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Ryu Joon-yeol, Lee Soo-kyung join legal thriller remake Silent Witness
by | August 22, 2016 | 58 Comments

Rising stars Ryu Joon-yeol (Lucky Romance) and Lee Soo-kyung (Ho-gu’s Love) have confirmed their next film project and are set to appear in the remake of the Chinese film Silent Witness. It’ll be their second project together after Answer Me 1988 (Lee Soo-kyung played No-eul’s gangster girlfriend who got into that hair-pulling fight with Hyeri). They are the latest to join veteran actor Choi Min-shik (The Tiger: An Old Hunter’s Tale), Hallyu star Park Shin-hye (Doctors), and actor Park Hae-joon (Wanted) in this legal thriller.

Directed by Jung Ji-woo of award-winning film Eungyo, Silent Witness is about the daughter of a finance magnate who gets embroiled in the murder case of her father’s fiancée, a famous singer. Choi Min-shik will play the finance magnate, and Park Shin-hye has been cast as the lawyer defending his daughter.

Ryu Joon-yeol’s character is an entirely new role not found in the original version and is described as an important man who holds the key to solving the mystery. Lee Soo-kyung will play the daughter to Choi Min-shik’s finance magnate.

After acting alongside Jo In-sung in The King, Song Kang-ho in Taxi Driver, and now badass ajusshi Choi Min-shik in Silent Witness, it doesn’t seem like Ryu will be slowing down anytime soon in the movie department. Lee Soo-kyung reportedly scored her role through a long audition process, and though she’s still new in the industry, she’s given memorable performances in the films Goodbye Single and Coin Locker Girl, and as Ho-gu’s sister in Ho-gu’s Love.

Production on Silent Witness will begin later this year with the premiere slated for sometime next year.

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58 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Binnie

    Waiting for Ryu Joon Yeol to move from Rising Star to Hallyu Star,and the way he is growing,its going to be very very soon! So happy to see him working with best names in industry. Am sure he is going to bring in his own spcl charm and effect into this role as well. Ryu Joon Yeol fighting!!!

    • 1.1 Doctors

      His look not match as Hallyu star. RJY is just a trend same with SJK.

      • 1.1.1 Azteca

        Agree…I prefer him as future king of chungmoro than hallyu. Most hallyu are just look anyway.
        And with his acting talent and the love from PD’s he’s on the right path

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          Hallyu stars mostly popular on look, for a talent like Ryu I rather see him doing more films than wasting time for boring dramas.

          • bd5


            Most Hallyu stars are Hallyu stars b/c of cheesy night-time soaps.

            Let Ryu stick w/ films and well-written cable dramas.

            Have only seen Lee Soo-kyung in AM/Reply ’88, but she did well for what was a small role.

      • 1.1.2 The other Kiara

        Song Joong Ki is not a trend. He actually has talents. One of the few who would most likely make it in Chungmuro.

        Chungmuro is not like dramaland. It takes a long time to make it to the top.

        • HPfangirl

          ++++1 agreed, he was great in werewolf boy.

  2. stars4u

    RJY!!! Proud fangirl right here.
    Just like how he shot so many movies last year that his movies premiering every few months, the same thing would be happening next year. Though it would be nice if he comes to dramaland in the middle of those films sometime next year.

    • 2.1 Farida

      Agree, I hope he will return to dramaland after filming Taxi Driver and Silent Witness

  3. kngyhn

    so proud of soo kyung! after that lil scandal last year i was worried that she wasn’t getting any substantial roles anymore, and she’s too talented to get locked out of the industry so early. good luck to her and everyone else working on silent witness!!

  4. anon

    i hope we get to see some (or a lot… a lot is good too) interaction between psh and rjy’s characters. them working together is basically a dream for me lol

  5. fab

    A different and much younger Lee Soo-kyung? Man I’m getting old. BRB, cracking up at this (Lee Soo-kyung played No-eul’s gangster girlfriend who got into that hair-pulling fight with Hyeri)

  6. Liddi

    The original is a brilliant movie that is powerful on all fronts – narratively and emotionally. I presume PHJ is playing Aaron Kwok’s prosecutor role? Either way, I can’t wait to watch this remake.

    • 6.1 windsun33

      The one thing that hampered the Chinese version was censorship – they had to avoid even veiled references to the political system or anything to do the massive corruption in the Chinese legal system. Hopefully the Korean version can avoid much of that.

      • 6.1.1 windsun33

        Forgot to mention the Chinese version is available subbed on YouTube.

      • 6.1.2 Liddi

        True… but even with the omission, it stands very well on its own ultimately as a simple yet powerful tale that hinged on perceptions, pre-conceived notions, lines blurred between what is apparently real and what is not through; and the underlying theme that carried the entire story through, and resonated with me emotionally even after multiple rewatches. As such, I am truly excited and eager to see how this story will be reinterpreted from a Korean lens, and am hopeful that it will be equally satisfying.

  7. luffypyon

    I heard the PD himself asked Ryu Junyeol to star in this movie. I believe RJY doesn’t want to miss the chance to act along with veteran actor like Choi Minshik. This man is such a hard worker. Hope all best things happen for him

    • 7.1 Indira

      Good for him. Just like taxi driver PD who wants him only for jaesik character.

  8. Archer

    Yay! The unstoppable RJY! But, I thought he’s still busy filming for Taxi Driver… I hope he gets more rest this time than when he was filming both The King and Lucky Romance at the same time.

    • 8.1 The other Kiara

      I’m looking forward to Taxi Driver (based on a true story) that I find interesting.
      Besite Song Kang Ho, Yu Hae-Jin and Ryu they actually hire Thomas Kretschmann, a real German actor to play the role of the German reporter (Jürgen Hinzpeter).

      It’s aiming for 2017 release too so I don’t think they have started or finish filming it yet.

      • 8.1.1 Azteca

        They already started filming … probably even since lucky romance ending so end of July i think.
        So yeah he will double filming if taxi driver not yet finish while silent witness starting

        • The other Kiara

          Ryu can film both at the same time. They are both supporting roles.
          The majority of Taxi will be between Song Kang Ho and Thomas Kretschmann so Ryu has time to go back and forth if he needs to.

          • Azteca

            Based on the story of taxi driver he’s not just a supporting role .
            He’s also one of the main cast.
            While for silent witness we don’t know yet his role because its not leak yet.

          • The other Kiara

            If I remember correctly, the story is based on the taxi driver Kim Sa-bok and Hinzpeter the journalist/cameraman originally from Germany. The story revolves around their journey during the 1980 Gwangju Uprising.
            Both Yu Hae-jin and Ryu are playing citizen soldiers.

          • Farida

            Based on Taxi Driver naver profile, he’s listed as main cast, while in The King and Silent Witness he’s listed as supporting cast

          • Bonchan

            Ryu Jun yeol role in Taxi Driver is not as a citizen soldier but as a college student who meant to appear in music festival but accidentally included in the uprising

          • The other Kiara

            Poor choice of words on my part. I thought the citizen soldiers includes students etc who were part of the uprising.

          • Azteca

            Well the movie is about demonstration …and they will put him as the front row of this scene. So no, he’s not supporting role
            In silent witness he probably a supporting role but even the production team not yet leak what his role will be

          • The other Kiara

            Lol it’s getting rather silly that we are going back and forth about leads and supporting leads.

            The one that has been confirmed as main lead is Song Kang Ho who is playing the Taxi Driver (the name of the film). Whether the rest are leads or supporting I don’t really care. I just hope they’ll all do well and it’ll be a great film.

  9. miroufleur

    Ohmygod! Ryu Jun Yeol again in a movie and with Choi Min shik this time…Very excited for this project ! i’m definitely adding this movie to my watch list.

  10. 10 abalyn

    What are good internet sites for Korean movies? Drama websites are pretty straight forward, but I haven’t had luck finding movie sites.

    • 10.1 Archer

      I watched Socialphobia on dramanice a long time ago. I am not sure, if there are other movies on that website.

    • 10.2 luffypyon

      Dramanice, dramacool, and myasiantv

    • 10.3 windsun33

      NetFlix has quite a few Korean shows, but only a few movies.

    • 10.4 Mimi

      Kiss Asian is also another good site. It’s where I watch almost all my Asian movies

  11. 11 Edelyne

    Totally of topic here, but Lee Soo Kyung really looks like Kim Soo hyun, with her smile. Or must I be seeing things because I miss him😕. Where is he now by the way?

    • 11.1 mehungie

      I saw it too! I was gonna come to the comments to ask if they’re related 😀

  12. 12 kokoro

    His filmo is going to be amazing. The king, with jo in sung jung woo sung. Taxi driver, song kang ho, yoo hae jin, and this, with choi min shik. wonder who else left?!

    • 12.1 Azteca

      Hwang Jung min, Jo jinwoong , ha jungwoo, Lee byunghun (forget his scandal), jang dong gun, Lee jungjae..
      So many…he may learn from them

  13. 13 ahyoo

    I hope he get enough rest. Thou as a fan of him, i gladly welcome his project. And yeah, i miss him in dramaland too

  14. 14 pickledplumtree

    Ryu Joon Yeul, hooray for my favorite fella! Let’s keep the ball rolling and add another romcom to the list STAT.

  15. 15 Adal

    I admit that when I read the news on Soompi I confused her with the Lee Soo kyung that did Let’s Eat part 1. I see now that they are different people. I did think that the other LSK was too old for the part. But this actress is just about the right age.

  16. 16 shirayukihime

    Park shin hye again??? please cast another actress as the lawyer…

    • 16.1 Soso

      Yes again and will be again OK

    • 16.2 alou68

      why not?she is a good actress and not only that she can contribute for the ticket selling..don’t underestimate the power of Park Shin hye

    • 16.3 HPfangirl

      Please, she’s been in the industry for nearly thirteen (13) years, she is very experienced already and her strong point is emotional acting. There must be a good reason, why the director cast her and I think they are a better judge than you ever will be. And south-korean viewers generally agree that she is a good actress.
      People can’t give her a break can they? I mean, they criticize her for always taking similar roles but once she tries to move on, there’s always a comment like this. Move on, heirs is over but the few DB commenters still dwell in the past and criticize HER for the poor excuse of the drama.

    • 16.4 haha

      Yes again and she is the main character along with veteran CMS 🙂
      She isn’t going anywhere and you just need to deal with it

    • 16.5 Mel

      Well, the producers and director are more knowledgable in who they want and need to cast in their movies. This role was offered even before they started filming Doctors. It’s too funny when you say “again”…. PSH deliberately stopped accepting any project for over a year so she can finish college, travel and just enjoy herself. Good for her, after that hiatus, a sleeper hit and now gets to act with a great actor. And she will continue to get offers whether people here like it or not! A lot of actors want to work with her, ask KRW.

  17. 17 Lisa_wackycashew

    RJY! Wow! This is turning out to be a stellar cast!! Excited for this remake!!

  18. 18 ange

    RJY is my absolute favorite! So glad he is getting the recognition he deserves – hope he comes back to dramaland too soon though!!

    • 18.1 bd5

      And it wasn’t that long ago when RJY’s biggest claim to “fame” was starring in a Clazziquai music video.

  19. 19 Jerni


    • 19.1 loveyoumomo

      🎊🎊🎊💃💃💃🎊🎊🎊 *joins celebration!!!

      • 19.1.1 Jerni

        Hell yeah, lets parteeyyyhh 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

  20. 20 Indira

    I found it funny when reading some comments from jealous people accusing junyeol to get project after project because his “BIG” agency.
    This pretending know it all fans must be a new fans of Korea industry entertainment. There’s 3 Big agency in Korea which is JYP, YG and SME.
    As you know most of them are good handling idols while they take care some actors too. But the funny thing is, even with big name agency they’re always failed to produced their own acting talent. For example YG is now managing Lee jongsuk who’s good actor as well as choi jiwoo etc.

    Remember that FNC has jungwoo, a good actor from Reply 94. When he casted in one movie FNC want the production to bring seolhyun which then resulted both of them drop from the movie.

    My point is , in movie industry forget who’s the management. Most of the PD will not go for the actor if they’re just ” media play actor”. Unlike drama where most untalented pretty and cute actor can be the lead.

    • 20.1 HPfangirl

      Yeah, and RJY is actually a good actor and reply 1988 just was his breakthrough drama. But I’ve already learned to accept that drama beans is a place for people (not all, fortunately) who think that they’re better than others by loving the ‘underrated’ film professionals, so pretentious. And I just saw a comment in this thread that song joong ki is just a ‘trend’ lmao. They’ve obviously got no clue about south-koran film industry.

  21. 21 yikes

    Wow I haven’t commented since Lucky Romance ended but I guess I’ll come out of lurking just to say wwooooooh!! I’m so happy for my boy RJY for being able to work with such good actors! (Congrats to Lee Soo-Kyung too, I liked her in that 1 episode of R88 and the 2-3 episodes of Hogu’s Love that I watched)
    Dunno how RJY’s managing all these multiple filming schedules though. Hopefully after getting some rest, he’ll pick up another drama (One with a good script please!)

  22. 22 Ryuja

    Junyeol in another movie? Woah he is really do work hard like a cow just what he said in the interview. Now I concern because he will do 2 years amount of work just in one year. Since he will work with Choi Min Sik whom he adored so much, I guess he dont want to miss the opportunity. Stay healthy, Cow Junyeolie

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