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Yoo Seung-ho swindles his way through caper film Kim Seon-dal
by | May 21, 2016 | 27 Comments

The new Joseon-era caper comedy starring Yoo Seung-ho (Remember—Son’s War), Kim Seon-dal, is coming out this July. The teaser has just been released, and it’s hilarious.

First, we’re introduced to the titular hero who is bold, brash, and daring with a healthy dose of remarkable charm. Then we have Bo-won, played by Go Chang-seok (Kill Me, Heal Me), Kim Seon-dal’s partner whose quick judgment calls and masterful disguises have allowed him to escape certain death twelve times. And Ra Mi-ran (Come Back, Ajusshi) makes for the perfect swindler-shaman who uses her perceptive abilities to make her clients pay her a fortune for her “supernatural” talents. Finally we see the adoring fan/sidekick played by EXO’s Xiumin who idolizes (haha see the pun?) his savior hyung, Seon-dal.

In the trailer, we see Yoo fleeing the scene in all different types of getups, from the kingly ceremonial robes to a maiden’s hanbok. (Sad reality: Yoo Seung-ho in drag is more attractive than 90% of the female population. For a second there, I didn’t recognize him.) In the movie, Kim Seon-dal’s merry team of bandits join together to pull off the con of a lifetime: They’re going to sell the Daedong River.

In a feudal time period where property rights and water conservation are unheard of, Kim Seon-dal is going to get rich quick by selling the ownerless communal river. Well, he’s already fooled people into paying an exorbitant amount for a chicken by telling them that it was a mythical phoenix, so perhaps selling a river isn’t that much of a stretch.

All in all, it looks like we have a lighthearted fun movie to anticipate this summer. Sort of like Ocean’s Eleven meets Hong Gil-dong, Kim Seon-dal seems to be a refreshing comedy perfect for enjoying with friends on a sunny day.

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27 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Kokare

    I agree. Yoo looks pretty in drag.

    • 1.1 Sua

      I think he just turned me into a lesb… Er… bisexual? um… idk lol XD

      • 1.1.1 AMIE

        Everybody who’s anybody is donning the Hanbok now,huh?! Yoo Seung Ho, Yoon Si Yoon, Go Soo, and probably Park Seo Joon.
        Lee Jun Ki will be back with another Sageuk drama this year, so we’re used to that and Yoo Jin Goo had a mini sageuk episode in Orange Marmalade. And it’s been years since Hong Gil Dong for Jang Geun Suk.
        So who looks best in Hanbok for these guys?

    • 1.2 KDaddict😍JCW

      I clicked on the trailer just to see him in drag! He is pretty but that chicken disguised as a phoenix is impressive too! I LOL. And selling the Daedong Kang! Whuahaha. This is a Must watch.

  2. pyromaniac

    Haha can’t believe it’s him in drag. Sigh. Too pretty. Going to have to watch

  3. Rozen

    Hhhhh this movie sounds fun, can’t wait to watch it, this actor can play any role
    I’ve seen YSH in the Magician and he was really beautiful in the long hair

    The last poster is hilarious

  4. Waiting

    Ra Mi Ran does not sleep, apparently. All the better for us! Love her!

  5. Miky

    This looks so much fun,u can bet YSH had a blast filming this…can’t wait for it to see it

  6. MidnightRamenAttack

    Looks cheesy but in a fun way. Kind of reminds me of the Detective Kim movie series (with Kim Myung-Min).

    • 6.1 Beanfan

      I love how every picture above has an actor/actress squinting innovatively, cheesily. And having watched a little Kim Myung-Min in Six Flying Dragons, I’m now kinda thinking of checking Detective Kim out.

    • 6.2 lilyleftthevalley

      The Detective Kim movies are both goofy and have a bit of smart to them. I enjoyed them.

  7. maryofbethany

    YSH. still the best in Remember war of the son>
    but it good that he tried diff genre role, to challenge himself. and show the world how good an actor he is. will never forget how he made me cried river at Remember ep20, i watched that almost more than 13 times, that ep, and cried about 13 times. and i watched whole drama a second time. cannot say i will do that for another drama … oh, Healer, yes, Healer was the first one i watch second time… then there was Hello Monster i watched second time also.
    But, Remember transcend me.
    Yoo, waiting for your July release of this cheeky side of you.

  8. kanz

    The teaser seems so fun!
    Can’t wait for July!
    Been a while seeing Yoo Seung Ho all smiley and cheeky.

  9. missDVM

    Too so pretty! (He looks really, REALLY attractive even as a female!)

    The phoenix chicken was hilarious. I am looking forward to watching Yoo Seung Ho again!

  10. 10 Kiara

    I thought I’d watch him in anything but after “The Magician” I think he has a very very long way to go if he is going for a movie career. He is charming as heck but he needs more for Chungmuro.

  11. 11 Sera The Ms Temper

    This looks quite fun..with Ra Mi Ran also. 🙂

  12. 12 Sancheezy

    the feeling when I realize that kim Min Seok/Xiumin the other young boy in the poster is 26 and older than Yoo Seung Hoo . . . .

    *go to check the poster again
    *he still look at least the same age with him

    I consider Yoo seung hoo young looking and he even more younger looking . . .

    • 12.1 haruka

      Same here. At first, I thought well, that gonna be cute seeing Xiumin’s character all doey eyes to someone he looked up then suddenly I remembered Yoo Seung-ho’s a 93-er. Though either both boys doesn’t looks like their own actual ages.

  13. 13 starnger

    I don’t usually watch korean movies, but I want to watch thiiiis. How can I miss Yoo Seungho as a lady of joseon?! and Cheetah yeosa as a swindler. I need to watch this :>

  14. 14 Aya

    Looks fun, I’ll watch this for YSH😁

  15. 15 Gaeina Lee

    YSH always have a special place in my heart, but… My goodness, ‘she’ had me at a wink… ❤❤❤

  16. 16 aqua❤JCW

    Omo… He for sure is a pretty lady… 😍😛

  17. 17 redfox

    very few people manage to really be convincing as a swashbuckling swindler & eccentric character. They usually don´t feel natural, it demands a believable character. But it seems to work for him. as you know, I have a weakness for goffy type of characters. But I have too little time for anything!!!

  18. 18 Jenny

    It looks fun! And yes its depressing that some guys look better as a girl then me..sob
    Google Saotome Taichi, he makes me feel so incompetent as a woman as I’m a giant clutz.

  19. 19 eddy

    wow, he’s back.
    thank you YSH for coming back so soon after remember- war of son. I still have not been able to dry my eyes. hope July comes quickly, I could use some fun.

  20. 20 Apluszee

    So the trailer has over 2 million views now, and half of it I believed is from me (JK!) but who can resist this man, honestly? Okay, I’m gonna go away and watch this trailer again until the movie comes out.

  21. 21 cinnamon


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