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Hit thriller Signal writer Kim Eun-hee announces next project
by | October 21, 2016 | 48 Comments

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The writer of tvN’s hit crime drama Signal, Kim Eun-hee, revealed that she has started writing her next project. There were some rumors that she would be making a second season of Signal, but she has now stated that she is doing an altogether fresh project. At the 5th World Women Economic Forum this past Wednesday, during the “Balance” panel, she announced that she was currently in the stages of working on a synopsis for a historical drama. When asked for specifics, she said, “Like always [in my dramas], a lot of people will probably die. I think it will be ready by next year.”

Kim Eun-hee is renowned for creating deep complex characters and suspenseful plot sequences. Her specialty is the thriller genre, but she’s mixed it with a couple different elements in the past. For Sign, she tackled the forensic medical setting. In Ghost, she made cyber security and people staring at computer screens interesting by adding complicated government conspiracies. She also created Three Days, which was about the potential assassination of the president. Her most recent time-warp crime thriller Signal, despite being on a cable network, reached double-digit ratings and finished at 12.6 percent. It was for this drama that she was awarded the Best Screenplay at the Baeksang Arts Awards, Best Writer at the APAN Star Awards. The series also picked up multiple awards at tvN’s first 10-year anniversary award ceremony.

She and her husband, PD Jang Hang-joon, are a known power couple in the Korean entertainment industry. He is primarily a director, and has collaborated several times with his wife on various drama projects. For instance, they did Sign, Harvest Villa, and Ghost together. Variety program Infinite Challenge’s 2016 short film Muhan Company, which featured Lee Je-hoon and G-Dragon, was also a husband-wife collaboration. Proud of his wife’s work, PD Jang also gave his two cents about Kim Eun-hee’s current project-in-progress: “It is something on a completely different level, something we’ve never seen in sageuk before.”

At a clarifying interview with IS Plus, writer Kim said that the writing wasn’t going as smoothly as she wanted. “It’s not organized yet, so I can’t reveal anything definite now. Nothing has been decided except for that it will be a historical drama. My goal is to have it ready by next year, but it’s not going to be easy. When I have something more concrete, I will let you know.” I just want to say, writer-nim, thank you for the update and for giving us another reason why 2017 can’t come soon enough.

Signal writer Kim Eun-hee’s new sageuk is in the works, and hopefully we’ll get to see it next year.

Via IS Plus, Chosun Sports


48 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Jennifer Weglarz

    I tend to get bored with sageuks that don’t have a fantasy angle, but I will definitely check this out when it airs. I loved Signal.

  2. Mag Mag

    Loved Signal! It brings K-dramas to a whole new level. Definitely looking forward to it!

  3. JessA

    Sad that it’s not Signal S2 but a new sageuk? I’m here for that!

  4. V

    Hope season two of Signal gets made eventually though!

    • 4.1 Islander_58North

      Hope it is a fantasy sageuk…while I wait for Season 2 of Signal…

  5. gadis

    I’m not a big fan of sageuk, but will check this out. Hopefully, she will give us a new angle to enjoy sageuk drama instead of the usual political machination.

  6. JT

    I’ve enjoyed all her dramas. So I am thrilled that she has another project in the works. I’m intrigued that it will be a sageuk.

  7. maryxiah

    Sageuk again? Lol, everyone is doing sageuk these days. Not a fan of sageuk but might check it out.

    • 7.1 MaryAn

      Exactly my thoughts, is it a tren now there to make sageuk?

  8. Peach

    β€œLike always [in my dramas], a lot of people will probably die.”

    Damn, she’s savage. But at least she’s honest about it! I’ll probably check it out based on my love for Signal alone. Maybe we can hope for a reunion with some of the cast?? 😁

    • 8.1 montecarlo

      I was also laughing the second I saw this

  9. Liddi

    While disappointed that Signal Season 2 is not on the cards yet, am utterly thrilled that another KEH drama is in the works… and a sageuk no less! With her penchant for mysteries and conspiracies, I cannot help but wonder if we would see something in the vein of Tree with Deep Roots. Whatever the case, bring it on! How much longer to 2017?

  10. 10 randomblah

    What if a mysterious walkie-talkie lands in the past, as in 600 years ago? #SignalxSageuk

    • 10.1 Liddi

      OMO! And Moo Hyul aka JJW is the one who finds it, ends up communicating with PHY, and finds out how to defeat Gae Pa Yi and incapacitate Milbon without all the unnecessary bloodshed and sacrifice on their part?

      • 10.1.1 Ray

        I can totally picture it!!

    • 10.2 Sam

      Omo!!! Wahaha!!! 600 years is so long ago that the person who finds the walkie-talkie at that time won’t even know what kind of thing it is for..

  11. 11 aliennoona

    Let’s see: one of my favorite writers who wrote my absolute favorite Kdrama of all time (Signal) is now writing a new drama in my favorite genre (sageuk). Am I happy? Yeah, I’d say I’m happy. Get me a great cast and I will do a backflip…and I am way too freaking old to be doing those. πŸ˜€ YES! Great news!!!!

    • 11.1 Myuu

      yes! i’m so excited~

  12. 12 Celine

    Excited for this because she’s a good writer! I wonder which network will pick it up.

  13. 13 Beanfan

    I haven’t watched this writer’s other dramas, but Signal was such a great drama, I’m hoping her past dramas were in the same caliber (i.e., showing consistency in her writing), and that it means this new one will also be great, engaging, well-written, well-thought-out, etc….

    If she were to combine her supposed penchant for suspenseful writing with sageuk, can I hope that it might be as mysterious and captivating as Joseon X-Files was? Can she make it a Joseon X-Files-type drama with some time travel elements added to it?? Might I pray for Kim Ji Hoon to star???

    I can’t wait to learn more about the plot!

    • 13.1 John


      My wife and I enjoyed Harvest Villa . A rumor that a large sum of money is hidden in an aprtment building sets off a wild chain of events as residents try to find the cash.

      Funny. Lee Bo Young as a mysterious woman that comes into Shin Ha Kyoon’s life.

      • 13.1.1 fab

        I concur. Harvest Villa is an excellent drama. You can tell that this writer is very consistent, her dramas may not be everyone’s taste, but technically always well written.

      • 13.1.2 Beanfan

        Thanks! I’ll check this out!

  14. 14 Bond. James Bond.

    Is it just me, but doesn’t anyone else get tired of them always calling their dramas, “fresh” and “something we have Never seen before”? I mean, with this writer, I totally have an exception, but others saying this all the time, it gets so tiring..
    Negative aside, I will totally be checking this out! She will definitely do something amazing!

  15. 15 Grapes

    Yessss, so excited for this news, although am not a fan of sageuks but i watch when there is a fantasy only, but a saguek from my favorite genius writer I can’t miss that I think she will mix fantasy if she says something we’ve never seen in sagueks before.

    I hope this project will be broadcasting on a cable tvn or jbtc, since i trust them more.

  16. 16 hyanggi

    It’s rare to see a writer’s update here in dramabeans, but with this writer, it’s totally understandable. I’ve yet to watch other than Signal, but dang it, Signal is fantastic, I LOVED it . Can’t wait!

  17. 17 earthna

    Too bad it’s not Signal 2. I’m not satisfied with Signal’s ending because it heavily hinted on a second season when apparently, it’s not really plausible. Looking forward to her next work though.

  18. 18 franbergh

    aaaaahhh!!! i was expecting her next work gonna be signal 2. but still so excited with her new work. cant wait to see the actors playing it too 😊

  19. 19 La Plume

    Gah a Sageuk… Again…

    I’d rather have another thriller but I’ll take what I can get… If the writing isn’t going smoothly for such an experienced author she must be really starting something new.

  20. 20 karin

    I am so going to

  21. 21 karin

    Sorry for double post*

    Just wanted to say that I am so going to watch it. And I wished that Lee Jun Ki will perhaps play a part on it ( just wanted him to get a good show after Moon Lovers ).

    • 21.1 Lucifermeo

      OMG sameee ~

      But I am honestly torn: I really want him to star in a modern drama (an action thriller is the best!) but at the same time, LJG with flowing mane and serious swordfighting skills does strange things to my heart *sighs*

  22. 22 miroufleur

    I was hoping for Signal season 2 but anyway i love this writer’s work so i will totally check this sageuk out πŸ˜‰

  23. 23 missjb

    The brilliant part about signal is the directing though

  24. 24 KDramaWatcher2609

    I’m also not that into historical kdramas. I want Signal 2 !!!

  25. 25 John

    There’s a thread topic, ” K dramas that should have had a second season but didn’t “.

  26. 26 Cool Girl

    I’m very sad but not surprised at all that she gave up on signal 2.

    It was clear for me after watching the Tvn awards that the three main actors weren’t on the mood to work together again so soon.

    I mean Jo Jin Woon barely talked to his co-stars, didn’t even reach Lee Je Hoon to congratulate him and was very awkward at times around Kim Hye soo.
    And the actress was oddly really protective of Lee Je Hoon: it seemed to me that they were comfortable with each other and friendly on set but not that close (they keep holding hands during most of the awards), at least based on the bts vids.

    I was confused by this atmosphere, and was even more saddened by Jo Jin Woon’s speech about hoping that the audience did get the message he wanted to convey through the show. It felt very much final to me.

    I don’t know if something happened between them but i don’t blame them, i’m too grateful for Signal to have anything but positive things to say about them. They made IMO the best korean drama ever and they are all very talented people if not the most talented in this industry.

    The good news is they’re all: writer, PD, actors already working on new projects and i wish them the best for their future.:)

    • 26.1 Cool Girl

      I meant Jo Jin Woong obviously.

      Sorry for the mistakes!

    • 26.2 can

      I don’t think that was the case, i mean they’re looks totally fine in Fan vid tbh. You can search it on youtube. When Kim hye soo received her award, lee jae hoon seat on kim hye soo’s chair to get close with jo jin woong. I also saw a moment when Jo jin woong hold jae hoon hand to wave to the fans in front of them. about kim hye soo – jo jin woong, when lee sung min got the best actor award kim hye soo looked shock. Jo jin woong hugged lee sung min & after back to his seat, i saw kim hye soo hold his hand (idk what she said to him, but i think she feel sorry for him)

  27. 27 Bqk

    Another sageuk,. What about bride of water god too? I even can’t watch any saguek in this year (only 6fd), direct + sript just a mess

  28. 28 Punchie

    Kim Rae won’s looking for a sageuk ;;)

  29. 29 Sam

    omo!!! But please make Signal season 2 after that!

  30. 30 didi

    Meh…I was REALLY hoping for a Signal sequel (I don’t think it’s coming out anymore unfortunately) but I’ll check out her new drama as well I guess

  31. 31 hanie

    Should I thank her for being upfront that a lot of people (that we probably like) will die in her drama?
    I mean, she turned Muhan Co into a thriller, of course people will die. And its sageuk too. We all know people die a lot easier in sageuk~lmao
    I look forward to it…

  32. 32 siknal

    ooh her first time doing sageuk. wonder how itll go

  33. 33 test

    While I like signal I don’t like that it’s an actual ripoff of chinese tv series that i watched long time ago. While the plot is good, i feel like the 3 characters are so disconnected, no chemistry whatsoever.

    For me best writing she ever done is definitely ‘GHOST’
    It’s the best thriller drama for me. beside the plot, The chemistry and the connection between the characters are amazing. Especially So ji sub’s park kiyoung and lee yeon hee’s yoo kang mi. Their connection are so rare in kdrama where you can feel how they trust and care for each other so much even when they are not in a romantic relationship even though they hint at it.

  34. 34 bona

    Is sageuk like the new trend in kdramas nowadays? lol


    damn I was hoping for a season 2 but I guess it’s not happening anytime soon.

  35. 35 alon-luna

    She’s not writing Signal 2? πŸ™ Too bad, now I have to continue wondering what’s going to happen to Lee Jae Han. These cliffhangers are cruel.

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