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Doctors: Episode 1
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Doctors may not be about doctors quite yet, but I can see a promising story to be told through the journey of becoming one, particularly with our hot-headed heroine. We start out with the backstory of our characters’ involvement in each other’s lives, looking back at the nature of their first impressions. Youth is a turbulent time for our heroine, and she’s about to test the limits of her teacher, who’s also no easy match for her. He’s ready to instill purpose and meaning into his students’ lives, even while he’s searching for purpose himself.



An ambulance speeds through the night to the emergency trauma center of the hospital. There, a woman ties her hair up in the locker room and narrates, “If you’re destined to meet a person, you will eventually. The person I’m destined to meet is here.”

The ER is packed with patients and full of action, and our narrator, YOO HYE-JUNG (Park Shin-hye) tells us that death may be a surprising thing elsewhere, but not here. The person she’s destined to meet is not surprised by death.

A gang causes a scene in the ER, and just as one of the gangsters lifts his fist to punch a trembling doctor, Hye-jung grabs his arm and effectively throws him aside. She clarifies that this is a place for patients, so the irrelevant gang members should step outside for their hyung-nim to get treated.

The injured hyung-nim (cameo by Lee Ki-woo) contends that he won’t accept treatment from a woman, but Hye-jung argues that he’s just a patient in her eyes and once again orders the gang members to go outside. They refuse and try to escort her outside, so she handles things the harder way — with force.

She flips and throws down the gangsters, single-handedly wiping out the whole gang — at one point tackling three guys at once — with her badass fighting skills. She apologizes for hurting them (and their egos, though she’s surely not sorry about that) and promises to treat their injuries. Then suddenly, the hyung-nim faints on the bench, and Hye-jung becomes more demanding. Are they going to let him die? The gang gives her approval to treat him, along with a threat if anything goes wrong, and she gets started.

Thirteen years ago. Hye-jung sits in her school office, blasting music through her earphones. The teacher smacks her for not doing as told and says that she’s getting off easy. For the sake of her father, who pleaded for her to stay in school, they’re transferring instead of expelling her.

Hye-jung collects her things and kicks the chair as she walks out, but her teacher stops her, demanding a proper salutation. Rolling her eyes, she wishes her teacher a healthy life until she paints her wall with poop. That calls for another beating, but Hye-jung grabs her teacher’s arm and reminds her that she’s not her student anymore. Her teacher predicts that Hye-jung will end up in jail, and Hye-jung warns the teacher to watch her back at night. “You’re the devil,” her teacher responds.

Hye-jung’s dad waits for her at school and warns her that he won’t be able to support her forever. Hye-jung scoffs that Dad makes it seem like he’s a good father, coming to school to beg and all.

In the car, Dad asks how Hye-jung is going to live, and she says that she’s going to live carelessly. He hits her multiple times, but Hye-jung doesn’t lose her disdainful attitude. She looks at Dad and tells him to kill her instead, just like he did to Mom. He looks at her, a little frightened, and asks why she doesn’t cry. She looks back fiercely and says, “Because my heart is already dead.”

Dad drives Hye-jung to her grandma’s place in the country and dumps her things out of the truck. He tells her that their relationship is over now, though Hye-jung insists that it was already done when he brought that woman home. That woman is her stepmom, and clearly Hye-jung doesn’t approve. Dad dumps an envelope of money on the ground before he drives off and officially cuts off ties.

After he leaves, Hye-jung breaks down in tears, admitting that she’s been waiting for the day that Dad would abandon her. Today’s that day, and she cries as she calls out for her mom.

Grandma (Kim Young-ae) sees her crying but knows to ignore it. She curses at her son for not properly greeting his mother and carries Hye-jung’s bags inside the restaurant. As Hye-jung eats, Grandma tells her that she has to behave to stay in school, but Hye-jung bluffs that she’s used to being kicked out and abandoned. Grandma shuts her up by saying that she won’t ever abandon Hye-jung and advises her to hide some parts of herself so others don’t step all over her.

Hye-jung disagrees and says that it’s better for her to reveal all and be confident in herself so that she’s not affected when others step on her. Grandma nods in agreement, to which Hye-jung mutters at how she’s the first adult to admit that Hye-jung is correct. Grandma wonders who Hye-jung has met all these years for her to say such a thing, and she wishes that Hye-jung would meet a good teacher. Hye-jung shakes her head, doubting that a good teacher exists.

As a teacher bikes into the school in the morning, he calls out JIN SEO-WOO (Lee Sung-kyung) and jokingly threatens to take away points if she doesn’t run after him. After parking his bike, he orders Seo-woo to drop off a model at the science room, and she asks why he always picks on her. She knows why, and they answer at the same time: “Just because.”

Seo-woo’s friend (also the principal’s daughter), Chun Soon-hee, carries her backpack through the hallway, and they wonder why Hong “Just Because” always picks on her. He must know that her father is the hospital director, since her mom always visits the school. Soon-hee offers to accompany her to the science room, but Seo-woo insists that she can go alone.

Teacher HONG JI-HONG (Kim Rae-won) settles down the classroom chaos and begins by gently scolding the rowdy girls for their informal dress and another student for her make-up. He reminds them of their upcoming midterm (grooaaan) and advises them to really think about what they want to do with their lives instead of mindlessly hitting the books.

Hye-jung sleeps in with her cute lil’ puppy until Grandma wakes her up to go to school. Grandma is set on going to school with her to complete the transfer process, but Hye-jung insists that she can do it alone — after all, it’s not her first time transferring. She asks Grandma for money to buy her uniform and heads off.

After school, Seo-woo gets picked up by her mother, who criticizes Seo-woo’s homeroom teacher, Ji-hong, for leaving school early without forcing the students to stay for late night studying. Seo-woo notes that he has plenty of hobbies, like going to the music store, and Mom finds it suspicious that Seo-woo would know that about Ji-hong. Does she have a crush on him? Seo-woo denies it as she flips through her notes.

Continuing her criticisms, Mom says that Ji-hong’s spot at Seoul University’s medical school should have gone to Seo-woo’s father and nags Seo-woo to fulfill her father’s dreams of going to Seoul University. Seo-woo responds with frustration, saying that it’s no easy task.

At the music store, Hye-jung browses the selection as does Ji-hong in the aisle behind her. As he asks an employee about a CD, Hye-jung slips a CD under her jacket and walks toward the exit. The owner of the store stops her and empties her bag, suspecting that she stole something. He reaches for her jacket, but Hye-jung flinches and yells at the man for falsely accusing her.

Ji-hong steps in and convinces the owner to trust her word. He claims to know students very well and helps her get off the hook. Hye-jung maintains her haughty attitude and claims that she’s not a student before walking out.

In the bathroom, Hye-jung unzips her jacket and puts the hidden CD into her bag. As she walks past Ji-hong outside, he asks if she’s happy with the outcome. He claims to have only helped her out because she’s a student, and even though she argues that she isn’t, he can see right through her act. He only gave her that chance because of her clumsy act, and Hye-jung asks why he’s bothering her now. He answers, “Just because.”

Hye-jung asks if he has some sort of Lolita complex and says that the phrase “just because” is used between lovers to explain irrational behavior. Ji-hong acknowledges her clever mind but argues right back, explaining that he doesn’t throw pearls to pigs. He uses the phrase “just because” to flaunt his intelligence to those who won’t understand him anyway. Hye-jung nods at the explanation and continues on her way.

But Ji-hong won’t let her go this time. She asks for proof of theft, so he tries to wrestle her bag out of her grip. Unwilling to get caught, Hye-jung kicks him in the shoulder, and he ends up on the ground, shocked. But he reciprocates the shock when he gets up and suggests that they should date, since he’s never had a woman treat him so roughly. Hye-jung calls him crazy and asks if he wants a criminal record, since she’s a high-schooler. Aha, he just got her to admit to being a student.

Next, Ji-hong asks her to admit to stealing the CD, which is now on the ground. Hye-jung comes clean and agrees to go back to the store to apologize. But she’s quick on her feet and tells Ji-hong to get lost before running to catch the bus.

Grandma prepares the table with side dishes and muses about how blood is thicker than water. Then, she pounds her chest and says that she hasn’t been able to go to the doctor yet. She looks around for Ji-hong, waiting for him to arrive.

A car pulls up next to Ji-hong, and the woman in the car jokingly asks for directions. She’s Ji-hong’s good friend and colleague, JO IN-JOO (Yoo Da-in), who’s now in her second year residency. They have a fun rapport, but she’s here with a more serious matter. The hospital director, Ji-hong’s father, has a vestibular schwannoma surgery today. His father didn’t tell him about the procedure, but he’s ready to head to Seoul right away.

As he tries to stuff his bike into the trunk, In-joo assures him that they have time to eat and tell Grandma that they’re going to Seoul. Ji-hong tells her to stop dropping by Grandma’s place because Grandma misunderstands their relationship. In-joo tells him that there’s nothing to misunderstand and casually proposes to him again. After six years in medical school and eight months as interns together, she argues, they’ve basically already dated so they should just get married. Ji-hong laughs off her offer and rides away on his bike.

Hye-jung ignores a call while shopping and notices a crowd of girls from the school pass by. Soon-hee is among them, and she’s bullied by the other girls in the bathroom. They only invited her to go to the club because they wanted to steal her money. Just as they find her wallet, Hye-jung walks into the bathroom in her new all-black outfit.

She continues to stand in the bathroom even when the bullies tell her to get out, so they pounce on her. Luckily, she’s no stranger to fights and easily defeats them. After kicking and slapping them in place, she takes the wallet and tells them to get lost. Soon-hee looks at her savior with eyes full of adoration.

Hye-jung walks out with the wallet and takes out half the money as the cost of saving the girl from the bathroom. Surprisingly, Soon-hee offers her all the money and calls her unni out of respect. Hye-jung knows better than to accept all the money and can tell that the girl is trying to latch onto her. She tries to shake the girl off, but she’s inadvertently got a new follower.

Ji-hong arrives at the hospital late due to traffic, and he stops right in front and remembers the proud moment shared with his father when he entered the hospital as an intern. In that moment, his father also told Ji-hong that he liked him ever since they first met. Ji-hong tries to walk away, but In-joo drags him into the building. She knew this would happen.

The surgery goes well, and the co-director of the hospital, Director Jin, meets with son JIN MYUNG-HOON (Eom Hyo-seob), also Seo-woo’s dad. Director Jin assures him of a promotion, though he’s still bitter that his son didn’t get into Seoul University. Even though they argue about when Myung-hoon will be moved out of the small-town hospital, Director Jin reminds him that they’ll inherit the hospital eventually. Director Hong only has an adopted son, and their relationship can easily be severed because they aren’t related by blood.

Ji-hong enters his father’s hospital room and nags him for undergoing a major surgery without telling him. His father didn’t want to worry him, but Ji-hong says that he’s obviously worried because he’s his son. Ji-hong warns his father not to hide things from him again, and his father agrees to do so.

At the club, school bully Mi-ra dances and asks for Soo-chul, but his friend says that he’s onto another girl. That other girl happens to be Hye-jung, and she tells SOO-CHUL (Ji-soo) that she doesn’t play with high-schoolers. He knows she’s lying and attempts to lean in for a kiss, but Hye-jung head-butts him and asks if she looks like a pawn.

She tries to pull him into a rear wrist lock, but he grabs her from behind and responds, “I don’t go easy on girls, except on my girl.” Hye-jung throws a punch at him, and he catches it, rather impressed. He offers to get punched if she agrees to be his girl, and she walks away in response.

On the dance floor, Hye-jung sees familiar faces — bully Mi-ra from the bathroom as well as the bullies from her former school. They bump into each other, and just as they approach each other to fight, one of the girls recognizes Hye-jung. They’ve got a bone to pick with her and offer a last fight as a farewell gesture.

Hye-jung kicks the old bully and taunts her to fight, if they think they can beat her. Mi-ra offers to join, but her posse tries to hold her back since they got beaten earlier. That doesn’t stop Mi-ra, and now Hye-jung is facing all her enemies, old and new.

Hye-jung dives into the fight, and though she suffers some blows, she’s able to fend for herself. It causes some real havoc in the club, as the girls start to get involved in other fights. Soon enough, the police arrive on the scene, and Hye-jung watches the chaos being forced to a halt. Then, someone grabs her hand to escort her away. It’s Soo-chul, and he takes her away with a wink.

Ji-hong meets with his sunbae KIM TAE-HO (Jang Hyun-sung) during his surgery break to thank him for taking care of his father. Tae-ho advises Ji-hong to return to the hospital and take responsibility, as he’ll surely inherit his father’s hospital, but Ji-hong claims that he enjoys his teaching job.

Tae-ho warns him about Director Jin and his son lurking around the hospital often, but Ji-hong isn’t against the power reshuffling at the hospital. He speaks like a true teacher, saying that those without power should experience power to understand it. Tae-ho shakes his head at his complicated reality, and their conversation is cut short by a phone call from the police station.

Hye-jung gets on the back of Soo-chul’s motorcycle, and they ride off with the police chasing after them. Ji-hong arrives at the police station and claims his two bully students, who cringe at the sight of their homeroom teacher.

Ji-hong takes his students out to eat and scolds them for getting involved in violence. He knows it’s no use telling them to stop fighting, so he tells them not to get caught. If they don’t get caught, it’s a personal issue. But if they get caught, it becomes a social issue, and they don’t have an adult to be liable for them. Ji-hong pays for the meal and leaves Mi-ra with a slip of paper with information she requested: her mother’s contact information.

Ji-hong arrives at Grandma’s place and asks why she’s pacing outside. Grandma excitedly reminds him that she’s living with her granddaughter now, and that’s who she’s waiting for. Speaking of the devil, a motorcycle rolls up and Hye-jung jumps off.

Grandma looks startled by Hye-jung’s appearance and company, and Soo-chul salutes before zooming off. Ji-hong looks at her, arms crossed, and she does a double take. Grandma introduces her to Ji-hong, and Hye-jung gives him a meek side bow.

Ji-hong reveals that they met at the music store and tells Grandma about the theft. Hye-jung denies it and claims that she’s meeting Ji-hong for the first time. Grandma takes her side, but Ji-hong argues that a thief can easily lie as well. Still, Grandma defends Hye-jung and scolds Ji-hong for his suspicion. How’s he going to get married with all that suspicion?

That awkward change of topic ends the conversation, and Grandma nudges Hye-jung inside. Hye-jung mutters about her bad luck with Ji-hong, who’s a teacher and also happens to live with them at Grandma’s. Grandma asks if Hye-jung bought her uniform, and she confidently states that she didn’t because she’s not going to school. Grandma asks if she’s not going to school, what is she going to do? Hye-jung says that she’ll just sell alcohol and sell her body, like Grandma used to do.

Grandma slaps her and chastises her for saying such things. She’s not living with Hye-jung so she can ruin her future. Hye-jung argues that Grandma was forced to take her in, but Grandma refutes that she asked to live with Hye-jung. She pities the life that Hye-jung’s mom suffered through because of her son, and Hye-jung becomes defensive. She yells at Grandma to watch her mouth, and Grandma tells her to do the same.

Grandma is trying to take good care of her now in hopes that she can change her life. At sixty, she’s trying to change her personality for Hye-jung. But Grandma’s tough love personality comes out, and she tells Hye-jung to live however she wants — it’s her own life.

Hye-jung storms towards her room, but she’s caught by Ji-hong, who warns her about using violence. He really hates it, so as long as she can resist the urge to be violent, they’ll get along just fine. Unable to hold in her anger, Hye-jung kicks some nearby buckets and storms into her room.

As Hye-jung sleeps, Grandma takes a long look at her granddaughter and apologizes for hitting her face. She blames her uneducated self — she doesn’t know how to channel her anger outside of hitting, yelling, and cursing. She tells Hye-jung to go to school so that she can be a good famous person, instead of a person like Grandma.

Grandma goes back to sleep, and Hye-jung opens her eyes, having heard everything. She tears up and apologizes to Grandma. Then, she hears Grandma snoring and listens close just to make sure she’s still breathing. Heh.

Hye-jung recalls good memories from when she was younger and narrates: “I realized then that when good memories and good people coincide, you want to become a better person.”

Ji-hong returns from his morning bike ride, and Grandma tells him that Hye-jung will be learning the restaurant business instead of going to school. He gives her a thumbs-up while Hye-jung pouts in her new misery. Grandma uses Hye-jung as her grocery basket, and Hye-jung trails along after her carrying giant bundles of food. After some thought, Hye-jung confirms that Grandma would be happy if she went to school. Since Grandma is putting effort into changing her personality, Hye-jung decides to put that same effort into going to school.

Grandma compliments Hye-jung (getting down the right caring phrase on her third try), and Hye-jung drops all the heavy groceries on the ground. She’s going to school. Grandma just laughs with joy.

At school, Hye-jung gets introduced to her new homeroom teacher, and of course, it’s Ji-hong. He tries to get out of it, especially since he already has a few problem students in his class, but the principal insists. Ultimately, Ji-hong takes her in.

Ji-hong brings Hye-jung into the class, and she’s recognized by the bullies and Soon-hee. As she takes a seat in the back, Ji-hong orders the bullies caught at the club to meet in the science room. They don’t let Hye-jung get away with this and accuse her of starting the whole fight, so she also gets sent there with them.

In the science room, Ji-hong tells the students that they’ll be writing apology letters for the next week, and Hye-jung rebels. She’d prefer to be hit as punishment over apology letters, and she argues that she shouldn’t be punished since this incident happened before she became a student here.

Ji-hong ponders over his options and decides to do it her way. He sends the rest of the students outside and grabs the stick. He knows that Hye-jung is asking him to do what he hates, and he complies, “Let me show you how good I am at what I hate.”

As he lifts the stick and swings it down, Hye-jung narrates, “Whether it’s good or ill fate, you never know how you’ll first meet that person.”


Oh, I’m intrigued. Still weirded out by the student-teacher dynamic and this last scene, but I honestly think that it’ll get better. It’s interesting how the show mentions the Lolita complex (very briefly, but it does), almost as if it’s assuring us that the age gap is not being overlooked and also foreshadowing what’s to come. But with the age gap acknowledged and put aside, I really like Hye-jung and Ji-hong as their two headstrong characters. I enjoy watching them together and seeing them butt heads because they stubbornly believe what they believe.

Hye-jung is not super likable quiet yet, but I’m invested in her character because she has so much potential for growth. Though she’s full of imperfections and a troubling immoral compass, she’s not completely beyond redemption. I love her blasé attitude and stark perspective on reality because she keeps it real, but I also hate it because she only keeps digging for rock bottom. More than her relationship with Ji-hong, I see her relationship with Grandma being a major impetus for change in her life, as we’ve already seen with her decision to attend school. Hye-jung is overly realistic with her circumstance and tries to shield herself from further harm by wallowing in her inevitable failures, but Grandma is there to prove her wrong. Grandma’s at her side to push her to try and overcome her misfortunes, even though it may take her three tries to get the tough out of her tough love. Hye-jung is much more like Grandma than she realizes, and I love that she’s the one adult that Hye-jung trusts in her life. I absolutely love Grandma and know she’ll be central to both Hye-jung and Ji-hong’s lives.

I think this may be my favorite character that Park Shin-hye has done yet, and it might have to do with the novelty of the character. You don’t see too many badass female heroines, especially ones who fight like that. It’s rare to have such a bold female character, let alone have Park Shin-hye play her. I’ve never really doubted her ability to act, but she always seemed to choose the same sort of characters that mainly utilized her pretty crying and artificially squeaky voice. She’s channeling some other dimensions of her acting into this role, and I certainly approve of her portrayal of the character so far. I like the feistiness, and I hope we get to see more badassery throughout the drama, even if it’s not via a physical fight. Although, I wish I could look as cool as her in a fight.

We’ve got a lot of side character action going on, but I like their small additions to the story. We’ve got slimeball Ji-soo and honest friend Yoo Da-in, and they’re not even the “main” second leads that emerge later on in the doctor phase of this drama. It’s definitely bigger than a triangle and more complicated than a hexagon, but I’m not too worried about keeping track of it all. They seem more like catalysts than obstacles to the story — let’s just hope it stays that way.

And of course, we can’t forget to discuss the forever perfect oppa Kim Rae-won as Ji-hong. He’s great for this role, but also, he’s great in any role, really. It’s just a matter of compatibility with the cast, and it’s looking pretty good to me. I think his character arc is secondary to Hye-jung’s growth, but I’m interested in understanding his motivations. We’re not told what caused his sudden change of heart to become a teacher, but the trauma still lingers. It’s a trauma that’s impactful enough to hold him back from dutifully taking on the obligations of being his father’s son at the hospital. And based on their interactions, it seems like Ji-hong really tries to be a supportive and reliable son.

As pompous as he sounds, I do like Ji-hong in academia and wouldn’t mind keeping him there for longer. He’s full of moral obligation to teach his students the path to their own success, and that’s what you want in a good teacher. He’s also got the right attitude and amusing tone of voice when speaking about the relativity and complexities of reality. He sounds infuriatingly professor-like, but I adore it. Of course, I’m sure to be enamored of his doctor side when he gets there, so I guess I just get the best of both worlds. I couldn’t really tell you what about Ji-hong (or maybe Kim Rae-won) is so mesmerizing, but I like him. Just because.


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    it’s official I am a trash for Park shin hye & I am honestly loving every second and minute of this drama the storyline is refreshing so far KBS and SBS has been doing heavy drama’s & historical dramas so I am glad we got something different & I absolutely love how it’s not focusing on the medical part only, this drama covers so many areas & problems in society. I am glad their ratings are doing well I think they will reach 20% soon just hope the PD doesn’t mess up the storyline.

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    Finally! i’ve been waiting for this recap. This show is honestly so refreshing and PSH is killing it. i hope it continues to be as amazing as the premiere

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    Thank you! thank you!I was waiting for this. I loved the first episode and I can’t wait to get back home from work to watch the 2nd one! Kim rae Won is love and Park Shin Hae is kickass! <3

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      I was actually getting strong School 2013 feels with the gender roles changed. I have always loved Park Shin Hye (even in Heirs- and most of all in Pinocchio) but I have to agree that this might just be her best role yet!

      When she came on Running Man recently, I was a little disappointed that she had lost a lot of weight and hence the cuteness that came with it. Also she did not look as beautiful as she does with fuller cheeks. But this weight loss is perfect now that she is portraying a rebellious character.

      • 4.1.1 pleasantville

        I feel like people are super exaggerating when they talk about all this weight she lost. She lost a minimal amount and it shows, but it’s nothing unhealthy.

        The loss of baby fat in her cheeks makes her look more mature and less baby faced which she needs for an actress entering her late twenties and transitioning into more serious roles.

        Plus, that hair is doing her zero favors. The straight hair with harsh straight bangs for her student look is unflattering on her, but her doctor hair is really pretty…she has softer bangs and wavy hair which has always suited PSH.

        • ObsessedMuch

          I am not just talking about the recent weight loss. If you compare her now with how she looked in Heartstrings or You are Beautiful, you would perhaps note the difference. And I love her bangs cuz that is mostly what is helping her look more like a rebel.

          “The loss of baby fat in her cheeks makes her look more mature and less baby faced which she needs for an actress entering her late twenties and transitioning into more serious roles.”- I don’t personally agree. I actually quite like actresses who are not stick- thin. I don’t think that one needs to look a particular kind to be called mature. It automatically comes with age and acting. Look at Jang Nara. She is cute and looks like a baby at 34 but that does not stop her from acing in roles like the ones in I Remember You and School 2013.

          No offence meant. Just my thoughts 🙂

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        I don’t know whether it is the weight loss but she looks more mature this way but of course still very beautiful. On one hand that makes the Kim Rae Won romance less creepy as they look very compatible on the other hand she looks quite a bit older than her supposed classmates – they should have taken that into account when casting – especially with the girl who is one of her future doctor colleagues.

        All in all the first two episodes were quite intriguing and them being over much too soon left me craving for more. I predict a surge in ratings though Beautiful Mind was interesting as well.

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      People might have been bothered with Biscuit Teacher Star Candy when it first started airing. After this show is finished airing people will probably be fine with it also.

      But Biscuit Teacher also had a very different dynamic. It was the student who was pursuing the teacher. Same with Flower Boy Ramen Shop (even though she quit being a teacher after a couple episodes). The funny thing about Biscuit Teacher is Gong Yoo (the student) is actually a year older then Gong Hyo-jin (the teacher).

      I also think people are tired of the big age gaps between actresses and actors. It’s the current trend for the year to have a young actresses and a much older actor.

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          I agree it’s not a big deal (I am currently seeing someone 10 years older then me). I think the problem arises not so much because of the age gap but that a teacher has a thing for the student. Like I said, I’m sure once people watch the show they will be fine. But when you read it on paper it doesn’t sound very good.

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        @ TrinPie.. Wow at the way you have put it out. Now i can understand a bit

  6. Oshi

    Maybe I was in the wrong mood for the show. The actors did some damn work but I can’t quite invest yet. I’m impatient for them to move into the present time rather then the past. I would ahve preferred for things to be revealed more slowly but you take what you get.

  7. Nerdy

    I need a new rule, to never watch dramas from screenwriter whose past works I dislike, even if I adore the actors who will be leads there…actually I am still trying to figure out why I got bored of this show and why I dislike male lead…

    • 7.1 BA

      @nerdy feel same. Watch both and story was blah, predictable. I was more intrigued by Beautiful Mind then Doctors.dropping this one.

  8. Boomboompow

    I had zero interest in this drama until I came acros a clip of Ji Soo scene, wow how does he get so hot?! I know he won’t be in this for more than few episodes but it worth downloding.
    Plus PSH character is such a bad ass I momentarily forgot I hated Cha Eun Sang.

    • 8.1 Erratic

      First saw that kid in Page Turner. Man, he’s hot.

      Also, I read from Soompi that Lee Ki Woo’s role is more than a cameo. I sure hope so. I like that dude.

      Also, two episodes done and I’m wanting more. Kim Rae Won’s still looking fine, and I’m totally buying the chemistry between him and Park Shin Hye. 😀

      • 8.1.1 elvira

        You should try ‘Angry Mom’ too. He’s there that puppy.

  9. pleasantville

    “Kim Rae Won is going to have to carry the entire drama.”

    HmmmT…Well, well, well.

    Anyway, PSH is killing it and someone needs to sign her up for an action film ASAP…preferably after her potential film with CMS goes through. The second episode is better than the first, and Hye Jung gets so much more likable…you really start rooting for her when you see her relationships especially with the other women in the drama.

    I’m also SUPER pleasantly surprised at the ratings. I wasn’t even expecting double digits…but it’s leading so far and almost hit fifteen percent with the second episode. The fact that a heavily female centric drama is the one that’s been able to not be affected by the ratings slump of the past two years or so is really refreshing, as well as the fact that the drama is being carried by an actress in her twenties, not thirties which we’re so used to seeing.

    However, we need to see if the second week will bode as well as the first has and is able to keep viewers.

    • 9.1 Tulips

      “I’m also SUPER pleasantly surprised at the ratings. I wasn’t even expecting double digits…but it’s leading so far and almost hit fifteen percent with the second episode. The fact that a heavily female centric drama is the one that’s been able to not be affected by the ratings slump of the past two years or so is really refreshing, as well as the fact that the drama is being carried by an actress in her twenties, not thirties which we’re so used to seeing.”

      Insightful. Really happy to know. Also i read “Doctors” has the high rating for pilot episode among SBS dramas this year. And overall, second next to DOTS.. I find it amazing. park shin hye was trending even in korea,malaysia twitter apart from korean official news sites like naver,daum and also no 1 on weibo.

    • 9.2 whitewire

      Kim Rae-won gotta carry the entire drama. You’re right about that. Regarding the chemistry, I like his chemistry with Park Shin-hye. It’s actually strong tbh! ♥

  10. 10 Acgmac

    Feeling positive for this one! Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye in one drama, I am in!

  11. 11 Velvetie

    I love the dynamics of the characters as well. But let’s just say if it weren’t for Kim Rae won (swooooon) I would’ve held a grudge on PSH as her previous portrayal of eun sang. I decided to give it a try because, let’s be real, whoever watched love at Harvard and weren’t smitten with Kim Rae won are nuts. Though it seem that he look well older than his actual age his eyes still light up when he smiles. So far I am loving the story and don’t have much to complain, and certainly am not going to drop it for the sake of Kim Rae won.

    • 11.1 fan

      I also loved KRW and Kim Taehee couple in Love in Harvard. KRW here reminded me of that show.

      • 11.1.1 fan

        Love story in Harvard, that is.

    • 11.2 Gil

      I hope you hold as much of a grudge against Lee Min-ho for Tan because he was easily worse. PSH did fine with Eun-sang given it was a terrible script.

  12. 12 hanabi

    The student-teacher thingy always irks me, like, you’re a young male teacher and they’re all female students. Shouldn’t you try not to get into trouble by at least avoiding one-on-one interaction in private? His interaction with Seowoo makes me feel uncomfortable as well. He seems kind and caring but it’s really awkward. Also, I think the beginning scene is way too forced, almost as though the writer doesn’t have any other way to tell us how badass Shinhye’s character is. You have a patient there in emergency, why bother fighting with his gang? Where’s the security? Shouldn’t you at least check his state? I thought the priority is to save the patient. There’s no room to fight for gender equality right there and then.

    • 12.1 pleasantville

      I don’t mind the teacher-student dynamic, at least not yet lol. They clearly want to show that Ji Hong is one of those cool teachers, that relates well to students and is caring. And, personally, I would find it REALLY weird if a male teacher didn’t want to have one on one contact with a female student, in case of things being misconstrued because that makes him seem suspect. lol.

      As for the opening…I get that it’s unrealistic, but this is the pilot of the drama and you need to grab peoples attention. Being realistic won’t do it….you need to have impact and that opening scene got a lot of people talking.

      • 12.1.1 hanabi

        Probably because I have watched way too many Korean dramas and movies where things go wrong when a teacher and a student of the opposite sex have some sort of contact in private. I mean if it’s university student, I wouldn’t be as much bothered. But for highschoolers and younger, I still prefer some interaction in public, with people around. I get that Jihong is an awesome teacher the way he handles the troublemakers in his class. I find it adorable when he points out how the foundation doesn’t match one of the girls’ skin tone lol. But the ending scene and (SPOILER!) and some more of his one-on-one scenes at school with Hyejung are very uncomfortable for me. Personally, I’ve had some very unpleasant experience in the same situation as a student and I’m actually a teacher myself.

        • Bwear


        • Cookiesandcreme

          I honestly don’t understand what the big deal is. This is a drama not a real life story. I think maybe you’re taking this drama too seriously. Obviously if this was real life then it would be an issue but it’s not. It’s a drama.

          • Bwear

            So… it would be no big deal for incest to happen in dramas because it’s not a real life story, but just a drama?

          • Cookiesandcreme

            @Bwear Lol this isn’t incest??!! They aren’t related at all!!!! And I am definitely okay with certain things happening in a drama because it is a drama. I don’t watch kdramas to portray real life, I watch them because they don’t at all.

          • Bwear

            I was just making a comparison.

            Just because it is a drama doesn’t make it less comfortable to watch. For example, if a brother and sister were making out in drama.. I don’t know if I would be able to watch that on screen without feeling awkward or uncomfortable, regardless of it being a drama or not.

          • Bwear

            “Just because it is a drama doesn’t make it more comfortable to watch.”

            Sorry, typo.. lol

        • Kokoro

          You might have to watch School 2013. There is an interaction between jang na ra and lee jong suk, just like PSH and KRW. You must not be familiar with school dramas that there are times like this.

    • 12.2 s_parks

      Yeah, that really bothers me. Like seriously, it’s a high schooler and a teacher. Just no. The beginning fight scene made me cringe.
      Well, I’d like to say the story is promising(let’s be honest, I’m just watching for Kim Rae Won), but the fact that the writer also made High Society, I don’t have much hope. Beautiful Mind though, was great.

      • 12.2.1 Momo

        I also like beautiful mind

      • 12.2.2 sooshin

        for me, BM pilot is so slow and quite boring. i absolutely dont get the comparison between BM and signal *sigh* signal is just so great and i dont see the signal-vibe in BM. There could be reasons why it took so much time to secure leading man. from kim soo hyun to yoo ah in to lee jong seok to choi jin hyuk and lastly to jang hyuk (and those are just the ones being revealed). sure it comes from high society writer but i rather trust doctors script which won grand prize in drama script competition back then in 2010 than the oftenly rejected script

        • Momo

          Bm is not boring- you should watch. Episode 1 already got murder and body switching in hospital. The story is so exciting, great cast. Glad jang hyuk took this role, he is so fantastic. No other actors can be dr Lee

        • Greedy

          I dont understand Doctor won Grand prize in fact the scripts are just 8 ep done???? i though all of the ep already done.

      • 12.2.3 Nerdy

        I prefer Beautiful Mind, at least there you don’t know what is gonna happen next. I think I understood what I disliked in this plot-even I can write a lot better story and put the cast to good use. Like in Dots we all knew it was far from perfect but at least it had those BAM moments where you stopped breathing and was simply amazed. Here it is somehow empty?
        If screenwriter took more time to show how hard it was to live in awful family, have no friends or have to fight to feel alive then okey, but here she decided to start with main lead looking cool while fighting….3 TIMES

        • umi rayy

          Idk about u, but for me, i already got the BAM moment from this drama in first two episodes… im totally love the setting. HahahHahah

      • 12.2.4 Appelsin

        Hehe!! For me the first scene was also too much, couldn’t they do it just with one or two gangsters so it could look a bit more realistic?? Also the teacher-student thing is something that makes me a bit uncomfortable. Maybe once we are settled in the present things will look better.
        Not sure I will keep watching, but I am glad that viewers are liking PSH. I have a soft spot for her since YAB and I am glad to see that she is expanding her acting range, never imagined that she would impersonate so well the rebel and action heroine types 😀

    • 12.3 juniper

      Yeah, I was cringing so hard when he went on about how important appearances were to a room full of self-conscious teenage girls, and then wiped make up off of that girl’s face o.O. Between the creepiness in the classroom and the ridiculousness in the hospital the first scene hinted at..ugh idk. The worst thing is the writer seems to be the culprit for most of the awkwardness and fail…sure the music made the first scene seem even more dissonant and some actors are posing a bit (so. much. eye. rolling), but the script is so tone deaf it doesn’t seem worth it anyway.

  13. 13 Omomo

    I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed that. I swear I sat down, hit the play button, watched for like 15 minutes then I look at the time stamp and there’s barely 10 minutes left. How did that even happen?!

    Loving the chemistry between Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye, unexpectedly. Hye-jung is such a fun and spunky character. And there’s something refreshingly different about Ji-hong’s personality as a male lead. Or maybe it’s just KRW’s charming yet grounded performance? Either way, I think I’m sold!

    Also, aw cute puppy!

  14. 14 blues

    Seeing Park Junghwan smiling a lot in this drama, I feel truly… I don’t know how to say it, it’s like grateful, relieved and joyous, something like that together, mixed well. I’m in love with Kim Raewon, like dramallama said, just because.

    • 14.1 umi rayy

      Woo.. i’m feeling the same way too.. its like park jung hwan come back alive and im happy to see him again in my screen.. hahaha

  15. 15 Tulips

    Just minutes into the episode, i was already hooked. Park shin hye slays.. Her action scenes were perfection and she didn’t even have a body double..shows how much hardwork she has put in. Amazing beyond words.

    She is nailing it as hyejung. You can see that although hyejung is tough and rebellious on the outside, beyond that she is damaged on the inside because of her past and you are able to empathize with her. Really impressed.

    I teared down at two places, 1.when she said,”I wondered how long,would it take also for you to leave me. Today’s the day. Omma…” Wowww.. and her and grandma’s scene. I really hope the writer doesn’t kill granny’s character. Although she is already experiencing heart pain. I really love grandma and it would be nice if hyejung has her around.

    Shin hye and kim rae won’s scenes were awesome. And that soon hee character’s adoration for hyejung..I am actually enjoying that. haha.. Lol.. And ooh.. Shin hye and jisoo were so hot. Shin hye is exploding with chemistry with everyone. lol. And that cutie puppy.<3

    Doctors was so much fun and interesting to watch and it was a great pilot episode. I have watched both the episodes and i am totally loving it. 🙂

  16. 16 aafa83

    Was not a PSH fan but love her feisty character here. I like how realistic the fight scenes are.

    Question: why are homeroom teachers expected to bail out students whenever they get into trouble in Korea? Is this true in real life?

    • 16.1 LazuardiK

      As I recall, in Dream High, homeroom teacher DID bail out troublemaker students
      Maybe that’s their assumed responsibility in Korea

    • 16.2 Sue

      I’ve seen that repeatedly in Korean and Japanese dramas. As a teacher, I don’t know if I could handle that type of responsibility.

  17. 17 LazuardiK

    I confuse with characters’ age..
    Ji hong is in the same age as Sae Woo’s father?
    If not, I dont understand why ji hong’s place in medical school should be Sae Woo’s fathers’
    If Ji hong is as old as Hye Jung’s classmate’s father, I will feel really weird with their romance..
    Just how much actually age gap between OTP?

    Could somebody enlighten me please?

    • 17.1 Omomo

      Nope, I don’t think Ji-hong and Seo-woo’s dad are the same age. Ji-hong is the chairman’s adopted son while Seo-woo’s dad is the son of the chairman’s sort of right-hand man or rival. Which makes the two of them rivals by default, I guess.

      I read somewhere that present time Ji-hong is 40 years old. Since the past events took place 13 years prior, that would make him 27 y/o when Hye-jung (18 y/o) was in highschool.

      So, basically, there’s a 9-year age gap between the OTP or probably something close to that.

  18. 18 Gaeina Lee

    I was stunned and speechless when she declined KRW suggestion for them to date. How could she declined?! If only he comes to me instead…. ^^

    This is PSH’s second drama that I like the character she portrayed. And KRW, sigh, I like him since MLB and my admiration to him keeps growing. So far so good, hope the writer able to maintain the story as feisty and enthralling to the end.

    Thanks for the recap, Dramallama~!!

  19. 19 bogoshipda

    I just lost counts for how many times Hye Jung got hits in 1st episode. Poor girl! I really think Park Shin Hye did very well here. I guess Hye Jung is my fav character that PSH has ever played.
    HJ was so used to being abused and lost faith in people. When she was treated with love and care from her grandma, she starts to see the world differently…
    I’m looking forward to see more from her story.

    Kim Rae Won aka Teacher Hong, should I blame him for being too nice and too ideal of a teacher? I would love to have a mentor like him…

  20. 20 A. Schimidt

    Not a fan of PSH since that disaster called HEIRs and her even more disaster character Eun Sang.
    For now I will just read the recaps.

    • 20.1 Windsun33

      Heh.. same here. After my struggle getting through Heirs, I swore off of PSH in everything since. I don’t think I have ever hated a k-drama character as much as I hated Eun Sang in Heirs.

      That said, she seems to be doing a lot better in this so far.

      • 20.1.1 Gil

        I don’t get how people hate on Eun-sang and deem her the worst character in that show when you had literal human personification of a cesspool by the name of Kim Tan. Oh wait I know the reason, its unrealistic standards for women and misogyny.

        • Eerinmide Go Go

          LMAOOOOOOO! RIGHTTTTT? Sure, Eun Sang was weepy and helpless and aggravating … but that is the archetype of the average Kworld female lead. They might tweak something, but at the end of the day, they are variations of Eun Sang.
          KIM TAN ON THE OTHER HAND………. ARGHHHHHHHH! How weird is it that I left that drama remembering Young Do more fondly than Kim Tan? I watched Heirs at the height of my LMH phase, and that drama damaged me so much, I left LMH instantly without looking back. Honestly, people need to reassess who was really the bad character in that drama.

        • Windsun33

          “..unrealistic standards for women and misogyny..”.
          How about… uhm.. total bullshit? I detested Heirs for many reasons, but we are discussing that – we are discussing PSH’s roles.

          I never said that her char was the worst in the show, I said that her character in Heirs was the worst role she had ever played.

          • Gil

            ” I don’t think I have ever hated a k-drama character as much as I hated Eun Sang in Heirs.”

            Nothing in this says “This is the worst role she played.”

            Also there is such a clear role of misogyny in PSH’s hatred that none of her male costars receive. Also what exactly was terrible about Eun-sang in heirs that she is the k-drama character you hate so much? More so than the abusive assholes a la Kim Tan, Baek Seung-jo, or Goo Jun-pyo?You know the types who yank women around like they’re rag dolls, sexually harass them, belittle them, and just are overall horrible people. Suddenly, Eun-sang who in the context of Heirs is just constantly shat on and completely ignored is a terrible character? That’s such bullshit.

    • 20.2 earthna

      Lol Heirs scarred people for life.

  21. 21 Adal

    Park Shin Hye rocks. I love, love, love her in this role. She’s so natural in her fight scenes and physicality that I can tell that she’s really athletic. Makes me wonder why she hasn’t done a role like this eons ago. She’s so good at it, and with her weight loss, she almost looks like a different person.

    I’ve never really been crazy about her work before, though I admit that she improved tremendously in Pinocchio, however she truly owns this role and it seems like a much better fit for her than “damsel in distress “.

    Kim Rae Won is total love. I’m surprised he looks so much younger in this drama than in “Punch”. He seems to be ageing backwards.

    LOVE this drama so far!

  22. 22 Valentina

    I love PSH, but in this episode, there was something about her acting in couldn’t get into, particularly her crying scene. I didn’t watch Heirs, so I’m shocked because this is the first time I’ve felt this way. This whole episode it felt like something was missing.

  23. 23 Fifi

    Is it just me who saw Jang Hyun Sung and suddenly thought of him as the bad guy or corrupt doctor here? Maybe Signal is still messing with my head. But they even have Jung Hae Kyun. They have to be up to something!!! *goes to dramaworld to warn Ji Hong

    • 23.1 mary

      I LOL when I saw his name in the casting news. He was with KRW in his last drama, Punch, as KRW’s neurosurgeon And he was NOT a good guy in that too!

    • 23.2 Haruka

      Lol poor guy. The perks for so good in playing evil.

  24. 24 AidaZen

    This was good for a start. Park Shin Ye has this thing, where I always like her kind of drama even if as an actress she doesn’t do it for me mostly. Loved Heirs and Pinocchio as dramas on the whole but could never claim to be a PSH fan. That just might change with this drama bc I see her trying really hard this time to change.. Not feeling her costar at all tho. Kim Rae Won must be a great actor, just wished it was someone else. Maybe he’ll grow on me like Eric did. In all, this episode is an A.

  25. 25 ginger

    yay!!! finally a drama worth to watch!!! i think this is the 1st drama that park shin hye act as a bad ass girl?

    and i like her here!!! i never really like her character in any drama she is in. the last drama that I managed to finish watch is your beautiful? where jang geun suk is the hero.

    heir and Pinocchio …. no comment

    and kim rae won is very cute ajusshi! is he single?

  26. 26 ara

    still just read the recap..not watching yet… why doctor really popular in korea? Dots.doctors.W.beautiful mind… and before this four every year definitely always has many drama (popular drama) about doctor with many kind different story about them ..

    • 26.1 Windsun33

      Korean dramas are strange that way. J-dramas and most other countries have people in a wide range of professions and occupations. K-dramas seem to only have 4 or 5 – Doctors, Lawyers, Chaebols, Down Trodden Poor Girl, and Police.

      I was kind of surprised when one of the networks came out with the Section 38 one, which at least portrays a different part of real life.. sort of.

      • 26.1.1 ara

        i do not know yet about section 38..
        and i just realized this year drama about doctor really continuously airing in korea.. some kind like boring to see every main female character have to use white coat.. from song hye kyo park shinhye hanhyojoo..and whos next?
        yeah korea really creative to make any kind of story.. different story different feeling.. many people still enjoy to watching…i guess after huge popularity DOTS..Doctors come next popular.. high rating for beginning episode.. but still not know yet about next… and i still do not want to watching this drama.. not yet..

  27. 27 Bùi Quốc Khánh

    They so wrong when try “Teacher-student” love, it’s really annoying
    I’m so disappointed about camera work. I thought it will better.
    And so much non-logic points, but they’re okay because only first ep.
    I will watch until ep 3, hope it will better when they come to the present. The story moving so slow and the ending so random.

    • 27.1 hanabi

      I kinda agree about the pace. I watched two episodes in a row and found myself skipping a lot of the scenes. Probably because of the teacher-student trope as well. Btw, I can’t help but noticing your username. It’s always amusing for me to find people from my own country commenting here 🙂

  28. 28 antcleanall

    I like the first two episodes, the pace is just right.
    as a 90s baby I like the 2000ish vibe in the 2 episodes 🙂
    the music, the flip flop phones, astro boy 🙂 and the beatles’ black bird.
    for me PSH and KRW are both convincing.
    I did not feel the teacher-student romance, for HJ and JH, because it was characterized that JH is a kind of teacher who is very much concern for his students, and I think he admires JH ‘potential’ (156 IQ)

    • 28.1 Mirza

      Hey there. I agree with what you have said. I love the second episode the most. And what caught most of my attention is the flip phone. It looks so cool and reminds me of my childhood. I was wondering if you knew what model is the phone used by park shin hye in the phone? If yea, could you please state what brand and model she was using? I’d like to make a purchase.

      • 28.1.1 Mirza

        Btw, the phone can be clearly seen in a scene in episode 3 (where park shin hye was running away from the hospital and her teacher was calling her)

  29. 29 Ema

    I love this drama..
    Most of the time i watch a drama when its finish. But i thingk i ll watch this drama every week. Love the story line .

  30. 30 ET

    I didn’t plan to watch this. Still, I got curious because of the ratings. But that last screencap! Even if the romance didn’t start when they were teacher and student, how weird is it to be in a relationship with a man who once spanked your bottom?

    • 30.1 sooshin

      Spoiler ep2 ahead… (SPOILER REDACTED)

      • 30.1.1 ET

        Thanks. I started ep 1 just to see how it goes. I actually like PSH here. The opening scene was kind of ridiculous but still enjoyable.

        I am still iffy about KRW and PSH. I feel like I can like both characters but just not them as a couple. Who knows I might eat my words. Will they be able to do what YSY and KSR did in Mirror of the Witch? I should have less problem with KRW and PSH because in real life, it isn’t that bad. It’s their characters I have a problem with. For YSY and KSR, it’s the other way round. I admit I have been praying for no kiss scenes in MoW. If I didn’t know their real age, I’d no problem because YSY is so convincing.

  31. 31 yea1401

    Okay I never comment but I’ve got to say this.
    How beautiful is KRW’s smile????
    I’m so glad to see one of my favourite actors back on the small screen.

  32. 32 missjb

    euww It seems Lee Sung Kyung will get better role here compare to in CITT… I hope so… so far she is so promising..

  33. 33 irreplaceable

    The first episode looks promising. I like shinhye’s bad ass character.
    I got very distracted in the beginning at the fact that she didn’t wear socks with shoes…. is it just me who was oddly distracted by that?

    • 33.1 mary

      I got used to it. The guys in k-ent do it a lot, it’s even more distracting when they’re in suits and nice shoes but no socks :O

      • 33.1.1 irreplaceable

        They usually wear those socks for ballet flats. I guess they forgot the little details with the opening scene. ah well

  34. 34 cupkate

    I’m just so damn excited to watch a drama with PSH in it..plus KRW can do no wrong so I’m ecstatic that it premiered solidly. Double digits already!

    Also, can I be Hyejung for a day and be badass like her? That was some serious kickass skills y’all. Dayummm she is slayin it !

  35. 35 aa

    just wanna screaming jisoo’s name


    • 35.1 UmbrellaMan

      I am with you there sista (or brotha)!!! I need more Ji-soo. He has such charisma and presence on screen. I would have followed him anywhere gladly. I hope he ends up being a squishy marshmallow on the inside good kind of guy and not an antagonist. I luff him. More JISOO JISOO JISOO!! 🙂

    • 35.2 Lezah

      JISOO!! JISOO!!

      I had no idea Jisoo was in this show but… boy am I glad I picked it up. I loved this first episode (and the second one too) and Jisoo is so, so adorable. *melts away*

  36. 36 AnitaLotti

    Well, the first two episodes first got me to rewatch Pinocchio and Heirs and now it is on to Kim Rae Won’s dramas. I think it has been quite some time since “Which Star are you from” and the drama fits quite nicely into the general vibe of older man / younger girl in an inappropriate relationship – though that one was for an entirely different reason.

  37. 37 Blossom

    I loved Park Shin-hye in Pinocchio (haven’t seen much of her drama’s), and Kim Rae-won is just HOT. But truthfully speaking.. I can’t get myself invested in this one. I have seen the first two episodes + preview of episode 3, and if I can sum up everything in few words it would be: awkward + uncomfortable for me to watch (IMO). Had they changed the settings to university teacher-student romance, and even better, if he was a teaching assistant rather than her actual (home)teacher… I probably would have been able to swallow the teacher-student thing down. But high school student? Really..?! They look more like a cozy, bickering couple than a teacher and his student. The fact that these young high school girls (both Seo-woo and Hye-jung) are getting so seriously attached to their male teacher.. Making a fuzz out of jealousy, teacher flirting back to his students (whether it’s a joke or not.. it just creeps me out). I mean, let’s not forget.. when Hye-jung says she is 18 years old, she is talking about Korean age, so she is in fact just 16 years old. Just a kid, a minor.

    Idk.. They don’t actually have to be physically together for it to irk me.. it already gives me enough shivers to think that there is a mutual spark and attraction between a teacher and his 16-years old high school student. Especially episode 2 the telescope scene.. the pink atmosphere, the eye interaction.. also, the ice-cream and bicycle scene… brrrrrr.

    Not to mention episode 3’s preview..

    ” Teacher and student. Woman and man. Who do you think will get hurt when these issues arise?”

    “Stay away from Hye Jung. She’s a really charming girl.”

    Hmm.. Sorry Kim Rae-won oppa, you are awesome and I love you, but this is not gonna work for me, so I will be looking forward to your next work.

    • 37.1 Am

      I don’t think I have understood exactly how Koreans calculate their age. I thought it was +1 year because they start counting the age at birth as being 1…I guess that’s wrong. Could someone please clarify this?

      • 37.1.1 CJ

        So you’ve been in your mother’s womb for 9 months, and then you turn 1 officially after 100 days! (that’ll be 12 months in total) That’s why you hear or see a lot of koreans throw huge banquets and parties on the “100th day” of their kids. (it’s essentially their first birthday party) But for Americans, you turn one after a whole 12 months after you’re born. Hope that helps !

        And i don’t think there’s anything wrong with their age gap because they start their romantic love line when she’s 31 and he’s 40 (i believe).

        • Blossom

          That was what I wanted to believe and see too: that their romance starts when she is 31 and he 40, working in the same place as colleagues or mentor/pupil. And I was convinced that there would be absolutely NO romance between the leads when they were still teacher and high school student. Once again, I have absolutely no problem with an age-gap of 9 years if both are fully grown up adults. But in this case, she is 16/17, still a minor and on top of that: she is his high school student.

          But after two episodes and a sneak preview of episode 3? I feel that the romance is already blooming. There is obviously a mutual attraction between the two, and the director is leading us to think like that. If he didn’t want to hint on an ambiguous spark between the two, he wouldn’t direct the telescope scene the way it is presented now with a (subtle) romantic undertone. Same goes to the way they bicker.. And really, the let’s-go-bicycle-and-eat-icecream-together scene? Feels more like a date to me. Those scenes are quite uncomfortable for me to watch IMO. As heard in the preview, teacher’s friend actually needs to remind him that he has to “Stay away from Hye Jung, because she’s a really charming girl” and also, for him to refer them as “man and woman”…. Doesn’t that say enough? (I’m just hoping that episode 3 would be completely different from what the preview is hinting us).

          As I’ve already said earlier, they don’t actually have to be “together” for it to irk me.. because I know they are NOT together, but it already gives me enough shivers to think that there is a mutual spark, attraction, feeling between a teacher and his teenager high school student.

          • Gil

            I wouldn’t have had such an issue with their later romance if the narrative wasn’t pushing the romance at this stage which is just ick. Like he’s her teacher, whether she eighteen or not it’s still suspect.

          • Ryan

            I consider that moment as a passing thing for both of them. When Hye Jung shrugged it off, it just became insignificant. There were no lingering touches or glimpses. The romance, I’m sure, is not gonna happen in this timeline.

            More than the romantic notion, I feel like what Ji Hong feels is some sort of curiosity, of looking at someone who’s probably a kindred spirit. And something like an inkling that Hye Jung’s happiness is temporary. Like his was.

            I think one of the reasons why I don’t think Ji Hong thinks he likes hye Jung is because of his complicated thought process. He says the strangest things, has different ways of expressing his opinions, and the way he handles his emotions is really out of the ordinary. If he acts a bit more normal, then I’ll be irked, but his personality is a bit unpredictable.

      • 37.1.2 angieya

        Yes when Koreans are born they’re already a year old but the thing is that after that they all age together on January 1st.
        So let’s say you’re born March 20, 2000, then you’re 16 in Western age now and 17 in Korean age but when your birthday is October 20, 2000 you’d still say you’re 15 (Western age) since you haven’t had your birthday yet this year but for Koreans you’d be 17 nonetheless.
        Hope that helped.

      • 37.1.3 Sarahsaya

        Its right its +1
        Hye Jung is 17 years old not 16
        What blossom said was wrong

        • Blossom

          So refering back to Angieya (thanks for the info!), Hye-jung could be either 16 or 17, because her exact birthdate isn’t clear (as Angieya points out: she could be born in March but also in October for example).

          Anyway, does 16 or 17 years old make any difference though? She is still considered a teenager, and legally seen, she is still a minor.

      • 37.1.4 nmaxx

        Yeah from what I understand it’s like angieya said above, you’re 1 year old when you’re born and turn another year old in the Lunar year. So for example a baby born in December 2015 is a 2 year old already, even if the baby hasn’t had its birthday yet.

      • 37.1.5 jewel

        on the day you are born you are already 1 year old, and each jan1st your age adds up. so if you are born dec31 2015 (1yr old), the following day which is jan1 you turn 2yrs old. thats how i understand it

    • 37.2 Windsun33

      I got the same “creeped out” feeling, esp after seeing EP2. Yeah, I know it happens – put people go to jail for it. It seems like this doctor/teacher is not too good on figuring out the line between student and teachers. The thought kept runnng through my head “are you really THAT stupid?”.

      • 37.2.1 Blossom

        I know, right..

        Also the way he flirts back to his female students… albeit jokingly… it still creeps me out.

    • 37.3 hungrybug

      You basically nailed every problem I have with this drama. I agree that it’d be better if it was set in a college-setting instead. Like if she were a med student or something. But high school student? That’s waaay too big of a power dynamic and it just creeps me out.

      I mean, I really love PSH–despite dramas like Heirs and Heartstrings–but I honestly don’t think I can stick with this. Even after they bump up the ages. :/

  38. 38 Novi

    I love the first two episodes, and they got me hooked. There are some flaws but I’m willing to overlook those. But, I can’t buy the main OTP chemistry, yet. It made me cringe. Maybe latter in the present storyline, I hope.

  39. 39 kopytko

    I knew I would watch it as soon as I saw Kim Rae Won’s name listed. I happen to adore him since the very beginning of my drama-adventure (it’s not addiction any more! yay!l). I knew I absolutely watch it when I saw the promo materials where KRW looks … weird. I was worried he got some disastrous plastic surgery, but thankfully it’s just disastrous photoshop. What a relief.

    On the other hand, I wasn’t excited to see Park Shin Hye, beause none of her works I saw resonated with me. A pretty girl who cries a lot and charms poeople with her puppy eyes, in literally any role. This time, she’s gone for the polar opposite, which in itself is nice, but still not super convincing. I am willing to see what happens next and give her benefit of the doubt.

    The story is probably nothing that hasn’t been done many times before, but actually it applies to any drama or movie. As humans we probably are running out of new plots, but that’s fine with me. As long as it is a story well told, I am happy to follow. Just embellish it with nice character and situational details and maybe avoid too obvious cliches.

    Overall, I am looking forward to a summer with Kim Rae Won 😀

  40. 40 Dahlias

    I watched the first two episodes on a whim and I have to say, after this set up, I’m really sad we’re going to leave the rough and tumble world of high school girl gangs for sterile medical halls. These episodes made me really crave a female focused School 2013 type of show–with no teacher romance, no matter how great Kim Raewon is!

    • 40.1 mary

      *sigh* That could’ve been School2015 but they made the feisty twin hide for majority of the show’s run. Also lost the chance to make an epic Wonder Twins Activate moment.

      • 40.1.1 Dahlias

        Yeah, definitely. That drama got lost in its who-gets-with-who lines.

        I just want a full drama based off of these first episodes now lol. No love lines aside Jisoo and the bullied girl’s one-sided crushes and even then, they’re not the focus compared to the frenemy line between Hyejung and Seowoo. Make it happen, dramaland! (Not holding my breath)

  41. 41 Elgarmummy

    Absolutely love the opening scenes and the way Hong got her to admit her age.

    Despite what some people said about Cha Eun Sang, I did enjoy watching her that role.

    I had to laugh when someone mentioned about bad photoshop in the promo poster. I didn’t notice that about Kim Rae Won, whom I had first watched with Jang Nara, but Park Shin Hye’s picture was really bad. She looked extremely gaunt and weird like a pixie, reminding me of Taiwanese model Lin Chih Ling. The other girl in the poster looked like she had unibrow. Really bad photoshop!

  42. 42 JKP

    I’m a big fan of PSH and looking forward to seeing her in this new role with KRW. But I have to say that I’m a little weirded out about budding loveline between a teacher and a student thing.. I will just have to watch what happens.. I hope Ji soo has some more screen time 🙂

  43. 43 MissyLovesDrama

    Loved the premiere week episodes. Jisoo’s never going to get the girl is he? XD PSH is so cool. I love parts where the protagonist works hard. Motivates me to make something of my life. Hope this show keeps being this way.

  44. 44 loophole

    WOW!!! Enjoyed both episode 1 and 2. Lovely beginning.

    But my WTF moment was the whole hitting. I mean, the teacher hit with her book so hard she fell from her chair to the fall. I dint know when I screamed WTF?????!!!!. Then her father hit her again, so hard!!!! I know she’s stubborn and all, I just wanted everyone to stop hitting her so hard. *whew*

    • 44.1 haha

      Those probably to explain why Hyejung is the way she is now..

  45. 45 Abc

    Park Shin Hye was awesome in the first scene. Love to see a role like this for her in a film. Totally loving this drama so far. It’s only 2 episodes this week but it has gripped me with the strong headed female lead and soft male lead. Kim Rae Won is a brilliant actor.

  46. 46 lazyqueen

    I’m laughing at those people said KRW will carry the drama
    when the drama is about the Heroin and her transformation.

    And those that said PSH can’t see PSH as a badass gangster better eating their words now. She is killing it so hard.

    I was impressed especially after knowing she did all the scenes herself. She needs more actions role.

    It might be too early to say but I think I have found my summer crack. The drama got me hooked from the first 5 minutes.

  47. 47 hah

    Yes the fighting scene in the hospital is a bit unrealistic but it served the purpose of getting your attention for the show as well her the main character.

    And it worked seeing so many talking about it.

    The acting and chemistry are on point so far.
    Hopefully they can keep up

  48. 48 earthna

    Doctors is quite nice so far considering how I get so giddy while watching it even without my baby Yoon Kyunsang on the screen yet. Kim Raewonnnnnnnn

  49. 49 Sera The Ms Temper

    Hye Jung is a character which is weirdly cool, but what with the setting of teacher-student romance?? After watching epi 2 I feel weirder. Hmm.

    Will this show gonna be the next DOTS? This show is nothing new, it is just the female lead is pretty cool and PSH is the female lead, although I am not really invested with the drama and PSH’s role. And.. KRW I hope you are not just accessory to the female lead.

    Anyway, DB will you do recap for Beautiful Mind? I dislike medical drama, but I cannot say no to Jang Hyuk. And there is Park So Dam, auw this girl really has a raw talent. Her chemstry with JangHyuk is jjang. Who can predict it when there are huge gap between these two? This show deserves some loves too.I hope more beanies are watching it too.

    • 49.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      I love KRW but what with teacher flirting with his students?It is unintentionally, but he can avoid it. I am OK with everything except this set up. They can just set up students having a crush with their teacher but nothing more. During my school days, I also used to have a crush with my teacher. But it left at there. The teacher strictly put the boundary between student and teacher.Just my opinion, they can do better plot. It will be nicer if it just setup a friendship between these girls, and PSH with JS. After all, they are still minor.

    • 49.2 Soso

      One thing I don’t I understand why are mentionin another drama with their actors to put down this drama simply pathetic is it bcz your disliking to the actress you act like that .

  50. 50 Mjfan

    I can’t express how much I loved this drama
    I LOVED every second of its two episodes , can’t wait for more episodes
    PSH is slaaaaaaaaying in this role as she is finaaaally stepping out if her comfort zone
    And KRW , what can I say ? He is PERFECT
    His voice , his smile , his overall acting , I adore him
    I just found my new crack , I just hope they keep her kickass side as she grows and become a doctor

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