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On the Way to the Airport: Episode 12
by | October 30, 2016 | 52 Comments

When watching a show that deals with such serious subject matter, I truly relish episodes like this. It’s a nice, breezy hour, with our hero being extra swoonworthy and our heroine being extra awesome. Su-ah has always been that strong, independent woman I love seeing in dramas, but the obstacles in her life have constantly held her back. And now is the time for her to really fight for what she wants.



Our couple is together once again at the airport, and after confronting a very scared, hesitant Su-ah, Do-woo somehow convinces her to let him drive her back. They drive for a while until he pulls up to the side of the road to ask if she lives here on Jeju Island.

Keeping her gaze out the window, Su-ah asks Do-woo to keep driving so she can pick up Hyo-eun.

They arrive at the home of Hyo-eun’s babysitter, prompting Do-woo to ask where Su-ah lives. To Su-ah’s relief, she gets a call from Kevin before she has to answer the question. She lies to Kevin that she’d decided to take the bus back and apologizes for leaving suddenly.

Su-ah turns to Do-woo and tells him in a strained voice that she’s finally able to live comfortably, and that she can’t handle this right now. So she gets out of his truck without another word, and Do-woo stays behind and watches as she picks up Hyo-eun.

He turns off the headlights and quietly follows the two as they walk back home, which isn’t very far. When the two head into their home, Do-woo exits the car and recognizes the pathway as the same spot he’d lit for the woman walking alone at night. It now registers that the woman was Su-ah. He’s shocked to discover that she was so close, but a faint smile forms on his face.

Su-ah puts Hyo-eun to bed and, knowing he’s still out there, comes out to see Do-woo. She learns that he lives on the island now – just down the street, no less – and doesn’t know what to make of this situation. “I know very well what this is,” Do-woo says.

Do-woo hurries back to Grandma’s gallery to check in with the assistant who brought more of Grandma’s artwork. Do-woo offers to take the assistant to a hotel, but the man has no problem sleeping on the couch tonight. Before the assistant can ask for a blanket, Do-woo is already out the door.

He goes straight to Su-ah’s place again, getting her attention with his bike light. She comes out, surprised to see that he came back. Do-woo just smiles at her, calling her “my neighbor Choi Su-ah.”

He hopes to see her often as they come and go. Su-ah relaxes at his words and musters up a smile herself. She’s able to go inside a little more at ease, and Do-woo watches her every step, content to finally be in the same place. He’s still smiling as he rides his bike home. Oh, you.

We return to Seoul and see Suk confronting Hye-won with the recording of Annie’s last phone call. Do-woo may not have wanted Hye-won to feel guilty about this, but Suk is all for it. But rather than a threat, Suk sees this as some firm advice – to part ways with Do-woo cleanly and to let go of her hold on the old house.

Hye-won returns to her work and asks Suk to leave if he’s done talking. Suk’s eyes widen as he asks how Hye-won isn’t at all bothered by this recording. As Hye-won ignores him, Suk desperately tells her not to be this way. When Suk leaves her alone, Hye-won shuts her laptop and puts her face in her hands, overwhelmed with frustration.

The next morning, Su-ah sends Hyo-eun off to school, only to be left with a nudging curiosity. She heads down the street to the very last building and pokes her head in, surprised to see Do-woo standing right inside. The assistant points her out, making her panic and hide behind the door.

Do-woo happily invites her in. When the assistant asks who she is, Do-woo plays it cool and acts as if he’d expected her to come by as a customer. He asks what kind of furniture she’d like, and Su-ah goes along with it by asking for a dining table. Do-woo: “How many family members? Two? Or… three?” Su-ah: “Two chairs will do.”

Do-woo’s face lights up, relieved to hear that. Su-ah starts to feel mighty uncomfortably and starts to leave, but Do-woo insists she has to leave her contact information. He closes the space between them and takes out his phone, telling her he never changed his number since he was hoping she would call. “I waited and waited,” he says, looking into her eyes.

Though she still seems unsure about this, she calls his phone. As he saves the new number under “Han River Waterfront” again, he advises her to take her walks in the daytime instead of having to come home at night. He mentions the bicycle, triggering Su-ah’s memory of the man who’d lit the pathway for her the other night.

She looks up at him in shock. He merely smiles and says, “You ran far away, and yet you’re still this close. You really don’t know what this is?” The assistant cuts in, giving Su-ah the chance to breathe. She takes her leave and Do-woo calls out that he’ll call her. As she walks further away, Su-ah can’t help but smile.

Jin-suk and crew return from another flight. Mi-jin breaks away from the group, so Jin-suk bids everyone farewell and goes after her. He follows her outside and asks if she’s feeling okay. Instead of answering, Mi-jin asks where Su-ah is. Instead of answering that, Jin-suk asks who she keeps meeting up with lately. “Let’s see who’s more curious,” Jin-suk suggests.

Mi-jin tells him to play this little game by himself and saunters off.

Meanwhile, Su-ah keeps running into Do-woo – when she comes home from work, when she takes out the trash – and he just passes by, all “Howdy, neighbor” every time. You are so going out of your way to run into her, lol. Nonetheless, it definitely gets Su-ah smiling.

Joo-hyun and other flight attendant Sang-yeob find out that Jin-suk’s coworker – the one who’s been helping Su-ah adjust in Jeju – is in Seoul, so they call him out for a drink. We find out this coworker’s name is Kevin, and as the three talk about the crew, Kevin slips out that he often sees Su-ah these days. Sang-yeob feels bad for Su-ah, but Joo-hyun drunkenly insists that Mi-jin didn’t even do anything. All the while, Kevin just sits there in confusion, wondering what the heck they’re talking about.

Over dinner, Grandma Young-sook tells Jin-suk that her workout buddy was recently taken to the hospital, and when the woman’s child called, it made her realize how family is just as important as health as you get older. It also makes her think of Su-ah, which Jin-suk, of course, seems indifferent about.

Haha, Je-ah is still on guard duty at Mi-jin’s apartment. Since Mi-jin still isn’t feeling too well, she’s not in the mood and tells him to get lost. She then gets a call, and is instantly delighted to hear that it’s Kevin. As the two catch up, Je-ah eavesdrops until Mi-jin shoos him away. Upon hearing that Je-ah is there, Kevin mentions Su-ah.

Mi-jin finally learns that Su-ah is living in Jeju, though she tries to hide the surprise in her voice from Kevin. When they hang up, Mi-jin mutters to herself that it’s just like Su-ah to run away from her problems.

Mi-jin ignores Jin-suk’s calls, but when he shows up at her doorstep, she’s forced to let him in. He settles in with a beer, and it’s not long before they go into their usual bickering. He grumbles that he’s going to come and go as his heart desires, which fires Mi-jin up. She hates the very phrase “follow your heart” since it’s always sure to change, and she definitely regrets following her heart that night in Australia.

Mi-jin tells Jin-suk to snap out of it and take care of his family instead of basking in his freedom here in Seoul. She reveals that Je-ah saw Jin-suk coming into her apartment and that Je-ah has been bugging her ever since, and she wonders why it’s only Jin-suk who’s unscathed in this whole messed up situation. All Jin-suk hears is “Je-ah,” and he’s angry to discover that he’s the guy she’s been seeing.

Do-woo calls Su-ah to further discuss the table, but since she needs to go to work soon, he offers to drive her so they can discuss it on the way. It’s a bit of an awkward drive, so Su-ah breaks the silence by gesturing to the back and saying how she’s always wanted to ride in the bed of a truck. Do-woo asks if she wants to do it now, but she’d rather do it another time.

They make a quick stop at the wood shop where Do-woo asks her some questions about what kind of table she’d like. When he asks how long she plans on staying in Jeju, she can only shrug – since she came in such a haste, she’s still trying to sort things out. She looks at his smiling face, noting, “You’re a little different. For some reason, you seem more comfortable.” He nods in agreement.

They head back to the car and, like it’s the most natural thing in world, he takes her hand to help her inside. As he shuts the door and looks at her, he thinks back to Su-ah’s expression when Do-woo had scattered Annie’s ashes by the Han River.

Jin-suk and Kevin find the time to meet up for lunch, and Kevin panics when Jin-suk tells him he plans to fly over to Jeju Island today. Kevin immediately calls Su-ah to warn her and to offer up his place for Hyo-eun to hide out. Su-ah is so flustered that she can barely think out a plan. For now, she calls Do-woo to cancel the plans they’d made for later that day to talk about the table.

First, Su-ah tells Hyo-eun to stay at the neighborhood granny’s place, and then she rushes home to unpack and lay out Hyo-eun’s books and school supplies. Later, Do-woo catches a glimpse of Jin-suk riding in Kevin’s car just as Su-ah rushes out of a convenience store and back toward the house. Remembering Jin-suk from the café in Seoul, it dawns on him that Su-ah’s husband is now in town.

Jin-suk inspects the house, making sure to throw in a few complaints before asking Su-ah if she needs anything. And then, out of the blue, he brings up the time he’d asked if Mi-jin was seeing anyone. He says he found out Mi-jin was seeing Je-ah, and he looks at Su-ah, expecting her mutual disapproval.

“So?” Su-ah says. She tells him that there’s nothing wrong with the two meeting. After all, they could have a legitimate reason. Jin-suk nods, wondering why Mi-jin gives him side dishes then… (Whoops.) He realizes that Su-ah isn’t supposed to know he and Mi-jin are close and clumsily comes up with the excuse that he saw Mi-jin by chance and she gave him some food.

Su-ah laughs dryly (girl, I would too), at how the first thing Jin-suk asked about was Mi-jin and Je-ah. Jin-suk is caught off guard and quickly lies that he just happened to think of it.

“Do you see Mi-jin often?” Su-ah blurts out.

Now totally defensive, Jin-suk asks if Je-ah said anything to Su-ah. When she says no, he demands to know why she asked him that then. “I just happened to think of it,” she echoes his words from before. Jin-suk tells her not to have any strange thoughts – he’s sure she must have drinks with male colleagues all the time.

Do-woo’s coworker at the wood shop barges in, saying that Seo Do-woo wanted her to come check what size table Su-ah needed. Ack!

Thankfully, Jin-suk doesn’t seem to remember the name. Once the worker leaves, Su-ah just tells him she doesn’t talk to Mi-jin these days and ends the conversation there.

They go to a furniture shop, and Jin-suk tells her to buy absolutely everything she and Hyo-eun might need. Su-ah asks him if he’s saying this out of worry she might return to Seoul early, and he responds with a mere, “Yeah.”

Jin-suk argues that after ten years of marriage, seeing each other only once in a while like they do now is a blessing for them – it gives them the chance to long for each other. Su-ah asks if longing for each other is really what he thinks a marriage is. When they don’t even like living with each other, she wonders how they can be a married couple. “Is this still a marriage? What am I to you?”

Jin-suk continues browsing the furniture and blankly says that that kind of question should only be asked when there’s still something left between them. If there was something left, he’d at least consider answering. He goes back to admiring a dining table. Su-ah’s expression breaks for a brief second as she digests what he just said. Then it hardens, and she says that she’s already bought a dining table. He asks about the other furniture, but she persistently repeats that all she needs is that table. Nothing else.

Mi-jin visits Hyun-joo unni and they’re all smiles until Hyun-joo brings up Jin-suk. When she was still a flight attendant, Hyun-joo saw the two in the middle of a passionate fight, so she knows they were a thing. She tells Mi-jin to apologize to Su-ah. Feeling cornered, Mi-jin casually asks if Hyun-joo has any alcohol in the store, but Hyun-joo tells her to apologize and then come back if she’s still feeling wronged.

Wanting the alcohol now, Mi-jin meets up with Ji-eun. But since Ji-eun needs to be in a meeting soon, she has Mi-jin tie some knots to ease her mind instead. While they’re talking, Ji-eun’s intern approaches them and informs Ji-eun that Do-woo set up all of Grandma’s ornaments on Jeju Island. Mi-jin’s head snaps up, stunned to discover that he ended up in the exact same place as Su-ah.

Kevin finds Su-ah sitting on a bench at the airport, having just sent Jin-suk back to Seoul. Kevin asks her if she’s going to keep lying about Hyo-eun going to an international school. Su-ah isn’t sure herself – at first, she wanted to lie to run away, and now she wants to lie to stay on the island. She can’t figure out if she should continue lying or stop. Kevin smiles and pats an imaginary overhead bin, telling her to do her final check. She needs to finish it in order to go after what she wants.

Back at the old house, Suk is surprised to see movers taking all of Hye-won’s stuff.

Hye-won sits in a café, recalling the time she’d brought Annie to the same spot. Hye-won had written down a full back story for Annie, including her favorite food and dream job. However, Annie hadn’t understood why she had to act as this independent child who only wanted to study abroad. Hye-won had ordered her to just live that way.

“What was your dream?” Annie had asked. Hye-won had told her normal kids didn’t care about their parents’ dreams, so Annie told her to list it under her back story that she loved her parents then. And that her name was Seo Eun-woo. Hye-won had said that Annie had to go by the name Do-woo called her – Annie had no other choice, since Do-woo was way over her level.

Annie had wondered if Hye-won accomplished her dream by meeting Do-woo. Hye-won hadn’t answered, so Annie again asked what her mom’s dream was. Hye-won had coldly stated she didn’t like the word “dream.” It was then that Annie realized what her dad said was true: that Hye-won believed only pathetic people used the word “dream.”

“After I heard that, I understood why you didn’t look for me,” Annie had said. And for once, Hye-won had actually looked somewhat hurt.

In the present, Hye-won meets with Ji-eun’s mom to make an arrangement for the old house. She believes Do-woo is capable of protecting the house, so it has to be him to stay there and maintain it. And Hye-won is willing to let the house go to the foundation if there’s no successor after Do-woo. Ji-eun’s mom asks what to do about the alimony then.

Hye-won flashes back to that conversation with Annie. Hye-won had wanted to settle the argument by saying that this whole charade was for Annie’s sake, and Annie had said that she would believe that and would work hard to make sure Hye-won wouldn’t regret keeping her.

Hye-won looks back at Ji-eun’s mom and asks that she give her enough money to study and work the way that she wants. “That is my dream,” Hye-won says, handing over some papers with the details.

Suk lets Do-woo know that Hye-won is moving out, but Do-woo definitely doesn’t look as ecstatic as Suk does. Do-woo calls Hye-won, and they finally talk out their divorce. Before hanging up, Hye-won wants to ask Do-woo one last thing: “If Annie hadn’t appeared, would you have accepted me? It was because of Annie, right? You can tell me the truth now.”

Do-woo tells her that he’d been watching her even before Annie showed up. We flash back to Do-woo finding Hye-won still working late at night, and he’d smiled, appreciating her determination. He tells her now that he never would’ve married her if he didn’t really love her. And now, he only wishes for her to live at ease. He suggests that she also consider visiting Annie.

Hye-won says that she’ll think about it and hangs up. But we see that she’s already in front of Annie’s columbarium. She thinks back to Annie’s final words of the conversation that day: She’d wanted everyone to live happily as a family. Hye-won stares at her daughter’s picture, murmuring that maybe she should’ve just lived as Annie had said.

Gazing out at the water, Do-woo hopes that Annie is able to console her mother.

As she rides the bus back, Su-ah is flooded with the conversations she had with Jin-suk earlier. And as she steps down from the bus and walks along the road, the conversations stop at what Kevin said earlier – to finish what needs to be finished.

She stops walking and pats her imaginary overhead bins closed one by one. She shuts the last bin with purpose, telling herself, “Final check finished.”

Do-woo jumps up after getting a text and drives to a bus stop where Su-ah is waiting for him. As they drive the rest of the way to Su-ah’s house, Su-ah assumes that Do-woo must have many questions for her. Su-ah asks him if she can now ride in the back of the truck, and he, of course, nods yes. She hands him her phone, telling him that when she moved here, she always texted herself as a way to talk to him, and that all his questions will be answered there.

Su-ah climbs into the back while Do-woo reads every single text that was meant for him. He reads about how ever since they first met at the airport, she’s been having the same dreams and has been saying the same things. And we cut to just moments before when Do-woo met her at the bus stop. Before he approached her, she’d quietly said, “I missed you.”

After Do-woo reads her texts, he takes off again, with Su-ah enjoying the fall air in the back. The feeling is so great that she closes her eyes and spreads her arms, the biggest smile on her face.


Aw, what a lovely way to end the episode. This entire episode, actually, was a welcome breath of fresh air. There was little to no major drama and surprisingly, that aching guilt I’d felt throughout the course of this show has completely vanished. These two marriages felt very much over to me, and I was just so happy to have Su-ah and Do-woo together and smiling again. And it looked as if they could finally smile freely at each other without conflicting emotions weighing down on them. They know they love each other, they know they need to end their marriages, and they did end their marriages. I honestly can’t think of another episode of Airport that left me this satisfied.

I mean, Su-ah did decide to divorce Jin-suk in that last scene, right? Right? I noticed that as she spread her arms in the truck that her left hand was missing a wedding ring, so it has to be over with Jin-suk. And not a moment too soon. Well, okay, I was hoping for it to happen a lot sooner, but I understood that with Su-ah’s personality, she had a lot going on in her mind and she wasn’t quite sure how to handle it. So thank goodness Kevin came along and gave her that extra push she needed to once and for all shut Jin-suk out of her life. I really have to praise the show for tying in that small moment from Episode 8 where Su-ah shut the imaginary bins. I found the scene cute and funny, but I never even thought they could bring it back this way. I absolutely loved how the gesture was used as a way for Su-ah to finish one part of her life so she could start chasing after the next. It was beautiful, just like the rest of this show.

Another beautiful moment was definitely Hye-won’s small step down from villainy. She’s still the same person – I think she’ll always be the same person – but at least now I know there is some human quality within her. While trying to get the audience on Su-ah and Do-woo’s side, Hye-won started to feel like a cardboard cutout of a drama villain, and I knew the show was better than that. There are certainly bad people in the world, but I consistently found it hard to believe that Do-woo would’ve married this woman if she was really that despicable. I think the hard worker in Hye-won is admirable to an extent, so I do believe that Do-woo loved her, and that he still loves her despite everything that she’s done. Because Do-woo is a good person, and I trust that he saw the good in Hye-won.

But now that Do-woo is free from Hye-won, and Su-ah has just decided to be free from Jin-suk, I do wonder where the show will go from here. I’m sure divorcing Jin-suk won’t be a piece of cake, but still, eight more episodes is a lot of time. It’s a bit unnerving, but it’s also pretty exciting not to know what will happen next. I just hope that whatever happens, Su-ah will always find a way back to her “dining table.”


52 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. JejuUnnie

    This show is such a breathe of fresh air. It’s exactly what I need at the end of each week.

    I love how in this episode, the show fleshes out Hye Won a bit more. I was hoping they wouldn’t let her remain a cardboard cut out villian, and I’m satisfied now. She’s not a good person by any means, but now I feel like she’s more of a person.

    Totally adoring the jeju-do scenery too! I’m feeling that ‘pack up and move to jeju’ virus starting to infect me

  2. Hope

    Thanks for this speedy recap of a beautiful n satisfying episode. I know there are eight more episodes to go, but for me I”ll be more than happy to treat this as a very Happy ending. I really don’t care what happens to Jinsuk n Mijin. I can just be happy that Sua n Dowoo are together n he can smile his adorable dimpled smile 😊

    • 2.1 light

      Yes I miss his dimpled eye smile!

    • 2.2 Fiona

      Is it gonna be 20 or 16 episode? Another forum said it will 16 and they really sure about it..

  3. Mintylilly

    I never noticed about the ring on SuAh finger(or lack thereof) . thanks for pointing it out. Im gonna go through episodes and check again. It seems like Su Ah is finally at peace with herself.

  4. aimi

    love this episode. thanks for the recaps

  5. jub_jube

    I’m so confused, does this show have 16 episodes or 20?

    • 5.1 justanotherfan

      It’s 20, chingu

      • 5.1.1 jub_jube


      • 5.1.2 The Doctor

        I was confused at first, I thought 20 eps. But asianwiki has it as 16 eps. Is it reduced or was it always have been 16?

  6. Diana

    “You ran far away, and yet you’re still this close. You really don’t know what this is?”
    It’s fate girl!!!
    Oh no, I love the way Doo Woo show his love to Su Ah.
    He didn’t really push her to leave her husband, he just keep showing her that there is a man, and in this time is her neighbor, who love him in everyway, saying hi when she was about going to home, helping her throwing trash, and making a dinner table,..
    Love is not always a big thing, love is every little things you do for someone you love.

    Thanks for the recap. Can’t wait for the next eps.

  7. Hana

    Since DW’s wife is basically letting go and giving him up this episode, I’m sure next time they will give it the final closure but I don’t see her being a huge drama maker at this point. I actually like that she is stepping away, I think it suits her personality. She is very intelligent and she knows she lost him. She’s still going to protect what is important to her which is work but she also will keep her pride by walking away with her head held high. I’m surprised DW hasn’t told SA that he is getting divorced. Besides actually signing the papers they are pretty much done now since they made the separation negotiations. So in order to fill the void of the rest of the drama I think they are going to drag out the whole JS and MJ drama which UGH. They are also going to have a draw out battle with JS and SA divorce. I’m sure he won’t just let her walk away because how dare she. Which is silly because he clearly said he doesn’t care about her and they have no relationship. So its just going to frustrate me the he’s going to cling to her when he obviously doesn’t care.

    • 7.1 light

      I can’t figure out why he clings to her still. He doesn’t want to be the one to initiate the divorce? Is it reputation? Is it his daughter?

      • 7.1.1 lemoncello

        I think, it’s gonna be his ego. We know who JS always looks down on SA. He would not believe that in the end SA will be the one who’s asking for separation.

      • 7.1.2 Hana

        exactly and thats what is going to drive me nuts. With so many episodes left its the only route that makes sense. They already have DW and his marriage wrapped up nicely so the next step is SA to leave her marriage and she slowly is doing that. She moved away and set up her own home with as little help from JS as possible. I think she is refusing his money on purpose so she isn’t tied to him in anyway. He can’t lay claim to anything in her new life because she’s doing it all alone. Once she finally decided to divorce him the only opposition will be from him and possibly his mom. He will probably try to use their daughter as a way to keep her. Ex. You can leave but I’m taking custody of her. Which again makes no sense since he clearly has no interest in raising his daughter. The only thing that would make sense is him being prideful and not liking that she moved on with another man. But even that is not enough filler for 8 eps. He doesn’t love her , you can’t convince me that he does. Not when every time they talk he very plainly states I don’t like you, I don’t want to love with you. Our relationship is nothing. Besides inconvenience I don’t understand why he doesn’t divorce her.

        • Hana

          I don’t want to live* with you not love haha ugh auto correct,

          Also I’m going to make a prediction!!! I think MiJin is pregnant. They are making a point of saying how she has been ill ever since the night in the hotel with JS. Yes, it could be stress but I doubt she feels that guilty that she was being feeling nauseous. I think part of the drama will be her pregnancy and Mijin wanting JS to leave SA so they can be together finally but he won’t want to give up his marriage for ego reasons and he already has a family. I could see him telling her to have an abortion. Because unlike all the people who romanticize their relationship I don’t believe JS loves MJ. If he loved her he would never have cheated on her so openly or at all. He is a classic narcissist, he only truly loves himself.

          • hkw

            I never thought that Mi Jin is pregnant, but its possible.
            I think next, HW would try to reconcile with DW and try to live in Jeju (oh, no!) so that the drama would prolong a bit.

          • Bubbeez

            MJ possibly being pregnant crossed my mind, too! I sure hope not. JS is really a dick so unworthy of being with anyone. Change your door code, MJ!! Geez… I think his Mom is on to him too. I must say this has become one of my fave dramas right now. It’s so lovely and heartfelt. SA would probably forgive MJ in time cause she’s that type of person. I’m glad HY showed some humanity here not quite redeeming herself but it was something. I think I’ll have to put visiting beautiful Jeju island on my “bucket list”.

          • hana

            This episode really cemented her letting Do woo go ,so for her to move to Jeju to be with him wouldn’t make sense narratively. She already drew up the paperwork giving him the house and asking for alimony. I don’t think they are going that way. I think they are leaving the next 8 episodes to deal with SA and JS marriage. If MJ is pregnant that would be a huge plot point. It would force her to admit they slept together. Even after being confronted she still claims they only talked all night. A baby would force her to admit to SA that they did have an affair. It would also give SA more ammo for her divorce. JS abandoning MJ to try and hold on to SA might give MJ the final push to break free from her 10+ year prison of JS. She would need to start a new life for her and her child. She would most certainly need to leave her job, it would be obvious to everyone who’s baby it was. Pregnant by a married coworker? Yeah job over. I could see them filling 8 episodes with that drama.

      • 7.1.3 haleiwababygirl

        JS is a big jerk. He has claustrophobia which is not good for a pilot. Marrying SA probably gave him the ego boost he needed to keep his “phobia” in check while “skirt chasing” gave his self esteem a bigger boost. JS is a jerk who knows how to play MJ well. He knows MJ would do anything for her friendship with SA. MJ and SA have known each other longer than SA has known JS, so he uses it to his advantage. JS is good at using people for the good of himself, as long as he gets off looking good he doesn’t care about anything else.

    • 7.2 Faye

      Sua’s husbank is an ASS of a husband. He has no idea how to be a husband and he shows he has no interest in his child’s life. He is one sorry excuse for a father. He talks like Sua is a mere wife who does not deserve anything from him. Why in the hell did he even marry Sua in the first place because I can see, he’s still playing the game like he’s Mr. playboy and that all the women just swoon at the sight of him. Then he acts like he’s Minin’s boyfriend whom is the bestfriend of hiswife. Oh my,I cant get over this silly man and he’s no father figure at all. I feel sorry for his daughter for having a bad father-figure. Hope when Sua finally marries Dow Woo, this little girl will finally have a daddy who really cares about her.

  8. light

    This episode evoked mixed feelings. I am glad Su Ah finally decided to be liberated from the shackles of an emotionally absent husband. But I am still quite sad that the marriages have finally come to an end. Maybe a little sad for Hye Won as she longingly asks Do Woo if he loved her then. Even so, a marriage based on lies is hard to survive if one feels mighty betrayed. I have seen a marriage crumble due to lies. Conversely though, Jin Suk’s honesty about his view on his marriage helped Su Ah come to a final decision. They are two different people indeed.

    Kevin is one example of how great advice can come from the most unexpected people. And he wasn’t even very close to her. I love how this show includes the new people the leads meet on their journey. Ofcourse with varied effects, but very slice of life.

    I could imagine this drama in a form of a novel. I want to read it if there is one. And Jeju! Fantastic promotion I must say. Reminds me of my own travels to quaint neighbourhoods with amazing viewpoints.

  9. nomad

    This drama is beautiful in so many ways, OST included. I’ve been wondering how SA got married with JS in the first place. I mean at least I can understand how DW married HW. I was at least assured that he loved her in the beginning bcs she was such a hard working and passionate with her job. But JS? I mean why would SA marry JS? He’s so narcissistic in a whole different level. He’s so blunt about how he doesn’t feel ANYTHING towards his wife. It amazes me when people don’t even try to get closer to their spouse after feeling that they’ve drifted apart. I mean, an attempt. That’s all. Some broken things can’t be mended, sure…but no attempt?

  10. 10 floating

    huh, I was under the impression this drama was 16 eps. I thought they cut down the eps from 20 to 16 a couple of weeks ago.

    • 10.1 amaebi

      I think there are only 16 eps too.

  11. 11 Athena

    Thanks for the recap. I am so glad that Suah and Dowoo found each other – they deserve to be happy. I think Suah will tell Hyoeun that she plans to divorce Jinsuk and Hyoeun wll be okay with it.

  12. 12 korfan

    After this episode it appears that the story with Hye-won has run its course. It’s possible that this may not be case just yet. ……. Recall a couple of episodes ago, when Do-woo went to the pottery place Annie visited and he met with the older gentleman, Mr. Moon. ……. Mr. Moon still holds a secret that he said he couldn’t divulge to Do-woo. If that secret involves Hye-won, we’re not quite done with her.

    Jin-suk continues to fascinate with his level of dysfunction. Putting aside the fact that he never even inquires about Su-ah and his daughter’s well-being (seriously, have we ever heard him ask, “How are you?”), we see him declare that there’s nothing left between them as a couple. This being the case, you have to wonder why he doesn’t flat out suggests a divorce, a clean break from something he clearly finds so unpleasant. ……. He mentioned to Su-ah that not seeing each other is a blessing. You’d think he’d want to make that blessing permanent, so that he wouldn’t feel so burdened, bothered and inconvenienced. ……. However, I think something in him finds something in that broken relationship, that he needs to cling on to. If this is the case, there may be rough waters ahead for Su-ah because he’s not going to go quietly, as they say.

    • 12.1 Flightey Gazelles

      He needs the marriage to feel settled. I don’t think he has any great liking for Su Ah. It was just convenient. That’s why he likes a wife like Su Ah with a subdued, patient,non-confrontational personality who will give him that.

  13. 13 mai-mai

    Oh I didn’t even noticed the ring.

    Thanks for the recap.

    I love how DW lovingly looked at Soo Ah, so heartfelt. The OST as well is on point It really gives soul to the this show.

    I love this show.

  14. 14 hanshimi

    Loved your comments, SailorJumun! Especially about Hye-won. Very insightful! 🙂

    I’m starting to get a little bit tired of the repetition/expectedness of the characters’ interactions, so I agree about this being a very welcome breath of fresh air; it feels like things are really starting to change, whether it’s how each character sees the people around him/her or how he or she sees herself.

    Also, this is a purely superficial judgment but I LOVE Kevin.

    • 14.1 Pebble

      I love Kevin too! It was so lucky that SA was able to find a confidante in Kevin to fill in the void left by MJ. He is supportive and trustworthy, willing to lend a listening ear and providing sound advice without being nosy and imposing. This is what SA needed most at this juncture when she is contemplating a major life change.

      That last scene is so liberating! Looking at how SA was losing herself in that moment of newfound freedom,
      relishing the wind in her face, guilt-free and with dignity, this famous quote from The Scarlet Letter came to mind: “She had not known the weight until she felt the freedom.”

      I would also like to share the lyrics of Melissa Otto’s
      Light As A Bird here, it perfectly describes SA’s liberated mind and pulsating heart at that moment:

      Light as a bird I could fly
      That’s the way I always feel
      When your love melts away my fears
      For you have revived
      Breathed new life
      To the dreams you put inside
      Dreams you wired
      Deep inside my mind

  15. 15 Karuna

    Hye-won’s change seemed a little sudden – though the scene with Annie was nicely played. This and a few pacing issues made me feel the episodes have been cut. On the other hand SA’s gradual awakening worked.

    All that flashlight on the part of DW seemed a little strange though I guess it is a lighting her path/blinding her to the obvious kind of symbolism?!

    SSR is the weakest link here, first I thought the part badly written but now I think the interpretation is a little off. On the other hand I like Choi Yeo-jin, the women really carry this show.

    On a frivolous note, DW why your photo frames so tacky?! And how many times are you going to leave that poor man who came all the way to Jeju?!

    On the whole despite some improbable elements forcing plot progress and it being a bit of a 30s-40s middle class wish fulfillment (end shot of Ep 12 encapsulates this perfectly while also being perfect) I enjoy this drama and will be sad to see it end. For a drama about the fallout of an illicit love, it has the refreshing feel of gentle rain.

    • 15.1 June

      IN this world, I was never able to see the how anybody can have an affair. How can that be. Watching this show,, now I can see some of the many reasons why people get divorced. Look at the father and husband of Suam he’s one example for any marriage to break up. That is a viable reason for his wife to look for someone else to fulfill her marriage emotions. She’s not getting anything from her husband but putdowns, lookdowns and what woman can live like this. To say the least, this affair is okay with me big time. I would say, this affair can happen with my 100% approval. We all need love and affections from our spouses and this man is an ASS in his role as a husband and father. He fail on both counts and he needs to look for another wife-object to take all his craps. He’s full of dysfunctional craps.

  16. 16 Pollyanna

    As much as I am enjoying this, I can’t really see how they can stretch this out for another 8 episodes unless…

    … everyone here turns polyamorous …

    Given that this is South Korea that we are talking about, there’s not a chance of a snowball in hell of THAT happening.

  17. 17 Nanoo

    Still my most favorited drama currently 🙂

    • 17.1 Noona

      Mine too. Makes me wanna get one of those new 70 inch curved tv whenever i watch this drama! Too bad my room is too small to accommodate it.

  18. 18 Flightey Gazelles

    I think Jin Suk is a huge charmer and can turn it on when he really wants to. And from what we’ve seen, he is a relentless go-getter.

    Jin Suk strikes me as the kind of guy who at some point, gets tired of their single, chasing, somewhat wild life and decide to settle down in order to feel grounded. I know guys like that.
    They say their fed up with this dating thing, the lack of commitment( to them) in relationships, especially if their the kind to cheat. So they wrongly belief that a marriage will make them feel settled. It works for a few months, years and then reality comes crashing down and you find them wishing for their single life, trying to do those things that feel like they’ve still got it.

    • 18.1 Hannasj

      Well for me based on how Jin Suk care so much about his outer appearance and character and how it appear and appeal to other people, I think he married Su Ah just for other people to conceived him as a successful captain with a succesfull marriage with a good and loyal wife. i think its all for the sake of his social status. And thats also why he wont divorced Su Ah even if he doesnt have feeling for her anymore because that would mean he would become a divorcee and would taint his so-called social status. Just my 2cents.

  19. 19 Pollyanna

    Just 1 question for Beanies here –

    Do you think that the elderly grandma whom DW helped off the bus and the kindly grandma who babysat HE are one and the same?

    If so, hands of fate, people…

    • 19.1 lemoncello

      Yes, she is.

  20. 20 Small Birdy

    This week’s episodes continue the show’s nuanced emotions. The writer is slowly revealing more of each character’s motivation and I find it refreshing that all of them are quite human and not some over the top drama psycho.

    Su Ah and Do Woo ending up on Jeju was hinted on earlier so it comes as no surprise that it happened. However, the show reveals this in a subtle enough way for it not to be too contrite. Somehow, it feels like one of those destiny/fate movies that were popular in the 90’s. Anyone recall something like that?

    Even so, it feels great to take this slow boat down the meandering river of SA’s and DW’s journey as they emerge from the haze of their initial encounter and start thinking clearly. Both have arrived at a decisive stop in their journey and, what a relief it is that their actions prove to be mature and rational. DW told Hye Won what he thinks should happen and gave her time to digest. Any other drama would have just let unspoken things remain unspoken for the sake of noble idiocy or as a plot contrivance. Here, DW dealt with a firm hand and even ensured that Hye Won will receive minimal damage in the process. Thankfully, HW’s reaction didn’t broach makjang territory. However, it is unknown whether his was a contrite act on his part for his affair. While SA always felt guilt over her relationship with DW, DW deliberately followed his heart with relatively less emotional burden. Although DW was devastated by Hye Won’s lies, ultimately he was more concerned about how it will affect SA upon his separation. Perhaps it really was all about Annie and less about Hye Won. Theirs is an odd relationship with both having disparate motivations for being in it. Hye Won was in it only for her career and promptly checked out of being a part of her family. DW was in it mainly for Annie. So far, the show has been vague about DW’s true character and Lee Sang Yoon’s ambiguous portrayal doesn’t offer much insight either. It would be very interesting if this character had even more layers to it.

    SA finally put her foot down even though the last thing any loving parent would do is destabilize a child’s environment. Moving away was, unwittingly, a final test for JS and he thoroughly proved to SA that she means nothing to him. His daughter also didn’t rank high on his list as he found other matters more pressing than her well-being. There seems to be very little redeeming quality left in JS at this point. However, just like DW, this character is also somewhat hard to pin down. Although he is very selfish, we have not yet seen him overstep his boundaries or commit any depraved act. JS remains an interesting character to watch as is Mi Jin. Why is it so hard to trust MJ just because she had a colourful past? (BTW, if this was a rom-com, I want her to date Je Ah!)

    The writer raises some great questions and holds cards close to the chest. Whether it can sustain for 8 more episodes, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  21. 21 applecrumble

    I wonder if the fate and coincidences were too much. Would it happen like that in real life? Did any of you ever have such experience meeting the same person at the same time and place unexpectedly many times?

    • 21.1 Gaeina Lee

      Only if you live in a small-isolated island with the other person, then yes. Big possibility.


  22. 22 sabrina

    if you have any issue in your relationship. contact robinson.buckler @ yahoo. com his love spell is absolutely wonderful!

  23. 23 BlessingWind

    Can i say this show has one of the most beautiful simple sweet dialogues / quotes which just hits right in the feels? Like in this episode, when Doh Woo said ‘ “You ran far away, and yet you’re still this close. You really don’t know what this is?”

    It really is sad to see that both Su-Ah and Doh-woo really married partners who never had an emotional understanding with them. Finally, they are ready to become free from their respective partners which is not going to be an easy road, specially coming to Su-Ah.

    Jin-Suk has never loved Su-Ah. He always loved Mi-Jin, but for him she isn’t the wife material. He wants someone who is soft spoken, submissive wife who he can control, which is total opposite of Mi-jin. She is loud, stubborn, sassy, opinionated, and most of all uncontrollable. She does things her own way,which seriously would annoy Jin-Suk.

    It is sad, that in today’s episode also, Jin-Suk never really cared about Su-Ah. When he came to meet his wife and daughter, on his weekend,after a week maybe, the very first thing he said was about Mi-Jin. His sentences would start and finish with Mi-Jin. He is jealous, he is curious, he is just all about Mi-jin.

    He is so bored with the marriage and is not even trying to work out with his wife, instead he is saying to take a break.? What? When have you two ever had a real conversation? All i see is just one simple hello from the other side. ( *inserts adele ‘Hello’*) And you talking about a break?

    Su-Ah needs this divorce badly. Poor woman, has been in that loveless marriage, tied with responsibilities, and tired from balancing work and family all alone, despite having a husband. She is finally ready to find her peace and become free.

    Coming to the brighter side, i love the island life. It just seems so breezy, fresh and light. As if a huge burden has been lifted from the shoulders of the both leads. I wish till the end they live in Jeju.

    Su-Ah and Do-woo really is tied with red string of fate. The coincidences are too much, and i am so not complaining about it. It is just very beautiful, that no matter how much Su-Ah wants to deny and break this bond, they always meet naturally, by destiny. They can never be away from each other.

    At the end, i hope everyone gets their share of happiness with be with the people they truly love and understand.

  24. 24 Lou

    Hyewon and Jinsuk should marry. They are the same kind and their attitudes match perfectly with their outlook in life. I feel sorry for Minjin because she’s getting the brunt of her friend’s affair which is so hard for her to defend herself and out of loyalty for her friend, she gets hurt, close her mouth, and feel so betrayed. I feel like crying whenever people say something to her like everything is her fault, and she can’t even say the truth. Keeping a secret like this because you want to stay a true friend is more than any one can do for a friend. Where do we cross the line on this one.

    • 24.1 happygirl88

      i understand mijin’s situation too… jinsuk really….

  25. 25 Windy

    On the way to the airport.. Gonghang ganeun gil.. the title really fits the story, it’s really about a way for SA go to DW, uri gonghang.

  26. 26 Lexy_K

    This is really the highlight of my week. I love this drama so much! I think the episodes have been cut though, I wonder why. I wonder why it’s not as successful as I thought, think it would/should be. I think if it were 20 episodes, SW and DW’s meeting in Jeju would not have come so soon. And I noticed that some scenes of previews of ep. 11 were missing in the actual episode. Anyways, although I was a bit uncomfortable with the show’s emphasis on “fate”, I am just glad that SA is finally feeling free and has DW nxt to her. I’m disappointed that the show keeps portraying JS as someone with such negative features without at least providing a background as to why he is or has become like that; or what motivated him to marry SA in the first place. I now have to brace myself for the remaining episodes: SA’s divorce with JS will be a rocky road!

  27. 27 rambutan

    First time ever commenting on DB, I love this drama so much I decided to come out of my shell lmao. ❤️ I am actually pretty concerned about the pacing because we have eight more episodes and everything is in place! While I am always one for more drama in a drama (hehe) I really hope the writer will present us with believable and witty plot points. It’d be really sad if this drama, being one of my favourites this year, decided to go on a downward spiral 😭🙏

  28. 28 Ferry

    Bravo SA u r improving!

  29. 29 M&Mpeanut

    Going with your “table” reference in your post. When DW said four chairs, I was thinking what if the four chairs would be their new family with a baby! I know I’m asking for the moon but that would be sooo lovely…

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