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Han Joo-wan and Sohn Ho-joon to bromance it up in Blow Breeze
by | July 5, 2016 | 7 Comments

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Han Joo-wan (Hwajeong) has been confirmed for upcoming MBC weekend family drama Blow Breeze. He will be playing the role of Cho Hee-dong, a man dreaming of becoming a successful webtoon artist. The weekend series is still courting Park Han-byul (I Have a Lover) to headline in the title role, while Sohn Ho-joon (Mrs. Cop) has already signed on to play the main lead.

Blow Breeze is the story of a rich old man, originally born in North Korea, who finds out that he may have a biological heir right as he is about to die. Sohn Ho-joon will play leading man Lee Jang-go, a poor lawyer with a warm, sincere heart. Despite practicing law for the past two years, he only owns two suits that he alternates between, and is constantly ridiculed by his co-workers for being a fashion terrorist who doesn’t understand trends. 

Han Joo-wan’s character, Cho Hee-dong, is described as a simple, straightforward-minded man who has always been single because of his annoying twin sister born 12 minutes after him. Living with her since birth has given him a not-so-pretty insight into real-world girls vs. the fantasy. Nevertheless, when Cho Hee-dong meets the girl he thinks is The One, he falls hard and fast, head-over-heels in love.

Han’s breakout role was in another family weekend drama, King’s Family, where he played the love interest of the third daughter, played by Lee Yoon-ji. He earned a Newcomer Actor Award for that series, and since then he’s expanded his repertoire to include historical dramas like Joseon Gunman and Hwajeong. It’ll be good to see him back in a family drama because he really shone in that genre (or was it just the character that was so appealing?), and he’s a good supporting actor who should get more roles.

Blow Breeze will start airing in August following All’s Well With a Happy Home.

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7 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mary

    Oh, I’ve been wondering where I saw that guy Han Joo-wan. Turns out he’s in the screenshots of King’s Family I stalked recently because of Gap-soon. 😀

    Sohn Ho-joon’s character already makes me 😞. That part about not having enough clothes to fit in at work…

  2. pogo

    I think family dramas may be where he’s best – I found him terrifically bland in Joseon Gunman.

  3. Hwari

    SHJ character like An Dan Tae back ground story. Just like any secret birth future heir.

    HJW looks different with that hairstyle. Which picture is that from. I think he suitable for family drama too. Some actors are just suitable for one genre and they better keep doing that. Like Ha Suk Jin.

  4. Dakchigo

    Why is it that Sohn Ho-joon, Han Joo-wan and Song Jae-rim get full articles, but Park Han-byul and Lee Hana are relegated to briefs? O_o

  5. gureum

    SHJ as a kind-hearted poor guy with bad fashion…sounds kind of like real-life SHJ LOL

  6. Bùi Quốc Khánh

    Now his drama will fight against ‘Our Gab Soon’ which script written by Moon Young Nam, who wrote script of “Wang’s Family”.

  7. Bùi Quốc Khánh

    A competition between SBS and MBC. Yesterday, Lee Wan also confrimed will join SBS weekend drama ‘Our Gab Soon’.

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