me.’

  26. 26 saranga

    if the movie turns out to be good, it’ll be good for everybody involved, and especially for all the ardent fans. but the pressure for the film to be irrefutably successful must and will be insane.

    i didn’t like kim go-eun well enough to find it too odd to see park hae-jin fall in love with a different seol. seo kang-joon is a different story. i really liked his portrayal as in-ho, though i guess a talented actor could do just as well, differently.

    deeply interested to see who they cast for the other roles.

  27. 27 kimster

    WOOHOO Park Hae Jin!!!

    Now who would plat Seol and the piano??

  28. 28 yaya

    First world problems😩, but the struggle is real😫😖

  29. 29 bluelysia

    I’m actually excited with new Seol and new Inho! Yoohoooo glad yoo jung is still Park Haejin

  30. 30 pandafats

    omg what??? noooooo but oooooooo yessss i don’t knowww

  31. 31 kororo

    I’ll pass, I think. I think it might be good, but I also feel like it might be too soon seeing the general sentiment about the drama. It’s a great thing for PHJ if it works out.

    Kinda OT but I actually really liked CITT, and I had read the webtoon prior to it. I just feel like it’s really unfair that most people keep on siding with PHJ while forgetting that all the actors played there part really really well, and that it was a well constructed drama, with great character development, and cinematography. And that why I love Lee Yoon-jung Pd she is a great story teller when it come to heartfelt, relatable dramas. I hope this doesn’t stop her from future projects.

  32. 32 Peeps

    Why do people have problem with the actors? I have absolutely no problems with them at all. They were all fantastic, even Nam JooHyuk in his limited role.

    The only problems I have are with the story in the second half and maybe some editing. Even cinematically, CITT was a masterpiece.

    • 32.1 Eerinmide Go Go!

      Honestly, I might give the movie a try. As long as the PD stays 10billion miles away from it.

    • 32.2 Azka

      Peeps, thank you! So agree with you.

      Everything is perfect with CITT the drama, except the story in second half. Although i don’t like Inho’s arc, i love Seo Kang Joon’s portrayal as Inho. And it makes me so mad everytime netizen blames Kim Go Eun for speaking up. DON’T TOUCH MY PRECIOUS SEOL! I hate it as much as i respect Park Hae Jin for speaking up his side of story.

      That shitty ending annoys me but it doesn’t make me forget everything good in that drama. The first half is gold, i think we all agree on that.

      This better be good. For the sake of everyone involved. I’ll just stick to the webtoon then.

      • 32.2.1 canxi

        Oh, yeah. I think Kim Go Eun’s thing was a case of bad wording. She was just upset that the drama got mired in controversy (which is upsetting for even me). People saw it as she was blaming PHJ.

        Personally, I think it’s good to speak out if you think something is wrong. And I think it’s perfectly normal for Kim Go Eun to feel the way she did.

        • Rozen

          Agree the girl wants to defend her drama. What’s wrong with that?

          • canxi

            Yeah. Personally, I would not have defended the drama but I don’t find fault in her thinking that controversy and drama should be more separated. However, I think it was inevitable that, even if no one had spoken out, people would have a lot of negative things to say and they wouldn’t be off about it, either.

        • Lin

          It pissed me off so much when people raged at KGE for her comments. Double standards much. Everyone went gaga when PHJ spoke up about his misgivings about the drama production and said “I don’t trust the team. I don’t understand why she is doing the things she does…I heard it’s her style” about the PD. NO! If we going to praise his light for speaking his mind and telling it on his feels then all the more power to my KGE for doing the same.

          I loved that she basically said ‘sucks that something everyone worked so hard on is being forgotten and any focus is all negative and only on the controversy. the drama has gotten lost in the controversy.” I agreed girl. I agreed.

          • canxi

            Yep, I think both their confessions should be considered in the same understanding light.

    • 32.3 Safadi

      Totally agree I don’t get the hate, i really enjoyed the drama but i admit that the the last 2 episodes were bad but everything else was good, i tend to forget about the las episodes and the ending and remember how good it was

      The other casts did thier job perfectly why forget their efforts and blame everything on them

  33. 33 Zah

    Is there no chance of Kim Go Eun for Seol? Piano boy won’t be missed but Go Eun was perfect as Seol. Can we haggle for them to woo Go Eun? 😛

    • 33.1 Denise

      Please respect SKJ. He did his best. The piano jokes are getting stale as heck and I am as sick of the piano sneering as I am of the actual piano scenes in the drama. Overtime whenever I see a PHJ or Yoojung fan dishing out the SAME piano joke over and over again and pooping on SKJ, I feel like I’m in a classroom setting of horrid bullies that keep attacking that one weak helpless boy while the rest have no guts to stick up for him but watch him get beaten to the pulp. Maybe fans might not be conscious of it and think its smarty pants to keep doing it, but stop being a bully.

  34. 34 YonghwaxSomin

    if they cast Park hae jin, then they sould Recast all actors and actress in CITT!!!
    Everyone deserve The Justice! not only Park hae jin and his Yoojung i guess?
    If they cast the new actors/actress is gonna be strange ~

  35. 35 Rieve

    I was a bit sad Kim Go Eun wouldn’t comeback as Seol again, but now that it’s a movie, it’s time for Chun Woo Hee to jump in. Just cast her. She’s the first candidate fans talked about in the first place

  36. 36 obsessedfan

    I am up for it. When this news cropped up, the only criteria for me to give a chance to the movie was Park Hae Jin as Yoo Jung…nothing else. Although, it will be difficult for me to see someone else as Seol (i adored Kim Go Eun to bits!) but i will try to keep an open mind…who knows the actress who takes the challenge won’t disappoint.

    I think CITT is one such show where i loved the ensemble as a whole…each and every character including the psyco ones. The gang did a good job, so yes the dilemma is real. But then i am still so bitter and in denial about the ending…especially with the end meted out to Yoo Jung, that with Park Hae Jin on board, i think at least a little bit of that bitterness can be mitigated. Cause God knows, the image of Yoo Jung walking away toward melancholy really haunted me.

    Even if it’s a remake, if it has a decent ending and closure, i think it can do justice to the story and the character.

    I think that is why Park Hae Jin took this up as he invested a lot in this character and yet he ended up with a raw deal in the end. I guess he didn’t want to have regrets regarding this character when he looked back. Cause honestly, money he can get from hell lot of projects, but the uneasy feeling on the creative front will stay with him forever.

  37. 37 Wag_a_Muffin

    My last cartoon for “the site which won’t be named” was an alternate ending for Cheese in the Trap.
    If you want to read it, here it is:

    • 37.1 Wag_a_Muffin

      I would LOVE for the movie to end this way.

      • 37.1.1 Growingbeautifully

        Very nice, @Wag_a_Muffin; it was a fun read. 🙂

        Ewww! the stalker… I find that it’s true and strange that otherwise smart people have difficulty reading accurately non-verbal signals of rejection, to the extent that they take revulsion as a sign of encouragement. Could be they have a very different way of communicating or understanding or a special need?

        Thanks for sharing! 🙂

        • Wag_a_Muffin

          I think he just had a HUGE ego, and inflated sense of self worth. (Plus, he had women falling all over themselves for him–which I didn’t know at first. And even when I found out, didn’t make him seem more attractive.) I must have looked like a real challenge–because I kept ignoring him. (Or like I was playing hard to get–which I never did in my time of dating.)

  38. 38 Fab

    My jaw literally dropped. Didn’t think PHJ would confirm, BUT I do want to trust his decision in that they’re making a movie true to the webtoon. It’ll be odd to root for a new Seol because KGE was perfect for the character, but considering how the drama has ended this is for the best. Here is to hoping the movie will makes us forget about the drama entirely. Fighting!!!

  39. 39 Adal

    No drama this time, please.

    Only acting. Thank you.

  40. 40 FrabbyCrabsis

    Chance for a satisfying conclusion, finally, or pathway towards a second bloody disappointment?

    No wonder we’re all hesitating.

  41. 41 UmbrellaMan

    I don’t know how to feel about this.

  42. 42 Kiara

    Thank you Kim Go-eun for staying far away from this.

    • 42.1 pogo

      I hope that one day, she’ll get the credit she deserves for being this good.

      Girl could be a future Best Actress award winner at Cannes someday like Jeon Do-yeon, that’s the level of potential she has (Go Ah-sung is the other one).

  43. 43 JessA

    Yeah…. I love PHJ but I don’t know how I feel about this movie! He was awesome but I think it’s time he dedicated his time to something else. Sometimes shows are failures. Just chalk it up as a loss and move on.

  44. 44 Zah

    Does this mean he’s not doing the drama where he’s playing a bodyguard to a top star?

    • 44.1 mary

      This is just a film so it’s not as huge a deal to have this and a drama lined up. 🙂

  45. 45 Elle

    Wow. Soonkki must have really strong feelings against the drama to be personally involved in another adaptation.

    While I think the show was perfect during its first 6 episodes, I’m ready for a sassier and grayer adaptation. I think the webtoon characters have more punch. PHJ’s Jung was spot on despite the unsatisfying end of his arc. However, Seol could have used more sass and In-ho more grit. I can’t help but feel characterization was sacrificed in the name of setting the show’s pastel-y mood. (Among other things, but I’ve ragged about them enough in the last few CitT articles.)

    I’m a little wary of how the relationships among the characters will be developed in such a short time, but I’m confident Soonkki will be able to make all 120 minutes of this movie count.

  46. 46 leila

    but kim go eun made the perfect soel!!!!

  47. 47 Brittany

    I’m glad he accepted the role. His Yoo Jung was fantastic. I’m looking forward to seeing him play the character again.

  48. 48 tarsoe

    I do need a closure. I’m in as long as Soonkki in 100%.

  49. 49 bmore

    From what I’m reading this is a China/Korea project so the cast will be split. That means a Chinese lead actress and dubbing? Not happy. Not happy it’s not KSE anyway as, for me, she IS Seol. If this actually happens, and it’s more than a year away so all this is still what ifs, I wish it would start where the drama ended (which for many will be around ep 14) and give us the rebuilding of Jung and Seol’s relationship. We were all happy up until that point.

    Also, the webtoon writer said at the beginning of the drama that she wanted it to be independent of her story. “I wanted the drama to have an entirely different feel from the comics because they are built on different types of media. However, the actual drama failed in doing so, being hailed as ‘true to the original,’” she said. “They never contacted me, so I had no idea that they were going to film the drama to exactly follow the comics.” So what is she going to do now? Stick with the webtoon story or build an alternate universe? We all know how we can see different story arcs for our own imaginary characters and I’m sure she also would enjoy doing that for people she has been writing about for 4 years now. It will be very interesting to see what the comments will be if she does go in a different direction.

  50. 50 canxi

    I’m in. I don’t mind multiple adaptations and I want to see how this will turn out. It’s not like any of us will be getting a look at it until months after it’s out anyway, so we’ll know how it goes even if we don’t watch it.

    Like others have said, I think the thing that swayed PHJ to this role is Soonkki’s involvement and lingering feelings. I, too, am unsatisfied with how things turned out (no fault of any of the actors who all did great with what they got) and when that happens you know, especially for an artist, you just go back it.

    I feel like the movie won’t be an adaptation of the whole 4 part web-toon but I’m willing to see them try all the same. Mostly, I’m hoping they do Inha justice and give her back her agency (Inha, a puppet? Irl lol), bring more nuance to Jung’s storyline—some of his thoughts(though rare, they were there) and his looming presence (even when he wasn’t there, he was there!), and show the angrier, scarier side to Seol that she has as well (this is a really interesting part of her and it’s also one of the reasons Jung is so taken by her).

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