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Kwak Shi-yang to romance Kim Hee-ae in Second to Last Love
by | June 6, 2016 | 27 Comments

After romancing Yoo Ah-in in Secret Love Affair, it’s not even shocking anymore that Kim Hee-ae (Mrs. Cop) is getting a twentysomething love interest in her new drama, SBS’s Second to Last Love. Up-and-coming supporting actor Kwak Shi-yang (Mirror of the Witch) is up for the role, and is in final negotiations to sign on. Now that it’s clear that this role is a second lead who gets a loveline with the heroine, I’m glad that Yoon Doo-joon didn’t take the offer; he would’ve been fine in the part, but I would’ve been too sad about him not having a romance with Kim Seul-gi (Oh My Ghostess).

The new SBS weekend series is a remake of a Japanese drama of the same name, and stars Kim Hee-ae and Ji Jin-hee (I Have a Lover) in a story about fortysomethings experiencing a second adolescence. Kim Hee-ae plays a television producer who wishes for something to happen in her life, and she’ll meet and fall in love with Ji Jin-hee, a civil servant in a small town who wishes for nothing to happen in his life. Kim Seul-gi has signed on to play Ji Jin-hee’s little sister, a webtoon writer, and Lee Soo-min (She’s So Lovable) has been cast as his daughter.

Kwak Shi-yang will play a friend of the family who thinks of Ji Jin-hee as his hyung, and he’ll end up falling for Kim Hee-ae when she constantly comes around to bicker with Ji Jin-hee. Poor puppy. Kwak Shi-yang will also have an ex-girlfriend complicating matters, played by Stephanie Lee (Yong-pal).

The casting seems pretty final, and Kwak is due to go straight from the set of his current drama Mirror of the Witch to this one. From Kim Sae-ron to Kim Hee-ae—that’s quite the jump. But he also had a noona romance on We Got Married with Kim So-yeon, so I think he’s got it covered. I’m glad to see him landing bigger parts and steadily building up his resume, since he’s a promising actor who makes the most of his roles, big or small.

Second to Last Love comes from the PD of High Society and the writer of Emergency Couple, and it’ll air on Saturdays and Sundays following Beautiful Gong Shim in July.

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27 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Nifemi

    Okay I’m confused, but if kwak shi yang is to romance Kim Hee Ae but she falls in love with Ji Jin Hee, does that mean Ji Jin Hee does not fall in love with her too. So basically KHA falls in love with JJH but he does not return her advances so she moved on and fell in love with KSY? or is KSY just going to marinate in a one sided love? Like I said I’m confused, so I would appreciate it if you beanies could explain exactly what I’m missing here. Thanks in advance.

    • 1.1 CC101

      KSY will probably have a crush on her but she won’t go for him. At least that’s what I got and it also seem that he will end up with his ex in the end. I haven’t watched the original JP drama so i’m not 100% sure

    • 1.2 Sancheezy

      As I remember from the Jdrama
      KSY like KHA 1st, he pursue her and they tried to have this feels to work but then KHA and JJH realize they love each other after spending much more time. KHa and JJH character bickering a lot bc they almost in same age range (late 40 and 50-s). The setting make them as neighbor so they’ll meet often and KSY open a restaurant in their home (I remember KSY, JJH and some other family member lives together)

      Feel frew to correct me, it’s been years since I watched the Jdrama

    • 1.3 spazmo

      in the jdrama, his character has a very big role in the story… don’t want to spoil the story! but who knows, the kdrama writers might change the story up, so…

      in the jdrama, there are 4 siblings – so kwak shi yang is going to be kim seul gi’s fraternal twin? there is a married sister, older than the twins, and of course the oldest brother and his daughter…

      i hope they keep to the original storyline, it’s very sweet!

  2. Gu

    I never like it that guy, he’s so fake, i remember him from WGM.

    • 2.1 iggytwin

      something about him did feel somewhat ungenuine. may just be awkwardness and being kinda unnatural in his expression on variety and in his acting (still quite a newcomer and not really a natural acting talent).
      it translated a little off i admit. i didnt really care for him either tbh.

    • 2.2 AJ

      He seems like an ok supporting actor (not even a good one…) so him in a lead role sounds very, very meh. Don’t think this one will pan out well at all, not even KHA can save it

    • 2.3 owl

      I kinda liked him from WGM. He went along with some cute couple ideas and at least tried. I also think he’s an okay supporting actor in Witch in the Mirror. I’m intrigued enough to check out the jdrama which I haven’t seen before watching this. Would those of you who have seen it recommend it?

    • 2.4 Dakchigo

      Ditto. He singlehandedly turned me off “All is Well” despite my love for Choi Yoon-young.

  3. spazmo

    ooooh, he’s going to play the younger brother (who in the jdrama is a fraternal twin) who is very open, sweet, honest and loving…

    personally, i really liked him in WGM with kim so yeon – he’ll be perfect for the part, cuz he’s like that in person!

    • 3.1 spazmo

      okay, i didn’t read the article carefully… apparently they are changing the story a bit and he’s the friend that isn’t really a brother…

      hmmm, i guess the original storyline wouldn’t work for kdrama….

  4. Sera The Ms Temper

    So there will Stephanie Lee here too? I think this drama has pretty good casts. Kwak Shi yang is a promising actor and glad that he has receiving numerous offers.

    • 4.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      Oh, I dont find Stephanie is a good actress. She still has a long way to go. I just remember her sexiness in Yong Pal. ( I mean her character was sexy in Yong Pal).

  5. Hannah

    I hope he gets to be a lead soon! So handsome!

  6. mary

    Yey him and Stephanie Lee! :DDDD

    (And yay Doo-joon for dodging a wasted Kim Seul-gi reunion!)

  7. juliesean

    She’s gonna end up with Jin Ji Hee right? Since he’s the male lead? I want to watch an age appropriate matured OTP instead of the latest trend on age disparity in the OTP.

    Yes, i thank my lucky stars that Doo-Joon rejected the role. I would have been crushed that Seoul-gi is not the one he romances with.

  8. -yuju

    Oh damn, I really hate this writer. She wrote Lie to Me and Emergency Couple, both of which were incredibly bad.

    • 8.1 ChubyCotton


  9. pogo

    Oh thank goodness, a potential rightful-OTP-as-siblings crisis has been averted.

    Now drama gods, can you please hear our prayer and make them OTP again? Preferably in the hands of a good writer?

    • 9.1 sky

      Kind of wish Seul Gi rejected the role too,she really needs to stop doing these minor roles,I find her more than capable to do lead roles by now lol..it’s been long time she’s in in the industry right.

  10. 10 madame kim

    LOL, a second adolescence? It’s called mid life crisis.

  11. 11 Nanoo

    And the first time in forever I feel glad Yoon DoJoon rejected this drama because I don’t want to se him have romance with Kim Hee Ae and as Kim Seulgi’s sibling instead. Thanks dramagod.

  12. 12 Sara

    I read the first half of the sentence and I tried hard to remember if Kwak Shiyang ever had a loveline with Yoo Ah In 😂

    • 12.1 Azka

      LOL! But that is one fine suggestion, Sara. Bromance is always welcomed haha

  13. 13 Whatsthescenario

    I watched the jdrama and LOOOVED it . They bickering older couple were eternally funny. But the noona romance happened bc the donsaeng was “lover of women”, gentle gigolo type who could never pass up an opportunity to make women happy. So he did like her and they did try to make a go of it, but in the end, the bickering older couple were more compatible. I can’t wait to see how this will turn out.

  14. 14 Sua Kim

    Still waiting for him to fall in love and actually get the lady this time… :(( Love him sooooo much tho!!

  15. 15 W

    He Looks like Kang Min Hyuk on that pict, with some aging

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