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Windswept couples of This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair
by | September 29, 2016 | 25 Comments

These wind-themed teasers? They’re great. Couple posters and a new teaser are out for the upcoming JTBC drama This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair, and the creative direction is simple albeit clever and deliciously tongue-in-cheek.

In Korean, the idiom meaning “to cheat” features the word for “wind”; hence in these promos, the faces of all three couples get hit with a gust, as evidenced by the floating hair. Lee Seon-kyun (Miss Korea) actually looks like he got the wind knocked out of him, which I’m sure is how he felt when he got wind of his wife’s impending affair. My last use of the word “wind,” I promise.

He’s half of the main couple, a sad-sack beta husband married to a woman played by Song Ji-hyo (Ex-Girlfriend Club) who does it all. She’s pretty and perfect at home as a Supermom and at work as a capable graphic design team leader. When he finds out she’s about to cheat on him, he turns to the Internet first, of all places, for advice. Whether or not the online community provides him with good marriage advice remains to be seen. In the teaser, the caption asks, “What if your wife had an affair?” and then both spouses are hit in the face with a blast of wind.

We’ve got two other couples with their own marital strife. BoA (Anticipating Romance) plays a tough (but only on the outside), workaholic writer who’s married to a PD played by Lee Sang-yub (Master — God of Noodles), a self-proclaimed perfect guy trying very hard to win over his wife, but just comes across as a douchebag. In the teaser, their chyron asks, “What if you started something with a co-worker?”

Yeh Ji-won (Oh Hae-young Again) and Kim Hee-won (Awl) play another couple, and while the latter is a divorce attorney who cheats on his wife like it’s his lifestyle, the former hides her claws behind a relaxed demeanor. In the teaser, their copy asks, “What if your husband is acting a little suspicious?” I’m looking forward to when she pounces!

I like what I’m seeing so far with the fun posters and the quirky premise. The cast is quite strong, and I hope we’ll be blown away by a fun take on a topic that’s not outright hilarious.

This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair is a Friday-Saturday drama that will premiere on October 28 as the followup to Fantastic.

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25 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Katie

    I just find it so funny that everyone in the teaser is laughing and getting surprised by the wind except for Lee Seon Kyun and his straight, unamused face.

    • 1.1 K-D Fan

      It’s like that one kid who is sitting in a corner at a party, just waiting for his parents to pick him up. ;D

    • 1.2 WvR

      I had the same reaction as Katie. Lee Seon-kyun’s facial expression is hilariously serious.

      I hope this drama is fun.

    • 1.3 MapleSilver

      Stoicism and all. He’s probably thinking, “I must not cry. I can get through this. I am strong.” Ha..ha..ha..

    • 1.4 Jade0817RJY

      Ditto! LSK looks adorable really.

      You can already tell from the pics him playing a beta male, his expressions are hilarious!

  2. Anna

    Puhahaha Lee Seon Kyun cracked me up with his expressions

  3. Iris

    ahh. Thank you so much for explaining about the “wind.” aspect. I so look forward to this drama, and am so glad it is already licensed by DramaFever.

  4. angieya

    What a fun teaser, can’t stop replaying and rofl over LSK’s face.
    Oh I’m so looking forward to see Yeh Ji-won kicking her cheating husband’s butt, dude’s definitely got a death wish. 😂

    • 4.1 neener

      I’ll be over the moon if we get to see Kim Hee-won kicked. I mean the actor is just good at playing bad guys that I’m still mad from what he did in Misaeng and Angry Mom.

      • 4.1.1 transient

        We must also remember that Yeh Ji-won can definitely kick, as proven on OHY

      • 4.1.2 Purple Owl

        Meanwhile, I haven’t forgiven him for his, yes conflicted but overall, jerk character in Awl.

        I guess we all have a drama with him as a baddie and this is his comeuppance hopefully. Finally!

  5. Flightey Gazelles

    That guy with the red tie’s hair looks like an artfully placed doughnut.

    In the second back and white pic of Lee Seon Kyun and Song Ji Hyo, her hair is swept in his face, he has his eyes closed and he is inhaling her smell…plus his hand on her shoulder is moving up slowly *sorryJustHadTo*.

  6. Sancheezy

    I probably just watch this to hear Lee Seon-kyun’s voice (if the story not interesting; just if)
    I do really like his voice,

    • 6.1 Rose

      He has one wonderful voice !!!! I just adore it !

  7. paroles

    I’m happy that Song Ji-hyo is finally dolled up for her drama (she always seems to look very disheveled for some reason) and hopefully the plot + Lee Seon-kyun is enough. I mean, I’ve tried Emergency Couple and Ex-Girlfriend Club and the trauma… Anyway, I do wish she can impress me this time. She looks gorgeous in that shot with LSK!

  8. loophole

    There’s no way I’ll be at the studio they shot these posters with a straight face. I’ll be on the floor rolling and laughing my head off. I can’t imagine how long it musta taken them to get these shots. Its not easy to get the right pose with a huge fan and a girl’s hair flying in your face. Good work

  9. Sinta

    Is it a drama about affair? Why there’s a lot affair drama nowadays?

    • 9.1 blueto

      I guess it’s just the recent trend?

  10. 10 hyanggi

    I’ve just realized that is the Lee Sang Yub in Signal playing the serial killer with a childhood trauma. He was awesome there!

    And bad-ass Yeh Ji Won? Yes please! So many dramas so little time 🙁

    • 10.1 Boomboompow

      Yes, this!

      The non-main leads excite me so. Not that I don’t like the lead but maybe because I have been watching RM every week for years, I feel like I can’t never get into Song Ji Hyo’s character.

      And I hope the drama would be as hilarious as the teaser.

  11. 11 Callie

    I love how everyone else is all giggles, and then there’s Yeh Ji-won just trying to werk it 😂

  12. 12 mary

    I hope they’re saving some laughs for the actual show because I’ve already used up a lot just watching these teasers… XD

    “My last use of the word “wind,” I promise.”

    “The cast is quite strong, and I hope we’ll be blown away by a fun take on a topic that’s not outright hilarious.”

    *side-eyeing you, chickachunga*

    • 12.1 chickachunga

      guilty! 😉 x

  13. 13 ObsessedMuch

    This is hilarious! And Song Ji Hyo seriously seems to grow beautiful each day!

  14. 14 Pollyanna

    Just because this is not likely to be puritanical does not equate to this being definitely prurient.

    Kudos to them for daring to broach this in a light-hearted way.

    This would be a good change from “On the Way to the Airport”, which I am currently watching.


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