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Kim So-hyun dishes on Bring It On, Ghost
by | September 18, 2016 | 77 Comments

In the days following the finale of Bring It On, Ghost, Kim So-hyun (17) sat down with journalists to bid the show and her character a fond farewell. She complimented the cast and her director, and was effusive in her praise of the experience: “The environment on set was the best, so great that I wondered if it was okay to enjoy myself that much.” Although she’s been acting steadily for over nine years, Bring It On, Ghost exposed her to many firsts, and marked a turning point in her career.

She debuted as a child actor in 2006 in a drama special (although some outlets have her debuting in 2007 in Que Sera Sera or 2008 in an episode of Korean Ghost Stories), and perhaps because of her decade of experience in the industry, she exudes a maturity beyond her years. The press was shocked to learn from these interviews that she only started drinking coffee this year (she’s discovered she loves it). The reporters, like the rest of us, had to be reminded that she’s only in her teens. Kim’s so polished and careful in all aspects of her life that many fans have expressed suspicions that she doesn’t manage her own social media accounts.

“Many people ask, but [the social media accounts] are really mine.” (Laughs.) Extremely self-aware, Kim said earnestly, “These days it is really easy to get misinterpreted on social media so it is good to take extra care. Sometimes I’ll type things out and ask my mom to review what I wrote.”

Kim discussed the difference between child-acting and leading roles, and how she felt before transitioning to starring roles. “You get nervous from having experience in child-acting [playing the younger version of characters]. In a short amount of time you come out in a brief but impactful role. I’m used to expressing emotions in a condensed period of time, but I was somewhat concerned about carrying a role for a longer period of time.”

She made a name for herself playing the younger version of leading female roles up through Triangle in 2014, and that same year, she got the opportunity to play her first headlining role and 2-in-1 character in OCN’s Reset. Kim would go on to play high school students in 2015’s Who Are You–School 2015 (another 2-in-1 role), and in Page Turner, a 3-episode KBS mini drama.

While the role of Hyun-ji in Bring It On, Ghost is also that of a student, this project was decidedly different. For one, she was playing a student ghost, and two, Hyun-ji was more cheerful and bubbly than any of her previous characters.

“Watching others demonstrate bright and lovable acting on TV, I would be jealous. I wondered when I’d have a chance to act like that, and then I got scared that the opportunity would actually come. But as I met director Park Joon-hwa, I think he broke down the wall around my heart.”

“When I was preparing for Bring It On, Ghost, the script wasn’t available to me. I just heard that it would be similar to the original webtoon. The character setup was that she was a good fighter and a tough girl. There was some fighting in the first episode, but as my character became more and more cheerful I was truthfully a bit surprised. I sort of fell into this cheerful role. I didn’t think I could do cute or cheerful. I didn’t have confidence and even said, ‘I can’t do it,’ but it was a situation in which I had to, so I sucked it up and said, ‘Let’s do this.’”

“I have a bright side, but after meeting Hyun-ji, I became brighter. Also, the people who collaborated on this project were bright, and were a positive influence on me. The set environment was really great. We had a hard time because it was so hot but voices were never raised on set. I’m sad it’s over but I take away from the experience a light and happy heart.”

She had to use a lot of aegyo in the show, and she since she’s not a naturally aegyo-filled person, she admitted that she found those scenes more challenging than the action scenes.

“In the beginning the aegyo was really hard. I would even whine to director-nim, ‘How do I do this?’ Since I haven’t experienced dating, I thought it might show and I was worried, but I found that Taecyeon oppa, who was in the role opposite me [as Bong-pal], is like me and isn’t the type to stand for over-the-top cutesy behavior. Still, we had a lot of fun in the scenes where we teased each other or were play-fighting. I think a lot of our actual bright sides came out.”

People were concerned about the real-life 11-year age difference between the two leads—was she?

“If I’m really being honest when I first heard my co-star would be Taecyeon oppa I was really worried. I knew 2PM well but I didn’t know Ok Taecyeon as an actor. Plus he has a strong manly image, and I worried that if we were on a single screen together I would appear too young or that we wouldn’t look well-matched. Since romance was one of the storylines in our drama, Hyun-ji and Bong-pal’s chemistry in scenes together needed to come alive, but I was worried I would appear like too much of a child.” (Laughs.) “I think the director was worried about that initially, too. But then he told us we had good chemistry together.”

She was able to connect with Taecyeon because of his easygoing personality.

“We became friendly quickly. When you are acting in romantic roles, it is important to know the other party well so that you can feed off each other. But above all, I really like [Taecyeon] Oppa. I’m not sure how to put it — he doesn’t seem like a celebrity. He doesn’t pose or assume airs. It doesn’t matter who it is, he treats everyone the same. He treated me like a true big brother would. His nickname is dork. He’s sort of dorky but also manly, too. There’s something uniquely attractive about him. Also, when you watch the two of us, Oppa was so manly I think it made my acting appear more ladylike. Fresh and pretty.” (Laughs.)

“Through Bring It On, Ghost, I had a lot of firsts in terms of acting. It was my first time acting jealous, so I thought it would be awkward, but after trying it, I realized it was fun.” (Laughs.) “Because Hyun-ji was a lovable character who was difficult to dislike and was forgiven for just about anything, I could glare, throw tantrums, etc., comfortably.”

Among the firsts were kiss scenes, difficult drunk scenes, and one of her favorites: “There was a scene in which Hyun-ji confessed [her feelings to Bong-pal], and it was the first time the words ‘I like you’ crossed my lips on screen. So I was shaking with nerves and of course the script direction said something to the effect of, ‘Love is dripping from your eyes.’ Everyone teased me by saying, ‘Let’s see how you do this,’ and watched me intently.” (Laughs.) “But it was easier than I thought it would be. I thought of all the actors I would study in films and recalled how their eyes looked.”

“The reception for this project was particularly good. I feel grateful and am glad I’ve chosen acting as my profession. I feel blessed to be acting now and don’t want to let people down. There’s no greater happiness than continuing to act and meeting good people.”

About doing a rom-com again, Kim said, “I want to try it again. I hope that my next project is also a cheerful one. I’ve always been curious, ‘What will it be like to become an adult and act in rom-coms?’ I’m still young and lack experience, so I’m sure it will be vastly different [in the future]. Dating in real life? I don’t have the time to build up that experience.” (Laughs.) “Right now, I prefer the energy gathered from acting in new projects over hanging out or dating.”

Via Asia Today, Chosun, E-Daily, Herald, Joy News 24


77 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. pogo

    I love her and I’m so glad she’s got another success chalked up to her filmography – girl deserves all the good things!

    But it still makes me smh that they cast Taecyeon even though KSH and as per her own words, even the PD were not confident about that casting and even admitted his age was a concern – seriously, why?!

    • 1.1 a

      With most dramas nowadays the directors don’t really get a say in casting anyways. It’s about powerful companies pushing their people into dramas, a lot of politics. I don’t think most directors would cast idols or some crappy actors/actresses like jin se yeon or hong jong hyun if they had the choice.

      What I don’t like is that they kind of deceived the leading casts by telling them that they wouldn’t have any kiss scenes… and then they changed it for them to have like 3 which honestly made no sense to me plot wise and ethically. KSH herself said that it flustered her (obviously she did it since she’s a professional). And according to this interview they told her that the plot would be like the original webtoon, which is why she signed up for it without looking at the script. And that was a total lie because it didn’t take place in a high school setting, all the stories were different and her leading man’s character was totally not like the original at all.

    • 1.2 Amie

      Oh, this is such a good article with matching photos, too. Off to print it out on photo paper. *^_^*

    • 1.3 Sirey

      No matter how lovely Bong Pal is I still think Taec was not the right person for the role. Their intimate scenes give me the creeps :/

      • 1.3.1 irmar

        “Intimate scenes”? WHAT intimate scenes? Have you even watched the show? If yes, you surely must be joking. There were very few very chaste lip presses and nothing more. It was highly fake and unrealistic, no real life couples would be that reserved. But oh well, we’re used to it by now, k-dramas are most of the time like that (with notable exceptions)

  2. darkartemis

    I sooo love her. 🙂

  3. gustave154

    She was super adorable with taec and i wanna see her in more rom coms!!!

  4. passmethewrinch

    I am such a fan! I really hope only the best for her (in all aspects of her life) in the future!

    … With that said, I need to see her partner up with Yeo Jin Goo or Park Bo Gum in the future.

    • 4.1 jiraya

      Aaannnioooooo!!! Bo gum oppa and YJG oppa are reserved for yoo jung 😀 : D
      Want to see so hyun with kang min hyuk oppa. He even said she is his favorite 😀

      • 4.1.1 jiraya

        And with yoo seung ho oppa too. They would be so cute together.

  5. MeLi, Go Go! ♥

    This girl is always gorgeous but in Bring It On, Ghost! she’s even prettier is that even possible?? She’s the main reason I watched it til the last episode LOL Now I’m seriously considering to watch Moon Embracing The Sun.

  6. lessa

    I love her! Despite her being waaaay above Taecyeon’s level, I actually think he didnt really suck in this show, and they really did make their chemistry work. It seriously could have gone REAL bad, IMO. Looking forward to more of her projects! 😀

    • 6.1 juliesean

      He was definitely better in this role. Maybe he’s more suitable for rom-coms. Except when he tried to emote, it’s still come across as awkward.

      Their chemistry was surprisingly cute.

      • 6.1.1 bd5

        Pretty much the same as Song Seung-heon in “My Princess” where the male lead played it pretty “straight” and the female lead did all the heavy lifting when it came to both emotional and comedic scenes.

        There were a couple of time when Taec had to stare intensely (and emote w/ his eyes) and got flashbacks of SSH in “Dr. Jin.”

  7. a

    Surprisingly she had a lot of chemistry with taec and I couldn’t even tell that there was an age difference because she looks mature. Hopefully next time they cast her with an actor near her age… I could handle like 6 year age difference maybe…Hopefully someone like yoo seung ho:)

  8. Viki

    I love her! She’s one of my fave child actress. Looking forward to her next projects!

  9. Britener

    Love her and enjoyed her latest drama. Can’t wait to see more of her in a leading role!

  10. 10 This beautiful young lady

    And Kim Yoo Jung, will be the heirress to PSH’s throne. Young child actresses who with each drama, become more and more popular until they become internationally known.

    So much talent and energy, will be amazing seeing them grow up and their acting impove as her acting is already great.

    • 10.1 Kdramafan19

      And Kim So Hyun will make her own firm throne.
      Kidding they are both great. And Sae Ron too

    • 10.2 yoosh

      If KYJ is the heiress to PSH’s throne, then KSH is the heiress to SYJ’s throne haha.

      • 10.2.1 anon2001

        remind me, who is SYJ?

        • JiaYou

          Probably, Son Ye Jin

    • 10.3 jiraya

      Both are good.
      Kim yoo jung is ‘seaguk fairy’
      Kim so hyun is ‘ modern fairy’

      Kim so hyun gives SYJ vibe. it would be so adorable if they both share screen together some day.
      And yoo jung 🙂 she totally gives me jun ji hyun vibes in modern looks. In seaguks she has her own vibe.
      Both are future of Korea.
      Kim yoo jung!!! Kim so hyun!! Fighting!!!

      • 10.3.1 soyoosha

        KSH and SYJ are together in a movie..The last princess..shes the child counterpart

        • June Lim

          You beat me to it 😀
          I was thinking of that movie too 🙂

          • Fab

            Unfortunately they don’t face but she’s playing the childhood portion which is also a dream come true. <3

      • 10.3.2 Sirey

        I lean more into KSH. KYJ is too perfect? She is good and Pretty but can’t relate. KSH gives off a edgier more mature vibe

      • 10.3.3 Sixtyone

        Can’t agree more… I really was thinking KSH has SYJ vibe and KYJ is just like JJH. That’s why I was wondering why they didn’t cast KYJ in YWCFTS as young CSY.

    • 10.4 bd5

      Kim Yoo-jung, Kim Sae-ron, Seo Shin-ae, Jin Ji-hee and Lee Young-yoo are all close friends and that’s a big chunk of the creme de la creme of actresses their age.

      Despite having acted w/ some of them, Kim So-hyun doesn’t seem to be that close to them (hope she has her own group of besties).

      Not sure if PSH is the appropriate goal-post as these young actresses are better than many older, veteran actresses (including those who have hit it big).

  11. 11 Sancheezy

    >>When I was preparing for Bring It On, Ghost, the script wasn’t available to me.<<

    wait…. this is really stuck with me, I mean poor her and why?? Script is important even if you have another source material,

    Based on the interview, a lot of her character is the 2 in 1 when she play the same girl but have 2 distinctive phase,

    I like to see drama that caters to the young audience,with enough good message but not so heavy over the top problem,
    my example probably doesn't fit but I really enjoy hana kimi, Gokusen and many school Jdrama when I was in school, it's fun but not that worrisome if you think it as adult,

    so I hope she can get many projects since she is young and that young vibe will not come again twice,
    but not with uniform, I am afraid she gets typecasted,
    like summer holiday type of story, or summer part time with detective type of stories and fellow young actor available

    • 11.1 irmar

      It often happens in k-dramas, that the script is not complete when the drama starts shooting. Sometimes the writer will have only 3-4 episodes ready, the rest of them are written while the shooting takes place.
      So yes, it’s not a unique situation.
      Nowadays it’s slowly changing, due to China. Because China wants to review the whole drama before buying it, if the companies want it to air in Korea and China simultaneously, then it has to be pre-produced (filmed in its entirety) before airing.

  12. 12 heartstrings

    Thank you so much! Her acting is wise and her word is wise too.

  13. 13 Celine

    I love her! Glad that she’s on the rise with leading roles. I am excited to see who she’ll end up working with on her next project. I’d love to see her work with Yeo Jingu (again) or Lee Hyunwoo…

    Seriously though, I feel like a proud big sister whenever I see wonderful news and praises for Kim Sohyun and Kim Yoojung. Seeing them grow in their acting is such a pleasure to watch.

    • 13.1 soyoosha

      Lol.. Me too

  14. 14 Dee

    What a gorgeous young woman. Excited for whatever her next role may be.

  15. 15 MC

    Seriously @awcoconuts, thank you so much for summarizing and translating her interviews. I’ve been waiting and wanting to know what she talked About because she did so many of them.
    Again, thanks!!

  16. 16 Jess

    Already in her 10th year of acting career and she is only 17. Despite her age, she is so smart, wise , talented, mature , straight forward and sincere
    She keep challenging herself with various types of roles and always humble. So admirable and proud.
    Cant help but loving this girl
    She and Yoo Jung are my favourite child actresses
    She will have very bright future ahead

    How about working with Park Bo Gun next in your project, So Hyun ssi?
    You two will look perfect together!
    Cant forget their moments when they MC together last year

    • 16.1 Jess

      I meant Park Bo Gum
      Bogummy and So Hyunnie ❤️

    • 16.2 Chiisan

      Bogummy even mentioned that Kim Sohyun is an actress he wanted to work with ♥

      • 16.2.1 MC

        Oh cool! which interview did he mention sohyun?

        • Natalia

          I kept seeing ppl saying this but I haven’t seen any article or vid of PBG saying it

    • 16.3 delurked

      YAAAAAAAS they are both literally my #1 biases in the male and female acting category – respectively – right now 🎉

  17. 17 Chiisan

    I adore Kim Sohyun since I Miss You and ever since then, she’s never stopped wow-ing me. She’s so beautiful and though at first, she looked strikingly similar to Son Yejin, that impression of mine wears off over time because she’s holding her own so well as an actress.

    I’m not surprised to hear that she appears wise and mature beyond her age – I remember her friends and costars Yeo Jingoo and Kim Yoojung both said while Yoojung is more bubbly and easygoing, Sohyun is the introvert type. No wonder why she plays the dark, heavy melo child characters so well.

    Also, how could she be so beautiful AND have a pretty beauty mark on her nose? Life’s not fair!

  18. 18 mai-mai

    She is so good that I became a fan since Moon Embraces the Sun.

    KSH and Taec has good chemistry. I really feel that there’s love in their eyes even that it is only acting.

    I love Kim So Hyun. I hope her next leading man is Park Bo Gum 🙂

    • 18.1 koreamom

      agreed! i have a new fondness for taecyeon and have always loved so hyun’s acting. i used to think when their “younger” parts were over that they should stay younger longer. i would also love to see her and bogummy in a fun drama. she can hold her own and i bet their chemistry would sizzle. she and taec were very believable and it did not seem as big a deal with their age difference. she is beautiful and i think would be fun to work with!

  19. 19 Immawish

    It’s amazing how these young actresses (KSH, KYJ) sounds so mature in their interviews. Their choice of words, their answers, everything.

    Acting-wise, I really adore KSH. Duh, I hated her so so so much in Moon That Embraces the Sun and Rooftop Prince, she’s THAT good. And I do really wish her next project would blow up like KYJ’s. Ahem, OHY PD’s new project sounds very fine.

  20. 20 Kiara

    Korea’s child actors are amazing. I love them all especially the girls. I’ve been rooting for them ever since I found Chungmuro and Dramaland.

    Kim Yoo-jung, Kim So-hyun, Shin Eun-kyung etc stood out because they are so good in their own unique way.

    • 20.1 Kiara

      Thank you awcoconuts! I love this kind of spotlight on actors. I enjoyed getting to know them a little outside of their work. It’s sometimes inspiring.

    • 20.2 RY

      ah i was waiting to see if shin eunkyung would be mentioned! Love her acting too

    • 20.3 bd5

      Would add Kim Sae-ron, Seo Shin-ae and Jin Ji-hee to the list.

  21. 21 HANA

    she says that she want to act together with yeo jin goo or yoo seung hoo again, ah I hope they will act together in drama, love triangle maybe ?:D

  22. 22 Slim

    Words can’t describe how much I love this teenager actress,I find her so versatile despite her very young age and she makes all her character come to life.

    I hope she act a rom com with yeo jin goo,yoo seung ho and ji soo,I don’t want her to act with park bo gum so soon because it might cause unnecessary argument between kim yoo jung fans… Like you has the best chemistry with park bo gum so I hope her next rom com is with yeo jin goo because I ship her with him so much.

    After seeing her play dark,gloomy,sad or mean character all of her career its such a lovely sight to see her play the cheerful kim hyun ji and I hope she take up such lively characters more in future

    Thank you dramabeans for posting this kim so hyun’s interview,you just made my week special.

    #Kim so hyun’s biggest fan.

    • 22.1 kentang

      I don’t want her to act with park bo gum so soon because it might cause unnecessary argument between kim yoo jung fans—–couldnt agree more with this, i do want she act with bogum but not this fast like, maybe after they have 3-4 projects gap. =))

      • 22.1.1 jiraya

        Agreed!!!! There would be unnecessary comparisons.

    • 22.2 Kiara

      I understand that there will be some who would compare them but if she wants to work with Park Bo-gum then she should.
      There are plenty of people out there who are fans of both girls. They are so talented and unique enough to stand out on their own that there is no need for comparison.

      These young actresses are also good friends in real life and they support each other.
      Kim Sae-ron sent a food truck to the set of Moonlight in support of Yoo-jung.

    • 22.3 DoubleFault

      Oh, yeah. I hope she stays away from tragic teen roles for a while. Based from her interview, it looks like she is looking into doing another romcom, which I hope she definitely pursues.

      I think she’ll be able to pull off roles similar to what JJH has played in the past, the My Sassy Girl types and the Cheon Seong Yis. Hopefully she is paired with an actor that is closer to her age.

  23. 23 Popdatbubble

    I’m always so jelly of KSH, she’s just an hear older than me, but she has achieved many things…while I’m here…well watching dramas and still haven’t found what I want to do when I graduate…cri

  24. 24 pieryrose

    Kim so hyun and Kim Yoo jung would be the best teenage actresses i love.

    I have watched her grow from moon embracing sun to her very latest show Bring it on Ghost. I have been watching her shows when she was 13 years old. I am so happy to say that she is growing into a fine beautiful smart woman.

    She has proved her versatility acting from mean characters to miserable characters to the cheerful happy go-lucky characters. Loved her in different avatars.

    I would love her to work with Jisoo again , because i love their chemistry , but would love to see her work with others whom she havent yet worked with.

    All the best to future projects Kim So hyun. Hwaiting!

  25. 25 yoosh

    What is a ‘2-in-1 character’?

    • 25.1 yoosh

      OH I get what it is. Silly me

  26. 26 Thespian

    “Since I haven’t experienced dating, I thought it might show and I was worried, but I found that Taecyeon oppa, who was in the role opposite me [as Bong-pal], is like me and isn’t the type to stand for over-the-top cutesy behavior.”

    You haven’t experienced dating? I can change that. All in the name of art, of course. We wouldn’t want you to not know how to act like you are dating, do we? I won’t even charge a fee.

  27. 27 Meow

    She is so bloody perfect! I love her. <3

  28. 28 Thursdaynexxt

    “I feel grateful and am glad I’ve chosen acting as my profession. I feel blessed to be acting now and don’t want to let people down. There’s no greater happiness than continuing to act and meeting good people.”

    Honey, thank you for being one of the most earnest, beautiful and talented artist to grace our screens – all at the tender age of 17! Lots of love and support from this noona! Take your time choosing your next project, and enjoy some cups of coffee!!

    Thanks to awcoconuts for the news 😀

    • 28.1 fab

      Right on! <3
      And I think we're her 'unnies' not 'noonas', wrong gender.

    • 28.2 Thursdaynexxt

      @fab: What was I thinking?! Thanks for picking that up, fab-ssi! 😀

      • 28.2.1 fab

        Any time hon. XD

  29. 29 Sam

    My favorite child star-turned-into-a-leading-lady. I hope she continues to branch into different acting genres. She’s adorably talented.

  30. 30 geeza

    The girl is gorgeous!
    Can’t stop staring at her photos, and her acting is great…what does this baby lack?

  31. 31 Soledad

    Looking at her pictures make me look so ugly T_T She’s so pretty + has that talent

  32. 32 Orca1

    I’m in awe on how she tries to relate, understand and study her character, no wonder she manages to bring these characters to life and made them so memorable and lovable. Why not get paired with yamaken? Just kidding lol it’s just a dream fantasy of mine

    • 32.1 junghana2104

      Love ur fantasy <3

  33. 33 Lamphead

    Man I remember seeing her playing the child role in Rooftop Prince and she had the randomly great emotional family separation scene. It was like, who is THAT? Usually child-versions-of-adult scenes are auto-skip for me but not if it’s Kim Sohyun, she steals scenes all the time.

    She really has it all, it’s never a matter of if but when for her.

  34. 34 Koru

    Well this is just an opinion and I love ksh but I really feel like she was being taken advantage of, like how they chose her dress and the angle of the camera to show her thigh and all…not discounting the kiss scenes (so inappropriate) since she is still underage. And yet this PD and others has been doing the same for other teenagers actors paired with much older male cast. Very sad. Just my opinion though. Peace ✌

    • 34.1 Kiara

      Totally understand and I hope this trend will end but I doubt it will.

      On the other hand these young girls are professional actors and their mother’s are at the set with them (Kim Yoo-jung’s mother for sure). I’m guessing that they do give their permission first.

      I think Kim So-hyun is old and mature enough to handle it despite being so young and inexperience.

      The thing that bugs me is they carry most of the blame if it doesn’t work out. All the 3 young Kims (So-hyun, Yoo-jung, Sae-ron) are or were being cast in age appropriate characters but their leading man are way too old for the characters they are playing. So, instead of pointing out that the leading men were too old, the young girls usually get the flak for being too young.

      • 34.1.1 MC

        Unfortunately, the flak they get reflects our society’s patriarchal ways. -_- sigh….

  35. 35 FanOfLeeJunKi'sMane

    She won me over with Yeo Jin Goo in I miss you. Her characterization was spot on, heart wrenching and simply…beautiful

    Aegyo or melo or whatever, girl has it.

  36. 36 bd5

    Pretty amazing job by KSH in BIOG for someone who hadn’t done a romcom before, much less as the lead.

    She hit it out of the ballpark – both the emotional and funny scenes (actually very difficult to do comedy well).

    And her aegyo wasn’t cloying and annoying like for so many others (even tho KSH says she’s not good at it, she’s a natural, but I think that’s more of her inner brightness coming to the forefront).

    For someone who can’t drink yet, she was more convincing in the drunk scenes than many older actresses have been.

    Personally, thought a bit too much was made of the age difference (it’s acting, not real life) and this was a good role for KSH, where she got to break out of playing HS students (in a way, her 1st “adult” role as a university student).

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