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Oh Yeon-seo to be the new Seol for Cheese in the Trap movie
by | August 29, 2016 | 126 Comments

Is Oh Yeon-seo going to be our new remake queen? Because shortly after being cast to play the new sassy girl in the drama remake of the Hallyu classic My Sassy Girl, she’s also been selected to headline the movie remake of Cheese in the Trap. It’s been confirmed that she will play the character Hong Seol in the movie reboot of the wildly popular webtoon that was also a wildly popular tvN drama, at least until that ending went off the rails. (It was so good… until then it wasn’t. I’m going to be bitter about that for a while.)

Or maybe we can call her the Audition Killer, because this would be the second time her casting would supersede a project’s plans to find its heroine through open auditions. My Sassy Girl famously opened up auditions to hundreds of hopefuls, publicly announced its finalists, named a winner, and then lost (dropped?) her in favor of Oh Yeon-seo. In Cheese’s case, it was announced earlier this summer that the role of Hong Seol would be opened up to auditions in both Korea and China; the producers screened 500 applications in the first round, but didn’t find anyone suitable for the role.

But perhaps it wasn’t necessary to look far and wide, when Oh Yeon-seo was always right there in the mix whenever fans would fantasy-cast the project (another popular choice was Chun Woo-hee, who I agree seemed perfect). Even before being offered this role, Oh had been asked about her thoughts on being named a good choice for Seol by fans, and she had replied that it was probably due to the physical resemblance between her and the webtoon character. “Hong Seol is a complicated and delicate character,” she’d said. “So I think it would be difficult to portray her. Though I’d be grateful if I were asked to do it.”

Oh Yeon-seo has quite a different vibe from Kim Go-eun, who played Seol in the drama series, and quite well at that; Kim nailed the nuanced, sensitive, slightly neurotic character and gave her a lovely depth. Oh Yeon-seo has been turning in charismatic performances in recent projects such as Jang Bori Is Here, where she played the titular role, and Come Back, Ajusshi, where she put hilarious, heartfelt commitment into her portrayal of a middle-aged former gangster trapped in the body of a beautiful young woman. I think of Oh’s energy as more boisterous than Seol, who’s subdued and introspective, but I agree she physically looks like the character; I’m very curious to see what she’ll do with it, how it will differ from Kim Go-eun’s portrayal, and whether I’ll like it as much.

The movie is aiming to be a faithful adaptation of the webtoon, which tells the story of an ordinary university student (Seol), the sunbae who’s nice on the surface but betrays hints of darkness underneath, and the romance that develops between them, which is both sweet and a little bit sinister. The project secured the drama’s lead, Park Hae-jin, early on to reprise his role as the mysterious sunbae and boyfriend Yoo Jung. The project is also working with the original creator of the series, Soonkki, and all this talk of faithfulness makes me think the movie is very pointedly taking a different path from the drama series, which started out pretty faithful but ended up losing focus on the central storyline.

The producers are currently reaching out to potential actors for the role of Baek In-ho, the hero’s old friend turned rival, played by Seo Kang-joon in the drama. The first draft of the screenplay has been completed, and revisions are currently underway; the production is also in the process of selecting a director for the project, with plans to have everybody onboard by mid-September. The film plans to begin filming in late February 2017.

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126 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Tweetiebird

    So much pressure on her. I am eternally grateful I was too busy to finish the drama as it was airing so I never saw the disaster that the dramas last episodes appear to have been I thoroughly enjoyed the drummer in the beginning so that Mas was really disappointed I am hoping good things for the movie but I can’t help think that a movie won’t cover all the story in the depth that it deserves really have high hopes for this

    • 1.1 swetu

      What happened at the end of that drama is a classic case of too much of a good thing. At the beginning, people were praising the second lead, calling it his break out role, and then some powers that be, behind the scene, got carried away and decided, he should become the bigger star. Which is fine, except cutting out your original lead, especially from a pre-filmed drama, will rub many people the wrong way.

      Some poor choice of words in interviews by all involved made things worse, because it made Seo Kang-Joon, look like a manipulator, who was willing to push another down in other to rise. Go-Eun who was finally getting accolades from netizens, then inserted herself into the drama, and got tarred with the same brush. And some are angry at Park Hae-Jin for speaking out.

      And let’s not forget the director, who lost her reputation, and was portrayed as a crazy, fangirl, who lost her professionalism, in order to promote the second lead, she may 0r may not have had a crush on.

      All in all, the BTS drama towards the end, rubbed the drama of a good ending, and derailed the drama majorly, so that when people think of the show now, that is all they remember from it.

      • 1.1.1 bluefloppyhat

        Literally the only person to emerge from that drama unscathed was Lee Sung-kyung.

        (fingers crossed now, may she rise)

      • 1.1.2 CatoCat

        In the end all the drama was “Why my Oppa isn’t getting much screentime.”

        If it is messed up then it is from the start. If it isn’t then it isn’t till the end.

        The ending served the purpose and I found all the main actors quite misfit in their roles. Rather than calling it an adaptation it should have be called an Original show.

        • pogo

          If it is messed up then it is from the start. If it isn’t then it isn’t till the end.

          Not really, I mean the first half of Cheese vs the last 4 episodes or so felt almost like two different dramas – one great and unconventional and the other packed with kdrama tropes.

          I don’t think people would be as mad if it had sucked from the start, we’d have felt less cheated and known to get out early.

          • sorrynotsorry

            “I don’t think people would be as mad if it had sucked from the start”. Yes, don’t get my heart invested in an awesome drama and then screw me over. Ugh. It was unique and fresh …and then it wasn’t. I will always wonder if it was 100 pre-produced, if it would have gone down the same path because half of it was done before it aired so I am gonna put a lot of this on the director, who apparently has pulled similar stuff on other dramas.

          • CatoCat

            I didn’t find it unique/fresh/awesome/ and it used many of the usual kdrama tropes. People just overhyped it. All of it is subjective. Webtoon also becomes quite repetitive after 1st 2 seasons.

            Everything isn’t director+writer’s fault. I think netizens immaturity created bigger mess than actually it was.

          • pogo

            @CatoCat – those tropes and cliches were at work in the second half, which is the part most people hate.

            The first half actually did something relatively fresh for kdramas by having a heroine-centric story – something that went completely out the window with the introduction of gangsters, fake-blood-spilling car accidents, piano playing etc. I really wasn’t into the way a story centred on a female lead sidelined her (and everyone else) in favour of some walking cliche manpain.

        • pigsnout

          Cato Cat – the problem was not only about the amount of PHJ screentime but how the piano taking over all the screentime of the other characters. Not only Jung but Bora, Eun Taek, Seol, everyone. Even though Seol is supposed to be the main character.

          See the comments from 6 months back, lots of people talk about how Seol’s screen time was also cut to show more piano and how unfair it is for Kim Go Eun. Not just here but also on nb,kkuljaem and others.

          • CatoCat

            I know all of that and that’s why this show is in my bad shows list. Months ago i mentioned that other characters suffered some damage too but all the concentration was on how “Our Oppa’s” scenes have been cut and all mayhem around it.

            @pogo All those cliche events are available in webtoon itself. Sigh. Almost Every Kdrama supposedly is heroine-centered nowadays and then Macho Hero takes over everything.

            There was a lot wrong with the drama but taking frustration on last 4 episodes is just ignoring the problems associated with all other things.

          • pigsnout

            But you said if it’s good, it can only be good all the way and if it’s bad, it can only be bad all the way. While others say it was good at first even with problems and then went bad. Many dramas, movies and even books can be like that, they start off good and then get bad.

          • CatoCat

            That comment i specifically made for this show. Why it is in my bad drams list is way different from Why others find it bad. Judging a whole based on last 4 episodes and even ignoring the end is a bit too much.

            As i said earlier Problems started from 1st episode itself. Inbuilt cliches and all.

          • pogo

            There weren’t any

            a) gangsters
            b) last-minute piano competitions being played on an injured hand because reasons
            c) suddenly homicidal second female leads
            d) Excessive scenes of the heroine being reduced to nothing but someone’s crush object
            e) OTT scenes at parties
            f) Chaebol parents trying to get couples to break up
            g) eleventh-hour car accidents feat. Fake Blood (Bright Pink)

            in the first half of the drama, so I’m afraid I have to respectfully disagree with the notion that all the problems that plagued the second half of the drama were present in episode 1, and therefore there are no valid criticisms of what it later became/the criticism is to blame for the mess. There are plenty of reasons to dislike the drama’s later half, and not all of them have to do with Park Hae-jin’s screentime.

      • 1.1.3 L.D

        Did Seo Kang Joon ever do anything that made him look manipulative and sly? I only remembered him being quiet about it and just keep acting out the extra scenes.

        • Chiisan

          Honestly I didn’t think he did anything of that sort but the Cheese PD was so unprofessional, her favoritism put him in a very, very bad spot. If the genders were switched and a male PD favors a second lead actress so much he changed the drama ending, people would immediately suspect quid pro quo sexual favors.

          • Flightey Gazelles

            I feel so bad for him, but he’ll be fine. At least I have entourage to look forward to. Wishing Park Hae Jin the best!!

        • mae_ash

          It’s about his saying he never read the webtoon and just change the character to fit himself. He even said he ask the PD if he can change the script because he doesn’t feel like saying his lines the way the scriptwriter wrote it. The PD told him to say and do whatever he wants so he changes his lines. People are mad that he even dared to change BIH when he did not even read the webtoon to know who Inho really is.

          He acted himself and who he wanted the character to be and NOT Baek In Ho. Which is why webtoon fans are mad and why Soonki have made it clear that she only wanted PHJ to reprise his role back and no one else.

          • L.D

            I mean that sounds like a personal choice in character interpretation because even though I liked Kim Go Eun and Lee Sung Kyung’s interpretation of their characters I didn’t found them faithful to the webtoon either. Which doesn’t autoatically means that it’s bad just different.

      • 1.1.4 Lee

        I didn’t know the second lead was also the PD of the show. He’s sure a talented young man.

        • Lee

          Hope the smell of sarcasm was strong enough.

  2. wapz

    Isn’t it better to adapt a webtoon that has already finished? Atleast you have the entire source material. Though for the actor’s sake, I hope it does well.

    • 2.1 JesO

      Agreed. This is almost guarantied to have an open ending.
      Does anyone know is the characters are still playing college students?

    • 2.2 junny

      It’s not so bad if you (general you) have the writer on board to ensure the direction is right, and that you leave it as an open ending of sorts. That was what happened with Nodame Cantabile – the Japanese drama covered the first 9 volumes of the manga, and subsequent SPs and films further expanded on the story. So it is doable if nobody takes it into his or her head to write in their own ending.

    • 2.3 Lola

      Well finished and you don’t have the webtoon author demanding it be both faithful to the original and have a different than the intended but not yet written webtoon ending. I’m hoping that Soonki’s involvement will mean that this is bringing her vision to light. I loved the start of the series (so much. oh so much) and the end was an endless disappointment. It genuinely felt like the producers hated Jung’s character.

      • 2.3.1 Sam

        There’s valid reasons to hate Jung’a character.

        • JesO

          Yes, if you take the drama version of him. He was never fleshed out in the drama. I kept waiting to fully understand his motivations, but they were never explored. Everything was just blamed on him at end of the drama with no further insight into his psyche. I thought they were setting the drama up to explain this, but no. That’s what was dissapointing to me.

          P.S I don’t have any bias for or against any of the actors and thought they all did a really good job.

    • 2.4 anon2001

      Don’t think so. You may avoid the open ending, but it would mean leaving out a lot of the essential plot development in the middle so that you reach the ending.

      Remember, webtoons are pretty long stories with many characters and arcs. Focusing on doing one arc faithfully (and arcs normally have some sort of closure at the end) would be better than trying to condense the whole webtoon into a 2hr movie.

      I think most webtoons that have run long enough to gain a large fanbase would have too much content for even a 16 episode drama.

  3. FrayedLines

    Good casting choice but this project seems pointless so soon after the series. I also think PHJ looks too old to play Yoo Jung. I don’t care that he looks kinda similar to the webtoon, especially when the character was about 10 years younger.

    • 3.1 Alexandra

      Agree, excellent choice and I’m thrilled! She’s nabbing phenomenal complicated roles. They’re acknowledging they can depend on her acting chops when others may past because it’s not just a pretty face role. Beyond the pressure her character picks are difficult. She’s a proven entity from Jang BoRi-MHGAF-Please Come Back Mister- Shine Or Go Crazy-etc. Luv Oh Yeon Seo.

      • 3.1.1 Barbrey

        Oh wow, was she the actress in Shine or Go Crazy? I don’t follow actors so I didn’t realize, but I remember thinking what a fantastic job the actress did in that role. I didn’t think I’d like anyone other than KGE but this makes me rethink. I also think PHJ was pushing it with the age thing, Frayed Lines, so let’s hope another year doesn’t make it worse. It’s not just his age in years, either, he just hasn’t got a youthful feel to me.

        I will definitely watch it once it’s subbed, but with very low expectations so that I am pleasantly surprised. I’ve been following along with the webtoon, and all indications are good that we’re getting a decent ending.

        • Alexandra

          Yep…OYS slays practically every role she accepts and she was on point in Shine or Go Crazy. Jang Hyuk and her chemistry was palpable and she was his match talent wise.

  4. redfox

    um, she is a bit… her energy is so different.

    • 4.1 pogo

      Well, she looks like the webtoon anyway, that’s a start. But I preferred Kim Go-eun’s vibe.

    • 4.2 news

      I’m not feeling this either.

      • 4.2.1 leila

        yeah definitely preferred kim go eun’s vibe..

  5. YY

    I can’t, can’t see anyone but KGE as Seol.

    • 5.1 news

      Just like I can’t see anyone but Jun Ji-hyun as the Sassy Girl.

      • 5.1.1 pogo

        I still wonder what the drama producers were on, with that one.

      • 5.1.2 crayon

        I personally think Oh Yeon Seo would be perfect for the role. If the decided for a remake, I can’t see anyone else who could do it.

    • 5.2 pogo

      Yeah, me neither.

      I’m also wondering where on earth they’ll find an actress who nailed Baek In-ha as perfectly as Lee Sung-kyung did – that strut and her air of absolute self-confidence are not traits commonly seen in Korean actresses, especially young ones.

      • 5.2.1 mary

        Ryu Hwa-young?

        • Chandler

          Oh. She could definitely nail it. And personally? I think she could do it better, although that all comes down to my personal preference. The question is…would I want to see her in that role after the awesome Kang Yina?

          • pogo

            I think she’d be great, though I have a really hard time imagining how even she could beat Lee Sung-kyung’s line deliveries.

            I can see her having a different take on In-ha, but still an accurate one.

          • mary

            I haven’t read the toon, but basing on the drama alone, I think Oh Yeon-seo has the same “crazy energy” as Baek In-ha. So it’s funny that she’s being cast as Seol. XD

        • pogo

          ooooh YES.

          If I couldn’t have Lee Sung-kyung, she’d make a great alternative.

    • 5.3 Zoe


      The only reason Hong Seol is one of my favorite female drama leads is because of Kim Go Eun. The adaptation might be more faithful, but there’s no way it’s going to endear to me as much.

    • 5.4 Maeash

      Kim Go Eun was never Seol to me. She was so different from the webtoon. I think OYS will do way better.

  6. Kdramafanatic

    I would actually want the same cast in the movie,they all acted perfectly as per their roles.though the drama had an open ending,I think it was still a good drama speaking from a viewpoint of a person who hasn’t read the webtoon.

    • 6.1 Flightey Gazelles

      Me too man, ME TOO!!! I want the original cast!! *throws tantrum*

    • 6.2 Maeash

      It’s Soonki’s decision. She said she only wanted PHJ back and no one else because she believe he is the perfect Jung while she wanted to find the other perfect cast. I mean she is the creator of CITT. She created this characters so she should knows more than anyone else who will be a perfect fit to the character SHE CREATED!!!

  7. pogo

    I hope this turns out all right.

    I can’t be mad at Park Hae-jin for wanting a redo, even if it sucks that Kim Go-eun is now getting hate (she really should have known better than to make those comments in the face of the ongoing controversy, but I’m still tired of people trying to retroactively smear her acting).

    • 7.1 news

      I completely missed it. What comments did KGE make? Was it that bad?

      • 7.1.1 pogo

        The controversy had gone on for a while but she herself wasn’t attracting any negativity at all until she said something in an interview or her fan cafe, about how it was too bad that some actors were controversial.

        People (understandably) interpreted that as her blaming Park Hae-jin for the mess, when in actual fact he only spoke up after things reached boiling point. But it’s a real shame because thanks to that, people are now denying just how good her performance as Seol was.

        I wish she’d done as Lee Sung-kyung did and stayed quiet rather than risk getting on the wrong side of netizen hate for something as trivial as this.

        • news

          Ohhh..yeah, that’s not good. Aw, now I’m disappointed she said that, especially when all the actors were victims of the internal politics that was going on.

    • 7.2 inxomnia

      Yeah, I don’t know how I feel about the movie remake. I kind of wish everyone will let it go. I felt bad for PHJ during the “fiasco” (if you will) but it also feels unnecessary to have this movie remake and rub it in the faces of the drama’s cast (especially if they’re all being replaced) since it wasn’t really the cast’s fault but mostly the production team’s. Not to mention, I think SKJ was also a victim in this, since he got so much backlash as well… And in terms of production value, I felt like the supporting casts did a good job as well, so having a movie remake seems to negate everyone’s efforts in the drama.

      • 7.2.1 pogo

        Honestly, it’s not hard to see why they want to make this – Soonkki was treated very poorly by the production team, as was PHJ, so a do-over in a different format is probably the closest they can get to telling the story they want to tell.

        I have mixed feelings about it myself because the drama ended up being so horribly executed, but I do hope it turns out well even if the 2-hour format is a squeeze.

  8. waniwani

    So bizarre to have actors casted before the director is brought on board. Can’t wait to see who’s willing to take on Baek In Ho’s role

    • 8.1 mae_ash

      It’s better to be careful. They are probably carefully choosing the PD now who won’t screw this over. I think they wanted to form the main cast first then pick a PD that all the cast like. So there will be no issue.

  9. ET

    I can’t imagine the pressure on the actor who will be cast to play Baek In Ho. Will people transfer their ‘hate’ for Seo Kang Joon to the poor chap?

    Honestly, I would prefer Park Hae Jin not to do this at all. I don’t know why but the whole thing is just weird.

    Back to Oh Yeon Seo, I can see her as a good fit for My Sassy Girl or whatever we want to call that drama. She does look a lot like webtoon Seol but somehow I just can’t see her as the character. She was very good in Come back Ahjussi so maybe she will work some magic and astound me.

    • 9.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      A bit bitter, but I guess whoever casted as Baek In Ho will be fine, as long as it is not Seo Kang Joon. The pressures probably on the actress playing Hong Seol.

  10. 10 saranga

    i’m really interested to see how the film turns out. i’ll definitely be watching it. i’ve never read the webtoon, so i’m not sure just how the drama deviated from the original (apart from shifting the focus away from jung and more towards in-ho).

    i really liked seo kang-joon as in-ho, but i guess he’ll never be cast for the film version. i personally don’t know of any reason to hate him for the direction the drama took. it’s not like he’s an A-list star. just how much influence could he have had in the way things turned out? and as far as i know, he’s been silent throughout the whole thing.

    in general, i wish public figures (actors and singers specially) would realize that it’s probably best to keep silent as much as possible. personally i find that rarely do they improve their images by opening their mouths, and i can’t see them or listen to their songs the same way anymore afterwards. at least stay off SNS.

  11. 11 mystique

    It’s difficult to let go of Kim Go Eun as Seol. Although she didnt look the webtoon Seol and made people skeptical initially, she eventually won hearts with her take on seol which is commendable cause she brought something new. Irrespective of her controversy that performance and sincerity towards the character will stay and it’s a fact.

    Although i m looking forward to the movie for Park Hae Jin reprising his role as Jung and to see a better arc for Jung as a character, my heart sinks when i think of Seol being played by someone else.

    Despite it’s infamous ending, this show remains one of my favorites thanks to it’s first 12 episodes. It was difficult but i sort of did accept the ending. So i’d like the movie to fill in the gaps. I ve not seen oh Yeon seo before but i wish her the best and may she do wonders with Seol

  12. 12 hjw

    Kim Go-eun as Seol was the only redeemable thing about the Cheese live adaptation.

    In any case, the tsunami of remakes which is upon us is slowly destroying the movie industry.

    • 12.1 The other Kiara

      Kim Go-eun was the best thing in that drama for me. I’m glad she is done with it so I don’t have to watch it.

      • 12.1.1 pogo

        She was on my Seol wishlist before we even got the news of them offering her the role.

        It’s a shame she doesn’t get the credit she deserves, because she absolutely made that character in the live adaptation.

  13. 13 vkook

    Oh Yeon-seo tends to overact a bit sometimes… I like her, and I feel like her appearance matches Seol, but her acting style isn’t. Kim Go-eun nailed it with subtlety in her acting. Well, for the sake of the webtoon finally getting a proper adaptation, i hope she will do good.

    By the way, the other day i posted a comment on kkuljaem about how it is ridiculous that people still hate Kim Go-eun after the CitT drama. Like, now people blame her for ruining the drama, say that she doesn’t suited the Seol character, and that she’s just a bad actress overall. I’d say people who said she’s a bad actress must have not seen her other projects… Then someone replied to me as if i’m just a delusioned fan, saying KGE did terrible in her other movies and only decent in Eungyo and Coin Locker Girl. I was baffled. Am i really delulu or people now have set a high standard for acting? I’m not even a KGE fan. lol. Sorry for ranting here.

    • 13.1 The other Kiara

      Kim Go-eun is a movie actress. If you want honest opinions by people who actually watches her movies then find a site dedicated to films.

      I don’t bother with internet noises made by middle school kids in celebrity gossip blogs.

      • 13.1.1 pogo

        Consider this co-signed.

      • 13.1.2 Flightey Gazelles

        ++++ I concur!!

    • 13.2 Blue

      Don’t you think that person is entitled to their own opinion? Not everyone who criticizes her acting in her other roles is a mindless hater. Different people have different standards for acting. Even critics can have differing opinions on the same performance. More so it is perfectly possible to like an actress in certain roles and dislike her in others.

      • 13.2.1 pigsnout

        But what about when people praise someone’s acting in a completed role and then one month later turn around and say that that same acting performance they praised so much, is bad because the actor said something in that time?

        That’s not only opinion, that’s bias, no?

        • Blue

          I think we are talking about different things. I am not talking about her performance in Cheese. I am talking about the person who liked her in the drama, then went on and watched all her movies and ended up liking her in two of them, but disliking her in the other two. It’s the conversation on kkuljaem vkook was talking about (I read that too). I don’t see anything wrong with that.

          As for my opinion on all the people who praised her in the drama and then made an 180 and are now denying she was any good, that should be obvious.

    • 13.3 leila

      yeah so true! KGE nailed it with her subletey for sure

    • 13.4 Tieu Han

      I maybe the person that you speak of. What is wrong with my opinion? I watched all of her movie way before the fiasco broken out. And that is my opinion.
      Eungo: good job
      Coin Locker: decent to fine
      Monster: not bad but some part she overacting make it uncomfortable to watch, some part she being too cute not insync with the overall tone of that movie. Totally overshadow by her co-star.
      Memories of sword and the advocate: terrible.
      Some of you guy only know her from citt, may be eugo and coin locker. She got that parts right, but doesn’t meant she good in every role and everybody who do as much as criticized her acting are hater.
      I sense that she could pull off those young, model girl kind of role . More than that then she fail miserably.
      And i read the webtoon, so i don’t think her performance of her is the “best”, the “only” Hong Seol, it just the first portray of Hong Seol that you’ve seen.
      I don’t, so i want a less likeable, more dimesion, more sassy, more agressive version of Hong Seol, the one who i fell in love with in the webtoon. Not the typical good girl next door that the drama delivered.
      Talking about the movie, of course there won’t be like the one who KGE play. PHJ had said himself that they would like to make it as close with the webtoon as possible.

  14. 14 minah

    They should call the movie “Cheese in the Trap – 10 years on…” The two leads are TOO OLD. Would’t it be cringe to see them pull off university? Arghhh I’m staying away for sure.

    • 14.1 Flightey Gazelles

      Whenever I see comments about the leads being too old, I get kind of disheartened. From where I come from, education (especially university) is not something that’s easy to get. You hear of stories about people who finished high school and spent the next 7 years or more seeking admission into college. The competition is no joke. So many people pay bribes of huge sums of money and still find it difficult to get into. Am in college now and although I’m young myself, I haven’t so many coursemates and classmates who are 10 years older than I am, some are married with children and some have kids my age and older. As a matter of fact, my mother is currently studying for her college degree( she’s almost over ) though she does have a diploma. So its not like am trying to say that those comments are wrong but it makes me sad that if people Park Hae Jin’s age and co , are considered too old to the extent of stretching belief, for college, then I wonder just how those people I see everyday must feel. Always being surrounded by all these young people,fresh outta high school with sharp brains, better learning aptitude and easier circumstance ( no baggage, responsibility like family to feed e.t.c). Not trying to make you feel bad, its just sad cause I see hard these people are struggling. I also feel bad for my country’s education system, utterly corrupt and discouraging.

      • 14.1.1 Flightey Gazelles

        Oh typo! I meant ” I have many coursemates and classmates “

      • 14.1.2 Moose

        Nobody is ever too old to learn or go back to school.

        However, this is about an adaptation of a webtoon where physical characteristics have already been established.

        The protagonists are kinda goofy around each other being first loves/there’s a first kiss etc – behaviour you cant buy into if the actor looks and feels older than 30.

        I am not korean but loved misaeng and was even more awed with the special when the director explained why he chose some actors not only based on talent but in looks

        • Minah

          Thank you. This was my point from the beginning. The characters in the book are in their late teens early twenties. Its so punishing to watch these actors who have already done a history of grown up roles trying to don a uniform again to tell a story that frankly a lot of people don’t care for to repeat again. There’s no point to be proven. PHJ should have just let it go, put up a kickass performance in his next production and that would have been enough to silence those whom in his opinion did injustice to him. This all feels very childish at this point esp the part of his company producing it. I can’t help to sing that famous Disney song…

  15. 15 Peach

    I just want to be free of this drama.

    Let it go PHJ, let it go…

  16. 16 pigsnout

    I like her and her face is like Seol, but she doesn’t feel like Seol?

  17. 17 Blue

    Webtoon fans’ got their wish, I hope it works out. I am always open to seeing another interpretation of a character. *shamelessly watched all 3 versions of You’re Beautiful just to see how the J and TW actors acted the parts*

  18. 18 nhyn

    I think people forget that there are quite a few moments of comedy in the webtoon, and OYS will pull those off very well. I love her and while I agree that her energy is different from KGE (who was so good as Seul), as long as there’s a good director (PRAYER CIRCLE!!!), OYS should have no problem playing Seul. I also like that age-wise, there’s less of a gap between her and PHJ. Maybe they’ll move the story to a company setting or something lol

  19. 19 Amell

    I don’t really see the point of a movie version but I was pretty burned by the drama, I’m not even reading the webtoon any more, so good luck to them I guess.

    I’m a little worried that the movie will try to make it up to PHJ by making it his story while in the webtoon it only really works as Seol’s.

  20. 20 Curious1

    For this case, we can talk about the casting all we want but would never feel satisfied because the nightmare of the tv drama is still very fresh. If the movie is made a few more years down the road, people would be less sensitive on who gets the part. I dunno why a show filled with bad memories (both on-air and behind the scenes) is getting a remake. It’s like the production is actively looking for trouble.

    Curious though if her recent controversial castings would impact Oh Yeon-seo’s image. “Casting Killer” is a nicer term for “Role Stealer”.

    • 20.1 junny

      Did she have more controversy re casting? I only know of the Sassy Girl mess.

    • 20.2 ET

      She didn’t do anything wrong so it would be terrible if she gets labelled with these horrid names. I am curious to see if she can pull off both My Sassy Girl and CITT movie. Then all the naysayers will have to eat their words.

  21. 21 L.D

    I can’t imagine Oh Yeon Seo’s overacting style to match with the character of Seol. I think Kim Go Eun’s subtlety in approaching the role was more fitting. Even though I gotta admit that she looks visually perfect for the role.

    And whoever will be cast for Baek Inho is gonna have an interesting position. Will the hate for Seo Kang Joon transfer with the role or are people generally fed up with the piano?

    • 21.1 gala

      She’s had subtle roles in her early career, like in H.I.T. Of course people only think of her popular dramas, but don’t forget that she’s been in the industry for a long time. She’s had diverse roles.

  22. 22 leila

    but oh yeon seo is old…i know PHJ is old too, but KGE kinda balanced it out (lol). i know its only like a 4 year difference between KGE and OYS but since OYS has acted in more mature, “older” roles before, its hard to see her as a college student…

    just my opinion. shrugs* lol

  23. 23 Sera The Ms Temper

    I love KGE as Hong Seol but I love OYS too
    .And I will love to see OYS to be paired with PHJ but cannot it be another project? sigh.

    But I cannot deny I’m quite curious to see how this movie will turn out later. For the sake of PHJ, I hope he won’t disappointed twice for the same thing. Sincerely I hope TV station / production house learnt something from this. Not all actors will blindly follow whatever you decided, especially in the case like this the webtoon adaptation who have tons of followers. Don’t ever again underestimate actors and fans too.

  24. 24 TJ

    Ah well. We’ll see how this turns out. Some things just aren’t worth bothering to do over.

  25. 25 Sweet&Sour

    Interesting, and I like this actress. I discovered her in the drama “Come Back Mister”, and I thought she played her role really well.

    However now I’m hoping that they will set this in the workplace, as opposed to university. Since she looks more mature, and so does PHJ who I want to have a good hairstyle and not the bowl hairstyle – and that will only happen if he is allowed to give a more mature vibe.

    Overall I think the casting of both the hero and heroine is good, it almost makes me wish this was another drama adaptation, just because that would give the story more time to breathe. However I hope that this movie will be good, since I am looking forward to checking it out. I still have a bad taste in my mouth because of “Cheese the drama”.

  26. 26 R

    If she’s going to be the new Seol, does it mean that she’s not going to be the new (newer?) Sassy Girl?

    I liked OYS since CBA, but I think she’s more suited for a mature role. I can’t imagine her being a university student. Also isn’t Park Hae Jin a bit too old to be a university student as well…?

    • 26.1 Kay

      One is never too old for university. There are people in their 80’s that are attending university to get their degree. I don’t know where people get their ideas that someone is too old for school.

      • 26.1.1 Sweet&Sour

        I agree with this

      • 26.1.2 Minah

        So out of the plot. Its not about going back to school. Its about the character suit of protagonists in the story. Actors fitting into the story established.

  27. 27 Burned by ciit

    I am just curious to know who will be playing Baek in ha. Kim sung kyung basically killed that role and set expectations too high for that role. Her expressions and tactics were to die for. I wonder who will be able to pull it off as perfectly as she did.
    On the other hand i think oh yeon seo can bring a little lighter shade of seol on screen. With all regards to kim go eun’s acting as i loved her version of seol, i do feel her character was portrayed as liitle serious and passive than it really was i webtoon. Maybe it was dramas interpretation of seol’s character but the real webtoon seol was kind of sassy too. I mean she used too cuss at times and did not hesitate to show middle fingers to those she didn’t like. She was also little more out spoken that the drama seol. If keep all those things in mind i think oh yeon seo is not bad of an option for seol. While kim go eun show the subtle side of the character oh yeon seo can bring the fun side of the character.
    And for Park hae jin lets just believe in hos decision. That poor guy really needs a closure for the character which gave him such immense popularity. It might be just his way of giving justice to Jung’s character.

    P.s. it’s just my opinion. I am not seeking for any hate or targeting anyone here. Peace✌

    • 27.1 Flightey Gazelles

      ” while Kim Go Eun showed the subtle side of the character, Oh Yeon Soo can show the fun side of the character”
      +++++++++ I agree.

  28. 28 Lord Cobol

    In our My Sassy Girl alternate-title stampede, someone proposed

    “Alternatively, Joo Won in the Trap. LOL.”

    Nope, it’s Oh Yeon-seo in the Trap now 🙂

    • 28.1 Flightey Gazelles

      More like Park Hae Jin in the trap.
      I sincerely hope, for his sake, that this works out well. Though I will keep on wishing that it was with the original drama cast.

  29. 29 AidaZen

    The story/premise really isn’t that good to warrant a remake on any platform ie a movie or whatever. I love Oh Yeon So, one of my top 10 kdrama actresses but no. Not for this role. Can’t really picture it.

    And what happened in Cheese and the Trap is much of what is happening in The Flower in Prison right now. Not just one but two second leads who seem more charismatic than the main lead are stealing the show. As such they are getting more and more screen time and fans love it and ship them with the female lead. It just happens. It’s disrespectful to then speculate that the director or writer has a “crush” just because she increased the fan fave’s face time to please the populace.

  30. 30 pigsnout

    no matter how many times this line about “increasing the fan fave’s face time’ gets repeated to justify the piano, it doesn’t make it true.

    I mean why would fans have got so angry if their supposed “fave” was the one getting more screen time? If he was really such a fave, people should be happy with that, but instead the viewers shit on the drama for giving him all the screen time, so maybe just better to admit that he was never the “fave” to the huge majority of viewers.

    A true example of a second lead who did steal the show is Yook Sungjae in School 2015, or IU in Producer. Compare the comments on their episodes with extra screen time to what people said about piano man’s extra screen time eps, it’s easy to see who was truly a fave.

    • 30.1 pogo

      Spot-on re: IU and Yook Sungjae, and the general trend of comments re: their performances while their dramas were airing – that is what actual show-stealing looks like.

      Ratings peaked during IU’s scenes in Producer for five consecutive episodes, while Cheese in contrast had a 20 percent fall in online ratings once the controversy over the extra screen time began. Cold hard numbers don’t lie.

      • 30.1.1 Don

        I am sure the rating dropped after some trolls voiced out their complaints. I am one of those who dropped the drama not because of Baek In Ho but because of the trolls bashing BIH.

        • AidaZen

          TROLLS. Hahahaha never has that label been more apt. Still rings true now for some. Any time anyone voices praise for Baek in ho it’s troll season. Understandably people were unhappy with the drama deviating from what they expected – while some like me were ready to just roll with it. Can’t get all the hate for Baek in ho the character and the actor who played him. I’m happy his talent got him recognition with a new drama role in the lead. He deserved it and yes, he does have fans who loved him in Cheese in the Trap and would be glad to see more of him in his new drama yay!!

    • 30.2 AidaZen

      Justify the piano? What did the piano ever do to you? LOL. Seriously, Baek in Ho isn’t the first actor to play a gifted pianist. Not all actors can pull it off and just own it. For example, Time We Were Not in Love: Yoon Gyun-Sang had his time on the piano and nobody was really feeling him as this virtuoso pianist. So. My point: Baek in ho really acted superb and killed his role. On or off the piano. Somehow, he touched the hearts of many.

      I say ‘many’ and this might not count as the majority BUT. Let’s give him credit ok, he nailed his role and the male lead couldn’t step up to that. Sawry if you aren’t over it. Not sawry.

      And get this….If Baek in ho was so unpopular or made so by his role in CITT, how come he has his own lead role in a new drama? You don’t get those roles for being shit. Or hated.

      Just had to respond to your comment since oBVs, you were referring to mine. I’m out. Let’s not do ‘this’ again, mmm cos we’re obviously never going to agree to disagree. Just stick to your opinion and I’ll stick to mine. Thanks v.much.

  31. 31 Zoe

    I’d never read the webtoon and never fell in love with Jung’s character, though I found him psychologically fascinating, and thus was always okay with the extra screen-time spent on Seol and In-ho, since I enjoyed them and their dynamic a lot more. So I guess I can safely not watch this movie since they replaced everyone I did care about. (If they had cast Chun Woo Hee, I may have still watched because I adore her. But I don’t know Oh Yeon Seo so I have no particular inclination to watch.)

    It’s more trouble for Park Hae Jin though. The way I see it, he would have to reinterpret the character to keep the intrigue and interest. Because the scenes would probably remain the same, so if his interpretation of Jung is the same as well, it’ll be like watching the same thing twice. He was really good in CIIT, and he intrigued me and definitely made me paranoid, and I could completely relate to Seol because of it, but were he to do the same gestures and unreadable smiles etc. all over again, it wouldn’t have the same charm imo. Usually remakes try and reinterpret, which is why they work, but this isn’t exactly a remake in that sense, it’s a once over, which is just odd.

    • 31.1 Flightey Gazelles

      I share your concerns as well. Although I’m his fan, I also enjoyed Baek In Ho’s arch as well. It really is a shame because, had it been more balanced, with proper characterization of Yoo Jung and the journey of Baek In Ho to redeem his self, his new found family, hell, even his crush would have been accepted as natural ( like I felt it was) and his relationship with his sister,with Yoo Jung that would have been wonderful.
      Look at Hong Seol and her relationship with Yoo Jung. So many issues yet to be resolved or UNDERSTOOD. It saddens me that for once, we got a character who in most movies and shows, is usually portrayed as a dangerous individual who should be locked up and kept from the citizens for their safety, as a romantic LEAD for that matter and it was botched up. The relationship could go either way, if by the end we see that it would be better for them to go their separate ways or to fight for the relationship with better understanding of one another and character growth, then fine. She could even end up with Baek In Ho and it’d be fine too. Just make it logical, natural and cohesive. And don’t loose sight of the story you sought out to tell. And please, remember Seol? She’s your drama’s heroine. She matters too and we care about what happens to her. We don’t want her stuck in an apparent dream job ( which we never new of btw) , unable to move on from a relationship that didn’t go far ( a little more believable but still) and still eating the same kind of crap she was given in college just different environment. Telling us she was okay with it but showing her morose, gloomy and just generally looking uninspired.
      Sorry this got long, I always have many words to say when it comes to CITT.
      Telling us that she has accepted it cause that’s life and she’s still been used by her superior cause that’s life. Like what did we go through this episodes of growth and learning to stand up for herself for? You don’t get to pull that real life nonsense now after tomato juice blood and truck of doom(cringe). Only Misaeng gets to pull that shit…and I didn’t even f*cking watch the show!!!!
      *drops mic and storms off*

      • 31.1.1 Zoe

        omgggg, I TOTALLY forgot about that Ending of Doom. I must have thoroughly blocked it out of my memory because I legit did not remember it at all till you mentioned it. I don’t remember anything that’s made me as mad in recent times as that ending.

        As for Jung, I completely understand you. Listening to fans of the webtoon, I always feel like we’re talking about completely different characters. Because Jung in the CIIT adaptation was very, very different and since there was barely any background to him- apart from bits and pieces- I could never really sympathize with him. But that means that the story clearly dropped the ball on him, because it was obvious that Jung’s fans were passionately invested in him, which makes me suspect that there was much more to him that the drama gave us.

        I was always low-key shipping In Ho/Seol, but the story was first and foremost about Seol for me, so I would have been happy with whatever the conclusion was as long as it flowed organically. Which, as you pointed out, it didn’t. Honestly, that ending was the absolute worst thing that could have happened for Seol because it really felt like it rendered the entirety of the drama pointless, because there was no proper conclusion of the development arc. Seol in the office space seemed as Seol on the first day of college- i.e. it almost felt like nothing changed for her through the events of the drama, which is a baffling narrative decision to make for the lead character. I felt like if nothing but the first few minutes had happened, Seol could have still ended up exactly where she ended up, which tbqh is something that I will never forgive the drama for (though I do adore it to death, and still look back on it fondly, although apparently blocking out things I don’t want to remember about it lol.) She just looked so exhausted at the end, that even if they said she was the youngest promotee etc., and tried to make it seem like she was doing well, it didn’t work for me, because it just didn’t seem that way. Through the course of the drama she stood up for herself and made her feelings known, the endgame shouldn’t have been her accepting that the world will always be the same and developing greater patience for people’s nonsense. That’s just counterintuitive.

        I do feel like Park Hae Jin has a tough job in this movie though, because he was so good as Jung in the drama. His interpretation was already very on point, but he’ll have to do something to distinguish the two characters, so as to not make the story seem redundant, and I’m not really sure how he’s going to be able to pull that off. He’ll have to do something different in scenes he’s already done the best interpretation in, that’s pretty hard imo.

  32. 32 Iris

    “The producers are currently reaching out to potential actors for the role of Baek In-ho, the hero’s old friend turned rival, played by Seo Kang-joon” – Please Drama-Gods, do NOT bring Seo Kang-Joon back for this project.

    “It’s been confirmed that she will play the character Hong Seol in the movie reboot of the wildly popular webtoon that was also a wildly popular tvN drama, at least until that ending went off the rails. (It was so good… until then it wasn’t. I’m going to be bitter about that for a while.)” Me too.. still angry about what they have done. So much so, that I never want to see anything that this director – Lee Yoon-Jung, does. No need to watch anything from a director who lacks basic integrity.

    ” The project is also working with the original creator of the series, Soonkki, and all this talk of faithfulness makes me think the movie is very pointedly taking a different path from the drama series, which started out pretty faithful but ended up losing focus on the central storyline.” Hoping this movie turns out to be Fabulous. And we will get a more depth look into YJ’s character.

  33. 33 AidaZen

    If anyone asked me I’d say absolutely DON’T do a remake of Cheese in the Trap. I can’t believe any sane person agreed to this from the producers, directors to the actors they’re still trying to cast. Who seriously wants to go through that again? To appease who basically? There’s so many better stories out there to be told. If they really want to ‘make it up’ to the ‘wronged’ Park Hae jin they should just find him a fresh, great script to play the lead role as much as he wants.

    • 33.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      Probably, for the sake of the justice for webtoon’s writer as well? Not only Park Hae Jin suffered the injustice and mistreatment, but the writer too. For the writer herself, this webtoon must be so valuable for her. She has been writing it for years, and once she believe the production and give them to adapt it, it turn out mess after second half. I am not a writer, but I believe more than the money & profit, her webtoon is something very very precious for her.

      • 33.1.1 AidaZen

        Justice for the webtoon’s author would most certainly be, say, just forgetting the webtoon was ever adapted and just move on. Doing a ‘remake’ or whatever this is called, with the same leading man is just overkill. There’s no guarantee we’re going to like the movie any better than the drama (because nothing IS guaranteed in life) so why bother?

        I think it’s just a waste of all these good actors and crew all over again.

        The webtoon writer must have done a great job with her original work to have people want to just do and redo it all over again. So much respect to him/her but she needs to tell them to cut it.

    • 33.2 bd5

      It’s going to be difficult to condense all the contents of a webtoon into a film adaptation (where a TV series is the more natural medium).

      Didn’t read the webtoon or watch the show, but while I can see fans being angry about the show not adhering to the original source material, on the other hand, often adaptations doing something different is more interesting (as long as it makes sense) as can be seen in the TV adaptation of “Game of Thrones” (of which a numerous things had changes from the books, many being superior and here-henceforth going its separate path as it has already covered all the original source material and is moving beyond it) or in “The Walking Dead” (probably the most popular character in the TWD, Daryl, wasn’t in the original source material).

      This way, a viewer doesn’t know beforehand everything that is going to happen.

      But if the writers go down this path and mess it up, should be prepared for the wrath of fans.

      Like OYS – but that’s purely from her variety show appearances (have yet to see her act).

      If this and the loose-adaptation remake of MSG become hits, then OYS likely will be moving up to the top-tier of in demand actresses.

      • 33.2.1 AidaZen

        I didn’t read the webtoon either. To be brutally honest, I didn’t really warm up to PHJ in his portrayal of the role and if there’s going to be an actual remake they should do a clean slate and pick someone entirely different to play the lead so we’ll know where the problem came from.

  34. 34 Queentaylor

    Cast Jung Yonghwa as Baek in ho please or Lee joon or Yoon park and please don’t cast Jisoo on this

  35. 35 Diana

    I’m beginning to think that NoFace hopped out of W and went into Cheese in the Trap world to change the storyline but Park Hae Jin became self aware and stepped out of the drama world and rewrote the story into a movie and thus restarted the timeline. Yep.

    • 35.1 QuickREACT

      And when no face removes the hood, he’s actually Oh Young-Gon

  36. 36 eunhee

    My sentiments exactly! I think every single one here is devastated with the ending of CITT. It will always be remembered as something that could have been one of the best dramas of 2016. I asked my friends to watch it and not finish it so they won’t feel my pain. I’m holding a grudge against the director tho.

  37. 37 QuickREACT

    What is it with people holding open casting calls, and then deciding to just choose Oh Yeon Seo instead?

    First My Sassy Girl, and now Cheese in the Trap…

    But don’t get me wrong, I am excited, because Oh Yeon Seo is such a funny and talented actress. She looks a bit older than Kim Go Eun, but she is still younger than Park Hae Jin, and her personality is right in line with that of Hong Seol, so I can see this turning out very well.

  38. 38 Cerrie

    I want to like citt but i couldnt. Jung just is pretty much a flower boy pshyco for me and the only positive things he has are good look and rich daddy. He also emotionally blackmail sul many times and was implied to be capable of doing physical assault/torture people in cray cray way. He also drive sul crazy with his mindgame. I wonder how u guys can stomach that kind of character.

  39. 39 Monino

    KGE did not play Seol at all. She played a new character made poorly by the drama PD. I have seen her acting 3 roles and she’s played all of them in the same fake manner. She doesn’t know how to live a character and only pretends. I am really satisfied with OYS being Seol and I hope with Soonkki on board we would have a good movie worth watching.

    • 39.1 Trish

      Exactly…KGE didn’t play Soonkki role and Oh Yeon Seo (who rarely disappoints) was Soonki’s choice in the first place. Looking 4ward 2 this adaption.

  40. 40 pickledplumtree

    Hmmm. Oh Yeon Seo could be great as Seol!

    I found the webtoon character a bit more frantic, frazzled, spunky, and comical than the Seol Kim Go Eun portrayed. I did love Kim Go Eun’s Seol, but I think Oh Yeon Seo might have just the right stuff to bring the wacky side of Seol to the screen. 😀

    • 40.1 junah

      I read webtoon first and went to drama. Prepare myself to stop at eps 12 because all of the trainwreck ending, but drop it after episode 5 (?). the main reason was that I could not find Seol in KGE. I found her character somewhat timid and kinda clueless toward surrounding. and tbh, i can not get smart-girl vibe from her. Webtoon Seol is more sassy, cool girl, doesn’t seems to be bother by people around her but still a good observer.

      drama Seol portrayed as someone who has bad-taste or plain in fashion. webtoon Seoul has her-own-style. She may not have fashion-conscious like most girl, but it is far from bad-wardrobe (that’s why Min Soo still imitates her). I found her style is more like preppy casual without much of thinking.

      so, i am really excited with this cast changing from drama.

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