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News bites: October 22, 2016
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  • Event organizers had estimated 200 fans would show, but they were sorely off the mark. Over 5,000 people were in attendance for a Moonlight Drawn By Clouds fan signing event held on the afternoon of October 19. Stars Park Bo-gum, Kim Yoo-jung, Jinyoung and Kwak Dong-yeon were in attendance and dressed in character, and thankfully, despite the sheer number of unanticipated guests, the event concluded without injury. More pictures down below! [Kookmin]
  • Shopping King Louis is now just a point behind the current leader of Wednesday-Thursday shows, Jealousy Incarnate. The upswing in ratings has been attributed to the behind-the-scenes chemistry, with a production source confirming, “It’s such a warm and nurturing set. Although it’s more than we could have hoped for, the set environment fits the story. The feel-good atmosphere shines through and gives rise to a better viewer response.” [Osen 1, 2]

  • Park Hee-soon, Jang Dong-gun, Park Hoon-jung, Kim Myung-min, Lee Jong-seok

  • Work’s just begun on VIP, the criminal noir film starring Jang Dong-gun as a national security agent who spends his time between Korea’s NIS and America’s CIA, Lee Jong-seok as a North Korean VIP (meaning he can’t be controlled by his country or by laws) suspected of serial killings, Kim Myung-min as the police officer pursuing him, and Park Hee-soon as a North Korean spy. The movie will be directed by Park Hoon-jung (The Tiger, A New World) and will be released in 2017. [Osen]
  • There’s a possible reward vacation in store for the cast and crew of Drinking Solo, but tvN has yet to confirm the news. One outlet reported that the cast and staff will depart for Danang, Vietnam for a 3-night trip on November 6, and I wonder if they’ll make a quasi-reality spinoff like they did for Let’s Eat, and name it Drinking With Friends? [DongA]
  • First there was his Heirs mom, and now another of Lee Min-ho’s Heirs castmates will make her appearance in Legend of the Blue Sea. Krystal (She’s so Lovable) has also committed to a cameo in SBS’s much-anticipated Wednesday-Thursday drama, which premieres November 16. [Xports News]

  • Krystal, Kim Min-joon, Han Chae-young

  • Speaking of cameos, Kim Min-joon (One More Happy Ending, Hidden Identity) will make a guest appearance in the first episode of the drama remake of My Sassy Girl. He’ll play the king’s uncle, and will face struggles during a mysterious event at the beginning of the story. Filming is underway now for the 100 percent pre-produced youth romance sageuk, which will be broadcast simultaneously in Korea, China, and Japan in the first half of 2017. [Sports Chosun]
  • She’s recently been focused on Chinese projects, but Han Chae-young (Pretty Man) is returning to Chungmuro with the film My Neighbor, the Star. Han will play an A-list actress and top star, while her neighbor is a middle-school tennis player played by teen actress Jin Ji-hee (Seonam Girls’ High Investigation Unit). That’s not much to go on, but I like the idea of a comedy based on a celebrity and her bratty next-door neighbor. [Yonhap]

  • Park Jin-hee, Heo Jung-eun, Oh Ji-ho, Oh Yoon-ah

  • The cast of Oh My Geum-bi is confirmed, and joining Oh Ji-ho, Park Jin-hee, Oh Yoon-ah and Heo Jung-eun is Park Min-soo (Wanted), who’ll play the best friend of Geum-bi (Heo). He adores her and only has eyes for her in class, and I’m already stricken by what the two young lovebirds will go through as Geum-bi’s childhood dementia gets worse. The cast held their first script reading on October 17, and adorable Heo already looks to be hard at work. Oh My Geum-bi will be directed by Kim Young-jo (Jang Young-shil) and will premiere on KBS on November 16. [Herald, Osen]
  • JTBC is hunting for new writing talent — their drama house is holding a scriptwriting contest in two categories: drama specials, which have to be 70 minutes in length and in single-episode form, and web dramas, which have to be 120 minutes in total. Submissions will be accepted online during the month of January. The grand prize winner will receive 20 million won, and winners will be announced in mid-April. [E Daily]


79 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. HPfangirl

    I’ve seen kim yoo jung wearing hanbok so many times but it always amazes me how beautifully she wears it. And Bogummy is ethereal too

    • 1.1 skelly

      Whoever styled them for the fanmeet did a fabulous job – all four of them looked in-character yet relaxed, with very natural-looking makeup, and their costuming was not only appropriate but also coordinated; I really liked the black/peach/lavender color palette.

      • 1.1.1 BlueCat

        I wish they would keep on wearing the bracelets as some sort of a friendship bracelet between them two. Park Bo Gum was such a joy to watch in this drama, his previous characters are extremes, the pretty boy in Cantable, the simpleton, genius Baduk player with killer moves in the kissing dept and the seeingly lost,yet cunning serial killer in IRY.
        Yea, I still have some episodes left to watch of Youth over Flowers Africa, so I’ll just go watch him there. He’s such a baby tho.

  2. Ed

    Heirs was my first kdrama, and my love for Lee Bo-Na is still going strong.

    • 2.1 Purple Owl

      My love for Bo Na will never die. Her comedic timing was perfect.

    • 2.2 amie

      Krystal should get a new hairstyle, she’s lookin old with that long hair. I dunno, maybe a wave, if she doesn’t want to chop it off, color it pink or something, just do something new. Or she could just smile, maybe.

      • 2.2.1 florance

        Hahaha. This comment is so funny and so true. She´s pretty but a bit bland.

  3. Ck1Oz

    All I did was coo at the pretty pretty pictures of the fanmeet.

    • 3.1 delurked

      I did that inappropriately in public 🙈🙈 Bo-gum destroys composure.

  4. Peyinyin

    Oh Bogumie and pretty Moonlight casts.. having moonlight withdrawals so hard right now 😂😢😢

  5. olaide

    Wait he is still wearing that bracelet

    • 5.1 maryxiah

      They both wore their bracelets to the fan meet. 😀

      • 5.1.1 Michykdrama

        ❤️ So many feels right now!

        • mehungie

          But but but Yoo Jung is supposed to have the teal one now! Oh who am I kidding *melts*

      • 5.1.2 Bongsookie

        Yoo Jung also still wore hers to the after party as well (when they no need to be dressed up in costume) 🙂

        • maryxiah

          I would too, if I was her! That bracelet looks beautiful on her.

  6. maryxiah

    So glad that Moonlight casts are showered with love and attention from fans, hopefully they will get good project after this and make a name for themselves. Kim Yoo-jung looked so beautiful in hanbok, it’s a shame she didn’t get many chance to wear it in Moonlight.

    Aww, didn’t know My Sassy Girl is a youth romance, after getting hooked with Moonlight, definitely have to check out this genre.

    • 6.1 Kiara

      I hope she’d never play a cross dresser again. Their last scene at the bookstore and the flower field was so beautiful. Acting and looks. Now that was the real Raon-ah.
      I almost wish the whole final episode was all about them in that world that he promised. Where she gets to live as a woman.

      • 6.1.1 stuffed

        Ikr! I wish there’d been more scenes of her in hanbok! So glad they went to the fansigning with the same outfit. Those two looked picture perfect in that flower field scene. Well, not that they never do, esp Bogummy.

        • Celine

          I’m glad they wore the same couple-y hanbok to the fansign as well. It’s like a continuation. lol Although I was also kind of hoping Bogum would wear his red king robe, but this one he wore is just really really beautiful so no real complaints.

          • delurked

            Hi @Celine~ Haha I’m going to miss our MDBC comments sectionnnnn 😢

            And Bo-gum in that shimmery pastel lilac material = SLAY

          • Celine

            @delurked I know, right? Me too. I have to say I’m do not yet fully feel that it has ended because the entire cast and crew are still together right now for vacation and are having fun. Once they all go their separate ways then that’s when it will surely sink in. I think we still have post drama interviews to look forward to as well.

            The reality that MDBC has ended will hit so hard tomorrow night and Tuesday morning. No more recap to look forward to. No more discussions. :'(

      • 6.1.2 maryxiah

        Me too, I was expecting more time on their scenes after Yeong became king, but we had only 5 minutes left, but they fully utilized it and every moment was beautiful.

  7. Bongsookie

    I’m missing the cast of Moonlight already!! I hope to see them in future projects soon after a well earned break 🙂 I’ve been seeing so many pics taken by fans of Bogummy on vacation at Cebu!

  8. wapz

    MDBC had one of the most beautiful hanboks i’ve ever seen in kdramas. Ido not tend to like them that much but in this show they were really pretty.

    Plus, about the JTBC writing competition, do they accept international entries/scripts? Obviously in English?
    Or do you guys know about some good online platforms where one can send/write their scripts and people can read them but the content is also protected? scripts as an episodes wise or an entire drama or film script.

    • 8.1 Lechatbeige

      I’m interested in this as well!

    • 8.2 cherkell

      As I advise my clients, any submission made to a website, company, or in person should be copyright-protected like so: When your script is finalized and complete, make sure it contains a disclaimer stating “(c) [your name] [date]” on every sheet. The most complete way of protecting yourself is to embed a watermark on every printed page stating that, or if watermarks are too complicated, just type a single line on the top and bottom of every sheet instead.

      Then mail a copy to yourself via Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested, or overnight it to yourself using FedEx, or utilise another type of mailing process where you receive a receipt showing delivery. Then submit your script accordingly to the instructions.

      That way if any portion of your submission turns up in someone else’s script, is published in excerpts, or is flat-out stolen, you have the physical proof that it was your original content to begin with and can issue a cease-and-desist to whomever is stupid enough to usurp your submission without permission or giving back credit.

      Saying all that, a quick glance at the rules does not say that JTBC is only accepting scripts in Korean at present. (All their instructions on specific font styles, paper size, etc. are written in Korean.) But it couldn’t hurt to try!

      • 8.2.1 mary

        Thanks for this, cherkell! 😀

    • 8.3 Purple Owl

      I say we write one as a beanie community. I don’t want the profit. I want a drama that is ours, lol

      And @fan could possibly translate it or one of our other Korean beanies.

      Jk but it would be sooooo cool.

      • 8.3.1 delurked

        You know, considering the kind of comments and Beanies we have here, that is not entirely impossible. 😜

        I’m seeing a DramaWorld-esque plot, with a boatload of meta and our favourite tropes thrown in 😂

  9. angieya

    I want KYJ’s hanbok! 😍

    • 9.1 Michyjiang

      Yes. It’s gorgeous!!!

  10. 10 Baek

    Wondering what the organizer thinking.. How can they estimate it to be 200 fan would show up only!!

    (Ok, maybe its for the sake of being humble/modest..)

    • 10.1 Waiting

      I thought the same….200 is such a low estimate. Two thousand seems a better guess so, maybe they left off a zero.

    • 10.2 Kiara

      They have got to know it was going to be way more than 200. They are either milking the underdog card or it was a mistranslation lol.

    • 10.3 Celine

      There’s misinformation here which I clarified in my comment below. It was not that the organizers estimated only 200. Only 200 were chosen through online lottery to get a signature because the cast could not stay for too long due to other schedules. However, the event was open to the public, so people could still go to Gyeongbokgung Palace to see the cast even if just on the sidelines. Hence, around 5000 came.

      • 10.3.1 Kiara

        Thank you for the clarification.

        I love the overview of Gyeongbokgung Palace. Reminds me of Jeong Do-jeon.
        I can’t believe it’s still there since it was designed and built at the beginning of Joseon.

      • 10.3.2 Baek

        Thanks for the clarification.. That makes more sense now haha..

        Anyway open to public for viewing.. I would go too if I’m in korea haha..

      • 10.3.3 blo

        Thanks for the clarification. I was thinking, “Surely, they couldn’t have believed only 200 would show”. That makes sense. Although, with it being open to the public, I’m surprised they didn’t think of the possibility of that happening.

  11. 11 V

    Yay for Shopping King Louie! Seo In-guk and Nam Ji-hyun are so natural and sweet in scenes it’s hard not to like them. Just adorable.

    • 11.1 Kiara

      I’m not a rom.com fan but those two are killing me softly lol.
      My sageuk girls never disappoint. Nam Ji-hyun <3. Kim Yoo-jung <3, Kang Han-na <3 etc….

      • 11.1.1 delurked

        @Kiara Hahaha that’s exactly how I would describe what this show is doing to meeee

        I described it in an earlier comment that it was like sipping a delicious cup of hot chocolate on a warm afternoon, but let’s be real, what cup of hot chocolate kills its drinker with happiness?

        THE FEELS

  12. 12 Wag_a_Muffin

    I always read news bites to get updates on who’s going to be in what. Or what’s happening.

    Usually, when I read lists of actors, with their latest, or most well known project in a parenthesis following their name, it makes sense. But when I read Krystal (She’s so Lovable) here, I didn’t think, “oh, the actress/singer Krystal and her latest K-Drama was “she’s so lovable” with Rain.

    I don’t know if it was because that Drama was so forget-able, but it was like awcoconuts was saying, “Krystal, she’s so lovable,” like a statement of fact.

    And after I realized what my brain had done, I giggled.
    Almost like, “Krystal, her acting isn’t that good, but she’s so lovable.”

    • 12.1 Jenn

      Seriously, that was Krystal? I watched the whole thing and don’t recall her in it…forgettable for sure!

  13. 13 pogo

    Awwww Kim Yoo-jung <333

    and yay for Shopping King Louis getting that ratings upswing! I'm so happy for SIG finally having a drama that does well on public broadcast.

    • 13.1 Kiara

      I’m so happy for Shopping King Louis’ rating too. Double digit yes!

    • 13.2 fab

      I can´t believe it´s his first public broadcast drama that does well ratings wise. To think that his dramas were all good and excellent. It’s about time!

  14. 14 Sancheezy

    Kim Yoo Jung hair accessory in the picture is really beautiful,
    it looks good and can be used on many occasion

    I stumble upon the holiday vacation pic and the person who took it always have PBG and KDY in once pic, hahaha

    • 14.1 maryxiah

      Me too, I like her hair accessories! I wonder who gave her the flower wreath.

  15. 15 Just_Alee

    Kwak Dong-yeon really looks like Himura Kenshin here!! Daebak!!

    • 15.1 delurked

      OMG now I can’t unsee that

  16. 16 franbergh

    kim yoo jung looks really beautiful among her boys. really glad they’re actually “listen to us” when they decide to keep the drama length into 18 eps and simply add special eps 😆
    and my sassy girl’s on the roll? i thought i didnt see any news about this drama. who’s end up playing the lead????

    • 16.1 Kiara

      Oh Yeon-seo

  17. 17 Celine

    I think the attendance of the Moonlight fansign should be clarified. What happened was they allowed online registration for all in partnership with Korea Creative Content Agency from which only 200 people were selected through lottery to get the cast members’ signature. The small number was decided because of the tight schedule of the cast who still had other schedules and needed to attend the wrap party after.
    The event, however, was open to the public because it was held out in the open in Gyeongbokgung Palace, so thousands came to see the cast even without signature. So it was not that the organizers estimated only 200. 200 only for the signing, but people were still welcome to see the cast.

    Beautiful Moonlight bbs! Congratulations! You’ve all worked hard and are now enjoying a reward vacation. Looking forward to future projects from the amazing cast.

    Yay for SIG drama hitting 10%! Congrats bb!

    • 17.1 Sancheezy

      thank you for the information
      I totally get why they only can give sign to 200 people and why more people came, I mean, I’ll go there to see the cast if I can…

    • 17.2 Elle


      Still, you had to be standing close to the palace gates to see the cast if you didn’t have the ticket. I was standing right beside the fence just outside of the fansigning area and I couldn’t see the cast at all. So many people standing on tiptoe with their cameras held high!

  18. 18 korfan

    The Moonlight cast! Oh so lovely.

    They certainly did a wonderful job. All the praise is well-deserved.

  19. 19 redfox

    Kim Yoo Jung is such a belle!!!

    Go, King Louis, Go!!!

    • 19.1 Baek

      I find her complexion so good..

      Hope the group enjoy their well deserved vacation~ I really enjoyed watching the drama..

  20. 20 SLVR

    The Moonlight Cast in their hanboks are so squishable and lovely!

    – Kwak Dong Yeon is totally Himura Kenshin, as some others have said. He was so sexy and super convincing as Byeong Yeon, I would love to see him again in a lead action role. Can they remake Samurai X as a live action Kdrama please? 😛

    – JinYoung is such a foxy man. Personally, I liked his wardrobe even more than CP’s, with the rich colours and embroideries which he carries off with aplomb(there was this one scarlet hanbok with white flowers which he wore in the sword scene with CP- I wanted to tear it off him and wear it myself, haha). He was super dashing in all the traditional wear, and imagine my happiness when I heard some of his wardrobe was borrowed from SKKS’s Gu Yong Ha, the finest fictional dandy.

    – KYJ has always had her hair braided for the traditional sageuk roles she plays, so she looks rather cute and young. However with her hair open in MDBC, she truly becomes a pretty little bombshell- how sweet is she in the promo pics, the dance scene, and of course that last scene among the flowers. Radiant and resplendent.

    – PBG is so beautiful in that last hanbok! The close up details on those clothes are stunning, with that beautiful dual gray-lavender material and those light flowers and that ornament. I wish he had worn his CP clothes though- those robes were so commanding on him hehe.
    Somebody on the soompi forums has done a wonderful analysis of CP & RO’s outfits outside the Palace, how they go from complementary colours (red/blue in the first episode) to couple outfits once they’re together (the lavender and purple outfits when they run in the rain). How cute!

    • 20.1 maryxiah

      Haha, I can’t imagine how they’d remake Kenshin in sageuk, how to turn Meiji era into…Korean? But I love Kim Hyung’s hair before it went flat! LOL.

      I think it’s his eyes. My friend keep saying he looks weird, especially on the eyes, and I realized it’s because his foxy look is in the eyes.

      It’s a shame I never notice much of the hanboks in the show, I thought they were pretty, but I never gave much thoughts into them. I do appreciate that the show makes a point to always present the lovebirds in couple outfits, lol. K-drama and its couple-y items are inseparable. I absolutely adore their hanboks in the ending scene, especially Ra-on’s floral pattern skirt (?) as well as Yeong’s flowy hanbok. Just beautiful and breathtaking.

      • 20.1.1 SLVR

        Haha, they should create a story of a rebel swordsman or something just for him. He was so awesome in that role.

        Yup, definitely in Jin Young’s eyes. His whole face gets this cold, ‘dont challenge me’ expression. You can see it when he faces off against CP for RaOn and The Evil Queen for RaOn, he has this ruthless look in his eyes and his lips purse just so. And when he’s being cheeky too, you can see the smile in his eyes. Such a dreamboat, and a powerhouse performance.

        LOL, yes haha. I can’t find the blog where this was stated, but I loved the analysis of the colours haha. I swear I really loved her last skirt, it would translate so well into a gown as well. I think a lot of people are going o be inspired by that hanbok for upcoming festivals hehe!

    • 20.2 mehungie

      Love the tidbit on the hanbok colors throughout the series! Thanks for sharing. I did notice the couple outfit vibe when Yeong took Ra On to see her Mom, but it didn’t occur to me to recognize the grand theme switching. Something else to look out for and appreciate when I rewatch this series.

      I love Ra On’s simple open hair as well. I had no idea hairdo could tell so much about a person back in the day. Wearing it up or down depends on whether they’re married or not. Such an interesting cultural detail. Would love to hear more about this topic from more knowledgeable beanies. I always thought it made sense for Ra On to have her hair that way, because she was forced to grow up as a boy and wouldn’t know how to style her hair more elaborately. Not that she needs to, anyway. This way, her pretty features really shine through, don’t they?

      • 20.2.1 SLVR

        My bookmarks has crashed, otherwise I’d send you the link! There’s also a super cute analysis of hair accessories and such as worn by the female characters, such as Ha Yeon and Evil Queen. Evil Queen’s outfits were also pretty on point haha.

        I really never noticed until I read that blog post too- they start with complementary red-blue hanboks (pit scene), deep green-deep pink (lantern scene), lots of Blue/green outfits for CP which complements the green of RO’s robe (other than his royal robe), then as they start dating, as you said the couple hanboks in the rain scene, and also a previous scene (in blue) when the Head Eununch and CP discuss her identity .

        Cultural details also impress me hehe, and you’re right about the hair in a bun. There were so many active debates on forums about CP’s marital status because of Ha Yeon’s hair updo in the posters, thank goodness they resolved that haha.

        I’m also happy they didn’t choose to have YooJung braid her hair as was the norm, leaving it loose and pretty, and more adult-like on her. The one scene when her hair was braided (as the nurse), she looked years younger- like a 12 year old, just like her TMETS self.

      • 20.2.2 Elle

        It’s this one.


        • Autumnrain

          Thank you so much.^^ College life kept me away from Moonlight thread.

        • mehungie

          This blog is so good! Thank you!

    • 20.3 delurked

      OMG fashion analysis – that is totally a class I would’ve taken in ‘Drama School’, haha:

      Looking at pictures of BGM in saeguk attire all day for the sake of SCIENCEEEE

  21. 21 blo

    Kim Yoo Jung is so gorgeous, especially in that hanbok.

  22. 22 dilemmacan'tdecideaname

    The Moonlight cast in their hanbok are so beautiful! Wow over 5000 people attend. They deserved it.

    • 22.1 dilemmacan'tdecideaname (ricenoodle)


  23. 23 mary

    The girl in Oh My Geum-bi… isn’t it the same princess in Moonlight?

    And wow, Han Chae-young, how long has it been since I’ve seen a project of yours? And when will we get a reunion with Jae-hee? T____T

    • 23.1 haruka

      THIS. Hopefully we get a Sassy Girl, Chun-yang’s couple in near future soon. I miss them and wish they have their hit streak again.

      • 23.1.1 mary

        Me too me toooooo

  24. 24 Lisa_wackycashew

    Bogummy is so cute and Yoojungie is beautiful. I love how all four came in costumes and spent a memorable time with fans.

    I’m very excited about VIP!! LJS as baddie! Woot!

    I’ll be watching The Legend of the Sea for JJH.

  25. 25 owl

    So satisfying to scroll down and gaze at these pictures. Puts a dreamy smile on my fact.

    • 25.1 owlc


  26. 26 Sayaka

    While Moonlight Drawn by Clouds wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, I do appreciate how well it was produced the cinematography music, set, everything was great. The actors also give some excellent and memorable performances.

    The actor definitely deserved the support for all their hard work.

    I’m really looking forward to VIP. I can’t wait to see LJS as a villain.

  27. 27 mary


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