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by | October 29, 2016 | 216 Comments

I love it when the weather turns slightly chilly, and you feel like reaching for a blanket and snuggling up on the couch with some good dramas. Maybe in honor of Halloween I should watch something scary? I’m taking recommendations! I’ll just have to convince javabeans to watch it with me, because there’s always safety in numbers. –girlfriday



Fantastic: Somehow this week I didn’t feel like watching dramas very much. These lulls come and go every once in a while, and I figured, don’t force it and just roll with it. I managed to watch this one because it was ending, and while there were moments in this drama’s run that were really very fun and heartwarming, by the time the last episode rolled around, I’d sort of fallen out of love with it. Everything seemed pretty much right for a finale, but I didn’t have much of an opinion about it.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: You’ve killed off everyone interesting and the remaining survivors are either dumb or dull, and now it feels like Lee Jun-ki is acting in a drama by himself. *mourns*

1% of Anything: I’m sorry, Drinking Solo and Park Ha-sun, I betrayed you and jumped OTP-ship before you finished! The Ha Suk-jin romance with Jeon So-min crept up on me and now this show is the highlight of my week — the couple isn’t about big drama or grand romance, but there’s a satisfaction in watching two mature, modern adults figuring out that they like each other and falling in love the more they date (okay, and also worrying about their “contract” relationship being purely a business deal — this is a K-drama!). Their loveline feels natural and realistic, and I love that even though the relationship has been pretty chaste so far, the drama’s attitude isn’t prudish; the characters are frank about sex being a part of relationships and discuss whether or not to sleep together, and it’s refreshing.



The Man Living in Our House: This rom-com has a pretty bizarre setup, but I like the mystery of not knowing whether our hero is a shady mom-seducing conman or a gangster-turned-chef with a heart of gold (strangely not that uncommon in dramaland). And once they started in on the banmal-jondaemal father-daughter hijinks, I was sold.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Here I was thinking that this drama was going to give us the untold story of how Wang So was really just a misunderstood dude. But now that he’s king, he’s just as assy and capricious as all the other kings. Is there something in the water? No really, are they still poisoning the water in that palace? Because everyone who sits on that throne goes evil!

Fantastic: I finally caught up by the show’s end, and overall it was a sweet drama that had some great friendships in it, but I was never hooked. I was honestly pretty confused by the chaste romance, and everything was just a little too pat for my liking. I do wish noona-sshi’s storyline had been given more time to develop too, because that part of the drama was fun. The one awesome takeaway from this drama is Joo Sang-wook’s foot-acting. That will never not be funny.

Drinking Solo: I’m sad to see this one go. The slice-of-life stories were so relatable and easy to watch, and it seemed like a sitcom that could’ve had a hundred episodes. It was a show that made me nostalgic for High Kick, both in content and format. On the bright side, if they’re really planning to make a Season 2, this isn’t really goodbye!

Gogh’s Starry Night: This was an easy one to pick up on a whim because it’s only four episodes. It’s a light workplace rom-com and there’s really not much to the story—it’s almost like coming in during the middle of a show, because characters already like each other in the office by the time we meet them. Fluffy, breezy, and best of all, short.

Shopping King Louis: I found the separation pretty pointless, and was hoping that Shopping King Louis would’ve found a more creative solution to the same old, same old. I just don’t care about anyone or anything if Louis and Bok-shil aren’t together. That’s the only thing I ever ask of you, Show, and you gave me nothing but crumbs this week.

On the Way to the Airport: I like the Jeju Island portion of the show, even though sometimes it feels like the drama is one big advertisement to shirk your responsibilities and pick up and move to Jeju, where no one has any cares because it’s just too pretty there to be stressed. Maybe it’s not marriage that’s suffocating, but the city. Waitaminute…

Jealousy Incarnate: That fight about fighting was so good that I replayed the whole thing just to appreciate the banter and the performances. This show has a gift for turning the most mundane, petty arguments cut from real life into hilarious and emotionally satisfying story beats. And I love, love, love Jo Jung-seok in love so, so much.



Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: I’m three episodes behind on this show, but I have a feeling I didn’t miss out on any noteworthy moments. Or the moments in theory are noteworthy, but probably weren’t executed all that well. I’ll just stick with Heads’ recaps until I feel like returning.

Drinking Solo: I started this when I got bored of Moon Lovers, and I’m so glad I checked it out! It’s fun, cute, and an easy watch. Park Ha-sun as the underdog No Geu-rae is adorable, and I’m always looking forward to seeing the celebrity impression, Ha Seok-jin’s “high quality” food that’ll accompany his beer, and the hijinks of the three gosiwon buddies. I really want a funky tracksuit now.


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  1. Safa51

    Watch don’t breath its not horror in it self but will make you sit in the edge the whole time

    • 1.1 niniko

      is this: “watch, don’t breath, its not horror in it self but will make you sit in the edge the whole time”
      “Watch “don’t breath” its not horror in it self but will make you sit in the edge the whole time

      • 1.1.1 Keren27

        I think it could be, “Watch “Don’t Breathe”, it’s not horror in itself but will make you sit on the edge…

        (according to my writing professor :-))

  2. Kreyon

    Anyone know where to find Gogh’s Starry Night in the 4 episode format rather than the 20 ep version?

    • 2.1 Elle

      Torrents, if you don’t mind them.

    • 2.2 Sancheezy

      you can type it on google to download that version,
      many place already upload the 20 version so I don’t think they need to upload the 4 version

      Myasian tv has the 4 format as I remember

    • 2.3 Kaybee

      Viki. But currently only with Viki Pass, so it might take some weeks or more before you’ll be able to watch.

    • 2.4 CatoCat

      4 Episodes version is bad one. 5 episodes content wrapped in 4 episodes. Around 75 minutes of content is removed and editing felt quite odd for 1st 2 episodes.

      Better to watch 20 episodes.

      • 2.4.1 Kreyon

        I was curious about that, how they were going to cut it down. I got about 7 eps into the 20 episodes and just got tired of the constant intros and outros. I’ll probably just wait until I have the patience/time to do all 20. Thanks Cato!

        • CatoCat

          You are talking about opening? which in most of the episodes of 1 minute. Then we have 1.50minutes pics+preview. I FF those ones. If you are talking about those star ratings then yeah they are repeated for main male character many times.
          I am watching SBS version now. 2 episodes watched and transition from 1 moment to other, 1 scene to next one is not properly done. Easily noticed.

    • 2.5 하루갈시

      I watched it on dramafire dot com. It’s entitled “Go Ho’s Starry Night”.

    • 2.6 Kreyon

      Thanks everyone!

    • 2.7 ilchul

      I just finished watching the 20 episodes version (20 minutes per episode) in dramacool!! I really loved it and loved Kim Yong Kwang/team manager Kang in it!! 😀

      • 2.7.1 Puni

        Same @ilchul! Easy and fun to watch. I loved Kim Young Kwang in it too!!

      • 2.7.2 zia

        I watched it twice already. Can’t get enough of Kim Young Kwang.

  3. gadis

    Agreed with you on JI comment, girlfriday. Sometimes, fighting is really not necessary and a conplete waste of time, but some other time, you need to do that instead of retreating behind a wall and let the misunderstanding pile high. And I love the fact that Hwa-shin instinctively know this and tried to get a rise out of her so that they can fight properly and be done with that swap out issue. And Jo Jung-seok is too swoony in this drama…

    • 3.1 4drama

      How come that he’s so adorable during the fight scene, both in the stairs and in her house! I admired his sensitivity towards NaRi, two different vibe of sensitivity coming from Jung Won and Hwa shin, but I don’t know I like HS approach more,

  4. maryxiah

    I don’t feel like watching any drama after Moonlight ended too. Still am.

    • 4.1 Sancheezy

      well this is what I do in small break

      *sorry if it’s not good, I should give more thought

      • 4.1.1 maryxiah

        Aww, I couldn’t open them on my laptop for some reasons, I had to check on mobile, you’re good in drawing!

        • Sancheezy

          oh thank you…

      • 4.1.2 DramaMama

        Very nice!

      • 4.1.3 FrabbyCrabsis

        I’m exactly the same – I’ve always loved drawing people, and now this show’s got me hooked on hanboks.

        • Sancheezy

          I really can’t remember Hanbok details,
          the color in moonlight is beautiful and it makes me want to try it.

  5. Elle

    The only new drama I’m watching right now is Gogh, the Starry Night. I liked the first episode well enough, but I find myself almost reluctant to watch the next. I dunno. I’m still very much afflicted with post-Moonlight withdrawals so my drama-watching palate is a little dull.

    Is The Man Living in Our House good? I need something sweet and funny until Legend of the Blue Sea airs and I find myself uninterested in currently airing dramas.

    • 5.1 Sancheezy

      The 2 ep for House is Funny imo, I love the jeondae-banmal conversation.
      I think it’s good to try,

    • 5.2 anayahs

      I watched the first two episodes of The Man Living in Our House and absolutely enjoyed it. I’d recommend it. The whole father-daughter hijinks killed me. Su Ae is amazing in this role; it was refreshing to see her as a funky adorable rom com heroine after the mope-fest that was Mask. Kim Young Kwang is absolutely hilarious as her ‘father’.

      • 5.2.1 Kreyon

        Same, I missed funny Su Ae!!

    • 5.3 KDramaWatcher2609

      I love Man Living In Our House. Try it out for at least 2 episodes 😉

    • 5.4 Michelle

      If you’re not already watching it 1% of Anything is really good.
      And for a quick 2 part show at 15 minutes each check out U-KISS Kevin & LABOUM ZN’s Web Drama on youtube.

    • 5.5 Elle

      Thanks for the suggestions guys! It’s holidays in my country for the next two days so I can binge-watch.

  6. Rose

    Owwww I was waiting for your feelings about 이번 주 아내가 핍니다 but I suppose it is too soon LOL xD any way this drama is just gold, I had no preconception about it and I am just so heavenly surprise !

  7. Arhazivory

    Finally watching the jdrama Pride after years of putting it off. Loving it so far.

    I honestly forgot to watch Scarlet Heart. 😮 I’ll catch up after Pride. Ended Fantastic and really enjoyed it. I think the separation in Louis was done well. It didn’t feel like they were separated because the emotional bond was still so strong. I don’t like the possibility of double amnesia but I’ll see how it plays out next week. By the way, the OST for Louis is so beautiful.

    Already downloaded Drinking Solo and will have a go at that soon.

    • 7.1 Dang Khanh Chi

      Pride is my most favorite J-drama! 😀

    • 7.2 CatoCat

      I have Pride in my watchlist for past 5 years. I have read some bad reviews of its end. So i kept on delaying it. But after few visitors mentioned it here, I am planning to watch it in next few months.

      • 7.2.1 Chandler

        I adore the first half of Pride so much that watching it was worth it for me. But it is true that the later episodes have some weaknesses. Still, overall, it’s a series I remember fondly.

        • Arhazivory

          First time hearing any negative feedback regarding the end. I’m already invested though. 😀

        • Quinze

          Yeah Pride is one of my go-to jdramas when I feel like curling up with something good. The latter half of the show did piss me off so I try to breeze through it but that show makes me nostalgic for good jdramas.

        • Barbrey

          “I was born to lo-ove you, every single day of my li-ife!”

          Every time I hear this Queen song now, I think of Pride. I’m quite sure Shopping King Louis made a reference to Pride when Louis is running to Bok Shil with all the heating pads on him because they played this song.

          I’ve tried to watch but only finished a few j-dramas. Pride is one of them, though the passivity of the heroine got to me. The Last Cinderella is my one and only favorite. Are there any jdramas where the heroine is not passive (though doesn’t need to be aggressive) and the chemistry between leads is intense?

          • junny

            Saigo Kara Nibanme no Koi
            Long Vacation
            Over Time
            Love Shuffle
            Love Revolution

          • fab

            Fuyu no Sakura
            Because I love Imai Miki.

          • Ren

            5-ji Kara 9-ji Made

          • Harukogirl

            Actually, the first that comes to mind is Hana Yori Dango – not only is it 1000% better (and better acted) than BOF, the leads secretly dated for like 9 years and are engaged. So, yeah – chemestry.

            Also, Rich man, poor man, Love Revolution, Good Luck, the movie kimi ni todoke (she’s shy, but not passive imo. She can be hilariously straightforward. I liked this one so much I translated it.), Sapuri (seriously, the herione is AWESOME), the remake of Hana Kimi (yes, the god of acting oguri shun is in the original, but the remake is better plotted and has more romance), Around 40, Magari Kado no Kanojo (not sure.if.It’s been translated – I watched it raw a few years back. Soooo good), Oishi Proposal and more….

          • visitor

            Summer Nude!

          • Kay

            @Harukogirl WHATTTTTTTT…..WAIT…Inoue Mao and Matsumoto Jun are ENGAGED!?!?!?!?!?!!? My mind cannot comprehend this…how did I not know this!!! Hana Yori Dango is one of my first (and more fav) jdramas!!! Ohmigosh I’m so happy!!!!

          • sky

            Don’t know about chemistry but I just finished watching saikou no rikon, and it’s amazing. I think all four has distinct chemistry with each other, even eita and go ayano…and it’s totally hilarious,mind boggling and laugh out loud kind of drama. Eita’s best performance of all I’ve seen from him so far. One of the fact that I love about jdramas are the dialogues. You can just sit back and listen to the monologues which have the tendency to make you connect even if you don’t belong in their world. At one point I thought they were too silly to reckon, and then they would make me laugh or hate next. But may be the humane effect of the drama made it worth watching after all . Now I’m sad it’s over and has been looking for the special episode except it’s not available anywhere :'(

          • Barbrey

            Thanks everyone – I’ve now got a list to work with. The only other two I’ve ever finished were Long Vacation and Hana Yori Dango and I liked both of them, so because theyre on your lists I can trust the rest.

          • FrabbyCrabsis

            I thought I was the only one who got the ‘Pride’ feels in that scene!
            Try ‘Kimi wa Petto’ or ‘You are my Pet’. The heroine is outwardly quite strong but secretly lonely. Plus, it stars Matsumoto Jun.

          • Beanfan

            @junny — Love your list!

            @Barbrey — The heroine in Over Time exactly fits the bill re: not passive, but not aggressive either. She takes her time, figures out what she wants, and then takes steps towards it.

            I didn’t find Pride’s heroine to be all that passive…more reticent? Wanting to be certain of the other’s feelings?

            All this talk of the drama is making me wanna watch it again!

          • fab

            I just thought of one with a strong female lead with a disability that you might like. Orange Days. University setting.
            I’m also taking advantage of these recommendations, Japanese dramas are love and I don’t watch nearly enough of them.

          • mary

            @sky, Saikou no Rikon is hilarious! Loved that crazy show.

      • 7.2.2 Harukogirl

        Without spoilers – Pride is AMAZING, and while there is a little last half slump (seriously, what drama doesn’t?), the ending is 100% happy and to me, fully satisfying. It’s not at all a cheese in the trap or gu family book half-assed kinda maybe happy if you squint juusssst rigghhht ending, it’s actually, completely a good ending.

        One of my top 5 all time favorite dramas, come to think of it. Also why I love Queen, and Checkers (“Namida no, requesto, saigo no, requesto~ !) Ah, old school music. I got so many weird looks when I lived in Japan and named Checkers as one of my favorite Japanese bands….apparently it’s quite odd to be white and have heard of them, let alone tracked down and listen/ed to most of their albums…hahaha

    • 7.3 FrabbyCrabsis

      Yes! Welcome, ‘Pride’ lovers!

  8. melts

    This show has a gift for turning the most mundane, petty arguments cut from real life into hilarious and emotionally satisfying story beats. And I love, love, love Jo Jung-seok in love so, so much
    GF, I just had to quote this because everything you wrote about JI, especially that part, is the exact thing I have in mind! I just hope the remaining 4 episodes will be as satisfying as the previous ones.

    • 8.1 Quinze

      Yeah that pretty much sums up my love for this show. So good.

    • 8.2 Db

      Ikr? I’m glad to see this show getting some love 😆😆😆

  9. Pollyanna

    What’s memorable of late is just how many K-dramas I dropped in short order:

    The K2 (abusing the “mute” & “FF” buttons wasn’t enough)
    Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (last 2 episodes were too predictably angsty)
    Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (it seems to be going the BBJX way)

    I may be a naif where K-dramas are concerned, but that doesn’t really matter.

    Bad dramas are like porn: you know it when you see it.

    • 9.1 Beanfan

      Haha.. OR,

      Bad dramas are like porn: you can’t look away (at first?) whether it’s bad or good…

  10. 10 Kender

    I have to admit I didn’t have high expectations for 1% of Anything, despite being a long-time Ha Suk-jin fan and a fan of the original way back when, but it’s really grown on me. It’s nice to see two relatively well-adjusted adults who approach their relationship as adults rather than as overgrown children, who communicate with each other about their problems and what they want from each other and respect each other’s differences. They’re obviously growing together the more time they spend together, and anyone with eyes can see that they’re pretty much a perfect match. (And, er, I may have watched episode 8 more than a few times. There’s just so much cute!) The only problem is that Dramax is a premium channel, and I’m not paying an extra 10,000 won a month just to watch this show, so I have to catch up on the weekend when Hubs goes out to play soccer or try to stream it on my phone on my work commute.

    The only other thing I’ve been watching is Moon Lovers, but let’s face it, at this point I’m just riding it out so I can see how they send Hae Su back to the future and what kind of reincarnation Lee Junki gets. My texts to my friend have gotten increasingly ranty over the past few weeks, haha.

    • 10.1 Sancheezy

      it called One Percent of Something in Drama Fever and I actually asked my friend account for it, — so I really like how the drama developed,

      I remember the tag for the 2003 version is
      The odds are 99 to 1 against love in this romantic drama

      and it’s really true in the meaning that Jae I and Dada will not gonna meet in the normal way and not gonna choose each other in their normal way, but it changes by that 1 chance the grandfather take,
      after they spending time, we all can see how they are a match and this is a good message for another couple, spends the time to actually do something together at least once a week for your relationship and listen to each other,

  11. 11 angieya

    Moon Lovers: Welcome on board the Goryeo KTX. Don’t expect us to lower the speed so you can enjoy the scenery, ain’t nobody got time for that, therefore please fasten your seatbelt and hold on tightly for the imminent crash next week. Even the SBS editors have jumped train after ep.17, concluding that this is just too much work for the little money they get.
    Btw regardless of the big budget this show has the most low-rent celebratory scenes, from coronations to marriages. I don’t expect grand scenes and sets like in Chinese sageuks where you can literally see the money burning (Empress of China anyone? lol) but seriously…where did all the 💰 go?

    Drinking Solo: No more Noryangjin idiots. 😭 Even though the ending was low quality and rushed (geez, is it really soooo difficult to pace out your story correctly, kdrama writers?) and writer-nim pulled some unnecessary tropes I still cried and smiled like an idiot because I just came to love all these characters so much. I’ll stay seated with my (non-alcoholic) drink, waiting for season 2 now. Geonbae! 🍻

    Man Living in Our House: A lot people seem to like this. Maybe it’s just not my type of humor but don’t find it particularly funny. Never seen Su Ae in anything before and tbh I find she’s overacting sometimes. Not sure if I’ll continue.

    1% of Anything: Kyaaahhh….ok, I officially love this show (and HSJ, hee). Our leads are so natural with their skinship and everything, love it. But you know what it means in dramaland when we get super cute episodes, right…angstville is most likely round the corner. 😩

    Jealousy Incarnate: I love ramyun. I love JJS. That’s All. 💓💓💓

    Shopping King Louis: Ok show, you gave me a Mandarin AND a Cantonese song this week, I forgive you for the angst…thank your music director for that (and 1% coz got my cuteness dose over there this week). But can somebody buy Louis a f***ing helmet, please?!

    On The Way To The Airport: I wanna move to Jeju Island.

    This Week My Wife’s Having An Affair: Oh this looks good and I really like the cast. But it always takes me ages to watch anything with LSK…why? I’m so hypnotized by his voice that I end up having to rewatch all his scenes coz I forget to read the subs. Lol. But dear subbers, the kid is a boy. 😝

    Fantastic: Loved the characters, loved the bromance and girlfriends, loved the message, this is a terminal illness drama done right, bravo JTBC. But I’m a bit salty we never got to see Dongsaeng-ssi kissing Noona-ssi. Wae? Sigh, the wait continues.


    • 11.1 angieya

      And of course my fav show to rant about gets its own post. (Nah, I just watch too many dramas 😜)

      The K2: There should be a disclaimer at the beginning, warning people that show might cause whiplash and overworking of muscles by too much head banging/shaking and eye rolling.
      Anyway Team Madam Choi till the end! Also I don’t think I’ve ever cared less for an OTP in a kdrama (hold on there was one…it’s about a High School bully and a girl who was crying all the time – pretty sure y’all know which drama I’m talking about 😜).
      Call me morbid I want JH and Anna go down a la Romeo and Juliet at the end which of course ain’t gonna happen but since we’re all writing our own version by now. Hehe
      And my version will only have scenes like the ones of JH and YJ or the confrontation between Evil Queen and Clown Husband (that.was.intense 😳) and definitely NO scenes like face mask or ramyun PPL.

      • 11.1.1 Pollyanna

        Hmm… perhaps said disclaimer should read:

        “You risk being possessed by a poltergeist by virtue of watching/gazing upon this.

        If you agree to take on this risk, proceed.”

        This show has the OTP with the mostest. Not.

      • 11.1.2 mary of bethany

        angieya, actually your posts, Lord Cobol’s .. and the rest ..are more interesting to digest , than watching luminous Wookie got wasted by the K2. huh. .this K2 not much a high drama to scale , plot has no height and characters has no depth.
        K2 is a mixed pot of Yongpal 2, Healer 2, Descendant of Son2.
        This K2… is exactly “2” of every hit-dramas.
        Healer2— you can find literally Seo Junghoo single handed taking down legions of hounds, and finding him peeping at his “youngshin” (Anna here) thru CCTV, shadowing her in night.
        Yongpal2 —you can find a damsel in distress (tortured by evil guardian) breaking thru from her confinement but not breaking out from a Snow-white Angel image, and of cause the very high-tech glass confinement like unto the one that kept Sleeping Beauty in at Yongpal.
        Descendant2– shamefully displaying ‘perfect male body specimens” in shower scene, when the fight scene can be done in gymn or just some locker-room. and the UN-like armies in Middle-East back-drop, seeing JCW in army’s clothes is so Captain Big Boss, and the forever recycled plot of dirty mercenaries telling arms to dirty middle east terrorists..…
        stupid gas mask plot is already ‘something’.

        and watching Wookie in face mask, … is like
        okay, enough is enough!!! as well, give him WangSo’s mask next week. or ask him to cameo in pretty Anna’s church Nativity scene as a lamb. all hail to the power of Love.
        as well give h

        • sky

          K2 is a mixed pot of Yongpal 2, Healer 2, Descendant of Son2.


        • Beanfan

          This K2… is exactly “2” of every hit-dramas.

          Haha… Can I borrow this for another time?

      • 11.1.3 Catocat

        The K2 is a comedy. I enjoyed every episode of it. Maybe because of background Music. The only interesting part of the show is People’s Motivations and every attempt to reach an extreme decision.

        I have given it 6.5/10 aka C grade.

      • 11.1.4 Lindy12

        Oh boy do I agree with you! There is zero tension, sexual or otherwise, between Je-ha and Anna. In fact saying zero tension might be over inflating it a bit. He looks at her like she’s some adorable baby animal or his little sister who has just smeared herself with their mommy’s lipstick. That blanket kiss was embarrassing to me, not cute. And is the relationship the kind that we need cute anyway? The life they live is the very antithesis of cuteness. He’s a hardened mercenary who has served with some kind of Blackwater proxy in Iraq. And she’s just boring!

        Contrast this with the scene when Je-ha enters Cloud Nine the morning after the abortive attempt to kill Park Gwan-soo. He walks in and locks eyes with Yoo-jin. He’s like a fly drawn to her spider but at the same time he’s also the predator. His body movements are fluid and loose like a cat and she’s now the mouse. They are both predator and prey for each other. It’s like they are saying to the other, “I know you want me. I can see the drool on the corners of your lips.” Really simple, no dialogue but super hot. And that’s sexual tension, folks!

        • RLD

          I agree, the Je-He & Anna thing is too sicky sweet for anyone over 15 yrs old to be drawn into. His character may have been that guy before Iraq, but, because of his experiences there he is not, really, that (kind of) guy anymore. The chemistry btwn him and “she who controls everything” is the real deal. Those two would barely survive their conflagration; they are so locked on, the click is quick and loud. I don’t think it’s all acting, but that’s just my opinion.

          Yes, the writing and plot progression are not in charge of this show…I don’t know what is, it does seem de-railed. However, I’m going to watch it till the very end because there is some good acting going on mixed in w/the stupid stuff, plus, it’s just not bad enough to stop watching him.

          • mary_of_bethany

            oh the power of first love. and all hail the power of ‘angel’-ic host!
            Mount K2 just collapsing and dont like that formidable after all.. against all his fine judgement, he keep listening to the Angel. and keep doing silly things either make him look so ‘un-hunk’ or against his good judgement and put him danger.
            the face mask is so stupid to behold, funny, i dont think so.
            the blanket covering, huh… something need to be done for the show first kiss, i understand.
            the ‘make-over’ that Anna insist he joint her in doing at the salon, hahah. did he know not everything looks suspicious and he has to be high alert, have time to spare even for a 20 to 30 min hair-do and facial?
            the medicine … this is the best part. knowing ‘mum’ supposed to died of commiting suicide… how can he agaisnt his good judgement allow her to keep taking the medicine.. 3 times a day. can he not secretly bring that thing to be tested by a medical lab?

        • Healer

          As several have commented, it would have been better if Anna was a child, and much more of Jeha with Yoojin.

    • 11.2 Jazz

      RE: This week my wife is having an affair

      The kid is a boy!?! 😮

      Thank you for the clarificaton. Dang, I was shocked by thay comment.

      BTW, this is the first drama that I watched the first episode before seeing any recaps or reviews, and I have to say that looks good so far! And I agree, I also love his voice <3

      • 11.2.1 DramaMama

        Seriously? A boy? I guess I have to apologize to my daughter who said as much but I said no. oopsie…

      • 11.2.2 angieya

        I was already suspecting that the kid is actually a boy when the teacher called SJH but when LSK was dressing him in the living room I was certain (I’m sure not even on Korean cable can you show a little girl on tv just wearing panties 😉).

        And then I remembered where I’ve seen him, he was Honey Lee’s son in Come back, Ahjussi (and P&P but haven’t seen that show)! He grew up sooo much.

      • 11.2.3 MapleSilver

        LOL at your comment about taking forever to watch anything with LSK. I am the same way, except it’s his many expressions that capture me. Already loving his new drama; he’s totally convincing as a man tortured and conflicted. That scene where he finally breaks down …

        I couldn’t tell whether the kid is a girl or boy myself. Thanks for clarifying.

    • 11.3 Kiara

      “Btw regardless of the big budget this show has the most low-rent celebratory scenes, from coronations to marriages. I don’t expect grand scenes and sets like in Chinese sageuks where you can literally see the money burning (Empress of China anyone? lol)”

      Lol that was the lamest royal wedding I’ve ever seen in a high budget sageuk.
      Empress of China’s royal wedding <3. Any mainland production is always top notch when it comes to royal events.

      Well, that's SBS for you. They'll have to spend millions to build a huge palace in order to have it outdoor.

      • 11.3.1 Artheusa

        Well, the wedding had to be low key. It’s supposed to be sad event. Since the main couple of the story is Wang So and Hae Soo, it wouldn’t fit if they glorified the marriage to Yeon Hwa who’s loathed by Wang So at this point. I’m personally glad they didn’t make a huge thing out of it.

        The coronation though…. was overly anticlimactic. It should have been much better.

        • Kiara

          I get what you are saying but he is still the king of Goryeo and it’s still a huge event for the country especially when he is married to another royalty like Yeon Hwa.

    • 11.4 Kreyon

      Re: This Week My Wife Will Have an Affair haha I was like this kid has to be a boy right?? But then the subs made me second guess. Loving “the Voice”, loving the show, onto ep 2 with high hopes!!

    • 11.5 Barbrey

      ‘Buy Louis a helmet!’ Lol. We should start a petition.

      Also, for Moon Lovers, “where did all the money go?”. I have honestly been wondering the same, though my bet’s on costumes – some of which have been glorious. They certainly didn’t spend it on the editor.

  12. 12 Yoyo

    I love, love, love, love, love Jo Jung Seok too!

    • 12.1 MyGirl2016

      Count me in too!!! 💕💕

    • 12.2 Ren

      Jo Jung Seok is dreamy. Someone please pirouette on a rooftop ceiling for me.

    • 12.3 es

      ME TOOOO. <3 <3

  13. 13 Kaybee

    Anyone watching the webdramas Hot & Sweet and 88th Street? Not sure what kind of story the first is trying to tell. It feels a bit meandering atm. But it’s Minari! And playing a character who feels kind of the opposite of him, especially with all the bragginess about his looks which just makes me crack up every time lol. The latter makes me wish there was a house like that irl. I think a lot of people could probably benefit from living in such a place. The characters are an unique, kind of fun mix, but I still don’t really connect with any of them, however only at ep 4 so far. Jonghun’s acting is thankfully nowhere near as cringey as in Prince’s Prince, so I hope it means he’s improved. Both have really pleasant cinematography and the OST for Hot & Sweet is so cute 🙂

    Not sure I’m gonna watch The Man Living … or This Week My Wife… (such long titles for both!), will probably wait till they’re finished to see if I want to bother. The first doesn’t intrigue me storywise and the second has Song Ji Hyo whose dramas I’ve never been able to watch. For some reason she just always bugs me. BUT it has Lee Sun Gyun!! Ottoke?

    • 13.1 Kaybee

      Plus, the food in Hot & Sweet is no joke! I’m definitely not a foodie, yet I’m totally in love with all the food. It looks so yummy! *may or may not be drooling a little at the mere thought of it*

    • 13.2 MapleSilver

      You should give This Week My Wife… a chance even with your dislike of SJH. Why? Because this is totally a LSK show. He is the one doing the heavy lifting, and things are told from his point of view. So far he’s been completely awesome. Besides, who knows how long before we get another drama from him again now that he is well sought after in Chungmuro.

      • 13.2.1 Kaybee

        Now you’ve intrigued me! If he’s the main focus, I might be able to tolerate her lol. I’ll definitely be giving it a chance once it’s complete.

        • MapleSilver

          Trust me, he is. At least in the first episode and all the released teasers and other promo materials. In fact SJH herself admitted she had fewer scenes than one would expect.

      • 13.2.2 sky

        I am watching the show and I hate SJH already, I mean her character! You’re right .. it’s LSK’s show,and you can see everything that’s going on in his mind just from his expressions, and we feel already that how funny but sad his situation is right now. I loved how they showed him going after his son to tell him the phone screen lock password by tempting him about games lol. It’s such a common daily scene that we pull off at times, and then to include it in the drama is a clever touch of details.

  14. 14 Karuna

    Ha ha epic pic to accompany post – always the best part of What we’re Watching.


    I had a lot of thoughts about OTWTTA. Like why are the photoframes that Do-woo uses (for pics of Annie and his mother) so….pedestrian?!

    How many times can you leave that guy who came over to photograph your stuff to his own devices. Was that comedy or random character insertion.

    All that DW flashlight was a bit disconcerting. As was that car stalking. SA looked like she wanted to be left alone…then again maybe she was again in a comfortable status quoish shell that she needs to emerge from.

    Hye-won’s change was inexplicable – though the scene with Annie was nicely played. I feel there has been some chopping, is there an episode reduction?

    SSR is the weakest link, first I thought the part badly written but now I think the interpretation is a little off. On the other hand I like Choi Yeo-jin, the women really carry this show.

    On the whole despite some improbable elements forcing plot progress and it being a bit of a 30s-40s middle class wish fulfillment (end shot of Ep 12 encapsulates this perfectly) I enjoy this drama and will be sad to see it end. For a drama about the fallout of an illicit love, it has the refreshing feel of gentle rain.

  15. 15 blnmom

    I’ve somehow gone from 8 dramas down to 2. Only watching JI (which I call the Jo Jungseok show) and Shopping King Louis, which I’m totally obsessed with. Watching every episode 3 times and even started watching from the beginning now to see what clues I’ve missed. Love it!

  16. 16 mary

    @girlfriday, I think the Mercury is in the throne itself. Not the water.

    Or someone should submit Su’s homemade cosmetics to Goryeo FDA for testing.

    • 16.1 maryxiah

      Lol, your comment crack me up.

      I haven’t catch up to Moon Lovers since episode… I forgot which episode, but when I did watch Ep.17 this week, I literally went wth, all their kings either went crazy or evil or drop dead.

    • 16.2 Quinze

      Hah, aptly put! Probably!

    • 16.3 Beanfan

      LOL. I stopped watching, but does Su use her homemade cosmetics on Soo, too??

      • 16.3.1 mary

        She used her concoctions on Mu and So, at least.

        And I’m pretty sure Yo would want some of that too. Yo is like Gil Tae-mi, he likes having fab eyes!

  17. 17 Gelai

    Hmmm! I am watching JI and SKL and finished MDBC last week. With these three, that’s a lot of romance dramas that I can handle. These three dramas are wonderful, and I had a lot of fun watching them.

    But if I’m looking for something different, then my future is bleak. As I am not finding any ground-breaking/non-romance dramas in the next six months

    I guess this will be the great way of getting my life back in order. Not watching kdramas. 😁😁😁 Ha! Who am I kidding?

  18. 18 Chandler

    ROFL, GF. Always doing the heavy-lifting. Your list in comparison to the other two…

    I’m glad I have you to make me feel like I’m justified in only tuning in to Jealousy Incarnate this week, since it’s clearly one of the shows you’re enjoying the most right now. The only other show I kept up with is Drinking Solo. I love SKL, but it will be much easier to watch this week’s separation episodes next week. Hopefully I’ll get caught up on Moon Lovers for the finale. I’m just not sure I have time.

    I had planned on marathoning FantastiC after it finished airing, but different opinions are making me go back and forth on whether I want to pick it back up or not. When I stopped on ep 4, it wasn’t because I meant to drop the series…I just never did end up clicking on ep 5. Even though there was so much good about it, it lacked that hook.

    I’m finally tuning into 1% now that Drinking Solo is over and I can already tell I’m going to love it. I’m really glad I waited to check it out until after DS because I’m already more invested in the romance here. DS had sooo many wonderful things about it, but I didn’t feel like the connection between the leads was developed enough by the last week & then the noble idiocy kinda made me not care, tbh. I cared far more about the side-character pairings/friendships.

    • 18.1 Chandler

      Oh! I did check out the first episodes of The Man Living in Our House and My Wife’s Affair. Enjoyed them both (especially the latter) and look forward to checking out the next episodes as soon as I have the time 🙂

    • 18.2 Pinny

      I’m not sure about FantastiC either. At this point I’m just hoping that someone will put together a highlight reel consisting only of Joo Sang Wook’s foot acting.
      Pleeeeease somebody???

  19. 19 Sancheezy

    so for other show
    Go Ho Starry night : I like it, it’s cute, light, Kim young Kwang and yuri make a good couple , and if you are looking for the opening OST, it called ROMANTISCO – DREAMER (FEAT. EDEN – KOR)

    1% of Anything : love it, seeing a couple changing for the goodness and started believing each other is a treat, Jae In start realising a lot of things and he applied it, Dada tries too hard to fool her heart but I like that she unknowingly is the boss in the relationship, if this called normal push and pull, Dada really did it well,
    The drunk talk is my favourite, she is drunk but I like that she is not crazy drunk, she just being honest and the way Jae In look at her is so precious,
    but the show now enter the parent territory when we finally saw their parents, I like what it did and I hope they never have separation,

    Mom’s diary – Ugly Duckling : probably my favorite reality show right now and it somehow reminds me a lot of Drama’ depiction of Mums, like the over praise for their son, I also really like Ji Wong and his mum’s story, it wasn’t really the highlight but lot of things Ji Wong did makes sense and his mum are really understandable, she also laugh a lot and Gun Mo’s mum is really something (IDK how to describe her) but she is entertaining for me,

    Moonlight – Happy Together : Moonlight cast like God- byeong yeon, Jin-young, the queen, master jung and eunuch jjang will appear in Happy Together Next Week, So don’t miss it, ^^

    • 19.1 CatoCat

      I kept on searching the OST of Go Ho’s starry Night. I did google + youtube – baidu search of english name, korean name, Chinese name but found nothing and then got the news that OST wasn’t released at that time.

      Thank you. Right now listening it.

      • 19.1.1 Sancheezy

        I knew it because someone sends me a link when I asked about the OST,
        and the other cast also have OST for the drama
        KIM YOUNG KWANG – 별사탕
        LEE DA YEON – 별사탕

        and for everyone that looking for
        Because I miss you humming version original , they released the soundtrack of all Moonlight OST, including that in Various Artists – Moonlight Drawn by Clouds OST Special

        if you just want to listen to all , I think youtube has the full album but I really like this album

        • CatoCat

          Both OST are quite good. Whenever Lee da Yeon’s OST played in the episodes i became extra attentive and enjoyed the scenes.

          I think 20min episodes format is the future of Kdramas.

    • 19.2 maryxiah

      Re: Moonlight casts on Happy Together

      I know! I’m so excited to see them on the show, Happy Together crews tend to bring hilarity in their guests’ appearance. I can’t wait to see Kwak Dong-yeon and Jinyeong!

      • 19.2.1 Sancheezy

        it gonna be hilarious to see them trying to guess what Kian84 draw in the new corner,
        I think one of the pictures would be about moonlight,
        I am glad that HT can bring lot of KBS drama actor like from DoTS and Moonlight,
        even if they can’t bring PBGxKYJ and SJKxSHK, but I am glad the other get their chance there,

        that show has YJS, PMS and JHM, they are in a lot of programs and the cast probably can get invited to their program

        • maryxiah

          It’s a new segment right? I’m glad I caught it in its first episode, I was craking up the whole time they were guessing Park Bo-gum’s meme. Shinee was so funny! Gah, can’t wait to see Kwak Dong-yeon and Jinyeong on it.

  20. 20 madame kim

    OMG, 1% is killing meeeeee.

    I thought I wouldn’t be able to get into the OTP either on account of Drinking Solo, but Ha Sukjin and Jeon Somin have SO MUCH chemistry. Everytime the episode ends, I genuinely feel upset. It’s one of those dramas that I just want MOAR.

  21. 21 agoodheart

    I’m slowly but steadily reaching the end of Age of Youth. Does this count as Halloween watching? With the ghost and all that.

    I think I will move on to Gogh, The Starry Night next. Looking forward to Legend of the Blue Sea on 16th Nov.

    • 21.1 Kaybee

      There’s a ghost in Age of Youth? Like a “real” one or they just think there is one? Been planning to watch this at some point, but I usually don’t like it when there are ghosts thrown in the plot.

      • 21.1.1 mary

        That’s part of the plot.

        I cannot answer that without revealing things!

        But if your issue is because you are scared of ghosts, then it’s okay to watch Age of Youth.

        • Kaybee

          Thanks mary (:

          Not as much scared as uncomfortable and I don’t really like it. I also just tend to find those kind of stories completely uninteresting.

          I think I’ll have a look at the recaps and see what’s what 🙃

          • Chandler

            Well, let me just warn you, if you do find out ahead of time, it kind of ruins a certain aspect of the show. They don’t use the ghost (real or not) in the same heavy-handed, spooky way that most shows do. Often, the girls just sit around and talk about it matter-of-factly.

            The whole point of it’s presence is that it causes several of the girls to think it is somehow connected with incidents in their past. And so the focus is more on how the knowledge of its presence forces them to face their own personal demons and let them go.

        • Kaybee

          Thank you so much for the explanation!

          I think I’ll just pass on this drama, it doesn’t really sound like my cuppa 🙂

          • Kaybee

            Above was meant as a reply @Chandler *tired brain*

          • mary

            Ack, don’t give up on the show! It’s kinda hard to describe without spoiling you but since you said you like Misaeng and Dream High, I assume you are into well-writen slice-of-life, ensemble dramas that focus on character growth. And there’s plenty of that in Age of Youth!

          • agoodheart

            I agree with mary, don’t give up on it! I’m quite picky with K-dramas these days and it’s hard for me to like any, but this show is good in lots of ways. I normally dislike shows with ghosts too, I feel like most of the times they don’t execute well and I feel a bit cringe watching them, but I’m pleasantly surprised with this one. Maybe you can try watching an episode or two first? 🙂

          • agoodheart

            Oh and I like Misaeng and Dream High, too! Love love love actually <3

  22. 22 fab

    He GF how come you’re watching everything except for the scariest one, the K2??
    For a spooky night:
    Once Upon a Time in Saengchori
    Master’s Sun
    Secret Investigation Record(also for a great dose of Kim Ji-hoon!)

    Why is everyone positive about 1% now that I have dropped it?? Please tell me Jae is finally growing up from his entitlement.

    • 22.1 Sancheezy

      1% : Jae In listens to Dada and he applied the advice,
      I can give him that credit,

      I think he just started to realise his environment and started to restrain himself (*cue howl sound),
      Dada opens her heart for him and her reaction is what makes everything different IMO,,

  23. 23 V

    Strangely enough I Iike Moon Lovers now more than ever. Maybe it’s because Wang So is finally king but it just feels so satisfying watching him be the king. Too bad this just means it’s the beginning of the end for him and Hae soo : (

    I think I’m feeling the beginning stages of a new drama obsession with The Man Living in Our House. BUT I’d really like to know if anyone on here has read the webtoon, and if they know if the Nan Gil and Na-ri’s relationship turns romantic in it, or if the show did that on its own. I’m still wary of how they’ll make the romance work tbh. 😓

  24. 24 Emsel

    Can some please clarify how many episodes is Go Ho Starry Night and is it worth watching?

    • 24.1 Kaybee

      It’s originally a webdrama of 20 episodes (they’re much shorter than the usual 1 hour), but was remade into four episodes a la regular drama for TV airing.

      Haven’t gotten around to it yet, so can’t say whether it’s worth or not. But there’s LJS and PSH cameos if that helps you decide 😉

    • 24.2 CatoCat

      Original – 20 episodes – 15minutes + few seconds (opening and preview not included)

      Airing in South Korea as 4 episodes format. Cut of 61+minutes right there.

      Better watch Sohu’s version of 20 episodes than SBS’s version.

    • 24.3 DramaMama

      I watched it on DramaFever and it was 20 short episodes (15-20 minutes each I think). But it is airing in 4 longer episodes. Sounds like that version is available on some other websites or maybe Viki, but I cannot confirm that.

      As to is it worth it, I enjoyed it. It is a light and breezy rom-com with a couple of laugh out loud moments. It made me look forward to watching Kim Young Kwang in his new drama. And it was nice to see Lee Ji Hoon again after Mirror of the Witch. I want to see him in a longer drama – he’s terrific!

      • 24.3.1 zia

        It was the opposite for me. Young Kwang’s The Man Living in our House made me watch Go Ho’s Starry Night. I was planning to pass on this one, but then I changed my mind because of him.

  25. 25 Imbuk

    I am currently watching coffee prince (still have 4 more episodes to go), I started watching it because it was mentioned a lot during the first few weeks of moonlight, so I was really curious and checked it out when it ended and what an entertaining show! I was hooked so much that I have watched 13 episodes in 4 days and I have been on a high these 4 days, I just had no time to think about my problems. I especially loved the part where choi han kyul’s conflict about liking go eun chan as a man (him spooning her in the beach scene with tears in his eyes, I had goosebumps), gong yoo has nailed it. Yoon eun hye is so convincing as a man, I sometimes forgot she is a woman. My heart ached whenever they fought, this drama has made me feel so much. Thank you for recapping that show, javabeans. I read them after watching each episode and I am kind of sad I didn’t get to watch it as it aired, it would have been super fun and l would have replayed so many scenes again and again but here I am so curious to see what happens next, I think I don’t replay them as much times as it deserves 😛 . Now I can’t wait for goblin to premiere especially since the k2 has been disappointing, but yet to watch yesterday’s episode. I have put it off all day, but the recap will be up tomorrow and I don’t want to miss the fun in the comments section, lol, so off to watch now.

    Also finished fantastic and I just don’t have any complaints about that show. Also I always looked forward to what you have to say about jealousy incarnate every week, girlfriday. Because you put it so well in just a few sentences. I enjoy that show so much no matter what happens plotwise.

    • 25.1 Kreyon

      Congrats on discovering one of the all time greats Imbuk! I’m a little jealous, it’s one of the fewdramas I wish I could go back and watch for the first time all over again.

      That OST from Tearliner still kills me. Like GF, I will forever be in love with Choi Han Kyul!

      • 25.1.1 Imbuk

        Thanks kreyon! I will forever be in love with him too!

  26. 26 KDramaWatcher2609

    Currently only watching 2 kdramas which are : Shopping King Louie and Man Living In Our House. I love both of these two rom-com that have a small percentage on mystery genre. Sorry that I’ve dropped Jealousy Incarnate, think I couldn’t tolerate all these rs nonsensical stuff. Haha.

  27. 27 CatoCat

    Drinking Solo – I liked that sitting few tables apart scene. They could have added with walking without saying any word in the same direction and max. of 35cm distance between them. Naaaah I wanted a proper conversation but we didn’t got anything. Not even a single line. wow.

    Still a better drama than most of other hyped nonsense around.

    FantastiC – I also kind of fell out of love because of Drinking Solo. I kept on watching FantastiC as i was curious what gonna happen in episode 16. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the show.

    Woman With a Suitcase – A nonsense show. Alright pass time. Bad editing,writing,direction. No concrete timeline. Nothing much to say else.

    The K2 – Quite enjoyable as you watch it. Don’t try to rationalize anything. You won’t find much logical in this show. Characters motivations and agendas aka desires are the only thing kept me hooked to the show till now.

    Sweet Stranger and Me aka The Man living in Our House – 1st week was quite fun. I liked Na Ri and Step Dad Interactions the most. Rest of the characters are there for….. for what?

    Thumping Spike 2 – 1st 2 episodes are weak. I’m not much into this one.

    1% of Anything aka Something about 1% – I will start it from November 01.

    Watchlist Nov. ON the way to the airport, Pinnochio.

    Weekly – The unusual Family and That Sun in the Sky.

  28. 28 DramaMama

    To GF’s comment on Moon Lovers “Because everyone who sits on that throne goes evil!” Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    I was confused by So turning all bad and mean. It made me want Soo to get back with Wook. I really, really have no idea why I continue to watch this show…

    Wednesdays and Thursdays are my favorite nights of the week now. Between JI and SKL, I get so many feels.

    Jealousy Incarnate:
    I felt bad for Jung Won this week. It is frustrating that he doesn’t consider Na-Ri’s feelings into his decision to continue pursuing her, but I understand it. Feelings make it difficult to act rationally sometimes, even for grown-ups. Combine his need for love from someone close, his love for Na Ri and his competition with Hwa Shin and it is not unexpected that he continues to pursue for a little while. I fully expect he’ll come around soon. But 4 episodes left? I’m a little worried about what is next.

    Shopping King Louis:
    More amnesia? Real or fake? I don’t think there hasn’t been a minute when I’ve been less than 100% engaged in every single moment of this show. In any other show, I would have been frustrated by a couple of things, but I just can’t seem to hate a minute of this show. What is it about it?

    Other shows I’m watching:
    K2 – it is no Healer. But Ji Chang Wook, so I’m still here.

    Man in Our House – I enjoyed the first 2 episodes and am intrigued enough by the humor and mystery to keep watching.

    My Wife’s Having an Affair – Oh that deep, silky smooth voice! I just want to close my eyes and listen…subtitles be damned… 😉

    • 28.1 Boomboompow

      Lee Sun Gyun and Lee Soo Hyuk should star in the same drama – just sayin 😉

      • 28.1.1 Sancheezy

        ooh…. if that happen, I’ll download just the audio version,
        for research purpose (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。)

    • 28.2 Lovely

      Shopping king louie couple – I dont mind the separation coz its only a temporary but i still find the story very entertaining & funny
      Try not to focus only at the couple but other characters as well..
      Double amnesia – who cares..maybe there will be a twist n turns in next episode and its very interesting

  29. 29 ET

    I think I am in love…or at least it’s a feeling that’s very close to being in love.

    1% of Anything makes me giggly and smiling for no reason throughout the week. I am also totally distracted from watching any other dramas. I wanted to pick up K2, Moon Lovers and Fantastic again but I just can’t. I keep replaying eps 7 then ep 8. When I take a break from the drama, I go and search for english subbed BTS videos, press conference or interviews. If I finished those and sadly there aren’t much translated ones, I’ll watch them raw without understanding a single thing.

    And oh, did I mention I had to watch Ha Suk Jin’s past dramas as well? I appreciate the fact that this guy hasn’t taken a break since he debut in 2005. He did at least one drama a year and sometimes two like in this year.

    He does quite a bit of variety as well and I’m currently watching Problemetic Man. In real life, he’s been called a serious person. I’ve never known going by his drama characters.

    If I didn’t have 1% of Anything, I’d be now mourning the end of Drinking Solo I still love the show to bits despite being unhappy about the ending. To those who hesitate to pick it up after reading about the ending, you are missing out all the fun and an absolutely adorable drama. The BTS of the final scene was too cute! Ha Seok Jin hugging Park Ha Sun and stroking her hair 😀 I think he called her No Geu Rae. PHS was so emotional that she cried, I won’t blame her. Park Ha Na was the most enjoyable character amongs the others. She must have been sad to let go of Ha Na. Don’t we all?

    • 29.1 Sancheezy

      tbh I find it good that Ha Seok Jin and Kim young Kwang has 2 drama aired back to back with different theme,

    • 29.2 DaDa

      are you my other half?? I drop all my currently watching drama when I start watching 1%. also, nobody knows how many times I replay ep 7 & 8. damn, show now I regret watching it now instead of waiting when its finish.
      i read somewhere it 8 eps drama, but now its 16????

  30. 30 blo

    Why why why (One for Gunman, another for Scholar and now for Moon)? Can we get an amazing drama for Lee Jun-ki next time? One with great music. I’d ask for more, but I’m desperate enough to accept bargaining.

    I’ve only been able to keep up with Drinking Solo, mainly because it’s such a light and comedic watch. I’m gonna have to find time to continue watching Moonlight without feeling guilty for not finishing work. Which, I should be doing right now, but Dramabeans had to post this and I HAD to read this.

    • 30.1 Kiara

      He picked those dramas so it’s his choice. I’m actually tired of seeing him in fusion sageuks (3 in a row). I hope he’d pick a different genre next.

      • 30.1.1 Sera The Ms Temper

        I want to see him in something like Giant, with solid writing, directing and co-stars. Or thriller drama like Signal.

        Maybe he should go to cable after this.

        • Kiara

          Yes, something solid and memorable like Giant.

      • 30.1.2 zia

        He said in an interview that he wants fusion sageuk because it is where he can maximize his potential, especially in the action scenes. I hope he can get a better drama next time. He also said that he will be moving to a non-sageuk drama on his next project.

        • Kiara

          He has proven that he can do fusion. If he is going to stick with fusion then maybe he should reverse roles and play a villain for a change. I think he is going to be great at it.

          Give me evil Jun-ki.

    • 30.2 Karuna

      Unpopular opinion. I know the general consensus is that LJK is a good actor but I picked up Joseon Gunman on another site’s recommendation and was…umm underwhelmed. Ditto Virgin Snow (which I actually watched for Aoi). Since then never seen any of his dramas.

      He was good in The King and the Clown but that movie had so much going for it that its not merely a LJK vehicle.

      He does have a huge and loyal fan following which is kind of impressive.

      • 30.2.1 blo

        I just like him because he was my first k-actor. And probably it is the same for a lot of people. And I like to see his dramas succeed because I have a fondness for him.

        • Karuna

          Blo yes I get that, that is why I said it is impressive that he has such a huge and committed fandom.

          Kiara agree about King and the Clown. From there I would have expected him to do more films but he seems to be firmly in drama land. And that too in middling dramas.

          • zia

            He really has a strong fanbase, especially internationally.

      • 30.2.2 Kiara

        The King and the Clown is still his best sageuk project at least to me. He hasn’t been able to work with directors like Lee Joon-ik or co-star with mature and capable actors like Jung Jin-young and Kam Woo-sung. They were not well known actors but they made this movie a hit.

        I want to love him and the movie/drama that he is in like I did with King and the Clown but it’s hard to top that.
        He’s grown a lot since then and it would be great to see him in something praiseworthy with co-stars that would give him a run for his money.
        He is unique and I’m too bias to compare him to my favorite sageuk actors lol.

        I’m watching Scarlet Heart for him and I end up staying for Kang Han-na.

      • 30.2.3 Sojuboy

        He’s not a good actor. His overacting nonsense has run it’s course. He’s not fooling Koreans.

        • Del

          Be civil with your comment. You may find not a good actor but please be respectful of others’ opinion and preference. If there is anything about him, ones could always depend on him to commit and carry a drama. He may always ended up selecting less prolific projects but his performance never failed to impress, and always the one lauded for delivery strong performance.

      • 30.2.4 Febe

        You’re watching the more underwhelming dramas in his portfolio, no wonder you are underwhelmed.

        His better dramas are TBDAW, Arang & Two Weeks.

    • 30.3 Kay

      I’m loving Lee Jun Ki in ML and can’t see anyone else doing that role in kdrama land with as much intensity as he does, I just WISH his drama’s would fair better in Korea. He deserves it so much…it’s like I can almost feel him reaching the top of the mountain but something is blocking it.

      Hopefully his next project is out of saeguk category and into something more goofy and light, like how he is in real life.

    • 30.4 momoflag

      i like LJK in Two Weeks. A fugitive on a timeline.

  31. 31 KDramaWatcher2609

    Talking about Halloween, some kdramas which are good for watching are :

    (1) Master’s Sun – I’m not into horror but I totally love this drama. I love lead gal’s role better than her current one in Jealousy Incarnate !
    (2) Who Are You – love this mystery/police, horror with romance drama.
    (3) Bring it on, Ghost – the latest korean ghost rom-com of this year.

    • 31.1 Beanfan

      Yes! I second Master’s Sun–though it ain’t scary in the least, not really–and I also think Signal would be a great Halloween watch. It spooked the hell out of me, though it features no ghosts.

  32. 32 Boomboompow

    In the spirit of Halloween, let me recommend you Infinity Challenge’s haunted house (ie The Wailing) episode – it is the funniest thing I have watched this year.

  33. 33 Sweet&Sour

    I am watching:

    Scarlet Heart (I’m at episode 17 right now, after catching up. Despite the flaws of this drama, it is emotionally hooking, and that is one of the main reasons I watch a drama till the end. I’m hoping against hope that it will have a happy ending).

    The Man Living In My House (this is off to a delightful and intriguing start! I hope it lives up to its potential and doesn’t fizzle out, so far I’m in)

    I will catch up on “Moonlight” sometime and also maybe “Fantastic” since it got good reviews.

    I am also following the J-drama “Unmei Ni, Nita Koi”, I hope it gets subbed till the end, and I hope it doesn’t disappoint me.

    I also watched a Thai drama “Once Upon a Time In My Heart” (reminded how I wish other dramas had manly looking men like this drama). Despite its flaws I loved the chemistry between the main couple (and wished the second male lead had left in the last two eps, and before the last scene), and I also enjoyed the secondary romance.

  34. 34 zee

    hello to all the dramalovers…
    wowww,this past week was so intense I have no idea how it passed,but, I still managed to watch my dramas..
    still watching reply 1988, it’s cute ,the family moments are wonderful, and there’s PBG..but I just expected to be into this more than I am now, cause I went pretty crazy over 1994 even though it had many flaws compared to 1997..
    moon lovers is..i don’t know.. there’s LJK in it though..
    saying goodbye to drinking solo,awww, I already miss our adorable trio…
    also there’s liar game, and white Christmas, both of which i’m rewatching for probably the hundredth time..somehow this time of year kinda calls for these two shows..wait no, that’s just an excuse, i’m addicted to them
    well, i’m still very much into the k2..
    i really wanted to checkout SKL this week but with my wedding around the corner i might have to drop some instead of picking up new ones, fortunately the end for some of them is near

  35. 35 hawoojinruinedme

    “And I love, love, love Jo Jung-seok in love so, so much.”

    ME. TOO.

    A grinning, laughing, giddy-in-love Lee Hwa-shin is giving me a ton of feelings. All those episodes of PAIN (not that they were bad) are all worth it for this single episode of loving.

    Also, I can’t believe it took us 20 episodes to see JJS happy. I finally heard his laugh and it sounded like music to my ears.

    • 35.1 MyGirl2016

      ‘Finally heard his laugh and it sounded like music to my ears.’

    • 35.2 es

      I’ve always really loved Jo Jung-seok, but something about him in Jealousy Incarnate elevated my love for him to a whole new level, and I honestly cannot identify why. Maybe it was his rooftop pirouettes that finally did it. LMFAO.

  36. 36 fab

    I would’ve minded their separation a lot less if grandma didn’t feel the need to be so stereo typically annoying. REALLY grands, is that how you have to treat the savior of your only family left?!! Sheltering Precious is proved to work counterproductive. He needs to be with his soulmate! It’s heartbreaking seeing them tormented by missing each other over a bowl of cheap ramyung. 😭😭😭

  37. 37 WishfulToki

    My list is short:
    Drinking Solo: had become the drama I waited for every week. It was sad to see it end, with a meh ending too. I didn’t like how the romance between the office workers was handled, but Ki Bum got a chance so I’m happy. Worth watching for memorable 14 episodes.
    Life in Goryeo Sucks also known as Moon Lovers Funny thing is, this drama makes me think so hard and fill the gaps that everything that the characters do makes perfect sense to me now. Yes. I can feel that Wang So is trapped now by the throne, that Hae Soo has finally realised she’s too dumb to survive in the palace. There’s also something he asked Weasly Won which we didn’t hear, that may explain why he went into evil rage mode… Will watch this to the bitter end. Hey, it can still end worse than BBJX!
    Dream High Marathoning this, and wow, Suzy’s character has some serious bad attitude. Like the whole ensemble so far (episode 4).

    • 37.1 Del

      Moon Lovers is flawed yet there’s something about it that made us continue watching and wanting for more which is beyond my comprehension. May be it’s Lee Jun Ki but I believe there are a lot more than just him (though I love LJK to pieces). I am staying till the very end.

      • 37.1.1 Barbrey

        It’s weird – the other really flawed, over-hyped drama this year, Uncontrollably Fond, is almost the opposite of Moon Lovers. Nothing much happens in the first and that nothing much got drawn out over too many episodes, whereas too much happens in ML so we get that choppiness, unexplained motivations, etc.

        Moon Lovers at base has a good story, and I don’t just mean BBJX. Gwangjong is an interesting character and so is that time period. The script writer has also brought in a lot of good original material, and either she or the director has emphasized imagery that adds layers to the story. So even when the plot line seems shallow because stretched too thin, there is still depth.

        Moreover, the idea of a harmonious “Camelot” that goes bad with everyone turning on each other is at the root of the tale, and sets us up for all the tragedies that become really affecting.

        I’m not that into the main pairing, I’m not an LJK fangirl (though like both him and IU), so it isn’t the romance that keeps me coming back – it’s the deaths! Every time I’m about to ditch the drama because of its technical problems, we get a scene of tragedy that makes me cry. One of my least favorite episodes – 17 – still had those dramatic tragic moments for Yo – my least favorite character – and I came back for 18, and bawled throughout the whole thing.

        • WishfulToki

          @Barbrey, I agree that Moon Lovers has some pretty good story material, and that period of Goryeo history is fascinating. Overall I’m happier with the way they’re handling it in Moon Lovers than Shine or Go Crazy. By the way, are you the one who wrote those posts analysing the mythological undertones of the story, with the water maidens, etc? Really interesting. Apologies if it’s not you – I forget after going through the hundreds of comments.

          And RIP Yo. The eyeliner ran out. His final scenes were great. I loved the twisted mother-son dynamic there, and could actually feel his pain: ‘I did everything you wanted. And now you’re dumping me???’

          • Barbrey

            Yeah that’s me – the water maiden trope. Glad you’ve liked it. It does add layers and a mythical component that underlies the drama, making it quite beautiful in parts. I was once an English lit and myth student, so the imagery made me sit up and take notice of this drama. So uncommon in kdrama. The last time I noticed anything even approaching it was Cheese with all its light and shadow imagery, and Jealousy Incarnate with its signs. Love it when we get this kind of thing. Neither even comes close to what Moon Lovers has done with its Korean foundation myths, water maiden theme, water imagery, and sun and moon imagery to a lesser extent. Too bad the plot itself isn’t more cohesive with fewer technical problems because they might have had a masterpiece on their hands. An ambitious project that didn’t work out, probably primarily because they cut the number of episodes ordered down. It’s funny because javabeans noted in one of the news articles before the drama came out that she worried how they were going to do justice to the number of characters in just a 20 episode arc, and she was proven absolutely correct.

            RIP Lady Hae, Lady Oh, Prince Mu, Eun/Soon Deok, Yo, Chae Ryung, but not you, Hae Soo, cause So won’t be done with you even after death. Bwahahaha :O

        • pogo

          @Barbrey – yeah, UF was boring, and I say this despite being a huge Kim Woo-bin fan. SHR might be maddening, but like you said, stuff keeps happening, almost too much stuff sometimes, so it’s def not boring. And despite the technical problems it just keeps enough pathos and tragedy up its sleeve to keep drawing you back in.

          I’m still not happy with how badly done the technical stuff is, but I can’t fault the cast.

  38. 38 amoi

    Finished watching Dr Stranger… yippie. I had been hesitant to watch it due to poor reviews esp on this site, but yeah! its actually not so bad. I’m so glad.
    Dropped K2- no point of watching if you keep pressing forward button.
    LOOOOOVE- 1% of anything. highly recommended.
    Still watching airport. Cinematography is amazing.
    Will watch Shopping king after it finish airing.
    Looking forward to Legend of the blue sea.

  39. 39 royal

    Still watching Jealousy Incarnate. It’s so weird and so funny. Added to my short drama list is 1% of Anything. And it’s so cute. SO CUTE.

    I’m about to start my Nodame Cantabile annual marathon, I’m still not sure if I should finally add Naeil Cantabile in it. I watched the first few episodes but the teachers were such disappointments.

    Watching 1N2D, Yoo Ji Tae finally made an appearance for his best friend Kim Jun Ho. He was so funny. So excited for this week’s episode.

    3 Meals A Day is good. So good. There’s something so therapeutic watching someone cooking. Especially someone like Eric. I don’t think Na PD have guessed the depth of Eric’s cooking skills. Ohmygat, I love how his dishes bring out Lee Seojin’s dimples! And Kyunsang is so adorable. Just as adorable as his cats.

    • 39.1 maryxiah

      Yay! Yoo Ji-tae in variety show! Lol. I just love how 1N2D brings people whom we’d never thought of seeing in variety show into the show, like Zo In-sung too. Granted, I’m more excited seeing Yoo Ji-tae. “How can love change?” I don’t watch that drama/movie, but I’ve always feel strong connection with that lines, lol. And Yoo Ji-tae was so competitive and funny! Gosh, I wish he’s the new regular member.

  40. 40 Martin J Simwaba

    Here in central Africa, Zambia to be exact, its dificult to watch kdramas but i get to enjoy as much as i can. So for me it’s a bit difficult to critisize a drama though i can’t say the same about FANTASTIC, I DON’T know but ever since i watched SCENT OF A WOMAN I’ve become alleged to cancer diognosis dramas (autumn in my heart, etc), i keep imagining myself in that suffering(stomach pains,traumas and so on… Ah! So scary).
    THE K2, SHOPPING KING LOUIS, JEALOUSY INCARNATE and MOON LOVERS: These i ve enjoyed reading and i’ve never been happier to see “Ji Chang Wook” in yet another action hit after his performance in ‘Healer’ (which despite watching it more than a few times i still want to watch it even today)

  41. 41 Rene

    Watching drinking solo, on episode 10 aw this is so good. I’ve been watching it on my commute to university and there’s some parts where I have to stop myself from laughing out loud!

    Started episode 13 of JI. Need to catch up but loving it so far.

    Need to watch newest episode of scarlet heart, it was good during episode 10 ish but now I feel the hype has kind of died down as I’ve been waiting for new episodes. Probably why I prefer marathoning dramas.

  42. 42 Lord Cobol

    “I’ll just have to convince javabeans to watch it with me, because there’s always safety in numbers”.

    Yes, that always works so well in horror movies — for the one survivor 🙂

    • 42.1 Barbrey


  43. 43 Quinze

    1% of Anything: I love the main couple. It’s an easy breezy watch but so satisfying because you have a healthy couple with so much growth. I loved episode 8 and how non-prudish it was. I’m only a little confused about Tae Ha and what direction the writer is taking with him.

    The original was actually one of my first kdrama that I watched from beginning to end. (My Girl was actually the first I stumbled on YouTube but couldn’t find the whole episodes for until after I’d watched 1%. So special place in my heart always.

    Fantastic: I didn’t watch all of it. Skipped around. Really was watching for PSY and the noona romance which was a little disappointing but at least it had a satisfying end even if a little cliché. My fave ended up being the bromance between the lead and the doctor. They were so adorably earnest towards each other.

    On the way to the Airport: I turn it on in the background and watch for the pretty. I do love our main couple like crazy but I also love Mi jin and I’m rooting for her to be happy and treated like the Queen she is. It is incredibly slow so I tend to skip around but my love for good actors looking pretty in Jeju makes it hard to turn away. I want to buy a house in Jeju too, man.

    Moon Lovers: Lord, give me strength and patience not to throw my computer across the screen! One more week of basically reading recaps and FF through the drama.

    Jealousy Incarnate: I have written something short of a mini-novel in the episode 19 recap so I’m pretty certain this is my current obsession. Which seems to be the case with every JJS drama. The man drove me to the point of watching the insanity that saw Lee Soon Shin…

    GF summed it up best.

    But seriously is it just me or is JJS extra hot in this drama? Pretty sure I melted at his pouty face. Now he’s got sass and snark mixed with joy and it’s making me a little crazy.

    The K2: Only watched 1 episode but that was one too many. Plot was nothing new. Main lead seems to be playing the same role from Healer. Like minus details, the exact same. Only, I could see the appeal in the heroine in Healer (I couldn’t get into that drama no matter how popular it was…or maybe I’m not over my love for CH and can’t really see any dramas topping it in its genre) whereas I just want to roll my eyes at the heroine here. I would have found it more interesting if the plot was smarter (or at least not a one man show where everyone else is an idiot) or if he was being paired with the only other smart person, the older lady that orders him around.

    I checked out the latest episode of the drama with a really long title about tailors. Surprisingly cheerful and cute. A little cliché too but it seems to have a good cast who aren’t miserable and melodramatic so that’s a plus.

    • 43.1 Db

      No it’s not just you Quinze…JJS is indeed mindblowing on this drama. I’ve loved him since k2h but the scene in the hospital where he was trying to control his emotions while nari was praising Jung won…I think I fell IN LOVE with him..no joke.
      What’s not to love about Hwashin? He’s sweet,smart,competent,doesn’t beat around the bush and a cheeky little bastard to boot. Add velvety voice and crisp formals…@#/!$&*%^/!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍
      His full-throated albeit brief laugh at the beginning of episode 20 (when he asked nari to date him asap)…I can’t even explain how happy I was.

      • 43.1.1 Quinze

        Lol I went back to rewatch that. Agreed!

        I think I’ve always been a little in love with the guy but I n episode 19 when NR asks him if she should wait for him to go home, as he’s turning around he gives this nah kind of snarky look. I dunno why but I just thought it was cute.

  44. 44 Barbrey

    I’m a (psychological not gore) horror buff. You’ve likely already seen it, but the Korean movie A Tale of Two Sisters is one of the scariest I’ve ever seen from any nation. You might have to watch it twice to understand what’s going on, and even then quite a bit is left to the imagination. That kitchen scene!

    • 44.1 agoodheart

      Oh yeah, A Tale of Two Sisters! I’m not a fan of anything horror, I started watching it solely because of Moon Geun-young and Im Soo-jung, but in the end I was enthralled by everything of it. The cinematography, music, mood, air, plot/surprise. Maybe I can lure my boyfriend into watching it and peek at the screen every now and then… 😀

  45. 45 Christy Bassett

    When fiction makes my heart race, I’m hooked! 1 Percent of Something did that to me this week.

    • 45.1 aafa83

      One Percent also makes my heart race! There’s something about a drama that’s so mature about discussing sex and is also so romantic.

      The couple’s developing feelings for each other is very realistic; The actors seem very comfortable and natural with their physical contacts.

      Only gripe: episodes are too SHORT!

  46. 46 LP

    Can’t wait for you to recap Jealousy Ep 20, I just watched it and have some thoughts. My favorite quote from the drama is when he tells her he’s never seen her read a newspaper, much less more than one. Because each news source offers a different perspective and it’s a responsibility to understand different perspectives. So true!! He’s given her such good advice and has taught her so much. I thought if they got together too soon something might happen. First I thought it would be him because he didn’t take care of herself, then I thought maybe her since her mom died from breast cancer. Now I’m wondering, because of a preview conversation, if it will be him. She said if something happened to him she wouldn’t be able to go on and he said yes, she would. I could see the ending being her carrying on his tradition in the news room. I hope I’m totally wrong and they end up together, because I’ve been on Hwa shin’s team since the beginning. But not so much that I’m missing all the wonderful parts to this drama.

    • 46.1 Barbrey

      Oh gosh, isn’t this drama too light to give us an actual death? Maybe a scare, but a death? Noooooo! This is my fun, quirky lovely respite from all the deaths in Moon Lovers. Just. can’t. Happen.

      His advice about reading newspapers is a good, absolutely necessary one. I’m really surprised she doesn’t already do it since she’s been to school for announcers or something. In journalism school, it was a basic – one of the first things we were told to do.

  47. 47 Cool Girl

    Still unable to follow drama live, so i’m watching oldies:

    Heartless city: episodes 1 to 7
    I couldn’t move on from the shock provoked by episode 4, so i decided to rewatch those first episodes with the hope that the advanced knowledge of the events would help me to to reconsider those major plot twists that disturbed me so much. It worked partially: i reached episode 7 and it’s good place to evaluate the show because this episode sort of marks the end of an arc and the beginning of new one.

    My main grip is that i don’t know where the good guys have gone. Those are still alive are closely linked to the corruption that worns down the police force, or are acting like mobsters using the same violent methods. I’m not against ambiguous moral: it helps to keep the characters more real but not to the point where i can’t draw anymore the line between cops and criminals.
    Also i’m pretty sure that few of the mobsters are undercovered agents, which is spoiling the credibility of the plot and therefore my enjoyment.

    I’m also disappointed by the writing for the female lead: not only her decisions make no sense (dropping an offer to go to College and live a happy life and becoming instead an escort girl), but she’s useless for the plot. Her inexperience puts her far behind the central action, out of the main events that happen because the real players of the game (the mobsters) are making move in the wars they lead between them and against cops. Her place seems so peripheral, i can’t imagine her being anything but a love interest.
    I don’t know why she’s like this since the writer has proved with the scenes in prison that he can make female characters real and interesting.

    Also the show seem to have moved from the Son of the Director as a central figure and focus now rather on his relationships with Safari and Lee Jin Sook, and i’m really enjoying this choice. The 3 actors have excellent chemistry and their characters have complex and enigmatic bonds, hard to define, but compelling nonetheless because the harsh intentions are mixed with a true loyalty and a deep commitment that unite them more they would like to admit.

    They are the highlight of the show, the reason why i’ll continue. That and to know why some characters died (i need the mystery to be resolved because my favourite character was a victim of it).

    Misaeng (episode 11): Like everyone else have said before me and better than me, it’s a true masterpiece.
    Something so unique in k-dramaland that i wonder if it really can be defined as k-drama. Sometimes the show looks so real that It seems to have a create new category that goes far beyond the usual slice of life drama.
    I have so much to say that about it, I will just add that I’m confident that the end will live up to my expectations: the writing is too good to fall down now.

    I’m looking for a dvd set all region of Misaeng online, does anyone know i should go for a legal version?

    • 47.1 Quinze

      I really need to watch Misaeng. I’ve been waiting for the right moment to pick it up. I’ve heard so many good things.

      I can see your hesitation with Heartless City. I do love that drama but yeah the female lead got sidelined to romance after prison. Which I loved in the show but then that’s all she became and I was less enthusiastic. I loved the beginning but I feel like the story got lost and started to loop into itself right about where you’re at which is disappointing since it had such potential. I hope you do finish it.

      • 47.1.1 Cool Girl

        It’s a wise decision to wait the right moment because Misaeng has some characteristics that can make difficult to start the drama.
        It has an unusual length (70 min per episode except the 1st episode which is even 90 min long) combined with a deliberate slow pace, a very specific tone during its first episodes (an intense melancholic vibe), and a tendency to hit really close to home, that makes you easily feel overhelmed by feelings and tempt you to slow it down or even stop it.

        I didn’t because it was love at first sight with the main characters for me: everyone is so well cast and get so much his/her character, they make you want to watch all day their forming bonds. It’s character study as its best.

        About Heartless City,thank you sharing for your thought, i feel less i wasn’t as biaised i thought!
        I started the show because it wasn’t heavy on romance (and i prefer it this way actually), but then i begin to ship to my surprise a certain female character (not naming her to not spoil) with Doctor’s son, and so her disappearance bugged me so much that it probably colored my view of the leading lady. But since i’m not alone, the show is at fault too.

    • 47.2 fangirl sy

      I have just started the Heartless City and so far, I am enjoying the dark feel to it. I am only on ep 3 though and the “leading lady” hadn’t been shown much and I don’t particularly like the actress so it didn’t bother me not seeing her being utilized. I am not sure if I like it or not that there seems to be a lot going on – Doctor’s Son, Safari, the police team leader, etc. etc. without any real focus. But I guess that’s why I’ll continue watching. 🙂

      I hope doctor’s son’s playboy sidekick don’t die though – it’s so far the only relationship I am invested in.

      • 47.2.1 Cool Girl

        The polar noir atmosphere was so well done and got me so excited when i started the show.
        The cinematography is really excellent, to the point where in some shots, the drama looks like a film.
        I wonder who is the PD and what he did before and after this drama.

        I liked too how the large ensemble cast is handled by the writer: secondary characters really have time to shine, and their relationships with the leads are more deep and insightful than usual in dramaland, but at the same time it doesn’t slow the pace, the plot progresses in a smooth way.

        I hope you’ll stay around to share your thoughts.:)

    • 47.3 Cool Girl

      I need to fix this mistake because i’m too embarrassed:
      I meant “Also the show seem to have moved from the Doctor’s son.”

    • 47.4 Beanfan

      @Cool Girl —

      Yes, Asia might sell a legal dvd version of Misaeng?

      • 47.4.1 Cool Girl

        Thnak you for the advice.:)

        This seller has indeed few boxsets but very pricey without subtitles: i’m ok to pay but i want to be able to watch it.

        Also the dvd and blu-ray proposed are region 3.

        I’m so unlucky!:(

  48. 48 Lisa_wackycashew

    Moon Lovers: This week’s eps really frustrated me that Wang So started to act so unreasonably when demanding Su’s understanding. Whether it’s Jung’s banishment sentence or CR’s death, I believe that things could’ve been handled differently by So. Becoming king has changed him and I totally get why Su would want to leave the palace. Only highlights were the scenes of So-Su at the market and LJG delivering a heart-wrenching performance when his mother died.

    Fantastic: Gonna miss this endearing show. It was what I looked forward to watching every week and I’m glad things wrapped up on a good note. I loved all the characters and the actors who played them.

    Now watching The Adventure for Love C-drama, which I think is going to be one of those shows that I’ll keep watching for the sake of the cast than the plot, which I’ve heard falters after a while.

  49. 49 fangirl sy

    Moonlight -BTS, interviews, fanmeet and Cebu fancams. Bogummie is really such a sweetheart, I hope fans could give the whole cast a bit more peace in their trip. Also, Kim Hyung, why so hot and cute?!

    Cruel City – reply above. I’ve been meaning to watch this for months now but have just found a complete subbed site. So far it is intriguing enough but I hope I could find myself investing in more characters by ep 4.

    K2 – cute OTP interactions if you dont put too much though into it. Also, JCW, I am a fan.

    Fantastic – same with most people here, the ending was serviceable – I think my feelings were used up for at least 3 ending/cliffhangers that they “killed” the doctor. I wish they’d gone back and resolved So Hye’s family too – they still are after all, family.

    1% – is sooo cute. I like the short format and the focus on the OTP. I have rewatched the latest eps at least 2 times – I hope they handle the inevitable angst in a mature, anchored way as well.

  50. 50 Cocoboo

    Only have a few things on my drama plate~

    Moon Lovers – It didn’t really hit me until this week’s episodes that I feel like the ending will not be a happy one. Arugh. T_T (I haven’t watched BBJX or anything….) Still sticking with it though. I’m sad the show is going to be over soon.

    Secret – I was excited to finally watch this famous drama. I really like both leads, Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum. After watching the first episode, it felt a bit dated or I wasn’t used to the dramatic parts of it. Lol Now I’ve watched up to episode 7, but I haven’t been addicted to it. Just casually watching it. I guess I’m waiting for HJE’s character to change and get her revenge. And be stronger and less naive. I can’t really imagine how she is going to fall for JS’s character too. He’s been so horrible to her. I’m curious about how the truth will be revealed and who will be punished for their secrets (especially Bae Soo Bin’s character) though.

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