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by | September 11, 2016 | 342 Comments

How did everyone’s dramas stack up this week? Any big duds to avoid, or hidden gems you’ve unearthed on dusty old hard drives that you care to share? The constant turnover in dramaland is so relentless that I can’t remember the last time I went back and watched something old, but I’m about to have a big W-shaped hole in my heart very soon, and I could use some recommendations to stave off the impending withdrawal. Friends help friends get over an addiction by getting them addicted to something new!* –girlfriday

[*Not actual advice to be applied to anyone in any real-life situation, ever.]



Currently recapping: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

Fantastic: I will never not find it funny when actors act like bad actors, and Joo Sang-wook does a pretty fantastic (hur) job at playing the vain foot-actor looking for any opportunity to look pretty. The cast is solid, and I particularly like the ladies’ friendships, so here’s to hoping the show maintains its cheerful vibe.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: I find IU adorable in this, and her modernisms and fish-out-of-water foibles often make me laugh out loud. But I find myself increasingly annoyed when the show spends too much time away from Lee Jun-ki. When he’s front and center? I’m all eyes and ears. When he’s offscreen? First of all, why would you do that, and second of all, what is this nonsense? *throws remote*

Drinking Solo: Ha Suk-jin is so good at playing these teeth-grittingly annoying jerks, but I’m counting on this show to turn him around. Hopefully sooner than later! The characters all seem quirky and interesting, and I like that while the show has those mouth-watering eating and drinking scenes characteristic of the Let’s Eat franchise, the focus on the drinking at least cuts down on some of the gratuitous extended food porn. I can only take so much meokbang without breaking down into late-night drama-induced binges!

W–Two Worlds: I’ve been a little less engaged lately with all the twists upon twists, and anything with Dad just confuses me, but now that we’re so close to the end I do find myself wildly curious to know how things will work out. I’m mostly feeling confident that I’ll be satisfied with the ending, but bracing for that possibility that it may not. In which case, next week’s post oughtta be interesting.

Uncontrollably Fond: I cried a bunch in the last two episodes, and actually found the finale more satisfying than the rest of the show put together. If the rest of the drama had been about this kind of angst — heart-wrenching, but with a purpose — rather than the pointless, wheels-spinning-in-place kind, I would have liked this drama a lot more. It’s too bad the writer dragged out needless aggravation for so long and refused to give us hardly any time for narrative satisfaction, or couple moments, or interactions highlighting love over bitterness and anger. I’m glad for Kim Woo-bin that he acquitted himself well, and Suzy… is still really pretty.



Currently recapping: W–Two Worlds

Cinderella and the Four Knights: I had to wait SEVEN episodes to see Jung Il-woo smile? That is downright criminal.

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds: Javabeans asked me this week whether I was exaggerating about this show making me cry. My answer: “No, I really cry! When I watch this show, I become twelve and I feel EVERYTHING.”

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: It still seems like Lee Jun-ki is in one drama and everyone else is in a different, less interesting drama. I would gift the king new golden earrings if he’d just ship the younger half of the princes abroad for a while, and free up some precious screentime.

Jealousy Incarnate: Only Jo Jung-seok could make a man’s battle to wear a bra so real, desperate, and hilarious. The pace of this show is slow, but I’m starting to like the family drama setup where eeeverybody is related to everyone else.

Drinking Solo: There’s a great low-key vibe to this show, and a focus on the everyday concerns of young people trying to figure out life. I’m especially drawn to the students’ stories and the world of Noryangjin, which I’ve always felt was portrayed in movies as some sort of purgatory between youth and adulthood.

Infinity Challenge: Among some of my favorite recurring specials on this variety show is Muhan Company, in which the cast does sketches about everyday office workers. This year they did a thriller mini-movie penned by Signal writer Kim Eun-hee, with cameos from Lee Je-hoon and Kim Hye-soo, along with supporting actors from Misaeng, and frequent guest G-Dragon. It wasn’t as good as the musical special they did last time, but Misaeng-meets-action-movie was a good meld, and the cameos were a fun treat.



Currently recapping: Running Man

The Good Wife: Mid-series update: This show continues to be solid on all counts of the drama trifecta. Yoon Kye-sang is amazing. Jeon Do-yeon knocks it out of the park. Yoo Ji-tae is such a good baddie (or is he just trying to be a good daddy?) that I question everything that comes out of his mouth.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Love, love, love. I’ll say it now and forever—Lee Jun-ki was born for sageuk. Pair that with a driving cello track to take me away, and… you have me. Sure this show has its flaws with the in-your-face close-ups contrasted with some shaky camera moments, and I wish that Su experienced more culture shock, yunno, given the fact that she’s in an entirely different era, but this scarlet heart will keep beating steadily for one prince for the rest of my days: Kang Haneul.

Jealousy Incarnate: Gong Hyo-jin is winning in virtually all of her projects, so it’s no surprise that I love her here too. There’s a lot of envy to go around in this show, but my eyes are laser-focused on Go Kyung-pyo, who is just all kinds of wonderful.

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds: This show has something special. Cute, breezy, and entertaining, each hour seems to zip by, and at the end of every episode, I’m left wondering: “Wait, it’s over already?” This series doesn’t quite have my heart, but I fully acknowledge that The Park Bo-gum Effect is a real thing. His acting is mesmerizing and poignantly subtle, and the look in his eyes commands my attention. But it seems I’ve caught Second Lead Syndrome real bad this cycle, because I absolutely adore Jinyoung.

W–Two Worlds: I still can’t believe this show is ending next week. If there’s something strange in my world, who am I gonna call? Park Su-bong! If there’s something weird in my webtoon and it don’t look good, who am I gonna call? Park Su-bong!



Currently recapping: Fantastic

Monster: The nice thing about this show is that even when you don’t watch it for nearly two months, the plot is such that you can pick it back up no problem, without feeling like you need to refresh your memory of what has already happened in the previous thirty episodes. In the space of a week, I’ve managed to marathon my way to only being a few episodes behind, which might not exactly be something to be proud of, since I could have used that time to complete another entire drama. Probably the better decision would have been to abandon it back at Episode 30, but I’ve finally reached the point where Park Ki-woong has good hair and gets to rock his Shunji scary eyes, so I’m not backing down now.

Drinking Solo: Based on my mild disappointment of Let’s Eat 2, I had no expectations about the show except that Key was going to be a delight (and he totally is). But I’ve surprised myself by how much I enjoyed the first two episodes. It feels more like a Japanese drama to me since it’s rooted in a workplace slice-of-life ensemble rather than a quirky love triangle. I’m hooked for now and happy to cheer on Hana as she does her best to succeed.



Cinderella and the Four Knights: OMG. This is my ultimate guilty pleasure. It’s hitting all of my sweet spots and favorite tropes in the simplest, breeziest, most satisfying way — the independent and willful girl setting the spoiled rich boys on a path to goodness, the silent protector oppas, the rags-to-riches storyline, etc ad infinitum. I don’t need my brain for this — just my pure, little-girl heart. Some parts make me cringe in total embarrassment, and nothing that happens is surprising in the least, but the show is carried by surprisingly solid acting (Jung Il-woo and Park So-dam are wonderful, of course, but I’m surprised by Ahn Jae-hyun’s chemistry!!) and just a pure fun element that covers up the awkward directing and music.

Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto: Another jdorama! Another story with piles of pretty male characters! LOL. I probably shouldn’t say much about this, because (1) I’m only two episodes in, and (2) I’m actually trying to watch it in Japanese without subtitles for study purposes, so I’m sure I’m missing like 40 percent of each episode. But Kiritani Mirei is hilariously charming as always, as is the chemistry of her reunion with Yamazaki Kento. The food-centered plot is another trope fave of mine, and coupled with the sprinkled-in life observations, I’m having a lot of fun with it so far.



Fantastic: Joo Sang-wook’s portrayal of an arrogant bastard never ceases to amaze me — he just gets so into it! I got a peek of that in Birth of a Beauty, but he really ups the cheese factor here. I feel like I should find him unbearably annoying like the heroine does, but he’s just so freaking funny to me. I don’t know how I feel about the cancer plot yet, but I’m getting good vibes from the drama so far, so I’ll stick with it for now.

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds: Okay, I totally take back what I said about Moonlight being a cotton candy show, because, oh my gosh, it seriously takes my breath away. The delightful humor is still there (yay) but now the show’s starting to mess with my emotions and it ain’t afraid of holdin’ back. It’s the friendships that really get to me, and I love that with every relationship, there’s this sense of rich history behind everyone’s eyes. I look forward to interactions between the trio Yeong, Yoon-sung, and Byung-yeon the most, along with the main couple, of course.

W–Two Worlds: I don’t think I’ve ever screamed this loud at a cliffhanger before (apologies to my poor neighbors). You couldn’t scroll down just a little bit, Crazy Dog?! I’ve had enough stress with this show as is!



Moonlight Drawn By Clouds: Oh, the pretty. This show is so enjoyable to watch that even though it’s got every cliche of a crossdressing romance and then some, it still keeps me engaged. True, the heroine has been nursed back to health, rescued from danger, and saved from scolding and/or discovery so many times by the male leads that I’ve lost count. Still, the emotional beats feel honest, and all three leads have the acting chops and chemistry to pull off their often predictable and cheesy Significant Moments. I’ll admit I’m more forgiving when it’s Yeong doing the hero thing rather than Yoon-sung, and not just because of my biased love for Park Bo-gum. Yoon-sung is starting to show signs of typical second-lead pushy niceness, and I’m allergic to pushiness, no matter how well-intentioned. On the other hand, I just want our prince to find his happiness, preferably with a smack-talking former eunuch at his side. (Please don’t tell me history doesn’t treat him kindly. I have no knowledge of this particular historical figure, and no desire to be enlightened.)

Five Kids: I was a little late starting this show, but two-thirds of the way through its 54-episode run, I’m surprisingly still watching. I started it partly because it’s by the writer of the I Need Romance series and Discovery of Romance, and like those, it’s refreshingly lacking in hysterics or makjang twists, which is rare for this type of family drama. I love that despite some typical mother-in-law craziness, there are no real villains in this story; the conflict is caused by human failings like selfishness, which are so much more relatable than birth secrets or evil chaebols. Plus, Yeon-tae and Sang-min are too adorkably cute for words!

Twenty Again: I finally got a chance to watch this, and it’s every bit as warm, funny, and adorable as I’d heard. Choi Ji-woo and Lee Sang-yoon make an adorable second-chance couple, but what I ship the most in this show is Ha Nora and her true self, reuniting after twenty years of being estranged. Seeing her regain her confidence and her dreams feels like taking a deep breath after holding it for ages.



Jealousy Incarnate: This show was just what I was hoping for once Wanted ended — lighter material and characters that pull me into the story. Pyo Na-ri is such an underdog, but I’m looking forward to seeing her luck change. Second lead syndrome is something I usually don’t experience, but I think this drama may be an exception. Add in some hilarious side characters and this show has me laughing out loud.

Cinderella and the Four Knights: This twist on a classic story, pairing a wide-eyed optimist with four impossibly stubborn men, brings new meaning to TGIF. I can’t wait to see how Bodyguard Lee reacts the morning after his embarrassing vomit attack. Park So-dam is perfect as the girl the Kang cousins can’t help but love. I just want to see Ha-won get her happy ending and for Hye-ji to get professional help for being a stalker.

Second to Last Love: This story of two mature, single people finding their way to one another in spite of their fears felt kind of slow-moving to me at first. What seemed to be a weakness of the show instead reinforces the cautious trajectory of the two main characters. Ji Jin-hee contrasts Go-shik’s uptight public persona with an increasingly flustered private one. The drama illustrates just how messy life can get. Now that I’m used to the slow pace, I’m onboard with this show.

Laurel Tree Tailors: A 50-episode drama is a big commitment and I can’t say I’ll stick with this one, but the cast is hard for me to resist. Unfortunately, there have been so many characters to introduce that after four episodes, the main characters are just barely crossing paths with one another. My main concern with this drama, other than the length, is the main female character played by Jo Yoon-hee. So far, it’s obvious she is not the sharpest pin in the pincushion. I fast-forward through most of her scenes and unless the character becomes more likable, I will probably drop this show.


342 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. M3LON4

    I’ve been seeing a lot of criticisms for Scarlet Heart: Ryeo’s choice of background music and OST, and how fans are saying it further exposes the weakness of the direction, and hence pretty much ruins the drama (or not, I’m being dramatic here). A lot of beanies have been half wondering (and half cursing), “Who is the music director here and why do they still have their job?” And that got me thinking, the synergy must not exist only between writer and director, but also between director and music director. This is because appropriate choice of OST and judicious use of background music made all the difference to get the overall mood of the drama. The same scene will be felt differently when inserted with different background sound (but we all know this already, thanks to Park Do-kyung)

    That begs the important question, where are the good music directors, what are they doing now and can they still save SH: Ryeo? For research purposes, I looked back on all the dramas I’ve watched in the past, which in my opinion had great music, and found out who the music directors are. Coincidentally, the same names keep popping up and therefore I will share this piece of information, so that we can all appreciate the great work of dramaland’s music directors.

    1. Kim Jun-seok and Park Sung-il
    This talented duo did Monstar, Misaeng, and Signal. (Yep, I’ll let you take that in for a minute). The music is top-notch in all three dramas, despite being different genres. PD Kim Won-seok must be a fan of them, or vice versa, because they’ve worked together three times now; and not without good reason, as I mentioned the synergy between director and music director just clicked for them. It worked wonderfully every single time. Note that W – Two Worlds only has one half of this duo (Kim Jun-seok) and no PD Kim Won-seok, which must be one of the reasons why W is missing the magic touch and doesn’t charm me completely.

    • 1.1 M3LON4

      2. Nam Hye-seung
      The more I look up this music producer, the more in awe I am of her remarkable talent. I daresay she’s one of the elites in the industry, tackling almost all genres successfully and stamping every drama she has worked on with her own unique trademark, so much so that you can always recognise her work the moment you hear the music playing in the background and think “The music director must be Nam Hye-seung” before you even look at the credits.
      I will categorise her past projects based on genre:
      a) crime thriller/noir: TEN and TEN2, Nine, Cruel City, My Beautiful Bride
      b) romantic comedy: Queen In-hyun’s Man, Flower Boy Next Door, I Need Romance series, Witch’s Romance, Discovery of Romance, Bubblegum
      c) melodrama: Angel Eyes, My Beloved Eun-dong, Memory, The Good Wife
      d) sageuk and fusion sageuk: Mandate of Heaven, The Three Musketeers

      With this impressive resume, it’s no wonder that I’m a fan, because although I’ve dropped some of the above titles for various reasons, bad music is never one of them. She’s never afraid to utilise the voices of quirky, non mainstream artists and personally composed the background music pieces which are always appropriately selected and perfectly inserted to suit the scene (Remember the angsty violin in The Good Wife? And don’t get me started on the instrumentals in Cruel City, which still give me goose bumps to this day). Lastly, who, but a genius, would have the idea to convert the trendiest k-pop tunes (ala Hyuna and Crayon Pop) into gukak (Korean traditional music) for The Three Musketeers?

      Her dream is to wear a pretty dress and walk the red carpet at an international film festival as a movie music director and she has been practicing her acceptance speech just in case she wins an award, LOL. I’d say with her talent that day may not be too far away. Unfortunately, she can’t save SH: Ryeo because she’s currently busy doing Jealousy Incarnate.

      3. An honourable mention goes to Gaemi (Kang Dong-yoon) who did Dream High, Secret, Bridal Mask, Punch, Hogu’s Love and the blockbuster Descendants of the Sun. Although it’s not my personal favourite, at least in the case of DoTS he gets the big-name artists, delivers monstrous ratings and is selling the OST like hot cakes. However, as he’s currently working on the competing drama in the same timeslot (Moonlight Drawn by The Clouds), obviously he’s not available either, conflicts of interest and whatnot.

      And so the search continues for the next music director to save SH: Ryeo, or if I’m being completely honest, LJK and KHN.

      • 1.1.1 Dakchigo

        This post got me thinking about the musical choices that characterized Coffee Prince and Cheese in the Trap. I would have been excited if the director announced she’s taking on a youth sageuk like Moonlight or Moon Lovers, but she dropped the ball on Cheese so…

        • Zoe

          You mentioned both my favorite OSTs, both Coffee Prince and CIIT are the ones that I remember, despite of course several shows having had good soundtracks. What utterly fantastic music direction.

          • Flightey Gazelles

            He really has a good ear for music and it shows in those two shows. So many underground gems!!!

      • 1.1.2 blnmom

        Nice post! The music director for Jealousy Incarnate, Nam Hyeseung, is genius.

      • 1.1.3 Kestrel

        Props on the research here! Also, would be a great larger thread or DB post! We pay so much attention to what’s on the screen that we often don’t pay attention to the work that goes on behind the screens and that’s where a lot of the magic is made! Great post.

      • 1.1.4 Flightey Gazelles

        Lovely post.
        Another talented music director I’d like to mention is TEARLINER. I think his most recent work was on Cheese In The Trap. I think of the thing that makes me keep going back to Cheese in spite of the infamous derailment of the plot( Plot? Not even plot. I think it was more of balance) is, among other things, the music.
        The emotions are still there and the music perfectly compliments them beautifully.
        He has also worked on Coffee Prince, Heart to Heart. I think he mostly works with the director of this dramas and here’s where Music Director and PD are in synergy. She has this Slice-of-life, slightly quirky directorial touch that his prowess and knowledge of indie music just enhances wonderfully.
        Listening to Tearliner, it’s obvious he knows music. Sometimes even background BGM, by that I mean the barely heard and often muted music playing in places like Cafes, Restaurants, Workshops make me head straight to Google for a download and that says something.
        You know, I think that in the past, I’ve underestimated the power of music in movies and television, even radio shows until recently.
        Often times, the music helps to make certain scenes memorable. Remember the beach scene in Coffee Prince and the piano Azure Ray song that was playing? Bursting of feels. Say what you will about the quality of The Vampire Diaries, but the have music that always goes perfectly for scenes. What about One Tree Hill? The movie, The Gladiator and its score? The Passion of Christ, off the top of my head, In CITT that meet-cute btw Yoo Jung and Hong Seol when they took a picture at that flower( tree?), it was Tearliner ft Taru’s Drizzling Love and the light slightly funky vibe just reflected on the screen e.t.c
        I mean kdramas make a big deal about OST and for good reason. So thanks for bringing up this important topic.

        • m3lon4

          Another great example of frequent PD-music director collaboration! I suppose when you`re a director with a distinctive style, you`ll want to keep working with the people that understand your style and can express it well. I didn`t watch both Coffee Prince and Cheese in the Trap so I`m not familiar with Tearliner but judging from other beanies` praise,this music director must be worth the attention

      • 1.1.5 ...

        Thank you for this post! Seems like there’s some soundtracks I need to look into after this XD

        I think the music director for SH wanted to incorporate the “fusion” aspect into the bgm and ost for the drama – and hence added more modern music and chose an unusual sageuk singer lineup (rappers?). YG’s financial influence probably played a large role in deciding that as well.

        However, that desire ended up being the music’s weakness. It’s cool if he wants to do something new with soundtracks, but it still needs to fit, and the sageuk aspect just makes things more difficult. At the very least, they should have incorporated more “fusion” elements into the actual drama (the only obvious thing other than time traveling was the astronomer and his airplane, which in my eyes, didn’t work at all either) – without it, the music just stuck out even more.

        This time, I think choosing the more traditional route worked out.

        • shelly

          chuno was an action sageuk and had a great OST, where one of the best songs was a rap (or sounded extremely rap anyway). i don’t think they sang in english, but i remember the goosebumps. that was one hell of a soundtrack.

          also, arang and the magistrate had a rap song – mask dance, i think. loved it.

          these two are just off the top of my head – if i try hard, i think i’d remember a lot more. it isn’t the rap, it might be the actual songs and/or use of english.

          but for ML:SH:R they need epic – at least for the LJK parts. the soulful music of the bath scene opening was pitch on.

          • PakalanaPikake

            MC Sniper’s raps were used in CHUNO, ARANG, and FAITH… and I loved all of them. The lyrics fit the scenes so well. I’m not a fan of rap. — but MC Sniper floats my boat.

            FAITH drove me nuts, but the OST kept me coming back for more. The orchestral and choral tracks were epic…

          • junny

            Chuno’s OST is great, and I liked the MC Sniper song too. My favourite of the lot is actually the one by Gloomy 30s, called 바꿔. So much swashbuckling oomph.

        • faith

          this duo collaboration between SM -Yg really giving a disaster in 2 different thing…
          SM with the actor(hello baekhyun..hope seohyun is better)
          YG and his “musical influence”(give your artist a comeback YG!!)

      • 1.1.6 niniko

        aaaaaa, i love “Jealousy Incarnate”s background music and i love her. but the question is who did ohya?

        • M3LON4

          The music director for OHYA is Uhm Ki-yeob, who also collaborated with the PD for Marriage, Not Dating. You’d remember that some of the OSTs for MND were inserted in OHYA “for funsies” and I think the director was just being cheeky trying to link the two projects. I think we can expect the return of this collaboration for PD Song Hyun-wook’s next project Sensitive Boss.

        • Jade0817RJY

          I was just about to ask the same thing, on who did OHYA’s OST! ^^

          The bg songs still resonate with me and and I never get tired of hearing them, esp Ben’s Like a Dream and Jung Seung Hwan’s If It’s You ♥

          The duo who did Misaeng and Signal.. just wow!

          Thanks M3LON4 for the info, it makes me appreciate the music that makes a drama special!

      • 1.1.7 gingerandbrownsugar

        I’m wondering if you also know the music director of The Princess’s Man? That drama was and still is the definition of perfection in all aspect for me.

        • M3LON4

          Lee Ji-yong did The Princess’s Man, and the background music in that one was perfect, indeed. His previous credit includes Joseon Gunman so I think sageuk is his playground.

        • MikoDee

          Took the words out of my mouth. The music director is such a genuis. Till this day, I get chills listening to the OST playlist.

        • cherryarrow

          Oh my goodness, OST for Princess’ Man and Joseon Gunman are just splendid. I think Joseon Gunman is probably 1 of Lee Jun Ki’s best works

      • 1.1.8 Flightey Gazelles

        Wow, Nam Hye Son! Such a diverse resume. With varieties of genres, she is quite accomplished!!

      • 1.1.9 Sirey

        I still bop to Signal OST. Jang Ok Jung OST was good too

      • 1.1.10 Anonimosity

        Thank you very much M3LON4 for your very informative post. It totally deserves a topic on its own. Now I remember that the thing which drawn me wholly into Queen Seon Dok was its opening theme. I felt like I was transported back to Silla era and felt all its glory. And then entered Bidam (Bidam, oh my Bidam), the rest is history. Queen Seon Deok’s OSTs are among the best in sageuk dramas. Who could forget Lady Mishil’s haunting theme? Glorious, glorious music. Now I might have to go watch QSD again.

    • 1.2 Callie

      Don’t quote me on it, but I’ve actually heard that the background music for SH:R in certain scenes has been different depending on what version of the show you’re watching.

      For instance, in episode 4 in the scene where Wang So follows Su and is wavering between helping her carry the basket, those watching directly from SBS (or the ripped version of it) heard an instrumental song, while those watching on Youku/OneTV/Dramafever heard a song by Akdong Musician.

      Considering how much music can influence the audience’s perception of a scene, I’m not a fan of this 😕

      • 1.2.1 Divyrus

        I hope not ! I mean why would they even do that ? Do two kinds of editing, what purpose would it even serve !?
        I knew ost was bad but never thought it would be a song from akdong musicians? I have heard couple of their songs and they are quirky good. But to use songs and artists like that to a sageuk, how can someone even come up with this bad idea !

      • 1.2.2 Rolane

        I can vouch for this. I watch it on YouKu cause it’s the fastest option for me and also cause I can read Chinese. The music is seriously so off in the YouKu version but then I decided to watch the same episode but the SBS version, it was perfectly fine, no weird pop songs, tons of instrumentals instead. Today’s episode (6) was even worse! After watching the YouKu one, I decided to check out the SBS version and there were a lot of differences, in the sense that some scenes that was present in the YouKu one was missing in the SBS version and vice versa. While it didn’t make any alterations to the overall plot of the episode, I have to admit that the SBS one was better in the sense that it flowed better and the story was clearer.

        I think this is attributed to the fact that the version distributed to YouKu (and probably OneTV and DramaFire too) was the initial edit, and the one airing on SBS is the final cut that the production team revised after receiving the feedback and criticism from the viewers. Clearly the people at SBS are trying their best to improve the editing of the drama but it would’ve been nicer if all the versions are the same.

        • Callie

          Ugh, that sucks ☹ it’s like we’re basically watching a rough draft.

      • 1.2.3 cherryarrow

        Where do you watch the SBS version besides dramafever?

    • 1.3 pogo

      Good music producers? I will add

      4. Oh Jun-seong (City Hunter, Master’s Sun) – he makes the most amazing scores that fit the mood of the drama perfectly (Sad Run from City Hunter, all the instrumentals and first ending theme in Master’s Sun) , and I think he’d have been a great choice for SHR because he really does seem to have a knack for music that heightens the mood of a scene.

      His last drama was actually Lee Jun-ki’s previous one, Scholar Who Walks the Night – and I loved the background scores on that as well as the early OSTs. Unfortunately, I think sloppy production hobbled him – I remember complaints about the instrumental score being too loud in episode 1, and a horrible English-featuring OST much like the one blighting Scarlet Heart, making its way into the latter half of the drama (the G.Na ‘Don’t Cry’ one, good god I had a full-body cringe over that one).

      • 1.3.1 Divyrus

        Thank you Pogo ! I was looking for city hunter and master’s sun too ! I absolutely adore both the ost !

      • 1.3.2 m3lon4

        Great inclusion,I love Oh Jun-seong too. Sad Run is still on my playlist. I dropped MS and SWWTN after the first episode (just not my cup of tea) so I can`t vouch for the music there,but there`s a lot of goodwill left from City Hunter`s OST.

        • nekokami

          Oh Jun-seong is one of my favorite composers now, K-drama or otherwise. I’m willing to watch a drama he wrote the score for, even if there’s nothing else about it that pulls me in. 🙂

          That said, the music direction for Healer was also very good, even though it wasn’t as unified as a score written by one composer (I don’t know if Oh Jun-seong is always the music director when he’s the composer, but I’m pretty sure he actually wrote the scores for the above mentioned shows, including the vocal tracks.) Also, tip for those who don’t know: if you see a track attributed to “Green Cacao,” that’s OJS as well. 😀

    • 1.4 lunatic4kd

      @ M3LON4 – I couldn’t agree more about the importance of good music in a drama. The bad music absolutely KILLED Doctors for me long before I got bored with the show itself. The forced “comedy” music had me screaming at my computer. Music really makes a difference. Look at how perfect it is in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds However, Signal takes the cake and I shall now check out works by the Music PD duo you mentioned. Thank you!

      • 1.4.1 PakalanaPikake

        SIGNAL is one of my all-time favorite Kdramas, and the mesmerizing OST is a big part of it. It prompted me to dig around on YouTube to find other versions of some of the songs.

        신중현 – 나는 너를
        [Shin Jeong Hyun, b. 1938 – “I’m Yours” live, 2011]

        나는 너를 , 정차식 (시그널 ost)
        [Jung Cha Shik: I Will Forget You – live w/violin – SIGNAL OST]

        • Lindy12

          Thanks for this. I’d lost the link to the Shin Jung-hyun version. I wish Ask a Korean would continue with his 50 Most Influential K-pop Artists list. He’s just reached the top 6 – The Legends and I’m so curious to see who’s on it. Seo Taji and the Boys of course. Big Bang? Shin Jung-hyun has to be at the very top as the godfather of Korean rock and psychedelic music. He was arrested, banned from performing and suffered for his art but persevered. He’s one of 6 musicians, including Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan, to receive a Fender Custom Tribute Guitar. Jung Cha-shik’s version is so perfect for Signal – evocative, nostalgic, bittersweet but with an ominous and unresolved edge. It’s always good to go back and appreciate the original though.

    • 1.5 Catz

      Thanks for mentioning the music directors! I’m still not over Signal and ended up purchasing the OST, it’s the best I’ve heard for a long time. They’re the Han Zimmer’s of Korean OST.

      It makes me wonder who was behind “I hear your voice” and the recent “Age of Youth” which I liked as well. I wish there was more information on these music directors/producers.

      • 1.5.1 M3LON4

        For Age of Youth, the music producer was Lee Nam-yeon, another elite who’s mainly involved in movies, but is occasionally lured into dramaland by PD Ahn Pan-seok and they’ve worked together on I Heard it Through the Grapevine, Secret Love Affair and A Wife’s Credential. Impressive, huh?

        • juniper

          That is super impressive. I knew there was a reason I loved Age of Youth’s music haha. Secret Love Affair and Heard it Through the Grapevine are both superlative in that regard, and A Wife’s Credentials has one of the best kdrama soundtracks of all time imo. Whenever I hear Daydream Believer now I think of that drama.

          • Kiara

            Wow I had no idea and it makes sense now. That’s why Ahn Pan-seok is the best of the best!

        • Kiara

          Impressive indeed! Thanks for sharing <3.

    • 1.6 Divyrus

      Thank you M3LON4!!

      I have been having this thought all last week. With such a nice bgm of moonlight drawn from clouds to the fantastic music of W and then contrasting it with Moon lovers – I was really confused. On how such a huge production failed to get a decent music director. Thanks for the list again !

      And I have to mention Nam Hye Swung, I have seen cruel city once and probably have never heard the OST again but just seeing it mentioned here brings me back the feels I had for music while watching it ! It was SO good ! I can’t believe I don’t have it in my playlist ! This is such a great comment !

      @JB/GF – could you girls do a post on all these behind the scenes geniuses? The cinematographer, the music directors, the editors ! I often wonder about cinematographers, I mean kdramas these days look more and more gorgeous. For example, the final scenes of moonlight drawn from the clouds, both of them riding off to sunset. It was just perfect !

      • 1.6.1 CL

        Healer soundtrack which comes on when PMY trips on the bus and JCW catches her. That soundtrack still gives me goosebumps. It really matched the scenes in the drama.

      • 1.6.2 koreamom

        i second that! this is a wonderful post and really makes me remember some of those soundtracks. thank you for this info M3LON4. i hope jb and gf will take you up on your suggestion!

      • 1.6.3 Audrey

        Hey, I really have to second (or third or whatever) the request for JB/GF to post more info on “all these behind the scenes geniuses”, especially on the musical side! So often I’ve caught refrains of different musical styles in OST’s and so wanted to know who and where they came from, but until now, reading these posts, had no idea where to go to look for this kind of information. So yeah, I can glean some of what I want to know from the Beanies posts here, but would really like to learn more. Please, Dramabeans?!!!

    • 1.7 wapz

      That’s such a great post M3LON4. I’ve loved the music specially the instrumentals of all of these music directors but have never really checked that who is the genius behind them. I really like the duo and nam hye sung, she’s doing a wonderful job with JI.

      This makes me think who was the music director of one of my favourite instrumentals in kdramas i.e. Falling for innocence, loved the bgm there.

      Music sets the mood for the entire show and though I do like 1 or 2 instrumentals in SH, I really dislike the osts. I think it is best to stick with instrumenals in sageuk.

      • 1.7.1 M3LON4

        Kim Jun-seok (one half of the duo) was responsible for Falling for Innocence 🙂

        • wapz

          Woah!No wonder why I liked it. Thank you so much M3LON4, you’ve done a thorough and through research. ☺

      • 1.7.2 koreamom

        me too! i really love the instrumentals in OSTs, especially the saeguk music. oh heck, all of them. sometimes i buy the OST just for the bgm!

    • 1.8 BMA

      Hey, thanks for such a great post, and especially for mentioning Nam Hyeseung. I didn’t know the music director that has impressed me so much is female haha XD She did the OSTs for Cruel City and I was absolutely floored. When I watched The Good Wife, a few episodes in, I noticed the distinctive style and guessed that it must be her behind the score, and I was right!

      Do you happen to know if The Good Wife instrumental OSTs have been released? It’s been more than 2 weeks since the drama ended but I can’t find it anywhere, even on Korean music portals like Melon. I absolutely love the OSTs, I want that angsty violin OST and the melancholic guitar one so so bad 🙁

      • 1.8.1 M3LON4

        I too was initially under the impression that the music director who did TEN, Cruel City and My Beautiful Bride (such dark shows) must be a male. Imagine my surprise when I was reading interviews and the article referred to “she” and “her”. More reasons to fan-girl 🙂

        Unfortunately I don’t know if and when The Good Wife’s OSTs are going to be released.

        • BMA

          Thanks for replying! I guess that you speak Korean? That’s why you can find out about these music directors and read their interviews. I’m very interested in reading about them and their work too but there’s hardly any English sources 🙁 I tried searching for Nam Hyeseung on google once and nothing came up 😐

    • 1.9 cynkdf

      @M3LON4 – awesome post, thanks! About time someone writes at length about Korea’s supremely talented music directors and/or composers. Some of my favourite OSTs are from “Damo”, “Chuno”, “49 Days” and “Emperor of the Sea” – would you know who are the music directors of these dramas? Many thanks.

      • 1.9.1 M3LON4

        Chuno: Choi Chul-ho, who’s active in the early to late 2000 with Goodbye Solo, Style, Great King Sejong, Conspiracy in the Court, You’ve Fallen for Me, and Evasive Inquiry Agency.

        49 days: Park Se-jun, and he has quite the mixed list of credits: Lovers in Paris, Lovers, On Air, You’re Beautiful, Brilliant Legacy, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, A Gentleman’s Dignity, The Chaser, Gu’s Family Book, Empire of Gold, Heirs (WHAAAATT…), Sly and Single Again, Hyde Jekyll and Me, and The Girl who Sees Smell.

        Damo and Emperor of the Sea: both done by Lee Pil-ho, who also did Fashion 70s, Seoul 1945 and Beethoven Virus.

        • pogo

          Choi Chul-ho?!

          No wonder the score for Sassy Go Go was so perfect (and I am in forever SWOON mode over the whistling tune aka Hold On There) – they had a music director who knew his stuff!

        • cynkdf

          @M3LON4 thank you so much for the quick response. As suggested by Kestrel above, your post would make a great stand-alone post on DB so that it can gain a wider audience.

    • 1.10 The other Kiara

      M3LON4 <3. It's nice to talk about people behind the dramas . We don't give enough credit to music directors, producers etc who work just as hard to make a dramas/films enjoyable for us.
      I wish some of these drama awards would recognize them more than those best couple, hot actor etc which I find pretty silly.

      • 1.10.1 M3LON4

        I had a lot of fun researching for this too, a lot of “That’s why…” and “No wonder…”
        I consider what happen behind the scene as important as the trifecta (writing, directing, and acting) that’s more tangible for the viewers, and yes to more award recognition. These people deserve it.

        • bbstl

          Wooooow, look at the reaction to your post, M3LON4! Beanies have a lot to say about OSTs, there was a similar explosion in music-related comments in Friday’s OT. It sure sounds like you are the person who has the skill to blog on this topic, or maybe better yet to become a Minion to do it here? But I bet DB has already thought of that, right guys? Right??

          • M3LON4

            I’m glad that what started as #OperationSaveOppa and simple curiosity could incite such an enthusiastic discussion, it shows that beanies are not here just for the pretty, but that true drama fans do care about the blood, sweat and tears spent in producing a great drama.

            Thank you for the kind words, it’s certainly a great idea for DB to do a feature post on this topic, considering there’s a lot of interests. Music and drama are two of my favourite things so naturally I’m drawn to drama OSTs. However, I don’t know if I am the right person to deliver it, because I don’t have a degree in music or anything so I won’t be able to elaborate on the technicalities of a music score, for example. But just like any average viewer, I would know if the OSTs enhance the viewing experience, distract from it, or are just plain vanilla so as to be unmemorable.

            The information that I shared above is mainly obtained from Google, but it helps that I can read and understand Korean, since the sources are mainly in Korean.

    • 1.11 PakalanaPikake

      Thanks for your survey of director-music director partnerships and their OSTs. It really goes to show the difference inspired music selection — and its seamless integration — can make in the viewer’s enjoyment of a drama or film.

      After watching OH HAE YOUNG AGAIN, I concluded that the sound effects were practically a character in their own right. The same can be said for OSTs and BGM, too.

    • 1.12 BMA

      Love love this post. Do you happen to run a blog? If you do, I’d love to be a reader haha

    • 1.13 nmaxx

      Great post! Personally Miss Korea and MBC’s Pride and Prejudice are two OSTs I really love.

      And wow, Nam Hye-seung’s credits! MBB was amazing.

    • 1.14 ys

      The scores for Arang and the Magistrate and Empress Ki were beautiful–lush and atmospheric.

    • 1.15 August

      Thanks M3LON4 for your post on this. Big fan of a lot of the OST’s, instrumentals, and music arrangements mentioned in the discussion: Monstar, Misaeng, Signal, Queen In-hyun’s Man, Flower Boy Next Door, I Need Romance series, Discovery of Romance, My Beloved Eun-dong, Memory, The Good Wife, The Three Musketeers, Cruel City, Heart to Heart, Chuno, Arang & The Magistrate, Faith, City Hunter, Master’s Sun, Falling for Innocence, My Beautiful Bride, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, A Gentleman’s Dignity, Miss Korea, etc.

      A Eureka moment — learning the names of the kdrama music directors who have left us with the discovery of great music additions to our playlists time and time again!

    • 1.16 M3LON4

      For those who are curious, the music director for SH: Ryeo is Choi Sung-kwon. He has worked with PD Kim Kyu-tae in That Winter, the Wind Blows and It’s Okay, It’s Love.
      His most recent completed project is Uncontrollably Fond.

      • 1.16.1 wapz

        Really?! That guy is good too. Not amongst my favourites but I do end up liking a few of his osts. But I guess he has little experience with sageuk. That said a few instrumentals are good, only of they start usibg them instead of the osts.

    • 1.17 Blueribbon

      This is such an interesting convo I learned so much.

  2. nissa

    “But I find myself increasingly annoyed when the show spends too much time away from Lee Jun-ki. When he’s front and center? I’m all eyes and ears. When he’s offscreen? First of all, why would you do that, and second of all, what is this nonsense? *throws remote*..

    Not another CITT disaster i suppose.. nah… they wouldn’t dare, would they?

    • 2.1 Lola

      They definitely wouldn’t dare, but my god am I feeling the loss whenever Wang So is not smoldering up my screen. I’ve heard that this is LJK’s last sageuk for a while, please say it aint’ so Lee Jun Ki?

      • 2.1.1 pogo

        I mean, he’s done four sageuk dramas in as many years and we fans want him back in a modern role sometime but nooooo don’t stop doing sageuk!

        He said he was getting too old to play a prince, but there are plenty of other roles he can play, I mean Song Il-gook and Jang Hyuk are older than him and still happily doing sageuks.

        I wish he’d try a romcom sometime though, if he’s looking for a non-sageuk. Now that he’s definitively established his sageuk and action chops, I would love to see him revisit a little of his My Girl-era cheese, not sure which writer I would trust with it though.

        • IvoryLight

          Ah just the thought of seeing him all pretty in modern clothing makes me super excited.

          I would prefer it to be in the style of the Cosmopolitan shoots though, and please for the love of God and puppies nothing like the mess that was Kim Tan’s wardrobe in Heirs, which I am convinced is one of the reasons I had to drop that drama. I just could not take LMH seriously when they dressed him in all the fugly sweaters. Maybe it was to distract from his beauty??

          I have no doubt that LJK’s looks can overcome similarly bad wardrobe choices but pleeeeeeease pick a modern drama where you get to wear clothes as cool as you LJK!!

          • pogo

            His wardrobe in Two Weeks was pretty nicely on point, though – yay for leather jackets!

        • PakalanaPikake

          He said he was getting too old to play a prince, but there are plenty of other roles he can play, I mean Song Il-gook and Jang Hyuk are older than him and still happily doing sageuks.

          You’re reading my mind again, pogo! Considering that JH’s earlier sageuk roles were pretty much all commoners or ruined yangban up until his turn as Wang So in SHINE OR GO CRAZY, there could be some attractive underdog roles just waiting for LJG. Or maybe a nice rom-com along the lines of WINDSTRUCK.

          I haven’t yet watched JANG YOUNGSIL with SIK yet, but am looking forward to his performance as the Thomas Edison of Joseon.

    • 2.2 pogo

      re: your last sentence – most definitely not, they’d never dare. Not with Lee Jun-ki!

      That said (and I have to put my fangirl instincts aside here and look at the story so far), if they tried something like that, I believe it’d at least be more consistent with the story presented so far on our screens, than what happened with CITT i.e. the first half feeling like a jarringly different drama from the second thanks to, well, you know.

    • 2.3 Celine

      They wouldn’t dare do that to LJK! I too totally felt the absence of So on my screen in the past eps and it sucks! I just know he’s there somewhere being awesome,so I take comfort in that idea. lol

      • 2.3.1 pogo

        Well, he had to go get fitted for his pretty new clothes and practice how to do his hair perfectly 🙂

    • 2.4 zia

      No…this is not another CITT disaster. If you will watch the c-version of Scarlet Heart, the 4th prince also has lesser screentime compared to the 8th. Things will change once they start fighting for the throne, or should I say when the main girl started to have a change of heart.

  3. neener

    You never realized how many dramas you’re watching until you have to comment on each one in one post. HAHA

    • 3.1 Yoyo

      This is so true! Its like an emotion that you just have to get off your chest or it’ll bug you and keep you up all night.

      Dramabeans is like my batcave. A place where I can let off some steam because my OTP played a game of noble idiocy, a place where I can read other peoples creative perspective, a place to read hilarious comments, snarky remarks, awesome comebacks and brilliant recaps. Its a place where everyone seems like a familiar face and no one is ever the odd one in the group. Its my batcave because I have secret identity but then I don’t really have to play pretend. Its a happy place where happy people belong! #proudbeanie

      • 3.1.1 neener


        There’s just too many good things in this community. Since I’m no good in words like you Yoyo…. VIRTUAL GROUP HUGS! hihihi

      • 3.1.2 koreamom

        love your comment and i so agree! i could not LIVE without Dramabeans! could NOT! and i love all the creativity of the beanies and their comments. not to mention loving GF and JB and the crew!

      • 3.1.3 Audrey

        So well said, Yoyo—thank you for your words about our Dramabeans batcave! I can’t match what you said and wouldn’t try because you expressed everything so perfectly—count me in as a proud and happy beanie.

      • 3.1.4 Purple Owl

        Aw! Yoyo, that was beautiful.

        And you’re a part of the Batman is his true identity side of the fandom? High five!

  4. stuffed

    I’m with you on Scarlet Heart and Lee Jun ki. After the second episode I stopped watching live despite the simultaneous livecast in my country and I just wait for the next day to watch only the scenes with him in it. Hopefully he’ll get more screentime soon as his relationship with IU develops so that I can go back to rewatching live. They owe us half the screentime to make up for the fact that we can only stare at half the pretty face. 😟

  5. clairie

    Moonlight is messin’ with ma feeling too! It’s cliché but my heart ache so bad for the characters

  6. Lizzie

    I seem to keep ffwding JSW in Fantastic.. unless he is with the leading lady. He is too over the top for me. Plus I just love Taehoon. He’s perfect and JSW can’t even compare rn. I love the ladies tho. Their friendship is everything. Seoul’s in-laws are poison and Ji-soo is a puppy. 🙂

  7. An

    This new crop of dramas are pretty good (though I’m sad at watching W end and saying good bye to LJS and his wardrobe).

    Jealousy Incarnate: Jo Jung Seok is something.. he is a jerk and yet hilarious with his stupid antics.

    Scarlet Heart: Javabeans had it down perfect. As long as I’m watching Lee Jun Ki, I’m enjoying this drama but the moment he isn’t there, I don’t know why I’m watching this and when he’s gonna come back.

    I am planning to watch Cinderella because predictable is not bad if it’s satisfying.

  8. Yui

    Yes for suki na hito.. I enjoy that dorama so much. I wish you guys watch C drama called just one smile is very alluring aka love o2o.

    I watched some dramas you guys mentioned above. Dropped two or three. And will drop another later.

    W got boring. Scarlet, my bad, i compared it with the original one sooo soon or later im gonna quit watching, depends on the story later. Still watching fantastic and drinking solo but not sure how i feel about it. UF was such an old recipe, this kind of drama only worked 10-15 years ago when winter sonata was on the top.
    2nd to last love and cinderella, i dropped it.

    My current faves are only moonlight and tailor. Tailor with 50episodes, hmm.. Im not good in keeping the commitment but im not bad either.
    Jealousy got all the hyped. Fave casts and romcom but everybody related to each other makes me sign. Too much stories in one drama. But ghj and jjs save it with their hilarious comical acting. Gonna continue it.

    • 8.1 Jen

      OMG Yui!

      Me!! Me!! I’m watching Just One Smile is Very Alluring aka Love o2o. Reasons why I love it:

      1) Yang Yang. Need I say more? I’ve never known who he is and don’t really like Chinese dramas but he nailed the Da Shen/Lao Shan/Xiao Nai role for me with his complete calm and coolness, plus gosh he’s so darn cute/good looking! One of the best looking Chinese (or any culture) actors I’ve seen.

      2) The friendship! Between the girls and between the guys, they are always there to support each other! This drama really brings me back to college days and reminds me how important friendship is! REAL friendship!

      3) How the guys will always protect their bestie’s “wife” Wei Wei, online (reel) or in real life. Anyone who dares to bully Wei Wei will mean bulling their bestie Lao Shan and this is NOT to be tolerated! Love them for always taking care of the girl no matter what.

      4) How Yang Yang’s Lao Shan trusts his “wife” Wei Wei no matter what! Makes me re-think what true love is. He adores and dotes on her, and appreicates that she is intelligent (top scholar), kind and truthful. A real gem.

      Only minor thing I have complaint about is how skinny the lead actress is……. Other than that, the drama is one of the most addictive I’ve ever seen in my life (that’s saying a lot coz I’ve watched lots of Jdramas, Kdramas and series from the USA etc.) and changed my perception on modern Chinese college students and enterpreneurs.

      Glad you liked it too!

      And yes, wish you guys in DB try this drama out!

      • 8.1.1 crystalla

        I tried it LoveO2O, and really disliked it – disliked it alot. They’re in college, but the level of gossip and maturity is at the high school level for most of the characters. I like video games but just can’t relate to having feelings for someone you play video games with and don’t even know in real life. And hard to be vested in what happens in a video game. Like who cares….

        If you really wanna watch a good mainland chinese drama – and this is the only chinese drama I recommend at this time – it would be Nirvana in Fire. Unlike the drama above, it’s smart, makes sense, there’s a lot plot, and intrigue.

        • Jen

          Nirvana in Fire is Lang Ya Bang right?

          Agree that Love O2O is very light-hearted and can be ridiculous sometimes. But this is the genre, so don’t take it too seriously. I find it refreshing because it deals with online game and real life, and I’ve never watch anything that blends these 2 before (ok plus the EYE CANDY kekeke). Just drool and kyaaaa over Yang Yang.

          I know China has a lot of heavy-weight good (epic) dramas and sometimes I find that the reasons precisely why I don’t tune in to those are 1) too lengthy; 2) too political; 3) too heavy and maybe 4) too serious.

          Everyone’s taste is different I guess…. BUT having said that, Nirvana in Fire is in my to-watch list from China (1 of the very few) because of the hype…. Since its LONG, I really hope I get the mood to start^^

          Thanks for recommending it!

          • lulupony

            If you like light Chinese dramas, I heard My Amazing Boyfriend and Love Me if You Dare are both popular and fully subbed on Viki. Haven’t watched either, but they seemed to be well liked by the international audience. Ode to Joy is another one that’s relatively popular, where the female friendships are the center of the show.

            Nirvana in Fire (and you’re right, it’s called Lang Ya Bang in Chinese) is actually relatively light compared to traditional historical C-dramas, but I find it quite well-adjusted for an international audience. Just to warn you that the love line is very secondary to the story, and the most emphasized relationship are friendships and that of loyalty between a man and his country.

            Since I’m native Chinese, I tend to be pickier with C-dramas, and I would say the best ones are mostly un-subbed unfortunately. It’s true that China excels the most in heavy, plot-based dramas, especially historical ones, but they tend to require a certain level of mental investment to get absorbed into the story.

        • Tara

          100% agreed. Love020 and Nirvana Under Fire are on opposite ends of the spectrum, genre only a very small factor. Nirvana is one of my alltime favourite dramas. It’s epic, but not on a colossal scale like three kingdoms or other empire-building series. The premise is not exactly groundbreaking, but the acting is very good, the writing is tight and intelligent, the cinematography and costumes are gorgeous. I haven’t read the novel but heard great stuff. (I am eager to watch Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy, but I’m scared I’m being fooled by the epic trailer. Some Chinese drama trailers are deceptively good but I’ve been burned in the past so I’m being cautious this time round).

          Love020 (the series) is juvenile in comparison. However, I can understand why it’s loved by some people. Unfortunately Yang Yang nor video games do anything for me. (KO and Hao Mei’s relationship does, but their screentime is so little that I wish someone could identify those episodes so I don’t have to waste my time). On the otherhand I like the tone of the movie version of Love020 (based on the trailer that is).

          • Nessie

            Another Nirvana In Fire fan here, absolutely love the drama, will rewatch again and again.

            Oh so that’s the English name for the promoted Chinese drama I sorta see everywhere. There is quite a hype for it right now. I’m trying not to get my hopes too high either, what if all the promo is just a facade? There are alot of Chinese dramas being made all the time but truly good ones are hard to find.

    • 8.2 Mev

      I watching both suki na hito and love 020 aswell!!

      Love 020 was great but I did feel like they wasn’t much story considering its 30 episode drama.

  9. AussieGrl

    “Friends help friends get over an addiction by getting them addicted to something new!”
    In my case it’s sisters, one sister got me addicted to Gilmore Girls and Friends, then another sister helped me get over those by getting me addicted to Bones, a third sister then introduced me to Buffy (that was a serious addiction), but I can forgive her now because she also gave me the cure in the form of Korean Dramas and here I am to stay 🙂

    • 9.1 Gem

      Gilmore, Friends, Buffy………all my favorites. They don’t make those kinds of shows anymore, what a pity.

      • 9.1.1 nchoe

        Actually, Girlmore Girls is going to be back with new season.

        • AussieGrl

          I know, I’m super excited but also a little apprehensive. Fingers crossed that it will live up to the original (and give us a more satisfying ending!!)

        • Mev

          What are u serious?!! Gilmore girls has another season. Wow so many new season from old shows first prison break and now Gilmore girls.

          • Ema

            do you know where can i watch gilmore and felicity online?.

          • Kreyon

            @Ema Gilmore Girls is on Netflix, and I think Felicity was too but I’m not sure if it still is

      • 9.1.2 JesO

        And most importantly, the genius writers are back from season 1-6. The last season, is the season we shall not speak of.

        Yay! Gilmore Girls! Can’t hardly wait!

        • IvoryLight

          YAAAS Gilore Girls!!

          And..unpopular opinion time but…TEAM LOGAN FTW!! (If she must end up with someone…I’d be good if she didn’t too 🙂 )

          • IvoryLight

            Ugh. Too excited = typos.

            *GILMORE Girls.

          • Mev

            Nooooooooo!! Team jess lol 😁

          • okitokki

            haha I know it’s not a popular opinion but I liked Logan a lot, too—Dean was a terrible boyfriend (he was so possessive! and he was always so angry when rory didn’t seem as into him as he was into her! and the worst part is that no one noticed; Lorelai and everyone acted like he was always this great guy, but I never really liked him), and Jess was a jerk, too (although he was much better when they were all older). Logan and his rich friends were kind of obnoxious but idk, I still really liked him haha.

          • Purple Owl

            Team Jess all the way! Milo Ventimiglia was once the love of my life. And that time he thought the uniform at Luke’s was a backwards baseball cap and flannel. Oh, and when he stole school baseballs because it wasn’t a heavy crime but annoying enough to get attention. Oh, and of course when he mentioned writing in the columns of books being a way to get to know someone’s true self. Always wanted to do that but it messes with me optically. And then when he actually wrote a book! Ugh, I wish The Subsect existed in real life.

            Team Logan is far behind Jess but still second. What? He was almost perfect for Lorelai Jr.

            Then, Team Tristan. Mainly because I really wanted them together that season. And because I want to see how they could match in the present.

            Team Marty because I freaking love him. And why couldn’t they just date? Wae?!

            I guess Team Dean is a possibility. Just don’t expect me to be happy.

    • 9.2 Celine

      GILMORE GIRLS!!! Love love love!

    • 9.3 Purple Owl

      I have to answer the GG call!

    • 9.4 salt n' pepper

      I love Friends, Buffy and Bones so seems like I’ll like Gilmore Girls, too. Maybe I should give it a try someday when I feel like I need a new show to marathon.

  10. 10 news

    Second lead syndrome is a real thing lately; I can’t choose between the lead and second lead.

    Hae-Sung vs Joon-Gi

    Crown Prince vs Yoon-Sung

    Jealousy Incarnate
    Hwa-Shin vs Jung-Won

    Except for Lee Jun-Ki. He always wins in sageuks.

  11. 11 earthna

    I can’t pick up my pace so I ended up watching a drama again when I’m not supposed to.

    So I started watching Coffee Prince. Yep. I’ve never watched it before. I’m currently in episode 5 and I find it okay. It could be because of the time gap. I think my younger self would have enjoyed it more. Seriously though, why are the characters so gross? I don’t think I’ll be eating black bean noodles for a while. Eunchan is the most believable girl-pretending-to-be-a-boy I’ve seen in a kdrama. Gong Yoo is amazing and I love it when Lee Sungyun smiles. The other girl though… I would just never get characters who leave their lovers with no reason whatsoever then they think they can just come back years later and the person would accept him/her back. Like really? I know it’s still too early in the drama but ugh. I just don’t like characters like this.

    • 11.1 Flightey Gazelles

      Yoon Eun Hye is really believable as a guy. I was recently unpacking and I stumbled across my dvd for Coffee Prince and it was the picture with all the princes on it. I turned and said to my sister ” look at the poster, would anyone think that there was a girl in this picture? “. She was like “kai, they really tried in this movie, she gave her all in this”.
      She removed her vanity for this project. I was really shocked to see her glamorous and sexy side in real life. Plus * spoilers but not really* it has one of the best makeovers in the end. Realistic and not overboard. Just muted, a fitted T-shirt, jeans and slightly longer hair.

      • 11.1.1 earthna

        Yep. At times, I really saw her as a guy. She did really well.

    • 11.2 V

      Coffee Prince takes exactly 5 episodes to really gel together, so don’t worry, the story only gets better from here! It’s my number one kdrama of all time, but I recognize it was a little slow to establish itself in the beginning. I hope you enjoy it.

      • 11.2.1 earthna

        Oh, thank you! I’m glad to hear that. More motivation to finish it.

        • Fab

          It gets better because she’s going to be his wing-man! And the coffee shop… I don’t remember what happened when but sorry if I’m spoiling it for you. Great show, may rewatch one of these days.

    • 11.3 melts

      Seriously though, why are the characters so gross? I don’t think I’ll be eating black bean noodles for a while

      this is why I could not even watch it back then. I heard it got many praises here and there, but every time I see someone brings it up, the gross parts always pop up. I guess I’ll never be able to watch it lol.

    • 11.4 PakalanaPikake


      Congratulations! You’re in for a treat. I first watched it last winter, and rewatched it two months later. The characters are memorable, and I really hated to get to the last episode.

      The OST and background music is terrific. IIRC, there’s also a special episode with finale BTS. Be sure to check out the DB recaps… And if the music grabs you, there are dedicated posts on that, too.

      As for the grossness… I think it’s part of Eun-Chan’s protective coloration as well as a “guys will be guys” thing. It cracks me up that her sister calls her “hyung.”

      The old “girl who eats like a horse” schtik was also employed in THE KING’S DAUGHTER, SU BAEK-HYAN. Picture Seo Hyun-Jin in Three Kingdoms soldier drag… and she really is starving.

    • 11.5 Boomboompow

      Coffee Prince is such a treat – it started my love for Kdrama.

      And yes YEH is amazing, she really acts like a boy and it impressed me to end with her talent and commitment. I got my husband to rewatch it with me few months back and he has to confirm it with me if she’s really a she.

      Speaking of CP, I heard KYJ from Moonlight watched CP for her role and I can see some of it mirrored in the way she speaks in lower voice and that cute nose-crunching thing when she talks.

    • 11.6 bbstl

      LOL earthna, thanks for reminding me why I stopped eating jjajjangmyun! I can’t even watch someone eat it onscreen anymore but had forgotten why and CP is the reason. Crack me up!
      But I do envy you the pleasure of watching every other part of it for the first time. Oh! It’s the BEST.

  12. 12 Mindy

    W–Two Worlds: Still really enjoying this show, although not quite as much as I loved it before. I remember the feeling I had at the end of episode 4 (basically me spewing a bunch of incoherent words at my TV tbh) and wish I was still feeling that OMGEXCITED about this show, but hey, I still look forward to it every week. I can’t believe we only have one episode left! Also, Lee Jong-seok is pretty.

    Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Surprisingly, I’m really enjoying this. I started it on Sunday and basically marathoned all 5 episodes so while I did have a vague understanding that episodes 4 and 5 were much more enjoyable and well-done than the first 3, the exact line wasn’t as clear to me. I just though, “Oh, it’s getting better the more I watch! Good!”. Kang Haneul is pretty. IU is adorable. I love So. \^O^/

    Master’s Sun: I’ve been meaning to watch this one for AAAAGES. C’mon, it’s the Hong sisters, Gong Hyo-jin, So Ji-sub, AND *gasp* my fave, Seo In-gook?! I love the tone of this show. I’m only 4 episodes in but I think it blends the comedy and “horror” wonderfully. Gong Hyo-jin is KILLING IT on all levels tbh.

    High School King of Savvy: Another one I’ve been meaning to watch, purely because of Seo In-gook. Lemme tell you… I heard this drama was funny, but I didn’t expect it to have me in stitches THE WHOLE TIME. I’m serious, I probably laugh out loud throughout this entire show. 6 episodes down just between yesterday and today and I honestly almost want to slow down to preserve it. SIG’s acting in this is a little bit genius. I obviously love him big time, but most of the other roles I’ve seen him (and loved him) in have been on the more serious side. I’ve never seen him act quite like this (but to be honest I could say that about EVERY role he takes on, each performance is more unique and charming than the next) and I am just having a blast watching this.

    • 12.1 ObsessedMuch

      Yay for another fan of High School King of Savvy. Seo In Guk is really amazing in all the roles he takes up, but he was the most adorable in this one. When you are done watching the show, do check out a video that a fellow beanie-Asmara- made on youtube titled “If Min Suk was my boyfriend”. The vid has all the cute SIG scenes of the show in one place!

    • 12.2 pogo

      Yeah, it was the same for me with Scarlet Heart – the ‘oh hey. this is getting good!’ feeling that started coming in around episode 3 and definitely set in by 4.

      and Master’s Sun is SO MUCH FUN. I really want So Ji-sub and Gong Hyo-jin to do another drama or movie or something, they are my favourite Hong sisters couple ever.

    • 12.3 korfan

      Master’s Sun in fantastic. Glad you’re enjoying it so far.

      Happy viewing!

    • 12.4 Celine

      I adore SIG, but I waited quite some time before I watched High School King. This drama surprised me. I did not expect that this drama will make me cry and tug my heart. It’s funny, but it has heart. I absolutely love Gramps and Dad.

      • 12.4.1 angieya

        Gramps is the most adorable grandpa I’ve ever seen in dramaland. ❤️

      • 12.4.2 Mindy

        I knew I would like Grandpa from his vert first scene where he was just casually eating an entire plare of cookies LOL.

    • 12.5 Blue

      High School King is one of the most hilarious shows I’ve ever seen and I liked that it stays funny all the way through. The standard rom-com pattern of starting funny and ending in a string of tearjerker episodes and !!drama!! has always irked me. This show has its very good moments of poignancy and emotional conflict, both inner and outer, but it never gets too overbearing, seamlessly meshing the fun and the heart and not sacrificing one for the other. And you have to love how committed SIG and LH were to their roles. They were both a riot. And the 2 friends. And Grandpa. Even Jin Woo. I think you can tell how much I loved this!

      • 12.5.1 Boomboompow

        And the awesome thing about Savvy is though it’s a comedy, it can really pulled your heartstring and cry your eyes out in some scenes.

        And Min Suk – Gramps are ❤

  13. 13 V

    Watching Scarlet Heart, Jealousy Incarnate, W, and Fantastic. Cinderella if I’m bored lol. JI is my FAVE show at the moment. Really loving it. It’s a classic underdog story with a Bridget Jones type romance that I can’t wait for the show to fully explore. Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Jin are absolutely wonderful in this. My weekdays are busy again!

    • 13.1 V

      Also, while I think the directing and editing criticisms for Scarlet Heart are spot on, I still don’t get the level of bashing this show and its actors (barring Lee Jun Ki and Kang Ha Neul) got, it honestly does not deserve such bad ratings but many on here have already defended it so I’m going to leave it at that. Whatever, I’m enjoying the show and the cast and can’t wait for the romance/love triangle to heat up!

      W sadly has lost its steam for me, which I never thought I’d say given how much I enjoyed the first several episodes. But idk, somewhere along the new Kang Chul storyline the story and romance slowed down too much for my taste. Old Kang Chul, despite being impulsive and a little callous had a much more exciting plot line than new Kang Chul. And the romantic scenes have become scarce too. What’s up with that? LJS and Han Hyo Joo have electric chemistry, why not milk it for all its worth? This is suprising to me especially since this is the same writer for Queen In hyun’s Man, who definitely took advantage of Yoo Ina and Ji Hyun Woo’s chemistry. So what happened to W? I mean in the first half we got so many good kisses, and we know this writer doesn’t shy away from kisses! Ergh, I’m confused and slightly frustrated even though I am still watching and enjoying the show, though with much less fervor than before. I’m just hoping the final episode is at least good. Sigh.

      Loving FantastiC, especially Park Shi Yeon and Jisoo’s budding romance. Hope her in laws get their comeuppance, and her SPOILER *****, ******** husband too!!! 😠😠

      • 13.1.1 Kazzah

        Seul’s husband and his family are the worst! Where is a truck of doom or a Subway foot long with salmonella when you really need it?

        I’m hanging on hoping for some serious retribution for them.

        • salt n' pepper

          LOL @ “Subway foot long with salmonella”!

        • Islander_58North

          I’m loving Sul and Sang Wook’s situation…so cute! Her hubs and in-laws are some of worst in dramaland ever.

      • 13.1.2 Cocoboo

        Oh my gosh, you’re right about the lack of romance in the last few episodes of W…. I think I missed that. LJS and HHJ have great chemistry.

      • 13.1.3 Midnight

        I’m waiting for W to end before I start to watch it , but I’m glad to read that they have toned down the romance scenes. I absolutely LOVED Nine , but Queen In Hyun completely turned me off with the excesive romance and kissing. It felt adolescent to me, too much kissing and too much lonely crying, and a very thin plot.

      • 13.1.4 Audrey

        Wow, am I glad to hear your reactions to “W”! I thought there was something wrong with me in watching a show I truly loved at the outset, but now have found myself not so “invested” in as I had before. I mean, I’ll never quit it, but where did the “pizzaz” go? Maybe I should have watched it all at once and not have had the lag time between episodes? But no, don’t think that’s it—feels like the show needs to get it’s “groove” back, like ASAP!

  14. 14 Okdramas

    It started with the exemption of W during the Rio Olympics…the need to re-watch Pinnochio was so great that I ended up marathoning all the episodes one late Saturday night.
    As I fell more and more in love with Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds,I decided there just wasn’t even Bo Gum in my life and there I went, watching Answer me 1988 into the wee hours of the morning.

    Watching that, I felt the urge to watch Lucky Romance again just to get in more doses of Ryu Jun Yeol but I resisted.

    But watching last week’s episodes of Moonlight and Moonlovers sent me into a frenzy of drama watching and soon I had watched all of I Remember You (scary but cute Bo gum!) and then Scholar who walks the night.

    With W ending this week, I am sure you will find me watching I Hear Your Voice this weekend to fill the Lee Jong Seok shaped hole in my heart. And we all know that my resistance to watching Lucky Romance again is crumbling as we speak.

    Oh, the life and trials of a K-drama addict.

    • 14.1 ObsessedMuch

      I would love to say “Been there, done that” but sadly (not really) I am still doing the same. I finished re- watching Answer Me 1997 because I was missing SIG so much and couldn’t really wait just for like 20 days(10 now) for Shopping King Louie.

    • 14.2 Celine

      I re-watched Pinocchio too and I need to do another to get my LJS fix now that W is ending. I can’t believe it will take about another year before we get to see Jongsuk back on the small screen.

    • 14.3 Boomboompow

      Moonlight is my no #1 obsession right now (will King Louie took the throne from Crown Prince Yeong though?)

      And these spoilers on my insta feed for episode 7 is killing me! Does anyone know which site release eng-subbed shows the fastest?

  15. 15 Cidorta

    I’m still wondering what would had been. I think Uncontrollable Fund could had been a great melodrama if the story half way had turn around love, forgiveness. I would had love to see more about the interactions between KWB and his mom, even to see the brothers together, and finally Suzy and KWB together longer than just 2 episodes, and maybe see a time skip of a few years and see her be a successful if not someone that everyone respect as a PD, Would had been nice to see KWB mom and Suzy to see these 2 ladies together talking about life and there are stronger because KWB was part of their life.

    For Scarlet Heart, I wondering if the first episode instead introducing all princes together at the bath house if PD and writer had introduce one or two at the time acting more mature less childish at different locations the viewers may have not been turn off and would had been less critical about their acting.
    Music on this drama doesn’t affect me as much as I live in a modern area and is hard to think about half siblings getting married.

  16. 16 Dini

    I’m totally agree with JB about Scarlet Heart . I really need more Lee Jun Ki 😭

  17. 17 blnmom

    I’m still watching way too many dramas. I wanted to drop Fantastic but then Jisoo showed up. Then Cinderella, but now Jung Ilwoo is all smiley and cute. Argh.

    • 17.1 kazzah

      I’m thinking of dropping Cinderella and marathoning either Moonlight or Jealousy Incarnate to get caught up.

      The female second lead in Cinderella is driving me crazy and the plot direction of the last two episodes is downright frustrating.

      • 17.1.1 deathbychocolate

        I agree with you on the second female lead in Cinderella. That girl makes me scream bloody murder and makes me throw things at my laptop screen. I can’t stand here. Makes me hate her more because after all the obsessiveness and stalking, there is a great possibility she’ll end up with HM. Why? Why? Whyyyyyyy? 😭

        • deathbychocolate


        • Nanoo

          Oh.. I’m not alone, I seriously want to swear at her whenever she appeared in my screen. People who cast her is the biggest sinner

  18. 18 Mia

    I am loving Scarlet Heart Ryeo so so much!!! And I love it when historical dramas add modern music in. I was pleasantly surprised when that happened in Arang! Which also had Lee Jun ki! The raps with the lyrical just gets to me. I miss Faith and Arang with their fantastic background music and osts.

    I’ll keep rooting for you Ryeo!!! Fighting!!! ❤❤❤

    • 18.1 pogo

      Arang and Faith actually did a good job of incorporating modern music in fantasy sageuk – Scarlet Heart otoh, the OSTs themselves are badly composed, sloppily inserted and takes the viewer right out of the setting.

      It’s not really about the mere fact that they’re using modern music, it’s that the execution is terrible.

      • 18.1.1 Flightey Gazelles

        Oh I loved Faith, flaws and all except for that *spoilers* ending. Why are they standing there looking at each other like fond enemies who have grown wary of fighting each other. Seriously, even Tom will give Jerry a warmer reception. Are they happy? They are suppressing their TINY smiles. Are they relieved to be together one again? They look like couples about to divorce, sad that it didn’t work out. Does he want to kiss her? You tell me, I’m doubting Choi Young’s lips function bcos he can’t even manage a gasp in that scene, perhaps all his teeth got knocked out in battle and he doesn’t want to startle her on their first meeting, it been a hundred years and all.
        Still Kim Hee Sun’s Eun Soo was winning in her fish-out-the-water antics and her brave and self-preservatory(lol) heart. It was my first time seeing her and I became an instant fan plus her chemistry with Lee Min Ho was nice.

        • shelly

          i liked that ending a lot – except they could’ve kissed maybe. but it was a “finally here” look from both of them. like their ship *see what it did here, lol* had finally come to the port.

          looking back fondly at it, i still like it, but nowadays i find LMH not so engaging as before. it might be the heirs effect – i dropped that – or maybe my tastes have changed. i’ll probably take a look at his upcoming mermaid drama, but heh, a male mermaid?! (and there’s another mermaid drama starting about at the same time… what’s going on? everybody getting the same big idea at the same time? strange.)

          kim hee sun was an instant hit with me – i had no idea i’d end up liking the woman more than the male character.

        • Flightey Gazelles

          I dit need a kiss, not even a hug or a Bollywood run-into-each-other’s-embrace kind of action. Just….more emotions than that!! I know the theme is Faith so we’re supposed to think that they were sooooooooo sure they’d meet again so need for suprise but even Jang Hyuk in his sleepy Ken mode in Iris: 2 registered more shock.
          I know I sound dramatic but it’s a minor complaint in an otherwise enjoyable series!! Loved Eun Soo and unforgettable heavenly curse: F- K, go to hell!!

          • Islander_58North

            I liked the ending…we knew what would be going on behind closed doors! The look between them was that they finally found each other again. Wonderful!

        • Audrey

          Ah Faith: My very first K-Drama and we know how that goes! (Saeguk, like I didn’t even know the word back then). Watched it four times, love the OST still and have come to appreciate how much the music can add to a drama. SPOILER ALERT…What I will never appreciate is the so-called political meandering when I kept waiting for them to delve into Eun Soo’s wanderings back story, which they crammed in at the last. And the last scene of them meeting, well, I can’t begin to guess how many times I replayed that—still can’t say if a kiss would have been appropriate, but I think I have memorized every gesture and nuance of the scene…and have loved every delicate moment.

  19. 19 IllColouryouHANEUL

    *but this scarlet heart will keep beating steadily for one prince for the rest of my days: Kang Haneul. – gummimochi* <3

  20. 20 sky

    Can someone pump some life into hye ji? I don’t get why half of the time both the male leads are pining or worrying after her. She is the ultimate robocop of drama land, I concur. Also it’s just plain wrong how ji woon just tries to act all high and hard to get around ha won, it’s like while she’s trying to be all friendly and natural, he’s doing the opposite. Is it supposed to look cool or something? I hate guys who show off :S

    • 20.1 Flightey Gazelles

      I suspect that not even the gas kang ji hwan’s character gave his assistant in Coffee House can animate this chick! I agree with the beanie who called her an innocent b!tch. Perfect description, BIB: Bland Innocent Bitch!

  21. 21 Vemasi

    What show/webtoon/whatever is TeriYaki’s avatar from?

    • 21.1 mary

      It’s a scene from Pinocchio (The Park Shin-hye Lee Jong-suk drama).

    • 21.2 annyeong


    • 21.3 rentenmann

      From one of the early episodes of “Pinocchio”, which has more LJS!

  22. 22 rentenmann

    It’s been on my watchlist for a year; I just watched all 16 eps of “Secret Love Affair”. Yoo Ah-in was amazing to watch. I was riveted to the end! Then I watched the two eps of “Jealousy Incarnate”, which was a laugh-out-loud funny and heart-rending way to end the weekend. I’ll have plenty of dramas-watching to keep me busy while I await “W”. I’m thinking of watching (for the fifth or sixth time) “I Hear Your Voice” to get more LJS on my screen. \(^0^)/

    • 22.1 pogo

      If you liked Secret Love Affair, you should definitely try Heard It Through the Grapevine, it’s so insanely good.

      It’s 32 episodes long, but absolutely glorious – funny and cynical and like the nightmare version of Fated To Love You i.e. what really happens to average girls who get tangled with chaebol heirs.

    • 22.2 Kreyon

      I was shocked by how intensely Secret Love Affair pulled me in. Was not expecting it to be a marathon-till-the-wee-hours watch.

  23. 23 fangirl sy

    Currently watching:

    Moonlight: I agree with girlfriday that I turn into a tween watching this. Love, love, love the OTP – they make me feel every emotion so genuinely. Unpopular opinion, I don’t feel anything for Yoon sung and instead am feeling so much love for Kim Hyung.

    Cinderella: Starting to get irritated with the many cliche tropes. I really wished the show developed Ahn Jaehyun’s character better rather than the downward spiral happening to him right now. Hyeji certainly needs help and Hawon needs to find her spunk back. Might not watch the next eps until the recaps are up.

    Scarlet Heart: I was ready to let go of this drama until Kang Haneul decided to stare into my soul and forced me to give it another chance. Lee Junki is still glorious but storywise, why does the second lead’s conflict feel that much more affecting?

    Running Man: started watching cos I miss SJK (such a cutie pie) on my screen and then found myself watching eps with SNSD (Sooyoung was hilarious and should be in variety more often) and then with Yonghwa (he really is born to be in running man – spoken in Busan dialect)

    • 23.1 Zoe

      Unpopular opinion, I don’t feel anything for Yoon sung and instead am feeling so much love for Kim Hyung.

      This really shouldn’t be an unpopular opinion, Yoon Sung is such a typical second lead and has so many generic characteristics that I’m pretty turned off by his advances. But yes please forever to God Byung Yeon.

      • 23.1.1 Boomboompow

        Second this, PBG has no competition at all!

        Gat byung would be the closest but I kinda doesnt want him to fall in love with Ra On too just because that trope has been overused in recent dramas.

        How cute would it be if the two princesses fell for him?

    • 23.2 Kreyon

      Actually I agree with you! #teamKimHyung

  24. 24 Nicolette

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one enjoying Cinderella. I actually ahve looking forward to it more than W the past couple of weeks even though it’s completely predictable! I must just really love Jung Il Woo, but Park So Dam is really cute in this. This show is just such an easy pleasant watch and I feel so invested for no good reason. I do admit that it’s a struggle to remain interested when only Ahn Jae Hyun and Naeun are on screen. Mediocre actors do not do well when paired together.

    • 24.1 Kafiyah

      This 1000x

  25. 25 Apple

    W is still my this year’s best drama. I still enjoy this show, but in different aspects and dimentions. And I am so sad when it’s near to end. I don’t know for how long I could find so at this level. It’s not ordinary show though.

    • 25.1 didi

      I agree with you. W is the drama of the year. It makes my heart pounding every time I watch. I felt like I can relate to professor Crazydog feeling whenever he opened his computer to read W. I have a crush to kang chul and yeon joo’s love too. May their love blossoming not only on set. I want to see their love out of scene too….I’M GONNA REALLY MISS MY Wednesday….

  26. 26 pogo

    Scarlet Heart still has me, heart and soul.

    Yes, I recognise it’s faulty and spends too much time on the younger princes, yes, whoever chose the OSTs and frames some of those blasted close-ups should get a mighty thwack with a very heavy fish to the face, but give me enough Lee Jun-ki (or failing that, Kang Ha-neul) and I’m a happy girl. And I adore the growing friendship between So and Su this week, it feels so natural and is the perfect stage to ripen into flirtiness very soon. IU’s got great, but very different types of chemistry with both her leading men, and I fancy the scarlet heart out of both kinds.

    (also I call it now, Wook’s mean sister will probably try to get her married off to evade being married off herself, now that Lady Hae is dead)

    • 26.1 pogo

      Also, \^O^/\^O^/\^O^/\^O^/\^O^/\^O^/\^O^/

    • 26.2 sky

      Haha,me too. Also thanks to whoever suggested watching the three princes in running man. I have never seen this show, but the format and jun ki is hilarious in this! I had a good laugh from ‘ I’m prince of R empire, As one of my people do you know my name.’ Lmao, those stare that jun ki kept giving around, he would be great in dead pan+sarcastic+ take a dig at yourself kind of dramas. He never left that poise and even tried to shoot the bows keeping the aura of a prince lol. It kind of shows how good these actors are at their game,considering ha neul kept giggling all the time,and got real scared from all those fight for hammers/hearts/ men pawns what not. Also I never knew hong jong hyun would be so good at archery. Three cheers for scarlet princes and running men lol.

      • 26.2.1 pogo

        lol I’ve not watched it but it sounds like a hoot.

        And I really do wish oppa would try a modern romcom again, I feel like he ran in the opposite direction from the genre after My Girl because he wanted to escape his flower boy image, but now that he’s a decade older and taken seriously as an actor, I would love to see him stretch himself and give comedy a go.

        • sky

          Oppa? Heheh.

          • pogo

            well, he is the only Korean actor who gets that title out of me <3

          • Kiara

            @pogo <3.

        • deathbychocolate

          We’ll definitely see a different side of him with Resident Evil coming up.

          • pogo

            I’ve learned the hard way not to be too optimistic about Hollywood movies featuring Asian actors, but I still look forward to it.

          • Kiara

            Love him and Milla Jovovich so I’m tuning in for the whole movie.

            Playing the video game to lol.

      • 26.2.2 Keiru

        I watched their running man episode when Scarlet Heart had been airing for 5 episodes. The three princes were all so funny and adorable ! But their appearance in RM has ruined their drama’s character in my mind

        I used to hate Hong Jong Hyun’s Wang Yo character but having seen him in RM (without his villain eyeliner) I guess I can’t really hate him anymore..

        Kang Ha Neul was so cute especially when he got second hand embarrasment from LJK’s cheesy sageuk speech at the pool

        And Lee Jun Ki ! Gosh, I need to re-adjust his image in my mind as a dark and tortured Wang So character after seeing his much brighter side in RM

        Also, I want to thank someone in the DB comment section about LJK’s previous work. Scarlet Heart is his first drama that I have ever seen, and after watching his acting style I decided to look for his former dramas/movies

        Lee Jun Ki looked soooooo pretty in The King and The Clown (I almost envy him !), his acting as a feminine boy was so convincing I would have guessed him as a real female if I had watched the movie without knowing the cast.

        I had took a glimpse at his previous sageuk dramas (Arang and the Magistrate, The Sholar, Two Weeks) but I haven’t decided whether I’ll watch them or not. I might become his new fan.. kekeke~

        • sky

          ^^ I get what you mean. After watching RM it would be hard to unsee their actual image hahah. Also yeah hong jong hyun looks quite charming in real life, so those guyliners can’t make him evil in my eyes anymore, and ha neul is such a dork right. And to think he is acting a married man and now a widower being so mature and refined, RM totally ruined their image.
          I have watched part of arang,but didn’t like it somehow. It didn’t really click for me,same goes for scholar. So I guess third time is the charm lol.

        • shelly

          “iljimae”!!!!! watch “iljimae”. i guess it counts as sageuk and LJK is a mane-of-glory-ed, eye-lined bad-ass flower boy, erm, hero, in it. i loved it.

          for contemporary, i rooted for him in “my girl” but he wasn’t giving me the second-lead syndrome because i didn’t like the girl, lol. the main lead and her deserved each other, the better to leave LJK for me. err. free.

          instead, “time between dog and wolf” is an honest-to-god action drama, in which he looked great, had a double role (he was a secret agent infiltrating a gang). watch that, if you’re in the mood for action. “two weeks” is also an action story, but i liked TBDAW better – the supporting cast was pitch-on, i wish they’d had a better female lead, but one can’t have it all.

          he didn’t pick extremely successful dramas after coming back from the army, but his acting skills are shining through. so far, ML:SH:R is an example of how involved he gets – a good supporting group of charas would do wonders for any drama he’s in… here’s hoping they come to his level soon 😀

      • 26.2.3 Thursdaynexxt

        That RM ep was gold! Emperor Jun-ki: “Make some noise.”

        Also watched one of LJK’s V app shows with IU + princes and the other actors – Kang Ha Neul is such an innocent puppy with aegyo, he actually puts his head on LJK’s shoulders at one point!

        Kinda sad, though, cos the V app was filmed before Scarlet Heart premiered, and they were talking about everyone’s hard work and asking viewers to show SH a lot of love. Since it’s pre-produced, I guess there’s not much they can do now to change it, but I hope it finds its rhythm soon!

  27. 27 randomblah

    Sukina Hito ga Iru Koto! I came back to jdoramaland because of this. Yamazaki Kento got smexier and I like his noona-romance with Kiritani Mirei. Her character’s ig account actually exists!

  28. 28 michykdrama

    Just just finished watching Love O2O and now I have a huge Yang Yang hole in my heart to fill. Darn it! The last 2 episodes were like fan service but even then I still somehow want MORE!


    Thank goodness Moonlight is no where near finishing, because W is ending as well this week. I think my heart won’t be handling saying goodbye to 2 crack dramas in a week very well at all.

    • 28.1 Jen

      Yes that Yang Yang hole is so huge, nothing can fill it for me now……

      Agree that last 2 episodes were fan-service but so cute, especially him going to her parents ha ha ha….

      AND, because I’ve become a new Yang Yang fan, I’m now DL-ing his previous dramas (Tomb Stealer, Hurricane Girl 1, and Four Famous Investigators).

      Re-watching for the nth time O2O tonight!

      • 28.1.1 crystalla

        I think YY is good-looking but his acting could use a lot of improvement – saw him in 2 dramas and he seems similar in both dramas. Hopefully he will still challenge himself with more meaty roles, even though he’s so rich he doesn’t have to. Honestly, a much better but older actor is Hu Ge.

        • Jen

          I’ve not seen Yang Yang in any other stuff so will see how he did in other dramas ^^

          Heard of Hu Ge (the one in Lang Ya Bang?) and think he’s much older and more experience? Hopefully Yang Yang improves coz he’s still very young…. just turned 25….

          But if you watch him DANCE, OMG you’ll like him more!

          BTW is he rich? You mean family-wise or just through his works? I read that his agency now really has no “background” aka power in the industry because he followed his manager who set this agency up. Which is why there are many un-challenged rumors of Yang Yang still around due to incompetency or rather a powerless agent.

          It was just announced that Yang Yang is doing an epic drama (Martial Universe) as a hero soon which requires him to do fighting scenes…… based on a web novel and deemed to be a Mega production/hit. He was chosen among some of the hottest stars in China. Hopefully its a good role and he does better!

        • Michykdrama

          Hmmm. I also had some qualms about his acting but then I read the translated novel the drama was based on and his character is more or less exactly what is written. And I haven’t seen him in anything else so I can’t comment.

          No complaints at all about his kissing scenes though. Hehe. The boy can kiss!!

          • Jen

            Yes the boy CAN kiss!! The actress though, sucks at it in LoveO2O and I cringed everytime watching her “respond” to his kisses kekeke…

            I too only seen Yang Yang this once so really can’t comment on his acting too…. But he did convinced me that he is good at gaming, adores her, and is so smart that he can out-wit his competitors and think ahead!

            Anyways, off to re-watch…. AGAIN!

    • 28.2 Kreyon

      Just watched the first ep of Love O2O after seeing it mentioned in this thread… I feel a binge coming on! Also, it’s making me want to game.

  29. 29 Apluszee

    It’s that time of the year where I’m filling my days with dramas!!

    Age of Youth – I marathon-ed ALL 12 episodes yesterday and spent the whole day bawling my eyes out. The girls’ friendship is amazing. Season 2 please!

    2 Days 1 Night – PARK BOGUM IS SO PRECIOUS!!

    Moonlight – MORE PARK BOGUM! I got scared when he’s angry! I cried when he’s sad. He’s sucha puppy.

    Drinking Solo – I can’t help but stared at the lead actress’ nose. But then again, maybe that’s just me. Han Seokjin’s so good at playing an arrogant character that I feel like wanting to give him a whack on the head.

    W – What WILL we do when this shows end? We’ll be Crazy Dogs next week.

    Jealousy Incarnate – Curious as to how this love triangle would affect their friendship. Love or Friendship?

    Cinderella – It’s so ridiculous but I can’t stop watching except for Hye-ji’s scenes that makes me click fast forward.

    Fantastic – I don’t think I ever watch Han Hyo Joo in anything but she’s a gem in this one! My heart breaks for her when watching episode 3. She plays her role sooo well that I was feeling her pain.

    • 29.1 Apluszee

      Ooops!!! I think I got too excited that everything is in bold!! Sawryyy

    • 29.2 pogo

      I cried so hard watching Age of Youth ep 9 yesterday, that I haven’t been able to get back to 10.

      I guess I’m officially a Han Ye-ri fangirl now, long may she rule Chungmuro!

      • 29.2.1 Kestrel

        Clumsy ep 15-16 aside (spoilers avoided), I really liked this show. I want it to be serialized in the fashion that the Eating/Drinking or I Need Romance or Reply series is – with a whole new cast every year. I want to see more girls go through that house and what they get up to and how they handle things just as much as I want to know where those five girls went after the filming wrapped.

      • 29.2.2 The other Kiara

        Here here! Han Ye-ri is so worth fan-girling over. Desperately waiting for “Chunmong” aka A Quiet Dream to come out in the theatre next month. This is going to be great with 4 award winning directors. 3 who are acting along with her.

    • 29.3 soo

      It’s Kim Hyun Joo in Fantastic 🙂 And yes, love how she’s able to express her characters so well I can always feel for her characters. It seems most people haven’t seen her much because she’s been doing long 50-ep weekend dramas in recent years which not many international fans watch, haha. Though I loved her superb performance in I Have A Lover last year which really made me a fan!

      • 29.3.1 salt n' pepper

        I watched the first 2 episodes of Fantastic last last week when it aired mostly because of Park Si Yeon but it got me curious about Kim Hyun Joo and her past works and remembered she did I Have A Lover recently. So I decided to check that out to pass time while waiting for eps. 3 & 4 but now I’m still stuck watching I Have A Lover each night after work so now it’s Fantastic that ended up on the back burner for the moment. LOL

      • 29.3.2 salt n' pepper

        And, yes, Kim Hyun Joo is great in I Have A Lover!

  30. 30 Kestrel

    W has sort of lost momentum for me recently. Partly, I think, because of the Olympic slowdown (pre-empting ONE episode turned out to be really dumb. Like, what was the point?) and partly because it appears the writer has outsmarted herself/himself. There’s just a few too many twists going on and the storytelling has gotten just clumsy enough with mostly Kang Chul sitting in a car or at a table telling us what is going on. It’s lost that deft touch it had early on where the twists were measured and the mystery wasn’t lost in a convoluted maze.

    I’m going to rewatch it as a binge when it’s over to see if I can pick it apart better and see how the viewing changes, but I’m afraid that the writer pulled a Cruel City on us.

    • 30.1 pogo

      Yeah, I remember feeling early on that the plot could go off the rails but it worked up to a point because that was part of the fun of W. Now I’m just all….. wait, how did that happen? It’s definitely lost some of that early steam.

  31. 31 Cocoboo

    Currently watching only W and Scarlet Heart.

    I admit my excitement for W has waned a bit. I still look forward to it each week and it keeps me entertained for the whole hour. But yeah. Only one episode left! This show really flew by fast. I just hope the ending will be satisfactory.

    Scarlet Heart has my heart, haha. I really grew to love it after EP 4 and 5. Even though Lee Jun Ki did not get a lot of screentime, I thought it was good that they spent time on the dilemma between Wook, Su, and Lady Hae. Now I’m ready for Su and So’s budding relationship.

    I freaking love the analyses in the Scarlet Heart’s recap threads. They make the drama richer. ^^ (The url for it in the Currently Airing schedule is incorrect btw.)

    I gotta figure out what other dramas I want to watch next… I really need to get on that Misaeng soon. I’m even more motivated now that I remember Kang Haneul is in it. *-*

    • 31.1 pogo

      ^^ this is exactly how I feel about both W and Scarlet Heart.

      Also it’s interesting to look at the comment count for both – I noticed W has less than half of what it did last week =, last I checked. Probably an indicator that we’re not the only ones.

      • 31.1.1 Cocoboo

        I noticed that about the W recap threads too. I read them like before, but I didn’t comment much this time. Maybe the episodes felt a bit more straight forward or the other commenters have already said what I wanted to say or maybe my brain was somewhat exhausted by then. LOL

    • 31.2 lunatic4kd

      @Cocoboo – YES – you MUST watch Misaeng. It is beyond awesome and it will stay with you long after you watch it. The only drama that can be compared to Miseang in excellence is Signal – and it’s the same PD team!! Not only is Kang Haneul in Misaeng but also the remarkable Byun Yo-Han – who was so awesome as Ddang-Sae in Six Flying Dragons.

      • 31.2.1 pogo

        Oh yeah, seconding the Misaeng rec – it’s not like any kdrama, before or since. Seriously, watch it!

  32. 32 Purple Owl

    UF – next ep 8. I’m loving the angst. I got some things, some big things, spoiled. My own fault of course. But I wonder how it’s going to affect my interest in finishing. I think I’ll finish just to see the performances and situations leading up to the spoiler.

    W2W – next ep 16 the rules are amazing. Following them isn’t difficult. Keeping track of the numerous variables and world’s is.
    Where is Soo Bong? What is going to happen to Do Yoon. I love the leads but you know a show is solid when even the side characters grab your heart. Crazy Dog is all of us. Even if it’s not for this drama, we have all done this before.
    I kdrama teared up. People have been wondering if the way actors cry is possible and sincere. I teared up, two tears ran down my face, I shook uncontrollably and that was it. I’m still wrecked over the episode so yes, it is possible and sincere, well sincere-ish. They’re actors.
    I’m going to replay the end and word for word, action for action getting ready for the last episode of W/W2W with Crazy Dog.

    TF38 – on ep 15 got to finish before SKL. I’ve got a little more than a week.
    SIG looks good. Eun Bin is gorgeous. Lady in red still has my heart. I’m so excited to see this con succeed and what else happens in 2018.
    I have to finish tonight. I was going to wait until SKL was closer but I have 5 minutes left in 15 so now I need to know what happens and join the convo. Is there a recap for 16?

    C&4K – on ep 8
    Secretary/Bodyguard can fight. I have a new ship = Seo Woo + Ja Young. I’m not sure which OTP is my TRUE.
    I get Hye-Ji’s feelings. Just please, don’t be a jerk.
    Most severe case of SLS since WAY:S2015
    I’m starting to fall for 2nd couple. Just someone give Secretary a life. Please, I’ll sacrifice HM/HJ & HW/JW as long as Secretary and Seo Woo are happy.

    JI – next ep 6. I’m glad to have some of the background story. I really like the way they show the flashbacks. The one about Thailand was eye opening. I didn’t see that, and it changes everything. And the editing for hospital scenes is pretty well done.
    I liked the ahjumma-deul fight. It made me appreciate their characters more. And the youngest trio is tight all angles. Chi-yeol/Dae-goo are close too. Na-ri & Hwa-shin are like an old married couple going through dips in their relationship.
    I’m so much like Na-ri. Watching over the guy I like rather than actually doing anything. And it’s taught me a lot about breast cancer.
    I love the OST. I’m having SLS but not as bad as it could be. I still want my OTP.
    I finally understand why people are having SLS. Still not all the way for me but their chemistry os good.
    I can’t believe what happened with Red’s dad. I knew that scene was foreshadowing. Hwa-shin trying to get a bra was life. This drama makes me really happy. I love how this universe is equally about Na-ri and Hwa-shin.

    LiM – next ep 6
    I refuse to believe anything bad about the 3 male…

    • 32.1 Purple Owl

      Full House – next ep 2.

      FantastiC – next ep 3 – it’s light and make me smile but still has meaning. Wasn’t expecting a second hit of breast cancer.

      Drinking Solo – next ep 2 – not to be that person but I’m loving Kim Ki Bum!!! I reply the youngsters scenes twice. At least! Gong Myung is bae. Perfect show for the month I turn 21. And it actually encourages you not to get wasted/pissed. I really like the cast chemisty.

      I’m at 9 out of 10 dramas. And I have replacements lined up already. I’ll pass this last semester of college somehow. I’ve never gotten anything less than an A in college. Child Development interest me enough to priorities, sometimes. And then back to the shows.

    • 32.2 Purple Owl


      LiM – next ep 6
      I refuse to believe anything bad about the 3 male besties.

      *interest me enough to prioritize

    • 32.3 CatoCat

      Seo Woo is the best and OST is good but rest of the Show is pretty bad.

      Listen FantastiC OST too. And we both almost the same shows except JI and Full House.

      • 32.3.1 Purple Owl

        How do you feel about Ja Young? The other girl in C&4K.

        I haven’t paid close attention to FantastiC’s OST. But I will now.

        You’re still watching UF too? Or did you finish this week with everyone else?

  33. 33 Sua

    Here’s all these wonderful comments about wonderful dramas and then there’s me wondering what happened to Heads2No….. Y-Y

    • 33.1 Purple Owl

      I’ve been wondering about Heads for a while now. I hope everything is okay.

    • 33.2 angieya

      Heads? Oh she got lost in Goryeo, trying to find a way to pull 4th and 8th prince into 2016. 😜

      • 33.2.1 Kreyon

        Heads missing? Always check saeguk-land first!

  34. 34 pogo

    Also, TeriYaki, I agree on Laurel Tree Tailors – I’ve yet to see a project that I like Jo Yoon-hee in, and this is not going to be the one either. I find her a weird combination of annoying and bland, while Lee Dong-sun is just bland.

  35. 35 bebeswtz

    Javabeans and Gummimochi,

    The two of you share the same thoughts I have about “Scarlet Heart”…. The only (new) drama I’m watching right now (I found myself going back and re-watching “Marriage Contract” for the umpteenth time), and only HAVE the time to watch right now… *Sigh* What is life? What is school? What is work?? –> NOTHING compared to Lee Jun Ki if this was a perfect world–which it’s not–and if I had the choice, which I don’t TT.TT

  36. 36 xingii

    Moonlight: Loveeeeeeeee it, it’s so cute, wonderfully executed.

    Scarlet Heart: Flawed but gloriously pretty. This is my crack drama, I recognise that the others are “better executed” but this is where the addiction is at. Literally the first thing that I choose to watch once it has been aired ngl. I don’t even care, I’ve got no time for haters tbh. We could have more Lee Junki i agree BUT when Kang Haneul is taking up most of my screen time, yes please. Not disappointing at all. Both of them are just incredible, I feel blessed.

    W: /does W hand sign. LAST EPISODE! LET’S DO THIS! YASSSSSSSS!

    Currently have Doctors & the Goodwife on hold as I’m time strapped for the next few months, Doctors is boring but I’ll finish it because I love Yoon Kyunsang. The Goodwife has some glorious instrumental music, I really want the sound track? If it’s available? somewhere??

    Recently found Scarlet Heart (original Chinese) on Viki, saw the first episode. Idk what to think tbh? It’s… ok..? but the time travel scene was absolutely ridiculous lmao I had a good laugh. Not sure if I want to keep watching this, I don’t have that much free time lol.

    I Remember You: Watched 1st episode, some interesting nature vs nurture questions being raised, reminds me a bit about the questions raised in Beautiful Mind. I’ll look more into this when I actually have the time.

    but yeah pretty much I’ve found quite a /few/ things on Viki that are actually AVAILABLE in my region (still pressed they don’t have a lot of my faves) but it’s good enough. \^O^/

    • 36.1 delra

      original Scarlet Heart is quiete old with bad CGI, but the plot and the movement is about how to not be seen but still doing something, I think 2 ep would tell the show’s track,

    • 36.2 angieya

      The CGI of Chinese dramas is usually extremely cringe worthy despite their huge production budgets compared to kdramas.

      • 36.2.1 CatoCat

        I just picked Paladin 5 randomly and started to watch 1st episode.

        5 minutes in and i was like Whhhaaaaat Crap this is? Frustrated to annoyed to Angry and I just forced my self hard enough to complete the episode.

        It took real test of my patience. In the 3rd half of the show i kept on making jokes on terrible story and Computer Graphics. This is how i was able to get through the episode.

        CGI was mind-blowinly cheap.

    • 36.3 -yuju

      Cdramas have no budget for CG. It’s even worse than it is in kdramas. I heard Scarlet Heart was a really expensive production though because they spent so much money on costumes, sets and props. The drama is beautifully made where it matters if you get over the dodgy beginning. It gets so much better.

    • 36.4 bebeswtz

      The Chinese drama that I am currently watching (along with the K-dramas and TW-dramas that I am also watching) is the big-budget “Ice Fantasy”, where, yea, the CGI makes everything quite corny and unintentionally funny, especially during moments when things aren’t supposed to be funny; And although I wouldn’t call the CGI “bad”, it does interrupt the flow of the story and overshadows the acting because it is so distracting at times XD

  37. 37 Blueribbon

    Hey! I also started watching Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto, about three weeks ago after I watched the live action movie of Orange. I wanted to see more works with Yamazaki Kento. I am currently on episode 3 and I had to stop that day because it was already 4 in the morning. Since then I haven’t caught up but I also like the premise so far. Thanks Hanshimi because I didn’t know that it was a reunion of the main actor and now I am going to also have to watch the movie 😀 . Goddammit my list keeps growing at this rate I will never finish watching everything -_-.

  38. 38 Yaya

    I’m already working on my drama withdrawals over W by watching Nine Time Travels. Thank goodness for Ji Chang-wook’s drama airing soon!😉

    On another note – I’m happy to see Javabeans & Girlfriday have so my minions.

  39. 39 Denali

    @Girlfriday, instead of digging old dramas to soothe you in a few days, how about some good old variety, namely Star Golden Bell and Dangerous invitation? Bae Doo Na guesting on the latter was such a riot (see below), since she quickly got the gist of the show and purposefully/playfully “punished” the MCs/comedians into the water:

  40. 40 Sweet&Sour

    What I am watching:

    W-Two Worlds (what will I do when this is over? On the one hand my stress will be less, on the other hand I will miss it so much! Never has a drama hooked me like this before, despite its flaws)

    Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (this show is hitting all the right emotional notes, and even though the story doesn’t really have anything new, the great execution so far makes all the difference)

    Jealousy Incarnate (I’m casually following this, because I like the heroine and the second male lead. Sorry to say but this writer is doing a bad job with the male lead, because so far despite the humor and good acting, I don’t find him interesting at all)

    I need to catch up on “Fantastic” and “Sukina Hito Ga Iru Koto”. Upcoming shows I will checkout: “Shopping King Luoie”. Shows I might checkout: “Laurel Tree Trailors” and “On the Way to the Airport”.

    So far, I will say that the best two shows of the year 2016 for me have been “W Two Worlds” and “Age of Youth”.

  41. 41 Celine

    Ready for W’s last episode! I admit that the drama lost steam in the latter episodes and the romance died for me earlier than the plot, so now I am focusing on the question of “how will it end?” That’s it. I will miss LJS, but I am super excited for his villain role in VIP.

    I agree with what the DB staff said about Moonlight. I feel the same way about this show. It’s familiar, but it’s beautifully executed and it gets you right in the feels. It is all about the FEELS! The emotional beats are so on-point. KYJ and PBG act and speak through their eyes and it’s mesmerizing to watch. They’re so young yet they already have this down pat and I only wish for them to grow more as actors.

    The Park Bogum Effect/Syndrome is so strong and real and Jongmin experienced it firsthand. I recently finished 2 Days and 1 Night 3-episode trip with PBG and it was fun! Jongmin got over his fear of heights and thrill rides because of the Bogum Magic. lol

    Watching ML too for LJK but I feel the same way as JB and GF. It does feel like LJK is in a different drama with the intensity he’s showing. However, instead of wishing to ship the other princes abroad, l I just do something else more productive while I wait for the next time LJK graces the screen again. Damn that man and his presence.

    Love TeriYaki’s cute Darling Couple avatar!

  42. 42 redfox

    I am watching Mari and Me right now and I am on cloud nine cause it is SO. CUTE. The first two episodes with the raccoons were hilarious, and the third one is so on point as a life lesson about cats. Plus, Gukkie. His bed hair is wild and he so diligently writes stuff down.

    agree about Scarlet Heart. Teacher is so wasted there. everything else except him is sub-par- except IU, I like her too. just a thing for future producers to consider- put Teacher in something and you have to take your whole game to another level, or you lose to his very presence. Just like what he did in Running Man- a masterclass on How To Do Variety With Style. So, drama people, be better students from now on!

    and his voice! Hypnotizing. If he told me to do anything, I would instantly obey. “Turn that alligator into a chiken!” – “Yes, teacher!” – “Stack these books into the shape of a tree!” – “Yes, Teacher!”

    • 42.1 Flightey Gazelles


    • 42.2 chi

      Are you watching Mari and Me subbed? If so, please share a link 😀

      • 42.2.1 redfox

        just look for it on Dramacool.to – Mari and me

    • 42.3 Thursdaynexxt

      I started watching Mari and Me right after PU38, to ease my SIG withdrawal symptoms! The cute factor just kills me. He has great skinship even with animals!

      Plus, he kinda reminds me of an adorable squishy animal himself – I just wanna muss his hair!

      • 42.3.1 redfox

        what animal is he? behavior is like a playful, mischieviuous and affectionate fox + graceful, majestic and diligent swan … looks are… like a cheetah?

        • redfox


          look here. a fox. totally. pay attention if his shadow shows a tail… One of us, one of us! I wonder, which clan…

        • Thursdaynexxt

          haha, a foxy raccoon, with a dash of inquisitive mongoose …


          With this hairstyle, he looks like he could have a tail!

          • redfox

            indeed! hey, he kinda looks like a dark haired Inuyasha dontcha think?

  43. 43 agoodheart

    About Moon Lovers, I’ve seen the complaint of not having enough Lee Jun-ki for a while so I think it would be good to say something. This is not comparing or spoiling, but in the original novel which Moon Lovers is based on, the male lead barely appeared in the first half, as in not more than 5 times if I remember correctly, and he barely had any interaction with the female lead. If you didn’t know beforehand, you would easily have guessed that the 8th Prince is the main character because of all the feelings that poured into that relationship (my friend had to warn me not to get too deep in emotions with it). It was understandable because the story was told from Ruoxi’s point of view, she lived in the 8th Prince’s house so she wouldn’t have known about things in the palace. Out of all three versions, Moon Lovers actually has the most scenes for the 4th Prince right off the bat. They even explained in details why the Queen hated him so much between her sons and let him have lots of interactions with the female lead, I was surprised. I understand it could be frustrating if you want to see more of Lee Jun-ki, but rest assured. I’m pretty sure he will get more screentime, I don’t think they will pull another CIIT. ^^

    • 43.1 Gem

      Rouxi had a meatier role compared to Hae-Soo in C BBJX. She went to forbidden city and did actually see the political movements from closed quarters hence I didn’t mind. The problem is Wang So is like hundred times more interesting and more dark than 4th in C version which makes me want to see more of him. IU’s Hae-Soo is charming and okay but lacks purpose so far. It doesn’t help that she barely remembers anything of history which makes her near useless as a character like her maid in this version. Its not her fault really, she is just a lackluster character in a drama suffering massively from bad production team.

      • 43.1.1 agoodheart

        Yeah, I agree with you that IU’s Hae-soo is charming but lacks purpose. In fact, all three main characters in K-version lack purpose so far. I was in horror when Lee Jun-ki said his character doesn’t really have any purpose until he meets Hae-soo, and in the drama Hae-soo doesn’t remember much of history and the 8th Prince is doing things but certainly not revolving the throne. In the original novel and C-version, both 4th and 8th Prince have their eyes on the throne as their clear purpose, and Ruoxi pretty much drives the plot as she navigates through history from her modern memory of it. I didn’t want to go too deep into this because the K-version is quite different – it pretty much stands on its own and it’s good for my mental health to appreciate it as it is :D; I only wanted to focus on the fact that the 4th Prince’s lack of presence at the beginning is what all the versions have in common, and there’s no worry on that because inevitably it will change 🙂

      • 43.1.2 pogo

        Honestly I really like IU in the role, mainly because she has good chemistry with both Lee Jun-ki and Kang Ha-neul. But the writing really doesn’t help her out much.

        Still, she fits the character well enough – watching her isn’t as grating as Nam Sang-mi trying cutesy mannerisms in Joseon Gunman (an extremely unpopular opinion at the time, as I recall). Haven’t seen the original, so I’ll take what I can get with this one.

        • Kiara

          It’s better if you didn’t watch the original so you can appreciate this in it’s own merits. I’m struggling not to compare.

          • pogo

            Yeah, I get how it would be difficult for fans of the original not to compare – but I generally steer clear of anything being remade as a kdrama, if I haven’t already seen the original. Didn’t watch OG Fated To Love You either, and I really liked the kdrama for what it was. So I’m following that policy for Scarlet Heart too – good or bad, I’ll decide on its own merits and not how it stacks up against BBJX.

          • endo

            I agree with you Kiara. I purposely did not watch the original drama and treat this K version as an original one (in all fairness.Some characters actually appeared in THEIR OWN History so it’s easier. Lol) because i don’t want to compare and get frustrated.

            And since POGO mentioned Fated to Love You. I watched the original. Loved it. And when i saw the K version i got disappointed. Lesson learned. Lol.

          • Kiara

            I loved the Korean Good Wife and I have no desire to watch the US version. I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed it as much if I had seen the original first.

      • 43.1.3 Nutini

        I don’t know, to me 4th Prince in Chinese vesrion was very interesting as a character, I already said that before, he barely appeared in first half of a drama, but each of his appearance had such a huge impact on me that I knew 8th and Rouxi would never happen, it felt like tho he only saw her for fleeting moments and she tried to stay away from him, he was actually the only person who actually felt her, idk how to explain, he was the only person who actually with just one sentence gave her purpose when she was so downtrodden and didn’t know what to do with the situation she was in.
        I mean Wang So is definitely emo and so much torn and goes around killing people and crying and being sorry for himself, you would never see such tacky things in Chinese version, 4th Prince was felt more like a real person, politician and ruthless and calculating, incredibly intelligent and smart in court games. I only watched first half of a series, but that how I felt about 4th.
        In my case I didn’t like IU’s acting and she kinda feels to me not fitting that character, other actress could have probably make her more likable to me, plus character is purely written and as I said before, the whole conflict that those the main driver of the Chinese version and made the story so bittersweet and touching and tragic was Rouxi’s knowledge of the fate of all those brothers, which they probably took away in Korean version cause there sucession to the throne happened in right order, even if death of some of the Kings was assisted by others, there was no tragedy that happened in Chinses history.

        • Jan

          I think the problem with comparing the K-version’s Haesu with the C-version’s Ruoxi is that we have already finished watching the C-version and our impression of Ruoxi’s role or trajectory is skewed or distorted by events that actually happen in the latter part of the drama. For instance, Ruoxi also stayed at 8th’s house for quite a few of the beginning episodes before she went to the forbidden city, and also lacked purpose initially, all she did was get into trouble & fall in love with 8th.

          It is understandable that Ruoxi remembers more of Chinese history (Qing Dynasty) which was better documented compared to Goryeo’s history which was less so and had such frequent changes in reign that a modern day girl would find hard to remember. And Haesu does remember the history just not as well, as shown in her meeting with the king.

          In the original novel and C-version, the 4th also did not have his eyes on the throne initially, and in the K-version, there is an additional 3rd prince who has his eyes on the throne.

          With regards to Wang So’s character not being the same as that of the 4th prince in C-version, well, different era, different history, different king, so they can’t be the same. Also sorry to disillusion Nutini that C-version’s 4th prince was definitely crying a lot in the latter half, such that Nicky Wu commented that his was the weepiest Yongzhen ever.

          And I think it is too early to assume what happened in the latter part of the C-version will happen or will not happen in the K-version which is only at its quarter mark. And if death of some of the Kings was assisted by others, I don’t see why this is not a tragedy in Korean history.

        • Rolane

          Sorry to burst your bubble Nutini, but I think you have an over glorified idea of the original drama in your mind. I watched the drama about 3 years ago, and I absolutely loved and adored it, it was engaging, it was captivating, and it broke my heart. However, recently out of boredom, curiosity and a combination of frustration and impatience, I decided to rewatch the first 6 episodes or so to compare how the Korean version faired. And I honestly have to say, Ruo Xi wasnt half as impressive as we gave her credit for, she was shrewd, mischievous and ballsy, much like Hae Su is now, although admittedly IU’s Hae Su comes off as slightly less bright compare to Ruo Xi. Ruo Xi didn’t do much except break rules, cause trouble, and then cleverly weasel her way out of it; she didn’t follow the proprietories of that time and went around challenging it, and that’s why so many of the princes grew fond of her. So I really can’t say she held much of a “purpose” in the sense that you were looking for.

          As to the 4th prince, Wang So is far more interesting than Nicky Wu’s Si Ye/Si Ah Ge/Yong Zhen. The only memories of him in the earlier half of the show for me was all of Ruo Xi’s ice cube jokes in her internal monologues.

          This was of course before Ruo Xi entered the forbidden city, the same position the show is at now. I think you just have to give it a chance and stop your prejudice. Or you know stop watching if you hate it so much.

  44. 44 taml

    I’ve finally dropped Cinderella and started watching Beautiful Mind instead. Finished yesterday and what a ride that was. Right now, I cannot really put my feelings into words, but I’m grateful to all the people who kept mentioning it in their comments even after it had completed its run, because otherwise I probably wouldn’t have given the show a second glance.

    • 44.1 Michykdrama

      Yay to another Beautiful Mind fan 😊Definitely one of the most under rated shows. It will forever have a special place in my heart. And Jang Hyuk! ❤️

    • 44.2 junny

      Yay, glad you enjoyed Beautiful Mind! Jang Hyuk was so awesome in it, wasn’t he? Despite the cut, it finished well and everyone did a great job.

      • 44.2.1 CatoCat

        Your promotion worked. Beautiful Mind has 1 more admirer now.

        People always talk about Jang Hyuk but forget that The Young actor who played High-School Dr. Young Oh. He also did great Job and helped viewers connect the High School life to Present Doctor life.

        That Young Actor also deserves lots of applause.

        • junny

          Always happy to promote Beautiful Mind 🙂

          And yes, the young actor who played teen Young-oh was very good as well.

  45. 45 Thanks

    Glad to hear someone is watching Second to Last Love. Sometimes a slow budding romantic relationship just feels so good.

    • 45.1 CatoCat

      I’m also the watching it and Each Episode has atleast 1 monologue from Main characters that tells us how hard life can be even for adults.

      Also I like greeny Woori City.

  46. 46 Celine

    For W viewers, Song Jae Jung released the scripts of W EP 1-15 hoping that viewers will understand the developments more and will have some of their questions answered in time for the finale.

    My comment is, the viewers shouldn’t have to read the scrips to fully understand what’s happening (though it’s kinda cool that we get to have our hands on the scripts). It’s funny because she recognizes that W is complicated and convoluted. She also thought that there was not enough number of episodes to fully tell the story. What a shame.

    I read a bit of the scripts and they do have notes that make you understand the scene more, especially if the actors failed to convey certain feelings/emotions. Interesting.

    There’s an article in Soompi about it here: http://www.soompi.com/2016/09/11/w-writer-reveal-script-episodes-1-15/

    • 46.1 siesta

      if only UF and W switched their number of episodes around, i believe both would be better dramas than they were. UF got too draggy and senseless.. and I agree with whoever commented that W was too lean and mean, it would be nice to get the characters&relationships more fleshed out in more eps

      i’ve been wondering for a while now, who gets to decide how many eps a drama would get, the writer or the TV station?

  47. 47 wakimary

    W – dreading yet waiting for Ep 16 this week. Worried how I’ll survive W sepanx. Still the best drama for me this year. Never been a fan of either LJS,HHJ before W though Ive seen their prior works, but W just has that something. Only missing for me is a better OST though there are some good ones. Expecting the worst but hoping for the best for Ep 16’s ending.

    Scarlet Heart – improvements on storyline made me stay but I want more LJG. Im hoping just like other fan girls of Oppa that he’ll appear more as Wang So’s story moves along + KHN (aka Kang Sky) nails his character

    Oh the freedom to have someone I can legit call Oppa among my favorite actors plus LJG has never been unseated as my ultimate bias since x years ago

    JI – GHJ just gets to me each and every one of her dramas.not bad the SLS is strong on this one. I just cant seem to think of HS as a romantic interest for Na Ri, he’s such a big baby. Plus I want Na Ri to enjoy being loved and treasured by JW for a long time.

    Re watching PU38 & R97 & LOTJ for my SIG fix while SKL isnt airing yet.

  48. 48 Lea

    Does anybody know where I can find subbed version of TVN reality show Candy in my Ears, Jang Geun Suk paired up with Yoo Inna as two unknown people talking to each other. Its inspired from the film Her and I want to see it so badly. He looks great with that short hair.

    • 48.1 Adal

      I know!!!!!

      I’m looking for this too!! I even went to YouTube to look for the subbed version. Watched it raw and was mesmerized by Jang Geun Suk’s deep, sexy voice.

      I don’t mind him being paired up with Yoo In Na in real life, despite it being a noona romance, he’s unconventional and she’s mildly quirky and cute. I think they’d make a fun couple!

  49. 49 maknaee

    What I’m watching nowadays :

    Never stop loving it.
    Btw, here are the news that I’ve just read –
    … how I wish I could find it in English later. 😂

    Watching it for the sake of JIW, then hooked up with PSD-AJH pairings, frustrated and just decided to watch for the sake of PSD only.

    Moonlight Drawn by Clouds
    Adorable PBG, KDY, KYJ, Jinyoung. MDBC is like the next Doctor, but multiple times has a better story, plot, and directing.

    Scarlet Heart-Ryeo
    I never find problems with IU’s acting like knetizens do. Instead I think she’s good since Dream High era and keep getting better. This drama is worth at least around 10% ratings.

    Idk but I’m still annoyed by JSW’s antics 😂 , adore him when he’s with his grandma, but annoyed when he keeps disturbing and seeks KHJ’s attention. Still enjoying this drama tho.

    Drinking Solo
    Never watch Let’s Eat series, but I love this drama. It’s just more than a show about ‘drinking habits’. I feel like this show has ‘Age of Youth’ vibe. Idk.

    Our Gab Soon
    Think that this drama is just a pure fun of adorable So-Rim couple, yet I found it has a depth. The conflict…

    Seems like I watch too many dramas -_- anw, I’m still unfinished watching (and still have no intention to continue) : Doctors, The Good Wife, Uncontrollably Fond.

    Ah, don’t forget the variety show!
    2 Days 1 Night season 3
    I watched eps 462 raw – DOTS themed eps. As usual, they never fail to make me laugh. Gonna rewatch it when the sub’s out. :3

    • 49.1 Sweet&Sour

      This makes me wish they had extended “W” by 2 or 4 episodes. But regardless “W” is still on its way to being my number 1 favorite k-drama. Also this writer is one of the better writers, since all of her dramas that I’ve watched (despite their flaws) have been consistent and good (Queen Inhyun’s Man, Nine, and her best work to date W). Lastly, will these scripts get translated to English? It would be interesting to be able to read the scripts.

      • 49.1.1 maknaee

        After contemplating between W and Signal, finally I decided W is my 2016 best drama and Signal comes in second.

        Agree. Despite all the flaws (which dramas have no flaws anyway?), I highly appreciate that her dramas always unusual, unique. She just let out all of her imagination, and I’m thankful for that.

        Idk about that, but I really wish someone would kindly translate it. If only the writer published the 16eps script as a book, and there’s English translated version, I’m just gonna buy it 😂 kkk.

    • 49.2 JesO

      Aw thanks for posting that article on the W writter. I’m definetly a fan of her’s and loved her comments in the article. Here’s to hoping W ends beautifully!

    • 49.3 Adal

      I watched 2 Days 1 Night Season 3 Travel With Your Friends on KBS World on YouTube for the first time ever this weekend due to my ever increasing love for Park Bogum. It was completely subbed and I’ve never laughed so long, so hard and so much in my entire life!

      Is Park Bogum for real???? No one can be that perfect, can they? I’m still looking for flaws and have found none. My crush on him knows no bounds. I can see why all of Korea loves him. He’s such a gentleman.

      I thought I’d like Yoon Si Yoon more in variety, but found the opposite is true. I like him more in dramas. His real life personality is really intense and competitive. I find myself completely curious about Jung Joon Young, though.

  50. 50 Blue

    So after finishing Beautiful Mind, I was in a mood to watch some lighter, less intellectually depletive show. So I gave Hogu’s Love a try, but bailed after 2 episodes. I realized I watched almost the entirety of Ep.2 in an absentminded daze and none of the characters registered in any way except for the titular fool It kind of made more sense seeing the writer also did Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, another drama I found unfunny and populated with uninteresting and annoying characters that I sadly watched all the way through due to my completist streak back then.

    I moved on to Oh My Ghostess, but managed to watch even less, 1 episode and a half. Am I the only one who found the ghost aggravating and annoying? In the middle of Ep.2 I realized I could not stand to see another 5 minutes of her. It didn’t help that the rest of the show wasn’t particularly interesting. These kind of manic over-the-top boisterous selfish characters are really hard to pull off. Not sure if it was the character, the acting or both but it was a major turn off. It made me think of Baek InHa in Cheese as a counterexample, who had a lot of the same traits and wasn’t exactly likable as a person, but made me laugh histerically in all of her scenes.

    I was bracing myself for my first drama slump, annoyed of wasting 4 hours of my weekend on stuff I didn’t enjoy. I’m happy I ended up giving Age of Youth a try. I was hooked almost immediately and so far I like … well, everything about it. The characterization is well-done, I love the music and the show is super entertaining and relatable. Turns out third time was the charm. The hype for the show really feels justified for now.

    • 50.1 Another R Again

      It took me around 7 episodes to warm up to Hogoo’s Love, and I ended up liking it very much. But I think it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

      Didn’t like Oh My Ghostess that much either, I was always dreading to watch it but having invested so many episodes into it, I had no choice but to watch till the end. Good thing that you dropped it very early on.

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