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Drinking Solo to order up a second round?
by | October 26, 2016 | 73 Comments

Yay, let’s toast! Funny slice-of-life comedy Drinking Solo just ended its run yesterday on tvN, and already there’s talk of a second season for the show. It’s great news in my book, since I already miss the quirky characters and the lovely realism of the stories, and thought the drama felt short at sixteen episodes. While it’s still too early for definitive answers, producers are promising to make a second season happen somehow. Seeing as how the drama comes from PDs and writers of the Let’s Eat and Rude Miss Young-ae franchises that have succeeded in both the spinoff and multi-season formats, I think it’s safe to say they can make it happen.

Despite being advertised as the drinking counterpart to Let’s Eat, Drinking Solo was far more focused on the lives of teachers and students in the academy-central district of Noryangjin than it was ever about drinking. And because the show was about characters either teaching or studying for the civil service examβ€”an ever-growing trend these days among college grads because of job scarcityβ€”the show was praised for its relatable portrayal of young adults just struggling to get by. It premiered to 2.9% ratings and doubled its share to 5.8% by the finale, and the cast and crew were rewarded with a vacation.

Drinking Solo’s Chief Producer Ahn Sang-hwi stated in an interview, “There has been talk back and forth about Season 2. I think we’ll definitely find a way to do it somehow. Of course once we begin planning it concretely there will be many things to work out like the actors’ schedules, but because the producers and tvN are certain, the chances are high.”

According to CP Ahn, most of the actors have expressed the desire to return for a second season as well, which I don’t doubt since it was a positive boost for Ha Suk-jin and Park Ha-sun, and breakout roles for many others, like Gong Myung, Key, Hwang Woo-seul-hye, and Min Jin-woong.

Reps from tvN were more cautious about giving a statement, and said that concrete plans haven’t been made yet because the first season just ended, but since cast and crew have expressed interest, the network is leaving the door open for a sequel. As far as the story goes, there’s plenty more to explore with these characters, and because of the transient nature of exam-cramming gosiwon life, you could cycle characters in and out for years if you really wanted to. Although really, who could ever replace the Noryangjin idiot threesome, and why would anyone do such a crazy thing?

Okay, Drinking Solo, I’m ready for 2-cha now!

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73 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Deandra

    I wanna how can they decided to make next season of a drama. I mean to say Lets Eat had good ratings but can’t say as huge ratings. But I understand Reply Series. In this case, compare to Drinking Solo, Another Miss OH had huge ratings but not go to the second round. Please enlighten me.

    • 1.1 Alessar

      At the time, Let’s Eat’s numbers were really stand out for the network; TvN has had even bigger numbers at times since then. It also garnered a lot of buzz and online views, and tapped into the popular live eating streaming phenomena. And I think it was pretty cheap to make. They had an idea and they just went with it.

    • 1.2 EMAH

      Have you watched the drama @deandra ? If you haven’t yet, then watch it first and decide after if you want and they deserve a second season.

      Drinking Solo is so underrated HIGH QUALITY DRAMA. You need to watch it to appreciate its quality. Ratings and POPULAr hallyu stars are not the only bases for an extension and appreciation. Like who cares about the ratings? Many people doesn’t watch it live.

      • 1.2.1 SaRang

        LOL at “HIGH QUALITY” I so read that in Ha Suk Jin’s voice

    • 1.3 pickledplumtree

      Ratings aside, Another Oh Hae Young was quite resolved by the end. I don’t know about Drinking Solo, but as for as Let’s Eat is goes, the food-theme/focus throughout left it open to continuation with new characters and stories.

  2. Sancheezy

    Drinking Solo had more potential plot for S2,
    more exam to go, more growth and more valuable memories …
    I hope it has 12 ep..

    • 2.1 StephyYam

      Pls do a second season with the same cast Park Ha Sun and Ha Seok Jin i wasn’t satisfied with the ending it was a crappy one Trash Quality and Ha Na only smiled at each other what a bummed ending 😀😀😀

      • 2.1.1 Chandler

        Haha, you know, I feel like I would be pissed about that.

        BUT the 2 ships that I cared the most about got alllllll the screen-time so I’m not complaining. Jin-yi x Jin-woong & Ki-bum x Chae-yeon ftw!!!

        Lol, I am so ridiculously happy right now because of them.

        • Erratic

          Yes! By the end I didn’t care about the main love conflict anymore. I just wanted these two ships sailing away. XD

          Also, darn Kim Ki Bum for being so lovely that it hurts. T_T If they’re to make a remake, please let it be mainly about the the three Noryangjin idiots. XD

          • newgirl


      • 2.1.2 Sancheezy

        shipper in me : that’s why the writer ends it like that, so she can force the PD to make season 2 for more couple to make

        logic reason in me : the drama ends the way it start but the character gains more life story,
        that’s why we need season 2 to see how they behave with the new knowledge,

        conclusion : we need Season 2, badly
        called it
        “The Second Glass” (well I am bad at naming, anybody have suggestion)

        • Alessar

          Yeah that felt more like a midseason wrapup than a solid conclusion. They might need to rotate the students out and swap a teacher in at the school but there’s a LONG way to go before Premium Trash can convince me he would be marriage material.

          Heck the rest of the co-workers were never even shown reacting to the secret dating!

          • Jazz

            This exactly! It really felt like the ending was not enough and if it was an American TV show it would be going on a midseason break, or an anime that’s guaranteed 2nd season.

      • 2.1.3 Lee

        Yeah, I’m agree with you. That’s one hell of ‘low quality’ ending, just how Trash Quality like to say.
        That’s why we NEED season 2!
        At least we need to see the idiot threesome got accepted, right?

    • 2.2 CatoCat

      You can do a lot with the life of students. Jung Seok and Ha Na needs a lot of screentime and growth.

      Lots of new funny moments and happenings around students.

      2nd season has too much potential to explore.

      Also That Episode 16 left a QUALITY TASTE in mouth.

      • 2.2.1 Emsel

        This is the best Kdrama in terms of character growth without having last minute miraculous personality changes or coincidences to suit the plot development.

        • CatoCat

          Drinking Solo has realistic Character Growth as you see Little changes in views and personality of characters over the period of 6 months.

          Still i feel writer was a bit hesitant to explore the characters.

      • 2.2.2 Sancheezy

        Jung Seok and Hana needs a season 2, the lovely season 2,
        and the trio needs to learn a better way

        is it okay to write about ep 16 here??

        • ET

          “That is not becoming of a High Quality beanie”


          • Peeps

            HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!! 15 +alpha 👍

          • Sancheezy

            oooh right … then I just gonna drinking solo beside my table
            ┬──┬ δΈ”_(・_・ )

  3. choadila

    Best news everrrrr!!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  4. Min

    When will the day come , where Subway actually sponsers a show called Lets Sub ???

    • 4.1 Lime Chilli

      “The Sub Way” – the art of eating.

  5. Lime Chilli

    I hope they do a second season as I think there are certainly lots more they can explore with it. But only if they continue the “high quality” humour and the same cast. No swapping out the one part of the OTP like Let’s Eat 2, cos I’d feel cheated after all the time we spent watching “Premium Trash” grow from the Jin Sang douchebag he was, he can’t swap out Ha Na for another girl now!

    Wishes for the second season :
    1) Ha Na and Jung Seok to renunite properly, not from across the Red Sea Moses divided.
    2) Jin Yi x Jin Woong get hitched and deal with the addition of Jin Baby
    3) Noryangjin trio study for exams again. There’s not a lot of drinking in the first one but they studied even less.
    5) Ki Bum x Chae Yeon get togther…. eventually, so much more potential angst
    6) Principal of the school needs to get a love life
    7) Bring in Ji Soo because he is the perfect age group to join these guys and I need something quick to rid me of his currently airing sideburns.

    • 5.1 kit

      The principal is married though? I’d be amused to see his mother in law though.

      • 5.1.1 Lime Chilli

        Oops I meant I want to see more of his love life sorry!

    • 5.2 Fish N' Chips

      +1000 on no swapping out half the OTP, like please, not again.

    • 5.3 Erratic

      Wholeheartedly yes. especially regarding 3, 5, and 7.

    • 5.4 Shorebunny

      I’m with Lime Chili all the way! I very fugly recall how the PD screwed up Let’s Eat 2 and subsequent editions of that. Viewers were never so pissed. They’ll screw up Let’s Drink:The Second Round, too! (Notice how I made my own title for the 2nd season?) Bring in Park Jun-Keum as the Principal’s scary wife he’s always mentioning after she finishes the Laurel Tree Tailors saga and make it look like she’s going to take over the school- remember is wife’s family gave him the $$$ and Kim Seul-Gi for a cameo or a role as one of the new teachers that comes in to befriend Ha Na.

    • 5.5 JA

      @LimeChilli – I totally agree with thoughts and your wishes (for Season 2) #1 (especially this one), 2, 3, 5 and 7. πŸ™‚

    • 5.6 okitokki

      2) Jin-yi and Jin-woong were married at the end, though I’d love to see them as new parents with baby Jin
      6) I don’t get it… a love life as in falling for his wife again, or a love life as in.. an extra-marital affair? 😨

      • 5.6.1 Lime Chilli

        I just realized I missed a bit of the epilogue, sorry! I meant I wanted to see a bit more about the principal’s love life. oops!

  6. Emsel

    YAAS!! I say yes to a second round with my drinking buddies! I just finished watching last ep and logged in on DB to read this wonderful news <3

    I loved the ending though few people were not content. I now guess the PD gave us that ending keeping a season 2 in mind. I hope he manages to rope in the same cast.

    • 6.1 Shorebunny

      They ended Let’s Eat on a shi-ty not as well ending for a season 2 setup. As long a he doesn’t switch out the lead actress. Add some competition so “Quality Trash ” has to work to get the woman! Anyone in for a cameo by the male Let’ Eat lead just for a little ‘flashback’?

      • 6.1.1 Alessar

        Or, you know, just throw down and have the two of them as rivals. They can explain the lead from Let’s Eat season 2 as having run off with a sound producer.

        But wait, Doojoon guest starred on Let’s Fight Ghost as his Let’s Eat character which means we can also cross over Let’s Fight with Let’s Drink and Let’s Eat. I mean, Taec might go on to study for the civil service exam, right? He could cameo as “that guy who should be studying but who is always putting on the black suit and disappearing for a while.”

  7. Peeps


    I have never wanted anything more.

  8. La Plume

    I found Drinking Solo really interesting having passed a civil servant exam myself although I wish they had explained how it works. For instance: How many levels they are, which ministry they were studying for etc.

    I could really relate to Chae Yeon. I just hated everything and wanted to get rid of it as fast as possible ( the only difference was I didn’t have a line of guys hitting on me while I was studying). The competition is so fierce and it’s so hard that yeah, you just want to get in and forget your misery, but it’s also true you see lots of people like the idiot trio who don’t really give their all and still hope to get in.
    In that way, it was realistic although I’m surprised that it seemed all students were young.

    In France, when you’re around that age for those who’ve decided to further their studies, either you’re in a prep school and prepare several exams at the same time hoping to get one in the 5 competitive exams you did or you’re at University. When you’re older, you prepare on your own… You see a wide range of people sitting to become civil servants and most of them have diplomas which are far higher than the competitive exam they’re sitting for. The age-range is also wider… The youngest are in their early 20s when the oldest are usually around 50 (some job have an age limit though, but if you had 3 kids that limit is lifted). The bunk of the exam-sitters are in their late 20s-early 30s though and have already either lots of diplomas or have worked.

    I would love to see the idiot trio again, but I feel it would be more interesting to see the older exam takers for a change. I’m very interested to see how the system works in Korea.

    By the way, I thought that for students preparing for such a difficult exam, they were drinking too much.

  9. angieya

    Yesssssss. But writer-nim, please leave out the kdrama tropes in the eleventh hour for the next season, thank you very kamsa.

  10. 10 Seoulice

    YEZZZ!!! For season 2 and Gong-myung getting the girl this time. More Noryangjin idiots’ crazy, fun stuff. But I suppose they would’ve graduated from civil service exams by then. They can probably do sort of a Misaeng workplace set-up where these 3 are newbie workers but less gloomy and more hijinks. After all, you already have No Geu-rae around. Hehehe!!! Wait!! If this actually happens, I’m making a career out of fortune telling. Hehehe…

  11. 11 kimster

    I don’t mind a season2. I like to see the return of all the cast except the main leads PHS & HSJ. I thought they under performed as the main lead characters.

    The trio students are great so are the other two professors.
    Just like the second season of Let’s Eat, they have also change the female lead. But for Drinking Solo 2, I hope they cast a different lead for both male and female.

    • 11.1 Catz

      I want the leads to stay in season 2, wouldn’t be drinking solo without High Quality and No Geu Rae πŸ™ Where did all the funnies go! It’ll be awesome if they keep most of the casts, though it really depends on their schedules.

  12. 12 Ck1Oz

    As long as the OTP stays together. They barely had 1/2 a date for crying out loud. And 1 kiss for a 16 episode tvN drama is ridiculous.
    And yes his quality anju was really delicious looking. And fire that DF subber who keeps using ” cruddy “.

    • 12.1 ET

      I had to google “anju”…I thought it meant something else.

      I never saw ‘cruddy’ in my subs. What’s that for?

      • 12.1.1 Ck1Oz

        It’s part of his monologue when he drinks. To keep his ETOH levels to 0.08 otherwise he feels cruddy. It’s being subbed by DF and the streaming sites all take their subs from it.

        He has been using anju for all his drink snacks. The subber has glossed over a lot of terms or just plain haven’t subbed it.

  13. 13 lessa

    YAY! Let’s drink to that!

  14. 14 ET

    A thousand YES to Season 2 provided they keep the cast.

    Foremost, I want Ha Suk Jin and Park Ha Sun back. I’m still disappointed over the finale. I can’t get enough of this couple. Ha Suk Jin made Jung Seok work. If it’s any other actor, I’d have found JS irredeemable. I’ve always like actresses who are uninhibited in comedies and PHS scored in that aspect. Together, they made such a cute pair.

    I also love Jin Yi & Jin Woong pair. Although they got together because of a one night stand, I’ve felt that they were suitable for each other. Rather than personalities match, it was more a case of complementing and meeting each other’s needs.

    The Noryangjin Trio must not be replaced. Of the three, I love Ki Bum and Dong Young the most. Gong Myung is less funny but there’s this synergy when all three are together.

    • 14.1 JA

      I totally agree with everything you said here esp. HSJ & PHS as the main OTP. πŸ˜‰ Love them as JS & Hana! πŸ™‚

    • 14.2 Jipsy

      Agree with everything you said!

  15. 15 Cherry

    I think this is also a breakout role for Dong-young! I hope to see him again in other dramas soon

    • 15.1 sundaechoc20

      I would love to see him in a Reply Series. Taking the role of Lee Shi Un and Lee Dong Hwi as the funny friend.

  16. 16 DramaAddict

    YES PLEASE….with the same teachers and students…..maybe more new students
    I dont think Ha Na and JS had any direct conversation in the last episode

    • 16.1 JA

      I agree with you esp. with Hana & JS not having a direct conversations at the end. They make it look like their relationship was uncertain even though Hana mentioned of seeing and getting together the next time JS goes out drinking…I expected to see them drink together (not solo) at the end. I guess they left it open for Season 2 and for them to start over their relationship as they were just starting and falling in love with each other only for JS to pull that harsh break up thing in episode 15…messing up their blossoming romantic relationship. If they do s2, they better bring back HSJ & PSH and their characters together because they made me love them.

  17. 17 ET

    I think a large part of me wanting Season 2 is that I need to see Premium Trash suffer more. I know Ha Na is too sweet and kind but I’m sure writer nim can create the right situations.

  18. 18 StPauli_gurl

    Yes Please!!!! And with the same cast – except I want more of Ha Suk-jin and Park Ha-sun!
    Episode 16 was good – except I kept waiting to see those two finally together again. Not even once – but just in flashbacks!!!

    Still – it was sweet. So yes to a second show! Everything about this was so satisfying… be sure to make the next one the same high quality!!!

    • 18.1 JA

      I’m with you. Bring back the same cast and more HSJ & PHS as Jung-Seok & Hana please, because I love these two together. Like you, I keep waiting for them to finally get back together at the end with hugs and kisses, instead we only saw flashbacks of their sweet moments together (why repeat those same scenes we’ve already seen too many times? Why not give us something new and more to see them back together, they’re the main OTP of this drama, were they not?…yet the second couple who were forced to be together, had a happy and lovey-dovey ending…so weird, lol). So, yeah…I want to see more of HSJ & PSH and the main OTP in season 2! πŸ™‚

  19. 19 jess

    That ending definitely open the door for season 2.
    There are much more things I want to see from each’s character life
    I really fond of all of them
    Hopefully the second season will be back in the 1st half of 2017 please πŸ˜€
    The rating is successful and they got the support from the network, a yes from the casts. Make it happen !

  20. 20 JA

    Yes! To this! I think this drama needs a season 2, as I’ve mentioned on episode 15 recap discussion. I thought the final episode was disappointing (and as someone said here, “low quality” like Professor Jin always say, lol…so true!) and didn’t feel like it was an ending at all. Now, comes this news and no wonder it didn’t feel like it because they might be going further to S2. I hope if they do a second season, that they keep the same cast (like everyone here mentioned here) and characters and keep the same OTP couples (JS & Hana and Jin-Yi and Professor Min) they started in the first one. That’s what keep the viewers interested and watching. Don’t replace the main leads nor switch/ruin the main OTP for a new character…that’s a big no-no for a sequel of an already successful drama with an established fan based/viewers. Don’t fix what isn’t broken (except for JS & Hana’s relationship…their last scene together at episode 16 was disappointing…). Just add more new students and teachers, more humor and less angst, less drinking for students and show more studying (and more lectures from teachers too). Also, more cameos from familiar K-Actors/Idols faces because they are fun to watch. And please writers no pulling a noble idiocy on the last minute on the 11th hour and especially not on the last episode. Having said all that, I’m all for Season 2 especially if they bring back the same main cast and characters, because they were the main reason I’ve loved and enjoyed watching DS.

  21. 21 Jazz

    One more round for everyone! This makes me so excited! I wish that they keep the cast together, they all made it work.

    This drama had me laughing and entertained and O want to see more of everyone. *smashes beer mug onto the ground* Another!

  22. 22 Karuna

    I haven’t seen this series but from the viewership it appears it is watched by both men and women as opposed to most dramas reviewed here that have a high female viewership (usually 75%+)? I found that interesting (maybe the men tuned in for the title and then stayed lol)

  23. 23 Dani

    Called it!

    I really hope that everybody focuses on themselves before the romantic relationships come into play.

  24. 24 Jolly

    I usually never want a second season, but I’m going to make an exception here because the ending was so disappointing. The last two episodes went off the rails.

    I think this is partially the fault of the writer and director. They could’ve wrapped up this up nicely in 16 episodes, but the pace of the series was slow, and they spent too much time focusing on superfluous things.

    Jung-seok and Hana didn’t develop after EP12. The story should’ve focused more on Jung-seok’s personal growth, and Hana’s growth as a tutor. The last four episodes is where this should’ve happened, and you could even do it by extending the series to 20 episodes. We could’ve seen how their relationship changes them both for the better. Instead, the story went into the worst phase and wasted the entirety of the last two episodes.

    It’s not just them who were affected either. Dong-young’s ending was so unsatisfying. He started off as an interesting character, but then became background filler very quickly. To top it off, he failed the exam. I could understand the other two failing, but this wasn’t satisfying to see. He was the best of the trio, and they began to use him to fill up time for the most of the series.

    That’s a problem with the Noryangjin trio in general. They were there to fill up time and some of the focus on their antics was unnecessary. A good example being the Jo Kwon cameo in one of the episodes. There are a lot of moments like this with the trio, or members of it, where it felt like the story was just spinning its wheels. They were a good part of the series but less time was spent on actually developing them as characters for the amount of focus they got. We should’ve gotten more of that instead.

    It would’ve been wiser to spend some of that unneccesary time on the two main leads too so we could see Jung-seok and Hana properly develop.

    I’m so conflicted. I want a season two because I think the ending is really disappointing, but I also think this series could’ve been fantastic as it is if the writing was tightened up, and so much time wasn’t wasted. They could have even expanded it to 20 episodes, and we could’ve finished it off with a more satisfying resolution.

    From EP14 to EP20, that would give plenty of time for Gong-myung to stop acting like a child, Jung-seok to start treating him and others better, Hana to grow more in confidence, and for her relationship with Jung-seok to progress more. No noble idiocy either. It could’ve been a fantastic 20 episode series, or even a great 16 episode series. But as it is, it’s a good series for 14 episodes, but then just really disappoints in the final moments.

    I hope they change it up a little for season two. Keep Jung-seok and Hana, and some of the tutors, but bring in some other cast members as students. There definitely needs to be a little bit of a change because the antics will definitely grow more tiresome in the second season when these characters are no longer fresh.

    • 24.1 WishfulToki

      @Jolly: “The story should’ve focused more on Jung-seok’s personal growth, and Hana’s growth as a tutor.”

      Spot on. The show was set up promising us this development, but we never got it. Both brothers were idiotic in the final two episodes, and Gong Myung didn’t even apologise for making life hard on Hana.

      On the other hand, I loved the ‘slice of life’ antics of the Noryangjin Trio even if they didn’t seem important for the plot. In their case I was expecting them to buckle down and study, so the ending in a way was satisfying because they now have a reason to study: Gong Myung will do it for his own sake (I imagine), Ki Bum has some Top Beauty support, and Dong Yong… might treat himself to roast chicken once in a while. I think they’ve grown more than the main couple, because they end up with a new perspective one life thanks to going through a tough time with friends.

      So, yes, conflicted. I agree they could have wrapped it up nicely in 16-20 episodes and don’t really know if I’d want a Season 2. I’m fine with open ended shows that leave us with a sense of hope (School 2013 was a great example of this).

  25. 25 CuriousMoon

    I am totally for a Drinking Solo Season 2 as long as all of the original cast members get to stay.

    What I would love to see in Season 2:

    – Ha na and Jung-seok actively dating (I was disappointed that they were not sitting together in the finale)

    – Jin-yi and Professor Min dealing with their marriage and baby

    – Ki-bum and Chae-yeon dating

    – Gong-Myung falling for a student

    – More of the Noryanjin trio!

    * It would be great if they could add some female students for Season 2. It was good that we got to see Chae-yeon’s feelings about trying to pass the exam but the show could add more female perspectives.

  26. 26 enkeys

    I’d say please for a 2nd season! I am already pretending that the last 2 episodes didn’t happen, so writer-nim, can we re-start season 2 from there? Yes please. And amp up the quality this time. Oh and someone mentioned a 2nd male lead pinning for the female lead in season 2? No please. What makes this drama worked for me was the no love triangle arc. But then again, it’ll be cute to see Jung Seok all competitive and jealous. I am so conflicted. Bring us the 2nd round already!

  27. 27 JesO

    This is actually the first Korean show I’ve watched where I really wanted a second season. This show is like comfort food, and I would love to indulge in it a season longer.

    As some have already said, there is so much character growth and funny antics left to explore,

    Cheers to a second season!!!

  28. 28 pickledplumtree

    I DO want to watch Drinking Solo, but I think I still haven’t partially because I am still bitter about poor Lee Soo Kyung being dumped/cast aside for Let’s Eat 2. Had they kept the same cast, used a whole new one, or made Yoon Doo Joon a brother or cousin of his Let’s Eat character, I’d have been happy. But I just couldn’t get over the unraveling of what was built in the first season when I tried to watch Let’s Eat 2!

    I know this shouldn’t sway me here. I will get around to Drinking Solo at some point!

  29. 29 acciokdramas

    this is great news, but when will Liar Game get it’s second season?? tvN, bring our Liars back!

    • 29.1 greentea

      hahaha right after i read the title i was thinking exactly the same.. “the network is leaving the door open for a sequel” for drinking solo, and they can’t do it for liar game? ooh… come on

      • 29.1.1 acciokdramas

        I KNOW RIGHT!? I need my Lee Sang-yoon and Kim So-eun and Sang Su-rok trio playing mindblowing games. Especially since Liar Game’s ending is so ambiguous! (That last scene could open much more doors to a second season. tvN, please hear our battle cries!)

  30. 30 mia sun

    the ending is like an open ending, and really potential to develop the rest of story into season 2. Can’t wait to see more sweet scene of Prof Park and Prof Jin because i really disappointed with the last episode. I hope there will be more chat, fun time,hug and kiss for both cast πŸ™‚ Drinking Solo Fighting!!!

  31. 31 acciokdramas

    A second season means more impersonations by Professor Min, I’m all for it! A list of impersonations I really hope will happen: Kim So-hyun from You Who Came From the Stars (maybe Professor Hwang could join in as Cheon Song-yi!); Gu Jun-pyo from Boys Before Flowers (I NEED to see Professor Min in Jun-pyo’s awful curly haircut); any prince from Scarlet Heart (preferably Wang Yo, because, yunno, eyeliner on fleek); and lastly, as a K-pop boybander (how had this NOT happen? Writer-nim, include this!).

  32. 32 raihan

    Need to have more screen time on chae-yeon and ki-bum really wanna see them ended up together btw i think the teacher screen time is abit too much? please make a season 2

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