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No hiding secrets from Sohn Ye-jin in The Truth Beneath
by | June 21, 2016 | 33 Comments

My Wife Got Married co-stars Sohn Ye-jin (Shark) and Kim Joo-hyuk (Answer Me 1988) have reunited for upcoming political thriller The Truth Beneath (also known as There Are No Secrets). In this new film, Sohn and Kim appear as a successful married couple who are suddenly faced with the disappearance of their only child.

Sohn Ye-jin stars as politician’s wife Yeon-hong, and Kim Joo-hyuk plays promising national congressional candidate, Jong-chan. In the midst of hardcore campaigning just two weeks before the elections, their daughter doesn’t come home from school one day. She leaves in the morning saying that she might be late because of an art project she is doing with her school friend. However, when Yeon-hong goes to her daughter’s school to investigate, she discovers that her daughter’s friend doesn’t exist and that there was no art assignment given that day. Why did she lie? Did she run away or was she kidnapped?

All the while, Yeon-hong is increasingly disturbed by her husband Jong-chan’s unfazed, nonchalant attitude in the middle of this crisis. He coolly insists on waiting to contact the police about their daughter going missing, saying that she will probably come back home soon. His motivations are clear; Jong-chan wants to avoid any possible public backlash for their perceived poor parenting. She questions his priorities — are his political ambitions more important than their family? With no one on her side, and no one seeming to be concerned about her daughter, Yeon-hong sets out to uncover the truth with only two clues to aid her: a phone number and a familiar tune her daughter was humming the morning of the disappearance. In the trailer, we see Sohn’s portrayal of Yeon-hong becoming more and more unhinged.

The last time Sohn and Kim collaborated, their movie My Wife Got Married (2008) became a box office hit, and Sohn walked away with multiple Best Actress Awards. Critical reviews of The Truth Beneath also applaud Sohn’s performance in this film, saying that she showed a completely different side to her acting. Critics especially loved the way she handled straddling the fine line between maternal love and obsession. And soon we’ll be able to see for ourselves if what they say is true, because The Truth Beneath premieres in Korea this week on June 23.

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33 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. BellaMafia

    Shoot..that looks so good!

  2. obsessiveCompulsive

    I Have always liked SYJ’s acting. From what I see in the trailer it looks really good, I hope we get it subbed soon.

    • 2.1 wits

      Me too. Sohn Ye Jin is one of my most respected thespians in Korea. She has got a wide acting range and always affecting. Love her.

  3. Gureum

    I live for these punny titles!

  4. Kiara

    I hope she’ll ditch Pirates 2. She is way too talented for summer flicks. She is one of the few leading lady in Chungmuro who can carry a whole movie on her own.

    • 4.1 pogo

      Yes, vhy are they even making a follovvup to that movie? It vas a hit, they should have just left it at that – the only character I ended up feeling for vas the vhale, poor thing. And the Johnny Depp costume on Kim Nam-gil.

      (do vhales even hang out in Korean vvaters tho??)

      • 4.1.1 Peeps


        I know why you’re typing with all those V-s but it still cracks me up.

        • YY

          Me too!! LOLOL…how long vill this go on, I vonder?

        • pogo

          lmao keep making fun of me, vhy don’t you?

          (nou my ‘a’ key is also gone so I keep it in copy-paste mode like someone suggested, because ‘a’ is harder to substitute than ‘vv’. comments take tvice as long to type nou!)

          • angieya

            Lmao… pogo and her disappearing letters
            Ep.1: W – two Vs
            Ep. 2: Missing ‘A’

            Stay tuned for more episodes xD

          • mary

            I’m just glad you can still type pogo, pogo.


      • 4.1.2 Kiara

        Lol I was rooting for mama whale to wipe them out.

        Kim Nam-gil hasn’t done much to top his role in QSD. Maybe he needs to stick with dramas and with a writer who would let him live in the end.

  5. HK

    In some of these photos, Sohn Ye Jin really looks like Kim Dong Jun from Ze:A. Haha. They are both pretty people, but I didn’t realize they seem to have very similar features.

  6. cali

    Look how far our Gutaeng hyung has moved up in the world

    • 6.1 mary

      It looked so intense, I didn’t know he was an actor with these type of roles :O I thought he was a comedy ajusshi. (I blame 1N2D.)

      • 6.1.1 Rachel

        I know right. I will always have the image of him prancing around in that costume during the episode Dong Gu is introduced. OMG.

  7. Hope

    Sohn Ye Jin is one of my favourite actresses. She acted in the drama Alone in Love where she n her husband separated after she lost her only child. That is just one of my favourite dramas starring her. I also loved her in Summer Scent n still recall the quotes from that drama.
    Really hope she scores in this movie !

    • 7.1 gailT

      i love love love Alone in Love. One of the few DVDs I bought. She’s my favorite actress. i would love for her to be so successful in this movie

  8. Cupids

    Kim Joo Hyuk was in Answer Me 1988…?

    • 8.1 Dwarf

      I was searching my memory for him too, like did he really appear in AM1988? Then I remembered. Yes he was the adult version of the one who smokes. No names here cos it’s still painful for me to know the truth…

      • 8.1.1 bi

        rather than the adult version who smoke its better to write the adult version who allegedly smoke. we never really saw him (kim joo hyuk) smoke though unlike taek.

    • 8.2 pogo

      yes. I rather vvish he hadn’t been, the grovvnup versions of 1988 vere terrible.

      • 8.2.1 Umin

        The cast was alright, it was how they were directed that was terrible.

  9. kimsajang

    I really love Son Ye Jin in intense roles, and I have only seen Kim Joo Hyuk in 1N2D and AM 1988. I am those minority who loves his portrayal of the real husband from the beginning to the end, along with his younger counterparts. Look forward to watch the two act together here!

  10. 10 missjb

    OMG SOn Ye Jin, the trailer alone, so intense
    her acting blow me away can’t wait

  11. 11 yren

    Wow! this looks intense! and Son ye jin still gorgeous as ever! I am really glad Gutaeng hyung is racking up the movies lately! and he looks hot on those clips an stills!

  12. 12 dramamama

    I read two years ago that this role was offered to Song Hye gyo. I’m glad that it’s Sohn Ye jin who’s doing it. She is the better actress of the two. I can see from the trailer that she really did justice to the role.
    Congratulations Sohn Ye jin!

  13. 13 Tam

    She is one of the most beautiful and one of the best actress in Korea. She has very expressive eyes. I love her.

  14. 14 Geraldine

    Heh. Gutaeng hyung looking so intense

  15. 15 Nadia

    Looks like a really good movie. Would love to see it. She’s a fantastic actress, she can do drama and comedies really well. I think she looks like Kim Hyun Joo.

  16. 16 missjb

    euww It seems Lee Sung Kyung will get better role here compare to in CITT… I hope so… so far she is so promising

  17. 17 hamir

    Why did it take so long to premiere? Was it delayed? I was waiting for this movie since March. Kim Joo Hyuk.

  18. 18 Umin

    I hated My Wife Got Married but I’ve always wanted them to act together again. Can’t wait!!!

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