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by | October 22, 2016 | 237 Comments

Another week, and the drama list just grows! We’ve got finales to put behind us and fresh premieres just around the corner, so let’s weigh in. Tell us what shows you’ve been cozying up with lately, and what made you go back to hit that rewind button, or grab that screenshot, or rant to the nearest friend on the internet. Sometimes it’s amazing what reading a comment you agree with can do, isn’t it? –girlfriday



Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: I like the time skips in theory, but in execution it drives me nuts because all this time goes by and it doesn’t feel like the characters have lived through years’ worth of changes—it’s like they froze in time emotionally until the drama caught up to them. Mostly, they’ve just gotten new hairstyles, and not always for the better.

Drinking Solo: Aw, I love it when happy couples are giddy and in the first flush of love. But it was the three gosiwon friends being depressed together that warmed my heart as they bumbled through their heartaches in their silly, heartfelt way.

Shopping King Louis: This show is a happy pill. I just really don’t want anything about the missing brother to ruin the adorable, cheerful comic touch—things are going so well now that I really don’t want the mood to cloud. I’m hoping that that angst on the horizon will be temporary and swift, and we’ll be back to cutely sweet in no time.

1% of Anything: I’m really enjoying this shorter running time. You know how most rom-coms feel like 20 to 40 percent filler, and you sit through it just to get to the good coupley parts? Well, this drama skips the filler, so that despite having a paper-thin plot and being light on content, it flows by quickly and enjoyably with all of its focus on the couple and their developing relationship.

Fantastic: Last weekend’s episodes felt like the slowest thus far, and while they were necessary movements, I found it hard to sit through watching So-hye turn away from people she loved out of fear rather than finding comfort in them. But Park Shi-yeon’s storyline continues to supply welcome satisfaction, and I cheered when she decided to sue for divorce instead of negotiating with that family of vipers.

The K2: I do enjoy this show with its given setup, but once I’d heard of the suggestion to make Anna a child instead, I couldn’t help thinking I would have truly loved the show if: present-day Anna were the little girl in the flashbacks, longing for her father; if Song Yoon-ah’s character Yoo-jin were just a bit younger—mid-to-late thirties, to narrow the 14-year age gap between her and Ji Chang-wook, and to make her feel more like a hateful, powerful stepmother; if the main loveline were an angsty, thwarted attraction between Yoo-jin and K2; if K2 were driven to free little Anna from her prison and to make Yoo-jin see that she could have a better life if she chose happiness instead of ambition; and if, in the end, they decided they couldn’t compromise where they were headed and parted ways, with K2 walking off into the sunset and Yoo-jin choosing her throne of power and loneliness.

Damn, now I want to watch that show.



Moonlight Drawn By Clouds: My heart wants to be happier about this ending, but there’s this annoying little monkey dancing around in my brain that’s doing the dance of historical inaccuracy (which I didn’t even know I had, but it must’ve been passed down from generations of fathers who like their sageuk dry and factual), and I can’t help but be dissatisfied in the end. Damn monkey. Maybe my expectations were too high, or maybe my love had just waned a good deal in recent weeks. Did anybody else skim through the special broadcast after the finale and think, “Oh, you were so good when you were good… but that seems like a long time ago…” The finale just made me want to rewatch Splish Splash Love, so I did that, and it made me happy.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: I can’t believe they bothered to separate the lovers and have them do this big reunion… only to direct it like that. Where was the buildup to the kiss? The tension? The subtext? If it was going to go down like that, what was even the point of keeping them apart? And for crying out loud, how come Lee Jun-ki can have his shirt off in his sickbed, but not in the bed scene?? I want my money back.

Drinking Solo: Aw, there was so much heartbreak in Noryangjin this week, but Drinking Solo always manages to make loneliness and heartache relatable and funny, and enjoyable to watch. The three best friends nursing each other’s wounds was especially endearing, and it made puppy Gong Myung’s hurt a little easier to take.

Jealousy Incarnate: This is the most entertaining part of my drama-watching week right now, watching Jo Jung-seok flail wildly and inappropriately and pitifully for Gong Hyo-jin’s love. I’m such a fan of this denial stage where the heroine is going down the list and rationally putting all the pros in one guy’s column and all the cons in the other, while all her actions squarely contradict her logic at every turn.

On the Way to the Airport: You know, I thought I had a hard time understanding Kim Haneul’s character (I get her affair, I just don’t get her wanting to stay married in her suffocating life), but THEN, Choi Yeo-jin went and got mad at Kim Haneul for having an affair! When she’s having one herself! I KNOW. WTF indeed.

Shopping King Louis: Is it bad that I don’t want the hero to get his memory back? I just love amnesiac Louis’s devoted puppy antics, and I know that his love won’t change, but one of my favorite things is that Bok-shil is his entire world, and I don’t want him to lose that. I would want any other drama character to grow up, but Louis’s appeal is that he’s Peter Pan, and I find myself hoping that he’ll never change.

Society Game: I’m a huge fan of strategy game variety shows like The Genius and Crime Scene, and there’s a new show by the producers of The Genius called Society Game, and it just premiered this past week on tvN. It’s like The Genius-meets-Survivor, where they lock a group of people in a remote location for two weeks and make them play strategy games for their survival. Mostly it’s like a messed up social experiment, and after one episode I’m already addicted.



Currently recapping: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

The K2: How is Anna’s secret still considered a secret when literally everyone knows? People are even taking pictures with her outside her home. How long do the people keeping her locked up think it’ll take before netizens put two and two together? Why do we keep focusing on characters who aren’t compelling? Does Anna have a story? Is Je-ha going to solely be defined by Heroic Backstory #37b, Dead Girlfriend Edition? The plot is thin beer here, so here’s hoping things improve.

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds: Happy ending! But history! But happiness! But… history! But… Park Bo-gum! So conflicted, but otherwise pleased.

1% of Anything: Still a fun and funny way to pass the time. I’m all for dramas with shorter episode runtimes.



Shopping King Louis: Squeeeeeeeeeee! That. Red Carpet. Scene. Is. Everything!!! Gotta enjoy the beyond adorable romance between Louis and Bok-shil as much as I can before pain, heartbreak, and separation turn up next week…boo.




Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Did anyone else totally get a King and the Clown deja vu moment when Lee Jun-ki started making shadow puppets with IU or was that just me? Also, I completely agree with HeadsNo2’s sentiments about the mad = bad kings trope being overused in this show. Perhaps if they had made the series longer, like the original Bu Bu Jing Xin, they would have had time to explore subtleties more?

1% of Anything: This is a weirdly nostalgic drama. By recent 2016 standards, using a critical objective eye, I’d say it’s nothing really out of the ordinary. But because it is a remake of a drama that I watched in my formative drama-loving years, I like the old school feel and its faithfulness to the original story. I wish they had incorporated Dada’s family’s strict conservative rules though; in the original, that made for a more heartfelt drama with greater potential for comedy.



Currently recapping: 1% of Anything

Woman with a Suitcase: I was late to start this so I’m a little behind, but I’m loving the chemistry between the leads and Choi Ji-woo’s adorable, hilarious character. I like that she’s a strong and not necessarily saintly woman who’s met her match in Hamburger. And of course Lee Joon is just the most adorable earnest puppy in this. My only gripe is the treatment of the rape case, which was extremely problematic. I’m willing to suspend disbelief on the legal aspects because I love the character interactions so much, Show, but you need to stay away from any cases dealing with sexual assault, because you obviously can’t handle them.

Oh Hae-young Again: I sometimes do this weird thing in the middle of a currently airing show that I’m really enjoying—I stop watching when the show is at its highest point, often right after the OTP gets together and before the inevitable angst hits. I think it’s a subconscious bid to avoid being disappointed, as I have so many times before, by a lackluster second half and/or an ending that betrays the whole show. I absolutely loved the first half of this show, so this past week I made myself go back and finish it up. It’s as wonderful as I remembered, and although the pacing suffered a little from the extension, all the characters remained flawed and hilarious and lovable to the end, with satisfying arcs and a resolution that left me with the warm fuzzies. (And how cute were Noona and Jin-sang? I may even love them more than our main couple.) The biggest strength of this show was always that its characters felt so real and their emotions so immediate that I understood them even when I shook my head at their bad decisions, and it left me with a feeling that this wonderful warm group of family and friends are still out there, living their lives, dancing and laughing on.

Three Meals a Day Season 3: Speaking of Oppa: I’m generally pretty low-key with my fangirling, and you won’t really catch me swooning over actors, although I can appreciate them just fine—except for Eric. That man’s charming, talented, beautiful self just kills me dead. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m watching this show for Oppa, but everyone is so great in it. I’d forgotten how deft and biting Na PD’s directorial touch is, and how hilarious his interplay with Seojinnie. I’m only on the first episode, but I’m enjoying the heck out of this one.

Kpop Star Season 5: I love this audition program to an unreasonable degree. I’ve watched every season, and even though I know there is emotional manipulation and purposeful editing going on, it never fails to bring me to tears and laughter anyway. I love seeing a new side to the judges, who normally come across as these inscrutable industry powerhouses, but here are just musical producers trying to encourage and advise new artists. I also enjoy the hilarious interplay between the three men; I will never get tired of Yoo Hee-yeol mocking JYP for his moaning and head-bobbing. I started this season when it was airing last winter but got busy, and I’ve been catching up and enjoying it immensely. Lots of talented young dreamers as always, but I’m rooting for Ahn Ye-eun, who is a unique and immensely talented singer-songwriter, and win or lose, should have an incredible career in front of her.


237 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. TourmalineMillie

    Still obsessed with Moon Lovers.
    I think I’m about ready to come back to reality though. All this angst can’t be good for my heart.

    Still loving Fantastic. It’s melo without being meo, if that makes sense.

    • 1.1 TourmalineMillie


      I’ve also gone on a semi-huge J-dorama kick.
      I’ve rewatched some of the oldies but goodies like Gokusen and Love Generation whilst watching some newer ones like Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteru and Konkatsu Deka and Koe Koi

      Anyone have some good Pakistani or Vietnamese drama to recommend? I make it a point to re-watch my favorite Humsafar/Soulmate every couple of months

      • 1.1.1 Sancheezy


        that mark my Japanese learning ability.. Yankumi is such a character,

        just question, is seisei aruhodo different than other affair related theme??

        • Harukogirl

          Seiseu was uniquely frustrating. I just didn’t get it -in the end, I.had no idea why the main characters were in love, and if they were (as they frequently asserted ) WHY it took them so fraking long to just BE together. No, his reasons were NOT good enough.

          Developed a major case of second lead syndrom (and I NEVER have 2nd lead syndrome) – ended up deciding the main girl.did not deserve 2nd lead, though, so I was glad they didn’t end up.together. I want to watch HIS drama.

          I hated the drama, if you can’t tell. Only kept watching cause of awesome 2nd lead

      • 1.1.2 Ammy

        Did you watch Zindagi Gulzar Hain (Pakistani)!! Its a must watch.

        • TourmalineMillie

          Thanks for the this. I’m loving what I’m reading of it so far 🙂

      • 1.1.3 canxi

        I really want to watch Humsafar. Any where I can with English subtitles?

      • 1.1.4 sisterkiller

        i’ve seen some of humsafar and i keep meaning to find it somewhere and watch the whole thing. it’s like autumn’s concerto meets kdrama, sadly without kissing but still seemed lovely. i’ve also seen some of sheher e zaat, also with beautiful mahira khan, and what i saw of it was stunning.

        • zee

          OMG mahira is wonderful, and yeah humsafar is a lot similar to kdramas with marriage contract tropes, and i’m also planning to watch sheher e zaat, and bin roye has just began airing, I haven’t watched it yet but heard from others that it’s good

      • 1.1.5 Bluepanda

        I recentally finished Dil laggi a Pakistani drama, and I loved it. The chemistry between the leads is amazing.

        • TourmalineMillie

          Thanks for the rec. I’m off to look it up. I hope I love it as much as you appear to 🙂

      • 1.1.6 wapz

        Try “Manjali”. That’s my favourite Pakistani drama till date. But if you need subtitles then you’ll not understand half the charm that lies in the dialogues. Nevertheless it’s still unique and amazing. Also “pyaray afzal” by the same writer. Recently “udaari” was a big hit too.

        • TourmalineMillie

          Thanks for the rec. I’ll look them up 🙂

      • 1.1.7 Jeyin

        Oh my god. I am on a similar j-drama kick, the current line up of k-dramas is not making me feel much feels.
        I’ve been keeping up with the new releases and Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu (Rom-com) is incredibly good and a bit different from your usual jdrama. Its about a type of marriage of convenience, its hilarious.
        There is also Jimi ni sugoi with a very strong and straightforward female lead.
        This j-drama season is definitely one of the better ones out there.

    • 1.2 pogo

      yeah I’m in this huge knot of apprehension about what lies ahead in Moon Lovers, and I kind of want my life back but I don’t even know what it’ll look like when this is over and I can sleep on Mondays again.

      • 1.2.1 aversive

        I know how you feel,my Mondays consist me of being a giant ball of anxiety waiting to find out if Moonlovers get cancelled or not. This show has me unhealthily obsessed in a way I don’t understand. I know it’s majorly because of Lee Jun Ki ‘s flawless acting.

        I’ll take whatever kind of shirtless Lee Jun Ki I’ll get to be honest.

        • E

          This drama alone has us seeing more of LJK than all of his other works *combined*. Well-acted male characters boil my potatoes; LJK boils my peanuts. Have you tried boiling peanuts? It takes HOURS.

    • 1.3 Lampel24

      Obsessed with ML too and LJK , i so love the angst!!

      • 1.3.1 Gidget

        Me too. And the most recent episode finally gave me my longstanding wish. I’d been waiting to see him without any lip (color) makeup. It finally happened in the scene where he was sick. And omo. Seeing him that way made it hard to concentrate on anything but how utterly kissable he looked. *fans self*

      • 1.3.2 Persian Rose

        Add me to LJK and ML obsession club! This is my first time in my 37 years life that I’m fan-girling for something…I’m watching each version of each episod 3-times!!! My obsession made me to hate baseball and any other shows airing at the same time slot! I think I need to see a therapist after ML ends!
        On another note JI is a GOLD.
        With my ML obsession I have no time to watch anything else.

  2. KDramaWatcher2609

    Currently still watching :

    (1) Shopping King Louie
    (2) Jealousy Incarnate
    (3) and my most fav as SIG’s earlier work High School King of Savvy !! 😍😍

    • 2.1 BA

      Same here. Watched SIG’s Reply97 for 2nd time (7ep in a single sitting). 😛 I do admit that HighSchool is similar vibe (innocence) just like ShoppingKing.

      • 2.1.1 KDramaWatcher2609

        My third time watching High School King of Savvy !! I love it a lots !!

      • 2.1.2 MyGirl2016

        Yay for High School King of Savvy!! Can’t help but cheer whenever I hear the name of that drama.. My all time favourite!

  3. Sera The Ms Temper

    FantastiC is love 😉 I disagree last week’s episode was slow, because it was full with emotions. FantastiC made second male lead not only likable, but how he influenced in our main leads’ life is very great to watch. This is the right second male lead who deserved Second Male Syndrome in kdrama 😉 I am glad this writer gave our second male lead his own episodes as well, because he deserved it.

    Just watched the final episode raw, and I think I can smile with ending 😉

    Agree with whatever JB said about K2, I want that show too. if that’s really happen, I feel Jae Ha’s character will have the chance to grow more, because protecting a child & protecting a grown up lady is different. If Anna is a child, a loveline can be avoid which can make drama more interesting since it won’t goes in a cliche way.

    • 3.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      1% of Anything also enjoyable to watch, and I love it is short one, so it will not unnecessarily dragging here and there.

      Loving Drinking Solo & Shopping King Louie too. Louie & Bok Sil are my official OTP right now 😛

      Also watching : Woman with a Suitcase ( I usually like Jeon Hye Bin, but I don’t know if I dislike her character or her acting more in this drama. She looks a little lost), Our Gabsoon (nothing to comment but still watching, waiting to marathon Kim So Eun’s webdrama later), Laurel Tree Tailors (nothing looks better than seeing Cha In Pyo making suits and wearing suits at the same time)

    • 3.2 Imbuk

      I agree, fantastic may seem slow but I think its warranted. You need to feel the emotions the characters are going through otherwise It may feel Like touch and go and you can’t deal with someone dying that way. I am yet to watch this week’s episodes because I am reluctant to say goodbye to these amazing characters.

      • 3.2.1 angieya

        Same, I’m waiting until subs are out for the final to watch both episodes at once.
        At least we’re getting a very promising successor next week. 😊

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          I am officially jTBC girl this year. Keep giving us good shows and we will stay loyal to you jTBC 😀

          • CatoCat

            Have you watched Yoona’s Stree? I’m stuck at episode 25. Another JTBC Show.

            I respect JTBC more than TVN. JTBC has the guts to show mature and controversial content whereas TVN is all about ratings.

      • 3.2.2 Sera The Ms Temper

        Yes, i am glad they handled the emotional scenes very well. Aaaa. I just have so many things to say about this drama. 😀
        Reluctant to say goodbye to these amazing characters as well!

    • 3.3 CatoCat

      I watched FantastiC episode 15 a few hours ago. As expected episode 15 is fantastic.

      I don’t find the show slow at all. I don’t even notice when time passes watching the episodes.

      I don’t think Joon Ki should be compete as 2nd male lead. In my views Joon Ki gives even Main male leads of any drama or any story Stiff competition. As a Character Joon Ki is a major force.

      Maybe Joon Ki type characters are rare in kdramaworld that’s why he appears so appealing.

    • 3.4 Bubbles

      Making Anna into a child would destroy the whole the sheep becoming the wolf thing though. Isn’t that one of the main palot points of this show? To show us how victims become perpetrators like in Yoo jin’s case? Anna should be like how Yoo jin used to be and then the show will tell us if she at least will be able to come out of this mess with her innocence intact or if we will succumb to her own hate and turn into a “monster” like Yoo jin.

      • 3.4.1 nell123

        well, that depends of your understanding of the “wolf an sheep thing” 🙂 in the javabeans’ example it could mean that you have a twisted relationship between two people with conflicting modus operandi and world views that know they are on the opposite moral positions. But at some point one of them is tempted to understand/join the other side, gets burned or likes it or is tempted to stray just a bit in order to get their ways. and in the end you may have started with one side being the wolf and the other the sheep but the positions change at the end, or they both start at wolves and one of them turns into a sheep, or they both stay wolves and get what they want but at such an enormous cost that they are left to wonder was it all worth it. The wolf -sheep thing can be shown in many ways.

      • 3.4.2 mary

        Kids can turn from sheep to murderous revengey wolves too. *eyeing 6FD*

  4. MistyIsles

    Me, I’m totally happy with Moonlight’s ending, though I do also have faith that had they chosen historical accuracy, they could have done so in a way that would still have satisfied me. But having the story deviate from history reminds me of Yeong’s approach to “The Little Mermaid” — I don’t like such a sad ending, so I’m going to change it and be happy no matter what fate or anyone else says — which works for me in this case, because it’s so true to his character.

    • 4.1 MistyIsles

      Also, whoa. Thanks, Javabeans. Now I also really want to watch that version of K2 instead.

      • 4.1.1 Kreyon

        Right?? What could have been will haunt me forever now… or you know, at least until the shiny new dramas show up to distract me

        • Chandler

          Lol, I read the comment JB was referring to & was already struggling with it. And then JB’s post just made it worse! I’ll probably never stop wondering about how much better it could have been.

        • MistyIsles

          At least we can all sigh about what could have been together, I suppose.

          So true about being distracted by the next shiny thing, though, Kreyon! Looking forward to the next round of premiers.

    • 4.2 maryxiah

      Me too! I’m all for historical accuracy as well, but in this case, I don’t mind if we don’t anymore, because we’ve been through Yeong’s whole journey together with him, it’d be pitiable not to see how much of a great king he’d become, plus I feel like a proud mother when he achieved all he set out to do, reform the country, make the nation a better place for his people, and let his woman live peacefully as a woman. I like that he too, achieved his wish to turn the mermaid story around, so he can Ra-on didn’t have to end on a tragic note.

      • 4.2.1 MistyIsles

        Yes, exactly! I think even a happily-ever-after running way with Ra-on could have felt a little tragic if it meant he had to turn his back on the throne and give up his dream of creating a better world. It still would have been a powerful story, I’m sure, but not quite as happy or bursting with hope.

  5. blo

    ugh…I’m so behind on all my shows, I can’t read most of these in fear of being spoiled. I’m tempted to though because I love reading you all’s opinions and I always hope that my shows are doing well. Sadly, every time I start an episode, I can’t shake the feeling that I should be doing something else…

    I can’t wait for next week though. I’m looking forward to This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair. I think I’m gonna have to find a shorter way to refer to this show. I don’t really like TWMWWHA though. 😂

    • 5.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      LOL agree, the title is way too long 😛

      Maybe something shorter like My Wife’s Affair?

      I even shortened

      Woman with A Suitcase – “Suitcase”

      On the Way To Airport – “Airport”

      I don’t really like to shorten the title like WWAS because it is very hard for me sometimes to pick up which drama 😛

      • 5.1.1 blo

        That is so true. When other people shorten a title like that, I usually have to try to google around to figure out what the show is. My Wife’s Affair could work. I guess as long as other people know what you’re talking about.

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          Yes as long as people know and understand it.

      • 5.1.2 Kreyon

        I like that you do that Sera. I’v been guilty of acronyms in the past and then been annoyed when I don’t get others. I’m going to abbreviate now, no more acronyms for me!


        (thank you for your contributions towards the betterment of the beanut gallery)


        • Sera The Ms Temper


          But yes, sometimes acronyms work for me, sometimes not. I even need to think long when people use MDBC to refer to Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. I guess I am not acronym person 😛

      • 5.1.3 Elisa

        I want to second wishing people would stop abbreviating titles like that. I feel left out of the conversation 🙁

    • 5.2 Sancheezy

      TWMWWHA – 이번 주, 아내가 바람을 핍니다
      Ibun Joo, Anaega Barameul Pibnida

      hmm just like Moonlight Drawn by Clouds can be shortened to Gurumi/Moonlight

      probably This Week, My Wife, Anaega probably worked…

      • 5.2.1 Anh

        Or just shortened it to Affair, since the other two is referred as Suitcase and Airport

  6. Gumtaek

    If you read the disclaimer at the start of each MDBC episode, it’s very clear that it’s not based on history but on the Webtoon that was inspired by a historical figure.

    Feel like recording this disclaimer and putting it on replay mode.

    • 6.1 Annika

      Yup there is a disclaimer all the time. And the director said before that it is a fusion drama. It has historical and novel references but it won’t follow those exactly since they want to tell a different story. A ‘what if’ story so they didn’t follow the history and novel endings exactly.

    • 6.2 Kiara

      They kept saying that yet almost all of the characters existed in history.
      Changes are expected but they went too far in the opposite direction imo. Makes me wonder why link it to history at all if they are just going to “misrepresent” it.

      I do agree with what JB said….
      “I’m certainly fine with fantasy sageuks taking liberties with trufax, and don’t expect—or even want—them to be completely accurate. But one of the huge draws of watching sageuks is understanding the broad strokes of history and knowing that there are certain constraints we have to work with..”

      This is not a what if story. This is Joseon. The king doesn’t make changes on his own.

      • 6.2.1 Del

        Better off creating a fictional royal family and characters which will make more sense. I guess they are taking the term “creative license to history” too far. And all this while I thought Koreans are sensitive should their history being portrayed differently than it actually is.

        • Kiara

          That would have worked. No one would be bitching about the history.

      • 6.2.2 Christina

        Talking about characters, i think among the 5 main characters only two were based on history. It’s the CP and Hayeon. The other 3 are all fictional characters , Ra on, YS, KB . Before i started watching this drama i was hesitant at first knowing the tragic story of CP based on history. But then i saw the description of this drama which clearly says it’s just an adaptation of the webtoon ( romance-fusion sageuk ) which i googled that it didn’t follow history either, i changed my mind. If they gave me a description that this drama is based upon the life story of CP Heomyeong, then i woudn’t have started this. So before i jump onboard, i knew this drama will have a happy ending. And as i started, the disclaimer before each episode gave away so much hint to confirm that thought. With regards to historical accuracy, in my own opinion, i would rather watch a Joseon documentary on tv rather than a drama if i don’t wanna be dissappointed in the end.

        • Kiara

          Kim Byeong-yeon was a well known historical figure. His nick name was Kim Satgat and that’s where the (gat -bamboo hat) reference came from.
          The rest of the characters that made up this show from the king to his first queen, consort Park, Yeong’s siblings, minister Kim, teacher Yak-yong, Ra-on’s father and his rebellion etc etc.

          We would not have a sageuk genre if this was a documentary. Fictionalizing to capture the essential truths of a historical event like the Hong Gyeong-nae rebellion was ok. They did explained why. Bringing him back from the dead was going too far into rewriting history. There was no need. He died for an honorable cause already.

          I don’t want to be too harsh on this show because it was presented as a dress-up sageuk anyway.
          On the hand I hope this is not the future of sageuks in this industry.
          Korea has a rich and fascinating history. These are stories of real people. Joseon’s history is well documented. When it’s done right it’s a real treat for the viewers. Entertainment doesn’t have to be mindless all the time.

          • Kiara

            “The rest of the characters that made up this show from the king to his first queen, consort Park, Yeong’s siblings, minister Kim, teacher Yak-yong, Ra-on’s father and his rebellion etc etc.”

            I meant to say that they all existed in history.

          • Anh

            That’s why this is a fusion-sageuk, it allows creativity, and alter history. The fusion-sageuk genre makes the political stuffs lighter, and it is just another fantasy genre.

            If one prefer to watch drama for proper history, then they would seek out traditional sageuk. There are plenty of traditional sageuk, I think each broadcast station do 1 proper traditional sageuk every 2 years or so.

            Moonlight the novel was like a fanfiction using historical figure, and the drama is inspired by history and novel, so it also somewhat fanfiction-like too, which I think the historical inaccuracy is acceptable. And Yeong becoming is actually staying true to his developed personality in the drama. It is a ‘what if’ the CP survived the poisoning and how he become a good king

            And PD already addressed this issue in interview way before the finale, so I don’t think Korean viewers were upset much, they knew what they’re in for.

          • Kiara

            No one was watching this for proper history. Some of us were just disappointed that they went too far with distorting several events and important historical figures.

            If you were ok with it then good for you. A few expressed disappointment but not enough to ruin the whole show for them.
            As for me, I’m always on team history because it’s the reason why I love sageuks.

  7. moonlight lover

    still on the way with withdraw syndrome moonlight…can’t get over it…oh noo…otokee beanies…help me…i’m obsessed with park bo gum…still can’t watch any other drama…

    • 7.1 maryxiah

      Watch his previous dramas? Watch his CFs on youtube? Look at his pictorial? Watch fan videos of him and Yoo-jung on youtube? Stalk his twitter? Find pictures of him on instagram?

      Tons of things to do! So little time!

  8. miroufleur

    I am loving Drinking solo and Jealousy Incarnate…both dramas stole my heart ♥

  9. Imbuk

    Regarding what you said about the k2, I want to watch that show too, javabeans. Right now, I have no idea where the show is going, till episode 7 I was able to overlook the logical errors and its general inconsistencies and enjoy it but episode 8 and 9 feels like the story is going off track and i find it hard to get invested because i am unable to feel the seriousness of the situation at all. But I ll probably still watch it, oh, the things I do for you, ji chang wook.

    Also, I watched splish splash love for the first time after learning about It in MDBC recap and I loved it! Thanks for your recap on that, girlfriday. Because the subs didn’t do it justice at all and I got a clearer picture after reading your recap.

    • 9.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      Now everyone want that version of K2, who to blame? LOL 😀 But yes, I am officially no more invested with the show. Only watching to know how it will ends.

      Splash Splash Love is short, cute and sweet. Many of us love it too. Kim Seul Gi deserves better chances to shine more in drama. Hope to see more of her in the future.

      • 9.1.1 angieya

        JB always puts those ideas in our heads. Remember the Moon Lovers video with Seo Hyun-jin? Yeah… but it’s ok, we still love you JB. 😘

        Ngl, I have too much fun ranting about K2. *hides from fans*

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          Sigh. We cannot unsee that video and now we want this version of K2.. Long sigh…..

          For JH-Anna shipper probably will be the happiest this week because the ship is sailing. I don’t mind with that, I just want the story does not lost its focus (hmm is this drama actually has any plot to focus from the beginning?)

          • angieya

            After the recent episodes… I’m not too sure about that as well. It’s like YJ always reminding JH of his revenge plans because he’s also losing focus. Lol

      • 9.1.2 Imbuk

        Ha ha.. Looking forward to your twists in tomorrow’s recap thread, sera. 😉

        Yeah, I loved the OTP in it! With only two episodes, it achieved to make me feel so many things that even full length dramas fail to do sometimes.

      • 9.1.3 kanz

        I’d totally watch the alternate version of The K2… oh so many possibilities of what could have been.. You could have been great, Show, but instead you choose the least interesting version to present to us!

        The show is getting more frustrating each episode…
        I don’t even look forward to the story and just look forward to Jeha-Anna and Jeha-YooJin scenes…
        Analysing this drama will makes me going bald it seems.. haha

    • 9.2 Boomboompow

      Splash splash love is always gonna be my no 1 romcom – Moonlight come close because the first half gave similar feels (both have solid directing, music, and acting).

      I am still waiting for the time Kim Seul Gi get to be first lead. She is the only actress that doesn’t become wallflower of second/third character and she always manage to make me like her a little (or a lot, depending on the drama) than the first lead.

  10. 10 Kreyon

    Can I just say this feature has become the one I look forward to the most each week? Thanks Team DB!!
    Laica, I totally do the same thing- my “on hold” list of dramas is getting out of control. Oh Hae Young is on that list. Arang and the Magistrate is on that list (I know, I know).

    You know what- Winter Break 2016, “On Hold” dramas I’m coming for you! #NewYearsResolution #WhoNeedsExerciseAndHealthyEating #methatswho #butOppaPriorities

    • 10.1 anniemo

      I do it big time too. It’s not even conscious a lot of the time. I’ll watch episodes of a show the minute they become available for a good 8-10 episodes, but then right before the angst hits I’ll find myself dragging my feet or suddenly more in the mood to rewatch an old drama or more interested in a new one. (Excuses all) And then a week goes by… and I don’t watch that week’s either… and then it snowballs. If the show doesn’t drive off a cliff by the finale, I’ll usually go back and charge through the angsty episodes on fast forward until everyone’s happy again. Marathons are good for angst episodes. Like tearing off a band aid really quick.

      • 10.1.1 Kreyon

        Hmmm I like the idea of fast forwarding the angst- I’ve never been able to make to it work with the video players I use but I’m going to try and figure it out. Rip off that bandaid!!

  11. 11 pogo

    What I’m watching: three versions of Moon Lovers (SBS, dramafever subbed, and now Youku). I’m a fool for this drama, may the gods help me.

    I get all the complaints, I’ve made more than a few of them myself, and honestly I’d predicted this would go pear-shaped since the day it was announced (that 20-episode length is nowhere near enough to fully flesh out everyone and everything). And I agree that the time skips are rushed and really should have been executed better (though at least the seasons-changing one was pretty). But despite everything, I actually like watching this couple together and somehow the drama has allowed IU to retain a little emotional gravitas in the latter half, which lends itself to surprisingly good chemistry with Lee Jun-ki.

    (also I’m fine with him keeping his clothes on in the bed scene, he’s spoken about not being super comfortable with taking his shirt off and I respect that – oppa does not need to take off clothing to slay me. Though this drama has gone further than any other Lee Jun-ki drama when it comes to clothing removal – I mean, he was shirtless in the bath in episode 2 already)

    • 11.1 pogo

      That said, I can’t remember the last time, if ever, a drama so obviously flawed, and widely acknowledged as flawed, has driven such an enthusiastic response from beanies.

      I mean, we either fall into total rapture because something is awesome, or unleash floods of rants when something that could have been great takes the left turn into crazy. I’ve never seen us complain so much about a drama almost from Day 1 but keep hoping it’ll get right and still watching and commenting on it to these levels anyway (and I include myself in that).

      • 11.1.1 skelly

        Lee Jun Ki. The one reason to rule them all, lol.
        Even taking into account the competent and pretty that is Kang Haneul, I would have given up on this mess a long time ago if it wasn’t for one of the best acting performances I’ve seen in a long time. He’s getting a little tired in the stretch, and so the energy isn’t quite what it was (although this makes him match better with the much-less-talented IU) but he is still enthralling.

        • pogo

          I’m honestly not sensing a drop in energy in his performance in any way, the simpler explanation is that IU has stepped up. It’s not that hard to see.

          • WishfulToki

            @pogo Agree that IU has stepped up (finally!). The consequence though of developing Hae Soo’s character is that now 8th prince has kind of faded into the background, doing what he does best: waiting (nothing? are maybe we just don’t know what he’s up to?).

            I’m hope we’ll see Wang Wook and Yeon Hwa more active in the final episodes; they are bound to be involved in the climax, angst, and death of us all if a 4th version appears.

            What is this? Choose your own Moon Lovers Adventure? If General Park asks Wang So to throw someone away, turn to page 30. If Wang So goes directly to Hae Soo, turn to page 25.

      • 11.1.2 skypilot

        @pogo I love your comments, in general, and certainly in relation to this show. Overall, a big +1…total agreement.

      • 11.1.3 Del

        The 20 episodes setting is what messing up this drama. Unlike the C-version, our 4th has to pass 2 kings before ascending the throne. This is where a good screenwriter is needed to move the pace in which this writer is slacking since she wasted too much time during the first half and compressed all the throne saga in less than 10 episodes. For a weak writer like her, they should settle for either 24 or 30 episodes enough for the characters and motives to develop. Lee Jun Ki gave away the most phenemonal performance ever, seriously the best I have seen him so far. From that Gwanjong’s deathly stare to the angst turn to manic laugh, he pulled off so beautifully. And aside from the powerhouse acting, he is so incredibly beautiful in Moon Lovers that gratify us to continue watching no matter how flawed the drama is. I bet his mane of glory works some magic on us. I have never been that invested on any performances by any actors for years since Jang Keun Suk’s Hwang Tae Kyung in YAB.

    • 11.2 Sera The Ms Temper

      HAHAHA pogo no one as passionate as you when it comes to Moon Lovers. 😉

      I left this show long time before because I just could not afford to watch something so messy despite i love the main casts. A bit regret could not join the other passionate fans and seeing the recap thread just made me wow with the huge number of comments.

      • 11.2.1 pogo

        @Sera- I don’t blame you for quitting, if it wasn’t for Lee Jun-ki I’d have quit pretty early on myself. But for what it’s worth, the second half of the drama isn’t as all over the place as the first, even if it has its editing/pacing issues.

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          Maybe I will watch the second half later,after it ends. I miss some sageuk in my watching drama routine, so probably will watch this later. 😉

      • 11.2.2 Sancheezy

        I think Moon Lovers give a better feeling if watched in marathon,
        even if many things happen, I find it too short for weekly watch since the character feels the same (ofc imo) but in marathon, we can watch 4 episode at once so the character can stay longer,

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          Yes true! Sometimes I found it is more tolerable to watch a drama by marathoning it, instead of following it weekly.

      • 11.2.3 Kiara

        It’s making me very very grumpy but I’ll stick around for Jun-ki. *sigh* wae, wae this oppa?

        • pogo

          yeah, it frustrated me plenty but it’s never bored me. Which is why I haven’t done what I did with Joseon Gunman and dropped it with 6 episodes to go (watched the rest much later)

          • Kiara

            I dropped Joseon Gunman and never looked back. I have low tolerance for bad/boring acting in sageuks. It was hard to avoid her because she was always with him lol.

            I love this Goryeo timeline so I can always find something in it to keep me occupied.

        • Sera The Ms Temper

          Because you are loyal and loving him so much that you cannot bring yourself to give up this show! And because it is at least not as boring as Joseon Gunman, right?

          • Kiara

            Fangirl extraordinaire. One of these days I’ll come back to reality.

    • 11.3 Brit

      What you say is so true! Though there is much to pound the table about in frustration when it comes to this show, I just can’t walk away because Lee Joon Gi’s performance as this character is so addicting. And for some reason I am loving IU and Lee Joon Gi together. I love their scenes. I wish her character was a bit more fiery, stirring, something, though. So blah sometimes!

      I can’t even recommend Scarlet Heart to my friends cause I think most would simply get frustrated or laugh at how terrible it is, haha, but the hope is they’ll get hooked cause of Lee Joon Gi. I want them to love him as much as I do, but what if the weaknesses of the show overshadows his amazingness?! #fangirlproblems

  12. 12 sky

    I do enjoy this show with its given setup, but once I’d heard of the suggestion to make Anna a child instead, I couldn’t help thinking I would have truly loved the show if: present-day Anna were the little girl in the flashbacks, longing for her father; if Song Yoon-ah’s character Yoo-jin were just a bit younger—mid-to-late thirties, to narrow the 14-year age gap between her and Ji Chang-wook, and to make her feel more like a hateful, powerful stepmother; if the main loveline were an angsty, thwarted attraction between Yoo-jin and K2; if K2 were driven to free little Anna from her prison and to make Yoo-jin see that she could have a better life if she chose happiness instead of ambition; and if, in the end, they decided they couldn’t compromise where they were headed and parted ways, with K2 walking off into the sunset and Yoo-jin choosing her throne of power and loneliness.
    OMG I seriously want that show now. This sounds almost perfect! And not to say I have been skipping the drama since last week, damn how stupid it is to feel sad over the possibility of a potential pair lol.

  13. 13 K

    Having Moonlight withdrawals.
    Loving Shopping King Louie, SIG is so good in this puppy role.
    Watching OTWTTA, I’m starting to *not* understand the choices and actions of the characters, but it’s still a beautiful drama I intend to continue.
    Watching Laurel Tree Tailors, I’m totally invested in the Tae Yang storyline right now.
    Dropped K2, with no regrets judging from beanies comments.

  14. 14 angieya

    b>MDBC: Imo the ending felt a little bit rushed, we had so much angst for 4 episodes and then suddenly everything was crammed into the final episode. Also not too happy how they handled YS’s ending and I wanted more RO-CP cuteness. *pouts*. But overall the show was a satisfying watch and I had the exact same reaction as GF during the special episode.

    Scarlet Heart: I didn’t cry when the deaths occurred…until General Park was holding his daughter in his arms, damn you Song Dong-il! And Yo is a sensitive and guilt ridden individual…pffft since when? Well whatever floats your boat writer-nim. 🙄

    Drinking Solo: Pwahaha, this week had the best impersonations, probably the best use of stockings and a baseball cap ever! How is it possible to get better week after week? I could watch this forever but it’s already the finale next week? Huhu. 😭😭

    1% of Anything: Uuh, this is getting good. Never expected to like it so much. It’s old school but in a good way and our leads are just too cute. And I’m thankful Drinking Solo was already over the halfway mark before this came around otherwise I’d maybe have problems liking Ha-na when you have such a spunky heroine here who isn’t afraid to take HSJ to task.

    Jealousy Incarnate: Lol were they inspired by JJS glasses in YoF Iceland for incorporating glasses now (these look a lot like his real ones)? And Na-ri…serves you right. 😛
    You know what I realized a couple episodes ago, this show has scenes (mainly of HS-NR) that in all objectively go on way too long but you just don’t feel it and could watch them forever and I attribute this to the awesomeness that are GHJ and JJS.

    Shopping King Louis: Oh My Gahhh, they’re soooooo sweet, I can’t stand it. This has to be dramaland’s most precious, innocent, natural and healthy love story. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy, no fuss, no drama (except for external factors), just endless love, honesty, trust and sincerity. 💕💕 And after the angst I’ll be waiting for Louis to say “Bok-shil ah, what should I do? Let me stay for some ramyun” (once he learns the meaning of that, kkrrhhh). 🙈

    On The Way To The Airport: Do-woo, here’s a broom and Su-ah, here’s a dustpan and brush, now go and have a good emotional house cleaning. And Hye-won can actually use said broom afterwards to fly back into the woods where she came from, win – win.

    Fantastic: If CARPE DIEM isn’t this show’s motto I don’t know what is. The send off was beautifully done (now this is how you properly give closure to a second lead).

    School 2013: From DH to this, apparently I’m stuck watching old high school dramas. 😜 But they couldn’t be more different, while the former is a vanilla milkshake the latter is more like I dunno…soju? Raw and heavy. I’m up to ep.8 now and people weren’t joking about the bromance, woah the intensity 😳

    • 14.1 pogo

      ooooh School 2013! I’m almost jealous of anyone who gets to watch that for the first time, I still remember when it first aired and being so sure it would play out with regular love lines and all…… but instead, they went for the bromance and what we ended up with was kdrama legend.

      Sung Dong-il as a father of daughters always manages to tear me up. And Soon-deok’s name actually sounded a bit close to 1988’s Deok-sun, that did not help. That entire death scene hurt to watch.

    • 14.2 angieya

      Oh noes, my first coding got messed up.

      Anyway…now about the show I love to rant about the most (yes even more than ML lol)

      The K2: Omo, at first I wanted to ask if it’s too late to have Park Kyung-soo take over the script but now I want JB’s version of this drama. Meh…What a waste of the premise and the cast. I think I need to go rewatch Healer to remind myself that there are dramas that know how to combine romance and action. Or maybe finally watch City Hunter (though I’m meh about LMH, hmm)?
      But on a positive note, I think they used up all of Yoona’s tears in the first half of the show and now in ep.9 she’s a new person (nope, still not an angel *pouts* 😜). Well I hope she gets a good paycheck considering how many eye treatments she needs for all the crying she had to do. Girl is even giving PSH a run for her money.
      Anyway I think I need some treatments as well since I continue to either roll my eyes (anything about JSS; everyone on Team Anna assuming now they’re being protected…Really people? What’s that big squishy thing in your head, just useless tissue?) or boring me to death, i.e. the romance and I’m usually someone who’s quite easy to please and swoon at everything but it’s just 💤

      • 14.2.1 Imbuk

        Your k2 description made me laugh, angeiya! The squishy thing, lol. 😀 I am also such a sucker for romance, but between anna and je ha, I just don’t feel it. But, my only consolation is that in those scenes I get to see ji chang wook being cute with all those expressions. 😛

        • angieya

          I have to admit I start to zone out in their supposedly romantic scenes…last week I read the WWW comments during the rooftop scene. Yesterday I was also checking recap comments during the beach and safe house scenes.

          I adored JCW as Bongsookie (well who didn’t hehe) but here I cringe whenever he’s acting cute…it’s strange.

          • WishfulToki

            I share your love of Drinking Solo (why ending so soon? :'( ) and absolutely loved School 2013 You won’t be disappointed there I think!

            My week:

            Moon Lovers Because there is a captivating story, despite all it’s editorial problems. LJK looks beautiful as always, and IU has improved. Now into the homestretch, I wouldn’t give it up except for ….

            Drinking Solo Sorry Moon Lovers, but I didn’t mind not seeing you last Monday and instead watched the most hilarious fight scene and Joseon impression I’ve ever seen. I usually like to marathon dramas, but this is the first one that I’m content to just sit back and enjoy every week (making sure I have something to eat and drink, otherwise it’s pure suffering seeing JS stuff his face).

            School 2015 Who are You I needed a drama to marathon, and remembering how amazing School 2013 tried this one out. Found it disappointing, even though the lead actress was incredible and it was a very girl-centered story for once. Bad writing I guess.

      • 14.2.2 Sera The Ms Temper

        With JB’s version,- I want to see young Anna raising kittens with Jae Ha. They can have a bond like an older brother- little sister.

        LOL I am sorry to say this, but I think I can buy ramen scenes more if it was young Anna.

        See I am now started with the never-happen-imagination . sigh. long sigh……

      • 14.2.3 Gidget

        LOL. Your reviews are hilarious.

        The thing abou K2 is I don’t know what they want me to care about anymore. I’m at the point that I’d like to see that whole family implode in spectacular fashion. K2 needs some alone-time to figure out why he falls head over heels with any damsel in distress that crosses his path. And Anna… Well I don’t know since the show hasn’t told us much about her.

    • 14.3 faith

      School 2013 is a gem among the school franchise…i came back occasionally to watch them when i’m bored… they are still the best!!

    • 14.4 Flightey Gazelles

      OMG angeiya, I died at your comments for OTWTTA!! LMAO!!

      I didn’t realize this, but I actually look forward to drama commentaries on the WWW(What were watching) threads! They’re a riot!

      • 14.4.1 Flightey Gazelles

        Oops, meant “I actually look forward to your drama commentaries”.

      • 14.4.2 angieya

        Aww, thanks. ☺️

        Since I try to not spoil too much here or want to keep longer comments for the recap itself or simply just don’t want to be negative all the time in some comment sections and WWW posts are neutral territory lol, my snarky side often takes over (and it’s already a watered-down version 😜).

        • Bubbles

          haha “take the broom and fly back into the woods where she came from” xD that’s billiant

    • 14.5 MyGirl2016

      And after the angst I’ll be waiting for Louis to say “Bok-shil ah, what should I do? Let me stay for some ramyun” (once he learns the meaning of that, kkrrhhh)

      he he… Naughty Louie!

    • 14.6 korfan

      angieya –


      Loving your Airport comment!

  15. 15 heartily

    wait…wait…I am busy imagining Javabeans’ version of K2…so much more interesting.

    • 15.1 Boomboompow

      Someone please make a fic!

  16. 16 hyuna

    I can believe myself that now I’m just watching Three Meals A Day. What the??? Well, since three good looking man from three different generation with all of them had hits drama this year, I could not handle myself.

    I’m a big fan of Lee Seo Jin and I follow this variety show from very beginning. But something has changed from this ahjussi. He’s not THAT DEMANDING anymore. In opposite from the grumpy ahjussi, in this 2 episode, he’s such a tsundere towards his juniors, Eric and Yoon Kyun Sang.

    I was surprise of Eric’s smartness about cooking and fishing. He’s like someone that really understand how to deal with nature a lot that makes me think he’s such an old fashioned guy but in modern-look. And I can’t believe he’s still hot as ever even without any make up and just wearing casual outfit.

    And how can I forget how cute the giant maknae Yoon Kyun Sang like everytime asking his hyungs to give him some works and not to mention he really loves animals. He has the two cute cats (as cute as him XD). And he has the best luck of them in fishing though he always ask how to set up his fishing stuff to Eric 🙂

    I love this season a lot. The trio is so sweet towards each other. Eric really takes care of Kyun Sang and Seo Jin really takes care of Eric. Such a sweet brotherhood. I can’t believe Mr. Grumpy can change to be a sweet and warm guy.

    Hope to see more their bromance next episodes.

    • 16.1 Yuaneey

      3 Meals is such a plesure to watch. It won’t give us big laugh but we always smile while watching. A good show for family. They must be so tiring. And from this season, my focus totally on Eric because man…. he’ s the real gorgeous hunk. Love the cats too^^

    • 16.2 Peeps

      It’s because Eric can cook and KyunSang can fish. SeoJin is from New York University and so is obviously smart enough to know that he needs both for his survival. No fish, no food, SeoJinnie sad.

      HAHAHAHA, just kidding. I bet you he’s being nice of course because of the good food but also because he doesn’t have as much history with them as he had with Taec and KwangKyu. And you only bully the ones you love~

      • 16.2.1 Enigma

        Well, this is just my opinion but the way Lee Seo Jin treats Eric-Kyun Sang is quiet different with they way he treated Taec-Kwang Kyu. I felt that didn’t bully Taec-Kwang Kyu but being meany. Sometimes I felt bad for them. This is just me but I think Lee Seo Jin see Eric and Kyun Sang in the same ‘level’ as him. Well, Eric has strong fanbase as actor or idol and Kyun Sang is one of the very promising young actor. Both are extremely popular (even more popular than him now). Sometimes I think Lee Seo Jin is kinda picky guy. He’s warm and sweet (we see how he treats his niece). So, I guess he will show his affection towards the one he likes. And I just see this (beside his niece) when he’s with Lee Seung Gi and Eric.

        • maryxiah

          I think it’s because he feels comfortable enough with Taecyeon and Kwang Kyu to boss them around, it’s not the same for Eric, whom he just met, and only 10 years (?) apart, so it’s adjusting time for the time being.

          • Beanfan


            I pretty sure that LSJ and Eric worked before together, on “Phoenix” (?), so they aren’t meeting for the first time here.

          • Fantasy

            Lee Seo Jin and Eric is close from 10 years ago. He loves Eric a lot. Lee Seo Jin once said in the press conference that Eric once asked him to hit Han Ji Min’s head when they had filming Yi San. Lee Seo Jin always hugging him whenever they met. I think Seo Jin really treats him like the most loved dongsaeng.

  17. 17 Sancheezy

    I still think about the historical inaccuracy in Moonlight is like what happen in Marriage Contract.
    The show never said Yeong will live or died but implied by the prophecy that he probably long-lived,
    but then Yeong is still almost 20 and the real prince Hyeomyoeng died at 21 years old,

    it’s like MC when you know the history cause the drama itself doesn’t enter the dying territory of the story,
    I think MDBC doesn’t let me down that much cause it never the big saeguk imo, I never saw it as a very complicated one and it predictable so I don’t mind it,
    I think they make it simple also because the short-lived of the real Lee Young, his greatest achievement on record is cultural related and he is said to be very handsome like King SeJong the great so yeah…
    (*This feeling make me feel as a very good audience)

    Moon Lovers l SHR : less action and more reaction,
    something happen but we don’t see it all but we see all the reaction from them, I have no idea why the character did something and it feels such a waste for a very rich setting, rich original source and rich story of the real Wang So.
    I get that the story has all the shock value but watching it make it less,

    1% of anything : super good atm,
    when the feeling kick in, everything become different
    SKL : Damn, this hits the theme about people will give you the present before dying harder than OTWTTA cause it’s not said and they are cute

    the word of the week ; OPPA,
    Louis 25 and Jae In both want the title Oppa,

    • 17.1 Sancheezy

      Mom’s Diary – My Ugly Duckling
      Celebrities’ mums observe their sons and record precious moments in “Mom’s Diary.”
      It so realistic at some moment,
      the mums is so protective and I just think that it needed on some extend but also over protective for 30+ son and their marriage.
      The son also different in their own way and we saw how different they are with other people and how their mum saw the attitude,
      completely loved this show atm,
      my favourite is Heo Ji Wong and his mum, but the funniest moment for me is when the mums talking to each other, they are funny

  18. 18 ricenoodle

    I would like to watch some J-drama or Tdrama. Just finished Moonlight and Love 020. Any recommendation anyone? Got to go. Be back later tonight to check. Thank you!

    • 18.1 Sancheezy

      on going
      – Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu

      – Good Morning Call (JP)
      – Love That Makes You Cry (JP)
      – From Five To Nine (JP)
      – Date – Koi to wa Donna Mono Kashira Tenno no Ryoriban (JP)
      – down with love(TW)
      – In A good way (TW)
      – Miss Rose (TW)
      – Autumn Concerto (TW)
      – Murphy Law of Love (TW)

      * recommendation based on Moonlight and Love20 and the recent drama I can remember

      • 18.1.1 -yuju

        my fave jdramas:
        N no Tame Ni
        Keizoku 2: Spec
        Saikou no Rikon
        Soratobu Kouhoushitsu

        others that I really enjoyed:
        Love that Makes You Cry
        Juhan Shuttai!
        Tantei no Tantei
        Mother Game
        Dear Sister
        Zenkai Girl
        Nobunaga Concerto
        Rich Man, Poor Woman

        for twdramas, I really loved In Time With You and The Pursuit of Happiness (by the same producers).

        • ricenoodle

          Sorry I’m still learning where all reply goes to and whom. @Sancheezy and @yuju Wow what a list. I’ve also seen Pride and Rich man, Poor Woman. Thank you both for the recommendations. I need to create a list lol.

      • 18.1.2 aranea

        How are you likingNigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu [We Married as Job]?

        • Sancheezy

          1st, I still don’t get the documentary type of shoot on some scene, I guess it’s like a parody of other show like in Drinking Solo, I can guess some NHK show but it’s weird when you don’t get the reference,

          but holy bread…!
          the drama has a good logic on de facto marriage (lol) and very well thought explanation how they both come to the agreement.
          The core idea of a wife getting a payment to do the housework is actually true IMHO, in my house, my dad paid all the house necessity even if they both work, what makes difference is how well fitted , well thought and consideration our spouse than other people when they did the same job.

          It’s really down to earth portrayal of a marriage contract, there’s no usual life and death trope, the sudden money in needs or some shocking incident/misunderstanding, they just did it because they both need it and it is an equal, mutual choice. It doesn’t use the shocking reason or over the top decision-making to make us shocked but the character development is what really becomes the highlight, especially when he comes to meet the family in front of the house, love the way it plays.
          The choice of actors also really unique, the male lead that looks smaller than the heroine give a whole different feeling when for their relationship since we have another attractive male lead there, their friends, their job, the medium apartment and their chemistry looks so endearing. All the setting make us insecure about their future because it showed, even if it’s not said out loud.

          I think some people can find it boring, people who used to the roommate/living together idea will find the motivation hard to accept but when we put what the character necessity and the social setting, it fits perfectly,
          IMO it’s good in it’s on way, I am digging the style and the dance at the closing . Watched it till episode 2 and I can’t find the manga anywhere T.T ,
          Thank you for introducing me to the show o(_ _)o

          • aranea

            I also found the pseudo-documentary scenes very strange, but effective. Their purpose seemed to be to speed character development. Within the first couple minutes of the drama we were able to learn a lot about Mikuri. My guess is the same is true of the second episode. We will have to wait until it is subtitled to confirm that.

            I also like the premise of the marriage contract. I like how the drama details the hard work involved in maintaining a household. The scene where Hiramasa calculates Mikuri’s wages is priceless. It educates in an entertaining way. It promises to be a quirky, light drama with a valuable lesson to teach.

            I think the choice of actors is spot-on. Hiramasa is moderately handsome, intellectual and quite. Mikuri has a wholesome beauty, is energetic, brutally honest and very naive. Both actors made me believe the storyline. According to their bios the male lead is 1 cm taller than the female lead. I suspect she seems taller because women’s shoes tend to have higher heels than mens.

            I like that Hiramasa is a nice guy. I like that he has a healthy respect for women. He has flaws, but they are the type that can be fixed. Mikuri is also an excellent person, though she can be her own worst enemy. She is sometimes too honest, with very bad timing. What she needs most is someone who believes in her. Someone who values who she is. I believe their relationship will follow the respect -> like -> love progression, with a bunch of comic moments in between.

            I am also convinced the Mikuri’s aunt will find love with one of Hiramasa’s co-workers. There are two likely, very different possibilities. Which leaves two questions. Is my hunch correct? Which co-worker will find love?

      • 18.1.3 ricenoodle

        I’ve seen From Five to Nine and thought it was good. Also have seen Down with Love long ago and liked that. I need to make a list…..I like the sound of Love That Makes You Cry so I will start on that. Thank you!

    • 18.2 feignedreality

      OMG, is there a jdorama/tw drama bug going around? my love for them along with thai movies has been recently been reawakened and I have been watching/rewatching dramas/movies left and right. Mind you my drama list includes shows from 10 or so years ago [I’ve been at this a long time, it’s really unhealthy] so just to add on their recommendations…

      Hana Yori Dango 1, 2 & Final
      Koizora [tv series & movie]
      Zettai Kareshi
      Kimi Ni Todoke [tv series & movie]
      Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
      Bloody Monday
      Love Shuffle
      Long Vacation
      Please Love the Useless Me
      Solomon’s Perjury 1 & 2
      Bitter Blood
      The Memorandum of Kyoko Okitegami
      Beck [movie]
      Assassination Classroom & Assassination Classroom: Graduation [movie]
      Orange [movie]
      Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai 1 & 2 [movie]
      Terraformars [movie]

      My MVP Valentine [hahaha, don’t judge me, i was very young back then]
      At Dolphin Bay
      It Started With A Kiss
      Fated To Love You
      Autumn’s Concerto
      One Smile Is Very Alluring [movie version]

      • 18.2.1 feignedreality

        Oops, posted without adding that for Korean stuff I am currently watching:

        Moon Lovers: My love for LJG is everlasting, as long as he’s onscreen I can deal with anything

        3 Meals A Day, Fishing Village 3: The cast are just adorable specially Kyunsangie and his cat Koong’s love line with Seo-genie is cute, haha…

        Still waiting for:
        Entourage: Jo Jin-woong, Lee Kwang-soo and Seo Kang Joon? even if it sucks [which I hope it doesn’t] I’m still gonna watch it because I like these three too much

        This Week My Wife Will Have An Affair: please, can someone come up with an official shortened version of the title, I cannot with this long a** title

        Tomorrow With You: I want to time travel to 2017 already…

      • 18.2.2 ricenoodle

        @feignedreality omg I will not get any sleep. Well who needs it anyway. lol . I love Love Shuffle. Thank you also for including some movie. Now I just have to find it. Thank you!

        • feignedreality

          @ricenoodle welcome 😄 I still have more I just can’t remember their titles, I need to look for my external hd .

          • ricenoodle

            hehehe…I’m checking out some of the show. Nothing grab me yet.

      • 18.2.3 Beanfan


        I second (and third and fourth) the Hana Yori Dango 1, 2 & Final recommendation of yours. I watched the manga/animated version, as well as the Taiwanese and Korean versions, but my favorite is still the Japanese version. The two leads actually got married!

        Other non-Korean drama recommendations:

        Be warned: I have a penchant for Takuya Kimura and Takenouchi Yutaka J-dramas, and older Taiwanese/Cantonese dramas!

        – Long Vacation (JP)
        – Over Time (JP)
        – Sora Kara Furu Ichioku No Hoshi (“A Million Stars Falling from the Sky”) (JP)
        – Koori No Sekai (“World of Ice”) (JP)
        – Hoshi No Kinka (“Heaven’s Coins”) (JP) and it’s sequel
        – 1 Liter No Namida (“1 Liter of Tears”) (JP)
        – Pride (JP)
        – Karei-Naru Ichizoku (“The Grand Family”) (JP)

        – Meteor Garden 1&2 (TW)
        – My Queen (TW)
        – In Time With You (TW)
        – Say Yes Enterprise (TW)

        – War of Genders (HK)
        – War and Beauty (HK)

        – Nirvana in Fire (CN)

        • ricenoodle

          Thanks Beanfan…omgosh I love 1 Liter No Namida and Pride. I read somewhere how great Nirvana in Fire is but have not able to get started on it yet.

  19. 19 Small Birdy

    On the Way to the Airport: Still so achingly beautiful. The irrationality of the mind and the seemingly strange decisions made. It does and doesn’t make sense at the same time. There were sequences in this week’s episode that made the hurt from every party palpable and tinged with a sense of helplessness as they plunge headlong into the deep end.

    Moonlight: Predictable plot, crowd pleasing ending with pastel hanboks, sunset and field of flowers bathed in the best soft, halo lighting ever. What’s not to like? Oh, except for the historical inaccuracy. But who would dare do that to Crown Prince/Park Bo Gum? Don’t touch him!

    Jealousy Incarnate: The plot has this absurd and outrageous attribute to it and is acted out like a wordy stage play that forces you to listen to every conversation carefully. It’s clear to the audience who Na Ri likes more and isn’t that how it is sometimes? The observer can always see it clearer than the ones embroiled in the dilemma. Hwa Shin’s torturous, self-punishing way of doing things has made me a masochist who keeps watching just to see him suffer. You just want to know when and how this crazy train ride will end.

  20. 20 Min

    I totally agree with girlfriday because after seeing the Kim seul gi scene in Moonlight , I went to rewatch splash splash love too and it was oh so good !

    • 20.1 pogo

      Splish Splash Love is officially my favourite crossdressing sageuk ever – they got literally everything right, and for once I’m not even mad that it’s so short because it’s just a concentrated dose of the good stuff (swoony OTP and their individual trajectories) and none of the usual conspiracy-plotting superfluity that usually bogs down full-length series.

  21. 21 FrabbyCrabsis

    I miss Mary. Where did she go?

    • 21.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      Miss her too!

      Maybe she is busy dating with Rim nowadays?

    • 21.2 redfox

      mary has been seen in some old threads, khmm

    • 21.3 Imbuk

      I think she must be busy. There are 10 dramas getting recapped here in dramabeans, that means 20 episodes. Also there is news about new dramas, ratings thread, WWW thread. Both the moon dramas this week have crossed 1000 comments and shopping king Louie, the k2, jealousy incarnate also garners considerable number of comments, moderating them aaaall is a hard job. I hope she gets enough sleep.

      • 21.3.1 mary

        The comments are manageable cos the recappers read them too, I just have some real life thing preventing me from spreading silliness in the comments. 🙁

        But your perceptiveness re: the comment boom is amazing. Or maybe you bugged my house with cameras?

        If a video of me dancing with ramen goes viral, I know who to blame.

        • Imbuk

          Yay! Glad to hear from you, mary! Hope whatever thing that is, gets cleared up soon. So, that we get to read your hilarious and witty comments.

          Re: comment boom. Ha ha.. 😀

    • 21.4 FrabbyCrabsis

      I miss all her witty comments. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one.

  22. 22 ET

    Something weird happened to me this week. Previously, I was watching

    Moon Lovers
    Drinking Solo
    1% of Anything

    This week(save for MDBC because it’s the FINALE!), I couldn’t watch anything except Drinking Solo and 1% of Anything. I rewatched the episodes, replayed scenes and search for BTS.

    I love tvN for giving me dramas like Age of Youthand Drinking Solo. I lost count the number of times I replayed JS-Ha Na’s cute scenes and Noryangjin Trio’s hilarious fight. These past weeks have been very stressful in real life and it’s dramas like this which makes me grin from ear to ear.

    Moonlight Drawn By Clouds I lost some interest towards the end but still it’s a beautiful drama and such an unexpected hit. I read some comments about wanting a sequel. For me, I want a spinoff on Byung Yeon. I was kind of sad that in the finale, he was looking at his beloved CP from afar. It looks like he will lead a lonely fugitive life. *Sigh* And don’t get me started about poor Yoon Sung.

    K2 I was reading snippets here and there on the latest episodes. I see a recurring pattern as to how the writer weaves romance into his stories. I think those who love JCW and Yoona’s pairing are delighted with the direction the drama is heading. Not so much the others who don’t.

    • 22.1 Sancheezy

      I rewatch 1% of anything a lot,
      I really like when Dada shows up with the dress which is an amazing transformation, many dramas make it weird looking but she really becomes different with the hairstyle and the dress.

      I like how she teased him and dress better when she wants it.
      And the miss timing play out well, it’s the perfect gap to them think about each other and why they reacted differently.
      The time they spent on thinking about sending the text to other and gets interrupted kill the chance and it makes sense with today technologies cause in the OG, it’s because of no mobile .

      Jae In also starts thinking before touching her and the almost kiss is just lovely.

      • 22.1.1 ET

        Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one 😀

        I think I am obsessed. I’m sitting in front of my laptop grinning and squeeing like some teenage girl.

        Maybe it’s karma, LOL. I am more the type who don’t care much about romance in dramas, dislike cheesy romance and avoid rom coms. If I had been given the synopsis of 1% before I started Drinking Solo, I would have put it aside. Never expected to enjoy it this much!

        I’m at the stage whereby I will look at the time bar at the bottom of the video every now and then because I dread how fast the end of the episode draws near.

        Anyway, I think this coming week, I am going to be a complete wreck. Finale of Drinking Solo T….T and totally sweet moments of our 1% OTP.

        • Sancheezy

          I thought the more I watch Kdrama, I’ll become less shocking at their trope and less impress by their predictable plot,
          but then I realised that a well-executed drama will always good no matter how time/trend changes.

          Sometimes we can predict the general plot by the 1st 6 episode but when it executed good, you’ll always come back and even in re-watch, it makes you feel good like the 1st time you watch it.

          The time when I realised Jae In wants the oppa’s title still looks cute just like the time he asked for ramyun and the time she stomped her foot,
          The time he pushed back his chair and the time when they talk about the meaning of emoticon still make me feel good like when he saw his eyes before kissing her and when she thought about him more than the chicken,

          Finale of Drinking Solo T….T

          I feel like I need a season 2 or special episode,
          I want to know if the trio will pass the bar or what happen to them,

          • ET

            True thing about execution.

            Definitely a YES to season 2 of Drinking Solo. This is the first time I feel 16 eps isn’t enough. I lost count of the number of dramas I’ve dropped 3/4 or sometimes even 2 eps shy of the finale. DS just gets better and better, I am awed. Please stay awesome for the last two eps!

        • CatoCat

          1% of Everything is in my watchlist because of Jung Seok. I also don’t care much about romance related stuff because usually it is forcefully feed to the audience.

          But FantastiC and Drinking Solo love looked realistic and i started to enjoy both.

          This Friday to next Wednesday i will be in sleepless state too.

          • ET

            Is that the problem? I mean force feeding romance? I guess that explains why most don’t work.

            I’m the type of viewer who doesn’t nitpick on things so for romance, I just need two things – execution and chemistry.

      • 22.1.2 Sera The Ms Temper

        I love how she dressup like that and Jae In’s reaction really funny! Then when her friend sent DaDa’s picture wearing dress like that, he just cannot stop grinning and smiling :p haha. If HSK is a Premium Trash in Drinking Solo, then is he King Control or King of Jealousy in 1% of Anything? Lol. Oh wait he is King of All Devils like Dada said 😛

        • ET

          I’m convinced if Premium Trash and King of All Devils aren’t played by Ha Suk Jin, they won’t work.

        • Sancheezy

          he also a math genius who learn how to count again . . .

          • ET

            Hahaha….I love that dork! I’ll always remember 1 Chick + 1 Chick = ??? the poor thing could never get it. He was bad with jokes too. The banana and persimmon, they so tortured Choi.

            I just finished Once Upon A Time In Saengchori. What a ride! The ending was totally unexpected 🙂

    • 22.2 Sera The Ms Temper

      Age of Youth was in jTBC 😉

      Thanks to these cable drama who made our drama routine less boring and give us more good choices. 😉 I never expected that I’ll like Drinking Solo this much.

      • 22.2.1 ET

        *looks for hole in the ground*

        Gaaawwd….how did I make such a mistake!

        Thank you @Sera.

        • WishfulToki

          Yep, I replayed the slow-mo fight scene several times. And Hana and Jinyi’s dance-sing drunk marathon. And the friends out singing karaoke. And Ki Bum singing into his baseball balloon.

          I’m always a sucker for a drama that has friendship at the heart of it. And this one does. I don’t really want it to end!! *sob*

  23. 23 enkeys

    Moonlight Drawn By Clouds:
    I am glad this finishes right on time a week before my thesis’s deadline (look at my mixed up priorities). This the the first drama I’ve watched even until the special episode. Normally I don’t watch special episodes because I adore characters as characters and/or I am not curious enough to see the makings and/or I have no time to re-watch highlights of said drama. But Park Bogum and Kim Yoojung never fail to bring a ‘motherly smile’ to my face. They’re cute together, they’re cute individually.

    Now the ending. I am so glad they took a historical bend on this one, because I think Yeong leaving behind the throne for his love is just not realistic at all (the real life Yeong wouldn’t do this either – he was described as an excellent crown prince who loves arts). Plus, IT IS a fusion sageuk, they put up historical inaccuracy warnings before each episodes, so I am a satisfied fan.

    Drinking Solo:
    I love the balance of each episodes – if there are sad scenes, there will be funny scenes after that, which makes watching each and every episode enjoyable. Good job, writer! Kibum might be annoying at times, mostly because he is so immature but I love that he stays true to character from start to now – that he will do anything for his friends (how he was super worried for Dong Young when he found out the suicide letter and now him trying to cheer up both Dong Young and Gong Myung so they can get over their heartbreaks). He is so loyal.

    I believe Jinwoong has a little bit of feelings for Jinyi because he has that micro expression on his face which I have taken to mean that while he pities Jinyi for her breakup (he’s been there, being divorced), he seems to warm up to her considerably, like he’s starting to like her more now (Idk how to word this, should have studied my English better).

    Next episode preview though. If Premium Trash really dumped Hana because of Gong Myung, I’ll roll my eyes so hard they might pop out. The show has been consistently good, I don’t want any noble idiocy when we are so near to the ending.

    • 23.1 ET

      I’ve a feeling that we are trolled by the preview. I will be happily fooled as long as they don’t give me noble idiocy. You are right that the show has been consistently good. I just can’t believe the writer will pull this trope at this stage.

      • 23.1.1 enkeys

        /crossing my fingers too!

  24. 24 justanotherkdramafan

    I do not mind the historical inaccuracy at all (perhaps its because I’m not really into sageuk dramas, or because didn’t bother to read the history at all when I started watching MDBC I had no expectations re: this). So, needless to say, I’m pretty well-pleased on how things were wrapped up on the last eps. If the drama took down the historical accuracy path, then we’ll end up with the a real death of our crown prince (which would make the drama turn into a tragedy genre – which for me would be really unfair in my opinion as it had me rooting all this time for crown prince’s plans for a new world for the people and musn’t good always win over the bad?), or the fake death that everyone had been speculating (declared death on papers, but is alive somewhere else — how can the drama achieve then that new world for the people plot if crown prince never reached the throne).

    I’m sad of Yoon Sung taking the fall instead, but then again the old man’s prophecy must take place (“he will die of young age”), because prophecy like this are automatically a fact in sageuk dramas and must come to pass (perfect example: Gu Family’s Book)!

    On the Way to the Airport
    We had reached the first half of the drama and for me it was: Beautiful! This drama, OTWTTA, is a definition of a melodrama (-cough with phlegm- Uncontrollably Fond). I loved how a lot of secrets were revealed now and seems like we’re finally heading and few steps closer to one of the most awaited part – divorces. Kim Ha Neul and the rest of the girls are doing great in my opinion (I love LSY and SSR but there are parts or bits where I felt the acting is rather flat).

    Favorite moments are:
    1) Soo Ah’s monologue or narrative:
    00:26:18,120 –> 00:26:37,040

    “It seems Mi Jin is seeing my husband.
    I was going to wail and cry my sadness to you when I saw you.
    But I couldn’t.
    Because I could tell right away when I saw you.
    Something even bigger happened to you.”

    2) the scene at the coffee shop, Soo Ah and Doo Woo crossing path

    I hope the ratings increased!
    P. S. I thought the Ahjumma on Jeju is a scammer, suddenly talking and helping Soo Ah here and there. Lol. Sorry because on the other world Shopping King Louie, everyone’s getting scammed here and there. XD

    • 24.1 Sancheezy

      >> because prophecy like this are automatically a fact in saeguk

      If I get the chance to sent back in time*, my 1st step is to visit the face reader,
      I am sent to the past, there must be something big for me but I also want to know when I am gonna die

      *cue song Lyn- Back in Time

  25. 25 Gem

    1% of Anything, Shopping King Louise and Jealousy Incarnate, these 3 make my day. I am under extreme amount of pressure for graduate study application so I really am loving these 3 right now.

  26. 26 wenaonline

    Currently watching JI. I’m onboard the HS ship:) HW is really good at work and being a reporter, he knows how to elicit response but with NR, he adorably fails:)

    I’ve put off watching the last 2 episodes of MBDC, I suck at saying goodbyes whether with fantastic dramas or in real life.

  27. 27 MyGirl2016

    FACEBOOK FRIEND: Rarely see you on fb these days?
    ME: (being slightly snobbish) You know, real life keeping me busy.

    *5 mins later logs off and crawls back into bed to watch Shopping King Louie and rewatch Jealousy Incarnate.*

    • 27.1 fab

      Had the exact same conversation, only offline, with a former coworker at my current job. “oh, just you know, too busy” while the newly subbed episodes of two weekend dramas were going through my mind. Ain’t got no time for fb or anything else online.

    • 27.2 justanotherfan

      I skipped an out-of-town weekend team building event this month. My reasons: because weekends are supposed to be family days. Lol. Paraphrasing that: I’m supposed to be home on weekends (especially when my weekdays had been very busy) because it is the only time of the week that I can catch up with the airing dramas. XD

      • 27.2.1 Brit

        I have done this, hahahahaha!

      • 27.2.2 kanz

        I don’t even want to go out on weekends since well I would just use weekends to catch up with all the dramas I watching..
        I could totally relate with you @justanotherfan

  28. 28 Cool Girl

    It’s a strange thing to come back in dramaland after a very long hiatus: i realized it changed all my watching habits.

    I discovered that i’m not able anymore to watch drama live and endure the pain to wait one week to have the next episodes.

    Clearly i know that i won’t take the risk to be disappointed: i have not enough time for drama, so i have become very picky and need to be sure that i will make the right choice. Of course, reviewers and recappers have become my best friends in this world.

    I’m binge watching what i can find on legal sites which means i can’t follow the recommendations i asked for and i’m sorry for that, and it’s mostly cable drama because they are short and have a neat ending.

    Just not long ago i finished Liar Game, and found it to be excellent on all levels. I especially loved the clever and thrilling writing, and the lack of romance which was so damn refreshing!

    And i developed an adoration for Age of Youth: this show is quite unique because its flaws make it as endearing as its qualities. Second best show of year for me after Signal. I’m already missing the girls and their friendship.

    However, this method doesn’t work every time: I have started Heartless City/Cruel City and i’m 4 episodes and i really don’t know if i can get any further. SPOILERS COMING

    Until the 4th episode, i was very excited by the morally ambiguous universe of the show, the polar noir atmosphere, the directing which made the drama so cool for its fight scenes (it felt like watching a film rather than an drama at times), etc..

    But the best was the characters and their relationships, especially the female lead who got to be very badass
    and not dependant on love (her romantic feelings played an important in her life part, but were not central, she was more focused on her job) in a world strongly dominated by men and very violent for women. She was also attractive but not oversexualized by the drama, and consequently looked like a normal girl to who i can identify.

    I was expecting a lot from her relationship with the main villain (the son of the doctor), not in romantic way (though i don’t like her love interest: she deserved better than him and the actor is a big part of my negative impression), because they are stark opposite but still very competent in their own way and i really wished to see this fight. But episode 4 just made all my expectations come true and break them by adding a twist, which turned everything upside down.

    Everything that i loved in the first 4 episodes about the characters and the universe is deconstructed: male characters had radical change of morality, secondary female characters who were added clearly to look good on screen and serve as a foil for male characters are taking more place.

    And i don’t know how i can get behind this mess, though the writer seem to be pretty sure where he wants to lead the show.

    So i’m disappointed and i ‘m stuck…

    • 28.1 Cool Girl

      So i’m disappointed and i ‘m stuck in rewatching those 4 episodes for a few times

      • 28.1.1 junny

        The first four episodes were excellent and I too wish the drama had kept this direction. I wish the reveal at the end of episode 4 hadn’t happened. Still the next four were pretty good as well, so at least for me, the first half was watchable. The second half of the drama was all downhill.

        By female lead, I think you mean Nam Gyuri’s character Soo-min? Ehhh, she wasn’t of much use in the drama and I wish she’d been written out.

        • Cool Girl

          Thank you! I felt alone and wondered what was wrong with me since this drama got so many positive reviews…

          I’m rewatching the first episodes: understanding better what was going on just amplified my initial thoughts and makes it really difficult to decide if it’s worth to continue or not…

          By female lead, i meant the other actress, Ko Na-Eun who played Lee Gyung-Mi the big sister: she seemed a lead more than other female characters during those four episodes for all the reasons that i listed.
          She looked down to earth, reliable, friendly, feminine and cute, and essentially not as much trapped in cliches than the other female characters (she escaped the mandatory rape attempt to which every hot girl in the drama is subjected, which says a lot).
          Her fight scene in the elevator is really what grabbed my attention, but i loved too that she refused to let her controlling, possessive (antipathic) boyfriend decide how she should lead her career, that she was upright since she vas very young (i loved her scene in the orphanage when she resisted the bullying) and that she had a deep connection with Jung Shi-Hyun.

          I agree about Nam Gyuri’s character Soo-min: she seems to be here only to be used and abused by men around her. The actress lacks talent and charisma, and the character is too flat for me to be interested in the possible romance.

          Why can’t k-drama writers write better female heroines?

          • junny

            It’s a pity about Kyung-mi, since I also liked her character and wanted to see it developed more because of her connection with Shi-hyun, as you’ve pointed out. I had a lot of issues with how the other females, namely Jin-sook and Soo-min, were written. Soo-min was generally useless, and while a lot of people found Jin-sook strong and capable, I thought she created unnecessary problems and needed others to clean up the mess for her.

            I didn’t like how Shi-hyun turned out in the latter half of the drama either. The bromance was good though, and Safari grew on me – the individual performances by Jung Kyung-ho and Choi Moo-sung were what kept me going. OST was solid. I don’t know if you want to continue (maybe stop at 8 or 10 if you do?), but it wouldn’t be a bad thing to leave things at episode 4 and preserve your good memories of the drama.

          • Cool Girl

            I dont know why, i can’t reply to your last message directly, so i’ll answer to mine.

            Thank you for your clues about the story: it helps a lot to make myself a better idea of what’s coming. 🙂

            Jin-Sook has more capacity to be a strong female lead because of her personality, essentially because of her steel ambition and determination but at the same time her past as prostitute and her looks make her a constant target to male characters. She spends so much time fighting men who harass her sexually and constantly invade her personal space that i’m not surprised that she’s doesn’t take time to think better her plans and not make a mess of an already complicated situation.
            I hate when female characters are oversexualized and reduced to their gender and sex appeal.

            It’s clearly a male universe where only male characters are allowed to shine.:(
            Though the expectation of good bromance is really comforting : i liked Safari and Soo and their relationships with Shi-hyun.

            I feel like i’m already in a love/hate relationship with this drama, which means i will probably continue to watch it for few episodes. I’ll test the waters and see what else it can offer but it will probably take me a long time to to get through it, so i better start new drama in parallel….

  29. 29 alua

    <Choi Yeo-jin went and got mad at Kim Haneul for having an affair! When she’s having one herself! I KNOW. WTF indeed.

    They are all doing awful things, but there is one difference between CYJ's and KHN's character though – KHN's is married. CYJ is (most likely) cheating with someone, but she isn't cheating on her boyfriend/spouse. (You could say she's cheating on her friend, but I don't think they were ever as good friends as the show wanted us to believe.)

    I'm still saying 'most likely' as it's not 100% confirmed (99% though). That said, I just don't buy the trajectory of CYJ's character – why would an adult woman 11+y after a relationship not be over & feel tempted by a guy who has cheated on her and who she knows continues to be her cheater and will never not be a cheater? They haven't portrayed her character to be as dumb, naïve or desperate as that for me to find this whole situation even remotely convincing…..

  30. 30 Chandler

    My watch-list is pretty much the same as Girlfriday’s, even Splish Splash Love (minus Society Game & probably Airport soon)!

    I’m in that weird stage when I haven’t decided to drop Airport, but also haven’t watched it ever sense my obsession with Jealousy Incarnate recently. Like GF, that show has definitely become the highlight of my drama-watching week. I’m glad that I’m not the only one enjoying this very messy stage when Gong Hyo-jin is trying desperately to convince herself not to fall for the guy who hops into her lap in the middle of a black-out, instead of trying to fix it. Jo Jung-seok in glasses? Totally makes me understand her dilemma.

    Adored Shopping King Louis this week! Just what I needed after JI surprisingly broke my heart towards the end. And maybe because I have so many consistently satisfying shows to look forward to, I’m able to enjoy Scarlet Heart for what it is. Yeah, the flaws are there, but I enjoy it. I’ll also remember Moonlight fondly, despite some weaknesses in the ending stretch.

    I’m glad that Laica made it back to OHYA! I’m actually planning on marathoning that with a friend soon. Still one of my favorites of the year.

    • 30.1 Chandler

      Oh, how could a forget my favorite after JI, Drinking Solo. Surprisingly, this has turned out to have my favorite supporting cast out of all the Let’s Eat series. That is something I seriously didn’t expect after the first few episodes. I adored our three broken-hearted boys this week. And, yay, it is so on with Prof Hwang & Min, they just don’t know it yet!

  31. 31 ajewell

    Does anyone know where I can watch Society Game subbed?? I LOVED The Genius and Crime Scene, so this is an absolute must-watch for me, yet I’m not seeing it on any of my usual go-to sites. 🙁

    • 31.1 CurryBuns

      According to Bumdi’s twitter, he seems to be almost done with subbing it 🙂

      • 31.1.1 ajewell

        Yayyyy, thanks so much for the update!!! I was foolishly checking out his blog, and forgot all about twitter. I’ll start stalking the progress on there then. 🙂

    • 31.2 ajewell

      It’s out now on Bumdi’s site if anyone’s looking for it! 🙂


  32. 32 Arhazivory

    This week I finished three shows:

    Age of Youth – it was just perfect. I loved every second of it and it is such a good show to make a season 2 of.

    Moonlight….Clouds: I was satisfied with the ending. The show felt like yummy candy all throughout.

    Emperor of the Sea: I’ve never been so incensed with an ending since Hong Gil Dong. But this was far far worse. 51 episodes and it ended like that. My mum almost killed me and has disavowed sageuks forever. I guess I’ll watch Six Flying Dragons by myself. I don’t need a spoiler but from the raving reviews I’m thinking it won’t descend into madness for the last 10 minutes.

    So now I’m only watching Cutely Adorable, Beautiful and A Nice Passing Moment (Louis, Fantastic and Scarlet Heart). I think I’ll start Suitcase and Drinking Solo plus the next drama to pull out of the past is Unexpected You. Mother and I need something light after all the bloodshed of Emperor.

    • 32.1 WishfulToki

      Emperor of the Sea nearly killed me too… I tried Six Flying Dragons for 6 episodes, seeing all the positive comments everywhere, but somehow it wasn’t for me and so, I dropped it *shocked, I’d never dropped a drama before, always going until the bitter end*

      My recovery watch from Emperor of the Sea was: Kingdom of the Winds, Queen Seon Duk, Princess Man’, the Chinese Scarlet Heart, Gaksital, Chuno. Sprinkled with lighter fun dramas in between. These restored my faith in sageuks.

      But yes, you may want to see something nice and cheerful now! I highly recommend Drinking Solo.

  33. 33 saladdressing

    Jealousy Incarnate is killing it at the moment! It just keeps getting better and pettier.. Also it’s the only airing show that I am excited to watch!

    • 33.1 Chandler

      Rofl, “better and pettier”! Now that is the perfect way to describe its trajectory.

  34. 34 jessybee

    Moonlight started of so well, but didn’t manage to keep the same freshness until the end. I remember the first few episodes were done so well; characters are introduced in interesting ways, compelling us to know more, and they are all thrown in each other’s lives and the misunderstanding hijinks between Ra-on and Yeong was gold in the beginning! The end got all muddled up with the political storyline that didn’t quite feel as meaty and smart.

    Nevertheless, it was a great cast, with great production values – the costumes were beautiful, OST was good too. This is another successful drama to mark Park Bo Gum’s rising star status.

    Scarlet Heart; Moon Lovers
    This one started out kind of off with the editing all over the places and the storyline is so fast with all the time skipping!
    “t doesn’t feel like the characters have lived through years’ worth of changes—it’s like they froze in time emotionally until the drama caught up to them.” can’t say it any better JB.

    The pinneacle episode was ep. 11. This may be the best episode in a drama I’ve seen in a long time, where the build up to the climax was well build from few episodes before; the different storyline of WS, HS, and WW’s family all diverge together to result in what was Court Lady Oh’s ultimate sacrifice. The stakes were high on all sides and therefore the pain, the sadness, the struggle was so much more impactful, and the editing + the soundtrack + the acting made it all so ON POINT! Hopefully this magical combination is not a fluke for MoonLovers – Here’s to hoping it can happen again before the end of the drama run.

    Jealously Incarnate: Is my current favorite drama! Really appreciate all the subtle humor/heart/slice of life that is sprinkled all over the show. Whether it is how a line is said vs. the context – sometimes there’s meanings behind meanings. I also love the humor that is all over the place! The show is having me laugh out loud for 60 mins straight and tugging my heart in all the right places.

    NR is saying all the things that is clearly opposite to what her heart really wants. JW poor baby JW; he’s done everything right, but that’s the problem, he’s too perfect! I can relate as a girl, we do tend to want something when it is challenging us. and if any this goes to show, nice guys usually don’t get the girl. HS – hang in there! You’re struggling so much now so when you do get NR later, you will know that it wasn’t easy and you won’t take her for granted as someone who crushed on you three years!

    K2 – Now I really want JB’s version! As many of you have commented – the storyline is spreading out really thin – It’s losing its focus, and the motives behind everybody’s actions?
    Why is Yoo Jin such an evil bitch but looks like she wants to cry like she’s a victim? Where’s the Je Ha that selflessly saved Yoo Jin with the umbrella – I found that scene much more compelling that the somewhat forced romance with Anna.

    *phew* Should I…

  35. 35 Irochka

    Oh thank goodness. I had “Society” written in on my calendar at work for the 16th and I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out what that meant. Off to watch it now!

  36. 36 Uyen_ah

    I do the same thing Laica! I stop a lot of shows partway usually after the couple gets together before the angst. Partly because I don’t want to see the slow decline and sometimes because I don’t want it to end. Like MBDC I’m am still kinda sad it ended and miss it although it has opened up so much more free time in my schedule. But it took me being 6 episodes behind in the middle of the middle happy period to decide to catch up in time to watch the finale.

  37. 37 fab

    OMG I hear you Javabeans, that K2 scenario would have been PERFECT. Anna has already got the mind of a child -well most of the time, she is not exactly the most consistent character- all she needs is to be younger in age. The romance is totally incredible and artificial. I hate that I want JCW´s last drama to be different, but he just deserves better than that.

  38. 38 Anita

    I just can’t take Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo seriously, it looks like a High School play that has the actors in historical atire. The story is scattered all over the place that it feels like the scriptwriter didn’t realize he or she only had 20 episodes. I know good and well that the writer could have told a solid, consistent, compelling storyline in 20 episodes, so the should’ve “had more episodes” excuse doesn’t really hold with me. The first half of this drama had a bunch of superfluous scenes/plot points that wasn’t necessary and the second half has time jumps happening every episode where the characters are not showing any change.

  39. 39 zee

    I just love the comments in this thread and look really forward to it every week, even though they’re definitely not in favor of my current favorite show at the moment..still wishing everyone a happy and satisfying dramawatching week..as for mine:
    finished marathons, loved high school king of savvy to bits, ghostess was cute (I adored the OTP) and she was pretty was also an ok fix of rom-com, shin hyuk was a riot, I felt I almost fell in love with him, two weeks was LJK being hot and an adorable father, and some other stuff which was also cool..began reply 1988..on to current ones:
    the K2: still my favorite show at the moment, may be I never really expected any other plot besides what’s been shown..i want anna to grow up a bit, see and know JH for who he was and is( I want her to know about his past, his darker side and the reason why he sided with YJ) and then I think the romance becomes a more mature and meaningful one than it is now, a simple but sweet infatuation between the innocence thirsty dark soul and the compassion awakening virgin( even though i’m actually ok with what it is now)after ep 10 i’m wondering whether there will be a time jump in the upcoming eps, I also really like the brand of acting ( namely SYA and JCW) in this..
    ML: I was thinking what would happen if LJK was not in it..the way he’s made this addictive to watch is kinda dangerous…
    drinking solo: I’m really satisfied with little character moments in this, kinda wish the end wasn’t near..
    also, SIG is something..should I start shopping king?

    • 39.1 MyGirl2016

      Zee, Seo In Guk is an outstanding actor, isn’t he? I adore him.

      In fact I think if Jo Jung Suk had declined the role of HwaShin in Jealousy (GASP!) , then the only other actor I’d approach (if JI was my project!) to play the role of Hwashin would be Seo In Guk. Something about him and Jo Jung Suk – they do the petty, the jealous, the man child thing with many layers, with rawness and lots of vulnerability. Like you’d be infuriated with them, but at the same time you can’t resist pulling them in for a tight hug!

      Also, to answer your question about Shopping King Louie, I can tell you now – it’s no King of High School Savvy. But Seo In Guk and Nam Ji Hyun portray their characters with SO MUCH earnestness that you can’t help but smile, close your eyes and join the ride. I can honestly say SKL wouldn’t be on my watch list if it weren’t for SIG and NJH. Clueless Bok Shil and ADORABLE amnesiac Louie are the heart of that drama.

    • 39.2 MyGirl2016

      And I’m sorry to hear that your current favourite show isn’t getting any love here at the moment. I know the feeling, I’ve been there! Hope that doesn’t stop you from enjoying your show. The heart wants what the heart wants and that’s all there is to it.


    • 39.3 DoubleFault

      The K2 is also my favorite show at the moment. It is not perfect, mainly because of the editing, but it has enough elements to keep me intrigued and entertained. I think EP 10 has been the best episode of the lot so far.

      As for SIG, he is one talented actor. I really liked him a lot in PU38. I think he is one of the few young Korean actors at the moment who really know how to choose their projects and who refuse to be stereotyped in any kind of role. I haven’t seen an episode of SKL yet but I’ll definitely check it out as soon as I have more time.

    • 39.4 Jemerald

      If you like a light romantic comedy drama, you should really start watching Shopping King Louie. It is a total happy pill

  40. 40 Kpop fan

    I like this drama. Thanks for the article.

  41. 41 agoodheart

    Dropped K2 so I’m not watching any currently airing dramas.

    Finished The Good Wife – wow, that show was awesome! Solid plot, stellar acting. Wish there would be some place publishing information about where to get the fashion they wore 😀

    Continued with Age of Youth. It’s being good so far, although I might need to avoid watching it at night.

    Looking forward to Legend of the Blue Sea!

  42. 42 Hyades

    Moon lovers SH:
    “how come Lee Jun-ki can have his shirt off in his sickbed, but not in the bed scene?? I want my money back.” LOL. Great comment ever XD.
    I just watched the episode today! I have been busy all the week with work plus I knew the episode will be sad but still great and as usual it makes me want to see more of LJK acting.

    Cinderella and Four Knights: I feel like I’m watching teenager show! high school girls crying when they’re watching handsome, rich guys + the main hero acts in the sad way for no obvious reason + the guy from CNBule as always acting as himself. Anyway, the show helps me to think NOTHING while I’m watching in order to get some sleep

    1% of anything: I need to catch this week episodes up!!

  43. 43 suegarbaby

    To all Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Beanies! In tribute to this magical drama which has captured our hearts, here’s a compilation of MDBC quotes, for your reading pleasure!

    There are so many wonderful ones so here goes…

    MDBC Quote List Part 1
    “Nice to see you again, Mung-mung [bow-wow].” – ep1

    “It’s not right to hit a puppy. You’ve got to soothe it softly and play with it.” – ep2

    “Even if she had been wearing armor rather than robes, do you think I would not be able to recognize a woman’s body?” – ep2

    “It really fell. A bolt of lightning.” – ep2

    “Your stomach may never have been hungry, but it seems your heart may have been hungry often.” – ep2

    “I’ve never had a home to call my own. Now that I think about it, I’ve never even said the words ‘my home’ before.” – ep3

    “No one likes the palace. It’s only when you come to like someone in the palace that it becomes a livable place.” – ep3

    “Yes. I had no choice in becoming crown prince. But is it not my choice what kind of crown prince I become?” – ep3

    “Even if it changed nothing to come forward, even if it were a futile endeavor, you should have done something instead of hiding in here, trembling! Because you… are the king of this nation of Joseon,” – ep3

    “I only came to know it now—that before he is the king wearing the crown, he is a husband to the wife he loves, and my only father.” – ep3

    “When I become weak and scared, I need a father I can lean on.” – ep3

    “It’s Yi Yeong. My name.” – ep3

    “Kill you, or save you—are those my only two options… even though we’re friends?” – ep4

    “Why would you need poison when you could kill with sweet honey?” – ep4

    “You feel that your secret has been exposed, don’t you? Can you not think of it as me sharing your secret? Can you not believe that it’s a reassuring thing?” – ep5

    “It was a happy dream. At least I could see my mother again that way.” – ep5

    “Yes. Asking for your wish to be fulfilled is my wish.” – ep5

    “I know this is absurd, but I don’t know why I keep seeing someone else in you. A woman.” – ep5

    “I disallow it. (S)he’s my person.” – ep5

    “Who are you—who are you to make me so angry?” – ep6

    “You must hold back. Not for me, but because you are the prince of this nation’s people.” – ep6

    “I was scared too. That I would be late.” – ep6

    “Looking at you, I get angry. But it won’t do. Not seeing you—that makes me angrier, like I’ll go crazy.” – ep6

    “Yes. Please make it so I don’t worry again. You’re a very special person to me.” – ep7

    “One doesn’t not reach out a hand to the sky thinking it will touch it. I know that it is no use, but how can you control liking someone? Even though nothing will change, I would like my feelings to be understood.” – ep7

    “Is it not possible to confess to someone who cannot be? The memory of having received love could become a lifelong source of strength.” – ep7

    • 43.1 suegarbaby

      MDBC Quote List Part 2
      “I lied to you. When I told you to stay by my side, I did not mean as a eunuch. Then why do you think I said those words to you?
      To put to bed this impossible chaos, every night I have asked myself countlessly, and found that answer. Before I am the crown prince, I am a person, and a man. That I love you—that is my answer.” – ep7

      “Do not tell me that my heart is wrong,” – ep7

      “I know. However, I mean to give it a try, that bad love.” – ep7

      “These are my feelings that I tried to cover up, so that no one would ever know them. In order to keep you by my side, I thought I could not let them be revealed. At your words, I will find the courage. Though I could be put in danger, or lose you with this confession.” – ep8

      “Words that are declared should not be taken back. One should take responsibility.” – ep8

      “If it is someone who must be fought, should you not fight with all your strength? And if that does not work, one must adapt to the flow.” – ep8

      “If there were exactly one person in the world I had to trust, it’s you. You know that, don’t you?” – ep8

      “I couldn’t protect [my mother]. That’s when I realized that to protect loved ones, I had to become strong.” – ep8

      “Many times in one day, I feel happy, and angry, and pained, and it has been difficult. I don’t know what feelings you have toward me—am I not able to ask? Even though I may be a eunuch in the palace of the crown prince, you do not own my heart.” – ep8

      “I told you there was one—the woman I love right now. Right in front of me.” – ep8

      “From now on, I will treat you as the most beautiful woman in the world. May I do that?” – ep8

      “But I have never thought of you lightly. At first I was shocked, and then I was joyful. And after that, I could not speak. When I sat comfortably in a palanquin, you walked, and when I walked, you had to carry an umbrella. While I sat on silk and you sat on a dirt-stained seat, how could I say that I treasured you as a woman?” – ep9

      “I’ll block the wind, and cover you from the sun, and cherish you. May I do that?” – ep9

      “Yes, I am a woman. But I have never lived as a woman.” – ep9

      “If you open the road, you must also open the gate at the end of the road.” – ep9

      “Don’t you know? I’m hoping that you, not as a eunuch, but as yourself, will take one step closer to me.” – ep9

      “Do you not know, either? I have flouted palace law in impersonating a man—other than as a eunuch, how could I stay at your side?” – ep9

      “I don’t know what it is about, but I think I understand a little how you’re feeling. Because I am still trapped too. I’m hiding against my will, and, thinking that someone may open the door and find me out, I shake in fear. When do you think will we be able to open the door with our own hands and walk out?” – ep9

      “But what about me? Do you think I would be at peace without you?” – ep9

    • 43.2 suegarbaby

      MDBC Quote List Part 3
      “All that time that I could not call your name, I will make up for abundantly now.” – ep10

      “I cannot ignore the mud under my feet just to stand in the shade.” – ep10

      “Don’t get hurt. That’s an order. And in front of other people, hold back your laughs. That’s an order too.” – ep10

      “I will gather my people using my methods.” – ep10

      “Be as sad as you wish. Cry your fill, feel all your hurt, and then you can come to me.” – ep10

      “A bowstring that has been strung too tight will snap under the strain.” – ep10

      “Why did you pretend not to know? No, why are you pretending that you’re fine?” – ep10

      “I don’t like the story you’ve told me. I will change that story. Those two lived happily together for a long, long time. Like us.” – ep10

      “If it is true that a ten-year-old child has learned to be a spy before learning to read, then the people who deserve stern rebukes are myself and you all.” – ep11

      “A sad heart makes you doubt everything.” – ep11

      “When you like someone, is it not natural to be greedy for more?” – ep11

      “Just because I cannot be by your side as a woman, my love will not disappear.” – p11

      “I would like for children to live as children, and for women to be able to live happily as women. Until I make that kind of nation for you—can you wait? In the new Joseon that I make, you will be my first person.” – ep11

      “If, in a difficult moment, you must let something go… that must not be me. Can you promise me that?” – ep11

      “Is fate something you can meet just by wanting to, or avoid just by wanting to?” – ep12

      “I’m scared. Because I’m so happy. What if happiness meant for someone else has come to me? And what if it will be stolen away again?” – ep12

      “If you’re happy, I’m happy too.” – ep12

      “If one does not mean to act, there was no need to have hidden.” – ep12

      “Is it you, Byung-yeon-ie?” – ep12

      “When you collapsed, I was so scared. I thought, ‘In the end, my happiness is being taken back.’ Please do not ever let go of my hand. I will not let go, either.” – ep12

      “How impertinent. Without my approval, there will be no one who can steal away your happiness. So, do not cry. Because I will not ever let go of this hand.” – ep12

      “You should have kept me from knowing through the end. No, you should have told me sooner.” – ep13

      “He’s waiting. He doesn’t know anything.” – ep13

      “If you wanted me all to yourself so badly, I’ll allow it.” – ep13

      “It’s now my turn. Is your heart prepared? …
      Do not make requests. I will do whatever you say.” – ep13

      “That reason is not wrong. However, seeing you take the sword headed for me with your bare hand—I was sorry.” – ep13

      “It’s when one has tried their hardest that one can resign.” – ep13

      “I will become your nest. In order to flap your wings and take on grand ambitions, please use me and my family.” – ep13

      “I’m angry with myself for always being a step late. But this time, I must not be late. Not for me, but for…

    • 43.3 suegarbaby

      MDBC Quote List Part 4
      “Things we always see and always do—there are times when they suddenly feel precious, are there not?”
      “That’s true, when you think they are the last time.”
      “Yes. When yesterday seems like today and today seems like yesterday, even the smallest things become very special if you think of it as the last time.” – ep13

      “Did I not tell you? Even if we turn and turn, we are fated to meet again.” – ep13

      “Ra-on-ah. Whether we’re seeing it from the palace or from Banchon, is not the moon just the moon? I’m the prince, and whoever you are—wherever and whenever, if only our hearts are the same, that is enough. Like that moon.” – ep14

      “Do not enter this place again. Ever.” – ep14

      “I must forget, I must not know, but I keep wanting to know. Whether he’s eating, whether he sleeps well, whether he’s healthy. You are so good to me that I hate myself for wanting to ask you these things. So please do not come.” – ep14

      “Cry. I won’t hope or expect anything.” – ep14

      “I will never forgive you.” – ep14

      “I will only listen to your words. Even if you speak lies, I will believe you.” – ep15

      “Rather than someone doing important work, I needed someone to be family who would eat, sleep, cry, and laugh with me.” – ep15

      “Pulling on entangled threads only tightens the knot and renders it impossible to untangle. When that happens, you must cut it loose without regrets.” – ep15

      “Does she really not have anything she wants to ask me, or hear from me? Or argue with me, or request of me? Does she not even wonder about me, or miss me? My words about not asking anything—forget them. Once, even just once, could you have me meet her?” – ep15

      “There’s something I have to do. Sending [him] away. So that he can live well without me. So that if someone were to come and take my place…”
      “Do you want him not to carry lingering feelings for you?”
      “No. It’s so he won’t be sorry to me.” – ep15

      “What is it you hate so much?”
      “The picture that you have drawn. That big picture you have carefully prepared with me in mind. Even if it is low and crude, I will live the painting that I draw for myself.” – ep15

      “No matter what, I said I would believe everything. Your lies. I understand, so go on. We will not meet again.” – ep15

      “A leader who is for the people is not put there by the heavens. A leader who is for the people should be put there by the people themselves.” – ep16

      “People you miss should be met,” – ep16

      “It is probably because they understand the hearts of people who know it is a lie but wish to believe it anyway.” – ep16

      “Even if the world did not change, as my father by my side, you could have been a great strength to me.”
      “I wanted to change it into a world that was just a little better for you to live in.” – ep16

      “Before you and I knew even each other, our fates had already been entangled. So do not be sorry, or hurt.” – ep16

    • 43.4 suegarbaby

      MDBC Quote List Part 5
      “Several times a day, I imagine what might have been if we had met in different circumstances. At least while we are here right now, where nobody knows, let’s look at each other without thinking about it. Ra-on-ah.” – ep16

      “Tonight, I think I will sleep deeply for the first time in a long while.” – ep16

      “The world I dream of and the world you dream of are not different. The only thing is how far we are from it now. I will come see you after the interrogation. It’s possible we may be able to find it without shedding blood—that path where we match our steps, heading toward the world we both dream of.” – ep16

      “From this moment, do not love me. Please remember me only as a traitor’s daughter. I do not wish to leave you with the terrible anguish of not being able to protect the woman you love.” – ep16

      “Byung-yeon-ah,” – ep16

      “The world that Baekwoonhwe hopes for and the Joseon that you dream of—I believe that they are not different. Over that wall between you and your people, the nation you will make—I wish to see it.” – ep17

      “Do not forget. If I only had one person in the world that I could trust, it would still be you.”
      “Thank you for trusting me.” – ep17

      “A target with an overly large body would be difficult to capture all at once. First the right arm, and then the left. Until you can cut off the head, you must not let down your guard.” – ep17

      “You protected me and the woman I love. More than anything, I thank you for returning to us.” – ep17

      “I will do what I must do.”
      “Yes. Do what you believe is right.”
      “But, I worry that you may be hurt.”
      “I worry too—that I may want to protect my family. But no matter what happens, there will be no reason to feel sorry—either for you, or for me.” – ep17

      “When I opened my eyes, do you know how much I worried that it would not be you here? When I grabbed you, I hesitated for a long while, in case it might not be you.” – ep18

      “I will pretend not to know you for a long, long while, so stay by my side. Even if it is just until I am recovered.” – ep18

      “I have staked my life to protect your seat, not for my son’s power, but for the hope of Joseon—do not forget that.” – ep18

      “I do not wish to be remembered as a small man who would make a woman cry. Do not be sad, either.”
      “You are the picture I always wanted to draw.” – ep18

      “The highs and lows between me and my people, the distance between me and you—I hope that you will understand my wish to be one step closer.” – ep18

      “Rather than a sun that shines alone, he’s a ruler who shines brightly when among his people, like the moonlight—I believe the king is that kind of person.” – ep18

    • 43.5 suegarbaby

      MDBC Quote List Part 6
      Finally, the clincher…

      “Have you written of your hopes?”
      “No. I have merely taken a peek at the world you are making.”
      “Then who are you?”
      “In the nation you will make, that first citizen?”
      *shakes head*
      “The one who came to you in the appearance of a eunuch, your first sweetheart?”
      *shakes head*
      “Then who am I?”
      “You are the Ra-on-ie who filled my world to the brim.” – ep18

      The End. And they both lived happily ever after. For a long long time.

      • 43.5.1 Sancheezy

        thank you . .. . . .
        I hope you have a nice weekend

      • 43.5.2 PakalanaPikake


        Thanks for compiling those memorable lines… I enjoyed recalling the scenes as I read them. It was the Evelyn Wood speed reading version of watching 18 episodes. 😉

      • 43.5.3 Beanfan


        Impressive! I…sometimes write down quotes from JB & GF, as well as other recappers. They have so many intelligent and funny things to say!

  44. 44 Lisa_wackycashew

    Moonlight Drawn By Clouds: Very satisfied with the happy ending despite the loss of YS and the historical inaccuracy. It’s been a great drama overall and I really loved the characters.

    Moon Lovers: LJG continues to be the main draw for me to stick with this show. Jisoo keep getting shafted in the SBS version continues to upset me. I think I’ve long passed the expectation that this can be more than what I’d hope for, so I’m just waiting for this story to wrap up just to see what they will do for the ending. Just realized that the Youku version can be different from the international version… *sigh* Guess that means I’ll just marathon that version after this show finishes airing.

    Fantastic: Ep. 15 was awesome and I just love how all the characters are so fleshed out and each has a chance at the spotlight in this journey together. Very heartwarming, realistic, and an all-around feel-good show. Waiting for subs before watching the finale.

    My K-drama list is winding down as the finales roll around, so I’m back to catching up C-dramas that I didn’t have time for before. Finished Whirlwind Girl 2. It wasn’t as good as with the repetitive plot, but I suppose it was dragged out since they’re planning a season 3 with Yang Yang’s reprisal in the role of Ruo Bai. I am totally welcoming that! Now, I’m watching The Adventure of Love with Jiang Jinfu, Sean Chen, and Danson Tang. I tend to pick shows based on actors I wanna watch. 😛

  45. 45 Pebble

    all this time goes by and it doesn’t feel like the characters have lived through years’ worth of changes—it’s like they froze in time emotionally until the drama caught up to them

    Javabeans, this had me awestruck too when I read the original MLSHR BBJX novel. Our modern sensibilities make us ill attuned to how love was being conducted and played out a thousand years ago. They were capable of keeping someone in the heart for many YEARS even with minimal interaction, such as exchanging meaningful subtle glances. And skinship? Not a chance! Exquisite love momento was sent, like the bracelet and hairpin along with a letter, in the form of a poem. These were infrequent too, like once a year on the first day of new year, just like the way we send a Christmas card to a distant friend. This was how the 4th Prince and the 8th Prince played the tug-of-war in contesting for the attention of their love interest. No wonder people could really die of lovesickness in those times, as one single glance and one letter could keep them ruminating for months and even years! Everything was played out in their own mind, investing their entire heart and soul, and not just skin deep.

    • 45.1 PakalanaPikake


      I’d dare to say that it’s not only a matter of modern people being unable to grok the relatively glacial pace at which romance was conducted a millennium ago… but how slowly all aspects of life unfolded before the invention of the telegraph and other modes of instantaneous communication.

      That and the significance of the loss of silence in which to reflect and sleep in which to dream. I was intrigued to read about the reasons for vows of silence in a gorgeous book on the gothic Cistercian and Trappist monasteries of France, The Architecture of Silence. By keeping one’s peace and refraining from frivolous speech, insights from one’s daily reading of sacred texts could arise and blossom during many hours of uninterrupted silent reflection…

      I’m sure the same kind of thing happened with those annual love letters.

      I’m also acutely aware of how ironic it is to make that statement by posting a message in the form of electrical signals to a blog in cyberspace dedicated to discussing the philosophical and addictive merits of dramas originating from a culture and language to which I am not native.

  46. 46 Namu

    Currently watching
    -jealousy incarnate : I still in episode 15, this drama make me love JJS more. Something about his eyes (and his overall expression)… Love it

    -shopping king Louis : my happy pill, my happy place, my preciousss. I don’t know how many times I replayed the beach scene, old book store scene, and red carpet scene.. Kyaaaaa

    Non drama (variety show)
    -2 days 1 night : my weekly dose of laughter. Junho is really true comedian, cha tae hyun’s laughter is everything, and I’m missing JJY ‘that dongsaeng’. Please come back!
    -knowing brother/ask us anything – Infinite episode : it’s so funny.. Hahahaha, I had a good laugh

  47. 47 Mjbedford

    Glad I’m not the only one still watching Scarlet Heart for LJK. I’m kind of waiting for the show to end so I can marathon my way through.

    I’m also intrigued by the different look he’s had in HS’s visions. I know it’s probably just a different style of makeup but it gives such a dramatic look to his face.

    Looking forward to whatever he does next.

  48. 48 saranga

    i picked up 1 percent of anything this week, out of boredom. very pleasantly surprised by it. i wasn’t going to watch it because neither lead interested me. jeon so-min was in that princess aurora mess, where she played an annoying virtuous smartmouth, and ha suk-jin’s appeal i’ve just never understood. never liked him on variety (seemed aloof and arrogant to me), never liked him in dramas (particularly in the woman who married three times), and i’ve just never found him attractive. nice body, yes. but every time i saw his face i felt like he should have been playing a joseon slave in a sageuk somewhere. not particularly prince material. plus, again, that haughty arrogant vibe i got from him was a turn off.

    BUT—he’s good here! i still don’t think he’s handsome, but i don’t hate him at all in this role. it’s amazing, given how much i really actively disliked him before. and jeon so-min is really cute, and not at all grating. they look good together and even have chemistry. love it when a drama surprises me. and i like that it’s a nice light watch that i can fall into without trying.

    of course, i think the rest of the cast are all rather duds and not that great or memorable, but that’s not surprising given that they’re practically C list actors.

    other than that, skim-watching woman with a suitcase, jealousy incarnate (so, so weird, and no chemistry at all between any combination of the love triangle), and fantastic. and as of last week, loving the K2. been too busy to watch this week’s episodes, though i’ll be rectifying that within the next couple of hours!

    i’m also planning to check out the van gogh drama with yuri. have it downloaded ready to watch.

    • 48.1 ET

      I wouldn’t have watched 1% of Anything if it weren’t for Drinking Solo. And before Drinking Solo, I didn’t know who Ha Suk Jin is. I’ve probably seen his face before but he never caught my attention other than being the typical good looking kdrama actor.

      He’s quite an enigma. He’s debuted almost 10 years and I was surprised that he has a whole string of dramas behind him. Yet, he has never achieved fame. I like his acting but I don’t know if he has the range. Still, I have seen far worse actors who got a lot more famous. Surprisingly, he’s appeared in quite a lot of variety shows. I get you when you said he appeared aloof and arrogant. I wonder if that’s why he isn’t popular. However, it’s refreshing to me. Not that I like aloof and arrogant guys but rather, I see it more not opening up and faking warmth being misunderstood.

      I have developed an allergy to actors who act cute, innocent or clueless in such shows. He seemed real. He appears to have his cake and eat it too i.e. he can show this kind of image and yet get invited back to more reality/variety shows. However his lack of popularity may be the price he pays.

  49. 49 Luzzieh

    MDBC – I love this series, happy it has happy ending, but why did i have this thought about the last episode “That’s it?” Anyway, love the cast and characters. But like some, i am happier with Splash Splash Love ending.

    MLR – sad this can’t even compare to BBJX. Sad for LJK.

  50. 50 spazmo

    @ tineybeanie — YES, king and the clown deja vu with the shadow puppets! i loved that movie…

    • 50.1 PakalanaPikake


      It was the first thing I thought of, too. Thank heavens King Yuri wasn’t around… or Jang-Sang for that matter.

      I also realized that Gong-Gil would have totally upstaged Hae-Su. She doesn’t hold a candle to him. (Yes, that was intentional.) 😉

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