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Thriller flick Trick tells you not to believe everything on reality TV
by | July 11, 2016 | 32 Comments

Have you ever wanted to go behind the scenes of your favorite reality shows to see whether they were actually real or not? The upcoming dramatic thriller film Trick has flown largely under the radar for a lot of us in the international audience, but it has an interesting premise that gives us a glimpse at an insider perspective on the Korean entertainment industry. 

Lee Jung-Jin (Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-ki) plays documentary PD Suk-jin, who shot to fame for being the whistleblower who exposed a huge sanitation scandal in the junk food industry. Alas, the evidence proved to be false, and the scandal was revealed to be a shameless publicity stunt. Thus, PD Suk-jin’s reputation tanks, and he is fired from his job.

The main story in Trick starts a couple years later when Suk-jin gets a new position as a PD in the cultural arts division of a broadcasting station. He’s given the job of shooting the documentary reality show of a terminally ill man and his wife. Kim Tae-hoon (Dear My Friends) plays Do-joon, the dying man, and Kang Ye-won (Baek-hee Has Returned) plays Young-ae, his wife.

Surprisingly, this moving documentary series captures the interest of the entire Korean domestic audience. The nation stays riveted to their living room couches to catch the emotionally satisfying moments of this couple’s journey. After three years of being in the spotlight, however, Do-joon can no longer endure the rigors of filming. His body has started to slowly fail, and his psyche has also begun to reveal signs of cracking and sinking into depression due to his terminal condition. He tells Suk-jin and Young-ae that he does not want to continue the TV show. 

At this, PD Suk-jin flips out. His career barely recovered due to this windfall, and now Do-joon wants to take it away from him. The CEO of his network has just promised him a big promotion if he raises ratings above 35%, but Do-joon doesn’t want to film. Any sense of morality and ethics seems to leave him, as he goes to extremes to make his final episode the most shocking and sensationalistic ever.

Young-ae is caught in the middle as she tries to care for her husband, but at the same time is tempted by the money. In a foreboding moment in the preview, an unsuspecting Do-joon says, “The living must go on living, even after the dying die.” What will happen to this couple because of this greedy PD’s craze for ratings?
Trick will be in theaters July 13.

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32 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Panini613

    Wow…I sorta recognize the actors and the premise is quite interesting. That PD is quite scary and it reminds me of Quiz Show with Sakurai Sho. Guess this is a movie to look out for!

    • 1.1 fugitive

      Lee Jung Jin, this guy was that guy that burned my screen with his bad ass attitude in Fugitive Plan B, the very moment he came into the scene. i forgot all about him after that and maybe he was working in some movie or some kdrama I’m not watching then I saw this guy in Ms. temper, as one of the ex husbands so i look him up. previous works – fugutuve plan b, whaat? old pictures showed up on search… damn! what happened to your face, but you were handsome oppa?! why???

  2. mysterious

    I adore Kim Tae-hoon. Whether he is playing a good guy or a bad guy, he is always great. 😀

    • 2.1 Sivibi

      Same here! I love Kim Tae Hoon as well.

  3. mysterious

    It’s funny how I originally became interested in Kim Tae-hoon because i mistook him for his brother Kim Tae-woo. When I learned they were brothers, both actors, I became interested in both. Now i enjoy the projects of both brothers, and I can finally tell them apart. Hehe.

    • 3.1 Fab

      They’re brothers?? That explains….! For longer than I dare to admit I thought the husband from God’s Gift and the villain from Angry Mom were the same person. But after seeing Kim Tae-hoon in My Happy Ending I realised they couldn’t be because they didn’t look that much alike. Of course the more logical explanation is that they are related. Lol

    • 3.2 Arhazivory

      lol…exact same thing happened to me initially. I love them both too.

    • 3.3 Catz

      Whoahhhh what they’re brothers??!!!

      Acting must be in their genes, they’re good.

  4. The other Kiara


    This has a very green director and no big or popular film star in it. Storm Pictures is pretty much unknown.

    Here is Cheering for the little guys! Hope it’ll do well in the box-office.

    • 4.1 Peeps

      Isn’t Storm Pictures the one producing the Korean version of The Good Wife?

      They’re doing a pretty awesome good job there.

      • 4.1.1 The other Kiara

        I believe Studio Dragon is producing the Korean Good Wife.
        I’m happy that DB is going to recap it.

        • Peeps

          Ah, you’re right.

          How’d you know that DB’s going to cover The Good Wife though?

          • mary

            She consulted Bo-nui’s shaman.

            (Also at the bottom of the site in desktop view, there’s a Recapped Series section and The Good Wife is there.)

          • Peeps

            LOL, thanks for directing my attention there. It looks like the in progress recap box is getting longer.

            The Good Wife is (going to be) supremely difficult to recap though. I wonder who’s going to take it up. Good luck to that person, heh. He’ll/She’ll need it in spades.

          • The other Kiara

            Mary <3


            Maybe it won't be as difficult if they are familiar with the US version.

          • Peeps

            Even then, it’s still not your normal drama. I said that because I was speaking from experience. One episode was all it took for me to go *glug* *glug* “save me!”

            Each episode, or the first episode at least, is jam packed with information and there’s always more than what is said. That first recap is going to be a total monster and I give mad respect to whoever takes it up, assuming he/she does it the video episode itself justice, of course.

  5. mary

    When I heard Tae-hoon is a lead in a movie, I thought “oh yay, time for him to shine” but turns out his character is tragic again.


    Now I know why they cast him as lead.

    • 5.1 Poliwag, Taehoon fan

      You’ll never let me live this down won’t you

      • 5.1.1 mary

        Sometimes we hurt the ones we love most.

        • Peeps

          In dramaland, that’s a rule.

        • Poliwag, Taehoon fan

          Until I’m as dead as his character choices it seems

  6. Flightey Gazelles

    Wow,quite a captivating and intense,even,premise. Its actualy got me itching to watch the movie (Pipe dream to be fulfilled in the next 3 years).
    Also,the heading of this post is a total tongue twister as I thought it was the title of the film. Try saying ‘Thriller Flick Trick’ super fast,five times.

  7. Miky

    Woa,going to watch this,the cast is great

  8. saranga

    i wonder if you guys would consider creating a “movies” tag for posts about korean movies? if there isn’t one already? i read about so many here on db that i want to remember to see, but i usually end up forgetting. it’s so much harder to keep up with korean movies as opposed to dramas. it would be nice if i could click on a tag and get a whole slew of movie-related posts that i could refer back to…

    only a suggestion 🙂

    • 8.1 The other Kiara

      Chungmuro News = Korean movie news. Chungmuro is Korea’s Hollywood.

      • 8.1.1 saranga

        thank you! noticed for the first time that each post is under a specific category 🙂

    • 8.2 Dopefish

      Like the other Kiara said, on the right side of the website, under “Categories,” there is a section called “Chungmuro News” which will give you all the posts about Korean movies.

      Dramabeans also has a list of movie reviews. To read those, go to the top of the website, select “Recaps” and select “Variety, Movies, Reviews” and scroll to the bottom to get the list of movie reviews. refresh_daemon, HeadsNo2, and a couple of other writers used to write movie reviews regularly but it’s been over a year since the last review.

      Here is a link to read the movie reviews.

      • 8.2.1 The other Kiara

        I miss refresh_daemon’s movie reviews. I hope he’ll be back and do more.

      • 8.2.2 saranga

        @the other kiara and @dopefish- thank you! 🙂

        i never noticed that each post was filed under its own category section. i only ever saw the tags at the end of each post, and i’d thought so often it would be nice if there were “dramas” and “movies” tags if i wanted to go back and sift through older news. especially for movies. every once in awhile i make a list of k-movies that were released awhile ago and see if i can’t hunt them up online.

  9. Nanda

    I don’t remember seeing Kim Tae Hoon in Dear My Friends. Anyone remembers him in it? I remember him in One More Happy Ending though.

  10. 10 Poliwag, Taehoon fan


    I’m reading all the comments and I’m like ‘yas’ because I love him so much. They were having a lot of fun in the trio’s (probably first) V Live podcast! I don’t think they expected so much attention from the audience but here we are.

    Love Taehoon please he needs it ♥

  11. 11 Azka

    I keep checking on the tag, questioning why this is not tagged with Jung Kyung Ho and just realized that i mistake Kim Tae Hoon as Jung Kyung Ho……..
    Oh well silly me 😂

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