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Moonlight Drawn By Clouds: Episode 18 (Final)
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We’re at the end of the line, and that means it’s time to resolve conflicts, wrap up loose ends, answer our questions, give us a satisfying resolution, and leave us with a uplifting feeling of hope that while the drama is over, the characters live on, in that we can be happy with even when we don’t get to witness it ourselves. That’s a fairly tall order, and the big question is whether the drama managed to pull all that off in its final hour. There’s no way to answer that without spoiling everything up front, so let’s just get right to the point, shall we?


EPISODE 18: “Moonlight drawn by clouds”

Late at night at Teacher Dasan’s home, Byung-yeon prepares to leave and peers inside to see Ra-on alone, dozing. He sets off, thinking, “It may be a long journey. But I promise you: I will return to you and the prince.”

Ra-on’s sleep turns fitful as she dreams of that night she’d held a knife to Yeong, which he’d used to cut off his bracelet.

In the palace, Yeong drinks his tonic and thinks of that same moment, when his bracelet fell apart and scattered. The poison hits him, and he falls over.

Ra-on calls out to Yeong in her sleep, and wakes feeling heavy-hearted. She chooses to consider the dream as a happy one, just as she’d once described dreaming of losing her mother: “Because at least I could see you.”

A frantic pounding sounds at the front gate, and it’s Young Master Jung with an urgent summons to bring Teacher Dasan to the palace. Ra-on hears that Yeong has been poisoned and falls to the ground, overcome.

Teacher Dasan and Ra-on (disguised as his assistant) hurry to the palace, where the gate guard asks Ra-on to remove her face mask. She’s saved from discovery by Eunuch Jang, who arrives in a panic to usher them in.

They’re taken to the prince’s chamber, where Yeong lies unconscious, looking like death. Ra-on kneels at his bedside and reaches for his hand, the sight of him bringing her to tears.

Teacher Dasan gets to work and spoons medicine into Yeong’s mouth. Perhaps it works, because Yeong’s eyes flutter open soon thereafter, and they breathe a sigh to see that he’s regained consciousness.

Through his tired eyes, Yeong just barely makes out the blurry image of Ra-on hovering above.

Just then, Ha-yeon is announced, and Ra-on quickly steps aside. Ha-yeon looks at her curiously, but she’s more concerned with the prince’s condition at the moment and hurries to his bedside.

Yeong’s blurry vision sharpens into focus as he makes out Ha-yeon’s face, and is that disappointment on his face? From a distance, Ra-on watches the two of them with sad eyes, and then the door closes in her face, leaving her on the outside.

The queen is worrying over having her baby daughter in Ha-yeon’s care when a court lady informs her that the prince has collapsed from poisoning. Her shock suggests she was unaware of the plan.

Teacher Dasan informs Yeong that the tonic he drank wasn’t poisoned, which is why the court lady who tasted it didn’t fall ill. Instead, the poison had been applied to the surface of the bowl, which is why the princess’s silver ring darkened upon contact. Because Yeong only drank a small amount, he should be able to recover fully. Yeong asks Teacher Dasan to keep his recovery a secret—he looks forward to seeing how happy people will be at his return from the brink.

The tactic has the desired effect, because Eunuch Sung reports to Prime Minister Kim that the palace is swirling with rumors that the prince is dying by the minute.

Ha-yeon thinks back to the masked aide attending to Yeong, unable to shake the suspicion that it was Ra-on. She tells herself that it can’t be, but without much conviction.

Ra-on tends to Yeong as he sleeps, and just as she moves away, his hand reaches out to pull her back. He reaches up to pull off her mask, then smiles to see her face, saying, “So I didn’t see wrong.”

She starts to explain why she’s here, but he just says, “When I opened my eyes, do you know how much I worried that it would not be you here? When I grabbed you, I hesitated for a long while, in case it might not be you.”

Ra-on tells him that she promised Teacher Dasan that she would only stay a few days, and take utmost care to not be recognized, not even by the prince. So now, she requests that he pretend not to know her for just a little while.

Yeong reaches for her hand and draws her sleeve back—revealing that she wears his bracelet, put back together. It makes him smile and hold on tighter, and he agrees, “I will pretend not to know you for a long, long while, so stay by my side. Even if it is just until I am recovered.”

He grasps her hand in his, and reaches up with the other to cradle her face.

And that’s the scene Ha-yeon witnesses from the door, which she quietly closes while holding back tears.

Yeong receives a visit from little Princess Yeongeun and her mother, Royal Consort Park. He asks if Consort Park recalls the day his mother died, recalling how she’d collapsed after taking her medicine, but no poison had been found in it. The incident was suspicious, but ultimately buried.

Yeong finds his poisoning similar to his mother’s death, and believes the same culprit to be behind both incidents. He views this incident as a good opportunity to get to the bottom of his mother’s death, though he sighs that he doesn’t have any proof.

At that, little Yeongeun flicks up her eyes nervously, looking conflicted. (Yasssssss.)

The queen orders Eunuch Sung to sneak her (discarded) baby back to her, and then she accompanies him to hand off the baby to a henchman. The queen warns the eunuch to do a proper job of it this time (as in, disposing of the child).

And then, Yeong’s voice orders them to halt. He turns scathing eyes on the queen, asking if she has ordered the child killed, and orders them to set the baby down, saying that even criminals are full of defenses and protests when accused of crimes. The least they can do is to let the baby do the only thing it knows how to do, cry, before it dies: “In front of the mother who is trying to get rid of her in such a terrible way.”

The queen looks conflicted, but steels herself and tells him to do as he wishes. Yeong warns that this is the last chance he will give her—that it’s the one way that everyone will be able to live.

He asks her to reveal that truth that this is her child, rather than the boy she has claimed. The queen’s face twists with emotion, but she smooths it out before facing the prince, lying, “I have no idea what you are saying.”

Yeong looks shocked at her coldness as she just walks away. But the baby begins to cry, and the queen struggles with herself, trying to ignore the cries.

Princess Yeongeun thinks back to that traumatizing day when she’d seen the court lady killed, and recalls seeing an envelope in the woman’s hands. Ra-on comes upon her and pauses in concern to see her looking distressed.

Ra-on quietly identifies herself, and Yeongeun writes a note asking if Ra-on is here as a doctor’s aide because of the sick prince. Ra-on says she will stay until the prince recovers, and asks if the princess is struggling with something.

Yeongeun asks for a favor, then leads Ra-on to that room where she’d once hidden, now dusty with disuse. She starts looking around for something, remembering that the lady stuffed the envelope underneath the a loose floorboard moments before being killed.

The memory makes Yeongeun tremble and cry, but she forces herself to point a finger toward the floor and eke out a word: “T-there…”

Ra-on feels for the loose floorboard, and finds that long-forgotten letter tucked underneath it. Behind them, a pair of feet quietly leave. Uh-oh.

It’s the prime minister’s underling, who reports back that he saw Ra-on fetching something from underneath the floor. The prime minister orders him to bring Ra-on, dead or alive, and at that, Yoon-sung offers himself for the task.

The prime minister points out that he can’t trust Yoon-sung when he knows he cares for the girl, but Yoon-sung replies that he’d like to test himself and see how strong his feelings are. He admits to feeling upset about her remaining close to the prince, and says that the clan must be powerful in order for him to have what he wants. Please tell me you’re just making the argument your grandfather wants to hear—because on that score, it works, and the prime minister agrees to let Yoon-sung bring her in.

Yeong delivers the old letter to the king, explaining Ra-on’s part in its recovery. The king recognizes the handkerchief inside, stained with blood, and reads the letter before showing it to Yeong.

The letter is from Yeong’s mother, addressed to him, and it sounds as though she expects to die; she tells Yeong that she hopes he will have overcome his sadness when he reads the letter. She also writes, “I have staked my life to protect your seat, not for my son’s power, but for the hope of Joseon—do not forget that.”

Ra-on returns to her old building late that night, and Yoon-sung finds her there. He looks at her with cold eyes and says she must come with him, just as he’s joined by masked assassins. Ra-on registers the threat, but they grab her before she can do anything.

Yoon-sung keeps his face stony, though it flickers when he hears Ra-on cry out in pain. At that, he draws his sword and holds it up to Ra-on’s scared face… and then whirls on his masked assassins.

He grabs Ra-on protectively and turns on his grandfather’s men, dispatching several in quick succession, not stopping even when he’s slashed across the abdomen. Then Ra-on sees that he’s in the direct line of danger, and darts in to block his body with hers.

But Yoon-sung can’t have her hurt, so he whirls them around, keeping Ra-on out of harm’s way… and getting stabbed in the chest instead. He spits up a mouthful of blood.

Still, he has enough strength to resume fighting when the remaining assassins charge him. One aims for Ra-on, and Yoon-sung blocks the sword’s path—by placing his body directly in its path.

The sword digs into his shoulder, and then Yoon-sung grabs the blade with his bare hand and slides his body along the length of the blade, toward the hilt, until he can knock the sword away. Goddamn it Yoon-sung, you’re a badass mofo but you’re hard to watch.

Yoon-sung takes down the last assassin, but by now his body has been battered with multiple injuries, and he collapses. Ra-on rushes to his side and cradles his head in her lap, scared to see that he’s seeping blood at an alarming rate.

Yoon-sung manages to smile as he tells her not to cry: “I do not wish to be remembered as a small man who would make a woman cry.” She can’t believe he’d joke at a time like this, but he continues, “Do not be sad, either.”

She sobs that she’s sorry for always hurting him when he always made her smile. He shakes his head and says, “You are the picture I always wanted to draw.” He says that it’s enough that she is happy in the moment he draws her, and urges her to be happy.

His eyes slowly close, and he falls limp. As the reality of his death sinks in, she sobs over his body.

The queen must have been moved by her crying child after all, because she admits everything to her father, subdued for once rather than agitated. She says she wanted to give birth to a boy, even if through faking it, and had a reason other than the obvious one of providing an heir: She wanted her father’s acknowledgement.

“Even if you weren’t satisfied with me, I am still your blood kin,” she says.

She asks if he ever thought of her as his child, to which he replies that she’s in no place to ask that after trying to kill her own child to protect her position.

She can only laugh at that: “Yes, hearing that, we are indeed related. Able to throw away anyone who becomes a hindrance, or kill. I am just like you.”

The prime minister says coolly that her desire for his approval is not within her reach, as the lowly child of a gisaeng—she ought to just be content with the queen’s seat he created for her. Her face falls, disappointed once more.

Without warning, her doors fly open and the king walks in, followed by Yeong and several soldiers. The king faces the prime minister and demands to know if everything is true. The queen hangs her head, thinking they’re speaking of her baby—but Yeong holds out the recently discovered letter, and the prime minister recognizes it.

A flashback takes us back ten years: The previous queen, Yeong’s mother, faces the prime minister, who warns her of the dangers of being too interested in Western learning. He confronts her with a book that he calls dangerous and heretical, which the queen says she read purely out of curiosity.

The prime minister accuses her of teaching the prince about ruling without accounting for class and rank. She argues that she was merely instructing him to regard every one of his citizens as important, but the prime minister is clearly capable of twisting that around to make it seem she’s inciting an upheaval of social order. So he gives her the choice: be dethroned and make the crown prince the son of a criminal, or to remain blameless and step down of her own accord.

This must all be in the queen’s letter, which the prime minister now reads. But then, a eunuch bursts in with terrible news of Yoon-sung.

A short time later, the prime minister is brought before the court as a criminal. Yeong reads the charges: contempt of royalty in falsifying the queen’s identity, poisoning the prince, and assassinating the former queen and covering it up. He is sentenced, along with the other two Kim ministers, to execution by beheading. The queen, meanwhile, is dethroned for passing off another child as the prince.

As the prime minister is escorted out of his home to meet his fate, he requests one last look at Yoon-sung’s room. As he sits in the empty room, he flashes back to that day long ago, when Yoon-sung and Yeong were boys. He’d watched as they changed back after trading clothes and Yoon-sung had asked if wearing the prince’s robes would make him the prince.

Little Yeong, now wearing the egret-adorned hat, replies no—but it allows them to understand each other better. Little Yoon-sung asks Yeong how he’d felt wearing his clothes, and Yeong says that his friend’s clothes had felt just as heavy as his own. So it was Yoon-sung who would die young all along, and Yeong who bore the traits of a good king.

The prime minister finds a pistol among Yoon-sung’s things. Moments later, a gunshot rings out.

Yeong carries his mother’s handkerchief out to the field, remembering how she had wished for him to see the people in lower classes, and to protect each and every citizen as his own. She’d asked him then to promise to be that kind of king, and he reaffirms that vow now.

Next, it’s Ra-on who is brought before the court as a criminal, kneeling before Yeong as he reads out her charge—which he follows by acknowledging her contribution to restoring honor to the royal family. He pardons her for all of her crimes.

Ha-yeon makes a request of the king, which he finds difficult to understand: She wishes to step down as crown princess, even if, according to law, she is prohibited from marrying for the rest of her life. Ha-yeon explains that she knew Yeong didn’t care for her, but had hoped he might open his heart to her eventually.

“However, I was unable to offer the least bit of comfort to the prince’s weary heart,” she says, “and I blamed myself and hated myself for it. I realized how foolish I had been. Rather than being a foolish princess who is a burden to the prince, so that I may live alone but honestly, please grant your permission.”

A short while later, Ha-yeon makes her way through the city streets, on her way to the ferry. She flings off her head covering and breathes in the air.

We hear the king’s voice delivering his decision: He will revoke the entire princess selection, thereby freeing her of the requirement to remain unmarried for the rest of her life. He hopes she will find a man who will treasure her and urges her to live happily.

One year later.

The king is announced, and a red-robed figure makes his way into the throne room—Yeong, now king, taking his position before his council. Among the lesser officials is Young Master Jung, while Teacher Dasan is there in minister’s robes.

Yeong makes his way to the throne, but pauses in front of the lofty seat. Changing his mind, he turns and sits down right on the top step, in front of the throne, butt on floor. The ministers murmur amongst themselves and Teacher Dasan asks why he is sitting there.

Yeong replies that he will continue to do so: “The highs and lows between me and my people, the distance between me and you—I hope that you will understand my wish to be one step closer.”

Eunuch Jang beams with pride, Teacher Dasan quirks up a smile, and the rest of the ministers bow a bit uncertainly.

Over in the eunuch department, Head Eunuch Jang delivers the speech about responsibility and honor to the newest class of rookies. Do Ki and Sung-yeol observe the new faces… and take a closer look at one of the rookies. Wait, is that…?

Pwahaha, it’s Kim Seul-gi, looking suspiciously pretty and delicate-featured in the sea of male faces. (Best cameo reference ever.) They both feel that strange sense of déjà vu, and then Kim Seul-gi looks over and shoots them a wink.

As Princess Myeongeun takes a walk, a eunuch hands her a red rose, which she takes with some confusion. More eunuchs line her path, as do court ladies, each holding out a rose.

Once she’s amassed a large bouquet, she comes to Young Master Jung at the end of the line, who kneels before her and starts to say that she now has ninety-nine flowers. Myeongeun cuts him off to get to the punchline first, that she’s the last flower. Aw, Young Master Jung drops the rose he’d been holding behind his back—his punchline had been different—and tells her she’s right, and asks her to marry him.

She’s touched, but concerned that marrying her would prevent his career from reaching its full heights (a princess’s husband would find himself restricted in many ways). He tells her that walking with her would make every path flower-lined, and outshining any path to career success.

“All I need is you,” he says, “Myeongeun-ah.” He kisses her, and their audience cheers.

Out in the city, Byung-yeon and Hong Kyung-rae watch from a distance as Yeong, disguised as a simple nobleman, walks among the people and gets invited to play a game.

Byung-yeon references a saying about drawing clouds to make the moonlight shine, and smiles as he watches Yeong among his people. He says, “Rather than a sun that shines alone, he’s a ruler who shines brightly when among his people, like the moonlight—I believe the king is that kind of person.”

Hong Kyung-rae notes, “So you will remain as a cloud, on behalf of the king. Is that what you mean?” They smile.

In a bookshop, Ra-on puts out a new book on display: The cover bears a face that looks like Yeong, and the title is “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds.” It’s snatched off its perch immediately, and Yeong sighs that she’s been so busy writing her supposed masterpiece that he’s barely seen her.

She’s a bit sheepish about putting his face on the cover, but asks for his understanding, since a book’s cover can affect its sales. Yeong leans down to meet her at eye level, and warns that he’ll be seeking repayment, and Ra-on shyly covers her lips with her hands and asks, “Here?” Hee.

He laughs at her assumption, saying that he meant a percentage of the sale price. Ha.

Holding hands as they walk through a field of flowers, Yeong asks what the book is about. Ra-on describes a prince of a far-off land, with beautiful looks and a bad temper. He pouts at that, but she continues that the prince undergoes all sorts of trials to emerge as a good king.

“Have you written of your hopes?” he asks. Ra-on shakes her head, saying, “No. I have merely taken a peek at the world you are making.”

He takes her hands, and asks, “Then who are you?” Ra-on guesses, “In the nation you will make, that first citizen?” Yeong shakes his head; that’s not what he’s thinking of.

Ra-on thinks again. “The one who came to you in the appearance of a eunuch, your first sweetheart?” That’s not it either, so she asks, “Then who am I?”

He replies, “You are the Ra-on who filled my world to the brim.”

She smiles happily, and he swoops in to kiss her.


Ahh, so we get our happy ending after all, and everything worked out, more or less, with ends tied neatly and history blatantly flouted. (That giant disclaimer at the top of the episode about this show being different from history was a pretty big tip-off that the ending would be upbeat, but I wasn’t expecting a tragedy, so I didn’t mind not having that element of surprise.) Not everything was happy, of course, considering how Yoon-sung died, but on the whole the episode fulfilled its role as a finale and provided closure to most of the big plot conflicts. It even managed to tie in points from early episodes, which contributed to the feeling of an ending that had been set up well in advance, so that it felt like an extension of logic and not like a late-game attempt to make everything end happily.

I’m fine with having Yoon-sung die at the end, and if he had to go, then it makes sense that he would go down to protect Ra-on. I appreciate that his good nature won out—perhaps he was lying to his grandfather about testing his feelings, or perhaps he really was testing himself, but in either scenario Yoon-sung was true to himself and died fighting for his convictions, which eases the sting a bit. It was also the least the show could do to have him die in Ra-on’s arms, able to confess a bit of his heart while wishing her well.

It’s just, that stupid fight. That stupid, needless fight that didn’t have to happen, that didn’t make sense in the context of the plot, that felt like it was choreographed and shot and edited before it was properly written. COME ON, those men are under his command! Even if they wouldn’t have acted against the prime minister’s orders, there were a gajillion ways Yoon-sung could have taken advantage of the situation, could have sent them away, could have thwarted them on a goose chase, could have brought a horse and run away with Ra-on, could have warned her ahead of time, et ceteraaaa. And that was the best you could do? The last time I saw a death that pointless was when that dude in Moon/Sun literally threw himself in the path of an incoming spear because of fate or whatever. I get that narratively, the death makes sense, and may even be a necessity. I just really wish the writing had actually done that necessity justice. I thought Yoon-sung deserved better.

But as for things I loved: While it was convenient for Ha-yeon to be the one to bow out of the marriage and free Yeong without making anybody a bad guy, I appreciate that she wasn’t shown to be doing it out of a broken heart, or a sense of selflessness or martyrdom. Ultimately it was a choice to honor herself above a one-sided love that she saw was never going to be returned, to allow herself to live with a freer heart, even if that would limit the life she could lead as an unmarriageable young woman. Heck, at least it would be better than being locked into a miserable life as an unhappy married woman, to be able to choose herself. Kelly Taylor would approve. Of course, this show does love to have cakes and eat them too, so she ended up even freer than she’d hoped, with the king releasing her from the princess trappings entirely.

Also: Yeong became king! Obviously we’re in total fantasyland by this point, because he never made it to kinghood in real life, but it’s gratifying to see him actually rule, because the great tragedy was that we knew he’d be an awesome ruler but wouldn’t get the chance. I’m presuming that the whole “fake his death to live with Ra-on while history believes the prince dead” plotline was a popular speculation for the finale, and I was half-expecting to see it in play here—but what would have disappointed about that ending is that Yeong would have had to give up his hopes of being a good king and treasuring his people and turning around Joseon from its path of puppet kings and corrupt puppetmasters. And that idealism and integrity was such a huge part of his character that I didn’t quite want that to be the solution.

Truth be told, I can’t shake my niggling sense of disappointment that the show so thoroughly ignored history, even as I’m glad for the characters’ sake that everything worked out well for them. It’s not enough to anger me or sour my opinion of the show, but it is a distinct disappointment to have the show take all this care to establish the historical basis, work in real-life figures, and then just kind of shrug and say, “Never mind, none of the rest happens in this world.” I’m certainly fine with fantasy sageuks taking liberties with trufax, and don’t expect—or even want—them to be completely accurate. But one of the huge draws of watching sageuks is understanding the broad strokes of history and knowing that there are certain constraints we have to work with—so as we watch the show, it becomes a source of enjoyable angst to worry about how a show will manage to pull out a satisfactory solution when we already know the punchline.

I wanted this show to pull out a clever twist to show us how historical record came to be, while still delivering a happy ending. One way to do that is to fake his death, but they could have also played with the swapped-babies theme and made Yoon-sung the real prince. Or something cleverer that I was hoping really hard the show could figure out. Part of my excitement about this drama was the anticipation about how the drama would accomplish this feat—and then we got there and the drama just decided that the constraint of reality didn’t matter anymore. Maybe that’s my fault for getting my hopes up, but the show was so winning and compelling that I really did believe it had that answer. If they were going to go with this ending, I wish they’d have invented an entirely fictional world from the start, the way The Moon That Embraces the Sun did, because in that case there are no expectations of boundaries, and no disappointments.

But I expect that this will bother different people to differing extents, and some people not at all. If delivering a happy resolution was the main concern, then Moonlight Drawn By Clouds delivered that, and left off at a nice place in the story—there are some open ends, but I feel confident that everyone I care about (except Yoon-sung, sniff) is in a good place and on a good trajectory, so that we can step out of this world feeling contented and hopeful. I don’t have to see Yeong and Ra-on married, for instance, because it’s enough that they’ve cleared out all their obstacles and are in a place where they can openly love. And with Yeong on the throne, we can rest easy that there may never be another peasant’s rebellion, especially with Byung-yeon and Hong Kyung-rae leading the rebels and believing in him to make a better nation.

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds wasn’t a perfect drama, but what I felt at the outset still stands: that this drama was elevated by every one of its parts to feel truly special, even if each of the individual parts might not feel quite as special on their own. Park Bo-gum was one of its biggest assets—and Kim Yoo-jung, of course, because their connection sold that romance, although I do really think Park Bo-gum gave it an extra magic, inhabiting the prince from head to toe and never wasting a moment onscreen. He’s always been a good actor, but he was so consistently and relentlessly wonderful in this show that he’s bound for superstardom now, deservedly.

I’m most grateful to the director for having such a cohesive, well-thought-out approach and knowing how to build emotion through both content and style—this drama was really enhanced by all of its tools, whether it was a well-placed OST track or a beautifully shot scene or a sense of pacing that somehow always knew when to grab my heart, and when to let it breathe again. (I did think it flagged a bit in that last regard toward the end, but its best scenes were so well-crafted that even now they make my breath catch in the same places, every time.) Dramas like this feel like an experience, more than just an entertaining story, and it’s always a joy to come across those, so we can hug them a little tighter while we have them, then let them go feeling full-hearted and contented.


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  1. Anh

    Indeed, Yeong is cunning, using his poisoned status to lure the evil. And the bracelet make appearance! Awww, they switched headgear, but so touching that Yeong said YS clothes just as heavy as his own, implying that YS’s position was just as tough as his.

    Yoonsung-ah, you have painted a happy and beautiful painting TT.TT I guess the drama stayed true to the novel in killing YS. And it might be the best, since if YS live, he has no family left, that would be agonising for him, to live as criminal’s descendent.

    I pity the Queen little here, she only wanted to be recognise by her father, glad she made right choice and face off her father.

    And Hayeon, you go girl, now that Yeong has enough support of his own, you made the right decision to withdraw. Hope you can find your man.
    Little Princess can talk now, yay. And MyeongEun x master Jung modernised proposal lolz

    YES!!!! King Yeong. So glad that PBG get to don on that king robe!! I guess the King abdicate the throne and retire? And Eunuch Jang promoted to head eunuch, he looked like a proud mama when Yeong sit at the stairs, and Dasan is court official!! And we have a snippet of another infiltration of female-pretend-eunuch? That scene was funny, brought back memory.

    One thing I guessed right about the ending, RO continues to write her book and perhaps she frequently out of palace just like Yeong, to live with the people. I still want a scene of RO, LY and BY to drink together though.

    Props to BY for explaining “moonlight drawn by clouds”, I was so right about Yeong does not shine like the sun, he shines like the moon few eps ago, feel so good that I got the analogy right 😀 please BY, be Yeong’s cloud forever. I guess now RO’s parents can have their reunion of vacation since Yeong pardon all the crimes for treason. (I still think KBS should have kept the official Eng title as Moonlight drawn by clouds, instead of Love in the moonlight)

    I’m satisfied by this episode, everything gets tied up pretty nicely, Yeong stayed true to his character, become a King that care for the people, frequently go out to live with his people. And Raon continues to be a romance writer, perhaps love counsellor too. And I assumed YeongOn married, or at least consummated because the way RO reacted to Yeong saying she has to pay, and she was worried about having the punishment right there. (Maybe it’s my thirst squad feels) Glad everyone has their happy ending.

    The kiss scene was beautiful, sooo beautiful! Production team, you have done well. It was an excellent drama and despite few mishaps, it was a solid piece of work. You have set high standard for live-shooting, acting, writing, directing, editing, music, lighting, etc… it was great. Thank you. You all deserve the popularity and vacation. Final ep rating: 22.9%, special ep: 8.9%

    • 1.1 clairie

      I also thought it was a perfect ending. Many thought it was rushed & it should be extended but I think they’re just not ready to say goodbye yet.
      Gosh what am I’m going to do?? I’ve waited for Mondays like crazy for the past couple of months & I don’t even like Mondays. I’ve become so unproductive at work because of this drama & even had sleepless nights replaying the scenes in my mind. Crazy, I know!
      It’s as if it was yesterday me replaying the Bombastic teasers & other teasers tbh just to get an idea what this drama is all about while waiting for August 22nd. Time flies so fast

      • 1.1.1 Izzati

        Good job!
        Thanks for the recap! Been a fun ride

      • 1.1.2 alyyyy

        “I’ve become so unproductive at work because of this drama & even had sleepless nights replaying the scenes in my mind. Crazy, I know!”


        • jaejoongxbogum

          Me too 😀 😀

        • Me too . After so many weeks , I still watch the best scenes between Park BoGum and Kim Yoo Jung !

          I am hoping for Love in the moonlight season 2 or another drama by PBG and KYJ

      • 1.1.3 SHF

        Omg..you’re making me withdrawl and feel nostalgic! Lol

        I can’t believe it’s over also!

        I hope this will be a great turning point in both their careers and bring them more great work. They are borth so talented as well as the supporting actors!

        True, I have been excited about Mondays for the longest time whilst this drama was on also! Mondays are usually my day off, but the ANTICIPATION! OMG, knowing that Sunday was going to bring Monday has been so exciting for me…I will truely miss this show.

        These two love birds will live on like in W for me.

        Anyeong, my lovely show.

      • 1.1.4 azzo

        OMG. tell me about it!

        Every Monday and Tuesday I’m so out of it at work, swooning, squeeing and all kind of sound making when watching this drama, I even got caught ugly-crying at work because of it, not regretting one bit of it though!

      • 1.1.5 maryxiah

        Tell me about it, I’ve been super unproductive at work and at home, even comment on recaps during work hours, lunch time, and even night time. I feel like it was only yesterday that I saw Bombastic teaser. *cries* I don’t know how I’m gonna get through next week. Without Moonlight and this fantastic community we have here.

      • 1.1.6 Celine

        Next week Tues. and Wed. will be very weird for me because I will no longer be camping here in DB waiting for the recap. I think the withdrawal will hit me the hardest next week because there’s nothing more to watch and discuss. /cries Gotta go back to the real world and be a responsible adult. LOL

    • 1.2 Celine

      Yes to King Yeong!!! the red royal robe looks so good on him. I’m not a fan of the red robe of the King and have always been partial to the blue robe of the crown prince in all the sageuks I’ve watched, but OMG PBG in it is just breath-taking! It suits him. Did you notice how his royal court is now seem to be populated with younger scholars and ministers? Change is coming!

      Yes, you were right about Yeong not being the sun. I am so glad that the title was explained and it was Kim Hyung who did it.

      • 1.2.1 Anh

        Yea, Im not so fond of the King robe, but I just want PBG to wear King robe, coz who knows when he does another sageul, and there are plenty of actors that never get to don on King robe so Im just glad. And it’s also stay true to his character, which is double awesome

        Yes, I notice the change in court officials too, probably because Yeong implement better examine system, clear out corruption

      • 1.2.2 maryxiah

        I noticed the color is a bolder red too? Or was my eyes fooling me. He rocks every wardrobe there is.

        • Celine

          It does! It’s a different shade of red. Like it’s darker but also brighter compared to his father. I cannot help but cheer like a proud mother when he strutted. /cries

          • Minsunie

            Me too!!! Proud mama sniffles! Loved how tall and awesome he looked in red! The last hanbok was so beautiful!!!!!! The print on the fabric was amazing. Love him in light Colours actually

        • C-chan

          I’m almost as in love with Yeong’s hanbok as I am with Yeong himself. He had the best clothes, all soft fabric and pastels. Then with elegance with the deeper colours.

          • suegarbaby


            LOL, you all not the only one to heart Yeong in his kingly robes. I love ALL of Yeong’s hanboks in this show and the scarlet King robe is just the perfect icing on the cake. Yeong looks so royal and noble in it – what a dashing figure he cuts!

            Yoon Sung’s hanboks are also <3 <3! He rocks the hanbok look only slight less than PBG does. There is a slight slouch to Jinyoung's posture from some profile shots which spoils the look a wee bit. Yeong, on the other hand, carries himself like a king with shoulders back. *_*

    • 1.3 maryxiah

      Anh, how do you always manage to stay on top? LOL.

      It’s a shame that the ratings didn’t go higher, because I feel like the rating could be a huge boost for their morale for doing a great job! But anyway, I’m still happy they end above 20% mark.

      Ugh (contented groan), I love every second of that kiss, especially when Park Bo-gum turn his head during the kiss, PERFECT! Lol @consummated. Every time he says, you will pay for it, she just assume she has to pay with a kiss! That.kills.me. Ahahahah. I’m assuming they’re not married, yet, because Yeong commented that she was too busy to meet him. They can’t possibly live apart while married right?

      I feel bad for the queen too. That reminds me a funny moment when I was watching her scene last night. The baby cried when the queen was walking away, I had tears in my eyes when I heard my mom talking to my sister in the living room, “Where did that baby crying voice came from? People are gonna think we delivered a baby in here.” And my sister was like, “Sis is watching drama in her room, it’s probably from her drama.” She kind of ruined the moment for me, lol.

      • 1.3.1 Anh

        I’m happy with rating (all 3 shows rating dropped yesterday anyway) since the production team only expected 10%. And MDBC is already beating doctors rating.

        I guess they are in dating period now? like proper dating? 😀

        I love the kiss too, even though it was still very typical deadfish kiss, but it pretty good compare to the other show kiss that couldn’t even give a clear shot. Only if YJ was older, we would probably get a more passionated kiss.

        Awww such a mood-wrecker

        • maryxiah

          Yeah, I’m surprised by the drop of rating in Moon Lovers too, like damn, that’s too low. Moonlight only beat Doctors in the final week ratings, in average Doctors win by a small margin.

          Yeah, I guess so, they’re still young (not by Josen period standard), so they’re starting out as lovers first?

          Princess Myung-eun and Jang Duk-ho kiss was a deadfish kiss! It was a pain to watch! Lol. Damn Park Bo-gum for bringing so much feels from his kiss scene alone. I still love that kiss scene even if it’s not a passionate one.

          • Anh

            Im not surprised at ML drop tho, since the episode was leaked on Monday because China aired the international ver (they took it down later but people already download the ep and upload to other sites), was expecting suitcase to go up but nope, all dramas rate went down

          • azzo

            So that’s what happened! I was wondering why everyone one was saying Monday’s ML was pre-empted when I had already downloaded and watched it, oh and it explains why the video had both chinese and english subtitles!

        • Celine

          MDBC achieved way more… so so much more than what everyone expected. That is such a huge achievement in itself. And I’m glad that the special got 8.9% way more than its competition in that hour and it is also higher than its pilot episode. As we discuss online, the fansign is getting started and wow at the people who came! I read that there will be media/interview post-drama for the leads, so we may still get to see PBG and KYJ.

          I wouldn’t call the kiss in the end as deadfish kiss. It was actually nice and I love how PBG turned his head so it was not just one angle and how their lips touched while turning. It was chaste, but really really sweet appropriate for KYJ’s age. If she were older though… lol we know that PBG can kiss passionately. To this day I am still surprised at how good Taek was able to kiss. lmao

          • Dex

            It was because of all the porn Taek watched growing up. LOL.

          • sogazelle

            Which drama is that where PBG kisses well? Is Taek his character name in that drama?

          • Celine

            @sogazelle Reply 1988 where PBG played Choi Taek

          • rentenmann

            OMG, @Dex! Hahahaha, I thought the same thing. Now I think I’ll need to skim through Reply 1988 again to see Taek.

          • maryxiah

            I cannot watch Reply 1988 right now. *cries* My heart is still on YeongOn ship, it refuses to come down.

        • C-chan

          I’d like to think that they’re not married yet (because they so will, considering that Teacher Dasang is now some sort of Minister, and considering Ra On’s his granddaughter…) because Yeong was cleaning up his government. Though PM Kim and his goons were gone, there’re still a lot of Kims, and he probably had to find out who was corrupt and who wasn’t.

          Then, there’s probably a little hesitancy to wed too because of the scandal with the Queen. Also, maybe, Yeong was being respectful to Ha Yeon’s support and friendship by not jumping into marriage with Ra On right away.

          That’s just me, though. Plus, I think a dating period is really, really, really cute. They’re probably sneaking to meet each other, trying to be all secretive, unaware that everyone knows and are just sighing in resignation.

          • maryxiah

            Teacher Dasan* and no, Ra-on is not her real granddaughter.

            I think Yeong is giving Ra-on her freedom, sure being maarried would be great because they get to be together 24/7, but they still got a whole life ahead of them for that, and Ra-on hasn’t properly enjoy living as a woman, as she has always longed to. So I’m guessing Yeong is giving her time, before wooing her into marriage, I’m sure. Boy probably couldn’t wait a second longer, but being the gentleman he is, he had to honor Ra-on’s wish to stay outside of palace for a bit longer.

          • C-chan


            Shoot, really? I honestly she was his granddaughter. What made you think that?

            And yeah, agreed, I’ve never thought that Yeong and Ra On were particularly hasty when it came to big relationship decisions like marriage. Although, considering Joseon mindset, the ministers would probably want Yeong to stabilise the royalty as soon as possible and to them, that equates marriage and heirs. Then again, Yeong is a different brand of ruler altogether and his way of thinking tends towards stabilisation through good governance and public inclusion.

          • maryxiah

            It was in one of the episode, she and her mother were hiding in Teacher Dasan’s house, and he kept it secret from the officials who came looking, clearly they weren’t related by the exchange there. He did keep telling her not to call him grandfather because he isn’t that old, lol.

          • fanfor life

            Did anyone see the trailer of Ra On, dressed as a eunuch, loosening her hair from its confines, in a room looked to be in the palace? Then we see Yeong in his room(?) looking anxiously at the door as if expecting someone.. Back to Ra On, she’s putting on make up, changes into a beautiful white and orange hanbok and then selects a pair of shoes from a three tiered shoe rack. Finally we see her in Yeong’s room, who reaches for her and they hold hands. Also there is a photoshoot of the couple holding a baby .. Is this the ending that the producers planned but dropped due to time constraint? I hope so.. So it would seem that in ep 18, Ra On was living outside the palace and Yeong would go to see her as well as to mix around with his people. Some time would have passed and Yeong would have succeeded in overturning the policy of marrying only to a noble and is now married to Ra On. Hence, the trailer showing Ra On in a room in the palace. Her being in a eunuch’s outfit may mean that she’s with Yeong in the daytime as his eunuch and after that goes to him as his queen. Now, that’s what i call an ideal ending….

          • Anh

            @fanfor life

            I believe the scene you just described is the opening/introduction scene for every episodes. It is a very funky, and mashed up between modern and historical as you can see some modern items throughout (PPL I guess, or the production just want to have some fun)

            And I don’t think this is the ending the team want to show as the finale, I believe the finale was intended as it is, since the team rejected the extension. Also the opening scene already there, no need to re-show it. We can all imagine.

        • suegarbaby


          Yeah, Anh, how do you manage to post first on the recaps so often? You are amazing.

          I was actually quite pleased to hear that Moonlight managed to recover back to its above 20% levels in the last 2 episodes and surpassed it’s previous highest rating. A fitting send-off for the drama.

          It would have been nice if the ratings could climb to 30%, but that’s just me being greedy and actually wanting a reason to see PBG and KYJ on a guerrilla date (which they promised to do if ratings hit 30%). Muahahaha, clearly I can’t get enough of these 2 people together at the moment!

          • Anh

            because moonlight recap usual up around 3pm my local time on tues and wed, and that’s when I’m at uni, during my break so I just tend to refresh DB frequent and post my comment 🙂

          • maryxiah

            I’m greedy too because I wanted that guerrilla date. Sadly, we just have to wait other post Moonlight interviews, I’m sure the press couldn’t get enough of them either, they’re like fresh baked cakes, maybe after their vacation in Cebu? Gosh, I want to fly to Cebu to stalk them so bad.

            Anh, I always time my refreshing time too, but I guess being at work distracts me a lot so I couldn’t keep refreshing as often, lol.

          • Celine

            I read that they are scheduled for post drama interviews after their vacation.

            I wonder if they will still do Guerilla Date even though they didn’t reach 30%. I think Entertainment Weekly loves PBG and KYJ too much. If ever they do, I am sure they’d be mobbed like the fansign yesterday.

          • maryxiah

            Maybe Guerrilla Date might invite Park Bo-gum, given his popularity, also they tend to bring only one guest per interview.

      • 1.3.2 Kakakash

        The Queen’s character was protrayed so realistically. When she heard her baby cry, I personally felt the only things that could have caused her to stop in her tracks were: A) Everyone’s expectations of her to react in an emotional way to the baby’s cry, hence, questioning in that moment, her own humanity, or B) I’ve read that most new mothers have physical reactions to babies crying in their vacinity, i.e. lactating. I felt she had already given up her soul the first time she ordered her baby disposed of, so those reasons were the only ones to stop and make her think.

        And this coincides with the fact that later on in her conversation with her father Premier Kim, the first thing she talks about is herself, and how she’d wanted nothing in her life but his approval. She’d become a soul-less person with nothing to love but her own self and needs, and her beginning to realize that was hurtful. It was pitiful and grotesqley protrayed, which made it so perfect.

        • Fran

          Please someone tell me was the baby killed or not? Lol I wish they would’ve made it clearer. Showed the baby at the end or something.

          • Kakakash

            Fran, nahhh. Yeong, being the upright and principled man he is, would never allow some stupid woman or palace laws to dispose of his baby sister. Not to mention that despite being a gisaeng’s daughter, I think the baby would be allowed to live life as a princess in the palace, being the daughter of the King. The two wittle babies, princess and prince, would grown happily ever after with their many siblings and loved ones in the palace, despite their tragic beginnings

          • Anh

            The baby will just be a low rank princess, probably same rank as Princess YeongEun (she is called Ongju instead of Gongchu since Gongju is for princess from the Queen)

          • Jamie

            But what will happen to the baby fake prince? The infant son of the court lady who died?

            Surely he won’t be raised as a prince?

            And who was his father, anyway?

          • Kakakash

            @ Jamie

            Even though they cant figure out who the baby’s father is without DNA testing (I think), my imaginashuns tell me that due to the revolutionary changes King Yi Yeong and his father are bringing up about the court and its nation, they would find some loophole to keep the little baby boy as prince on court, especially because they can’t know that he is not the former King’s son.

        • Celine

          The senior actors are amazing. The Queen was wonderfully portrayed by Han Sooyeon. She’s got good micro-expressions too just like his stepson. lol I’d say her acting is nuanced too and she does the wide-eyed acting so well and in the right moments.

          I applaud the poker face of Premier Kim (Cheon Hojin) until the very end. His scheming and ambition must be so deep in his bones that he mastered being stone-faced and proud even to the last minute of his defeat.

          Kim Seungsoo did well as the weak King. He did it so well that I was so frustrated with his character. lol

          • azzia

            Yes, the senior actors were really amazing, I especially loved Han Soo-yeon’s portrayal of the queen. I so hated her everytime she was putting Ra-on in danger to get to Yeong but I couldn’t help feeling for her when she was walking away from her baby with her face so conflicted, and her conversation with prime minister Kim when she said all she wanted was to be acknowledged by him, that was sad! and her VOICE, I love it!

          • azzo

            Oops.. azzia is supposed to be azzo!
            It seems like I’m too excited replying without even checking my name, LOL!

          • Kakakash

            I agree, she rocked those moments with beautiful micro-expressions as well. However, while reallt good at it, I personally feel she still didnt do AS well as PBG….I honestly havent seen anyone do the wide range of emotions on screen like PBG. That man does it beautifully and perfectly and is just…beautiful too @.@

          • Kakakash

            Ooo yess Celine I agree that the senior actors performances were so polished, I never doubted anyone’s character.

            I like that you mentioned Kim Seungsoo. I looked him up before and it looks like he received quite a few awards from older dramas. Man I was so impressed with his portrayal of thing King from day 1. I agree his acting made me frustrated with his character, and further made me pity him with his anguished and heartbreaking crying scenes. I still remember the scene of him telling Yeong that not doing anything as King had been what was keeping him and everyone else he cared about safe…I compared his crying to Kim Soohyuns who has woed me with his crying 🤗😬….which I do often, which has its downsides 😳

          • maryxiah

            Agreed! I think the whole casts are amazing and in sync dynamically, and they complement each other so well, I don’t think there ever was a time I feel thrown off by their characters.

        • suegarbaby

          Yes, the Queen’s character grew more multi-dimensional as the series progressed, which was heartening because there is nothing worse than a 1-D cardboard cutout villain. Props to the actress playing the Queen – her various facial expressions and scary eyes were a standout. She really made the Queen character uniquely her own. Let’s just put it this way, I won’t ever confuse this Queen for others in other sageuks!

          • Kakakash

            Agreed, she made her character one of a kind. Her disturbing but often sad wide-eyed looks couldnt but make me wonder, shes absolutely gorgeous. I would find her so pretty if I didnt hate her character so much 😄

          • Celine

            @Kakakash I think the Queen is very pretty. More than hating her, I was a bit scared whenever she’s onscreen. Because of how well she acted, I always had the feeling that she’s capable of real damage. I feared for Raon every single time she had to face the Queen.

        • Kakakash

          @ Anh’s insight:

          Interesting to note

        • maryxiah

          I don’t think she has given up her soul, more like she tried to deny her motherly instinct, you could see her face twitched in pain when Yeong challenged her to leave the baby crying. I feel bad for her and the baby, caught up in power play, and it was for a naught in the end. I really feel for her when the baby cried and she stopped in her track, I guess she’s still a mother after all.

          • Celine

            I admire her tenacity. Her thirst for power ran deep that it overpowered her maternal instincts.

    • 1.4 Nincess

      Yess, i really like the ending as well. It is a perfect ending and i like how the drama give all characters a closure on their own.

      Btw, where do you watch the special episode? i tried to find it at dramanice but it seems they are subbing it :/

      • 1.4.1 Anh

        Dramafire has it 🙂
        IT’s just been uploaded, so Im off to watch it now

        • nincess

          Ah alright! off to watch it now too 😀
          thank you!

        • Kakakash

          Ahhh Ahn you just made my day, thanks for letting us know!

          • Kakakash

            Damn me getting names wrong: Anh

        • Quillene Petite

          link for dramafire please

    • 1.5 Mimi

      Unlike many fans here, i was expecting more from the last episode. The finale felt rushed in attempt to tie all the lose ends within one hour.

      Also, many of the supporting characters were written out of the last episode. Byung Yung suddenly had to go on a trip, conveniently when the writers no longer had a use for him to drive the story. The Crown Princess resigned from her position? When she promised Young she’d be with him “until the end”? it makes me wonder what is the purpose of her role except to create angst and a rivalry btw Crown Princess & RO ? I also feel for Young to allow the Crown Princess to resign is uncharacteristic of him. He has shown to be a man who values those who are loyal to him and she has given herself to him wholeheartedly and unconditionally. Im upset at this move to conveniently rid of her in the end. I feel this is a weak attempt to satisfy the international audience who may not empathize with a polygamous male lead. The position of Crown Princess would never be filled by Ra-On, that is why the producer did not even go there in the end and have CP and RO meet outside of the palace. The drama ended without ever addressing how these two would possibly stay together, legitimately, as man and wife.

      CP father may be a incompetent king, but he was capable of loving equally his queens and consorts. Think back on the scene where the Eunuch and female servant had a relationship in secrecy. The reason it was a huge deal was because all females within the palace are considered the king’s women.

      The crown princess is a woman ahead of her time. She willingly initiated the marriage knowing her love may be unrequited. It makes no sense that at the first sight of CP showing RO affection that she would withdraw herself and forfeit her promise to him.

      A more fitting ending would be for the Crown Princess to rise above her circumstances and bring Ra-On back to CP. They would all resume life within the palace. This would be the ultimate sacrifice for her and will demonstrates to viewers that she isnt a threat to CP’s and RO’s relationship. From this CP would develop trust, respect and warm affections for Crown Princess, if not love. She would also be a valuable ally to RO.

      • 1.5.1 Anh

        Ha-yeon role was not to bring the angst of a love-triangle, but it was to show her one-sided love, how much she willing to go for Yeong, and also, Yeong needs for family political power. That why the King wanted the wedding. But now that thigns settled, the Kim is no longer in power, she can be free from wanting to be his pillar of support. He’s no longer needing her family.

        And it wasn’t that she give up when seeing first sight of RO and Yeong. She knew Yeong loves someone else ages ago, before wedding. She tried to get some comfort from Yeong and also tried to comfort him but that didn’t work out. She also went through heartbreak herself when she knows RO true identity, that why she decided to go back to the original intention, that everything was just a deal.

        I think seeing RO with Yeong makes HY realised that how much she try doesn’t matter, and that she actually being a burden to Yeong, as he has to treat her with respect and try to put a facade on address her as his wife. That’s why she want out, to free Yeong from feeling uncomfortable.

        • azzo

          I totally agree with you Anh.

          Ha-yeon’s role was pretty clear to me, she came from a family that the king needed to strengthen Yeong’s political power and she knowing that Yeong had someone else in his heart still wanted to be by his side because she also knew that he needed that support, she chose to step back when she realized that he no longer needed that, so she was no longer entitled to fulfill that role, rather that being stuck in marriage with a one-sided love and heartaches she chose to be free herself, she made a decision!

          • 4drama

            I totally agreed with Ahn and Azzo, HY did her best to full fill her role, though she tried to also hope he (CP) will give affection to her over time, but in the end reality sinks in and she bow down in her own way. I believed that even if yeong knew about her decision, he is also one to respect it, as he was even against it in the first place. Loved Everything about Moonlight!! thank you show for giving us this joyful EXPERIENCE!!!

      • 1.5.2 suegarbaby

        I don’t blame you for finding the final episode rushed. It was rushed because the cast and crew had so many loose threads to tie in 1 hour. But I already expected that and was prepared for it because I knew about the sheer amount of ground needed to be covered.

        In fact, what surprised me was that with the number of threads this episode managed to tie up, it could have easily felt even more hasty and slip-shod in its execution – bang bang bang, scene after scene without a break, giving us whiplash. But it didn’t really do that. They managed to pace out the scenes and even introduce new ones to give the episode more depth and breadth. This is no small achievement, in my book.

        Of course, when this episode (and episode 17 too, imo) is compared to other earlier Moonlight episodes holistically, the quality does fall short. Again, not surprising, given the live-shoot time constraints. But because the pay-offs here are very satisfactory to me, I am willing to overlook this flaw.

        Re: Ha Yeon
        I didn’t see this final move as short-changing her at all. In fact, I was glad that they managed to (perhaps a bit too conveniently, lol) find a way to release her from her Crown Princess title because really, who wants to be stuck in a love-less marriage for the rest of one’s life? Especially when one is nursing a one-sided unrequited love for the other side. That’s serious torture and it can erode at one’s humanity if continued…

        And this was the scenario which Ha Yeon faced if she had stayed put in her position. As it is, she is now free to make her life however she wants it to be, and to find a more fulfilling and loving relationship in the future.

        Yes, this set-up may be a bit contrived but it’s the message it sends at the end of the day which makes it acceptable for me. Moonlight’s premise of being a warm, youthful, charming, coming-of-age romance sageuk would have fallen a bit short if they left key characters hanging in unpalatable situations.

        This show was always meant to give one warm-feel-good-vibes, to make us believe in the power of love, and in the beauty of hope in the future. Having Ha Yeon free to find her own world is but a validation of one of its themes. ^^

        • maryxiah

          Re: Ha-yeon

          I also would like add, Ha-yeon explained it perfectly from her point of view when she asked to step down from crown princess position, she knew Yeong never loved her (he told her so many times), but she kept the hope, thinking that he might be moved by her sincerity and open up to her one day. But after recent episodes, with her efforts trying to provide comfort for Yeong (by showing up around him so often it annoyed the hell out of me), she realized she couldn’t do what Ra-on could achieved easily, Yeong immediately softened up at the sight of Ra-on and smiled, something he had never done for Ha-yeon. I think why she couldn’t give up before because she didn’t see the couple’s interaction and she didn’t know the extent of their love, she foolishly think she could somehow move him, but when she finally saw that there was no room to fit her in, she decided to save herself from that heartbreak and live proudly as a single woman instead, and chose to bow out of the marriage. I think it’s befitting her character, and I also think out of her love for Yeong, she’d rather him be happy than to force herself on him.

          • TrueBlue

            Oh, I really like your analysis of HY. HY said that she didn’t want to be a burden to CP. I think this alludes to the poisoning incident. CP took that tonic out of respect for her as a the crown princess. CP didn’t blame her. In fact, I think it was hinted that CP may be appreciative of HY because it was she who noticed the poison before it was too late. But I think that HY takes this incident as proof that although CP treats her with the respect she deserves as crown princess 1) respect does not equal the ardor that she yearns for as a woman and 2) this respect brings certain obligations that will put CP in a difficult position in the future.

        • Celine


          “In fact, what surprised me was that with the number of threads this episode managed to tie up…”

          I was surprised too. Last week I was worried how the final week will be like because there seem to be too much to tie up. However, when Episode 17 rolled in, I felt less worried and it looked like it’s possible for the big things to be resolved. And then Episode 18 came and I was actually quite surprised that the loose ends were tied okay if not quite nicely. Yes, it seemed a bit
          rushed in my opinion, but I like how the issues came in full circle. For example, Yeong was poisoned just like his mother which proceeded to the need to look into the culprit since the King have always told Yeong never to ask anymore about how the late Queen died. And then we got the chance to hear his mother give him more words of wisdom about being a ruler.

          What I’m trying to say is, I kind of expected worse in how the loose ends will be tied. It ended up okay and they were all connected, so it did not feel as disjointed as I imagined. It could have been better though, but that’s that and I’m okay with what we were given.

      • 1.5.3 nomad

        I really do feel bad for the crown princess the most. I kinda wish crown princess and CP would’ve been able to develop a more politically grounded relationship, like the one I found in Six Flying Dragons. Alas..not this time.

      • 1.5.4 Deelite

        Tell it @Mimi! So many disneyfied kdrama fans commenting here. Yeong could never make Raon his queen. She’s a commoner so the best she could ever be in that era would be a concubine. Most probably the most loved and favoured concubine but never the queen. Hayeon is the best bet for actual marriage to the crown prince.
        I know it’s not the romantic ending that international fans want to see, but it is the only one that makes any historical sense.

    • 1.6 vỉetnamfan

      I agree with all you said.
      And yes, it is the most possible ending. I don’t have a bias but this ending brings hope to those who would like happiness happen to those who deserve.
      This does not need to follow 100% of the history.

      But if we must follow the history: meaning CP died and if we still want him to live, then there’s no other way than letting him “live” somewhere else in life, inside the people, not being recorded in history…and that means, someone else will become kings. That way, more things have to happen and that should be kept for a season 2 😀

      However, I will not hope for season 2 because there must be a lot of political and historical hardship and pains to happen. Therefore, we would love to stop at this ending and keep hopes and dream for good things as per our imagination. That how this become a happy ending.

      The only thing we are short of might be an extra of 15-30 minutes or more (or 1-2 more episodes) for more sweet scenes for our heros and more scenes that explain human sides of other characters as well (all lives are “heavy” as each other” in different ways). But because this is a mini drama, we can’t expect more than this. Usually historical drama will be at least 20 to 30 episodes since there are so many dots and bottlenecks you will have to settle before the drama ends.)

      I am happy with this ending and the last scene of our couple leaves a beautiful feeling and so dreamy that we would want to be in love with someone right now!

      • 1.6.1 maryxiah

        I feel you, I was expecting more cute scenes between the OTP in the ending, I guess beggar can’t be choosers, they did give us their ultimate happy ending with a kiss on top, so I’m just gonna take what I can get and savor it for a long long time.

        • vietnamfan

          yay!thank you for feeling the same!

        • mehungie

          The bracelet scene topped the ending kiss for me! 🙂 That satisfaction in Yeong’s smile was on point!

          • Minsunie

            Yes me too!!!! The bracelet scene was so beautiful, they got to showcase their acting (they have totally perfected the art of loving and longing for each other through their gazes) — and I LOVED Yeong’s smile when he unveiled Ra On’s mask and saw the bracelet…. Hearts!!! The feels are REAL I rewatched that scene so many times and still get goosebumps! The kisses and stuff are nice but I’m so hooked on watching them look at each other. They have really set the gold standard for sageuk intimacy. Lesser actors would not have carried it off and would NEED skinship / steamy kiss scenes to generate chemistry or excitement in the otp! But our babies do it with ACTING and Chemistry!

          • maryxiah

            The way his lips just curved into a smile really did it for me, I was grinning the whole time too, who knew a mere bracelet could bring such a huge significant?

          • Celine


            I love that scene of him finding out that she’s wearing his bracelet! I’m not sure if it topped the ending kiss scene for me, but I really really love that bracelet scene. It’s been a long time since we last saw YeongOn together and in that scene we got to see Raon nursing Yeong and then when he saw the bracelet and he smiled and like you said he looked so happy and satisfied knowing that nothing changed between them despite the separation.

            What made it more special and frankly surprising was because Yeong told Hayeon when she asked about the missing bracelet was that he still has it somewhere. So I thought Yeong picked up the beads and kept them. Now that wouldn’t have that much impact because that’s his in the first place. However, having Raon be the one to have kept and worn it, it meant so much more.

          • Celine

            Forgot to add that like what @Minsunie said, I also love the scene when Yeong slowly took off the mask and when he said he hesitated for long because he was scared it won’t be her. I thought, omg so for those times that Raon was actually there nursing him, he was pretending to be sleeping or something?! I was quietly squealing and got butterflies in my stomach. It’s more meaningful because this was their first real intimate interaction since the separation and they have not seen each other for a month.

            The loving gazes of YeongOn are just real and make me feel so in the moment that my feels are just too strong. I’ve always thought that PBG and KYJ didn’t need skinship to sell the romance (though of course I will not complain when there is skinship). Their eyes alone coupled with the words they have for each other are enough to make me feel the love. I think that’s a testament to how well two leads are as actors and are capable of selling the romance.

          • maryxiah

            @Celine I completely forgot Yeong told Ha-yeon he stored the bracelet somewhere else, when he said that my heart bled for him because I could almost imagine him picking up the beads on the floor like they were his heart shattered into pieces, I thought how sad was that? When it was revealed that Ra-on had the bracelet instead, I was overjoyed! It’s a huge step for our Ra-on, because she’s a firm believer of running instead of confronting, so when she kept the bracelet and subsequently kept the hope, I lost it, cried real tears in that scene.

          • Helen

            I’ve watched this scene over and over again about a few dozen times now. Since the attic scene, we have not seen these two alone together drowning deep into each other’s eyes. Add the tender craddling of her face, my heart is now coated with an insulated protective layer that can endure till we meet again!

            btw, this PBG Magic is freakin’ no joke! I can’t get him out of my mind!

          • Celine


            Yes. The PBG Magic/Effect whatever you want to call it is no joke. Various actors in the industry have attested to the fact that it is real. haha!

        • TrueBlue

          Never in my 10+ years of drama watching have I watched a drama with so much sexual tension and lust as this drama. My mind is blown! Mostly because PBG and KYJ are so young. I don’t know how they can convey this kind of intimate longing without having been in a deep passionate relationship themselves in real life (I don’t mean with one another – I mean having experienced this kind of passion in real life with another person). Definitely KYJ is too young for this, but boy, she nailed it!

    • 1.7 C-chan

      Not even gonna lie, I fully expected Byeong Yun to bump into Ha Yeon as she was headed for the docks that I even screamed a little. Alas, it did not happen, because Byeong Yun loves the Prince (now KING! YAAAAAS) too much to be away from him forever HAHAHAHA

    • 1.8 dramamama

      I got the same vibe from the lines about payment. I had wondered if the lines in the field had a hidden meaning as well, about maybe a child, but the interpretation that i saw was more on the lines of ‘i just took a peek into the world you will create” then she said ‘are you asking about the first citizen that you will create as king’ or something close? when he answers that she is the person that has filled his world, it made sense. But in reading the interpretation here, it seems someone was a little off with the meaning, i got nowhere close to what i’m reading here. That is the problem w/not being able to formulate the sentances, huh?!LOL! My only other problem, i felt that they cowtowed to the public that was making all of the complaints in the beginning about Ra On showing her shoulders and being too young to kiss him etc. They didn’t show it close enough but for a couple seconds, but it was long enough for me to see that he was kissing the area between her top lip and nose, to the side, so as to look like a good steamy kiss. The problem was, after I saw it, i couldn’t unsee it, and it was more of a ‘seriously!’ all of this ends for me with a forced fake kiss! It let the air out of the scene, for me anyway, and disappointed me that people couldn’t grasp thae fact that this is a young woman that works as an actress, and is playing the part of a, by this time 20 yr old at least woman-she was 18 for the longest time everytime they looked for her, then they said a yr passed, so she was at least nearing it or more!LOL! if she had been in this part in a movie instead, nothing would have been said, and nothing that she did was bad, even by conservative standards, so i just don’t get it. I understand why, I just don’t get why it has to be.. anyway, loved the drama, and enjoyed the review that you and the writer here gave.

      • 1.8.1 Anh

        yea, it’s a pity that KBS wants to keep it chaste, but their electrifying gazes that full of lust already make me squeal and head over heel believing in OTP

      • 1.8.2 maryxiah

        As a member of the thirst squad, I don’t see anything wrong with the kiss. Looks good enough for me, for goodness sake, she’s only 17, of course they’d want to protect her.

      • 1.8.3 TrueBlue

        Personally, I don’t really care that they ever kissed. The first kiss was necessary, in order to firmly establish CP’s love for RO and to advance the romance. After that, I did not care about them kissing. I don’t have anything negative to say about the last kiss at the end of episode 18. It was a great way to end the show but it was no more passionate than the countless other times CP and RO interact with one another and look at one another. I heard that the show is being censored for the kiss. I kind of chuckle. Really? They should censor the whole show, because the entire show is lustful.

    • 1.9 fanforlife

      I agree with you that YS was better off dead. Right from the beginning episode, he went on saying that life was boring and was trying to find solace in painting.He hated the plan his grandfather had for him to be king. He never wanted it. When he fell for RO, at last he had some rreason to live. When he realised that he could never get RO’s love, he lost hope. Worse, his grandfather tried to poison Yeong. He probably felt that as long as he was alive, his grandfather would try to put him on the throne. Plus, he must be tired of his clan’s misdeeds. He went there to save RO but i dont think he mided dying. His life was a pain…

  2. Anh

    Moonlighters, I guess it’s farewell to us all, may us meet in another drama thread. It was a fun ride with you all, the table flips, the discussion of analogies and theories, the bawling and exploding feels, the spazzing about hanboks. It was worth it.

    PS: BY finally washed his hair, dry and straighten it, coz now it’s flat. I miss the messy hairdo tho.

    • 2.1 neener

      Till next drama! And I do miss the messy hair. Kim Hyuuung!

      • 2.1.1 Dramakichi

        I missed BY’s hair, too. When I saw it in the last scenes, all I could think of was how he had lost his mane of glory! His was one of the best sageuk hairpieces I’d ever seen – where it made him look so much more handsome and added to his appeal…

        • stuffed

          His hair… his pretty wavy hair.
          It feels like he walked into a salon to get his hair straightened only that it didn’t get finished because he had to leave to chase after some bad guys.

          • suegarbaby


            YES, I missed his lovely wavy mane of glory too! He looked so masculine and hot in it, what is this flat-ish style? (Thankfully we only had a short scene of it, lol).

    • 2.2 Celine

      Kim Hyung had a rebond! LOL

      What?? Are you saying goodbye already? We still have to party here. hihi!

      • 2.2.1 Anh

        I’m still here for the party 🙂
        Just saying my farewell beforehand

    • 2.3 maryxiah

      Just when we talked about how he’d continue to have gorgeous hair, he had a flat hair in this episode and totally ruin it for me, lol!

      • 2.3.1 cingdoc

        I’m going assume that at the end of the whole drama and everything has been packed, the stylist just couldn’t go unpack a new can of dry shampo or hairspray and fix Kim Hyung’s awesome mane of Glory… that’s the excuse i’m sticking to for a otherwise perfect drama 😁😁

        • maryxiah

          BAHAHAHAH You crack me up so much!

          • cingdoc

            Hehe….RL cannot be perfect so I’m quite easy to please in my dramaverse.
            To me MDBC has the cute, the angst, the most beautiful cinematography, OST that can flip my emotions perfectly on a dime, the plot that flows( might not to everyone’s version, but hey….)& the facts that the main characters are played by talented and good lookig actors, double goodies to me.
            So, heck yeah, MDBC is one of my top kdrama of all time, and I will take a few draggy episodes and some messy hair anytime.It has as close to perfect drama and its ending as I can ( dream) of . After all, for the love of GY, I endured a drama called Big and THAT was a prime example of WTH!!

      • 2.3.2 Kakakash

        LOL maryxiah! I thought it was a cute change…

    • 2.4 4drama

      Amen to that Ahn, I always enjoy reading your thoughtful insights, though I don’t comment much, but enjoyed it nonetheless 😊

      • 2.4.1 Anh

        you’re welcome dear, hope you’re coping well with the withdrawal

  3. Kayak

    My heart is full and in this episode so many people got to be heroes:

    Dammit Yoon-Sung, you loyal, romantic bad-ass. I cried ugly cause I knew there was no YS waiting around to save him. And while he yet again saved her while others’ attentions were elsewhere, I’m glad the show honored him by having Ra–On consoling and cradling him in the end (RO telling him to get up cause the floor was cold only twisted the knife further).

    Ha-Yeon bravely deciding to step aside from being the Crown Princess even though it would mark her for the rest of her life. And yay for the King recognizing that her awesomeness should not go hidden in a bushel.

    The little princess–so determined to get what her big brother needed and expressing this almost entirely without saying a word. (And Ra-On bravely and secretly helping her).

    And the show continued to slay on other fronts:

    Great music direction again; the music swelled just as we and CP saw the bracelet on Ra On’s wrist and my cold black heart grew 20 sizes larger.

    And yes to BY’s awesome new bangs and CP now in the red robes (PBG rocked every damn hanbok)!

    Thank you Javabeans and fellow Beanies for being such lovely viewing companions! I loved reading about a show that deserved everyone’s thoughtful analysis and SQUEES!, GIFs, and table flipping and you all helped me see the show in different ways.

    As rough as episodes 13-16 were, I think I can bear them now (I’m definitely marathoning this for a lazy weekend) as part of the overall execution and production. The suffering through the angst is much harder when you’re taking in the show pieces at a time and are worried that the production may take a turn at the end but I am pleased overall.

    • 3.1 Celine

      Right? My heart feels so full as well. Like I’m bursting with so much wonderful emotion and love for this show. After this, I’ll feel empty every Mon-Tues. I can always re-watch though which is so on my list. hihi

    • 3.2 Helen

      I was just thinking the same. Now I can watch ep 13-16 again without all my guards up. I’ll be thinking about you @kayak as I marathon this weekend too!

    • 3.3 maryxiah

      I’m glad that at least Yoon-sung died in the arms of the one woman he loves, and when Ra-on cried for him and told him she was sorry for always causing her heartbreak, I think that’s a big consolation for him. He couldn’t be with her, but she’s always thankful for him and his presence.

  4. neener

    The End. I still cannot believe that it ended.

    THAT cameo, Kim Seul Gi. I love her. That wink. Perfect.

    One of the MANY things I love about this drama is that the ending did not really focus on the OTP. Don’t get me wrong, I love our OTP. But I’m just happy that everyone had their own rightful ending. Except for Yoon Sung.
    They just have to kill one, and this time there’s no turning back. Whoever said in the previous recap about the robes switching. I think it was Kiara, that was genius! That’s what really happened. I do think that his death was useless and it was just done in order to fulfil that stupid prophecy! Credits to Jinyoung in that final scene. I cried and if that scene was played with a rain I would have sang ‘A Little Fall of Rain’ from Les Mis.

    Ha Yeon, oh girl, I would love to see you in another country and have that prince love you like no other person would. Or any man that would value you for who you are.

    The young princess is back and we all knew that she would be the key to the fall of PM Kim. She will definitely go to places after this drama. As for the PM, figured he would kill himself, a man with that kind of power and pride would never accept the fact that he would rot in prison. And I do feel a little, just a little, sad for the queen.

    When Yeong entered the Royal Court, I felt really proud as a Moonlighter. We’ve come this far. After all the tears and fake deaths (still can’t believe you did to Yoon Sung, Show!). I did expect Ra On to be queen but I understand why it did not play out in the drama and they left it to us to imagine. Knowing Yeong, she wouldn’t just stay as an author selling books. She would find her rightful place beside him and they would have cute babies and live happily ever after.

    I tried and tried to think what really MDBC meant and damn, isn’t it such a wonderful meaning? No wonder I love it when the moon is surrounded by the clouds. And every time I look at the moon, I will remember this Show with a smile on my face and a thankful heart!

    TO the cast and crew: CONGRATULATIONS! It was indeed one of the best dramas there is and all thanks to everyone. If I can give them a hug, I would. Indeed, you deserve that vacation in Cebu. Hoping to see you though, if not, enjoy the beach and the food.

    TO ALL MOONLIGHTERS: THANK YOU! For making this journey awesome, full of tears, laughter and insights! I wouldn’t exchange it for anything out there, oorrrr maybe expect seeing the cast in person??? Thank you , thank you, thank you!

    Once a Moonlighter, always a Moonlighter!

    • 4.1 Sancheezy

      THAT cameo, Kim Seul Gi. I love her. That wink. Perfect

      ooh, love this meta so much!!

      the small banter ala my scenario
      person 1 : we have 2 girls cosplaying as eunuch story
      the PD : oh right
      person 2: yeah they both get the king’s attention
      the Pd : *looking up the phone
      person 1 : they kinda looked like each other
      the PD : typed up number furiously
      person 2: would be good it both pre-produced so we can get an alternate universe
      the PD : (scream) we got extended scene!!! Kim Seul Gi came in 2 hours
      person 1 & 2 : looking from a distance, winked and tossed each other hands
      opening their bag and there’s kim seul gi pic there
      (voice over : I knew this is a good idea)

      • 4.1.1 Cingdoc

        A fun fact/6th degree of separation: woori YS plays a younger brother to KSG in 2014 movie Miss Granny. You might missed him since he was a blondie and his acting skills were still raw.
        I, too, love KSG’s cameo here since I love Splish Splash Love… another fusion saeguk with cute OTP.

    • 4.2 Dramakichi

      Kim Seul Gi! What a fun surprise to see her in that final eunuch scene! Makes me wanna watch Splish Splash all over again!!!

      • 4.2.1 dilemmacan'tdecideaname

        Ya Ya Kim Seul Gi cameo was the best!

    • 4.3 Celine

      Love the cameo OMG! I was so surprised!!! Kim Seulgi!!!

      • 4.3.1 risa

        When I saw her, I cheered and applauded so loudly that I’m sure my neighbors heard me. 😄

        • maryxiah

          Exactly my reaction! LOL.

      • 4.3.2 Shan

        Me too!! One of the best cameo reference. I am a big fan of Splash Splash Love too and SSL and MDBC are the only two saguek i ever watched! Loving them!

      • 4.3.3 suegarbaby


        Re: Kim Seul Gi cameo
        HAHAHA! Me too! I have to admit, I was so shocked, I paused the scene and blinked a few times just to be sure that my eyes were not tricking me and that it really was Kim Seul Gi from Splash Splash Love right there! Loved the meta-reference and the tongue-in-cheek callout! <3

    • 4.4 maryxiah

      True words, yo. Once a Moonlighter, always a Moonlighter!

      P/S: Can’t believe I forgot about you in my shout out, neener! <3

      • 4.4.1 neener

        It’s alright, no harm done.

        Without the Moonlighters, this experience would not be as awesome as the drama so I thank you too <3!

  5. Cingdoc

    Yippee….rainbow and unicorns ending…..
    Im sad about YS but the drama ends as close to perfection as can be.

  6. maryxiah

    I find it hard to pen down my thoughts today, partly because I loathe saying goodbye to this amazing show that brought so much feels, partly because I find it hard to comment without nitpicking. There are so many things that I wish Moonlight could have done better, plot wise and character wise. But after watching the special last night, I realized this team went above and beyond in their effort to bring such a marvelous show, I know to an extent of their hard work, but seeing it with my own eyes change my perception entirely. I don’t know how they could pull through, amassing such a big crew, yet manage to stay focus and deliver each episode with so much wit, charms and intensity. I’m forever amazed by them. This show isn’t without its flaws, but it certainly hits all the right button for me, I enjoyed it more than I have had in other shows, I think some beanies could see it in my obsession, especially when I camped out in the recap comment for days, I hope I didn’t scare you guys, lol.

    What makes this show so endearing to me, isn’t just the exceptional effort put forth by the casts and crew, but also the Moonlight community we have here in Dramabeans. I find great strength and comfort watching this great show with you folks here in Dramabeans. This show has been an amazing watch because I have you guys here to share thoughts, discuss opinions, presenting sensible arguments, and conjuring up theories. Every time I watched a new episode of Moonlight, I found myself wondering, “How would the other beanies think of this scene?” “Can’t wait to read their thoughts on this.” “I bet the others are squeeing so hard/crying their eyes out in this scene.” “I don’t get this, maybe the other beanies will provide a great explanation or insight on this.” I love reading every comment in Moonlight recap section, and I always make an effort to read every comment when I have the time. I feel sad to say goodbye to you guys, I hope this won’t be the last we see each other, and hopefully we get to greet one another in a possibly great show in the future.

    I think Moonlight Drawn by Clouds will remain one of my most beloved drama, a classic that I will remember for a long long time. Here, I’m sending out my love to everyone who makes Moonlight possible, from the casts and crew, sponsors, KBS channel and all fans who have come to love Moonlight.

    • 6.1 maryxiah

      I also want to give a special shout-out to some of the beanies I have the pleasure to interact with in the comment:
      Anh – My Moonlight informant who is always on top of every news.
      Celine, suegarbaby, C-chan – Always look forward to reading your thoughts/insights.
      Crazyahjummafan – My thirst squad leader! <3 Without you, I wouldn't have the courage to share my imagination, lol.
      Peeps – Whose witty screencaps I always look forward to read.
      Sancheezy – Emoji master to my table's rescue.
      Michykdrama – Gifs master that encapsulates every precious moment of Moonlight.
      cynkdf – Hwang Chi-yeol's greatest fan that always bring a smile to my face.
      Kayak, Taeki's horse-riding Teacher – Always crack me up with their posts.
      Kiara – Whose knowledge in sageuk always awes me, and interest in history accuracy that strikes a chord with me.
      Not to forget: Mehungie, Bubblegum, Kakakash, Quillene Petite, redfox, Imbuk, Helen, Linda from Singapore, azzo, Elle, Mihanhni, Blu, lin…
      For those I forgot to mention, sorry~ Know it in my heart that I love you guys lots!

      And my apology for always writing up long comment, and taking up huge space! I know some of you probably don't read it, but thank you for taking the time to read and respond.

      P/S: Will post thoughts on today's episode later, lol.

      • 6.1.1 cynkdf

        @maryxiah LMAO – thanks for the shout-out! Made my day 🙂 . LOVE your posts. More later, haven’t watched with Eng subs. Best wishes from Singapore

      • 6.1.2 Anh

        Thanks! It’s been a fun ride, I hope there will be sub for the special 85min ep

      • 6.1.3 Sancheezy


        キタ━━ヽ( `・ω・)人( ^ω^)人( ゚Д゚)人(´∀`)人(・∀・ )人(゚∀゚ )人(^Д^ )ノ━━!!

        • mehungie

          What’s that I hear? A collective sigh of relief from all @Sancheezy’s emoji tables at today’s happy ending! The tables are safe!

          • Sancheezy

            it’s the group hug without a table . . . haha cause we already throw them all,….

      • 6.1.4 suegarbaby

        Awwww… thanks for the shoutout! Really enjoy reading your thoughts too! Will catch up soon-ish as it’s 5am here and I have been up all night just to make this posting! LOL! Time for bed! *crawls off*

      • 6.1.5 Celine


        Part of how much I enjoyed Moonlight is the community we have here. Thank you for all your inputs and lively discussions. Hope to see you guys in another great drama.

        • cynkdf

          Also, I would like to thank (besides @maryxiah) @Celine @Anh @Sancheezy @lunatic4kd @Labyrinth532 and anyone else who praised Hwang Chi Yeul’s singing – it’s so rare to see him mentioned here on DB that I was overjoyed when I learnt he was going to sing for MDBC. In a surprise Vlive broadcast from Beijing yesterday, Chi Yeul himself said he was honoured to sing one of the OSTs for the drama. HCY and MDBC fighting!

          • Celine

            Love his voice and take on the song. So chilling!

          • Sancheezy

            I can’t believe that DB has chi yeol fans too,
            I clearly remember how sad I am that he didn’t get picked on ICSYV ep 2, then come as panelist ep 4,
            then I saw him on the IS 2 thumbnail, watched all his performance and even watched him on I am a Singer

            I love his album and I hope he’ll be getting more opportunity for OST,
            I would love to hear him singing OST like Stigma-Slave Hunter, the action OST

      • 6.1.6 Michykdrama

        *blows kisses to everyone!*

        Yes I’m going to miss all you Beanies here as much or even more than the Show itself.

        Was really fun live watching and commenting with you all. And gif-ing this awesome show.

        Maybe we will meet again at the next show with either PBG, KYJ, JY or KDY! ❤️

      • 6.1.7 mehungie

        Awww @maryxiah thanks for the shout out! And thanks for always responding to my thoughts, it’s so lovely to hear things from your perspective! Glad I jumped on the live watching and commenting train for Moonlight, even though I was a few weeks late. Funny how we all see each scene very differently, but it’s that difference that makes reading beanies’ reactions so eye opening. It’s been so unproductive but so fun stalking Moonlight threads 😀 This show will always have a special place in my heart thanks largely to the DB experience!

        • maryxiah

          I was a few weeks late myself, but this show was so winsome I just couldn’t pass the opportunity to join in on the community, so I stopped lurking and jumped into comment. I will miss reading everyone.

      • 6.1.8 Kayak

        Aw, thanks for the shout out as well Maryxiah! (and happy to see those beads from the bracelet were indeed scooped up).

        • maryxiah

          I was in happy tears when I saw that bracelet, lol.

          • mehungie

            I thought of you @maryxiah during that scene 😀

      • 6.1.9 Imbuk

        Awww, thanks for the shout out maryxiah! 🙂 loved to read your thoughts. This was such a fun ride! Will definitely miss all the beanies’ interaction here.

      • 6.1.10 C-chan

        Girl, I may rarely comment, but I always remember our conversations! Man, I’m gonna miss those. It might even spur me on to watch more dramas so we can have more convos! ;P

      • 6.1.11 Helen

        *Big Bear Hug*
        Many thanks @maryxiah. You just sealed MDBC and this group of awesome human beings in my heart! Crying happy tears right now!

      • 6.1.12 Quillene Petite

        maryxiah… see you. hope to link up on facebook

      • 6.1.13 azzo

        Aww, thanks for the shout-out maryxiah, I loved reading your comments and I laughed so hard everytime you mentioned “Love is over” OST because it was exactly what I felt about it.

        Let’s make Baek Ji-young watch this episode or send her a screen-shot of YeongOn’s kiss, take that as an answer, LOL!

        • maryxiah

          Now that Moonlight is over, I might give the song a chance. I just didn’t love it when they used it on my OTP, I could just feel the heat rises up to my cheeks, lol.

        • Celine

          We’ll be like… /sends screencap to Baek Jiyeong/ “Love is obviously not over! Sorry” LOL

      • 6.1.14 Kiara

        Awww @maryxiah <3 it has been fun! Thank you!

        I'm sad that my Yoo-jung didn't make it but we saw it coming. It's a sageuk thing I guess, 2 heroes can not co-exists.

        I must say I agree with JB when it comes to the history but I won't get into it since it's over and we got our happy ending.

        • maryxiah

          I was confused when you said Yoo-jung didn’t make it, you meant Yoon-sung? Lol.

          I was able to come into terms in regards to the history a couple of episodes ago, we can’t have the best of both worlds, I guess I’d rather see Yeong on the throne because we’ve spent so much time watching his character’s growth, it’d make sense to see him rule, unless of course the world throws a curve ball at him but that’d rile up the entire fandom, no one messes with Park Bo-gum, lol.

          • Kiara

            Lol yes Yoon-sung!
            Well, it turns out to be as predicted before it came out so I know what I was getting into.

    • 6.2 Celine

      I feel you. There are things I wish they’d done differently or other directions the writer could have gone, but at the end of the day, this drama delivered what it always did which is a show full of heart. I just love reading comments both of Koreans and international viewers with how much this drama truly made them smile and happy and it leaves you that warm and fuzzy feeling.

      I just updated my drama excel file and Moonlight is right on top of my favorite list! It just ticked all the boxes for me.

      • 6.2.1 suegarbaby


        I share your sentiments! This drama is not all picture-perfect and, like you, I do wish they had done some things differently but I cut them a lot (a lot a lot!) of slack due to the crazy live-shoot schedule. The emotional pay-off at the end also covered a multitude of sins for me.

        You’re right, this drama is so full of heart, and it connects with us so emotionally that it will always have a soft spot in our hearts, huh? The experience of live-watching it with everyone here on DB only made it that much more special. This drama is definitely for keeps and for re-watches!

        • maryxiah

          I don’t think I’m gonna start any new drama after Moonlight, I might re-watch this over and over and over again, that and I have to re-watch I Remember You (Park Bo-gum) and Angry Mom (Kim Yoo-jung).

          • suegarbaby

            Haha, I have not watched I Remember You, have heard lots of good things about it, but somehow have yet to pick it up. Heard that it is a serial killer drama… not really my kind of genre. I’m a romance-junkie at heart!

            Like you, I do plan to take a break from live-watching any dramas for now though. Moonlight was my first live-watch and it is so awfully draining on my time, resource and my heart! As much as live-watching has been such an experience and made so much more memorable and enjoyable because of the interaction with other Beanies, it is not something I’d be keen to do on a regular basis because I simply don’t have the stamina, lol.

          • maryxiah

            Aww, do watch that when you have the time, I promise you it’s good. Park Bo-gum and Seo In-guk sold the bromance for me, I’m a romance-junkie too, but I watch thriller/crime investigations series when I’m in the mood.

            I always live watch my dramas, finished dramas tend to bore me, also because I always watch the ending first, I like to spoil myself silly, lol. That being said, Moonlight changed the live watching experience entirely for me, because I get so caught up in emotions and wait for Mon-Tues to come like crazy, I even live stream it from KBS on-air VOD, just so I can watch it sooner, this is the craziest I’ve been for a drama in a long long time. Thank God my internet was good enough to live streams both episodes this week, so I think I’ve watched this week’s episodes like 4-5 times. It feels like I’m watching 4-5 dramas with the amount of time I spent on this drama, lol. I lost all my stamina too. I need a long time to recover, physically and emotionally. I’m not even ready to say goodbye to YeongOn yet. The withdrawal hasn’t hit me yet.

          • Anh

            Do give I Remember You a shot, it’s an underrated drama (cry at the rating) but it is really good drama that did not change its intentions even if rating was low.

            Instead of a serial killer drama, I think the drama is more about nature vs nurture, understanding the different shades of gray of the world and human beings.

            Romance is soft, gentle and lowkey but I like it, and female lead is not a damsel in distress or annoying personality. Bromance is my jam :))

          • suegarbaby

            @maryxiah and @Anh

            Thank you for the ‘I Remember You’ recommendations. I will try to muster the motivation to watch it, lol. I mean, however good it is, it is still a serial drama, which means lots of disturbing psychopathic scenes, and death/ injury scenes, which is very (>_<)! I'm scared I will have nightmares watching it, which I tend to do watching crime-thrillers (T_T).

    • 6.3 Kakakash

      Aww, I feel the same way; so happy and comforted to read your thoughts and opinions while sharing my obsession with you guys, despite being new here 😊

      • 6.3.1 Kakakash

        You mentioned me by pen-name! *giggles* 😪

  7. Alyssa

    “You are Ra On who fills my world”….huhuhuh I can’t believe it’s over!

    • 7.1 maryxiah

      And THAT is the perfect line to end this show. Gah, I’m overflowing with love for my OTP. I can’t believe it’s over too. I think the withdrawal symptoms haven’t hit me yet.

      • 7.1.1 Joy

        Agree! It is the perfect line to end this wonderful drama. It brings us back to the cheesy , youthful days of YeongOn. Awww. Our two puppies right there , doing what their best at— romantic lines & loving gazes!

  8. TaeBi

    This drama is seriously full of feels.

    Thanks for the amazing journey MDBC. I am already missing you. T.T

  9. suegarbaby

    WAHHHHH~~ after a long, exciting and memorable journey, we have finally arrived at the end! I have so many mixed feelings – satisfaction and contentment at being able to complete the journey and enjoy its end, to bittersweet sorrow at having to say goodbye to everyone who has contributed and made the journey so delightful and exhilarating.

    Am so glad and thankful that the final episode wrapped up well and with lots of pay-offs and loose threads tied in neat little bows. But there was a large drop of bitter in that cup of sweet, and I am sure we all know what that was. Poor Yoon Sung. Intellectually, I can understand and appreciate the writer’s decision to have him give his farewell to us in this way because what better way could there be than for him to give up his everything to the cause and protection of the one whom he loves and holds dearest – Ra On. There is no higher and greater love than that which lays down one’s life for another. And his continued presence as a surviving Kim member along with his one-sided love for Ra On would have made his living difficult and painful to bear so it was quite acceptable for him to go in such a noble and honourable way. But emotionally, it was a very bitter pill to swallow. *sob*

    Yoon Sung aside, almost everything on my wishlist was accomplished, which is seriously quite shocking when you consider just how long that list was and how far away it all seemed 2 episodes ago. And the fact that it all did not feel too rushed and hodgepodge in its execution (they even managed to incorporate some unexpected twists and expanded on earlier almost-forgotten arcs!) is simply incredible. Colour me awed and amazed because this entire production team – cast and crew – deserve a standing ovation for turning out a scintillating drama that, for almost all of its run, was quite flawless and magnificent in its execution.

    Heartfelt and warm thanks goes out to Javabeans for her very timely and quick recaps which has not only provided good insights and opinions on each episode, but has also provided us Moonlight Beanies with a space where we can all spazz, share and interact in good-natured community spirit together.

    And of course, great big giant hugs and squeezes to all the Moonlight Beanies here who have been such an integral part of my Moonlight journey. It has been a privilege and an honour being able to go on this journey together. The Moonlight sojourn was made so much sweeter and so much warmer because of you all! *SQUEEEEEEZE*

    • 9.1 suegarbaby

      Personal thoughts to share…
      Prime Minister Kim. What can I say, this final episode showed us an additional glimpse and a deeper insight into this enigmatic man. The big reveal about the boys swapping clothes and the actual truth about whom the prophecies actually referred to suddenly added a new dimension to his actions and motives. Suddenly, PM Kim’s reaction to the soothsayer made a lot more sense (I always wondered why he looked troubled about the prophecy from the very first time I saw it – it always seemed to me that he should be happy to hear that the Crown Prince was going to die young and that his own grandson had the aura of a great king).

      I find it fascinating that for a man who can be so cold and diffident towards his low-born daughter (I felt quite sorry for the Queen who had always wanted acknowledgement and attention from her father but never received it), that for a man who always came across as in-control, calm and cunning beyond measure… somewhere hidden deep in the depths of that power-hungry, manipulative old breast was a love for his own grandson.

      And on further reflection, I should have been clued in to the tell-tale signs of this love. The figurative painting that PM Kim always talks about where Yoon Sung is the centre. All the plotting, all the planning, all the manoeuvring… all with Yoon Sung in mind. Sure, the preservation and the increase of the Kim clan’s power and clout in court was a key driver, but the fact that the ultimate beneficiary of all this would be his grandson, and his grandson alone, was telling. A clever man knows never to put all his eggs in one basket, and PM Kim did not strike me as a foolish man, so for him to concentrate his goal onto a single object seems strange.

      Moreover, in light of the prophecy, it would seem that his grandson was the one who was destined to die young. I cannot imagine what must have been going through PM Kim’s mind, planning his grand plans and painting his grand picture even after knowing that it might all be for naught. Why do something that futile? Or was he hoping to somehow overcome that prophecy by shoring up his power base and putting in so many safety-nets that even if Yoon Sung were to fall, one of those would somehow miraculously bear him up?

      In a way I felt sad for PM Kim. It must not have been easy having to bear the secret burden of knowing the truth, and to still fight tooth and nail hoping it does not come to pass. And when it did, how heartbroken and shattered must he have been. The very anchor to his soul, lost. It is somewhat fitting and rather poignant that PM Kim’s end came from his grandson’s very own gun, in his grandson’s very own chamber.

      A re-watch of Moonlight will not be the same because of this.

      • 9.1.1 mehungie

        Very well put @suegarbaby! He did love his grandson! I never felt like I could fully read his intentions: did he have a heart somewhere in there or not? Now I can sigh in relief knowing that at least he did have a soft spot for Yoon Sung. Yoon Sung deserved at least that. I hated how he treated his daughter, but I have to admit I appreciated PM Kim as the show’s villain. He’s not bad just for bad’s sake like Dumb and Dumber, there was actually a hidden depth to his character. I’m glad this last episode gave his character a chance in the spotlight.

        So true about the re-watch not being the same. The power of hindsight!

        • suegarbaby

          Yes, I am glad that the team made some time in this episode to give us a deeper look into PM Kim. The little nuggets of extra information we got here somehow re-transformed the drama for me – am quite in awe at how subtly nuanced and layered the show is, and re-watching it with all this additional information is going to be so interesting!

        • maryxiah

          I totally didn’t understand the revelation part about the switched headgears, I thought perhaps Minister Kim was deluded and didn’t know until the end that Yoon-sung was the one to die. So glad to hear your point of view because it clears things up a lot for me. But I could see that he truly loves Yoon-sung because he’s never been cold to him as he was to his own daughter, granted she’s the daughter of a kisaeng so it might prevented him from looking on her fondly.

          • suegarbaby

            Good point about PM Kim not being as cold to Yoon Sung as he was towards the Queen. I did clock his fairly indulgent attitude towards Yoon Sung but attributed it to his method of keeping Yoon Sung in check i.e. so that Yoon Sung would not outright rebel if the leash got too tight.

            Also, PM Kim’s comment about “a declawed baby tiger can’t grow up to play king”, I took it as his acknowledgement that Yoon Sung needed to be allowed some measure of freedom to do what he wants because if he was controlled too much, he would be “declawed”.

            It was hard to get a read on PM Kim’s motives and intentions until the last episode, for me.

      • 9.1.2 Imbuk

        PM kim’s death kind of reminded me of adolf hitler’s death.

        • suegarbaby

          LOL. I did not think of this but now that you put it that way, it does have shades of Hitler doesn’t it? The downfall of a once-powerful and prideful man… he would rather take his own life on his own terms than be subjected to the ignominy of surrender.

      • 9.1.3 Kakakash

        Oooo suegarbaby, maryxiah told me to read your take on the head gear issue. Your description is on point!

        It surprised me too, that a man so cold and heartless had ACTUALLY POSSIBLY felt something for someone, namely his grandson, up until the end.

        And yes! I thought so too that it was so symbolic of him to die by his grandson’s gun, with the bullet he saved to protect someone he loved…

        • suegarbaby

          LOL, thanks for taking the time to read through my super-wordy block of text! I am unfortunately long-winded by nature, but I am glad you found my little exposition on PM Kim helpful! The reveal about PM Kim in this episode really sat with me and I just had to voice my thoughts about it. ^^

          • Kakakash

            Mmm me too, which adds to why this drama has been so satisfying

      • 9.1.4 Minsunie

        So beautifully written!! Thanks for that insight into our villain’s character and mind!

      • 9.1.5 Che-Cheh

        Regarding the change of clothes & headgears, I’m actually still very confuse. Spent few hours looking back at episode 2, 4, 5 and 18 and here are my questions:

        In episode 2, the fortune-teller is telling PM Kim what he had read about the boys’ futures. At that time:
        CP is wearing blue+white with gold embroidery of a bird at each side (left & right) headgear. YS is wearing green with gold embroidery of 2 birds in the front.

        Based on episode 18 PM Kim’s flashback, we saw YS wearing blue+white and CP is wearing the green outfit, and they are in the midst of exchanging headgear to complete the look.

        1. Does anyone knows which headgear is the crane and which one is egret(heron)? I suspect the headgear with 2 birds embroidered in the front are cranes (which is what young YS’s wearing in ep 2).

        2. If the green outfit is originally CP’s outfit, why did he wears the blue+white outfit in episode 4 when he dances with his mom in the rain (makes no sense) and episode 5 when YS had a flashback of 3 of them playing outside Jahyeondang (maybe this is the continuation of their game from ep 2).

        • suegarbaby

          OK, I’m not well-versed with Joseon royal garments but I am going to try and explain.

          In the earlier episodes, we see the soothsayer/ fortune-teller/ face-reader meeting up with PM Kim to give him the results of reading the boys.
          At that point, Yoon Sung was already wearing the Crown Prince’s robes + head-gear with crane motif, and Yeong was wearing Yoon Sung’s robes + head-gear (presumably with heron motif).
          But the viewers did not know that the boys had swapped clothes, except for some very sharp Beanies who observed the discrepancy between Yoon Sung wearing more elaborate royal clothes and his head-gear crane motifs which apparently is ‘a symbol of longevity as it’s often wished upon a ruler or future ruler, “long live the king” or “long live the crown prince.”’ (credit to @Kiara for this explanation) vs Yeong’s plainer robes.

          So, the soothsayer, based on the boys’ clothing + head-gear, read the boys’ faces.
          He thought Yoon Sung, wearing Crown Prince clothing, was the Crown Prince and so had this fortune for Yoon Sung:
          “He may seem weak-hearted because of his meek looks but he is actually very bold and competitive. I could read the charisma of a royal family member. But he is destined to die young.”

          The soothsayer then went on to say…
          “But I felt and uncommon energy from one of his friends.” This was referring to Yeong, dressed in Yoon Sung’s clothes. His prophecy for Yeong was this:
          “He seemed warm-hearted and brave, like a great man. He has the face of someone who will become a great king.”

          PM Kim knew that the boys had swapped clothes, and so he also knew that the truth about which prophecy applied to which boy.
          But we, the viewers, were kept in the dark about this and were always under the impression that the “die young” prophecy applied to Yeong, and that the “great king” prophecy applied to Yoon Sung, not the other way round.

          It was only until the final episode when we saw the reveal via PM Kim’s eyes that the boys had swapped clothes and head-gear, that we realised that we, the viewers, mis-applied the prophecies to the wrong boys.

          But PM Kim never did. He knew the truth of the matter all along, which added an interesting dimension to his actions throughout the drama for me. He knew that Yeong would make a great king, and that his grandson would die young from the very start.

        • suegarbaby

          Regarding Yeong’s outfits in other subsequent flashbacks (the blue and white which apparently was Yoon Sung’s outfit), I don’t know why he was wearing them on those occasions. I can only speculate that maybe it was because:

          1. He, like his mother who also wore understated garments (I notice Yeong’s mother’s robes as Queen are nowhere as elaborate as Queen Kim’s robes), liked to dress down.

          2. Maybe some of the flashback scenes were on the same day that Yeong and Yoon Sung swapped clothes and so that was why he was still wearing them.

          3. The production team was trying to troll us so that we would be properly shocked at the big reveal in the final episode.

          I personally think it is a combination of #1 and #3, LOL.

          • maryxiah

            I’m gonna attempt to explain as well:

            The blue robe is Yeong’s, while the green robe is Yoon-sung’s, shortly before the face reading, they swapped clothes, this is revealed in Ep.18 flashback, so the fortune teller didn’t know Yeong was the crown prince, and Yoon-sung was not. He gave his reading and based it on their clothes. Later, the boys switched back, which is why we consistently saw Yeong in the blue robe. The crane headgear belongs to Yoon-sung, but he switched it with Yeong, so it seems like Yeong was the one with crane embroidery headgear. I’m not sure if Yeong’s headgear had any bird motif on it, I couldn’t take a closer look.

          • suegarbaby


            Errr… my dear, I think you may have gotten it a bit mixed up, lol.

            In episode 2:
            Yeong was wearing Yoon Sung’s aristocratic/ noble blue + white clothes.
            Yoon Sung was wearing Yeong’s green Crown Prince clothes.

            In episode 18:
            They changed back and Yeong returned to wearing his green Crown Prince clothes.
            Yoon Sung returned to wearing his aristorcratic/ noble blue + white clothes.
            We know this because when they were wearing the above, Yoon Sung in his blue + white clothes asked Yeong, “If I put on the royal robe (i.e. that green robe), do I become a Crown Prince?”, and Yeong, in his royal green clothes answered “No. The clothes do not make you become a Crown Prince, but it would help you understand the feelings (of being Crown Prince).”

            Why Yeong can be seen wearing the non-royal blue + white combo in other flashbacks, I can only surmise as his way of dressing down in the palace, like his mom.
            I mean, Yeong also liked to dress as a yangban when he got older, even in the palace – prime examples were Ra On not knowing his identity in her eunuch training days when he seemed to dress as a palace guard or nobleman, or Ha Yeon not knowing he was the Crown Prince when he was practicing his archery until Eunuch Jang addressed Yeong as “jeoha”.

          • suegarbaby


            OK, on further reflection, I think I understand your point of confusion now surrounding the head-gear. And perhaps this was also @maryxiah’s issue…

            Yoon Sung was wearing the head-gear with the crane motif when the soothsayer made his prophecy. We know this because we see a shot of PM Kim walking towards the boys afterwards and observing Yoon Sung’s head-gear and that it had the crane motif via a clear pan of the camera.
            The soothsayer said that the boy who would be a great king was the one wearing the head-gear with the crane motif, which was why all of us believed that the “great king” prophecy was with regards to Yoon Sung.

            But we know that the “great king” prophecy now relates to Yeong, so Yeong should have been the one wearing the head-gear with the crane motif, why was it Yoon Sung?

            Ahhh… I get where you all are coming from, hahaha! OK, if that’s the case, I can only think of 1 reason for this: BIG FAT PRODUCTION TROLL. Either that or my subs were incorrectly translated, LOL. Or the production team did not think it through properly and square the circle correctly i.e. production mistake.

            Other Beanies out there… can anyone help on this???

          • maryxiah

            Umm…suegarbaby, I checked and it seems Yeong wore the same blue robe when he was dancing in the rain with his mother, the details on the robe matched the one he wore on the fortune telling day, also there were no Yoon-sung and Byung-yeon in the background, so we can only surmise, the blue robe is Yeong’s.

            Now the confusion came when Yoon-sung asked Yeong: “Would wearing your clothes makes me the crown prince?” I think he was referring on that moment, exactly when he wore Yeong’s blue robe. I’m also guessing that was the time when the fortune teller made his reading, when Yoon-sung was in blue robe and Yeong in green robe, he said he felt their energies, so the clothes weren’t the issue, he simply used it as a way to identify them. The crane motif itself doesn’t symbolize anything.

            This is why I assumed Minister Kim didn’t know that the prophecy of dying young meant Yoon-sung, because he focused on the crane motif just like everyone of us, it wasn’t until he reflected back that they boys did change clothes for a short while, that he realized he had it all wrong, that the fortune teller probably confused both boys and his grandson was the one dying young all along.

          • suegarbaby

            LOL!!! I am currently laughing so hard right now because it is absolutely fascinating how different people can have such different takes on a scene! I completely get where you are coming from, and why your confusion arose!

            OK, now let me explain my side of things… (please bear with me!)

            1. Let’s try and establish who was wearing whose clothes and at what time.
            Your assumption in the PM Kim flashback scene in ep18 was that at that point in time when the boys were sitting down together under the pavilion, they had swapped clothes and that at that very moment, Yeong was still wearing Yoon Sung’s and vice versa, correct?
            I made this inference from your statement:

            “Yoon-sung asked Yeong: “Would wearing your clothes makes me the crown prince?” I think he was referring on that moment, exactly when he wore Yeong’s blue robe.”

            I don’t think this was the case at all. Because check out their conversation:

            YS: If I put on your royal robe, do I become Crown Prince?
            Yeong: No. The clothes do not make you become a Crown Prince, but it would help you understand the feelings (of being Crown Prince).
            YS: How did you feel when you wore my clothes?
            Yeong: Your clothes felt as heavy as my royal robe.

            The way the conversation went, didn’t it imply that the boys had swapped clothes earlier, understood what it was like to be wearing each other’s clothes, and have now swapped back? It didn’t strike me as the kind of conversation you would have if you were still wearing the other person’s clothes, right there at that moment.

            Javabeans also had the same interpretation of the scene as me. Here is an extract of her recap in ep18 above:

            “He’d (PM Kim) watched as they changed back after trading clothes and Yoon-sung had asked if wearing the prince’s robes would make him the prince. Little Yeong, now wearing the egret-adorned hat, replies no—but it allows them to understand each other better. Little Yoon-sung asks Yeong how he’d felt wearing his clothes, and Yeong says that his friend’s clothes had felt just as heavy as his own.”

            So, it should be fairly clear that in the flashback scene in ep18 when the boys were sitting under the pavilion, they had already performed the clothes swap and had swapped back to their own clothes.
            Yeong was wearing his own royal robes which were green, along with his own headpiece which had the crane (or egret according to JB) motif.
            Yoon Sung was also wearing his own clothes which were the blue + white combo, and his own headpiece (no crane motif).

            Now if this was the case, it naturally means that during the scene where the boys were playing the stick-n-pot game, Yeong was wearing Yoon Sung’s blue + white clothes and headpiece, while Yoon Sung was wearing Yeong’s green royal robe and headpiece.

          • Celine

            I’ve been racking my brain about that headgear. It’s the weird piece in the otherwise clear swapping of clothes.

            I think the green outfit and the headgear with crane originally belongs to Yeong. In Episode 18, Yoonsung used past tense when he asked Yeong how it felt to wear his clothes which was the blue outfit because at that moment Yeong was already wearing the green outfit.

            The piece that does not match it what the fortune teller said. He said that it’s the friend who has a strange energy of becoming a great king (Yeong in blue) but then he goes on to say that this friend is the one with the headgear with a crane which is worn by Yoonsung.

            Did they make a mistake here? Or was it intended trolling? lol

          • suegarbaby

            2. Was PM Kim aware of the clothes swap?
            Yes. In both scenes where the boys were playing the stick-n-pot game, and in the scene where the boys were underneath the pavilion, PM Kim was there to witness it.

            3. When did the soothsayer/ fortune-teller see the boys and how did he identify them?
            This is less easy to pin down but let’s go with what the drama has shown us, rather than make up assumptions on things which we did not see.
            In episode 2, we can see PM Kim observing the boys at play during their stick-n-pot game. As we have already established, Yoon Sung was wearing Yeong’s green robe and Yeong was wearing Yoon Sung’s blue + white here.
            Now we see the soothsayer come up to PM Kim. The conversation went like this:

            PM Kim: Did you see him?
            Soothsayer: Yes. I took a careful look at the Crown Prince’s face.
            PM Kim: How do you think his future would be?
            Soothsayer: He may seem weak-hearted because of his meek looks but he is actually very bold and competitive. I could read the charisma of a royal family member. But he is destined to die young.

            How did the soothsayer identify the Crown Prince? He had never seen him before. Surely it must be by the most obvious way one identifies a person of rank – by his clothes!
            And after identifying who the person was, the soothsayer was then able to look at the person’s face and read his fortune.

            Since the PM Kim and soothsayer conversation was clearly shown during the time the boys were playing their stick-n-pot game, it follows that the soothsayer had identified Yoon Sung, wearing Yeong’s clothes, as the Crown Prince and had read Yoon Sung’s fortune, thinking he was the Crown Prince.

            The soothsayer then went on to say:

            But I felt an uncommon energy from one of his friends.He seemed warm-hearted and brave, like a great man. He has the face of someone who will become a great king.

            This must now be Yeong who was wearing Yoon Sung’s blue + white and who was standing off to the side.
            I think it is also worth noting in this scene in ep2 that next to Yeong was another young boy of around the same age, also wearing fairly similar blue clothes (I know because I actually went back to check, lol. The other boy’s jeogori was similar to the blue jeogori that Yeong wore, but his sleeves were another shade of blue). I therefore assume that these style of blue clothes were those worn by noblemen’s sons.
            Between the two of them, the soothsayer must have felt the energy coming from Yeong and so the “great king” prophecy must therefore be in relation to Yeong.

            Why was young Yeong seen wearing those same blue clothes in other flashbacks un-related to this scene? As I mentioned earlier, Yeong likes to wear non-royal clothes even when he is in the palace, even as an adult. We have seen him in non-royal hanboks on palace grounds, so it made sense that this was a habit he acquired from childhood.

          • maryxiah

            I think it was a mistake on the production team part, maybe on the writing issue too, they didn’t think it through regarding the robe, and only focused on the headgear. I think they intended the ending to go both ways, meaning it could be Yoon-sung’s death, or Yeong’s faux death, they wanted to monitor the reaction before deciding the ending.

            The thing is, Yeong wore the same blue outfit when he was on an outing with his mother, leading viewers to believe the blue robe is Yeong’s. They shouldn’t have let him wore the same robe. And as Celine mentioned, the fortune teller said the boy with the egret/crane motif headgear has the face of a king, which Yoon-sung was wearing. So isn’t the fact rather twisted here?

            I re-listened to Yoon-sung conversation with Yeong, he did say “How did you feel when you were wearing my clothes?” I heard it as past tense, but the dots aren’t connecting, that’s why I was soooooo confused when I watched the episode!

          • maryxiah

            suegarbaby, I check multiple times, it’s the same blue robe! Lol. The detailing on the robe suggest it’s the same blue robe Yeong has been seen wearing all throughout the story. That’s where the confusion came, they should have just swapped heargears only! Lol.

        • suegarbaby

          4. Point of confusion
          But then the production team had to go and have the soothsayer say that the person with the the “great king” prophecy was the one wearing the headpiece with the crane motif!

          Now, at that point in time, it was Yoon Sung wearing Yeong’s headpiece with the crane motif. And the production team even made a point to have PM Kim approach Yoon Sung, have the camera pan on the crane motif on Yoon Sung’s headpiece, and have the soothsayer voiceover reminding us of the “great king” prophecy.

          So it was no great wonder why all the viewers jumped right to the conclusion that Yoon Sung was the one destined to be the “great king”, and that Yeong was the one who would “die young”.

          BUT, following events in ep18, we know that this is not true! Yoon Sung was the one who died young, and Yeong was the one who ascended the throne.

          How to square this circle?

          Clearly the soothsayer mistook the boys’ ranks, read their fortunes based on their faces, and provided them as he understood it.

          5. Did PM Kim know that the soothsayer delivered mis-matched prophecies for the boys?
          My personal belief… YES.
          His reaction to being told about the prophecy i.e. troubled, rather than glee; and the fact that he is being shown to be reflecting on his knowledge of boys’ clothes-swap just before he ended his life, are big giveaways. Also, the fact that PM Kim wanted to keep this revelation a secret and did not share it with anybody even amongst those in the Kim clan or with Yoon Sung himself, shows that it is some dark secret best kept under wraps.

          None of those reactions above make sense if he was either deluded or confused or mistaken. And that flashback would have been either irrelevant, or should not at least been through PM Kim himself. If the production team wanted to show that PM Kim got it wrong, the flashback would not have been shown in between shots of PM Kim in the midst of contemplation in his grandson’s chambers, but on a completely separate occasion on its own.

          6. Why that discrepancy with the crane-motif headpiece?
          I personally think it was a huge troll by the production team or a big loophole they did not think to patch properly.
          The production team also needed to adequately fool us viewers into mis-understanding how the prophecy relates to the two boys. We needed to believe that it was always Yeong who would die young (a task made easier since it aligns with actual history), and that Yoon Sung was Yeong’s greatest rival/ contender/ opposition of fate. It would be a circumstance ripe for milking all sorts of controversies, speculations, anxieties and distress amongst the viewers. And boy did it work because we were all in a tizzy trying to figure out how we could possibly get a happy ending for Yeong and Ra On throughout the show’s run.

          • suegarbaby

            @Celine & @maryxiah

            Sorry, I was so busy trying to explain my thoughts in a way that was hopefully logical, I had no time to respond to your posts in between! *points up*

            This is crazy, I can’t believe we are spending (or rather, I am spending!) this much time over this section of the show, LOL!

          • suegarbaby

            I know you checked many times about young Yeong’s blue + white clothes. And I know it completely matched Yoon Sung’s. I can only add that I think it’s another huge troll by the production team so that it would perpetuate our belief in the wrong prophecies.

          • maryxiah

            I can’t believe the amount of time I went to check and re-confirmed and re-think over a detail in drama too! Lol. I’m going nuts.

          • Celine

            That settles it then. The crane was a troll! LMAO Because otherwise, the swapping is crystal clear. ohgod what have we come to? Why is this drama making us do all these things?

          • Che-Cheh

            @suegarbaby @maryxiah @Celine

            Thank you so much for your explanations. I initially have the same believe as @maryxiah (in that CP’s outfit is blue+white. That can only be the reason why he wears them in ep 4 flashback when dancing with his mom & several other flashbacks (eg. climbing over the wall, the 3 of them getting tutor lessons in front of Jaeyeondang). The ONLY time we were shown he wore the green outfit is during ep 18 flashback. That’s why I thought the green outfit is YS’s.

            I didn’t know in YS’s conversation to CP (ep 18) that he uses past tense. Now that I know, it clears ‘almost’ everything except why they keep showing CP wearing the blue robe especially with mom. I understand that CP likes to wear non-royal clothes/dress-down (like mom) but why wear the EXACT one like YS’s? All I can think of is trolling or the writer wasn’t sure yet which direction she wants to take for the ending.

            Now here’s another scenario: What if the blue robe has been CP’s all along. When the boys switched clothes (revealed in ep 18 flashback), it was there after that the fortune-teller read the boys’ face. CP was wearing YS’s green outfit + crane. Yup the one with crane headgear has the face of a king. Then we were shown PM Kim looking at them.

            When they were playing in ep 2 flashback, they are wearing their own robes (they have switched it back). And then we were shown fortune-teller telling the face-reading results to PM Kim.

            This scenario and the one explained by @suegarbaby above tell us that:
            1. The fortune-teller confuses between CP and YS and therefore read the wrong fortune. Clearly the person that he reads that has face of the king is wearing crane headgear at that moment. So yes CP was wearing it + green robe at ep 18 flashback. But when it comes to ep 2 flashback, YS is wearing the crane headgear + green robe.
            2. Of course PM Kim knew about the mistake (therefore his reaction in ep 2 after he told fortune-teller not to say to anyone).
            3. But then, in YS’s conversation to CP (ep 18 flashback), he uses past tense as you all have mentioned – “how did you feel when you wore my clothes?”. So it means YS’s robe is blue (my own conflict).

            No matter which scenarios we reach in the end, whether the one explained by @suegarbaby (which got me questioning why CP keeps wearing the blue robe even when with his mom) or this scenario (the use of past tense means that YS’s robe is blue)… both situations have me in conflicts. LOL

            But hey secretly, I would like to believe CP’s robe is the blue one. The green robe though fancy can be worn by nobleman too especially by YS because of his family ‘fancy’ status. And even as adults, CP wore lots of blue shades robes & YS’s robes have almost always been more fancier than CP’s out of palace robes.

            At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether the blue robe is CP’s or YS’s because in both scenarios, it clearly shows no. 1 & no. 2 happened. Hahaha get me?

          • Che-Cheh

            Tsk, here’s to more conflict:

            The other headgear might be the red-crowned crane as pointed out by a post in Soompi forum: http://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/384048-drama-2016-moonlight-drawn-by-clouds-love-in-the-moonlight-%EA%B5%AC%EB%A5%B4%EB%AF%B8-%EA%B7%B8%EB%A6%B0-%EB%8B%AC%EB%B9%9B-thank-you-all-moonlighters-%E2%98%AA/?page=137#comment-19988090

            Not sure how true this is. We need Korean historical guru!

          • maryxiah

            Let’s find someone to email the writer, Kim Min-jung and have her explain it to us, lol.

          • suegarbaby

            I’m quite convinced it was a troll. Because then the final reveal about the boys’ clothes-swap and the fact that us viewers had mis-understood the whole thing, would not have landed with such a great impact in the last episode. The pay-off stakes were pretty big in this one.

    • 9.2 suegarbaby

      Other personal thoughts to share…
      The drama has so many layers and dimensions to its story, it is beautiful and amazing. Love how the title itself “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds”, is a metaphor and a great over-arching theme for the show.

      The Moon being the metaphor for royalty or prince being surrounded and upheld by his people is wonderfully detailed in Yeong’s journey from powerless prince to a King who has a heart for his people and his nation. For what, after all, is a King, if he doesn’t have a country and a people to govern over? A King is not a King without his people.

      And I love how Yeong learns about this through the various people in his life. From his mother who taught him how to be a good prince not only in life, but also in her death. From the lantern-girl and her struggle for simple justice. From Ra On and her struggles to live as a woman in Joseon. From Hong Gyung Nae and Byung Yun’s vision of a King who would know the struggles of his people because he is one of them. Even from an infant who had nothing but a piteous cry for the mother who abandoned her.

      And how fitting is it that this is personified in Yeong’s little incognito outings amongst the common people even after he became King, and how it was observed that he shines the brightest when the clouds (his people) are drawn back from his moon.

      But I also like how it is also about a personal love story of a high-born prince and a common girl, and how love makes us all shine the brightest.

      Love truly is the driver of all things in this show, whether it is the love of a mother to a son, a father to a daughter; or love amongst dear friends. At the end of the day, love needs more than one person or oneself to shine. We need to be surrounded by the people who care for us, who have us in their hearts and who are willing to make sacrifices for us, in order for us to illuminate and shine at our very best and brightest. It makes us whole, fills us up with happiness and joy, and it gives meaning and purpose to life.

      We are the moon, and the love of the people around us the clouds, and our moonlight shines best and brightest when we are drawn by them.

      • 9.2.1 maryxiah

        suegarbaby! You surprised me! Totally didn’t expect to see you, but glad to see you anyway. Hugs! Will come back to read later.

        • Emma De Jesus

          Of all the comments on this final episode, I love your sentiment best of all. It echoes what I feel for this drama.

          Hoping to read more of your thoughts in other remarkable and awesome drama such as this.

          Truly MDBC will be my most favorite Korean Drama.

      • 9.2.2 Rie

        What a lovely thought, Suegarbaby! Thank you for sharing!
        (Finally have time to log in and comment after being on the road for 14 episodes!)

      • 9.2.3 Imbuk

        Wow! What you have written is so beautiful, suegarbaby! Thank you for posting this.

      • 9.2.4 Emma De Jesus

        Of all the comments I’ve read about this awesome drama, yours Suegarbaby is the most beautiful I’ve read so far. It echoes my sentiment exactly.

        Hope to read more of your thoughts in other dramas.

      • 9.2.5 heavensent

        @suegarbaby I love your thoughts about the drama and how it reflects the beauty and power of love.

      • 9.2.6 azzo

        Wonderfully put thoughts suegarbaby, thank you for sharing this!

      • 9.2.7 michykdrama

        Love this comment @suegarbaby! <3

      • 9.2.8 maryxiah

        We are the moon, and the love of the people around us the clouds, and our moonlight shines best and brightest when we are drawn by them.

        You sum it up perfectly.

      • 9.2.9 lotus888

        Well said…

      • 9.2.10 mehungie

        @suegarbaby! I got goosebumps reading this comment! Thank you for the wonderful message!

      • 9.2.11 dilemmacan'tdecideaname

        Beautifully said. Love it, thank you!

    • 9.3 Celine

      Someone from a previous recap said something about swapping clothes! It turned out to be true! And like you, I was confused when Premier Kim shushed the face reader. Now we know why.

      I just love Yoonsung’s flying kicks! At least he got to show his badassery before he bid us farewell (although like what JB said, that was not the only way out). I also wished we got to mourn his death properly. It happened so fast that it did not register properly in my head and then we were off to another crucial scene. This is like Harry Potter all over again for me. When Sirius Black died, it was immediately followed by an intense scene and I was not prepared at all. However, I am thankful that his death did not go the route of the death in TMETS which was just plain stupid. He fought to save the woman he loves and he died in her arms. so much better. Fate was not nice to him. 🙁

      Yoonsung really is the most pitiful character just like what the novel writer said and has the saddest fate both in the novel and in the drama.

      • 9.3.1 Michykdrama

        It was @kiara who said it! (Clothes swapping) Then she retracted it (she thought she was wrong), but I always really did think she was correct, and turns out she really is!

        • maryxiah

          Yup, it was Kiara. I’ve always thought she was right too, because I believed her right away when she said that.

        • suegarbaby

          Yes, this does ring a bell! How did @Kiara even think/ suspect/ imagine the clothes-swapping? There was no indication of it at all within the drama episodes itself until this last one. What a revelation! She is one amazingly psychic lady! *amazed*

          • michykdrama

            Im not sure about her but for me I was confused because YS was wearing more elaborate (and distinct) clothes than Yeong and that didn’t make sense to me since Yeong is the Crown Prince.

            Then when Kiara commented, it made sense in my brain so I particularly remembered that.

          • suegarbaby

            Ahhhh~~! Thanks, @michykdrama, for explaining. I am not very well-versed in sageuk royal costumes so that observation completely flew over my head.

          • neener

            Kiara is just pure sageuk genius!

          • Kiara

            Aww neener you are too kind. I’m just a fan-girl just like anyone else.:).

        • Kiara

          Lol we were actually right?

          I was going by the crane as a symbol of longevity as it’s often wished upon a ruler or future ruler, “long live the king” or “long live the crown prince.”
          The headgear was Yeong’s even though history said he died young.

          I shouldn’t have doubted it just because we didn’t see them switch clothes till later.

          • suegarbaby

            @Kiara, thanks for the additional tidbit! You were very sharp with your observations and spot on with your guess that they swapped clothes! *hats off to you*

          • Kiara


            I don’t know if that was the writer’s intention so I don’t deserve the compliment really. Thank you though!

            What I got from it was:
            1. They were not just swapping clothes they were swapping fate. Yeong who was doomed to die young in history will take Yoon-sung’s place and live.
            2. Yoon-sung will be taking Yeong’s fate and will die in his place.
            We kind of predicted early on that Yoon-sung will be the sacrificial lamb in order for Yeong to live.

            Sageuks and their prophecies/face-reading sucks. I was hoping they’d forget about it and let them both live but their poor fate was sealed from the moment it was revealed to Prime Minister Kim.

            This was not straightforward like prophecies from other sageuks eg Dae Jang Geum, Queen Seon Deok etc so credit to the writer for getting us all confused and doubt our thoughts lol.

          • mary

            Sageuks and their prophecies/face-reading sucks. I was hoping they’d forget about it and let them both live but their poor fate was sealed from the moment it was revealed to Prime Minister Kim.

            It’s funny because PM Kim trying to fight the prophecy was what caused it to be fulfilled.

            – If he didn’t push to put YS on the throne, he wouldn’t have needed to plot against the original Queen.
            – If he didn’t plot to replace the Queen, there would have been no evidence to point to PM Kim.
            – If there were no evidence, Yoon-sung wouldn’t have needed to protect Ra-on from the attempted kidnapping.
            – If there’s no kidnapping, Yoon-sung wouldn’t have died so suddenly.

            So it’s hearing the prophecy that pushed PM Kim to its own fulfillment. Prime Minister Who Must Not Be Named?

          • suegarbaby

            Oooohhh… that was very astute!

            And I just love your reference to Voldemo-shhhh~~!

      • 9.3.2 Imbuk

        So true about not having time to mourn yoon sung’s death. Yesterday byung yeon’s supposed death was drawn out so beautifully, it was heart wrenching. I am kind of sad that they didn’t do that for yoon sung who really died. But, I think its mostly because they wanted everyone to end this drama with a happy feeling. But, atleast he got to say his share of some swoony lines. Like only a small man will make a woman cry. Such a slap to all those dramaland’s jerk lead characters, lol.

        But I feel like he wouldn’t want to be pitied. So, I am not going to do that in honour of him (lol). He was in a tough situation between his loyalty for his family and yeong. But, I think he handled it well. He didn’t actively do anything to hinder yeong’s regency and he saved him In his time of need. So, he made good choices when it really mattered. Even though his love was unrequited, he got to die in his love’s arms, how many people get to die like that?

        Also, secretly I was kind of hoping the show to reveal him living somewhere like they did with byung yeon, selling his paintings or painting people’s faces for money (since they didn’t have cameras back then) living happily doing something he had always loved to do.

        • azzo

          The line that got me was when he told her that she’s the picture he always wanted to draw, it would have been swoony if he wasn’t bleeding to death, that’s when I cried this episode.

          • suegarbaby


            That line socked me in the gut as well. I was in serious tears at that point.

            It’s so telling that Yoon Sung’s picture, of what he always wanted to paint, was of the person he loved – a simple, heartfelt picture. Contrast that to his grandfather’s picture of grandeur, power and position for him.

            One is driven by warm emotion and love which fills the heart to the brim, while the other is driven by cold, cruel and empty power which cannot fulfil or satisfy.

        • suegarbaby

          @Imbuk & @Celine

          It’s funny for me to say this but while I lamented Yoon Sung’s death a lot, I surprisingly did not really get upset over there not being any mourning scene for Yoon Sung. I guess this is mainly due to two things…

          One, the most important person to Yoon Sung, the one whose picture he wanted to paint, was Ra On. And the fact that he died while he was in Ra On’s arms, that she was the last thing he saw, was enough for me to be satisfied that he had a good send-off.

          Two, Yoon Sung’s relationship with Yeong (and Byung Yun by extension) was not as close as it could have been due to the distance Yeong had been putting in between them for many years. While we can see that Yoon Sung still treasured the relationship even when it was strained, Yeong was not as sentimental about it. Until recent events, Yeong was was cool and civil to Yoon Sung and the breach only began to heal when Yoon Sung stopped a blade for Yeong. But relations were still fairly strained because Yoon Sung declared himself a love rival, and also Yeong knew about Yoon Sung’s divided loyalties towards his family and that still caused him to be wary and cautious in front of Yoon Sung.
          In such a light, it made sense to me that Yeong would not be as torn up about Yoon Sung’s passing as he would have been over Byung Yun’s. So the lack of visible mourning from Yeong was kinda expected for me.

          • mehungie

            I can’t argue with any of your points. Perfect logic. However! The last two episodes kept promising us a reunion of Yeong, Ra On, and Byung Yeon, but never delivered. A little memorial gathering in honor of Yoon Sung would have made a great excuse for it. An extra credit kind of scene would have been nice, wouldn’t it?

          • maryxiah

            Knowing your points made perfect sense, I can’t help still wanting to see Yeong’s reaction to Yoon-sung’s death, at least a little mourning for his dead friend. Their friendship was strained, but we saw a glimpse of longing between them in Ep.17 and Yeong did say that he was wary about seeing Yoon-sung get hurt. For someone as loving as Yeong, I think it’d make more sense for him to be mournful of Yoon-sung’s death, and that made Yoon-sung’s death more pitiful to me, because he didn’t have anything for him in the end, not even a mourning from any of his so-called friends. Sucks, I’m now feeling all the hurt for his character than I hadn’t initially when I watched that scene.

          • Celine

            You do have a point. Now that I think about it, mourning was not entirely necessary and would even be kind of out of character for the three musketeers. Yeong and Kim Hyung were really not so close with Yoonsung. And it felt to me that it was Yoonsung who wanted friendship back for the three of them more than Yeong and Kim Hyung. Yes they teamed up before, but those were in grave situations. Once they’re done, Yoonsung is back to being alone. (ppor guy really /sniff)

            I thought the relationship between Yeong and Yoonsung had it’s finality in EP 17 when they talked about how much they long for the days of being friends, but given the circumstances (and Yoonsung honestly said he’s worried that he’ll want to protect his family when Yeong exposes all their crimes), it’s just not possible. They had an understanding of each other’s feelings and intentions about the friendship yet they also understood that their families and duties will clash and basically that’s it for them. I do think it was a wonderful scene to depict the struggle of friends with opposing families.

          • suegarbaby

            Some other Beanies here mentioned the Repentance Hall reunion scene further down the thread (gah, so many comments here, it is hard to keep track. Was it Bubblegum? *goes to check* Yes. Bubblegum at #120. There could be more whom I’ve missed). I made an observation about the front-picture of the threesome at the beginning of this final episode being a sort of tribute to that reunion. Do check out that comment – @maryxiah was good enough to share more thoughts on it.

            Yeah, it would have been nice if we could see a bit more of how Yeong felt about Yoon Sung’s passing. But I did remember his look of shock and upset when the news of Yoon Sung’s death came. He was with the King, the Queen and PM Kim when the news arrived and the camera did pan on his face for a second. It was a nice little glimpse of Yeong’s feelings at that moment, and I’m doubly glad PBG is such a great emoter. His face says it all.

            Thanks for bringing up that last conversation between Yeong and Yoon Sung. You’re right, it did have tones of finality on it, which, in light of subsequent events, is remarkably prescient. It’s a nice comfort to know that they were able to understand each other’s heart before one of them was lost. A little comfort for the aching heart!

          • Imbuk

            @suegarbaby I agree with your points, but yoon sung died trying to save the girl yeong loves, not to mention he basically saved byung yeon too. So, they could have included just an 1 minute scene where yeong, ra on and byung yeon are mourning for his death because he helped all of them in a way even when their relationship was strained.

          • suegarbaby


            LOL, I get your point.
            I also like to think that by Yeong, Ra On and Byung Yun living well and happy lives, it was also in tribute and in honour to Yoon Sung. That his great sacrifice was not wasted by them but was treasured and reflected in their living out the lives that they always wanted to have – Yeong being a great king and caring for his people without the Kim clan’s interference; Ra On being able to live as a woman in Joseon with her family and to enjoy an open and healthy relationship with royalty, no less; Byung Yun by being the faithful companion and protector of Yeong, watching him accomplish his aim of overcoming that wall and being able to meet the hearts of the people.

            I agree a short clip of the 3 friends giving tribute to Yoon Sung would have been nice, but I thought it also very fitting that they did not live with guilt and regret over him, but instead lived thankful, grateful lives in honour of him. It was probably what Yoon Sung would have wanted of them the most.

          • Imbuk

            Wow! So true, suegarbaby! I did not think of it this way, but when you put it like that, it is heart warming!yes, that is what yoon sung would have wanted. 🙂

      • 9.3.3 suegarbaby


        Yoon Sung~~~ my heart bleeds for him. Everyone in this show has their happy ending, or at least has a shot at obtaining that happy ending, except for him. It really is the one drop of bitter in this cup of sweet for me.

        I wish that he did not need to go like that, that the writer and the team somehow had at least a half-decent plan in mind for him to be able to live with everyone else in some measure of peace and hope, but guess it was a bit of a tall order for them. And as I said, intellectually, I can understand the decision to have him exit the stage in this poignant but noble manner, but emotionally, this does not sit well with me.

        It just makes me unhappy that someone so self-less and loyal, whose greatest desire was to be able to be by the side of the people he cared for, to be able to share in their joys and sorrows, to have the assured knowledge of their acceptance and their unswerving friendship, that he could not live to experience even a teensy bit of that happiness.

        He tried so hard to be true to them despite the baggage of his family and his position, and he exhibited his love and his loyalty all the way to the end. He sacrificially took the hits meant for them, placed their well-being above his own so that they might live to enjoy the kind of life they have now. It’s just such a damn crying shame that someone like that could not also have his little piece of happiness as well.

        • maryxiah

          My heart bleeds for him as well, it was bad enough that he was born into Kim family, carrying the burden of his family, which also distanced him from his friends. And when he found someone he truly loves, she’s the one person he couldn’t have. He’s the loneliest one and on top of that, he had to die young. Sucks to be Yoon-sung in this drama. He could just get incarnated and meet me, I’d treat him right, lol.

          • suegarbaby

            Yes, it does suck to be Yoon Sung in this drama. *sadface*

          • mehungie

            Now I really understand why the writer of the original novel felt so bad for Yoon Sung.

        • Celine

          I have to say that since I was not a fan of how he left us, I did not even shed a tear for him and that makes me feel so bad because I love him though not as much as Yeong. He could have gone in a much better way. That scene, though badass because Jinyoung did his flying kicks again, was just not the best way to go. And what makes me feel even worse is I cried soooo much for Kim Hyung the way I never cried for a character before. I need a re-do of Yoonsung’s dying stat so I can cry properly!

          • maryxiah

            It hits home to me now, that he really is a pitiful character, like what the novel author said. Even fans couldn’t properly mourn for his death because everything felt too fast-paced and we were drained of all emotional mourning before that when Kim Hyung fake-died. I can’t believe I didn’t even cry properly for him, when he has done so much for Ra-on. Gah, I hate myself now.

          • suegarbaby

            Awwww… *hugs you both* Yoon Sung would not have held it against you two.

            I know @maryxiah did mention that of the 5 main leads, Yoon Sung was her #4 after Yeong, Ra On and Byung Yun. But for me, Yoon Sung was right after our YeongOn couple so his passing made a bigger impact on me.

            In fact, I remember reading in one of the earlier recap threads that when you see our main leads wearing light-coloured/ pastel-coloured hanboks, it probably means that there will potentially be a bloody scene coming up because blood shows up better against a lighter background. This was during the Crown Prince palace attack scene when Yeong wore that lilac-coloured hanbok.

            So, when I saw Yoon Sung turn up in that creamy hanbok (another feast for the eyes!), I was inwardly going “oh no! oh no! oh no!”. And true enough, he went and got himself all bad-ass and bloody, and ended up dying~~~ *sob*

          • maryxiah

            @suegarbaby I totally forgot I made that comment, so I didn’t make the connection when he showed up in lighter colored hanbok. In fact, I didn’t think he’d die at all. I’ve always assumed the dying part in the prophecy is only a fake death. I shall re-watch that scene and cry properly for my dear Yoon-sung.

    • 9.4 maryxiah

      Can’t believe I forgot to thank Javabeans too! This place has been an amazing find, and I love reading Javabeans’ take on all the episodes too.

      And I agree with everything you said. So well put and on point! <3

      • 9.4.1 suegarbaby

        *hugs maryxiah* Am so glad to have been able to share all the squeeing and spazzing with you over Moonlight! Thanks for the pleasure of your company! I hope we will be able to meet up again on another drama thread and spazz together once more! LOL!

        • maryxiah

          *hugs back* I hope to meet you up again in another drama too, though I won’t be watching new ones for now. I don’t think any other dramas can fill the void Moonlight left. I’m gonna let it empty for awhile, lol. There’s gotta be a way for all of us to reconnect, right? It’s a shame to say goodbye to everyone.

          • suegarbaby

            I know, it is a shame to say goodbye to everyone! But one of the reasons why we all were so happy and got along in our little corner of the web was because we all had a common drama to come together and squeal about.

            Am sure we will all cross paths again someday on another drama thread! Though, as you said, and as I also agree, it will be a while before another live-watch! Live-watching together is loads of fun, but also terribly draining on my stamina, lol.

          • maryxiah

            It’s the timezone thing, we want to squeal with each other so bad, and we had to catch the right time to do it in order not to miss out on the fun, this drama messed up my sleep cycle and my work productivity as well. Today I’m gonna stop checking out the comment section till I get off work, I’ve actually put off a lot of work just to catch up in the comment section, lol. Gah, I’m in tears with the amount of workload and and moon-sized hole Moonlight left me.

          • mehungie

            To watch or to work? To keep off DB or get spoiled? To comment or to sleep? The struggle was real, Moonlighters!

          • Celine

            @mehungie The struggles were REAL, I tell you, especially the getting spoiled part. I used to check twitter just to see if an episode is good or not but of course I ended up getting spoiled. I did it to myself. LOL

            I stopped checking twitter and any other website before I watch an episode when I was, very unfortunately, got spoiled and saw the first kiss in the garden. I kicked myself multiple times and swore never to do it again. Good thing, I still squealed like there’s not tomorrow when I finally saw that scene because it was just so beautiful. However, to this day I still wonder how else would I have reacted if I did not know before that it was going to happen. /sigh/ a life lesson for a drama addict. hihi

          • maryxiah

            @Celine I watched it live so I was not spoiled at all, but I think I would have squealed hard just like I saw it the first time. Like the kiss in the secret garden, I squuuueeee everytime I re-watch.

          • suegarbaby

            LOL, you girls!

            Yup, the struggles were REAL. I definitely can’t do this again anytime soon, lol.

            Re: being spoiled
            I was not spoiled by the first kiss but @maryxiah unfortunately spoiled the last kiss for me in her excitement to squee on the episode 17 recap. *gives her the side-eye*
            But I forgive her because it was a squee-worthy kiss and I totally dd not expect that head movement thingy, which was like all “OOOOOHHHH~~~!!!” *_*

          • maryxiah

            Ahahaha, sowwy suegarbaby. I felt lonely squealing alone, because I had to watch Moonlight alone so I had no one to share the excitement with. My post was deleted, rightfully so, I spoiled it for everyone. Sorryyyy!!! >_<

  10. 10 Angel

    Such a great, great drama. Thank for the wonderful and elaborate recaps, Javabeans. You are highly appreciated :)))))

  11. 11 panshel

    My love for Moonlight Drawn By Clouds diminished early on when everyone was still gushing over it, and I’ve narrowed down the reason to Kim Yoo Jung. In Podcast #33, girlfriday said of Kim Sae Ron in Mirror of the Witch, “I didn’t think she understood what love was,” which was exactly how I felt about Kim Yoo Jung. Yeong was head over heels in love with Ra On, but I never got that from her, which took me out of the romance. Either Kim Yoo Jung was too young to know what love is, or Park Bo Gum emoting everything with his eyes made her look expressionless by comparison. She was mostly a very pretty deer in headlights.

    Secondly, I still wish the crown prince had known Ra On was a girl. I watched the first six episodes assuming he knew, so when I found out he didn’t know, it was a letdown. It felt like the first six episodes were a lie. I admit it’s 100% my fault for projecting my expectations onto him, but I assumed he was smarter than that.

    Other dramas are guilty of this as well, but I hated how Ra On turned into a damsel in distress needing to be rescued by not one, not two, but three of our heroes. I really loved Yoon Sung (RIP) and how he knew everything about everyone yet kept it to himself until his intel was needed. I loved Byung Yeon but sometimes felt he was written out of the story as we were rarely privy to his thoughts, while Ha Yeon was unfairly underdeveloped. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for a chaste romance, but I’m genuinely happy for the cast on the dominating ratings and popularity with the public. Moonlight Drawn By Clouds will likely be Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung’s signature roles. Congrats to Park Bo Gum for breaking the Reply curse. Thank you, javabeans, for recapping the drama!

    • 11.1 Nao

      I totally agree with you re: Kim Yoo Jung. She was mostly great, but too often had that “very pretty deer in headlights” look — perfect description. Yet I still LOVED this drama and will be rewatching it again as soon as I can find a subbed version of the special episode. I didn’t like PBG before but am a total fan now. Heading to Reply 1988 right after I rewatch this!

      I also liked Ha Yeon’s ending — loved that she chose to withdraw from the marriage and choose her own happiness. I thought it was pretty clever how the show managed to instate her as Crown Princess without her and the Prince actually going through the ceremony, which presumably meant the marriage wasn’t consummated either. I wish we saw more of her because she was awesome in her own way.

      Yoonsung’s death made me cry. I wish they showed a scene of CP and BY mourning him, some kind of closure. I also wish for a few more scenes between CP and Ra On, such as him taking her to task for “letting go” of him a few episodes ago. I felt like some of that dialogue could have been picked up again (him saying he “will never forgive her,” etc). But overall this was a satisfying ending and has made me appreciate the beauty of male hanboks like never before!

    • 11.2 maryxiah

      Aww, I can’t say I share the same sentiment with you. I’m equally moved by Kim Yoo-jung as I am with Park Bo-gum, and their chemistry in this really does it for me. I couldn’t imagine Moonlight without Kim Yoo-jung. And the way they stared at each other? I’ve never seen any OTP that brings out the same feel like they did in their quiet moment. Granted, it could be Park Bo-gum’s magic as well, but I think Kim Yoo-jung carried her role well.

      Admittedly I didn’t like how her character went down in the latter part of the story, but I get why she had to be the one triggering all the changes in the main plot, other than the fact that she’s the lead, she’s the one person to tie in everyone into the same fate and into the same perspective. It’s her identity as the rebel’s daughter, as well as the crown prince’s lover that activated everyone’s protectiveness over her, so she couldn’t help being thrown into focus and naturally being the target of everyone’s plot.

      I also disagree about Ha-yeon being underdeveloped, I think her character was fully utilized, I never understood why dramas always expand the arc on second leads, making viewers confused who to root for, so in that sense, I feel like Moonlight did great in its part not to let the second leads overshadow the main leads.

    • 11.3 Jcw_Mesmerizing Eyes

      @Panshel, I totally agree with you about Kim Yoon Jung. They were all great actors and actresses but I wasn’t sold on the romance. When poor Yoon sung was dying, I said “this sucks” out loud and my little daughter said “that is not nice Mommy” I told her I know but killing Yoon Sung so pathetically is not nice either! Do something Raon!! She looked at me weird! Haha! Enjoyed the show and all of the actors and actresses! Long live bromance, which I would’ve loved seeing the 3 Muskeeters create a better Joseon! Thanks Java beans for the recap!

    • 11.4 ggin888

      I’m with you. Although it was a wonderful series (the best in my experience), they seemed to have rushed the final 4 episodes. Too many things were happening and they had to tie the loose ends quickly. However, to their credit, even though it was rushed, it was still quality stuff (like the little girl segments).

      It would have been nice to have more than 5 minutes of wrap-up love time for our two protagonists (I was expecting 15min to 1/2 hour). The satisfaction dwindled as the politics took over. It became more of a thriller/drama than a rom/com. Nothing wrong with that. It’s just that I think most folks would love to see the Crown Prince and Ra-On Na savor their love while it is still fresh, innocent and full of wonder.

      Ra-On Na did become more of a doe-in-headlights near the end. But her acting from the beginning through her capture was sweet and compelling (more so than any other character I have seen). That pretty much makes up for the rather quick and predictable ending.

      It was an extremely beautiful drama series. I have all the episodes, and will be re-watching them soon.

      Thank you producers, actors and everyone involved with the series. It was a very sweet adventure.

  12. 12 Sancheezy

    on the good note, the rating of ep 18 is 22,9% and the special is 8.9%,
    Overall I think MDBC is always the simple drama , just a story of a prince, a eunuch, a friend and a rival growing up in a situation that crafted by adults.
    It’s character driven most of the time so let’s see it,
    Yeong changes from a smart in hiding man into someone who’ll take responsibility for his words,
    he usually very idealistic and learn that he needs to realise the reality to come with the better way to rule a kingdom,
    he let go of his old grudge with yoon sung, he lets go of being idealistic stubborn of his mum and learn to embrace people,
    so a person who is no longer asked why he was born as a prince but why he needs to be a king and learn with that,

    Raon learns that she needs to stay true to who she is, learn that dreams do comes true and people can fight their pre-determine fate,
    the mermaid may lose her voice but it doesn’t mean she needs to die,

    Yoon-sung learns to finally act, I find his act to China is a way to run away from his family tied without having to act against Yeong,
    but he comes back, showing the dignity of someone that is worth it and helping what it good,
    It’s not about being the kind guy but the good guy,
    and from the web novel: yoon sung did get very bad condition and pronounced death but a girl saved him, an unknown girl,
    and did we saw that yoon sung really died?? *they should cast me as the unknown girl and Imma fly right away

    Byeong yeon changes into someone that finally believes his heart, that friend, loyalty and the time they spent together matter the most than the politic manifesto,
    sacrificing himself for the better doesn’t mean he is defeated, because their heart is in the right place

    Ha Yeon learns to let go, that heart wants what it wants but there’s no fault in letting go

    MDBC for me is a drama that executed really well, they are really good at making it’s happy and making it’s sad,
    the character are flawed but they learn, after all, they just 18 years old and this is just the most challenging month of them so far,
    they have brighter future and Season 2??

    ps: sorry if this is a complicated post, gonna back 5 hours later, my real life asked for attention T.T

    • 12.1 balafama

      my sentiments exactly .it was quite true to its premise of being a ”coming of age drama”. the events of their young lives transform them into more mature and balanced individuals .

      • 12.1.1 Sancheezy

        I think I just realised this at the end of the episode, when all the character speaks differently,
        doing things based on their belief and they still young,
        it’s like this is not the story to the end but just a chapter of their youth

        • suegarbaby

          it’s like this is not the story to the end but just a chapter of their youth

          Yesss… you said it, @Sancheezy. It’s a beautiful coming-of-age drama that warms the cockles of our hearts with its simple but heartfelt message. It’s not the end, it’s just a chapter of life and youth, with all it’s highs and lows, but always bringing with it a fresh hope for the future and an excitement for things to come because the world is their oyster! *_*

          • Celine

            My feelings too hence we need a season/chapter 2 or more like Book 2 of MDBC since Raon finished writing the first one! LOL

    • 12.2 Kakakash

      You’re right. Despite its nuanced plot and elaborate schemes, this was still primarily a simple and beautifully crafted character-driven drama…which makes sense to me for why it didnt follow historical events up until the end.

      • 12.2.1 Sancheezy

        hmm don’t you think they follow the history,
        I don’t think yeong is 20 at the end, he still 19 and based on record, he definitely still alive

        *cries in corner
        *sancheezy a party pooper

        • Kakakash


          You mean you think he could still die! Hahaa! That could quite possibly be…

        • Kakakash

          That made me LOL

    • 12.3 Anh

      they have brighter future and Season 2??

      Our Kim huyng also said he wants season 2 in the special ep loolz But I doubt it. K-drama rarely do season 2, especially drama like Moonlight

      • 12.3.1 Sancheezy

        Kwang Dong Yeon have a good idea,
        he is young and wild,
        I remember he suggested dancing bombastic if they reach 20% and he even suggested season 2…
        we didn’t have yoon sung funeral scene and they are still young

        I welcomed the idea if they want to make this a very mature saeguk with the cast

        • cynkdf

          @Sancheezy no to a Season 2 – unless they invite Hwang Chi Yeul to sing an OST again 🙂 Re what you commented about hoping he’ll sing more OSTs – have you heard his version of “Stigma”, the one that he sang a few years ago?

          I love that MDBC is not too complicated, and of course, that its cast almost perfectly executed what the writer wrote. Not a single false note in the casting. A special shout-out to Han Soo Yeon, who was magnificent as the evil queen.

          • Sancheezy

            I don’t think I heard him singing stigma, only Go Hae and the flight,

            thanks, I am gonna look for it now,
            my favorite is his IS 2, Lies – G.O.D
            not his best imo but I really loved that he sings is really good and removed the rap part,

  13. 13 hgamin

    What I’ve got from this drama:

    – Park Bo Gum’s hype is no fluke.
    – Even in sageuk, Park Bo Gum is CF king
    – Yoon Sung should not have died like that.
    – Screw history.
    – Screw scheming and plans, poisoning and tails cutting. The little princess will trump them all.
    – The little princess can totally pass as Byung yeon’s little sister. I want to see her speak for more than one word.
    – I kinda wished Chae Soo Bin and Kim Yoo Jung switched roles.
    – The villains were very good at acting, and not very effective as villains. (Poor Yoon Sung #2)
    – can’t be bothered to type more. It was good while it lasted. Happy Ending (not for all) YAY. Farewell.

    • 13.1 Kayak

      “The little princess can totally pass as Byung yeon’s little sister.”

      Yes, I want to see that show with BY hanging out with the little princess and teaching her how to swordfight and fly around. She’d be the most badass little girl!

    • 13.2 maryxiah

      I kinda wished Chae Soo Bin and Kim Yoo Jung switched roles.


      • 13.2.1 Ah In


      • 13.2.2 Celine


  14. 14 gumtaek

    I suppose this line is something that will have to be repeated over and over again….

    “MDBC is based on the webtoon and that the webtoon writer used characters that are based in history.” Ergo, it is NOT HISTORY PER SE.

    • 14.1 gumtaek

      Even Raon, the female protagonist, IS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER.

    • 14.2 Anh

      and again, the drama is an entity of its own since it has deviate soo much from the novel already

      Let just say, MDBC drama is inspired by history and novel, but not strictly sticking to the originals, it incorporates scenes and ideas that work for the drama.

      • 14.2.1 HEALER-MDBC

        Just like Les Miserables, the broadway/movie… The romance part is fictional, but never really mentioned in V. Hugo’s novel..
        Same with MDBC, at least with some touch of truth/ reality..

    • 14.3 Celine

      Yeah. The disclaimer up front on each episode is very clear. Personally, I refrained from hoping that the drama will follow this or that in history because the show was very clear that they’d be taking liberties. However, I did like that because we used historical figures, it’s kinda exciting to see what and where the real events will be used in the drama. I have no qualms with the show twisting history because they were clear about it.

      • 14.3.1 suegarbaby


        Indeed! And I, for one, am so damn glad that they chose not to stick to history despite using historical characters. The day I found out that the director and the production team were planning to deviate from history by changing Lee Yeong’s name, and that the characters in the drama are only an inspiration of the true historical figures, I clapped my hands with joy and gladness!

        I signed on this Moonlight train because I was looking forward to a heart-warming youth sageuk rom-com which would give me the warm-fuzzies, sending us off with an uplifting message of hope and love. And while the drama does have its flaws here and there, it largely delivered what it has promised it would do, and that’s more than enough for me, historical accuracies be damned, LOL.

        • maryxiah

          I totally signed up for youth sageuk rom-com too! That and Kim Yoo-jung. I have to admit, in recent episodes I kept thinking “Am I watching rom-com or thriller? Why does everyone have to die? Sheesh”

          I do wish to see Moonlight be a little historically accurate, but not at the expense of seeing Yeong rule as a king, I guess I can compromise with that because we were with him every step of the way and saw his growth.

        • Celine

          youth fusion sageuk rom-com fantasy hihi because really Moonlight is not a straight up sageuk. I mean, look at those modern-ish scenes and modern sensibilities in the drama? If Yeong did not become King then it’s pointless because aside from the romance the other central story is Yeong’s growth into being a great leader. The viewers were totally not expecting it to be like what happened in history because it never intended to do so.

          • maryxiah

            No, I think the expectation was there since they did based him on Crown Prince Hyomyeong in the beginning without letting us know it was an inspirational character, but at the end of the day, people only want their happy ending because we’ve become so invested in the story, history be damned, viewers need the emotional payoff!

  15. 15 Michykdrama

    I can’t believe it’s over! There were times in the last few episodes that I almost forgot how cute Ra On and Yeong were but this episode made up for it, and left me with a beautiful memory and a sweet taste in my mouth.

    Yung Sung and Yeong did switch clothes! @kiara was right (so many episodes ago!) and I now finally understand that scene previously in which I couldn’t get why Yung Sung was wearing more Kingly attire than Yeong. It also means that the writer had this ending thought out from the beginning which is nice. I love it when everything ties together nicely in the end. (You would think these things should be taken for granted but no, I’m still ecstatic when it all works out. It’s like the cherry on top of the perfect ice cream sundae)

    @maryxiah: my wish came true!!! Ra On picked up the beads and remade the bracelet! ❤️

    I really liked the ending. Ra On gets pardoned, Ha Yeon gets to look for her happiness elsewhere, Yeong becomes King. It was complete enough to make me feel satisfied, but open ended enough to make me feel like the writer didn’t just shove the 2 together in the end just for the Happily Ever After. If Ra On had entered the palace and married Yeong it would have been too overly perfect and artificial. But this way, they can be free to enjoy their love even if they aren’t officially married. Because the writer has shown us Yeong’s unwavering dedication and character, we know his heart will forever belong to Ra On and we can be certain that even though it wasn’t shown explicitly, their future will be together with each other.

    In fact, I think the writer deserves credit for the fact that all the characters stayed true till the end and didn’t suddenly have a unexpected change. I was happy for Ha Yeon because it was completely in character for her to leave Yeong the way she did. And I can imagine her father would support her decision. It wasn’t like other shows where the second lead suddenly gets struck by lightning and has a super unrealistic angelic change of heart and gets a guy *cough BeautifulGongShim cough*. So I can be happy for her, have it make narrative sense, and fully support Yeong and Ra On still!

    And while I did wonder why Ra On didn’t call for help faster when Yung Sung was dying, I still enjoyed that moment because what he did for her also was totally in character, he was devious and cunning from the start, and he stayed true till the end. Also, how cool was the fight scene!! (I kept hoping and Praying for Byung Yeon to appear but no such luck 😣) But grabbing swords with his bare hands! (Truly a bad ass mofo!) Truly fearless our dear Yung Sung.

    Did anyone else notice? He arrived too late to make a lantern wish, he was the only one of the 3 that didn’t, and sadly he will never get to make one. 😭

    Moonlight my first Saeguk shall always have a special place in my heart.

    Now time to rewatch it all over again! Who is with me? 😝

    • 15.1 Sancheezy

      Did anyone else notice? He arrived too late to make a lantern wish, he was the only one of the 3 that didn’t, and sadly he will never get to make one. 😭

      it’s the lantern, I knew it’s the lantern after all..TT.TT

      • 15.1.1 Anh

        Where can I get that latern and be at the latern wishing party? Because damn, that place is magical with 100% accuracy

        • Celine

          If Yoonsung got to make a wish, maybe he’d live… /cries

      • 15.1.2 neener

        Oh. That lantern! That death was such a blow.

    • 15.2 cingdoc

      I’ve begun the rewatching this past weekend.Still lol with certain scenes and cry even I knew what happened. Now that we had the finale, the older OTP scenes are sweeter.
      Im on ep 7 but won’t watch again til this weekend , so Yeah, let’s enjoy this daebak drama together , one more time( or more )

      • 15.2.1 Michykdrama

        Yes! I have it on my comp and I’m looking forward to rewatching it on my 8 hour flight this weekend. I usually hate flying but this time the flight won’t be long enough! 😝

      • 15.2.2 Celine

        I saved all episodes on my tab. hihi Re-watching tonight! And the next week and the week after that! hihi

      • 15.2.3 maryxiah

        Re-watching this till I find another good drama, lol.

        • Celine

          My eldest sister who does not watch kdramas often and this is the first drama she completed has been re-watching Moonlight nonstop. She told me, “I’m not going through withdrawal because I never stopped watching it.” LOL

          • maryxiah

            Your sister is a genius! If I never stop re-watching, I will never suffer withdrawal! LOL.

          • Helen

            @Celine, your sister has the right idea! LOL! Re-watching will start this weekend for me!

    • 15.3 Celine

      The ending feels a bit modern, doesn’t it? Like in contemporary dramas where the leads don’t necessarily get married but they end up together and are in a committed relationship just like YeongOn’s ending.

      We may not see them married, but we know they’d be together for a long time. Yeong will probably work up a way for Raon to be his Queen, but it will take time while he still creates his nation.

      I did like that we didn’t go there although of course I want to see Raon as his Queen. Having them married and ruling together would seem all too perfect when Yeong is still in the process of putting his visions into actions. It may seem like an open ending, but we know where OTP is headed. They’d be together in the new Joseon that Yeong is creating.

      • 15.3.1 Anh

        Agree about modern vibe, heck, even Master Jung proposal was so modern.

        And I love the ending as it is, because Raon shows herself best when she lives amongst people, flaunting her talented romantic cells and in that sense, she also keeping Yeong in touch with his people (though he does go out without her as primary intention on occasions)

        • Celine

          I just love that now Raon gets to write and publish her books. AND she is living as a woman. AND has the King as her significant other! You go girl!

          • suegarbaby


            AGREE~~! The both of you took the words right out of my mouth! *hugs you both*

          • michykdrama

            Yes and that was no small feat during those times especially! I like that she can be a modern woman in Yeong’s Nation thanks to him 🙂

          • Celine

            I read an excerpt of the writer’s (Kim Min Jung) interview and she explained wonderfully why she did not go as far as making Raon Queen in the drama. This one came from Yonhap News http(:)//english(.)yonhapnews(.)co(.)kr/news/2016/10/19/0200000000AEN20161019009300315(.)html

            Kim didn’t go as far as making Hong queen because she wanted to leave it as a love story between two people in their youth.

            “I wanted to paint their love in a way that would suit the world Lee Yeong creates, a world in which a woman can live as a woman and a child can live as a child,” she said.

            I think it’s nice and suited the story very well.

      • 15.3.2 maryxiah

        True, we know where they are headed so it’s good not to see everything tied too neat, we only need to know they aren’t as tragic as Romeo and Juliet who could only be reunited by death, our OTP is reunited by their faith in their fate.

        And I think we can all assume Yeong will do his damn hardest to persuade Ra-on to be his queen, we know his tenacity and how persistent he can be. Lol.

        • cingdoc

          Hmmm, not to contradict with you guys but I think out OTP is where they should be.
          Let’s remember that from Yeong’s Mom and Yeong as a CP and now King, they prefer to be OUT of the palace.
          Yeong knows that Ra On will be freer, and less likely to get in trouble living as a commoner. If not for his love for his Joseon and its citizen, King Yeong will leave too. But alas, King Yeong still travel in cognito outside to: 1)be with his Ra On and 2) to live among his people , to understand them and their needs.
          Our OTP doesnt need to be King and Queen; it’s just titles. They only need to be with each other and just calling each cute, loving (nick)names all day long….
          That’s just my take of what I see for our sweet couple ❤️❤️

      • 15.3.3 maryxiah

        Very modernized compared to the whole story, I think it was paying homage to it’s opening teaser, where modern items mixed with traditional items.

      • 15.3.4 Fi

        I reckon if they could have one more Ep then we might get our wedding! I really wanna see Raon be the Queen of New Joseon (actually visually seeing PBG and KYJ in royal wedding clothes will probably blow my mind with joy!)

        Some people do say it is still a sad ending. As Yeong, being the King, it would be even harder for him to marry a commoner Raon to be his Queen. He probably can’t marry her….may be if Raon is pregnant with his child then he can bring Raon to the palace as concubine? And as the children in Joseon adopt the status of their mother, YeongOn’s son cannot rise to be the next king…..! I was hoping that Hung Kyung Rae may be a past minister of some sort so that Raon will have the noble status to marry the prince but the write just stick with Raon being the lowest class citizen in Joseon.

        Am reading the novel of MDBC and phew, YeongOn have way more passionate scenes inside

    • 15.4 maryxiah

      I know! I mentioned it in my comment below, my jaws literally dropped when I saw the bracelet! LOL I must have made a lantern wish too!

    • 15.5 Imbuk

      This is my first saguek too! Also, I read your comments yesterday, when they revealed the bracelet, I thought of you and maryxiah as well.
      I am going to marathon it too. I want to see whether I ll feel the same way I felt when I watched it for the first time.

    • 15.6 azzo

      Yes, the moment I saw the bracelet you popped into my mind! Seeing how your wish came true, did you make a lantern wish? You should’ve made a wish for Yoon-sung too *sniff*

  16. 16 Cinderellarockyfellar

    I was underwhelmed w/ the last episode but it didn’t take away my love for this drama. Oh Park Bo Gum you have set the bar for a prince too high! You’re only just getting started!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  17. 17 Celine

    I just finished watching so this scene is still fresh and had me seriously giggling.

    Yeong: I shall make you pay for this.
    Raon: I..n here…?
    Yeong: What are you thinking? (Rightttt You know what she’s thinking for sure.)

    Nuff said. LMAO at these two. I so love them! My favorite OTP!!

    • 17.1 Ira

      It’s obvious these two havent spent their time just cuddling. The prince probably has been punishing RO veryyyyyyyyyyy hard for breaking his heart too many times last week. But, who can resist Yeong’s style punishment?!

      • 17.1.1 Anh


        Thirst Squad members assembly!!

      • 17.1.2 Celine

        One year passed after all…

      • 17.1.3 neener

        Ohno… there’s goes my imagination xD

      • 17.1.4 maryxiah

        Heck yeah, they’re way past cuddling stage now. It’s sexy time! <3

      • 17.1.5 Ah In

        @Ira, Did they have feather handcuffs & spanking paddles in sageuk?

        The next book Ra On writes is probably Fifty Shades of Joseon

      • 17.1.6 Ah In

        @ Anh, lol yes! I trust myself to always be where the thirst comments are late or not. Hee

      • 17.1.7 Elle

        I have been seeing a gif of the movement of PBG’s adam’s apple while he was drinking, and it made me feel all sorts of things.

    • 17.2 maryxiah

      My all time favorite OTP for sure! If only they could make more sexual innuendos, I’d be glued to my screen! LOL

      • 17.2.1 cingdoc

        Unfortunately, this is as close as smexy intimacy we will get. At the end of the day, KYJ is a minor ….
        OTOH, we can fanfic all we want …. Hehe

  18. 18 ObsessedMuch

    The show’s answer to complicated historical facts- “Go to hell, we will do whatever we want to”. And thank god for that! Such a perfect end to such a perfect show. PBG for the win!

    • 18.1 blnmom

      Ha, my mom was pretty mad that they totally ignored history. But I kept telling her from many episodes ago, they can’t kill Bogummy or they’d have a riots in South Korea.

      • 18.1.1 Michykdrama

        The riots wouldn’t just be limited to South Korea I think. I can imagine there would be many many flipping table emojis here if PBG died! 😝

        • blnmom

          Sancheezy would be so busy! 😅

          • Sancheezy

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            I am a table bot, and this action was performed automatically. Sancheezy of this thread summoned me when you have any questions or concerns regarding table flipping. Be careful with the table around you, don’t hurt them when you can flip them virtually.

            ┻━┻ ┻━┻ ┻━┻ ┻━┻ ┻━┻ ┻━┻ ┻━┻ ┻━┻ ┻━┻

          • Celine

            LMAO @Sancheezy Loveeee your table flippin’

      • 18.1.2 ObsessedMuch

        I had already thought of some choicest swear words to send in a letter addressed to the writers/directors if they had hurt Park Bo Gum. (I went so far as to imagine that if the Harry Potter world really existed, I would take a leaf out of Fred-George Weasley’s mischief diary and send dragon dung to the writers). It really is the Park Bo Gum effect.

      • 18.1.3 maryxiah

        Lol, tell her this isn’t THAT crown prince, this is our very own Crown Prince Yeong!

    • 18.2 Sancheezy

      technically they can’t kill Yeong,
      1) He is still 19 on the story so the history for his life can’t end
      2) Yeong is played by Park Bo gum, the Park Bo Gum as in Min, that shabby kid in roaring current, the 1988 Taek and yes the boy in Coin Locker Girl

  19. 19 spazmo

    so much pretty — the lead actors, the second leads, the costumes, the lighting, the sets, the directing, the music, everything… very nice.

  20. 20 Michykdrama

    Also! Forgot to add
    My first Sageuk Splish Splash Love cameoing into Moonlight? Best surprise EVER! I must have died and gone to heaven! ❤️️❤️️❤️️

    • 20.1 Kayak

      I was so delighted to see Kim Seul Gi there too! When I go back to watch Splish Splash Love after watching MDBC, it makes me laugh because KSG’s eunuch is the loosey-goosey version with a giant overflowing eunuch robe and messy hair.

    • 20.2 Sera


  21. 21 berries

    the crown prince was stabbed but lived.. he even drank poison yet he survived. byeong yeon was stabbed too but he lived too. why must yoon sung die???:( is this the fate of second leads:(

    • 21.1 Ira

      I have never prayed so hard to be trolled by the writer about YS’ death. I kept waiting for the voila moment until I realized that YS has really, really, died. How I finished watching the whole thing in between ugly sobs and tears streaming down my face is a testament of my love for this show. I understand logically why the writer decided to kill him (as a grandson of someone who committed treason, he is guilty just by association), but to hell with logic, I want him to live and am sure yeong can find a way to spare his life. If they can give a big fat middle finger to history, why cant YS live? What made me even more sad is the way he died during those, borrowing from javabeans, stupid swordfight. I can handle having these awesome second leads deal with heartbreaks, because as long as they live they can overcome. But death brings such a cruel finality to this beloved character. YS, you pitiful you. *sobs*

      • 21.1.1 blnmom

        Nope. No. Nuh-uh. *insert JI’s “no no no” BGM here*

        Yoonsung is NOT dead. They just didn’t have time to show that after a couple months, he fully recovered under the care of the Yoda guy, and he and Hayeon decided to have a go of it after all since nobody was pressuring them to get married anymore.

        Season 2 will showcase the shenanigans of Yoonsung, Kim hyung, and Yeong traveling the countryside incognito, eating chicken and getting into swordfights with bad guys.

        • Michykdrama

          Haha. I love your epilogue! Sounds like fanfiction that’s dying to be written!

          I imagine YS would be living life as a painter in some village when he has recovered, in between his shenanigans with the others, and then one day he will find his One True Love. ❤️

        • neener

          I’ll engraved this ending in my heart.

        • Imbuk

          Ha ha.. love your choice of bgm.

          Love your epilogue. I really, really wanted ha yeon and yoon sung to end up together. Even though they got only one scene together, I loved that scene! They both would have been great together.

        • azzo

          I love this so I’ll to believe it!


        • suegarbaby


          @Ira and @binmom, the both of you are comment GOLD! <3

    • 21.2 Celine

      I also did not want him to die, but just like what the face reader saw in him, he was destined to die young. :'(

      • 21.2.1 neener

        I understand that he had to fulfill that prophecy or face reading or whatever but he didn’t have to die that way. HUHU :'(

    • 21.3 Db

      I was scratching my head over this and re watched those scenes to analyse…see,Yeong wasn’t stabbed deeply,amount of poison was less and Byungyeon was wearing a pretty strong armour. Whereas Yoonsung took the stab meant for Raon so it went in deep plus no armour. And he’s a nobleman not a tough bodyguard so I suppose that was another reason. Sniff I was hoping for a better send off but time constraints for the team I guess. I imagined they would catch Raon in the prince’s room and Yeong would witness his friend’s loyalty…maybe Yoonsung would deliver an awesome last line saying,”Yeah I said I’d protect my family duh YOU are my family.” Overkill? Maybe. But even BY’s fake death had more drama. Poor Yoonsung.😭😭 I’ll remember you.
      Side note-how is Kwak dong yeon just 19?! His voice is so deep and more masculine than many other older actors! Phew I feel so guilty swooning over that boy.
      Bo-gum,you’re officially an oppa now even though you’re younger than me. 😍

      • 21.3.1 maryxiah

        I’m forever sad I couldn’t call Kwak Dong-yeon and Park Bo-gum oppas, lol.

        • Hangummy

          “The rules are if he’s handsome, he’s oppa.” – Sunwoo’s mom in Reply88 XD

          • maryxiah

            *hugs Sunwoo’s mom* Bo-gum oppa! Dong-yeon oppa!

  22. 22 monchers

    Oh, so many feelings. How happy I am for our OTP and the bromance. Even for HY, that she got her freedom, and hopefully she will be happier now. I just felt so sad for YS — I didn’t expect he would go that way, but… I guess it was necessary. Just so sad for him.

    MDBC is my first kdrama (upon urging of a friend), and wow, it kind of set the bar high for drama-watching. How I loved the story and characters — PBG was the perfect CP, and his chemistry with KYJ was something else! Thoroughly enjoyed this drama. Now off to set a marathon watching of all 18 episodes!

    • 22.1 Celine

      Awww congrats on your first kdrama and just like my comments to others who have said that this is their first kdrama or first sageuk, you are lucky and I am happy for you! This drama is just wonderful and it will kind of set the bar too high. hihi! It is far from perfect, but it delivered so well despite certain missteps.

      • 22.1.1 monchers

        Aww, thanks! It is a wonderful drama, albeit far from perfect, it was still pretty good and I appreciated all the work and soul they put in the drama to product such quality! And I also discovered DB and all the lovely comment/ers here. So… see you again in the other future drama threads? 😉

    • 22.2 maryxiah

      Their chemistry was out of this world, and they did nothing but chaste kiss and stare at each other! I completely <3 this drama.

      • 22.2.1 monchers

        Indeed! I love that you could feel the intensity and romance, by just their stares. *sigh* Rooted for them all the way. I also <3 this drama and I'm going to miss it terribly!

  23. 23 lunaticandra

    That moment after one full minute of ooh-ing and aww-ing over the beautiful yeong and raon, also the very very pretty hanboks they wore, I scream. Save the flower please!
    Poor cosmos. After last wednesday it survived the blazing wind from the chopper hwashin rode, now it smashed flat under bogum’s and yoojung’s glory shoes.

    • 23.1 Ira

      So it’s not only me thinking about those poor flowers!!

      • 23.1.1 lunaticandra

        I am growing protective towards the flower after Pyo Nari doing all sort of troublesome performance sitting on the crane in order not to ruin it. But then cosmos crossing dimension, age, and tv channel, to be ruined just like that.

    • 23.2 Celine

      ME TOO!!

      First I was like, wooooowww so pretty! Damn this show and its beautiful shots. And then after the wonderful exchange of YeongOn and their kiss, I was like, the pretty flowers, noooo! lol

      The hanboks are so pretty right. And I just love that even YeongOn hanboks looked couple-y! hihi

      • 23.2.1 lunaticandra

        Poor flower..
        I hope the dying cosmos would reincarnate strongly so it can withstand the wind twirled by a SBC chopper that fly above it hundreds years later at 2016.

        It is so pretty that I wish I can steal it from the designer cabinet! Because even if they up it for sale, I don’t think I can afford it… T^T
        Such a beautiful hanbok would cost me all my fortune.

  24. 24 Dee

    Guys, I took leave today so I could gather my thoughts about this show and give it my own farewell. It’s stolen a significant few weeks out of my life, so what’s another day, right?

    A bittersweet finale. It tied up most important threads, but it just ran out of time and didn’t quite manage to tie the smaller threads tight enough.

    I’m glad it stayed true to its light, romcom feels, which was responsible for bringing in majority of the viewing audience.

    I was happy about the threads I cared mostly about. I am so glad that we got that happy ending, otherwise I would have felt extremely cheated about the intricate relationship development that Yeong and Ra-on had. The show’s biggest asset was their investment into fleshing out the OTP and making it heartbreakingly sweet and angsty. I was with these two all the way, and was glad they found a way back to each other.

    Most importantly, Yeong. His trajectory from cheeky but softie Crown Prince to now the King of Joseon was why I stayed with the show all the way. I felt so proud watching him live out his mother’s wishes, meeting his ministers and his people at their eye level, building the nation he so wanted to build. I don’t know if I’ll ever find another prince who stole my heart like he did.

    I do wish that Moonlight had stuck to its strengths more and stayed true to its nature as a light breezy fusion sageuk. I think it tried to do too much by the end of its run. It did nothing WRONG with any of its subplots or conclusions, but cramming in the romance, friendships, politics, family, rebellion in the last two episodes did not do the show any favours, and I wish the writer had better planned out the final stretch. (Isn’t this always the case with K-dramas though. We were just ridiculously spoiled by the show.)

    I keep thinking of all the what-if’s, the could-have-beens, especially for the final four episodes. However, while the writing might have faltered a little bit, the acting, directing, cinematography, music, lighting, costume – everything stayed top quality, even with the liveshooting.

    While it didn’t finish in line with my extremely heightened expectations, Moonlight will hold a special place in my heart for a very long time. I’ll look back upon it fondly once I stop moping about it being over – but for now, I’ll keep replaying my favourite scenes over and over.

    • 24.1 neener

      No regrets as far as my attendance in Tue-Weds (morning) classes are concerned. xD

      • 24.1.1 Celine


        You are my student model, neener! Gotta have priorities, right?

    • 24.2 risa

      My thoughts and feelings are very much in sync with Dee’s.

      I felt so proud watching him live out his mother’s wishes, meeting his ministers and his people at their eye level, building the nation he so wanted to build. I don’t know if I’ll ever find another prince who stole my heart like he did.

      Same here! The CP would’ve been plenty swoony just based on being so clever, cute, and cheeky– but having him serve as a catalyst for a more egalitarian society made him extra swoony to me. I really liked the actor who played the CP as a child, and I like to think that that earnest boy can feel his mother’s pride and love when he looks in Ra-on’s eyes.

      There are things that I wish would’ve been done differently (especially in the last few episodes)– nonetheless, I’ll remember MDBC as an especially delightful journey. When a show makes me as giddy as it did, a few flaws can easily be forgiven. I’d like to echo the sentiments of my fellow beanies who’ve said that sharing the ride with this community makes such a big difference. It’s so much more satifying to swoon, laugh, and cry together! Many thanks to JB and my fellow Moonlighters! 💞

      • 24.2.1 Celine


        Yeong being just his smart, cheeky self is already swoony. Add his desire to do well as a leader, then he’s extra swoony and I could have lived perfectly happy with that. However, we are so spoiled that we get to see him as this gentleman who has eyes only for one lady and he went all out for his love. Unending swoon-fest!

    • 24.3 maryxiah

      LOL Dee! I almost stayed home just to sort out my thoughts and comments, and to reply to the comments too! Alas, I couldn’t. I have a full schedule ahead of me today. *sigh* But thank God, I have some stolen moment reserved for this show!

      I’m happy for the threads I cared most too. In the end, I realized I’m really watching this for the OTP, it doesn’t matter to me how they tied up everything else, it matters to me how they complete the journey of these two lovers, so imagine my panic when we were down to the last 5 minutes and I still hadn’t see Ra-on! I was THIS near to losing it, lol.

      I don’t think this show tried to do so much at the end of its run, because you could still see how effortlessly they unravel the main plots in the final stretch, when we actually worried if they could pull it off. I think it has something to do with the time constraints of the live-shooting, and everyone is physically drained and pushing themselves to finish this, so their edits/story probably suffered from that. It’s a shame, but Moonlight still rank top in my heart.

  25. 25 WSeattleite

    Fantastic recap as always, javabeans, thank you! It has been such an amazing ride and Moonlight will always have a special place in my heart. I’m satisfied with the story from beginning to end, although I do agree with everything you said. Park Bo Gum really made the show and I appreciated it more because of him. I look forward to his next drama – and hope that you’ll be recapping that too! Thanks again!

  26. 26 berries

    i like the Myeong eun-Young master jung love line!!!

    • 26.1 panshel

      Their love line was surprisingly heart-fluttering. K.Will’s OST is my favorite OST, and I adore how it was Princess Myeong Eun and Young Master Jung’s theme song. Cute and peppy just like them.

  27. 27 Celine

    As expected, the big issues were resolved. There may be small loose ends somewhere, but overall the finale delivered. How it delivered though is a different thing. I echo the sentiments of the Korean viewers. I, too, feel that the final episode was a bit rushed for my liking. HOWEVER, this drama delivered well (and even surprised a lot of viewers with its quality) since Episode 1 and it told a wonderful story of love, friendship, and growth. Now that the drama is finished, the missteps in the latter episodes are small compared to the overall joy that this drama has brought to its viewers.

    So just like what the Korean viewers are saying, it may feel rushed, but I loved it and I love this drama and it will be remembered for a long time. Never have I been emotionally invested in characters as much as I’ve invested months of my life for the characters here. Never have I been tugged in the heart multiple times and was genuinely touched by the story and the characters. It was a wonderful journey.

    Now I feel so empty. Mon-Tues with YeongOn feels so empty.

    • 27.1 Ira

      How are we gonna love next week without these cuties…..the withdrawal will be very very hard.

      • 27.1.1 azzo

        I have a moon-sized hole in my heart like that’s even possible!

        • Celine

          Yes, a full moon hole in our hearts. 🙁 I keep asking myself, so what’s next? I guess this means gotta go back to real life. /drags self

    • 27.2 maryxiah

      I feel so empty too. I need my weekly dosage of YeongOn. *cries*

  28. 28 stars4u

    They pulled a Prince Yang Myung!!! The ending really reminded me of METS…

    It was a nice ride with unlimited expressions from Park Bo-gum. Now I’ll miss those expressions to cheer me up on a weary start of the week.

  29. 29 beldaran

    What if he really did die and this entire episode is a what-if dream?

    But it couldn’t be because Yeong wouldn’t want Yoon Sung dead…

  30. 30 Ira

    This is probably the first sageuk, out of those that I’ve seen, bravely tossing history to the curb straight on its face which is quite a mix bag for me, but I am satisfied with the ending [except for YS’ death]. I won’t lie to be partly glad with their decision, because it’s nice to see Yeong on the throne, because he deserved it so so much. Despite some faltering towards the end, kudos for the director and writer for such an assured directing and storytelling [though why cant u spare YS?!]. This drama has been consistently shot beautifully even in the midst of live-shooting. So this writer-director team is now in my good book for their ability to create not only one, but five very memorable characters [still, why did you kill YS?!]. Much love to all the casts who worked so perfectly in sync with nary a weakness in acting department, even the little princess acted like a pro. So yeah, overall I just love this drama to the moon (hur) and back [again, why cant YS live? Yes, I am still a bit salty about this, heh. It’s just..the way he died….].

    A special shout-out to everyone in this thread. This the first drama that has managed to compel me to delurk and comment actively week after week. I am glad that my first foray into this active participation is for this drama and has been among all of awesome you. I maybe will go back to my lurking-shell once Moon Lovers end (staying till the bitter end for that drama), and thus, while I am still here (how can I not with all the excitement), just want to thank you for letting me to be a part of this great thread. I love every seconds that I have spent among your great company. Keep being awesome!!

    And Javabeans, thank you, as always for the great recaps!

    • 30.1 Celine

      Aww, we’ll I’m glad you decided to participate in Moonlight recaps. It was fun reading your comments. I, too, will go back to just reading until I see another drama that will capture me. I hope to see you guys in another awesome drama recap.

    • 30.2 neener

      Same here. Moonlight drew out the commenter in me. But will probably be gone till a new drama catches my attention too 😉

  31. 31 maryxiah

    Now, onto my real thoughts on today’s episode.

    I want to bring the prophecy issue into question first because I feel like this is essentially the key point in our main plot. While I’m happy that they finally addressed the prophecy, I’m dissatisfied with the way they handled the fulfillment of the prophecy. So the boys changed headgears, and thus changed their fate? I couldn’t understand the final reveal. But I’m assuming that Yeong is the original one with the crane embroidery headgear, the fortune teller probably confused both boys and read their faces just before the headgears switch. When Minister Kim came to see the boys, their headgears were switched, he saw Yoon-sung with the crane embroidery headgear, and probably assumed Yeong was the one to die young, while Yoon-sung was to be a great king. In the recent flashback, we see both boys switch headgears, it isn’t clarified whose headgear is the one with crane embroidery, but my take is, Minister Kim assumed the boys were only switching heargears now, but in reality they were switching back to their original headgears. Did I confuse you guys yet? I’d love to hear other beanies thought on this.

    Michykdrama mentioned that she’d love to see the show brings back the bracelet, showing us Ra-on picking up the beads and put them back together, while I share the same sentiment, I didn’t want the story to focus on unnecessary details, I did want them to at least show us the bracelet, and they did! My jaws literally dropped, I’ve never been so happy to see my wish fulfilled, maybe I did put up an imaginary lantern wish? LOL. I really adore the symbolism of the bracelet, not because of the myth, but because it has become a symbol of love and hope for both Yeong and Ra-on. So when Yeong (and I) saw the bracelet on Ra-on’s hands, I think we have a hallelujah moment together, lol. Finally, girl! This is the moment we’ve been all waiting for!

    • 31.1 maryxiah

      What I really want from Ra-on in recent episodes isn’t for her to do something bold or out of character, I simply want to see her former self, the one who never lose hope even in difficult situation (i.e. when she separated from her mom and never lose hope of finding her), while I really do understand her predicaments, I was hoping to see her hold onto Yeong, one way or another instead of trying to run away every time. I understand the separation was necessary, but I didn’t understand the need to cut off ties, would cutting of ties cut off all the love they have? I guess this is why I’m always partial to Yeong in terms of YeongOn, I admire him for always taking charge and refusing to give up, these qualities of him push him to find ways out and eventually getting him what he really wanted.

      When I watched the scene where Yoon-sung died, I realized I wasn’t as affected as I was in Byung-yeon’s fake death scene. I shed tears for him, but I wasn’t emotionally engaged? I understand why his death was necessary because we needed to fulfill the prophecy, and he’s the suitable one to make all the right sacrifices. I love all five of the main characters, but I guess I can’t help being partial to the characters that I relate to the most. Because of my bias and partiality, I’m always Yeong first, Ra-on second, Byung-yeon third, Yoon-sung fourth, and Ha-yeon the fifth. I was somewhat disappointed that Yoon-sung made the final sacrifice out of his love for Ra-on, instead of Yeong, because their friendship is really the one thing I want to see the most, I kept justifying that Yoon-sung could be doing some of the things for Yeong too, but when he told Ra-on she was the painting he wanted to draw the most, I lost a bit of connection I had with him there.

      • 31.1.1 maryxiah

        When the king told Ha-yeon he’d wipe out all traces of her crown princess selection, I was happy for her, I was even touched when he said he’d hoped she’d find a man who would love her and make her happy, I think he told her exactly the things all beanies wanted to convey to Ha-yeon personally. There was this short moment when Ha-yeon really worry me, it’s when she discovered Ra-on in the palace and sneaked a peek on Ra-on and Yeong, I thought, “Oh no, don’t go there. Don’t be the bitch we all hate to see.” I’m glad I was proven wrong, and overjoyed when she decided to step down from the crown princess position. I feel bad, but my loyalty to both Yeong and Ra-on prevent me from feeling more. There’s this one moment where I even feel bad for thinking, “Umm, when are they going to play ‘Love is Over’ song for her?”

        Some beanies have expressed their thoughts on having alternate universe where Ha-yeon gets to win out Yeong’s affection, I always have to refrain myself from replying to those kind of comments because I haaate sounding negative. But not even in an alternate universe will I want to see Ha-yeon for Yeong, because to me, there’s always Ra-on for Yeong. I’m speaking this, not only because I’m biased toward Ra-on, but because I really believe that Ra-on is the emotional anchor that Yeong needs as a wise ruler. Ra-on is exactly the kind of presence Yeong’s mother was, to remind him what it’s like to be in the people’s shoes, to feel for their plight and to be among the people. Ha-yeon as someone from the noble family will probably never understand that. She could help shape him up as a better king, but she couldn’t help her to become a king with bright eyes to see even the people in lower, and whose hearing isn’t dull to the cry of his people.

        And I also really love how the show tied up the theme of moonlight to Yeong. That he isn’t meant to be the sun, too blinding and overpowering the people, but to watch over them and co-exists like the moon by their (clouds) sides. I’m happy to see the show trying to tie all loose ends into a neat bow, but I feel like the bow is slightly crooked. Some of the things don’t make sense to me, but I guess we are here not to make sense of all, but to learn something from their journey.

        • Celine

          You are truly dedicated to YeongOn. hihi! If ever you plan to write a fanfic and continue the story after the events of Episode 18, please do share. You are good in writing and I’m sure you have lots of ideas for our YeongOn.

          • maryxiah

            Aww, thank you for the flatter. I’m not that good in writing, I already spotted typo in my comment!

            She could help shape him up as a better king, but she couldn’t help her* (him, not her, lol) to become a king with bright eyes to see the people in lower (to see people even in the lower position), and whose hearing isn’t (too) dull to the cry of his people.

            I really want to write a fanfic of them too, but I just couldn’t find time and energy to do this now, maybe later? I’m emotionally drained by this show to write right now. Lol.

          • Celine

            Aww look at our lovely OTP! Raon fixing Yeong’s costume! <3

            And their costume looks so couple-y too. Such contrast with the dark colors of Jinyoung and Dongyeon's costumes during the fansign.

            (my comment with links get moderated so I just put parenthesis lol)


          • maryxiah

            Aww! I was watching this episode in low definition so I couldn’t get a better look at the hanboks design. Makes me feel more appreciative of the efforts that’s gone into making all these beautiful hanboks.

            I’m gonna miss this couple so so so very much, I’m already missing them a lot right now. They need to reunite soon.

          • maryxiah

            I had to come back and comment again. That picture was from the fansign? I thought it was from the set, lol. Aww, my Ra-on is so ladylike and beautiful. LOL Byung-yeon came with his bamboo hat!

          • Celine

            OMG OTP wore their couple bracelet today! So so cute and sweet! They went all out with the couple outfit with matching accessories! hihi

          • suegarbaby


            If you ever write fanfic of YeongOn, please remember to ping me somehow! It would be so interesting to read your take on them.

            I share your opinion on Ra On being the perfect half for Yeong. They complete each other and fulfil each other on so many different levels and in so many different ways, it would take another long essay from me to write them all (and the last thing I need is to bludgeon the poor Beanies on this thread here with another one of my super-wordy posts, lol!).

            Ha Yeon unfortunately comes nowhere close, and I think the drama also showed it in part where she saw Yeong’s and Ra On’s interaction through the crack in the doorway. The level of closeness, intimacy and easy at which YeongOn are with each other, and the way they are each other’s strength, must have come across so clearly to her even through that small window of time. It prompted her to give up on Yeong because she knows she simply cannot measure up. Well done to the team for showing this so that it makes Ha Yeon’s decision to step down from her Crown Princess position organic and believable. *thumbs up*

          • maryxiah

            @Celine They did?! Could you link me to the picture? I’m dying to see, haha.

            @suegarbaby I’m not sure if I’m gonna write one, the last time I did fanfic was for Boys Over Flowers, but that was years ago and I cringed when I read what I wrote, filled with grammatical errors and whatnot.

            Re: Ha-yeon
            *hugs* You totally describe everything I feel articulately and perfectly. I think it’s warmth that radiates from Yeong’s face when he looked at Ra-on that killed her inside, he never looked at her that way, I’m glad she took a peek because now she knows what we knew all along, the OTP is unbreakable.

        • alsf

          In my alternative universe, ha-yeon and Yoon-Sung learn to love each other as they get over their first loves. They seem like they could grow old together, loving books and tea and cats and long walks talking philosophy.

          • maryxiah

            That’s the point, considering how much we’ve seen Yeong grown to be the man and king he is in the story, it’d be jarring to see him as someone else even in an alternate universe, because he wouldn’t be the same without Ra-on and the people in the lower position that opened his eyes to their life experiences, Ha-yeon couldn’t do that for him.

          • Celine

            @maryxiah You have a very good point there. Raon helped Yeong so much by enlightening him about the lives of the common people. Her words of wisdom and advice helped Yeong so much. They are all based on Raon’s experience living the hard life. On the other hand, Hayeon can also give words of wisdom and advice to Yeong, but hers will come from books and other scholarly materials because she is a learned woman. They’re both different. Hence, the Yeong that we’ve come to know who became King wouldn’t be the same if he were with Hayeon.

        • Imbuk

          Ha ha.. they probably didn’t play ‘love is over’ for ha yeon because now that she is moving on, its not really over for her. she is on a new journey and hoping to find love from someone else.

          Also, what you said about ha yeon not being able to be the kind of anchor that ra on could be to yeong is something I have never thought about. Very valid point.

        • Celine


          YeongOn wearing couple bracelet during the fansign




          Yoojung was still wearing her bracelet during the wrap party

          • maryxiah

            *hugs you*

            Thank you! I was on twitter yesterday stalking the pictures, but couldn’t see the bracelet. Gosh, I love Park Bo-gum a lot, but Kim Yoo-jung is a star in my eyes. She looks so beautiful. Doesn’t she seem like she lost a lot of weight too?

    • 31.2 Anh

      About the prophecy, I think the last full flashback imply that PM Kim actually knows all along that Yoonsung was fated to die young. Maybe that’s why struggle so hard to make a grand plan for YS, to change his fate. Also with YS as sole heir to the Kim clan, for YS to die young mean the Kim clan will end. Perhaps that’s the drive-force for PM Kim to be so obsessed with court power, to protect YS, perhaps put YS on throne so that YS will not die?

      • 31.2.1 maryxiah

        Yeah, I finally understand that Anh. suegarbaby explained it extensively in her comment and that finally cleared things up for me.

        • suegarbaby

          LOL, glad my crazy-wordy ‘extensive’ comment on PM Kim helped you, @maryxiah! ^^

    • 31.3 Celine

      I love the short moments we had when Raon was nursing Yeong. And hell yes, she did pick up the beads and strung them back together! I did not see that one coming! I was surprised by the bracelet (again! damn bracelet!) because in the previous scene she held her wrist and there was nothing there. I just love how Yeong was holding her and then suddenly pushed back her sleeve to reveal the bracelet and then he smiled. Oh the feelssssss! The silent understanding between OTP will be one of my favorite things about this drama.

      • 31.3.1 maryxiah

        I love every YeongOn scene there is in this drama, even the knife wielding scene, because there’s something so magnetic about the way they converse with each other and find profound understanding beyond words. Damn I was crying when Yeong said, he was scared to grab her hands, fearing that he was imaging her and if he open his eyes it might be someone else, so he hesitated for the longest time. Meaning he was awake the whole time she was wiping him? Lol. Gah, props to Park Bo-gum for his potrayal as Yeong, he’s doing such a phenomenal job sometimes I think he IS Yeong.

      • 31.3.2 Kayak

        In the midst of all the feels, I did think, yes, finally someone is wearing the bracelet a little more snug so it doesn’t just pop out of your sleeve for everyone to see!

    • 31.4 Kakakash

      So in regards to the prophesy issue, here is my take:

      I thought at first, like you, that it didnt make any sense that they’d changed headgears and thus shifted fates. However, it clicked with me once I re-watched the scene in which Primier Kim requests to visit Yoon-sung’s room. It clicked with me that maybe, just maybe, Primier Kim actually felt something like affection for Yoon-sung, instead of just a pawn in his never-ending game of seize the world. Maybe his affections were more than just because Yoon-sung was his direct bloodline, and perhaps also because he saw the potential in Yoon-sung as someone who could have achieved great things had he been set free from his shackles, as someone who was sincere and pure. I think more than what the prophesy actually prophesized and whether the prophesizing actually came true, listening to the prophesy 8-ish years ago had planted the idea in his mind that Yoon-sung could die at an early age, or Yeong could be the one to die. Whoever dies, it better not be Yoon-sung. He either dies or becomes King, and that was his fate, at least in Premier Kim’s mind. So better MAKE him King, and make prophesy go that way should he have any say in it. And thats why he had had harboured hopes of Yoon-sung until the end. And his reasons for visiting Yoon-sungs chamber in the end make me wish that somewhere in there, he felt pity and affection in his heart…despite being soulless. Idk. My narrative imaginashuns.

      I hope that made some sense @.@

      Also, I dont think I mentioned (and apologies if this has already been mentioned), but how ironic was it that the bullet Yoon-sung saved for someone ended up being the one that killed Primier Kim?

      • 31.4.1 Kakakash

        Sorry if my annoying tense shifts make it difficult to understand. I dont usually anticipate such in-depth conversation with character analysis when commenting in the comments sections…I need to start editing more…

      • 31.4.2 maryxiah

        Aww, Kakakash, thank you for attempting to explain it to me. But I think suegarbaby’s post #9 explained aptly about the switched gears and Minister Kim’s reaction. You could scroll up and read. ^_^

    • 31.5 lunaticandra

      Now I want one special episode especially telling about the bracelet going back and fort. Titled: The Chronicle of Eternal Bracelet.

      • 31.5.1 maryxiah

        I second that! Lol. And I’d really love to see Ra-on picking up the beads in tears, I love her, but I could never get past the knife stunt, so she has to make up for it.

        • Celine

          We really see eye to eye about that scene. hahaha! I feel the same way. Like I get the point, but I still firmly believe she could have done something else less painful.

  32. 32 Dramakichi

    One of the best rom-coms/dramas I’ve watched in a long time (rom-com at the beginning, anyway). The cuteness, the sweetness, the feels. PBG sure knows how to show emotions to the fullest without even having to say any words. It’s amazing what he can do with just his eyes… And KYJ – great as always! Growing up to be such a lovely and talented young lady. So sad YS had to die – that is one thing I really hoped wouldn’t happen. Really wanted to see the “3 Musketeers” at the end, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Someone earlier commented about how it would have been difficult for him to live, considering how his whole entire family was ousted or basically imploded. So yes, sadly, that does make sense that he died. But I’ll miss what could’ve been. Jinyoung was great – never saw him in anything before, so very pleasantly surprised. BY – so very glad he lived to experience their world as he and Yeong hoped to see it, and to see it together. But I sure miss his old hair… This was a great ride. So thankful for the recaps, for the commenters, and for the drama. I post very little, but ALWAYS read the recaps and the comments and yes, lurk, so am very thankful for the opportunity and the forum to share. Kamsahamnida, Muchas Gracias, Arigato Gozaimasu!

    • 32.1 Celine

      I got the sense from EP 17 conversation of Yeong and Yoonsung that it was their last and their farewell. They told each other their desire to be friends, but given the circumstances, it just won’t be easy. And that was that. /sigh At least we still have Kim Hyung with Yeong.

      • 32.1.1 neener

        ohnoo. remembering that conversation again in ep 17 makes me cry. :'( especially knowing that he would die in this episode.

    • 32.2 maryxiah

      I so badly wanted the three musketeers in action, together, them against the world. Alas, no such luck, poor Yoon-sung had to die in the end.

  33. 33 Kay

    What a journey it’s been…I feel like I’ve been on the longest roller coaster ever!

    I’m sad it’s over but definitely ready to move on. Park Bo Gum deserves every ounce of praise he received because he’s nailed this role and it’s definitely going to be remembered for a long time. I think Kim Yoo Jung did a decent job and with time and more “life” experiences, I feel like she’ll deliver the romantic scenes much more naturally (which was my only qualm about her acting in this).

    Yoon Sung….WHY. I knew it was coming but it felt so rushed and unnecessary. This boy was the BEST second lead ever, he literally SAVED EVERYONE. Ughs. My hearteu. <3 I feel like Ha Yeon and Yoon Sung could have had a wonderful life together outside of the palace…whyy show..why.

    • 33.1 maryxiah

      So true. Park Bo-gum deserves every praise for the magic he brought into this drama. I do think Kim Yoo-jung is a great actress, but when paired with Park Bo-gum, it just doesn’t do her justice. I still like them as a pair though.

  34. 34 Sancheezy

    am I the only one who actually watched barbie???
    I got this song as youtube recommendation at it reminds me of Moonlight
    >> If you love me for me – The Princess and The Pauper <<

    Ra-on :
    Once a lass met a lad, You’re a gentle one said she
    In my heart I’d be glad , If you loved me for me
    You say your love is true, And I hope that it will be

    Yeong :
    I’d be sure if I knew
    That you loved me for me

    Ra-on :
    Could I be the one you’re seeking?
    Will I be the one you choose? Can you tell my heart is speaking?
    My eyes will give you clues

    Yeong :
    What you see may be deceiving
    Truth lies underneath the skin
    Ra-on :
    Hope will blossom by believing

    The heart that lies within

    Yeong :
    I’ll be yours,
    Together we shall always be as one, If you love me for me

    Yeong // Ra-On :
    I’ll be yours! // Who can say where we’ll go,
    Together we shall always // Who can promise that we’ll be
    Be as one // But I’ll stay by your side

    If you love me for me, If you love me for me

    • 34.1 maryxiah

      Beautiful song!

  35. 35 Jeannie

    I really didn’t want Yoon-sung to die. According from the book he survived and a monk took care of him but he lost all his memory. He deserves a lot more than that scene..like seriously huhu I love him.

    I learned so much from this drama, not just Korean but also history. I still love it (except the last 4 eps)

    • 35.1 Kay

      Strange, I heard that he dies in the original novel

  36. 36 anne

    I love everything about this drama especially the soundtracks! The young actors were all great. Special shout out to Jinyoung and Kwak Do Yeon. I can’t wait for their next projects.

    One of my all time favorite scenes was when everything stopped for Yeong after he heard Hong Ra On is the rebels daughter. Everything about that was just perfectly executed.

    I am gonna put PBG’s Yeong as one of my favorite leading man along with Gong Yoo’s Han Kyul and Lee Sang Yoon’s Cha Hyun-Seok… Heeeee

    • 36.1 Celine

      The soundtrack of this drama is now in my top favorites. I just love all songs. Not one song in this drama would fall under my category of overplayed. Each one seem carefully chosen for each scene. Sure the song of Gummy was used a lot of times, but they were used in appropriate scenes. Moreover, there were other songs played in an episode, so we don’t get to hear one songs continuously in different scenes.

      All songs were used rather equally throughout each episode and the entire drama. Therefore, the feels in each song remains until the end. I usually find myself loving a soundtrack, but then it gets overplayed that I no longer feel the emotion associated to it. However, here, when Gummy’s song was played in the last scene of YeongOn, it brought me full on feels. I felt tingly.

      And the artist line up of Moonlight is amazing too. I mean we got Gummy, Ben, Beige, Hwang Chiyeol, Baek Jiyoung, Sung Sikyung, Soyou, and a lot more…. and then there’s Park Bogum as well who may not be a recording artist but he did well with his song, I have no complaints at all. Hats off to the OST team.

      The use of sound effects and lack of music/sound in some parts truly elevated the scenes. I especially loved it when the music cuts and there’s no sound. My breathing would stop altogether. I will surely miss these feelings will watching a drama.

      • 36.1.1 Anh

        For me, I don’t like all of the OSTs, especially when I listen to them as individual. But when the OSTs get inserted into the drama scenes, they were fitting and I actually enjoy all of them. I must give props to music director, editor and sound team, they have done soo well.

      • 36.1.2 maryxiah

        Agree with everything you said, now I can begrudgingly listen to Love is Over, lol. I think they’ve done wonderful job on the background music, nothing sounds overplayed or out of place. I even love it when they used the opening theme song when Yeong strutted into the court as the king, brought so much feels for me and reminded me of his journey to the throne itself.

        • mehungie

          Love Is Over is surprisingly catchy. I had it stuck in my head so many times, even though when I do listen to it, it brings up the unsettling feelings of the ending of a particular after-the-sunset scene.

          • Celine

            Didn’t like Love is Over at first, but then it played when Raon left the palace and now I love it. LOL I think it’s the melody and the voice of Baek Jiyeon that made me love it since I’m not too fond of English lyrics. Oh and the lyrics itself are sad but beautiful.

        • Celine

          THAT INSTRUMENTAL as the main theme of Moonlight and used when King Lee Yeong entered the court gives me THE feels! I love love loveee it. It fit the scene of Yeong now a King and I just love how that scene was shot when the familiar faces looked at him with respect and pride and Yeong smiled at them. I’m having another proud mama moment for Yeong. lol

          I need to get my hands on the instrumental tracks!

      • 36.1.3 suegarbaby

        I love the OST for this drama too, which is quite surprising since I normally prefer more up-beat pop-ish songs of the modern variety. So it took me by surprise that I actually enjoyed the mellow ballads that were played throughout the show. I thought it fit the mood and atmosphere of the scenes where they were employed, and in the best cases, really draw out and build on the emotions happening on-screen.

        The instrumentals of the tracks were also wonderfully arranged and organised – it gives a different dimension to the song itself compared to when there are vocals. I find it interesting that some of my favourite songs from this OST are actually the instrumental versions of the song, and I can put them on repeat almost all day long because they’re just such great background music.

        Am so glad that the great music is also one of Moonlight’s strengths, and credit goes to the music director for arranging and organising them. And of course, to the composers and artists themselves, who lent their talents and beautiful vocals to songs which will evoke memories of Moonlight and all its attendant emotions, for a long long time to come.

        • Celine

          The music director is Gaemi. He also worked on DOTS. I will look out for his next project. Well basically all the names behind Moonlight I’ll definitely keep an eye out because they know what they’re doing when it comes to delivering scenes with style.

  37. 37 Mina

    I’m deeply satisfied by the drama’s ending. It’s imperfect but the whole series is worthwhile. I would gladly recommend it to anyone. It stayed true to its roots– coming-of-age romance, and it deserves all the love its getting. I didn’t regret catching up on it every week. Bravo to everyone!

  38. 38 bibimbap

    Stroke of scriptwriting and directorial genius!

    Kim Seul Gi’s spot-on cameo!

    And boy! Did they keep it under wraps!

    Even cameos are “plot twists”!

    I certainly didn’t see it coming!

    MDBC, jjang!!!

    • 38.1 maryxiah

      I was surprised by Kim Seul-gi’s cameo too! Totally didn’t see it coming but wonderfully surprised.

  39. 39 SLVR

    I think there were 2 big clues that ripped us off that the ending would deviate from history-

    – One, the KBS cover page which had CP and RO in a meeting as a take on the King meeting Consort Suk-Hui. RO’s clothes (especially the skirt) bore the silver thread that is exclusively used for royalty (such as Ha Yeon wore during her time in the Palace).

    – Two, the directors interview where he stated that the plan was to change the Prince’s name from Lee Yeong to something else, to signify a fictional Prince. However the web novel writer, and PBG convinced him to keep the name, but change the meaning behind the name by changing the representative Chinese Character. So we knew there was a high possibility it would be fictional like TMETS, and not within the confines of history.

    Though I too, was pissed with YoonSung’s death (just because). You’re right about the fact that they could have reported it to CP or the King.

    But as YS said in the last episode, he would want to protect his family as well. I feel he really may have been testing himself, because all the way he was very clear with CP, he’s fight for RaOn with him- he wanted her desperately. If not get killed by his Grandpa, take her away with him and run off somewhere without any worries.

    The men were under his command, yes, but I flashed back to Yeong’s swordfight and stabbing- where the clear mandate was to try and frighten and maim CP, not kill him. The ministers & assassins had not estimated CP’s fighting skills or YS’ appearance- so they began fighting for survival- because the only way to live was to kill.

    In a similar vein, you can see that most of the sword cuts etc, are aimed for RO, which YS Blocks. The stabbing is also aimed for RO, the henchmen try and only inflict injuries, but non life threatening ones on YS. whatever kills him was meant for RO.

    I would have so loved to see him secretly walk off into the sunset…meeting Ha Yeon on her ferry and thinking maybe old beginnings can be new beginnings. Or running into Kim Seul Gi in the Palace, 😀

    I loved the finale. I was supremely satisfied with it.

    And +100000000 for Kim Seul Gi. I love pop culture references and this was perfect.

    • 39.1 maryxiah

      I desperately want to see the picture you’re talking about, the one with Ra-on’s clothes having the silver thread. Couldn’t find it.

      And I agree with your assessment on Yeong being a fictional character (which we already found out in Ep.14, after the director’s interview) and Yoon-sung’s ultimate death and why he had to died, and also the way he died. He could have done a lot of things to prevent his death, he’s a smart guy not to lose sight of the implication that helping Ra-on equals to death, by he’s standing by that decision to honor both his loyalty to his family and to protect the woman he loves.

      Omg! Can’t believe I forgot to mention Kim Seul-gi! It was witty of them to include her in the finale, because her character in Splash Splash Love was exactly an impersonating eunuch too! LOL.

      • 39.1.1 SLVR

        Here you go! Although the link is super tiny on my mobile phone- it is decently sized on computer. http://smart.kbs.co.kr/tv/drama/gurumi/behind/loca/index.html

        Thanks for your feedback! You’re so active on this forum, and hearing your opinion means a lot. Ultimately, more than anything, I feel I’m giving myself a way to justify YS’ death, that what he did (or was written to do) was not stupid.

        YS should have chosen his friendships over his family, if CP can save BY, he can save him too. But maybe he didn’t have the stomach to outright betray any of these two parties.

        YS knew about the plot to kill RO, and kept protecting her, but never actively opposed his family much. He always acted in secret, whereas CP was always more public about RO- even the traitor bit where he was ready to save her, no doubt.

        He also loves CP, BY in his own way, and tried to protect them ( saving CP’s life, keeping BY’s fake death secret) but when extended an olive branch by CP several times- he refuted it, first in favour of RO, then his clan. He knew what he was doing, he knew the last moment was walking the line. But he did it anyway.

        I wish they would have let him live/fake his death, but that’s what ominous prophecies are for, a la Harry Potter.

        • maryxiah

          Ah, that picture! I wish I could notice these kinds of thing, I only think the hanboks are pretty, but I’m never one to put much thoughts on them. Celine would!

          I also do think Yoon-sung should have chosen friendship over everything, because that’s a bromance I kind of really desperately wanted to see since we’ve been teased of it in Ep.2, and when he took the blade for Yeong. I felt the longing in Yoon-sung’s words when he said to Byung-yeon he wanted to be Yeong’s best friend, that’s all.

          Alas he chose love, and that’s good enough for me too, because while I understand his priority and all, it’s his last word that get to me, that Ra-on was the painting he wanted to draw, he did told his grandfather that he wanted to life by the painting he paints, meaning he had already indicated his choice will be Ra-on. But he couldn’t straightforwardly betray his family either, blood runs thicker than water, eh? In that situation, I think it’s the only thing Yoon-sung could have done, probably intending to die for Ra-on as well, so he might be able to stop his grandfather from sinning. That’s my take on it.

          I almost always revisit old comments, so don’t worry about not being seen.

          • SLVR

            As the day passes, I’m kind of feeling more heartbroken over YoonSung’s death. That Misty Road song just keeps playing in my head.

            I backtracked to the novel and am made to understand he died protecting RO, while the evil Kim minions did not know his identity.

            I find myself a bit angry at YS’ characterisation now by the Drama writer. If he was so bold as to defy his family for RO in Secret, why couldn’t he do it in public?

            They made us fall in love with him. YS is dashing, subtly ruthless and incredibly brilliant. He manages to execute plans flawlessly behind the scenes. His love is unconditional.

            What we fail to see is that he is a coward, no matter how righteous he is. The multiple times he had the chance to end the terrible fate his family planned for CP/RO/the government- he didnt make any of his family’s secrets public. Just as he was smart enough to know about the envoys transactions- couldn’t he have found out the corruption of his uncles?

            This quality leaves him slightly unredeemed in my eyes. I wish he had been as selfish with his life as he had been with RO’s attentions. He knew the downfall of the Kims was coming- he knew CP would blow things wide open and was warned so. He could have switched sides and gotten the free life that he dreamed of.

            In the end, he decided to take his clan’s secret to the grave, defending RO. If CP had not found the baby, and Little Princess not remembered the letter, PM Kim would have gone unpunished for at least some more time- since RO is a criminal and her testimony of the assassins wouldn’t matter.

            Even though I wish strongly that as javabeans says, YS had multiple ways to get out of the situation, nearly every one would involve the Kim family being implicated.

            If YS had lived, no doubt he would have been arrested. If YS informed RO in advance, the assassins would just go looking for her (they’ve been successful in the past). YS can’t run away with her, because RO will return to CP, and again the truth will be uncovered. If YS leads the men on a wild goose chase, PM Kim will realise his true intentions, and find a way to finish RO off without YS. He can poison CP, what’s a traitors daughter running around the Palace in secret?

            YS was caught between a rock and a hard place. Trying to reach out to both, he fell and doomed himself.

            Whew, sorry for that rant. I just feel angry for him, and angry with him right now. We fell in love with him, and his own flaws killed him. 🙁

          • maryxiah

            Haha, rant away, you deserve it. I wasn’t as angry with his death, I think they justified his death and made it as less painful as it can be, at least he died an honorable man protecting the woman he loves, than dying as a descendant of traitor.

          • suegarbaby


            I hear your disappointment and unhappiness over Yoon Sung’s death – emotionally, I also found it a bitter pill to swallow.

            “What we fail to see is that he is a coward, no matter how righteous he is”

            I will have to respectfully disagree with you here because I don’t think Yoon Sung not choosing to act on certain things necessarily brands him as a coward.

            Not all of us will always act on what we know, even in real life. And there are many reasons for this. Sometimes not acting on something preserves or protects the interest of another. And sometimes acting on something may actually cause things to devolve further and create a worse situation than it already is. And sometimes it may simply not be the right time to act.

            For Yoon Sung, you have to understand that he has 2 main conflicting loyalties in his heart – his Kim family clan vs Yeong/Byung Yun/ Ra On. Both are important to him, and we can see why. Familial ties are strong ties in any person’s life, we can all attest to that. And in this instance, while we may not see any sign of Yoon Sung’s father or mother (I assume they have passed away, or maybe living in some distant country like Qing), we know that Prime Minister Kim is his grandfather.

            Family ties and relationships have always been a vital part of Korean culture, even in modern Korea today. Loyalty and affiliation to family are seen as virtues and held up as a model for good character. What more so in old Joseon times. You can therefore comprehend how deep and important familial relationships are for Yoon Sung as part of the culture and society he lives in. This, coupled by the fact that Yoon Sung himself is a person who treasures relationships with people, and you should be able to understand why he would be hard-pressed to act in any way that can be construed as being disloyal and unfilial to his family.

            I really feel for Yoon Sung each time his loyalties towards his family vs towards Yeong/ Ra On are tested. The conflict and the struggle to balance the two, without bringing serious harm to the other, is real and difficult.

            So, I wouldn’t be so quick to call Yoon Sung a coward for not choosing to act at certain instances. As a person who values and treasures his relationships, I can sympathise and understand the hesitation and even the decision to refrain. That’s not cowardice, that’s courage.

          • suegarbaby

            That’s not cowardice, that’s courage = Yoon Sung chooses not to act, not because he’s scared. It’s because he wants to protect.

            (I ran out of characters, apologies for my long post)

          • SLVR


            Please feel free to disagree. 🙂 I am just truly depressed by his death, though satisfied with the finale.

            I’m not angry with YS, but his characterisation. As the original webtoon writer says, YS is the most pitiful, as he has the toughest tightrope to walk between his family and his love for RO and the boys.

            Of course being filial to his family is definitely important both culturally and as a plot point, but I deeply wished his sense of righteousness would overcome this bond- and that would have surely kept him alive (but destroyed his family).

            I like how you’ve actually given this your own amazing interpretation, YoonSung wants to hold back because of courage to protect, not cowardice. It’s a beautiful thought, but as human nature is, I deeply wish his courage wouldn’t have been used to protect the evil plots of his family. But then as you rightly pointed out, it would not make sense.

            I like how this makes YS not a Shining white knight, but he had tinges of grey to his character. It may also be because they’ve painted his friend and rival, Yeong, as someone who’s near perfect in his righteous nature, who will try and do the honourable thing no matter what.

            In the end, I’m glad he made his bid to save RO. It’s interesting to see how all the boys chose to betray their family ties to save her in different instances. 🙂 Love and sacrifice are beautiful things, as told by MDBC.

          • suegarbaby


            Thanks for clarifying. The word ‘coward’ generally refers to people who are too scared to do something, and to have Yoon Sung being given this label was, I thought, really unfair.

            Can I also just say that it is also a bit unfair to compare Yoon Sung and Yeong in terms of their actions. Both of them are trying to do the right thing, just in different ways.

            In addition, Yoon Sung’s conflicts are quite different from Yeong’s. Most of Yeong’s actions do not arise from the conflict of having equally divided loyalties, and in the few instances where Yeong was forced to choose between two equally opposing forces, even Yeong had to hesitate. Case in point was the recent interrogation scene when Ra On was brought out in public and Yeong asked to deny his relationship with her by putting her to the sword. Did he immediately throw all caution to the wind and acted to save his beloved? No. He hesitated and hesitated until the situation got too dire and he was forced to act.

            The same holds true for Yoon Sung, and also for Byung Yun. It is not to their dis-credit that they choose to wait until the situation turns dire and they are forced into making a choice when faced with two equally opposing forces. But note that when they do make their choice, they courageously follow through with it until the end, even if it costs them their lives.

            Cowards don’t do that. Cowards run away.

          • SLVR


            Actually, I never thought about it from that point of view- cowards don’t run away. YoonSung didn’t run away from the firestorm of a situation between his family, the Crown and RO. I think it shows his commitment to see things through to the end.

            I’m still going to believe a little that his character did a cop out on certain things- but then that’s his family, and he has a perfectly legitimate choice to protect them. As he said to Yeong, let’s not feel apologetic about our situations- we have to do what we have to do- whether it’s right or wrong.

            You’re right about if being unfair to compare YS and CP and definitely their situations. YS is behind the scenes, whereas CP is front and centre.

            YS is brilliant because he subtly operates and executes behind the scenes- whereas CP, though smart, is very overt about his actions. YS’ contributions go unheeded by RO and CP and the general audience- because a knight in shining armour who executes the plan visibly is more lauded than the strategist who formulates and develops behind the scenes.

            Case in point, the scene the Chinese Envoy, where Yeong’s public entreaties and his bold actions endear him to RO, for the first time she sees a man willing to defy the system for her- invite dethronement, ridicule and danger for saving her. She didn’t get to see the man working behind the scenes, risking his own family’s power to save her, thats when YS lost the game to win RO’s heart. CP would have never been able to succeed without YS’ backing.

            I’d also like to make a point about Yeong’s hesitation- he was definitely ready to throw everything away. It’s human nature and he is caught in the worst situation- because he is caught unawares without a solution. I dont think he was hesitating until the situation was dire, he was trying to come up with a plan, any plan where he could save her without harm- because a yes or no wouldn’t make a difference- both his answers would kill her. He’s the only one at that assembly who wishes to save RO at all costs, even when she doesn’t want to save herself (BY deeply cares for RO, but a part of his motivation comes from the Rebel society, YS has to protect his family’s rep, and RO herself wants to protect her true love). When he can’t come up with a solution, he chooses to act by drawing the sword. Yeong has thrown caution to the wind before, and was ready to do so now to save her.

            Youre also right about the fact that the boys have to make several choices in increasingly dire situations, and they follow their choices to the very end courageously.

            It’s been a joy hearing your feedback though. Thanks!

          • suegarbaby


            You made a good point on the reason for Yeong’s hesitation, thanks for sharing. This is what I like a Dramabeans. We have a place and a space to share our thoughts, get civil and courteous feedback, and through it all, gain a better and a deeper understanding of the subject matter in hand, and of one another. ^^

    • 39.2 Celine

      I saw that picture too and Raon was wearing such elaborate clothes like the Queen. I’m not sure about the thread, but it was not just a pretty hanbok. It was a royal costume. Either they did it just for the poster or what, but it certainly hinted at the ending of YeongOn being together.

      • 39.2.1 SLVR

        Pretty Hanbok FTW! Though I would have loved to see RO as Queen in that royal costume. A lot of speculation was based on whether she would be a Royal Consort, while Ha Yeon would be Queen. Even if that was the intended ending, our OTP was too strong and not having them together legitimately would have just angered viewers.

        I’d like to think they’re in a thoroughly modern relationship- Yeong has just started establishing his nation, RO is a working woman with a bookstore dispensing knowledge and maybe the odd Mills & Boon Novel like ‘Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds’ :P. They’ll marry in good time, I’m sure- and RO will be the same sort of happy, smart Queen CP’s Mom was. 🙂

        • maryxiah

          I kind of wondered if they’d make Ra-on concubine too, not royal consort because her social status would be too low to be one, but after Ep.17, I just couldn’t deal with that, I thought I could but I didn’t want anyone else as Yeong’s wife other than Ra-on. So much for sticking to history, my modern sensibilities reign high even in sageuk.

          • SLVR

            The thing is, for any other, more serious sageuk I would have accepted the multiple wives plotline, because that is history.

            But this drama was thoroughly cute and modern (just like Splish Splash Love), and our OTP’s chemistry was off the charts. PBG & KYJ made it such that, I think even viewers who prefer to stick to history would be loath to see this specific couple not end up with each other and only each other (I gathered the same feeling in TMETS as well seeing KYJ and Yeo Jin Goo).

            I don’t know about royal statuses, tbh. 🙂 But when Yeong started talking of a new Joseon (Ep 11 when he reunites her with her mom), I gathered it may deviate from the webtoon, and indeed give us a positive, monogamous ending. Yeong was so confident he even kept putting off his wedding and asked Teacher DaSan for a solution- he was definitely using his regency to gun for a new world where anybody, including him could marry who they want.

          • Celine

            I agree. Moonlight is not even strictly sageuk. We’ve got some modern twists thrown here and there. Therefore, I don’t think the show would go for the lead having someone else and have Raon as a mere concubine or consort. This is the show that made it a point to stop the royal wedding to keep Yeong unattached and pure by introducing (bringing back from the death) the legendary rebel leader. LOL With the way it twisted history, it’s also following modern sensibilities.

      • 39.2.2 SLVR

        I loved the cute modern sensibilities here! As the director had initially told, it’s a love story with no grand metaphor. Although I disagree, it had this wonderful metaphor of deep friendships, love and sacrifice, and making a nation for all.

        I’m a big sucker for cross-dressing dramas and KYJ, which sold this to me. 🙂 I think maybe it’s the first time in a cross dressing sageuk that the main lead was ready to openly express his love for the so-called man (although my gold standard is Coffee Prince), which was fairly modern.

        CP fell in love with Hong Ra-On, the Eununch in fact, who were not considered proper uhh…men in history. He was ready to confess (I dearly wished we had one episode where CP would fearlessly and openly love SamNom the Eununch, before discovering the secret).

        Ha Yeon is another great modern character. More educated in books that needlework, a mind of her own, and being given the freedom to do so much by her dad.

        The way they screwed over history, and talked about equality and building a nation of equals.

        Also, modern in terms of ahem, affection between the leads. I’ve seriously not seen so much touching/lovey dovey moments between the leads in other sageuks (except Scholar who walks the night, that had a lot of kisses :D- and maybe Moon Lovers).

        Good show overall! 😀

        • Celine

          Agree about the modern aspects of the show! And about not having a grand metaphor, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds itself is a wonderful metaphor which I would personally consider as grand. It’s wonderful, especially if you consider how much a King is usually symbolized by the sun and not the moon.

          • SLVR

            You’re right about that- the final conversation between HKN and BY about Yeong settled it for me. That’s the entire story of this Kdrama- a nation with equality for all. Idealistic, but don’t we all wish for fairy tale endings? 🙂

  40. 40 evw09

    I wholeheartedly agree with you, Javabeans. In the PBS Special Superheroes: A Never-ending Battle, Stan Lee said he uses scientific concepts to make characters’ powers sound logical and believable regardless to whether they are plausible. When you write story based in history, you are bound by certain perimeters that cannot be finagled. Those perimeters anchors the story in reality and gives weight to the story. There’s a way a person entered the world and a way they leave it. We can toy around with happened in between but certain elements (weddings, childbearing, major events, etc.) must remain place to maintain continuity and logic. Furthermore, once you deviate too much from the actual narrative, you run the risk of losing the essence of the person.

    Admittedly, it’s easy to see why the manhwa writer chose Prince Yeong. His life story is fairly bare since he died so young so, it gives much license for a present-day writer to play around with history. But like Stan Lee said, things must be logical and believable. Not accounting for Yeong’s death changes the entire narrative and creates an entirely new story. I wish the writer would have taken another route in order to be more in line with history.

    All that to say, I do fully appreciate this drama. It was a wonderful journey to take and the cinematography was breathtaking. I can’t wait to see future projects from everyone involved.

  41. 41 Celine

    Congratulations to the cast and crew of MDBC! They did very well given the circumstances. They were able to maintain the quality of the episodes until the very end. The drama would not have been great if not for the people who have worked behind the scenes. This drama, from day one, delivered on all fronts, so special thanks to the directors, cinematographers, producers, writer, costume designers… literally everyone in the MDBC team. Seeing their posts online makes me so grateful for all their hard work. And of course to the wonderful cast who did extremely well. I wouldn’t trade anyone for another actor. They all worked so well individually and as a team. I wish the actors more opportunities in the future.

    Cannot wait to see videos and pictures from the fansign and wrap party!

  42. 42 Taeki's horse-riding Teacher

    Kim Hyung, did you leave for years to look for a salon? What’s up with the straightened bangs?

    • 42.1 maryxiah

      Rebond is so last century! Maybe that’s the time when rebond was a hit!

    • 42.2 iamphoenixtears


      BY also had that hair during the fansign event. huhu. I missed his barely-washed-but-glorious-hair tho. 🙁

    • 42.3 dilemmacan'tdecideaname

      LMAO…he need to go to another salon.

  43. 43 Jen

    What happened to Kim hyung’s hair? LOL. Was going to the salon the trip he had in the beginning?

    Anyway, I love this episode. I love this drama. It’s a great starter for anyone who is hesitant to watch sageuk. I can’t wait to see the five leads further grow as actors in their next projects.

    4.5/5 stars and 9.99/10 hearts

    • 43.1 Joy

      “was going to the salon the trip he had from the beginning?” I’M LAUGHING HARD. thank you so much!

    • 43.2 hyanggi

      OHMYGODDD HAHAHHAHAHA . I thought something was different too, but I thought it was how he looks shaved lol

  44. 44 JessA

    They did get creative with history but it goes with the whole underlying theme. What kind of world would Yeong create as king? And they crafted an amazing image of what that world would look like. I’m really glad they went this route. We know it’s not true but it’s a perfect way provide an alternate ending to a show were we kind of already knew how it would end.

    The only two issues I had was Ra-on and Yoon-sung’s death. Ra-on kind of went to the back burner these past few episodes. She was just there. And when she jumped in front of Yoon-sung that just made me mad. Why? She was just in the way! And I really questioned Yoon-sung’s death. To me it was pointless. Not as pointless as Moon/Sun (that was the stupidest death ever. Seriously.) but I don’t think he had to die. I get it plot wise but he did deserve better.

    Overall, I loved this show and I will miss it. Definitely one of the best shows of 2016. I hope Park Bo-gum graces my TV screen very soon! He’s such a gem and I miss him already.

    • 44.1 Celine

      I agree. Because a large chunk of the drama was about Yeong’s growth as a future leader. It would be such a waste and rather pointless if he was not able to see it through.

      “I hope Park Bo-gum graces my TV screen very soon! He’s such a gem and I miss him already.”

      Me too! /cries/ I miss him already. However, do hope he gets a good rest before choosing another project. Boy is swamped with media interviews and CF deals and promotions and probably fan meetings and overseas activities! whew!

      • 44.1.1 maryxiah

        The last thing I’d want to hear is poor boy collapsing from overworked! I hope he gets plenty of rest in Cebu.

      • 44.1.2 JessA

        You’re right! Park Bo-gum has been super busy lately! I would like to see him in a new drama though next year. That would be great!

  45. 45 kfan

    I loved it.. The whole show was shot beautifully and for once they didn’t depict the second female lead to be conniving and scheming. I like it that Chae Soo Bin chose a life respecting herself. While at it, I will admit that I wanted her and Byungyeonnie to end up together <3 I was thinking of splish splash love where the Queen likes that boy she grew up with.. It would have been a story such. In another show perhaps!

    Also that cameo by Kim Seul Gi!! Wow.. what a wise reference to make. I laughed so much! Thank you Show for being worthy of all our time!

    • 45.1 Celine

      I love that the characters of MDBC are quite refreshing. The lead guy is not a cold jerk. He is smart, cunning, sweet, and truly kind. It’s hard not to root for him and how much he wants to grow and become a good leader for his people. The second lead girl is not the evil, bitchy type. Instead, we got a nice woman who sadly came in the picture at the wrong time. Hayeon is love.

  46. 46 Marie

    Yoonsung’s last bullet was used by his grandpa. That’s just so… poetic.

    • 46.1 Ira

      I know right?! Karma is a bitch. But this again show the writer has pre-planned everything from the start. I completely forgot about that bullet until this episode. That’s such a good planning on writer’s part.

      • 46.1.1 Celine

        Even with the seemingly imbalanced pacing of the latter episodes, I do think that the writer planned all these events before. Some of the details we see in the latter episodes go way back in the earlier episodes. I’m glad that they were addressed or used again. This is why I am still not keen on the extension.

        • suegarbaby

          Yes, taking how things finally panned out into account, it does strongly suggest that the writers knew how and where they wanted their story to go. Which is great stuff – wished we could have known or been assured of it earlier i.e. from episode 14 or 15 onwards, it could have saved me some unnecessary fretting, lol.

          The pacing of the last 4-5 episodes was uneven – an unfortunate flaw of the production. Based on this, I would hazard a guess that although the writers knew the endgame and the route towards that endgame, it was probably in broad strokes or ideas, rather than an intricate, detailed mapping of events.

          Shame Moonlight was not pre-produced. With this team, pre-production would have been a huge asset and would have ironed out the flaws we which are seeing now.

          Well, guess there’s no point crying over could-have-beens… am just glad that despite the constraints and pressure the cast and crew were facing, they still managed to produce a high-quality drama that moved us and made it memorable and enjoyable.

          • Celine

            Exactly my thoughts too. The details were not yet there, so the writer still had to write the scripts while they were filming but the big picture had already been setup. She had an interview which I read this morning and she said she was short on time, so I do think she had her big ideas, but fleshing them out per episode proved to be difficult especially with their super tight live shooting schedule.

        • ggin888

          Agreed on the unbalanced latter episodes. Disagree on extension. I believe an extension of 2 episodes would have helped with a more balanced and unrushed plot line. The end result would have been the same, but the story would have been more detailed, smooth and fluid.

          The hurriedness of the last two episodes was really apparent. Only the little girl scenes (who knew where the letter was) were unrushed and seemed properly paced and well done. I felt we were going by the numbers.

          Luckily, even though the final scene of the series was brief and ephemeral — I didn’t feel cheated of a good ending.

          • suegarbaby

            And extension would definitely have stretched the events of the last 2 episodes out in a less hurried way, yes. But this is from the benefit of hindsight, and hindsight is always 20-20, lol.

            I think it is quite apparent from the way the story was fleshed out that the writers knew what they were going to do and how they were going to do it. And that they felt that it was sufficient to fill 18 episodes.

            When an extension was first proposed to the team, Moonlight was still in its early stages (just before the half-way mark, if I remember correctly, because of the huge ratings jump so early in the run). The team must have discussed it thoroughly at that point and decided that with the events they had in mind and with the remaining number of episodes they had left, the plotlines and the events were sufficient to fit nicely through the rest of the run, hence their decision to reject the extension proposal then.

            But unfortunately later during the run, the time-pressure of the live-shooting must have gotten to the writers who had to churn out the scripts under short notice without the time to map events out evenly, leading to an unfortunate imbalance in terms of pacing out the story and the plots. I do think that if the writers had more time, they could have incorporated some of the plotlines earlier in the preceding episodes, leading to a more even run over all 18 episodes.

          • Celine


            “I do think that if the writers had more time, they could have incorporated some of the plotlines earlier in the preceding episodes, leading to a more even run over all 18 episodes.”

            I agree with everything you said especially the one above. I feel that some scenes in episodes 17 and 18 would have worked if they already included some of the elements in episodes 15 and 16 or even 13 and 14 and then we wouldn’t have to sit through so much angst and separation. We would have gotten some action and real development in the issues at hand that need to be resolved. This is why I still go for 18 episodes.

    • 46.2 Joy

      The thought makes me sad. Perhaps i still feel bad for YS terrible fate *sobs*

  47. 47 O_o

    This was my least favorite episode, but I guess the writer had to wrap it up happily with a bow somehow. And overall it was a very enjoyable, well-made drama.

    I knew the boys had switched their clothes and head wears because the ones young Yoonsung was wearing were clearly the prince’s costume. So the face reader had mistakenly given switched reports to the prime minister. Besides, Crown Prince Hyomyeong’s real life nom de plume was Stone Crane. He loved cranes and he even had a crane engraved in a rock in his palace garden.

    • 47.1 maryxiah

      Interesting found! Thank you for letting us know about Crown Prince Hyomyeong’s connection to the crane.

    • 47.2 suegarbaby

      “Crown Prince Hyomyeong’s real life nom de plume was Stone Crane. He loved cranes and he even had a crane engraved in a rock in his palace garden”

      Wow, thank you for this little piece of information. How interesting.

  48. 48 Keana

    “Your the drawing I’ve always wanted to draw”

    That’s just beautiful.

    • 48.1 Joy

      Our YS being so poetic, romantic and all until his last breath. *sobs*

    • 48.2 missowlhead

      I really loved this show, but Yoon Sung’s death just wrecked me. He deserved so much better. I really wanted an ending where our quartet could usher in a new Joseon. I’ll go off to cry quietly again.

  49. 49 Anne

    I’m really glad that we got a happy ending but though those little cute stares were what made us love Yeongon even more, I wish they could have cut those scenes short at times for a nice build up for the finale.

    The finale disappointed me, especially Yoon Sung’s death. The scene could have been choreographed better, he could have had his friends with him while dying or they could atleast have a scene where he they thought of him…. I mean he did everything to keep them away from harms way. Even the queen shed tears for him.

    And killing Yeong’s mother for the reasons stated kind of felt weird and dull to me.

    Kudos to prime minister for not going mad like the king even though he knew his grandson was going to die all along.

    • 49.1 mehungie

      “And killing Yeong’s mother for the reasons stated kind of felt weird and dull to me.”

      By “the reasons stated” I assume you mean the bit about her being caught reading forbidden literature. That’s just being used as a front to force her out though. The true reason was to secure the queen’s seat for Kim Inc’s daughter.

      • 49.1.1 maryxiah

        Also, she didn’t die because of the forbidden literature, this flashback was 10 years ago when she was forced to step down from her queen position. She actually died 7 years ago from poisoning, possibly because she tried to reveal Minister Kim’s plan in threatening her, forcing her to step down from her position.

        • suegarbaby


          Eh, was Yeong’s mother forced to step down from her Queen position? I had no idea! So the Queen spot was vacant for 4 years?

          I ask because Yeong’s mother died 7 years before the events in Moonlight, and Queen Kim mentioned in one of the episodes that she had only been a Queen 6 years (I think it was in the episode where the mid-wife told her that she was carrying a girl, and after the mid-wife left, the Queen mentioned that she had waited for 6 years since occupying the Queen’s seat to fall pregnant and so she was not going to let the baby’s gender get in her way).

          Or did I get it wrong?

          • maryxiah

            I must have missed something or misunderstood something, but the timeline isn’t right. In the flashback, the timeline was 10 years ago, and Minister Kim gave her the choice of being dethroned or step down on her own accord. She might not have step down immediately but fought against Minister Kim until her death 3 years later, hence the poisoning and the letter she left Yeong.

          • maryxiah

            I went back and checked, the Queen Kim did say she waited 6 years to get pregnant, didn’t mention anything about occupying for 6 years, but I assumed Queen Yoon, Yeong’s mother didn’t step down from her position despite the threat, it is possibly she was poisoned in order for Queen Kim to rise up to her seat. That’d explain why the letter said Queen Yoon risked her life not to secure Yeong’s position but for the hope of the people, meaning she knew her days were numbered for defying Minister Kim, so she wrote the letter in advance for Yeong to read in the future.

          • suegarbaby


            Thank you! So kind of you to make the effort to go back and check. I also think that Queen Yoon was not deposed until she was poisoned. Your comment about her letter and why she wrote it was a great point. Also, in the first episode when Yeong was on his way to meet Queen Kim to congratulate her about her pregnancy, he stopped by the pavilion where he used to spend time with his mother and the event her remembered was 7 years ago. She was still alive and was still in the Queen position then.

            So, like you said, it looks like Queen Yoon knew her days were numbered and tried to live the last 3 years of her life to the best of her ability. That also explains a lot. It explains why she was pretty daring and unconventional (well, she clearly was quite the forward-thinker to be reading the forbidden literature). But Yeong mentioned that his mother had often acted in odd or inappropriate ways, causing a headache at court.
            And it also explains Queen Yoon’s asking Royal Consort Park to please comfort her son and be a pair of arms to hold him as he cried. She tried her best to ensure that in the event she is gone, her son would have someone to lean on and get comfort from.

            Wow. Nice. Lots of things now have added depth to it. Thanks for your help!

          • Celine

            @maryxiah Love your explanation about the late Queen and it makes total sense. She is feisty isn’t she despite looking so kind and sweet. Motherly feels just emanate from her. Yeong got all of his traits from her. I like how Raon is also the unconventional kind of woman just like Yeong’s mother.

          • maryxiah

            @suegarbaby I couldn’t get past me when I don’t get something, lol. I was at work earlier so I couldn’t confirm it sooner, but when I re-watched, I just connect the dots.

            @Celine When we were shown flashback of Queen Yoon in Ep.18, I thought her aura reminded me so much of Yeong, he was her exact replica, not in terms of look, but in terms of confidence and the way they carried themselves. So yeah, he got all his strong traits from her. I also think Ra-on is the very essence of carefreeness that Yeong’s mother exhibited, so that’s probably what attracted Yeong to Ra-on at first.

          • Celine


            “I thought her aura reminded me so much of Yeong, he was her exact replica, not in terms of look, but in terms of confidence and the way they carried themselves”

            Definitely. I find it to be a wonderful surprise to see more of the late Queen because all we’ve been shown in the earlier episodes was her being a caring, carefree, and wise mother to Yeong. I actually did not expect her to be this confident and stubborn when she faced Premier Kim in the last episode. That scene truly shows how much Yeong has taken after her.

    • 49.2 SLVR

      Just to clarify, what PM Kim did was to just draw out Queen Yoon as a free thinker. In countless historical kdramas, the relatives on the Queen’s side are always shown to be powerful, and often become the leading government faction because of their familial connection to the throne.

      By threatening Queen Yoon’s death, PM Kim could vacate the Queen’s spot, and install a Kim there. He’s politically astute enough to know that he can just wait for the CP to die young (as per the prophecy) and install a Prince from the Kim Queen in that spot- which would ensure continued power to his clan. Also, Queen Yoon is an intelligent woman with modern ideals, and can easily influence the weak King and the budding CP politically. The power of the noblemen exists as long as there is a class difference, and Queen Yoon may have proved to be an obstacle to that.

      There’s also YoonSung, who we are mislead to believe has a King’s fate, and possibly PM Kim is also securing YS’s purported future by destroying the competition.

  50. 50 India

    Hayeon being an independent woman in the end! Yes! Yes! Yes!

    • 50.1 2MuchTeeVee

      YES x10 to this comment. Ha Yeon skipping off into freedom was pretty much the best moment of the finale.

      I’m sure I’m in the very tiny minority when it comes to disliking Ra On’s character, but I thought she became almost superfluous by the end. I really didn’t like that Yoon Seung died defending her while she stood by being utterly helpless/useless yet again. I don’t understand how a girl lives her entire life as a boy, basically always on the run and growing up on the streets as a traveling performer, but somehow never learns anything about fighting, being clever, or defending herself. She always always needs rescuing, and someone always always gets hurt rescuing her. That to me was a gaping plot hole. The writers made her into a simpering, vacantly sweet character like a puppy dog. Ugh, yuck. I get it that they wanted her to be like this positive ray of lovable sunshine, I really get it. The actress is super cute and adorable and did well enough with what she got. But the writers could have made her more clever and self sufficient. They hinted at giving her some gift/talent in the plot line with the mute princess, but otherwise the only other glimpse at anything resembling her utility was that she could write… but even that, they only worked in twice, basically just the pilot and finale. It wouldve been so much more satisfying overall if she had been even just a little more useful.

      • 50.1.1 balafama

        not sure why u are disappointed that a slightly builtand very effeminate looking girl who hated living like a boy ,missed wearing girly clothes ,had a career as a performing artist and was a LOVE COUNSELLOR for goodness sakes would be a good fighter or any fighter at all. right from the get go she never fought even her creditors who sold her into a eunuchs life,, didnt fight the fake drunk surgeon who was supposed to chop off her non existent goodies, didnt try to fight the crown prince when he drew a knife on her at their first meeting.etc .
        why is she now supposed to transform into this talented warrior ?
        she barely saved herself from her loan shacks and almost chickened out when she met yeong the first time .
        she is a girl with lots of heart who had a gift for uniting troubled lovers.not every female in a story has to be strong and independent .in real life most women are actually not so strong and independent

        • balafama

          sorry meant to say would not be a good fighter.

        • Joy

          I totally agree with balafama. Although I noticed that our Ra-On become a damsel in distress way too much (why writer why) but still, I wouldn’t want her to become a girl capable of fighting back assasins’ swords out of no where, it is pointless.

        • C-chan

          DUDE, YES! EXACTLY.

          But I do think Ra On IS strong and independent. Loving someone and relying on them doesn’t automatically negate that. I actually really love that Ra On went back to writing and (most likely) helping other people with their love troubles. She has the biggest heart in all of Joseon, right? Why wouldn’t she do that?

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