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Moonlight Drawn By Clouds: Episode 17
by | October 17, 2016 | 445 Comments

We’re in our final two hours! I am simultaneously looking forward to the ending tomorrow and a little loath to get there, partly because it’s been a pretty awesome ride that I’ll have to say goodbye to, and partly because I still don’t know how we’re going to get to where we’re going in the time we have left. Today is jam-packed with events, both of the momentous nature and the small meaningful kind—and also moments that are, in line with this drama’s forte, small but feel momentous. Grab a kleenex or two, settle in, and get ready for a roller coaster of emotions. *grabs armrests*


EPISODE 17: “An ending on behalf of a beginning”

All hell breaks loose at the interrogation, moments after the order is given to execute Ra-on. The disguised rebels turn on the soldiers, while Byung-yeon turns his sword on the prince, holding the blade to Yeong’s neck.

Minister Kim orders the soldiers to capture all the rebels, but with Yeong’s life in danger, the panicking king screams at everyone to not take any action. Head Eunuch Han orders everyone to step aside and clear an exit path, because preserving the prince’s life is the priority.

The rebels free Hong Kyung-rae and usher him and Ra-on away. Yeong whispers, “No,” looking on with teary eyes as she leaves with them. Ra-on sends back an anguished look back at Yeong, and then is pulled away.

When they’re safely out of the courtyard, Byung-yeon turns back to the prince and re-brandishes his sword, causing everyone to tense. As he looks at Yeong, one big tear rolls down his cheek, and we flash back to a conversation they’d had recently:

Yeong had stated his intent to find out what Baekwoonhwe, the rebel organization, was all about, and also to figure out what the wall is that is getting between him and his people. Byung-yeon had said that the nation Yeong is trying to make will be over that wall, and had said he wanted to see it. Yeong had replied smilingly, “In order for that to happen, I’ll need your help.”

Now as Byung-yeon holds his blade to Yeong’s neck, he asks him to forgive the offense: “The world that Baekwoonhwe hopes for and the Joseon that you dream of—I believe that they are not different. Over that wall between you and your people, the nation you will make—I wish to see it.” Byung-yeon smiles through his tears, and Yeong’s face takes on an alarmed look.

Then, reinforcements pour in and point arrows at Byung-yeon, who starts to step back. Urgently, Yeong tells him not to retract the sword: “The moment you do, I will lose you.”

Byung-yeon closes his eyes and seems at peace with his fate, but Yeong orders him not to take back his sword. Byung-yeon replies through more tears, “I cannot obey that order—I am sorry.”

Yeong watches in horror as Byung-yeon drops his sword, and immediately is struck in the chest with an arrow. Then another in the leg. Yeong calls for a halt, but a soldier slashes Byung-yeon with his sword, and Byung-yeon topples to the ground, mortally wounded.

Yeong forces his way past the soldiers and kneels by his dying friend, cradling him in his arms and gripping his hand tightly. He tries to force down his sobs and smiles down at Byung-yeon, telling him, “Do not forget. If I only had one person in the world that I could trust, it would still be you.”

Byung-yeon says, “Thank you for trusting me.” He reaches up with his hand as though to wipe Yeong’s tears, but before he can, his hand falls slack and his eyes fall closed.

In a flashback to the lantern festival, we see Byung-yeon at a distance from Yeong and Ra-on, who watch their lantern float up into the air. Byung-yeon sends his own wish up into the sky: In the last moment, that I may be only a friend. Oh god, I’m a mess. A blubbering mess.

The rebels, still dressed in soldiers’ uniforms, lead Hong Kyung-rae to the palace gates, where the guards eye them suspiciously. But Head Eunuch Han arrives to show them an official pass, and the guards open the gate.

The rebels are halfway through when the pursuing soldiers catch up to them, shouting for the rebels to be stopped. Fighting breaks out, and as half of the rebels hold them off, Hong Kyung-rae and Ra-on are led outside. Head Eunuch Han closes the gates on them, saying that he’ll buy them time—and although Ra-on and her father are loath to leave him behind, they’re compelled to hurry away.

The eunuch is slashed across the back as he starts to close the gate, but he marshals the last of his strength to stab a soldier who tries to follow the fugitives. Then he shut the gates closed, and Ra-on and her father witness the scene sorrowfully before they’re whisked away on horseback.

Eunuch Jang and Yoon-sung intercept the palace servant who’s wheeling out Byung-yeon’s corpse, and bribe him into leaving the body with them (as a criminal, he wouldn’t get a full burial). Yoon-sung breaks down in tears as he looks down on his friend, grasping his bloody hand…

And then, that hand ever so slightly twitches. Omo omo. Yoon-sung registers the motion with shock, then hope.

One month later.

The prince’s retinue gathers outside his door in the morning, awaiting permission to enter… which they don’t receive because the prince is not in his chambers. He’s outside the palace, having left his dragon robes behind.

Currently, Yeong sits stone-faced in a gisaeng house, watching a gisaeng dance while another pours him a drink. She notes that it’s his first time in this establishment, but Yeong’s reply is cavalier—he doesn’t remember, since he’s often drunk these days.

At the palace, the king confirms with a displeased court that the prince has missed yet another session. The prime minister argues that he is taking his regency too lightly and indicates the stack of scrolls in front of him, which are calls for dethronement. The king dismisses that prospect, but Minister Dumb pipes up that it’s necessary, and that he poses a danger to the state.

At that, Minister Jo retorts that the prince did not endanger the state, and accuses the ministers of linking the prince to Baekwoonhwe’s actions without any proof, and inciting the scholars at every chance. The prime minister presses on, though, insisting that the prince has lost all support and spends more time at gisaeng establishments than at his official duties. He argues that it’s time to dethrone the crown prince and name a new one, in order to set the government aright.

Dumb and Dumber chime in, and the rest of the ministers join the plea. Minister Jo is vastly outnumbered, and the king looks cornered. (Not that that’s difficult, as he seems to have taken up residence in that corner.)

As Yeong leaves the gisaeng house, he hears a familiar voice and turns to see the queen’s eunuch, Eunuch Sung, heading inside. Hm. That gets him thinking.

The prime minister visits the queen to inquire after the baby prince, and she answers a bit nervously that he’s in fine health. The prime minister is pleased, and says that he will soon be made the new heir. The pronouncement excites the queen, although her reaction is dimmed by the memory of Yoon-sung’s threat: that her discarded daughter is still alive.

Byung-yeon is alive, thank goodness, though not quite recovered from his brush with death. Yeong visits his friend and watches him sleep, wondering when Byung-yeon will finally be able to answer his greeting.

Yeong sits there for a bit, then tucks him in and leaves—and moments later, Byung-yeon’s eyes briefly open.

He’s been entrusted to Teacher Dasan’s care, and Yeong asks if he will be okay. Teacher Dasan says that the injuries are healing, and supposes that his prolonged sleep means that Byung-yeon is merely preparing himself to see Yeong.

Yeong asks if he has heard from Ra-on, but Teacher Dasan has not. He asks if Yeong is disappointed, and Yeong says no: Thanks to Teacher Dasan, he’s been keeping busy playing a game of “catch the tail.” It sounds like he’s on a hunt to find a lead (“tail”) that’ll take him to the head, and he explains that he’s keeping a close eye on all the comings and goings at the Kim clan: movement of money, land documents, people.

Teacher Dasan reminds him that merely stepping on a tail doesn’t mean the hunt is over, and that the prey can always cut the tail off to run away. Yeong takes in that warning, then says that he is making good progress with his preparations and advises Teacher Dasan to prepare to “fill a large hole” in the political scene.

Trembling in fear, Eunuch Sung reports to the queen that Yoon-sung is likely telling the truth about the discarded princess, having gone to the gibang to confirm the story in person. The queen is fraught with panic.

Yeong encounters Prime Minister Kim in passing, who tells him that being dethroned needn’t be a terrible thing, and that there are princes who have enjoyed life afterward. Yeong plays along, and says that it sounds appealing, but for one thing that holds him back: “You, Prime Minister. With you left in government, I do not think I will be able to leave it.”

Ra-on surprises Teacher Dasan by dropping by, having heard that Byung-yeon is here. She’s relieved to hear that he’s improving despite not having woken yet, and speaks to him in a cheerful voice, urging him to wake before too much time has passed.

Ra-on’s mood gets more pensive as she asks what the palace is like at the first snow of the year, thinking with a heavy heart that it must be quite pretty under a layer of snow. And then, Byung-yeon’s voice cuts in, “It’s beautiful.”

Dryly, he chides her for being as talkative as ever, and Ra-on lights up in relief, overjoyed to have him back. I feel that feel.

Yeong sits outside the building Ra-on and Byung-yeon used to share, recalling the happier times the three of them had spent there. At the sound of footsteps, Yeong looks up in anticipation… and then sees Ha-yeon and deflates.

She asks if he’s disappointed that it’s her, and he replies that he was merely surprised. She admits to nursing hurt feelings recently, after finding out who it is that Yeong loves. She supposes it’s too much to want more after insisting that she’d only become princess as part of a deal, and informs him that she will honor her original intentions.

“I may not be able to console you as she could,” Ha-yeon says, “but I will remain as your helper in keeping your position as crown prince. Because the person who can be at your side through the end is me.”

The queen summons Yoon-sung and asks how much longer he will interfere with her and her son, given that Yeong will be dethroned soon. Yoon-sung says warningly that he has restrained himself thus far because of their blood tie, and adds that he’d thought she’d at least want to see her child once. In a steely voice, he tells her to confess her actions, calling this his last act of mercy.

And outside the door, the prime minister turns around to leave, having heard the exchange.

Yeong receives a report from Young Master Jung, who confirms the capture of the man who organized the attempted assassination plot. Yeong heads out immediately.

The complaints against the prince’s unseemly behavior mount, and the ministers press the king about his removal—although notiably, the prime minister is quieter than usual. Just then, Yeong is announced at court, and when the king asks if it’s true he left the palace incognito again, Yeong readily confirms it. He’s surprisingly flippant in the face of their outrage, saying that the reports are accurate, and that he visited gibangs and gambling dens.

As scandalized murmurs break out, Yeong adds that a good king must listen to what his people are saying; he can’t hear anything by staying in the palace. Therefore, he spent his time listening to the citizens’ words.

Minister Dumb asks if those citizens were gamblers and gisaengs, and Yeong confirms it, asking if there’s a problem. The ministers burst out into another round of appeals to dethrone Yeong, and the king feels as trapped as ever.

But Yeong doesn’t look worried, and says that he understands their concerns, but feels the desire to share some of the interesting tales he has picked up from making the rounds at gibangs and gambling dens.

At the same time, the queen visits the gibang where Yoon-sung took her baby, and asks the madam to see the child. The madam wonders at the queen’s interest before gasping in shock, guessing at their connection.

Then it’s the queen’s turn to be shocked when the madam informs her that the baby was taken away earlier today, by someone claiming to be from the palace.

Yeong scatters drawings of men’s faces on the ground, telling the ministers to look closely to see if any trigger recognition. Minister Dumb asks why all the drawings show men with their eyes closed, and Yeong replies, “Why do you think? Because they are all dead.”

The Kims look particularly worried as Yeong deduces that they were killed to silence them—yet even so, there was a wealth of evidence left behind to connect the dots. He announces that he’s found out who’d gathered the men, paid them off, and organized the attack on him. Minister Dumber stammers that they already know the rebels of Baekwoonhwe to be the culprits, but Yeong snaps that they can just ask for the answers directly.

He calls out for the witness to be brought in. A disheveled prisoner is dragged forward and set before the court, whereupon Yeong asks if the mastermind is in this room. The man looks around at the ministers’ faces, and answers in the affirmative. Haltingly, he points to Dumb and Dumber as the ones in charge.

The royal investigator confirms that the payments doled out to the assassins originated from Minister Dumb, and produces secret ledgers as evidence. Yeong presses the prisoner again to identify who ordered the assassins and blamed their actions on Baekwoonhwe. The prisoner confirms again that it was Dumb and Dumber.

The irate king asks the ministers for a response, and Minister Dumb proclaims his innocence in ever-feebler (and ever-falsetto) exclamations. Yeong orders that they be imprisoned and interrogated, and their full crime exposed.

They are dragged out of the room, and then Yeong levels his hard stare on the prime minister. In a flashback, we revisit the conversation when Teacher Dasan had warned Yeong that stepping on a tail would not guarantee a successful hunt. Yeong had asked what he needed to do to prevent his target from cutting tail and running, and Teacher Dasan had replied that a target with an overly large body would be difficult to capture all at once: “First the right arm, and then the left. Until you can cut off the head, you must not let down your guard.”

So now, Yeong trains his eyes on his final target. After the court session is over, he speaks privately with the prime minister to show him another drawing of a face. This time it’s a woman, and Yeong explains that a court lady recently died, having just given birth to a child that disappeared. He asks the prime minister if he isn’t curious to know what happened.

The queen returns to the palace, and is struck with horror to see that Ha-yeon and a court lady have a new baby in their care. Her daughter.

The queen’s hands shake as she receives a visit from Ha-yeon, who tells her that the prince asked one of his court ladies to temporarily watch over the baby. She found the child so cute she’d asked to be allowed to take her for a while, and shows her to the queen, who merely stares, frozen and afraid.

Yeong visits Byung-yeon again, this time awake, albeit too uncomfortable to meet his friend’s gaze squarely. When Yeong asks why Byung-yeon slept so long, Byung-yeon replies, “I must have been too ashamed to face you.”

Yeong reminds him, “You protected me and the woman I love. More than anything, I thank you for returning to us.”

Byung-yeon says that Ra-on sometimes comes to tend to him, and Yeong replies, “When all preparations are complete, I will bring her back to my side. I will make it so she can be as before, laughing, chatting with me, and being happy. I am nearly there.” He suggests that the three of them return to the palace for a drink when the time comes.

The two friends smile at each other, and around the corner, Ra-on listens with a smile on her face.

The prime minister cuts right to the chase when he visits the the queen, asking why she is so intent on enthroning a child who isn’t of royal blood. The queen insists that she gave birth to the child, and the prime minister just tells her that everybody believes that, and must continue to believe it. “If you are unable to do that,” he warns, “you will not be able to avoid death.”

He starts to get up, but for the first time, the queen pulls rank on her father, referring to him formally by title and ordering him to sit. She asks if he thinks he will be safe, because just as he has a tight hold on her lifeline, she has one on his.

She warns that he may have managed to raise her up from her lowly origins as a gisaeng’s daughter, but that is itself a disgrace to the Joseon royal family. (Presumably, he would be punished if that news came to light.)

The prime minister finally looks something less than smug, and he warns her to shut her mouth. The queen tells her father that if he means to mess with her, he had better be prepared to handle the consequences.

That night, as they look up at the moon, Yeong and Yoon-sung reminisce on their childhood together, trading bittersweet recollections: Yoon-sung envied Yeong and always felt that ultimately, he was a vassal, while Yeong was always longing for friends.

Yeong wonders, “Is that why we could only amount to this much? You, Byung-yeon, and me. Why is it that we cannot but fight?” Yoon-sung admits to always wanting to flee his grandfather and his family, “although you may not believe it.”

“I believe you,” Yeong replies, explaining that he has also felt the desire to throw away things he couldn’t. “I will do what I must do,” Yeong adds. Yoon-sung nods, telling him to do what he believes is right.

“But, I worry that you may be hurt,” Yeong says. Yoon-sung says, “I worry too—that I may want to protect my family.” They turn to look each other in the eye, and Yoon-sung continues, “But no matter what happens, there will be no reason to feel sorry—either for you, or for me.”

Prime Minister Kim sits alone in his room, thinking back eight years ago to the day he’d had a face reader look at Yeong from afar, and heard that the prince’s face spoke of an early death. Moreover, one of his companions had an “unusual energy”: a good nature, a strong spirit, and the face of a good king. That boy wore a hat bearing the image of a crane, and we see that he’d been speaking of Yoon-sung.

Now, the prime minister thinks to himself that if the Yi royal lineage is to be disrupted, they may as well put a “proper” owner on the throne. And just then, Yoon-sung arrives in accordance with his summons.

As the court ladies brew medicines in the courtyard, a shifty-looking figure hovers in the background…

That night, Ha-yeon visits a tired Yeong as he sits up reading, and brings him a tonic meant to help with fatigue. The court lady tastes it first, and then Ha-yeon serves it to the prince.

Yeong starts to drink it, just as Ha-yeon looks at her hand and notices something—a discoloration on her silver ring.

Alarmed, she grabs for the bowl and tells him not to drink—but it’s too late. He’s already taken a mouthful.

Across the city, Ra-on thinks of Yeong cutting loose his eternity bracelets, sending its beads scattering everywhere.

As Ra-on touches the spot on her wrist where her bracelet used to be, Yeong’s eyes widen and a pained expression crosses his face.

He starts to keel over slowly, and falls to the ground with a thud. Unconscious.


This show is going to be the death of me. I was an ugly-crying wreck when Byung-yeon died (he didn’t die, technically, but boy did the show kill him off beautifully anyway), and now they’ve gotta go and put Yeong in danger? I don’t believe for a second that he will die this way—there would be rioting if the production killed off Park Bo-gum!—and yet, there’s nothing like a late-game poisoning to remind us all that this was the way that the historical figure died (suspected poisoning at the age of twenty), making everything feel just a bit extra unsettling. Then again, he’s also supposed to have fathered a child by now, so I suppose we can take solace in this drama’s intentional historical inaccuracy.

Byung-yeon’s death scene was an emotional highlight of the episode, and the show did a good job of not making it feel like a cop-out when he didn’t actually die. Or maybe I’m just so relieved that he’s not actually dead that I don’t care why he didn’t die as long as he didn’t. It feels a bit like getting to have our cake and eat it too, because he got his glorious send-off, which felt right, and then also got to survive, which also felt right.

That gorgeous farewell with Yeong was in many ways more stirring than anything a romantic heartbreak could have wrought. It felt earnest and pure, capturing two friends caught between greater forces and unable to do anything about it but to wish in their last moments to be the best friend they could to each other. Personally, I don’t believe that Byung-yeon drew a sword on Yeong as a diversion, or as a noble sacrifice meant to save Ra-on and Yeong; I really do think he was carrying out his role as a member of the rebels. The acting performance, with all its heartbreaking nuances, supports that reading, and doesn’t quite fall in line with the diversion/sacrifice explanation. But even in that moment, I don’t believe he switched allegiances; it seems to me that he was always trying to honor both of his loyalties. He would never have harmed Yeong, and in effect chose to die rather than carry his role in the rebellion any more than was necessary.

That made it feel especially poignant later when Byung-yeon was feeling shame and guilt toward Yeong after his recovery, and Yeong was the one to read protectiveness and sacrifice in Byung-yeon’s actions. I love that Yeong has such strong faith in his friend to believe the best of him regardless of what he said. And when we saw that his most earnest wish was to be a friend in his last moments, it drove home that his loyalty never broke.

Ra-on really took a backseat today, which was a little disappointing, but I suppose we had too many other important storylines to address to cram in everything. I appreciated having an episode more focused on the three friends, because they form such a perfect representation of the conflict at large, but injected with heart and soul, to make their dilemmas and crisscrossing fates and loyalties really come through in the emotion. I actually wish the show had focused a bit more on the three friends throughout the entire show, but at least we have episodes like this one, where they speak openly and communicate. Even if that means they remain on opposite sides, despite their hearts wanting them to be on the same one.

I was relieved to see a return of shrewd Yeong, the one who plays things close to the vest and gets everything prepared quietly while his opponents relax. It was clear (to us, at least) that he wasn’t just carousing out of recklessness, but I like that he used that impression as a tool to gain information without arousing suspicion. And I was thrilled that we saw again how perceptive he was, getting to the baby first and tucking away his trump card before the other side even knew to be worried. Whenever Teacher Dasan is involved, I always find myself breathing a bit easier about wit and smarts winning over pure power.

I’ll admit to being a little nervous as we head into our last hour, because we have a lot of ends to tie up and I (1) want the conflicts resolved to reasonable satisfaction and (2) also want to be able to bask in the satisfaction for longer than a minute as the show ends. But we’ve come this far, so what’s one more hour of putting myself at these producers’ mercies? Here’s my heart, Moonlight, beating and bloody and hopeful—now just don’t break it, please.


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  1. Anh

    The scene of BY and Yeong, heart wrenching. Yeong knew why BY did that, and Yeong ordered BY to not withdraw the sword. I was screaming BY-ah. That bromance scene, BY in LY arms. And BY wish also come true, they still friend. And the scene btw LY and YS as well, I bet YS told LY about the baby and BY hiding at Dasan. Why can’t they all be friends??

    Hmm, was the med poisoned or was it the bowl that poisoned? If the med is poisoned, that mean the silver spoon is not silver, and that court lady gona be poisoned too. Im not too concern about Yeong, he will survive. Im more curious about who’s behind. The queen? Minister Kim or someone else?

    And goodbye eunuch Han, there were times I doubted you, but you just proven yourself that you loyal to Baekwon and your friend, HGN.

    Now Yeong has cut off Dumb and Dumber, who will he attack next? The queen? Since surely, the queen also hates her father. Or will he be able to dig the secret from Princess YeongEun? And surely, he will reinstate Dasan back to the court now that there’s vacant position.

    Idk how they will arrive at the ending, but I think the ending will be something like OTP together, Yeong still CP or maybe King, there will be a scene LY,BY and RO drink together at Jahyeondang (maybe YS as well?), Kim clan got wiped out, become commoners, Big Kims get beheaded, the rest exiled, YS becomes a wanderer or artist, queen dethroned, also have scene of RO sneak out of palace to be love counselor and continue to write romance , and Yeong be her biggest fan. HY probably stripped off her title due to poison(?) and return home?

    Why do I feel like Minister Jo has more faith in Yeong than his own father, the king? Well, the right things that king did this ep were fainting right after BY got stabbed so BY got chance to escape and holding out the CP dethronement long enough for Yeong to dig up evidence.

    And hwang chiyeol Because I miss you hit the damn feel on so many level, not just missing RO, but also BY and the time they were together. Im so gona dl the full song now that it’s released. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqINiiyzc88

    One more night to go, fellow beanies and moonlighters, brace yourself. Can we reach 25% for the finale? Since ep 17 is 23.3% already.

    • 1.1 Apluszee

      Yeong and Byeong Yeon is the real OTP!

      • 1.1.1 Anh

        In an alternative universe aka fanfic 🙂

        • Amie

          My tears fell like rain, Byung Yeonaaaaah.
          Reading the recap, I felt the anguish and cried again.
          Wow, that was really something. I was thinking, gosh, they really have to kill him, huh?! But it was the last words between friends that really got me. Kwak Dong Yeon, you are soo good.

      • 1.1.2 Michykdrama

        Love them! Bromance is real and ALIVE! ❤️

        • Celine

          I so soooooo love the bromance. It’s wonderful. I feel stupid for having doubted Kim Hyung in one of the earlier episodes.

      • 1.1.3 Kendi

        Honestly, for this episode, I’d ship BY and Yeong rather than him with RO.

      • 1.1.4 maryxiah

        If it wasn’t for Ra-on, I’d be on YeongYeon ship. <3

      • 1.1.5 Sancheezy

        I thought that the actual ship, I mean, YeongOn stand for Yeong+Yeon right?

        • delurked

          LOLL, yeah in our dreamssss

      • 1.1.6 Arianne

        I nominate them for best Couple in KBS drama awards 😂

    • 1.2 Celine

      I was confused about the poisoning too, but realized that it was not the drink nor the spoon that the court lady used, it was the bowl.

      I am excited for Teacher Dasan to take his place in the royal court. I hope we get to see it through.

      • 1.2.1 Michykdrama

        Yes. Which is why Ha Yeon’s silver ring turned black when it touched the bowl.

        • Anh

          I feel HY kinda badass when she just leaped and snatched the bowl from Yeong’s hand without thinking, and glad that she was quick to notice the change of her ring so Yeong didn’t drink the whole bowl. But then, maybe she shouldn’t have bring the med all together lolz

          • Celine

            And because he only drank probably a few sips, Yeong will live. Yes, he will. /chants to self

          • Anh

            He has to live, Im certain

          • fangirl sy

            I join in the chant, Celine!

            Yeong will live. Yes, he will.
            Repeat about 100×100 times

          • mehungie

            I seriously felt bad for Ha Yeon’s character (though I’m obviously biased, having written a few novels worth of comments defending her in last week’s recap). She got to wear pretty princess clothes in the show, but other than that, it’s only been reject and heartbreak. And now to have her be the one who delivered the poison to our Yeong?! Poor thing.

            What was her lantern wish? I hope it comes true for her sake.

          • maryxiah

            I don’t know why but I’m having mixed emotions about seeing Ha-yeon. I get that she’s fulfilling her duty, but I don’t want to see her hover around Yeong either, especially not when Ra-on is barely on screen, it makes me feel all kinds of bad feeling, and I can’t help resenting Ha-yeon for a bit, even though she did nothing wrong.

          • Bubblegum

            @maryxiah I feel the same. I don’t like seeing her around Yeong, but in this episode I’m feeling more for her, because it seems that she finally really know her place.

            The last scene though… of all days the medicine was brewed for the Prince she has to deliver it to him the day the bowl is poisoned. Has to be PM Kim’s doing, right? Trying to kick the Jo clan out as well lolol.

          • selena

            I have the feeling that the story puts HY as the poison bearer to get her away from the picture so that it will smooth RO comes back as the CP’s queen.

          • Celine

            If being poisoned would result to Raon having to nurse Yeong back to health and life, then so be it.

            Hayeon is okay for me. She’s been mostly good though there were moments when I didn’t like her actions especially in the recent previous episodes. However, now, she seem to really know her place and just there doing her duties. I commend her for that. I’m still wishing she finds someone who will love her back. She deserves it. However, we only have one episode left, so I doubt we’ll see it.

          • delurked

            Like javabeans mentioned in her recaps before, I can totally see Ha-yeon as a romantic protagonist in another drama. I mean, I’m already pseudo-rooting for her in a sorry-wrong-time-wrong-place second-lead role – I’d be all signs and banners for her (“Win yourself a Prince, girl!”) otherwise.

            Anyone else getting Three Musketeers Crown Prince and Crown Princess vibes?

          • Celine

            @delurked Me too! I am rooting for Hayeon in a different drama where Raon is not in the story. She deserves someone nice and loves her back.

        • devoted

          I’m convinced that the poisoning is a ruse. That this is HY playing her role in the plot to outwit the Prime Minister and that they are exploiting the mistake Teacher Dasan discovered a few episodes ago – where the spoon changes color in food but due to a type of vegetable, not actual poison.

          (fingers crossed)

      • 1.2.2 tsinita

        I’m confused why Raon is in the background crying… Where is she exactly and why was it shown side by side with the CP being poisoned?

        • Anh

          I think Raon was just reminiscing about the past and then, that scene show together with Yeong probably implying their telepathy?
          Like the bracelet is broken and Yeong is on verge of death?

        • maryxiah

          She was probably somewhere in her hiding place. I think she fell asleep and dreamt of the bracelet scene, she probably had an ominous feeling that something happened to Yeong. Sort of telepathic feel?

        • Michykdrama

          I saw that scene and thought maybe just maybe, they would show that she picked up all the beads and strung them together again, to give to Yeong when they could be together. I’d really like that!

          • maryxiah

            I’d like that too, except that’d take time away from important plot, and I’d hate to see that. They could have just shown the bracelet is in her hand.

        • delurked

          To be honest, that was like the one scene in this episode that had me rolling my eyes a bit.

          I mean, is every Significant Moment with Yeong going to be interspersed with random telepathic Ra-on scenes?

          I was rooting more for YeongOn during post-revelation and confession, but after all the melo and drama, my enthusiasm for the ship kind of gave out. Less forced connections, more meaningful interactions, please!!

      • 1.2.3 maryxiah

        I don’t know why, but I read reluctance in Teacher Dasan’s face when Yeong mentioned filling the void in the court, I don’t think he’d want to re-enter into the court and be the court’s official.

        • Anh

          I think he had bad experience with court life before, such as unable to voice his opinion, or that his opinion get dismissed and commoners suffered.

          But though he’s unwilling, I think he will comeback to support Yeong

        • Celine

          He expressed his reluctance even before. Whether he fills a position in the royal court or not, being there to teach our Crown Prince is more than enough. Dasan Yoda has been nothing but awesome. I do wish to see him in the royal court though. Yeong needs good and wise people like him INSIDE the palace. We’ll just have to see.

    • 1.3 crazyahjummafan

      “Do not forget. If I only had one person in the world that I could trust, it would still be you.”

      “Thank you for trusting me.”

      True words of love!!!
      How not to cry over such words?

      • 1.3.1 crazyahjummafan

        And that flashback of BY releasing the lantern!

        I love how this drama uses flashback…they are definitely not time-fillers. And very often they are scenes not shown before but gives us a better understanding and appreciation of what was happening. Even flashbacks are were shown before are not draggy and serve to help us recollect what had happened.

        • Anh

          The use of flashback is always on point! Not too draggy, just enough to reveal info that they been withholding from us to give more insight

        • maryxiah

          I love the lantern wish flashback, but I love the broken bracelet flashback the most, it seems so ominous and so grave at the same time, I could just feel for Ra-on’s anxiety.

        • tsinita


          OTHER SHOWS, this is what flash backs are for! not fillers. take note of this.

          I love the use of flashbacks in this drama. They’re like little surprise gifts to you… and i love how it’s scattered throughout the episodes so much so that you anticipate it in each episode. I don’t know if it’s just the OCD in me but i love how they’re consistent with the use of it.

          • azzo

            Yes, the flashbacks fit the scenes so perfectly and are great to draw that needed emotional impact.

        • Celine

          Agree! Love the use of flashbacks. They’re carefully well-placed throughout the show. Some are new scenes, others are old. I just love how they don’t abuse flashbacks to fill the time.

          It was that wishing lantern that made my crying into full on bawling, ugly-crying, heart-ripping sobs… call it whatever, I was a mess. I’ve never cried that way EVER in a Korean drama before (at least in recent memory).

      • 1.3.2 dilemmacan'tdecideaname

        So true!

        Please show I trust you like Yeong trust BY, give me a happy ending.

    • 1.4 maryxiah

      I get the sense that Yeong found out about the baby on his own when he saw Eunuch Sung at the Kibang. Even though they have somewhat re-establish their friendship, I don’t think this is an info Yoon-sung is willing to share with Yeong just yet, he did say he might want to protect his own family, and admitted to his aunt he’s covering for her because of blood ties.

      The herbal medicine, which everyone pointed out already, was not poisoned. It was the bowl itself which discolored Ha-yeon’s ring.

      I feel somewhat ecstatic when the queen challenged her father. I guess it’s no surprise that the bad guys always turn on each other in critical moments, I just didn’t expect to see her be so daring and turn the condition around on him. I feel kind of bad for her that she had to meet her daughter in the worse possible condition and she couldn’t even look or hold her fondly, there’s a tug in my heart the way she looked at the baby girl when Ha-yeon and her maids brought her over.

      Right now, I just couldn’t speculate how they’d end this show because nothing has ever gone along with our predictions so far and I feel like this show is so great at delivering simple moments in great strides, the ending could be just about anything and we probably could live with it, except for Yeong dying of course. Also, I find the title today seems to hint at something “ending for a beginning”, I just couldn’t wrap my head over what it means. Surely the ending means Yeong’s end right? I know he won’t die, but it seems to hint that this might just end for him in the palace so he could start a new beginning with Ra-on?

      OMG, Hwang Chi-yeol! He brings so much feel in his song. I couldn’t mention him in my comment because I realized I typed too much and couldn’t fit him in, lol.

      I so dearly hope they reach 25%, but I think the episode rating might have something to do with Moon Lovers pre-empt? Because I didn’t see any Moon Lovers recap and rating.

      • 1.4.1 Kendi

        Maybe, but dang Moon Lovers is so smart with pre empting their episode. Now they can have 4 more episodes without being under MDBC shadow. If that doesn’t skyrocket their rating, nothing will.

        • Anh

          It’s not that they smart in pre-empt, they didn’t have a choice as SBS was live airing the baseball match that went over time. So they just cleared out Moonlover slot instead of trying to air it, which further delay the following programs.

          Not quite sure if ML can boost rating after moonlight end though, because the episode already leaked. Also, next week SBS will have baseball game too, so maybe another pre-empt.

        • maryxiah

          I don’t think Moonlight leaving will change much in their ratings, since they’re still battling it out with Woman with a Suitcase.

      • 1.4.2 Anh

        “Ending for a beginning”
        I think it refers to BY ending, how Yeong is tying up loose end and punishing the Kim rightfully?
        Also the open convo between LY and YS, that they will do what need to do?

        If it refers to Yeong end, then how will he get rid of PM Kim?

        • maryxiah

          You could be right, but you know this show and its parallelism, I don’t doubt the ending could work for Yeong as well.

      • 1.4.3 Celine

        I also don’t think Yoonsung told Yeong about the baby. I’m pretty sure it was all his research work going around and getting information.

        Hwang Chiyeol’s Yeong version is wonderful. His voice is just amazing.

        I don’t think the ratings had to do with the other show not being broadcasted because how could the viewers switch and watch this late in the game. I think it’s more of people tuning in because it’s the finale week. Also, viewers seem to did not like the separation and the angst last week hence the drop in ratings, but this is almost the end, so they tuned in again.

        • suegarbaby

          Re: Yeong and the baby
          Yup, I agree with your assessment. Further proof is the scene where Yeong showed PM Kim the drawing of the dead court lady whose baby disappeared under mysterious circumstances. His 1 month of research was certainly quite extensive and thorough. So glad to see a confident, in-command Yeong again on my screen. *_*

      • 1.4.4 winter

        It’s such a pity though, bc I don’t think that it was YS who estranged himself from the CP but the other way round, with the prime Minister terrorizing the royal Family, the CP probably lost trust in YS somewhere along the way. I do think that CP found out about the Baby on his own, but despite YS’s words about protecting his Family and whatnot I think he would have told the CP if he had asked him and shown him trust. From the very beginning YS has done everything and anything to thwart his granddaddy’s evil plans against the CP and RO, the only Thing he probably really having a hard time doing is laying open all of his evil schemes in front of the court. Other than that he literally murdered and lied and blackmailed to get CP and RO out of Trouble, putting himself in danger, all the while thinking that the CP had no love or trust in him at all and reminiscing about old childhood days D: I feel sorry for YS

      • 1.4.5 Labyrinth532

        Thank you for introducing me to Hwang-Chi-yoe… I dont understand a word being sang but his voice and the melody tug at my heart like nothing else can.

        The power of voice!

        • cynkdf

          @Anh @maryxiah @Celine @Labyrinth532 thanks for your posts praising Hwang Chi Yeul – music to my ears, so to speak 🙂 I just love how Chi Yeul interprets the song in his own inimitable way. And just imagine, he’s actually singing in a higher note (?) than his usual husky voice. Guess that ability to change his voice is due to his being a former vocal trainer.

          If you can spare the time, please could you visit melon.com and type in 황치열 to bring his name up in the search. I would love for his OST to at least make the melon top 10. Thanks very much.

    • 1.5 Marile

      PERFECT! I totally agree that your ep18 version should be the finale. I want a feel good ending.

  2. Catgirl

    Its here!

    • 2.1 Sancheezy

      yup and thank you javabeans…

  3. Kayak

    After the audience and team Crown Prince scream and cry because everyone’s beloved guard Byeong-Yeon died, cut to:

    Sister: He’s alive? Is that even possible?
    Me [not giving one damn bit about reality]: Well, the Prince survived massive blood loss and didn’t succumb to septicemia so…yes.

    1. Huzzah! Ra-On finally remembered how to be inconspicuous.
    2. I want so badly for BY, Yoon-Sung and the CP to be friends. We get so close to them being the Three Musketeers, but it feels like that may not happen. It may be cold comfort, but each has acknowledged out loud that they want that friendship but palace politics and family ties keep getting in the way.
    3. There are now more candidates for characters who might not make it to the end (Baby Girl Lee, Ha-Yeon, Yoon-Sung). I don’t want anyone (well I’m okay with the Prime Minister and Dumb and Dumber falling off the nearest sageuk cliff) to die, but don’t you dare touch Bo-Gum/CP!
    4. This show has been so great at not showing its hand right away (ex: the conversation between CP and BY that ensures CP knows BY would never betray him), and in that sense I almost admire how much the Queen has been underestimated by PM. I would not be surprised if she poisoned CP to frame Ha-Yeon so she could get at the baby.
    5. For those of you who can envision the alternate universe where Ha-Yeon and CP would work out (you know, with totally different actors), I believe that show would begin somewhere in that conversation between HY and CP in front of Repentance Hall; there was a brief look where he registered her loyalty. But I also want an ending that has him laughing and enjoying drinks with BY, RO and pretty please YS, so let’s all just interpret that brief look as gas.
    6. Crossing fingers that all things will be tied up in a satisfying way!

    • 3.1 Celine

      I was hoping he’d live when the “dead” body was being wheeled away though I knew it’s impossible, but then his hand moved! Omo! He lost a lot of blood, but good thing the arrow did not hit his heart. He was just fatally wounded and it made sense that it took him more than a month to recuperate. And thank goodness he was able to sleep for a pretty long time. Kim Hyung needed so much rest. I seriously felt his physical and emotional stress what with his loyalties both to Yeong and the group.

      • 3.1.1 Kayak

        Thank goodness for CP’s Eunuch and YS claiming BY! And I’m happy BY knows how much people love him.

      • 3.1.2 ara

        The blessing of having quite inept archers. Remember the ‘Gat byeong yeon’ training scene where the archers not quite find the mark..
        and oii…which part of STOP do you not understand..aigoo..

    • 3.2 kaye

      I had that inkling feeling last episode about the prophecy and now they showed it giving hints either CP or YS will die…I hope YS will not die but after watching this episode, 80% chances of him dying.

      As for our CP, He will not definitely die, buy I still don’t have an idea how will they end this in a happy note.

    • 3.3 Shari

      I interpreted the look the prince gave Ha-Yeon as a sad one. As if trying to say he appreciated her loyalty and he felt sorry for her that she still did not understand that she was NOT going to be with him in the end; he had other plans.

      • 3.3.1 Kayak

        I agree, it’s like he finally understood that she is holding on to some hope or realized her sacrifice. Maybe he’ll find a way to relieve her of her duties.

      • 3.3.2 Celine

        When Yeong stared at Hayeon in that scene, I felt really bad for Hayeon. She seem to know her place now and will no longer hope for having her feelings returned in the future. The looks they exchanged were sad. I read it as Yeong appreciating Hayeon’s loyalty and support.

        I swear, if we were in AU, without Raon in the story, I’d totally dig a story about Yeong and Hayeon and how the prince who’s heart was broken by his first love eventually fell in love with Hayeon.

        • TrueBlue

          I totally am with you. Objectively speaking, HY is an admirable character. She’s noble (I don’t mean by birth – it’s the way she carries herself) yet humble and brave. In real life, CP would be lucky to have HY as his queen. I say this in the context of that time – when men, and kings especially married their queens to consolidate their power. And in real life, if CP’s character is as shown in this drama, I think he would grow fond of her and respect her opinion highly, if not fall in love with her. If there is one noble idiot in this drama, I would have to say that it’s HY. She loves CP so unconditionally. Can you blame the girl though? Look at him? And more importantly, listen to him. The way CP talks totally melts my heart. My heart skipped a beat when he called her “Bingu” at the end of this episode. And the way he looks at her and drinks that tonic – I could feel him thinking, I don’t want to, but you are the crown princess and in front of the maid, I will oblige to show you the respect you deserve.

    • 3.4 mehungie

      The queen being behind the poison is my theory as well. She has both the motivation and the means, since she’s been seeing Ha Yeon regularly and would have no problems topping off Ha Yeon to bring Yeong the medicine.

    • 3.5 maryxiah

      Sister: He’s alive? Is that even possible?
      Me [not giving one damn bit about reality]: Well, the Prince survived massive blood loss and didn’t succumb to septicemia so…yes.

      Hahaha, your comment always cracks me up.

      I think the queen is behind the poisoning as well because the court lady seems like one of her lackey.

    • 3.6 delurked

      @Kayak Re: #5 I registered that moment, too! It was small, but somehow got to me.

    • 3.7 Leenie

      Remember the little girl from earlier in the series who couldn’t speak because of the incident with the Prime Minister killing a court lady while the little girl hid in the cabinet? I wonder if they’re going to bring her back into the story at any point? I mean, that particular storyline was fleshed out quite a bit but came to a big fizzle, plot-wise. Seems like kind of a waste of story-telling resources.

  4. Viki

    Just finished the ep a moment ago. OMG! PLEASE DON’T ___!!! WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN TOMORROW?! MIRACLE PLEASE HAPPEN!

    I’m so buying this drama if tomorrow ends up a happy ending. I love this so much, even with the letdown of last week’s episodes.

    • 4.1 ExpatB


      Where do you find them to buy?!

    • 4.2 Incog

      I hear the OST CD preorder is only released in Korea and I so want to get the DVD (with English sub) too if they release that. How can we get these from USA? Anyone in Korea wanna help? 🙂

  5. Sancheezy

    1st there is so much possibility
    – The Kim’s poison him, reason: he finally uncontrollable and they have the newborn prince,
    they can’t prosecute the Kims if they killed CP now since the Kim is the grandfather of the next King in line
    – The CP sacrifice himself to get out of the palace and tied the Kims
    – The writer doesn’t want to alternate history

    The show actually doesn’t really complicates but the execution is sad,
    I get the idea and I knew what gonna happen but it still sad, just like the happy days,
    If you somehow enjoy angst, like the opening of Secret, you’ll love how they executed the episode imo
    and for the poisoned, I think we saw this coming, when I think about it, they literally talk about the fate reader, they tried to attack yeong and talks about changing the owner of donggeungjon.
    Also what best to keep viewer than this cliffhanger,
    I seriously enjoying this, it feels good and really hurt that I don’t mind cause it will end today,
    like having a vitamin shot, it hurt but it gonna be over tomorrow

    and the rating is 23.3%,
    it’s the last week . . .
    let’s party!!!

    ps; Chi yeol has a very sad voice, it’s the sorrow after you cry and the sadness inside,

    • 5.1 stuffed

      Woohoo for the increased ratings! Can they somehow reach 30% with the last episode? I so want to see them on that Guerilla Date!

    • 5.2 Celine

      Best scene was the last scene with Yeong collapsing and it reached 26.6%!! Korea truly loves Park Bogum! lol

      • 5.2.1 Ira

        I just hope this wont set a trend for trying to kill PBG character in the future. In every darn last 3 dramas of his, the writer kept scaring me that his character will be hurt #StopTryingtoKillPBGCharacter

        If his smile can be nation treasure, I wonder whether his tears can be nation hell, heh. When he cries I just felt like I want to cross the ocean just to hug him. His crying face is hurting my heart like no other. I think I love him a tad bit too much. Will I be able to escape his magic someday? Pr the real question is whether do I want to?

        • Celine

          I hate seeing PBG cry, but he does it so well that I want to see it often too. I don’t know if I’m making sense. haha It’s just that he pours his heart out when he cries. It’s real and it’s so heart-wrenching.

          I seriously hope that the writer knows the consequences if Yeong dies. PBG is so well-loved. There was even a poll among elderly about who they want as their grandchild and PBG and KYJ won! lmao So yes, better not kill him. Maybe more physical pain and crying will do to make the happy ending all the more satisfying.

        • maryxiah

          I don’t mind the writer trying to kill of his character if it makes sense with the story, but not for the sake of milking our tears. I don’t know how my heart survived watching this drama, it’s like thriller 24/7, whoever said this was fluffy?

          Lol, he has a killer smile, but when he cries, I think the world just collapse on us, he definitely make every emotion so heart wrenchingly good.

        • Sancheezy

          hmm. . . I think it because he is young,
          the older the actor is, the longer the surviving rate becomes unless you aren’t the main character,
          please help me prove this is true or I just have small mind at this time,

        • delurked

          @Ira HAHA I’m imagining politicians using PBG’s tears as international blackmail. 😂

          “Hand over the national treasury shares, or else – “-brandishes PBG-

          -collective gasp-

          • Celine

            OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA The mental picture is so funny!! Thank youu

          • delurked

            @Celine Hehehe 😜😜

      • 5.2.2 maryxiah

        When he collapsed, I felt faint as well. I can’t believe they actually went there!

        • Celine

          I was surprised that they actually went there too! I had this theory that somehow Yeong will fake his own death and not be poisoned like the real prince in history. hihi!

      • 5.2.3 dilemmacan'tdecideaname

        We loves Park Bogum! lol

      • 5.2.4 suegarbaby


        Best scene was the last scene with Yeong collapsing and it reached 26.6%!! Korea truly loves Park Bogum!

        WOW! But the thing that always intrigues me is… how to the Korean audience know that something is about to happen on-screen, and then tune in to see it??

        I mean, they clearly must be on another channel watching another show. Perhaps they are not the sort to fully focus on a show all the time and are multi-tasking by checking their SNS and various social media at the same time so that they are alerted to such up-coming big scenes?

        It’s just such a strange concept to me because when I’m watching a good drama, especially Moonlight, I am 100% focused and fixated on what is happening on my screen, I don’t have the inclination to be doing anything else, lol.

        • Celine

          I’m thinking viewers switch channels and when they see something interesting they stick to it then change again. Ending seems to be always interesting to viewers because they want to know how the episode will end. And all those are recorded kinda like placed in a graph of fluctuating percentages per minute then the ratings report we get is the average.

    • 5.3 DY

      The drama did mention at the beginning, while it is inspired by historical figures, it will differ from actual history. So maybe the CP won’t die at 20yo due to suspected poisoning.

      If he does, I am guessing that is Yeong faking his own death after setting things to rights in court. Yeong then leads a carefree life with Ra On. The next king? I dont know. Yoon-sung maybe. YS is wise, diplomatic and kind. He has the necessary credentials having traveled far and wide, and built good relations with other kingdoms. I am sure our clever Yeong can find a way to land Yoon-sung in the throne despite the fall of PM Kim.

      I really feel for HaYeon. She is such a nice gal. I wish she had fallen for YS instead. There is a chance they could have a happy ending.

      • 5.3.1 winter

        I know right? I feel so sorry for Hayeon too. YS and HY are both in no ways inferiour to CP and RO if not even superior in some ways, but it’s their fate to not get whatever they want while the main couple will probably have a happy ending and a lot of cute babies ;_; Also being hated by Viewers simply for existing in the vincinity of the leads ;_;

      • 5.3.2 suegarbaby

        My take of the Yeong poisoning scene is part plot-device for ousting either the Queen or PM Kim, part homage to actual history where the real Crown Prince Hyomyeong died young from suspected poisoning.

        I don’t believe Yeong had any intentions whatsoever to fake his death – that would not only be irresponsible of him because his father still needs him and there is nobody adequate enough to take his place, but also Yeong himself said that he cannot vacate his seat while PM Kim is still in court. And PM Kim is still in power at this point.

        From Yeong’s conversation with Byung Yun and with Teacher Dasan, he already has clear plans on how to sort everything out without vacating his seat. We will just have to see it play out tonight, but from previous track-record, Yeong is a man who fully intends to keep his word and take full responsibility for them.

  6. pinkfluff99

    You know what historical Kdramas need? Poison Control Center. Yunno, that number to call whenever you do anything that could harm yourself.

    Would save much more time than merely shaking someone who’s been poisoned.

    Also, there needs to be more security especially in terms of food.

    • 6.1 maryxiah

      Lol, I wonder why dramaland characters do that. Would shaking them help? They need to call the physician chop chop!

    • 6.2 Sancheezy

      they put the division on to the silver plate and the eunuch,
      the problem is still corruption,
      we don’t know if it a real silver or the eunuch is loyal

  7. Celine

    Kim Hyunggggggggg!! You gave me a freakin’ heart attack in my 20s! You owe me money for all the Kleenex I used! Lots and lots of Kleenex! Thank you for being alive. One more episode. Hold on and don’t you dare die.

    Bromance ruled this episode and I am not complaining. The very strong friendship between BrOTP is as beautiful as the romance of OTP. Glad we got wonderful moments between Yeong and Kim Hyung.

    As for Yeong, DON’T YOU DARE DIE AS WELL! In fact, no one dies except for the baddies! Pleaseee

    • 7.1 pnutsgalry

      It is comforting to know I am not the only person sobbing about the near deaths. Don’t know what I’m going to do if the CP is dead. This drama has caused me a lot of emotional stress because I have no way of saving my four favorite people…Reminding myself it is just a drama.

    • 7.2 maryxiah

      You know what, I have a special handkerchief that I use everytime I watch Moonlight. Whenever I start an episode, I always make a mental note to prepare it because I knew I’d be crying even in happy scenes! Lol. And we could start a trend in Moonlight, ugly crying drawn by Moonlight, lol.

      I’m not complaining about the bromance either, but I definitely feel sad that my romance is taking a back burner today.

      • 7.2.1 Celine

        “Ugly Crying Drawn by Moonlight” sounds about right! HAHAHAHAHA!

  8. stuffed

    ‘Now, the prime minister thinks to himself that if the Yi royal lineage is to be disrupted, they may as well put a “proper” owner on the throne.’

    Can anyone explain this to me please? I’m a bit lost. I know that this is going to be brought up again but is what many of you guys had suspected earlier really true? What does this scene mean???

    • 8.1 Sancheezy

      they said earlier that yoon sung bad luck is that he was born as Kim’s so he probably the older sister of King’s son,
      his mum probably Lee/Royal but his father is the Kims,

    • 8.2 Ira

      In the early episode, a fortune teller foretold that Yeong will die young and he has a friend (YS) who has a true king face or sth. So I guess the PM want to try to make that happen by offing Yeong and put YS on the throne. Because besides Yeong there was no immediate lineage of the Yi that could take it. Because it’s been foretold, for the PM this is putting the “proper” owner (aka his grandson and hurray more power!) on the throne. Which is a stupid mindset, but hey this is Joseon, so shit happens I guess, heh.

      • 8.2.1 Celine

        I kinda like how it all happened. There’s no more Lee after Yeong. Everyone thought there’s another Lee from the Queen, but since Premier Kim now knows that the only Lee standing in the way is Yeong, he can place his family. They are nobility anyway and really powerful too. I cannot believe that I was not fully convinced that Yoonsung can be king. I am glad they are addressing that scene from the earlier episode with the face reader because it’s been bugging me.

        • maryxiah

          There’s a flaw in that plan. They can’t oust the baby isn’t the king’s, so they’d have to crown the baby as crown prince first, even if Yeong died. Methinks Minister Kim might use the baby as a tool, have Yoon-sung as regent, and when he’s old enough, abdicate the throne for Yoon-sung.

          • Celine

            ooohhhhh that could happen.

      • 8.2.2 winter

        I just realized that when the prime Minister decided to dethrone the Lee and put his own grandson on the throne he organized a Meeting with YS. Then it became clear to me that he must have put the poison on that bowl, maybe even influenced HY in some way so that she will be the one giving it to the CP and her clan will be out of the way too, when the CP died. But YS, despite what he said about maybe protecting his Family, probabaly thought “yeah grandpa, wtf” and talked to CP about it ;P So everything will probably turn out quite well 😀

    • 8.3 Peeps

      Prime Minister Kim has that instinctive need to upend order and change monarchies. He did that in Six Flying Dragons and now he thinks he can do it again. Too bad he doesn’t have Jung DoJeon now, only dumb and dumber, hee.

      • 8.3.1 maryxiah

        Unfortunately for him, Dumb and Dumber just went into prison, boo-yah!

        • Sancheezy

          la la la la la happiness!!

        • Celine

          Minister Dumb and Dumber shrieking and pleading… oh the satisfaction I got from there. Premier Kim will surely not let himself associate with them just like what Teacher Dasan said. Even the Queen turned against him. I love it when the bad guys turn against each other in the most difficult situation. lol Now it’s every man for himself. I wonder who will win among the baddies.

          • suegarbaby

            LOL. Me too! Minister Dumb’s high-pitched squeals and whines were like music to my ears!

            If my gut feeling is right, I think both the Queen and PM Kim are both going to go down down down tonight!

            The Queen will go down for the attempted poisoning of Yeong and for the baby-swap.

            The PM Kim will go down when Princess Myeongeun finally opens her mouth and exposes his bad deeds and his involvement in the death of the former Queen.

            2 loose threads tied up nicely in a big big bow!

          • Baek

            That minster dumb should be an eunuch..

            No offense (i dont know how to interpret korean accent, so i dont know is it on purpose or a form of saeguk speech..) but he always remind me of an eunuch from those historical chinese drama i watched before..

            anyway, with minster dumb gone, there’s nobody to lead the choir of “voices” (which i really find it amusing plus his unique voice).. need to find a new successor for that 🙂

    • 8.4 winter

      Simply speaking, since the way he will stay in power will be through the Queen and her fake prince anyway, so that the next king will not even be a member of the Lee Family, he thought it would be a good idea to dethrone the Lees alltogether and put his own grandson, who was said to have a royal Aura, on the throne.

  9. LucyLo

    Even when I had caught a glimpse of a spoiler that revealed BY dying and still being alive later, I too ugly-cried when I saw him die… and then shed some tears in his reunion with CP. All this emotion better have a royal payback – like the size of the queen’s scary bulging eyes and more – with Ra On coming back in full force and many moments of lovey-doveyness between her and CP. It better happen!!

    • 9.1 Sancheezy

      talking about the queen, I find she is really beautiful and her scared emotion if so heartbreaking,
      she is afraid and really afraid

      • 9.1.1 enkeys

        Hear, hear! She’s good at those scenes. Also, I love her angry look, when she’s threatening Premier Kim.

  10. 10 Ira

    Yeong to Kim Hyung: If I could trust only one person in the world, that person will be you.

    Kim Hyung to Yeong: I wish that in my last moment, I could just be your friend.

    Me: *wailing*

    Apparently we’re looking at the wrong love triangle, folks! It has always been RO-CP-BY all along!!

    Now I can forgive the writer for the disappointment of last week, because this time the angst is finally back to be a good legitimate one. And finally a payoff!!! How I miss thee!! Though I hate the writer a tiny bit for trolling us about BY’s death, but I am thankful that the bromance is still going strong. As much as I hate being trolled, I can only accept her trolling us about Yeong getting poisoned, or else…… I doubt that the writer will kill him (like javabeans said there’ll be riot in korea of the writer did that), but stop hurting my puppy!!!

    Also love the whole convo between Yeong and YS. Although I am sad that my wish to see their friendship to be truly mended may never happen (thanks to Kim Evil), I love the respect and acknowledgement between them.

    And gosh, HY! I have always liked her, but this episode made me adore her so much more. Such strength amidst all the heartbreak. Hers is indeed an unfortunate case of bad timing. If not for RO, CP can easily fall for her since she is such an awesome young lady who has both the spunk and grace worthy of her crown princess status. In an alternate universe, I can totally see her and Yeong kicking ass left and right like nobody’s business. I am very angry at Kim Evil for using her to do his horrible deed. I hope nothing bad will befall her and her family.

    Btw, how come nary a peep is said about Eunuch Han death? Surely someone that close to the king was found to have ties to the white cloud society meant quite sth. It’s not that I want another scene of the weak king going all more paranoid, but I scratched my head a teeny bit for this.

    • 10.1 Celine

      I love how the “death” of Kim Hyung was handled. I did not feel tricked. It showed a wonderful poignant scene between BrOTP that even after he was presumed to be truly dead I was still holding myself crying and wishing for a miracle to happen somehow. I found myself not ready to let go, so when his hand moved, I was in even more tears but happy ones. The show knows how to wring tears from my eyes. And I love how the heartbreak and angst we got her are truly legitimate compared to last week.

      • 10.1.1 Ira

        True. That death scene is so perfect and bring forward the strong connection between the two in the best way. They are such a soulmate. I was a bit mad because the writer keeps torturing my puppies. I see black when I thought BY was dead (had to pause to calm myself) and when his hand moved I practically scream (as loud as I can be in a library): “damn u writer for doing this, but thank you for bringing him back!!” So yeah, it’s been such a roller-coaster of emotion

        • blnmom

          Yup. I was sobbing and wailing Kim Hyuuuuuuuuuung and beating the table and then 10 minutes later, never mind. But never was I so glad to be trolled by a writer.

    • 10.2 maryxiah

      I didn’t feel trolled by Byung-yeon’s death, rather I feel overjoyed when he came back alive, I even went on instagram to thank him for living! LOL.

      I thought they mentioned about Eunuch Han’s death in the scene just before the ministers requested for Yeong’s dethronement?

  11. 11 maryxiah

    Warning: long comment ahead.

    First thing first, thank you Lee Seo-won for bowing out of Moonlight and giving Kwak Dong-yeon a chance to grace my screen and kill it with his portrayal of Byung-yeon. Didn’t think I’d come to care so much for Byung-yeon as a character because I wasn’t impressed with the whole handsome-manly-oozing charisma bodyguard thing he had in earlier episodes. But man, he grew on me so much, like Yoon-sung and Ha-yeon. I honestly didn’t think Byung-yeon would die in today’s episode. I thought he’d have run off with the rebels and only suffer minor injury in the process, I guess I was naive to think he could’ve escaped from all the guards. That being said, I just wasn’t mentally prepared to see Byung-yeon get slashed across the chest, I was so convinced he had died! Props to the show for making me believe for a second there he died. I was a mess when he thanked Yeong for believing in him.

    I’m sure we all have some misgivings with the way this show handle the latter arc of the story, but I couldn’t help admiring this show for being so amazing at withholding info that could be told in later episodes, weaving the past and present seamlessly in ways we could relate. So imagine my surprise to see Byung-yeon make an appearance on the wishing lantern scene. We know all the lantern wishes came true, so I find comfort seeing Byung-yeon’s wish fulfilled. While he may have been part of the rebels, I feel like his friendship with Yeong has never taken a backseat because of that, and we’ve seen him put Yeong above the rebels on a several occasions. I’m glad Yeong later confide in Byung-yeon that he understood Byung-yeon was saving him and the woman he loved, what a great way to relief Byung-yeon of all the guilt he’s been carrying. It’s evident that Byung-yeon couldn’t bear to look at Yeong in the eyes, even refusing to wake up from his sleep when Yeong came by, until Yeong promised to reunite with him and Ra-on later in Jahyeondang. Gosh the way his face lights up when Yeong said that poke a hole in my heart. Jeoha, you really have a way with your words, I wish I was your woman.

    Also, I was pleasantly surprised to see the king pulled through in critical moments. I was mentally clapping my hands when he ordered everyone not to move a muscle with the sword on Yeong’s neck. And the fact that he stood firm in spite of the ministers’ insistence to dethrone Yeong. I get that the king is so weak and useless at times, okay maybe all the times, but I can’t help having a soft spot for him, maybe because he’s such an important person to Yeong and one of the reasons why Yeong had to rise up and above to protect the people he loves. So when he did that, I totally felt his love for Yeong. I don’t doubt it before, but I’m happy to see any sign of affection from him. I’m actually quite turned off to see dysfunctional father-son relationship in sageuk, all for the sake of the throne. So I’m pleased that Moonlight didn’t go there.

    • 11.1 maryxiah

      Ugh, is Moonlight great with its little moments or what? I know a lot of beanies aren’t as appreciative of YeongOn’s gazing moments, but I’m of the minority that really loves it. I feel like YeongOn’s strongest moments are the quiet ones, where words are unnecessary and they can read each other from eye contacts and facial expressions. We’ve seen a few instances where they read each other’s mind without even meaning to. I also love the way the show lingered on the moment where Ra-on was dragged off to leave, and in that short moment, both Ra-on and Yeong searched and held each other’s gaze with longing and pain, and they top it off with Yeong quietly mouthing “Ra-on” under his breath. Mmm…so much feels.

      Heck yeah, bromance is back! Sadly, it pushes romance on the back burner. But why did we have to go through 17 episodes to get here? I’m sad that the three musketeers haven’t had a chance to team up together, I guess the chance of seeing that is rather slim now that we’re only 1 episode away from finale. I can’t wait to see how Yoon-sung will go against his family and ultimately bring redemption for all the pains his family has caused, perhaps he’s the saddest of the bunch because no one has been on his side, not even his own family. There’s this shot where Yeong cradled Byung-yeon in his arms, while Yoon-sung was watching on the side, I find it sad that even in moment like this he seems like an outsider, he doesn’t completely belong to the Kim clan, but not on Yeong’s side either, it’s painful to be in his position, but there’s no one to comfort him either.

      I also find it so sad when Yeong sat in front of Jahyeondang, reminiscing his old times with both Byung-yeon and Ra-on, and then Ha-yeon came, you could just see hope building up on his face, and crushed as soon as he realized it was Ha-yeon instead of Ra-on. That’s quite a blow for Ha-yeon, I’m glad she handled it well, but I cringe when Yeong lied he wasn’t disappointed. I get it that he was being gentlemanly, but wouldn’t that give her a tiny hope? Yeong, don’t go there!

      I see that Yeong addressed Ha-yeon as bin-gung (crown prince’s consort) now, that’s enough of a confirmation that he’s acknowledging her as his wife, they may not have gone through with the ceremony, but it’s hinted that they’re officially married, I think the show is trying to gloss it over without putting too much emphasize because fans might not be accepting of Ha-yeon as crown princess, even though we entered into the story knowing she’d be one. I know I’m not, I’m still adjusting myself to her bin-gung role, it just doesn’t sit well with me if we’re all rooting for Yeong to be with Ra-on, when he’s officially married to someone else. That just niggle at the back of my mind and I find it hard to ignore. Sure, we’re in Joseon and the royals could have as many concubines as they like, but this show has been so good at making us feel Yeong will stay monogamous, so I was kind of thrown off when he…

      • 11.1.1 maryxiah

        called her bin-gung.

        And I’m suuuuper nervous with Ra-on’s lack of screentime, it doesn’t help when I found out Yoo-jung finished her filming a day earlier! Maybe the scenes didn’t require her as much as Yeong, but I’m still anxious by her lack of appearance, there’s this really awful sense of foreboding. And why is Ra-on’s monologue in the preview did not make it into today’s episode? I wanted to hear that, because it gives us hope that Ra-on isn’t giving up after all, and we could expect to see their reunion, but now that the monologue is cut off entirely, I’m not sure what to expect from her mere smile. For some of you who didn’t watch the preview:

        Yeong: After all the preparations are done, I will bring her back to my side. I’m almost there.
        Ra-on’s monologue: Even if that day never comes, I will be waiting.

        Finally, a gratifying comeuppance for our not-so-smartypants evil ministers! I find it absolutely satisfying to see Yeong effectively shut their mouth by turning the table and unveiling their evil plan right there right then, when they were just trying to dethrone him not too long ago. *rewind, replay, evil laughter* Muahaha.
        And the cliffhanger ending, I knew they’d end it right there. OMG! Are they fulfilling Yeong’s prophecy? They couldn’t be right? Because who would be crazy enough to kill the hero? They wouldn’t right? But the scene where Yeong was talking to Minister Kim had me thinking, he said he wouldn’t feel right leaving the throne with Minister Kim controlling the court, so if Minister Kim is ousted as the baddie and deposed from his post, would Yeong be willing to let go of the throne and be with Ra-on as commoners? That’s what I get from his exchange, though I could be wrong.

        I have to do honorable mention of Eunuch Han. Sorry ahjussi for doubting you, thinking you’re the bad guy, and thank you for your sacrifice.

        • Ira

          Agree with you 100% about Yeong’s quiet moments. I am glad that we see some of Yeong’s steely gaze and shrewdness back. I am frequently amazed at how well the writer build his character. It helps that PBG is hitting it out of the park with the performance, but I can see how much love is poured towards this character. Young is such an ideal character who almost has it all: intelligence, compassion and devotion towards those who he dearly values. Add the dash of cheekiness and occasional pettiness, he is almost too perfect to be true. It’s about time dramaland go beyond those cold heartless jerk with a heart of gold.

          Unfortunately, I cannot say a similar thoughts have been developed for RO. I suddnly started feeling this way from last week. I feel that her character has been reduced into, sadly, a plot device to either give CP angst or forced BY to step up to protect her, hence more angst. I still love her, but right now I feel a lil bit of disconnect with her. This episode has so lil of her which does not help at all. But we have bromance, so I am not complaining. Just hope that the writer can weave her magic tomorrow for a satisfiying resolution. At this point as long as those 5 are alive, i’ll take that as my happy ending.

          • Celine

            Dramalang needs lead characters like Yeong. Someone who is, though not perfect, truly kind and sincere from the get-go and who is not afraid to show his feelings and weaknesses. I’m so over the abundance of cold-hearted, lonely, and jerk leading men in dramaland. I’m not a fan of romaticizing hostile actions of men toward the woman they “love”.

        • crazyahjummafan

          Yeong’s words to Premier Kim about not being able to let go cos he’s in charge makes me wonder if he will let go if Premier Kim were not around.
          It was also RO’s father’s words about being a leader that was elected by the people that set me thinking.

          I personally think that the Premier’s days are numbered. There’s the little princess testimony and the Queen’s lineage that would and could possibly get him ousted. But who would fill his shoes? Yoon Sung? He would certainly make a better Premier than his grandfather.

        • maryxiah

          @ Ira So true, let the era of jerk with a heart of gold end right here, we need more Yeong-like character in dramaland (swoony lines preferred).

          I feel bad with the way they handled Ra-on’s character, she was so winning and lovely in earlier episodes, and I’m just frustrated that she had resorted to almost a side character in the latter episodes. I love the happy glimpse we saw on her face when she came to visit Byung-yeon and the flashback of her, Yeong and Byung-yeon, I think it makes me remember once again what a charming girl she used to be.

          @crazyahjummafan Hong Kyung-rae’s speech got me to thinking too, a leader doesn’t necessarily have to be someone in a high position, a leader could be someone as simple as Hong Kyung-rae, who’s stirred by the people’s plight and feel what they feel and fight for them. Yeong could be one hell of a king, but he could probably make great changes as a king, but who’s to say he won’t be as effective outside the palace, as the people’s people, and not the king? Am I making sense?

        • Bubblegum

          I was disappointed that Raon’s monologue wasn’t aired too. I feel like so many of her monologues from the previews didn’t make it into the episodes. 🙁

          • suegarbaby

            This is interesting news from someone who doesn’t watch the previews. I wonder why the production team chose not to have Ra On’s monologues in the final airing, it can’t be because of time constraints. They must have a reason for deliberately leaving them out.

        • Imbuk

          Wow! Ra on said that? Why did they cut it? Maybe we ll get to see it in flashback tomorrow from her point of view or something? Thank you for mentioning this. 🙂

          Also true about yeongOn’s quiet moments. When they kept looking at each other, you could kind of feel what they were feeling at that time.

      • 11.1.2 Anh

        I agree about YS is the loneliest person out of our 5 leads, even HY has her father.
        Yup, that scene, where Yeong could openly bawl for BY, YS could only scream silently. He treasured their friendship just like the other 2, but his position just doesn’t allow him to be who he wants to be. So sad TT.TT

        • Ira

          YS is indeed pitiful. He is trapped in a madness that’s called kim’s family. How he become such an upright young man growing up in such a toxic environment is beyond me. His ocassional longing glance at CP and BY’s friendship just kills me. I can see how much he wants to reach out, but he is dqmned by his family. He is such a tragic character, sniff….

          • Celine

            Truly tragic. Yoonsung is a good person, but I can see that he can never fully turn his back on his family. He kept the information about the baby Princess for quite some time instead of telling and he waited for the Queen to confess instead. That’s some loyalty to his family and I respect him for that. Yeong had every reason to have him always at arm’s length and be always on guard when he’s concerned because like what Yoonsung himself said, he may end up wanting to protect his family. I am just glad that at least they had that talk and understanding. At least they know what is in each other’s heart.

        • winter

          YS and HY are both such sad characters, there’s really nothing nice about their lives DX I can’t help thinking that even though they didn’t have the ceremony when the CP leaves with RO or sth HY will have to stay alone all her life as a nun bc she will forever be the CP’s woman even if he doesn’t want or Need her anymore D:

      • 11.1.3 crazyahjummafan

        I agree with you about the little unspoken moments between Yeong and RO. The first 2 screen caps that Javabeans gave of Yeong and RO looking at each other spoke volumes and testify to wonderful acting abilities of the PBG and KYJ.

        • Celine

          I love that scene of Raon looking back at Yeong and Yeong uttering her name silently. It was beautiful. Their eyes did all the talking.

      • 11.1.4 kyuforever

        spot on about the little moments!! they just squeeze my heart dry… another small moment i really loved was when byron neon thanked him for believing in him, he spoke to the crown prince in banmal, which i think made for a greater impact when it is shown that his wish was to be a friend to Cp in his last moment.. so in what he thought was his last moment he spoke to him as a friend and as an equal!

        • maryxiah

          Yup, I loved it when he said in it in banmal too, implying that they’re still friends. I watched that scenes like bazillion times and still cried a lot.

    • 11.2 stuffed

      This caught my attention first before I continue reading your (usual) awesome insight!

      “First thing first, thank you Lee Seo-won for bowing out of Moonlight and giving Kwak Dong-yeon a chance to grace my screen and kill it with his portrayal of Byung-yeon.”

      YESS to this though why LSW exited is still a mystery to me. I tried looking up for the news but there was none.

      • 11.2.1 Celine

        There was no explanation about his exit. Although there was a picture of him in costume already with Yeong and Eunuch Jang, so he was able to film a few scenes probably. His exit is sort of a blessing I guess.

      • 11.2.2 maryxiah

        I have no idea either. The filming time didn’t clash with Uncontrollably Fond either since it was pre-produced. Maybe he couldn’t handle the action scenes? But I’m glad that Kwak Dong-yeon came along instead, ugh, I love him so much.

        • Anh

          The entire Moonlight cast were just meant to be
          They are perfect for the roles

          • Celine

            There’s no one I’d want to change in the cast. I’m not even entertaining ideas of who could play this or that character. Everyone is spot on in character and acting.

      • 11.2.3 NN

        omo, I was also super curious about that but didn’t find any explanation online.

    • 11.3 Celine

      Thank goodness for the guard who did not shoot him right in the heart. He was just fatally wounded.

      Tears started to well in my eyes when he had his speech. I was not breathing when he was shot with an arrow and was slashed in the back with a sword. And then Yeong reminded him of his trust… that was when I bawled uncontrollably. And then we were shown him making a wish and that was when I was seriously crying my eyes out and clutching my heart. Ugh Those scenes were just wonderful and heart-wrenching. Props to this show! It truly knows how to get you in the heart.

      Now I wonder if Yoonsung was able to make a wish that night as well… /cries

      • 11.3.1 Ira

        I am forever thankful for the common villain ineptitude in at killing the characters in dramaland. It’s always one of those: oh you’re stabbed, but thankfully none of your (important) organ got hit, so yeay u’ll live. Tho, watching Missing M Noir made wonder whether this still true. That drama is just too real and have bo qualms at killing people.

        • suegarbaby

          I am forever thankful for the common villain ineptitude in at killing the characters in dramaland. It’s always one of those: oh you’re stabbed, but thankfully none of your (important) organ got hit, so yeay u’ll live.


          I know, right! It’s like typical Hollywood where the baddies are emptying out they guns like crazy but still can’t hit a vital spot on the hero whereas the hero only needs to fire single shots to down them like ten-pins!

      • 11.3.2 maryxiah

        Yoon-sung was busy looking for Ra-on he probably didn’t have time making a wish. Maybe later we get to see Ha-yeon’s wish?

    • 11.4 Kakakash


      I know eh! I rewatched that part so many times, right along with Byung yeon’s death scene (don’t judge me) up until when Yeong reminds him he trusts him more than anyone one in the world…

      • 11.4.1 Kakakash

        I tried quoting, which didnt work.

        Sorry I was referencing what maryxiah said regarding Byung yeon’s eyes lighting up @ Yeong’s words about drinking together in the palace 🙂

        I also concur about the eye chemistry between our otp. The scene if her being dragged away with the rebels in the first couple minutes of the episode as she stared back was gorgeous. Our otp’s eye chemistries oft times have been far more intimate than any other forms of physical intimacy, in my opinion.

        • maryxiah

          Aww Kakakash. Just type (blockquote)text(/blockquote), replace the bracket with .

          I know right? Sometimes their eye contact gives me the shivers, it’s so intimate, so profound and so loving. I couldn’t get enough of them.

          • maryxiah

            Pointy bracket, lol, my bracket disappeared.

          • Kakakash

            Lol! Typos galore! Thank you, that helps!

            I know eh! One of the reasons why I love this drama. Makes me think that that is how I would want to look at a man until my dying days at 120 years of age 😝

      • 11.4.2 Sancheezy

        hope this help, just write exactly like my comment for the formatting



        • maryxiah

          Thank you for the help, Sancheezy. You know what, last night when I was watching Byung-yeon’s death scene, I kind of think of you and your flipping table emoji. I was like “Sancheezy, table!” Lol.

          • Sancheezy

            haha thank you so much,
            I always think of you when love is over played,
            someone must flipping an imaginary table right now

        • Kakakash

          Thanks Sancheezy! I shall save this comment to utilize your advice later on 😊

  12. 12 Rena

    its here its here… pfiuuuuuuuuuh finally!!!

  13. 13 Cingdoc

    Oh My Heart 😭😭😭😭
    So many blood and tears…
    I know everyone else will talk about the episode so I will just talk about some interesting things I noticed :
    1) I had a eye rolling moment when I saw what I will called a ” typical” patient in a hospital room scene. Our poor Kim Hyung is laying there unconscious and instead of a hospital air purifier next to him ( in a modern hospital), we have a ( I assume) a herbal pot brewing and yet have that miraculous steam going, LOL.
    2) I’m going to chalk it up with it being the end of a ” perfect” drama ( for me) but I think the editing team has slipped. Little things like omitted scenes that we saw in the preview. There was no scene of Mom telling Ra On about Kim Hyung and yet Ra On mentioned that fact to Teacher Dasan. The other one was CP telling Kim Hyung that he’s preparing a big event so that he, Kim Hyung and Ra On can live happily ever after. In the preview, Ra On had a voice over about her waiting for him after he has done his preparation and come back for her.
    I know it’s little minor things but yeah… when the drama is so good, the little misses become glaring.
    STILL, MDBC is still one of my all time favorite. I might not have time but only 1 drama but I’m glad that I spent it with all of you Moonlighters.CP and Ra On FIGHTING!!!!!

    • 13.1 cingdoc

      How can I forgot to mention this:
      Who else besides me wanted to have YS run over to CP and dying ( then) Kim Hyung and have a all time bromance group hug and cry . I was crying so much for that scene 😭😭😭😭

      • 13.1.1 Anh


      • 13.1.2 Ira

        Me me! God, that scene is almost hard to watch, tho very beautifully done.

      • 13.1.3 winter

        For a Moment I thought the Boys were going to do something intelligent like pretend to take the CP hostage until everybody left the Palace safely while YS acted as if he was helping the guards but actually hindering them.

        Then I thought they were going to do something really stupid and spectacular like CP and YS both just f*ck it and be like don’t touch my friend BY.

        Then it came down to that. Well, PBG cries well.

        I have no words, what was I going to say.

        • Celine

          Hahaha Your train of thought is hilarious! Love it!

    • 13.2 Anh

      That’s why you gota watch the preview lols
      I guess liveshooting has finally caught up to the editing team but at least they still deliver good episode 🙂

    • 13.3 Celine

      Since early on, some scenes in the preview never make it in the episode. I think they are using it to just keep the viewers curious about what’s going to happen or confused because the previews are rarely what truly happens in the episode. Good tactic, but not good for the heart.

      I don’t think we really needed a scene of Mom telling Raon about Kim Hyung. I doubt that they even filmed that. It’s just one of those scenes that happen in any drama where certain things are assumed to happen offscreen since they are not that crucial.

      • 13.3.1 maryxiah

        No, we don’t need the scene of Ra-on’s mom telling her Kim Hyung’s whereabouts, but we definitely needed the voiceover where she said she’d wait for him!

        • suegarbaby

          There must be a reason why the production team did not include it in the final cut. They do not strike me as the sort of careless team who would leave something so vital out. There must be a reason for the omission. Perhaps its because they discussed it and felt that it made Ra On too passive?

          • maryxiah

            I wouldn’t think waiting for Yeong would make her passive, it’d make us see the old her, if it was a passive Ra-on, she’d run for the hill all over again, but the old Ra-on is someone who values waiting and timing to meet the person she miss, just like how she never stopped waiting and looking for her mom.

    • 13.4 Aigoooo

      Better to have omitted preview than a spoiler one I guess, like another drama that showed a villain alive in the preview when they just killed him in the last episode. lol

      • 13.4.1 Anh

        But Moonlight preview has never spoil lolz, it creates traps and lead us to think of more theories that doesn’t actually happen in the next ep.
        Moonlight preview has always been intriguing, making you crave for more, which is exactly its purpose

        • maryxiah

          Moonlight has always been clever with their previews, I keep telling myself not to fall for it, but I keep getting fooled into thinking there’s more to it, lol.

      • 13.4.2 Celine

        ohdear hahaha! That’s epic fail! What?! Who does the preview editing?! That just took away so much from the story? lmao

        • suegarbaby

          LOL. Javabeans was gnashing her teeth at that preview. You can see her mini-rant in one of the “Team Dramabeans: What We Are Watching” posts. That was for Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, by the way.

          • Celine

            I didn’t know that. lol I haven’t read other threads on DB aside from MDBC. I’ll check out JB’s rant.

    • 13.5 maryxiah

      HAHAHA, I had the same thought! I was like “Is this Joseon version of humidifier? In the middle of summer? Crazy!”

  14. 14 osmanthus_tea

    Finally. Last week was so draggy that I started wishing the plots would wrap up soon, and I’m so glad that Show is finally badass again. Maybe Ra On and Yeong need to stay apart meaningfully to work on what matters in the interim. So much better than the endless push-pull last week.

    I would pretty much have believed that Kim Hyung died, since it’s not unusual for supporting casts to be sacrificed towards the end… and I’m glad that he managed to survive, just barely. The fact that it’s only through sheer luck that YS noticed he was alive, made it more believable.

    but it was soooo gut wrenching. I’ve already watched it raw last night but watching the subbed version still made me well up. /=

    The only reason I’m not dying from the poison scene is because… he can’t die now, right? Blind faith. And the hope that he had poisoned himself to give himself more room to ensnare the Kims.

    Oh and I sort of applauded the Queen this time round. For finally standing up to the PM. She’s a bitch, but I think it’s also cuz he made her that way.

    • 14.1 maryxiah

      If this was any other drama, we could have accepted Byung-yeon’s death and move on, but I don’t think any of us could have accepted it when Byung-yeon’s hand fell slack. I could almost hear fans scream in unison “nooooo”.

      • 14.1.1 Sancheezy

        yup, I don’t think people can accept byeong yeon death
        we can think that it probably fit but then we gonna have heartbreak,

        unnecessary death with no historical basis for me is unnecessary and make me feels like the writer try so hard to make a sad scene by pushing the viewer to the edge of ultimate sadness, the death,

  15. 15 michykdrama

    I must admit that I experienced a few unexpected emotions during the episode-

    First, disbelief that they actually really killed Byung Yeon. I was too shocked. I just kept saying, “Wow… they actually went there. They really killed him!”

    And then, I really burst out laughing when his finger twitched- because, they didn’t! He is alive!

    And anyone else cheered when they saw Teacher Yoda? XD Super happy he is back to give advice to Prince Yeong again.

    But my favourite person this episode, other than the leads and Byung Yeon of course, was undoubtably Eunuch Jang. He who acted as mother hen to Prince Yeong, accepting of scolding on his behalf, and willing to help Yung Sung say his “final goodbyes” to Byung Yeon. Love him!

    Also, so many moments to be happy over this episode because the Kims FINALLY failed in silencing someone who was going to expose their nefarious plans. And I love it when Evil fights Evil, like the Queen pulling rank on Premier Kim. I for one hope that he gets backstabbed by Dumb and Dumber, or they all stab each other in the back. And where is sweet little mute Princess? I hope she appears next week!

    Anyone else Very Very worried for Yung Sung? I really hope they won’t kill him off… because there is all this talk of death…. and somehow I doubt all three of them can cheat death (since Byung Yeon and Prince Yeong each had a mortal wound to recover from). And Ha Yeon too- I hope nothing happens to her… I worry because she is caring for The Baby, and now that Premier Kim know who that baby is… I worry for both of them.

    I’m ready for the final episode Show! Bring It On!

    • 15.1 maryxiah

      Had the same thought, couldn’t believe they’d go there and kill his character, but I was too happy when he came back alive to register any other thoughts.

      I wasn’t exactly cheering when Teacher Dasan came out, but I was certainly relieved to see him again. Finally someone Yeong could lean on!

      • 15.1.1 michykdrama

        Part of me wonders if I would have felt more if he hadn’t survived, but then again, the scene with him and Yeong where Yeong thanks BY for saving Ra On and him was really done well and helped close the circle for BY’s character. He kind of has come a full circle as a rebel, Yeong’s bodyguard and also his friend.

    • 15.2 Bubblegum

      I love Eunuch Jang too! IMO I find him to be a better comic relief than the Princess and Master Jung.

    • 15.3 blnmom

      I’m still a little confused about the face-reader scene. Does this mean Yeong is going to die, or Yoonsung? Anyway, I’m thinking one of them is going to go… 😭

  16. 16 Elisabeth Ho

    Lol. I die. I haven’t been reading the screen caps on that much. Couldn’t resist today. I could totally tell javabean’s writing. The tone of voice, the dramatic play by play. Hilarious. I miss reading your screen caps! Thank you for taking the time and effort to bring your readers insightful and comedic relief to such a dramatic storyline!!!!

  17. 17 chaeyeon

    OMG.. POOR HIM.. POOR HIM… T_____T

    • 17.1 Luna


      • 17.1.1 Hangummy

        #SaveYoonsung #StopMakingYoonsungSuffers #TheyAlreadyMakeHimAlwaysLateSoPleaseDontKillHim

  18. 18 UmbrellaMan

    Lesson learned, do not watch this show while eating. I was sobbing uncontrollably into my fajitas. He’s dead! *blubbering mess*
    (ノД`)・゜・。…no, he’s not dead! *tears of joy* \(*T▽T*)/ …wait…did I just ball my eyes out over nothing?!? (⇀_ ⇀)

    Right from the moment the show started I knew that Byung-yeon was going to die. That was such a gut wrenching scene. Am I glad that he is alive? Of course! But, there is something very powerful and dramatic that we are missing by his death not being final. Damn you show for playing with my emotions!
    ( ・`⌓´・)ノ゙

    And that darned cliffhanger. Why?!?

    • 18.1 Celine

      I was actually quite nonchalant when Yeong was poisoned and that surprised me. I guess I saw it coming from a mile away and knew that we will somehow have to go through “death” like in history and then put a creative twist to it just like what the disclaimer on the episode says.

      On the other hand, this is good. It makes people nervous and looking forward to what will happen next. A part of me is saying that they will not and cannot kill Yeong. The entire Korea will revolt if they kill of PBG. hihi However, there’s still that tiny feeling in my gut that they can still totally go in that direction… I don’t know anymore lol

      • 18.1.1 NN

        I suspect it’s not real poison but some ploy of our dear CP using the herb/ bean sprout thingy from one of the earlier episode.

      • 18.1.2 Helen

        @Celine… omg! here I thought something was really wrong with me. I didn’t shed a tear when Yeong collapsed from the poison. I seriously hope there’s a plan behind this or else I will have a hard time forgiving myself for taking this so lightly.

        • Celine

          Hahaha! Nah! You’ll be fine. PBG won’t know that we did not shed tears when he collapsed. We still love him though. My tears in this episode were all for the bromance. Maybe I used up all my tears that when we finally got to that part, there’s no more tear to shed. lol

          • UmbrellaMan

            I didn’t cry at all when our beloved prince was poisoned. They are not going to kill off the lead. Especially if they aren’t killing off Byung-yeon. I cried over everone else’s death, because I thought (at the time for some) that they really were dead. I cried for the head eunich too. His noble sacrifice! Haha

  19. 19 maryxiah

    Had to comment on this before I forget again, doesn’t Byung-yeon’s hairdo post recovery reminds anyone of Rurouni Kenshin from Samurai X?

    • 19.1 Anh

      Yes, it does, minus the scar

      • 19.1.1 maryxiah

        When I saw him, I was like “Kenshin! Why are you in Joseon instead of Meiji era?!” Haha.

    • 19.2 michykdrama

      Love! I love the manga, thank you for reminding me I really need to watch the movies… And yes, his hair totally does… I’m glad they made it different (tied lower and looser) and not styled the same as always since he is sick and lying down a lot.

      • 19.2.1 maryxiah

        Japan live action tend to suck, so I stick to the anime, I don’t usually watch anime in dub but I make Rurouni Kenshin an exception because he sounds so much like a girl in Japanese ver I just couldn’t stop cringing.

        • michykdrama

          Oh I started with the anime too! but it was so long ago I never got round to watching the movies… Also, for whatever reason the actor didn’t fit into the Kenshin image I had in my head so I didn’t feel super compelled to watch it immediately…

          • Sancheezy

            I think the live action of Kenshin actually really good,
            it close with the manga as I remember

          • maryxiah

            Exactly. He didn’t struck me as Kenshin, I watched the movie for a bit but couldn’t feel him, so I dropped it and didn’t feel compelled to watch again.

        • winter

          The movie was great though (IMHO)

          • spazmo

            all three movies were GREAT! satoh takeru was perfect as kenshin, as were the other cast of characters. great action/fighting scenes also… great visuals. loved it/them!

      • 19.2.2 Anh

        I guess it’s just me that only like the manga, I can’t handle anime because of voice actors and the quality of scenes. Manga just provide so much details. And live action is a no no, I tried watching Death Note live action once, and I couldn’t make it through…

        • maryxiah

          I usually prefer manga too, but I started out Rurouni Kenshin with anime, so I prefer its anime.

        • Sancheezy

          I think the anime for Rurouni and death note had bad timing with me,
          at the time I finished both of the manga, the anime wasn’t aired and at the times it aired, I already re-read the manga and feels it’s too much to watch the anime,

          I just watch both of the live action and I feel it’s enough

    • 19.3 Sancheezy

      it does. . . . Kenshin also small just like byung yeon …
      well well well…. love that,

    • 19.4 Celine

      it does. That hair and his clothes.. yep.

  20. 20 momosa

    Ah, my heart can’t take it, I have stopped watching a couple of episodes back not because I don’t like the cuteness overload, but knowing in history that this prince died young. I need to know the endgame before re-watching again, and it has got to be a happy one…please.

    • 20.1 maryxiah

      Yeong won’t die for sure. We’re only waiting to see whether he’d rule as a king, with or without Ra-on by his side, or he’d live as a commoner with Ra-on, presuming he keep up the pretense of being dead.

  21. 21 WSeattleite

    I might have refreshed Dramabeans since 6pm to see if the recap is up! Thanks javabeans, now I my viewing experience is complete, for the time being anyway.

    Everything in this episode is so beautiful and heartbreaking, from the tiny facial nuances on Crown Prince’s face in every scene, to the pure and sweet loyalty of CP and BY’s friendship. Like everyone, I don’t mind that we didn’t get scenes between CP and RO because the bromance (which has always shined) needed their focus. I hope we get another bromance scene between CP and YS. Then of course, I hope more scenes with RO too.

    I don’t know how they’re going to fit everything in the last episode, but I still have faith that we’ve put our hearts in the right hands! Squeeze away Show!

  22. 22 Cricket

    Kim hyun scenes were everything. I ugly cried for him and was in disbelief that they went there.

    My unexpected fav moment was when the evil queen went in on her father. I love when the evil folks turn on each other.

    The CP that I love came through this ep. I want a proper send off where I am bursting with satisfaction.

  23. 23 Heejung

    Man this episode was so satisfying! I was yelling in my head “IMPLODE IMPLODE” during the queen vs Minister Kim scenes lol.

    One point though – I got the vibe that the older gibang lady was actually the queens mother. We know that she’s the daughter of a gisaeng, and she seemed embarrassed/ashamed of the lady, while the lady seemed hesitantly caring/worried about her, and looked hurt when the queen snapped at her. I felt like the queen contacted her mom just to get the information she was after.

    • 23.1 Anh

      I think that was Queen’s mother too, because that lady worried about the queen’s condition and tried to sow affection as well

    • 23.2 Celine

      This episode is so right up my alley. And after last week’s teeny tiny disappointment with how things unfolded, I am loving this one. I’m not even complaining for the lack of OTP scenes here because since Raon left the palace, I’ve always thought that they needed to be truly separated while Yeong cleans up the royal court.

      I was hoping that some scenes in this episode were actually in last week’s episode instead of the break up and the drama that surrounded it. The writer did really try to go on full angst mode last week especially in relation to OTP that I am hoping we get a wonderful reunion to make up for all those.

    • 23.3 Sancheezy

      she is the queen mother,
      the queen said she is embarrassed to called her a mother so I take that

  24. 24 JoyCB

    Are they pulling a Romeo and Juliet for a happy ever after?

    My ending:
    Yoon Sung becomes king, Yeong leaves the palace and lives as a regular citizen with Ra On, Byung Yeon continues to have gorgeous hair.

    • 24.1 Luna

      no offense but i hope your ending wont come true…
      YS as a king is a no no….

      • 24.1.1 Anh

        That’s ending is very unlikely, since YS has proven himself that he has no desire for that. He might protect his family (not getting them killed), but he will overthrow Yeong nor let the Kim clan plan rebelion

    • 24.2 Cookiecuttr

      I wholeheartedly agree with your ending… Lol BY’s hair really is amazing. Except I wish there was some way that Yeong could still be an advisor or something since he’s so clever, and so that we can still have the bromance between everyone including Ra-on…

    • 24.3 C-chan

      I don’t see Yeong abdicating, though. What about his beautiful dream? It’s more meaningful, and frankly in character, for him to be King and lead the way to a better Joseon.

      Even if it means without Ra On by his side. This is the first time I’ve ever wanted a Prince to truly be a King because the others have fallen short of the requirements for what makes a real King, but Yeong ticks all of the boxes and then some. Yeong is the King that Joseon deserves.

      Then again, the show could go either way. I just hope that they’ll do whatever ending they will do to the best of their ability and give justice to as much characters as possible.

      • 24.3.1 Celine

        “… Yeong ticks all of the boxes and then some. Yeong is the King that Joseon deserves.” THIS I so want to see Yeong as a King. But I also want to see Raon by his side. How to make it happen?

        “Then again, the show could go either way. I just hope that they’ll do whatever ending they will do to the best of their ability and give justice to as much characters as possible.” My thoughts exactly.

    • 24.4 maryxiah

      I second on Byung-yeon continues to have gorgeous hair.

    • 24.5 Michykdrama

      Yeong won’t do that… because that would be his character regressing back to the beginning before he realized the importance of his role as Crown Prince. He never wanted the role but he realises how important it is for him to do a proper job and be a good king for the people.

      As romantic as it may seem for him to give up everything to be with his One True Love, is actually love him a little bit less and (to me) his love for Ra On would be just that bit less perfect.

      Ra On also wouldn’t want that I feel. Like how her mother loves her father even though he made the family suffer while he lead the rebellion. She may want him just as a simple husband, but her love for him is bigger than her own needs and she understands why he had to do it for the “greater good”. And I’d like to think that Ra On’s love for Yeong is the same and she wouldn’t want him to give it all up just for her.

      But I fully agree with BY’s hair. 😝

      • 24.5.1 suegarbaby

        Prior to this episode, I did wonder if the ending would be Yeong having to leave the palace. But not any longer. In this episode, Yeong has a clear sense of purpose and it is not to vacate his seat. His plans during the 1 month time-skip can be seen to be extensive and thorough. And they entail bringing down the Kims and bringing Ra On back to his side. And everything he has done in this episode reflects that steely determination.

        He has already brought down Minister Dun and Dunber. He is now aiming his sword at Prime Minister Kim. And from his retrieval of the Queen’s baby from the gibing, he may have something up his sleeve for the Queen as well.

        His conversations with Teacher Dasan (asking him to be prepared to step into the “big hole” in court) and with Byung Yun (that he is preparing everything and that it is almost ready. And that they can all drink together at Repentance Hall), does not sound like a man who is planning to abandon his seat as Crown Prince.

        Oh no no no. Yeong is here to stay and rule his nation – poison notwithstanding!

      • 24.5.2 Celine

        As much as I want Yeong to be King and stay in the palace, if ever he leaves to be with Raon it’s still okay for me. HGN said that a true leader of the people means he does not have to be a King in order to lead the people and to do what is right. He can do that even as a simple person. If he decides to leave the palace, he can continue doing what he thinks is right just not to the extent of what he can do if he were the King.

        How to have both, him being King and still be with Raon? The eternal question which will be answered in a couple of hours. lol

        • maryxiah

          Exactly my thoughts too. It’d be great to see him on the throne, but I don’t want a throne where he can’t be with the one he loves the most, and live a lonely life. As a commoner, I can already see him influencing people in greater ways.

          The question will be answered in 1 hour and 5 minutes now. Crossing my finger, hopefully I can watch live. And the special episode after it.

          • Celine

            Ughhh I will wait for subs though so it will be hours for me.

  25. 25 SLVR

    Just wanted to point out a quick thing the recap may have missed. The Gibang madam whom YS entrusted the baby to- is the Queen’s mother.

    She affectionately tries to ask the Queen how she’s so thin after childbirth, is it because her mother didn’t take care of her- when the Queen retracts her hand angrily.

    • 25.1 Hangummy

      Now that’s interesting! I love how this drama pays attention to some details.

    • 25.2 PakalanaPikake

      Great catch!

      I was wondering who the older woman was, and it makes so much sense.

      So that means Yoon-Sung entrusted the true heir to the loving care of her real grandma…

    • 25.3 maryxiah

      Yeah, I didn’t miss their connection when I watch, but even in the subs they didn’t mention that she was her mother, so I do find it weird.

      • 25.3.1 Anh

        I think it’s only implied, because she’s lowly in status, and Queen (and PM Kim) probably don’t want anyone to know of the truth since queen probably registered under Kim’s official wife.
        And Queen probably doesn’t harbour much affection for her low status mother as it would put her at disadvantage, that why she withdrew her hands when her mother try to touch/hold

  26. 26 Kay

    This is going to be interesting because from what I know of the ending of the novel/story, it’s actually another *important* character who dies….for sake of not spoiling, I won’t say the name but I wonder if they’ll keep that the same or not because Byung Yeon’s death trolled me so much…..

    I’m so ready for the ending though….the last few episodes have been so draggy…gimme all the action and badassery PLEASE. Also, please don’t let CP and Ra On get together in the last 5 minutes of this drama because I’m so done with their long distance relationship.

    • 26.1 Anh

      Well, the drama has already changed the characters too much from the original (history and novel) so Im somewhat positive that none of our 5 leads will really die.
      It’s not really spoiling when the drama is already different to novel, and I guess it is Yoonsung who die in novel? since the novel author talked about how sad she felt for YS

      • 26.1.1 Marile

        Strongly agree- yoonsung will die- why:
        1. CP & BY already survived death (they can not die again , LOL)
        2. Seriously, YS holds the key to unlock the truth about Premier Kim & the Queen. He has always chosen the right path but this time by siding with the good, will he survive from these two formidable evils?
        3. if he survives, won’t he be lonely and guilty for betraying his bloodline?
        4. This is a young man full of idealism amidst evil. I see him more as a hero who can die for love and justice.

    • 26.2 Kendi

      But wasn’t him turned out to be alive later? Having amnesia and then meet another girl?

      I forgot where I read this though.

    • 26.3 maryxiah

      Why does anyone have to die though? They’re smart bunch of kids and I’m sure even if the situation is as dire as it is, they can work things out and weasel their way out? I’m not willing to see any character die on us right now.

      • 26.3.1 Celine

        I hope Yoonsung does not pull a stunt like what the brother (Jung Il Woo’s character I forgot the name) of the King did in TMETS. He willingly died in order for the King to not have a rival for the throne. I hope we do not go there.

        • maryxiah

          I couldn’t even remember the plot on that, I watched that a long time ago, since it’s not memorable, it’s probably not that good, but I enjoyed Kim Yoo-jung and Yeo Jin-gu loveline on that. Anyway, off topic, his death was stupid, he didn’t have to die, he basically killed himself thinking he’d hinder his brother for as long as he lived, that and because he didn’t get the girl.

          • Celine

            I understood his reason, but his death was stupid. Like he just stood there and allowed the guy to spear him. LOL

          • maryxiah

            Exactly, he took the spear so he’d die, he wanted to die. By his death, he thought his sun wouldn’t hinder his brother’s sun anymore.

  27. 27 Shari

    I was waiting for Minister Dumb to figure out that Ra-on was the one who helped his daughter-in-law run away with his servant. I guess we’re not going to see that now. Not that it really matters but it feels like a plot hole because I expected that incident to have more consequences down the road.

    • 27.1 Kayak

      He really is dumb though. Probably saw something shiny and forgot.

      • 27.1.1 maryxiah

        ROFL! Stahp it!

      • 27.1.2 Flightey Gazelles


    • 27.2 Sancheezy

      he probably doesn’t care that much,
      or he just lack information,
      hope they included that on the blooper . . . lol

  28. 28 Luna

    Oh dear…
    now i’m starting to worry for YoonSung’s life…
    Please dont die….






  29. 29 monchers

    Sooo I spent most of the first part of the episode screaming via SMS to my friend, “DON’T KILL NINJAAA NO NO NO NO!” and so many variations that kind of message. Yes, we were screaming at each other via SMS. And yes, we call BY, “Ninja.” Suits him, somewhat.

    Not so much OTP moments in this ep, but loved the last look between CP and RO when she was being taken away. So powerful, meaningful, and true. *sighs* Not complaining also as it was a bromance episode, focusing on the friendship/s of the three (CP, YS, BY). My heart.

    Last episode tonight — echoing Javabeans, please don’t break our hearts!

  30. 30 Hangummy

    Thank you for the great recap! I’ve been re-loading dramabeans’ page since this morning lol XD
    When I see the scene between Kim hyung and CP I was literally screaming “no!!!!!!!!” And my sister was so surprised that she thought something was happened to me (lol, I was loud)
    I’m really glad that Kim hyung is alive (thanks writer-nim!) Because my one last hope is to see Raon, Yeong and Kim Hyung chatted happily like that time when they’re drinking together and this time Yoonsung will join them (maybe Hayeon can join too? But I’m afraid it will break her heart to see Yeong and Raon).
    And I believe that they won’t kill Yeong because they promised a light-hearted saegeuk, and I don’t think that my heart will be light when I see our crown prince died.
    Btw, I was laughing so hard at this -> “Not that that’s difficult, as he seems to have taken up residence in that corner.” :))))

  31. 31 Ugtas

    Yoon sung! You’re the man!

  32. 32 4drama

    I was shocked when BY dies few minutes of the show, I watched it raw and basically only catches few words, but I was like, NO, NO don’t kill him, it’s too early!! I totally lost it, I felt a pull of being in hell and heavens open up a glimmer of hope with a slight twitch of his hand. Beautiful episode, I didn’t mind RO taking a back seat coz they gave us lots of feels with these three friends, even HY, I loved that the second leads in this drama support the main lead and not an annoying and convoluted character. How amazing that this show gave us characters that we root for, having different choices but in the end, one ultimate goal

  33. 33 Sarai

    I know I was not alone in the shock, horror, and grief at Byung-Yeon’s death scene. I was screaming at him not to drop his sword! Please no! How did this character totally steal my heart? I can’t pinpoint when it happened, but Byung-Yeon notched himself deep in emotions and thoughts.
    It’s amazing how a character, with his loyalties on such seemingly opposite sides of the “wall”, really presents the most devotion and conviction of all the characters. There is no question, this is a man who does what he believes is right no matter the outcome. It’s inspiring.
    When he fell, I’m not even kidding, I stopped the episode and sobbed, literally sobbed. I couldn’t believe it. Then when Yeong and Byung-Yeon had that final beautiful moment of friendship… When he repeated that line that no matter what – Byung-Yeon was always the person he trusted more than anyone – it was so heartbreakingly beautiful that I sobbed some more. What a wonderful example of righteous, unadulted friendship. I’ve always thought that friendship is the purest and rawest form of love, because it’s the only love where one doesn’t “expect” anything from the other person. Unlike romantic love which requires reciprocation (with expectations and desires) to be fully realized and enjoyed… friendship demands no further action than being there, being present, in the moment with your friend. Simply being friends is the ultimate reward.
    Gosh, I was crying so much, but that scene was so captivating and powerful.
    The truth is I then cried again out of desperate relief that Byung-Yeon wasn’t dead. Thank you, God! lol
    I really enjoyed this episode and can’t wait to see how all the loose ends are tied together. Fingers crossed for a most happy ending!

    • 33.1 Flightey Gazelles

      This made me Awwww.

    • 33.2 Helen

      Perfectly put @Sarai!

    • 33.3 Celine

      Awwwww so true.

      And me too!!! I paused because I was crying my eyes out.

    • 33.4 maryxiah

      Aww, haha I couldn’t pause because I was watching live, so I had to watch it in tears, I was bawling when Yoon-sung came for his body and suddenly his fingers twitched, I bawled some more, lol happy tears of course.

  34. 34 ObsessedMuch

    Grabbing a place before I get lost! So much to say, but sadly I am in office! 🙁

    • 34.1 maryxiah

      Tell me about it. I missed the chance to comment earlier because I was suddenly swamped with work, and I felt like screaming inside, lol. Now I’m still in the office, only I’m freer now. 🙂

      • 34.1.1 ObsessedMuch

        I am envious of you! I am still not free enough to write what I loved about this episode! I’ll just go back home and then add replies to comments I associate with 🙂 Better luck tomorrow!

        • maryxiah

          Don’t worry, there’s always a bunch of us that come back to read, lol.

        • Sancheezy

          don’t worry . . I’ll come back for you ^^

        • Celine

          I’ll come back for you too! hihi!

        • ObsessedMuch

          Aww you guys! You all are the best!

    • 34.2 Sancheezy

      well if you count my 1st post time-marked to the other one
      I am just grabbing place and then leaving for 4+ hours, I just wrote when it had 4 comments
      back to post some formatting 2 hours later and just can back online 3 hours later when the comment is already over 200

      it’s hard

      • 34.2.1 maryxiah

        Well, at least it’s easier to keep up with the comment section here than in Moon Lovers, it’s crazy fast in that recap section, so fast my head spin and I just had to get out of there fast, lol.

    • 34.3 ObsessedMuch

      So here are my 2 cents on this episode:

      The short one- Dear show, did you just try to give me freaking heart-attacks twice in an episode? I love how smart you are, but please don’t do that in the last episode.

      The long one-
      I love- hated this episode.
      Thanks (not) to a few spoilers on instagram, I was already dreading watching the show (cuz Kim Byung should not die). And even though I knew what was coming, I cried oh so much at 6:30 in the morning! And then, surprise oh surprise, he turns out to be alive. I literally screamed out and did a few air-punches! I also spouted a few choice words for the director/writer but qualified that by saying I am really thankful to them! 😛

      And this episode just proved once again how wonderful an actor PBG is. The range of emotions he can display is so vast. When he was heartbroken, so was I; when he cried, so did I; when he was being all politically astute, I cheered him on (and smirked when he did), and on and on. I swear he can produce a hit show even if he has no dialogues in that show! Most of all I love his eyes- they literally swim with emotions.

      There was almost no Ra-on in this episode. And I surprisingly did not miss her because there was just so much happening story- wise. However, I still think they have left of things to be tied together for the last episode. I know they will give us a smashing last episode, but I also want ample time to be given to the romance and bromances.

      Now onto that end. i could almost see it coming, but i was still a little irritated that they brought the possibility of death near Yeong again. The CP has already had a near death- scene, and they should stop milking PBG’s awesome “I-am-about-to-die” skills now. Anyway, I know he won’t die cuz this show has been consistent in making us feel happy, but I am still a lil miffed.

      I know this was a long winded comment, and I have a lot more thoughts, but these were the major ones 🙂 Happy last episode beanies<3

      • 34.3.1 ObsessedMuch

        Oh 1 more thing- I loved that they went back to the lantern festival and showed us Byung Yun’s wish of simply being CP’s friend in the last moment. It just added more depth to that already beautiful scene. I love the flashbacks of this show. They are never repetitive.

        Plus this line is the best one ever: “If I only had one person in the world that I could trust, it would still be you.” Bromance is real people.

        • Sancheezy

          yeah . . . ofc bromance is real..
          I hope this not consider spoiler, I heard Kwak dong yeon suggest the idea of season 2,
          KDY really knew the audience,
          he once asked dance bombastic again if it reach 20% and now he even wished for season 2

          • ObsessedMuch

            That actually does seem close to spoiler territory, but I don’t mind the implications at all! 🙂

        • maryxiah

          I think I may be the only one who actually misses Ra-on throughout the episode. I felt uneasy seeing Ha-yeon having more screentime than her, got this ominous feeling that I couldn’t get rid of.

          • ObsessedMuch

            I didn’t particularly mind Ha-yeon too much.. Maybe because I think the writers focused a lil too much on the main leads and gave too lil time to other actors (not complaining though- there can never be too much of Bo Gummie). So I liked that Chae Soo Bin got a little screen time here.

        • Celine

          I cried so much when he said that line and cried so much more when they showed that he made a wish. This show is so good at twisting my heart.

  35. 35 Kakakash

    After rewatching Byung yeon’s dying scene, I can’t believe I cried AGAIN.

    I’m so with you in that I don’t even care why Byung yeon didn’t die…I was just so relieved and happy that he didn’t. That whole exchange, along with Byung yeon’s watery smiles later on when listening to Yeong talk about them three having drinks together, they were beautiful 😊😭.

    I think precisely because Byung yeon’s intentions were never to get in the Prince’s way or harm him outright was he able to make that decision in the final moment to draw the sword on Yeong, in order to allow the rebels to walk away. Like you said, he never intended to harm Yeong. And as the show progressed I think his understanding of his own loyaties matured on at least a subconscious level, that he never really had to choose one side over another, so long as he did what he felt in his heart was right. Although on the surface, his aggressive action still pained him hence his guilt. Hmm I think I’m saying the same thing as you Javabeans.

    Bromances totally stole the show this episode. It was so good! *goesbacktowatchByungyeon’swateryeyedconversationwithYeong*

  36. 36 Lisa_wackycashew

    Thanks for the recap, JB!!

    Wow, what a packed episode! My heart must have stopped when seeing BY breathe his last. I was ready to shake my fist and yell nooooo though a tiny glimmer of hope inside made me hang on and saw that finger twitch… Whew!! I really really love the friendship between these three friends, and especially between Yeong and BY. That moment when Yeong held BY and BY thanked him for his trust was outstanding. Like you said, it was a great send-off, and we didn’t mind that BY managed to survive.

    I heart astute Crown Prince!! So glad to see Yeong putting those Kim’s in their places. Just gotta take down the prime minister now!

    I also liked how RO tended to BY, being her chatty self in holes of getting BY to wake up and respond!

    Yeong at the end!! Nooooo! Stop doing that to my heart!!! I know he’d be OK somehow since he didn’t drink that much and he can be saved in time. But man, too many chest-pounding moments today.

    RO and the crown prince need to reunite ASAP! Just one ep left!! Make it good, Show!!

    • 36.1 risa

      I heart astute Crown Prince, too. (No wonder Taekie was a baduk prodigy– his soul has spent lifetimes honing his skills as a master strategist!)

      I’m not watching ML, so today was the last time for me to say “Oh goody, it’s Moonday”. 😪 Here’s hoping for a squeeworthy finale!

      • 36.1.1 Celine

        LOL at Taek creeping in! I also heart our astute Crown Prince. His character is such a winner!

        • Lisa_wackycashew

          Taek is real! *cue Bogummy driving skills* 😛 I love how he really made Crown Prince his own after getting into character though it wasn’t easy at the start. Can’t imagine anyone else playing this role.

      • 36.1.2 Lisa_wackycashew

        Hahahahaha! The Taekie love is strong!!

        I’m watching ML, but there was no ep yesterday. I got to focus on this show, which is great. XD All the shows that I’m watching are winding down, so I can finally catch up on other ones I’ve missed. =P And yes, finale must be squeeworthy!! ^^V

  37. 37 ck1Oz

    Too emotionally exhausted because of all the emotional investment in this drama.

    It’s up to episode 17 and I am still not cursing at the ineptitude. The hero continues to be awesome and the dramatic moments continues to be dramatic. I continue to wanting to kill the villains especially PM Kim.

    Beautiful show- I have total faith the last 5 min won’t be a waste of my time. Am already preparing to download it on 720p for my collection.

    The CP is one of the most intelligent and rational male leads I’ve seen. Well that… and it’s Park Bogum. I wasn’t even a fan after R1988 or Cantabile Nodame and the other murder drama but after this…. yummy yummy boy 🙂

    • 37.1 Sancheezy

      sometimes everything is so predictable and not complicated for both happy and sad moment but it feels so much,
      it can make you very happy and very sad,
      even when it sad, I knew it sad and I think I already over the phase but it still hurts

    • 37.2 Celine

      Tell me about it. I am so emotionally spent because of this drama. I really wanted it to end soon, so I can move on with life. hihi Oh and LOL at your yummy boy comment. If you like PBG you should watch his previous dramas. He’s really good.

  38. 38 coby

    Phew! I thought they will kill Kimhyung. I cried last night already but reading about it makes me teary-eyed (if only I’m not at work)…

  39. 39 junah

    i will be minority here. last night episode doesn’t feel like the drama I fell in love in the 1st place. time jump, fast pacing, packed/rushed resolution, poison on hero ??? the magic I’ve got watching this drama, with all twist and turn, full of originality and new idea, has gone. I am not surprise CP being poisoned . but if the writers choose to follow the novel, it just ruin the surprise element this drama seems to have before. I just raised my eyebrow on the ending. Like, really ? Is this the same writer who gave me unforgettable eps 6 ? I will watch tonight episode without so much anticipation and hope. sad ending or happy ending, seems not matter anymore. sigh.

    • 39.1 lotus888

      Yes, it does seem like they rushed the story line in this and the previous 2 episodes (as if to complete the plot before the 18 episode deadline ends). However, they did do some scenes justice in this episode, as others have mentioned.

      I think the poisoning is a ruse (with the HY in complicity), so that the Prince could tell what the PM would in order to take the throne. It’s basically a trap for the PM (tiger) to act on before the fatal blow.

    • 39.2 savi

      >> the magic I’ve got watching this drama, with all twist and turn, full of originality and new idea, has gone. I am not surprise CP being poisoned . <<

      I mean, the show is always predictable and not original, it's the same,
      the show is never the complicated politic twist and turn, they just treat the other people better and that touched he viewer

    • 39.3 maryxiah

      Aww, don’t lose hope Junah. Who knows there might be sunshine after the rain. This drama doesn’t strive on originality but it strives on making small connection with the viewers, with heartfelt story and touching plotline. I hope the ending will be memorable for you!

  40. 40 Zore

    Am I the only one who can no longer stand HY? I used to empathize with her, but she is getting on my nerves. I dislike people who have false modesty. I prefer people to openly show their desire and go after it, whether good or bad. On the one hand, she presents herself as self sacrificing for the sake of the crown prince but passively implies I am/going to be your legal wife and crown princess, isn’t your duty to love me. Especially since I am self sacrificing and all. All she really is doing is acting on a one-sided love that she was told will not be reciprocated and realizing that she is in over her head. She is preoccupied with her side of the equation without sympathizing with the fact that two people in love, as opposed to her one- sided, cannot be together because of circumstances out of thier control. When she found who Lee Yeong loves, it had to be about how she felt about it, without sympathy for the person She supposedly love. She either resign herself to the deal she made to have the position and not the man. Or admit she wants the man too and openly pursue him now. And she really needs to stop appearing when Lee Yeong is reminiscing about Ra On. That does not endear her to me. When I was watching the scene she appeared while Lee Yeong was reminiscing, I was scream “go do some embroidery if you have nothing better to do” than appearing in that moment.

    • 40.1 pigsnout

      This is not surprising, after the discussion in the Sue Ae drama post….. second lead women will end up be hated by some no matter what. Because they are not the heroine and dared to have feelings for the hero, even if they are nice people otherwise.

      • 40.1.1 Zore

        I don’t blindly hate. It is her false modesty that annoys me. I just wish she was more sympathetic towards Lee Yeong instead of her passive aggressive ways. After all, she should know how Lee Yeong feels. She had the luxury of not marrying someone she did not love (Yoon Sung) and Lee Yeong does not. It is Lee Yeong’s duty to marry and produce an heir. It was not her duty to marry Lee Yeong. She partially chose it. She over-played her hand in signing up for a political marriage in hopes that it will turn into a love match. It is her frustration that her love is not reciprocated “quickly” that irks me because after all she knew what she signed up for. I empathize with her that she may end up in a loveless marriage but I don’t empathize with her push for him to love her, when she has been told he does not. Time, patience, and devotion may produce what she ultimately wants. But been passive-aggressive that it is not happening now and putting up a front that she is cool with at the same time is what annoy me.

        • pigsnout

          But even her attempt to hold back her own feelings, not blame Yeong or Raon, and be some help to the CP even if she can’t have his love is seen as “false modesty”? That’s not really fair. She knows he doesn’t love her, she was always honest about her feelings before the match but tried to do her best in that situation. … I really don’t see a reason to dislike her other than she doesn’t have Yeong’s affection. Basically all I’m saying is she’s as nice as a second lead in love with the male lead can be and still some of us will see all of her actions and her presence as wrong anyway and find a reason to dislike her.

          Don’t see this as personal btw, I don’t mean it that way at all. I just look at the kdrama trend of how second lead women are written in their story and how they get perceived by viewers conpared to the men especially . That’s all. It’s not just this drama, I noticed it also in other recent dramas and commented on it before. I actually think that compared to most drama 2nd female leads Hayeon is well written and not just there to be a figure of hate. And Chae Soo Bin is good too.

          But yeah the way most people talk about Lee Min Ho ’93 with Yoo Jung in Moon/Sun, wanting them to reunite and all when he played an even more pushy character than Hayeon here, is different from how people receive the idea of Yeong and Hayeon. Like no one sees Yang Myungs interest in Yeon Woo there as a thing to be irritated by, compared to Yeong and HY.

          • Anh

            I guess because most of the viewer demographic are female? Like we tend to be attracted to the opposite gender and be critical toward our own.

          • zore

            I don’t take drama discussions personally. I quite like them and the discussions make dramas all the more enjoyable. I quite like HY as a character but just her recent passive-aggressive words is what is annoying.

            I am usually very sympathetic to second females precisely because they are usually written as clingy and crazy in contrast to the “wholesome or near angelic attributes” of the female lead. So I agree with that second female leads do not usually get a lot of love. But that is in part due to the writing.

            In sum, I guess my annoyance with HY is her unrealistic game of expectation. She has only been involved with Lee Young for a few months according to drama time. For her to be passive-aggressive that her love is not reciprocated by reminding Lee Yeong she does not have his love even though she is self sacrificing, on multiple occassions, is what I did not appreciate.

            Everyone wants to be loved and it must hurt to love somebody that does not love you back. And I sympathize with her. all i am saying is it is not reasonable for her to expect her love to reciprocated with a few months into the marriage, knowing she signed up for a political marriage and Lee Yeong is still likely nursing a broken her.

          • zore


          • pigsnout

            Yeah but she’s not expecting to be loved back any more? She accepted the role of his wife and openly says she was having hope before but now that she found out everything she’ll just stick to helping him/go back to the original deal of just a political marriage because she knows she’s not a substitute for RO.

            Feelings can’t be controlled but you can control what you do about them. I thought she did quite well at that. Anyway who knows if she’s even going to keep the Crown Princess position or stay alive, the poison fed to Yeong was set up to come from her hands.

        • Celine

          I don’t hate Hayeon but I agree with all the things you pointed out about her and those made me like her less. I still like her though. And good thing in this episode, she seemed to have truly accepted that she’ll gain no affection and she knows her place and that is to do her duties as a crown princess.

    • 40.2 lotus888

      I think HY will have a hand in taking down the PM.

      (see above)

    • 40.3 junah

      the writer annoys me the most. what was the purpose make all scenes her aware that Raon is CP lover when she’s s still insisting to be with him ? i thought the revelation scenes to create a detour on the plot, causing her voluntarily retreat and making some way for YeongRaon reunion. but no. she’s still staying. what was the point then, PD-nim ? *scratching head*

      • 40.3.1 maryxiah

        She can’t retreat, not now anyway, when Yeong barely secure his position as the crown prince, and the marriage’s purpose is to support Yeong on his kingship, so whether we like it or not, she’s really the greatest help he needs right now. As for her feelings, well, there’s no helping when she fell so deep.

    • 40.4 Cybermama

      I agree with you totally. On one hand she said she is doing the marriage to help CP politically but she is actual being hopefully, waiting for the chance to seduce him when he is most vulnerable.

    • 40.5 maryxiah

      No, you’re not the only one. As much as I’ve come to like her in recent episodes, I can’t stand her in today’s episode as well. Mostly I feel annoyed seeing her on screen with Yeong, especially when she’s assertive of her role as his wife, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I know very well of her unfortunate situation, being stuck in a loveless marriage, but that is really a situation that she put herself into. Yeong had warned her repeatedly she’d be lonely and that he couldn’t give her any heart, yet she accepted those terms, and I was glad when she said she couldn’t ask for more, but when the writer/show keep putting her in my face, I only get more turned off. I think my annoyance might have to do more with Ra-on’s lack of screen time too.

    • 40.6 Helen

      I don’t hate HY but I have to admit that I do not enjoy seeing her around Yeong. It’s the sympathy card I think I keep feeling she keeps dangling. Her constantly reminding him that she is the one by his side till the end, that just doesn’t sit well with me. She is totally hopeful that he will have a change of heart. I just hope she doesn’t do anything harmful to Raon-ah.

  41. 41 lessa

    I really really really thought they killed BY!

    • 41.1 Rena

      same here T_T

  42. 42 Celine

    I actually like that there is still a lot going on here because if things get resolved by EP 17, then we only have EP 18 full of fluff and I think that would be an overkill. As much as I love YeongOn, I like the conflict surrounding them, especially Yeong’s struggle to make things right in the royal court and build the nation he envisions. On the other hand, I wouldn’t want a mere 10 minutes of couple happy times in the finale. Half an hour would be fine. hihi

    Last week I was worried with how things will be resolved and how the loose ends will be addressed, but somehow after watching this episode, I felt more at ease. The events fell into place and the connections were made among dethroning Yeong- fake baby Prince- hidden baby Princess- Queen- Yoonsung- Premier Kim… things seemed to have been aligned. It’s not perfect, but I like how it all unraveled here. And yes I love Yeong’s tactics and for once Minister Dumb and Dumber were not feeling high and mighty and Yeong put them in their place. I would have liked to see some of these developments in the previous week, but I firmly believe that the writer is really going for full on dramatic impact in the finale; hence, we have all these scenes here and probably more tomorrow.

    Overall, I like this episode. We got so much heart from this one which this show truly does well. And there are tons of payoffs, so yey! On to the final hour we go!

    • 42.1 Quillene Petite

      I just wish some of the other conflict was also brought to light to start to be resolved.

      There are still a lot of loose ends to tie up and answers that need to be brought out.

    • 42.2 maryxiah

      I might be the only one feeling, despite the jam-packed events, that the plot isn’t moving as fast as I’d like it. I mean we still have a lot of characters’ happy ending to resolve, and I worry that we won’t have enough time to have a proper closure for everyone! And I miss Princess Myeong-eun and Yeong-eun so much, when will we get to see Princess Myeong-eun marry Jang Dok-ho and for Princess Yeong-eun’s traumatic secret to be revealed? I feel like last week’s episodes have taken too much time when they could have shown us far more important development, I’d have loved it if we also get the see the bromance progress last week, instead of full on angst.

      • 42.2.1 Db

        Ooh yes! I completely forgot about the little princess. How will they resolve her story?! I hope they won’t miss it since it has the potential to be used against the pm.

        • Celine

          I think little princess will make an appearance in the final episode. Her picture was floating around….

      • 42.2.2 suegarbaby

        Unfortunately, I think we are going to have to accept that not every loose end will be tied nicely come tonight’s episode. But the key ones will be tied, I’m sure.

        I think this episode’s pace went as fast as they could possibly make it. It has set the scene for key threads to get tied up in the next, without compromising on the time needed to draw out the emotional beats i.e. Byung Yun’s ‘death’ scene. I personally thought it was not an easy balance to achieve, but that given the time constraints, the production team did it very well.

        I echo the lament about leaving such events so late that they now have to rush things towards the endgame, but it was always going to be a tricky balance between plot-advancement vs relationship-development. I think the director and the production team chose to emphasise relationship-development which is why we got all the yummy scenes with YeongOn for 12 episodes, and the angst in the next 4.

        Would I exchange all that for slightly smoother plot-advancement? Hmm… that’s an interesting question isn’t it?

        Regardless, the production team have made their bed, and now they have to lie in it. I personally think that they did quite well in trying to balance the whole story over 18 episodes (well, I will always maintain that the balance in eps 15 and 16 could have been better but hey, can’t always expect perfection!).

        We are now hurtling towards the end and I am now looking forward to seeing how the team balance plot-resolution vs emotional pay-off. And I’ll be honest and say that I’m highly anticipating it! Whee~~!

        • Celine

          @suegarbaby Let me hug you! You said exactly what I’m thinking. Everythingg! lol

          “It has set the scene for key threads to get tied up in the next, without compromising on the time needed to draw out the emotional beats”

          INDEED The emotional beats in this episode were so on point.

          “I echo the lament about leaving such events so late that they now have to rush things towards the endgame, but it was always going to be a tricky balance between plot-advancement vs relationship-development.”

          Agree. I thought that it would have been better if they included some scenes in this episode in the last week’s two episodes to kind of balance all the emotions and scenes and developments. However, with what the production team has given us, they did well.

          I mean I have these things in my mind that I wished the writer did instead of some of the directions the story went, but I’m not really complaining because what we have is still good. I’m still invested in the characters and the story regardless of the assumed missteps that took us to where we are now.

        • maryxiah

          Me too. Whee~~~ Aww, so you decided to watch yesterday’s episode?

          • suegarbaby

            Haha, I did indeed, and was glad to have done it. It was not as scary as I thought it would be – @maryxiah, you troll~ LOL!

            I have been so busy these past couple of hours reading and commenting, it’s fun. Am glad I did not miss out on it, and here’s to enjoying tonight’s episode! ^^

          • maryxiah

            Wha-? I was describing the episode exactly the way I feel it, lol. I was shocked by the poisoning, I guess everyone else didn’t, lol.

  43. 43 Taeki's horse-riding Teacher

    Because it is Byeong Hyun-ie, though he was pierced and stabbed and slashed, he is alive.

    If it is someone extra, the person might just be kicked in the leg, but he would automatically fall to the ground and die. That’s the rule.

    • 43.1 Kendi

      I was rolling on the floor because of this comment.

      Well, didn’t he fly through rooftop previously? Maybe his true identity is actually joseon clark kent.

    • 43.2 maryxiah

      HAHAHAHA. Or just a knock behind his head, and he’d fall over and die. LOL.

    • 43.3 Bubblegum

      Every sageuk’s rule, truly.

    • 43.4 Celine

      Well… he is the Almighty Byung Yeon anyway so… lmao

  44. 44 redfox

    I won´t watch until I know they will tie up everything neatly. that does not just mean Yeong and Ra On together but all that I mentioned before: what is the role of Princess and Little Princess, what about Ra On´s rebel father and her mother etc.

    or I might not watch at all because it has become too difficult. I just can´t.

  45. 45 lizzieB

    I shouldn’t even be here ’cause of course my midterms are scheduled this week, but there’s nothing like a good cry to make me relax in between review sessions.
    I feel that just like last week’s episodes, there’ll be elements in finale week that I might not initially be satisfied by, or even be sure of how much I like them myself at first watch. But I suspect I’ll only grow to love those elements the more I think/talk/read discussions about them and the show as a whole, and the more I rewatch it in the future.
    I was always one of those who wanted epic bromance, but I get the feeling that I’ll actually be preferring the show’s take on this sort of quiet, poignant, still badass but not conventionally satisfying, bromance among our 3 moonlight musketeers that is actually still epic in its own way. I do still would have wanted more of that throughout the show, and still there will be elements I know I won’t ever grow to appreciate, like lame king whenever he’s especially useless, the freaking perpetually smug look on PM Kim’s face plus his minions. But I like that even as I’m saying goodbye to the show, I’m not really saying goodbye. I not only will look back on this show, and this whole live watch experience, fondly but I’m really happy knowing that I will also have a lasting connection to it, that I can revisit and remember things in a different light, with a different perspective and realize my love for MDBC can only grow stronger. I know it will. I offer my heart to you as well now, show, it’s yours to fill or burst. Know that you’ll literally be killing a dream of mine if you choose to break my heart and that you’ll also be killing a puppy or two(!!!) in the process (who does that?).
    Big thanks to JB and to you beanies.

  46. 46 Michykdrama

    Second last set of gifs are up!

    So sad that we will be saying goodbye to this Wonderfully Show so soon! 😭 Im not entirely sure I’m ready yet.


    • 46.1 Michykdrama

      Oh and if anyone wants a trip down memory lane, gif style, I put my gifs (some new ones for episode 1-3 and the links for the others) all in one post. 😋


      • 46.1.1 Quillene Petite

        thank you!

      • 46.1.2 suegarbaby

        Thanks, @Michykdrama! Was looking forward to this!

      • 46.1.3 michykdrama

        @quillene petite and @sugarbaby
        You are welcome!

    • 46.2 Helen

      Thank you @michykdrama for coming through with your awesome gifs! This can’t be good-bye for us (Moonlight Lovers, Moonies etc) right? Just because the show is coming to an end. We can always meet at your place? Please say Yes!

      • 46.2.1 Michykdrama

        Of course! ❤️

        I will miss these 2 and this entire show. The last few episodes full of angst made me almost forget how cute they were before.

        I’m thinking of coming up with gifs of my top 10 adorable moments between our OTP. Hoping that tml’s episode will add to that list!!! And maybe a favorite moment list for BY and YS too. 😋

    • 46.3 Celine

      D’awww I will miss you and your gifs. I wonder when will we meet on DB recaps again and in what drama will I see your gifs next. Thank youuuu

      • 46.3.1 Michykdrama

        I’m sure there will be fun gif-able dramas after this we will see each other at. 😊 Though I must say, this drama and W have been quite a ride, very addicting coming here and squeeing/spazzing with everyone.

  47. 47 mehungie

    The ratings went up for this episode? Me, personally, I probably won’t be watching this episode again any time soon. I’m here for the cute, but unfortunately the cute had to take a backseat to plot in this hour.

    Nevertheless, this episode was a beautiful tribute to Byung Yeon’s character, a well deserved applause for his unwavering heart.

    The highlight for me was the flashback scene of Byung Yeon slipping a laugh at Yeong. Because he could. At that moment, Yeong wasn’t a Crown Prince, Byung Yeon wasn’t a servant, and Ra On wasn’t a convict. We miss those times too, puppies. Thankfully I can always go back to a happier episode for that scene.

    Another great moment was when Ra On came to visit Kim hyung. Ra On didn’t have a lot of screen time today, but boy was each of her appearance meaningful. It was a nice touch to have her, out of everyone, be the one who could lead Byung Yeon out of his “coma,” just by being herself.

    We’ve seen time and time again how Byung Yeon physically came to Ra On’s rescue, be it for her safety or for her puppet show. It’s always her who had to thank him or apologize for troubling him. It felt a little one-sided.

    What is left unsaid though, is how she had mentally “saved” him: she showed him a way of life he never had, she gave a purpose to his loyalty.

    I bet Byung Yeon is jealous of Ra On, in an admiring way, of her blissful ignorance. This is the girl who unknowingly trash talked the Crown Prince to his face. The girl who dared to, not just touch, but bite His Highness. The girl whose childhood is no less traumatizing than Byung Yeon’s, yet she still managed to live so colorfully, probably because she was unaware of her identity all the while.

    Byung Yeon never could bring himself to hurt that innocence. We had to secondguess where his loyalty lied at times: Is he with White Cloud? Is he with the Prince? But we always knew for sure: he was determined to protect Ra On. His whole life, he acted on orders from one party to another, but the moment he found out Ra On’s identity, he started doing things his own way. He knew all too well the implication of having to live with that kind of secret. Even knowing that White Cloud would keep Ra On safe, he’d still rather let her free.

    Now this chipper girl came to talk to him, even when he was hiding behind his injury. In her situation, it would have been understandable to cry, or to curse at life. Yet she couldn’t help but bringing up brighter thoughts: the day when Kim hyung wakes up, the snow blanketing the palace roofs and grounds.

    Byung Yeon probably couldn’t bear to let her sit there in disappointment. Once again, he welcomed her invasion. Once again, she saved his soul.

    • 47.1 popcorn


      couldn’t have said it better. this is why i have a soft spot for byungyeon/raon’s friendship

    • 47.2 Kayak

      What a beautiful tribute to Ra-On’s and Byeung-Yeon’s friendship.

      I miss their more carefree days as roommates.

    • 47.3 maryxiah

      For a very short, fleeting moment, like 5 seconds, I was entertaining the thought of having Kim Hyung falling for Ra-on, lol. I love that it’s not for the sake of anyone that he woke up, but it’s for Ra-on and her chirpiness, if we were to watch their past interactions, Ra-on tends to bring the best out of him even when he felt reluctant, like his sewing skill!

      • 47.3.1 Imbuk

        Also how she made him laugh when she asked him whether he and yeong knows the prince’s nickname and later when she saw he laughed she said that so far she thought something was wrong with byung yeon’s face. Haha. I am glad they put those these scenes in this episode. Good memories.

        • Celine

          reallyyyy good memories! I love their moments as a trio! /cries

          I hope we’ll get more in the final hour.

    • 47.4 Helen

      The character map on viki.com has an arrow linked between Ra-on and Kim Hyung with the word “affection”. Ive always thought that to be the perfect word to describe their relationship. They are so fortunate their paths crossed. I loved it when he scolded her for still talking so damn much. I bet he wouldn’t have it any other way!

      • 47.4.1 Anh

        I think it’s like brotherly/sisterly affection
        A hyung(oppa)-dongsaeng relationship

        • mehungie

          Agreed @Anh (my name is also Anh lol). I really love that they went against the novel here on Byung Yeon & Ra On’s relationship. YeongOn doesn’t need yet another romantic attraction in their lives. I’m sure it was written beautifully in the novel, I haven’t read it, but with YeongOn’s sizzling chemistry on screen, any other outside pairing would be an automatic waste anyway *pats Ha Yeon and Yoon Sung on the head*. I’m glad the show avoided that. Because both Byung Yeon and Ra On had to grow up without their families, this brotherly support is just the right kind of connection for them. It’s so much more touching and meaningful this way than having to see Byung Yeon’s heart break for Ra On. Props, Show!

    • 47.5 Celine

      What a wonderful essay for the lovely friendship of Kim Hyung and Raon. /cries

  48. 48 Quillene Petite

    Whoa! What a mind-blowing episode! It looks like our heroes were all business in today’s episode.
    BY’s sacrifice was heart-wrenching and I was thinking that there was no way he could get out of this alive. Either he would be killed or rot in prison for treason. I was screaming … Noooooooo!!!!!
    YS’s character has taken on a beautiful arc to show what a real politician does. It does look like he has indeed taken a leaf out of his grandfather’s book and played his cards right all along. He is a principled young man. From the time they were kids, he already knew what place he would like to take along the prince’s side. He is truly a great artist in this sense in that he doesn’t paint in grays like his grandfather but black and white and vivid colors both literally and figuratively. I am just fearful that he might just die in the hands of his grandfather. I hope I am wrong.
    Yeong’s spunk and shrewdness is back! Yay! Now that we’re left with the matter of poisoning, I do hope that they get to him in time.
    Ra On’s love for both BY and the CP has never been in question. I just hope that she isn’t relegated to the weeping maiden at this stage.
    This show has masterfully shown how to do flashbacks and has exercised perfect restraint in keeping the show tight.
    Though there are still many questions that linger, I am both fearful and hopeful for the end. Fearful that it would do a Romeo and Juliet and hopeful that it would keep me in a happy bubble and provide the sweetest romantic ending a love story ever could.
    Being a K-drama newbie, I am keeping all appendages crossed. T’is my first sageuk after all.

    • 48.1 Anh

      IF this is your first sageuk, then it was a good choice 🙂
      But then, it might set the bar too high for your future sageuk experience. I recommend you to try Sungkyunkwan Scandal, but the ending might not be too satisfying.

      As k-drama newbie, you have a lot to discover, so goodluck with that.

      • 48.1.1 Quillene Petite

        Abh, thank you. Watching this show with you and discussing it in this thread really opened my eyes to sageuk.

        It’s so much fun sharing ideas with others.

        Thank you for the recommendation. I will try to look for Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

        Thanks for guiding this newbie!

    • 48.2 michykdrama

      Its actually also my first proper saeguk, after Splish Splash Love (which didn’t really count I think even though it was GREAT)

      And like you Im really enjoying it!! and I join you with all appendages crossed. (Or else I may be scarred for life and never touch another saeguk again!)

      • 48.2.1 Quillene Petite

        Haha! High Five!

        I am glad to have met you guys through this k-drama.

      • 48.2.2 maryxiah

        OMG, Splash Splash Love is <3 I love that mini drama so much, it helps me discover both Kim Seul-gi and Do-joon, sometimes I think Moon Lovers should have adapted Splash Splash Love instead, that was one brilliant show.

      • 48.2.3 Celine

        I didn’t know that this is your first proper sageuk. Wow! What an awesome first for you! I had to wade through a lot of bad dramas to get to the good ones. hihi

    • 48.3 Celine

      Aww welcome to Dramaland. You have much to discover. Having MDBC as one of your first sageuk is such a wonderful experience for you. You will remember this show fondly for sure (uhm except if they butcher the ending). Hope to meet you in another drama recap.

      • 48.3.1 Quillene Petite

        Celine, Maryxiah, Michykdrama, and Anh, I think I will see you guys here. Dramabeans rocks!

    • 48.4 Sancheezy

      1st saeguk…. ??
      wow…. I think MDBC is perfect for 1st saeguk, it’s way easier and the politic is easy and enough to understand imo,

      BY and CP friendship is wonderful and I think you have a good theory of Yoon Sung

    • 48.5 maryxiah

      Actually Moonlight wouldn’t be considered a real sageuk, more like fusion sageuk? That’s why it’s a light watch compared to the real sageuk, which could be long with complex storylines, and one that stays close to the history.

      • 48.5.1 Anh

        Moonlight is fusion sageuk, most miniseries sageuk (18-24 eps) are fusion sageuk nowaday since it allows more creativity, lighter tone and rom-com whereas traditional sageuk is more factual, serious, dark and surround by politics.

        Fusion sageuk targets younger, more female audience whereas traditional has more older viewer, and traditional sageuk runs 50-100 eps.

        The break through of fusion sageuk probably is when Dae Jang Geum became a megahit domestic and global.

        I haven’t try a traditional sageuk myself, but Im tempted by Secret Door and Six Flying Dragon.

        • Quillene Petite

          Have you guys recovered?

          I haven’t yet.

          I am on a high when I saw the ratings posted for the last 2 episodes!

          Based on your recommendations I am trying to look for Splish Splash Love but I can’t find it. Any site you can recommend to watch / download it?


  49. 49 madqueen

    Kim Hyung almost dying… had a moment of Earnest Bot in TK2H redux.

  50. 50 dilemmacan'tdecideaname

    Byung-yeon is alive! Yes, he live! Ya!!

    What! NO! Yeong! What has this show done to me….

    And what Ha-yeon and Yeong are married?!

    • 50.1 michykdrama

      Yeah… I can’t decide how to feel about that. She never had a proper wedding but I think she is his wife now since they mentioned that she was allowed to move into the main palace.

      This is my assumption though….

      • 50.1.1 Quillene Petite

        Whoa! What!? That just made my head spin!

      • 50.1.2 maryxiah

        Their marriage is a done deal now, judging from the way Yeong addressed her, she’s a bin-gung, i.e crown prince’s consort, his wife. I feel icky with this marriage because now I can’t fully support Yeong and Ra-on, knowing he’s someone else’s husband, so now I can’t bear to see Ha-yeon around Yeong too much. Ugh.

        • michykdrama

          Don’t you feel really bad for her though? (Ha Yeon)

          She is doomed to a life in a loveless marriage, isolated in the palace, knowing that her husband loves someone else. And he is the perfect man- he was upfront with her, he isn’t leading her on, and he is willing to sacrifice everything for this other woman that he loves. Which would probably make her fall for him more, which will make her heartache worse.

          Also, she could be much more manipulative than she has been, instead she is truthful with him and tells him that she knows who he loves, and she knows her place. But she can’t help how she feels and so she still wants to be part of his life to do what she can in whatever way he lets her.

          I love her honestly, and I think she is one of the best second female leads ever. Which makes me scared. Because I worry they are going to kill her. Which she Doesnt Deserve At All.

          • maryxiah

            Don’t get me wrong, I love Ha-yeon as a character and I feel for her and all of her sacrifices, it’s precisely because I like her that I’m resenting this marriage, because ultimately we know Yeong will always love Ra-on and she will always be his first choice. That being said, I can’t find it in my heart to root for 2 girls, so I’m leaning towards Ra-on, but the royal marriage is what keeping me in the middle. I don’t want Ra-on to be the third wheel in someone’s marriage, even if she’s the one Yeong loves, and I don’t like it either that Ha-yeon seems to be around Yeong so much even when he insisted that she’d be alone in her feelings, and he had made an effort to always turn her away. You get what I mean? I have nothing against her, but the marriage makes me not looking her in favor either.

          • michykdrama


            I see what you mean… yeah sorry maybe it was because I saw some comments that were more negative about her so I sort of assumed.

            But I get what you mean, they are both good to Yeong in different ways so its hard to ship Ra On and Yeong and completely ignore her since she isn’t being a nasty person.

            Which is why… i really really really think she is going to die. maybe by Premier Kim’s hand. Which will help get rid of him and leave the spot empty for Ra On but…. I also don’t know how that will work out properly. But I do worry about what is going to happen to Ha Yeon.

        • Imbuk

          @michykdrama I also don’t think she deserves to die at all and now you have mentioned about leaving the spot empty for ra on, I am worrying too, i didn’t think of that at all. It seems like everybody is predicting either ha yeon or yoon sung is going to die. But today since the show kept byung yeon alive, its giving me hope. Also, for the first time a drama showed good and kind second leads, it would be awful if it kills them. Like its better for them to die than to live with unrequited love, I really hope the drama doesn’t go that way.

        • suegarbaby

          Someone (not here on DB, I think, maybe on Soompi) observed that Ha Yeon’s hair was still fashioned with an unmarried maiden’s fashion i.e. braid hanging down her back. Whereas married women have theirs tied up in a bun.

          Based on this, Ha Yeon is now in a strange limbo situation where she is holding the title of Crown Princess but not officially married to the Crown Prince.

          What that means for her in the future is up-for-grabs and up-for-speculation. But I thought I’d share this insight here.

          • Celine

            Yes!! That too! thanks for pointing out her hair. I do feel she is in a strange limbo. She is the chosen crown princess, but she isn’t his official wife yet.

          • maryxiah

            Interesting observation, Ha-yeon’s hair is indeed no styled up in the way married woman does, ex in case the queen, but the way everyone addressed her (bin-gung) pretty much identify her as the crown princess, I think the show is trying to compromise knowing we wouldn’t be able to accept this marriage, Chae Soo-bin was introduced to us as the crown princess so they couldn’t take that back without seemingly trolling us, so they had to make her the crown princess without having her actually going through with the wedding, it’s a sad situation for her to be in really. So I kind of wish Ra-on will get to be the crown princess/queen later and Ha-yeon maybe relieved of her position?

          • Quillene Petite


            Wow! I learned something new.

            Something as simple as a hairstyle is something that I would not have considered to have a specific meaning.

        • Celine

          I have a question though. Didn’t the queen address her that way too even before they were married (when she was still living in the annex and learning her duties)? I got the feeling that even though they aren’t married officially, she’s kinda like his wife BUT not really his wife YET. I mean, it’s not a done deal like you said. If something happens to make Yeong and Raon be together again, they can.

          Also, I don’t think the show would let Raon be the other woman to Yeong if indeed they are already married; hence, the writer made sure that the wedding did not take place.

          • maryxiah

            I don’t know. I was just surprised when Yeong addressed her bin-gung last night, and it makes me feel like he’s accepting her role as his wife, and she’s already asserting her role and power even without the ceremony, and she’s literally coming in and out of his palace like she’s the wife. I’m hoping for a twist too, because Ra-on being with Yeong when he’s married doesn’t sit well with me. Can’t believe I’m feeling uptight over characters in sageuk! Lol.

          • Celine

            I think Yeong decided to address her properly just like everyone else because she is indeed the chosen crown princess, but not yet his wife as suegarbaby pointed out about the styling of the hair. And that’s also why they never went through the wedding to, for the lack of better term right now, not taint Yeong and have him be a married man and then pursue his lover.

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