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Drinking Solo: Episode 14
by | October 19, 2016 | 107 Comments

You never saw three sadder sacks than our trio of Noryangjin Idiots, but at least they have each other to lean on when life gets rough. Even when they’re spitting mad with each other, they still manage to be there for each other for support and sympathy. Loves may come and go, and hearts will break and mend and break again, but friendship is forever.


Jung-seok arrives home to find Gong-myung drinking a beer alone in the dark house, looking upset. When Jung-seok gets a text from Hana, Gong-myung clocks his smile, and asks if he’s got a girlfriend. Jung-seok admits it, but when Gong-myung asks who it is, he tells him to just focus on studying.

Once he’s alone, Jung-seok wonders if he should tell Gong-myung that he’s dating Hana. But he figures Gong-myung’s feelings for her are just a temporary crush that he’ll get over soon, and decides against it.

From the look on Gong-myung’s face, it seems as though his hyung has greatly underestimated his feelings for Hana. And what’s worse, he’s aware that Jung-seok knew how he feels, and yet he pursued Hana anyway.

Gong-myung heads to the gosiwon to see Dong-young, packed bag in tow, and the two of them find Ki-bum drinking on the roof. Dong-young tells Gong-myung that Ki-bum is miserable over Chae-yeon, and Ki-bum gives Gong-myung some pretty fierce side-eye when he asks why.

Dong-young tells his friends that it’s really over between him and Joo-yeon, though when Gong-myung asks why, he just shoots an evil glare toward Ki-bum. Gong-myung sighs that they’re all miserable today, and tells the others that he no longer has a shot with Hana, because she has a new boyfriend.

Dong-young asks why Gong-myung left home, but Gong-myung doesn’t feel like talking about it. He asks Ki-bum to let him stay in his room, and Ki-bum snaps at him not to even ask such a thing before stomping off. Gong-myung asks again what’s wrong with him, but Dong-young keeps Ki-bum’s secret.

Jung-seok is surprised to find Gong-myung’s room empty later that night, but he assumes Gong-myung is just out with friends. Hana calls him to invite him to hang out tomorrow, and they make plans, all the while beaming adorably. Jung-seok even giggles at one point, it’s too cute.

But later, Director Kim group-texts the whole office to invite them to go hiking tomorrow as a team-building exercise. Jin-woong and Jin-yi both agree to go, but before Hana can decline, Director Kim warns her not to say she’s got other plans. Well, there goes her and Jung-seok’s first real date.

She tries to talk Director Kim into inviting Jung-seok as well, so that at least she can see him tomorrow, but Director Kim refuses, sure Jung-seok will say no anyway. He calls Jung-seok picky and selfish and says that he hates him, and when the others agree they don’t want him there bringing things down, Hana is forced to concede.

She calls Jung-seok to explain the situation, explaining that she can’t just say she has other plans like he could. Jung-seok blusters, then wonders why he wasn’t invited, too. To save his feelings, Hana says that Director Kim was probably just respecting his preference not to socialize outside of work, but Jung-seok is sure he was left out on purpose.

Gong-myung spends the night in Dong-young’s room, though he can’t sleep (partly because Dong-young is dreaming about Joo-yeon and keeps trying to spoon him, hee). He gets up and goes to the roof, and plays Hana’s recording promising to consider dating him when he passes the civil service exam one last time.

He decides to delete the recording, but he can’t bring himself to do it. Over and over his finger hovers over the “delete” option, but he’s overcome by tears, and breaks down sobbing his broken heart out. Ki-bum can’t sleep either, and finds Gong-myung on the roof. But when he sees that his friend is crying, he leaves him in peace.

Hana and Jin-yi are surprised when Director Kim shows up to hike in a suit, though he explains that he had to lie to his family that there was a meeting, to get out of kimchi-making day at home. A hand grabs his wrist as a voice intones, “I can’t allow this — [he] is my person.” HAHAHA, it’s Jin-young, wearing his baseball cap upside-down and impersonating Prince Yeong from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

Jin-yi snaps at Jin-woong for passing himself off as Park Bo-gum “with a face like that,” but Jin-woong just grabs Hana’s wrist and repeats the scene. The music swells and everyone looks deadly serious… until Director Kim breaks up the silliness.

Director Kim changes into his hiking gear, and the four set out. They’re all shocked when they’re joined by none other than Jung-seok, all kitted out for a day of hiking and looking suspiciously cheerful about it.

He invites himself on their hike, and though nobody but Hana looks happy about it, they can’t exactly tell him he can’t hike in a public place. Jung-seok hangs back to flirt with Hana while the rest walk ahead, and she simpers happily.

Jin-yi stops Hana to complain about Premium Trash joining them — she’s extra-uncomfortable around him since he rejected her at the club. She thinks Hana feels the same way after being left behind by Jung-seok on that bridge, and she tells Hana that they’ll just forget those jerk men and enjoy being single women.

Hana wonders if she should tell Jin-yi that she and Jung-seok are dating, then thinks better of it. Since Jin-yi came today to cheer herself up, she doesn’t want to make her friend depressed again by telling her that she’s dating someone.

Both Gong-myung and Dong-young are too depressed to eat, but surprisingly, it’s Ki-bum who forces them to leave their room (mostly by farting in it). Dong-young wonders how he’s cheered up so quickly, and Ki-bum just says they can all find better women, and shoos them out the door.

Hana lags behind the others, exhausted, and Jung-seok asks why her backpack is so heavy. She says that she’s carrying the snacks, which prompts Jung-seok to do a hilarious impression of Director Kim and offer to carry her bag.

Just as he’s taking it, Jin-yi comes back for Hana, and asks why he has her backpack. Thinking quickly, Jung-seok fibs that he was checking the brand, and shoves it back at Hana with a cute little wink. Hana goes a bit overboard fussing about Premium Trash’s totally unacceptable behavior, which Jin-yi notices.

Ki-bum takes his friends out to eat, and Gong-myung and Dong-young mope over their meals, making Ki-bum gripe at them. He spots a baseball game on TV and gets the idea for them all to go, even offering to buy their tickets with his mom’s credit card.

Jung-seok holds out a hand when Hana struggles to climb a rock, and though she initially balks at the skinship with everyone so near, she finally takes his hand with a happy little grin. Jin-yi seemingly pops out of nowhere and startles Hana, who jerks her hand away and falls, right on top of Jin-yi.

Jung-seok jumps down and helps Hana up, fussing over her like a mother hen, and leaving Jin-yi lying on the ground, pfft. Eventually Hana helps her up, and Jin-yi whines at Jung-seok for not helping her, too. She asks if she’s just an animal, and he huffs that she sure was acting like one at the club. HAHA, Hana’s face.

Jung-seok and Hana split off in opposite directions, and Jin-yi finds Hana’s phone lying in the leaves. She grabs it, intending to take it to Hana. When she stops to rest she takes a look at the phone, and sees a series of texts from Jung-seok asking Hana to avoid Jin-yi, since she’s so low-quality.

She scrolls up and finds a conversation from earlier, where they’re complained about not seeing each other today. Jin-yi gapes at the blatant evidence of their relationship, and as a test, she sends a text to Jung-seok saying, “I love you.” What?? Oh no she didn’t.

Jung-seok receives the text and, assuming it’s from Hana, he gets super-excited and texts back, “I love you more.” He’s thrilled, but Jin-yi looks like she’s about to pass out.

As soon as she sees Hana, she asks if she’s dating Premium Trash, shoving her phone at her accusingly. Hana’s face says it all, and Jin-yi goes on a rant, connecting all the dots and simultaneously whining and laughing maniacally at the absurdity. Hana tries her best to calm her friend down, with no luck.

Hana does ask Jin-yi to keep this a secret, and Jin-yi shrieks that nobody would believe that a handsome, successful man like Jung-seok would date Hana, anyway. Wow. She sends Hana off to play with Jung-seok, and says she’ll just haul her low-quality, animal-like self off this hill alone.

The baseball game doesn’t do much to cheer up Gong-myung and Dong-young, though Ki-bum does his best to pep them up and make them have fun. He makes them wear silly hats and keeps up his cheering, and eventually his energy spills over to his friends, and they all stand and cheer.

Chae-yeon has been trying to contact Gong-myung all day to set up study time, but she can’t reach him through text or calling. She wonders what’s happened to make him suddenly lose interest in studying.

Director Kim and Jin-woong take a break, and Director Kim tells Jin-woong to find a woman to take care of him when he says he hasn’t eaten breakfast. Jin-woong wonders what woman would date him (is he taking volunteers?), and right on cue, Jin-yi comes into view.

Director Kim thinks Jin-yi is perfect since she wants to get married so badly, but Jin-woong thinks she’d never even consider him. Director Kim encourages him to give it a shot and go hike with her, and they’ll fall in love for sure. He decides to help them out, despite Jin-woong’s protests.

Director Kim proposes a race to the top of the mountain, and he sets up Jin-woong and Jin-yi against himself and Hana. Jung-seok objects to being left out, and when Director Kim says it’s because he doesn’t ever do anything with him, Jung-seok agrees to go for drinks with everyone later (Jin-yi rolls her eyes hard at this).

He tells Director Kim to be the judge, and volunteers himself to race with Hana. When he brags that he and Hana will definitely win, Jin-yi gets all huffy and asks if he can really beat a wild animal (herself). Jung-seok sneers that it’s all about intelligence and strategy, and with that, Jin-yi is determined to make him eat his words.

The rules are set — first team to take a selca at the top and post it to their chatroom wins. Jin-yi grabs Jin-woong and drags him off, with Jung-seok and Hana hot on their heels. Hana’s backpack is too heavy, and Jung-seok argues that as teammates, nobody will think it strange if he carries it. He grabs Hana’s hand, and she asks if he’s really coming drinking with them.

He says that of course he will since his girlfriend is going, admitting that he’s glad for this race so he can spend more time with her. Oh stop, you’re too cute. When Jin-yi and Jin-woong zoom past them, they head up the mountain.

For Jin-yi, this race is all about sticking it to Jung-seok, and she’s annoyed when Jin-woong asks for a short break. She gets behind him, ready to poke him in the butt to motivate him. But Jin-yi trips on a rock and hurts herself, so she climbs Jin-woong like a tree and makes him carry her.

It’s a crazy scramble, with Jin-yi and Jin-woong screaming while Jung-seok and Hana slip past them and make it to the top first. They take their selca, while Jin-yi gripes that she knows why Jin-woong’s wife left him. Jin-woong fights back, yelling that he sees why she got dumped.

Ki-bum’s mom calls him as the boys walk home, angry that he used her credit card to go to a baseball game instead of studying. His aegyo fails him this time, and his mom informs him that she’s cut off the card. But he’s not down for long, and he leads the guys to a restaurant that’s hosting a class reunion, where they pretend to be alumni for free food.

Gong-myung and Dong-young are uncomfortable and want to leave, but Ki-bum refuses. Before long a guy sits with them and says they don’t look familiar, and when he asks which class they were in, Ki-bum accidentally says the same class the guy was in.

Ki-bum changes his answer, but a second guy chimes in that that was his class and he doesn’t recognize him either. Ki-bum’s third try fails just as badly, and now there are three alumni wondering who the heck these dudes are.

Instead of admitting their guilt, Ki-bum doubles down and loudly demands to see the class president, pretending to be close friends with him. The first guy says he’s the president. HA, Gong-myung jumps up and tries to pay for what they ate, and tells the guys to run.

Gong-myung and Dong-young make it to the door, but Ki-bum gets yanked back by the collar, and his friends come back to help. There’s a hilarious slow-motion fight, in which our boys definitely get the worst of it. Ki-bum gets slapped by a slab of meat, Dong-young burns both hands on the table grills, and they all end up in a heap on the floor.

The teachers all go for drinks after their hike, where Jung-seok is socially awkward after all his solo drinking. Jin-yi is still whining at Jin-woong for his poor performance in the race, and he goes back into his Prince Yeong impression to annoy her.

Director Kim asks Jung-seok why he hung out with them today, and he says he’s just here to promote friendship as Director Kim always wants. Jin-yi snarkily asks if there’s another reason, making Hana snort her drink.

Jung-seok comes outside to find Hana talking to Siri about Jin-yi, and she sheepishly explains that she talks to her phone sometimes, since she lives alone and has nobody to talk to. Jung-seok feels bad that she’s been so lonely, and tells her to talk to him from now on. He asks what she was talking to Siri about just now, and she has to confess that Jin-yi knows about them.

She tells him that Jin-yi saw their texts and figured it out, but he’s surprisingly unconcerned. He guesses that’s why she’s been so short with him all day, and Hana asks him to understand that she’s hurt because she thought she and Hana were both heartbroken. Hana says Jung-seok should go home first so avoid more awkwardness, but he refuses, joking that she’ll just complain to her phone that her boyfriend left her alone.

The boys sit in the park with snacks and beer, and Ki-bum notices Gong-myung getting down again and tells him to snap out of it. He says he shouldn’t stop studying since he’s been doing so well.

The guys tells Ki-bum that they’re more upset than him because they were more in love, but Ki-bum says it’s not that complicated. His cheerful demeanor slips a bit when Chae-yeon calls him to ask if he told Gong-myung she likes him, since he’s not answering her calls.

When she says that, Ki-bum hands the phone to Gong-myung, who tells Chae-yeon that something just came up. He says he’s drunk now and will explain later, and hangs up.

Alone, Dong-young asks Ki-bum if he’s really moved on from his crush on Chae-yeon. He says that if it had been him, he wouldn’t have let her talk to Gong-myung. He admits that he hates Ki-bum for ruining his last chance with Joo-yeon, but marvels that Ki-bum doesn’t seem to hate Gong-myung.

Ki-bum says he just knows how much Gong-myung is suffering, so there’s no point hating him. He says they’ve been friends for too long to let a woman come between them, and he wouldn’t want to lose his love and his friends, asking Dong-young not to hate him too much.

He tells Dong-young that Joo-yeon may have said something she didn’t mean out of anger, and encourages him not to give up. He says their long history is different than his one-sided love, and gives Dong-young an encouraging pat before heading home.

Jin-yi gets really drunk, and Director Kim voluntells Jin-woong to take her home. Jin-woong doesn’t want to do it, and tells Director Kim that spending time with Jin-yi today was harder than his entire marriage put together. He does relent, but swears he will never get involved with Jin-yi. Ever.

He wrangles her into a taxi with great difficulty, where she complains that everyone is betraying her. Annoyed, Jin-woong asks her to keep it down. She gets a text from Hana and reads it, tears welling in her eyes.

Hana apologizes for hurting her unintentionally, and says that she wanted to tell her the truth but saw how much Jin-yi was hurting. She says she feels bad for being happy when Jin-yi is suffering, and that she hopes Jin-yi finds someone new and doesn’t suffer for long.

Jin-woong asks Jin-yi what’s wrong, and she cries harder and says she’s humiliated for resenting her friend’s happiness. She says that she doesn’t deserve love, and leans over to cry on Jin-woong’s shoulder. He puts an arm around her and lets her cry.

Chae-yeon approaches Ki-bum, and accuses him of convincing Gong-myung to play instead of study. She spits at him not to ruin Gong-myung’s life like he’s ruining his own, and Ki-bum stops Dong-young from interfering and just says he’s sorry.

He walks away, but Dong-young is tired of Chae-yeon’s attitude. He informs Chae-yeon that Ki-bum has known and cared about Gong-myung longer than she has. She asks why he would talk Gong-myung out of studying and into drinking if he cares so much, and Dong-young asks if she even knows why Gong-myung has been studying so hard.

He tells Chae-yeon the truth — Gong-myung likes Hana, and wants to pass the exam so he can date her. But now she has a boyfriend so Gong-myung spent the day depressed. And all day long, it was Ki-bum who took care of him.

Gong-myung has another beer, and thinks that when he drinks alone, all of his suppressed emotions well up within him. Ki-bum also has a drink on the gosiwon roof, and he watches Chae-yeon walk home sadly, and lets himself cry for his lost love.

Gong-myung narrates, wondering how it all came to this, with everyone asking questions with no answers. He says that soon they’ll have to accept reality, as both Chae-yeon and Dong-young nurse their hurts with alcohol alone in their rooms.

But Gong-myung continues that reality may not be everything, and if he gives up so easily, it only makes his love pitiful. So he’s drinking this beer for courage, to say the things he can’t say when sober, and his face takes on a determined expression.

Jung-seok walks Hana home and asks her to repeat the text she sent him earlier, the one saying she loves him. Hana explains that Jin-yi sent that text, and Jung-seok whines that he was so happy when he saw that.

He’s disappointed, but Hana chirps a cute little “I love you!” in his ear, and his face nearly splits from smiling. He kisses her forehead and sends her in, both of them on Cloud Nine.

But his happiness fades when he turns to see Gong-myung standing behind him, and says that he knows Jung-seok is dating Hana. He accuses Jung-seok of already dating her when Gong-myung told him he liked her, and asks why he didn’t tell him the truth then.

Jung-seok says that he didn’t want to fight when Gong-myung’s crush would fade soon enough, which just makes Gong-myung angrier. He yells that Jung-seok has no right to judge the sincerity of his feelings, and Jung-seok takes offense to his informal speech and tells him to respect his hyung.

Gong-myung scoffs, asking what kind of hyung worthy of respect ridicules his brother’s feelings. He says that Jung-seok has always done whatever he wanted and this is no different. He tells his brother that he came to tell Hana that he’s not giving up on her, because he might be able to let go if she were dating a good man, but he refuses to let her go for a jerk like Jung-seok.


I’ve been dreading this for weeks, the clash between brothers that I knew would come when Gong-myung found out about Jung-seok and Hana. The brothers’ relationship is so contentious already, it’s going to be hard for them to bounce back from this in the little time we have left before the show ends. While I think Gong-myung’s feelings are genuine, and he’s absolutely right that Jung-seok has no right to dismiss his feelings, I also agree that it’s none of his business whether Jung-seok and Hana date. Gong-myung had no real claim to Hana nor did she promise to wait for him, and even if she did, ultimately it’s her choice who to be with. Neither brother gets a say in that, not even Jung-seok, and for them to fight over her just seems so futile.

While it was hard to watch all three friends nursing broken hearts at the same time, it was comforting that even though they were angry with each other, they still gravitated to each other and did their best to help each other feel better. That’s true friendship right there, that doesn’t let anything get in the way of their close bond. It’s sweet that when it comes down to it, they’re very protective of each other’s hearts, and even when they hate each other, they’ll always come back to their friends.

I’m so thrilled that my Jin-woong/Jin-yi match seems to be happening, because if two people were ever meant for each other, it’s these two. Their flaws even complement each other, with Jin-yi’s desire to get married strong enough to trump Jin-woong’s social stigma of being divorced. I was happy to see them screaming at each other in this episode, because it shows that they can be comfortable with each other even when spitting mad. I even liked that Jin-woong wasn’t all gung-ho about the idea of dating Jin-yi, because it made his eventual hugs and comfort that much more meaningful. It may not be love at first sight, but it’s a relationship that can evolve over time, and some of the strongest relationships are those where the couple grows slowly into love.

That said, I was back to being annoyed with Jin-yi in this episode, because while I do sympathize with her and the horrible way she was dumped, that’s no excuse for the way she behaved to Hana. First of all, you don’t read someone’s texts without their permission, period. But to write a text to Jung-seok from Hana’s phone saying “I love you” was just beyond unacceptable (aside from the fact that she stole that experience of saying it for the first time from Jung-seok and Hana). If she were my friend, we wouldn’t be friends anymore after that.

The way Jin-yi acted when she confronted Hana reminded me way too much of her behavior when Hana first came to Noryangjin, when Jin-yi would throw a tantrum every time she didn’t get her way. It’s sad that Hana can’t share important, exciting events in her life with the person who’s supposed to be her best friend, and Jin-yi is just lucky Hana is such a forgiving person. Hana dating Jung-seok isn’t a personal insult to Jin-yi, and it’s extremely immature for her to act as if it is. At least she realized how horrible she was being, and I hope she learns from this and stops resenting Hana every time something good happens to her.

But one of the things I appreciate most about this drama is that the characters are so real. Everyone has their flaws, and the answer to finding happiness isn’t to just fix your flaws and someone will love you. Hana is timid and Jung-seok is arrogant, Jin-yi is selfish, Jin-woong is annoying. Even the Noryangjin trio have their issues, but yet we love them just the same, even when we want to smack them upside the head and tell them to grow up. Some characters have toned down their biggest problems, particularly the ones that are getting in the way of their success, but nobody has experienced a miraculous personality transplant. Hana is more willing to stand up for herself but she’s still meek, while Jung-seok is making a lot of effort to get along with others, but he still falls into his own arrogant traps. I think the point is that everyone is deserving of love, and that we can love a person while still agreeing that they aren’t perfect.


107 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Sushi

    The restaurant brawl might be my new favorite scene of the entire drama. Kibum’s betrayed look when he was slapped in the face by pork belly (by Gongmyung no less) … I cackled too loudly. He did redeem himself this episode, even though he is still a bit of an ass and hurting that his crush likes his friend, he pushed that aside to care for his hearbroken friend.

    Jinyi… oh Jinyi I was rooting for you.

    • 1.1 La Plume

      It was also my favorite scene this episode ^^
      Frankly it was E.P.I.C

      I thought this episode was the funniest so far.

      I don’t totally agree with Lollypip regarding Ass brother and Gong Myeong however.
      I don’t think Gong Myeong was making a claim regarding Hana. The thing is Gong Myeong told his brother he was in love with his teacher and that ass just dismissed his feelings like they were nothing. Even HIS feelings are supposed to be stronger in his head just because he considers his brother lazy ( and hence his feelings are half-assed as well).

      Dishonesty between siblings is a HUGE no no especially as you age because it becomes particularly difficult to patch things up. Given how Jun Seok has been treating his little brother, I’m surprised they still talk to each other (it’s not clear if Jun Seok has always been like this with his little brother or if he just turned into an ass once he became successful). Regardless, love come and go, but siblings relationship is forever.

      If you don’t even respect a person supposed to be here through thick and thin (hell, nobody wants him in good times so what must it be in bad times?), well that tells a LOT about you as a person regardless of how dorky you are as a boyfriend.

      Also, He still hasn’t changed a bit. He’s all cute when it comes to Hana but he still being dismissive of anybody else. What right does he have of insulting Hana’s friend this way? Jin Yi may not be the greatest of friends, but it’s not reason enough to talk about her this way.

      I love them with their flaws but I hate people who treat anybody who’s not in their personal cycle like crap. The problem is not how arrogant he is ( especially since we live in an age when apparently the more narcissistic you are, the better), the problem is, he still doesn’t care about others. It’s all about he and himself and how he’s the sun and Hana the moon.

      A good older brother, would have told his little brother that he was going out with his teacher. It would not have been pleasant for sure, but at least, the other party would not have felt as betrayed and dismissed AGAIN.

      Enough rant about ass-man though… I’m still rooting for Top Despicable + Ki Bum. He’s totally immature but she’s too serious as well. They’re both extremes so they should meet somewhere in the middle.

      But I guess, for now… I’m shipping more the no-girlfriend/no-boyfriend until everybody gets a good slap on the face and learn about PRIORITIES.

      • 1.1.1 Sushi

        I totally agree about Ass Brother. Yes, Gong Myung doesn’t have a claim on Hana, but you can’t just dismiss anyone’s feelings as being unimportant and insignificant. Which is sadly how he views everyone tbh.

      • 1.1.2 savi

        imo, GM has a victim mentality,
        every one should assist me cause I am kind, nope – that’s not what it should be

        his brother and hana relationship just starts and since GM clearly said that the love is what making him learn, I think JS thought it wasn’t a good thing to said when he just start to make his way seriously,
        sure it hurts but it will always hurt cause the reality is his love never reciprocate,
        JS also wants to make it secret so he has no reason to reveals it,

        besides he doesn’t know what happen between Hana and GM and it better for Hana and GM to resolve it,
        it’s not up to JS on what GM should feel or Hana should choose,
        he did things on the boundary,
        He just knows that GM loved Hana after they dating,
        it’s not like GM has said from the starts that he loved Hana to JS and JS secretly makes a move to her,

        and did GM even care about JS at all?
        good things and understanding shouldn’t happen just by the big brother, it goes both way

        • Minnie

          I kind of disagree with you on that point. He never accused him of going behind his back to date Hana, he’s angry that he just wrote off his feelings as nothing. In the last two episodes JS specifically thought to himself that it’s just a crush that would die off anyway; he never mentioned anything about his studies. He even told himself not to bother because Hana doesn’t see GM as a man (which is true). So it’s not like he was being a good brother, he just didn’t care.
          Gong Myung is not asking him to step aside, he’s just saying that Jung Seok puts himself first without thinking of others. At no point has he asked Hana what she would like to do (he chose the movie, he didn’t let her get popcorn, he didn’t want to seat on a couple seat). A relationship is not all about smiling goofily.
          If my older sister talks to me the way he talks to Gong Myung, we wouldn’t even be talking to each other. He has called him an idiot on many occasions, a disgrace to his quality, a good for nothing and doesn’t take him seriously at all. Yes, respect goes both ways, but Jung Seok has definitely hurt Gong Myung more, even with his advice

          • Adal

            + 1000

            Great points.

          • atz

            I agree with you on this one.
            GM is immature for sure but when his brother always condescending towards him and despised him, I do understand how he feels about his brother. Because he is treated badly by JS, it seems that he enjoys mooching off his brother for a little revenge.
            His brother is quite loving and accommodating towards Hana now but he is not towards others. He is till High end trash towards many, ie the way he treated GM’s friend in WC.
            In this drama, JS was portrayed as if his hard personality was developed while he was struggling but I do not buy it. He is really full of himself and often self centered. Just because he was treated harshly sometime in his life, that is not an excuse to treat others badly or condescend others.
            That is why GM cannot take the fact that Hana is dating him because he thinks Hana would be hurt by his brother in the end and he believes that JS does not deserve her. In deed, it is not GM to judge who deserves who but I can see his point. In reality( not in the drama world), girls would tend to get hurt by guys like JS. I do not even like the fact Hana easily forgave JS but alas this is the dramaland.

          • La Plume

            Just wanted to say that Minnie and atz, way better said than I did.

            The root of the problem is not both of them loving the same girl, it is just another manifestation of badly JS behaved with his little bro.

          • Jolly

            That’s simply not true. He asks Hana about watching the movie, and she agrees. We’re literally given a conversation between the two in EP14 where they both ask each other what they’d like to do, and each of them say they’re happy with whatever as long as they’re with each other.

            Gong-myung’s response has nothing to do with Jung-seok putting himself first before others. He’s just lashing out because he’s hurt. And we’ve seen in EP12 that Jung-seok decides to put Hana’s own feelings before his own. As it should be. It’s just a typical drama trope that I was hoping this series would rise above. He has no business putting his nose in their relationship. That’s what it comes down to really.

            The worst thing is it seems no one is going to ask Hana her opinion on this matter. Gong-myung is acting like a child, and Jung-seok is going to do the noble idiot thing of just backing away because he doesn’t want his relationship with his brother to worsen.

          • Purple Owl


            I disagree with the idea that JS will back off to keep their relationship. He doesn’t give two sniffs about GM and their sibling relationship. He is out for his own and I think he’ll keep dating Ha Na.

            At least that is how the character is written. But this is dramaland and there are only 2 eps left. We need drama. But otherwise JS has shown throughout this whole show how little his brother means to him. Just look at that insult list. It’s been less than 2 months and he’s called GM all those names. And that’s just what we the audience have seen.

        • savi

          > he’s angry that he just wrote off his feelings as nothing,

          this is the part I don’t get,
          why would JS mind his feeling?
          he didn’t said Hana takes his feeling lightly,
          he said it after GM said it’s a crush, one sided crush
          then JS replied with comment that it’s not supposed to be GM priority right now, and since it’s a crush, he shouldn’t hope too much,

          my point is GM asked something for JS without knowing his side, brush JS as the bad guy because he saw him as one,
          he doesn’t need to angry at JS for dating Hana,
          it’s not JS fault to not knowing his crush,

          Why would JS need to care about the grown up GM is GM never cared about JS either,
          JS never care and suddenly he has to care about GM feelings because GM is hurt ?? even without JS aware of that ??
          did GM ever care about JS reputation on NRJ or care to show his brother a better way?
          no, they both selfish but GM is do not have the right to get angry at JS about JS-Hana relationship,

          the reality is GM angry because to him, JS win over him again, regarding Hana
          it never about feeling, he doesn’t like lost to him

          • Bleu

            I agree with you on the sibling rivalry aspect of GM’s anger with regards to JS-HN. A lot of people have overlooked this. GM wasn’t just upset about not winning Hana’s affections, but he was also angry about losing to his big brother AGAIN.

          • unitedred

            @savi: GM is angry that JS dismissed his love for Hana as a simple crush. Like Bleu said, GM’s anger seems to be deeper rooted in his bitter rivalry with his brother. You also said that the brothers don’t care about each other. I don’t think this is entirely true. We might find out that GM looked up to JS at one point and always wanted JS’s respect. Maybe, he hoped that JS would have been a better brother.

      • 1.1.3 Adal

        @ La Plume

        I agree totally👍🏾

        • Jipsy

          @Jolly – EXACTLY!!!

    • 1.2 milktea

      oh i was literally crying during that restaurant fight scene… best moment of the episode (and there are so many other great scenes like the impersonations)

      • 1.2.1 Yaya

        Me too!!! Best food fight I ever seen!

    • 1.3 okitokki

      omg Kibum’s face in that moment is now my favorite thing ever. He looked SO betrayed that his friend hit him with the meat (albeit accidentally). I laughed so hard. His facial expression was perfect :p

      • 1.3.1 Sushi

        I may have replayed that scene over and over, giggling like a crazy person.
        Have you watched the making of-? They did several takes so poor Key was smacked so many times in the face. By pork belly and flying vegetables (all courtesy of Gong Myung XD)

      • 1.3.2 Yaya

        Ki-bum’s reaction was priceless!

        Key did an awesome job as Ki-bum, especially for being his first drama. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

    • 1.4 Catz

      That restaurant scene was that a reference to the fight scene in film twenty?

    • 1.5 Laura

      I too love the restaurant scene so much that I grabbed my hubby and made him watch it with me. And we both laughed like hyenas 🙂

      But did anyone else notice that Dong-young burnt his right hand twice, but was shown later on with both hands bandaged ?

  2. A

    “I disapprove. That’s my anus” I just about DIED laughing. I love Jin-yi and jin-woong, they’re basically an old married couple already and I’m actually disappointed they didn’t show up in the preview for next week! Thank god for meddling, matchmaking director Kim. Ironically, the main couple have become the least compelling part of the show for me!

    Lots of pain this episode, but there’s lots of truth as well and our puppy trio is growing up. After countless dramas showing us over and over how protagonists have to throw away friendships for love, I really appreciate how this show lets our characters have both, and the characters themselves know how important it is to not get caught up in the rush of love and let friendships fall by the wayside.

    These characters aren’t perfect people, but that’s why we love them!

  3. clairie

    “How dare you mimic Park Bo Gum with a face like that??” *Impersonate anyway* Cue to: Gummy’s song. HAHAHA I’m dead

    • 3.1 Evelyn L

      This is the best impersonation ever in the entire series, HAH. Now, I don’t think I can get over this hilarious episode despite the downs.

      Flawed or not, we still love the characters!

    • 3.2 happychou

      The best impersonation! DEAD lol

    • 3.3 enkeys

      Plus the camera angle and position of Hana, Jinyi and Jinwoong lol.

    • 3.4 Suzi Q

      One of his funniest impersonations. Love the way he turned his hat around to look like the Joseon period hat.

    • 3.5 Purple Owl

      Jin Woong is no Bo Gum. But am I the only one who does find him good looking and kinda attractive?

  4. nomu

    i loved this episode!! i laughed so hard at the boy trio and giggled happily with the lovebirds 😊😊

    • 4.1 JesO

      I think this is going to be my go-to episode when I’m having a bad day. So funny – so sweet at times.

  5. Jazz

    Ommo, this show has taken my heart and run away with it.

    I agree with you, Lollypip, that our characters are flawed, but we love them anyway. I really like the way this show handles character development, but I wish we had more time. We only have 2 episodes left </3

    This episode is the funniest so far! Especially that fight in the restaurant. Comedy gold! I was watching it in the library and had to struggle holding my laughter in. I swear, I must have looked like a maniac.

    I love how well this writer references other movies and dramas. Does anyone else think that Ki Bum being slapped with a slab of meat (my favorite scene) is a parody of the kimchi slap that went viral last year?

    • 5.1 Sancheezy

      parody of the kimchi slap that went viral last year

      I think it’s an improvement, I mean the budget, haha

    • 5.2 okitokki

      Lol yes, I think it was meant to be a parody. The kimchi slap DID happen on SNL Korea, after all, and the three alumni that were fighting with them were cameos by people who are on SNL

    • 5.3 Sushi

      I thought the scene was a parody of Twenty? My sources could be wrong :’)

      • 5.3.1 Jazz

        You are right! The slo-mo fight is from Twenty.

        Haha. I was talking about the meat-slap in particular since no one got slapped by a slab of meat in the movie? Where as there was that guy whose hand got hit, smacked, and stepped on much like how Dong Young’s hands got burnt twice?

  6. Yoyo

    Props to the writers for showing some comical critiques on Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. Not just once, not just twice! Gah, this show is amazing!

    My beloved 3 boys were the stars of this episode, hands down, they slayed it! Ki Bum, Doo Young and Gong Myung are the epitome of friendship. The bromance is real, and I couldn’t be happier that they value and respect their friendship this much.

    • 6.1 happychou

      I feel like a proud mama for Ki Bum in this episode. The way he showed that he valued their friendship by suppressing his feeling knowing Gong Myung was as miserable as he was. Finally, an act of maturity.

      I’m going to miss this drama when it’s over..next week :'(

      • 6.1.1 Arashi_lover

        I agree. Kibum was so caring in this episode and at this point, I don’t even want him to end up with Chae Yeon; she’s not good enough for him. Hope he just concentrates on his friendships and studying to make his grandma prouder.
        Excited and sad about next week.

    • 6.2 August

      Props indeed! Awww the trio of bromance among Ki Bum, Doo Young and Gong Myung!

  7. Jolly

    I think I’ve come to sympathize less and less with Gong-myung. I hate it when characters seem to think they have a say in other people’s decisions of who they choose to date. It tends to happen often in dramas, and he has definitely descended into a bit of a creep when it comes to Hana.

    Drinking Solo tackled this issue briefly with Jung-seok and Hana in EP12. We saw Hana put Jung-seok in his place for being overbearing, and at the end of the episode, Jung-seok did the right thing and backed away respectfully. It doesn’t matter how much he likes her if she doesn’t feel the same. Obviously, this spurred Hana to make a move, but the point is the show took us through a moment of change with his character.

    But now we have Gong-myung treading that same ground, except it’s far more unlikeable. He has no idea about the relationship between Jung-seok and Hana. He has no right over who Hana decides to like or who she decides to date. He also has no idea of how Jung-seok treats Hana. And that’s why it’s so annoying.

    What I liked about this moment though is the clear difference in maturity between Gong-myung and Jung-seok. The former is very childish and immature, whereas the latter clearly decides to just ignore such a matter because he realizes that it’s not an issue worth creating conflict over. All that puppy cuteness doesn’t mean much when you make moves that are so childish. That’s not what Hana needs at all.

    It’s also clear from the next episode preview that Jung-seok isn’t going to make an issue out of it, and will likely do the dumb move of just backing away for the sake of not creating a divide with his brother. While this could be understandable from the prospect of not wanting to cause issues with your family, and maybe he does feel he’s let down his younger brother, it’s also silly because the problem is Gong-myung. If he does indeed do this, then it’s a case of noble idiocy, and something I really don’t want to see with two episodes to go.

    What really needs to happen is for Hana to tell Gong-myung to know his place, and back the hell off. I hope this issue is resolved part way through the next episode and we don’t have to endure this nonsense for a full episode before getting a resolution in the final episode.

    This drama has been such a joy, and I’d rather see Jung-seok develop as a character little more along with Hana. Him becoming more respectful of others around him, and making a more concentrated effort to change like he hinted at in EP12, but also to see Hana become more confident thanks to the influence Jung-seok has had on her. There’s enough story here without resorting to wasting time with Gong-myung’s immaturity.

    • 7.1 La Plume

      Well don’t agree with you on that. Gong Myeong’s immature for sure but it’s not like he forced himself on his teacher. Btw, it’s difficult to choose your path at this age, not everybody wants to become a civil servant… It’s understandable that his parents would push him to do something, but not being dedicated when you feel you’re not doing something for yourself is not immaturity in my book.

      Also, As I said in my previous comment: It’s not ANY relationship. It’s HIS BROTHER .

      I’ve been appalled by the way he’s been treating his little brother since the beginning, I’ve got siblings myself and ah.. it is an awful sight. No wonder Gong Myeong doesn’t want to spend a second in his presence.

      No matter what happens next week, Jun Seok has a lot of groveling to do to his little bro. Since it’s a drama, I guess that will be resolved with a lot of crying from Hana… The root of the problem though is Jun Seok’s attitude and in real life well, that would take A LOT of time.

      • 7.1.1 savi

        GM has his immature side way a lot,
        again it’s his brother, he needs to realized his brother point too,
        he hasn’t got a job and his brother clearly wants him to be serious at that for his future,

        GM always thinks it’s unfair when his brother get what he wants but did GM do a good job than his brother?
        what his brother do wrong to him that make him miserable?
        his brother is rude but GM also not in position to criticized him for things he know nothing about,,

        did he know what his brother going through?
        his brother gives him practical advise cause that what his brother wants him to see,
        there’s no assurance that GM love is better or he deserved her more when the reality is he got more relaxed time and he did it because it makes him happy, not necessarily think about her

        • La Plume

          I’ve got a little brother myself and trust me on this: nagging all the time even if you think that’s best for him always produces the opposite effect.

          Let people grow up in their own time. If there is some nagging to do: let the parents do the job, that’s not the big bro/sister’s job. You provide advice and eventual help <when they ask for it. They already struggle enough with the comparison you don’t have to rub it in on top of their parents which is what Gong Myeong’s parents did (which is also a good way of ruining relationships).

          I also find it surprising how everybody’s on GM’s case with his “you’re not good enough for Hana” when Jun Seok tells her to stop hanging with low quality people. One is no better than the other.

          • savi

            when your little brother has no direction and you’ve seen how cruel the world is and then your parents literally move him under your care, living under your house, I think JS has the right to scold him,

            JS is rude in his speech most of the time but he said the right thing ,
            GM is too sensitive to understand that what his brother said is true regarding his attitude,

            it like you get burn and shouted the lotion -drug is hurtful and not effective cause it pains your skin when it literally the right drug for your burn-scar (pardon the analogy if it medically incorrect)

        • Jolly

          This is also a good point you bring up, savi.

          I don’t think Jung-seok has necessarily been a good brother, and there is definitely a lack of open communication between him and Gong-myung, but it’s clear he has good intentions.

          We begin the drama with Gong-myung as someone who has wasted a year, with no plan as to what to do. He’s forced to take up residence with his brother thanks to his mom, but is still essentially planning on wasting more time.

          It’s clear Jung-seok wants Gong-myung to make an effort, but since he’s a crass individual, and doesn’t know how to communicate well, he doesn’t advise him in the nicest ways. But it’s also clear Jung-seok does care for his brother. When he learns about Gong-myung likes Hana, he decides to leave the issue. It’s clear he doesn’t want to cause a conflict and feels he’ll eventually let go.

          The sad thing here is that Gong-myung takes insult to his. Why does Jung-seok feeling like he’ll eventually get over his feelings mean he’s belittling them? It doesn’t. That’s his consideration. And really, Gong-myung’s feelings are irrelevant in this situation anyway.

          Jung-seok likes Hana. More importantly, Hana likes Jung-seok. They’re happy.

          That’s all that matters. Gong-myung’s opinion about what Hana deserves is stupid because that’s Hana’s decision, and rather than seeing what Hana wants, he’s challenging his brother as if Hana is some kind of possession. We’ve had two episodes of seeing Jung-seok and Hana together, and they’re great together. It’s also apparent that Jung-seok is slowly changing.

          So Gong-myung’s little tantrum just seems even more childish as a viewer because he’s clueless.

        • steph

          i dont agree with you,
          we have all seen how selfish JS can be despite the fact that he is changing, he still treats his brother the same way, no matter how immature GM can be, JS has no right to disregard his feelings.
          Ii believe GM treats Js the exact way he deserves after all respect is reciprocal

      • 7.1.2 Jolly

        I feel like you haven’t responded to what I’ve actually said. I’ve not commented on him feeling directionless. My comments about his immaturity are solely directed at his pursuit of Hana. That’s where his emotional immaturity is displayed very clearly.

        I don’t agree with the way Jung-seok has been in general since the beginning. He’s quite a crass individual, even if he seems to be showing signs of change, but that is entirely irrelevant to the Hana situation. It is not Gong-myung’s business, not one bit, as to who Hana dates and why.

        This whole nonsense of “I would let her go if it was a nice man” is a troubling and pathetic notion. As I mentioned, it’s been in other dramas too, but the difference is Drinking Solo tackled a similar matter in EP12 where Jung-seok was overstepping his boundaries and put in his place.

        It’s absolutely ridiculous, and just another indicator in how immature he is. He’s essentially telling his brother that he’s unhappy with his relationship and can’t accept it. It’s a complete asshole move regardless of what he thinks of his brother, and also incredibly selfish. It’s selfish because it removes Hana’s opinion from the matter. Throughout this entire series Gong-myung has been a bit too obsessive, and this is definitely crossing a line. He’s been a bit too pushy with Hana, and doesn’t seem to know when to stop.

        It’s clear that his little tantrum is going to work because it looks we’re in for a bout of noble idiocy with Jung-seok when looking at the preview.

        • La Plume

          True. So I’ll quite myself on that:

          “I also find it surprising how everybody’s on GM’s case with his “you’re not good enough for Hana” when Jun Seok tells her to stop hanging with low quality people. One is no better than the other.”

          Both idiots in that case… but again Hana doesn’t stand up for herself so it’s no wonder they’re both behaving this way.

          • Jolly

            Hana doesn’t stand up for herself, but that’s not always the case. She’s way too nice, that’s for sure, but it’s clear she does stand up for herself when she feels like it’s a detriment to her.

            We saw that in EP12 when she decided that it was silly for her to be so heartbroken over a man when there are more important things in life.

            Also, one very important thing to note here, is that Jung-seok has not treated Hana poorly after coming to a realization of his feelings. If anything, the issue with Hana led to self-reflection and he’s slowly changing. That self-reflection came before Hana kissed him, and before they’ve started dating. He clearly treats her well.

            The reason why I think Hana and Jung-seok work is because they balance each other. Hana needs to grow more confident, but also not be so nice and naive. She needs to realize when it’s important to be assertive and that reality means you have to sometimes be more harsh or practical.

            Jung-seok is the opposite. He’s too confident, and also doesn’t like trusting people who he feels don’t put in the work and effort he thinks are necessary. He needs to understand that emotional vulnerability is not a bad thing, nor is helping others when they’re down.

            As for the remark about hanging out with low quality people, I think it’s clear that it’s there to demonstrate a changing of values slowly taking place. We see Jung-seok constantly contradict himself with his actions towards Hana and what he says, and this is simply an extension of that. I’m assuming his bout of noble idiocy is going to tie into this because he’s going to do what he feels is right by his brother because his brother is emotionally weak and he’s obviously struck by the fact that he’s not necessarily treated the people around him very well.

    • 7.2 Rxlcrab

      It’s interesting though how viewers can identify immaturity and pushiness in one brother, and gloss over the same behaviour in the other. GM has been emotionally immature for sure throughout the series, he has wilfully “forced” his feelings on Hana without her consent, and is now feeling the consequences of it.

      JS though is just as pushy, he told Hana to reach for a high quality lifestyle, and to not obsess over each other’s lives. Sure he changed after that, but only because he himself felt the impossibility of keeping up with those behaviours, it’s all about himself and how he feels. If JS felt comfortable enforcing these rules, do you think he’d still change? If Hana had complained about his rules, but he was comfortable with them, I doubted that he would have changed so easily. JS is still at heart a selfish individual, his cuteness may fool some, but for now anyway he’s still living for himself. In this episode he’s still telling Hana to not hang out with Jin-yi because he thinks of her as low quality. Sure JS became more loving and easy-going around Hana, but he’s still horrible towards EVERYONE ELSE, including his own brother.

      There’s an age-old saying that applies here I think: the road to hell is paved with good intentions. It doesn’t matter if JS has good intentions or not, his demeanour and lack of good communication skills will never get his intentions across to anyone (besides Hana) unless he changes his behaviour for the better. Successful people are not always emotionally mature, they can still be huge a*ses, and JS is still proving to be one. His noble sacrifice will still ring hollow next week, because he would have made the decision on his own without consulting either of the other parties involved, because again it’s all about him and what he thinks is the right thing to do, never mind how anyone else actually feels and what THEY wanted. He’s making exactly the same mistake as his brother, not actually caring about what Hana wanted, wilfully pushing his own feelings and decisions onto her. I don’t understand how people can’t see that?

      • 7.2.1 Jolly

        Jung-seok has seen Jin Yi act irrationally childish and petty towards Hana, and has also seen Hana begrudingly feel uncomfortable and accept something she clearly didn’t want to as a result. Are we just going to forget this? It’s also something that likely reminds Jung-seok of his own past where people took advantage of his good nature towards them.

        It’s pretty clear why he tells Hana not to hang around with Jin Yi, because Jin Yi has done plenty of things that just paint her as a bad person. Jung-seok saw it first hand at the photography shoot. For God’s sakes, she was planning to trap her boyfriend by getting pregnant. Her boyfriend is clearly a complete asshole, but she is not someone who is a good person.

        Jung-seok has not seen the other sides of Jin Yi, only the bad ones. And frankly, the moment in this episode where Jin Yi realized she was being pathetic was much needed, because while she’s been nice to Hana at times, she’s also been terrible a lot of the time. Hana serves as a nice contrast to Jung-seok in this respect, because her pleasantness is what touches people. It’s what touched Jung-seok and has made him fall for her too.

        • Rxlcrab

          I understand the point you’re making here, Jin-Yi has not come across very favourably in JS’s eyes. What I’m trying to get across though, is that to call GM immature and saying that it’s none of his business what Hana and JS gets up to, is kind of ironic, because it’s exactly what JS is trying to do in the case of Jin-Yi. He sees mostly Jin-Yi’s bad behaviours only, same as what GM has observed through the years with JS, much longer in GM’a case actually. JS then proceeds to tell Hana, in a rude manner, that Jin-Yi doesn’t deserve her because she is Low-Quality. Which again parodies what GM said of JS. Lastly, who Hana is friend with has very little to do with JS. They’ve been going out for 2 episodes, Hana and Jin-Yi have been friends for years, through various relationships I’d bet. This reminds me of the three students gang, they may treat each other badly at times and can get jealous or resent each other, but friendship is often more long lasting than relationships, even marriages. I think we can all agree on that. So who is JS to tell Hana who she can or can’t be friends with?

          That’s my gripe, I’m not liking either brothers in what they’re trying to do in this relationship, and even though JS has marginally more right than GM to care about Hana’s business, he better clean up his domineering act quickly, or he will lose her inevitably. I’ve seen friendships collapse due to domineering husbands, and the wife NEVER comes off the better for it.

          • La Plume

            Okay. Huge debate here, I’ve read every posts and I get your point Jolly and I agree with most of it but I’m with Rxlcrab on this one.

            Regarding who Hana sees or not is not for Gm or JS to decide.

            But still, putting aside that although I find him cute with Hana and I also do think they’re a great match, I still think that though it’s Hana’s feelings that matter, JS should have told his brother he was going out with her because he knew what he felt. I’m not saying he should not have gone out with Hana if he liked her, I’m saying he should have been honest with his little bro and told him that he also had feelings because he’s his brother. If it was somebody he didn’t know, well It wouldn’t have mattered but that wasn’t the case. No wonder GM was feeling down especially since he gave a chance to his brother to admit it.

            @savi: Again I get what you mean but I beg do differ. I speak from personal experience here. I used to have a pretty immature brother myself. So I won’t go into details but the bottom line of the story is if you see it’s no use to nag just don’t.

            Sooner or later you little bro is gonna wake up. Some little siblings might get it when they see the older struggling, but others need to experience it for themselves.

            It’s your job as the eldest to support them when they finally wake up and not go the “I told you so” route. As the eldest, you’ve got to be understanding and put yourself in your little brother’s shoes: the persistent nagging, the comparison and the struggle of becoming an adult. The older has to be the understanding one, not the other way around even if it’s infuriating and the immature little bro tells you harsh things.

            He’ll come to understand in time why you used to nag him just as we sometimes behaved badly with our parents, and came to understand them. I’m sure if we all look at our lives, there’s plenty of occurrences when we’ve been hurtful, disrespectful and plenty immature and never got blamed at the end. Especially since once they get it, they tend to bash themselves for their own immaturity since they know they had been warned and therefore have only themselves to blame..

          • savi

            @la plume
            I think JS and GM are both selfish but still it doesn’t excuse GM for being immature,

            >> It’s your job as the eldest to support them when they finally wake up and not go the “I told you so” route. <<

            So did GM wakes up? No, he hasn't. That's why JS keep telling not to play,
            GM is the spoiled little brother that wants the big bro to understand him without doing it too,
            JS gave him a place and why the eldest have to be responsible to the younger if they both adult?
            GM isn't a high schooler, he already completed military (as I knew), like Kibum is his friend and already failed 3 test means they are over 20,
            it's too much to ask JS to babysit GM when he didn't want to change himself 1st or even try his brother advise,

            it needs understanding from the younger brother and did not always taking it as an insult, it never one way,
            JS already support him with place but he always used all the things JS own and never understand why his brother angry,
            as much as I don't agree with JS, GM obviously doesn't understand that he can't have it all just by not being a jerk,

            so in my opinion
            there's no excuse about GM,
            it's not a good attitude to self-involving into his brother relationship cause the relationships arec3 different things, JS-Hana, Hana-GM and JS-GM , even when he has a bad relationship with his brother, he has no right to be mad at his brother to date her

          • Jolly

            There is a significant difference you’re ignoring here.

            Jung-seok has seen how Jin Yi treats Hana. She’s taken advantage of, and is too nice to stand up for herself. That’s all he has seen, but it means something because he’s seen the interaction.

            Gong-myung has not seen how Jung-seok treats Hana. He hasn’t actually seen how Jung-seok treats anyone else. He’s just assuming based on how he’s treated himself, and it’s clear he doesn’t actually hate his brother that much because he was hurt when he learned of his nickname. Jung-seok is strict with Gong-myung, but if their relationship was that bad, Gong-myung wouldn’t be living with him in the first place.

            It’s not an equivalent comparison nor is it comparable to Jung-seok butting in his nose with Jung-seok and Hana’s relationship. Him butting in is purely due to immaturity and not being able to accept that his older brother is in a relationship with someone he likes.

      • 7.2.2 savi

        > It’s interesting though how viewers can identify immaturity and pushiness in one brother

        > I don’t understand how people can’t see that?

        because the context, the OP talk about the relationship mentality

        in JS mind, it 3 things, JS- Hana, Hana- GM and GM -JS
        but in GM mind it becomes JS – HN- GM
        which why GM is the one who is immature in this context, mixing the relationship he knows nothing about and linked them into one complicated relationship when it’s a separate occasion,

        do JS ever shows his heart for HN in front of GM, did he needs to know it? did GM care about it before knowing he dated Hana?
        JS didn’t ask HN about her relationship with GM because it doesn’t relate to their relationship

        JS and Hana’s relationship has nothing to do with their affiliation with GM and GM make an assumption based on that, as he is being betrayed by his brother,
        but why?
        how is that a betrayal?

        JS is an ass that changing slowly but in the case of this ep, GM shows his immaturity and JS shows that he is more understanding, especially when he look confused at the end of the ep,

      • 7.2.3 ET

        I find Jung Seok cute or maybe it’s Ha Suk Jin I’m talking about. However, I am not totally blind to his faults.

        Let’s talk about Gong Myung first. He’s a totally sweet guy, a good friend and such a puppy in love. However, GM has been without direction. Others have been complaining about GM’s lack of maturity. It doesn’t bother me as much as his lack of reality. I was hoping that hanging out with people like Dong Young and Chae Yeon would make him realize that the struggle to find a job and being financially independent is important. However, he still seem to be solely fixated on dating Ha Na as his end goal for passing his exams.

        He’s the maknae of the family and presumably spoiled. It’s obvious that his mom picks up after him because he’s showing no indication of being useful around the house. While I understand why GM cannot stand JS, I feel that he has been a good brother either. He has been contented living off his hyung, taking his car for rides, drinking his wine and not putting in effort to contribute in any way to his keeps. He moved out only because of Ha Na. If he was determined to have nothing to do with JS, he could have showed his mom that he can study and managed on his own. Maybe not in the beginning but at least after he got serious and knuckled down.

        Having said all this, I can understand why he feels so angered when he saw Ha Na miserable, presumably after a fight or fall out with JS. Of course he has no right to tell her who she should date but he just can’t contain his anger when the person who he thinks is responsible for her misery is the very brother he despises.

        Jung Seok’s dismissal of his brother’s feelings is wrong. It doesn’t matter if GM is young or infatuated. However, JS did deliberated whether he should tell GM about him dating Ha Na but he misjudged how serious GM was. We can’t exactly blame him for this because we never knew how GM was like in the past. Perhaps there were many instances of GM taking a brief and fleeting interest in things. Moreover, GM never showed to JS how serious he was about dating Ha Na. The little seen from JS’s perspective, it does appear to be a typical student crush.

        I don’t think JS is totally uncaring towards his brother. The problem with him is that he always says the things the wrong way even when he means well.

    • 7.3 green

      You said everything that’s on my mind.i hate how he forces himself on hana.

    • 7.4 akairi97

      @ jolly


  8. Sancheezy

    This drama makes me wish I have friends like the noryangjin trio,
    or have someone to make my best trait can be possible to reappear like what happen to Jin Sang,
    he got the chance to be better and he used it,

    and I hope the best for the brothers,
    I mean what Jin should say to gong myung? everything JS said after GM said he loved hana will just rubbing his heart wrong since their relationship is already bad,

    Kibum also has a good journey to realised that it’s all wrong, he is happy most of the time but he needs to fix his direction and he got the big blow to realised it,

  9. ObsessedMuch

    I think it has happened the first time to me that I care more about the secondary characters than the main 2 leads. I absolutely adore the 3 friends, Chae yeon, Jin Woong and Mr. Kim. Actually everyone in this show is so relatable but I sometimes get a little irritated of Hana and Jung Seok.

    The award for the best impression goes to Jin Woong! He was hilarious as Park Go Gum’s Crown Prince. I am still laughing while thinking about that! Oh and this was the best food fight ever. Seriously, I almost died laughing!

  10. 10 ET

    I hardly rewatch episodes or dramas and definitely not on the same day! But I did with this episode. It’s so so hilarious!

    The restaurant fight is pure hilarity. Tops is Dong Young’s face when he got his hands burnt, followed closely by Kim Bum’s when he got slapped with that slab of Samgyeopsal. Gong Myung’s face was actually very funny too. Gosh, I love this 3 stooges.

    I read that the fight scene was a parody of the one in the movie, Twenty which was a comdey. Kang Ha Neul and Kim Woo Bin were totally funny it in it.

    Back to the trio, I am so pleased that the writer brought forth the message of importance of friendship. The lines in there are actually very meaningful.

    Prof Min is back in full force! I spent a minute figuring how he managed to do that Joseon hat Yeong wore in MDBC with his cap. Yeah, I am slow, LOL! Like Lollpip I too like that Jin Woong and Jin Yi didn’t just fall into each other’s arms in a snap. That would be a relationship purely on rebound and not likely to last. I do not know if they are going to end up as a couple or not but at least they have seen each other at the lowest and know all their faults. If they start by being real friends and build from there, then it will be a stronger foundation for love.

    I think Jin Yi is realistically written. Often, I find friendships in dramas extreme. It’s either you have friends who love, support each other in a relationship without a single flaw or you have besties who turn on each other and betray even because of envy or jealousy. In real life, it’s neither. At least Jin Yi realized in this episode what a small minded person she is. I don’t know if she can change overnight but at least self-awareness is a start.

    For the first time we get Director Kim getting his own healing time drinking solo. He’s far from perfect, just like any of the other characters but we know he’s got a good heart.

    Jung Seok and Ha Na continues to be cute. I can’t help but smile whenever they come on screen. It’s funny to see JS caught like a small boy with his hand in the cookie jar. And that race up to the summit was so funny, made more by the other pair.

    It’s obvious that Jung Seok has a lot more room for change and growth. He has gotten rid of his ‘High Quality’ mentality and he said some mean things about Jin Yi. Once the heady first feels of romance wears off, I wonder what kind of boyfriend will he make?

    When I saw the preview for next episode, I was dismayed. I hope this show doesn’t lose focus on what it does best which is comedy. Whatever angst or sobriety is needed to resolve issues better be dialed down as much as possible.
    But the last thing I want is to hurriedly wrap up everything in a nice neat parcel. We can always have Season 2, you know?

    *writes petition to tvN* Who’s with me?

    • 10.1 ET

      Correction – “He has not gotten rid of his ‘High Quality’ mentality…”

    • 10.2 Jolly

      I think that’s kind of what the drama is trying to show us with his romance with Hana.

      Jung-seok is changing. He says “High Quality” but it’s more of a gag now. He’s slowly noticing the little things with Hana, and that’s likely leading to a perspective change. Also notice how he realizes that he’s doing all the tacky things that betray the “High Quality” standard that he was setting.

      Also consider that Jung-seok doesn’t have any reason to think Jin Yi has a good character. His only direct experience with her has been to see her act petty in regards to Hana, who is now his girlfriend, and he clearly has seen Hana do things begrudingly. Even before he realized he liked her, he wanted Hana to stand up for herself. This is likely because he’s been in a position where others have taken advantage of him.

      So his mention of Jin Yi being of low quality isn’t damning of his character. It’s quite consistent, since she represents similar qualities of the people who screwed him over, and Jin Yi has been less than stellar frankly. Her moment at the end of this episode was really welcome because it was a moment of self-awareness that she really needed. A good thing because it’s development, but bear in mind that Jung-seok operates off what he sees. And what he’s seen of Jin Yi hasn’t really been good.

      • 10.2.1 ET

        Now that you mentioned it, I agree with you about how Jung Seok sees Jin Yi. From his perspective, Jin Yi takes advantage of Ha Na and will not stop at screwing her over. And we have seen enough of Jin Yi to know there were times she did take full advantage of Ha Na’s kindness and although she didn’t betray her in a big way, some of those selfish and mean acts weren’t insignificant either.

      • 10.2.2 Jazz

        I cringed when Jung Seok called Jinyi a beast, but I agree with your points.

        Jung Seok has never seen Jinyi’s better side so he wouldn’t know how supportive of Hana she’s been lately.

        Hopefully he does end up working on being nicer to others in the 2 episodes left.

        • Jolly

          Jin Yi is an interesting character in that she was very grating early on, but aside from a few niggling issues (like the whole boyfriend entrapment thing), she’s actually quite likeable now. It probably helps that she’s being supportive of Hana rather than passive aggressive and childish, but I also think that’s partially due to the performance of the actor too. I’ve never seen her before, but she’s done a good job of making her a bit silly and comedic in these later episodes.

      • 10.2.3 CatoCat

        What a lively Discussion this episode started among all viewers.

        High-Quality is a buzzword and a Meme of Drinking Solo. I completely agree with your 3rd paragraph Jolly.

        I think that “High-Quality” standard Jung Seok Set also comes from the things Jung Seok experiences earlier on.

        Jung Seok makes rational but Rigid decisions which relies on logic and ignores others feelings.

        That’s why Jung Seok decisions demands more correction. There where misunderstandings come from.

  11. 11 Lessa

    The sad puppies were really heartbreaking today. 🙁 But the friendship was SOLID, it warms my heart so much. Gong Myung’s crying as he tried to delete the recording, then Ki Bum finally letting himself cry in the end. Its just too much. I just wanna put all the puppies in a giant doggie bed and put blankies and treats and toys.


  12. 12 Ammy

    I absolutely love each and every character in this show… Of c I do have my favourite in Ki Bum right from the 1st episode and this episode proved that my choice wasn’t wrong. He can be so silly at normal times but he can also be the most mature one when the situations demand.

    Jung-Seok hasn’t changed much, he will care only for the persons he love and would consider as family and totally ignorant (harsh) about the rest of the world.

    I love my Woong-Jin as a pair, I kept anticipating this from the beginning and its upsetting that there’re only 2 more episodes left for this.

  13. 13 nur_iffah

    @lollypip : I agree with you. I love the characters and their flaws. They are all just adorable.

    I am so invested in their problems and every heartbreaks. I care so much about them, I just want each and every one of them (even the director and Chae yeon) to be happy. Like foolishly in love happy.

  14. 14 kumoiwa

    I really, really, really, really, really, REALLY didn’t like Gong-myung was doing at the end of the episode. Yes, I understand that it’s tough to let go of your first love, let alone to the brother you’ve always thought of as an asshole. Yes, it’s very difficult to give it up and not everyone can be like Ki-bum, who understands the value of friendship being as important as romantic love. BUT all of this don’t warrant Gong-myung trying to mess around with who Hana wants to be with. She’s the one who gets to make the decision of who she wants to have a relationship with, and I really didn’t like how Gong-myung was announcing his intention to not give her up. But… you’ve never had anything to begin with? For him to try and police who she wants to be with is not exactly stellar behaviour–for one, he doesn’t see the side of Jung-seok that she does, and I don’t think he can either, seeing how he already has a preconceived view of Jung-seok (that was entirely perpetuated by Jung-seok himself, so no pity for him either). Argh what I want to say is probably just, Gong-myung needs to stop. Hana is the one who gets to decide, not you.

    Jin-yi and Jin-woong: YESSSSSSS thank you little cupid Director Kim! Love their interaction, and I really loved how Jin-yi realised she was being such an ass to Hana. It’s so realistic and organic, and I love that Jin-woong let her cry on his shoulder (though not without being slightly disgusted at her snot on his shirt, HA!)

    The trio: Ki-bum certainly redeemed himself after the last episode. It’s so difficult to remember that friendship is as important as romantic love when the latter hurts you so bad, but I’m so happy for them that Ki-bum chooses to not let go of his BFF. Well done Ki-bum, that’s a great step forward in maturity. And lol at that food fight scene forever–poor Dong-young! I hope he got his burns treated haha.

  15. 15 Jolly

    Ki-bum made a huge leap forward this episode. I think he hasn’t really been the best of people since the beginning, and last episode really ventured into unlikeable territory, but his loyalty towards his friends is really admirable.

    I think the trio work best when they’re together frankly. It’s because they have such a loyal friendship and bond that you can overlook a lot of their flaws. It’s when they’re by themselves that the cracks begin to show.

    I do think Dong-young is the best of the three though.

  16. 16 Annette4th

    I love this episode more because of the bromance of Noryangjun TRIO, it hits me when Ki Bum said his piece about their friendship. And Hana’s boss is like a father to them 🙂

  17. 17 Not Macgyver

    Thank you for the recaps ❤. The things that really stood out in this episode for me were:

    A. Someone finally called out Chaeyeon. Yes, Kibum is not the most studious or mature person, but that doesn’t give her the right to keep jumping to conclusions about him. She accused him of being the one to post the pictures and now she accused him again of trying to ruin his friend’s life. Yes, they don’t get along at all, but I wonder how evil she thinks he is.

    B. I was angry with Prof Jin about the whole issue with Jinyi. He may not have had good impressions about her and her friendship with Hana (for good reasons, she was really a bad friend at the beginning), but telling your girlfriend to stop being with her because she’s of low quality is just plain rude. She was also in the wrong with her behaviour towards Hana, but it was more of feeling betrayed because she didn’t say anything. If she knew Hana was dating JS, she wouldn’t have tried to hit on him on the club… So yeah, her actions were selfish and childish, but not too horrible for me.

    C. I agree with @Lollypip, I could understand why GM was so angry with his hyung. It wasn’t because she was dating him, but the fact that he wrote off his feelings as a childish crush that would fade. Even if Hana did not like GM, she never wrote off his feelings as inconsequential. That being said, GM also has no right to tell Hana who she should be with and why.

    I loved the reunion scene, the banter between JY and JW, (fingers crossed that they end up together). It was good to see Director Kim doing his own healing time, and having a different voiceover than the usual.

  18. 18 Lalala

    I love the Hana/JS romance tbvh, probably because of the P&P parallels and I actally really like how JS character is being portrayed in terms of growth? Hana is adorable being so shy. And I love that even a character like JinYi is becoming likeable and experiencing growth now

    Not to mention this show is a fantasically high quality (yeah,well) comedy of manners.

    The 3 baboa fighting was hilarious, especially poor DY getting burnt twice, I couldnt stop laughing though.

    • 18.1 Lalala


  19. 19 Emsel

    In this episode I was torn between Jung Seok and Gong Myung.

    JS/HN happy scenes made forget GM’s heartbreak, while the GM scenes made me cry for him and throw punches at JS for stealing HN’s love from him. Kudos to the writer and the actors for conveying both the happy and sad parallels of love in a smooth ride without bumps.

    Right from ep1 I have been following DB recaps/comments. Initially people were frustrated with Kibum when he was slacking off and imagined Chaeyeon to like him back, but later loved him in today’s episode when he understood the reality and tried to cheer up his friends. Likewise everyone were annoyed with GM when he pushed his feelings for HN but went back to liking him once he started having an aim.

    In fact the same happened with almost all characters. Audience disliked JS thrashing people with low standards but loved him when he redeemed his actions by loving Hana, Jinyi using Hana for her own needs to actually becoming her friend at times of trouble, Hana from being timid to growing into a stronger person. Isn’t this how real life is? We all have people in our lives who we hate at times but still love them. The characters all have their part of mistakes but they learn from it. This show sheds light on how we all need to understand a person’s situation a little better.

    Now why is it wrong when GM says JS doesn’t deserve HN? He has seen his brother treat other people harshly ( including him) and what guarantee he has that he wont treat the love of his life rudely. Even if the girl doesn’t love him back he wants to make sure she stays happy forever. Isn’t this why Kibum din’t reveal to Chaeyeon the true intentions for getting GM drunk? He din’t want to hurt her.

    And what is Jinyi’s fault? Getting dumped by BF of 5 years and moping around only to find she was inconveniencing HN and humiliating herself all the time by thinking HN was single and broken hearted like her? Din’t she order tissues with HN’s pic to promote HN’s class? Dint she run off to bring HN to her home when JS left her at the bridge? How is that being selfish? Not everyone can be people pleasing like HN at all times. The problem was with Hana for not confiding about her about her relationship with JS.

    Coming to Jung Seok he can be as sweet as he can with HN but that doesn’t entitle him to approve of HN’s friendship with JY. He is still selfish because he din’t even want to openly acclaim that he is dating HN, a person who is his complete opposite. He is still insulting other people and doesn’t see the good in them. He has a long way to overcome this habit and bond with people. Without Ha na he wouldn’t have done those things which he terms as low quality. Remove Ha na from his life and he still would be the arrogant professor he was. All the sweet things he did was because of ‘HIS’ Ha na, not because he suddenly realized all the people are not out there to sabotage him.

    • 19.1 ET

      Good points!

      You are also spot on about Jung Seok. He hasn’t really change much. That’s why I am afraid for Ha Na once their ‘honeymoon’ period is over. He doesn’t lack self awareness but he has to change how he treat people around him and stop being judgmental all the time.

      • 19.1.1 mary

        Agree with your points and Emsel’s. I’m not viewing JS as a leading man but as a person who you may meet in real life, and I find his behavior as warning signs. The giddiness of love fades and humans are creatures of habit. What will happen to their relationship if JS cannot break away from his attitude of ranking people by “quality”? I wouldn’t want to be Hana then.

        As for Gong-myung, boy has a point. JS dismissed him and his feelings. It goes with his habit of ranking people according to quality and not giving the “low quality” ones proper respect.

        GM’s way of separating Hana and JS is stupid. Really, you’re gonna pursue her? Err… did you not get the part that she’s in love with someone else and won’t leave that person for you? But I don’t question his motivation, ie he knows his hyung as a horrible person and he thinks Hana deserves better.

        Pretend that Hana is your friend and remove romantic feelings from the equation. Wouldn’t you feel obliged to stop your friend if you think that she’s dating a horrible jerk? Then again, people are kinda stupid when they’re in love and I know such convos can sometimes lead to fights. So if the girl friend doesn’t listen, just be prepared to stay by their side and comfort them if the relationship goes sour.

        • ET

          Good question @mary 🙂

          I have gone through a few such situations. Not the exact same issues but in general, it is very hard to ‘talk sense’ into your girlfriend when they are in love. We can only stay by their side and ‘catch’ them when they fall. Often, it is not that they are totally blind to the flaws and pitfalls. They rationalize them away and hope for the best.

          If you were Ha Na, would you accept and date Jung Seok?

          I know what I’ll do if it’s me. I won’t take my own medicine, I’ll go ahead and date him. Only difference is that I’d be more forthcoming with what I want and what I want him to change. Which probably means it won’t last, LOL.

    • 19.2 atz

      totally agreed!

    • 19.3 Jolly

      The tissue thing isn’t something we’re supposed to see as a positive. Both her and Professor Min leave Hana hanging out to dry, and she doesn’t have the courage to correct the misunderstanding.

      Jin Yi buying her tissues was more about her trying to feel better about something she knew she’d done wrong. It’s why the writer has Jin Yi specifically mention that the tissues weren’t that expensive. We’re not supposed to think, “Oh, she’s making up for her mistake.” It’s the writer showing that she’s still being selfish in her own way.

      And while you’re right Jin Yi has lately supported Hana, her behaviour towards her was pretty poor and coming from a place of entitlement earlier in the series. That pattern still existed even to this episode, and it’s why Jin Yi’s realization at the end of the episode is a touching development. It’s hopefully her recognizing that pattern of behaviour because her attitude towards Hana about the relationship with Jung-seok is born from that same kind of behaviour.

      • 19.3.1 Emsel

        I don’t quite agree with your points. Initially JY and JW offered to leave out HN when they wanted to confront JS about his educational qualifications. It was HN who felt she should not back out from accusing JS and be brave. How is that JY’s mistake? She din’t force HN to do that. JY brought HN wipes with true intention of helping her friend.

        JY’s breakdown in the car on receiving HN’s text was because she finally understood HN was only trying to support her by hiding her relationship with JS and not mocking JY’s failed relationship. Even while trying to sound funny on hearing the revelation, she was indirectly blaming herself for being stupid. She dint taunt HN’s love life.

        • Jolly

          They’re the ones who instigated the bad decision in the first place. Hana didn’t want to search his past or make a big deal out of anything. They’re the ones who convinced her, a childish thing in itself, and then let her take the fall when directly asked whether they were going to speak about the same thing. Or are we going to just ignore they began the sequence and backed out due to being selfish when directly asked?

  20. 20 blu_blu_skye

    This show just gets better and better. The trio scenes in this episode moved me to tears. There’s just something about friends choosing to put aside their romantic rivalry and instead hang on to each others instead.

    That slow-mo fight scene – can we have more of that, PD nim? It was hilariousness on point. Whoever thought of placing Dong-young’s hands on the grill was a genius.

  21. 21 ET

    I keep thinking that maybe we are trolled by the preview. I find it hard to believe that Jung Seok will be a noble idiot to give up Ha Na because of Gong Myung. I sincerely hope writer nim can do better than this.

    I’d find it more plausible that JS and Ha Na had a fight which led to GM confronting JS. Who knows, maybe the fact that both brothers hid their relationship from her will be the last straw for Ha Na. In this aspect, JS will be in deeper trouble. What excuse does he have for not telling Ha Na that her favorite student is his brother?

    If Ha Na is better off without Jung Seok, so be it. They make a very cute pair but in reality, there is so much to overcome. Ha Na can’t be with Gong Myung because she has zero romantic interest in him.

    It’s probably unthinkable because we are so used to happy endings or overly dramatic ones in which someone always dies. Perhaps this drama will end with no pairing and each character drinking solo.

    • 21.1 atz

      I like the idea of not having pairs, its ok to drink solo anyway!

  22. 22 Alessar

    “he refuses, joking that she’ll just complain to her phone that her boyfriend left her alone.” AHahahaha it’s like he watches his own show!!

  23. 23 Autumn

    I feel like I’d let Jung-seok off the hook too easily last week. I was rooting for Jin-yi to win the race and shove it in his face so badly!! It didn’t help that Ha-na is totally enamoured with him, how I wish she would speak up for JY. It is more realistic to not have JS change immediately just because he has admitted to his flaws and wanted to change them, but it feels like two steps back in terms of his character growth, and I’m not sure what will spur him to change at this point.

  24. 24 WishfulToki

    I think this is my favourite episode yet because of: That fight scene. Had me in tears. But I’ve lost interest in the main couple (even though they’re all cute). I’m much more interested in the Noryangjin Idiots.

    @Autum, I agree with you. This episode has clearly sparked a whole debate about the two brothers, and especially about JS’s ‘change’. But Hana is completely and stupidly in love. C’mon, tell your boyfriend ‘they just didn’t want to invite you to the hike, you’re smart JS, maybe can you figure out why?’ But no, she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings… um, I’m sure those feelings will survive a bit of tough love. And she allowed JS to call her friend an animal. Imperfect as Jinyi is, I wouldn’t let someone do that to a friend of mine.

    What I know is that next time I decide to drink solo I’ll be wearing a Joseon baseball cap. Of high quality material.

  25. 25 ki

    for some reason, i really dislike the hana/jung suk romance.

    he’s a selfish, arrogant person. he treats his colleagues really badly. hana used to fall in that category, but now that he likes her, he doesn’t mind doing ‘low-quality’ things with her like not concentrating on a movie and following her to a club.

    that doesn’t redeem him; it just makes him a hypocrite. when he does it, it’s fine, but when other people do it, it them them unworthy of his respect.

    hana has become less likeable since she started dating him. she still sees how he treats her colleagues like dirt, but apparently she doesn’t mind anymore.

    which brings me to jin yi. she’s not the most mature person. she’s not a totally unselfish friend to hana. that being said, i can understand why she’d be hurt when she read jung suk’s texts calling her low-quality and a beast, and hana just laughs along with him. who wouldn’t be hurt and petty after that?

    gong myung doesn’t have a chance in hell with hana, but honestly, he’s a much better match for her than jung suk.

    • 25.1 mary


    • 25.2 Atz


    • 25.3 Mawu


  26. 26 child_of_the_north

    I would love to know where I can get the scarves they had during the hiking scenes!

  27. 27 Erratic

    At this point, I’m only watching because of the three sadsacks. Especially Kibum. XD

  28. 28 Seoulice

    The slo-mo fight with the Noryangjin Trio of Idiots was the highlight of this episode. It made me feel like I was watching a slapstick comedy film. It looked like it was so much fun I wished I was in that brawl too or at least witnessed it personally. ;p

    Plus I love how Dong-young talked some sense to Chae-yeon because she has been getting on my nerves. She dismisses suitors like garbage yet cannot stand a single day being dismissed or favored over something else by Gong-myung. Karma’s a bitch, you know! 😉

  29. 29 Abbie

    A cute, fun episode, but I do feel bad for the Idiot Trio. Their poor broken hearts. But I’m happy about the Jin-woong/Jin-yi possible pairing. Fingers crossed that it works out!

  30. 30 Dani

    Oooo~ is this gonna be like the discussion in Jealousy Incarnate ep 14?! Count me in!

    I think the relationship between Hana and Jungsuk is cute but boy, do they have a long way to go! On the topic of Jungsuk still treating people like crap it reminds me of what my English teacher said; the circle of inclusion where the outsiders are kinda dehumanized. Hana is in his circle now so he doesn’t exclude her like before. I thought calling Jin yi an animal was seriously uncalled for ’cause one you don’t even know the rest of her personality or circumstance and two she’s your girlfriends best friend. I’m also kind of disappointed that Hana didn’t stand up for her either. Jin yi hasn’t been a great friend but if she was really that bad they wouldn’t be friends for this long, it wouldn’t have hurt to go, “hey, can you not insult my friend?” The way he treats everyone else is honestly dehumanizing, everyone has their flaws but there’s no reason to put them down for it and in real life nobody would want to hang out with a person like that. Even if you’ve went through growing pains you should also have the maturity to understand that others also go through growing pains and they’re just as damaged. Don’t use your cruddy past as a crutch to be cruel to people. I think I understand Gong-Myung’s plight ’cause I have younger brother and I have treated him like Jungsuk and lemme tell you something; having that sort of relationship is destructive and once the damage is done, it’s done. Their relationship is already bad without the dishonesty and not telling him the truth was like pouring salt in the wounds. I don’t think Gong-Myung has a right to choose who Hana gets to be with and he has been emotionally immature but I think this is more the tipping of the scale for Gong-Myung, his brother doesn’t communicate properly and puts him down constantly, never takes his feelings into consideration and just sees him as a overall nuisance. It might just be fun brother times to Jungsuk but to the younger sibling it feels like they’re being patronized and not taken seriously. Jungsuk has his good qualitys in where he does stand up for people who are in a similar situation like him but there are tactful ways to handle those situations and dehumanizing someone is no way to confront your coworkers or family members.

    I love discussions like this~

    • 30.1 ET

      Hi @Dani, try to join the discussion earlier if you can. Not sure how many people return to check new comments.

      I am actually quite glad there’s no shipping wars in this drama recaps. I always avoid those. There’s many dramas I’ve watched without being on either ship. That doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion or preference. In this drama, I prefer Ha Na and Jung Seok simply because it’s always been JS that Ha Na is interested in. I also don’t see how she will ever see Gong Myung as more than her student or friend. On the other hand, Jung Seok has a long way to go. And that’s assuming he wants to change and I’m not even certain about that.

      At this point, Jung Seok needs Ha Na more than Ha Na needs JS. If Ha Na can be stronger and not let Jung Seok have the upper hand in the relationship, she can help Jung Seok to become a better person. JS in turn can help Ha Na to stand up to others and fight for herself. However if the balance is tilted in favor of JS, I’m afraid Ha Na will regress.

      About JS calling Jin Yi an animal, funny thing is that I didn’t think that he meant Jin Yi is less than a human. I may be wrong. I thought he was referring to her as an ‘animal’ who came on to him at the club. Maybe something akin to a predator?

      • 30.1.1 ET

        Just want to add…

        I am rewatching the last two eps. As it is, Ha Na is giving Jung Seok quite a lot of cues when he’s oblivious to what’s happening in a social gathering. Jung Seok also takes Ha Na’s cues readily. I think that’s something positive in their relationship. It will take someone very nice like Ha Na to give JS time and chance to grow. Instead of pushing him, her style is probably the type who will nudge him in the right direction.

  31. 31 Zane Araki

    This is a truly strange show, where flawed characters are so much fun to see.

    I’d normally curse a character like JS, and would probably be objected to how HN reacted to his mean demeanor to JY, and also sending lots of hate to immature GM for his i-know-better-than-you attitude. We all know it’s just wrong, but then the show also served somewhat a clear underlying personality, their life background, the interactions between characters, that give us a fully fleshed individual in the end.

    And the impact is, it’s become easier to be more understanding of each character. The reason they’re doing things this way, and how that would affect their personality in the future.

    I love it, when show gives me a ton of reason to not hate a character at all, when in fact, the character is being ridiculous and unreasonable, generally/slightly (if we don’t look at their background at all)

  32. 32 Simplevi

    No recap for 15 and final ep?
    Just finished marathoning this drama and i need revelation from recaper’ comment tho’ to neutralized my feeling towards this show. It grew fond on me. Ha Suk Jin is.

    • 32.1 LollyPip

      Click on the thumbnail for the show under “Recently Completed” at the bottom of the main page. They’re there!

  33. 33 Yaya

    OMG! The fight scene between the students made me cry of laughter.

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