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Oh Snap! The K2 stars get cozy
by | September 22, 2016 | 85 Comments

I’m really digging the emotion in this shoot, because it tells a story—a story with cuddling and Victorian dresses and random prisms, but a story nonetheless. Hey, when you’ve got professionally pretty people like Ji Chang-wook and Yoon-ah in front of your lens, who’s to complain?

The actors are gearing up for the premiere of their much-anticipated action drama The K2 this weekend, and can be seen here in their October spread for Vogue magazine. I feel like we’ve been waiting for this drama for ages (thanks to the media blitz), so let’s get on with the show! Who’s counting down?

Via Vogue Korea


85 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Saf

    I usually find Yoona plain-looking but she absolutely killed this shoot! Can’t wait for the drama, I hope it lives up to expectations after all the hype.

    • 1.1 Kreyon

      That amazing winged liner is really working for her! jelly

    • 1.2 Sophie

      I agree! I never saw her as particularly pretty (in my eyes), but this photo shoot changes everything 😍. And JCW, that smolder in the first pic!!!!! I can’t. *fans face*

    • 1.3 Sua

      And her hair is on flick!! It’s almost like she woke up with that hair and it was perfect… When I wake up, it’s a bird’s nest T-T

  2. greena

    “Where will i put my hand?”
    I can just imagine yoona asking JCW that on the first pic:)
    “You can put it anywhere you want”answered JCW ;D
    *Yoona puts her hands in her pocket*

    • 2.1 Yaya

      @ Greena

      Good one! 😄

  3. Nadia

    Not bad, the second pic is terrible.

  4. Shiva

    I usually don’t mind yoona’s acting, but I always get bummed by her lack of chemistry with the actors she works with. She says she wants to take acting seriously, it would help if she shedded her idol image and immersed herself on her roles more.

    I like the dramatic photoshoot and I really really hope they got good chemistry together on the small screen. After that sweet romance in Healer, comparisons are inevitable.

    • 4.1 Konjo

      ? All of Yoona’s previous co-stars were a decade or two decades older than her, with exception of JGS who she had cute chemistry with (shame about the whole mess that LR was though).

      YAMD: YA (18) – PJJ (28)
      CM: YA (19) – KSW (33)
      LR: YA (22) – JGS (25)
      PMAI: YA (23) – LBS (43)

      She even pulled off a nice chemistry with Lee Bumsoo in Prime Minister and I (noted, he did have a lot to do with it, but still she pulled her own weight there because with chemistry, it takes two to tango not one).

      • 4.1.1 annflln

        Yes, true! I liked her in PMAI.

        • annflln

          Btw, her looks in this photo shoot kinda flat imo

          • Kdramafanatic

            I know right ..I can only see ji Chang Wook posing a striking pose…yoona doesn’t seem to have any emotion its just makeup that’s prominent..

      • 4.1.2 JesO

        To be fair, most actresses are paired with older and sometimes much older guys and it has no barring on which ones they have chemistry with.
        I.e marriage contract anyone?

        We’ll see. I hope these two have chemistry.

        • nomad

          Still loving that marriage contract…IMO Uee’s best acting yet.

  5. Sour Grapes

    What the heck did Ji Chang Wook do to his nose? Dude, you are already pretty. Stop messing with your face.

    • 5.1 Sea

      Hmmm. I think his nose looks the same here as in Healer. But I do think he had a little work done sometime before Healer. His nose was less high and sharp in his early works.

    • 5.2 KDaddict😍JCW

      JCW was plenty pretty (perfectly pretty) in Healer. But sometimes some stars get carried away and can’t stop when good is really good enough. Now, his nose looks very unnatural. It could be the angle or that his plastic surgeon has gone overboard.

      • 5.2.1 Ashie

        I think it’s just the angle on this one.. If you see his pictures now I like how his nose looks more natural now than his healer days, although you wont really notice it that much, nonetheless I can care less if he has anything done, he is still pretty for me inside and out. And Someone said about the lips, I think his lips have been like that eversince..

    • 5.3 Honey

      I think he did nose job. But I got distracted with his lips more. It looks unnatural.

      Yoona perhaps did nose job too. Not sure.

      They shouldn’t do anything to their face that already perfect. Sigh.

      • 5.3.1 ET

        I think it’s his lipstick, the color was too pale.

        His nose does look different in the first picture, I don’t remember him having such a high and fine tip. Although his individual features may not be perfect, he’s already good looking. I guess there’s always the pressure of wanting to look better or more perfect in the Korean society.

        I take my hat off to Lee Seung Gi, I don’t think he has done any PS. I’ve noticed long time ago that he does not have that ‘perfect’ nose but in a way, that is what makes him unique among all the male celebs with beautiful noses.

        • zee

          it’s just the angle and makeup, he doesn’t look any different from his healer days looking at the press conference pics or other events he attended recently.
          his nose is a curious case actually though, even before empress ki from some angles it’s tip looked much sharper compared to it’s overall shape, in his many photoshoots it’s used to the pictorial’s advantage.. I’ve observed it with my medical student perspective!

          • ET

            Maybe it’s photoshopped!

            I don’t follow him but fans probably can tell from those casual photos?

        • Alessar

          I follow him on instagram and to me, his lips look perpetually chapped. Like, I think he doesn’t get enough hydration (it shows in your lips first; sun damage is 2nd cause and chapstick with sunblock can counter that) and he ends up using lipstick and it just ends up giving his lips an odd texture.

          • snailshell

            apparently that’s because he’s a smoker?

          • Ashie

            I never find his lips Dry tbh, if not they always look luscious to me.. I know he is a smoker, but thank to cosmetics he does not appear to have darkened lips and gums.. His teeth always look good and always poses the best smile.. Fans would know this he actually is a model for EOS china, that means he’s got perfect healthy lips ! That’s just the fan girl in me.. 🙂 ha!

          • Samantha

            LOL – so glad I’m not the only one who thinks that. I always want to send him some chapstick.

      • 5.3.2 Gidget

        I’ve seen a number of Koreans who naturally have an upper lip that’s somewhat thin throughout and draws down to a point at the center. If that’s his natural shape then they put filler on either side of the center point. But I’m thinking: maybe there’s a natural lip shape that has that plumpness on the sides of the center point.

        Regardless of whether he put filler there or not, it looks good that way.

    • 5.4 JesO

      I can’t speak to if he had something done in the past but this recent change is probably due to the power of makeup and photoshop.

      Contouring can totally make your nose appear different.

      Check out recent pictures on Instagram.

      People say the same think about Lee Jong Suk….but it’s contouring peeps.

  6. Sancheezy

    I like this, they looked good together

  7. JiaYou

    The awesomeness of the first pic is totally contradictory to the awkwardness of the 3rd pic.

    • 7.1 vongole

      Agree! The top-half is totally fine, and then there’s this weird legs/non-leg situation…Who okayed this?! *shudder*

    • 7.2 Beanfan

      Couldn’t agree more… JCW looks stoned, the cufflinks look strange, someone could’ve arranged the pant leg to show the slipper properly (instead of having the fluff smothered)… I dunno. There are some really great pics in this shoot, but this one definitely should’ve been filtered out.

  8. Mel

    Did yoon get a nose job done? It looks different.

    • 8.1 Konjo

      It’s the same.

    • 8.2 Boomboompow

      I think they both did, not that it matters as it’s not too distracting.

    • 8.3 junkyu kim

      even boobs could be made with make up, jeez, people nowadays

  9. Livii

    Ji Chang Wook is so, so pretty.

  10. 10 Sissi

    I’m intrigued by the recent trailers, and I even thought that Yoona had a very interesting stare, but damn…
    She has the SAME expression in every picture. Her mouth, especially. Come on…

    • 10.1 junkyu kim

      thats the photoshoot concept hun, look at JCW lips, any change? do you want her to pout cutely? jeez

  11. 11 Pearl11

    It’s like someone is hiding under her dress in the second picture.

  12. 12 jichangwooklover

    I’m really looking forward to the drama but that said I feel as if they both have done a separate photoshoot and the pictures have been combined through Photoshop later. They are both so beautiful no doubt but it would have looked nice had they stared at each other in the first picture. Also what’s up with Yoona’s body proportion in the red dress or is it the dress shape that’s making it look so weird?

    • 12.1 JiaYou

      Aren’t Victorian dresses supposed to look like that?

    • 12.2 KDaddict😍JCW

      What is he supposed to be conveying in the 3rd photo? What is that look in his eyes?
      Oh right. They’re just from a fashion shoot, not some drama stills. So they don’t mean anything.

      • 12.2.1 Gidget


        *if I put my other leg around her would it look creepy?*

    • 12.3 Suzi Q

      The red coat/dress? UGH!
      Makes her look like her backside is 3X her size.
      Not flattering.

  13. 13 Julie

    Gorgeous couple.
    Are these all their photos or just some from the magazine?

    • 13.1 kanz

      There are more pics actually. Ji Chang Wook also has few single shots.

  14. 14 ches

    this kinda reminds me of lee jun ki’s pictorial

  15. 15 Ann

    Yoona is drop-dead gorgeous! They’re visual element is so strong in the first pic. Absolutely stunning.

  16. 16 liki

    Damn Yoona in that last picture is bonafide goddess level.

  17. 17 amoi

    I bet he was looking at her t***😆

    • 17.1 Julie

      Nooooooo…. Now I can’t unthink about it… Lol how can you pollute my pure mind hahahahahaha

      • 17.1.1 Flightey Gazelles

        That was EXACTLY what I wanted to say but in less…uhm… direct terms. Lol!

    • 17.2 tsinita

      I went back to check again… I can not unsee it anymore! Hahaha! He definitely is

    • 17.3 YY

      Now you’re making me suspicious of that bulge in the second pic…is that him again?

      • 17.3.1 Ashie

        Wahahaha! The first does look like he is staring at her you know what, and there something about it that is sexy and intimate, JCW’s face saying “Im the only one who can look at her like this” that is my fave pic of all..

  18. 18 jess

    They are so gorgeous and stunning .
    The chemistry is <3

    Here is the video from the photoshoot !


    They keep laughing and teasing each other haha

  19. 19 Yoo

    I bet he probably feels like hugging a twig *last pic*

  20. 20 Hana

    In the 3rd picture it looks like he is playing the cello or maybe more like “man, when was the last time she washed her hair!’ I’ve never been impressed with her acting, but she has a pretty face. Let’s hope that she will prove us all wrong. All the best to the cast and filming crew.

  21. 21 Imbuk

    Woah! they look so pretty together! <3

  22. 22 Zah

    The more I see him, the more I see the Jaejoong resemblance. I’d love to see Chang-wook and Jaejoong playing brothers in a drama after Chang-wook comes back from service.

    • 22.1 GirlyMe

      Yes… I see the resemblance…
      For me JCW is mixture of jaejoong (eyes etc) and ChangMin (mouth)
      Oh, my DBSK’s feeling…

  23. 23 Fab

    Needs mooooooaaaarrrrr of JI CHANG-WOOK’S! Errr or not I’m supposed to be “working”.

  24. 24 Cl

    Guys, please don’t do body shaming, alright? Every body type is pretty. Everyone looks good even with their flaws, and there is no specific feature or body type that is a standard to be called beautiful.

    • 24.1 Kaybee

      Where was there any bodyshaming? The only thing I see is people talking about chemistry, poses, how beautiful they look, a few people calling the second dress unflattering (so about the clothes, not the person) and some people sad that celebrities feel they have to look so perfect that they get nosejobs etc which to me is the opposite of bodyshaming – that’s wishing for people to love themselves no matter outer appearances and wishing that they wouldn’t feel like they had to live up to a certain beauty standard.

      • 24.1.1 Cl

        Someone said that JCW is hugging a twig

        • Kaybee

          Ah I can see why you’d feel that way then (:

          Saying this as someone who’s been called similar things, I think they were just referring to her weird, limp pose in that photo though? It makes her look rather inanimate/dead.

  25. 25 GirlyMe

    Woooooaaaaah…. Nice photos…
    What a beautiful pair.
    Well at least if the drama turns into disappointment, they still look stunning in photoshoot…

  26. 26 Emily

    What is on his cuffs? What are those strips of cloth? Is it meant to be artistic? I don’t think I’m cut out to be a fashion appreciator.

  27. 27 Biankoy

    Someone explain that 2nd pic. Is she wearing period clothes hence the bustle or did they actually put a cow under her skirt to make us believe that she actually has that much body mass to get that bodacious behind? Eh. Good luck to your show.

    • 27.1 Kaybee

      Lol don’t think they’re trying to convince us of that, that we be pretty insane 😛 The designer was probably inspired by the 18th/19th centuries and tried to make sort of a neo/fushion style dress, bu the fit of the dress just seems all wrong, at least for her body type, and it does make her proportions look really unnatural. It’s a poorly chosen dress and not a very flattering angle of it.

  28. 28 Kaybee

    Lol at that third pic. Only her hands are keeping her from looking like a corpse. Her facial expression is just completely blank in all of the photos, so who on earth thought it a good idea to tell her to pose with such a limp body expression?

    The clothes are kind of expected to me, it’s Vogue after all, at least half is bound to be clothes 98% of people wouldn’t wear.

  29. 29 biasxbias

    – 1st pict Looks so sexy,
    – 2rd pict looks weird,
    – 3th pict Looks very awkward, the position makes their unconfortable to look at,
    – 4th pict was so beautiful gorgeous Snsd Yoona!

    well yoona is sooo pretty because it’s a pictorial magazine the light, the wardrobe, the make up makes her sooo pretty, but its not goes to drama when every actor/actress in korea wear natural make up.

    I see no chemistry holly crap it’s just a pictorial magazine after all,not yet.

  30. 30 Flightey Gazelles

    Ji Chang Wook’s face in the first pic
    ” hmmm, interesting choice of underwear, quick, try to look mesmerized! “.
    Yoo nah is a fawn in disguise, lol.
    But seriously, they both look gorgeous! This is the most striking Yoo na has ever looked for me, in spite of that weird meat coloured dress and the peeking goat foot.

    • 30.1 Flightey Gazelles

      Wait… now that I look at the pic more carefully, I think its Ji Chang Wook who has finally embraced his inner Fawn which explains the changed face comments.

  31. 31 Gidget

    Yoona? Was Yoona in those photos?


  32. 32 pieryrose

    The first pic was nice. but the 3rd pic was horrible. She expressions are so flat and it just doesnt connect with me, despite a handsome guy like Chang wook behind her.

    The 2nd pic is like wth. How did she get that massive behind, all of sudden. Damn weird.

  33. 33 Cecee

    What happened to DB site? It has become troll territory. If you can’t be nice and say something positive then don’t comment. It is so unnecessary to be mean and hateful.

    Side note they both look gorgeous! Haters to the left!

    • 33.1 Gidget

      Dramabeans has long been a place where people of diverse opinions could discuss them amicably. With only rare exceptions, cliquishness and it’s evil twin “group-think” generally aren’t allowed to censor open discourse or name-call people trolls or hateful. Because having differing opinions isn’t trollish or hateful. It’s a healthy and beautiful part of life.

      The main group that seems to struggle with how openly things are discussed here are uber-fans that view their bias as an idol. It seems that they find it worrisome that oppa or unni are only human and may have a flaw or two. Which is unfortunate. They don’t yet realize that it’s possible for people to both, see oppa and unni’s flaws, and still love them dearly for the enjoyment and entertainment they bring into our lives.

      • 33.1.1 Cecee

        Solid point. When fans have blinders on it’s hard to make a valid opinion. It’s still is an opinion nevertheless. I’m looking forward to this drama. I haven’t seen a good one in a long long time. My last great one was Signal. Hope this one is decent and watchable.

  34. 34 maral

    ji chang wook nose and lips havent changed. its just the anglee. there is no difference between healer days in new promos and also the pics from press conference. I remember once he said in his early days he went to a doctor and asked for a nose job but he told him he is perfectly fine so he didnt do that. Actually he is one of the very few who hasnt done any surgery.

    • 34.1 Michi

      I think his nostrils look smaller than before. His nose looks sharper than the time he acted in “Five Fingers”. It must be too dangerous for an action star to have a nose job , right? I think JCW might have had some noninvasive procedure to help his face look sharper. He is already handsome and cute since his debut, but he just gets more attractive overtime. It’s ok. I still love him anyway.

  35. 35 Wave

    Yoona looks absolutely gorgeous. Love that first picture – two beautiful people.

  36. 36 Rigby

    Whoa they look so gorgeous both the first pic and the third one! Looking forward for their drama, I hope they will really create a beautiful chemistry together on screen.

  37. 37 Ree

    Looks so photoshopped. Who is the girl supposed to be?

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