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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Episode 18
by | October 25, 2016 | 1,026 Comments

There are no shortages of bitter pills for Su to swallow this episode, and for the most part, she seems to base her decisions off what’s best for So and his fledgling rule. At the same time, his being king requires him to make some tough decisions, and Su has trouble understanding why the man she loves can’t always be benevolent. Basically, it just sucks to live in Goryeo.


When Princess Yeonhwa declares that she’ll be marrying the king, Su says she won’t believe it until she hears it from So’s lips. Yeonhwa takes the time to school her on the politics she knows nothing about, telling her about all the opposition So now faces as king—including all the powerful families that now seek to dethrone him. Where were these people when we had two mad kings on the throne?

Regardless, Yeonhwa notes with a sigh that while Su may be happy to wait in the king’s quarters, a woman who’s happy with only that cannot become queen without endangering the king’s position. Also, there’s the scar issue to take into account, which is why Yeonhwa proposes that the two of them merely coexist when she inevitably becomes queen.

Wook tells So much of the same thing, making sure to mention the scar. But, he adds, if So really wants to marry her, he can… only if he gives up the throne. So what’ll it be? “I will not lose either,” So says confidently. “I rose to the throne in order to acquire everything. Do you really think I would cast Hae Su aside over a scar?”

That’s when he points to his own face, to the scar hidden beneath the makeup. “I became king with a face like this,” he reminds Wook.

We get a quick cut to a quiet dinner with Su and So before cutting back to So at court, with yet another official telling So all the things he’s already heard. The only solution, in this day player’s opinion, is for So to marry Yeonhwa. All his problems will disappear that way.

Still, So remains steadfast in his decision to marry Su. Next up to state the obvious is Queen Sinjeong, who gives her two cents about what So should do in order to keep the throne, adding that she even cast her own son out so that she could do what was best for the nation.

The queen hands over a book written by Su, filled with symbols no one recognizes (Hangul, which wouldn’t be invented until 1446) as proof that she’s not normal. Again, So claims to not care about such things. “What is so great about this seat?” he mumbles, causing Queen Sinjeong to note that the only way he’ll leave that throne is if he dies.

Su tells Chae-ryung that her wish to stay in the palace has been granted, but she soon gets pulled away by Astronomer Choi. He laments that this tower used to be so full of life when all the princes would gather and visit, pointing out all the things each prince liked best. But those times are gone now, which is why he’s brought her here: “You must give up on marrying the king.”

He says that she should be the one to end things since So will remain stubborn until the end, but Su meekly protests that she doesn’t want to. “I’ve been through a great deal and waited a long time. I only did so because I believed I would be happy one day. If I were going to give up like this, I would have given up long ago,” she says.

But Astronomer Choi asks her to remember all that’s happened in this palace, and all the danger the king is now in. The only way to prevent more tragedy is to consolidate power around the throne, and he very bluntly says that Su is not the person to help So do that. Su starts to have trouble breathing, and puts a hand over her heart.

Su goes into the king’s quarters with a huge smile on her face and something hidden behind her back, which she reveals to be masks. She wants them to go out to the market and have a bit of fun, and proposes that they disguise themselves in order to leave the palace.

So out they go, with the town all lit up for the exorcism rite festival. She teaches him how to pinky promise, and he takes her hand as they walk, like a true couple. At one point, he pulls her into a backhug and kisses her on the cheek, and there are smiles all around.

She takes him to the prayer stones she piled, causing him to jokingly asked if she did so to pray for him to propose. She unabashedly says yes, considering that he said he’d propose to her at the prayer stones. So says that she should’ve run away when she met him, and she fires back that she did run, but he caught her.

“I don’t remember what drew me to you,” So says. “There are so many reasons now. I have to live with you. Let’s live together. Marry me.” He waits for her reaction, but as her eyes slowly well with tears, his expression turns concerned.

“I cannot,” Su replies. (You could have tried leading with that.) “I cannot do anything for you except to provide you comfort. It will be hard for me to marry you.” Angry now, So asks who’s been putting these ideas into her head, though he stresses that no one can force him to give up on her.

She says she won’t give up either and will continue to stay with him, but that if she became a queen, she’d be too constrained by palace rules. She promises that she’ll be all right as she touches his cheek, and So says that she can’t leave him even if he can’t marry her.

“I will not let you go,” he continues. “Because you are mine. You can’t go anywhere—I will never allow it.” Then, pulling her into an embrace, he softly adds as a tear rolls down his cheek, “You are my only queen.”

Cut to: So and Princess Yeonhwa’s low-rent marriage in front of a meager audience. Wook leads the celebratory cries of “Manseh!” at Yeonhwa becoming queen, even as Su tries on the bride’s wedding hanbok for herself, looking longingly at her reflection.

Jung and his mutton chops find her at the prayer stones, as he claims he also wasn’t invited to the wedding. He jokingly asks if she won’t just come to him now, offering to take her far away if she were to ask him. If she ever wants anything, he adds, all she has to say to him is, “I want it.”

So unveils his bride in the marriage chambers, and gives her a long silent look before turning away from her. When he does, she warns him that Su could be used against him in the future, so getting rid of her now might be best.

He cuts her off there, telling her to focus solely on being queen. Burn.

Chae-ryung finds Su still at the prayer stones later that night, offering her an herbal pouch(?) to ease her suffering. They reminisce about Lady Hae and her prayer stones, which has Chae-ryung thinking of her late mother, who suffered from illness before she died.

Su kneels down next to her and prays to her own mother, repeating over and over again that she’s doing fine. Chae-ryung knows better and takes her hands, as So watches them from afar.

Later that night, he stands outside Su’s room, but can’t bring himself to open the door. She just stays curled up inside.

Now that So’s married Yeonhwa, his vassals finally show up for court, and So’s all smiles as he decides to adopt the era name for his reign as Gwangdeok. Everyone’s agreeable to this and his other decrees, save for one: Wook still wants the king to relinquish his control over the nation’s finances.

Surprisingly, So agrees to Wook’s terms, and declares that he’d like to spend some time reading important literature while his loyal ministers help run the government. He cavalierly declares that fourteenth prince Jung is guilty of treason and will be stripped of his title and sent to his maternal family’s hometown, which gets a rise out of Baek-ah.

But So continues as if he were discussing the weather, adding that he’s not going so far as to execute Jung—that’ll only happen if he steps foot within the capital.

Of course, when Queen Sinmyeongsunseong hears of this, she collapses. Baek-ah tells Su and Woo-hee the news, explaining the severity of the punishment. Su’s knee-jerk reaction is to try to talk to So in order to help Jung, but Woo-hee warns her that she doesn’t have the authority to do so. For now, Baek-ah says, they’ll just have to wait until the king calms down.

Yeonhwa calls on the ailing Queen Sinmyeongsunseong, who only wants to see Jung. But it’s So who comes to see her first, decreeing that only he will see to his mother’s care from now on.

He tends to her like a son while she can only stare up at him, wheezing. His use of the word “Mother” has her struggling even harder, though her power is now limited. Jung is still refused entry to the palace.

Over dinner that night, Su asks So to allow Jung to see their mother, but So slams his chopsticks down as he calls her out for sending for Jung—he’d forbidden anyone from sending him messages, so he knows that only she could’ve done it.

She admits as much, but claims her reasons are just, since the queen is on her deathbed and Jung deserves to be there. But So is adamant that Jung can’t take one step into the palace, or it’ll be his execution. “If Jung is allowed into the palace,” he warns her, “I will not let it go, even if it is you.”

Jung stands outside the palace gates in silent protest until he can barely stand anymore. Baek-ah passes him a jug of water as he goes into the palace, but Jung only pours it over his head.

So tries to spoon medicine into his mother’s mouth, but she keeps her lips clamped firmly shut. She’s been doing as much for five days, refusing to take even a sip of water, and turns away from So’s touch like a possessed person from a crucifix. The only word she manages to repeat is Jung’s name.

But So tells her to take stock of the son who’s actually caring for her now, not the son in the afterlife, or the one who can’t even be with her now. He is king, and he is taking care of her.

The queen opens her eyes then, remembering when So walked into her room covered in blood after massacring a temple full of monks. The words he’d said to her then come back to haunt her now: “You may have cast me aside, but I will not leave. From now on, I will make sure I am all you see.”

So smiles in the present to see this realization dawn on her face. He promises to build her a grand temple and spread tales of how wonderful a mother she was. A tear rolls down his cheek as he adds that everyone will know of their relationship, and their relationship only.

“I will become your one and only precious son. This… is my revenge for you abandoning me as your child.” The queen gasps for air, struggling to say “You… you!” as she reaches up a hand to his face, though it’s almost as if she wants to claw at him rather than caress him.

She has the strength to do neither though, and dies. So breaks down into pitiful tears as he holds her hand to his face, relishing a mother’s touch he could never receive in life.

Su is the one to venture out of the palace gates to deliver the news to Jung, and presumably is the one to allow him into his mother’s quarters to see her body. So allows for this small visit, but says that after he’s done saying his goodbyes, Jung’s punishment will be reinstated.

Later, So tears into Su for taking Jung’s side, and takes special offense to her pitying Jung when she, of all people, should be on his side. “He is not the pitiful one. I was always the one who was cast aside!” So bellows.

Pointing to the scarred side of his face, he tells her that his mother touched him right before she died. “In all my twenty-five years of life, I have never had her to myself. Is it so wrong for me to send her off on my own?” he cries.

Su reaches up to touch his face, but he catches her wrist before she can. “You should have said you understood me,” So grits out with tears in his eyes. He leaves, and all Su can do is sigh.

So finally confronts ninth prince Won over how involved Wook was with the mercury in the bathwater (he knows that Chae-ryung was a servant in Won’s household before she came to Damiwon), and Wang Gyu’s supposed revolt, which ended with the deaths of Eun and his wife.

Though initially reticent, the idea of being plunged into boiling water as punishment gives Won the courage to blame everything on Wook, who he claims colluded with the late king Jeongjong. So has just one more question for him, but we don’t hear what it is.

Su goes looking for Chae-ryung in Damiwon, but notices that there’s a pallor over the other court ladies. Woo-hee would rather show her than tell her what’s going on, since outside, Chae-ryung has been rolled up in a torture taco to be beaten. The king has ordered all the court ladies to watch as a warning.

Su can’t understand why the king would do such a thing, until Astronomer Choi explains that a court lady from Damiwon committed a very serious crime. It’s only then that she’s told who’s in the taco, causing her to stumble toward the bloody mess that was once her friend.

Woo-hee’s there to catch her when she faints, at least. We get a flashback montage of Su and Chae-ryung’s memories before finding Su lying in bed, with the king on a rampage over the royal doctor not telling him of Su’s illness.

Su wakes whispering Chae-ryung’s name, and pushes So off when he reaches out to her. “How could you? How could you do that to someone?” she screams. That’s when So opts to tell her that Chae-ryung had been spying on her the whole time, and that she was the one to deliver the book of Su’s Hangul to Queen Sinjeong.

He adds that not only was Chae-ryung partially responsible for them not getting married, but that it was she who put the mercury in the king’s bathwater. It was Chae-ryung who betrayed Eun and prevented his escape by telling Won and Wook about the secret cave beneath the baths.

That’s when Su remembers that Wook had told her he heard about the cave from Chae-ryung, so she knows what So says is true. Therefore, he stands by his decision, though Su tearfully claims that Chae-ryung’s only crime was being born a slave.

She doesn’t brush off the comforting hand So puts on her shoulder at least, but she gives him no other reaction as he gets up to leave. Seeing a letter that wasn’t there before, Su reaches for it…

But we cut to So throwing a fit in the throne room, as he realizes how much he’s been played by Wook. He knows he only has Baek-ah and Su left on his side, which he blames on Wook: “Now I’ve become a monster to Su. I will never let him get away with this.”

Su opens the letter and recognizes Chae-ryung’s hand instantly, which is yet another reminder that Chae-ryung lied to her (she’d claimed she never learned how to read). In the letter, Chae-ryung claimed that she’d wanted to confess everything to Su, but knew her time was running short.

We see Chae-ryung Lite in flashback as a beggar on the streets. Ninth prince Won had shown her mercy by giving the little girl silver, and when she became a servant in his house, he taught her how to read and write. In the letter, she tells Su that she loved him, and has no regrets, nor does she resent anyone. Is that letter supposed to be written in blood? When did she have time to write that thing?

So stumbles into his room (I’m guessing he’s drunk?), and thinks that Su is the one waiting on his bed wearing a mask. But as he pulls her close and lifts the mask just enough for him to be able to kiss her lips, he pulls back suddenly before he does, unmasking Yeonhwa instead.

He pushes her away, roughly reminding her that he warned her against getting greedy. She reminds him that he told her to fulfill her duties as a queen, and part of her duty is to bear him a son.

She more or less embraces him, causing So to smile ruthlessly. “What if I tell you to turn your back on Wook and your family? Can you do it?” If she were to do so and become his only queen, he adds, then he’d make their son the crown prince. She’d be both the queen, as well as the queen mother.

Su stares listlessly at the baths in Damiwon while clutching the hairpin So gave her. When Baek-ah approaches, she whispers flatly that the person she loved killed her little sister, and doesn’t seem to listen when Baek-ah says that the king already knew that Chae-ryung was up to no good. That was why he tried to send her away from the palace in the first place.

“No matter what she did wrong, how could he punish her so cruelly?” Su replies. “I don’t know how to escape this misery. Chae-ryung was just a girl in love.” She grips her chest as she becomes asthmatic again, causing Baek-ah to worry for her.

She turns to him then, and offers him her hairpin. She wants him to give it to Jung, and to send him a message: “I want it.” Of course, Baek-ah doesn’t know the meaning behind the message, but promises to deliver it just as she said it.


I’m having a tough time understanding Su on this one, despite the understandable pain of losing someone she thought well of. It’d be a completely different situation if Chae-ryung had been killed and no one thought to explain her crimes to Su, but Su got a pretty good breakdown of Chae-ryung’s deceit from So and Baek-ah. Plus, she had proof that Chae-ryung was lying in the letter. So why can she not understand that Chae-ryung’s actions had consequences?

It’s not even as though Chae-ryung was only caught spying—So went into detail about her poisoning King Hyejong’s bathwater (and Chae-ryung had no qualms whatsoever about leaving the blame for that on Su’s shoulders), how she deliberately betrayed Su’s trust in stealing her writing and reporting on her, not to mention how she was directly involved in the deaths of Eun and Soon-deok. Doesn’t Su feel even remotely wronged? Can she really blame all of Chae-ryung’s actions on the fact that she was only taking orders? Enough to not trust the man she loves when he justified his actions?

Trust has always been a prevailing problem between Su and So, though it’s been a one-way street for a long while now. So never fails to give Su the benefit of the doubt, but she spares none for him—and it’s really beginning to feel like whenever she does have an opportunity to take his side, she opts not to. I get that he was being unreasonable when it came to his mother, but he had character-driven reasons for wanting her all to himself. All he wanted from Su was for her to understand him, but she couldn’t. Though that I can understand from her end just a little, since she likes Jung, and thought it would only be fair for him to see his mother. She got her wish in the end, and So didn’t fight her on it, which says a lot.

That being said, So’s scenes with his mother were the highlight of the episode, and they felt like the only anchor in the sea of fly-by-night scene cuts we’ve been getting. Finally, the camera saw fit to linger on something for more than a few seconds, and what a face to linger on. So’s been all over the map now that he’s become king, and it’s been hard to follow his lines of thinking when, for instance, he acted very bizarrely in court. All that smiling and agreeableness might’ve hinted at some ulterior plan, but the directing did nothing else to help lead us to that conclusion. Barring any hints, his behavior just left me scratching my head. I honestly don’t know what to make of it.

But his behavior with his mother felt grounded in something real, something we could actually understand, as we saw in So the lost boy who only ever wanted his mother’s love. He did get his revenge after all, but his revenge was just another way for him to try and reach out to her—if he couldn’t have her love by choice, he’d at least have the illusion of it. In the end, he only wanted her to acknowledge him as her son, and even at the bitter end, I’m inclined to think she didn’t. And that seems fitting for her character, who’s been thoroughly and unexplainably awful her entire life. It’d feel like cheating if she were redeemed in the final hour.

However, I have no qualms about So believing whatever he wants to believe about the intention behind his mother’s touch, because he’s just so pitiful. It’s heartbreaking that he’d take that ambiguous, clawing hand as affection, only because it was the first time his mother ever even touched him. But the facade melted away when she actually passed, and he looked more lost and devastated than ever as he held her hand to his face just to feel that touch she’d never willingly give. It was very well played, and I was with him every step. With Su, I just feel resigned. But who knows—maybe the time spent apart will help give everyone some perspective. Or it’ll just make everything worse.


1,026 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. LP

    Man, Hae So is starting to remind me of that character Precious. What other horrible thing is going to happen to her?! :/

    • 1.1 DramaLea

      Is it really happening to HER though? So much more is happening to So and he seems to be doing his best to deal with it. How lovely was his line ‘To me, you’re my only queen’. If she could just trust him (dammit girl) they could be in it together rather than drifting apart with every wind. I agree with HeadsNo2 that she’s been given ample explanation for his actions (although a heads up would’ve been nice) but it doesn’t seem to budge her ill opinion of him.

      It seems like the show rolls out the red carpet moments (like the two of them in the market, so sweet) only to pull it out from under us a second later. Ugh, can’t anyone be happy for one whole episode?

      Also, ‘torture taco’ – so inappropriate but so funny 🙂

      • 1.1.1 LP

        You’re right, but girl is essentially family-less, powerless, crippled, weak-hearted, and now her man may be making hate-nookie with his sister. Even though he’s pretty sad himself, at least So is king and seems to have some semblance of agency whereas Hae Su just gets more and more pitiful. At this rate, she’ll just fade away with those weepy eyes.

        P.S. I forgot to thank Heads for recap in earlier post. Thank you!!

        • Gidget

          Hate nookie. That’s such a funny-not funny way of saying it. It’s the impression I got too. To me it had a creepy emotional undertone of two people making a pact for mutual rape. 😞 Both of them had to lose a little of their soul through that decision. (Assuming she has a soul…which I question.)

          Heads is right. The theme of the whole episode was: it just sucks to live in Goryeo.

      • 1.1.2 Blargh

        QUE??? That aint no taco, it’s taquito, not even that, that’s eggroll, sorry it is.

        First of all, So, you should’ve tell Soo. For a person that is very observant on everyone (other than Wook, but ya know anyone could have the same thought) you should’ve know it’s better to be honest then do it then the other way around.

        Second of all, just hang her you know. Why do you have to leaven her like a dough,if you do want to shame her then make her confess in front of everyone then hang her. You already know Soo was once in CR’s position, doing that to CR is like a slap to her (eventhough she does need some slappin)

        Third, I really would like Soo to have YH’s expression, love it! Especially when So burned her, umh satisfaction.

        • Kiara

          Nothing burns a queen with brain. I love it that she always have a come back. “A duty of the queen is to provide an heir for the king.”
          In order to survive, she has to be at the same level or smarter than her brothers.

        • Gidget

          Maybe a beating burrito?

          The show used that method because it was authentic to the era. Tyrannical political systems/regimes rule by fear and intimidation. The co-objective of that method was to make others watch someone close to them die brutally. It was used as a deterrent.

      • 1.1.3 Rungirlrun

        I would rather take this korean taco version than the original punishment in C-version. Ruoxi’s friend was STEAMED WITH HER EYES STILL OPEN. The court threw up, and so did I. Thankfully, i wasn’t eating anything.

        • Biankoy

          Oof. Thank goodness we’re spared from seeing that.

      • 1.1.4 Bunmi

        “You’re my only queen” was horrible to me. And him telling her she cannot leave him. 🙁 It all seems so passionate and intense but at the end of the day, it means Soo will always be his unofficial girl. His mistress, his side woman. I was literally screaming at my screen saying “noooo Soo, don’t end up with the same fate as the head court lady” I just don’t understand how a woman from the 21st century would be content with being the unofficial woman.

        • pogo

          There’s a cruel irony in the fact that Su’s literally the one to declare So the new emperor …… and then has to turn his proposal down so he can keep the throne.


          • watchandwatch

            EXACTLY WHAT I’M THINKING! If only she had agreed to his proposal before he became king! >:(

        • Miky

          By now she isin’t an 21st century women,she has become one of them that’s why most likely it will be hard for her when she will go back because she now belongs in the past rather than the future

        • Kiara

          This writer lol. Some parts are just unintentionally funny I can’t help but laugh at it.

  2. Christina

    I feel like at this point Baekha is the only character that hasn’t done something horrible, hopefully he at least gets a happy ending because I don’t think anyone else will

    • 2.1 Yoyo

      In my version of the finale…. Everyone dies! No exemptions.

      @Kumoiwa @Cherryarrow @Ren

      Y’all know what I’m talking about!


      • 2.1.1 kumoiwa


      • 2.1.2 cherryarrow


        Jk. Or am I?

        • Yoyo

          Don’t worry, Woo-hee is currently #3 on the Death Queue… We just have to get through Won and Wook first…

          • Ren

            …we’re not killing Wook.

          • kumoiwa

            @Ren: just putting him under house arrest yo

        • VIP

          I’m okay if So ordered to kill WooHee. But I don’t have a heart to see how mad BaekAh if that happened. Will BaekAh also hate So like Soo does ?

          • Miky

            More likely she will kill herself because guilt or something

          • shelly

            chae-ryung got tortured to death for spying on an unimportant hae family girl. woo hee spied on the king, the heir, his generals and now probably so. what does she deserve? and she’s in on it with wook and won too. not seeing a good end for her here.

            also, theme of the episode – i love you and i’ll never leave you… BUT i might.

            loved the parallel between yeonhwa choosing the world over a small room filled with love and so and soo having to choose between the exact same things.

            as usual, so’s all feeling and soo’s catching at reasons not to trust him. and now she’s being the noble idiot by forcing the separation – one can see it coming – and leaving him alone with just baek-ah while at the same time maybe removing baek-ah’s support too if woo hee’s in trouble. that’s soo’s love for you folks.

            no wonder if he turns into a savage bloody king after all his human support deserts him.

        • molandry

          I COCNCUR! Just JK? Seriously, what was her role in this drama? She is one of the extra bits that should have been streamlined, when the episode count was shortened to 20.

          Some similar thoughts on the whole ML experience:

          “Perhaps the writers are trying to portray that good Korean girls do not fall in love with men, they know will be future dictators? That is one way to explain, the odd decision to devote so much time to the 8th romance, and barely show growth in 4th Prince and Hae Su’s romance.

          First they made her helping him an accidental decision. Unlike the original where Rouxi was well versed in history, knew what 4th Prince would become and chose to love him for the man he was at the time.

          Hae Su’s decision to leave over the treatment of “her little sister” Chae Ryung also doesn’t have enough gravitas, considering all the detailed explanation give of how Chae Ryung was involved in the death of a king, a prince and a princess (3 royal family members) and even that she was okay with framing Hae Su, for a murder.

          Why change the original that Rouxi left when she realized that her actions and warnings to 8th Prince is what set the fight of the princes in motion. They even had a scene during the rain ritual, where Hae Su, told this version’s 8th prince something similar. It just shows that this was probably forgotten during the rapid, writing process.

          It goes to show that just because a drama claims to be pre-produced, if the script is still being written, as scenes are shot, it is not that different from a Live Shoot after all. The only difference being, moving the chaos of the live shoot from the airing period to an earlier time.

          The writer did a good job with adapting the story to the Korean royal family, but they dropped the ball on the actual script. And wasted too much time in the early episodes. Turning the latter half of the drama into a telling more than a showing experience, with so many time jumps, and so many important events happening off screen.

          They probably thought they had 36 episodes, but later realized that though a common episode count in Korean entertainment, it would make it harder to get a time slot in China, where even dramas with bonafide Chinese stars, may take up to 3 years after completion, to get an air date (see postponement of Lee Young Ae’s Saimdang Story). So they rapidly cut down the number of episodes. But that is something that should have been fixed in post-production. You have the raw video, so cut out the extra scenes of say – 10th Prince, the superfluous Baekje Princess storyline that never materialized, the slow buildup to Hae Su and 8th Prince’s love story, etc.

          Apologies for the long post, but as someone who was eagerly anticipating this drama, I hope what happened with Moon Lovers, won’t discourage the move to more pre-produced Kdramas.”

          • ktv

            Agree wholly with all that you’ve said. And I think, above all, what pisses me off the most is that the fight between the princes could’ve been explored so much more, to give so much more depth to each of the princes rather than wasting screen time on all the other extra scenes as you’ve mentioned.

            Massively annoyed at the atrocious editing of Scarlet Heart. It might be unfair to judge the quality of the writing, seeing as we only have access to this poorly-edited drama. No matter how good a script is, don’t think it can save a drama from horrendous editing, since editing is what makes a drama flow (and sets the pace/emotional intensity). I hope the China fanbase protests so much, SBS recuts and releases a 36ep version of this drama. WOULD GLADLY BUY IT.

      • 2.1.3 Cheryl

        You went to the Shakespeare School of Scriptwriting, didn’t you? ;D

    • 2.2 UmbrellaMan

      At this point, I am sure no one gets a happy ending. The plot seems to rolling straight towards death of all the brothers just as history dictates. Especially now that Su “wants it”, which I fear will set a whole slew of brother conflict in motion that may never have started if not for Su. Really, like our late and crazy king said, most of the bad shit started with Su. o.O At this point, I am resigned to most anything. (Oh how a part of me wishes this show was more like Six Flying Dragons. Ah well…)

      • 2.2.1 Kz

        I didn’t watch the C-version but I’ve read about it and know that Rouxi (or was that her name? / hae soo) will run away with Jung and die in the process.

        I don’t think it will happen here. However, with her running away with him, it might lead to his death.

        I actually think that the deaths of the princes are all related to Su one way or another. That despite not having a direct hand at it, these deaths were connected to her.

        I’m also wondering, wasn’t Hae soo aware (21st century information) that Gwangjong would marry his half-sister? Did she only know about the part that he became king? Because if she knew this, she would also tell herself what she told wook: It is only fate and nature. Heartbreaking that must be for her and So because they are in love, it is, as Astronomer guy says, not her place to help him.

        I’m not surprised that So is turning out to be more menacing, but I was wondering how big of an impact Su was to change him. Before, he mentioned that he changed because of Su. He became more positive. She’s still by his side, but now that he’s king, it’s like he’s turning to the dark side, but not the Wook kind of conversion. Power corrupts, I guess. Yeon Hwa mentioned this to Su before. You can’t be too sure about people not changing once they are in power. Su was the balancing factor for So, but he seems to be more and more stubborn and his emotions are suddenly out of place.

        • Pinkington

          In the cdrama version She leaves with 14th prince and marries him. She convinces the King to let her go and he does eventually. She lives as friends with 14th for like 8-9 months and then dies from heart failure. What is sad is that she tells the princes who come to say goodbye that she hopes in the next life she can forget all of them and never meet them. 🙁

          • Shayne

            I hope ending won’t be like the chinese version’s. There are only 2 more eps left but everything is still in chaos. I hope So doesn’t give up on Su. I think the ending will be very heart breaking, but there’s still a little bit of hope inside me that they will have their HEA. Because they both deserve it after everything they’ve been through.

          • ktv

            Sincerely hoping that it won’t end up like the cdrama either ): even though part of the appeal of Scarlet Heart/BBJX is in how intense and hauntingly beautiful the OTP romance was, the sadness at the end of the drama was really too much to take. (I say that, but I regularly torture myself by rereading and rewatching the cdrama… lmao.)

            I think it’s quite likely that this Korean version will follow the cdrama. From the preview of ep19, seems like Wook has confessed his previous relationship with Haesoo out of revenge (?). It’s likely So turns her away (as per the cdrama), and Jung’s imperial decree for her hand in marriage comes when So’s at the height of his anger, so he grudgingly lets her go. 🙁 sigh. Our hopes for a happy ending in Goryeo doesn’t look too optimistic, but let’s hope Kim Kyu Tae PD-nim wasn’t lying when he said the ending would be a happy one… guessing it’s more likely that Haesoo returns to modern reality and ends up meeting a So-lookalike?

        • Deedee

          But So has always been cruel. We have been told from the very beginning about his inner blindly violence by the others characters. This fact is showcase from the 1st episode.
          No one remember when he came in the palace and slaughter his poor and innocent horse. He massacre his own horse with which he rode across the country. Red flag!!!! He could kill Su at the end of the show I would not be surprised.

          And he could have hung CR after a proper trial where her crimes could have been revealed. Or he could have explained Su why he drafted her outside the palace. He changed to want to handle the situation without violence in having her expelled to the total opposite. That does not make any sense.
          How do he think Su would react tripping over the bloody dead body of her “sister”?
          Actually I don’t blame So for this one but the lazy scriptwriter for the lack of consistency of her characters.

          And we will never have the explanation about why the Queen Mother hate on her own son. It was a totally gratuitous premise. The same about the astrologist/astronomer. I am resigned now that Ji Mong mystery will not be unveiled.

          I don’t know how I feel with this drama. It is entertaining enough but in the other hand, it is so lazy in the way it has handled practically every storyline.

      • 2.2.2 junah

        this is where i get confuse. in goryeo history that i read
        no record So killed wook or jung. Baek-ah will be sent to exile, but not during Gwangjon era.
        are they going “take creative action on history” by killing them all to fit the original ? cause i notice they did. like, during Mu era, conspiracy was actually between Yo and So, not Yo and Wook. Eun is killing during Mu era,not yo era, and there was in fact Wang Gyu rebellion,not just allegation.

        • Miamiloveskdrama

          Seriously next time I watch a historical drama I am going to the library cause wikiepedia just doesn’t cut it.

        • Kiara

          Neither Yin Zhen or Wang So killed all their brothers. That would be a lot of bloodshed without justification so I don’t know where this history is coming from.

          • Cheryl

            That is their “creative action”, also known as “artistic license” and “based on actual events”. If writers (speaking generally) were honest, they’d call it “playing fast and loose with the truth” and/or “substituting fiction for facts whenever our storyline demands it”.

            Anytime a movie or TV show has “based on” in the description, count on very little fact and a lot of fiction.

          • Kiara

            Everyone and their grandma knows that the writers are taking creative license.

            My point is: 1. this drama is based on the BBJX novel and in the novel the 4th prince (Yin Zhen) did not kill all of his brothers.

            2. Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t remember this drama and it’s vague history ever stating that Wang So killed all of his brothers.

            I’ll gladly go back and watch that part if I missed it otherwise it’s just someone’s interpretation.

            Are we on the same page now?

    • 2.3 Andy Pandy

      The prettiest and kindest cinnamon roll in Goryeo probably won’t be able to get a happy ending because the chances look pretty high that Woohee is going to end up dying in the next episode. OTL

    • 2.4 Del

      Has Jung done anything bad? The one bad thing I could figured out is him placing all blame on So for almost everything.

      • 2.4.1 Lime Chilli

        He has committed an unforgivable crime again fashion with those sideburns from hell. #dontpicksageuknexttimejisoo #lovejisooanyway

        • Del

          LOL. That is funny. And the crime for allowing the horse hairstyle on him. Love Ji Soo though.

        • LP

          Basically this show is telling us that a consequence of aging is bad hair.

        • zia

          @Lime Chilli
          I agree with your hashtag. Jisoo should avoid sageuk. It doesn’t suit him. Also, the hair and also the way he talks is different.

      • 2.4.2 Yoyo

        The moment Jung grew those hideous sideburns, anything and everything associated with him was deemed wrong. #FreeTheSideburns

        • Miamiloveskdrama

          I must be the only one who find the sideburns hot. However it involves a fantasy where I can shave them off myself.

          • pickledplumtree

            Hahaha this is hilarious(ly amazing).

            TBH I never noticed the sideburns. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

          • Flightey Gazelles


      • 2.4.3 Quinze

        He’s guilty of being judgy and throwing shade all ’round Goryeo. That eyebrow perks up? Jung’s about to throw some shade your way!

        Hah and like Lime Chilli says, the retro sideburns from hell!

      • 2.4.4 Blargh

        He’s placing the blame on So for having a much better hairstyle than he ever will.

      • 2.4.5 Shaoran

        Because of the protest Jung had impost last episode on him being King. He put him on exile and stripped all of his titles. Probably not to cause trouble into questioning on how he ascended the throne. #Dirty but thats reality. I’m actually glad that Hae Su finally said ‘I want it’. I want Wang So to realize the reality of having the throne in your hands. But if Wook is to die next episode! I’m gonna die as well… I hope she gets married to Jung.

      • 2.4.6 Cheryl

        He’s also going to attempt to part Su from So, and that is an Unforgivable Sin, punishable by (probably) death most horribly painful. So said Su was his and she’s never to leave him, and you know how he gets when people don’t do what he tells them. xp

    • 2.5 FunnyBunny

      Yeah after Wook’s abrupt turn to the dark side (which I still don’t get, but that list has gotten too long) Baek Ah is my only favorite

      Also, as someone responsible for the deaths of 3 royals, Chae Ryung just didn’t fit the role. The show had given us plenty of hints and proof that she was part of the plot and loved prince 9. #9 and Yo were such perfect and obvious villains they’re practically twirling their mustaches and tying damsels to train tracks. I’d like to see how Chae Ryung had gotten pulled into the plan. Did #9 pressure her(if you love me you’ll do XYZ), or feed her false hope(we can get married when Yo is king)? Rather than make her a willing participant, Chae Ryung should have been the scapegoat. Like Su and the poisoned tea, Chae Ryung should have been the unknowing perpetrator and #9 would throw her under the bus to save his skin-cause he’d totally do that, the little weasel. Her innocence of the crime and betrayal of her first love would have painted a more sympathetic picture. Plus it would make more sense for Su to take her death so hard.
      It’s annoying that the show just presents new info to the plot and we’re just supposed to roll with it, no matter how jarring it is. Foreshadowing is what helps lead up to big reveals and results in a better payoff for viewers. Instead the show is spoon feeding everything and deprives us of figuring things out for ourselves. Poor writing is what’s primarily holding this show back.

      As long as Baek Ah and Woo Hee get a reasonably happy ending I’ll be satisfied with that. However, I’m not holding my breath.

      • 2.5.1 SLVR

        I don’t know which version you may have watched, but in the SBS version, Chae Ryung leaves a letter written in blood which tells Soo about her motivations.

        As in the original C-drama, the 9th prince saves Chae-Ryung’s character by giving her money when she is a young beggar, which helps save her family. She swears undying loyalty to him, and goes to work as his slave, where he teaches her to write, and she falls in love with him.

        9th prince uses that to his advantage to make her a spy on Hae Soo and So, with the complicity of Wook and Yo, promising to be with her. It’s shown in the C-drama that this is the only person the 9th prince truly cares for.

      • 2.5.2 Drama Queen

        Is Su dense? The Writers did not create a credible enough buildup to Su’s decision to leave the Palace with Jung’s help. The reason she based her decision on was super lame when her whole emphasis thus far was for the brothers not to kill one another.

        CR caused the deaths of Crown Prince / King Mu, Eu and his Wife and has been a spy for Won (and presumably whoever Won was aligning himself to at the moment). So was trying to protect her as much as punish CR for the deaths of his brothers she caused – active in the poisoning of Mu and the prevention of escape for Eun and his Wife. All CR’s misdeeds are thrown into the wind and all Su can focus on is that CR was beaten to death taco-style and how could Su “killed” her little Sister! Come on woman – this was not an innocent bystander – CR was actively participating and was a main culprit causing the deaths of Mu and Eun.

        Even as Su appeared to accept So’s explanation, she still blames him?! Geez.

        If the Writers had waited till the next episode when So goes after Wook or even on news of SH being pregnant (this wasn’t in the preview- I am just suggesting an additional reason)- then it’d give Su’s leaving more credibility. She was in an invested relationship with Wook and though it turned sour in a bad way, it can be explained that she was tired of all the palace politics and wanted to live out her limited days away from all her bad memories of palace life… Too bad – she appears all lame now – there is definitely a big gap!!

        • Miamiloveskdrama

          I decided it was just bad editing and it happens later. It makes more sense that way.

          • Adam

            I think Su has finally understood that she is a praying mantis. Whatever she embraces, loses their head.

        • Sarai

          Here is my defense of Su and her decision to leave. (obviously based on my own interpretation more than specifics the show has given us, but what can I say? Over-analyzing is my jam! lol)

          First of all, I know she gave permission for So to marry his sister (which grosses me out that no one is talking about it), but that doesn’t mean Su is actually okay with it. She’s done well to put on a brave face. However, when she was listing all the reasons she’d prefer not to marry him (having to follow proper etiquette etc) I think she was trying to convince herself as much as So. Therefore, I’m sure her decision to leave is based on the hurt and loneliness she’s feeling – and hiding – right now. She admitted that her greatest wish through all her trials was that she could find happiness. She wanted that to be with So, but now, with him as King… their complete happiness seems impossible. She’s in pain, physically, emotionally… I understand how her emotions led her to make a desperate decision to escape. I’m sure she’s thinking about all the people she loved who have died horrible, painful, tragic deaths. That does something to a person. The throne, no matter who is on it, seems to bring tragedy into her life and the lives of people close to her.

          Not only that, but while CR did cause so much pain (and commit the worst forms of treason/betrayal, absolutely!), I think about how tender-hearted Su is. She knows CR did wrong, she’s devastated by the truth, but her anger and pain over it wasn’t necessarily about her dying as much as it was how she was killed. Why did So have to do it in such a brutal way? Why did he force the other Court ladies to watch? CR may have been a traitor, but she was still someone extremely important to Su. I understand the horror she is feeling. I understand her fear of what So is capable of now that he has the throne… how far he has or is willing to go. He may not be killing his brothers (yet), but he’s killing a lot of other people and he’s hurting his brothers greatly no doubt.

          I am worried about the way So has changed and gone back on his word because of the throne. Remember how horrified he was when he married Mu’s daughter because he felt like he had betrayed his promise to Su (and back then it was an unspoken promise!)? What happened to that So? I just want to be like, how dare he say HE wouldn’t forgive her if she helped Jung? That made me so upset. To hold her compassion and love for all the brothers against her? That is what makes Su… Su. That is one of the things I love about her.

          I know So is struggling too, but this is what he wanted. The throne, power, followers, responsibility over the country. And now, he’s going to have to do whatever he must to keep it. That is sad to me, because ultimately we’ve seen time and time again that the price of the throne is always that which you hold most dear.

          I understand amidst the pain, hurt, suffering and loss where Su is coming from. I…

          • Sarai

            [continued from]
            I couldn’t love with that either.

          • Lia

            “Why did So have to do it in such a brutal way? Why did he force the other Court ladies to watch? ”

            Because he has to set up an example that no one murders a King, a Prince and a Princess, without go unpunished.

            This is 10th century Korea, and in the past there didn’t existed humane forms of capital punishment save beheading. Harsh fact. Chae Ryung’s Chinese counterpart in the original drama was steamed. That was how it was.

            So has changed because he has become a King. And a King with small support in an unstable political position. To keep the throne and secure it and thus the country stability, he must affirm his authority, even if he has to become more ruthless against his rivals and marry Yeon Hwa to secure his power. A soft ruler in this position wouldn’t last. He had to adapt to that, most Kings through history had to secure their position by killing their detractors.

            The reason why Su and the audience react like that is because we are seeing this through 21th century lens, where punishments like the one Chae Ryung had are seen as inhumane. Su may had loved Chae Ryung, but the girl was an instrument of murder of three members of the royal family (Mu, Eun and Deok) and a spy that could had put in danger Su’s life! So did what he had to do. I get that Su is kind-hearted, and a girl of our time, and that’s the reason why she can’t continue no more in Goryeo, it’s too much for her. She can’t adapt to the fact that as a King, the man she loves has to be ruthless at times, because that’s the way he can mantain his authority.

            Also, historically Wang So killed only two brothers who were conspiring against him, one of them was Wang Won, the 9th prince – the one who used Chae Ryung, and I hope he gets his counterpance soon.

            While I understand Su’s side, I also understand So’s. He naively believed that by becoming King he could be free and being with the woman he loves, but because he grew up outside the palace he had zero understanding on politics, and that was what eventually backfired on him.

          • Lia

            [Continued from]

            I forgot to add to ‘save beheading, if you consider that more merciful than other forms of death of that time’, those typos >_>

            I guess we can get to the conclusion that at the end that’s the tragedy of Su: she was too good for a harsh time period like Goryeo, even if she managed to survive pretty well in the last 10 years, she just can’t no more. 🙁

          • Kiara

            “Why did So have to do it in such a brutal way? Why did he force the other Court ladies to watch? ”

            That’s basically taken from the original Chinese version.

          • Aurore

            Silent lurker delurking 😀

            “I am worried about the way So has changed and gone back on his word because of the throne. Remember how horrified he was when he married Mu’s daughter because he felt like he had betrayed his promise to Su (and back then it was an unspoken promise!)? What happened to that So? I just want to be like, how dare he say HE wouldn’t forgive her if she helped Jung? That made me so upset. To hold her compassion and love for all the brothers against her? That is what makes Su… Su. That is one of the things I love about her”

            Yes, So felt horrible for marrying Mu’s daughter, albeit for her safety, and breaking the unspoken process to Su about having multiple wives. He felt so terrible that it seemed as though he was going to give Su up altogether.

            I will play devil’s advocate for a bit. I don’t think that him saying that he would not forgive her if she helped Jung is the same. She had defied him in the past to help Jung. She hid the latter in her room and threatened to kill herself if So were to barge into the room. How understanding can we expect him to be? So is no saint. I don’t think that he is using her love and compassion for all the brothers against her. Can’t he expect her to support him? To trust and support him even if she doesn’t agree with his decision? It is human to expect the person that you love (or are with) to trust and support you. I feel like that So and Su’s relationship has always been one-sided, from So’s part.

        • Elaine

          Well guys, you have to remember that Su is from our age. She must feel conflicted. Whatever the crime, torture and death penalty may make her sick and overwhelmed. Even if she loves So, she’s always been against that type of violence. She has been repeating “how can you treat a person like an animal” along the entire drama.

      • 2.5.3 Deedee

        Indeed, the “revelation” of CR the spy is poorly handled.
        Sure everyone guessed she was kinda an antagonist but the show never bother to elaborate and showcase her story.

        We got one scene of 10 secondes of her plotting with 9 and after she died. Nothing to fill her history while since episode 14 she is conspiring with Won, Wook and Yo with dire consequences.

        All we got is a bloody letter which appeared magically from nowhere to explain she did what she did in the name of love. OK. It ‘s nothing but satisfying as an explanation. A weak character poorly written.
        Script writer-nim you should not be too proud of your work.

    • 2.6 Tesshan

      Agree. Starting to loose interest in Hae So and So now. At least Baek Ha is mature enough to be able to understand the king’s point of view. Hope he will be ok in case the revelation about his lady love comes to light.

    • 2.7 Masha

      I really hope Baek Ah doesn’t suffer any blowback from passing on Su’s message to Jung. No way is Wo Hee gonna get away with being a spy either.

    • 2.8 Baek

      Happy ending at the end? or just the marriage?

      After previous episode.. I doubt it would end happily easily.. out of nowhere his grandmother appear and witness the incident where her entire family were being killed by woo-hee grandfather who was the king..

      not to mention her identity of princess was kept for so long, the cat still not out of the bag.. and there’s the spying she did for Yo too..

      It doesnt look optimistic to me..

      I think Eun probably had the best ending.. Since both ended dying, at least they truly love each other right till the end..

  3. JoseMiro

    hmm.. where do I begin ..

    right,I’ve never had a chance to thank @HeadsNo2 for recapping this show, so thank you @HeadsNo2!

    I also want to thank to @kumoiwa for starting Hangout group to keep my sanity intact, seriously, it help, and it was fun chatting with people around the word over the show.. real time. I still haven’t get over from my last night broken hearted, so pardon me for my rambling and incoherent words, here I want to express how I feel about

    Many people questioning about Wang So’s drastical changes, so out of character so to speak, well,
    with this time slot remaining, it’s not possible to show the changes gradually, so I’ll take it as it is.

    He is so cold and heartless right now (it’s broke my heart, I missed my old prince Wang So).. no one can approach him anymore, not even Hae Soo, He thought that he had broken all his promises, he thought he loss her cause now he thought she sees him as a monster

    I always wondering what kind of blow that makes him turn her down like in BBJX ( I know some people don’t like a comparation, but this is an adaptation after all, so it can’t be avoid). This monster thing .. plus ..he just found out that the man behind Wang Mu assassination is Wook all along,
    if only Wang Mu didn’t die, He probably married Hae Soo already and live hea, so Wook basically destroyed his happiness and this is what makes him hate Wook with all his heart content

    Next preview will add another blow, he’ll find out Wook/Soo relationship that they promised to married each other,
    so in the sudden news it’s forgiven that he forgot about what he said before, that he doesn’t care who is Soo loved once, too bad Soo will also took it with all her heart, and believe that’s no turning point anymore. I just hope that Soo doesn’t beg for Wook’s life with regard of her health, it will be to much for So to handle

    People react to strong of her broken promise not ever leaving him, but she said quite clearly, that she will not the one who left first, if So doesn’t change, then no reason for her to change, but now.. she believe he has changed (from the person she known) and the love of So for her has dried and nothing left (and still believe it until she died), that’s why she’ll leave him, she have to, she still love him and she doesn’t want her love turn into hatred. By leaving the palace she tried to preserve her love, it’s Wang So the prince that she love, not Gwangjong the king ..(damn, my heart is bleeding again..)

    • 3.1 JoseMiro


      Too bad the miscarriage plot line seems like won’t happen (well, some people are happy actually), but in the BBJX,
      it’s the final blow of her health, it reduce years of her life, basically she’s dying after this. So I don’t know what will the cause of her health falling apart and led her to death, cause her condition right now doesn’t seem a threat.

      With this 2 last episode, and with this pre destined ending,
      it will definitely crippled me for months, but what can I say,
      I know what I’m getting at when signing-up for this, still no regret ..

      It’s beautiful story (minus the flaws) about love, friendship, loyalty, affection, understanding and communication

      • 3.1.1 cherryarrow

        Hmm I think the pregnancy scene will happen. Possibly in ep 19?

        • JoseMiro

          Doubt it.. there’s no more romantic feeling between So/Soo, so unless it ‘happen’ (and didn’t show it for us) earlier, there’s no way Soo will pregnant

          • cherryarrow

            She could be pregnant and she didn’t know it.

            The pregnant scene was one of the most important scenes from the original, and MLSHR has managed to include all crucial scenes from the original so no reason for them to leave this part out. Her miscarriage really was the final straw for her to leave the palace since she had no baby to tie her down.

          • Piggie

            I doubt it too. In C-BBJX, after Ruoxi recovers from her miscarriage, she still went out with the emperor to smell the flowers. That’s when she told him she’s from another world.

            In this case, they make Chae Ryong’s death the final straw. Besides after she fainted from seeing Chae Ryong’s body, the physician came & should have detected pregnancy. At this point she’s disillusioned, don’t think she’s in the mood to make babies.

            Two episodes left — too tight to squeeze in a pregnancy. And there’s Baek Ah / Woo Hee, 8th prince & 9th prince’s fates, & Yeon Hwa’s ambition.

            Not to mention HS-WS last convo (“I don’t ever want to see you again!!!”), 8th prince confession of their romance & HS’s betrayal, Jung’s decree from Yo & finally HS leaving with Jung.

            Too many things, too little time. Babies? HELP!

          • cherryarrow


            Actually Ruoxi was pregnant twice, and miscarried twice. The first time she loses the child is because of Yutan, the 2nd time was at the end when she finds out the reason behind 8th targeting 4th, the shock made her miscarry again. With no baby to tie her to the palace, she decided to leave. I doubt they’ll squeeze 2 pregnancies in though.

          • NM

            That Chinese version was really something!
            Just after the miscarriage, Ruoxi tells him she is from another world, frm another time age, and all he says is… it doesn´t matter, wherever you go, i´ll find you. Lol lol lol lol lol

          • Bwear


            Are you talking about the original novel? She only miscarried once in the drama.. When 8th’s wife Minghui revealed that 8th went after 4th because Ruoxi had warned him before, thus making her the ultimate reason for why all the mess happened. She found out that she was pregnant after 4th executed Yutan.

          • cherryarrow


            Yes novel.

      • 3.1.2 Blargh

        Well, in the preview Soo answered only yes she was about to marry Wook and we know submissive Soo will not explain that Lady Hae insisted she marry him (she could’ve leave the detail behind about their relationship) then So will understand if she make it so that Wook is indebted to Hae household and Soo is a way for him to repay that debt because his own wife ask him to marry Soo. Girl need some advising.

        Since when heart palpitation became ashmatic? Because I know someone who had heart palpitation, shit hurts man! it’s like attack of the needles in your chest.

        • tsinita

          the diagnosis of heart palpitations through pulse is very different from the Western diagnosis that we know. Korean and Chinese (specifically TCM) gives a very different explanation with this wherein shortness of breath is a symptom that points out heart problems.

          • banini

            In kdrama when you clutch your chest and cannot breath it’s heart disease, if your head hurts and you nose bleeds it’s cancer 😉

      • 3.1.3 Kendi

        I bet she was actually pregnant now but didn’t know it.

        So prob chased after her during her runaway with Jung and she fell off horse of something and got miscarriage.

        So found out about this and finally cut any ties with her (despite still longing for her).

        I know main heroine in saeguk most of the time will commit noble idiocy since the era makes their decisions less idiotic but darn, I never hated a main character as much as I hate HS.

        She’s like a broken record that keeps playing over and over again. How could she claimed that she loved So when she never takes any effort to understand him? She didn’t have any problem justifying CR crimes that involved manipulation, spying and *gasps* murder.

        • Twilight13

          True. Totally agree. It was need more than the death of chae ryung (who was proovd to be wrong and deserve the punishment) to leave palace. Ofc, with HS couldnt became neither queen nor concubine, she is merely kings woman. And it is hard to live in palace with peace. But, the man she love live there, and did nothing unreasonable wrong act. It was always So the one who make hard effort. HS character is the delicate one. Beside the big heart to allow So married to somne else, I need to see her effort to love somne dearly as she promised not to leave him. She was the main charactr tho.

        • Kita

          Agree! Honestly… I keep trying to understand HS, but the fact that she doesn’t pay full attention to her surroundings drives me nuts. Lack of understanding and quick to judge So for his decisions, rather than understanding the hardship that a King goes through. He even laid it out what CR and HS plays it off that it was for love. CR would have probably kept doing what Won wanted and HS would have brushed it off. I do understand her feelings that she lost the only family member left…so maybe that is her reasoning for turning a blind eye. On another note, I don’t remember Won getting a punishment. He is the first on my death list.

      • 3.1.4 Ren

        Wang So as ruthless and crazed as he is, has yet to break any promises to Hae Soo. He hasn’t killed any of his brothers (including Won) and he hasn’t lied to her either. So has always been fairly good about making and honouring deals. There was a genuine moment of hesitation before he promised Hae Soo not to kill any of his brothers.

        This will presumably be quickly rectified once Hae Soo breaks her own promise and leaves him.

        • Kiara

          I don’t think we have seen the ruthless Wang So yet. Everything he did was within the law. Taejo would have executed this girl in public and hang her head at the city gate for what she did to Wang Yu.
          Won and Wook would’ve been stripped of their titles, send into exile and awaits further punishment.

          They are following the novel with Jung. He had to be send away from the palace in order for Hae-soo to leave later.

          (The one thing that I miss most from the original is Rouxi’s relationship with her older sister Ruo Lan. She helped Rouxi stay grounded in Qing and Rouxi was smart enough to know that her modern thinking and behavior needs to be kept under control.
          Lady Hae didn’t live long enough to guide Hae-soo and their relationship was not as close as real sisters.

          The women in the original were my favorites. They were loyal as heck.)

          • Ren

            Yeah the punishment for Chae-ryung was fairly restrained in my books. I feel like if this was c-drama they would have killed her entire family as well.

            I guess the most ruthless thing Wang So has done is killing all of Yo’s palace guards, maids and petitioners. This is also a standard new King move, but ruthless for So who has been shown to seek a more amicable solution when it’s within his control.

            Not letting Jung see his mother on her deathbed and re-writing history to lie about his relationship with her is purely personal and vitriolic though.

          • Kiara

            Yes, someone gets what it was like back then in that era. Eun’s whole family were executed as criminals for his grandfather’s unsuccessful rebellion against the king. That was 3 generations of Wang Gyu’s family. That was like the standard punishment for trying to overthrow or kill a king.
            This girl successfully poisoned Wang Mo. She should’ve been executed together with her family.

            Wang So is doing what any king in Goryeo would do in this case and not because he was being ruthless.
            In order to strengthen the weakening power of the monarchs he became ruthless later in his effort to drive out these powerful clans.

  4. Syuni

    Oh boy, Hae Soo!! You’re making it very hard for me to root for you and you, Wang So, you’re making this relationship complicated as well.

    I can understand why Hae Soo was mad b/c maybe Wang So could had punished or kill CR in private instead of making an “example” out of her. But in the end, Hae Soo realized that WS was indeed right about CR’s lies. I saw how much hate HS got on Soompi. I think she wants to leave the palace and it’s tiring fight for the throne – not WS. I can’t even handle the exhausting lifestyle I already have. I can’t imagine having to deal with constant deaths, bloodshed, heartache and heartbreak all in just what – six years?

    Btw, what emotions was the evil queen showing during her final moments? Remorse? Regret? Realization that she EFFED up? Her longing for Yo and Jung?

    • 4.1 Del

      The problem with Haesoo is that she is too idealistic and too attached to her heart. She is the plain example of someone who overused her heart than her brain.

      This is where her 21st century view still intact, that taking away lives is a big deal even when she knows, killing is a way to survive in Goryeo.

      What bothers me about Haesoo is that she cares to understand all people except So. She even cares to understand Chae Ryung despite her betrayal. But with So? She is so easy at passing punishment on him.

      All So wants is her understanding and faith in him. Just like Baek Ah, who not necessarily agree with him but care to understand. If Baek Ah is a girl, I would ship him with So.

      There is no way So can rule if he is to suit the idealism of Haesoo and therefore, how could she be so selfish and expect him not to change.

      • 4.1.1 Quinze

        I guess she did him a favor by not marrying him then. I agree though, like I understand maintaining principles and having faith in people but seriously she’s so inconsistent it hurts my brain. Like one second it’s justified and in another it’s unforgivable.

        No one wants to see bloodshed, So has tried to do everything in his power to keep his brothers alive including the brothers that never saw him as a human let alone a brother. So for Su to fail to grasp his reasons behind his actions…I just have a hard time rooting for the girl. She was a high court lady at one point. She’s been in the palace forever. How the freak does she continue to ignore court politics? Like this is intention ignorance at this point.

      • 4.1.2 Blargh

        Let’s ship Baek-ah with So and YH with Soo, cuz we all know girl need some direction from smart Mofo like YH.

        This is the first time Soo is considered selfish tho. Good for her, no so good timing unfortunately.

        She is actually consistent in personality wise. Like a comment I post in last episode, she’s submissive, a person that doesn’t like too much confrontation, and having blind faith. Still do. And she also seemed to like to run away from problem. tsk tsk.

        • Unie

          I rather ship WS and YH, soo just made me frustrated, agree with you on runaway thing, double tsk tsk

      • 4.1.3 Kendi

        I feel like the world idealistic is too good for her. I’d agree with you if CR crime was spying and wrecking marriage but people died due to her action. A king even.

        By modern standard anyone who tries to assassinate the head of nation will meet the same fate I guess. Well, maybe not rolled into a torture taco but death will inevitable.

        Selfish and dumb is better words for her.

      • 4.1.4 Mara

        Personally, I don’t see Soo as So’s match, and I don’t see much chemistry or passion between them. Soo has more chemistry with Wook, and So has more chemistry with Yeon Hwa – I felt more fireworks/heat with Soo and Yeon Hwa in this episode than I’ve ever felt with Soo and So.

        And yes, Soo is very quick to pass judgment on So. I never get the sense that she loves him with abandon – I felt it more with her and Wook. There seems to be a part of her that’s not 100 percent comfortable with So.

        At this point, So just needs to keep sleeping with Yeon Hwa, since he’s already started and have a bunch of sibling babies since we already know that’s what happened in history. And Soo just needs to go back to the future.

    • 4.2 banini

      The dying queen wanted to peel off the make up over So’s scar, or worse create a new scar on his face… or worst, blind him (lol). SMSS hated So til the end IMHO.

    • 4.3 Kiara

      Chae Ryung should’ve gotten a more severe punishment for her part in the king’s death. High treason criminals are usually executed in public by beheading, hanging, quartering etc.
      Wang So is not in the wrong here. She killed his brother the king. He can’t change the law of the country just because she’s Hae-soo’s frenemy.

      • 4.3.1 Kita

        Yes! I didn’t like that HS was like “He killed my sister”…um like she killed his brother, sooooo …She didn’t make any sense, if anything she sounded a bit spoiled.

        • Kiara

          I just roll my eyes and move on. I had a hard time rooting for her from the very beginning, thanks to the writer etc.

        • Masha

          Exactly! Plus Moo was really So’s brother whereas Su just thought of CR as a sister. A sister that that almost had her hung for high treason and was the reason Lady Oh died. Conveniently Su does whatever she feels like and expects So to be at her beck and call like a dog.

    • 4.4 darkheart

      TBH I think HS would have gotten upset with WS no matter how humanely CR died…

    • 4.5 skelly

      I stopped rooting for Hae Soo about 16 episodes back. It’s not just that she isn’t smart, it’s that she also has no reflection and seems incapable of growing. Her ability to love seems stuck back in school girl crush mode. Her friendships are superficial. She is still just as clueless about Goryeo life as she was years ago. She still makes impossible demands without understand the consequences or what she is asking of people. She is loyal to all of the wrong people, for all of the wrong reasons, and does not seem to have a clue about the disastrous effect her choices have had.
      Her unreasonable support of Chae-ryung, blaming her crimes on a life begun in poverty and ‘being in LURVE’ are really just part of the same old tedious pattern.
      Really, without much work, and especially if the part was played by a real actress rather than a standard-issue idol, Hae Su could be styled the ultimate villain.

  5. Hana

    Okay this is the episode that ruined the show for me, I understand that they need to separate them since they apparently are following the c-version ending. I hate comparing the two versions so pardon me for mentioning it. I can’t get behind the reason for her leaving him. In the c-version she had a very good reason miscarriage and palace drama made her leave. This one is so stupid. Chae ryung really? She’s the reason you are leaving your great love. She murdered a king! but it was for love~ She murdered a KING!!! but love~ cute movie but still murder bro. ( 10 points if you know that reference haha) She literally lied to her the entire time and plotted and murdered but So is the bad guy for punishing her. Okay * rolls eyes. Thats the dumbest reason for her to leave him. She was close to king Moo, he was truly kind to her but no it’s okay that Chae ryung killed him because love~ Next I understand why he married Yeonhwa and I fist pumped when he refused to sleep with her but I don’t understand except for story purposes why he couldn’t send her away like with his other wife. The deal was to marry her, no one said she had to be in the same palace as him. I also seen the previews for the next ep and like the c-version they seem to be using her past love with the 8th prince to make So send her away. *sigh again stupid. He knew she was previously in love with someone she told him that. Process of elimination only leaves Wook so really thats on So to not figure out and besides with all the time jumps how long has it been since she had a relationship with wook? Come on show step it up.

    • 5.1 JoseMiro

      No.. not CR per se .. there are much indication that WS has changed, Soo still love So, but she can’t accept his decision/cruel action toward people. She very against when people treated like animal or things

      • 5.1.1 Hana

        They are implying that She is the reason since she mentioned it to Beakah. She said the man I love killed my little sister, then gave him the pin and told him to tell Jung the secret message to get her out. She is using Chae Ryung as her last straw for leaving which is insane given everything she did. She deserved to pay for her crimes, maybe not beaten to death but seriously she tortured a king over a period of years by poisoning him. Su is being totally unreasonable to a man she supposedly loves. I don’t think So has changed very much, he didn’t kill Jung he sent him away. He has to protect his throne which Su herself said was okay and thats why he could marry Yeonhwa. So has been trying extremely hard to keep all of his promises to her but she gives up at every turn. At this point why should we root for her? I mainly want them together so he can be happy because that poor guy deserves some happiness

        • Ira

          Su has quickly become one of the most frustrating female character in my recent memory. The way the writer writes her just drives me nuts. I feel that most of her decisions were made to serve a plot point instead of something that feels in her character. The crazy time skips and the way the drama tried to insert backstory after the fact certainly does not help. It took out a lot of my emotional response since I cant understand the motivation behind the action. Drama, please be good next week.

      • 5.1.2 Masha

        I don’t think Su truly loves So. I think its just a kind of love but not a true love. He clearly feels more for her and treats her beyter than she does him. Time and time again she believes the worst in him. At this point id rather see him try and move on. All she does is expect things to gappen her way. Im glad Yeon Hwa gave a wake up call

        • pickledplumtree

          Gals, I just don’t feel the same! I think she has completely rewritten what she feels is acceptable and melded herself for So. From a gal who said would never be with someone who is with someone else, she says she’ll stay with him as he marries and makes (someone who has always been awful to her) his queen.

          • Nae

            I find it funny that the same people who wanted Wang So to continue messing around with Hae Soo even after he is married are the same ones who criticized Wang Wook for liking and expressing his feeling for Hae Soo while he was married to Lady Hae.

          • Hana

            I never had a problem with Wook and Su’s relationship. I was disappointed in him for abandoning her for Yeonhwa but even then I understood him since that’s his family.

    • 5.2 Syuni

      I hate it when girls do pathetic stuff (censored the word down) for love. But I also cannot understand since I don’t place love very high on a pedestal as well. My priorities are pretty much all equal.

      I’ve seen it in real life over and over again and when I see it in dramas, it makes me so mad. Like for real, this is a fictional character. We can at least make her the smartest love bug of all but instead, we make her dumb and love craze.

      It definitely isn’t a big enough reason for So to send Soo away b/c of her past relationship with Wook. I can understand if So refuses to let her go and becomes even more possessive and she asks Wook to play along. Soo can act as if she cheated on So – that would hurt him a lot more!!

    • 5.3 nchoe

      At first, I understood that probably it’s not So’s decision that made her mad, but the way he punished her. It’s too cruel. He could’ve just hanged her, ordered her to drink poison, or take a bath in a pool with high concentration of mercury, but he beaten her to death like an animal.

      But then she said “she’s just woman in love”

      WTH is wrong with you, woman?! What kind of logic is that? LOL.

      • 5.3.1 Hana

        Honestly I think it wouldn’t have mattered how he killed her, the fact that he dared to kill her friend is all that matters. Su doesn’t care what chae ryung did, she only cares about herself. That’s why she defies So at every turn, I can’t think of one time that she actually listened to him. She does whatever she wants and expects him to just get over it. She openly defied a kings orders by bringing Jung which could have gotten Jung killed. She didn’t care, but you know if So had followed his own orders and killed Jung Su would have flipped out. She never listens to him but has the nerve to get angry with him when he always tries his hardest to make her happy and do what she wants. She seems to be forgetting her own advice when she told him this is a time when people have to kill other people to survive.

        • banini

          Amen to everything you said. So is very forgiving of her… not fair 🙁 He even plays with her childish whims. The balance is always leaning on So’s side, why can’t Su give a little bit more?

          • Mizkorea

            I wonder if So killed Won instead of CR becoz he was the master behind CR dirty deeds in the palace, will that make more sense or acceptable to Soo.

          • banini

            Maybe So is trying not to kill his brother as requested by Su, “please do not kill your brothers”. Never occured to So she would hate him as well if he kill a friend/maid guilty of treason.

          • banini

            I pity So in this regard, what should the man do? He is torn between what he should do as a strong king and what he shouldn’t as Hae Su’s lover.

            I think Hae Su underestimated the throne and overestimated herself. When she agreed to stay with him she knew the palace could be cruel but maybe thought she could handle it, but she was wrong. The sad thing is she already promised not to leave So. I remember So saying something like if she can’t love him back then don’t lead him on, but she still went on with her kindness and drew him in. Even Lady Oh warned her not to do that if she was not ready to commit.

          • Aurore

            I agree. So and Su’s relationship have always felt uneven, with So always doing the heavy lifting.

        • Mizkorea

          Maybe I suppose dared to kill her friend without discussing it first with her is the issue here. To me every one of the princes has equal right to the throne. Soo I suppose dont have the gut to change history so she kept quiet about the blank letter by King Yo and sided with So as the elected King now.

          She was lulled by So showing his cute gentle side to her that she think she can actually make So a much nicer King if she stayed by his side.
          But So is the type of guy who would not consult her over state matters. Soo is only there to entertain him. Plus his continuing anger issue and wanting to be accepted due to poor me mommy dont love me syndrome made it hard for her to go on. Maybe Soo just wanna died in peace.

      • 5.3.2 deedee

        I understand Su reaction. One day she stumbled over the corpse of her only friend. Without any warning.

        She is told that the girl was a bad one but CR is already dead leaving her a pathetic letter. CR isn’t here anymore to take responsibility over her crimes and she lost her last person while So got a new wife. She is on disbelief.

        She need time to cope with the situation which is really unfavorable for her. More than one day. I don’t find her reaction bizarre, people always need time to handle bad news. If she had waited before she decided to leave, she could have changed her mind.

        • Kendi

          Umm no. She had enough timeskips to grow a brain but she didn’t.

          “CR isn’t here anymore to take responsibility over her crimes and she lost her last person while So got a new wife. She is on disbelief.”

          She nudged him to marry YH so please don’t make it sound like So out of nowhere married himself off without regarding her feelings. He even reiterated to her that his heart will only belong to her.

          And wasn’t her death her punishment for being a manipulative and murderous snake?

          • Deedee

            Wow. I am really sorry I didn’t mean bad-mouthing your precious So.

            I just said I understand Su feeling.
            Even if Su agreed with So marriage, it was more a sacrifice than anything else. At first she refused the idea but Jimong and everyone made clear that she would be of no help as his legal wife but mistress would be good enough for her. She had to accept that while she was waiting to wed him for so long, she can be sad, can’t she?

            And we know that everything will be different because he married Yeonwah who is mean, sadistic, harmful and hate her. She will never be in peace in the futur. She really doesn’t have her place anymore in the palace and she is right to leave before to begin the next lady Oh.
            She is probably thinking about lady Oh warning as well.

            And what Su can’t accept it’s the way CR was executed : “beaten to death, like a dog”.
            Think about it, the night before, CR was comforting her and they remembered their old souvenirs of lady Hae together. That’s the memory of her “little sister” she kept. Not CR the regicide.It’s not easy to turn one’s back on friends overnight, isn’t it?

            She simply need to digest the information that the CR she loved was actually a pernicious liar. I imagine if someone tell me that my bf is a killer, I would think twice. Not you.

            For once I understood what she meant.

    • 5.4 Persian Rose

      I think Su is only using CR as an excuse to leave the place. I think the situation after Wang So marriage got so suffocating for her that she can’t tolerate…in one hand she lost her love to the throne (and Yeonhwa) who she always hated, on the other hand So turned out to be very unhappy after his marriage and therefore it impacts their relationship, their relationship can never be the same after So married Yeonhwa even though Su gave her blessing to him…

    • 5.5 soyjade

      “What is Brooklyn Nine-nine?” Alex

      Do I get 10 points?! jaja

      • 5.5.1 Hana

        YAAASSSS! 10 points for soyjade haha I realized my auto correct changed motive to movie haha that scene was the first thing that jumped into my head while watching it haha Cool motive, still murder though haha

    • 5.6 Kz

      In the preview for ep 19, we saw that Wook will make the confession about their past love. I think this will be what separates them. No more on her part, but on his, since he’s too jealous and angry. I’m already saying this without seeing ep 9 as I feel it’s just unfair of him to have to pull out the jealousy card because Wook was there before him. He was her first love.

      I guess because of all of Wook’s betrayals and evil plotting and hidden acts, he’d really be so disgusted and even angry that she used to be in a relationship with Wook. Again, unfair.

      Anyway, let’s see what happens on ep 19.

      • 5.6.1 Mimi

        I wouldn’t class it as unfaor. So has been as honest as possible with Su. What does he get in return: her constantly doubting, thinking he is evil, telling lies and then playing the victim. Chae ryung is the reason Lady Oh was hung and she tried to frame Su. By her logic she cant be mad at Yeon Hwa cos she was/is in love with So.

      • 5.6.2 ktv

        Perhaps Wook will even reveal to So that Haesu was the one who warned him of Fourth Prince, the one who inevitably set everything in motion…

    • 5.7 Unie

      I know right, i’ll just pretend that this show ended in episode 17, thank you very much show

    • 5.8 Kiara

      The queen is not someone who can be shipped off to live somewhere else.
      The queen of Goryeo lives in the palace. She has a duty to the king and her country.

    • 5.9 iciclepop

      I completely agree with you on this episode. It was incredibly frustrating for the reason to leave be Chae’s death. She was a pawn that set into motion So wanting to truly become king, Yo coming into power, Eun and his wife being killed. And her reason is love? Oh, and nevermind that she basically said she didn’t have remorse because of her love. It’s like HS forgot that the people that have died were people she cared for too.

      I’ve made it this far, so I will watch the last two. But 17 and (more so) 18 have made me less enthusiastic because the reasons are… they’re just weak.

      • 5.9.1 Hana

        I’ll still watch my love for Jun gi won’t let me quit since there are only two episodes left. I just wish they had made the separation more believable. Using Chae ryung and the very short lived romance with the 8th prince many many years ago is to me not a good enough reason. They only ever held hands and were not even formally engaged. He also knew she had feelings for someone so its not like she hid it. Them making it a big deal now is just silly. She’s yours , she chose you, why do you care about her first love? Also if Wook is branded a traitor typically the entire family is held responsible. So if Wook is charged with treason Yeon hwa would also be punished as his family. Hence the exact reason that Wook covered for her in the first place. So if they punish Wook and leave her alone I’m going to be pissed since that would mean Wook sacrificed Su for no reason if only Yeon hwa would have been punished.

        • Kiara

          Yeon Hwa is married to Wang So. She belongs to him now.

          Wook’s family would be his wife, his children, grandchildren etc. That does not include extended family.

          • Kiara

            So basically he is going to die alone.

          • hana

            I have seen many historical dramas where the misdeeds of the queens family still caused the queen to be punished. Usually its stripped of power and banished to a secluded palace where they only have the title of “queen” but no power.

    • 5.10 pickledplumtree

      It’s “Cool Story Bro!”

      But really, I get her motivation(s) to leave. Yes, C-version made more sense, but I think that it’s not just CR now, it’s everything and it’s all very upsetting and overwhelming. So has been demonstrating the harsh, cruel authority of a ruler in that era. He’s obviously changed. That is not easy to accept. Yes CR had major faults but would you be cool with your significant other causing anyone to be taco tortured? I mean really, this is horrifying. And now even thought she’s trying to play it “fine” she is not okay with the idea that she’s the other woman to wait in a room all day. She is seeing things get worse and worse, people getting hurt, and everything crumbling without any foreseeable stop. I’d want out, too!!!!

    • 5.11 Baek

      I agree that she made up her mind to leave plainly because of Chae-ryung seems a little too weak and forced to be the reason..

      At first i felt pitiful for chae-ryung from watching the preview.. But after So rationalized the reasons and what she did in a nutshell and Baek-ah telling her that So knew it all along and didnt intend to do that if she is willing to leave.. And she herself realizes how much things she was hiding from her too that she couldnt even tell lies and truth in her..

      If at least Baek-ah part or her own realization part wasnt shown, i can still buy her story..

      • 5.11.1 Baek

        But of course, it could be all the build up which made up her mind (like how So had changed since he became the king, exile and strip Jung off all his title.. and all the change in him)

        • Deedee

          This plus realizing that unlike what she thought, since Lady Hae and Oh death, she never had friends and she is all alone.
          She can’t trust anyone like lady Oh told her. She knows she is at risk to be persecuted by YH who already was responsible for her being tortured.

          And finally starting from now with this marriage and without anyone by her side, she can’t delude herself with the impression that everything will going and ending well anymore.

          I never had much sympathy for her hardship because the character of Su is mainly a rough draft of a fictional heroine and it’s never really sprung to life, but the writer has not spared her.

          It’s wise to surrender, she is isolated, dying, exhausted, hurt and she lost to many battle. She had many enemies. She will never be happy in the palace.

          CR’s dead help her to figure out that.

          • Baek

            Possible too.. Like her heart problems, build up over time..

            Hopefully next ep we get a better explanation or shed some light over it haha

  6. Yoyo

    If Ji-mong’s flashbacks of the fun times the princes had while up in his tower didn’t make you sad, then you have no heart.

    • 6.1 Miamiloveskdrama

      For real, watching Eun was just to sad for words.

    • 6.2 Chocopie

      I cried even at second watch ;___; when he first mentioned the plane.. my eyes went O.O then i heard sounds… familiar laughter…

      Then i saw wook and yo touching the same book….

      Aww teen love is so cute lol

  7. PC-California

    It was so painful to watch. It’s like they’re being ripped apart in slow mo. I guess you re right to say Soo never trusts him all the way. My heart just really hurts for so now!!!!!

  8. Miamiloveskdrama

    To me the best part of this episode was So telling YH to mind her place.
    I can’t understand why Soo is choosing to leave now either.

    • 8.1 Kiara

      Wang So was basically telling her to bear his children. That was the most important duty of a queen. Playing right into Yeon Hwa’s hands. That made me laugh so hard.
      She has to school his girlfriend on Goryeo politics and then her husband on a role of a queen.

      Her father was right. If she was born a man she would made a great king. She knew what she want from the very beginning and she has never wavered.
      Her brothers have issues and some are emotionally unstable etc. Hae-soo would’ve been more helpful as a therapist.

      • 8.1.1 Nae

        Yeonhwa gave Hae Soo & Wang So the reality check they needed.
        Yes if only Yeonhwa was born a male she would have made a great King. Oh how I wish Goryeo Queen Regnants.

      • 8.1.2 Nae


  9. Chana500

    This drama is trying so hard to follow the Chinese interpretation, but, honestly it is just failing badly. The writing and directing shows it in the way the dialogue, and scenes flow. The drama is all over the place for most of the time then suddenly it remembers that is has to follow certain events to continue. I think at this point the only reason I still watch is because I want to know if they going to copy the ending for the Chinese drama or give us the typical ending of her coming back to her time and find the doppelganger of Su.

    • 9.1 Lola

      Agreed on the failing badly thing. I mean if they wanted to do that they should’ve made Su more similar to RuoXi, then at least some of those plot points would’ve made sense. Su is the most nonsensical character I’ve seen in a while. What a waste of a time travel narrative. Boo!

    • 9.2 Svee

      Yeah I think that’s where the ending is headed too. Much like Rooftop Prince.

    • 9.3 ari

      The only reason why i understand this show was because i watched the Chinese version. Otherwise, if we put the k-version on a standalone, I wouldnt understand anything or why Haeso is blaming ANYONE for chae ryung’s death.
      I am glad i read the recaps without spending time watching the full show. Kudos to drama beans for recapping every show!

    • 9.4 Cosmo

      Agreed.. the drama is trying hard to follow the Chinese Version but failing badly. Is it because the K- Version is trying to squeeze 40 episodes into 20 and thus missing all the small details which is crucial in paving way for the later development and outcome?

      I could not feel the emotion like I felt when i watched Ruoxi torn between 4th and 8th prince and rest of the princes, in Su So Wook and the rest in this k-version.

      I have given up on watching and instead been reading from recap only.

      • 9.4.1 Kiara

        It was easier for the original to adapt the novel because it was based on their own history.

        The Korean version would have benefit more from a fictional setting so they would be free to make changes without being bound to their own history.

      • 9.4.2 ktv

        I think the adaption from Korean history would’ve been alright either way, since it was only a matter of having Mu and Yo on the throne before So. The original conflict between So and Wook still existed, so it wouldn’t have needed much deviation from the original novel.

        Trying to squeeze 40 eps into 20 is already a nightmare. Squeezing it into 20, and yet choosing to keep all the unnecessary scenes of Eun, Eun-Deok, WooHee’s revenge story……. man, seriously makes me wish I could rewrite the script and/or re-edit the raw footage. It was made for so much more, and it makes me sad that we are only getting this crappy, poorly-edited/written version. If not for the actors and great acting that’s holding up this show, it would’ve tanked a long time ago.

  10. 10 kumoiwa

    Thanks for the recap Heads!

    So much ground covered in this episode. I get that they no longer have the luxury of time, but seriously this is the price you pay for stretching out story arcs longer than they should have been. Anyhow, I was super appreciative of all the little history details thrown in, like So picking his era name. Good to know that at least they’re keeping that straight.

    Yeon-hwa got her wish! At least someone’s moderately happy in Goryeo. I like how they’re tying in history with her as well, what with historical Yeon-hwa being ignored by historical So when she tried to dissuade him from his slave emancipation plans. Yeon-hwa wants power but she won’t ever really get it in the purest form that she expects it to be served to her in. Which is great, because that’s the greatest punishment for her ever. I hope you think of Eun whenever you plan to jump So because of your whole “I wanna see my son as emperor” ambitions. Gotta give Yeon-hwa an A+ for determination though, she’s pretty much the only one who hasn’t changed at this point.

    Thought the scene with Queen SMSS and So was the mark of Lee Joon-gi’s best acting in this drama yet. He was crying so hard I could see spit fall out of his mouth? Dedication right there, my friends. I’m so in awe of Lee Joon-gi’s intensity all the time, which may seem rather misplaced in a rom-com, but actually fits MLSHR quite well.

    The wedding scene with Su/Yeon-hwa wearing the same wedding robes was kind of heartbreaking. It’s sort of a reminder that while So may love Su more, legally and technically Yeon-hwa is the winner here. It’s really sad. Also Ji-mong’s flashback to all the princes having fun in his astronomy tower was quite devasting–seeing Mu and Eun again had that wibbling lower lip effect on me. Sometimes I think if the princes ever thought of being born as different people in a different era, to be spared all the heartbreak and pain and bloodshed. Funny, isn’t it, that Su thought of time travelling to Goryeo as an opportunity for a new life, while everyone in Goryeo in actuality dies around her.

    Thank God Chae-ryung is dead. I’m sorry that she had to suffer as a slave all her life, but it doesn’t negate the fact that she was accomplice in at least two murders and outed Su’s Hangul book to Queen Sinjeong, who is frankly more terrifying than Queen SMSS was ever at this point. How can Su not blame her, I don’t get it. But IU’s acting was on point in that scene where she confronts So. Really liked the tone in her voice, the way it broke a little at the end.

    So just seems determined to revenge himself against everyone now, doesn’t he. Jung he puts in exile, Yeon-hwa he threatens into submission, Wook he possibly also wants to kill–this is the change Su has been wanting to prevent but cannot, ever. You can’t best history, Su. It’ll overcome you. And maybe that’s also why she wants to leave, I don’t know? It’s sort of messing with…

    • 10.1 kumoiwa

      my understanding of the source novel right now.

      I’m firmly in the miscarriage camp, seeing how it really is the last straw for the couple in the original. I’m just hoping it plays out well, because god, you can’t mess up an ending that’s as well-written as BBJX’s. Come on, MLSHR, last leg now. You can do this. We can do this.

      • 10.1.1 cherryarrow

        I am almost positive the pregnancy scene will happen. I mean how can they leave that out? That was one of the biggest moments from BBJX and MLSHR has so far pulled all the significant scenes from the original.

        • kumoiwa

          Oh yeah fo shizzle, they need to put that in or else her imminent death isn’t going to pack as much punch as they want it to. I wish they’d lifted more from the original at this point, lol.

          • cherryarrow

            WORD. The first half of the drama was so slow, I’m sorry Wook we don’t really care about your lame promises.

        • Yoyo

          But…..the baby dies! So I will continue with the hashtag #EveryoneDies

          • cherryarrow

            I know!!! But I guess that’s the highlight of the story.

            Oh well baby can go hang with Lady Hae and Lady Oh in heaven.

          • YY

            How do you know the baby dies? The baby could live and become a ninja warrior, kill everyone with his ninja moves, and take the throne at the ripe old age of 5.

          • YY


        • nchoe

          But if that’s gonna happen, why Hae Soo hasn’t even been pregnant yet. If she’s pregnant, the doctor who take care of her when she’s faint would’ve known already when he checked her pulse.

          And I doubt that So and Soo are in the mood for making baby after what happened to Chae Ryung and she made decision to leave.

        • vip

          I think we will not seeing miscarriage in MLSHR, but maybe Hae Soo will suffer another like paralysed maybe ?
          Beside, we didn’t see any bed scene again since the 16th episode which is 1 year before Wang Yo died.

          • cherryarrow

            Lol…. Not seeing a bed scene doesn’t mean they don’t sleep together

    • 10.2 Yoyo


      • 10.2.1 kumoiwa


        • Yoyo

          God, #SaveCinnamon else @Kumoiwa will end up crying in a fetal position.

          • kumoiwa

            I will bawl if he doesn’t make it out alive. Though being dead might be a better choice at that point. But! #SaveCinnamon

          • BluePebbles

            Sorry but who is cinnamon?

        • ari


          • Yoyo

            But….. But…. But… #SaveCinnamon

          • kumoiwa


      • 10.2.2 Ira

        This drama has death fetish….

        • Miamiloveskdrama


          • Quinze


          • channel

            Which reminds me how JiMong resembles Varys in a lot of aspect. He’s only loyalty is to the realm.

            I didn’t expect from JiMong that he would use the princes as the motivation to break Hae Soo and Wang So. Come on, your both come from the future, the history was all set already. The other princes will all die even without Hae Soo, so why blame it on her? and yes I’m still waiting for at least a bond between the two of them (since they’re both aware they’re from the future) but Ji Mong is just hell bent into making the history they both know happen.

            I don’t understand why they are both the chosen ones (twos) to come from the future, they both refuse to play the puppet master in this Goryeo’s Game of Thrones. Why the need for two characters who just wants to be a bystander?

      • 10.2.3 cherryarrow

        *cries* I’m not mentally strong enough if this really happens

      • 10.2.4 pogo


        We’re really masochists, all of us.

      • 10.2.5 Lizzie


      • 10.2.6 YY


  11. 11 cherryarrow

    “Chae-ryung has been rolled up in a torture taco to be beaten”Omg LOL, this line is gold. More like torture burrito.
    Am I disappointed that she didn’t get steamed alive instead? Kind of.

    What a great episode, the writers sure know how to make us emotionally distressed. Why MLSHR’s 2nd half of the drama so close with BBJX? Whyyyyyyyy???

    Good Lord, LJG’s crying scene broke me, can somebody just give him a daesang already? CAN YOU ALL IMAGINE HIM CRYING WHEN SOO DIES?? ARGH.

    • 11.1 Yoyo

      I was really looking forward to the use of that ginormous pot.

      • 11.1.1 cherryarrow

        Me too Yoyo, me too.

      • 11.1.2 Lizzie

        was honestly disappointed it wasn’t used..

      • 11.1.3 banini

        Who knows, maybe for Woo Hee?

        • cherryarrow

          I won’t complain if she gets steamed alive tbh.


          • banini

            …or boiled alive and Hae Su would remember the time she was making glue in that very same pot…

    • 11.2 kumoiwa

      Torture burrito! Now I want some.

      • 11.2.1 cherryarrow

        Spread that taptatio sauce.

        • Pebble

          Next hottest new items on Subway menu will be:

          Taco sub : Goryeo Spy-cy Meat Patty Torture Taco sub with Bloody Ketchup Sauce

          Breakfast burrito : Goryeo Shredded Spy-cy Meat Torture Breakfast Burrito with Bloody Tapatio sauce

          • cherryarrow


            I would like 3 of the burrito with extra tapatio sauce

          • Pebble

            Way to go, @cherryarrow! Only 3 more to go on your Subway Goryeo Gwangjong “Loyalty” card. Collecting 6 will earn you a free Torture Breakfast burrito or Torture Taco sub, plus a free wallet size print of Gwangjong in black kingly robes with a glint of menace in those beautiful killer eyes of LJK, offer only valid while MLSHR is still airing.

            With the promotion now on, I reckon the only thing all beanies here who are LJK and MLSHR diehard fans, will eat for the next few days will be: Torture Breakfast burrito for breakfast and Torture Taco sub for lunch and dinner. Hurry! I also better head to subway now to pledge my loyalty to Gwangjong!!! lol.

        • cherryarrow


          LOL, the people on DB never fails to amuse me.

  12. 12 nchoe

    Now I understand why Ms. Bang can’t have a child on her own. It’s her punishment for being such a terrible mother in her past life. She’s blessed with 4 sons, but she used them to achieve her ambition, threw them away when they no longer useful, and called one of them a monster when she’s the one who ruined his face. And now, Ms. Bang must fight over Ppal Gang with Ms. Gye. Woaaa… karma sure is no joke.

    Anyway… goodbye Queen Yo. You won’t be missed. I wished they hadn’t used that Im Suhae’s though for her death though.

    • 12.1 Yoyo

      Goryeo Incarnate!

      • 12.1.1 Miamiloveskdrama

        Which network would that be on cause I would totally watch.

        • cherryarrow


          • Persian Rose

            @Cherryarrow: LOl, I was so depressed, your comment made me laugh 😉

        • nchoe

          It’s not a drama though. It’s a shadow puppet show performed by So and Su.

          • i'mlost

            Oh, that show when the candle was blown out? kekekeke

    • 12.2 cherryarrow

      LOL and somehow, Nari has 2 dudes chasing after her, all because her mother was a queen in her past life, and her grandson became King. 😉

      • 12.2.1 nchoe

        I thought you’re talking about a different show that I don’t know about, but then I suddenly remember that Na Ri’s late mom was played by the same actress who played Queen Hwangbo. LOL.

        That cracks me up >. <

        • cherryarrow

          Yay someone got my reference! 😀

    • 12.3 Quinze

      Well Miss Bang did win over Ppal gang’s dad so somehow she’s managed to do better with a daughter than she did with sons…

      lol the jokes are flying tonight.

      Which means a good majority of us have stopped taking this drama seriously. I’m pretty sure I’m mentally checked out of this show.

      • 12.3.1 nchoe

        Yes, she has become a better mother in this life. I believe now her sins has been forgiven and she can have as many children as she wants in her next life.

        Way to go Ms. Bang

        I just can’t not make a joke with this show. It’s kinda strange since we’re in the most intense part of the show and I can’t even take it seriously.

        I still love it though and I’m gonna watch it until the end (there’s only one week left anyway, so)

    • 12.4 Lizzie

      I was confused for a second. But it all makes sense now. Lesson: take note, karma is a bitch.

    • 12.5 Sue

      No wonder Ms Bang determined to raise Ppal Gang. Its all her regrets from her past life.

      And she turned into a nice lady even looking at Nari’s brother.

      Lol. Cracks me

      • 12.5.1 nchoe

        Yeah. Maybe, when she touched So’s face, she really did regret all her wrongdoing to So and Yo, and promised to be a better mom in her next life.

    • 12.6 nchoe


      I wished they hadn’t used that Im Suhae’s song for her death scene though.


    • 12.7 Lemon Meringue

      I was so depressed, then I read your comment and cracked up

  13. 13 Lalaland

    I think Sy is just done with losing people she’s done with palace life all together and Chaeryung no matter her crime was still her family now she feels like she has nobody

  14. 14 Jamie

    I really love this drama, but today was the first time I did not want to watch the episode.First of all, I hate the fact that WS had to marry his nasty half sister.And as soon as she becomes queen, she tries to get rid of HS.But the most annoying thong is the editing. It was the absolute worst I ever saw.They start a scene then cut to another to go back to the first one.I screamed out of frustration. But, the last straw that broke the camels back was HS reaction to Charyung death.I get she was her friend, but given all the evidence and her own confession, how can she see her still as her sister ? This had been bugging me ever since the king was poisoned.HS told her that only the two of them were there during the bath.It was obvious CR did it, why can’t HS think and draw that conclusion ? It makes her look not smart when she had all the pieces of the puzzle but could not see the truth.I hoped that Lady Oh sacrifice would open her eyes and make her less,naive .She has lived in the palace for years, but has not become politically savvy.What a waste, and in the end, why send for Jung.It will only make things worse and escalate the bloodbath.Plus next week, things are gonna get messier.Wook is gonna spill the beans to the king about his plans to marry HS back in the day.All he’ll will break loose.I liked WS before he became king, but now he acts so cruel it is bizarre.He did not use to be like that, this revelation will throw him over the edge.I cannot believe he did not know there was something going on between HS and Wook.She lived in his house and confessed to him she loved someone else. He should have put two and two together, instead he asked if it was Baekah.I pray for a happy ending, but at this point I am afraid it is not going to happen

    • 14.1 pogo

      This drama was never going to have a happy ending, that’s generally not how non-fluff historical dramas roll.

      So was clueless enough at the start that he thought Wook saw her solely as family (plus it could well have been unfathomable to him that Su could fall for a married man, making Baek-ah the more likely candidate for her affections since he knew she spent a fair bit of time with him and Baek-ah was over at Wook’s house a lot even before Lady Hae died). So thinking it was Baek-ah or Jung actually kind of makes sense in that context, like he himself said, he doesn’t make a distinction between friendship and love when it comes to her, to him it’s possible her friends are the ones she fell for too.

    • 14.2 Jamie


      Wait, who are you? I’m Jamie, and I haven’t commented on this episode.

      Plus, I use paragraph breaks.

      • 14.2.1 Yoyo

        Omg. We have 2 Jamie’s.

        • Yoyo

          The suspense is killing me…..

      • 14.2.2 cherryarrow

        LOOOOOOOOOL I’m dying

        Omg which Jamie are you? The one from our hangout chat??

      • 14.2.3 cherryarrow

        I think you should change your username to “Paragraph-break Jamie” LOL

      • 14.2.4 kumoiwa

        Jamie with paragraph breaks, if you’d like to find out the truth you could very possibly start from here:



        • Yoyo

          Jamie, if it makes you feel any better, we also use the right subject-verb agreement too. Join us!

      • 14.2.5 pogo

        @Jamie I can’t believe we have our very own case of mixed-up identities here.

      • 14.2.6 Jamie

        OK, I’m the one who just joined you for the first time at Hangouts. Nice to have met you guys!

        I’m the only Jamie who been commenting on this drama up until now…the one with paragraph breaks. Other “Jamie,” let’s discuss this like civilized people. Or possibly fight about it like kindergarteners. 😉

        • Yoyo

          I vote the latter…..ok, bye!

          • Jamie

            Lol, Yoyo–got your popcorn ready?

            I have been wondering about you and YY for some time now. Have you two discussed this? Are you the same people?

          • Yoyo

            @Jamie (the real)

            Popcorn on hand. *waiting*

            YY and I are share the tragic fate of liking the letter “Y”, we’ve reached an amicable agreement to professionally co-exist in Dramabeans. No one has made any attempts to falsely represent either of our usernames to post lame, irrelevant and grammar cringing comments in DB. It’s all good in the hood!

    • 14.3 Miamiloveskdrama

      @ Jamie ( that is my name on Google chat) nice to see another kdrama lover with the same name.
      Also I agree . I can not figure out how So has never guessed Wook was the other man.

      • 14.3.1 Jamie


        Which Jamie are you talking to? Because I maintain that I’m the real Jamie here at Moon Lovers/Dramabeans (the one who uses paragraph breaks, which is now apparently my identifier).

        Or are you the “Jamie” who wrote the first comment in this thread that I responded to? (My “imposter,” lol.)

        And are you the person going as Jamie in Hangouts (before I got there this morning)?

        • Jamie

          Are you secretly Wook? If so, then *dramatic camera zoom-in* and props, because I feel like I’m losing my mind.

          Are you poisoning my bathwater? Is this Goryeo Game of Dramabeansthrones?

          Someone hold my coat, Imma have to fight you! *bobs and weaves, shadowboxing*

          • Miamiloveskdrama

            Oh my god there are 3 of us. Haha. I am on hangouts as jamie, can’t fixit cause I use my email for to much.
            I. Defiantly not Wook. Yo soy la primera Jamie. Ya!

          • Jamie

            @Miamiloveskdrama: “Yo soy la primera Jamie. Ya!”

            Lol, them’s fightin’ words, Miami. You drive up, and I’ll drive down, and we’ll meet on the border of South Carolina and Georgia and fight it out, OK?

            Three rounds of rock-paper-scissors ought to do it.

            And where is mysterious Not-Jamie?

          • Yoyo

            @cherryarrow @ren @kumoiwa

            Dudes, we can’t miss this! Sh*ts about to get down fo’ reals. They’re going all southern these two Jamie’s! Hahahahaha
            @Jamie (the real) and @Miami you guys are stupendously awesome! Thank you, we all need the laugh!
            No-space Jamie is hitting up Rosetta Stone to learn about sentence construction. She’s not giving up that easily yo!

          • kumoiwa

            Fight, fight, fight!

            Rock, paper, scissors!

            Only one Jamie will prevail!

          • cherryarrow

            This is getting insanely good. Jamie PB you totally made our day

            I’m just waiting for No space/paragraph-break Jamie to join, WHERE IS SHE/HE?

  15. 15 Cali

    Two words
    two more words
    bye, show.

    • 15.1 Quinze

      Hahah, that’s my fave word now.
      Kudos to Headno2 for keeping this fun when all I want to do is roll my eyes to the back of my head!

      • 15.1.1 pogo

        I feel bad for Heads sometimes, what is with the shows you recap always ending up so messy? But I’m still grateful that you carry on anyway.

        • Quinze

          Same! Like at least this show makes it easier by having its characters repeat one plot point to death (that Yeonhwa should be queen, can’t marry one scarface to another scar…person, etc). But gah I would be so annoyed to have to actually watch the episodes in order to recap it.
          Heads is awesome though for soldiering on!

        • Ira

          Yeah, Heads is such a trooper.

          Thank you Heads for slogging on. Without your recap, how can we survive this? Let me send you a gigantic bear hug for this.

        • Pollyanna

          Thank you, dearie Heads.

          You are the reconnoiterer folks like me depend on and hide behind.

      • 15.1.2 Lizzie

        Yes. Muchisimas gracias Heads. Honestly the highlight of reading the recaps.

      • 15.1.3 PineappleGongzhu

        WE LOVE YOU, HEADSNO2 for sticking this out with us!!! <3

  16. 16 Ira

    ONE m0re week!! We can do this, friends!!! I have never looked forward for the end of a drama so much like this one

    • 16.1 happychou

      Yes we can!! I’m still heartbroken by how sad last night’s episode was

    • 16.2 Foye

      I just want this to end. to finish. to know that Wang So will still rule Gorye ruthlessly. i no longer care for any other thing in this drama.

  17. 17 Andy Pandy

    I’m gonna miss Queen Yoo. She had insane chemistry with pretty much everyone that she interacted with. The last scene of her with So was incredibly intense, and I loved the way it played out. To me, it definitely looked like she was trying to claw his face, but knowing So, it’s easy to see how he would have read it differently…and at the end, she’ll be taking her knowledge of her actions to the grave. Props to both actors for making it an amazing scene.

    Since they chose to have Soo defend Chaeryung, I do wish that the scriptwriter had made Soo throw Won back at So’s face instead of letting her just say that Chaeryung was a girl in love. That’s a weak defense, although I do think that while treason at that time is worth the death penalty, they didn’t have to treat her so inhumanely. But going back to what I was trying to say, lol, Won has been a little snake this whole time, and yet Chaeryung, the small fry in this situation, is the only one to go down for what went on? She was the accomplice and not the mastermind. There will be a hundred more Chaeryung’s to come if you don’t get rid of the source of the problem in the first place.

    This also goes back to what Soo said in the first place about how Chaeryung’s only “sin” was to be born a slave. While I don’t deny that her actions were wrong and that she deserves to bear its consequences, it’s also not a stretch to see how her circumstance allowed her to be manipulated in such a way, and how it’s also her position as a slave that allowed for So to punish her so quickly and so ruthlessly. There are other snakes slithering about, yet they have yet to see punishment just because they’re far better off than Chaeryung could ever dream of being.

    • 17.1 JoseMiro

      Aww.. please give Soo some slack, she still in shock.. and all can she think about is this situation happen because CR is a slave (and fall in love to his master), CR has no position to disobey what she’s been told

      • 17.1.1 Andy Pandy

        I think the writer did Soo’s character a huge disservice by having her character talk about that girl in love argument, but I do think some people could cut Soo some slack even though she can be written to be frustrating at times, lol. I would honestly buy Soo being traumatized by such violence rather than the whole girl in love excuse…what was the writer thinking on that one…

    • 17.2 cherryarrow

      Man Queen Yoo’s breathing was kinda awkward during her death scene.

      • 17.2.1 Andy Pandy

        Yeah it was, lol, she was about to be Darth Vader borderline, but I still loved it. XD

    • 17.3 kumoiwa

      Another thing I really liked about the Queen SMSS death scene was how you could see So’s scar faintly again. It’s like he’s always stripped to his barest around his mother, which is why she can cause him the most pain. Sobs. Poor So.

      • 17.3.1 Andy Pandy

        Yeah!!! That was a really good touch!!! TT__TT Argh, what a complicated relationship for him, and it ended on pretty much on a consistent note for the two of them – painful and not at all happy.

        • kumoiwa

          I know right? Then I also realised that we’ll never get to know why she hated him so much–was it just because she got used to her coping mechanism for her guilt over making him an outcast in Goryeo society? Or was she just not a very good mother?

  18. 18 Lola

    I just can’t deal with Su anymore. Her reactions are completely alien to me. It’s like she doesn’t operate on the same plane of existence as anyone else (and not because she’s from the future). CR paid for her crimes (brutally, yes) but somehow this is So’s fault? Doesn’t Su remember Mu, Eun, Seon-Deok? It’s okay that CR played a crucial role in killing them but not okay that she’s punished for it?

    I’m mightily looking forward to Wook getting his just desserts. And at this point I’m frankly rooting for Yeon Hwa to rule them all. Get it, girl.

    I do really need Won to die a horribly painful death.

  19. 19 Samantha Reed

    I want to hug everyone in this show, and I want to hug everyone watching this show.

    Seriously, this misery loves company deal is getting old. I understand Yeon Hwa and Wook. I do, but omg, do they have to drag everyone to the same pit of misery they are sitting in?

    Ugh! Also, I understand the things Wang So did. His decisions were justified within the context of 10th Century Goryeo. In that time I guess you needed to show your strength and decisiveness, especially when it came to traitors. What he did to Chae Ryung may seem way too cruel for modern 21th Go Ha Jin, but like you, I expected some understanding from Hae Soo on this one. I mean, Chae Ryung basically destroyed all chances of her marrying So (if Moo remained as king they would have married ages ago) and she put her in danger many times. SHE CAUSED EUN’S DEATH FOR EFFING SAKE!!!! nothing … and I mean nothing can justify that. If I were Wang So I would have done something far worse to Chae Ryung.

    That is not to say the Wang So is acting a bit out of character. He was always bad-tempered, and always was possessive over Soo. But he scared me with some of his aptitudes this episode. He seems lost even. Like a little kid lost, desperate to find home. I understand he has a big weight on his shoulders now. But he is not acting himself.

    Anyways, I don’t know if I will make it through the last two episodes. There’s only so much my heart can take. Also, I watch The Walking Dead too, so this week was like: SUNDAY= GLOOM, MONDAY= GLOOM mixed with Happy, TUESDAY= OMG, JUST SHOOT ME AND END MY MISERY 😣

    • 19.1 bamsa

      Hug back!!!

      I wished HS loved king a little more and tried to understand him. HS is the one who is cruel more so than So at the moment.
      What kind of love is she in to love everyone around you except for the one you are in love with?
      I am glad everyone is in the same page regarding Chae-Ryung. I had no sympathy for her death. People have died horribly for lesser crimes. At a Goryeo era, HS must have seen a thing or two… wouldn’t you think?
      It’s best if she flies away from that murderous palace,,, help people outside in actual need of her skills.

      • 19.1.1 happychou

        HUG back to both of you and anyone who need a good comforting..I know I do.
        So and Soo’s relationship started its downfall so fast, poor my heart..it was painful to watch things crumble apart like that. I agree that HS should have been understanding towards So’s actions and decisions, however HS has been pretty consistent with her stupid idealism. I’m so frustated!

        “What kind of love is she in to love everyone around you except for the one you are in love with?”
        @bamsa she could try to understand the other and justify CR’s betrayal, yet she couldn’t understand So’s positions in regards to traitor and king-murderer???

        • bamsa

          @happychou That’s what I really don’t see HS is consistent with. She understands CR’s love to a married man, but not SO’s love who is trying to protect her, and punishing a person responsible for their separation?? A king has to punish traitors and murderers… specially ones who are responsible for poisioning Kings.
          I understand CR was her one friend and family,,,, but shouldn’t see be hurt by her betrayals??? She lied to HS multiple times…. CR was never there for her… where was CR when she was a water maid?
          Basically Goryeo was a tough time to be a King, Queen, Slave or a Commoner.
          Leet’s be glad we are not living in those times and support each other for 1 more week.

          • happychou

            honestly I thank this community of DB for existing…I would not survive this heartache if you weren’t there with all your comments, rants and jokes. Cheers 🙂

          • ktv

            I guess the only thing Haesu is consistent with is her longing/greed for the past, for a time period she can no longer return to. Her attachments and feelings are still very much tethered to the time when she and all the princes were still free beings, not bounded by any political strifes or struggles. In a way, I guess even her love for So is, as well.

            As with the source novel, and cdrama, Haesu has and always will be idealistic. She doesn’t wish to see anyone get hurt, nor is she able to take sides fully – not even with So, whose pain (I presume) she understands. For me, I interpret her inconsistencies as Haesu’s dilemma. She desperately wants to be happy and live in the present, but it just doesn’t gel with her idealism and modern sensibilities. The whole leaving-because-of-CR trope is def way too underwelming, I agree, but it’s probably accurate to see it as the wake-up call where Haesu realises she’ll never be able to love Gwangjong the King fully, as she loves So. She loves So, but she can’t accept that he, as King, would taco-torture someone to death like a dog (especially since she was in that position herself).

            I don’t think it’s naivety, since Lady Oh previously gave multiple warnings to Haesu before she passed, but rather, just an inability to accept things even as mentally prepared as one can be. Understanding something, and fully accepting it, are two different things altogether.

        • E

          I feel y’all. I couldn’t face the recap, and this forum’s comments for a full day because I was so sad after this ep. (I balled, while at work, watching the raw versions.)
          I sorta hated on Su at first, but then found comfort in the fact that the OTP is connected on much simpler grounds. I mean, how heartbreakingly beautiful is that that both So and Su are so short-sighted (about everything)! When they were told that they couldn’t marry each other, both had the same reaction, “Oh, really?” This facet of Wang So doesn’t gel with the historical Gwangjong, but makes me fall that much harder for the So-Su relationship. Their bright-eyed innocence is hard to watch, since it leads them to pain… It’s a hard rock life in Goryeo, so give me more LJK’s Wang So looking joyfully hopeful.

    • 19.2 Manologirl84

      I feel the same way too.

      I can understand Soo’s reaction a little. It’s like Wook keeping quiet about Yeon Hwa’s crime, although their relationship had changed since then. It’s about “family” and sometimes you do the most stupid thing because it’s “family”. Chaeryung was a like a sister to Soo. Soo, although being betrayed, possibly haven’t come to terms with it and is in the denial stage… and the death of Chaeryung sends her into grief, especially the way it was done and by whose hands. I am not saying that Soo is not stupid and blind, but I’m saying that the human emotion is so complicated and Soo’s character seems to give people the benefit of the doubt.

      I really want to throw the book at the writers, editors… and the whole production team. The show could really have been better as the storyline is good. Though some of the acting are questionable, they really aren’t that bad.

      LJG/Wang So… you break my heart every time I see you on screen … sigh… I can feel your pain and loneliness…

    • 19.3 Su-siMoonlover

      hug back n pat pat

      I understand So the King who has to punish a traitor like Chae Ryung and show it in public to remind other court lady not to do the same mistake as Chae Ryung. I pity him when he get drunk & think Su were in his room waiting for him and forgive him (too bad it’s YH)

      I understand Su, she lost Chae Ryung, although she know Chae Ryung deserve a punishment but still she’s her sister


      if I’m Su… if I know I won’t live for long and I love So, I’ll just bang to his room and have lots of soju with So ’til we are drunken enough to yell/fight … and at the end… ehm ehm… laugh together n stay together, love love love… every night!!!

  20. 20 Ryeo

    Prepare yourselves, everything’s going to get MUCH worse in the next episode.
    I can’t believe Lee Jun-ki was saying that this is a “touching drama that will bring you HAPPINESS”. F uuuuuu!!!

    • 20.1 Miamiloveskdrama

      He said what ?

      • 20.1.1 Bongsookie

        Haha I remember he said it in one of his V-app videos before Moonlovers started. So (especially not having seen the original) I totally didn’t expect this drama to be so intense lol

    • 20.2 Kwinchikochi

      More like it’ll leave you confused,frustrate,angry and wanting for much more than what’s given to us

      • 20.2.1 bamsa

        Haha… You’d have to be a sadist, masochist to be happy after watching this drama.

    • 20.3 RAINY

      What?! In whose twisted mind would this equate to happInes? I was literally bawling my eyes this entire episode! My poor heart..

  21. 21 berries

    soo is going to jung?? that’s super fast. gwangjong only killed one person (chaeryung) so far and she’s leaving..

    • 21.1 nchoe

      It’s okay. I just want her to leave already with Jung and leave So alone. She doesn’t deserve him.

  22. 22 Del

    That crying scene is a testament of how good an actor Lee Jun Ki is. He went all psycho with his mother and when she finally drew her last breathe, all the psycho facade shattered and all we saw is a lost boy longing for love when he bawled over his mother’s death. LJK nailed it like a pro and how is that he could still look so beautiful when crying like that? Gosh, is he even human?

    • 22.1 Ira

      That and the short date are the only stand-out moments for me in this episode. The rest? I should really stop hoping that the show will get their act together in their last leg towards the finale. Sigh….

    • 22.2 Quinze

      I feel like the poor boy’s the only one trying at this point. He might as well get the acting practice out of it because the plot and everyone else has left the building at this point.

      Anyone else getting whiplash?

      • 22.2.1 Lola

        I stopped watching a couple of weeks ago but intended to watch once it finished airing. I’m going by the recaps now. The ONLY reason I may go back and watch is LJK.

        I hope I can get there to be honest but the plot is just infuriating.

    • 22.3 Del

      I could not afford to lose 2 last hours of LJK’s screentime.

      I am quoting what Haesoo said to Ji Mong
      “I’ve been through a great deal and waited a long time. I only did so because I believed I would be happy one day. If I were going to give up like this, I would have given up long ago”

      SOB! SOB!

      • 22.3.1 Quinze

        LOL Del, oh man, I’m trying, I really am but I’m having to skip watch this show to keep going. One more week man. Can’t abandon ship like HS.

      • 22.3.2 Svee

        That was brilliant!!! Haha!

      • 22.3.3 bips99

        I snorted when she said that – WS was the one who went through so much for you and has waited and waited for you while you were off tangent worrying about x, y, z … basically everyone but him … you drop him whenever it is convenient to do so

      • 22.3.4 happychoud

        LJK should get awards for his acting here and damn that face, he’s perfection.

        T_T SOB

    • 22.4 tsinita

      LJK is a demigod… that jaw of his slices through my aching heart whether he’s angry or sad. gadamit.

      • 22.4.1 Quinze

        lol eloquently put! It’s the eyes for me! He’s got such pretty eyes!

      • 22.4.2 Del

        I love his eyes. Long monolid perfectly slanted eyes and the eyeliner just accentuate the beauty of his eyes. And those eyes are so expressive, delivering rain of emotions within a blink.

        • Persian Rose

          Oh gosh, is he even a human, he is sooooo perfect!

        • RAINY

          The eyes, the jawline, his perfectly symmetrical nose and can we talk about that ponytail tho. Damn I missed it so bad!

          • Del

            You miss the ponytail? I miss the mask and the long flowy mane of glory that only his royal hotness LJK could pulled off, second only came Baek Ah and that’s the hairstyle that led Jung to place his entire blame on his older brother, because he himself instead looking all horsey. Pity Jung.

            Damn! When you start talking about Lee Jun Ki’s beauty, you just couldn’t stop.

        • pogo

          Lee Jun-ki’s eyes look as if they were shaped by God’s finest calligraphy brush.

          That inner corner swoop and the slight upward lift to them has been killing me for years now.

          • E


  23. 23 Puni

    Thanks HeadsNo2! IU’s acting was the highlight for this episode. The Feels when she turns down the proposal. It took a lot of sacrifice to get to that point in their relationship and now she has to make the ultimate sacrifice for So to be successful. At least we got to see one last date. So stating that Soo was his only Queen.. :(…… Soo’s reaction to Chae Ryung’s beating/death must bring up some terrible reminders from the torture that Soo faced in the past. Soo chooses to remember the good in her little sister and not the terrible decisions and actions CR made. I too am conflicted with this one.. I see both sides of CR’s predicament. Ultimately though she betrayed Soo repeatedly. Can’t wait for next week’s episodes, at the same time don’t want to see them. Its been an interesting journey following this drama and one that I don’t want to end.

    • 23.1 Miss ice

      I dont see her actions as a betrayal to So..even she love him still its too much for her to linger around palace and haunted by faces of friends, three dead kings,Lady Oh..that trauma never leave her and I can understand,though frustated,why she choose to leave the palace even that means leaving So,the man she love. LOL sorry for my bad english too

      • 23.1.1 nchoe

        She promises to stay by his side though. She should know it’s not gonna be easy. Her experience with Lady Oh should have taught her that.

      • 23.1.2 Puni

        Miss Ice, Your English is great! I see your point. Soo has had enough traumatic moments. As Jung says at the prayer stones, things changed when So came back.. same could be said when Soo arrived in her current form. Soo played a part in the destruction and success of each character and that kind of responsibility is hard to bear.

    • 23.2 RAINY

      I have to agree with you on this. The scene where she tells Soo she can’t marry him and the scene where she’s shown wearing the dress literally broke my poor heart. They came so far yet they didn’t make it to the end.
      “It’s only nature and fate”

  24. 24 Naz

    I really mourn what this drama could’ve been if it was just a little longer, and I really mourn the rich and complex character that Su could’ve developed into. I can’t be the only one who is done with her shit – just…so done.
    She really doesn’t deserve So’s love in any way, and I don’t say it to be bitter, it’s just the hard truth. She doesn’t understand him or ‘see’ him the way he always thought she did and that was why he saw her differently.
    It really is a pity what a mess this drama became urgh.

    • 24.1 Adeth

      Me too. I’m done with HaeSoo, she don’t deserve the love of WangSo. Come on! He killed her little sister? Girl, your little sister killed his two brothers. She loves and embraces all around, except the man “she loves”.

      I Just want WangSo to be happy, with o without HaeSoo! Sighss 😓😓😓

      Thank you for the recap

      • 24.1.1 darkheart

        OMG yes this!!! HS conveniently forgot how much Mu suffered even in the months leading up to his death?? And Eun/SoonDeok and how WS had to be the one to end it for Eun to preserve Eun’s dignity (instead of being shot to death by Yo like prey)???

        • Nemi

          I’m with you on that. Can you imagine how painful it must be to be slowly poisoned for months and months? Chae Ryung got a far more merciful death than the one she gave Mu. And poor Eun and Soon Deok, who were innocent and got hunted down like animals. I understand Su is in shock, but Chae Ryung was a murderer, and being in love is no excuse.

  25. 25 bips99

    Urghh … i am so fed up of HS …

    CR’s only fault is that she was a slave ???

    … She killed a king ! A god damn king!!! … and is responsible for the death of the cute puppy couple ..

    Why does HS always find it easy to lay on blame on WS’s feet and everyone else gets a clean chit from her no matter what they do …

    Honestly, what could he do? … She killed his brothers … the ones he loved .. she killed a king and prince – How could he let that slide ? Just how ?

    • 25.1 Quinze

      Like I seriously wanted to ask…is that the only thing she got out of the LONG list of CR’s crimes? Like the girl (CR) never lived an honest day in her life and the show never gives us a shred of indication of actual remorse from her. A half-assed letter written in blood? tomato juice? And a flashback to the reason behind her blind devotion to Won should have been BS to a girl like HS who’s ready to leave her own love behind because she thinks he’s lost his benevolence and principles. Like what?!

    • 25.2 JoseMiro

      why I feel like I’m CR attorney here ..:))

      Well, that’s actually what happen, being a slave, means no position nor power to refuse any order from the master,

      She guilty, alright.. agree on that.. but it must be the master who get real punishment, so far Won, Wook still okay.. because..well they’re princess, the pinata must be on Won as example even prince don’t get away from punishment

      Seriously how can you refuse order from your master ? the one she owed her mother’s life

      • 25.2.1 pogo

        I thought Wook freed Chae-ryung so she could work at the Damiwon?

        Because isn’t that the point of the Damiwon, all the maids working there are EMPLOYED BY THE KING. Not whichever snake prince sent them there.

        Basically, Chae-ryung is a snake, and doubly so.

        • JoseMiro

          I thought it only CR alibi to Soo.. Wook is master mind behind everything, he ‘freed’ CR and implant her to Damiwon, He can do it cause at that time Wook is acting like regent of Wang Mu, right ?

          • pogo

            yeah but no one ‘belonging’ to a master outside the palace can work at the Damiwon, I don’t think. Like the very condition of Chae-ryung working at the palace was that whoever the king was, was the one she worked for, no matter what Won or Wook did. Once Chae-ryung was in the Damiwon, she was under Mu/Yo/So’s umbrella, since they were the monarchs.

            That’s what makes it worse, she’s not even formally tied to him anymore and still goes out of her way to spy.

        • banini

          Plus the way the show portrayed CR and her relationship with Won was so inconsistent. That one glance during YH’s beating being the only clue. At Wook’s house when CR was to plead him to save HS, Won dragged her out of hiding. At Damiwon when she prepared Mu’s bath she was scared of Won when he went to her. There was no trace of a girl in love with her enough to convince us that she was accomplice to murder because – she was just a girl in love?

          If they have at least shown a convincing relationship/interaction between her and Won then it could have worked – no, that flashback doesn’t do it – not enough.

          Maybe being harrassed or threatened to do it could have worked better, not a promise of “being together”. Had that been the case then at least we could accept HS’s – her crime is that she’s born a slave – statement.

          • RedRosette

            So the drama basically justified betrayal by saying that it’s fine as long as you’re poor and in love. WTF.

      • 25.2.2 RAINY

        Quick question.. if Won was the one to bring CR to the palace, then why was she Haesoos servant?

        • JoseMiro

          My take is ..Originally CR is Won’s slave.. and probably got transferred/implant to Wook’s residence, maybe at first as a spy for Yo, then Wook know about it and sent CR to become a spy in palace to do some spy thing, because HS will never suspicious with her, with pretense that CR got ‘freed’ from Wook

      • 25.2.3 Maui

        @JoseMiro, agree, “Well, that’s actually what happen, being a slave, means no position nor power to refuse any order from the master”….Hae Soo’s words to So “her only crime was being born a slave….” hold a deeper meaning I think….she isn’t trying to tell So she’s innocent and you are wrong in punishing her ..it serves as a REMINDER to So that Chae Ryung is a puppet being controlled by a puppet master…the puppet master used her as a scapegoat and So will not find his answers until he finds the puppet master…..Soo feels deeply betrayed by Chae Ryung….but her position is also compromised , in the same way So’s position is compromised with his brothers. So understands her message because he literally runs from the room to question Won. On the next scene we see So questioning Won, since he is the “owner” of Chae Ryung , the slave master…and lo and behold Soo was right there is a whole freaking plot masterminded by Wook, and Won…..but even knowing Won is involved So can’t just have Won put into the torture taco can he? His position is compromised because despite his crimes…killing two brothers..he is still his brother….killing a brother despite his sins is not an easy thing….So killing Yo…..so I would say Soo has handled it to the best of her ability, she never even got a single warning from So that this was going down…..literally showed up at the execution of Chae Ryung with no background information…..

        • Maui

          cont….just wanted to add, remember Soo actually knows who was behind the mercury poisoning…..Yo told her flat out it was Wook (the scene when Yo asks Wook if he posisoned the bathwater), so she knows Chae Ryung isn’t working on her own…..now that is trust on her part…..she is essentially handing Wook to So on a platter…..

        • JoseMiro

          I just want to add that on the scene where HS found out the beating, she ask what’s going on to the court lady, and the court lady said that the king order them to watch, what will happen if they speak carelessly in the palace .. so it’s not a punishment for killing the past king ..

          So what do you expect Soo will react once she know it’s CR that beaten up ..

    • 25.3 RedRosette

      I agree with you. What is wrong with HS? It’s like they took every possible human reaction that she can have out and replaced it with some robot-like reactions. Who reacts like that when their best friend betrays them? Whether they were in love or not is irrelevant. We got super upset about that:

  26. 26 justsaying

    I think Soo realizes that Wang So has become ‘the’ Gwangjong king that goes down in history as being ruthless (to some extent). In a way, I believe she’s just tired of it all…
    1. Wang So may have let Jung live but he was exiled which as Baek Ah said – the second worst penalty after death.
    2. The Empress Dowager – regardless of whatever reason/past Wang So had, he could’ve have been the bigger person by letting Jung see his mother for the last time.
    3. Chae Ryung – from Soo point of view – she was her first ‘friend’ and CR was really good to Soo – making knee pads etc. Yes, Soo understands the reason why CR was punished because of the crimes she had committed etc… but what she can’t really grasp was the way the punishment was carried out. Beaten like a dog, in front of other maids – to set as an example. Plus, when Soo read CR’s letter – it was all because she’s a slave and she fell in love.
    4. As Soo said, she has given up a lot for Wang So to achieve his dream but at the end of the day, the only thing that she wants is to be married to Wang So. And yet, it all still shattered in the end.
    This is what Lady Oh’s warned Soo – the palace, the throne will definitely change a person whether they like it or not. Now I am quite acceptable to the idea that Soo and So doesn’t end up together.

    • 26.1 tsinita

      I remembered Lady Oh’s warning… not to be too trusting to anyone.. and I think in this episode it was CR that Hae Su has put her trust on too much and in the end she was betrayed and this betrayal is spiraling the relationship of Su and So.

    • 26.2 bips99

      He wanted to marry her … she was the one who gave up on him … he always told her that what he wants is just her … but JM tells her and she throws in the towel!

      The throne of course changes a person but more than that its the whole journey to get to the throne that changes people

      .. the problem is that she is almost completely static herself .. she has seen how he has been unwittingly been dragged towards the throne … the things he had to do because he did NOT want the throne .. till he was forced to fight for it … yet she mostly never sees things from his perspective..

    • 26.3 Unie

      The thing is, she knows the history gwangjong kill all his brothers and still, she send the message to Jung through Baek Ah, and back to Wook?? Now So has the reason to kill them all 😢

      • 26.3.1 Miamiloveskdrama

        Sure has never been the brightest .

  27. 27 pogo

    @#$@^@*^#%# Chae-ryung, good riddance. (I can’t even say RIP, she doesn’t deserve it after the years of lying and backstabbing)

    But of all the rocks to finally break So and Su’s relationship apart on, THAT was it?


    I’m still too cheesed off to talk.

    • 27.1 cherryarrow

      THANK GOD SHE’S DEAD. Good riddance, goodbye.

      And she told Soo to look after her family. Excuse me is this girl delusional?? Does she think Soo will be like “oh you wanted to ruin my life? No worries, let me look after your family for you!”

      • 27.1.1 pogo

        Like I said, I can’t even say RIP to Chae-ryung because that lying snake sucks so bad, she doesn’t even deserve a peaceful rest. And Su is going to break up with So for HER?

        (can you tell, I’m furious)

        • cherryarrow

          I’m annoyed because why is Soo wanting to leave the palace because of Chaeryung???? HER DEATH ISN’T SUPPOSE TO BE THE FINAL STRAW.

          Well, I’m assuming next episode more crap happens, and gave Soo more reasons for her to leave the palace.

          Did you see the preview for next week’s episodes? *cries*

          • pogo

            I didn’t see the preview! I’ve stopped watching previews ever since they completely ruined their plot twist by revealing that Yo was still alive, smh.

          • cherryarrow


            you’re better off not watching the preview, it gives me so much stress. ; – ;

    • 27.2 Yoyo

      Taco Tuesday will never be the same because of freaking Chae Ryung!

      • 27.2.1 pogo

        I’m kind of glad tacos are not a regular menu feature around where I live, lol.

        • Miamiloveskdrama

          Pogo how does one live with out Tacos?

          • pogo

            @Miamiloveskdrama – very easily, when our local fast food is better 😉

    • 27.3 cutest.amoi

      I guess.. the rock will be namely..
      So find out about the marriage promise between Soo and Wang Wuss. ops, i mean Wook.

      • 27.3.1 pogo


    • 27.4 kumoiwa

      The only thing I’m sad about is that she wasn’t steamed like in the original. And you had Ji-mong mention the fact that they had a boiling alive punishment for what then, show?

      • 27.4.1 pogo

        I’m trying to think whether her being steamed alive would have made it it better or worse. If I were So, I’d totally be going full O-Ren Ishii “TEAR THE #^@&% APART!” on her for what she did.

        • Flightey Gazelles


  28. 28 Cocoboo

    Heartbreakkkkk. So many tragic scenes going on. I want a happy ending, but I seriously doubt that will happen. 🙁 And we only have 2 episodes left, arughhh! Not enough time.

    I understand Su’s reaction to what So did to Jung and his mother, but I didn’t like her reaction to Chae Ryung’s punishment. CR committed such a big crime. Shehelped kill Moo with the mercury poisoning.

    I wish Su wouldn’t try to escape. Yeah, she’s feeling miserable and hopeless, but I wish she would be stronger. I don’t know what she can do though. I think So will become more enraged and uncontrollable if she leaves and/or betrays him. She’s been a comfort to him and most of the time, she’s been able to calm him down. I feel like So is becoming unstable…

    Baek Ah is the most normal person in this drama without causing any troubles, but I’m worried Woo Hee could cause problems for them in the future…. I’m not sure who still is alive and knows that she was a spy though.

  29. 29 Honeymilk

    Heads, thanks for the recap! Really appreciate that commentary on Jung’s sideburns.

    I gotta disagree with your assessment on Su though. I still feel for Su in this episode. I had someone like Chae-ryung in my life, whom I loved dearly but betrayed me. Not as bad as what CR did of course, and they weren’t beaten to death lol but it’s still on the same vein. I was angry at that person for a long time, but I think if my boyfriend beat them even just a bit, I’d still be angry at my bf for doing that, know what I’m saying? Because I’m a regular person with a regular soft heart. And Su’s heart is bigger than mine.

    And Su even saw CR get beaten up all bloody taco. I cringed mighty hard when I saw the scene on my laptop, can only imagine what it would feel like seeing it for real. If I were Su, I would just remember the beating whenever I saw So. It’s not something you could get out of your head easily, even though you know he did it with your best interest in mind.

    I just think it’s unfair to berate Su to for not being all good riddance about CR. So what kind of reaction would you want from her? Oh, my boyfriend just beat a person that I knew and loved to death, I’m 100% ok with that? Oh CR did what, oh she so deserved getting beaten up and dying slow and painful death?

    • 29.1 paramount

      I don’t think it’s berating her for not being all good riddance about CR. I think it’s confusion over Soo’s inconsistency regarding palace politics. At first Soo (understandably) couldn’t reconcile her 21st century sensibilities with this era. She saw Wook & So kill people. She saw CR beaten by Yeonhwa. Then Soo understood on a logical level. She told So that she understood killing was something people did in this era to survive. But it was obvious she only understood this on a logical & not emotional level. When she was tortured, she naturally changed. She understood that she had a “place” like other workers in the palace. She was more careful & minded her words & actions because she recognized the dire consequences. She kept this attitude when she ran the Damiwon. & then…. when So became King all of that is out the window & Soo is once again completely ignorant to the boundaries & punishments within the palace. Woo Hee has to constantly remind her that interfering can make things worse or dangerous for herself. On some level, after the 6(?) years she’s been in Goryeo, Soo must have some comprehension about the laws of the land!

      CR didn’t just betray Soo, she KILLED THE KING. She KILLED SOMEONE & then in the letter expressed she had NO REGRETS for her actions because… love. That’s pretty sadistic, whether you’re a 21st century girl or born in Goryeo. Killing without remorse can very well earn you the death penalty in places where that is legal even today so…yeah, death can be an option tho I think it’s harsh to say it’s “deserved.”

      • 29.1.1 Jamie

        Well said, paramount! And thank you for bringing up this:

        “Soo is once again completely ignorant to the boundaries & punishments within the palace. “

        I couldn’t quite place my finger on this, though it was bothering me somewhere in the back of my mind. It’s so true, and so inexplicable!

        It’s like someone said in the last episode recap’s comments: Hae Soo’s hair signals her behavior: long hair down for naive young girl, in a bun for adult court lady with wisdom/circumspection (or something like that).

      • 29.1.2 banini

        And thank you @paramount for mentioning how Woo Hee is the one reminding HS to be careful, giving some worth to her existence in the show other than for Baek Ah’s loveline and future angst.

  30. 30 blur_me

    Hmmm… I think the phrase “I want it” said by So and Jung ah seems to be mistranslated a little. Basing of the Chinese subtitles and the C-drama, the phrase is more like “I do/ I am willing” and not just a want.

    Back to ranting, (I really love the C-drama) I am completely upset with the pacing of the drama, there is so much feelings (grieving) that can be explored in this episode but was cut short as the story is moving too fast. The death of Queen Sinmyeongsunseong (which Lee jun Ki totally nailed it, but maybe more on Jungah feelings ??) and the death of Chae Ryung.

    The deaths of the people that are closest to them (So and Su), I feel are supposed to be the tipping point of their relationship resulting in Su wanting to leave the palace. But for their relationship that lasted 3 kings deaths and so many years (i lost count, around 7 years?), it seems really minor, I mean, so many people have already died in between them, just chaeryung’s death makes her want to give up her love… that made no sense to me.

    At least in the C-drama, the tipping point was a miscarriage of their unborn child, which is more major in my opinion

    And just comparing the C-drama to this, in episode 17 it effectively covered about 4-5 episodes of the c-drama. It feels like the director is just checking off the important scenes in the C-drama to be used in the K-drama and not bothering about the built up and everything that leads to the events

    And at this point of time, who still remembers that Su is from the future??? I am just down here waiting for my sad ending…

    • 30.1 JoseMiro

      You are right.. they just follow C-drama half hearted.. previously I thought they will be the same, but when I saw that Soo already give up after CR, I know that they’ve rushed it, combine 2 blows at once..

      that’s what people rant over about .. the give up because of CR is not logical and weak.. they should include miscarriage thing ..

      Maybe on next episode, she is about to leave the palace and found out she’s pregnant, she canceled it, then miscarriage happen cause of past relation with Wook has found out ..
      and that’s her final blow to leave

      • 30.1.1 mary

        ^that’s what I think will happen.

        Basing on this show’s habit of showing important events via confusing flashbacks. I wouldn’t put it past them to start the next ep with a “Hey, that last scene actually had more context. She just found out she miscarried!”

    • 30.2 Lizzie

      Just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your rant as I also am a victim of watching bbjx, loving it wholeheartedly, and then being subjugated to this tortuous affair because of that love.

      But you know I watched bbjx2 because of that love too. Lol. This is waaaaaaay better than the sequel. So I’m infinitely relieved and happy about that! ahaha.

    • 30.3 cherryarrow

      What can I say? Ugh, the 2nd half of the drama felt so rushed and it seemed like they wanted to squeeze 15 episodes of BBJX into the last few episodes of MLSHR. Why Kim PD? Why?

      The first half didn’t really feel like an adaption of BBJX to me but from epi 11 on wards it’s starting to. I wish they did a better job in the beginning… Ugh Kim PD.

      • 30.3.1 straws

        I think PD want us not to suffer for so long? It will be sad ending anyway at least in Goryeo period.

    • 30.4 Baek

      “I am willing” 🙂

      Is it just me who overthinks, but i felt that Baek-ah knows the meaning/significance, when she tells him to deliver the hairpin and message to Jung..

      Baek-ah ask her: “if he (Jung) does it, you wont be sad anymore right?”

      She replied: “Yes”

      Then Baek-ah followed up with: “I am willing”..

      that doesnt seems like repeating her message but rather to me it seems like he understood everything and his followup reply feels like he is acknowledging her decision..

  31. 31 Yoyo

    There is nothing more gratifying than basking in the beauty of Wang So’s angst and sadness.

    Lee Jun-gi, slaying the madness with his raw talent. #SageukPerfection

    • 31.1 tsinita

      permission to swoon beside you?

      • 31.1.1 Yoyo

        Permission granted. #AllAccess

    • 31.2 pogo

      I will join the swoon heap pls

      • 31.2.1 Yoyo

        Pogo, your the clubs President! No permission needed. #VVIP

        • Yoyo


        • pogo

          awwww lol *blush*

          • Persian Rose

            Lee joon gi as Wang So = the most flawless and captivating performance I’ve ever seen + swoon 😍

    • 31.3 cherryarrow

      He is the King of Sageuk for sure. Why is he so perfect ugh

      • 31.3.1 Yoyo

        Perfect Profile ✅

        Perfect diction ✅

        Perfect emotions displayed ✅

        Perfect Ninja moves ✅

        Ljg, setting the standards for Sageuk Characterization.

      • 31.3.2 pogo

        Because he doesn’t want us to live, apparently.


        • Manologirl84

          Is there a forum where I can just go and talk about this beautiful talented boy all day with like-minded fans???

    • 31.4 cherryarrow

      We can stare at him all day and wouldn’t be bored.

      • 31.4.1 manologirl84

        He is killing me every time I watched him on screen. I’m going to have withdrawal symptoms after this…. Damn!

    • 31.5 YY

      Hey, wait,guys, you forgot the tea…here it is, tall green teapot, and little green teacups, gonna pour the tea now…and a toast* to The Hottest King Alive…Long May he Sizzle, Scorch and Crackle!!!!!

      * Drink at your own risk

    • 31.6 FanOfLeeJunKi'sMane

      May I join the swooning club too?

      and drinks! here’s to everyone who has given up the plot.

      • 31.6.1 Yoyo

        Absolutely! The more, the merrier!

    • 31.7 Lin_K

      I want to join too! LJK is so beautiful! And talented! When he said, “You’re my only queen” and that tear fell down, I can’t explain the feels. I know it’s wishful thinking but I want him to say that to me 🙁

      • 31.7.1 Lin_K

        No wonder people hate IU in this drama. She is with all these handsome guys. Haha.

  32. 32 tsinita

    first all thank you @HeadsNo2 for the quick recap… wow that was fast!

    I would just like to say first that this is my first LJK drama and I am wowed.. after this I will be looking for his other dramas. I am newfound fan of this brilliant actor. Amazing male specie you are LJK, you sing, dance so freaking awesome and is a brilliant actor.

    That scene with his dying mom was so well delivered that I am so willing to forgive the previous episodes of bad editing and what nots. For the first time those zoomed in long shots finally worked (it was mentioned above by HeadsNo2 but allow me to point it out again!). In those few minutes of Wang So’s threats till the point of the Queen Mother’s last breath… the change of emotions and expressions on Wang So’s face just told the whole story of this mother and child painful relationship. I cried in that scene as much as I cried in Ms. Oh’s dying scene.

    Su… my gad. Girl, get it together. You’re from the 21st century, represent us women well! Ranting aside, I have to say that from the beginning I have found IU cute and pretty. She is a stellar actress, she delivers on point and her emotions are moving. That’s the thing for me, she’s too pretty and cute. I see a child in her and not queen material. The scene where Yeon Hwa wore the mask and pretended to be Hae Su, i knew it, not by inferring, that it was indeed not Hae Su. There’s a certain sultriness that is lacking in IU that i just realized when i saw that scene. Yeon Hwa with the mask on and LJK had hot hot chemistry there. A certain sexual tension (albeit one sided after WS discovered it was not Hae Su) was present, something I didn’t see/feel between LJK and IU.

    Nevertheless despite all the flaws of this show, I am here and I will finish this! All hail to LJK. I wish he’d get a better project in the future because I am so looking forward to see him in more mature roles (bites lip).

    • 32.1 pogo

      I think a lot of the chemistry, is an issue with the way they’re written. Like IU and Kang Ha-neul in the earlier episodes before Lady Hae’s death absolutely had what can only be called UST (and they made it very clear how physically aware they were of each other), but the minute the writing turned them more chaste and sweet, all the headiness just dissipated and they got kind of boring to watch. And this is with the same actors

      So and Su’s romance, on the other hand, has been presented like that almost from Day 1, as something with more of an emotional than a physical side, and I think IU and LJK did really well with that considering the drama never really let them go to those levels of UST except very rarely. From what I’ve seen of IU, she’s well capable of playing someone who feels desire….. just that this drama didn’t quite go there with So and Su, even in bed.

      • 32.1.1 Rex

        @ Pogo

        I agree! The way the characters were written, Wang So and Hae Soo definitely have more of an emotional bond/connection rather than physical. I kind of like it this way though? It’s more of a friendship to love relationship.

        Off topic, but the opposite is true of Seung Chan and Cindy in the Producers. They had sizzling physical chemistry. I bring this up only because I remember reading your and Zoe’s epic conversations on that in the Producer thread. ^^

        • pogo

          @Rex – I like it that way too, even if I’m not happy with the way Su’s feelings towards So were just handwaved as having changed during the time jump.

          I feel like LJK and IU have been at their best together when their characters are actually allowed to connect (all those conversations! The emoji \^0^/). But obviously there is a physical side involved in the couple angle and in what (story-wise) is an epic love, and I wish that was at least acknowledged a little instead of being constantly neutralised by shadow puppets and the like.

          And yeah, Producers lol. She actually shocked me there, I didn’t think she had it in her (and it was mostly IU, since her feelings were one-sided and Seung-chan barely registered Cindy as a girl lol)

          • tsinita

            Shadow puppets.. Lol! Don’t forget the blown out candle.

            Thanks for that tidbit about IU, this is the first drama I’ve watched of IU and I will continue to look out for her projects.

            I do appreciate the OTPs sweetness and playfulness together but I was just expecting they’d move further with the physical as their story progressed. Not necessarily shown but enough to be felt by the audience…her being a modern woman and him being a ruthless warrior. But I suppose they were written as such the “Hollywood” in me is still adjusting in this department.

          • mary

            Dream High

      • 32.1.2 Lin_K

        What you said about actors feeling/emoting physical desire makes sense. I also felt chemistry in the scenes between YH and So. Mostly from YH’s side when he unveiled her. She was all anticipation for him to have her and evidently disappointed when he turned away. It’s too bad that the writer didn’t give a scene or two like that to the OTP. At the same time, I really like our OTP’s emotional connection and frienship. Scenes showing physical attraction would have been cherry on top. I was fine with the bed scene when I watched it. But now that I read your analysis, I want something more there.

        • Lin_K


        • pogo

          @Lin_K – exactly, people seem to be confused sometimes when we say we want more – we’re not idiots, we know we’ll never get anything more than PG-rated but surely it wouldn’t kill them to let us even have a look suggesting Su actually wants So on that level, as much as he wants her?

  33. 33 lessa

    *Sigh* Its becoming very hard for me to root for Su. But maybe, she’s just overall DONE with Goryeo. Perhaps she’s really not cut out for that era. IMO Ruoxi adapted better. You’re right that Trust is their biggest issue. It’s just really very sad that with everything other people did to Su, she can still find ways to trust them, but not So.

    Love without Trust? That just sounds so… weird and sad, and incomplete…., it’s making me cry.

    • 33.1 pogo

      The thing that makes me so mad is that Su DID trust So absolutely, and beyond anyone else in her life….. until the stupid visions came along, and then she kept paying attention to them even after deciding for herself that she was wrong and they hadn’t happened yet so shouldn’t be treated as guides for her behaviour.

      Worst plot device ever. And worst ever way to sour a relationship that could have been everything we wanted it to despite ending in tragedy.

  34. 34 Gehrel

    Well, I’m actually digging this episode, flaws and all …

    I mean, Lee Jun-ki outprettying Kang Han-na in the wedding red carpet. Marvelous. You don’t see that everyday, especially when they’re dolled up to be married.

    Side note, Wang So + Hwangbo Yeon-hwa on the throne is all I ever wanted. And Hae Su to get her happiness, by the looks of it, Jung’s her best bet. I’ll be rooting for Jung to grant her that at least.

    Side note, I’m glad I went watching this drama with no expectation at all. As the saying goes, “No expectation, no disappointment”.

    • 34.1 tsinita

      i’ve heard the version “no expectation, no frustration”… apparently it applies too between husband and wife… so I’ve heard.

    • 34.2 Lin_K

      Life away from the palace is the best life for Su. But that makes our OTP stay apart; so, it’s gonna be sad/bittersweet. She should have just left with So years ago when he didn’t wanna be the king.

  35. 35 Ahri

    I thought Su watched sageuk dramas in the future, and she’s spent a lot of time in this period. Why is she so surprised that the punishment for killing a king is so much pain? I like her but by god she’s unreasonably sentimental and weepy. Common sense girl, common sense. In the first few episodes some people here excused her actions as not quite real, that she thinks she’s in a dream but the cleverness and self-preservation I was waiting for never came.

  36. 36 dabbs

    Yoyo’s version of T. Swift’s “Trouble” from yesterday’s episode 18 thread had me thinking how apt T. Swift’s songs are for Soo and her “Love Story” in the recent episodes

    We were both young when I first saw you
    I close my eyes and the flashback starts
    I’m standing there watching you standing on the steps

    Many years passed, and you now use BB cream
    Seeing you now make your way without the mask
    And say, “Hello.”
    Little did I know…

    That you were the fourth prince, future king of Goryeo,
    But my vision said, “Stay away from him, Hae Soo.”
    And I was crying from Dawiwon
    Begging you, “Don’t kill your bros.”
    And I said…

    Oh dear So, take me somewhere we can be alone.
    I’ll be waiting; for Yo to die of craziness
    You’ll be the future king and I’ll be forever yours
    It’s a love story, baby, just say “Yes”.

    So I sneak out of the palace to see you.
    We keep quiet ’cause we’re dead if they knew
    So close your eyes,
    Escape this town for a little while.
    Oh, oh.

    ‘Cause you were the fourth prince, I was a scarlet heart,
    But my vision said, “Stay away from him, Hae Soo.”
    But I was everything to him,
    He was begging me, “Please don’t go.”
    And I said…

    Oh dear So, take me somewhere we can be alone.
    I’ll be waiting; away from all your crazy bros
    You’ll be the king and I’ll be your only queen
    It’s a love story, baby, just say “yes”

    Oh dear So save me they’re trying to tell me how to feel
    This love is difficult but it’s real
    Don’t be afraid, we’ll make it out of this mess.
    It’s a love story, baby, just say “Yes”.

    Oh, oh, oh.

    I got tired of waiting
    Wondering if you were ever coming around.
    My faith in you was fading
    When you threatened the people that I liked
    And I said…

    Oh dear So, save me I’ve been feeling so alone
    I keep waiting for you, but you never come.
    Is this in my head? I don’t know what to think.
    Are you really the scary king that I saw in my vision

    Oh my dear So, know that you’ll never be alone
    I love you, and that’s all I really know.
    I’ll keep praying and build little prayer stones
    It’s a love story, but I’m sorry I can’t say “Yes”.

    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

    ‘Cause we were both young when I first saw you

    • 36.1 dabbs

      Oops, I meant to say yoyo’s post in ep 17’s thread

    • 36.2 kz

      THIS IS EPIC. hahaha.

    • 36.3 Yoyo

      I could go on and write T-Swift parodies for MLSHR..they’re so apt! Here’s another one for Yeon-Hwa, who desperately wants to get knocked up and if she does, this is her jam…. (To the tune of Bad Blood) — pun intended

      ‘Cause, baby, now we got bad blood
      You know I used your mad love
      So take a look what I’ve done
      ‘Cause, baby, now we got bad blood
      Now you got problems
      And I don’t think you can solve them
      I made a really deep cut
      And, baby, now we got bad blood

      Did I have to do this? I was thinking that you could be trusted
      Did I have to ruin what was shiny? Thinking I’ll get busted
      Did you have to hit me, where I’m weak? Baby, I couldn’t breathe
      And I rub it in so deep, salt in the wound like you’re laughing right at me

      Oh, it’s so sad to think about the good times, the poison and lies


      Did you think you’d be fine? Still got that scars on your face from mommy’s knife
      So don’t think it’s in the past, these kinda wounds they last and they last.
      Now did you think it all through? All these things will catch up to you
      And time can heal but this won’t, so if you’re coming her way, just don’t

      Oh, it’s so sad to think about the good times, those deathly lies


      Band-aids don’t fill shallow holes
      I say sorry just for show
      If I live like this, I live with ghosts (ghosts)
      Band-aids don’t fill lonely holes
      I say sorry just for show (hey)
      If I live like that, I live with ghosts (hey)
      I do love like this so blood runs cold

      • 36.3.1 Lizzie

        Why are you all so damn creative and witty???

      • 36.3.2 manologirl84

        Absolutely brilliant! Just brilliant!

      • 36.3.3 PineappleGongzhu

        Man, I wish I were as creative and witty as you, YoYo!


      • 36.3.4 dabbs

        LOVE IT.

        Yeah who would have thought that her songs are so apt. One things for sure tho, she and Su have a lot of suitors 😉

        Here’s So’s side of it via Blank Space, like the sad gaping hole in his heart (just the first part of the song due to work calling)

        [Verse 1]
        Nice to meet you
        How’ve you been?
        I could show you incredible things
        Evil, madness, crazy, bros
        Saw you there and I thought oh my god
        Look at that face, you’re like a pawn in their game
        Pow’ers a game, wanna play
        New power, and kingly robes
        I can read court like a magazine
        Ain’t it funny rumors fly
        And I know you heard about me
        So hey, let’s be friends
        I’m dying to see how this one ends
        Grab your hairpin and my hand
        I could make bad princes look good for a weekend

        So it’s gonna be forever
        Or it’s gonna go down in flames
        You can tell me when it’s over
        If being nice was worth the pain
        Got a long list of prince lovers
        They’ll tell you I’m insane
        Cause they know me as the wolf-dog
        Yet you love me anyway

        Cause we ain’t young and reckless
        With everyone out for our lives 
        Trapped in this palace
        Which gave us a nasty scar
        Got a long list of royalties
        Who’s trying to tear us apart
        But I got a blank space (bed) baby
        And I’ll write your name

        • Yoyo


          That was awesome! 😍😍😍😍

          • dabbs

            alrighty I’m back from work, here’s the continuation teehee

            (BLANK SPACE Part 2)

            [Verse 2]
            Cherry lips
            Crystal skies
            I could show you incredible things
            Stolen kisses, pretty lies
            You’re the queen baby I’m your king
            Find out what you want
            Don’t be that girl for a month
            ‘Cos the worst is yet to come
            Oh no
            Screaming, crying, perfect storms
            I could make all the tables turn
            Court struggles filled with thorns
            Keep you second guessing like oh my god
            Who is he? I get drunk on jealousy
            But you’ll come back each time you leave
            Cause darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream

            So it’s gonna be forever
            Or it’s gonna go down in flames
            You can tell me when it’s over
            If being nice was worth the pain
            Got a long list of prince lovers
            They’ll tell you I’m insane
            Cause they know me as the wolf-dog
            Yet you love me anyway

            Cause we ain’t young and reckless
            With everyone out for our lives 
            Trapped in this palace
            Which gave us a nasty scar
            Got a long list of royalties
            Who’s trying to tear us apart
            But I got a blank space (bed) baby
            And I’ll write your name

            Royals only want pow’er if it’s torture
            Don’t say I didn’t say I didn’t warn you
            Royals only want pow’er if it’s torture
            Don’t say I didn’t say I didn’t warn you



        • Maui

          @dabbs,,,,creative geniuses at work….

      • 36.3.5 pickledplumtree

        So perfect! I think T-Swifts songs suit like every semi-drama situation of all time.

        *Goes to youtube Bad Blood.*

    • 36.4 PineappleGongzhu

      This is freakin’ amazing!!!

    • 36.5 Yoyo

      This one goes out to all the kdrama fans! You can sing this one to the tune of “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift. Enjoy!

      We stay up too late
      Got Jun-gi in our brains
      That’s what people say, mmm-mmm
      That’s what people say, mmm-mmm

      We don’t forget the date
      When our shows about to play
      At least that’s what people say, mmm-mmm
      That’s what people say, mmm-mmm

      But we keep watching
      Can’t stop, won’t stop viewing
      It’s like we got this OST
      In our minds
      Saying, “Your OTP will be alright!”

      ‘Cause the fans are gonna stay, stay, stay, stay, stay
      While the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
      Baby, we’re just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
      We shake it off, We shake it off
      Heart-breakers gonna break, break, break, break, break
      And y’all trolls out there are fake, fake, fake, fake, fake
      Baby, we’re just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
      We shake it off, We shake it off

      We never miss a beat
      We’re lightning on our feets
      And that’s what they don’t see, mmm-mmm
      That’s what they don’t see, mmm-mmm

      We’re watching on my own (streaming on our own)
      We make fanfictions as we go (spoilers as we go)
      And that’s what they don’t know, mmm-mmm
      That’s what they don’t know, mmm-mmm

      But we keep on replying
      Can’t stop, won’t stop commenting
      It’s like we got this OST
      In our minds
      Saying, “Your Oppa’s gonna be alright!”


      Hey, hey,
      Just think while you’ve been getting down and out about those spoilers and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world,
      You could’ve been getting down to this new hit!

      Our main lead brought his new girlfriend
      She’s like “Oh, my god!” but we’re just gonna shake.
      And to our Oppa’s over there with the hella good hair
      Won’t you come on over, babies? We can shake, shake, shake

      Yeah ohhh


      • 36.5.1 dabbs

        This is sooo good, I can’t stop laughing. Yoyo, you’re a genius! 👍🏻😍😎 *bows*

      • 36.5.2 Lizzie

        who ARE you??? Lol. This is perfect.

      • 36.5.3 pogo

        omg noooooooo stop it I’m kind of dying of laughter here

        I badly needed something to laugh about after this episode, tho. Something that wasn’t Jung’s horrible hair and sideburns.

      • 36.5.4 Lin_K

        Lol, you guys are so funny! And talented songwriters. Haha.

      • 36.5.5 Nessie

        This is great! Couldn’t stop laughing in the office, it also really shows how universally relatable T.Swift’s music is.

    • 36.6 Adeth

      So beautiful!

    • 36.7 AP

      cant believe i actually sang it with the tune of love story. lol

      • 36.7.1 Maui

        @Yoyo…Oh no stop, now that this song is stuck in my head….so freaking amazing awesome.

  37. 37 Ahri

    One good thing I can say though is that IU’s acting became much better when her role changed from cutesy Su to grown up woman Su. And Lee Jun Ki is just UNNNFFFFF in king get up.

  38. 38 owl

    ” Basically, it just sucks to live in Goryeo.” Exactly. At some point with time travel to the past, the person realizes history happened without them and, as Soo has repeatedly said, “Not matter how I look at it, this place doesn’t suit me.”

    When Astronomer Choi points out that the laughter and lightheartedness of the princes gathering is gone (especially Wang EXO) and he tells her that she must give up on marrying the king, I think this time travel truth hits her hard.

    Isn’t it ominous that her bad health lingers in the background with no one really knowing about it but Soo herself? I get a bad feeling that Soo will leave So, perhaps her only way out for not dying in Goryeo will be to return to the present. Not what I was originally thinking all along but it seems like the story is taking a turn based on Soo’s poor health.

  39. 39 Saya22

    Am I the only one that wanted to strangle Su during this episode?
    How the heck can she not understand CRs betrayal?!
    At this point I’m only watching because of a Lee Jun Ki. I do hope that they keep the miscarriage plot though I really liked that part in the original Chinese drama.

  40. 40 suki

    According to the pd the journey will be sad but the ending will be happy

    • 40.1 tsi\

      so a possible 21st century reunion is in the horizon. Yes! Please!

  41. 41 banini

    I wish So would just love Yeon Hwa. She loves him and consistently longing to have his eyes on her. She had always wanted him even when they were young as pointed out by Wook.

    She was so happy at their wedding and so looking forward during their wedding night at actually felt her pain when rejected. She was willing to share So with Su and even went as low as pretending to be Su just yo have So for the night.

    If So will open his heart to her then at least we’ll have a happy ending with 5(?) kids in tow.

    I have accepted that Hae Su didn’t love him enough. She was kind to him as she equally was with her other friends but seldom did I see her placing him above others. I thought with the mask/no wedding scene we have gotten there, but alas, CR/Jung issue turned her around the opposite direction once more 🙁

    • 41.1 banini

      *at their wedding night that I actually felt her pain…

    • 41.2 Kiara

      I honestly don’t want to see a romantic relationship with those two. They are better off representing what marriage was like in Goryeo between the royals. A political marriage that benefits 2 people. Duty over love.

  42. 42 bebeswtz

    I don’t know if I should pity or feel sad for Yeonhwa: getting herself into a loveless marriage without the guarantee that she will even FOR SURE become Queen Mother, because So won’t even go near her, let alone give the time of day to her to make babies together and give one of them said babies the title of Crown Prince DX
    Wook and Won: You two are the slimiest slime balls that Dramaland Goryeo ever had, that is all.
    Queen Sinjeong: hahaha I love just how fast she flipped her coin… The apple (Yeonhwa) doesn’t fall far from the tree (Queen Sinjeong)
    As for the whole “Situation Chae Ryung”: I understand why Su is being so stubborn and holding So accountable for her death: Chae Ryung was the first and only girlfriend, whom Su treated like a sister afterwards, before Woo Hee came along, THEY WERE SISTERS. Also, I think Su kind of resented the plight that Chae Ryung was in and felt that if only Chae Ryung had shared with Su about her situation (and therefore, her feelings for Won), Su would have done everything in her power to help her (something that has been constant about Su: helping those whom she cares about, regardless of her own well-being). Chae Ryung just dying like that, cuts off even the slightest chance that Su would’ve had in helping her out of her situation, regardless of the consequences that would fall onto Su.
    Su: She’s a girl who refuses to be confined by her circumstances and the people around her, even those who love her and whom she loves (Wook, then So). A part of the reason I think she’s so upset with So over what happened with Chae Ryung is because she’s actually mad at herself for not being able to help Chae Ryung, and for the fact that Chae Ryung, if you think about it, ultimately died for someone she loved, but who didn’t love her back— a circumstance and situation that is the COMPLETE opposite of Su… Su is VERY loved by So, and regardless of what fight or argument that our Su-So Couple ever get into, the both of them have NEVER even given the thought of breaking up/being apart… until now (as hinted at the end of the episode by what Su is telling Baek Ah to tell Jung [i.e. take her out of the Palace]), but with Su, she’s not the type of girl who would live and love all just for a guy, she’s much more mentally and emotionally stronger than that, at least on the love-life side of things… Su believes that the living will one day be able to change their circumstances, just as long as they are still alive, well, and living, and that is also why I think Su has been trying so hard to change the fate of So, so that he doesn’t go on living with regret that his throne came at the bloodshed of his beloved brothers… But, welp, too late for that, judging by So’s performance in court today DX
    P.S. “Moon Lovers” presentation of how the character of Chae Ryung dies is a waaaaaaaayyyyy easier pill to swallow, no matter how cruel that way of dying was, compared to BBJX: China…. In BBJX: China, Chae…

    • 42.1 bebeswtz

      (continued from above)….

      In BBJX: China, Chae Ryung’s equivalent character, Yu Tan, was literally steamed to death, in a giant Chinese bamboo steamer, as if she were a bao T……T

      • 42.1.1 pogo

        as if she were a bao


        • bebeswtz

          Sorry, sorry, sorry, Pogo!!!!!! T………….T

        • happychou

          can’t help but laugh so hard

        • cherryarrow

          My goodness pogo I was so disgusted when I saw that scene. That steamer is the same steamer which we use in dim sum for stuff like pork buns.

          • Nee

            I saw the steam-deaths scene, I was eating something and almost puke.

      • 42.1.2 lessa

        even tho I watched bbjx, with this statement:

        “as if she were a bao”

        I am never going to look at a bao the same way again.

        ..or anything in a bamboo steamer
        ..or a bamboo
        ..or steamed anything


      • 42.1.3 FanOfLeeJunKi'sMane

        Goodbye steamed bao. You shall be missed.

      • 42.1.4 pickledplumtree

        I keep reading about this horrible scene and everyone’s reaction and scarring from it. It reminds me of the scene that made me stop watching the Tudors, when Bishop John Fisher’s cook was boiled to death after confessing to poisoning the soup…a crime he did not commit…so that his daughter would be given a favorable marriage.

        Boiling and steaming are both terrible ways to go. Tortue taco is also pretty terrible. They slowly sliced people to death back then, too. The horrors!

    • 42.2 JoseMiro

      You put a better word than I, agree with you..

      Can we join hand as CR and Soo attorney ? 🙂

      • 42.2.1 bebeswtz

        YAAAAAAAAS, please!!! I’m tired of seeing Su so boggled down T.T She needs someone by her side to speak for her

    • 42.3 Spi

      “with Su, she’s not the type of girl who would live and love all just for a guy, she’s much more mentally and emotionally stronger than that”

      So you are saying that Su does *not* love So to the point of giving up herself? That’s fine. I would be fine if that *were* the case actually. I am all for this girl to finally think and choose for herself. And I would root for her that she leaves the man she does not love. (Gah, it took her forever to finally leave Wook.)
      BUT then, why did Su for several episodes lead us on that she loves So sooo much that she would even lie to everyone (including Jung) to help him become King? She is the kind of girl who gives up things for the man she loves though. She left Damiwon where she actually had a job and a title only to wait on So when he becomes King. She even consents to being just the “King’s woman” and go with So marrying not just one but two wives (both second and first wife). And why did she promise so many times to an already vulnerable So who is constantly worried (his nightmares!) that she would never leave him? This girl does not seem to keep her promises!
      I find it difficult to buy the reason that she is leaving So now is because she is choosing for herself. It seems like a completely random rather than well-thought decision. I don’t think her final action in this episode (giving the hairpin to Jung presumably to ask him to help her out of the palace and leave So) is justified in anyway.
      But, don’t get me wrong. After all, I don’t blame Su herself. I think this is just a very weak part in the writing. It feels like the writer does not know what to use to make Su leave So (maybe they don’t want to use the miscarriage plotline, which I am thankful for. I have not read the novel or watched the Chinese version, but from the summary that sounds too makjang to me) and just came up with this. It’s too weak, it does not help the audience to understand Su’s motivation and to sympathize with her. And it is completely inconsistent with the character. I don’t hate Su, but I hate what the character is doing at the moment.
      Ugh, and the hairpin that she gives Baek Ah (to pass on to Jung) is the most stupid thing I’ve seen a character in K-dramas do in a while. Girl, you could have given anything as a proof, but then you have to choose THAT hairpin. She is going to be the catalyst for the conflict between the brothers to explode yet AGAIN. And of all people, she is the one who constantly claims to be determined to stop them from harming each other. Yet, her careless behaviors (and not misinformed ones) lead to some of the tragedies between the princes.

      • 42.3.1 bebeswtz

        I don’t believe Su doesn’t love So to the point of dying for him. I just think that Su seeing what happened to Chae Ryung gave her a wake up call that Su’s initial want to leave the Palace (not necessarily So)was right… So is the reason Su has decided to continue prolong her stay in the Palace all this time, but after seeing the death of, first, Lady Oh, then Eun & Soon Deok, and now Chae Ryung–whom Su not only sees as a friend, but also as a sister– it’s finally put some major flames under Su’s butt to really fully reconsider her long forgotten (because of her love for So) desire to leave the Palace, because of all the painful experiences that the Palace his brought upon Su… It really is the Palace + Palace politics that’s ruining her; many of our good Su-So Couple moments come from them being outside of the Palace, and it was only in this episode, after So became King, that our Su-So Couple shared good moments (topped with bad ones), as an official couple, within Palace walls

      • 42.3.2 pogo

        Girl, you could have given anything as a proof, but then you have to choose THAT hairpin.

        I winced when she took it out, even if there are pragmatic reasons for it – Jung has seen her wear it (probably because she wears it so often), and combined with her message it’s clear proof that she’s the one communicating with him.

        • Ren

          Symbolic value as well right? The hairpin was first given to her when So took her to the beach and offered to take her away from the palace. It’s now Jung that’s giving her that choice. Same offer, different prince. And the tragic reality that it’s now So who wanted to give her the gift of freedom that she’s now running away from.

          • pogo

            ugh the way it comes full circle, that HURTS.

            And it’s no coincidence that the one offering is Jung – the one brother who got the motherly love So never had.

  43. 43 EZ

    Story behind SHR:

    Dear China,

    We have a Quid Pro Quo proposition.
    We will route international audience to your drama and literature, in return of smooth release and acceptance of even poorly edited dramas.

    PS: We do believe in highest outcome over minimum input. More revenues with Zero effort.

    PD Team


    End result:

    Dear International Audience,

    Please watch Bu Bu Xing Xing to fill in the gaps. We will not cover the basics!

    With love,
    SH:R PD team

    • 43.1 pogo

      Final result:

      Dear viewers,

      Screw you all! (but here, have Lee Jun-ki to keep you happy!)


      Scarlet Heart:Ryeo PD team/production

    • 43.2 Lizzie

      This is so perfect I don’t know what else to say, but thank you.

  44. 44 Barbrey

    I think Chae Ryung’s words in her letter provide all the explanation we need as to why Hae Su realizes she needs to get out of the palace. Chae Ryung doesn’t excuse what she did because she’s a slave answerable to a master, but explains that it was for love and she would do it again. Terrible as that might sound to most of us, how much more terrible to Su who is in love with a man that she personally knows can be ruthless and whose reputation from history books says is a tyrant and a killer.

    Moreover, I think we’ve lost sight of the fact that Wang So really does have a ruthless side because the drama has tried too hard to show us his vulnerable one. I had been waiting for his pragmatic, ruthless side to show up – even wrote a post about how it would have to – a few episodes back.

    Forget the monks – that purely pragmatic mass murder. If we think about the last couple of episodes: he orders supporters of brother Yo killed (how is this different from Yo ordering Eun’s extended family members killed?), he tortures his mother on her deathbed by keeping Jung from her, and has spent who knows how many nights torturing Yo with false visions of ghosts (how is this different from Wook and the mercury baths for Mu? – i.e., a difference in painful degree perhaps but not in intent or cruelty).

    In another post I mentioned that by Su “softening” So, who didn’t kill Yo when he should have, we found Yo and Wook instead enacting the deeds that So would have enacted if he had become king after Mu. Wook tortures Mu to death; Yo kills Eun and his extended family. Well here we have So’s version: So tortures Yo, kills his supporters (many of whom would be family), exiles Jung (a fate second only to death we’re told), and has his girlfriend’s BFF beaten to death without telling her about it first.

    I really don’t want to be asked to “understand” So either. If this drama is doing one thing well, it’s giving its characters understandable reasons for doing horrible things, except for Queen Y’s total rejection of So, and even then it seems a conscious refusal not to give us a more satisfactory reason, kind of like Tywin hating Tyrion.

    So’s character development now is not a sudden switch – he’s had this in him all along. What’s more, everyone has known it in the drama. The few he calls friends choose to ignore it or overlook it. He’s also had a fair share of innate goodness that Su helped bring out, but to me that just facilitated a deviation in the timeline when Yo became king instead of So – a blip of time in history that is smoothing itself out as history fights to right itself.

    Wang So is who he is – the Gwangjong of history but with a more complicated palate of emotions than the history books report. For me, Su’s sudden desperation to leave the palace is because she knows if she doesn’t, her love, like Chae Ryung’s, might make her complicit in crimes she can’t stomach.

    • 44.1 EZ

      interesting persective

      But i would still want to time travel with a gun ad shoot all of them down.. like ALL

      No goryeo troubles, no joseon troubles ( Lee Bang)

      • 44.1.1 Barbrey

        Ha! Yeah, I get it.

        I think I might be one of the only ones on here who bawled my eyes out when I saw Chae Ryung all beaten up, and then her letter. I hated Wook and Won for what they ordered her to do to Mu, but it was illuminating that she says she did it out of love for Won.

        We’ve had two women mother/mentors for Su so far in Goryeo, both self-sacrificing for love. Chae Ryung is a “sister” instead but she too just willingly stayed in the palace for love of Won leading to her death.

        It seems to me the drama through these women is showing Su what her fate could be.

        It’s Goryeo, the throne, the palace – I’m thanking god right now I’m a middle-class modern woman instead of a princess/lady or slave in Goryeo.

        • Barbrey

          And now I’m off to watch Six Flying Dragons, which might begin Joseon, but at least destroys Goryeo. Looking forward to it.

          • EZ

            Isn’t it interesting that every new kingdom starts with these nobel ideas of how country should be run… but ends up being a monarchy system..

            Its unbelievable that across the world and across all countries it took several years for people to grow out of this whole concept of king ruling the world… and caste system in its various forms (by birth or by occupation or any other means)

        • Lemon meringue

          You weren’t the only one – I even teared up when CR was praying to her mother at the prayer stones. So much pathos there in the simple prayer from a girl to her mother.

          Part of what makes this show so addictive to me is that it makes you feel for all the characters, even the despicable ones. It gave Yo humanity when he was on the verge of death, it redeemed Eun, it makes you feel for Yeonhwa, who is trying against all odds to come up tops. Then you’ve got the stories of the lesser characters like Lady Hae and Lady Oh.

          This is what the show does well, even when all else fails.

          • Barbrey

            Absolutely. What a roller coaster. Also in terms of the execution. One episode, like 17, almost has me vowing to ditch the drama – though Yo’s scenes saved it – and in the next, like this one, I re-dedicate because what drama do I know of has had me crying like a baby over a character like Chae Ryung, so unsympathetic in her actions, so hard to understand, but such a loss anyway.

          • pogo

            Part of what makes this show so addictive to me is that it makes you feel for all the characters, even the despicable ones.

            Exactly. I may get annoyed or frustrated or even furious (the ‘I regret nothing’ letter, good gods), but I’m never bored. And even characters we dislike or feel annoyance for end up being people we’re engaged with, right at the end.

            I mean, when characters annoy me, I want to drown them, not walk away from the screen lol.

      • 44.1.2 bamsa

        @EZ haahah… then you would be the king…. 🙂 i mean you wouldn’t possibly kill innocent people,,, they will fall on their knees and declare you a King!!! Man se Man se Man Man Se!!!!

        • EZ

          I’d like to call myself the president…
          Set up democracy.. ( What will Jeong Do Jeon do??? )

          And pass on all knowledge of culinary, literature, film making etc… ( Try suing me for plagiarism.. ROFL)

          AND position myself as the greatest human being ever borne.. ( Poor King Sejong)


          And then find that W tablet and get my own harem of husbands 🙂 … no wait.. of lovers who are irrevocably in love with me..even if I choose to frustrate the hell out of all logic prevailing in the world

          • Spi

            Oh how I wish this show had a bit of interesting and intelligent politics of Six Flying Dragons and a bit of mutual understanding between the OTP of Splash Splash Love to its plot…

    • 44.2 happychou

      @barbrey you always manage to give a necessary perspective each episode. I agree, So has that ruthless side of him all along which we were not given the chance to witness it because the show focuses on his vulnerable side due to Soo’s influence.

      • 44.2.1 Barbrey

        Thanks happychou. When she was reading that letter from CR, I thought to myself, “And how far will YOU go, Su?”. She basically resigned herself to being So’s “comfort woman” this episode, not even having the damiwon to keep her busy – no real work like Lady Oh, no real marriage like Lady Hae – giving it up for love, and now she sees there are new depths to plumb in that letter if she gives up too much more.

        • Seltzerwater

          200% Barbrey. I really think she sees herself in that letter and that’s even more fearful than CR’s death. She says CR was just a girl in love, but that’s exactly how she sees herself. Sometimes, I really think the show does too much subtext instead of textual writing which makes viewers insane. So many people have written that HS has excused CR, but I don’t see that AT ALL. The flashback moments with all of CR’s betrayal are DAMNING to HS.

          • Barbrey

            You put it beautifully, Seltzerwater: “She says CR was just a girl in love, but that’s exactly how she sees herself”.

            The nice thing for those of us who’ve been following the subtext is it’s been a richer experience because we’ve worked hard at it! For me, because I gained respect for the writer through the water imagery and mythic foundation she was using, I’ve always questioned why she’s doing something, or what she’s trying to say about the character in that scene, trusting there’s something half-decent behind it all. That isn’t always the case because of the drama’s poor execution, but I do think there’s enough pay-off to keep many of us quite fascinated with it.

            You’re right, HS is not excusing CR, she’s really thinking it through and realizing she herself could sink that low because she loves So so much. Where does that kind of love end?

          • Ren

            I don’t know, I can’t imagine Su ever poisoning someone for So and I don’t think she can envisage herself in that position either. Like HeadNo2 said, if there are sides, Su barely stands with Wang So.

            Although I think Su’s mostly leaving because So’s order for Chae-ryung’s execution pushed her over the edge, I think another factor in her decision is that she’s tired of Palace life and machinations. The flashbacks illustrate the depth and longevity of Chae-ryung’s lies. In the realm of the Palace Su’s closest friend and trusted confidante was a spy. Nothing is genuine and everything is part of a political power play, I think Su now realises this and it’s part of why she’s looking for an out with Jung.

          • Seltzerwater

            Yeah the subtext watchers seem much happier than the regular watchers. Sorry reg watchers. Idk, I’m happy with a show when it bears the brunt of interpretation and analysis. It might be too much work, but I guess they hooked me with IU and LJK’s chemistry and story.

            The writer really put forth this idea that love can change a person for the first half of the show, showing us exactly how WS was warped by the lack of love from his mother and how HS managed to reset him and help him become the man he is. That being said, the second half of the show seems to be a slow descent back to who WS was, a ruthless person who will do anything to protect what is his (actually, quite similar to his mother, Queen Yoo). I know we all hate the Queen, but WS is actually more similar to his mother than we admit. He’s an extremist, just as his mother was ruthless in protecting Jung and Yo, WS is the same way for protecting his power and his people. The apple did not fall far from the crazy tree.

            @Ren I’m not saying that HS would ever kill a person for WS, but I am saying that HS understands CR’s position. I absolutely agree with you that the depth of the CR’s betrayal as illustrated by the flashback was really chilling. You can just see pretty much all the hope leaving HS’s body when she asks herself “When do the lies end.” She really coming to terms with the fact that once you’re in the palace, this is the modeus operandi of everyone, even someone who has been “friends” with her for 7 years. CR’s almost like a weird sociopath because she demonstrates empathy for HS’s well-being but does not give af about how her actions affect HS’s life. CR’s very compartmentalized. I do this for Won. I do this for HS. But never assessing how these two actions are completely at odds.

            “Like HeadNo2 said, if there are sides, Su barely stands with Wang So.” – Yeah, HS has had a lot of ambiguity about this and I kind of agree with her. She has fallen deeply in love with man who promised to take her out of the palace, but in his rise to power to protect his loved ones, he has only buried her in the palace. I can see why she feels ambivalent about it. I do think she loves him deeply. Even after he yells at her about letting Jung see his mom and pleading why she couldn’t understand him, she tried reaching out by touching his face, but this is the point where he rejects her. It’s not about sides for her now, I think its really about survival. And she’s realizing that being by WS’s side does not equal survival for who she is as a person. If she doesn’t want to loose Ha Jin, she has to leave WS.

          • dabbs

            “You can just see pretty much all the hope leaving HS’s body when she asks herself “When do the lies end.” She really coming to terms with the fact that once you’re in the palace, this is the modeus operandi of everyone, even someone who has been “friends” with her for 7 years. CR’s almost like a weird sociopath because she demonstrates empathy for HS’s well-being but does not give af about how her actions affect HS’s life.”

            Uh oh, just wait till she finds out about Woo-Hee too. Poor Su, girl can’t catch a break can she.

          • pogo

            Yep, the very fact that Chae-ryung was able to write a letter at all was what brought it home to Su just how long the lies had been going on. So and Baek-ah telling her in unsparing detail exactly what Chae-ryung had done, didn’t help.

        • Ren

          Hi Barbrey,

          I don’t want to politicise anything, but I don’t think comfort women means what you think it means.

          • Barbrey

            I should probably have put it in quotes “comfort woman” so you knew I was being satiricial. The reality is, though, that the word “comfort” in relation to what she can be to So is used at least three times, so the term immediately sprang to my mind. You can make it more political if you want.

          • Ren

            @Barbrey The term ‘comfort woman’ is inherently political. I questioned whether you knew what the term pertains to, because lazing around and doing nothing is more associated with a woman of leisure (which has its sexist undertones, but hey, at least it’s not a war crime) that systemic state endorsed kidnapping and rape.

            ‘Comfort women’ is already a euphemism in of itself, I don’t think it needs to be romanticised as well by being associated with a character in a kdrama that offers support to the male lead. But perhaps I was missing the joke.

          • Barbrey

            @Ren, Okay I take your point. Mine in this context, especially as pertains to CR and HS, is that love can become a form of enslavement. However, using the term too loosely was insensitive of me. Please forgive.

          • Ren

            @Barbrey All is forgotten and all is well. I apologise too for the aggression.

          • Barbrey

            Oh not at all Ren. I actually googled the term because of what you pointed out. I had a general idea but was appalled at what I read.

    • 44.3 cherryarrow

      Totally agree. What they say is true, the seat of the throne really do bring out your true colors.

    • 44.4 Ruby

      I agree with you.

      I think Soo is using the death of her former friend as just one reason to flee. Jung also provided her an out. Despite giving So her blessing, she probably cannot stand living in the palace knowing her man is now married to his half sister who she hates. And she knows YH is supposed to be by his side. History says so.

      Personally, I would not want to be anywhere near YH if I were Soo. I just might try to poison her damn tea.

      Soo has no place next to Wang So, she doesn’t have much time left, he is becoming someone she fears and she doesn’t have it in her to survive palace politics. YH will chew her up then spit her out.

      She tried to change So but he has always been ruthless. Remember he had no qualms in telling Yo’s hired goon to kill her.

      I think she could not really change his destiny. He will be the Gwangjong of the history books. He will be the ruthless King needed in that ruthless era.

      Soo is too idealistic, too naive, too gullible to survive such a reign. And it really doesn’t help their relationship that she has trust issues still. I get it that she is leery of placing her trust in a man again after her experience with her ex bf in the modern era. But she keeps punishing So for the sins of her ex.

      I wish they had not spent too many episodes on the Soo/Wook romance and other unnecessary scenes because they barely have enough time left for the rest of the plot. I wonder how much film ended up on the cutting room floor, so to speak.

      • 44.4.1 Barbrey

        I agree, though I don’t think it’s her problems with the ex-bf that have created her trust issues with So.

    • 44.5 candiceraine

      +10000 This!

      I agree. I too, have been waiting for the last episodes for this side of Wang So to show. Sometimes, I can’t help but think that he’s a Goryeo version of Bipolar. Everything is extreme with him. Extreme obsession. Extreme punishment. Extreme measures. And we will all agree in Extremely Beautiful. Lol

      But before I get distracted again (damn it ljk), I know that everyone’s really impressed with the scene between So and Queen SMS, but the scene where Hae Soo tried on her wedding robes and looked at herself in the mirror was like a punch in the gut for me. All alone while So was being married to another woman.

      It was like in that moment, when she’s all alone, she was imagining the what ifs. How it would be like standing there with the man she loves.

      It was a quiet type of misery. Full of heartache and regret.

      And she’s dying.


      • 44.5.1 Seltzerwater

        OMO, I thought IU was so crazy good in that scene. Her looking at herself in that wedding dress in the POSSIBILITIES that are impossible. Damn, that was crushing.

        She’s not been given enough credit. I thought the proposal scene where she rejects him, but also wants him so much was so beautiful. HS’s this really rich character and I think IU has been inhabiting her beautifully.

        • candiceraine

          She’s got this quiet strength that does not impose.
          I guess it’s easy to be frustrated with her as viewers because we think that the solutions to her problems are easy.

          But nothing’s ever easy in Goryeo… it seems.

          I have to say, having survived this long, with all the scheming and odds that are forever against her while totally being true to herself, she deserves a little more than a pat in the back don’t you think? 😉

        • pogo

          @Seltzerwater – I may occasionally get frustrated by the way certain things play out with Su, but IU’s actually done a really good job, particularly in the latter half of the drama. That scene of her rejecting So’s proposal nearly made me cry – she’s definitely not lacking the ability to emote.

          And despite her youth, she has a certain maturity that works really well with Jun-ki. I’ve loved both sides of So/Su as a pairing – the giddy, teasing buddies they started off as, as well as the epic levels of trust and connection they ripened into after she entered the Damiwon.

        • happychou

          I’m with you, IU is good in latest episodes. I can feel HS’s pain.

        • PineappleGongzhu

          @Seltzerwater & @candiceraine

          Reading your comments are making me CRY!!! I totally agree with everything you said, in fact, you articulated the very thoughts of my own heart that I couldn’t express. So, thank you!

          Now, I’ll go and cry some more for poor Hae Su and Wang So/Gwangjong……

      • 44.5.2 Barbrey

        Oh I know – that was such a tragic scene. And adds so much to what I said above, really. Most of this episode was about what Su was ready to sacrifice for loving So.

        • Maui

          @Barbrey,@Ruby,@Candicerain,@pogo,@happychou…agree as well….the scene with the wedding dress infront of the mirror…you can see the thoughts going thru her head in that true to yourself moment…..”Why was I brought here? What was all this sacrificing for? Is this our fate? Have I been just a sacrificial lamb in Yeonwha’s altar?…..right in the gut……also, wanted to share this post I wrote becasue we might be misunderstanding this scene and the trust issue again….
          @JoseMiro, agree, “Well, that’s actually what happen, being a slave, means no position nor power to refuse any order from the master”….Hae Soo’s words to So “her only crime was being born a slave….” hold a deeper meaning I think….she isn’t trying to tell So she’s innocent and you are wrong in punishing her ..it serves as a REMINDER to So that Chae Ryung is a puppet being controlled by a puppet master…the puppet master used her as a scapegoat and So will not find his answers until he finds the puppet master…..Soo feels deeply betrayed by Chae Ryung….but her position is also compromised , in the same way So’s position is compromised with his brothers. So understands her message because he literally runs from the room to question Won. On the next scene we see So questioning Won, since he is the “owner” of Chae Ryung , the slave master…and lo and behold Soo was right there is a whole freaking plot masterminded by Wook, and Won…..but even knowing Won is involved So can’t just have Won put into the torture taco can he? His position is compromised because despite his crimes…killing two brothers..he is still his brother….killing a brother despite his sins is not an easy thing….So killing Yo…..so I would say Soo has handled it to the best of her ability, she never even got a single warning from So that this was going down…..literally showed up at the execution of Chae Ryung with no background information…..

 Maui October 26th, 2016 at 5:35 AM
          cont….just wanted to add, remember Soo actually knows who was behind the mercury poisoning…..Yo told her flat out it was Wook (the scene when Yo asks Wook if he posisoned the bathwater), so she knows Chae Ryung isn’t working on her own…..now that is trust on her part…..she is essentially handing Wook to So on a platter…..

          Also, if putting Wook in So’s hands, Hae Soo can do that because he promised not to hurt his brothers….but will that promise be broken in the next episode?

    • 44.6 justsaying

      Hmmm… good one. Never thought of it that way. Came to think of it – So did kill his horse in the first 5, 10 minutes of the episode?

    • 44.7 Seltzerwater

      UNF Barbrey with the POV!
      Okay, what happened to all those Hae Su haters that were angry at her for not wanting to Wang So to become king at the end of 16?? Where are your loud complaints now? Because literally everything that Hae Su has feared that Wang So would do, that the Kingship would force him to do, the separation, the cruelty, etc, he had to do it ALL this episode. I didn’t think Hae Su was stupid at all for stating her doubts for Wang So. She has personally seen the death of two kings at the throne. She’s personally served both. I think she was completely cognizant of all the machinations, the paranoia, the greed of the power who are around the king. She didn’t want it for Wang So. Now do you get why?? She’s accepted that Wang So would become King because of her great love for him. She even made him King because that’s what he wanted. And now, who’s paying the price? Hae Su. God girl, I want you to get out of there no matter how much you love Wang So. Her love is such a double edged sword. On the one hand, who she is allowed her to love Wang So, despite GIGANTIC RED FLAGS (um, temple of death much) BUT it’s also the reasons that she also loved Chae Ryung. Like 40somethingahjumma said, she would not shuttle these characteristics just because it’s more convenient to do so. Hae Su is the definition of inconvenient.

      • 44.7.1 Barbrey

        Absolutely – she’s paying the price. Get the hell out of Goryeo, girl! Back to the future – where’s the Delorean when you need it?

        • Maui

          @Seltzerwater, preach it girl….I said that the same heartbreak happened to me with c-version…I essentially felt exactly this way by the time I reached the end of the series too…like how much more can they ask Roxi to sacrifice for the Princes, and the royal family ….and now Hae Soo is in the same boat too….she’s dieing but will not tell So because she loves him so much, he comes first….Baekha had said first….how long can a girl with no siblings, family or parents survive in the palace?…..Chae Ryung was Hae Soo’s only connection to “family”…and she literally walked in to see the person she considers her sister being beaten to death….

          • Seltzerwater

            Yeah, I’ve been on HS’s side for a really long time and I think most watchers have a harder time reading her because the show’s not great at giving her perspective and she is really subtle with her actions. She often says what she doesn’t mean. She’s of great interest to someone like me, who’s interested in motivations underlying and will try to figure her out.

            Many fans of the show love WS, but I really think that without the give and take of WS/HS, there would be nothing to watch. No matter how much you don’t understand HS, bashing her isn’t going to make you understand the show. Only when you understand the sacrifices she has had to make, will everything make sense.

          • pogo

            @Seltzerwater – trust me, I’ve had my share of frustrations with how the drama chooses to present Su and her feelings (whoever heard of an epic love story where one side’s feelings are basically buried as a handwave in a time jump?!)

            but Su is still half of the So/Su pairing, and if she were really that terrible, I wouldn’t be so sad at the thought of the couple breaking apart. Like you said, she’s part of the give and take, even if the drama goes out of its way to write/direct her like she doesn’t love So as whole-heartedly as he loves her (and credit needs to go to IU for managing to keep me interested in Su despite all the things the writers do to downplay her feelings)

    • 44.8 Rex

      I always enjoy reading your perspective. 🙂

      I too was waiting for this crazy side of him to come out. I disagreed with people when they said that his change in character was drastic… nope, he always had a bit of that in him as hinted in the early episodes.

      And lmao at candiceraine’s “Goryeo version of bipolar.” Accurate. Regardless, I still love Wang So lol.

      • 44.8.1 Barbrey

        That’s Su’s problem – regardless, she still loves him.

        The drama set him up as a ruthless bastard at the beginning, but then highlighted his vulnerability to such a point we all but forgot that he’s still more or less the same guy with some edges softened because of Su.

    • 44.9 PineappleGongzhu

      Love your analysis, as always! 🙂

      • 44.9.1 Barbrey

        Thanks, stranger! Where you been?

        • PineappleGongzhu

          Haha, I was traveling overseas and couldn’t read nor comment on the latest couple of episodes (torture)!

          But, now I’m happily back and reading your comments again!

          I so love this show. I know it has so many flaws, but it captivates me in a way that is inexplicable. I love the multi-layered characters, the ones we root for even when they do despicable things, or unfathomable things.

          I’m listening to the background instrumental music right now: I’ve waited SO LONG for these songs! My favorite is “One for Me”, it first played as a romantic interlude for Wook/Su, but it’s just so heartachingly beautiful, i don’t mind – even when I am a So/Su shipper!

          • Seltzerwater

            happy to have you back Pineapple!! Yeah, I think the story flow and plotting can be uneven, but the core characters and development is really well done. That’s why all these haters are still watching. And I’m still like, this show is making SUCH an amazing comment on history and women’s place in history.

          • PineappleGongzhu

            @Seltzerwater Good to be back, missed you and your commentary!

            Say, do you know about the Google Hangout for ML:SHR? We’re calling it Moon Lovers Rehab. HAHA! @kumoiwa has a link to it! Come join and chat with us!

          • Barbrey

            Welcome back! I’ve missed your analysis!

          • pogo

            @PG – Seconded on the inexplicable love despite the poor story decisions and terrible presentation of some character actions.

            If I’m getting mad, it’s because I want this show to have done better. Because it could, it absolutely had everything going for it and then just…. refused to use it all. Poor Heads must be thoroughly tired of this drama and I can’t really blame anyone who is, but the core story and characters are great, in a way that even the Moon Lovers team’s messes can’t bury. When they have something good, it’s really good.

    • 44.10 nmaxx

      Thank you for this comment. I agree people tend to forget So always had it in him because of the drama’s huge focus on his vulnerability, which in turn leads people to prioritize his feelings over Hae Soo’s in an extremely disproportionate way.

      • 44.10.1 Maui

        Thank you for pointing this out…Soo has known So has this side to him, watching him covered in blood at the altar stones…it’s a real miracle she didn’t just flat out runaway from him in fear at the beginning, but somehow I think she saw thru to the real So somewhere in there trapped behind Gwangjongs Berserker iIng side….it’s been herconcern at the beginning and then her love that has balanced him out….I jst wouldn’t want to be Yeonwha after Soo leaves the Palace….

    • 44.11 Jamie

      @barbrey, Seltzerwater, Ren, et al.

      This comment thread is an example of why I come to Dramabeans (besides the excellent recaps)! Thank you all for your perspective–it is helping me to make sense of what’s going on in Moon Lovers far more than what’s shown on screen.

      barbrey said: “I think Chae Ryung’s words in her letter provide all the explanation we need as to why Hae Su realizes she needs to get out of the palace. Chae Ryung doesn’t excuse what she did because she’s a slave answerable to a master, but explains that it was for love and she would do it again. Terrible as that might sound to most of us, how much more terrible to Su who is in love with a man that she personally knows can be ruthless and whose reputation from history books says is a tyrant and a killer….Wang So is who he is – the Gwangjong of history but with a more complicated palate of emotions than the history books report. For me, Su’s sudden desperation to leave the palace is because she knows if she doesn’t, her love, like Chae Ryung’s, might make her complicit in crimes she can’t stomach.”

      Seltzerwater said: “[Hae Soo] says CR was just a girl in love, but that’s exactly how she sees herself.”

      Honestly, Hae Soo’s apparent obtuseness was making me want to throw things at her–because, of course, being in love is no excuse for the horrible things Chae Ryung did. I also felt, watching the show, that Chae Ryung’s letter (which someone in this comments section said looked like it was written with blood or tomato juice, lol) was pointless. Your insights, barbrey and seltzerwater, fill in the blanks as to what Hae Soo could possibly be thinking, and why the show bothered to put that letter scene in there.

      Seltzerwater said:: “…literally everything that Hae Su has feared that Wang So would do, that the Kingship would force him to do, the separation, the cruelty, etc, he had to do it ALL this episode.”

      Yep, and that big ol’ streak of crazy in So is coming out. There’s nothing Hae Soo can do to stop it. I want her to get out of Goryeo, too, and love him from a distance.

      Ren said: “…I think Su’s mostly leaving because So’s order for Chae-ryung’s execution pushed her over the edge, I think another factor in her decision is that she’s tired of Palace life and machinations. The flashbacks illustrate the depth and longevity of Chae-ryung’s lies. In the realm of the Palace Su’s closest friend and trusted confidante was a spy. Nothing is genuine and everything is part of a political power play, I think Su now realises this and it’s part of why she’s looking for an out with Jung.”

      Definitely this, too, Ren. Maybe it’s not so much what Hae Soo fears she will do for love of So, but more what she feels she will excuse, see, or turn a blind eye to…as well as being sick of blood and betrayal.

      • 44.11.1 Barbrey

        Yes, spot on Jamie. I know Su would never poison someone’s bath for So, but she does lie to say Yo named So the king. She knows some of the things he has been doing since. At what point does turning a blind eye cross the line into complicity?

    • 44.12 dabbs

      “In another post I mentioned that by Su “softening” So, who didn’t kill Yo when he should have, we found Yo and Wook instead enacting the deeds that So would have enacted if he had become king after Mu. Wook tortures Mu to death; Yo kills Eun and his extended family. Well here we have So’s version: So tortures Yo, kills his supporters (many of whom would be family), exiles Jung (a fate second only to death we’re told), and has his girlfriend’s BFF beaten to death without telling her about it first.”

      I think the only difference between So and Wook/Yo is that unlike Wook/Yo who were outright making up reasons to kill (Eun’s family), and poison (Mu) to get to the throne. On the other hand, I feel that So did try and take Su’s words of trying to avoid killing his brothers to the best that he can.

      He killed Eun only because Eun requested him to, and had Jung placed on house arrest rather than killing him. He didn’t kill Yo, since Yo did of insanity, but killed Yo’s supporters to because he needed to eliminate the threats, just like how he burned down the temple. Like his previous conversation with General Park, So says he kills to protect the (himself) and the people around him (Su).

      He even gave Chae Ryung an out by relieving her of being a court lady because he knew the things Chae Ryung did. But obviously Chae Ryung didn’t know she wasn’t as stealth as she had hoped to be. I only wished that So told Su and would let Su or have them both confront Chae Ryung together which would mean that Su would probably cut ties with Chae Ryung and let her go live in exile rather than having Chae Ryung being beaten like a taco.

      • 44.12.1 banini

        I’m even relieved that he didn’t kill Jung when he visited mom since it was Hae Su who called Jung. Jung was banned from going there right?

        That is why I understand why So was angry with Su about it, since he couldn’t execute Jung because of Su, he went against his own decree, ate his words. That is such a bad thing for a king right?

    • 44.13 pickledplumtree

      *clap, clap, clap!*

    • 44.14 Hanajj


      This is what I’ve been thinking too… When everyone mention that So has become more ruthless and the change in him is impossible… He used to be ok in the previous episodes but I do think that he has this ruthless side in him except maybe with Su… He’s ruthless, cold and intelligent.. And that’s what make him a good King …he’s the opposite of Su and maybe that’s what drawn him to Su in the first place…Su is soft hearted, caring and not very intelligent I guess in dealing with bad people in Goryeo.many people told her to be careful in the palace and that she ‘s alone there even So told her that but she just do and say whatever she wants.. She will never listen to him and she will bring him down as the King since she’s his weakness.she’s not just cut out to be a queen , just like what yeon hwa said to wang so on their wedding night. Eventho it hurts, it’s the truth.
      For Su,I don’t think that only the death of CR makes her want to leave the palace.she lost everything now, the man she loves n her friend. Although So said that she is the queen in her heart but it’ll be a matter of time that will change.Su does not believe in polygamy and it’ll be hard for her to accept that ..saying you can accept anything doesn’t mean that you re ok with it..and it also applies to all the deaths that she has to face there.i don’t think that I’ll be so strong if I have to live in Goryeo too…😖😖

      But if LJK is there I might want to give it a try… 😋 But not as gwangjong of course..

    • 44.15 Lucifermeo

      “a blip of time in history that is smoothing itself out as history fights to right itself”


      OMG, I really love this interpretation! It’s giving me some epic free will/destiny feels to the show. Hae Soo timetravelling may have shifted history but it is not meant to last. I remember in “Doctor Who” there is this concept of fixed time points. Basically these points mark the events that shape history and provide support for the universe’s timeline, so they can NEVER be changed, or else the time-space continuum will collapse. I have a feeling it may be similar here (ofc Kdramas wouldn’t usually delve into so many time travelling rules but I can have my meta) Like no matter what happens, Wang So has to become the GwangJong that made these reforms to the Goryeo political machinery and was a benchmark of Korean history. So Hae Soo being a time-traveller can do a lot, but no matter what happens, the rules of the universe will always seek to revert to its fixed point.

      • 44.15.1 Barbrey

        Exactly where I’m coming from. I’ve read a lot of sci-fi and I think this is the treatment we’ve been given. Certain things must happen or history – the world – collapses. That’s why it pushes back at the changes she makes. Also, even though this is a predestination paradox, Soo can’t be blamed for all the horrible things that happen. Lady Oh was dying anyway. Eun and Soon Deok would have died anyway, but at So’s causing their deaths instead of Yo. Won would have poisoned Mu’s bath anyway. Wook might have been behind it too with or without Su in the picture, and his fate – exile – will be the same. The only person she has the strong ability to change at least parts of his destiny is So, and not the major parts such as becoming Gwangjong or marrying Yeon Hwa, because even if she delays or detours parts of his fate, it will come back because history needs it to.

      • 44.15.2 Metebelis3

        As a huge Doctor Who fan (which you may guess by my username ;D) I’m super happy to see it mentioned here! I really like this idea of everything happening here being a predetermination paradox. In fact my sister and I had discussed this with each other at the very start of the show (whether what Hae Soo was doing was changing history or if she was always meant to go back in time and make those events come about – a bit like how in series 6 we see that the Doctor who was shot was always the Tesellecta), but then we forgot about it as the show didn’t dwell much on the time travelling aspect of it.

  45. 45 joongibae

    thanks for the review, Heads. Argh. Argh. Argh. that’s my only reaction after watching the episode lol… Hae Soo-ya… I really have difficulties understanding how your brain and logic works! While I can understand it very well that she wants everything to work out in a peaceful way, well it’s freaking Goryeo you are in! If she expects Wang So/ Gwangjong to be a ‘soft’ king and be super kind to his brothers i.e. not killing them, does she not realize that he might be killed instead by one of his brothers *Yes, Wookie, I’m talking about you… and your Won Weasel sidekick!*. Frustrating, really. At this point, I will wonder no more why Wang So’s darker side appear lol… it’s too much.
    Anyway, one thing I enjoyed the most from last episode was Wang So’s moment with Evil Queen Mother. Though I also thought that she still did not spare him even a 1 % of her affection, at least So had a more positive thought of being a mother’s son in the end. LJK cried his heart out like that really broke my heart. Honestly the only thing I’m waiting for is to see his other great grieving acting later if Hae Soo dies in the end. 2 more episodes. 2 more episodes.

    • 45.1 Kiara

      The part about him writing the history that he was his precious son was the ultimate revenge.
      She never apologize to him and she died calling her favorite son.

  46. 46 Lizzie

    I vented on twitter so I got that out of my system but then I read the recap…and all I can think is..were there any differences in this version from the dramafever one?

    Literally all I’m wondering right now.

    • 46.1 JoseMiro

      This episode has no different between SBS and Intl version

      • 46.1.1 Lizzie

        Thank you!

        However, now wondering why they thought this version didn’t need to be altered but the others did..

        • JoseMiro

          .. only editing team and the liquor know the reason why ..

          • mary


  47. 47 StrawberryMochi

    I’ve always been reading recaps and comments here ever since the show started, but was too lazy to comment but I just have to comment on ep 18 because I really can’t deal with this episode.

    Firstly, why is So so ruthless now? I don’t get it. It’s too unrealistic in the sense that he has made a total 180 degree change and is back to before he met Su in just one episode. I was reading Soompi yesterday and people were all commenting he has become a Wang So 2.0 now and that it is really weird and unrealistic. I have no idea why the writer wrote his character this way. Yes I know in the Chinese version, the 4th prince was ruthless too but they had more episodes to show his change (or was he already like this?). The writer basically made So become the So we have known for the past ep 4-17 to this new version of him in one episode. It’s as if sitting on the throne suddenly inspired him to be crazy. And just makes this drama have even more loopholes, sigh. I loved this drama at the beginning and till now, I’m addicted to the show but it is really too big a change. I think they wasted too much time in the first 10 episodes because the real throne fighting only began in ep 12?

    Secondly, the Yeon Hwa-So marriage. Does anyone think its too rushed or is it just me? I feel that they basically rushed the whole marriage thing in like 5 mins of the episode. And what’s with YH acting like Su? Lmao I just dont get it and it doesn’t seem like her character anyway to do so.

    I actually have more to say about this episode but I can’t think of anything more to say at this moment, but I just don’t really like this episode overall. It just makes me so sad for the OTP and so angry actually that they wasted a lot of time on Wook-Su in the first 10 episodes. Sigh I really wonder whether there’ll really be a happy ending. Does anybody have any clue as to how apart from the Su goes back to the future and meets future So? I can’t think of any possible happy ending in goryeo as it looks like its about to follow the c-bbjx ending.

    • 47.1 JoseMiro

      With the 2 episode remaining and with complicated stories and characters ? ..yes.. it is rushed, everything is rushed

      • 47.1.1 Maui

        Yes, everything is lightning speed rushed….like three episodes compacted into one….

    • 47.2 dena

      the 4th in BBJX is cold and probably ruthless from the start,
      he can’t forgive 8th for what he did to the 13th,
      he also so fed up with the throne fight that consumes all of their youth,
      how they need to be careful all the time and need to fight to survive,
      how he is been side-eying by his mother cause she didn’t raise him or like him as she likes the 14th,
      regardless history, we saw the reason why 4th did this and that to his brother, but not to all of his brothers,

      he didn’t drastically change, he just cruel in the way he punished people, thank god his son is famous for being one of the great emperors,

      • 47.2.1 Kiara

        Right. He did what a king would do. He was fair and square with his judgement.
        She would’ve been steamed to death like the original.

    • 47.3 Lizzie

      Last ep gave me an idea this ep was going to make me flip my lid. Pretty sure the last two will as well..too invested to not give a crap.

      As for the change in So..I also thought it was poorly done. The C-4th seemed to always have a ruthless streak. And everything he did seemed to make sense with his character. I wasn’t convinced here..but I kinda let it go.. I just keep being disappointed. And I know many people have commented on how annoying it is to hear ppl talk about BBJX but I had so much hope in this version BECAUSE of that..and it is confusing/disappointing to me that they are doing it this way. I wish they hadn’t tried to stay so close to the original..or at the very least had made the similarities believable. Like Chaeryeong’s handkerchief written in blood made me laugh.. and that made me sad. I am not “hating” on this drama..this is just how I am experiencing the drama and wanting to relay it..

      Anyways went on a tangent..my bad! My hope is very small but still there for the finale!

      • 47.3.1 JoseMiro

        Me too.. I still have hope, and I still hold on to PD-nim promise for happy ending, I blamed on production team or whoever it was who drunk enough to make decision for 20 episodes, if you want follow the original than follow it through else make the story solid and coherent for 20 episode long

        • Lizzie

          The PD promised a happy ending?! I didn’t even know that.. now I’m curious what his definition of happiness is..guess we will find out..

          • Hanajj

            The happiness that is promised to us might be the 5 mins before the show ends.. When Su wakes up and meet the modern So😭😭

    • 47.4 Evelyn

      I’m not understanding Wang So’s character trajectory now either. He started off ruthless, fine, but then met haesoo and supposedly mellowed out. And now he’s back to square 1? For why? o.O

    • 47.5 Isabella

      Re: Yeonhwa and So, I totally agree that was too rushed that wedding kind of crossed the line into farcical at some points like okay king gives in then suddenly we have a new queen all hail her. But I feel like the masquerading as Soo part was done quite well? Like one hand, it’s totally like her to manipulate his drunkenness (presumably if she knew he was drinking with Baek Ah) to her advantage since he won’t help her when he’s fully sober, and on the other hand, it is totally like her to mock him for being pathetic, being so hung up about a girl, and she’s doing this to prove to him that his blind desire for Soo is foolish, even dangerous because he can’t see beyond it.

    • 47.6 Chocopie

      I personally dont think So has changed. The positions he held before becoming king didnt really require him to make a lot of actions. He would always go back to his violent self when the situation called for it. Its just that we spent a lot of time seeing him with Soo that it feels like he’s no longer a cruel person.

      But now that he’s king, he has a lot more at stake. If he doesnt protect his throne, the kingdom may fall apart, whats with all the clans trying to fight each other. He can’t let anyone suspicious of his status to be around. And him exiling Jung wouldve been out of character for me had it not been due to his promise to Soo of not killing brothers (he couldve just killed Jung for treason). Regarding Chae-ryung too, this girl killed a king and was involved in layered-treason attempts, it was only right that she got punished severely AND in public to ensure nobody dared to do the same.

      His revenge with Evil Queen. Well, that was originally his one and only motivation to stay in palace, as the flashback showed us. As he became king, the Queen still didnt bother to acknowledge and even worse, was suspicious and went to interrogate Soo, his dearest. I guess it was starting from this point that many people think So went back to Square 1. But he’s in a position where nobody powerful is supporting him. If he couldnt make them join his side, then what other options would there be?

      So, I think it makes sense that he did everything that he did today. He has to establish that he is king, he is power and he is the law.

      Also I appreciate that even Soo had no word in changing his stand. He is clearly affected by Soo, but he also knows of his duties and is struggling so hard to keep both Soo and the country under his arms..

      • 47.6.1 Jamie

        @Chocopie: “I personally dont think So has changed…. He would always go back to his violent self when the situation called for it. Its just that we spent a lot of time seeing him with Soo that it feels like he’s no longer a cruel person….So, I think it makes sense that he did everything that he did today. He has to establish that he is king, he is power and he is the law…. He is clearly affected by Soo, but he also knows of his duties”

        I think we see both reasonable justification for some of his actions (by the standards of that era) and some truly crossing-the-line crazy behavior, here. I think we can tell the difference by the twisted expressions that cross his face–like when he has his dying mother in his sole power. So is seriously one messed-up puppy. He had a terrible mother: but at some point a reasonable adult will move on as best he or she can. As an adult you don’t take revenge on a dying person, that’s too crazy. (Even if you do love/hate them.)

        Also, he’s lashing out at Hae Soo. A lot. Threatening her, in a scary way, in between being loving and sweet. He’s getting crazier, not more stable and assured in his kingship and destiny, like the Gwangjeong we hoped for. Not that it’s not realistic or understandable, but dismaying, nonetheless. For someone with absolute power, who could order Hae Soo killed, that’s no joke.

      • 47.6.2 JoseMiro

        @chocopie, but it’s not about killing the past king, treason, etc.. that WS has published to public for CR punishment .. remember when HS first found out about the beating ? She ask what’s going on to the court lady, and the court lady said the king order them to watch so they don’t speak carelessly in palace..

        WS will never announce the killing publicly because to many royal member (prince) involved including King Yo, and no one will believe that a maid/slave will act on her own, so WS basically just covered the murder up by blamming all the fault to the low life

        • Jamie


          Ohmigosh, you’re right! I heard it, but I didn’t understand it!

          Chae Ryung was NOT being officially punished for poisoning Mu…none of the court ladies knew about that…they think she’s being punished for “speaking carelessly”!

          It IS a coverup by So.

          Mind. Officially. Blown.

          • JoseMiro

            You are Jamie with paragraph-break, right ? .. 🙂

          • Jamie

            Lol, I can’t believe this is even a thing. Yes, it’s me!

      • 47.6.3 StrawberryMochi

        @Kiara, @Chocopie
        Hmm I understand what you guys mean that Wang So has to be cruel and stuff, and I totally understand why he had to do that to CR. I’m even fully in support of punishing CR too, lol of course not in that way but I feel she should be punished because of her crimes.

        What I mean is they showed his change a little too extremely. Sure, he was always like that, him and those assassins, him killing his horse and being so badass and scary in the first 2 episodes. I honestly wonder where all that went to in the episodes up till 18 lol. He was softened by Su, but I’d reckon he would have at least remained with that personality to others? (Omg I am so bad at explaining what I truly feel haha) Yeah and now they suddenly showed him back to square 1 which would have been better done had it been done in 2-3 episodes? I was thinking about someone’s comment that So had it in him all along, it is part of him, and I agree with that, and he has to establish himself as ruler of the country too. They just shouldn’t have shown his sweet side all the time for 10+ episodes and then his scary side again in the last 3 episodes -___- They probably wasted too much time in the first 10 episodes. Now that I think about it, not necessarily too much time wasted on Wook-Su, but too much time wasted in general on a lot of backstories. Or maybe this would have been better done had it been 24 episodes.

        I just feel the last few episodes are a bit too rushed pfttt. I loved this show so much even at episode 9-15 when people were complaining about the bad editing I honestly had no problem with it I thought people were over-exaggerating but this episode did it for me. I hated this episode lel

        • Kiara

          That was not Wang So changing in any way. Any king in his place would’ve punished this girl and much harsher.
          That’s Goryeo’s law being cruel if you call it that.

  48. 48 Gem

    “Chae-Ryun was just a girl in love”, for a supposed 21st century girl driven by her ideals of 21st century mentality, that line had me at splits. Really, Hae Su, really?? People in love do not murder or commit regicide, that’s not how it works, not back in Goryeo and not here. What alternate reality is Hae-Su from that she even justifies killing somebody to be okay as long as you were guided by the lights of love?? The line was atrocious, the delivery was off and their were no emotions attached to them. The great O_O is back in its mighty glory. For a event that will lead to the heart breaking separation of our leads whose love never felt real or natural progression of their shared experience to me, this feels like a non-issue to me and completely ridiculous. Just drop dead Hae-Su, go back to 21st century, ruin lives there, enough harm done in Goryeo.
    BTW, so happy for our resident baddie Yeon Hwa, you go girl, get that throne, get your man and live happily ever after. I am rooting for you.
    P.S. Somewhere Liu Shi Shi is laughing her ass off, I am still the best and the most memorable Rouxi ever, Hae-Su who??

    • 48.1 Ruby

      YH is ethically bankrupt, evil, cunning, ruthless, ambitious and devious enough to survive Goryeo. She is a product of her time and that poisonous family. I give her a thumbs up for going after what she wants even if it means she will sacrifice her own kin to get it.
      But I do not admire her and wish karma will later bite her in the ass.
      Of course it’s never going to happen in this show. But I hope someone will pen a fanfiction where she gets killed in various painful ways. Or hef children turn on her. Or Wang So makes her life a living hell. I just loathe her character.
      The actress who played her got the character right though.

      • 48.1.1 Gem

        Yes, she is all that you mentioned and much worse perhaps but she has consistency as a character and motivation and serves her purpose well. It also helps that the actress playing her has gravitas and has truly made Yeon Hwa a unique character that you are fascinated with. Admiring her as a character is different than condoning her actions, this is a drama not reality yet the fact is she feels real. I don’t care what Karma serves her, Wang So needs a queen by his side who can help him keep his throne and Hae-Su sadly is too stupid and too delusional to serve that purpose. The most dangerous aspect of foolish and self-righteous people like Hae-Su is their complete lack of knowledge about their own folly and absence of self-realization. Hae-Su’s heightened self of moral on top of that is contradictory to the ideals she claims to be a standard for her choices.
        So, that is why, I love Yeon Hwa and cannot stand Hae-Su. Hae-Su is bland but Yeon-Hwa is fire.

        • banini

          Yes, Yeon Hwa’s better for Wang So, better for Goryeo. She’s consistently cunning and she consistently wants, if not loves, Wang So. She is determined and decisive, strong and intelligent.

          • Ruby

            She’s better for him in this era but she is nothing but a soul-sucking snake. I hope Hae Soo meets her modern counterpart and beats the shit out of her.

  49. 49 Minaminami

    At this point, I’ll accept whatever the drama decide to do. I’m going to be loyal but I’m confused. I’ll be beak ah. Idling around and just watch

    • 49.1 justsaying

      hihihi… good one… as at the end of ep. 18, I too have made up my mind to accept whatever ending it’ll bring next week. Coz I can’t really say I’m looking forward to Soo/So happy ending coz So scares me…

    • 49.2 Labyrinth532

      I’ve been watching since day 1 and am wishing the torture to end soon. 2 more episodes to go.

      Once, I was sooo into this that I watch it first over LITM, but of late the show hurts me, little by little and makes my head spins and my heart aches.

      I dont care anymore. Just get it done and over with. Bring her back to the 21st century (and if the show can be kind, to the poor viewers, gives us happy ending or a glimmer of it somehow).

      Am so frustrated but I know i will back next week.
      We are all just masochists, at heart.

  50. 50 Lyna

    This is why I lose that emotional heart-tugging feeling with So and Hae Soo. I always feel that Hae Soo feeling for So is not as deep as So feeling for her. Never on the same wave length when it comes to their love.

    For all of Wook action, she can justified and give him the better of doubt. However with So, she cannot do the same regardless of how his action are justified. Him killing Eun etc are justified. Yet she still doubt him rather than see his justification.

    In that sense, the problem was never So to begin with but with Hae Soo herself. And hopefully episode 19 will give her the justification to her action. Her punishment would be losing So wholeheartedly because of her action. It seem more in sense that from start, it isn’t So but what lead So to become what he turn out to be is herself. That the tragedy of all that happen result in her being the catalyst to push forth those event. Hopefully that will be the justification she get on episode 19.

    I am preparing tissue so don’t fail me drama! I need those gut-wrenching heart tugging pain (like the chinese version did to me). I want wet tears! Wet tears! Not dry one!

    • 50.1 Evelyn

      “This is why I lose that emotional heart-tugging feeling with So and Hae Soo. I always feel that Hae Soo feeling for So is not as deep as So feeling for her. Never on the same wave length when it comes to their love.”

      This. They do have an amazing connection but I tend to not feel it from her side as much. I dont know if it’s the acting or writing or directing/whatever, but it’s like Wang-so’s feelings comes across very deep and genuine. Hers always seems like she has one foot in and one foot outside, ready to bail when she has (inaccurate) visions of him or when she sees something happen, knows why it happened and yet still continues to doubt him

      For all their amazing talks etc, she doesn’t know him well and ultimately doesn’t trust him. Which is kind of why i can’t really fully engage in their romance.

      • 50.1.1 justsaying

        It seems that most thought ‘Soo-Su relationship is kind of 1 sided – So loves Soo more . I can’t deny it but I have to say that it is only true to some extent.

        Knowing the future itself is a big responsibility – how can we ignore it when we know that it is actually the truth. It’s not just a premonition of what might happen. It is written as history. Knowing that sb will kill your dear friends – how can you not try to prevent it from happening or try to get away from it all.

        Even after years of relationship – you only need that one moment where you are reminded of the future truth to shatter all the trust that you’ve built. So I guess I understand why Soo kind of go back and forth with the ‘trust So thing’.

        • pogo

          That’s how I feel too -I’m not happy about it, but there it is.

          But yeah, sometimes it can come across like Su trusting visions over what she actually knows of So, and ignoring blatantly untrustworthy behaviour from other people (Wook, Chae-ryung) whom she still takes on face value more easily than So.

          And it’s just a really poor decision to have that combined with the way Su constantly second-guesses So thanks to the visions, even if logically it makes their love even more epic that she goes to him KNOWING that he’s Gwangjong, with all the violent history behind that king.

          Like Su actually goes straight to So in episode 13 with news of Yo and Wook’s planned rebellion, and has refused to break up with So multiple times (even when he himself was the one leaving her), risked her life to leave the palace to go to him after the arrow incident….. but the story seems to give way more weight to the times when Su DOESN’T trust So, than the times when she actually ignores the visions and goes for it anyway. It’s just maddening that the writing and directing do this.

        • pogo

          Also, I feel like a lot of us wouldn’t feel this way if the show hadn’t made the ULTIMATE STUPID DECISION OF ALL TIME – the @#&*^%!* two-year time jump in which we’re left to infer, hey, Su kind of fell for So somewhere in that time and you’re never really going to know how exactly it happened.

          No wonder it feels like Su’s not invested – because the drama literally doesn’t show you how she came to be.

        • Evelyn

          From the way they are portrayed, to me, So does love Soo more. It could be a writing issue, but I felt that the drama gave alot of weight to Su’s mistrust of So than the opposite. You don’t see So second guessing her often, if at all. And as with any relationship, trust is the ultimate foundation. It’s hard being truly in love with someone whose actions and motives you’re constantly doubting. Maybe that’s one of the messages the drama is trying to convey to us

          And I’m not sure I can really agree that Su “knows the future”. She simply has visions – images that occur to her for some reason, without any basis in anything whatsoever. She has zero clue whether it’s the truth or not. She’s not like C-version Ruoxi who was very historically knowledgeable and used those hard facts to make choices – for better or for worse. Haesoo was never written as someone who had intimate knowledge of history, if at all. Girl isn’t shown to fact-check her visions with anything or anyone. So to me it’s like an equivalent of having a nasty nightmare and choosing to believe in that over whatever she experiences in the present. That makes no sense to me and ultimately shows that she has no trust in So and can’t love him completely as a result. Add to this, the fact that she mentions to Jung about the advice she received from Taejo about living in the present – seems like she has never heeded that piece of advice ever.

      • 50.1.2 pogo

        @Evelyn – that’s part of what frustrates me so much, it’s a writing issue. I was 100 percent on board the So/Su ship early on, when they were actually talking and became buddies despite the fact that she was still in love with Wook at the time, she still felt far more emotionally connected to So than she did to Wook.

        I feel like the visions were the worst decision ever when it came to introducing conflict between them – not just the visions themselves but the ease with which Su initially accepts them as the truth (though I will say, later developments like her having them and still trusting So enough to go to him with the news Wook fed her about the rebellion, and before that the entire incident with the poisoning and Lady Oh and the two days kneeling in the rain, got me back on board 100 percent).

        The other terrible (and actually worse) decision this show made when it came to So/Su is not showing us how Su’s feelings for So changed. I mean, I love their conversation in episode 14 and the confession but that doesn’t mean the show can get away with handwaving such a major development and not showing it at all. Meanwhile, every development with Wook is lovingly detailed, sometimes excessively (we get it, you guys had a mutual promise to get her out of the Damiwon, it doesn’t need triple reiteration).

        So yeah, while I’m on board the So/Su ship, I’m still mad that this drama chose to go the route of Tell, Not Show with how Su ended up actually falling for So and realising it. You literally don’t get Su’s POV on that two-year time gap when she started actually falling for So/allowing herself to fall for So, AT ALL, like wtf kind of decision is that in a love story?

        • Evelyn

          @pogo: so it’s not just me then? I really liked them in earlier episodes too, she was more open with him there as well. And more animated and engaging.

          Her visions are the worst sort of plot device the writers could have thought of introducing as a barrier between the both of them. I don’t like that she trusts them mostly instead of trusting what she actually witnesses before her. I also really didn’t like that others (ie: Seon-deok) had to tell her to trust So, cause she loves him. And she’s like oh yeah maybe I should! Girl, do you really need an outsider to tell u that o.O

          I totally agree. I think the multiple timeskips made me completely lose my bearings when it came to their relationship. All of a sudden I was being told that Su has fallen head over heels for him but I’m like where? What happened? He went away for a year or so, how did she cope with it?? What made her realise her feelings? No development. We get so little of her thought process/emotions.

          Also, for a couple that is seriously in love, there isn’t much deep physical intimacy. I’m not asking for R21 bedscenes, but the night they supposedly spent tog was like so tame. She also comes across very frigid and kinda hesitant towards his physical advances which makes me kinda go =.= and this is a man you are head over heels for? Doesn’t compute.

          At this rate, I want her to leave the palace, leave everyone behind, go find Jung* and ride off into the sunset with him. If she doesn’t want to, I’ll gladly volunteer HA

          *speaking of Jung in real-life, how on earth did jisoo even think of accepting another drama role with his health condition? O.O I was complaining so much this morning on the related dramabeans news article.

          **also, I’m actually wondering if Jung’s sideburns are drawn on or are they…gasp! Jisoo’s real sideburns? *runs off to investigate*

        • pogo

          @Evelyn – honestly, those early episodes sold So and Su’s eventual connection so well that I was rooting for them even as Su was in full crush-mode with Wook.

          When the visions came along, I was really annoyed by the 180 they caused in Su’s behaviour towards So but was willing to let it pass after she seemingly decided to NOT treat them as a guide for the future……. and then along came episode 15 and you have Su undoing every bit of progress she made about the Gwangjong-visions and needing to be told by an outsider (Soon-deok) that if she loved him, trust was a part and parcel of that package – which is prophetic, because Su’s repeated reluctance to trust So and the amount of time spent on it undermines her not only within the story itself, but to us, the audience. I mean, she’s given him her heart (at some point unbeknownst to the audience, via time skip), her body (inferred only very obliquely and by her continued presence in his quarters) and her trust (which was unconditional and absolute until the rain ceremony, and is revoked at crucial moments even when there’s no indication that that is warranted).

          But the oblique and de-emphasised approach taken to Su’s feelings for So, coupled with the show’s stepping gingerly around the subject of passion between them, really does not help. Like you said, I’m not expecting anything even PG-13 rated, but the show going out of its way to neutralise all intimacy between So and Su is ridiculous – I love the innocence of it sometimes, but these are two adults in love who’ve had to move heaven and earth to be together. I get that the show wants to present them as more of an emotional bond vs the pure physical attraction she had for Wook, but it’s not going to taint So and Su if you actually let them look like they want each other – the physical and emotional connection don’t have to be separate.

          And LJK and IU have enough chemistry that I actually bought So and Su as the banked fire just waiting for one spark of realisation to really burn. I just wish the makers of this version of the drama had capitalised on that instead of turning Su into the next thing to a model of chastity in her own love story. If not in actual fact (since So is paying visits to her bedroom, after all), then at least in the way they’re playing it onscreen.

          • Evelyn

            Yeah it was ep 15 which sort of was the turning point for me and like you said, she undid everything that they built up for so long prior to that. Like I explained to another poster above, her trusting her visions makes zero sense to me cause she can’t 100% say for sure that it is rooted in any sort of reality. She has no idea why they are occurring to her and has never bothered to check it out. History is also not her forte. So when she actually chooses to trust those visions over what she’s experiencing irl, and allowing it to affect her feelings for So, it just makes me think she has never really trusted him.

            Another reason I can’t really get into the couple in the latter half is like you said, the drama gingerly stepping around their physical intimacy. They went through so much of crap to be together yet the feelings don’t match up. Like you said again, the physical and emotional connection doesn’t have to be separate, and shouldn’t be, since the deep emotional connection was what they established first.

            “And LJK and IU have enough chemistry that I actually bought So and Su as the banked fire just waiting for one spark of realisation to really burn.” I was waiting long and hard for this to happen. It never did and probably never will with 2 episodes left. One of the biggest letdowns in the plot, for me.

          • pogo

            @Evelyn – seriously, and then they follow the episode 15 incident with So breaking up with her and her going out of her way and risking her life to be with him again with Yo still on the rampage and willing to kill her…..but I feel like the show just does not give that enough weight at all.

            I mean, the very fact that they’re together now is because Su was the one who loved him enough to pursue him despite repeated rejection. But does the story actually pay any attention to what drove her to do that, afterwards? Instead it’s all ‘oh wait, we’re going to have children?’.

            And Su choosing to leave him over a poorly-developed shoehorned-in friendship with someone who betrayed her repeatedly and went out of her way to do so (sneaking Su’s Hangul books to Won and Wook? They would never have even known Su writes like that if Chae-ryung hadn’t ratted her out, this goes way beyond just “following orders because she’s a slave”), is what annoys me most. It’s not even framed as So’s violence and cruelty being what caused the break, it’s that it was Chae-ryung.

            If she was going to use her relationship with someone So was cruel to as the reason to leave, I’d even have understood if she chose to leave over Jung’s exile. Much as Ji-soo/Jung annoys me, the show at least did try to show that Su and Jung were friends/had some kind of relationship as friends.

            And even with all that, at least this time Su is actually walking out because of something So actually did, not because of a vision. That’s an improvement on the previous times. Even if it’s still maddening that she, as Heads says, gives the benefit of the doubt to literally everyone else in her life (including the unrepentant killer and spy) but keeps refusing to do the same for So, or says she trusts him and then behaves like she doesn’t (with Eun).

            Blasted visions.

          • Evelyn

            @pogo: exactly. Instead of building up these events in a logical manner, it’s all over the place and makes it feel like 1 step forward, 2 steps back with this couple.

            Yeah she’s acts all cool with the “I don’t care if I’m not your queen, I’m happy and will be right beside you”…and then she leaves him cause of Chae ryung? O.O And yes I’d have been more on board as well if she chose to leave cause of Jung’s exile… but like over Chae-ryung, after you’ve found out about her repeated offences? Besides Su’s empty talk that annoys me a lot, it’s the fact that she is pushed as this really principled character with a lot of common sense and then she goes and does something that is the opposite of sense.

            And yeah gotta give it to her this time, she left cause of what she really witnessed and not those visions! Just that the reason she left is so…..lame.

          • pogo

            @Evelyn – whoops, comment was meant to go under this.

        • pogo

          Also, I will send up prayers to the drama gods that Ji-soo either works on improving his sageuk speech or doesn’t touch a sageuk for a very long time. And recovers properly before going back to set yet again.

          (seriously, he thought for a while there that he had cancer ffs – why the hell can’t his agency let him rest up for a while after Fantastic?)

          • Evelyn

            Same. I prefer he stays away from Sageuks until he’s gotten the pronunciation right. In earlier epis, i gave him the benefit of doubt. But in the later episodes, it has been glaringly obvious that he really needs work.

            Exactly! Omg after that cancer scare i just can’t wrap my head around someone refusing to just take proper rest. It’s a bone surgery as well! When i tore an ankle tendon i took almost 6 mths to fully recover, what more a surgery o.O He was also seen by Thai fans in Bangkok 2-3 days back, most likely for a holiday. And I’m like dude, i know u love to travel but really this is the time to just sit at home. At this point, i feel that it’s also HIM who’s also wanting to take on more work. Afraid his popularity might slide? Korean work culture to blame too?

            and it’s not like the new role is a must-do for him. It’s like the same role he’s been doing since idk when and it isn’t really compelling. Risks overexposure at this rate too. o well.

          • Baek

            He probably wants to work and i hope thats the case..

            At least thats better than being forced to work by the agency.. If its his own accord, i believe he would know better.. And probably it isnt as taxing for him as it seems to be..

          • pogo

            @Evelyn @Baek – I honestly hope nothing goes wrong with the kind of schedule he’s running, no one wants his bone infection to flare up again and become chronic or lead to permanent health issues for him.

            He’s had no less than FIVE projects out this year, granted all but two of them were in supporting roles but I wish he would take some rest.

          • Evelyn

            @Baek: yeah he probably wants to work, but how much of that is his own choice? Given how unforgiving and brutal Korean work culture can be with people who are sick/not 100% healthy, i wont be surprised if he was forced (subtly or otherwise) by his agency or felt pressured by societal expectations to just keep on working. i just have a feeling he didn’t decide to take on/carry on with projects cause he felt 100% healthy; there are other factors at play, certain image to uphold etc.

            and i’m not sure i agree that “if it’s his own accord, he would know better”. he might know the risks but still decided to go through with it.

            @pogo: exactly, really hope he’s following the doctor’s advice closely and doesn’t aggravate himself, the effects can be permanent/lasting.

          • Baek

            @Evelyn: of course, im not him.. neither do i know exactly the state he is in.. he could be forced, or like you said, succumb to pressure etc..

            Im just saying that i really hope and hoped its really his own decision/accord to work.. And with that, i hope he does that decision after knowing all the risks and stuff and not based on any other external factor that is not prioritized at getting his health back as main focus..

            Of course, that’s just what i hope and hoped to be..

            I know there are many cases of agency ill-treatment to actors/idols etc and its not a uncommon thing or some stars being forced or forcing themselves to overwork.. But what to do, its his choice (willing, or maybe forced or out of no choice) and ultimately thats the route he’s taking on and choose to continue.. All we could do is just to show our support for him..

        • pogo

          @Evelyn – EXACTLY, I can almost understand Su’s initial terror of future Gwangjong, but the way this drama keeps harping on it even after not one, not two, but THREE reconciliations, is the worst decision ever. You want to tell me the story of an epic love, then let your actors do their damn work instead of writing one character blowing hot and cold based on her imagination.

          I suppose the bright side of this is, at least it wasn’t noble idiocy that drove Su from him. This drama has a thankful shortage of that particular stupid trope, and I’ll even take Su making the break over Chae-ryung’s death over THAT.

          Basically, what happens when they don’t trust each other is that people die (first Eun, now Chae-ryung). And just as So partially blames Su for her part in Eun’s failed escape/lack of trust in him, Su blames him for his purposeful cruelty against Chae-ryung. Which was really the last straw after the exile of Jung and his blocking Jung from his mother’s deathbed.

          • Spi

            Dear pogo,
            Thank you so much for writing out all of these analyses. I have a lot of frustration for the writing or maybe the editing and directing of this show but I cannot put it to words as well as you do. It is so good to read what you write.
            At this point, I feel like it’s not the characters that we need to analyse, in the end it’s the way the show is produced that needs analysing and deserves criticising the most. And I really blame the production of this show for the frustration that we are going through.

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