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Park Bo-gum, grateful as ever
by | October 29, 2016 | 151 Comments

Viewers who’ve seen Youths Over Flowers in Africa already know this, but Park Bo-gum (23) is of unique ilk, a rare breed. Although his mild-mannered, respectful, real-life persona didn’t bleed through his commanding presence onscreen as Crown Prince Yi Yeong in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, his humility and thoughtfulness were on full display during press interviews held just over a week after the finale of the hit TV show.

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds finished strong with over 20% in viewership ratings and never released its hold on the top spot for Monday-Tuesday dramas, a lead it had established in its second week. In following up his Answer Me 1988 success with another ratings winner, Park is the first to break the so-called Answer Me curse — up until now, other alums had failed to maintain the hype and adoration bestowed upon them during their franchise stint in the works that immediately followed.

He debuted in 2011 in the film Blind, then appeared in a handful of dramas and movies before really making an impression in last year’s I Remember You. Despite playing varied roles (his cold, psychopathic character in I Remember You couldn’t have been more different from lovable, hapless Taek in Answer Me 1988), Park had never been in a historical drama before.

“This is my first attempt at sageuk. I felt my shortcomings. I was woefully deficient compared to my esteemed sunbaes who are in the middle of their careers. Even the words were not ones I was used to saying in contemporary dramas, so I tried to make them come from my mouth easily.”

“[Yi Yeong] has his own charm as a character, different from other crown princes we’ve seen so far. And it was a role of a different color compared to my previous roles.” Park continued, “My acting sunbaes really nailed down the focus of the story, and the environment on set was great. I would approach the set each day excited and joyful. The environment was so warm, I wondered if it was okay to receive so much love.”

His favorite line from the drama? Park said, “I liked it when Yeong said, ‘It’s Yi Yeong. My name.’ I think fondly of that dialogue because it was the first time I’d told Ra-on [Kim Yoo-jung’s character] my name and because it was the first time I’d expressed my desire to be her friend.”

Park went on, apologetic that he had been so busy since the show wrapped. “I don’t remember the individual words all that well. I really want to go back to the script and organize it later.” He admitted, “I’m sorry I wasn’t able to fully prepare for this interview. I just returned from Cebu yesterday and had to film an ad and work on post-recordings. I wanted to go back through the script and underline the lines that I enjoyed and tell you about them and I’m sorry,” he repeated to reporters, who were somewhat taken aback by the courtesy shown by Park.

The young actor attributed the success of the drama to his peers, producers and staff. “Kim Yoo-jung has a lot of sageuk experience and her ability to concentrate and emote are really good. She meticulously analyzed the script and she caught a lot of nuances I missed. Kwak Dong-yeon [loyal bodyguard Byung-yeon] has a maturity beyond his years. He has a masculine voice and is good at expressing emotions. Acting with him, my whole body would tingle.”

“I was grateful I got to work with the esteemed sunbae actors I look up to. As I watched my sunbaes act, I felt my shortcomings, and I received a lot of acting guidance.” Park continued, “I’m grateful to the designers who made us the beautiful hanbok, and the effects and lighting team who cared for my pimply face as if it were their own skin.”

He may have just wrapped playing a crown prince, but Park now wants to play a different kind of youth and had a twinkle in his eye as he said, “I want to do a youth drama before I get too old. Through the historical drama I got to wear many handsome hanbok and got to show the beauty of the classics; this time I want to show the beauty of Korean school uniforms.”

Marking yet another first in the actor’s career, Park sang a song for the drama’s soundtrack, and he expressed a desire to do more projects incorporating music. “I’d like to try my hand at growth stories in which the characters speak to each other through music, like 200 Pound Beauty, Scandal Makers, Begin Again, Sing Street. As I participated on the OST, I began to have these thoughts.”

How did he feel about being asked to sing for the soundtrack? “Participating in the OST wasn’t hard at all. It was something I’ve wanted to do for a while and so it was an honor.” “I’m thankful I was gifted a good song and good lyrics, and it was a great opportunity for me. If I search Park Bo-gum on the Internet, now an album cover pops up. It’s surreal and a memory I won’t forget. I even captured reaching number one on the music charts,” he laughed.

He received a lot of support from his fellow agency sunbaes. “I was grateful to (Song) Joong-ki hyung because in the beginning when I didn’t have confidence or conviction about the role, he would advise me to have self-confidence. (Cha) Tae-hyun hyung did a special cameo for us without hesitation, and (Im) Joo-hwan hyung has a lot of sageuk experience so he would mentor me in detail. I’m truly grateful. I don’t think I could have acted as Yi Yeong correctly without my agency family.”

Park said, “I hope that for a lot of people, just seeing the moonlight will cause them to think of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. The drama was a blessing to me.” He continued, “Truly, because of this drama which received so much love, I’m pushing myself a little harder. In acting, in the way I live my life, I keep thinking to myself, I want to proceed more honestly and wisely.”

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151 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. karin

    Aw..what a humble being! He truly is a gem!!

  2. royal

    This kid is so precious. He’s so sincere and grateful. It’s lovely. I kept telling my friends that he made me self-reflect and unfortunately concluded that I’m too moody and short-tempered to even be half as nice as Park Bogum.

    • 2.1 maryxiah

      What?! Are you me? Lol. I keep telling myself, reflect on yourself, Mary. And then forgot all about it next when my coworker ticked me off. Park Bo-gum is one of his kind, he’s an angel.

    • 2.2 blessed

      omg i’m not alone! i am exactly feel the same. lol. i’m so happy there is this kind of celebrity in this korean world. i never been so in love with a celeb especially with his/her personality in real life. hope bogummy can spread more and more positive vibes to the young generations!

    • 2.3 Celine

      I know right? Me too! This guy is living his life to the fullest, making his dreams come true while continuing to be such an amazing human being. I sincerely hope he does not change. I hope the industry or his fame does not get to him in a bad way. Bogum’s beliefs and way of life are different from what are common in the industry. I hope he does not feel pressured to do what others do.

    • 2.4 Royal

      Omg I’m the same way. Btw Is your name really Royal? Mine is lol. When I saw your comment I had to pause and ask myself how I could have posted on this when I was reading it for the first time today lol.

    • 2.5 suem

      lol me too, i reflect but then again nothing happen. Sometimes I hate him because he’s too nice for me to look up to but I feel bad to hate him haha

  3. Kumiko Shin

    Park Bo-gum ahhhhh!

    Wish him all the best in his future endeavors!

  4. Jeannie

    I seriously read all his interviews in Korean and English. Kwak Dongyeon’s interview is a lot fun to read too! Bogum still looks like a puppy but he lost a lot of weight ㅠㅠ

    • 4.1 fairy

      Could you give me the link for Kwak Dongyeon’s interview. I’m not good enough in korean to look for it T.T but I wanna try reading it.

      • 4.1.1 Jeannie

        here are some links http://www.ajunews.com/view/20161027165547975

        highlights for you:
        1. holding hands with parkbogum in cebu and how he feels about it lmao this one is funny
        2. secretly taking off without letting their guide know just to eat local foods in the philippines
        3. how parkbogum curses in real life LMAOOOOOOO
        4. wanting to receive the best couple in year end awards (he’s eager to take it from yoojung)

        • mary

          I read about #2 and was laughing so much that PBG’s idea of being badass was just sneaking off to eat a different menu.

          I feel like there’s not one evil bone in that boy’s body. XD He’s too pure!

          • maryxiah

            His personality is so much like Taek!

          • Sushi

            Ooooh how does Park bo gum curse lol I’m so curious

          • Jeannie

            According to Kwak Dongyeon, Bogum is also human who gets angry too…and bogum uses food names when he curses and that’s his extreme lmao 열라 짬뽕!!

          • Ah In

            @Sushi, gukbap sekki!!

            Gukbap – korean rice soup
            Sekki – something like “son of a __ ”

            PBG swear word: son of a korean rice soup!!

        • Anh

          wahhahaha no 4., byeong yeon want to pull a joongki x ah in couple award?

        • maryxiah

          I love you, Dong-yeon, but no can do, you can’t take the couple award from BoYoo couple, Park Bo-gum said it himself that he wanted to win it with Kim Yoo-jung.

          • Apluszee

            Bogum could grab two awards for the best couple. BogumxYoojung and BogumxDongyeon, it’s possible. hahaha

        • jellybine

          He totally deserves that best couple award! Hahaha.
          I really love Park Bo-gum and his bromances. <3

    • 4.2 Elle

      He looked much better during the second day of interviews (the photo with the gray sweater was from that day). But yeah, he did lose a lot of weight.

      • 4.2.1 Jeannie

        I like the photos on the second day except that red knit which I want to burn lmao. And he came prepared! He took out his ipad or something and chose which lines are his favorite and talked about it.

  5. Gaeina Lee

    This young man is the epitome of grace, humility, beauty, and charm. If he could keep himself grounded and humble like this, I can’t imagine how many heart would be captivated by his persona and charm when he’s in his 30.

    He stole my attention in Wonderful Days, and I’ve been watching him ever since. He has bright future ahead him.

    • 5.1 Yuki

      I will tell you: he will steal the hearts of half the planet if he keeps being so adorable. 💕

      Awww, Bogummy! I’m happy for him. He is talented and hardworking and deserves all the recognition. I am also happy because his success means more Bogummy in my screen in the future and now I have a bunch of other fans I can share my love with (it was a bit lonely in the times of IRY when I found him, haha!!) 😀
      I’m only concerned that when you project such a perfect image people will pay even more attention to your failures…I hope he is able to handle this kind of pressure and keeps being down to earth.
      Looking forward to his next project! 🙂

  6. Cj

    Aw what a sweetheart! He’s so humble and sincere.
    He recently even dropped by Yoojung’s interview cause he was near by to cheer her on !
    What a cutie 🙂

  7. DarcyLove

    Woww… such a humble human being…… I have no doubt that he will reach great heights….. All the best darling💕💕💕

  8. Fatdrama LP

    I have never heard of Park Bo Gum before MDBC but now I just can’t enough of him. I like that he’s kinda boyish & awkwardly cute as a person but as soon as he’s in acting mode he’s mesmerising to watch.

    • 8.1 Incog

      THAT is exactly what amazes me about him. That appeal is my definition of Bogum Magic! You hear about all his down to earth behavior and even accidental mishaps in real life but when you see him on screen, my only thought is “Who is that guy??!” Soft and dorky (which is adorably cute btw) in real life then all that disappears in the characters he portray. To me, that contrast is just amazing. To top it off, there is no negative attitude in his vibe. Now that he is a big star, that’s amazing as well. (I wish they would take more pictures of him with his hair swept off his forehead though. LOL)

  9. Christa Bella

    I really, really need a copy of him for me to keep forever. Is that too much to ask? 🙁

    • 9.1 Autumnrain

      Please let me know if you get one, so I can borrow yours and copy it for myself. :’)

      • 9.1.1 Bee of the underworld

        Your trope had me in tears

  10. 10 Samantha Reed

    He is sweet, handsome, nice, polite, thoughtful, kind, sensitive…. I could go on and on. How can someone like him even exist?

    I read an article that he often asks the reporter’s name before an interview, and reads some of his latest articles. So when he is being interviewed he can bring up the reporters work and make them feel at ease. I bet he wants to also show them that he cares about their work the same people care about his (PBG) work. He is so nice it’s unreal.

    • 10.1 Joy

      I know that he is indeed kind, considerate & thoughtful to everyone and now, I just learned that even to reporters. How come he is a human.

  11. 11 MistyIsles

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    It's taken me so long to post this comment because I just keep scrolling up and down through the pictures staring into those beautiful eyes…

    Every new thing I learn about him makes me admire him even more as a person. I don't know how I'll ever find a boyfriend now that this guy has set my standards so impossibly high.

  12. 12 Glyn

    It has become my life-goal to make the world a better place for my future-child and Bogumie. He should be protected from the world and all that is evil, this precious puppy.

    • 12.1 DramaMama


      He brings out the protective side in me too. If anyone were to hurt this guy, they would face the wrath of millions.

      • 12.1.1 Glyn

        Oh so true! His parents did a pretty damn good job in raising this kid.

        • Melody

          Bo Gum lost his mother when he was in the fourth grade. There are videos on Youtube showing him crying over remembering her.

          • mehungie

            Wow. Is that why he cries so well when he acts..

    • 12.2 delurked

      😂 Your comment cracked me up

      I can already see the banners:

      Make The World A Better Place for Bo-gum

    • 12.3 Flightey Gazelles

      OMG!!! #LifeGoals.

  13. 13 Autumnrain

    Park Bo Gum is truly one of a kind. So humble, so simple yet thoughtful young man. Not only is he handsome but also kindhearted. My favorite side of him are his thankfulness and bright personality. And I fall in love with his smile^^

    He is a good example of True Oppa.

  14. 14 kit

    Wow his agency has some really a+ stars.

    PBG is adorable. And very talented. He’s such a breath of fresh air.

    • 14.1 blnmom

      Blossom is really doing well, and all their clients are so nice, they deserve it!

  15. 15 Jat

    He is so kind and humble and sounds so sincere about everything that he said. He is like a white cloth pure and untainted. I hope whatever problem that he may face in the future, it will not change that part of him.

  16. 16 Biankoy

    This kid brings out the Gollum in me. My preciousssssssss

    • 16.1 DramaMama

      I’d agree, except after watching Shopping King Louis, when I hear “my preciousssss” now I can only picture Seo In Guk! smh… 🙂 🙂

      • 16.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        My precious Shopping King Louie !!

    • 16.2 delurked

      😉 With all the drool and everything

  17. 17 Martin J Simwaba

    Wow! I miss this guy so much( prince Yeon) that even today i can’t bring myself to accept that i won’t be seing (him) again

  18. 18 Peeps

    and the effects and lighting team who cared for my pimply face as if it were their own skin.

    WHAT PIMPLES? Do you want me to show you my face?!

    • 18.1 Peridot

      LOL! I feel you :)!

    • 18.2 Elle

      I actually noticed his breakouts, but that’s because I’m watching on a big screen and I could see the bumps. It endeared him even more to me because I can totally relate lol.

      • 18.2.1 Peeps

        Saw the breakouts too, but still: WHAT PIMPLES?!

        • Elle

          I want whatever foundation and concealer they used on him because those are some heavy duty stuff!

          • saranga

            but can you imagine the stress the skin endures with such super heavy makeup?

            not to mention removing it will be a whole process too, though i say that a good cleansing oil will take anything off perfectly.

          • Elle

            I know, but I really need a good full-coverage foundation that can conceal the bumps/redness/scarring but won’t cake or crease. I don’t think there should be any problems as I wash my face twice a day and use cleansing oil every night.

            But these actors frequently do touchups before filming so the foundation they use may not be as holy grail material as I imagine.

      • 18.2.2 maryxiah

        He had breakouts but not pimples, but I think he has great skin and he’s still young so his skin is probably resilient, let’s hope he gets plenty of much needed rest after all these Moonlight hype died down, right now he’s swarmed by so much CFs, interviews, and etc.

  19. 19 Elle


    I wish DB would also translate the interviews from the rest of the cast. They’re just as fun and informative!

    • 19.1 gennie garcia

      I second the motion!!!it seems that the interview on kwak dong yeon is interesting.i really really hope that DB will translate it.

  20. 20 Sancheezy

    I’m sorry I wasn’t able to fully prepare for this interview.

    it’s okay, you explained a lot

    “I’m grateful to the designers who made us the beautiful hanbok, and the effects and lighting team who cared for my pimply face as if it were their own skin.”

    this is so sweet ..

    thank you for the interview @awcococonut, it’s nice to hear his comment about the drama

    • 20.1 Zynnn

      “..this time I want to show the beauty of Korean school uniforms.”

      Then go to School 2017!

      KBS do you hear that? Your son want to wear school uniforms!

      • 20.1.1 delurked

        OMG KBS’ son hahahaha

  21. 21 DramaMama

    PBG is truly a breath of fresh air and he always makes me smile in these interviews and behind the scenes videos etc. I want to see what his family is like – how did he become such a caring and humble young man.

    How do I introduce my same-age daughter to him??

    • 21.1 mary

      You gotta fight the million other moms and grandmas who want him as their in-law first!

      Or you can take a leaf out of Man In Our House and just marry PBG to jumpstart hi-jinks with your daughter?

      • 21.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        Haha Man In The House is such a nice drama (so far at 2 episodes )….hehe

      • 21.1.2 DramaMama

        Lol Mary. While the old lady fangirl in me might consider it, my hubby might take exception!

        But hijinx ending with BoGummy as an son-in-law? Hmmm…might be worth it… (I don’t have to die first though, right?)

        • mary

          Oh no, you don’t have to do that. Just fake amnesia and hangout in Busan or hide in the bottom of the Lee Jun-ki Commemorative Cliff™

          Good luck 😀

          • Flightey Gazelles


          • Ah In

            ha ha ha ah!!

      • 21.1.3 Michykdrama

        Normally that would sound very wrong but since it’s PBG all the ahjummas will be seriously thinking about your suggestion 😂

    • 21.2 BellaMafia

      I won’t introduce my daughter to him, not because she is too precious, but she will corrupt him like there is no tomorrow!

  22. 22 lin

    This handsome young man is going to be in a spotlight, hope he stays sincere, humble and thoughtful.

    I am looking forward to his next project and i believe he can be the next kim soo hyun who has got so so popular and received alot love at young age.

  23. 23 saranga

    he’s almost too good to be true. amazing actor, good-looking, and seemingly super sweet/decent character/aegyo-filled to boot.

    but honestly, even if he sucked as an actor, i think i’d love him anyway because he seems like one of those sweet, likable types in real life—the person everybody loves and could never find a bad thing to say about. this boy makes me want to give him a present every time he does something or says something nice. that’s how adorable i find him.

    • 23.1 royal

      … and when you give it to him, he’ll adorably pout to you, shake his head and say in his cute voice, “I’m sorry I can’t accept your gift. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. Thank you for your efforts and for thinking of me. I’m sorry I can’t take it. Please save your money and spend it on yourself, you deserve it. Thank you. I’m sorrryyyy~~”

      I’ve seen fancams.

      • 23.1.1 Peeps

        HAHAHHA. That sounds exactly like something he would say!

        • saranga

          i was thinking of presents more along the lines of special bear hugs from myself… bahahaha 😀

          but yes he totally would say something like that! and i’d be like, but i can’t return it and i can’t use it for myself so you might as well take it! and then he’d reluctantly accept.

          there are ways around everything.

      • 23.1.2 saranga

        woops, i meant to reply to you but replied to your replier(?) instead.

        are there really fancams of him saying these things? sweet baby!

        he really reminds me of a darling baby, but not at all in an immature way! just that he seems so pure and untainted by life despite his age/various trials. he’s an example.

      • 23.1.3 maryxiah

        And he’d make sure to shake your hand and pout when you don’t.

  24. 24 Lime Chilli

    I think I speak for a majority of Beanies, if not humankind :
    “Bo-Gummie ah, don’t ever change!”

    • 24.1 Celine

      Yes! I hope he does not change. Or he’ll change for the better.

  25. 25 Baek

    All the best to him ^_^ it’s not easy to find an actor still as down to earth, pure and nice as him nowadays (I’m not saying there’s no others)

    Read somewhere that his Mother passed away when he was young.. I think his Father had done an excellent job in raising him and became his role model.. (can he open a childcare, I need to send my kids there in future..)

    • 25.1 mary

      But… his dad was uhm… not a very nice dad.

      • 25.1.1 Kiara

        I know it’s sad :(.

      • 25.1.2 gumtaek

        Well, the media somehow insinuated that but I would rather suspend my judgment about it. I will just believe Bogum.

      • 25.1.3 Baek

        Not nice? Maybe a stern one probably, but i believe most parents cares for their children unless left with no choice..

        I always see him quoting his father in interviews.. Recent one was 10-1=0 where even if u are good all the time, you could collapse due to one mistake..

        No matter what, i still think that’s a great influence to a child growth and upbringing if there’s a person thats constantly reminding, leading and guiding him to the correct path while not forgetting your heart (of course, ultimately it still depends on one.. since there’s just so much one can help.. and they cant be there forever)

        Nowadays im really appalled at some kids behavior and upbringing, spoilt their children, children scold their parents in public, making a big fuss over little things or anything against his will/liking like a little prince or princess.. whereas some parents are the aggressive one that focus on child grade and nothing else.. And its harder and harder to raise a kid these days.. life isnt as simple as in the old days anymore..

        • Baek

          Please dont get me wrong neither am i insisting that his parent shaped him to be what he is today.. (I dont know him or his father.. I wont know if thats just for media purpose or anything.. I’m just assuming his father played a major role since he seems to respect and sees him as a role model.. Like influencing him, teaching the correct values and stuff.. Similar to a teacher in school imparting knowledge and the correct attitude/mindset)

          Anyway even if the media is true, If his father is really bad, then even if thats the case and yet Bo Gum can still turn out this great, doesnt that make him a even greater person.. i find this even more valuable and meaningful.. he is really a diamond.. 🙂

      • 25.1.4 pogo

        well, he was unlucky in business but that doesn’t make him not a good dad 🙁

        I’d like to believe he didn’t willingly sign up his then-15-year-old son as guarantor to a loan shark, at least.

        • Celine

          My thoughts too. I think his dad is not necessarily a bad dad. He may have done bad decisions before, but with how Bogum talks about him and his family, they seem to have provided a good environment for him to grow up the way he did.

  26. 26 Michykdrama

    Dearest Park Bo Gum, my 3 lantern wishes for you are:

    🏮That you may never lose this special part of yourself or get jaded and cynical as you get older. And that all your acting sunbaes take good care of you so that you can grow and improve without being taken advantage of.

    🏮That you don’t get placed on too high a pedestal such that you feel burdened by it, or it drives you to dispair if one day you can’t attain such a high standard. You are only human.

    🏮 That you will continue to love what you do and get to do what you love. And by doing so bring lots of happiness to the rest of us.

    Be happy PBG! ❤️

    • 26.1 Ira


    • 26.2 maryxiah

      My wish is for your wish to come true.

    • 26.3 Bongsookie

      Aww I hope our sweet Bogummy reads this one day! <3

    • 26.4 mehungie

      So much this! I can’t help but think these are wishes straight from a mother’s heart ❤

    • 26.5 SmeeBean

      Your wishes are exactly what I have been thinking when I see BoGummie..You put them in such perfect words..it’s just perfect!

      I dearly dearly dearly wish your wish comes true.

      May this little fluffball always stay fluffy.

    • 26.6 Celine


  27. 27 inxomnia

    Ugh he is so damn precious.

  28. 28 Lisa_wackycashew

    Thanks for bringing this interview to us, awcococonut!

    Bogummy!!! How I love thee!!! He’s such a breath of fresh air in this industry–humble, considerate, thankful, kind-hearted, sincere, and so much more. He’s got an amazing future ahead and I’ll definitely be watching his growth.

  29. 29 Ah In

    Ah, I’ve been chasing snipets and translations of their interviews all over social media that I feel like I’ve read it all, but its great to see more of Bogum’s here

    “I hope that for a lot of people, just seeing the moonlight will cause them to think of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds . The drama was a blessing to me.”

    Ugh, the drama was a blessing to me too to watch

    I feel like he might do the School series next year, he’s been saying he wants to act in a school uniform for ages, plus he’s not going to care about his current star status or that he’s not a rookie actor anymore in choosing some roles. I badly want to see him in school setting too, I’m praying he & his team pick a good script. Whatever he does I’m going to enjoy supporting fully! Get lots of rest, enjoy time with friends and fans, and come back with your magic to us next year in dramaland Bogum-ah!

    • 29.1 maryxiah

      I really really really really really want him to do School series! I hope he does, or if not, a high school drama he wanted to much. Hopefully he picks up a good project, though I’m sure whatever he picks up, fans are gonna watch for sure, how could we not, when he’s so endearing?

    • 29.2 Andechi

      Hmm.. Maybe something like Pinocchio where Lee Jong Suk first wore a uniform and later turn from ugly duckling to a handsome prince.

      It would be yummy to watch Park Bo Gum on something like that, omo my poor heart!!

      • 29.2.1 Celine

        I wish for Bogum to work with ICHYV and Pinocchio team too!

    • 29.3 Elle

      Better doing Kimi ni Todoke with Kim So Hyun.

  30. 30 green

    God was in a good mood when he made PBG.

    • 30.1 Selaine

      LOL! that was funny hahahahahaha

    • 30.2 djes

      He used his best ingredients to make him, seriously.

    • 30.3 royal

      A+++ comment

      Seriously though, it makes me happy to know I live in a world that has a Park Bogum in it. And the hope there’s more of him out there~

    • 30.4 Michykdrama

      Reminds me of what I read somewhere:

      PBG- Part time actor, full time angel. 😇

      • 30.4.1 Jenny

        It’s from this lovely tumblr blog prkbgm.tumblr.com.

  31. 31 Ah In

    May your wishes come true, Michykdrama!

  32. 32 pogo

    awwwww he is adorable. Though he has acted in a sageuk before – he had a small part in Roaring Currents (he didn’t get pretty prince robes there but he looked very fetching in peasant rags)

  33. 33 julius

    It’s rare to find a celebrity who still is humble even after becoming famous, this man is just THE definition of a perfect human.

  34. 34 esqwe

    After reading the interiews of Lee Joong Gi and Par Bo-gum I feel that Korean actors are rather different then actors in the West or in Russia-Ukraine. At it least in their behaviour to the public. It got me into the strangest thought – I wanted a Korean actor as a penpal. Of course, as it is rather unrealistic, I hope at least to find a comrade in swooning. Went to a penpal site, registered, wrote to a couple of nice SOuth Korean ladies… Still waiting for a reply, and received a LOT of mails to my own ad – all males and none of the a Korean actor of course. Still waiting to that friend in swoon…

  35. 35 ilchul

    awww… who wouldn’t love this young man?!! he’s so talented and humble!! wish him all success and happiness!! ^_^

  36. 36 Potato

    Bogummy is love♡. I sincerely wish all the best for him.

  37. 37 lessa

    my goodness he is adorable.

  38. 38 maryxiah

    Park Bo-gum himself is a blessing to all fans. He’s cute, handsome, well-mannered, respectful, humble, everything in a package. Gosh, I love this kid so much. <3

  39. 39 korfan

    When I saw Park Bo-gum for the first time in Cantabile, I knew he was one actor to watch in the future. …… I don’t remember much about that drama, but I certainly remember him as he made quite the impression.

    I wish him all the best in his future endeavors and may he grace our screens for many, many years to come.

  40. 40 acciokdramas

    Need me a man like this <3

  41. 41 Suzi Q

    PBG’s star is on the rise.
    Totally the nicest, pure, humble actor.
    Loved him and can’t wait to see his next drama.
    He is My Precious!

  42. 42 astromantic

    This makes me want to cry. 😭 He’s such a sweet guy!

  43. 43 Keightie

    I love Bogum but I would like to say Ryu Jun Yeol is also adored still by many even after the Answer Series

    • 43.1 Janice

      Well, RJY has his own very enthusiastic fanbase because of Junghwan. Lucky Romance was a flop in SoKor though and it just proves that no matter how rabid a fanbase, it can’t create hits. He even has Hwang Jung-geum as leading lady and it still failed. He’s doing good snagging supporting roles in films though. And his agency, C-Jes is taking measures to keep him relevant, like that recent interview of his even though he is not promoting anything. It’s understandable though since the Reply 1988 glow is fading.

      Bogum is on an entirely different level now, both in SoKor and internationally. The public just loves the guy. And he’s leading man material through and through. I, myself, can’t wait where he will take his acting talent next.

      • 43.1.1 Mina

        Apparently, Bogum is South Korea’s #1 candidate as son-in-law at the moment. Haha! Cute. http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2016/10/park-bogum-captivates-fans-from-teens.html

      • 43.1.2 Dee

        Leading man material through and through. I love that. Especially having seen him grow from supporting and minor roles to pave his own path towards success. Cannot wait to see more of him.

  44. 44 pickledplumtree

    Warm fuzzies!

  45. 45 Bongsookie

    Aww Bogummy really is one of a kind isn’t he? He’s so precious and good that he makes me feel so proud to be a fan! I’m pretty sure all noonas (including me) feel so proud to be his fan. Actually, this is the first time I’m noona towards a celebrity I’m a fan of! xD

    Bogummy, don’t ever change that angelic personality of yours! <3

  46. 46 EZ

    I kind fo want him to play Naoki in some version of Itazura na kiss

  47. 47 Bongsommie

    Hey guys. I’m in a drama fix. I have to choose between watching shopping king loiue, jealousy incarnate, police unit 38 and drinking solo. Which do we recommend? Help a beanie out :-). This isn’t an open thread and all but i needed a bit of help

    • 47.1 Lizzie

      I’d go with Drinking Solo. Enjoyed it and the side characters were the best. 🙂

    • 47.2 Joy

      Currently enjoying Shoppping King Louie 🙂
      Fluffy & light

  48. 48 Christina

    So proud of him, may he continue to inspire the younger generations of today to be always thoughtful, grateful and thankful for all the blessings that will come their way. May he continue to have more beautiful and successful projects in the near future. All your fans worldwide will be patiently waiting… Now back to rewatching MDBC for the 3 rd time. Lol😊😍

    • 48.1 Sue Tanty


  49. 49 Yumi

    I like him.

  50. 50 Lizzie

    Had literal tears brimming reading this. He is unreal. 😍😱

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